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About Growth In 23 years, Medicover managed to grow organically but also through acquisitions; in the last two years, Medicover extended its family with 5 new members: Dr. Luca in 2016, located in Pitești, Iowemed in 2017 – in Constanța, Pelican in 2108 - in Oradea, Phoenix, also this year – in Oltenia and Academica in Bucharest.






















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his yearbook evokes a genuine passion of the people and their capacity of transforming the market, to further develop projects and business opportunities in Romania. It is always with pride that we present this guide, but maybe now more than ever, proving again, against challenging times that the market is successful. The yearbook is not only embodying professionals’ aspirations, but also a part of a competitive heritage, brimming with history and emotions. We started

this project in 2013, at first dedicated only to industrial parks, but driven by the trends, we had the last few years the privilege to include also logistic and office milestone projects in dedicated chapters and meet the people who are redefying the business models. Once again in the last months we’ve seen more energetic market leaders expanding even in other markets, significant deals announced and a strong pipeline of projects and ideas to come to life. A special satisfaction we have every year is to be able to promote new

projects, that I invite you to explore. Last, but not least, a special thank you to the Belgian business community in Romania for the decisive contribution in editing this guide and also to our main partners and all the companies which understand that a better promoted market brings new business for everyone. We wish you successful business in Romania!



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• Romania: 2nd largest country in CEE and the largest in SEE in terms of size (the 9th in EU28) and population (the 7th in EU28) • Forecasted GDP growth (%, yoy) 4.1 (2018) and 3.8 for 2019 – European Commission • State aid 2014-2020 total budget EUR 1.5 billion (InvestRomania Guide) • 130 direct flights leading to 76 destinations in 31 countries worldwide (InvestRomania Guide) • Bucharest Airports National Company estimates a record number of 13 million passengers on the two airports of the Capital - Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport and BucharestBaneasa Aurel Vlaicu International Airport • Around 75 industrial parks are spread across Romania • Romania’s logistic sector is heating. Due to the strong demand, another 400,000 sqm are announced to be finalized by the end of 2018 (Romania R.E. Shaped report, JLL) • Over 60% of the total take-up was registered from logistic companies, Bucharest accounting for 53% of the total demand, followed by Timisoara and Pitesti (Romania R.E. Shaped report, JLL) • The current modern stock in Romania is of over 3 million sqm, resulting in a density of 155 sqm per 1,000 inhabitants, lower than in the other countries in the CEE (Romania R.E. Shaped report, JLL) • CBRE Romania estimates that by the end of 2020 approx. 971,000 sqm of new offices will be delivered with a total stock of 2.85 million sqm in Bucharest by the end of 2018 • Center - West is expected to remain the

most active submarket, accounting for 40% of 2018 pipeline, the vacancy rate decreased towards 9% in Q1 2018 (Bucharest Office Market Report, Colliers, Q1 2018) • The Iulius Company commenced the construction works for the fourth office building of the total six to be included in the Openville Timisoara mixed-use development. UBC 0 at 155 m height and 27 floors will be the new tallest office building in Romania • Forte Partners has signed the full sale of the office project THE BRIDGE (approximately 80,000 sqm) to Dedeman Group, producing the largest real estate transaction of the year (estimated at 200 million euros). Dedeman Group, with a turnover of over EUR 1.37 billion in 2017, is owned by the Romanian brothers Dragos and Adrian Paval. Dedeman is the largest Romanian employer, with over 10,000 employees, with the largest retail network, comprising 48 DIY stores, two logistics centers and a self-owned fleet. • Other significant transactions in the office sector – the acquisition of Oregon Park by Lion’s Head Investments • With nearly EUR 350 million of acquisitions completed in the first half of 2018, Globalworth announced that the company is the largest institutional office investor and landlord in Poland (Dimitris Raptis, Deputy CEO, Globalworth) • The office stock in the major regional cities - Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Iasi and Brasov - has doubled over the past five years, being expected to exceed the 1 million sqm threshold in 2019 (Cushman & Wakefield Echinox Office Market Regional Cities study) WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO






ride Business Park is located in northern Bucharest in an administrative and business district. Minibuses, trams and metro provide excellent public transport access. The location also benefits from its prime location near major ring road and it is a mere 15 minute drive to the airport. The park provides 83,286 m² of rentable area and includes various services and advantages for all tenants of the business park: canteens, coffee


shops, medical services, bank services, fitness center. myhive Iride Tower is located within the business park and includes a myhive lounge, where different events are being organized for myhive community and where tenants receive relevant information about events, services and the community from a special designed app. myhive is the international IMMOFINANZ office brand

representative for its design inspired by the hotel industry and the range of services that enable tenants to focus on business, attract new talent and build a successful community. Featured: Iride Business Park Rentable surface: 83,286 sqm Location: Dimitrie Pompei Boulevard, with very good transport connections





ffices have become more than workplaces. They have become a platform through which businesses can display their values, promote their culture and share their story. Landlords who understand this shift in tenants’ philosophy and have the flexibility to translate this into customized office spaces will

be a step ahead of the market. At IMMOFINANZ, this is a core view and we are working hard to ensure that all our existing and future properties are designed to answer the ever-evolving needs of tenants. An example in this sense is international office brand, myhive,

which IMMOFINANZ has already rolled-out in several core markets of IMMOFINANZ and implemented in three office buildings in Bucharest: myhive S-Park, myhive Metroffice and myhive Iride Tower. myhive offices are particularly effective in providing employees with a pleasant and socially-oriented environment, equipped with a vast range of services, something which tenant companies have begun to appreciate. myhive is centered around providing four main benefits: a hotel-inspired design, attentive service, lively infrastructure, and access to an international community. Furthermore, the specially designed myhive-offices app provides a wide range of new and relevant information on the events, services and community in the respective office building or from all the myhives present in Europe. The app also supports event registration, a ticket issuing system and the overall communication within the community.

Featured: myhive S-Park, Bucharest Rentable surface: 34,186 sqm Location: Tipografilor Street, close to Piata Presei Libere, with good transport connections 21




hat is your general view on the Romania’s real estate sector in 2018? Romania looks like one of the most promising upcoming emerging markets, particularly for real estate investment. There is organic growth potential in all real estate segments, there is such a clearly beneficial geopolitical stability and the fresh capital and access to development financing are still at hand, in commercially viable terms. In fact, the investment offer is not sufficiently diverse, compared to the level of available capital of truly interested investors. Indeed, during the past months we have done a thorough survey of potential investment projects in Bucharest and have found that in reality the market offers less than 20 state of the art real estate projects or networks generating an annual net operating income of more than 5 million Euro each, out of which less than half are for sale or could be squeezed for sale. Therefore, more supply is needed! We need new developments, large-scale projects, proper products to secure those investors interested to step in our market. Nevertheless, even in such conditions, our transaction advisory data prove that both in number and volume the investment flow increased notably in 2018 compared to last year and, as it gets clearer now, we estimate that 2018 will count at least 5 real estate investment transactions exceeding 100 million euro each, while the overall transacted volume will well surpass the 1 billion EUR threshold slightly met last year.


Some people already speak of an incoming real estate bubble? Are we close to that? Are things different now compared to the last decade? We’re having this argument for months now in the real estate market - some say we are far from a new crisis, other speak of an imminent market crush – but these are ready-made truths, to get something out of this question we have to put the ‘crisis talk’ in proper context. And the context mainly consists in the past 20-25 years of Romanian real estate development recent history and the experiences, challenges, successes and failures of what I coined as the ‘Three generations of real estate developers’. These are first, the ‘post Revolutiontransition developers’, secondly, the ‘EU-accession developers’, and thirdly and currently the ‘emerging market developers’. Each generation acted under specific drivers of development and ran typological risk patterns. First generation included mainly foreign speculative developers, but also local pioneers and have been active since midNineties. Most of them invested almost exclusively their own equity (limited bank leverage) and have generally acted entrepreneurially, beyond any real estate institutional model. When they failed – in general around the ’99

economic crisis – the impact was limited to the core projects while third parties remain mostly unaffected. Second generation included some freshmen local entrepreneurs with real-estate vocation, but also quasi-institutional developers brought into the market by the first round of institutional investors betting on the accession of Romania to the European Union and on the structural and immediate effects generated by the EU accessions. They became active in the early ‘2000 and have been tremendously successful but were also crushed in large numbers by the financial crisis of 2008/09. The second generation of real estate developers leveraged far more their development projects and – very importantly – land banking got into some very inflated parameters which affected massively the financial sectors as well. We are now witnessing the performance of a third generation of real estate developers – one that grew through the experience of a violent crisis – building on a more ‘economic fundamentals’ imperative and, in general, betting on the status of Romanian market as an incoming true emerging market. As opposed to previous two (i.e. the ‘post Revolution-transition developers’ who were mainly local players and ‘EU-accession developers’ who were mainly foreign players), this new generation of developers consists in a quite balanced mix of local players, acting as professionals, and foreign players, including institutional investors that have created themselves own real estate development branches or helped certain development partners set up and grow locally. In a nutshell, with this third generation, the Romanian real estate development market just entered its Age of Maturity. And – in this context – I would say that at this point in time a crisis talk would be better framed as a potential soft landing of real estate development, in certain segments showing signs of overheating, particularly in relation to high density residential projects and big retail park schemes. Is this the same throughout Romania? Are the Bucharest and the secondary cities so similar as real estate markets? This is always a matter of hot debate. Of course there are particularities, WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO


FLORIAN NITU, MANAGING PARTNER POPOVICI NITU STOICA & ASOCIATII Florian Nitu is a leading Investment and Real Estate lawyer, largely recognized as one of the most experienced commercial counsels in this market, by clients and peers. Florian Nitu is recognized uninterruptedly since early 2000 as a real estate top tier lawyer by the most reputed market annual surveys, including by Chambers and Partners and Legal500. Florian has advised large strategic and institutional investors, local entrepreneurs and financial institutions in projects, transactions and claims for cumulated values of billions of Euro. He is also very experienced in project finance, development, construction and operation, also with extensive expertise in concessions, PPP projects and other public to private schemes.

of course Cluj residential market for example appears driven by different rationale than Iasi. For local development reasons (IT industry impact, academic centers, etc.), but for cultural reasons too. However, if one looks at the economic data things get simpler. It is evidenced that some 2/3 of the Romanian GDP is made possible by 5 major municipalities and their metropolitan areas. So it should not be difficult to link the economic development drivers in these cities to the real estate development needs – consumption with retail development, the industrial output with the warehousing/logistics need, the service sector to the office development and all together with the residential needs. So to me, distinguishing massively around Bucharest-secondary cities dichotomy is a rather false theme or in any event, less telling. What would be challenging though is to determine the urban adjustment prospects in certain secondary cities on medium-long term basis. But that is for more data-based profound analysis and I am afraid we do not have this kind of detailed metrics available yet.

“We have done a thorough survey of potential investment projects in Bucharest and have found that in reality the market offers less than 20 state of the art real estate projects. While other more mature economies in Central Europe seem to have exhausted their growth potential, we still have here important room to grow organically in almost all real estate sectors, office, retail, industrial, but also in the residential segment� Florian Nitu, managing partner PNSA. Final point on the particularities and advantages of the Romanian real estate market compared to those in Central and Eastern Europe? While other more mature economies in Central Europe seem to have exhausted their growth potential, we still have here important room to

grow organically in almost all real estate sectors, office, retail, industrial, but also in the residential segment. Organic growth and green-filed expansion, on the one hand, and numerous acquisition projects, with a clear consolidation outlook, on the other hand. 23


Didier Balcaen, General Manager Speedwell.

SPEEDWELL AIMING RECORDS WITH A MIXED USED VIEW Didier Balcaen, the General Manager of Speedwell and Andreea Paun, Managing Partner Griffes, explain the key arguments for strategic investments & trends in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca. Speedwell aims at developing mixed-use projects and focused on consolidating its position in the Romanian market.


n real estate investors and developers are always on the look-out for opportunities; how would you define “opportunity”? Didier Balcaen: An Opportunity in real estate is the opportunity to buy at a low or reasonable price and sell at good conditions. The lower the initial purchase price, the longer you can wait for the good selling conditions to occur to maintain the anticipated level of return. What is the sentiment when being active both in Bucharest and the regional market? Didier Balcaen: Secondary markets have a strong drive today, which makes 24

them attractive, not only for developers but also for investors. The issue remains that, contrary to the proven track record of Bucharest, the secondary markets in Romania still have to demonstrate their sustainability in the long term. What are the “special” characteristics of your projects that you think the tenants will embrace? Didier Balcaen: Speedwell aims at developing mixed-use projects, of which its Record project in Cluj is the perfect example, combining residential, office, leisure and retail functions, hence addressing the key

issue of mobility, affecting work and private life negatively on a daily basis. Speedwell strongly believes that further implementing these nucleuses of mixed-use developments can diminish traffic congestion and improve quality of life, both important for the inhabitants of the residential part as well as for employers to attract qualified and motivated employees. Unirii View, the 18,000 sqm class A office tower, is seeing a fast pace leasing rhythm, with 80% pre-leased before completion. That shows not only a truly extraordinary product, long awaited by the tenants looking for central buildings in Bucharest, but also a responsiveness of the market to the good overall business climate. Most tenants are securing quality spaces with at least 24 months before the expiry of their lease agreements, while trying to use this time also for a distinct configuration of their space. What is the strategy, what can we expect from Speedwell, for the next few years? Didier Balcaen: Speedwell is today focused on consolidating its position in the Romanian market, which it believes still has a lot of potential. In the longterm expansion beyond the Romanian borders is an option, however doing so from their hub in Bucharest, as has been the case over the last 12 years. Speedwell is here to stay. How do you see the evolution of workspace as a service (WaaS), a trend or a necessity, and the impact in the market? Andreea Paun: Workspace as Service is one of the trends shaping the real estate world as we speak. By offering amenities and a crowd vibe, this type of operators will be the choice for many companies at the beginning of their life cycle and for many more startups. It is estimated that by 2020, over 10% of the office space in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara and Iasi will be occupied by hubs and co-working spaces, amounting to more than 300,000 sqm rented areas. The ambiance creators are not only gourmands of space but also trendsetters in respect of ways of working. Nevertheless, it remains a question whether collaborative areas and cluster activities are the only WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO


Griffes has been the agency responsible of an end-to-end commercial strategy for Unirii View, from launch to market to marketing, PR and leasing, as well as the set-up of the tenants in the building.

ones to be seen in the next decade in offices. With the much coveted return to dedicated, enclosed offices, with the office occupier in search of a lost privacy and various means to better concentrate and dismiss day-to-day interruptions that hinder their work. What other behaviors are influencing future investments or developments in general? Andreea Paun: Boutique c’est chic. We believe that the power of a well said story will create new products. Is it a need for a building with character? Most probably not. On the one hand, with a vacancy rate below 5% on the class A office market and with solid demand coming from new players, why bother even have a name for a building? On the other hand, a more conspicuous look at the developers and owners’ guild, we notice a praiseworthy effort to create unique experiences. Even in large office schemes, the owners try to bring intimacy and cozyness. Tenants enjoy more being

Andreea Paun, Managing Partner Griffes

alone in a floor or with 2-3 neighbours only. In the broader sense of the market evolution, we will see more buildings with character, with a story or with a strong sense of community. Size will get

Record Park - Cluj-Napoca

smaller and experiences will be wider. For as long as we will continue to be preoccupied with comfort and work-life balance, the offices will only get smaller and more like home.

Unirii View - Bucharest 25


ABSL – ONE VOICE FOR BUSINESS SERVICES The Romanian business services and outsourcing market has seen significant growth in recent years. It attracts more and more investors due to the quality of human capital, respectively the technical and linguistic skills demonstrated by Romanians.


ith more than 120,000 employees and an estimated of 220,000 in the next 3 years, the Business Services Sector is transforming into an important vector of Romania’s economic growth. The Association of Business Service Leaders in Romania (ABSL) is the most important organization representing this sector, bringing together the major players operating in areas such as Shared Services Center (SSC), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO), Research and Development (R&D). The role of ABSL Romania is to support the expansion of the Outsourcing sector through industry collaboration and by engaging authorities and relevant stakeholders in developing the key strategic and operational aspects needed for the member companies to develop further. This industry is in the process of maturing, integrating the changes in technology, increasing efficiency and performance, and 26

adapting to the current labor market conditions. In this context ABSL plays a significant role facilitating the knowledge sharing and collaboration between member companies and various other stakeholders. ABSL is becoming more and more a resource center for and about Business Services Sector, carrying out its own annual industry studies and salaries guides, gathering other relevant studies and information, and attracting the competent people – industry leaders and specialists. Another strategy in supporting members is to bring in strategic partners companies with extensive expertise in their fields and make their knowledge accessible to ABSL community. Development of the second and third tier cities is essential for the growth of the Romanian Business Services Industry and therefore a priority for ABSL. So, local networking and knowledge sharing events in Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara have been organized since the inception

of the association, with planned events in Bacau, Brasov, Constanta, Craiova and Sibiu for the coming years. The aim is to coagulate the local communities, define and address specific challenges, representing sector’s interests, mediating and strengthening the relationship with authorities, and by this, to support the overall growth of the local companies. As a commitment to its goal of advancing the education system, in 2015 the association launched, in partnership with the Bucharest University of Economic Studies ASE, the Business Services Master Program, available for 50 students. This program is meant to support the development of the industry, attract the best talent and to contribute to the professional training of the next generation of specialists in the field. In order to inspire the business services community to continuously strive for excellence and thus to strengthen the sector’s position as the powerhouse of the Romanian economy, in 2016 ABSL launched „The ABSL Awards”, a mark of recognition for the most innovative, impactful and valuable projects and initiatives of the business services industry over the course of the previous year. Promoting the Romanian market as an attractive destination for outsourcing investments is a priority for the organization, therefore ABSL representatives and key leaders of the industry often meet with potential investors to provide firsthand impression on the business environment, the challenges and particularities of the sector, and wisely advising investors on how to settle their businesses in Romania. The Association is part of an international ABSL network, together with ABSL Poland and Czech Republic, sharing the aim of actively seeking to facilitate the development of the business services environment, which is at the vanguard of the industry growth in the Central and East-European region. WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO













ollowing the completion of one of the most successful office project in Romania, the 70,000 sqm GLA development of AFI Park in Bucharest (5 Class A office buildings), AFI Europe Romania continues its developments by delivering additional two office Projects: AFI TECH PARK in Bucharest and AFI PARK BRASOV.

AFI PARK BRASOV – The Next Business Spot in The Heart Of The City AFI Europe Romania has commenced the development in the City Center of Brasov, of a Mixed– Use project that includes AFI Brasov Shopping Mall and AFI Park Brasov Class A office project. The shopping mall will offer a total gross leasable area of 45,000 sqm GLA and office buildings of approximately 25,000 sqm of gross leasable area (GLA). 30

The complex in Brasov enables to the office tenants and employees the most convenient and perfect combination between business and personal lifestyle by offering a work environment which meets the modern lifestyle sought after by the IT generations - X, Y and Z; an All in One efficient, time saving immediate location! 4AFI Park Brasov will be developed on top and integrated into the shopping mall. 4AFI Park Brasov is designed as Class A office Project and will hold a LEED Gold Certification for Green Building. 4AFI Park Brasov, which is located in an Ultra City Center Location, is lucrative to potential tenants from the IT&C, BPO’s and Banking sectors. 4The Site is considered as the absolute best location for Office & Retail development in Brasov!

Perfectly situated in the City Center and 1.5 km from the historic and touristic Old City. 4The site’s location is part of the main circulation square of the City (a wide 5 lane boulevard) and located on the main boulevard leading from the Old City (the main tourist and local attraction) to all parts of the city and the exit towards Bucharest. 4Visibility is exceptional due to its location; Most of the City’s traffic passing through this main intersection which makes it the most accessible office location in the City. 4Public transportation serves the location with bus stops being situated in front of the project. 4The area is considered as the business district of the City, “the New City Center” where all the main financial institutions and the most important companies are managing their City headquarters operations. WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO

OFFICE In Bucharest, AFI Europe completed phase A of AFI TECH PARK, its newest office development, a 50,000 sqm GLA Class A Business Park, placed in close proximity to the J.W. Marriott Hotel and the Romanian Parliament. Phase A of 22,000 sqm GLA is launched in September 2018! The Business Park will comprise of 2 office buildings with 8 floors and a 14 floor office tower, all surrounded with ample green areas, offering an IT&C / Campus style environment in an urban complex, with a central plaza & gardens. The project benefits of shops, hypermarkets and food & drink areas placed in its close vecinity, across the street, in Vulcan Value Center and at 250 m away from the project, in Liberty Shopping Mall. The business park and the surrounding retail facilities provide relevant services and amenities to the office buildings employees. No need to drive anywhere, no need to stop on the way home, one can simply walk from the office to the retail shops, finalize all needed purchases and benefit of more free time to enjoy life! AFI TECH PARK manages to answer the expanding needs of IT&C companies in Romania by offering a suitable space in terms of technical specifications accompanied by required expansion options. The Business Park positioning in Downtown Bucharest, and not in the City Outskirts, provides the project the unique advantage sought after by multinational companies in Romania. AFI TECH PARK enjoys excellent accessibility and visibility. The

AFI TECH PARK Business Campus

project is located between 2 main traffic arteries, each having 4 lanes that allow a smooth traffic flow: Boulevard Progresului and Boulevard Tudor Vladimirescu. The Project is built in 3 phases. Phase A and B feature 2 buildings of P+8 floors. Phase C- a 14 floor office tower. All AFI Europe office buildings benefit of a green oriented design that assures an estimated 40% reduction of energy consumption and water use compared to a regular office building. This attribute, together with additional green energy features such as LED lightning, collections and usage of rain water and additional green features, have led the buildings to receive the LEED Platinum pre certification.

With each new lease, AFI Europe Romania is planning to create long lasting transparent partnerships with its tenants and to permanently answer the growing needs of the companies for their future developments. The spaces in AFI Europe’s office projects are delivered according to tenants’ planning and design. The buildings include a large floor plate of between 1,500 sqm to 3,000 sqm, 2.8 m clear height floor to ceiling to enable maximum natural light, electricity and HVAC design according to a floor layout of one work station to 7 sqm, LED lighting in the office space and an authorised fire system scenario according to the highest EU Standards.

AFI TECH PARK Business Campus 31


BRISK GROUP – THE NEW STRONG PLAYER IN THE PROJECT AND COST MANAGEMENT SERVICES ARENA Brisk Group is a project and cost management consultancy firm with offices in Bucharest and London, founded by three partners: Claudiu Bisnel, Valentin Iordan, Catalin Nedita, operating both locally, in Romania, and international. “Our mission is understanding client needs and requirements and answering these through robust leadership and creativity. Our tailor-made services bring across to the Romanian market the project and cost management experience, tools and technics that we have gained and applied through delivering projects for blue chip clients on theinternational market”, states Mariana Garstea, managing director Brisk Group.


ow would you define the main objectives for 2018/2019? Being in a continuous expansion as a business and as we are growing our team, our business objective for 2018 / 2019 is to establish ourselves as one of the leading project and cost management consultancies in the Romanian market, with a strong focus on the retail, residential, office, hotels and logistics sectors. We look forward to share with you our robust experience and contribute to your business goals and aspiration by adding value to your projects. What is the key to success in this area of business, which are the main benefits for clients? We strongly believe that effective teamwork is central to success. To achieve this, we develop client briefs, build and deploy project teams that can respond with best practice solutions. We understand the needs of stakeholders and we build and motivate teams all the while coordinating the work of different contributors. Our project management approach reduces risk and helps clients deliver projects in a consistent and improved manner, no matter what stage of the project life-cycle we are appointed in. Robust controls maintained throughout the entire duration of the project will ensure challenges are effectively addressed to meet client time, cost and quality objectives. We are delivering project success through effective planning, the right team and rigorous controls. Creating the right delivery strategy for a project depends on a detailed preparation stage during which business requirements, risks, constraints and stakeholder interests are fully understood. What specific demands does the industry has, how do you cope with client specific objectives? We build long-term relationships with our clients and by focusing 32

Mariana Garstea, managing director Brisk Group

on their business goals, we find effective solutions adding value to their investment, enabling their business decisions with our depth of construction knowledge. We put together specialised teams using our close links with peer consultants and contractors. By providing independent and impartial advice that can be trusted, we proactively manage construction costs, from initial feasibility to final account, to ensure best value for our clients. Solutions are always bespoke and ensure innovative and effective delivery. We put client interests first, ensuring we help deliver the outcomes that matter to them. We are currently delivering projects both in Romania and internationally in most sectors of the construction industry, from residential, office, retail, to infrastructure and energy. We are involved in the Romanian market delivering projects in the residential, retail, office, hotel, hospital and pharmaceutical sectors for some of the biggest clients present in this

market. Recently, with the support of our clients, we have been working towards ‘digitalizing’ the project sites, as to bring the construction site into the modern work environment requirements, as to allow for a more effective and efficient management approach. Also acknowledging the current Romanian market conditions as the lack of labour resource in the construction industry and the trends on the construction global market we are working with our clients towards a more efficient and lean implementation process for our projects, i.e. looking into ‘alternative’ and more efficient design solution, e.g. using BIM modelling and construction methodologies as prefabrication (production off site and only on site assembling). Some of these ‘alternative’ design and construction methods will allow for an increased quality of the product with a more effective cost model and a significantly reduced delivery timeframe. How will Brisk Group contribute to the evolution of the market? We consider the above as being a few steps forward to the ‘normal’ practice in the Romanian market. Currently, from our experience, projects still suffer from a lack of thorough planning, cost controlling, risk management and a ‘not up to date’ project management approach as to respond to the current market requirements. Having said that, we have noted that there are a number of ‘pioneering’ clients that are strongly sponsoring and pushing for this positive change in the construction industry and specifically in the project and cost management approach of their projects. We are here to support these clients, and to work on these experiences and contribute to the positive change required in our industry by spreading best practice to all of our projects and clients. WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO




PLENTY TO CELEBRATE IN EMERGING EUROPE Poland Today, with its partners Emerging Europe and PropertyEU / Investment Briefings, continues to build an array of strong initiatives in the CEE Region.


arch saw Poland Today lead the Poland & CEE content at MIPIM 2018 for the 4th year running, hosting four panel debates, a lunch and a cocktail party. Highlights included Mayor Vitali Klitschko of Kiev, in a panel moderated by Andrew Wrobel of Emerging Europe, promising investors that he would be their personal bodyguard (cue the Mayor rising up to his impressive 2.01 m. frame), and the Polish Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Enterprise & Technology, Tadeusz Koscinski, telling listeners that Poland is now one large economic zone. MIPIM also saw the premiere of Poland Today’s film ‘The Future of Warsaw’, which will be launched on YouTube from early October. June witnessed the inaugural Emerging Europe Awards in London, co-organized by Emerging Europe and Poland Today under the directorship of Richard Stephens, the founder & editor of Poland Today. The event, which took place at the headquarters of the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD), with a welcome cocktail party at the magnificent Palace of Westminster, featured inspiring companies, local authorities and fresh initiatives from across the region competing in 10 different categories. An honorary award – the Emerging Europe Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Günter Veuheugen, the European Commissioner for Enlargement from 1999 - 2004 who championed the cause


of the newly-liberated countries of the former Soviet bloc, and guided their entrance into the European Union. In a thought-provoking speech laced with humour (he declared he would rename the award ‘The Lifetime Achievement Award… so far”), Veuheugen re-stated the importance of the European Union on the global stage, while also stressing the need to recognize the individuality of each member country. The 2nd edition of the Emerging Europe Awards will take place at the EBRD HQ in London at the end of June 2019 (www. awards.emerging-europe.com). Richard Betts and Thorsten Herbert continue their hugely successful series of ‘Investment Briefings’ in cities across Europe. Based in London, where many of their events are held, the duo bring a global perspective to local real estate and

economic issues, combined in a highlyentertaining and informative 2-hour exchange of views between international investors and local players, always leaving participants hungry for more. This year saw the first ever Investment Briefings in Bucharest, the 2nd annual event in Budapest, and the latest in a series of annual events in Warsaw with Colliers International. Coming up this November 8-9 in Warsaw is the 5th annual CEE Summit, co-organized by Poland Today and PropertyEU/Investment Briefings, this year with Emerging Europe as main Media Patron. The event comes two days before the 100th Anniversary of Poland’s ‘re-Independence’ on 11th November, marking the first time for 123 years that Poland became a free & independent country again. For the CEE Summit, a delegation of South African investors and investor-representatives will visit Warsaw for one week, culminating in the Summit at the end of the week. “Poland Today is anchored in Poland, but we are influential across the CEE region,” says Richard Stephens, Founder & Editor of Poland Today, co-founder & director of the Emerging Europe Awards, and representative of PropertyEU & Investment Briefings in Central & Eastern Europe. “We have a small core team of dedicated individuals and a very wide network of collaborators around Poland and Europe, allowing us to punch far above our weight. Our future in Central & Eastern Europe looks very bright.” WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO


THE OFFICE SPACES OF ANCHOR GRUP: OVER 70,000 SQUARE METERS Plaza Romania Offices, Anchor Plaza Metropol and Anchor Plaza. These three constitute the pillars of Anchor Grup’s office space portfolio, which exceeds 70,000 square meters.


ith a GLA of 25,000 square meters, Anchor Plaza was the first class A office building integrated in a commercial and service dedicated area developed by Anchor Grup in Bucharest. Its latest tenant is Profi, which occupies the part of the fifth floor. Moreover, the companies Bertrandt, Pole to Win, GfM Research, Adobe, Euroweb, Caroli Foods, Credit Europe Bank, LC Waikiki, Marks & Spencer, Securitas, Essilor and Polisano also choose Anchor Plaza for their headquarters. The occupancy rate of the 13 floors building exceeds 95%. Among its advantages are the 255 parking spaces, 24/7 security and monitoring, as well as the contemporary architecture and finishes, high speed elevators and the flexible partitioning options. Another asset of Anchor Plaza is its closeness to Plaza Romania shopping center and all of its facilities (stores, banks, supermarket, gym, cinema and services). As for Plaza Romania Offices, it has a rentable area of over 10,000 square meters. This was added to the portfolio of Anchor Grup as a result of the renovation of Plaza Romania and required an investment of 5.5 million euros, in addition to the costs of the modernization works for the shopping center. This project began with identifying the synergy of work and leisure place and the fact that the demand for office and commercial spaces feed each other. The main tenant in Plaza Romania Offices is Mega Image, which occupies more

Plaza Romania Offices

Anchor Plaza

than 40% of the GLA. In order to better accommodate the 500 employees of the Belgian retailer, local adaptations were made in accordance with tenant specific requests made by Mega Image. Among these was the conversion of one restroom located on the common area of the building into tenant exclusive lavatory area. Other tenants of the Plaza Romania Offices are Bittnet, with a rented area of 1,100 sqm and Regus, 1,258 sqm. Apart from the flexibility manifested by

Anchor Grup in the way it caters to the needs of its tenants, among the strong suits of this office space are the indoor & outdoor parking spaces, the glazed façade system, ensuring plenty of natural light for the employees and the 24/7 security, monitoring and cleaning. Another addition to the portfolio is Anchor Plaza Metropol, a project that Anchor Grup is currently developing. The building, that has a rentable area that amounts to 37,500 square meters (3,500 square meters on every floor) is suitable for large tenants. When finalized, Anchor Plaza Metropol will have 13 floors with contemporary architecture and finishes, a mat foundation with glazed curtail walls on each façade, high speed elevators and flexible partitioning options. Another advantage of the building consists in its 535 parking spaces. An important forte of Anchor Plaza Metropol is its proximity to the subway station, tram line, and the main traffic routes in the West of Bucharest. Furthermore, the building is also located close to Plaza Romania, so the employees of the tenants would have access to the shopping experience, entertainment, public services, utilities, beauty and fitness services. 35





MULBERRY DEVELOPMENT OPENED A NEW GENERATION OFFICE BUILDING IN TIMISOARA – ISHO OFFICES PHASE I Mulberry Development, the company developing ISHO, the most prestigious real estate project in Western Romania, has recently announced the opening of ISHO Offices Phase I.

ISHO Offices Phase I has a leasable area of 15,000 sqm, which is leased almost entirely. Several companies have taken over the rented premises to start their business in the second half of 2018.

Employees have already started to work in the new premises Survey Sampling International (SSI) is the first company to move its offices into the new building followed by BOSCH. Survey Sampling International (SSI) is one of the world’s leading provider of data and technology solutions across industries, with 40 offices in 20 countries. The company currently has more than 130 employees in Timisoara and plans to exceed 200 employees in the following years. “ISHO is a very attractive project for our company because it is a real premium real estate development in Timisoara, which creates a new standard for workplaces, but also for housing. We are proud to be the first company to start business here. We are also pleased with the extraordinary work environment that Isho has provided us with and we are convinced that it will help us attract new talents and loyalty to our employees, which is an important support for our growth and development plans in Timisoara,“ says Chris Watson, European Managing Director Survey Sampling International.

ISHO is working on a financial banking services centre Raiffeisen Bank will open a banking agency on the ground floor of Isho Offices in Timisoara. The agency will operate since September 2018 and will serve all client segments - from large and medium to private individuals. The opening of this banking agency is a first step towards the development of a financial-banking services center in the ISHO neighborhood. “Raiffeisen Bank is interested to be where its customers are and to be as easy to reach as

possible, and that’s why we’re looking at the best locations in a city. Thus, we decided to open an agency with excellence services in the newest business hub in Timişoara, ISHO neighborhood, developed by a local entrepreneur recognized for the quality of their projects and a partner of our bank,” said Emil Esanu, executive director, Retail and Corporate at Raiffeisen Bank.

Based on the experience of two flagships projects ISHO Offices is based on the experience of two flagship projects developed by Mulberry Development, City Business Centre Timisoara and The Office ClujNapoca. At the end of the three stages of development, ISHO Offices will form a single project, with over 6,000 sqm of floor space, giving tenant companies flexibility in space utilization and predictability for later expansion within the building. At the end of the three development phases, ISHO will be a true neighbourhood in its right that, along with more than 1,000 apartments and 50,000 sqm of new generation offices, a Radisson Blu Hotel, will benefit from a wide range of services – an ultra-modern conference center, a co-working space for the city’s start-ups, an event space, a spa centre and a large pedestrian area. 37

OFFICE Contact Person: Lucian Anghel CEO EnergyPal tel: + 40 722 373 837 email: lucian.anghel@energypal.ro www.energypal.ro

about the barriers and benefits of energy efficiency in companies in Romania. The questionnaire, which received 175 responses, was applied in February-March 2018.

Energy efficiency is a must

THE CASE FOR COMPLETE ENERGY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS, NOT JUST SMART METERING Smart metering is the modern solution to monitor power consumption by recording and transmitting consumption data remotely at a preset frequency and also memorizing consumer information and other parameters for a long time.


n 55% of the companies operating in Romania, the current consumption is monitored through a general utility meter, and only 7% of companies have integrated energy consumption with


production monitoring. These are the results of the study „Energy efficiency in Romanian companies� carried out by EnergyPal. The survey explores the perceptions of executives and managers

Energy efficiency refers to how companies can get the same benefit (light, heating, movement) using less energy. 41% of respondents said that the monthly consumer average used is over 25,000 euros. In Romania, 69% of companies say they have not implemented a smart metering system for main equipment, 17% do not know, and only 14% took this step towards energy efficiency. This situation is present in 46% of respondents in construction & real estate, 77% in food & agriculture, 64% in industrial production, 70% in utilities & energy and 66% in transportation industry sector. It is somewhat gratifying that 66% of respondents say they have a policy of reducing energy loss within the company. At industry level, such a policy is 41% of professional service companies, 46% of financial services, but 66% of industrial production sector. Not less than 7 out of 10 companies, of the respondents, say they have a policy WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO


to increase efficiency of the utility costs. At industry level, the best situation is in the industrial production sector (67%), followed by the construction & real estate industry (64%) and the utilities & energy industry (58%).

Assigning the role of Energy Manager If 38% of the respondents say they have a responsible person in the company that deals with the energy efficiency plan (energy manager), the fewest companies with such a role are from transportation sector (17%), followed by production industrial (22%) and food & agriculture (26%) industry sector. Only 3 out of 10 companies say they have invested in a program aimed at driving energy efficiency. At the industry level, the fewest companies with such investments are in construction & real estate (20%), followed by food & agriculture (29%) and professional services (32%) industry. Unfortunately, 31% of the industrial production companies are not aware of the obligations of the economic agents according to Law 121/2014 on energy efficiency. Smart metering consists of the installation of remote consumption monitoring meters and brings a great

advantage, especially since all smart meters are capable of transmitting instant data, which allows for a better management of tariff plans. When it comes to energy efficiency issues, it is possible, not only to reduce costs, but also to make energy balance calculations and detect unmeasured loads and measurement errors. Another benefit is the fact that energy losses can be detected, including losses that may indicate a future malfunction. Based on consumption monitoring using smart meters, consumption estimates can be made, as well as energy consumption reductions.

Bringing it all together Installing smart meters is useful for all companies which want to achieve energy efficiency and, most importantly, monitor consumption levels to ensure that they stay within the set limits. For this purpose, there is hardware and software for remote monitoring. By smart metering, it is also intended, under the 2020 Directive, for Member States of the European Union to ensure the implementation of smart metering systems that contribute to the active participation of consumers in the electricity supply market.

Complete energy management solutions are key By implementing a complete energy management solutions, both energy cost reduction and energy efficiency improvements can be achieved in various aspects, such as: • Improving energy efficiency in industrial plants by allocating energy consumption and costs for each task • Easy computation of energy balance calculations and setting up of alerts to detect unmeasured loads, measurement errors, and efficiency as well as the condition of the power supply transformers • Detection of energy losses, useful both for energy saving and for preventive maintenance • Preventing consumption peaks and reducing the power factor for overtax • Calculation of the baseline energy consumption, normalized to operating and environmental conditions (such as temperature or workload) to allow for the correct implementation of energy saving measures and high energy efficiency equipment



HEXAGON OFFICES & APARTMENTS CLUJ - KESZ GROUP’S FIRST INVESTMENT IN ROMANIA, WORTH OVER 20 MILLION EURO KÉSZ Group, one of Central and Eastern Europe’s leading construction companies, with a successful history of business development and construction expertise of 36 years, makes its first investment in Romania, in the city of Cluj. “Hexagon Offices & Apartments is on its way to becoming one of the most modern and innovative office spaces & aparthotel buildings in Cluj and its official opening is set to happen in the first quarter of 2019”, Cosmin Sandu, project director, KÉSZ Group.


hat are the assets that recommend KÉSZ Group when it comes to the development of such investment objectives? What are the main projects developed by KÉSZ in Romania? KÉSZ as a Group comprises a responsible group of companies, that advocate premium quality in construction projects through extensive technical knowledge acquired throughout our 36 years of existence and through our own high standards applied on a large scale. Through all our innovative initiatives, we aspire to develop our society in a sustained, continuous and responsible manner, while simultaneously taking all necessary measures to protect the environment. KÉSZ Group’s successful activity is based on a history of credible, open and transparent communication as well as on a community of responsible individuals who conduct their daily business activity in strong correlation with our corporate values: Knowledge - Stability - Motivation - Complexity Innovation - Versatility. KÉSZ Group has an extensive expertise in building and managing office buildings and hotels at a European level. In Romania, some of


Cosmin Sandu, project director, KÉSZ Group

the Group’s most significant projects are Nymphaea Aquapark in Oradea, Kaercher Factory in Curtea de Arges, Penny Logistic Park in Bacau and One Herastrau Park, a residential project awarded the “Residential Project of the Year” prize. In addition, based on their turnover, KÉSZ Constructions is ranked amongst the top 10 general construction contractors in Romania and are also holding a leader position

amongst such companies when it comes to efficiency, due to their high rate of turnover relative to the number of employees. However, Hexagon Office & Apartments is KÉSZ Group’s first investment in Romania. What are the strategic arguments that drove KÉSZ Group to invest in Hexagon Offices & Apartments? How WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO

OFFICE do you estimate the evolution of the real estate market and its opportunities in Cluj-Napoca? Hexagon Offices & Apartments is KÉSZ Group’s first investment in Romania and our decision is primarily based on a strategic analysis of the office real estate market in Cluj, on our trust in the potential of this sector and last but not least, on our desire as a Group for continuous development. Compared to the real estate market, where stagnation or even regression is expected as of this year, the office real estate in Cluj is booming. 2017 has been the best year so far for office spaces and 2018-2019 seem to be just as good if not better, according to current statistics and future predictions. Cluj is the second largest office real estate market in Romania, preceded by Bucharest alone. However, the impressive evolution and rising human capital that Cluj has registered in the past few years make this city extremely attractive for foreign investors, who see it as the “Silicon Valley” of Romania. What is the concept of the building and what are its points of differentiation? Hexagon Offices & Apartments, located on Calea Turzii 178 K, is a highly complex Class “A” office building and aparthotel, with related functions and services, BREAAM certified, covering an area of over 25,000 m2, designed to serve 1,600 working spaces and 52 hotel apartments. Some of the office spaces’ points of differentiation are the possibility to customize the size and the compartmentalization of each office, as well as the option to add, on request, various modules such as - own kitchen, single office, conference room, open space, archive and copy room. The aparthotel concept is getting a lot of traction in Cluj-Napoca mainly because it offers similar accommodation to one’s private home. Also, this type of lodging is suitable for a wide range of people who visit Cluj for various reasons - business people, families, people who come here for festivals, or tourists in general. The building is situated in an accessible and quiet residential area, having as another major advantage the fact that 80% of the apartments have a designated parking space. In addition, our vision is to offer both our office building residents as well as our guests in the aparthotel a comfortable and complete experience, which is why the building will include leisure facilities such as - restaurant, gym, conference room, retail area, supermarket and dedicated parking spaces. What type of customers do you have in mind for this project? What advantages does the area have to offer? The office spaces are mainly intended for corporate clients and for large & medium-sized companies, however we don’t rule out the possibility to create a business-hub section, where we could host entrepreneurs and freelancers. As I have previously mentioned, the office spaces are customizable, so we can adapt to the needs of different types of clients. As for the advantages of the area, one of the most important ones is the fact that it is easily accessible by private cars and it also has good connections for public transportation. In addition, the city center is within a 10-minute driving distance, same as the city’s Central Park. The airport is no more than 20 minutes away by car and the route avoids the city center, which is a great advantage for Cluj. What is the current occupancy of the building? At the moment, aside from KÉSZ Constructions who’s offices are already operating as general contractor in the building, 5,000 m2 out of the 15,000 m2 dedicated for office spaces are already rented. Given that the official opening of Hexagon Offices & Apartments is scheduled for the first quarter of 2019, we believe that a 30% occupancy of the office building at such early stages is definitely a promise of success. 41





Werner-Wilhelm Wolff, General Manager, TAROM

„SEE TAROM AS YOUR NEW HOME IN THE SKY” We try to make our passengers feel like home aboard our aircrafts TAROM is a powerful brand that is built mainly on tradition, as we are closely tied to Romania’s flight history. But that is not all we represent. We have been making real business progress. Strong investments are heading towards IT upgrades, fleet enhancements, new top of the line airplanes and client management systems. Our main wish is to make our clients feel like home when aboard our airplanes. We need to rebuild a strong bond between TAROM and our passengers.

Good business sense for TAROM’s business development A good business model brings together daring ideas with a strong will to implement them. That is why we think that a great way to develop TAROM is to capitalize upon maybe the best real-estate in a 5 km radius starting from the Otopeni Airport: our headquarters.

In august, we publicly announced that we are interested to negotiate a long term rental of the whole building, provided the partnership is sound and based on what we call mutual respect. So far we have received five different offers, and still counting. The opportunity of developing a new business case using a large building, that is not farther than 150 meters from the terminals, is surely attractive for very many investors. Our back offices can relocate in the city, with better organized spaces, closer to our employees’ homes, and, of course with fewer administration costs.

Positive, consistent turnout for the first time in the last 4 years Our efforts from the last few months are starting to show. We now begin to reap the fruits of our labor. The number of passengers has grown with almost 20% this year, as opposed to 2017. This reports to a total rise in gross revenue of approximately 25%. The newest reports we have show a total rise in internet sales of also 30%. Less distribution costs, but higher operation

costs due to a global raise in fuel prices. August is the third consecutive month with revenues higher than expenses.

Out with the old, in with the new As of 2018 TAROM has two new airplanes in the fleet. We are talking about two Boeing 737-800 NG’s, with a unique configuration on the Romanian market. We have entertainment screens in each chair, including economy, 16 business class places. In the middle of the year we managed to also sell two airplanes (Airbus 310’s) production year 1992. 2018 is a total renewal year for TAROM. In late June we signed a contract to receive five brand new Boeing 737-800 MAX’s, especially built for our company.

Plans for the future Our plans for TAROM are based upon growth and development. Capitalizing on our true potential is key for the near and distant future. We mainly aim to build up our value in both financial capital and, very important, trust capital. We can trust TAROM to further develop, catch up to the market, and live up to the continuously rising expectations of our passengers.






DPD ROMANIA HAS LAUNCHED DPD COLLECT, A QUICK AND FLEXIBLE SOLUTION TO SEND AND COLLECT PARCELS DPD Romania is one of the greatest express delivery companies on the local market, boasting a network of over 80 HUBs and logistics centers endowed with state of the art technology. With a team of over 1200 employees and franchisers, DPD Romania delivers yearly over 9 million parcels.


ts membership in DPDgroup, the European leader of road delivery, as well as its expertise at regional and international levels, offer it the possibility to provide its customers with some of the most innovative and complete delivery experiences on the local market, price- and quality-wise. In September 2018, DPD Romania has launched the new DPD Collect service, an eco-friendly solution made of a network of offices and collection machines, which also serve to send parcels, placed in commercial spaces and office buildings. Presently, the service is available in over 30 locations in Bucharest, and by the end of the year the company wishes to extend at national level, with a network of 100 DPD Collect points in the great cities. According to DPD representatives, this new service comes to support the company’s efforts to cover the needs of e-commerce at its best. This is a dynamic market, of strategic significance for DPD Romania. The new product was designed in order to shorten the waiting time to send or receive parcels, thus prioritizing the needs of the company’s customers. Through DPD Collect, the online

shops benefit from reduced sending costs, and the return rate is significantly reduces as well, generating an increased cash flow. Among other advantages of choosing the new service by the

online commerce companies, we can mention: API integration through a simple and efficient system of delivery management, delivery performance and exponential sales growth, but also the possibility to track&trace online. Not to mention that the fact that customers will have a new way to deliver parcels to complete the already available ones will bring added value to the quality of their services, granting a full order experience. For the e-commerce customers, they benefit from reduced transport costs, security, but also full discretion regarding the parcel contents. Moreover, placing machines in spaces which can easily be accessed by people on their usual way, and the flexible schedule of up to 5 days to collect parcels from the location of choice make DPD Collect an alternative delivery choice fit for customers of online shops with a dynamic lifestyle, always on the move, or with a longer work schedule. 45


buildings. Following an investment of more than 17 million euros, the former furniture factory became a second home for almost 2,000 tech people in IT&C and R&D domains who come to work, share experiences and ideas every day. Fully leased, Liberty Technology Park houses: Siemens, IBM, Halcyon Mobile, Altran, Iron Mountain Romania, Control Data Systems, Digital Ventures Development, Luminos Software, Voquz, SmartUp. The modern technological ecosystem of 4.5 ha area includes five buildings, totaling 17,000 square meters of Class A office space. A third phase is planned – 36,000 sqm land free of construction, which is under development.

Ion Sturza, president of Fribourg Capital

LIBERTY, CONNECTING PEOPLE AND IDEAS In its fifth year since the official opening, Liberty Technology Park has become the digital heart of Transylvania, the location where technology and nature offer residents and the local community the perfect match for engagement and social responsibility.


t Liberty Technology Park, the development of communityinvolvement programs has been a priority, as the park was built on the place of former Libertatea factory in Cluj-Napoca, a well-known symbol for the town. Started back in 1870, the former furniture factory had a hectic history, producing from pianos and music instruments, tennis and ski accessories to iconic wooden furniture. After 140 years of ceaseless production, the factory closed down and on its place the project of the first technology park in Romania has emerged and revived the former industrial platform.

thrive”, said Ion Sturza, president of Fribourg Capital, the private equity and venture capital fund based in Bucharest which invested in Liberty Technology Park project. For this bold plan, its initiators consolidated the industrial nostalgic look of the former

“Building a community around the <Liberty spirit>, which we can describe as technology-driven, smart and innovative, has been a priority for us. Creativity and sense of belonging come from connection and from shared, engaging experiences. And some of our events ideas emerged from our residents, which shows we are all connected”, said Nina Moldovan, CEO Liberty Technology Park.

Liberty on Bike & Liberty Multirotor Racing spice up the ecosystem The annual event Liberty on Bike, which reached its 5th edition in 2018, started as a cycling event for residents and a competition for teams. During three days, cycling is the key word in three races: Criterium, for speed and Gentlemen’s Race și Gran Fondo, for teams. At this event, residents of Liberty Technology Park have become involved, in the last three editions,

“At the beginning, when planning the space, we imagined a park for creative ideas built in this revolutionary place. Common places, green areas and community events were the must-have in order to build an environment for companies and their employees to 46



in a social responsibility mission: raising funds to offer new bikes to children in remote villages in Apuseni Mountains. Another themed event is Liberty Multirotor Racing, which connects tech-savvy people in a competition which attracted international participants. With thousands of followers of the live event, the multirotor racing connects passion for technology and nature, as races take place on a fly track of 20,000 square meters inside the Liberty Technology Park, a perfect space for such a competition. “We built partnerships with local tech communities and passion-driven groups and we offered the habitat for them to share experiences with the community. Our role is to connect communities offline as well, as the role of technology is to transform our lives for the better. Apart from shared passion, we inspire a shared cause – the joy of children in remote villages in Apuseni Mountains who receive new bikes makes up very happy, as we know their road to

school got a little easier with our help“, said Nina Moldovan, CEO Liberty Technology Park.

Spherik Accelerator is Startup Europe Ambassador in Romania The tech habitat supported, from the beginning, the development of start-up projects in IT&C through the accelerating programme Spherik, which was founded by Liberty Technology Park, Banca Transilvania, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca and Babes-Bolyai University. The business accelerator has a mission: to connect start-ups with strategic resources and support the growth of the local ecosystem. “Since 2013, tens of start-ups have been part of the programme and over 1 million euros have been invested until now in their development. For the last two years, Spherik has been awarded the <Best

Accelerator and Incubation Program in Romania> title by the Central European Startup Awards. We are proud of the interest shown for this programme and of its development”, says Dan Sturza, the Investment Manager in Spherik. In March 2018, Spherik Accelerator became “Startup Europe Ambassador” in Romania, part of a group of key influencers in the European startup ecosystems to provide information and advice about the European Commission’s Startup Europe initiative. The ambassadors will also help startups in their growth phase to have access to all the opportunities offered at European level. Spherik Accelerator is also part of the new Startup Europe Horizon 2020 funded project MyGateWay. The story of Liberty Technology Park goes on with the belief that connecting people and ideas around shared experiences is what drives the dynamic and creative ecosystem forward. | www.libertytechpark.ro



Andrasi Tibor, senior broker REMS

REAL ESTATE & MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS, THE TRENDS FOR CLUJ Experience and tailored solutions in a leading region are essential. REMS provides, with passion, knowledge for profitable transactions, as explained by Andrasi Tibor, senior broker, industrial / office department.


hich are the concepts – recent investments that influence the market evolution for Cluj-Napoca? Cluj continues to develop the retail segment, already well represented in the area, and the industrial parks. This inevitably leads to further investments and an increasing demand for jobs and brought about a „migration” of the labour force from other areas and cities to Cluj-Napoca. As a result, it is not surprising that most real estate investments in the last year were recorded in the residential segment, dominated by the sale of apartments and houses. We could also witness a special interest in completing the new, ultra-modern Class A office centers that led to the relocation of customers from offices in old buildings. Several 48

large real estate projects were already announced for 2019, in the residential, office and industrial segment. In Cluj, the demand continues to be higher than the offer, especially on the commercial / office / industrial segments, so the market can still absorb a fairly large number of properties. How did the market indicators evolved during 2018, which are in your expertise the segments that could attract more interest or capital, how about the impact in the business for REMS? Although year 2018 witnessed difficult legal and political turmoil, it became clear that foreign direct investments are growing according to

macroeconomic indicators. However, the industrial segment remains highly poor as the market can still absorb over 100,000 square meters. In our opinion, the acquisition of industrial land and the construction of new logistics parks can make a major contribution to the development of the real estate market. Special emphasis should also be placed on speculative industrial constructions, not on just ‚build to suit’ buildings, given the fact that presently the demand exceeds by far the available offer. As far as REMS is concerned, this year witnessed a significant increase in demand for the high class office market. The interest of small and large entrepreneurs for relocation of offices has had a major impact on our business as REMS has successfully completed several transactions on this segment. What type of strategic attraction factors does the city / region still benefits of? Which are the main concerns but also the main advantages? To start on a positive note, Cluj should be regarded as a national pole of the IT industry, investing millions in the development of this segment. This is why the city gained the title of Silicon Valley of Transylvania, mainly because of the influx of world-renowned companies that established here. To highlight several advantages, we would like to mention the university spirit of the city, with tens of thousands of students evolving here, the geographic position, the international airport with traffic that grows from year to year, pro-European culture, and cultural or sporting events that are frequently organized. As for the concerns, we point out to the excessive bureaucracy that often lags behind important city projects, the lack of a concise longterm development strategy or the lack of infrastructure that could easily link Cluj to Western Europe. In regard to evolution of the regional market in Romania or the competition with other cities in CEE region, how would you characterize Cluj-Napoca, it’s evolution, administration and promotion in the market? WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO


Over the past 15 years, Cluj has caught up with the great, highly industrialized European cities, thanks to massive investments made throughout this period. The good part is that local government supports foreign investments, this bringing about the continuous development of the infrastructure, as well as by providing facilities for those respective investors. When a company decides to do outsourcing it is very important for it not to feel a difference of approach from the local government. We think this is the most important feature of supporting a foreign investment and this is proven by the fact that there are very few cases where investors decided to leave Cluj for another more favorable destination. What elements define a successful advisory firm in your opinion and which are the strengths of the team REMS, what type of services the clients need most these days? In our opinion, a respectable real estate agency must provide promptness, seriousness and especially trust to its clients, given the fierce competition in this segment. All the team members of REMS show commitment, customer loyalty, responsibility, inner motivation, and last but not least, passion. In order to be able to have a successful business in any field, first of all it takes passion. The basic principle is a simple one: to identify the needs of our clients and to offer them the best deals available on the market. To make them loyal is a hard work, but a rewarding one. Our team is a young and ambitious

team that is connected to the new trends in the market and who can meet the growing demands of our clients. Each transaction is different, there is no transaction template. Therefore the solutions we have to offer to each particulate client motivate us every day. The challenge we face every day is to educate people who work in this field in choosing quality services. We want to convince as many people as possible that to work with specialized people and companies in the field to get quality services is the best option. Working in the field of real estate makes every day different; there are new challenges, new discussions, new transactions, new clients and new people to meet. Thanks to the experience gained during these years in the real estate development of Cluj, we can provide our customers both with services related to market analyzes as well as counseling on the investments to make.

Our philosophy of work is simple: „we tell you what you need to know, even if it’s not what you wanted to hear.” It is a principle that we use to ensure that all investments and transactions made by and through REMS are SURE and PROFITABLE. That’s why we have many recommendations from satisfied customers. REMS provides with a complete, correct and modern vision of everything that means the vast field of real estate services.

128 Constantin Brancusi Street Cluj-Napoca Phone/Fax: +40 364 736 015 email: andrasi.tibor@remsimobiliare.ro www.remsimobiliare.ro



THE MBC NETWORK IS EXTENDED IN TIRGU MURES Multinvest Group launched, in April 2018, in Tirgu Mures, a new real estate project with a major impact in the regional real estate market. In addition to the two existing successful projects (in total 13,000 sqm) of the local developer, the new buildings will deliver another 12,000 sqm of Class A office space for rent. The existing Multinvest Group buildings have an occupancy of 100%, by multinational, regional and local companies, which contracted a major part of the spaces since the construction phase. Due to the current local demand and the quality of Multinvest projects, the new investment will lead to another wave of pre-leasing activity, both from existing tenants and from new market entrants.


he MBC network was initiatied in 2011 through construction of the first MBC 1 building that received BREEAM certification in 2013 and in 2016 won the E.ON Energy Globe Award offered for the greenest and most sustainable office building from Romania, partially fueled with solar energy and with a smart lighting system, heated with geothermal energy by placing 30 wells at a depth of 180 m under the building and with charging sources for electric cars. Located in the city center of Tirgu Mures, MBC 1 offers an area of 4,000


sqm, 6 levels, with elegant spaces for customers like Accenture Industrial Software, Stefanini, OAR etc. In 2015, Multinvest started the construction of Multinvest Business Center 2, a building that was completed in 2017. MBC 2 offers professional customized workspaces, according to the requirements of large companies such as LATERAL, AROBS, Sea Complete, DVSE, Digi, Raiffeisen etc, on a surface of 9,000 sqm organized on 7 levels, with modern finishes, hi-tech solutions and state-of-the-art amenities, located in an excellent area, near the

main train station, directly connected to a retail areas, close to the central area and with direct access to the European road connecting Tirgu Mures with Cluj-Napoca. With the goal of creating a new business pole for the city in the heart of Transylvania, bringing Tirgu Mures back to the attention of investors, both nationally and internationally, MBC’s network is delivering the most modern and efficient workspaces in Tirgu Mures. Due to the high demand for professional space, following the success of MBC 1 & MBC 2, Multinvest continues to develop by launching the project to build three interconnected MBC3, MBC4 and MBC5 buildings in the immediate vicinity of MBC2 and retail area. First stage involves the construction of a 4,000 sqm office building, MBC3, office spaces, class A, at key or gray scale, at the request of each customer, and underground parking spaces, services and facilities offered to company employees following an investment over 5.1 million euro. The works are scheduled to begin in the fall of 2018, with an estimated delivery date for the first building in the first quarter of 2019. The new investment will generate more than 1,000 jobs and aims to make the whole ensemble the new center of interest for Tirgu Mures, the business community and multinational IT & C companies. This project is inspired by a well-defined concept, renewing the classic office image by offering personalized, colorful, and dynamic environment workspaces based on principles of ecological durable design. The underground parking places, WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO


services and facilities available to the employees working there, the attention to details, the use of the newest, innovative technologies to create a healthy work environment, with a focus on natural energy resources and energy saving technologies are some of the main characteristics. A coloured and dynamic lobby will welcome the guests and the same atmosphere will dominate the entire building. “We also know that outdoor space can have a positive effect on creative thinking and productivity. That is why we are going to arrange attractive green areas with outdoor seating and urban furniture”, explains Gogolak Zsolt, CEO Multinvest. Quality and professional areas are designed to create friendly and malleable meeting rooms, conference and event areas. The ability to customize heat and light settings, glass walls to capture natural light, sport facilities and a discreet but safe security system will ensure the perfect ambience for successful business, companies and their employees.

Extensive expertise Multinvest has been active in the national market since 1999, providing multiple services for investors and investment projects such as: design, urbanism, project management, general contractors, property and facility management. The basis for service success is the excellent team of professionals, consisting of 60 specialists, 30 employees with an administrative role and over 50 partners.

Gogolak Zsolt, CEO Multinvest

One of Multinvest’s goals is to provide a network of office buildings with personalized quality spaces, property services and facility management, where the word „office” is associated with customized business space according to

customer requirements. The lack of such spaces has boosted the company to build the MBC network (Multinvest Business Center) as the city of Tirgu Mures could be a destination for international companies. 51


IASI, HOW CAN THE OFFICE STOCK HELP REPOSITION A REGIONAL CITY TOWARDS THE DIGITAL - SMART ERA? “The ambition is that IASI will act as a model for other European cities. By developing and testing novel policies, this environment levers in a collaborative approach with the involvement of other cities as peers and it will demonstrate how to reap the benefits offered by the transformative power of digitization”, Dan Zaharia, senior consultant Extind.


ike in many post-industrial mid-size cities in the CEE, ten years ago, the stock office of IASI was insignificant (less than 50,000 sqm), made of small size outdated buildings. It was almost impossible to accommodate a company with international standards. In 2008, EXTIND managed to provide 4,200 sqm for Unicredit in Nicolina Business Center, a reconverted industrial building. But in 2011, with European funding, IDEO (11,000 sqm) becomes the most modern office buildings in the north-eastern region of Romania. Years have passed, and now IDEO 1 has added another floor (GLA increased to 15,000 sqm), IDEO 2 has become constructing 10,000 sqm, and IDEO 3 is a project of additional 5.000 sqm. In the meantime, the 52

building owner, TESTER GRUP, have opened other 2 sites (SOLO and TESTER/CENTRO) with another 15,000 sqm of office premises. In 2012, first office buildings from PALAS (a 250 million euro investment) became operational under the brand United Business Center. From UBC1 and UBC2 with Amazon, Ness and Endava as key tenants, now the office premises in the complex has reached more than 80,000 sqm GLA with more than 30 tenants (UBC5 and UBC 6 opened in 2016). In 2015, MOLDOVA Center (15,000 sqm) became the first A class green office building with BREEAM Very Good certification, adopting the newest ecological technologies. At the CIJ Gala Awards the building has received the title “ESSA Leading

Green Building of the Year 2015”, a reference point for other office buildings from Romania. In 2017, a team of enthusiast specialists have published PIN Maps, the first map of modern office buildings of Iasi, and the office market stock for Iasi was estimated at 235,000 sqm.

New steps In 2018, the Local Council of IASI has adopted a legislation that will provide fiscal incentives for the developers that will build green office buildings with international certifications (ex. BREEAM, LEED etc.) in the period 2019-2021. According the PIN Maps’ estimations, the office stock of IASI will increase with 150-200,000 sqm WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO


OFFICE of modern office premises in the next 3-5 years. Already ambitious projects are at revealed within this timeframe. PINmagazine, the magazine for the regional ITO industry (www.pinmagazine.ro), announced that in 2018, IASI ITO industry will be employing more than 20,000 specialists, with a yearly pipeline of 2,800 new graduates from the relevant universities and The Informal School of IT. This pipeline requires 25-30,000 sqm of new office space every year. But not any office space and not any location will do. Already there are three poles of development for the modern office stock in IASI: CBD – Central Business District, West Pacurari and the New Industry District. With CBD becoming ever more crowded with each year, and the West Pacurari attracting more investment in retail and warehouse, the New Industry District is becoming the hottest area for office development, with new projects already in construction: BAZA 3 Office (13,000 sqm) and EGROS (8,000 sqm). No matter of what an A class office building offers, there is a stringent need also for a strategy at the regional level to attract and keep talented people in the city. Universities are doing their job, even if for some technical specialties, the labor market requires more and more graduates. The city should become friendlier with young generations, with a clear repositioning strategy in place. It will take a united and ambitious community around this strategy to reposition the city of IASI from the outskirts of European Union towards being in the center of the digital transformation era. Speaking about building communities, the role of coworking


Dan Zaharia, senior consultant Extind

spaces is not to be underestimate. Five locations are operational in IASI, with the biggest opened in 2017 – Fab Lab Iasi (www.fablabiasi. ro). Besides the flexibility of the 700 sqm space, Fab Lab Iasi also adds value through a laboratory of digital fabrication which will be equipped with numerical control machines, offering to the users the possibility to realize almost anything they want using 3D printers, laser engraving equipment, milling machine, electronic circuits printer. With an extended schedule, with three conference rooms with capacity between twenty and fifty people, with almost one hundred personal working spaces, having access to large Internet bandwidth and video conference system, Fab Lab Iasi wants to bring together the technological community of Iasi, to

organize and support events in this field and to promote local projects to enhance the entrepreneurial spirit in the region. Placed in an university campus, Fab Lab Iasi has as a purpose to develop student programs for the technical field, together with the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University and Alexandru Ioan Cuza University Iasi. These programs will have the purpose to stimulate innovation, digital fabrication and entrepreneurial spirit among the technical students of Iasi. Smarter buildings, modern office stock and green initiatives are key components to a draft of future digital strategy, that the city of IASI needs to move forward and address issues related to smart innovation and the creation of the right framework and space to experiment with more innovation and digital transformation. Activities related to governance, planning and city management are re-shaped by ICT, which provides a new dimension making it citizencentric, efficient, accountable and transparent. The way in which many public services, such as outdoor lighting, parking, mobility services, kiosks, location-based services, sensor-based water defenses, physical infrastructure monitoring and controls, and smart energy grid services are developed, validated and scaled will change as IASI local government invests in a smart city strategy. WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO










MEDICOVER ROMANIA – A TRUSTWORTHY PARTNER FOR YOUR BUSINESS Medicover Romania, the only healthcare services provider with international experience, continuously develops by investing in people and equipment having one main objective: improving Romanians’ quality of life.


n 23 years, Medicover successfully developed its presence on the healthcare services market and, at the end of 2017, operated a network of 25 clinics in Bucharest and in the country (Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca, Constanța, Iași, Ploiești, Brașov, Galați, Pitești, Năvodari, Eforie Nord) and a general hospital in Bucharest: Medicover Hospital. Now, approaching the end of 2018, Medicover has an extended network of 37 clinics and two general hospitals. What makes Medicover a successful company is the team of highly qualified specialists that are passionate about their job and mission: the safety of the patients. There is not a surprise the fact that 95% of the patients confirm that they trust Medicover doctors. Therefore, Medicover permanently assures that all its patients corporate or individuals - can access high standards services, wherever they are.

Corporate Clients For corporate clients Medicover designed a set of services according to modern principles of preventive medicine that offer flexibility through tailor-made solutions for the needs of the company. Therefore, clients can access a wide range of services (consultations, investigations, procedures) provided by a team of experienced and committed specialists. Besides, Medicover is the only insurer providing access to the electronic medical record and that guarantees the company and the employees multiple benefits: active involvement in employee welfare, optimal cost control and reduction of additional contribution.

Medicover in Transylvania Because Medicover values growth, the network of Clinics is a well-developed one. Medicover Multidisciplinary Clinics meet the highest standards providing advanced facilities that cover a wide range of medical specialties, offering optimal positioning and easy access, including in office building areas. In Transylvania, Medicover has a network of 4 clinics: 2 in Cluj, 1 in Timișoara and 1 in Brașov, as follows: Medicover Cluj Republicii is located near the Botanical Garden, close to downtown Cluj-Napoca and offers access to dedicated doctors and equipment at European standards, more than 20 medical specialties. It is the

About Growth In 23 years, Medicover managed to grow organically but also through acquisitions; in the last two years, Medicover extended its family with 5 new members: Dr. Luca in 2016, located in Pitești, Iowemed in 2017 – in Constanța, Pelican in 2108 - in Oradea, Phoenix, also this year – in Oltenia and Academica in Bucharest.

only accredited center of international vaccination in the region. Medicover Cluj Liberty, located in Liberty Technology Park has a dedicated department of Occupational Medicine, a physiokinetotherapy room and employee health programs. Medicover Brașov is also an accredited center of international vaccination and is the only private clinic in Brașov where you can access the bronchoscopy investigation. Patients can access more than 20 medical specialties and meet a medical team which consists of experienced professionals. In Timișoara, Medicover has the largest multidisciplinary clinic in the region. Amongst other specialities, the clinic has a sleep lab with experts that detect and treat sleep disorders and a Welness and Nutrition Center. In Oradea, Medicover bought Pelican Group, the biggest investor in the private field of medical assistance in the northwest region of Romania. 59






BE FLEXIBLE, MOVE YOUR LIFE Innovation, creativity, initiative are the new job requests for performance and important premises for the people wellbeing. “This means to be proactive not reactive, to change the perspective, to create opportunities to develop your knowledge, to meet new people, to change your static workplace with a dynamic workplace, with collaborative areas, and new work spaces. These are the new challenges for the workplace management and the premises of new ways of working as flex office, coworking, total or partial home office”, PhD. Sebastian Capotescu, GreenForest Project Director.


etween 26 June 2018 and 7 July 2018, GreenForest and its partners: ROFMA (Romanian Facility Management Association), Transilvania Business Magazine, Pin Magazine, Fab Lab Iasi, Banat IT and Archibus Solution Center conducted a survey in order to evaluate the level of performance and wellbeing of people from Romanian companies that have already introduced the new ways of working [NWW], and also the general awareness of this topic. The results will be subject of a more detailed research, and will be presented by the author, PhD Sebastian Capotescu, at the “Real Estate and Facility Management” Vienna Congress from 15 – 16 November 2018.

NWW experiences The first topic of the research was about NWW experience. PHO and FO are frequently used

• Flex office [FO] means nonpersonal or non-territorial work stations, or hot desks – shared desks concept combined with collaborative, informal office spaces or focus room areas. • Coworking [CW] means working in a rented workplace as a freelancer or a small business and sharing more office facilities with the rest of people that have rented workplaces in the same conditions. • Partial home office [PHO] means jobs that are done part of time from the employer’s office space and part of time from home. • Total home office [THO] means to do almost all tasks from home or from another remote space. 62

by respondents or other family members, 41% from respondents work now with PHO, 23% with FO and 22% with CW. This means that those opinions are very relevant for the suitability of NWW. The level of acceptance of NWW is very high, at least in the respondents group. Only THO has a quite high percentage of answers considering it not suitable – 45%. The opinions about suitability from the employers’ perspective are quite close, but a little bit lower as percentage, there may be some reservations about the suitability of NWW for all employees.

NWW personal meaning But what was is the personal meaning of NWW? The PHO way of work was the answer for most respondents, 82 from 94. Most of them had a correct definition for the PHO, but in some answers there were also personal opinions about the advantages of this way of work, such as: flexibility to do the tasks in the suitable personal time and also to manage other personal activities easier; better focus and confidentiality; better efficiency, due to the home comfort; time reduction with moving between home and

company office, cost reduction, benefits from home work and team work in the company; more family time and better work – life balance; an opportunity to take out from the daily routine; possibility to better manage the personal trips and work tasks. THO had 77 answers, also with advantages, as mentioned at PHO, valid here, too, but including many notices regarding the main well known disadvantages of this work way: social isolation; captive in the house; team missing connection; poor connection with the culture and company values. FO had 73 answers, and personal remarks of the advantages mentioned to the home office work, plus specific advantages: better facilities for a specific task, different environments that encourage creativity and have a positive wellbeing contribution. There were mentioned also some specific FO weaknesses: the risk of not finding a workplace when you need it and the lack of privacy and space personalization. CW had 71 answers, most of them correct definitions, plus personal remarks about some strengths of this method, such as: share more knowledge and resources; better social and professional relations; an opportunity to meet new people; an opportunity to be part of a community; an opportunity to be connected in a social, professional and knowledge network; changing ideas with others; group energizing; a changing opportunity, but also some weaknesses, in general the same ideas as for FO, plus the renting cost issue. Overall, in Romania there is a good level of knowledge and people have positive expectations regarding the “New ways of working”. The people consider them suitable solutions to improve the level of personal wellbeing and, at the same time, the level of performance in their organizations.

Suitability of NWW for the employer organization from the respondents’ perspective





MINDSPACE, SET TO TRANSFORM BUCHAREST Itay Banayan is the VP of Real Estate and a Management Member at Mindspace. In his position as VP of Real Estate, Itay is responsible for Mindspace’s global real estate strategy and securing prime locations worldwide to sustain the company’s growth and leadership. “Romania in general and Bucharest in particular - as one of the top leading financial hubs in Eastern Europe - are definitely following the world in this old to new “office as a service” transformation”.


ow would you define the concept of your project and in brief the arguments for its launch and the impact so far? With 27 locations throughout Europe and now, the U.S., Mindspace is one of the fastest-growing co-working providers in the world. Mindspace’s signature is its high-end approach to the design and management of workspaces by catering to teams of all sizes from the world’s most influential companies. Each space is bespoke and decked out with local art, vintage furniture, and luxury finishes. Staffed by an unconventionally robust on-site management team (2x the industry average), Mindspace locations provides a work experience that looks and feels uniquely tailored to its clients. In partnering with Globalworth, the largest office investor in Central and Eastern Europe, we are bringing our 64

high-end, all-inclusive coworking spaces to Romania, the 7th country in which we operate globally. We will open 3 locations: Mindspace Business District, Mindspace Victoriei, and Mindspace City offices - for a combined 12,000 sqm. This will make us one of the largest coworking providers in the city, catering to companies and teams of all sizes. By collaborating with Globalworth, Mindspace will be able to offer its leading high-end service in some of the market’s most desirable locations and buildings. Globalworth has a large portfolio of prime located, high quality, class-A office buildings in the country. We’ve identified that the indicators are favorable for the shared workspace sector and space-as-a-service sector in this market - and this extends well-beyond favorable GDP growth, and strong macroeconomic conditions.

The workforce consists of highlyeducated and talented individuals, and companies will be looking for great work environments to give them an edge to retain and attract top talent. The startup sector is burgeoning, and these types of companies are an ideal fit for shared workspace, because of their flexibility and ability to provide lower-risk, scalable options at great, central locations where traditional leases may be scarce. We also identified a strong demand of large global companies that are seeking to have presence in the city. Which are the main benefits of the members, type of targeted clients/ partners, what do existing ones want in usual daily activities? Mindspace’s offering will be unique to the Romanian market - it’s allinclusive, everything is covered in a flat membership fee; no hidden costs. Period. Companies can benefit from flexible monthly membership fee, 24/7 building access, a widerange of membership perks, such as discounts to local, relevant services and businesses in the city. Mindspace is a global provider, and a reliable choice for enterprises and startups alike; with high-end boutique-style design, unparalleled industry service (large on-site team to serve members’ needs), a carefully curated event calendar consisting of valuable networking meetups, events, speakers and workshops. 93% of Mindspace members asset that the Mindspace network benefits their business directly. Companies that choose Mindspace understand that moving their headquarters, project teams, intrapreneurs or certain departments in the proximity of the startups and talented your people with daring dreams helps them reinvent themselves. When you get your Mindspace here in Bucharest, you also get space with us in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., London, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Utrecht, Tel Aviv, and all our other locations, too. For free. Yes, free. Work conveniently from anywhere, attract international talent, and always have Mindspace’s community of investors and companies, big and small, waiting to welcome you in. WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO


What types of projects and activities/ industries are in the core focus of your community? In terms of verticals, we cater to a wide range, from finance, to consultants, to tech and more. World-leading enterprises are attracted to Mindspace for our agile ability to cater to their needs and customize workspaces to their precise needs. They thrive in outstanding workspaces which help them attract and retain top talent. Companies such as Expedia, Microsoft, Booking. com, Barclays, Agoda, Samsung, Cheetahmobile, and many more are part of the Mindspace community worldwide. We have a vibrant mix of startups and enterprises of all sizes. We offer and focus on a community of influential members/companies to network with and advance your business. 14,000+ members globally - centers of influence. A rich event calendar with carefully curated community activities and member perks. We have wellness activities, professional development activities, workshops, meetups, happy hours and much more packed into a rich monthly calendar for members. We take member/community service very seriously. We have almost 2x the onsite local management staff to member ratio compared to our leading competitor for best-in-class industry service, more relevant events and ultimately more satisfied members. How do you see the evolution of the sector in general in Romania,

the transformation of the business environment and the real estate sector in general due to the coworking related projects? In general, over the past few years and following the 2008 financial crisis the Global Real Estate Market is seeing a rapid growth - mostly in the Residential and Commercial markets. Due to outstanding worldwide cultural changes such as „shared economies”, endless technology growth that allows employees and companies to basically operate from any point on earth and the „Y” generation that is searching for a different life and work experience than previous generations - we see an incredible transformation in the Office Industry from traditional, „old school” offices - to high end, technology based Serviced and flexible offices. The Serviced/Co-working office sector is the fastest-growing sector in Real Estate over the past few years, even higher

and faster than forecasted 5 years ago. Demand for serviced and flexible office solutions is rising every day and based on world’s leading Real Estate advisory firms such as C&W, CBRE and JLL the serviced office sector is expected to reach ~30% of the total global office space by 2030. Romania in general and Bucharest in particular - as one of the top leading financial hubs in Eastern Europe - are definitely following the world in this old to new „office as a service” transformation. We are very excited about our close by entrance to the Romanian Market and we see a higher demand than forecasted for services, flexible, high end and techenabled office solutions by national and international companies in Bucharest.

A proud father by night and real estate finance professional by day, Itay has a great passion for new technology and innovation. Prior to joining Mindspace, Itay gained momentum within real estate M&A, asset level and corporate level financial strategy as VP of Capital Markets at Gazit-Globe USA, an owner, developer, and operator of shopping centers and mixed-use properties located in North America, Brazil, Israel, and Europe. Earlier in his career he worked in the real estate investment banking at Citigroup in New York City. Itay holds an MBA from New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business (graduated with honors), and a B.A in Business Administration and Economics from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem (Magna Cum Laude). Itay is a leadership board member at CREtech, a commercial real estate and tech organization. 65






Ramona Predescu (Iacob), country manager IWG Group

CO-WORKING WAVE HITS ROMANIA WITH NEW INVESTMENTS Operators of co-working spaces rented office spaces of nearly 20,000 square meters in existing or developing buildings in Bucharest in H1 2018, with a 13,4% share in the total transaction volume, estimated at around 150,000 square meters, according to data from Cushman & Wakefield Echinox. Which are the concepts, the strategies, the benefits for members or where are the new future labs/hubs evolving, how will the market look like – details are shared by the managers.


he most active tenants in the first semester of 2018 were companies from the Technology and Telecommunications sector, accounting for almost 31% of the total transactions, with companies active in the energy sector - Oil and Gas - coming second, with a market share of 13.5%. The podium was completed by operators of co-working spaces, due to the fact that three new companies - Mindspace, Spaces and Rent-a-desk - decided to expand their activity in Bucharest in H1 2018. In terms of deliveries, a single office building was delivered in H1 2018, the second building of the Globalworth Campus project, while eight other projects with a leasable area of more than 150,000 square meters are expected to be completed by the end of 2018. According to data from Cushman & Wakefield Echinox, 70% of


the building space to be delivered in the second half of 2018 is already leased. Spaces will hold in Bucharest 3,000 m2 with Unirii View Tower (1st, 2nd and 3rd floor) and 3,100 m2 with Campus 6.1 (1st and 2nd floor). Globally, Spaces has 155 locations in 33 countries. IWG annually conducts the largest study regarding the attitude towards flexible work, with over 18,000 professionals in over 96 countries. According to this, the 3 main perks of a flexible working space for a company starting its business in a new location are related to avoiding arrangement costs and capital investment (74%), the space set-up speed (64%) and “business downtime” period related to such activities (31%). Romanian managers consider that a flexible working environment, from the perspective of time and location, helps

employees to be more productive (over 80%), more satisfied at the workplace, and to have more effective meetings (over 70%), while allowing them to work closer to home (over 50%). The characteristics of a ‚productive’ workspace, according to respondents in Romania, are given by an inspirational design for colleagues and customers (72%), high-speed internet (57%), a generous number of meeting rooms (40% %) and access to means of transportation (34%). Other benefits of choosing flexible offices solutions are all-inclusive pricing, the possibility of scaling up and customizing the office as needed - one doesn’t need to pay for more office space than needed, admin support - staffed reception helping with mail handling and call answering, virtual offices, lounges and meeting rooms included, as well as workplace recovery in case of calamities. “Spaces brings to Romania a unique, dynamic and creative concept, based on comfort which supports the community of forward thinkers, innovators and game changers. It features collaborative areas, team rooms, co-working spaces, fullyequipped meeting rooms, furnished private offices and a café. Each ondemand workspace is kitted out with designer furniture– whether members need it for an hour or for many years. Spaces is a creative work environment with a unique entrepreneurial spirit. We believe work is about people and ideas. Technology has created a modern economy, driven by empowered individuals. This informs the way we develop inspiring workspaces – with a love for design, and where our energetic team takes care of all the details so you can focus on developing your next big idea. Spaces is also a promoter of business communities, by leveraging its international position to host both local and international business networking events which facilitate knowledge and contacts sharing for the participants. Our culture is built on the energy of our community – interesting people doing exciting things. It’s all geared toward expanding your networks and connecting you with like-minded members to link up and share ideas. Good for small business, entrepreneur or corporation, we provide more than just a place to plug in laptops. WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO


What really makes Spaces unique is the community we’ve worked to cultivate – full of forward thinkers, innovators and game changers who love what they do”, explains Ramona Predescu (Iacob), Country Manager IWG Group in Romania. Spaces is part of International Workspace Group, a multinational corporation that provides global workplaces. Founded in Brussels, Belgium, in 1989, the group holds brands such as Spaces, Regus, Basepoint, No.18, Signature and Open Office. “The demand for flexible workspace is growing in Bucharest as companies increasingly look to save money on lengthy leases and offer staff greater freedom in where and when they work. Bucharest is a key business hub in Romania. For generations people have been getting used to a fixed work schedule – 8 hours spent at the same desk. But an increasing number of companies is adopting a different work model which brings benefits to both employers and employees, a reason for which companies are revising their real estate portfolio. We have entered the mobile and flexible workforce and this phenomenon represents a major change not only for Romania, but at a global level as well. The concept of flexible work will become the new normal very soon”, concludes Ramona Predescu (Iacob).

The energy of hubs “There is an authentic interest for co-working spaces and we think this sector will see a great development. But in order to be in top of clients’

NOD Makerspace

choices, one should make a relevant difference through its services, by being more than a working area. Entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers in Romania need all the support they need and this is what real estate players or hubs should understand if they want to be successful”, states Oana Craioveanu, entrepreneur, founder of Impact Hub Bucharest. The organization is part of the international Impact Hub network, with over 100 locations on 5 continents. Impact Hub Bucharest supports entrepreneurs in Romania through a co-working space, incubation and acceleration programs, conferences, events and a crowd funding platform. “Until now, we have been working with over 200 startups, we have hosted over 1,000 members and we have facilitated access to 3.5 million EUR. First of all, having a membership at Impact Hub Bucharest means access to the creative co-working space and all its facilities (desks, wi-fi, printer, Skype booths, meeting room etc.). On the other hand, once you join, you enter a passionate community of entrepreneurs that we actively grow and empower through

Impact Hub Bucharest

community events that bring people together, help them build partnerships, receive feedback or find clients. The main industries our members are active in, according to a research we made this year: 29% tech, 27% business services, 7% creative industries, 6% education and training, 6% marketing and PR, 5% architecture”, explains Oana Craioveanu. “Back in 2015, we wanted to create a space that could host makers and offer creative industries entrepreneurs a community to share their passion. A place where ideas, innovation and know-how can be shared, valued and made a reality. In 2017 we expanded to another floor and now our co-working space and makerspace means: 1,400 sqm of workspace; wood, metal, CNC router, textiles, electronics & other tools; 21 private studios; over 120 members and 40 start-ups from creative industries; the first Materials Library in South-Eastern Europe”, summarizes Tamina Lolev, managing partner, Nod Makerspace. Nod is now a dynamic ecosystem that welcomes designers, artists, engineers, inventors, freelancers and entrepreneurs working both as a fab lab/makerspace and a co-working space. “We develop projects that have great impact over our community and also can be used by other creatives, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Our members are part of a vast and colorful community of people of all ages and fields of expertise: from artists to IT guys to brand managers and sculptors, graphic designers and fashion designers, architects and illustrators - everyone finds a special place here. Creativity flows through every corner of Nod and you instantly get inspired. Nod also hosts many events that cater to the needs of our members. They learn new and valuable things and gain 69

OFFICE a common knowledge through the community. The Nod community is very diverse, and we welcome anyone that thinks business in a creative way. We focus mainly on creative industries and try to bring life to projects that have an impact on our community. A project dear to us is MATER - the first and only materials library in Romania and South Eastern Europe. Artists, students, architects, fashion designers and anyone that wants to be inspired can visit our library to see and feel a vast collection of materials - wood, glass, ceramics, organic, eco-friendly materials & many more. MATER lets you find out what new materials are out there and be in touch with the latest innovations. The co-working related projects are step-by-step transforming the business environment and the real estate sector in Romania too. It moves slower than in big metropolis, but we feel it. The emergence of start-up economy, the community working and the economical spaces are the need of the day. Thus, co-working spaces offer a solution for small and medium sized firms, for a firm with a limited human capital, or for one which requires space for a short period, in order to rent prime central offices in a flexible manner”, states Tamina Lolev.

New ideas “Commons is a network of coworking spaces which offers complete office amenities within an informal setting, making it the ideal modern environment for creative and professional excellence. Is the perfect place for people who no longer view work as merely a means to earning a living but want to feel part of, and contribute towards, something larger than their individual selves. The Commons` goal is to harness this desire by creating a vibrant and diverse community which fosters synergies between like-minded individuals from all industries”, states David Canta, co-founder of Commons in Romania. Commons is active in Romania since November 2017, now in two locations, but is also planning to expand to Casablanca, Londra or Tel Aviv, and also regional cities in Romania. “We attract people not only from the IT sector but also from creative industries, social innovation startups, freelancers etc. We want to be relevant for our members and to attract a wide range of people with similar interests but also with complementing set skills which create synergies. We 70

strongly believe that there is value in diversity and we engage with multiple categories of doers and independent thinkers in areas such as: technology, finance, culture, creative sectors. To support this, we are constantly organizing seminars and workshops for our members - offering them more than a working experience. Co-working is an emerging sector with huge potential which drives deep structural changes in the way people and companies are organizing their working environment. On the one hand, the big companies are trying to behave like startups, while on the other hand, all startups want to become enterprises. Co-working is a piece of infrastructure where both of these worlds meet. Due to the small size of the organizations which opt for joining a co-working space in Romania, real estate developers now have a new way of tapping into a market which was too granular to capitalize on. In the next 18 months, at the accelerated rate the market is developing at, it is very possible to have a co-working operator as the biggest tenant in Romania. This would be a milestone that can change the way investors and developers are putting up office buildings. Co-working spaces behave like living organisms that can be like a very attractive „gadget” on a portfolio of office buildings”, concludes David Canta, also Managing Partner for Avison Young in Romania. Iulian Circiumaru and Andrei Cretu are the cofounders of V7 Startup Studio, a boutique co-working space located in the heart of the city in close proximity to Victoriei Avenue and the Romanian Athenaeum and close to renowned hotels like Radisson Blu, Athenee Palace Hilton, Mercure Hotel and many others, more exactly on George Enescu Street, no. 11 - 11 A. The space is situated on two floors - the mezzanine from the new building and the attic full of history and charm from the villa. Even more, Wineful – the first wine subscription service from Romania, in which they invested a first-round last year, opened its first wine bar at the ground floor of the co-working space. V7 Studio aims to connect startups from different stages, investors, leading influencers, independent workers and freelancers to build relationships. “V7 Startup Studio fosters innovation and provides entrepreneurs with everything they need to be more productive than working from home or from a coffee shop. Within a more professional and collaborative setting, most coworkers

David Canta, Managing Partner for Avison Young Romania

believe that being productive and focusing more on their business pays off for the membership cost. Our aim is to empower people to make a change and create a better world through entrepreneurial initiatives. Nevertheless, our aim is to build a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem. To show that Bucharest is an entrepreneurial hub, just like the other big capitals of the world. The business world is constantly changing. Nowadays, entrepreneurs focus on building a company that has purpose at its heart. Having both money and a social or environmental impact are core aspects in their business. Our aim is to attract entrepreneurs who want to play an important role in their communities, who manage to strike a balance between private and professional life, and the ones who invest in their future. Because we strongly believe in the power of entrepreneurship to shape the future of our societies, we want to empower entrepreneurs in order to show that Romania has a chance to shift from outsourcing to homegrown innovative companies”, Iulian Circiumaru and Andrei Cretu, stated. Flash Office Solutions is an instant center & serviced offices, which provide customers the fixed costs of office space fully equipped and furnished for flexible periods, since 2013, available in Armand Center, Maria Rosetti Tower, Calderon 70, with approximately 60 member companies. The project was launched with the idea to offer our clients the possibility to work in a business community that includes all the facilities and services needed for business growth. Flash Office Solutions has a large variety of WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO

OFFICE clients from IT, Human Resources, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, Digital Marketing etc. ”At the beginning of 2014 the total surface area was 678 square meters, and now at second semester of 2018 Flash Office Solutions reached a total of 2,400 sqm, increasing three times the operational surface in just three years of activity”, Flavius Tarta, representative Flash Office Solutions, pointed out.

Regional projects A co-working office is also opened since June 2018 in Oradea, addressed mainly to freelancers. “We wish to bring the added value to Oradea city brand by supporting and developing the local creative industries. “Manifest pentru Oradea” is a natural extension of Manifest Advertising, opened to all creatives: artists, graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, videographers, interior designers, architects, artisans, musicians, developers and unicorns. We offer free co-working space for all members of creative industries, as our walls can fit within, the best office espresso in Oradea and all the support we can provide for ideas that can nurture and grow the creative community. In return we claim to dedicate a small part of the members time, skills and enthusiasm to our NGO’s ongoing projects, of their choosing. Our initiatives are meant to further develop the creative community: TEDxOradea, Ladies, Wine and Design – Oradea chapter, Coloradea – a colored book featuring Oradea’s nicest places, Sensory Lab, TIFF Oradea and, for the future, Everything at Sight – a commercial art gallery and Oradea Design Days (ODD),

a design festival. For the future, I would rather rely on co-working communities, build around an idea, gathered around a philosophy. For example, the co-working philosophy is already taken over by industries who are using the multidisciplinary approach to generate breakthroughs”, concludes Alin Mihon, executive director, “Manifest pentru Oradea”. “ClujHUB is the go to place for business people, entrepreneurs and freelancers activating in the technical, digital, and creative areas. Founded in 2012, it has become an important landmark for the local community and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Its vision is to empower entrepreneurs to create a sustainable future”, states also Tudor Pasc, managing partner, ClujHUB. The co-working space in Cluj-Napoca offers all the facilities needed for individual freelancers and off-site teams to be efficient in their day-to-day work (unlimited access, fast internet, conference rooms, office facilities, innovative events, and the possibility of networking, creative consultations, and business support). The members can work here, attend unique events, run their own meetups or workshops, access great talent, plug into innovative initiatives, connect with experts, kick-start projects, find partnerships and build networks, meet other innovators and entrepreneurs. “We not only host but also organize events (CreativeMornings, Fuckup Nights, TEDxClujSalon, NASA Space Apps Challenge, hackathons, meetups for the technical and creative communities, various workshops and conferences, etc). The co-working phenomenon has revolutionized the way millions of people work making this industry one of the fastest

FabLab Iasi

growing industries in the world. In our experience not only the selfemployed and the freelancers are looking for a workspace other than their home or a café but also the companies start to use these services for their remote teams. As for startups, they are more willing to work from shared, even temporary spaces”, concludes Tudor Pasc. Based on an international concept, Fab Lab Iasi is opened on a surface of over 700 sqm and it offers different scenarios for flexible use of the space (competition areas, co-working, makerspace, teaching rooms, spaces for video conferences and personal desks). The space is functioning as an independent platform which brings together innovation and the tech community from Iasi. “In one year of activity over 20,000 people have visited us and we have hosted over 1,000 events, courses, meetings of the relevant communities. Besides having a physical place to work with all the services (internet, coffee, printer etc.), being part of a vibrant entrepreneurial community is the main advantage the residents from Fab Lab Iasi have. We are targeting small companies (1-5 people) from IT, design, architecture etc. IT & architecture are the core focus of our community. Co-working will increase its presence in our professional lives, with corporation being more involved (sponsorship, events, transferring their own people 1 day per week into a coworking space), with the technological communities having a meeting place that they can call “home”, and with the entrepreneurial spirit being developed to all active generations”, explains Dan Zaharia, founder, FabLab Iasi.

Workspace as a Service (WaaS) Trend or necessity? The average share of WaaS take-up in Europe reached 7.5% in Q1 2018, up from 7.2% in 2017 and almost three times higher compared to 2016, corresponding to a total volume of 680,000 sqm. The highest share was captured in Birmingham (24%), followed by Brussels (20.5%) and Dublin (20.2%), which also showed the highest rises compared to last year. The largest market over the past five quarters was London (217,000 sqm), followed by Paris (126,000 sqm) and Berlin (81,000 sqm). WeWork was the largest occupier since Q1 2017 with almost 295,000 sqm, followed by Regus/Spaces with about 155,000 sqm. (Savilis World Research, European offices, June 2018). 71


AHK ROMANIA - BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN “NO-HOW” AND KNOW-HOW As the official representative of the German economy in Romania, AHK Romania is the first point of contact for German companies interested in our market. Nonetheless, the spectrum of topics we cover is much broader and expands at a fast pace: AHK initiatives range from projects in the fields of sustainability, energy efficiency, renewable energies or waste management to smart city, digitalization, automotive and industry 4.0 to vocational education, advocacy and arbitration.

Our hypothesis


now-how transfer and constant dialogue are key factors for the successful development of a country.

Our motivation While private companies abroad develop digital avatars that are programmed and taught to deliver as well as a real knowledgeable person, some public institutions create dedicated departments for the sole purpose of managing the organization’s incoming e-mails. The 21st century in Romania is about IT, IoT, autonomous electric cars, smart cities, cybersecurity and disruptive technologies, as much as it is about bureaucracy, migration, lack of labor force, environmental issues or poor infrastructure.

Our aspiration Our common goal is to contribute to Romania’s competitiveness and to set the stage for sustainable development and smart solutions, by pushing the two existing worlds closer together. Increased competitiveness of a country leads to a friendlier business environment for both own and foreign enterprises, which also means economic growth and a general wellbeing. Hence, we encourage collaboration and dialogue between the public and private sectors as the means towards a more attractive and more modern country and we believe that investing more today and holding on to a long term strategy enables us all to reap more tomorrow.

Our profile As the official representative of the German economy in Romania, AHK Romania is the first point of contact for German companies interested in our market. Therefore, a significant part of 72

our daily business relies on facilitating contacts, connecting future partners, supporting investors, identifying business potential and opportunities for our members and researching the market. Nonetheless, the spectrum of topics we cover is much broader and expands at a fast pace: AHK initiatives range from projects in the fields of sustainability, energy efficiency, renewable energies or waste management to smart city, digitalization, automotive and industry 4.0 to vocational education, advocacy and arbitration.

Our tools We try to stimulate the exchange of information and know-how in various ways: Specialized conferences (for example our annual Cities of Tomorrow), business trips or interactive workshops - We connect with experts to promote reference projects and best-practice examples from in- and outside the country, in order to support urban development, energy efficiency and sustainability in various fields. Participation at international fairs (Expo Real and many more) – We actively engage in

providing local administrations with the proper tools and know-how to advertise for their regions, to focus on local assets and stay relevant for the global context. Regular working groups – We challenge professionals to work together and debate on different topics, create position papers and keep the business environment connected to the public sector. Campaigns – for our members, and not only, to get involved, recycle or help raise awareness. Long term projects, such as our vocational education initiative – We support public authorities and companies in their efforts to establish a functional and successful professional training for their future employees. Press conferences and networking events – We want to offer people the opportunity to connect with us, use our team’s combined experience of more than 100 years and create valuable business contacts. Check out our platforms: http:// rumaenien.ahk.de/, http://www. econet-romania.com/, http:// www.marketplaceromania.ro/de/ lieferantenportal/, http://www. citiesoftomorrow.ro/ and get in touch with us for more sharing! WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO


DIGITAL PARK - THE BEGINNING OF A SILICON VALLEY IN MOLDOVA Digital Park is designed to become a central meeting space for companies active in the IT industry. Digital Park is the answer for connecting technology companies with old history or start-up businesses, IT developers, national and international companies, oriented towards innovation and progress, in one same point, in Chisinau. The fundamental objective of this concept was to create an atmosphere and a “Silicon Valley” infrastructure in Moldova.


he project offers unique finishes in Moldova, designed in fine details, perfect form and appearance. The challenge was to give the building A identity and exclusivity both design and municipal facilities. Technical detailed column’s pitch is 9 m, which makes room for openspace workplaces, it is the first offices building with this architectural feature in the Republic of Moldova.

Smart Project The IT Park is defined, designed and developed in several processes and stages. The first stage – Block A and Block B – will provide comfortable, bright and efficient workspaces. In the next step, the demolition of the industrial hall in the territory allows us to place another 4 buildings designed and harmoniously framed in a systematic architectural concept. Blocks A and B are designed with wide windows facing north, and the façade covered with ceramic tiles to the south, this allows the energy consumption to be lowered to cool the rooms during summer and to cover winter lighting requirements. At the same time, block A has a huge atrium that allows natural light to flood the space in all directions.

Latest technologies and green zones Digital Park residents will enjoy the highest speed internet, state-of-the-art technical systems and workspaces equipped in the smallest details. However, the largest Data Center in the Republic of Moldova is built within the Digital Park building, which will allow collocation or renting of one or more servers with zero investment. Digital Park will have its own infrastructure for residents: modern office spaces, its own Data Center, green areas with relaxation areas and cafes, sports halls and parking

spaces. The parks inside the complex will provide the ideal setting for networking and outdoor coworking. Thus, the Digital Park complex will be more than an IT Hub, a recreational green park not only for its residents but for all visitors. In the end, the complex will offer about 30,000 sqm for offices, 3,000 sqm for conference and common areas for residents, 3,000 sqm of coworking spaces, 9,300 sqm for a park with a fountain and a recreation area, 4,300 sqm for terraces, 400 parking spaces, a sports complex of 2,000 sqm, a cultural center with an auditorium that will have a capacity of 500 people, 1,700 sqm for cafes and restaurants.

StarNet Digital City Chisinau – Republic of Moldova, 170 Columna Street Tel: +373 69 449 449 Email: office@digitalpark.md https://digitalpark.md/ www.facebook.com/ DigitalParkMoldova 73




CBRE: THE ROMANIAN TOTAL MODERN STOCK OF INDUSTRIAL AND LOGISTICS SPACES REACHED 3.4 MILLION SQUARE METERS With a vacancy rate that decreased to 3% on national level, and 4% for Bucharest, the Romanian modern stock of industrial and logistics spaces continues its accelerated growth due to intense demand. Currently, the local modern stock of logistics spaces reached 3.4 million square meters, with 420,000 m² under construction and with delivery dates in 2018. Out of this volume, 49% is represented by A class warehouses located near Bucharest.

CBRE, the world’s and local market leader in real estate consultancy, considers that this year’s fast development of the industrial spaces segment has its origins in the strong increase of the consumption from 2017. “The 10% increase of the consumption in 2017 supported the development of the industrial and logistics spaces sector for the third year in a row. In 2017, the total leasing activity reached 700,000 m², and was mainly composed by pre-lease contracts and build-to-suit projects. 52% of last year’s total transacted surface was located in Bucharest’s area”, explained Dana Bordei, Head of Industrial Service Advisory of CBRE Romania. CBRE’s representatives expect another record year for the industrial and logistics market in terms of new developments and transactional activity. Over 100,000 m² were traded in the first semester of 2018 and more than 500,000 m² is estimated to be transacted by the end of the year, according to CBRE’s data. At a national level, the demand will keep relying on production inquiries but also on 3PL’s companies in place to serve the sustained and continuous consumption growth and consolidation of the operations of the largest retailers. In what concerns the demand, in 2018 most of it come from logistics (43%) and retail companies (42%), followed by the business services sector (8%). Developers continue to conduct their development strategies mainly based on pre-commitments confirming they still aren’t eager to take into account pure speculative projects. In the previous year, we witnessed a series of new demands not only from

the automotive industry but also from aeronautical, electronics and home appliances industry, a trend to be registered also in 2018. E-commerce is a segment that grew fast, based on a regional and global tendency that influenced the local market. With consumer spending growing at its fastest rate since before the global financial crisis, retailing has cemented its position as the prime driver of the region’s logistics markets. E-commerce, in particular, is a demand accelerator as the handling of a product ordered online requires up to three times more space than a conventional sale. The prime rent remained at a constant value of 4.1 Euro/ m² and the prime yield for the industrial segment suffered a small compression from 8.25% to 8% at the end of the first semester of 2018. This is a strong indicator that the Yield compression is going to continue given the local market conditions and the collaboration with other similar countries within CEE. CBRE has a local strong team of 4 consultants dedicated to the industrial and logistics segment, under the supervision of Mrs. Dana Bordei, as Head of Industrial Service Advisory of CBRE Romania since 2014. From its position of market leader, the agency offers important expertise in supply chain logistics, manufacturing, assembly, research and development, distribution and warehouse facilities, and land assignments. One of the great advantages of CBRE’s local team is the fact that it benefits from the resources, expertise, know-how and maturity of the existing solid teams in the network, both globally and regionally.

Dana Bordei, Head of Industrial Service Advisory of CBRE Romania

Among CBRE’s most important names on the industrial portfolio there are: Liting Universe, Decathlon, eMAG, Quehenberger Logistics, Inteva, Heyform, Eni Snamprogetti, Federal-Mogul, Carrefour, PepsiCo, Altex, Tibbett Logistics, Sarantis, Logistic E van Wijk, Simplu, TE Connectivity, Swoboda, 360 CO Packing, Mega Image, Siemens Sykatec, Profi, Kitchen Shop, Elefant.ro. Over the past 5 years, CBRE has represented industrial and logistics transactions that sums up over 450,000 m². 75


ALINSO GROUP, A LEADER OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT IN ROMANIA Alinso Group is a business space developer and operator, member of the Belgian Domo Investment Group, a multinational group with a long - lasting tradition in several countries in Europe. The international organi­z ation, with a long industrial

history, focuses on the sustainable growth & global value creation of its portfolio companies, each with different yet interconnected business areas. With investments located all over the world, the vision of the group does not end here.

Ivan Lokere, CEO of Alinso Group 76

“Any economic activity must bring alongside with quality employment, a long-term vision for the community. We develop business parks in harmony with the community” - says Ivan Lokere, CEO of Alinso Group.

The business park that brings innovation to art level The strategy of Alinso Group repre­ sents a symbiosis between business development, innovation and entre­ pre­ neurship. The Group wants to transpose this mentality in Romania, capitalizing on its successfully implemented models of public-private partnerships in several countries. In the Belgian city of Ghent, Alinso is currently developing Tech Lane Ghent, in a public-private partnership with the province of East – Flanders, the Flemish Government and the city of Ghent. Tech Lane Ghent is an innovative business park, mainly focused on R&D activities and smart logistics. The business park is located on the Southern border of Ghent, an economic region in full expansion, with excellent visibility and mobility. WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO


„The public-private partnership project which is being implemented by Alinso in symbiosis with public partners is an example to everybody who wants to build a sustainable future for the next generations, to foster entrepreneurship innovations and ideas”, said Ivan Lokere, CEO of Alinso Group: “We innovate today, to maintain and bring well-being for the future”.

Foreign capital turned into successful investment PWP 10 years The investment of the private group that has straightened its efforts and money to Romania as well, has ensured the development of an area, as in the business park near Ploiesti, PWP. Alinso Group represents a success story and is considered a pioneer for others who want to expand their activity or relocate. PWP, the largest private industrial park in Southeastern Europe, is the main location in Prahova County for developing business and creating jobs, a mere example of business to follow by any investor in good faith. “Alinso Group has chosen Ploiesti area as it is the logistic gravitation point of Romania, immediately to the north of Bucharest, in a region known for its availability of high quality labor force. We trust on the further growth of infrastructure and well-being in Romania. In our

parks we create an open inspiring atmosphere”, says Ivan Lokere.

ALternative INnovative SOlutions - Alinso PWP is the largest private industrial park in Southeastern Europe. Located in the outskirts of Ploiesti, an area with industrial and technological tradition for over one hundred years including an important university center renowned internationally, having infrastructure connections of road and railway to all regions of Romania and outside, PWP covers an area of 300 hectares. Multinational corporations such as Unilever, Timken, Schlumberger, Federal-Mogul, Coficab, British American

Alinso Group is a business space developer and operator, member of the Belgian Domo Investment Group, a multinational group with a long - lasting tradition in several countries in Europe. The multinational with a long industrial history focuses on the sustainable international growth & value creation of its portfolio companies, each with different yet interconnected business areas. www.alinso.eu

Tobacco and Lufkin - GE are just some of the major economic players who have chosen PWP. Alinso Group implemented in PWP its ONE STOP SHOP concept.

• Industrial capacity utilities, eco-friendly and future proof buildings

allowing to fit the needs of several industries, this all in a harmonic image quality.

• Land for sale in the park PWP offers land for sale and completed buildings, small and large production units, relocation consultancy, and construction of high quality with minimal maintenance and consumption costs. All changes requested by the client regarding the buildings or Built–to-suit projects can be carried out by PWP.

• Additional services for customers The customers of PWP benefit from shared services such as waste management, security, pest area, own fire brigade, cleaning, catering, car rentals and event management services.

• Urban development opportunities PWP offers its clients, through its team of experts, advice on constructions. The park offers a wide range of possibilities,

• PWP key figures: Total surface: 3,000,000 sqm – 300 ha Total surface available for development in the park: 1,200,000 sqm or 120 ha Registered companies in the park: 61 No. of buildings: 25 Direct employees within PWP: 2,500 people 77


NORTEK TRUST A.G., IN THE RENOWNED CIRCLE OF REFERENCE BUILDERS FOR INVESTORS IN LOGISTICS, RETAIL AND RESIDENTIAL Kaufland, LIDL, PROFI, PENNY, Prime Kapital, Apex Alliance (Hilton), WDP are a few important investors or developer for which NORTEK Trust A.G., a company headquartered in Bacau and Bucharest, has built or is constructing commercial, residential and logistic spaces. NORTEK Trust A.G. is controlled by Razvan Raduinea, a 42 years old entrepreneur from Bacau, and followed, on a smaller scale, the national expansion of other successful entrepreneurs, the founders of Dedeman - the DIY market leader in Romania. Just in the recent years, NORTEK Trust A.G. delivered turnkey projects in Bucharest, Constanta, Targu Jiu, Oravita, Turda, Roman, Bacau, Galati, Braila, Vaslui, Brasov or Hunedoara.

The key is the private sector Having a consolidated experience in public projects that included sewage treatment plants in six Moldavian cities, an expertise that the company intends to put back to value, Razvan Raduinea decided to anchor his company in the private sector, where he developed exclusive business partnerships. „We felt this market closer to our deep values and our competitive potential”, says Raduinea. The construction market in Romania has moderated its growth in 2018 as a whole, with the specifics of some developing sectors (industrial and logistics parks, office buildings, retail networks and shopping centers) and some sectors with diminished Cora Bacau - NORTEK Trust A.G.

Penny Mangalia - NORTEK Trust A.G.

intensity (major public projects). Romanian construction companies are facing the greatest labour crisis and in the last years felt an increased pressure of wage costs and raw materials, while the price/sqm built-up has not changed. „We are expecting the largest potential customer to become more present in the market, namely the Romanian State, with transparent and truly funded investments. We are ready for this”, declares very confident Razvan Raduinea. In a competitive market, NORTEK Trust A.G. is a

medium-sized company, General Contractor who has set a steady and sustainable growth, by implementing a strategy that will also boost both its expansion and profitability. In this manner, 2017 figures were achieved, such as 17 million euros turnover and 1 million euros profit. „Despite all the burdens generated by the uncontrollable cost fluctuations (state fiscal policy, wages and raw materials), NORTEK Trust A.G. managed to deliver quality projects, achieved within the given deadlines, and to keep on the ground a team of experienced professionals. We have colleagues since we broke ground, with international experience”, concludes Razvan Raduinea, the businessman from Bacau. In mid-term, the completion of the Topaz Residence project - residential complex in Bacau - with 66 apartments, a Hilton Hotel in Bucharest (a brand for which the Lithuanians from Apex Alliance will invest) and the shopping center developed by Prime Kapital in Slobozia are just several projects that underline NORTEK Trust A.G.`s potential.

ZEN 2, a new logistics center in Roman In the last years, NORTEK Trust A.G. has specialized in industrial78



Roman Logistic Center - NORTEK Trust A.G.

logistics, shopping centers and retail stores, therefore entering the small and exclusive group of selected companies for developing these types of projects. Even at this point, the main negotiations are held with developers of logistics and commercial centers, private industrial clients. „NORTEK Trust A.G. reached a maturity stage (11 years of steady and profitable growth, 17 million euros turnover) required to be able to provide more efficient investment costs of the clients, to deliver the project on time and, having a healthy financial status, to guarantee the assumed contracts”, explains further Razvan Raduinea. In this context, also taking into consideration the NORTEK Trust A.G.`s goals, namely the growth of the turnover and team consolidation, the ambition to become a national leader in these sector is fairly justified. After the delivery of 30,000 sqm of Fresh logistics space (fruit store with controlled temperature 8-10 Celsius degrees) and Dry (a dry store for food and non-food) in Roman, a project developed by the Belgians from WDP and leased to the retailer PROFI, the next steps are the delivery in the last quarter of 2018 of 5,000 square meters of Fresh logistics space (refrigerated warehouse 0 - 4 Celsius degrees) and to start a new green field investment. In Roman, the city that has become the logistics hub of Moldova, Zen Build Development, a strategic investment branch of the

NORTEK group, will begin a new project, up to 27,000 sqm (depending on the chosen location solution), ZEN 2, close to the logistics center already delivered, negotiations with several partners/ investors in the logistics field are currently ongoing. The business model pattern chosen is the same as the first stage of the project delivered in Roman, where Zen Build Development, the investment company controlled by Razvan Raduinea, sold to WDP the real estate project that NORTEK Trust A.G. has built, as a General Contractor. In the last years, the Roman area has become the choice of many companies for their development projects, due to its potential regarding the strategic geographical location. In addition to the logistics project developed by WDP, in Roman and its outskirts, companies like: LIDL (logistics), Dedeman, Kaufland, Oscar DownStream, TRW Airbag Systems, Holcim, ArcelorMittal, Agrana SA, Prime Kapital, Elis Pavaje, Marcel, Kosarom, Adeplast, Marsat, Somaco, Cersanit, Caremil, Odlo, Sense, Smirodava are also present with logistics warehouses, commercial and production facilities. „We have under thorough analysis the best opportunities” says Razvan Raduinea. „The prospects are very good because Roman is the first option in mediumand long-term for, the optimal solution for an investment in catchment area that includes Bacau, Iasi, Piatra Neamt, Suceava and Botosani. The property

we own has all the utilities, does not require extra PUZ (Zonal Urbal Plan), has direct access to the ring road, and we have the necessary experience to build as a General Contractor”, concludes Razvan Raduinea. The increasing number of developments and investments in logistics spaces in the Roman area is not related only to the existing communication routes. Basically, Roman has the prospects of becoming a national hub, as two important infrastructure objectives, namely A7 Bucharest – Iasi and A8 Tg-Mures – Iasi highways, will pass by in the immediate proximity, the first two highways planned for the Moldavian region.

NORTEK Trust A.G., General Contractor Fields of activity: logistics, retail, residential, water-sewage infrastructure Turnover 2017: 17 million euros Profit 2017: 1 million euros Partners/ Clients NORTEK Trust A.G.: Kaufland, LIDL, PROFI, PENNY, Prime Kapital, Apex Alliance (Hilton), WDP. 79





WDP, WAREHOUSES WITH BRAINS THROUGHOUT ROMANIA Total WDP real estate portfolio in Romania towards 500 million euros by the end of 2019.


he cornerstone of WDP is a pure player strategy that has been consistently pursued for decades, with a clear focus on investments in, the development of and long-term leasing of high-grade sustainable logistics and semi-industrial property. WDP is market leader in the Benelux and a respected European player, with activities in France and in Romania. WDP has been steadily enlarging its property portfolio by developing storage and distribution facilities for own account, based on client demand and requirements and with due consideration for the highest industry standards. WDP also invests directly in high-quality existing sites with a view to long-term leasing. Creativity, flexibility and solutions make up the core of WDP’s DNA. Building new warehouses in logistical hotspots tailored to your logistical or industrial demands is just one facet of what we do. We also rent out an extensive portfolio of semi-industrial real estate on a permanent or temporary basis, all in excellent locations, we refurbish existing buildings in line with your needs, we drive down your energy costs, and so much more. We can also set up, together with you, a sale & rent-back operation. WDP continuously provides well insulated buildings using sustainable and renewable energy. In Main characteristics / adaptable: • 11.50 m clear height • 5 ton/sqm floor loading capacity • Floor flatness: DIN 18202 Zeile 4 • Loading docks: 1/1,000 mp • ESFR sprinkler system • Heating up to 8 degrees C (outside temperature -12 degrees Celsius) • Efficient LED Lighting • 30 m truck court depth (concrete) + 6 m road • Landscaped finished office blocks (with top cooling) • Car parking space • Column grid 22.80 m x 12.00 m • Centrally secured site (wired fence and 24 h operated gatehouse) Certificates / Inducements: BREEAM certificates Environment – friendly buildings Green energy Photovoltaic panels / ground parks Fiscal facilities

conjunction with well-considered energy use this results in greener warehouses and distribution centres and consequently to cheaper warehouses. We differentiate ourselves by careful monitoring your utility costs. We calculate the cost savings of an existing warehouse by comparing its energy consumption, primarily lighting and heating.

Who is WDP? WDP develops and invests in logistics and production property. Our portfolio amounts to 4 million sqm. This international portfolio of semi-industrial and logistics buildings is strategically positioned at prime locations for storage and distribution in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Romania. WDP continuously provides well-insulated buildings using sustainable and renewable energy. In conjunction with well-considered energy use this results in greener warehouses and distribution centers and consequently to cheaper warehouses. We differentiate ourselves by careful monitoring your utility costs. We calculate the cost savings of an existing warehouse by comparing its energy consumption, primarily lighting and heating. The family character of our company and values are the hallmark of our commitment. We create the space in which companies can shape their future. We are logistics real estate specialists. We combine a strong in depth knowledge of the market with years of experience. We think before we act. Expect nothing less than flexible and tailor-made answers to your problems, every time. Our activities, our values and the family character of our company are

the hallmarks of our commitment, which is the most essential part of the WDP’s DNA. WDP has been listed on the Euronext stock exchange since 1999 in Brussels and since 2015 in Amsterdam. Whether you need a traditional warehouse or cross-docking, pharmaceutical or cold storage facilities, a GDP or TAPA certified warehouse, a data warehouse or any other type of storage or production facility, each space is unique. We make sure we understand your operational needs. But we offer much more than creativity and permanent solutions: Sale and rent back operations; Direct Acquisitions; Renovations; Redevelopments; Developments; Assets with development potential over mediumlong term; Refurbishing existing buildings; Innovative use of the available space. In offering a standard height of 11.5 meters or more, in all our warehouses, stacking is more efficient. The available space is used to its maximum capacity allowing you to stack more goods in a smaller area.

WDP Romania 1 Baia de Arama Street, 022204, District 2, Bucharest T: +40 312 257 116; F: +40 312 257 116 Valentin Stanciulescu: +40 730 092 701 info-romania@wdp.eu www.wdp.eu 81





CTPARK BUCHAREST WEST - THE FASTESTGROWING INDUSTRIAL PARK IN ROMANIA CTP, the biggest premium warehouse developer in Romania, continues to invest massively in CTPark Bucharest West, the industrial park that is set to become the largest project of this kind in CEE, targeting a built area over 1 million sqm of A-class warehouse space in the next few years. CTP plans to develop new warehouse units in the majority of its parks in Romania, but the biggest project will most certainly be CTPark Bucharest West, with unique characteristics on the Romanian market, from development pace to park dimensions, clientele, infrastructure and on-site facilities. Strategically located at 23 km from the Bucharest center, the park has direct access to A1 highway, the main EastWest corridor, through which 80% of the merchandise enters the city. The location and structure of the park were especially designed to serve the biggest international logistic and e-commerce companies, but also smaller, developing companies. Currently, CTPark Bucharest West has reached a built area of 330,000 sqm, and according to estimations, by January 2019 the built surface will reach approximately 400,000 sqm. Concomitantly, CTP began the construction works for two new buildings, that will reach a cumulated area of 200,000 sqm. The delivery of these buildings will be made in 3 - 4 phases, in 2018 and 2019. Zonal administration plans include significant improvements in infrastructure at km 23. Local authorities intend to develop a new bridge over the A1 highway, which will contribute considerably to the traffic flow in the area, as well as to the business development of CTPark Bucharest West clients and the local community. In terms of labor resources, the area where CTPark Bucharest West is located has an excellent potential, considering that there

are over 30 universities in the Bucharest area, plus the 3 high schools situated just outside the industrial park. To support the development of tenants in CTPark Bucharest West, the company is expanding its range of services. The new features will include: Modern canteen with 165 seats - 3,000 people / day; Medical Point - First Aid, Labour Medicine, Consultations; Gas station; Truck wash and parking area; Supermarket; Accommodation inside the park; CTBox storage spaces - 3-in-1 concept with presentation, storage and office space in a single efficient 500 m2 unit; Support for recruiting workforce for tenants; Improving the infrastructure inside the park.

About CTP CTP is a full-service commercial real estate developer and manager, specializing in

the delivery and management of custombuilt, high-tech business parks for leading international and domestic companies in Central Europe. CTP is the owner of the CTPark Network, the largest integrated system of premium business parks in Central Europe, with over 4.5 million m² of A-Class properties in over 90 strategic locations throughout the region. The developer owns industrial and logistics parks in 10 cities across Romania: Bucuresti, Cluj, Timisoara, Arad, Sibiu, Turda, Pitesti, Deva, Salonta and Ineu. In the metropolis area, the company acquired and developed three logistic parks: CTPark Chitila, CTPark Bucharest (km 13 A1) and CTPark Bucharest West (km 23 A1). The CTP standards are placed above those existing on the market today. CTP builds warehouses of the highest quality, with low operating costs, due to sustainable BREEAM technology that reduces energy consumption. Among the characteristics of CTP’s warehouses are: 4 12 m net height, 4 Indoor and outdoor lighting with LED and Smart LED, 4 Natural illumination through the ceiling hood system, 4 Indoor temperature of about 14-15 degrees in winter and about 22 degrees in summer, 4 All materials used in building the halls come from certified ISO vendors 4 Energy systems that use energy in an efficient way 83




xperiencing high occupancy rates across all industrial parks, real estate developer Zacaria accelerated, in the first quarter of the year, the construction of new spaces rented by clients and also increased plans for future growth, looking to expand its portfolio in new locations across Romania. With very low vacancy rates in its industrial parks and also increasing demand for modern industrial space, the end of 2017 set a high pace for this year’s projects development that Zacaria had in the pipeline. “In the last 12 months, we experienced an increase in industrial space demand, led by the need of builtto-suit projects. The Romanian market hasn’t reached yet a mature stage, especially compared to other European markets, therefore continues to exceed expectations. We think that this trend will keep up in the following years, so we prepared new investments for our growth plan for the next 3 years”, said Emilia Tepes, Zacaria’s National 84

Sales & Marketing Director. 2017 was a great year for Zacaria, with all of the industrial parks being 90% leased, more than 20 new clients and 42,000 m2 rented out, half of it representing new build-to-suit projects.

Great appetite for industrial spaces in 2017 The biggest deal of 2017 saw the German company Kuka Systems expanding its activity in Romania through a new production facility located in Network Industrial Park, in Sibiu. This built-to-suit industrial and office building covers more than 10,000 m2 and has been already delivered to client this summer. The German investor had requested a future extension in the same location, comprising of another 10,000 m2 of industrial space, to be delivered in 2019. „The relocation of Kuka Systems premises shows that the industry in

Sibiu has a healthy growth pace and is becoming more and more competitive. Workforce has become challenging to find in the area, so companies are in need of modern spaces and facilities to attract new labor”, stated Emilia Tepes. Another project, commissioned at the end of 2017 and already delivered by Zacaria this year, was a new building in Western Industrial Park in Oradea. The client is EBM Papst, the world’s leading manufacturer of electric motors and fans. This 6,300 m2 production facility represents the opening of EBM Papst first subsidiary in Romania. Additionally, one of Zacaria’s landmark projects from Sibiu, Imperial Industrial Park, a refurbished industrial building located in the vicinity of the international airport, grew Zacaria’s portfolio of new clients with 6 more tenants occupying almost 13,000 m2.

Future growth in 2018 and beyond One of Zacaria’s most ambitious projects, Southern Industrial Park in Craiova, with a built-up area of 43,000 m2, is already 75% rented. The company estimates that the entire park will pe finished and delivered in Q2 2019. Manufacturing, especially in the automotive sector, along with logistics WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO


and storage businesses, account for the biggest share of the new clients’ portfolio. Zacaria aims to close, by the end of 2018, deals for a total of 80,000 m2 of industrial space and will focus on expansion in new locations across Romania. With the new projects from Sibiu and Craiova secured, the company will continue to strengthen its national position as one of the most active developers in the sector and to pursue new ventures in high demand locations.

350,000 m2 are industrial buildings & offices. The company continues to focus on expanding its model of business whilst actively seeking to invest in and capitalize on other opportunities that Romania continues to present.

With a solid reputation, 10 years of experience and a personal approach to doing business, Zacaria’s projects have and will continue to make a lasting impact on the Romanian business environment.

Zacaria continues its ventures in Romania Zacaria, part of the international group Alf Mizzi & Sons, founded in Malta over 100 years ago, has built, from 2009 to 2018, a solid reputation in Romania by revitalizing abandoned or underdeveloped industrial areas in the country. Subsequently, the company strengthened its position by building Class A industrial parks, and thus creating new opportunities for growing companies. By gradually expanding its investments throughout the country, Zacaria today, owns and manages, either constructed or in construction, 10 industrial parks and office buildings, in 6 large cities, covering an area of more than 560,000 m2 of which

Emilia Tepes, National Sales & Marketing Director Zacaria 85


MURES INDUSTRIAL PARK, FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES Mures Industrial Park is running successfully for more than 13 years now. Within companies operating here, there are about 1,700 employees, there are premises for a growing number of investors in the up coming period, on the industrial site near Transylvania Airport and Transylvania A3 Highway.


ures Industrial Park and started operations on 18th of November 2005. The entire infrastructure established then, passed into the public ownership of the Mures County Council, and it is managed by „Parc Industrial Mures” S.A. company. The number of service contracts increased gradually, so, that now 1,700 employees work in the Mures Industrial Park, 20 concession contracts are signed and the 13 companies are active. The companies in the Industrial Park operates in various fields from wood processing to automotive, from industrial painting to printing on textile, companies with different services to industry. The largest company with

Mures Industrial Park Vidrasau platform - Ungheni Mures County Phone: 40265-433620 Fax: 40265- 433 632 E-mail: office@industrial-park.ro Website: www.industrial-park.ro 86

the most employees is Hirschmann Romania. At the moment there are still available almost 5.0 ha in Mures Industrial Park for those companies that want establish their activity here. About the origin of potential investors, park director, Nagy István, states: „Anyone can come to Mures Industrial Park, whether it is about production or services, but it should have non-polluting activity. We established that the area to be used is a minimum of 1,500 sqm. As a general rule, the investor should decide from day one if he buys or not the land. If the investor doesn’t want to buy the land, we have table of evaluation criterias, the amount of investment, the size of requested land have the most importance and according to these we establish the royalty, which is starting from 0.34 to 2.05 E/sqm/ year. Those who wish to buy the land, sign a concession for five years. The price is negotiated depending on the size of the investment, the amount of the investment, technology brought, and, the number of jobs created. Whatever form of property one has, charge of administration is 1 euro/sqm/year, which includes a range of services, from cleaning, lighting, perimeter security, etc”. The two new concession possibilities, namely concession with diminished/ reduced amount, and concession followed by sale of the land, make

Mures Industrial Park to be among the most attractive industrial parks in Romania. Mures Industrial Park has the necessary utilities infrastructure (electricity, gas, water, sewage treatment plant, sewer, fiber optic telecommunications network, access to E60, the Transylvania A3 Highway, under construction).

The most significant forms of facilities and incentives are: Wage subsidies for hiring unemployed, graduates, and people with disabilities. Facilities granted for training and retraining. Domestic and European Union grants (e.g. for infrastructure investment, for innovative development). The opportunity to immediately occupy the parcels, the dimension of which depends on the necessities of the investors. Providing complete infrastructural support for industrial activities, (access roads, water supply, electricity supply, gas supply, sewerage and telecommunications) within the industrial zone. Tax incentives: exemption from tax provided for industrial parks under the law: no fees for land or buildings, as long as the investor is located in the Mures Industrial Park. WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO


EMS – SUPPLIER OF THE BEST FLOORING SYSTEMS EMS FHP Systems, part of the EMS Group, represents a European level company, specializing in the professional implementation of synthetic resin based floorings. Established in 2010, the company offers complete, personalized solutions for synthetic resin floorings, polishing and for waterproofing solutions used in all relevant fields of activity (industrial, food industry, office, civil, education, administrative, pharmaceutical, medical, and retail).


he vision of EMS Group, common with that of EMS FHP Systems, is represented by an integrative type platform wherein various proficiencies are put together within a professional network. This proficiency based network strives to become national leader in the field of synthetic resins’ based floorings, concrete flooring restoration, and waterproofing solutions, and one the most important players at European level. The synthetic flooring systems offered are adapted to the most exigent production, safety, quality, and environmental protection norms. EMS FHP Systems solutions for epoxy flooring application cover all special needs and requirements: they are dust-proof, antistatic, and skid-proof; they demonstrate resistance to acids, corrosion, and heavy traffic; they are flexible, waterproof, and good heat

conductors; they have self-levelling properties and optimal coverage; they confer a pleasant interior design appearance and are applicable in diverse fields of activity. The activity of EMS FHP Systems is pan European, with activities of all scales developing in countries of the Benelux area (Belgium, and Luxembourg). In comparison with local competitors, focused in a certain region, EMS may work anywhere, as teams of specialists hold the logistical capacities to implement complete solutions at the level of any geographical areas of these countries. Adaptability, availability, performance, and transparency- these are some of EMS’s elements of success, next to a very good cooperation with the largest manufacturers of materials specific to the field. Among the biggest and most complex projects finalized by EMS FHP Systems,

we may recall the BASF self-levelling, polyurethane mortar based flooring system made for NTR SNR Rulmenti Sibiu. Its surface covers 10 000 square meters. Another renowned project is the Inter underground parking at University Square in Bucharest which meant the FLOWCRETE polyurethane flooring for parking lots of over 11 000 square meters. Among the big external projects, the Bruxelles Koekelberg Campus from Belgium is also worth mentioning, a project implemented through a system of SIKA polyurethane self-levelling comfort flooring with a surface of 8.500 square meters. Of course, we have to mention the most important project of EMS FHP Systems from the West, made for the biggest Auchan store from Luxembourg: SIKA parking lot polyurethane flooring system on 100 000 square meters, respectively the surface of 14 football pitches! EMS FHP Systems, part of the EMS Group (which also includes EMS Lux & EMS Belgium) looks to the future with confidence. Expansion of the business will be gradual, aiming at obtaining projects of large span at the level of the above-mentioned countries. Other national markets which are currently surveyed are those from France and the Netherlands. Furthermore, as a competence based company offering extremely specialized services, EMS FHP Systems strives to constantly invest in people, in developing their professional proficiencies, and in integrating them in united, top performance teams capable of offering the best solution in the field of flooring systems. 87



ocal Development Agency Oradea SA. (ADLO) was established in 2008 (under the name of Eurobusiness Parc SRL), having as a majority shareholder the city of Oradea, and holds three industrial park titles for the three properties located on Calea Borsului Street (130.02 ha) - Oradea Industrial Park I, Ogorului Street (83.5 ha) - Oradea II Industrial Park, Uzinelor Street - Oradea III Industrial Park (15 ha). For all sites, Urban Zonal Plans were finalized and approved, as well as technical projects for public utilities, including connecting to city networks, easy access to main roads, and public transport. The City Hall of Oradea, through the Managing Department of Projects with International Financing, attracted a total of 12 million euros from European non-reimbursable funds, of which total investments in the infrastructure of industrial parks were made in the amount of 17 million euros. The municipality has invested in city infrastructure, its connectivity through easy access to and

Alina Silaghi, general manager of ADLO 88

from the city, passages, bridges, school renovation, the introduction of dual education in technical schools, stable and open local governance to support investors. Thus, the total investments in the industrial parks up to date are 345 million euros, which will generate 7,500 jobs by 2020. The occupancy percentage of the parcels by the investors is the following: Oradea Industrial Park I - 99%; 48 companies, 5,900 employees; Oradea II Industrial Park - 45%; 23 companies, 800 employees; Oradea III Industrial Park - 54%; 14 companies. According to the Oradea Industrial Parks Regulation, accessible on www.adlo.ro, both Romanian and foreign companies can become residents of Industrial Parks either following the public tender procedure or following the direct negotiation procedure in the case of investments whose value exceeds EUR 5 million, the minimum conditions are: the activity to be carried out is included in the regulation of the park and the value of the investments assumed to be at least 70 euros per square meter of land. „ADLO continues to pursue its aim and develops projects to attract investments, to create jobs and to be a bridge between businesses, public authorities and educational institutions that once connected will operate and design labor market, the global economy and will lead to a sustainable development of the whole region. ADLO will focus on the local economy, in technical education and not least the expansion of industrial parks, the first step being the establishment of the fourth industrial park, which will have an area of approximately 20 ha. Continuing with the construction of industrial production plants, intended to be leased for companies with this business model, and the construction of accommodation for employees of the resident companies in the industrial parks in Oradea, to support the fight that the private sector is doing to attract and retain labor force. ADLO initiated a project that aims to encourage Romanians that live abroad to return in Oradea, giving them the necessary support for formalities to be fulfilled, and attracting Romanians who want to return in the country and invest, giving them facilities in the industrial parks in Oradea. ADLO celebrates 10 years of existence, and at

this point we want to convey primarily thanks to the team of the Municipality of Oradea, everyone who trusted us, investors, partners and employees, ensuring also everyone that decides to turn to ADLO, the openness and professionalism of the whole ADLO team”, states Alina Silaghi, general manager of ADLO.

Project in progress 1. Elaboration of the project „CRESC” - Regional Center of Education and Competencies. At the end of 2017, ADLO S.A. has developed this project in partnership with the Technical colleges „Traian Vuia” and „Constantin Brâncuşi”, with the City Hall of Biharkeresztes, having the main objective of: „Developing a pole of excellence in digital and vocational education that will ensure the schooling of current generations, Creative spirit based on knowledge with an emphasis on professional development among teachers involved in teaching in the preuniversity environment”. The project was submitted on 31.01.2018, project

Oradea Local Development Agency 3 Primariei Street, Oradea, Bihor County Tel: +40 359 889 389 Fax: +40 259 408 863 E-mail: contact@adlo.ro WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO


pioneer - ADLO will build “CRESC” in Eurobusiness II. The budget of the project goes up to 2,997,000 euros and involves teaching of at least 920 people. 2. Promoting dual education ADLO played a major role in reestablishing the vocational school and technical campus, coordinating the project and being the link between the business community, the Oradea City Hall, the County School Inspectorate and the educational units. 3. Development of the International School in Oradea During 2017 Oradea Local Development Agency together with Oradea Municipality and the Lumina Foundation set up the International School of Oradea (ISO), which officially opened its doors in September 2017. The Oradea International School is licensed on the UK’s educational system UK and Northern Ireland using the curriculum corresponding to the UK educational system (Cambrige), being a motivating factor for expatriates settling with the family’s in Oradea.

4. The Intermodal Terminal Oradea - Smart City - through the Master Plan of Transport, Romania aims to develop intermodal terminals for the minimum of a road/ railway transfer - one of the eligible applicants for this measure being Oradea, which will use the access from Episcopia Bihor Station - the exit to the neighboring country Hungary. 5. Business Incubator - „Grow Oradea Big” Oradea City Hall together with ADLO want to build a Business Incubator to become a CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION CENTER for Creative Entrepreneurs. The place where the creation of these entrepreneurs is put under the spotlight by organizing actions (trainings, conferences, dedicated / sub-domains, fairs, etc.) that attract more and more members and followers (bloggers, local and international press, international creatives, experience exchanges, etc.). 6. Kindergarten - EBP I In each industrial park ADLO owns a plot dedicated to becoming a service

center. In this aspect, following the requests in the first industrial park developed in Oradea, the City Hall of Oradea builds a kindergarten, also through a project financed by European funds.

About Oradea Oradea, the city located in the county of Bihor, is one of the most important economic, social and cultural centers in NW Romania, preserving these characteristics throughout history. Situated on the banks of the Crisul Repede river, the river is dividing the city in almost two equal halves, Oradea represents the gateway to the central and western European world. Located about 10 km from Bors, the largest border crossing point on the western border, Oradea is the tenth largest city of Romania. With an investment of 240 million euros over the last eight years, of which 140 million euros of European funds, the development of the city is steadily increasing, thus becoming a magnet for attraction for both business and tourists.



„CLUJ-NAPOCA HAS DEVELOPED TREMENDOUSLY IN THE LAST DECADE” Octavian Fodor, Deputy General Manager TETAROM SA, talks about the strategy, key projects and future investment potential in a region that has become an innovation pole for the Romanian market.


ow would you define and summarize best the current status of TETAROM, its impact for the region and the benefits for the residents? Our present status is „fully operational”, in all 3 parks, and „developing” FOR the other 2: IV & V and Tetapolis Science and Technology Park. To summarize the impact of Tetarom in our region, I would say that our Industrial Parks have a crucial role in what foreign investments and newly created jobs are concerned. When it comes to numbers, there are almost 12,000 working places and almost 500 mil euros investments in all three operational parks. Tetarom Industrial parks generate 8% of the total turnover of the Cluj County. Which are the main projects initiated and under development between 20172019, what could be the perspective for TETAROM expansion and diversification of its business model? Our projects of expansion comprise: Tetarom I extension (completion and reception), Tetarom IV – (completion and reception), Tetarom V- development of the project/ construction start, Tetapolis - development of early stages/ construction start. As for diversification of business model, we are getting to the point where we offer more than industrial park services (general use services). Tetapolis (our Science and Technology Park) already provides top quality services like R&D, innovation, technological transfer, a business incubator and soon we will be able to offer much more, once we erect out new buildings. Which are the factors that influence in your opinion the market evolution for Cluj – Napoca, the demand for industrial – logistic spaces? Cluj-Napoca has developed tremendously in the last decade. Local, national and foreign investors have practically invaded the county with new thriving businesses.


Octavian Fodor, Deputy General Manager TETAROM SA

There is a „hunger” of space, rental space, buildings and logistic spaces of all sort: new, old, refurbished, ready to lease, you name it! The companies expand continuously, hire new people, and accommodate them as they see fit. But judging by the office and logistic space demand and by renting fees and acquisition costs, I think there is a very good market for logistic areas, logistic and Techno - Industrial parks inside, as well as outside the city, all over the county. What type of strategic attraction factors does the city / region still benefits of? Which are the main concerns but also the main advantages? The answer is simple. Cluj is and has been famous in the last 20 years for being or having: a great academic city, a dynamic business environment, an international airport, fairly developed infrastructure, proximity to the western border, a multicultural environment, excellent conditions for studying and living, a high standard healthcare system and a fascinating cultural and historical heritage, wonderful touristic attractions, open minded and supportive local administration. Who wouldn’t want to come here, study, live, and do business? In regard to evolution of the regional market in Romania or the competition with other cities in CEE region, how

would you characterize Cluj–Napoca, it’s evolution, administration and promotion in the market? Cluj-Napoca is well marketed among the competition inside the country or in the CEE countries. We know our competitors and without any lack of modesty we are doing great! We can compete with any European city in terms of business location and attractiveness, business incentives, local administration, evolution of the markets, economic and business trends and promotion. Cluj-Napoca and implicitly, Cluj County, have become an innovation pole of the entire country, a business model for the surrounding regions. The number of companies established here, the number of newly created jobs, as well as the total value of attracted investments, speak for themselves.

Network key indicators: TETAROM I • In Cluj-Napoca • 320,000 sqm • Over 70 clients • Total investments: over 55 million euros • New jobs: over 2,500 TETAROM II • In Cluj-Napoca • 120,000 sqm • Fully occupied by Emerson Electric Romania • Total investments: over 130 million euros • New jobs: 2,600 TETAROM III • In Jucu Village, Cluj County • 1,540,000 sqm • Over 18 clients • Total investments: over 300 million euros • New jobs: 7000 TETAROM IV • In Feleacu Village, Cluj County • 850,000 sqm • Under development TETAROM V • In Luna Commune-Cluj County • 1,150,000 sqm • Under development - feasibility study TETAPOLIS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY PARK • In Cluj - on the extension of TETATAROM I • 86,000 sqm • Under development WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO




VGP SEES FURTHER GROWTH POTENTIAL IN ROMANIA Jan Van Geet, the founder and CEO of VGP, a leading international project developer of high-quality logistics and semi-industrial real estate, announces that Romania is going to be one of the main countries for expansion plans.


ow would you describe the current phase of the evolution of VGP? VGP is currently growing very fast and what sets us apart from our competitors is that we do most of the construction ourselves. We still do a lot of land banking in terms of our European expansion plans, Romania is going to be one of the main countries we focus on. Nevertheless, it has to be said that over the last few years, we have been focusing a lot on Germany and other Western European countries, which we see as big growth markets. Our focus is on end users who usually have more demands than third party logistic companies that try to rent very standardized warehouse most of the time. We try to have very long-term lease agreements in place. In addition, we are trying to identify locations, where we would have full control of the land so that if we wanted to rent it out, we could. Therefore, with the new countries added to it, it has resulted in many constructions. We are constantly looking at potential new locations and land acquisitions that are not only in Western Europe or traditional markets but also in places like Romania. What drives this growth? Many of the traditional players, for example in the car industry, are located in older buildings, which are often in the inner parts of the city. It would be difficult for our industry to expand in these localities, though, since it would collide with general housing construction, which is already lagging


behind in many big cities. Therefore, upand-coming businesses and older, more established players need to move out of the city, which is creating new demand. Then of course, there is e-commerce to consider. When the mobile phone got popular 20 years ago, there was a need for infrastructure that could support the massive increase in phone calls. You also needed to install the infrastructure in lots of areas to make phone reception available for people anywhere, any time. Since one of the key performance indicators of e-commerce companies is their delivery speed, they too need to cover a lot of territory with their delivery network. Therefore, for us, it is vital that we have a series of interconnected, well-designed warehouses, which work together seamlessly to deliver for our clients. When you compare the European and the American markets, the growth potential is clear: The

latter has 795 million square meters of warehouses to cover 370 million people. In Europe, 260 million square meters of warehouses supply 500 million people. Plans for other investments? We have already expanded into Timisoara, and have been happy with the results. Now, we are looking at other cities, some of which have progressed to contract stage, which is exciting. Just like CTP and WDP before us, we are aiming to have as good as geographic spread as possible. Something, which also sets us apart, I think, is our very good local teams. Even though we have a lot of repetitive business, you still need local experience to perfectly cater to your clients’ needs. We have chosen the location in Romania because it is very close to the airport and is directly connected to the ring road, which then leads to Arad and Oradea. In Romania, establishing who owns which bits of land can be a challenge, as there is no real cadaster. Therefore, we had some real issues in the beginning, but it was also a valuable learning curve. We have expanded the Timisoara Park to 80,000 square meters and I think we will be able to construct another 40 to 50,000 square meters. There is a lot of demand for Timisoara so the market is still very healthy. After we finish the expansion, we might do another park in Timisoara but maybe we will look at another location on the other side of the city. I think 120,000 square meters at the airport is enough for one park. WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO


INDUSTRIAL PARKS RECEIVE INCREASING ATTENTION FROM INVESTORS AND AUTHORITIES In the past months Romanian authorities have shown increased interest in legislation concerning the fields of construction and development of investment projects. While most of the Government’s efforts in this regard focused on elaborating a new law on authorizing construction works and the long-awaited Urban Planning and Construction Code, some regulation amendments have already been implemented and impact foreign investors seeking opportunities to develop their investment projects in Romania.


lthough legislation regarding industrial parks in Romania has taken quite a long and winding road, the last years have seen from the government an increased interest in the development of greenfield or brownfield investments within industrial parks. As such, Law no. 186/2003 governing the set up and functioning of industrial parks (the “Industrial Parks Law”) has been amended in December 2017 through Law no. 244/2017 (the “Amendment Law”) introducing new provisions regarding financial incentives granted for investments developed in industrial parks. Such amendments are in force since February 2018. The government’s efforts seem to be bearing fruit. They have been wellreceived by local and foreign investors, who show an increased appetite for the development of industrial parks: three new industrial parks were founded in 2017 and two have already been founded since the beginning of 2018. The above-mentioned amendment to the Industrial Parks Law introduces some much-needed clarification regarding the rights of the residents of industrial parks and the authorization procedure related hereto. As such, the resident of an industrial park has been redefined in the following terms: a national or foreign entity, legally functioning in the industrial park “as owner, concessionaire or based on the administration and service agreement concluded with the administrator of the industrial park”. Given the fact that many industrial parks are established on land plots belonging to the private or public domain of the local administrative units, the newly implemented distinction brings light with regard to the options of industrial park residents, who can either lease one or more existing units within an industrial park or built one or more units based on a superficies agreement signed with the administrator of the industrial park. In the latter case the residents gain ownership over of the units/buildings (erected upon land plots belonging to private entities or the private domain of the local administrative units) or become

Oana Piticas, Associate, Noerr

Alexandru Dan, Senior Associate, Noerr

concessionaires of the land and units/ buildings (erected upon land plots which are part of the public domain of the local administrative units). In view of these legal structuring possibilities, investors – after having conducted a thorough analysis and comparison of the advantages and disadvantageous related to each scenario – can choose the most suitable option for their business model by negotiating and stipulating all relevant provisions in the agreements concluded with the administrator of the industrial park. As anticipated, the most relevant provisions remain those regarding the financial incentives granted for investment projects developed in industrial parks, and these have also been amended. Accordingly, starting as of March 14, 2018, financial incentives include: • exemption from all fees and taxes related to the conversion of the land plots pertaining to an industrial park from one land use category to another, specifically for the conversion of agricultural land plots into building land; • exemption from the land and building local taxes owed for the land plots included in the industrial park and the buildings erected thereupon (including pertaining to the infrastructure of the industrial park and other related facilities); • Subject to the prior approval of the

local public authorities, exemption from all taxes related to the issuance of town planning certificates and building/demolishing permits (i.e. 1% of the building value of the construction work) regarding the land plots and buildings (including pertaining to the infrastructure of an industrial park). Moreover, in order to take advantage of the above-mentioned incentives, the administrator of the industrial park and its residents are required to obtain/to be granted an agreement in principle from/ by the local public authorities. In light of the above, industrial parks remain an attractive option while gaining even more popularity in Romania for investors seeking to establish their facilities while taking advantage of not only the inherent benefits of conducting business in an industrial park, but especially the financial incentives that accompany choosing such an investment venue. However, because the legal framework surrounding industrial parks in Romania is still evolving and remains somewhat challenging, it is strongly advisable to obtain experienced legal advice in this field in order to ensure advantageous framing and implementation of all contractual relations with the local authorities and/or administrator of the industrial park. 93


B. BRAUN IS INVESTING 120 MILLION EURO IN BANAT INDUSTRIAL BUSINESS PARK, TIMIS COUNTY The German company B. Braun has started a 120 million euro greenfield investment on the surface of the largest industrial park in Western Romania. The investment will be finalized in 2020 and implies the construction of a perfusable solution plant, a scientific research and development center with specialized labs, as well as the construction of a logistics center and it will generate approximately 250 new jobs.


he good infrastructure, rapid access to foreign markets and personnel availability are some of the main reasons the B. Braun group decided to build the 91,000 sqm plant within Banat Business Park, Timis county. The remaining surface from the territory of the Industrial Park would attract new companies interested to develop production, logistic, research or technological development activities in Eastern Europe. Beside all the benefits coming with its positioning and access to foreign markets, Banat Business Park, together with its partners, offers the possibility to build for rent logistic and production venues for the interested clients. Banat Business Park is located in SĂŽnandrei commune, at 5 km from Timisoara, the capital city of Timis county, an important economic,




touristic and cultural center of Western Romania. As far as access is concerned, the Industrial Park is situated at the intersection with the future express road that will link A1 highway Budapest – Bucharest, E69 and Timisoara (the city being found on the 4th European corridor). For the moment, the connection between E69 and A1 is made on Timisoara’s ring road located at 1 km from Banat Business Park and further on the current junction road DN 691.

The total surface of the park is of 85 ha, with an approved area urban development plan and benefits from a highly developed infrastructure designed to meet the requirements of any client: 250 MW available power, fire fighting systems and FM Global certified hydrants, gas, water, sewage and optical fiber. The lots, reaching a total number of 41, are sold with all the utilities included in the price of the land and can be joined or divided

according to a client’s needs. Banat Business Park is certified according to Law 186/2013, receiving in December 2016 the title of Industrial Park. The clients of the Industrial Park benefit from an exemption from the payment of taxes and fees for a period of 49 years, under the conditions of Law 186/2013 and according to the Decision of the Local Council Sînandrei townhall no. 21 from 27.07.2016.

For more details, please contact us at: Phone. 0756090689 Email: office@banatbusinesspark.ro Contact person: Iancu Oana Simona, Development Manager 95





CADASTER AND REAL-ESTATE REGISTRATION: NEW LEGISLATIVE CHANGES The lack of cadaster, along with the overlaying of land plots and the identification of landowners are the main obstacles to the development of real estate investments. This is why, in July, the Law on Cadaster and Real-Estate Registration no. 7/1996 was amended and supplemented. Thus, Law no. 185/2018 for approving Government Emergency Ordinance no. 31/2018 and amending and supplementing the Law on Cadaster and Real-Estate Registration no. 7/1996, published in Official Journal no. 638 as from 23 July 2018, simplifies the systematic registration of property.


hrough these successive changes, the legislator tries to provide a solution to the most recent issues raised by developers. However, the success of these steps will largely depend on how the authorities implement the new changes and whether they will do it in a timely manner.

Agency for Cadaster and Real-Estate Registration bears the costs for the issuance by the notaries public of certificates of inheritance, certificates regarding real-estate properties that have underwent systematic registrations.

Funding of Cadaster through ANCPI

Registration of Possession

The managers of assets publicly or privately owned by the State are required to register in the integrated system of cadaster and land register all agricultural lands publicly and/ or privately owned by the State and located outside of built-up areas, land and water surfaces, including the lands permanently covered by water and the beaches from the “Danube Delta� Reservation. These actions are deemed to be urgent according to the Law. The cadaster works will be funded through the National Program for Cadaster and Land Registration, created for the free registration of real-estate property in the integrated system of cadaster and land registration, the elaboration of the cadastral map of real-estate property and the creation of land registers for all administrative and territorial units.

The law allows the registration of possession in the cadastral technical documents if documents proving ownership are missing and the owners cannot be identified, also for the possessors of: 4 former areas that were not part of cooperatives 4 former areas that were part of cooperatives 4 real-estate property located in the built-up areas which were subject to real-estate restitution laws. In such cases, possession can be registered only until the systematic registration works in the administrative and territorial unit are completed.

Administrators of the public and/or private domain of the State may request funding within 60 days from the entry into force of the amending law, namely until 24 September 2018.

In addition, Law no. 185/2018 eliminates the final stage of the systematic registration of cadaster works (namely the issuance by public institutions of the certificate for the registration of possessors as owners in the land register). Once possession is recorded in the land register, ownership right can be subsequently registered, either automatically or upon request of the possessor or his successors, in accordance with the procedure detailed by the law.

We remind you that, under the National Program for Cadaster and Land Registration, the National

Registration of Different Owners of the same Real Estate

Phone : + 40 (21) 305 57 57 + 33 (0)1 53 57 84 84 bucarest@gruiadufaut.com www.gruiadufaut.com

The new amendments present the procedure to be followed when the systematic registration reveals several owners of the same real-estate property, who acquired ownership rights based on different legal documents. In such case, the authorities will establish a single land register, where they will mention the

Cristina Bojică, Partner Gruia Dufaut Law Office

existence of this issue. The ownership right will not be recorded and such recording will be made at a later date, pursuant to a final court ruling, with the simultaneous and automatic deletion of the mention.

Registration in the Land Register Based on the Reorganization Certificate The law regulates the status of ownership rights and other real rights over realestate property when a company undergoes reorganization. Thus, in such a case, real-estate property will be recorded in the land register on the basis of a certificate acknowledging the transfer through reorganization following merger or acquisition, concluded by a public notary in Romania. This certificate acknowledges the transfer of real-estate property pursuant to a decision of the general meeting of shareholders/decision of the sole shareholder approving the merger/spin-off, the court ruling regarding the lawfulness of the operation and the proof of registration of the merger/spin-off in the Trade Register. 97


ITSME ES ELEKTRO – MECHANICAL AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIER FOR INDUSTRY – GEARS UP FOR THE FUTURE ES Elektro Romania, one of the companies that make up the ITSME group of companies, is among the fastest growing electrical and mechanical suppliers in Romania. The Dutch based group, active in 5 European countries, will further develop its position as market leading value added reseller/ distributor. Growth, not just in volume but also in services offered to industry, is directed fully towards new developments in the digital age. Centralized services, digitization, robotics, internet of things, network security and a host of other developments and issues in industry is where the itsme group is focussing on. Investments in systems, attracting new people with specific competences and skills and continuous training of the more than 550 staff are pillars of the new corporate program ‘fit for the future’. Romania plays an important role in the group’s ambitions, as a growth market and as an service outsourcing location.

ES Elektro Romania has offered from its start on the Romanian market its value adding services. These services in logistic solutions, lighting technology and industrial automation complemented the vast range of products from hundreds of brands that the company offers to the industrial market as distributor/reseller. Over the years since ES Elektro Romania’s start in 2009, the company has grown to a €12 million business with 33 employees. “We have been steadily developing our services and products offered on the Romanian market. We now have the same service level as the other itsme companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Spain”, says Rolf de Graaf, managing director and administrator of the company. The companies in the group have almost daily contact with each other. “For instance in the field of industrial automation, we have different technical consultants with different specific expertise, knowledge and competences in different countries. Not only do they consult each other internally, if required, consultants operate crossborder and help clients together with the local team in another country. Central in our philosophy is to help the client, whether it is in projects, automation training of their staff or consultancy. Hence our slogan “making you succeed”, explains Rolf de Graaf. This ‘modus operandi’ – way of working – applies to all services the group offers to its 7,000+ industrial customers and is part of the company’s DNA. 98

Rolf de Graaf, managing director and administrator ES Elektro Romania

The future has arrived The 7,000+ industrial customers of the itsme group have one thing in common. They are all looking into the possibilities new technologies offer. Interconnectivity, internet of things, mechatronics, robotics, virtual and augmented reality and many more ‘hot topics’. More efficient and transparent production processes, cost saving, output improvement, less failures or fall-out, a complete different approach and opportunity to spare part

management, predictive and preventive maintenance’, and many more topics. “Most of our clients can be found in the OEM (machine making) industry, panel building and end users industry. And that is exactly where these new technologies have the most impact”, according to de Graaf. “The challenge for all involved is that nobody knows exactly what impact these technological developments are having on industry, on company’s competitiveness, on every step from the engineering process to the final product. And then I am not even talking about the impact on the WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO

INDUSTRIAL supply chain and human resources (new competences, training, etc.)”.

The past is not gone De Graaf wants to underline that the existing role as added value distributor/ reseller remains important for the itsme group. “It is not the case that our current role, built up over decades, ends here. In the contrary, we, and more importantly, our customers value our industrial product range, our reliability in logistic performance, our services from helping the client with sourcing, advising them and our added value services in lighting technology, logistic solutions and automation”. His words are backed up by actions. In order to serve the customer even better and offer a full customer experience itsme has invested heavily in new systems. Already working for 20 years with SAP as its ERP system (for order intake, confirmations, monitoring, product information, purchase, stock control etc), this current year new fully integrated and connected additional systems have already been put in place or are in the process of being implemented. A SAP hybrid product called C4C, a customer relation management system, is rolled out over the whole itsme organization, recently SAP hybrid marketing became operational and shortly SAP commerce, a new state of the art online shop and website will be launched.

About ITSME itsme offers an extensive range of electrical and mechanical engineering services directed towards industrial end-users, mechanical engineers, panel builders and technical installers. The unique selling point of the itsme group lies in the fact that its operating companies provide customers with highly effective, tailor-made solutions. All of those operating companies share the same drive to support customers and make it easier for them to conduct their businesses. With the integration of CSi Group in early 2018, the itsme group of companies has an annual turnover of approximately €350 million, employs over a 1,000 people and possesses a comprehensive network of 22 branches in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain and Romania.

This will enable the company to better serve its customers, make the transition or more precisely the addition, from personal sales to personalized sales, and give the customer full insight in all areas he is involved in, varying from product searching and information, ordering, order status, finance, delivery tracking and much more. Moreover, personalized sales means that people working at a customer receive only news, opportunities, special actions and information that is relevant to them in their position. “There is a lot of waste and frankly even irritation if, for instance, a person that works in the finance department receives information about a technical training. These new digitized platforms enable the customer and us to exchange all sort of information that really interests them specifically in an efficient, easy and interactive manner”, says Rolf de Graaf. The soon to be launched new web platform, the e-commerce tool, is developed not only to function as a search and information tool for customers and prospects, being fully integrated and connected to the ERP system and the other SAP programs, it gives the customers also a full overview of everything that involves their relationship with itsme ES Elektro. The digitized order process simplifies and facilitates the customer’s order processes, increases efficiency and therefore money. Material and product data play a pivotal role in a reliable e-commerce platform. itsme already has approximately 1.5 million materials in their database, more than any other distributor. However,

that applies to the Netherlands, not for each other group company. “At the beginning of next year, we will also have in Romania the new e-commerce platform. The challenge is two-fold, namely filling the material/ product database with all products of all our supplier partners and then generating interest. Getting our customers using the digital platform requires creating awareness, explaining the advantages for the customer and basically guide them”, concludes de Graaf. Clearly, the itsme group and its Romanian subsidiary ES Elektro are shifting towards a 21st century, becoming a different, innovative distributor. That what can be improved and digitized is taken on without ignoring the personal contact between sales consultants and customers. That contact remains vital for offering solutions and understanding the issues an industrial client has. The role of the traditional sales person and sales organization is changing rapidly. itsme ES Elektro Romania recognizes that and has taken a leading role in exploring the new challenges and opportunities that new technologies offer - Fit for the future.



Johann Hermann, general manager Dürkopp Adler Romania

DURKOPP ADLER ROMANIA, NEW INVESTMENTS TO INCREASE PRODUCTION Dürkopp Adler will invest more than 1,5 million euro in 2018. For a new production hall the company spent 800,000 euro, and another 700,000 euro have been invested in new production lines, for the factory in Mures county - Transylvania.


he secret of Dürkopp Adler Romania success is easy to decipher: professional management, open to solutions that permanently increase productivity and a valuable team able to assimilate the most modern methods of work in fine mechanics. As a result of the large investments made, the Mureș county business’s productivity doubled in the last two years. The company’s turnover exceeded 11 million euros in 2017. The estimated turnover for 2018 is 12.4 million euros. Main production consists of wear parts for sewing machines, sewing kits, bobbin cases, and knives. Both in bobbin cases and in knives, Dürkopp Adler is Europe’s #1 in terms of quantity and quality. To ensure the highest quality of the parts, Dürkopp Adler Romania has invested a lot in measuring and control equipment. For example, based on computer-aided design files, after measuring and/or scanning the product and making a 3D image, the product is computer-analyzed, with results of order thousandth of a millimeter. Considerably increasing productivity, through the acquisition


of new, high productivity machines, there was no need for a substantial increase in staff, in the recent years. However Dürkopp Adler Romania has almost 400 employees, with minor fluctuations, according to needs. A second important object of the Dürkopp Adler Romania is the production of transport systems, so-called conveyor belts. Technical advice for the partners and the complex solutions for accessing funds and modernization of the businesses come bundled with performant and efficient transport systems made in the factory in Mures county. Through the foreign partners, Dürkopp Adler Romania is working, in this segment, for the big auto industry and large companies in the food industry. At Sangeorgiu de Mureș factory, Dürkopp Adler builds systems for companies in the beer industry, metallurgy, furniture industry. The company offers its own solutions that are optimized to the needs of each client, fact that is appreciated by the partners. 2018 was a year of performance for Durkop, continuing the growth trend in recent years. In the last four years, total

investments made by Dürkopp Adler amounted to over € 6.5 million euros, of which investments in machinery and equipment 4.5 million euros. The financing of investments was made from own resources, financial and operational leasing.

„Currently we produce almost exclusively on computer numeric control machines, we almost exclusively use programming through digitization, the measurement of products is made by digitization, NC, in order to keep the influence of human error at a minimum. Qualified staff is hard to find on market, especially the programmers or adjusters, which are key personnel, but we tried to allure, through various facilities, the existing workforce on market and we tried to train this personnel”, states Johann Hermann, general manager Dürkopp Adler Romania. WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO




CSi Romania has two production units, in Cluj-Napoca and in Reghin. Do you have any intention to open more facilities, if needed? We have star ted last year our operations in Reghin, Mures Count y, as a consequence of our need to expand our production facilities. The facilities in Reghin are stil l developing, the loca l organisation has 70 employees and is continuing to grow. Our focus will be to streng then and improve the performance in both locations while there is also a specialisation on both sites. There are no plans to open new locations but at the existing ones the expansion will continue. CSi Romania is the production hub of the group and has its critical role in our strategy. Management team - CSi Romania

CSi ROMANIA IS RESHAPING THE PALLETISING INDUSTRY CSi Romania is the manufacturing hub for the entire CSi Group, a Dutch company with operations worldwide. Sorin Nutiu, Managing Director of the company, talks about the new projects of CSi and the opportunities on the way.

“CSi Romania is the production hub of the group and has its critical role in our strategy�, explains Mr. Nutiu. In 2017, for the first time, CSi Romania passed the milestone of 30 million euros turnover. What generated this growth? The positive trend from 2016 was continued in 2017. CSi proved to be the same reliable partner for its clients, namely major companies producing consumer goods (FMCG), distributors and companies from the packaging industry. Our palletising lines are fulfilling the needs of the customers, we are also able to adapt and innovate in order to cover new requirements, in consequence the demand for our equipment is growing. In Romania our organisation was able to 102

cope with this increased volume, while also heavily supporting our subsidiaries from China and Mexico. We still have a lot of challenges but the entire CSi team is committed to continuously develop and innovate. What are your expectations for 2018? 2018 will be a consolidation year after two consecutive years of fast growth. The already started big projects from North America will be finalised, while many other projects will start in Europe, North America and South East Asia. Just recently we contracted a project in Australia as well. Our clients are expanding and modernizing their facilities and CSi is present to provide the integrated intelligent material handling systems.

What new projects/products do you have on the line for your clients? CSi is continuously innovating and improving its equipment. One of our best sellers, the layer palletiser TAROS, has been upgraded to version 2. It is not only more efficient, reliable and user friendly but also has a new premium-look design and can be controlled remotely. i-PAL, our compact robotized palletising unit for installation just at the end of a production or packaging line, is ready for version 4.0, easier to configure and with more options. Which are the main products of CSi Romania and the main markets where you deliver them to? CSi Romania as manufacturing hub for the entire group is producing the full range of systems and equipment. There is a high variety in our range of products. The palletising systems is the most complex area, where we have equipment like C5000, our fastest and most sophisticated multi-load palletizing machine, or TAROS2, a high-level infeed layer palletiser. For different needs we offer simple robot palletising cells like our i-Pal concept but also complete robotized lines. All systems will typically include fully automated empty pallet handling and layer sheet application and also automatic stretch wrapping possibilities. WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO


The lack of workforce is already a big problem for the Romanian industry. How do you manage to fight back this situation at CSi? It is already a well-known issue for most companies and we are trying to find solutions in different ways. About 4 years ago we started a cooperation with a technological high school in Cluj-Napoca, in 2017 we had our first colleagues completing their studies and now they are active in our company. Last year we started a partnership with the technological high school in Reghin as well and we train students to become welders or mechanics. We will continue to support and sponsor students in the dual education system although the legislation and legal frame is underdeveloped. In the same time we offer to new employees the possibility to learn a new trade, like welding, in a program performed by a certified Sorin Nutiu, Managing Director CSi Romania

welding school with all costs covered by CSi. After passing the tests the persons can specialise internally. For many years we have had a strong partnership with the Technical University in Cluj-Napoca working together on several projects. The students are continuously having internships in all our departments or even working part-time, after graduation they refresh our engineering, design, manufacturing and logistic teams. Globally, CSi was acquired this year by ITSME Group of Companies. How will the company integrate in the portfolio of the new owner? In May 2018, the shareholders of CSi Group sold their shares to ITSME Group of Companies. In recent years the company grew with double digits year over year. CSi became the global market leader in

both the Packaging Materials industry and the FMCG Palletising market. New sales/service and assembly entities were started in Romania, China, USA, and Mexico. ITSME will further support CSi in developing its strong market position and product range. There are clear synergies in globalisation, engineering and supply chain management between ITSME and CSi.

About CSi CSi Group serves two distinct markets: FMCG Palletising and the Packaging materials industry. CSi Palletising is a global leader in product handling at the end of production and packaging lines. CSi Packaging is technology leader in post-press automation and is capable of automating every handling step in the manufacturing process of solid board packaging materials. CSi provides a complete package from initial consultancy and design to production, assembly, installation and commissioning. Furthermore, CSi provides all the relevant services required throughout the life cycle of the installation. CSi maintains a strong market position around the world with a spread of customers including manufacturers of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG/ CPG), distributors and the packaging industry. CSi has built this position on the basis of the reliability of its products and services, standardized but with a strong ability to design bespoke solutions. The success of the company is based on its innovation, expertise, passion and total commitment to customer satisfaction. (www.CSiportal.com) 103


NAKITA EQUIPS ROMANIA. PERFORMANCE IN WORK SAFETY The Mures-based company Nakita it is a producer and distributor of equipment and also provides advisory for work security and safety. It can be considered a leading company for those who want to build a powerful brand.


he Mures-based company Nakita manufactures roughly 90% of the internal demand for power security equipment and some of its production reaches other markets, as well, especially in Eastern Europe. The company managed by Lucian Cuesdeanu promotes work safety activities and equipment required for working at heights. “We import or produce high quality equipment that offers safety in a field in which any compromise in terms of quality can cause work accidents. So the quality of our products has contributed to the growth of market share”, the manager explains. Following a few years of ascent in the power security equipment sector, Nakita has extended its activity also to the field of personal protective equipment. In this area, as well, the Mures-based company focuses on the quality of products and on establishing fair business relationships with every client. “We rely on the quality of our products and an experienced Nakita team. In this regard, I would like to mention the major investments we’ve made in research. We hold many patents of invention. At Nakita, we have developed two labs for testing highvoltage equipment and for personal protective equipment required for the energy system. These investments


are also a guarantee for the quality and safety of the products we supply”, Lucian Cuesdeanu explains. Nakita Prod Comimpex is among the major suppliers of work safety products in Romania. In a field in which safety is a defining factor, Nakita works with world-leading established manufacturers that have invested a lot in safe equipment which is both highstandard and convenient.

Nakita Products Nakita offers a wide range of work safety products such as: safety gloves, clothes, shoes, glasses and eye shields, ear protection, safety helmets, masks and half-face masks, equipment for work at height. The safety equipment is specific to the nature of activity, ranging from regular protection against artificial mechanical hazards through protection for thermal and electrical hazards to protection from complex chemical hazards. The equipment covers all the activities where protection from accidental falling is required during climbing/ descent or working at heights. Nakita supplies solutions for any work conditions, ranging from simple safety solutions to complete safety systems, equipment for accessing difficult areas and special anchoring devices.

The company also provides periodic services for equipment inspection carried out by authorized personnel trained by the manufacturers.

Power security For over 16 years, Nakita has been supplying power security equipment for the national energy system required for work in power installations and on power lines. Nakita supplies equipment from its own production line, but also in cooperation with renowned companies. The services provided by Nakita include the operation of an own lab for periodic testing of work-atheight protection equipment and a lab for the high-voltage testing of power security products (gloves, electrical insulation boots, voltage detectors).

NAKITA PROD COMIMPEX S.R.L. Headquarters in Targu Mures: No. 150 - 22 Decembrie 1989 Boulevard Tel: +40-265-212958/217002 Fax: +40-265-216102 e-mail: nakita@nakita.ro www.nakita.ro WWW.TRANSILVANIABUSINESS.RO




with the support of: www.wdp.eu

TETAROM Tel: +(4) 0264 407 900 Fax: +(4) 0264432750 Mobil: +(4) 0740019900 47 Taietura Turcului street Cluj-Napoca www.tetarom.ro

ADLO Primăriei Street, No. 3 Oradea, Bihor County T: 40 359 889 389 E-mail: contact@adlo.ro www.adlo.ro

Electrocontact Industrial Group Calea Nationala no. 6 710010 Botoșani, Botoșani Tel.: +40 231 513 710 Fax: +40 231 517 172 mihaela.muraru@electrocontact.ro www.electrocontact.ro

INDUSTRIAL PARK BRAȘOV 23 Hermann Oberth Street 507075 Ghimbav, Brașov Tel.: +40 268 402 949 Fax: +40 268 401 216 parc@parc-industrial.ro www.parc-industrial.ro

SC NITROPARC 3 Republicii St., Făgăraş, Braşov Tel: +40 721 375 444, +40 723 140 277 Fax: +40 368 814 283 nitroparc_fagaras@yahoo.com www.primaria-fagaras.ro


With a history of 17 years of activity, TETAROM SA (Transylvania Equipments and Advanced Technologies produced in Romania) manages the largest operational industrial parks in Romania. (over 3,98 million square meters of land). At the moment, TETAROM administrates 5 industrial parks, (3 fully operational, 2 under development), a Business Incubator, and a Science Park (TETAPOLIS). Besides being one of the most recognizable brands of Cluj, TETAROM also plays the role of a major regional industrial and innovation hub that promotes both local and foreign industries. In numbers, TETAROM counts 11.000 working places and investments of over 600 mil Euros.

Oradea Local Development Agency is a public company with sole shareholder Oradea Municipality. Our core business is the administration of the industrial parks (investment in infrastructure, maintenance of infrastructure, electricity distribution). Also, we are a link between the private investors and education institutions and we offer support for establishing the business in Oradea – relation with public agencies/structures.

Botoșani Industrial Park is managed by SC Electromining SA Botoșani, an associated legal person of Electrocontact Industrial Group SA. The park is located in the northern part of Botoșani city, on DN 29B. It was created under a public-private partnership and has a total area 129,500 square meters. Electrocontact Industrial Group is the leading provider of solutions in the field of electrical distribution and control appliances, for both the domestic and industrial use.

Industrial Park Brașov offers Greenfield-type build-to-suit facilities for long-term rent, destined for production activities, storage and offices. The halls are executed in full accordance with the specific requirements of each customer. The total area is 39 hectares. We developed the entire road infrastructure and utility networks. On a build-up area of 103,000 sqm (100% occupancy rate) our customers created more than 4,000 new jobs. The park is situated at 7 km from Brasov, a city with excellent development potential. We offer fully serviced business sites for medium and large-sized companies.

Nitroparc was established in 2006 as a management society for Făgăraş Industrial Park. The hardened security infrastructure of most of its administered buildings is one of the “strengths” of the location. Făgăraş Industrial Park is located in the South-West of the chemical platform from Făgăraş, on an area of 10 ha, being connected through DJ 104 C to the transport infrastructure of the town. Its closeness to the future Transylvania Motorway (about 5 km) is another advantage.



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TRC Parks is a major national logistical and industrial project currently developed in 3 locations in Romania: Cluj-Napoca, Bacau and Calan (Deva), offering smart, efficient and sustainable solutions adapted to the needs of our clients, alongside excellent property management. The developer, Transilvania Constructii, is a real estate investment and development company with expertise in industrial, logistics and office real estate. Over the years, the company acquired significant knowledge and know-how in the industry, positioning us in the Top 5 Industrial Developers in Romania, aiming to become a national and regional player in the industrial real estate sector.

Graells & Llonch Administrare Parc Industrial SA operates an industrial park at Prejmer with an area of 839,000 square meters, being one of the largest parks in the country. The park offers a wide range of investment options, because there are areas for industrial operations, logistics and retail, with surfaces between 1,000 and 21,000 square meters. Graells & Llonch Industrial Park is managed by a company run jointly by members of state institutions and private shareholders, to ensure cooperation with the local authorities.

An industrial park located in Braşov city, at the junction of the main national and international communication routes that transit Romania. The first functional industrial park in Brasov, Carfil Industrial Park comprises over 44 companies of industrial production and various services. The park area is 18,700 square meters, of which 11,000 square meters represent production and office spaces.

Metrom Industrial Park is the second functional industrial park in Brașov and includes over 14 companies of industrial production and various services. The industrial park area is 63,700 square meters, and the built area is 27,000 square meters. This is of particular interest to investors, given both its geographical location and its direct access to the technical and utilities infrastructure necessary conducting economic activities.

Arc Park is located in the town of Dej, 50 km NE of the city of ClujNapoca, on DN1C, and has an area of 40,185 square meters, being a private investment. Also, the park is located 37 km from Cluj-Napoca International Airport. The administrator company also holds a license as an energy supplier. There are two companies that are now active in the park.

TRC Parks by Transilvania Constructii 47 Taietura Turcului street, 400221 Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County Bolog Alexandru Head Leasing Manager T:+40 (264) 416 597 M:+40 (722) 757 144 bolog.alexandru@ transilvaniaconstructii.ro www.transilvaniaconstructii.ro

GRAELLS & LLONCH INDUSTRIAL PARK Tel: +40 268 362 658 Fax: +40 268 362 788 laura@graellsllonchromania.ro w w w. g r a e l l s l l o n c h a d m i n i s ­ trareparque.com/romana

Carfil Industrial Park 119 Zizinului St. Braşov, Braşov Tel: +40 268 333 674 Fax: +40 268 321 244 cipbrasov@gmail.com www.cipbrasov.ro

Metrom Industrial Park 60 Carpaților St., Brașov, Brașov Tel: +40 368 101 012 Fax: +40 368 101 013 office@mipbrasov.ro www.mipbrasov.ro

Arc Industrial Park 3 /103 Horea St., Cluj-Napoca, Cluj Tel: +40 264 406 817 +40 264 433 303 office@arcparc.ro www.arcparc.ro

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Ploieşti Industrial Parc was developed in 2002. Now it has a total surface of 162,600 sqm, and it is one of the largest industrial parks in Romania. Due to the 100% occupancy rate in Ploiești, additional parks are created in Urlați, Mizil and Ciorani, the only surfaces available now are located in Mizil and Ciorani.

PWP (Ploiesti West Park) is a 300 ha Business Park dedicated to Logistics, Manufacturing and Production owned by Alinso Group, located in Prahova County. The park offers built-to-suit projects designed for production activities, storage and offices. It hosts 62 companies out of which 72% tenants, national and international and a total of 2500 employees. PWP has utilities at industrial capacities, from electricity - renewable energy, gas, water, sewage, fiber optic to park management services – maintenance, security, fire-fighting, permitting. At the moment 120 ha are still available for development within the park.

Sema Parc industrial park is situated in the central-western part of Bucharest, on the former Semanatoarea platform, at 3.5 km distance from A1 | Bucharest-Pitesti highway. The 16 ha park offers all the facilities necessary for our tenants to carry out the commercial, office, logistics and production activities: inner access roads with a total length of 2,500 m, exterior lighting, utility networks (electricity, water, sewage and gas), parking spaces, additional services (security, cleaning, fire prevention, snow removal, etc.), restaurants, food vans, sport clubs (climbing, dance, squash, billiards), ATMs and green areas for relaxation.

Ploiești Industrial Parc Ploieşti, OP. 1, CP. 147 Tel: +40 244 434 028 office@industrial-parc.ro www.industrialparc.ro

PWP 5 London Street, Office 5, 1st floor Aricestii Rahtivani Commune Prahova County Tel: +40 344 228 200 Fax: +40 344 228 215 contact@alinso.eu www.alinso.eu www.ploiestiwestpark.eu

Sema Parc Logistics 319 Splaiul Independenţei, O.B.5, ground floor, 060044, Bucharest 6, Romania Tel.: +40 (21) 313 20 94 office@semaparc.ro Tina VIRLAN Leasing Manager tina.virlan@semaparc.ro www.semaparc.ro

Automecanica Automecanica Industrial Park is geographically positioned in the center of the country, being located in the town of Mediaș, Sibiu County, at a distance of 39 km from Sighişoara and 55 km from Sibiu. It has direct access to the European road and railway network. It is situated at a distance of 60 km from Sibiu International Airport. There are 700 employees in the industrial park.

Parcul Industrial Sibiu has an area of approximately 100 hectares. It is located in Şelimbăr – Sibiu, at 7 km from Sibiu International Airport. In the Industrial Park operate leading companies in fields such as: metal processing, metal structures, chip removal machining. It has an area of 98.4 hectares. The companies that have so far chosen PaIS to develop their businesses are: Caucho Metal Productos, Caucho Metal Productos Total, Euro­management, S.A.G. CNC Technik, Ejes. Many other companies have also submitted applications to operate in this location, which offers foreign or domestic investors an European economic climate and numerous amenities.

Industrial Park 41 Aurel Vlaicu St. Mediaș, Sibiu Tel: +40 269 803 646 +40 269 803 606 info@autm.ro www.autm.ro

Parcul Industrial Sibiu SA (PaIS) 1 Telefoanelor St. Șelimbăr, Sibiu Tel: +40 269 210 503 Fax: +40 269 211 831 eugeniordanescu@yahoo.com

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S.C. Parcuri Industriale Sibiu-Şura Mică S.A. 10 Parc Industrial St. Șura Mică, Sibiu Tel: +40 269 577 440 +40 269 577 441 ipssm@rdslink.ro www.primaria-suramica.ro

PITT Calea Torontalului St., Km 6 Timişoara, Timiș Tel: +40 256 220 801 +40 256 220 984 office@pitt.adetim.ro www.pitt.ro

Business Park Bistrita Sud SC BUSINESS PARK BISTRIȚA SUD SRL 6, Nicolae Titulescu Street, Bistrița M: +40-744-772139 T: +40-263-237920 office@bizpark.ro, www.bizpark.ro

Zacaria 193 Stefan cel Mare Street, 1st floor, Sibiu Emilia Țepeș +40 722 221 407 office@zacaria.ro www.zacaria­industrial­parks.ro

WDP 1 Baia de Arama Street, 1st floor - 2 District, Bucharest 022204 T +40 31 2257 116 Valentin Stanciulescu: +40 730 092 701 info-romania@wdp.eu www.wdp.eu


The Sibiu-Şura Mică Industrial Park is located on the territory of Şura Mică, West of Sibiu. The land is owned by the Local Council of Şura Mică, with a total area of 98.61 ha, to which are added the necessarily integrated local roads, i.e. 0.56 ha. The Industrial Park area includes industrial plots with surfaces between 0.2 and 17.00 ha, an administrative area, household utilities, green areas and network protection areas, an internal trafficking system.

Timișoara Technological and Industrial Park (PITT) is located at a distance of 6 km from the city’s center, on the DN6 national road, being a project undertaken by the Timiş County Council and the Timiş Economic Development Agency, to support the development of SMEs in fields such as IT, communications, electronics and electrical engineering, automotive and other industries that use advanced and non-polluting technologies, cleaner production technology, design, research and logistics. It provides the option of leasing 25 plots which range in size from 950 to 8.420 square.

Unfold on a total area of 30 hectares, Business Park Bistrita Sud is located just 12 kilometers from downtown Bistrița, in Sărata District. This integrated platform for industrial development available to residents provide excellent working conditions and support – financial and logistic – in terms of business growth. Management Company will assist investors in obtaining financing, such as nonreimbursable state aids, non-reimbursable European subsidies, bank loans and private equity for further developments.

Zacaria, part of the international group Alf Mizzi & Sons, founded in Malta over 100 years ago, is a full-service industrial real estate developer, specialized in the acquisition, construction, development and management of industrial properties. Starting from 2009 and gradually expanding its investments throughout Romania, Zacaria owns and manages, today, 10 industrial parks and office buildings, in 6 large cities, covering an area of more than 560.000 m2 and is preparing to launch two new strategic projects. By focusing on buildto-suit industrial projects, that provide Class A space solutions, strategic locations and superior quality standards, Zacaria has secured, in the last years, a place amongst the 5 most active developers in Romania.

Warehouses De Pauw (WDP) is the market leader in Benelux and a major global player through its efficient customized services of development, letting and management of logistical and industrial property. Warehouses De Pauw (WDP) is a stock exchange company, with approx 4 mil. m2 of warehouses, distribution centres and production spaces in portfolio, strategically positioned at prime locations in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Romania, worth approx. 3 bln EUR. More information about WDP can be found at www.wdp.eu



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Located in Constanta, in the first important city from Bulgarian border on E87 route, with direct access to city ring road, Logistic Park is your best choice as a business center in the South East side of the country. Total park size: 147,000 sq m, total leasable area 55,000 sq m.

CTP is a full-service commercial real estate developer and manager, specializing in the delivery and management of custom-built, high-tech business parks for leading international and domestic companies in CEE. CTP is the owner of the CTPark Network, the largest integrated system of premium business parks in CEE region, with over 4.5 million m² of A-Class properties in over 90 strategic locations. In Romania, CTP owns over 800.000 m² built of A-class warehouses in 10 cities across Romania: Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara, Arad, Sibiu, Turda, Pitesti, Deva, Salonta and Ineu.

Imotrust is a developer in Western Romania with portfolio properties selected based on information accumulated over 20 years of monitoring the local markets. The industrial warehouses are located in key locations and are modern structures with all facilities and easy access in view of transporting raw materials and finished pro­ducts, and office buildings offer modern workstations at high standards. The lands for industrial buildings comply with all the coordinates and requirements of running a successful business and propose alternative build to suit projects, on the land requested by the client.

NGB Distribution Center is ideally situated 9 km South West from Bucharest center, in the muni­cipality of Bragadiru, on the Bucharest ring road. The complex offers 12 ha on site with planning up 50,000 sqm of industrial and logistic buildings, both ready to occupy space as well as built-to-suit solutions, and already has international and national leading tenants occupying + 10,000 sqm of warehouse space. Warehouse and industrial units are available from 600 sqm. Customized logistic solutions can be implemented upon request. The site is one the few in Bucharest to benefit with private railway access.

P3 Logistic Parks (P3) is a specialist owner, developer and manager of European logistics properties. Active throughout Europe, P3’s asset base comprises 185 high-quality warehouses totalling 3.9 million m2 across nine countries and a land bank with zoning for 1.8 million m2 of potential development. P3 is a long term investor, which acquires and develops high-quality properties to ad to an expanding portfolio. P3 has never sold any warehouse. P3’s mission is to provide warehouse customers with a first rate occupancy experience in high quality assets in key logistics locations.

Constanta Logistic Park 6 Industriala Street, 900147 T: +40 241 -587 759 +40 747 299 641 www.logisticpark.ro

CTP Romania Address: Dragomiresti-Vale Commune, Dragomiresti-Deal Village, parcel 76-78, Building B, Ground Floor, Judet Ilfov County, CP: 077096 Website: www.ctp.eu Contact: Radu Ciobanu - Business Developer; E-mail: radu.ciobanu@ctp.eu Tel: +40.748.034.261

Imotrust Arad Anca Bejan Sales Manager Tel: +40 727 300 000 anca.bejan@imotrustarad.ro www.imotrustarad.ro

NGB Distribution Center N.G.B. Construction & Management +4021 316 67 82 / b3 office@ngb.ro www.ngb.ro

P3 Logistic Parks Emilia Bocan Senior Leasing & Development Manager Tel: +40 724 890 824 E-mail: emilia.bocan@p3parks.com

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INCONTRO DN 59 Timisoara-Belgrad Km 8+550 m on the left T:+40 256 290 750 office@incontro.ro www.incontro.ro

ARIES INDUSTRIAL PARK Europa Capital LLP 15 Sloane Square London SW1W 8ER T: +44 (0)20 7881 6800 info@europacapital.com

APOLLO LOGISTICS CENTER 032982, Drumul Intre Tarlale, No 150-174, District 3, Bucharest T: 0040 21 256 03 12 office@elcyrom.ro www.elcyrom.ro

Dunca Expeditii Timis county DJ 691 No. Km 7 + 142, Dumbravita T: +40 256 407210 Leontina Puica +40 744 620731 lpuica@duncaexpeditii.ro

H.Essers 2 DC147 Street (A1, km 23) 087015 Bolintin Deal Jeroen.Fabry@essers.com Phone: +40 213 69 70 39


INCONTRO PREFABBRICATI is a branch of the Lombarda Prefabbricati Group - Montichiari (BS), a leading company in Italy in the field of industrial and civilian prefabrication in reinforced concrete. INCONTRO PREFABBRICATI is present in Romania since 1995 in the own industrial district of Timisoara, DN 59, at 8th km + 550 left, and is offering a complete help service to foreign companies willing to establish there units, offering ready and „turnkey” industrial prefabricated buildings. The INCONTRO PREFABBRICATI Company is present and builds not only in the Timis County, but also in other Western counties of Romania: Arad, Bihor, Cluj, Satu-Mare, Maramures, Caras-Severin, Hunedoara etc.

ARIES INDUSTRIAL PARK is an A-Class Industrial & Logistics Park. Site: 54.5 hectares. GBA: 235,000 sq. meters (fully built). 1st Phase: 13,600 sq. meters GBA. Land can be purchased with planning permission for an area tailored to the customer’s needs. Build-tosuit facilities for both industrial and logistics use can be constructed for owners or occupiers. Light industrial units of 828 sq. meters each; these are available for immediate rental. A dedicated Park administration company will provide cost-effective services for Park residents. 3.5 kilometers from access to A3/ Transylvania Motorway (connecting Turda with Ploiesti, Brasov, Targu Mures, Cluj-Napoca, Oradea, and on to the M4 motorway network in Hungary). Aries Industrial Park is an investment by Europa Capital.

SC ELCYROM REALTY & DEVELOPMENT SRL was established in 1998. It developed and built APOLLO LOGISTICS CENTER an industrial complex for global warehouse management and distribution. ELCYROM focuses in the warehousing logistics market. APOLLO LOGISTICS CENTER consists of 21.265 sqm of warehouses, 9.0 m clear-height at the eaves and 2.200 sqm of offices complementary to each warehouse. Apollo Logistics Center is strategically positioned at the East side of Bucharest, very close to highway Bucharest – Constanţa and the beltway, at 6 km distance from central zone of Bucharest, close to Socum Custom buildings and Catelu Railway Station.

The Dunca Logistic Center includes a warehouse with an area of 34500 sqm and a height of 12.5 m, out of which 3000 sqm have controlled temperature environment with height of 12m. We have the terrain and necessary facilities in order to develop new warehousing or production spaces for up to 100.000 sqm. Currently the whole activity is coordinated and led from Timisoara. Dunca Expeditii is a joint stock company. Dunca Expeditii was established in 1994.

Logistics service provider H.Essers Romania, which currently counts a fleet of over 400 trucks and a storage capacity of 83,000 sqm in six locations, plans to invest next year up to ten million Euro in the local market, in both its fleet and the expansion of its Bucharest Industrial Park by at least 10,000 sqm. The construction of the new warehouse will start early 2017 and will last five to six months. H.Essers Romania has at this moment 33,000 sqm in Bucharest and wants to grow to 100,000 sqm by 2020. H.Essers owns another warehouse of 38,000 sqm in Oradea.



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Logicor Leading owner and operator of modern logistics facilities in Europe. We create value and serve our costumers by actively managing a diversified portfolio of high quality logistics and distribution warehouses in key markets along the European supply chain. More than 600 assets and 13 milion sqm, in Romania since 2016.

PIOM is located in the heart of Transylvania, close access to highway and railway within the premises, skilled workforce available, it’s a suitable place to develop various industries. Currently our target is to attain investors by renting or selling plots depending on the investors’ requirements. There are also different size warehouses on site ready to be rented. We are flexible and open to work with our future partners on different settings in order to develop a long term relationship.

Logicor Europe Regional Headquarters 3rd Floor, 36 Carnaby Street, London, UK W1F 7DR Tel: +44 (0) 20 7198 2424 Anna Mazepa Leasing Manager, Central & Eastern Europe + 48 (0) 22 204 02 00 mazepa@logicor.eu

PIOM Ocna Mures Industrial Park Ocna Mures, 1 Mihai Eminescu Street, Alba County Ing. Ioan BOGDAN T/F: +40 258 817541 E-mail: ioan.bogdan@piom.ro

MIPO Metropolitan Industrial Park Oradea started development in January 2016. The location provides key facilities for manufacturing activities. Located on the city’s highway belt, it is easily accessible. Our short term objective is to obtain the industrial park license for MIPO and to prepare the location for Romanian and foreign investors.

VGP Park Timisoara is located in Timisoara city. The site offers 4 buildings with an overall space of about 180 000 sqm. The park will be situated in the North-Eastern part of the city, not far from the international airport. The VGP park is located on an intersection of the city ring road and will also serve as a very important connection between the city and the airport. The E70 road is only one kilometer away and will connect the planned stretch of motorway, which will be built not far from the city, as a part of the fourth European largecapacity corridor.

Valad Europe is a leading independent diversified real estate investment manager with a network of local offices throughout Europe, managing €5.3 billion of real estate assets and investment capa­city across 24 funds and mandates. Valad Europe has, in addition, about €1 billion of development projects. Valad manages in excess of 400 assets comprising approximately 4.2 million square metres. Its core business is value-adding real estate investment management with local asset ma­nagement teams taking care of approximately 3,700 tenant customers. Valad has 180 people in 22 offices in 13 countries across Europe.

Metropolitan Industrial Park Oradea CET 2 Platform 36 Ogorului Street Oradea, Bihor county Oana Mateut T: +40 749 270 275 oana.mateut@ascomint.ro

VGP Park Timisoara 49 Londra Street, District 1, 011762 Bucharest, Romania T: +40 (0)317 110 250 info@vgpparks.eu www.vgpparks.eu

A1 Business Park A1 Business Park N Building, Ground floor, N01 office 13.5 km Bucuresti - Pitesti Highway (A1) Dragomiresti Deal, Ilfov County 77096 Romania T +40 (0) 21 211 00 33 F +40 (0) 31 710 70 10 M +40 (0) 731 732 929 office@valad.ro

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S.C. DIBO S.A. 7 Piatra Craiului Street, Negoiesti,Village Brazi, Prahova Phone: +40 244 434 251; office@dibo.ro www.dibo.ro

Artemis Real Estate 1 Splaiul Nistrului Street, Mezanin, ap. 7 Timișoara, Timiș Phone: +4 0732 - 402257 office@artemisrealestate.ro www.artemisrealestate.ro

Romglob Invest Turdas/Pricaz, Hunedoara Phone: +40 21 210 31 13 office@romglobinvest.com www.romglobinvest.com

TAP Globalworth Real Estate Investments Limited Globalworth Tower, 26th floor, 201 Barbu Vacarescu Boulevard, 2nd district, 020276, Bucharest T +4 (0) 372 800 000 enquiries@globalworth.com

Parc Industrial Galati Location - Park 304 Calea Prutului Galati +40 721 845 487 office@parculindustrialgalati.ro Administrative Headquarters 38 Domneasca Street Galati


DIBO Industrial Park was settled in 1998, as a Dutch investition which offers for rental industrial halls and offices of high quality standard and whose success is proved by the large number of investors who have come here so far. With an area now of 9 ha and 16 industrial halls, DIBO Industrial Park is convenient situated in Negoiesti-Brazi, Prahova County, in the beltway of city Ploiesti, and at the crossing point of main roads which link the principal geographical regions of the country.

Within the Sânandrei Comnune, with opening to DN 69 TimisoaraArad, company owns an industrial park with a total surface of 10,5 ha and includes a total number of 9 plots with different surfaces starting with 3.663 square meters to 29.649 square meters. Artemis Real Estate is the Romanian subsidiary of the Swiss group Artemis Holding AG, group that also contains the brand FRANKE. The development of residential, industrial, commercial and office real estate projects represent the largest part of the group’s activity.

ROMGLOB INVEST SRL operates RGI Industrial Park located in Turda’s Village, Pricaz, Hunedoara County, at 1.5 km away from Orastie. The Industrial Park has a very good geographical position, having directly access at the European road E68, both from the East side and from the West side. It is almost in the middle of the country, the distance until the nearest airport being about 85 km (Sibiu airport). RGI Industrial Park has 120,000 sqm total surface, 18,000 sqm build surface, 7,000 sqm green house surface, 7 buldings (production-halls, warehouse, office, service space).

The Timisoara Airport Park (“TAP”) is a light-industrial complex located in the North-East of Timisoara. The property is in close vicinity to the international airport and benefits from easy access to the fourth European Corridor. The complex has been developed in phases and it currently offers a total GLA of 81,349 sqm which is almost exclusively let to Valeo, Continental and Elster. As of 2011, it offered c.27,474 sqm of light-industrial space, with an additional c.45,400 sqm delivered in Q2-15 and c.9,100 sqm in Q3-15. On the exercise of all the expansion options available to its tenants, the complex will offer a total of c.123,380 sqm of light-industrial space.

INDUSTRIAL PARK S.R.L. from Galati is managing an industrial park/zone with a total area of 21.8 ha, located near to Danube, in the South-Eastern city of Galati. The purpose of the Industrial Park is to sustain local and regional economy, its horizontal development and creating jobs for highly qualified workforce from Galati offered by university graduates. Galati Industrial Park promotes a flexible approach regarding the delimitation of the various zones, priority requests are companies that will be located in the park.



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AIC Industrial and Logistic Development Romania is a division of AIC Srl. We have developed and sold more than 350,000 sqm of class A industrial and logistics buildings in Romania amongst them former, Cefin Logistic Park Bucharest, A1 Business Park, Cefin Logistic Park in Arad – all have new owners, and Dunca Logistic Park in Timisoara (still owned by us). Since 2013, we have been active in real estate project recovery. In the last 24 months we have successfully completed transactions with a total value in excess of 30 million euros related to distressed industrial and logistic real estate properties.


Equest Logistic Center Project is a logistics/industrial park located on the 13th km of A1 highway on the western outskirts of Bucharest near the ring-road. The property consists of three buildings, dedicated for warehousing and light industry purposes. Equest Logistic Center GLA is totalizing 56, 690 sq m and 40 logistics Units which are provided to be completely independent energetically and functionally, but allowing the possibility to link them up through fire rated access at particular requests.


Mangalia Industrial Park covers an area of 13.1 ha and is located at a distance of 1.5 km from the West of the town. The land is owned by the City of Mangalia. The park has easy access to the DJ 391 county road, Mangalia Negru-Vodă, as well as to the E 85 European highway (DN 39) Constanţa-Mangalia. It has access to the railway and to the port of Mangalia. Its closeness to the Bulgarian border creates opportunities for the development of import-export activities and cross-border cooperation.

Panattoni Europe, following in the footsteps of success in Poland, Czech Republic and Germany, has decided to expand into other European markets. The developer has opened another office - in Bucharest, Romania. Initially, the company will focus on developing build-to-suit (BTS) investments, but is also planning to create its own multi-tenant logistics centre near Bucharest. Panattoni Europe’s decision to enter the Romanian market was motivated by the country’s great potential. The newly opened Bucharest branch is headed by Managing Director, Muler Onfrei.

S.C. REIF Construct S.R.L. is developing infrastructure projects. In N-W Romania, Cluj County, it has recently constructed an industrial area for companies that want to establish in the region. On an area of 44 hectares (440,000 square meters), these companies have access to high quality infrastructure, a rich labor market and a favorable environment for business development. Reif Industrial Zone is adjacent to Campia Turzii city.

Bucuresti – Pitesti Highway, km 13,2 1-7 Italia Street, Chiajna, Ilfov county T: +40 21 202 60 00 / +40 740 109 674 contact@aicre.ro www.aicre.ro

SC Equest Investments SRL No. 90, 13 septembrie street, Marriott Grand Offices, room 4.10, district 5, Bucharest T: +40 21 403.44.91 office@equest-invest.com

Mangalia Industrial Park 1 Intrarea Portului St., PO no.1, PO Box-32, Mangalia, Constanța Tel/Fax: +40 341 566 942 parcindustrialm@yahoo.com www.mangaliaparc.ro

Panattoni Europe World Trade Center 10 Montreal Square, Entrance F Bucharest 011469, Romania Muler Onofrei Phone +40 21 202 30 28

REIF S.C. Reif Construct S.R.L. 64 A Iugoslaviei St., ap. 3 and 4, Cluj Napoca, Cluj Tel: +40 264 406 066 office@reifconstruct.ro www.reifconstruct.ro

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Laid along Splaiul Unirii, across the street from Timpuri Noi subway station, Timpuri Noi Square is one of the five key urban poles crossing Bucharest City Center, providing working, leisure and living functions, integrated into a mixed-use environment. 100,000 sqm GLA of modern, class A office and retail space, with 50,000 sqm underway in Phase 1. A dynamic plaza area with restaurants, cafes, snack bars and further retail amenities, BREEAM Excellent Design Stage certified.

Timpuri Noi Square/ Project by VASTINT

Business Garden Bucharest combines efficient office space with central office location, surrounded by an open garden for socializing and recreation. With only 10 minutes by car to the city center, next to the Carrefour Orhideea shopping gallery, the location allows easy access by subway and train, by car and other means of public transport. The LEED Platinum pre-certified complex offers 41,000 sqm GLA of modern, class A office & retail space, higher office standards, improved cost efficiency for your business and a better working environment for your employees.

Business Garden Bucharest / Project by VASTINT

AFI Park is an award winning Class A office project developed by AFI Europe in Romania, offering 70,000 sq.m of office leasable area, considered as the new IT&C hub for multinational companies in Bucharest. The LEED Gold certified business park is linked to AFI Cotroceni Shopping Mall of 90,000 sqm GLA, becoming an all in one (Offices, Shopping Mall, Entertainment) efficient location and served by Politehnica Metro station and 12 different bus and tram lines. The park is at 100% occupancy rate.

AFI PARK Project By AFI Europe

AFI Park Brasov project is a 25,000 sqm GLA Class A Office Project to be built in Brasov’s ultra City Center location. The office project will be developed on top and integrated into AFI Brasov Shopping Mall of 45,000 sqm GLA. Perfectly situated in the main traffic circulation cross roads of the City, AFI Park Brasov is the correct choice for tenants from the IT&C, BPO’s and Banking sectors. The complex will hold a LEED GOLD Certification for Green Building.

AFI Tech Park Business Campus is a 50,000 sqm GLA Class A Business Park, with its’ phase A recently completed, positioned in close proximity to the J.W. Marriott Hotel and the Romanian Parliament, Bucharest. AFI Tech Park will comprise of 2 office buildings of 8 floors each and a 14 floor office tower, all surrounded with ample green areas, offering an IT&C / Campus style environment and being an alternative to outskirts office locations. The Park benefits from excellent accessibility and visibility and is served by retail facilities and public transportation.

165 Splaiul Unirii, District 3, Bucharest, Romania T: +40 21 321 40 07 info.romania@vastint.eu www.TNsquare.ro

159 Calea Plevnei, District 6, Bucharest, Romania T: +40 21 321 40 07 info.romania@vastint.eu www.businessgarden.ro

4 Vasile Milea Blvd., District 6, Bucharest Tel.: +40 (21) 412 0220 afioffices@afi-europe.ro www.afieurope.ro

AFI PARK BRASOV Project By AFI Europe 4 Vasile Milea Blvd., District 6, Bucharest Tel.: +40 (21) 412 0220 afioffices@afi-europe.ro www.afieurope.ro

AFI TECH PARK Project By AFI Europe 4 Vasile Milea Blvd., District 6, Bucharest Tel.: +40 (21) 412 0220 afioffices@afi-europe.ro www.afieurope.ro



myhive Metroffice Bucharest, Romania A property of IMMOFINANZ Contact us to find out availability and for further information: leasing_office_RO@immofinanz.com +40 31 405 1702

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myhive Metroffice is located in Northern Bucharest, with direct connection to the subway and additional public transport by buses and trams. The location also benefits from prime access to city center main roads, ring roads and Henri Coanda International Airport. myhive Metroffice stands for friendly and lively atmosphere combined with optimal infrastructure and services.

Iride Business Park is located in Northern Bucharest, in a newly developed administrative and business district. Minibuses, trams and the underground provide excellent public transport access. The location also benefits from its prime location near major trunk and ring roads and it is a mere 15 minute-drive to the airport. The park provides 92,855 sqm of rentable area. Buildings range from single to eight storeys.

myhive S-Park is located in Northern Bucharest, close to Presei Libere Square. Shuttle buses and bus routes provide good public transport and the location is well served by main roads with access to the city center and ring road system. The airport is a ten-minute drive away. The building provides 34,186 sqm of rentable area and is organized over eight levels: two basement levels, the ground floor and five upper storeys. myhive S-Park office building offers a wide range of services, excellent infrastructure and space for communicative and lively interaction between the tenants.

Pipera I is located in the Northern outskirts of Bucharest which border the Ilfov district. The area is easily accessible by car and it is a mere 15-minute drive to the airport. Shuttle buses operate from underground stations, including Pipera and Aurel Vlaicu. The building provides 19,743 sqm of rentable area and is organized over eight levels: basement, ground floor and six upper floors.

Victoria Park is located in Northern Bucharest, close to Baneasa Airport and the Baneasa Shopping Center, Bucharest’s main commercial center. Shuttle buses and bus routes provide good public transport access and the site benefits hugely from its location on a major trunk road with access to Bucharest’s ring road system. Baneasa Airport and Henri Coanda International Airport in Otopeni are at two and five-minute drive away, respectively. The buildings provide 20,991 sqm of rentable area, organized over six levels: basement, ground floor and four upper floors.

Bucharest Corporate Center is located in Bucharest’s central business district close to Victoriei Square. Buses, trams and the underground run nearby providing first-class public transport access. Road connections are also excellent and it is a mere 30 minute-drive to the airport. The building provides 11,672 sqm of rentable area and is organized over 19 levels: three underground storeys, the ground floor, a mezzanine, 13 upper floors and one technical floor.

Global Business Center is located in Western Bucharest, close to Cotroceni Palace and the Polytechnic Institute. Public transport and road connections are excellent, with a choice of bus and tram lines and an underground station in the immediate vicinity. The site allows easy access to the city center, Bucharest’s ring roads, and the two airports. The building provides 10,340 sqm of rentable space and is arranged into three underground and eight upper levels.

North Center is located on the Northern outskirts of Bucharest which border the Ilfov district. The area is easily accessible by car and it is a mere 15-minute drive to the airport. Shuttle buses operate from Pipera underground station. The building provides 9,628 sqm of rentable area and is organized over eight levels: basement, ground floor and six upper floors.

Baneasa Airport Tower is located on Bucharest’s Northern outskirts, close to Baneasa Airport. Buses and trams provide easy public transport access. The site is also very well connected by road and it is a short seven-minute drive to the Henri Coanda International Airport in Otopeni. The building provides 6,931 sqm of rentable area and is organized over nine levels: two underground storeys, a ground floor and six upper floors.

Zone 313 is a new project in the construction of a 10,000 sq. m office building, located at 313 – 315 Barbu Vacarescu Street, 2nd District scheduled to be delivered for rent and part for sale in the first quarter of 2019. Ideally situated in the mid – north of town, right in the center of the main office aria of Bucharest near Promenada Shopping Center, having a perfect accessibility and excellent connection to public transportation, “Zone 313” is developed by GD TOTAL SERVICE.

Bucharest Corporate Center Bucharest, Romania A property of IMMOFINANZ Contact us to find out availability and for further information: leasing_office_RO@immofinanz.com +40 31 405 1702

Global Business Center Bucharest, Romania A property of IMMOFINANZ Contact us to find out availability and for further information: leasing_office_RO@immofinanz.com +40 31 405 1702

North Center Bucharest, Romania A property of IMMOFINANZ Contact us to find out availability and for further information: leasing_office_RO@immofinanz.com +40 31 405 1702

Baneasa Airport Tower Bucharest, Romania A property of IMMOFINANZ Contact us to find out availability and for further information: leasing_office_RO@immofinanz.com +40 31 405 1702

Zone 313 GD TOTAL SERVICE SRL 313-315 Barbu Vacarescu Street, Building B, 1-st Floor, Sector 2, Bucharest, Romania M: +40744 605 357 Email: office@zone313.ro www.zone313.ro



PLAZA ROMANIA OFFICES 26 Timisoara Blvd., District 6, Bucharest Tel.: +40 (21) 407 84 00 leasing@anchorgrup.ro

METROPOL 16 Timisoara Blvd., District 6, Bucharest Tel.: +40 (21) 407 84 00 leasing@anchorgrup.ro www.metropolplaza.ro

ANCHOR PLAZA 26Z Timisoara Blvd., District 6, Bucharest Tel.: +40 (21) 407 84 00 leasing@anchorgrup.ro www.anchorplaza.ro

THE MARK 84-98 Calea Grivitei, 010735, District 1, Bucharest Phone: +40 (0)21 780 71-67 Fax: +40 (0)21 780 71-69 office@simmoag.ro

Sun Offices 391 Calea Vacaresti, 040069, District 4, Bucharest Phone: +40 (0)21 780 71-67 Fax: +40 (0)21 780 71-69 office@simmoag.ro


Plaza Romania Offices is the latest addition to the Anchor Grup portfolio and resulted from the first conversion of a retail space into an office one made by the international company. With a leasable area of over 10.000 square meters and high efficiency in space utilization, Plaza Romania Offices is the ideal office building for companies that want to offer a significant and diversified amount of benefits to their employees. Among these are numerous stores, many parking spaces, a large variety of restaurants and coffee shops, Movieplex Cinema (11 screens), World Class fitness center, and a beauty salon.

Located nearby Plaza Romania, Anchor Plaza Metropol has all the advantages provided by the shopping center. Its generous GLA, which amounts to 35.000 square meters, demonstrates that this office building can accommodate corporations or other large tenants. The large floor plate of 3.450 square meters allows maximum space utilization together with space flexibility and technical requirements according to the different needs based on type of activity.

Anchor Plaza is the first A class office building in Bucharest integrated within a retail scheme. It provides functional and architectural features such as an attractive entrance and flexible partitioning options. Anchor Plaza means, in figures, 25.000 square meters of leasable area on 13 floors, 255 indoor and outdoor parking spaces, 24/7 access control and security monitoring system. The building is endowed with high speed elevators, as well as many other above the usual standards options that may accommodate medium to large scale requirements. Conveniently situated nearby Lujerului subway station and with easy access to tram and buses, Anchor Plaza is very easy to access.

Ideally located, very close to Victoriei Square, THE MARK is the first significant class A office building being developed in Bucharest CBD in the past ten years. With a total built area of 43,000 m2 and circa 25,500 m2 GLA, THE MARK comprises two class A+ office buildings – a 14 storey tower and a 6 level podium-building – and will benefit of a generous parking area with 345 car seats, as well as bicycle racks and electrical vehicle charging stations. The construction works started in July 2016 and will be completed in the second quarter of 2018.

Located right on top of Sun Plaza, one of the largest shopping centers in Bucharest, SUN OFFICES are the best office premises in the southern part of Bucharest. The building provides approximately 10,000 m2 high class office space displayed on 3 levels, with high technical specifications. Keeping business flexible, innovative and competitive is vital for most companies, so partitioning office spaces in ranges from 450 m2 to 3,200 m2 on a single floor offers excellent solutions for any activity type. The building is situated in one of the most dynamic neighbourhoods in Bucharest and benefits of excellent connections to all key areas in the city, being home to notorious tenants such as Pepsi or Regina Maria.


Explore the magic world of colours! www.caparol.ro Being the first modern office development in Bucharest, the project comprises of two buildings (Opera Center One and Opera Center Two) and it has a total lettable area of ca 15,500 sq m 2U+GF+7F. It is located in front of Opera House and along Dambovita River therefore it offers an excellent panorama over the area benefitting from natural light and easy access to all means of transportation. The architecture complies perfectly with its location, barrowing from each corner an element of surroundings. Opera Center accommodates the headquarters of reputable companies, such as: NN Lease (ING Group), Glaxo Smithkline, Stoica & Asociatii, PayU, DHL Logistics, Borza & Asociatii, KING Games, Qualitance, CEC Bank, BRD – Groupe Societe Generale.

Uniquely positioned across Victoria Palace, the place where the Romanian Government holds its Headquarter, the building successfully fulfils the needs of any exigent tenant. The Project is considered being a landmark on the CBD market due especially to its strategic location and its outstanding architecture concept. The language of transparency and opacity, solid walls and large windows, recalls the modernist tradition of the city. It has a total lettable area of 16,430 sq m and it hosts some of the most prestigious tenants in the market: Orange Romania, METLIFE, Bristol Myers-Squibb, Arnia Software, Qatar Airways, BSS, Mitsubishi.

A project has a high quality approach in architecture and a modern urban design able to provide a healthy live-and-work environment having full access to natural light and sophisticated technical specifications. Formed by two splendid office buildings - River View House and Atrium House - with a lettable area of 47,600 sq m, the Project is accommodating important companies such as: British American Shared Services Europe, Computer Generated Solutions, Ipsos Interactive Services, Temenos, SKF Romania, Telecom, PTC Eastern Europe. Making its role as an edge along the riverside, the Project contributed to the urban definition of the area conversing it from an industrial plot into a modern office area.

Being placed on one of the most exquisite boulevards on Bucharest, in close vicinity to the Press House, the Project set in landscaped surroundings, is formed by four buildings, each of five floors and provides over 26,000 sq m of office space. The ensemble is a functional typological model of Business Park: high quality office building, with a small height ratio, within an open composition, set on a generous land. The architectural definition of the ensemble is simple and coherent, with full-gap stringcourses of terracotta cladding alternated with green strips, protected by sunblinds. The Project takes advantage of a landscape surrounding delivering a pleasant commercial architecture and a relaxing working place environment. Companies working in BBP: Astra Zeneca, Unicredit Bank, British American Tobacco (Romania), Merck Sharp&Dohme, Heidelbergcement Romania, Coca-Cola, Ergo Asigurari, Altius.

Orhideea Towers - a new concept of workspace. Designed by BEHF, reputable Austrian architecture firm, Orhideea Towers is airy, bright and well balanced. An icon landmark project located in the new emerging central-western business district of Bucharest, the building has been developed according to CA Immo’s highest quality standards, in terms of design, technical specifications and sustainability criteria. It is constructed as a green building, applying for LEED Gold/Platinum certification. Dedicated to dynamic companies and their people, total gross leasable area of 37,000 square meters, project delivered in Q3 2018. New tenants in Orhideea Towers: Misys (FINASTRA), Bitdefender, Thales Systems Romania, DHL Romania, Bandai Namco Entertainment Romania, ING Bank, Stradale.

Opera Center CA Immo Real Estate Management Romania S.R.L. 47-53 Lascar Catargiu Blvd., Europe House, 5th floor Bucharest, Romania Tel: 0040 21 300 17 00 E-mail: office@caimmo.ro

Europe House CA Immo Real Estate Management Romania S.R.L. 47-53 Lascar Catargiu Blvd., Europe House, 5th floor Bucharest, Romania Tel: 0040 21 300 17 00 E-mail: office@caimmo.ro

Riverplace CA Immo Real Estate Management Romania S.R.L. 47-53 Lascar Catargiu Blvd., Europe House, 5th floor Bucharest, Romania Tel: 0040 21 300 17 00 E-mail: office@caimmo.ro

Bucharest Business Park CA Immo Real Estate Management Romania S.R.L. 47-53 Lascar Catargiu Blvd., Europe House, 5th floor Bucharest, Romania Tel: 0040 21 300 17 00 E-mail: office@caimmo.ro

Orhideea Towers CA Immo Real Estate Management Romania S.R.L. 47-53 Lascar Catargiu Blvd., Europe House, 5th floor Bucharest, Romania Tel: 0040 21 300 17 00 E-mail: office@caimmo.ro

INTERESTED IN RENTING THE ABOVE LOCATIONS? Call your agent! | www.24real.ro



Equilibrium Skanska Romania Green Court Bucharest, Building C, 4 Gara Herastrau St., 3rd floor, RO-020334 Bucharest www.skanska.ro

BANEASA BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY PARK 42-44 Bucuresti-Ploiesti Road, District 1, Bucharest Tel.: +40 (21) 305 71 94 office_bbtp@baneasa.ro www.baneasa.ro

DOROBANTI 239 239 Dorobanti Road, District 1, Bucharest Tel.: +40 (21) 305 71 94 office_d239@baneasa.ro www.dorobanti239.ro

Expo Business Park Expo Business Park, 54A Comandor Aviator Popisteanu, District 1, Bucharest, 012095 office@portlandtrust.ro +4 021 317 60 60 www.expobusinesspark.ro

Willbrook Platinum Business and Convention Center 172 -176 Bucuresti Ploiesti Street + 40 212 317 430 office@willbrook.ro www.willbrook.ro


Skanska began the construction of the first phase of Equilibrium office project located in the northern part of Bucharest, in the Barbu Vacarescu - Floreasca area. The first building will comprise of 20.800 sq. m GLA and has an estimated delivery time in Q2 2019. Upon completion, the entire two-building complex will offer 40.700 sq. m Skanska commenced also the development of Campus 6, the office project located in the Central-West area of Bucharest, in the proximity of University Politehnica of Bucharest. The company invests EUR 37.8M in the first building of Campus 6, a project that has a total leasable area of 82,000 sqm, and the office project consists of four A class buildings.

Baneasa Business & Technology Park is a business park, consisting of two office buildings, completed in Q4 of 2007, placed on Underground+ Ground Floor+4th Floor+Technical Floor, with a total leasable area (including terraces) 28,614 sqm, developed on a plot of 24,419 s qm, providing a work environment up to the modern standards of Romania. It represents the gateway to the city from Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport, DN1, located in northern Bucharest, in the Baneasa neighborhood. Easy access to an international airport, generous parking lots and the pro­x imity to the city center are just some of the advantages of the new office buildings inside Baneasa Business & Technology Park.

Dorobanti 239 is a Class A office building, which benefits from perfect visibility on one of the most aglomerate arteries of Bucharest, Dorobanti, near the Romanian Television and Primaverii Quarter. Dorobanti 239, opened in 2005, has a lettable area of 6,500 sqm. The existing building has a ground floor and 6 floors, with an average floor area of about 950 sqm. Parking is on 2 levels and includes 95 underground parking spaces.

Is a new office park developed by Portland Trust, located on Expozitiei Boulevard in North-West Bucharest. Delivery of the project is scheduled for summer 2019, and has a GLA of approximately 42,000 sq m. The project offers a healthy work environment with generous receptions, excellent natural light and high flexibility for partitioning in a new vibrant office park development. The entire Expozitiei Boulevard will soon be expanded and will go through a comprehensive landscaping upgrade This flourishing business hub comprises office buildings, residential buildings, hotels, sport facilities, exhibition centres and universities.

Willbrook Platinum Business and Convention Center is the new premium destination in Bucharest, built in compliance with green deve­lopment guidelines. Platinum Business and Convention Center is at the heart of an area rapidly becoming the leading office location in Bucharest. The site is surrounded by Baneasa Forest, with direct access to the Bucharest – Ploiesti highway (DN1) leading from the city center to the airport. Comprising two state-of-the-art buildings, connected by a pedestrian bridge, Willbrook Pla­tinum Business and Convention Center provides 40,000 sqm of class A office spaces and convention facilities.


Explore the magic world of colours! www.caparol.ro

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Baneasa Center Adval Asset Management Banu Antonache Offices, 40-44 Banul Antonache Street Sector 1, Bucharest, 011665, Romania T: +40 (0) 31 104 0035 F: +40 (0) 21 361 1166 office@advalmanagement.com

Banu Antonache Adval Asset Management Banu Antonache Offices, 40-44 Banul Antonache Street Sector 1, Bucharest, 011665, Romania T: +40 (0) 31 104 0035 F: +40 (0) 21 361 1166 office@advalmanagement.com

Romana Offices Adval Asset Management Banu Antonache Offices, 40-44 Banul Antonache Street Sector 1, Bucharest, 011665, Romania T: +40 (0) 31 104 0035 F: +40 (0) 21 361 1166 office@advalmanagement.com

Hermes Business Campus D.Pompeiu Blvd 5-7 / District 2 RO 020335 Bucharest [T] +40 21 569 91 45 mitricoaia@atenor.ro www.atenor.ro

Charles de Gaulle Plaza GLL Real Estate Partners GmbH Lindwurmstrasse 76 80337 Munich Tel.: +49 (0)89 - 726 103 930 info@gll-partners.com www.gll-partners.com


Baneasa Business Center is a prominent office building and comprises nine floors of flexible open plan office accommodation above ground. The building was built in two phases during 2002 and 2003 and was one of the first buildings in Bucharest to offer accommodation suitable for international tenants. There are 132 dedicated underground and above ground car parking spaces. The property is located in the established office district of North Bucharest. The building has an excellent visibility adjacent to the underpass in Baneasa.

The property was built in 2006 and provides five floors of high specification open plan office accommodation above ground and two levels of parking underground. Situated prominently on the corner of a busy intersection the building is well known as one of the most attractive office developments in Bucharest, located in central Bucharest just off Calea Floreasca, one of the most affluent districts in the city. It is a popular commercial and residential location with a wide range of retail amenities nearby. The location enables easy access to the city centre and the international airports (Baneasa and Otopeni). Public transport facilities are good with numerous bus and tram lines.

Romana Office is a headquarters style property that comprises six floors above ground and two floors of underground parking providing 34 spaces. Designed to a high specification to provide cutting-edge office accommodation in the heart of the city, it offers a modernly designed reception area with ground floor retail space let to a renowned food provider, both with direct access to Blvd. Dacia. The property is located in the prime central business district adjacent to Romana Square and has frontage to Blvd. Dacia, a busy road in the heart of Bucharest.

In light of the urban needs, ATENOR has reckoned on the construction of competitive buildings in terms of the planning, location and techniques implemented. Hermes Business Campus (3 phase development with approximately 72,000 m2 above ground) was awarded BREEAM ‚Excellent’ environmental certification. Characterized by the size and flexibility of their office floors on the one hand, and their technical quality on the other hand, the buildings allow a high level of concentration and a high efficiency. The project was and will remain sustainable and ideal to meet the local demand of national and international companies.

Charles de Gaulle Plaza is one of the most prominent buildings in Bucharest comprising a total area of approximately 23,000 sq m of modern office space, spread over 17 levels. Car parking is provided by way of 360 dedicated space in the 5 underground levels as well as onstreet car parking in the vicinity. Tenants’ employees can benefit from close proximity to one of Bucharest’s best parks, Herastrau, as well as a number of restaurants coffee shops, supermarkets and Embassies in the immediate vicinity. GLL owns also in Romania Floreasca Park 37,500 sqm and Victoria Center – 8,600 s qm.


Olympia Tower is positioned in the central fast – expanding financial area of Bucharest, on Decebal Boulevard at the junction of the three main boulevards, Mihai Bravu, Decebal and Calea Calarasi. The building is very visible and easily accessed from all parts of the city, with connections to all means of urban transportation. The Muncii subway station is across the street, 50 m away. Total office area: 9,555 sqm.

Olympia Tower Olympia Dezvoltare SRL WTC, 10 Montreal Square, entrance E, 3rd floor Sector 1, Bucharest T: +4 021 311 03 53 office@bluehousecapital.com.ro

The first of the two “PC Center“ office building was developed on a plot of land situated in the Northern part of Bucharest, on BucurestiPloiesti Avenue. Stretching on a surface of over 1,836 sqm, this plot provides a direct access to downtown, as well as to Henri Coanda International Airport (approx. 10 minutes of drive). The project is unique by its location, dimensions, facilities and concept. The technical data are: footprint area: 918,00 sqm; Project total gross area: 8,459 sqm. The building functions: 1 underground parking levels comprising also the technical rooms, 1 semi-basement for parking ground floor, 8 offices levels.


Located as a continuation of the street opening, second of the two “PC Center” office buildings, is unique, also, by it’s location. The building architecture complies with the first “PC Center” office building, being a continuation of it, in terms of appearance and functionality. Technical data: footprint area: 900,00 sqm; total gross area: 10,380.00 sqm. The building functions are distributed as follows: 2 underground parking levels comprising also the technical rooms, ground floor, 9 above ground office levels. This building amazes with its view on Grivita Lake and Herastrau Park and through its glazed walls that allow a special natural lighting

“PC CENTER Business Center “

Novo Park is one of the first and the largest business parks in Bucharest. The complex consists of seven buildings with a gross leasable area of 75,000 square meters of class A office spaces, and is located in the North of Bucharest, next to Pipera subway station. The first building was inaugurated in 2005 and the complex has currently reached 99% occupancy rate. Novo Park is located in the North of Bucharest, in Pipera district. The office complex is 15 minutes away from downtown, it is very close to Henry Coanda International Airport and to the main National Roads (A1, A2 and A3 Highway, DN1). Also, the tenants have easy access to public transportation.

Novo Park

West Gate Business District is one of the largest business parks in Bucharest, developed by Ge­nesis Development. West Gate Business District extends 75,000sqm of leasing area, comprising an elite group of tenants made up exclusively of prestigious multinationals. The office park provides exceptional venues for international or local tenants requiring integrated office spaces. West Gate Offices has five buildings with 15,000 sqm rentable area per building of high quality Class A offices and ancillary accommodation.

PC MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING SRL 9-13 Bucuresti-Ploiesti Avenue, district 1, Bucharest T: +4 021 233.20.15/16 e-mail : office@pc-management.ro

PC MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING SRL 9-13 Bucuresti-Ploiesti Avenue, District 1, Bucharest T: +4 021 233.20.15/16 office@pc-management.ro

Genesis Development 24 Preciziei Boulevard District 6, Bucharest Phone: +40 213 020 809 Leasing Manager- Stefan Tudos stefan.tudos@idgrup.ro www.novo-park.ro

West Gate Business District 24 Preciziei Boulevard District 6, Bucharest Phone: +40 213 020 809 Leasing Manager- Stefan Tudos stefan.tudos@idgrup.ro www.westgatepark.ro



Ana Tower Ana Hotels Poligrafiei 1c, 1st Floor, Bucharest + georgiana.nedelea@ana.ro anahotels.ro

One United Properties 56 Dacia Boulevard, Bucharest +40 31 225 10 00 beatrice.dumitrascu@oneunited.ro www.oneunited.ro

United Business Center – Openville Timişoara 1 Demetriade Street, Timişoara T: +40 256 401 604 F: +40 256 401 630 office@openville.ro www.openville.ro

United Business Center – Palas Iaşi 7A Palas Street, A1 Building, 2nd floor, Iaşi T: +40 232 209 990 F: +40 232 209 991 iasi@unitedbusinesscenter.ro www.unitedbusinesscenter.ro

United Business Center – Cluj-Napoca 53 B Al. Vaida Voievod Street, ClujNapoca T: +40 264 206 400 F: +40 264 206 444 cluj@unitedbusinesscenter.ro www.unitedbusinesscenter.ro


Ana Tower Offices, the company owned by Romanian businessman George Copos, is developing - Ana Tower, the office scheme in Expozitiei area, next to Crowne Plaza Hotel. With a height exceeding 100 meters, totalling 25 floors over the ground (3B+GF+24F+Tehnical Floor), Ana Tower will change the skyline of the area surrounding Romexpo, which announces to be the new business hub of Bucharest. The construction works started in Q4 2017 and are expected to be finalized in Q4 2019, when a surface of 54,000 sqm GBA will be added to the stock of class A office spaces from Bucharest.

One United Properties is a Leading Green Developer of premium residential real estate, and office buildings. The company was established in 2011, although the founders have been building residential projects together since 2006 and have invested in real estate since 2000. One United is developing One Tower office building (P + 16) sums up to 24,000 sqm and has acquired - North Gate , one of the top office developments in the Metropolitan North area, a building with a leasable area (GLA) of 23,000 sqm and 504 parking spaces.

United Business Center is part of Openville, the project pending construction in downtown Timişoara and integrating the current Iulius Mall. Openville will be the largest mixed-use project in the west of Romania and the main business, shopping, and leisure destination here. The project provides a synergic mixture that draws together 130,000 sqm of office spaces in 7 class A buildings, an extra 47,000 sqm of retail premises, 450 stores, restaurants and themed cafés, a multiplex cinema, 10 conference and event halls, the largest suspended park in Romania, and 4,068 parking spaces. The project is developed by IULIUS and Atterbury Europe.

Opened in 2010, United Business Center Iași includes 6 fully operational class A office buildings, being an integral part of the Palas multifunctional urban project, the first lifestyle complex in Romania that was developed by IULIUS. Located in the ultracentral area of Iaşi, United Business Center is the regional business pole for the IT and Outsourcing industry, comprising over 50 national and multinational companies with 7,000 employees in approximately 72,000 sqm GLA.

United Business Center operates two class A buildings located in the vicinity of Iulius Mall and within a 10 minutes’ walking distance from the historic center. Iulius Business Center office building opened in 2008, has an 8,000 sqm leasable area and accommodates 1,000 employees. United Business Center Tower office building opened in the autumn of 2014 and has a 10,000 sqm leasable area, accommodating 1,100 employees. With a distinctive architecture and elegant interior finishes, the two buildings meet all the class A requirements, providing an environment that is finely tuned to the tenants’ needs.




Globalworth Globalworth Real Estate Investments Limited Globalworth Tower, 26th floor, 201 Barbu Văcărescu Boulevard, 2nd district, 020276, Bucharest Tel: +4 (0) 372 800 000 Email: enquiries@globalworth.com

Aviators Park 1-3, Gheorghe Magheru Bd., 2nd floor 1st District, Bucharest 0040 21 230 60 40 0040 747 225 500 bucuresti@sb-gruppe.at

Magheru One 1-3, Gheorghe Magheru Bd., 2nd floor 1st District, Bucharest 0040 21 230 60 40 0040 747 225 500 bucuresti@sb-gruppe.at

Pipera Business Tower 1-3, Gheorghe Magheru Bd., 2nd floor 1st District, Bucharest 0040 21 230 60 40 0040 747 225 500 bucuresti@sb-gruppe.at

Jean Texier 3 1-3, Gheorghe Magheru Bd., 2nd floor 1st District, Bucharest 0040 21 230 60 40 0040 747 225 500 bucuresti@sb-gruppe.at


Globalworth is a leading real estate company with a primary focus on Poland and Romania, the two largest markets in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The company acquires, develops and manages commercial real estate assets, primarily in the office sector, with the objective of being the landlord of choice for the broad and growing variety of multinational corporations in the region. Globalworth has an internal team of over 110 professionals located in Romania and in Poland, through its subsidiary Globalworth Poland (GPRE), and has an overall real estate portfolio valued at approximately €2 billion.

One minute walk from the International Airport of Bucharest, ca. 10 km from the heart of Bucharest, Aviators Park is easily accessible by plane, by car both from Bucharest, Otopeni and Ploiesti, by means of public transportation (express busses 780 and 783, Express Train and the future Metro line 6). Aviators Park will host a 4 star international hotel with approximately 200 rooms and ca. 20.000 sq.m. office space in four distinct buildings, with floor plates varying from 800-4.500 sq.m. and with office spaces starting from 120 sq.m.

Magheru One, a seven-storied building with high-class equipment, a modern proportion of rentable units, a great roof terrace and having the best location in the city hosts offices and shops. The building has a total rentable area of ca. 4.000 sqm, and for offices each floor of ca. 477 sqm can be split in ca. 170 sqm and 306sqm. You can find here wellknown local and international tenants as Digi, Libra Bank, Epstein, Hochland, AT Kearney, Bohalteanu si Asociatii, Korn Ferry etc.

Pipera Business Tower is a landmark building of Dimitrie Pompeiu Bd. The floor plans have been conceived in such way as to permit a partition into bigger or smaller renting units. Rentable spaces are available starting with 250 sqm. The building has about 13.300 rentable square meters and 13 floors. Our tenants here are: Unicredit Bank, PHD Delivery, Wu Xing, Lidl Digital, Coconet, Star Storage, Agility, Union Otel, Wabag, Voith, ALEF, etc.

The building, having ca. 750 sqm is placed in a quiet residential area in northern Bucharest, close to downtown. There is a big network of public transportation in Charles de Gaulle Square (metro station, bus stations, express line for airport, taxis). Otopeni Aiport can be reached by car in only 20-25 minutes and is close to downtown (Romana, Victoriei, Universitatii and Unirii Squares) by car in about 5 to 10 min, depending on the traffic. As tenants we have Clinica AS, Ecocert Stores and Nichifor Consulting.


56,000 sqm built area and 51,000 sqm gross leasable area of Class A offices spread over two buildings si­tuated in a park like landscaped setting with emphasis on a high quality, functional and pleasant work environment. The two office buildings are designed to afford flexible floor plates ranging from 1,400 sqm to 3,400 sqm in size. Global City Business Park aims to be: a Positive Energetic Center for efficient business; a meeting place for tenants with global recognition and global impact; a complete mix of resources and services; a business center with distinctively designed office spaces.

Green Gate was built by incorporating the latest specifications and high-end interior design into one flexible space. Tenants requirements can be met to accommodate an open floor environments well as individual office units. A typical floor is approximately 2,400 square metres, and as it is organized around a single core, it can also be easily and very efficiently divided into up to 6 separate tenancies. Due to it’s shape and depth, all office spaces benefit from natural light. Total office space: 27,000 sqm.

Sema Office, the business park within Sema City, located central west of Bucharest, provides Class A office buildings with immediate access to Petrache Poenaru metro station (30 seconds). The first two office buildings were successfully leased and sold to Europolis in 2006. The 2nd phase includes three new buildings, Bruxelles (delivered), Paris and Berlin (under construction) - due to be delivered by year-end 2017, all providing 31,960 sq m GLA of offices, with floor plates between 2,400-6,700 sq m, suitable for IT, BPO, Call Center, automotive, banking, professional services and pharma companies.

Global City Business Park 10 Bucharest North Road, Building O21, 10th floor, Voluntari, Ilfov – Romania Tel: +40 21 310 11 00 www.globalcity.ro

Green Gate S Holding Group 22 Tudor Vladimirescu Blvd. 050883 - Bucharest giafer@green-gate.info novakova@green-gate.info www.green-gate.info

Sema Office 319 Splaiul Independenţei, O.B.5, 1st floor, 060044, Bucharest 6, Romania Tel.: +40 (21) 313 20 94 office@semaoffice.ro Tina VIRLAN Leasing Manager tina.virlan@semaparc.ro www.semaoffice.ro

Sema City Sema City is the largest urban conversion project of a former Semanatoarea industrial area, a development of 964,800 sq m total built area, on a large land plot in the central-western part of Bucharest, near Regie Student Campus. It is a mixed-use scheme, including a business park with class A office buildings (526,800 sq m), retail (93,500 sq m) and residential (305,200 sq m). The concept behind this project is „city-in-city”, offering all the amenities of a complete city, having all the facilities nearby.

Rising 37 floors high, the SkyTower redefines the skyline of the City of Bucharest. This powerful new landmark introduces a completely new business perspective and is designed to attract corporate tenants looking for premium quality, maximum space flexibility, innovative architecture, excellent location and perfect visibility for their offices. The SkyTower provides state of the art office spaces (41,200 sqm – rentable area) with unique panoramic views over Bucharest, a first class restaurant with a skybar, a conference area on the top floors and a prime location in the North of Bucharest.

319 Splaiul Independenţei, O.B.5, 1st floor, 060044, Bucharest 6, Romania Tel.: +40 (21) 313 20 94 office@semacity.ro Tina VIRLAN Leasing Manager tina.virlan@semaparc.ro www.semacity.ro

SkyTower Skytower Building SRL Bucharest, 246C Calea Floreasca, 1st Floor, District 1 Tel.: +40 317 114 030 Letting Manager Bogdan Deju T: +40 317 114 040 M: 0784 222 888 bogdan.deju@rphinternational.com



Record Park A development of Speedwell 20A Onisifor Ghibu, Cluj-Napoca Leasing: +40 (0) 721.711.634 office@record-park.ro Sales: +40 (0) 733.927.237 residential@record-park.ro www.speedwell.be

Unirii View Brought to you by Speedwell & Griffes 6-8 Corneliu Coposu Boulevard, District 3, 030606, Bucharest, Romania E-mail: office@uniriiview.ro Phone: +40 (0) 721 711 634 www.uniriiview.ro

Ethos House Ethos House 240B Calea Floreasca St. Bucharest, Romania +40 21 233 9366 office@ethoshouse.ro

CBC-Office 3 Nerva Traian St, M101 building, District 3, Bucharest Tel. +40 21 31.03.011 Fax +40 21 31.03.035 office@cbc-office.ro www.cbc-office.ro

International Business Center 34-36 Carol I Blvd. District 2, Bucharest Tel. +4021 317 30 61 Fax +4021 317 30 63 www.ibc-modern.ro


Located in vibrant Cluj-Napoca, within 700 m from the city center, RECORD offers the perfect balance between living, working, education and leisure. All functions are integrated into a mixeduse environment with A-class offices up to 12.000m2, more than 230 apartments, a historical building rejuvenated and transformed into an innovation hub, leisure areas and sport facilities. RECORD’s A-Class Offices contain 3 underground parking levels, ground floor and 6 large-floorplate efficient upper floors. Public transport, convenient stores, restaurants, fitness and kindergarten are all within minutes walking. The BREEAM Excellent certification subscribes the intention of this newest modern office development, reviving this inner-city area of Cluj-Napoca.

Unirii View is the tallest and greenest new commercial development in Unirii Square, recognized as “Km 0” of Bucharest in terms of transportation links and connections towards all city districts. The 17,500 m2 GLA class A office tower comprises 17 upper floors, a ground floor with retail area, plus 3 underground parking levels. Upon completion, in 2018, the column-free office space with floorto-ceiling windows will offer amazing 360 o views over the city and an efficient space layout with unlimited arrangement options. The building is built to achieve the BREEAM Excellent ranking under the new 2016 sustainability regulations.

Ethos House is the new iconic landmark in the new Bucharest business district, adjacent to Floreasca Lake, located adjacent to Floreasca Lake in the new Bucharest business district, Calea Floreasca street no. 240B - 200 meters to Promenada Mall. The design is influenced by the Florentine Renaissance. 8,000 sqm Office Space Groundfloor + 7 Floors; 2 Underground Parkings; 2 Elevators x 17 persons each; 100 m lakefront with park.

CBC is a A class office building located in the heart of Bucharest on Nerva Traian Street. Overlooking the upcoming Esplanade commercial area it is one of Bucharest’s most eminent viewpoints. Built on 15,600 sqm and with a net leasable area amounts to 13.900 sqm expanded on G+11F. Located on the intersection of Nerva Traian Street with busy Blvd. Unirii, CBC lies at the crossroads of two magistrales crossing Bucharest’s city. The newly built Pasaj Marasesti due to open late 2007 will bring additional visibility the building and easiness in accessing the location.

International Business Center Modern, a modern fourteen storey building with a distinctive facade is located in the heart of the city and allows both small and large companies to create a professional business image. International Business Center Modern offers 7,500 sqm open office spaces with flexible layout to suit every requirement. Unit size can vary from 60 to 800 sqm / floor. An off site parking area just behind the building accommodates about 120 vehicles.


Forte Partners, one of the most active office real estate developers in Romania, has signed the full sale of the office project THE BRIDGE to Dedeman Group, producing the largest real estate transaction of the year 2018. The Bridge project, to be developed in three phases that will create approximately 80,000 sqm, will be taken over by Dedeman Group. The first phase was leased to tenants such as BCR and IBM, the second phase is under construction and was pre-leased to UPC, Schlumberger and Medicover, and the third phase is in the preparatory stage.

Ownership: 100%; Lettable area: 36,300 sqm; Valuation: €107,7 million; Passing rent: €7,9 million; Major tenants: Berlin Chemie, BGP Products, Colliers, Daikin, DHL, Exxon Mobil, Federal Mogul, General Electric, Holcim, L’Oreal, Lenovo, Mars, Regus, Royal Canin, Sandoz, Wipro; Contact: Marius Barbu, mbarbu@nepinvest.com, +40 722 338 973; Bucharest, Romania. Website: floreascabusinesspark.ro

Ownership: 100% ; Lettable area: 25,600 sqm; Valuation: €71,0 million; Passing rent: €5.3 million; Major tenants: Abbvie, Alcon, Huawei, LeasePlan, Novartis, Philips, PricewaterhouseCoopers; Contact: Marius Barbu, mbarbu@nepinvest.com, +40 722 338 973; Bucharest, Romania.Website: thelakeview.ro

The Bridge Dedeman SRL 8 Alexei Tolstoi street, Bacau +4 0234-513.330 comercial@dedeman.ro www.dedeman.ro

Floreasca Business Park NEPI Investment Management SA 301-311 Barbu Vacarescu, 3rd floor, Bucharest 2, 020276 Phone: +40 21 232 13 98 Email: officero@nepinvest.com

The Lakeview NEPI Investment Management SA 301-311 Barbu Vacarescu, 3rd floor, Bucharest 2, 020276 Phone: +40 21 232 13 98 Email: officero@nepinvest.com

Ownership: 100% ; Lettable area: 47.600 sqm; Valuation: €97.7 million; Passing rent: € 8.0 million; Major tenants: 3Pillar Global, Accenture, Alcatel, Autoliv, Bosch, Deloitte, Ernst&Young, Generali, Hella, IBM, Maerz Ofenbau, OMV Petrom, Raiffeisen Bank, Toluna, UniCredit Tiriac Bank, Visma, Wipro; Contact: Marius Barbu, mbarbu@ nepinvest.com, +40 722 338 973; Timis, Romania. Website: businesscentre.ro

City Business Centre

Ownership: 50%; Lettable area: 42,800 sq m; Valuation: €82 million; Passing rent: €6.6 million; Major tenants: 3Pillar Global, Betfair, Bombardier, Bosch, Corporate Office Solutions (COS), Deloitte, Ernst&Young, HP, Leoni, Lohika Systems, National Instruments, TUI, Wolters Kluwer, Yardi, Yonder; Contact: Marius Barbu, mbarbu@nepinvest.com, +40 722 338 973; Cluj, Romania. Website: theofficecluj.ro

The Office

NEPI Investment Management SA 301-311 Barbu Vacarescu, 3rd floor, Bucharest 2, 020276 Phone: +40 21 232 13 98 Email: officero@nepinvest.com

NEPI Investment Management SA 301-311 Barbu Vacarescu, 3rd floor, Bucharest 2, 020276 Phone: +40 21 232 13 98 Email: officero@nepinvest.com



Dem Dobrescu Primavera Development 22-26 Siriului Street, 6th floor, District 1 Bucharest Tel: +40 21 300 88 02 Fax: +40 21 300 88 03 info@primavera-development.ro www.primavera-development.ro

Located in the heart of Bucharest, this unique office building stands out through its architecture, being at the same time a symbol of the 1989 Revolution and an icon of urban renewal. The unicity of the actual design of the office building resulted from the historical heritage of the location. The transparency and color of the building is impressively outlined by the ruin facade which remained after the fire and the shootings during the Revolution and which was carefully restored according to original plans.

Frumoasa 30 Primavera Development 22-26 Siriului Street, 6th floor, District 1 Bucharest Tel: +40 21 300 88 02 Fax: +40 21 300 88 03 info@primavera-development.ro www.primavera-development.ro

Frumoasa 30 represents a new, modern office building, strategically located in the heart of Bucharest, close to Victoriei Square, with easy access directly from Victoriei Boulevard. The building combines an attractive architectural design with high quality specifications, efficient design and optimal flexibility. Frumoasa 30 offers to its tenants 44 underground parking places and 3,200 sq m rentable area of „A” class office accommodation and associated services.

CSDA Siriului Primavera Development 22-26 Siriului Street, 6th floor, District 1 Bucharest Tel: +40 21 300 88 02 Fax: +40 21 300 88 03 info@primavera-development.ro www.primavera-development.ro

Business Forum Pitesti Cristina Dumitru, Administrator: +40 734 459 008 receptie.caf@gic.ro www.businessforumpitesti.ro

The purpose of the CSDA Siriului is to create a dynamic and productive environment wherein the tenants can focus on operations, production and marketing, by allowing the center to handle administrative details and overhead problems. CSDA Siriului comprises of 3,500 sqm rentable area of „A” class office accommodation over 6 levels. It makes intelligent use of space with over 650 sq m floor plates carefully designed to maximize efficiency and work flexibility.

Business Forum Pitesti is an A+ office center located in the central area of Pitesti, at the intersection between I.C. Bratianu Blvd. and Calea Bucuresti. Advantages: easily accessible from town or from the A2 highway, modern concept and design oriented towards business efficiency and customers’ needs, supporting business services located within the building on nearby (e.g. notary, admin, IT, etc.), extended flexibility in defining the layout in accordance to customers’ needs, detailed and accurate metering of the energy and utilities consumption for each of the office or business space, energy efficient building, secure parking- 220 cars - Coffee shop and Restaurant – SPA& Wellness, fitness, squash, indoor swimming pool.

CSDA Bornemisza Primavera Development 22-26 Siriului Street, 6th floor, District 1 Bucharest Tel: +40 21 300 88 02 Fax: +40 21 300 88 03 info@primavera-development.ro www.primavera-development.ro


CSDA Bornemisza is located near the main square of the city and only 2 minutes away from the Citadel, in the heart of the touristic centre of Tirgu Mures with high exposure especially to the pedestrian touristic flow. CSDA Bornemisza is one of the most prestigious buildings in the city with a rich historical heritage. The house was built in the late baroque style in the 1800’s by the Bornemisza Family. The building has 3,200 sq m structured on BS + GF + 2 FL.


Bența Office Building is a first-class office building, considering its location, access, specific design and building administration. The execution works for the office building located on Pandurilor Boulevard in Tirgu Mures, adding up to a gross building area of approximately 23,240 sqm. The developer and owner of the office building is RCB Development Office SA, owned by entrepreneur Remus Aurel Bența.

Located next to “Socola Boulevard” and 5 minutes away from The Palace of Culture Iasi is the ideal place to develop a successful business. Nicolina Business Center is one of the first office buildings in Iasi and has 3,700 sqm distributed evenly over 9 levels of height. The location offers a healthy environment with fully natural light, conference room, dining area, 80 parking places and technical features that meet the needs of each exigent tenant. In the last 8 years the building has housed Unicredit Business Integrated Solutions.

Multinvest Business Center is the first green office building, created with innovative technologies, right in the center of Tirgu Mures. With a Class A+ energy performance, the office center is a Green Project incubator, with a BREEAM Certificate for environmental sustainability. The gross built area of 4,001.68 sq m offers high standard offices with green terraces for distinguished tenants.

Multinvest Business Center 2, the property of Multinvest Group is the second green office building in the city of Tirgu Mures, designed to offer exceptional conditions for tenants who desire high standard and quality workspaces. With a great location, easy access to all means of transport and only few minutes from the city center, the building offers excellent panorama over the area and offices which benefit of full natural light. MBC2 outstands with its environmental friendly construction and trendsetting facilities.

MOLDOVA CENTER is an A Class office building with a retail component, located in Iasi City Center. Combining tradition and modernity, the project is a true landmark of the area and the first office center in Iasi to adopt most up-to date green technologies. It has an impressive total gross leasable area of 14,500 sqm, with 11,600 sqm of high specification office area (five floors). The retail component can easily be transformed into office spaces upon request. The building will be completed this year with standard utilities for a Class A+ building.

Bența Office Building RCB Development Office 44-46 Pandurilor Boulevard Tirgu Mures office@bentaimobiliare.ro

Nicolina Business Center COMPLEX HOTELIER UNIREA 5 Unirii Square 700056, Iasi T: +40-232 205 020 M: +40-720 575 000 gabriela.ferent@hotelunirea.ro

Multinvest Business Center Multinvest 67 Gheorghe Doja street Tirgu Mures, Mures county T: + 40 265 250 432 office@multinvest.ro www.multinvest.ro

Multinvest Business Center 2 Multinvest 67 Gheorghe Doja street Tirgu Mures, Mures county T: + 40 265 250 432 office@multinvest.ro www.multinvest.ro

Moldova Center 1 Palat street,700019 Iasi T: +40 232 262 208 office@moldovacenter.ro www.moldovacenter.ro



Cluj Business Center 400616 Cluj-Napoca, 44-46 Henri Barbusse +40 (264) 437 379 office@clujbusinesscenter.eu

Maestro Business Center First Property Asset Management Romania SRL 50-52 Buzesti Street Bucharest 011015 Romania Tel: +40 72 316 3074 Email: Catalin.Ana@fprop.com

SILVER Business Center SC REAL ESTATE SPECIALIST SRL Cluj-Napoca 48 Dorobantilor Street 6th Floor T: +40 364 435 0267 www.silver-business-center.ro

Cluj Business Campus is the place where people and companies grow together, the project offering Class A offices for rent and apartments for purchase. The gross built area of the project 51.678 sqm. In 2019, CBC will deliver the third and last phase of the project with an addition of 7,698 sqm of Class A offices and 90 modern apartments in CBC Living 2. Currently, CBC Office I and II’s 23,000 sqm are currently fully let to over 20 companies, while CBC Living is called „home” by over 90 families. The campus offers robust community and lifestyle amenities like: parking, restaurant, gym, kindergarten, private school, mid-size football field and green park.

Maestro Business Center has become a reference point on the officespace market in 2006, in Cluj-Napoca, offering for the first time Class A standards and facilities. The building is a vertical unfoldment on the ground floor + 9 floors with offices and an underground level where the parking garage of the building is located. The average area per level is 993 sq m for the lower floors, decreasing to 750 sq m – 500 sq m on the upper floors, and the unfolded area exceeds 10,000 sq m.

SILVER Business Center located in an area considered “the pole of business and office spaces” in Cluj-Napoca, due to the fact that all the most important class A office buildings are located here – is a modern class A office building developed in accordance with the high standards for office buildings (BOMA - Building Owner and Managers Association) and specifically designed to provide its tenants complete quality services. Total office area: 3,567 sqm.

Tudor Office Center 126-128 Ciurchi, Iasi T: +40 232 252 512 M: +40 722 613 527 E: office@tent-co.ro www.tudor-center.ro

IDEO SC TESTER GRUP SRL No. 138 Sos. Pacurari, 700525 Iasi County, Romania T: +4 0232 254 336 E: liliana.stroia@ideo.com.ro www.ideo.com.ro


Tudor Office Center: A class office building located in Iasi, finished in 2009, with a total of 6,358 sqm GLA 8 levels, available on 126- 128 Ciurchi street, only 10 minutes walk from the Iulius Mall and the campus „Tudor Vladi­m irescu”. Developed by Tent -Co.

Ideo is the most modern Business Development Support Center from Iasi. The Center has a total area of about 11,000 sqm and includes office spaces Class A +, training halls and conference rooms, a kindergarten & a school, restaurant and a generous parking lot with 300 parking places. At the same time, it offers a rental office sharing system, a novelty in Iasi, that covers the space, the furniture and the internet connection. The project also offers the opportunity to rent offices for just a day.


Brasov Business Park is the only full service class A office building in Brasov and the top location for events, conferences and meetings, with outstanding facilities and catering in a superb setting. Located along the Calea Bucuresti and the Saturn Boulevard with very easy access, Phase 1 offers 26,000 sqm of office space, retail area and a business center. With tenants like Arvato (Bertelsmann Group), Atos IT Solutions and Services, Europharm Holding, Exelia (Intesa SanPaolo), Heineken, Weidmueller, Brasov Business Park has created a working platform for more than 1,100 people. As planned, Phase 2 will consist of additional 20,000 square meters of office space and retail area with supporting services for offices.

Located at 133 Calea Serban Voda, in the central area of the Capital, Central Business Park has access to the municipal improvements made in the area. It lies close to the intersection of the boulevards Dimitrie Cantemir, Gheorghe Sincai and Tineretului and a few steps away from the Tineretului Park and the Carol Park. The business center provides office spaces for rent in Bucharest downtown, aprox. 13.600 mp.

Coresi Business Park is at the core of Coresi District in Brasov – the largest urban regeneration project in Romania. The master plan features a well-balanced mix of industrial halls, office conversions and new built offices, envisioning 100,000sqm of office GLA within 8 years. The project features 10 new, modern, low-rise office buildings. The business park has a contemporary, campus-like look & feel, providing a cool and inspiring workplace for employees and dynamic companies. 2018 marks the beginning of construction works on the third phase - H1 Building, with 13,200sqm GLA that offers abundant natural light, various meeting rooms, co-working and relaxation spaces. The office area is enhanced by complementary functions – a modern canteen, a clinic, a gym as well as the largest park in the city and sport facilities, adjacent to the development.

Brasov Business Park Ravensdale Investments S.R.L. 1 Ionescu Crum St., Brasov Business Park Brasov, Romania Tel: 0040 368 003 388 office@brasovbusinesspark.com

Central Business Park Arta Grafica +40 21 306 61 00 marcel.dan@artagrafica.ro www.artagrafica.ro

Coresi Business Park CEETRUS Romania 25 Brașov Str., 5th fl., 061 444, Bucharest T: 0374 810 080 5 Turnului Street, 500152, Brasov, ROMANIA M: 0733 455 519 lettings@coresibusinesspark.ro www.coresibusinesspark.ro

America House One of the largest multifunctional business centers, a true landmark, America House is located in the center of most prestigious business district of Bucharest - Victoriei Square. The building has a total office rentable area of 27.000 sqm, 37 parking spaces behind the building and 360 cars can be parked underground. America House has 9 elevators, restaurants and coffee shops and a World Class fitness center. 2014 BREEAM* appreciation: „Very Good”.

RAMS Business Center is an A class office building located in the proximity of Cora Pantelimon Hypermarket, offering an important advantage to those used to late working hours. The modern architecture, the exquisite design, the quality of the materials and finishings, all being designed and built for an A class building, contribute to the RAMS CENTER tenants’ comfort and image, ensuring a pleasant and civilized environment for the persons working or visiting this building. Total office area: aprox. 11,800 sqm.

AEW Europe 4-8 Nicolae Titulescu Boulevard, America House, West Wing 7th Floor | 011141 Bucharest Nicoleta Toma - Asset Manager T: +40 314 251 494 M: +40 766 478 129 nicoleta.toma@aeweurope.com www.america-house.ro

RAMS Business Center Mobil : +4 0720.212.000 Tel: +4 office@ramsbusinesspark.ro www.ramsbusinesspark.ro



City Gate Bucharest, Romania A property of Global Trade Center tel: +40 372 168 101 office@gtcromania.ro www.gtcromania.ro

Premium Plaza Bucharest, Romania A property of Global Trade Center tel: +40 372 168 101 office@gtcromania.ro www.gtcromania.ro

Premium Point Bucharest, Romania A property of Global Trade Center tel: +40 372 168 101 office@gtcromania.ro www.gtcromania.ro

Cascade Office Building Bucharest, Romania A property of Global Trade Center tel: +40 372 168 101 office@gtcromania.ro www.gtcromania.ro

Crystal Tower 48 Iancu de Hunedoara Blvd District 1, 011745 Bucharest, ROMANIA Phone: +4 021 316 4018; office @ crystaltower.ro www.crystaltower.ro


City Gate, is located in Northern Bucharest, with direct connection to the subway and additional public transport by buses and trams. The location also benefits from prime access to city center main roads, ring roads and Henri Coanda International Airport. The office complex comprises two tower buildings with flexible design rentable space totaling approx. 47.700 sq m. and over 1.000 parking places.

Premium Plaza, is located in Victoriei Square, the financial and administrative center of Bucharest, with direct connection to the subway and additional public transport by buses and trams and 20-25 minutes to Henri Coanda International Airport. The A Class office building has a total leasable area of approx. 8.600 sq m. and over 85 parking spaces.

Premium Point, is located near to Victoriei Square, the financial and administrative center of Bucharest, with direct connection to the subway and additional public transport by buses and trams and 20-25 minutes to Henri Coanda International Airport. The A Class office building has a total leasable area of approx. 6.400 sq m. and over 72 parking spaces.

Cascade Office Building is located near to Victoriei Square, the financial and administrative center of Bucharest, with direct connection to the subway and additional public transport by buses and trams and 20-25 minutes to Henri Coanda International Airport. Developed in 2004, the Cascade Office Building is a class-A office building with a surface of 4,300 square meters.

Romania, Bucharest Real Estate Offices To Let - 16,200 sqm rentable surface, office building located close to Victoriei Square, 4BS+GF+14 floors+ technical floor, great visibility, eminently suitable as corporate headquarters building, open space, modern and spacious reception area, a highly attractive entrance & lobby, double height entrances, visitors entrance adds to the prestige and quality of the development due to the choice of high quality and durable materials, heliport on the top floor.

INDEX H Victoriei 109 is a prime office building located in one of Bucharest’s most iconic venues, Calea Victoriei. The edifice totals a GBA of 7.325 sqm displayed on a height regime of UG+GF+7F. On completion the building will be assessed with a Very Good BREEAM IN USE certification. The project will be developed using only premium finishes and will benefit from exclusive facilities such as multiple access ways, natural light, improved glazing and insulation, technology lighting system, charging points for electrical vehicles, bicycles parking, showers, flexible floor layout through raised floors, separate and independent HVAC system on each level, green areas and a façade lightning system. The building will be delivered on the market in Q2 2019.

Bega Business Centre is developed on Republicii Blvd, close to the city centre, and will integrate class A offices together with retail functions – restaurant, coffee shop and services area. The new development, second building with a regime height of B+GF+7F+Technical Floor, has already obtained the building permit. Forward, a third building will be developed, at the end the total surface of the business park will be around 73,000 sqm.

Tradecenter has a total lettable area of ca 9.486 sq m, high class office space, U +GF+ 5F, in formed by five floors, therefore it offers an excellent panorama over the area, having a green spaces of ca. 3.768 sqm, benefitting from natural light and easy access to all means of transportation. Tradecenter Oradea comes in support of local and regional business environment through a new office building, modern, with all the equipment and facilities required: reception, 3 conference rooms, with a capacity of 400 seats, movable and flexible walls. The exhibition area has a total of 2,250.90 sqm.

Liberty Technology Park Cluj, the first technological park in Romania, is a park for creative ideas, a dynamic ecosystem with 30 Companies from It&C, R&D domains, all in one unique area both conceptually and architecturally. The 4.5 ha project includes five buildings, totaling 17,000 square meters of Class A office space with a high degree of energy efficiency, BREEAM „Excellent” and has received many distinctions for both design and functionality. Liberty Technology Park Cluj, re-branding the former Libertatea factory, was launched on December 5, 2013, and has a third phase of development planned (36,000 sqm land free of construction - opportunity for new development).

Cluj Innovation Park is the company created by the City Council of Cluj-Napoca which coordinates and develops the Regional Center of Excellence for Creative Industries (CREIC) and the Center for Technology, Evolution, Entrepreneurship and Microenterprises (TEAM). Both centers located in the Lomb area of Cluj offer logistic services and integrated solutions for businesses, in the same time creating an innovative and attractive environment. Besides the large variety of facilities, Cluj Innovation Park also hosts the only film studio in Transylvania.

HAGAG DEVELOPMENT EUROPE 21 Pavel Kiseleff Ave., District 1 Bucharest, 011342 Romania T: +40 21 321 60 95 office@hagageurope.ro office@mc-group.ro www.hagageurope.ro

Bega Business Centre Bega Group 1-3 Marasesti street, Timisoara emil.cristescu@begagrup.ro www.begagrup.ro

Tradecenter Oradea TRADECENTER SRL Nufarului Street, nr 28 E Oradea Bihor County, 410583, Romania Tel: +40 359 422 200 Fax: +40 359 423 333 E-mail: receptie@tradecenteroradea. ro

Liberty Technology Park Cluj 21 Garii Street, Cluj-Napoca Tel.: +40 (264) 435 362 office@libertytechpark.ro www.libertytechpark.ro

Cluj Innovation Park Romania, 400021, Cluj-Napoca 2/16 F.D. Roosevelt Street Tel/Fax: +40 264 450 320 office@clujinnovationpark.ro www.clujinnovationpark.ro



Hili Ventures Limited Nineteen Twenty Three, Valletta Road, Marsa MRS 3000 Malta Telephone: +356 2568 1200 Email: info@hiliventures.com

Enescu Office Building Benjamin Franklin Street, no. 7, 1st floor, Bucharest Phone: +4 031 640 6400/01/02 www.jupitercity.ro

HBC Pallady ESK INVEST CONSULTING 47 Theodor Pallady bd., district 3, Bucharest Phone : + 40 21 345.28.65 Email : office@hbcdevelopment.ro

The Landmark 4 Vasile Alecsandri Street, District 1, Bucharest 11 Constantin Daniel Street, District 1, Bucharest +40 21 211 10 12 Fax:+40 21 619 31 71 office@thelandmark.ro

Hili Properties, the real estate division of Hili Ventures, has finalised the acquisition of ART Business Centre in Romania’s capital Bucharest, following an investment in excess of €30 million. Located in the affluent Nordului neighbourhood in northern Bucharest, the nine-storey property boasts 18,600 square metres of gross leasable area and sits on a footprint of 3,400 square metres. The three underground floors accommodate 407 parking spaces. Hili Properties holds and manages a strategic collection of commercial property for lease in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Malta and now Romania.

The property is situated in the central area of Bucharest, very close to Amzei grocery market, occupying a corner position between George Enescu and Intrarea Biserica Alba streets; George Enescu is a one-way access street, which links Magheru Blvd. with Calea Victoriei, one of the most desired areas of Bucharest; It is located in Center of Bucharest, the wealthiest sector, it consist mainly of residential district, large blvds’, high office towers, shopping galleries, restaurants, parks and lakes. Total available office space: 5,300 sq m.

HBC - Helios Business Center is located In the south-east of Bucharest, in a growing area located with easy access to all means of transportation, including subway stations, located right in front of the building. HBC is a impressive building summing up to a total surface of 20,000 square meters which is divided in two phases: the first phase – 8,000 square meters representing offices, commercial spaces and showrooms. The second phase will be finalized in 2017, covers an additional area of 12,000 square meters for offices and commercial spaces as well.

The Landmark is an A-Class office complex excellently situated in close proximity of the central business district of Bucharest, near Romana Square. Its location in a historically preserved central area offers the benefits of easy access by car and by all kind of public transport in a quiet, low-rise and green neighborhood. The Landmark business complex is composed of three separated 7-storey buildings rising over a general 3-storey basement parking. The office complex will provide A-class office spaces, as well as commercial services on the ground floor and first basement level. Total available office space: 18,879 sq m.

Metropolis PPF Real Estate s.r.o. Evropská 2690/17 160 41 Prague 6 Czech Republic Juraj Šaštinský Investment Director Phone: (+420) 2241 74350 sastinsky@ppfreal.com www.ppfreal.com


With Metropolis, it is worth looking behind the facade. Behind the walls of this listed building is one of the most attractive and interesting multifunctional building complexes in the center of Bucharest. Not far from the Romanian Government headquarters and in close proximity to many embassies and corporate headquarters, the Metropolis Center not only provides high-quality office and retail space, but since May 2014 also additional 5,500 sqm of class B+ office premises at very attractive rental prices


Day Tower will offer tenants some of the highest quality office space in Unirii Square, the most central and remarkable location in Bucharest. It is a modern and functional class A office building with 8 storeys and a four-level underground car parking, currently under development on Unirii Boulevard. Leasing a space in Day Tower ensures a higher comfort for all employees, guarantees an outstanding corporate visibility and creates top-notch working standards. Premium space ranging from 700 sq.m. to 11,600 sq.m. will be available.

Euro Tower is a prominent modern office building located fronting one of Bucharest’s main arterial routes, Barbu Vacarescu, benefitting from a striking design of a glazed, curtain wall façade. The building comprises a tower extending to 18 levels above ground floor which includes approximately 16,500 sq m of leasable area. A number of restaurants and retail services are located in close proximity particularly around the intersection with Stefan cel Mare Boulevard a short walking distance from the property.

Excelsior is an A-class office building, structured 2B + GF +12 F, with approximately 7,500 sqm of GLA. Excelsior Business Center is located in the center of Bucharest, Universitate, with the neighborliness of Palace Hall, Victoria and Athenee Palace Hilton. Due to the location, the office building enjoys easy access to public transportation, including the Metro. The project is a property of Ashtrom Group, along with Union Building in Bucharest. The Ashtrom Group, one of Israel’s leading construction and property companies, has dedicated itself to the provision of professional, comprehensive, and all-inclusive solutions for all its customers.

Office building located in Bucharest Floreasca-Barbu Vacarescu area. Great infrastructure, exceptionally easy access by public and private transportation and the green surroundings of nearby Lake Floreasca make Floreasca Tower the perfect location for today’s modern business environment. The building has 13 floors, underground parking and a total rentable area of 7,600 sqm. Uniqa Real Estate Management has acquired Floreasca Tower in 2005 from Raiffeisen Evolution and refurbished the entire project to be reopened in 2014. The UNIQA Real Estate Management GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of UNIQA Insurance Group and is responsible for the real estate investments of the UNIQA Group.

Adam Europe, through Hoshen Holdings SRL, managed by Isaac Cohen Hoshen as CEO, acquired Phoenix Tower and Construdava in 2016 and 2017 respectively. The double acquisition marked the re-entry on the Romanian market of the group, which prepares the development of new residential projects, such as the Reveria project in eastern Bucharest, and the expansion of its office portfolio. Construdava has a gross leasable area of approximately 9,400 sqm. The Phoenix Tower project is located in the central area of Bucharest, near Bucharest Mall. In 2018, Adam Europe acquired other four office buildings with a total area of 9,047 sqm: Airport Smart Offices, Domenii Offices, Jules Michelet Office Building and Casa Mosilor Office Building.

Day Tower 20-22, Ramnicu Valcea Street, ground floor, District 3, Bucharest Tel: +4 021.337.13.13 office@dayconstruct.ro www.daygroup.ro

Euro Tower Cascade Group T: +40 21 222 0232 www.cascadegroup.ro

Ashtrom Group Ashtrom Headquarters Yona Kremnitzky 10, Tel Aviv 6789910 Phone 972-3-6231212 Fax 972-3-6231401 www.ashtrom.co.il

Floreasca Tower UNIQA Real Estate Management GmbH Untere Donaustraße 21 A-1029 Wien Tel .: (+43 1) 214 24 22-0 Email: real-estate@uniqa.at

Phoenix Tower Office Address 850 3rd Ave #13D New York, NY 10022, USA sales@adamamericare.com (646) 439-6000



HQ Victoriei ÓBUDA GROUP 1033 Budapest, Hévízi út 3/A T | +36 1 250 0105 info@obudagroup.hu www.obudagroup.hu

World Trade Center Bucharest 10 Montreal Square, District 1, Bucharest Phone: 40 21 202 44 50 meetings@wtcb.ro www.wtcb.ro

Nord City Tower 1/VII Pipera Blvd., Voluntari city, Ilfov, Romania Phone: +40742 029 506 E-mail: office@nordcitytower.ro www.nordcitytower.ro

Avrig St. 3-5 5 Urseanu Vasile, Amiral street, Bucharest, 010666 +40 rcalvo@danubepa.com www.danubepropertyfund.com

MG 2 Office Building MULTIGALAXY 11 B Fabrica de Glucoza District 2, Bucharest Phone: +40 21 242 6384 E-mail: avnydaniel@office-building. ro


HQ Victoriei is one of the highest quality and state-of-the-art A-class office buildings in the downtown of Bucharest. During the development of this uniquely designed and progressive building, we represented the investor from the design phase, obtained the construction permits, managed the general contracting tender, provided Construction supervision and QS services during the construction, and managed the tenant fit-out works and occupancy. GLA – 4,958 SQ M.

The World Trade Center Bucharest is currently showcasing 40,000 square meters of premium mixed-use space – including offices for rent and tenant services – c. 11,000 sq m, a 4 star Pullman Hotel with executive business suites, a world-class conference center, event planning services, in-house catering, retail outlets and restaurants. WTC benefits of a great location, over-looking Herastrau park, just steps away from airport and downtown.

Nord City Tower is one of the most recognizable buildings in PiperaNord area, located close to the city center. The building is suitable for any business domain, providing all the necessary facilities and support for a high standard activity. The building offers office spaces spread over 9 floors, including: modern facilities; high quality services; amenities in close proximity; a constantly developing business area. Nord City Tower provides a total leasable area of 9,693 sq m of office premises located on the ground and 9 upper levels of the building.

Danube Property Advisers draws its experience from the real estate world, banking, legal and technical fields. The team members of Danube Property Advisers have invested over €600 million in Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania) and in Western Europe (Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and Spain). Currently Danube Property Advisers is managing four office buildings located in Bucharest. The total GLA under management is more than 25.000 sq m. Danube Property Advisers is based in Barcelona and Bucharest.

MG2 Building is an A-class office building, designed and built based on green-house concept principles, structured 2B + GF +7 F and offering its tenants the area of over 7,000 sqm. The new A+ class business centre MG2 is located in the northern part of the capital, at 2C G. Constantinescu St., sector 2. The building is highly visible both from Dimitrie Pompei Blvd. and Fabrica de Glucoză Rd. The area that the land is situated in, undergoes a continuous process of development, rehabilitation and functional rearrangement, due to economical-financial factors, proximity to the northern part of the capital and the new residential zone Pipera, as well as due to road access.


The building benefits from open space areas that can be partitioned as per tenant’s request and can satisfy the complex needs of commercial and office spaces. The intelligent partition of the rentable area and the top central positioning are its main advantages. The location of the building and the proximity to state central agencies facilitate the daily financial and administrative operations of the company. The present building was constructed between 1924 and 1926, in a neoclassical style with baroque accents. GLA: 3,400 sq. m.

Vox Technology Park is the next generation business hub, providing 26.000 sqm of premium class A offices, strategically-designed architecture and state-of-the-art facilities - an entire corporate universe situated near the heart of Timisoara’s commercial district. This cosmopolitan business hub brings exquisite features for your thriving business and your team as well: up to 3.500 sqm rentable space per floor; suspended terrace; biometrics-based access; parking spaces with chargers for electric cars; wide range of connected services - all in one energy efficient, BREEAM certificated cosmopolitan hub, with 85,6% “Excellent” score.

BRATIANU BUSINESS CENTER SC GLOBAL VISION SRL 9B Fabrica de Glucoza Road, Block B, Entrance A, 1st floor, apartment 104, 2nd District, Bucharest Romania Telephone: (+40 21) 316 70 01 office@globalvision.ro

Vox Technology Park Developed by Werk Property Group 8 Calea Aradului, Timisoara Mobile+40 756 051 041 Office+40 356 086 085 office@voxtechnologypark.ro www.voxtechnologypark.ro

Novis Plaza Novis Plaza is the newest Class A office building in Cluj-Napoca, developed by Transilvania Constructii, offers up to 14,000 sqm of open space with premium technical solutions such as LED illumination, technical floor and BMS, all following in the biophilic design concept of the building. Conveniently located within 8 minutes from the city center and 5 minutes from the Central Park, the project developed over 300 parking spaces for over 1,500 employees, and the free integrated service of a private bus shuttle.

Sandru Office Building is situated nearby hottest points of interest, metallic structure, with concrete floor, aluminium curtain walls Schuco with Low E windows, security glass, 2 fast elevators, inside arrangements are conformed to A class for office- buildings. 13 underground parking seats, 40 ground parking seats. The materials used and the finishing correspond to PSI requirements of fire- safety, general climate system with hot and cold air throughout the ceiling, the partitions can be made according to the tenant’s wish.

Mulberry Development, the real estate developer controlled by Ovidiu Sandor, has secured a loan from Raiffeisen Bank for the first phase of Timisoara-based ISHO Offices. The first phase of ISHO includes the development of 16,500 square meters of leasable office space. ISHO will be completed in 2020 and has 3 development stages. It will include over 50,000 sqm of office space, 1,200 apartments, and 2,000 parking spaces alongside additional features such as green spaces, restaurants and after-school facilities.

47 Taietura Turcului street, 400221 Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County Bolog Alexandru Head Leasing Manager T:+40 (264) 416 597 | M:+40 (722) 757 144 b o l o g . a l e x a n d r u @ transilvaniaconstructii.ro www.novisplaza.ro

Sandru Office Building 31 National Road, Iasi T: +40 752 126 931 alin.cretu@eurotex.ro www.sandru.ro

ISHO Offices Developed by Mulberry Development +40 721 370 072 offices@isho.ro www.isho.ro



BASP Victoria BASP PROPERTY SRL 27 Alexandru Donici street, Bucharest +40 727 66 03 14 office@basp-victoria.ro www.basp-victoria.ro

Baza 3 Office Extind Dan Zaharia, +40 722 523102, extind@danzaharia.biz

Hexagon Offices & Apartments KÉSZ International Romania 400495 Cluj-Napoca, Calea Turzii nr. 178K et. 2 Mobil: +40 738 629 697 sanduc@kesz.ro www.kesz.ro

Smartown Group Smartown Group +40 21 311 05 60 70-72 DIONISIE LUPU 70-72 Street, building A info@smartown.ro www.smartown.ro

oregon park Lion’s Head Investments www.oregonpark.ro


BASP Victoria is a project born from the idea of giving the city a durable product. Through honest and responsible implementation we created an A+ office building which since its project phase was qualified “Excellent” by BREEAM standards. BASP Victoria is currently under BREEAM certification. BREEAM is an organization present in over 70 countries, with 80% European market share and employs more than 1000 experts. GLA: 3,684 sqm, 187 car parking spaces.

The Baza 3 Office is located in one of the Iasi’s most dynamic retail point, a area very familiar to the locals, bordered by 2 large boulevards, each one with 4 lanes, with tram and bus lines. The Baza 3 Office is a 13.000 sq.m GLA office development project designed to be modern and functional, by transforming a former textile factory in a new office building, considering the main professional requirements in terms of office development. The project is to be delivered in two phases in 2018 (up to 9.000 sq.m) and in 2019 (another 5.000 sq.m).

Hexagon Offices & Apartments is on its way to becoming one of the most modern and innovative office spaces & aparthotel buildings in Cluj and its official opening is set to happen in the first quarter of 2019. Hexagon Offices & Apartments, located on Calea Turzii 178 K, is a BREAAM certified building, covering an area of over 25,000 m2, designed to serve 1,600 working spaces and 52 hotel apartments.

Smartown Group was founded in 2007 from the desire to provide professional and efficient services in the real estate industry. Over the years, the company passed through an expansion process, including acquiring Swan Office & Technology Park, a complex of three low-rise buildings with a total usable area of 29,124 sqm. The group also owns Polona 68 Business Center, Dorbanti 16, Dorobanti 18, Dionisie Lupu and Eminescu 27.

oregon park has been designed to provide a combination of high specification, efficient office space with particular focus on low energy consumption in a pleasant, attractively landscaped plot of 3,9 hectares, and to offer excellent road links to the city centre, the main housing area and the airports. Located on Soseaua Pipera comprises three buildings: A - 20 264 sqm, B- 24 514 sqm and C - 27 181 sqm. Developer: Portland Trust, a company established in 1997 to develop high quality, institutional, commercial real estate assets throughout Central Europe. Buyer and current owner – Lion’s Head Investments.


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