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T R A I D C R A F T S H O P. C O . U K 3

We are very mindful of our heritage here at Traidcraft and being co-founders of the world fair trade movement could either mean a weight on our shoulders to uphold the original vision in all its glory, or a liberating sense of freedom to carry on breaking the normal rules of trade, whenever and wherever we can.





We prefer the latter; guarding the flames, not tending the ashes. There are lots of organisations throughout the world whose philosophy, mission and values are aligned with our own. We call ourselves Fair Trade Organisations (FTOs) and often work together. We are a member of two larger membership organisations:


81 The World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO), which is a larger global membership body of FTOs and importantly includes membership in the global South - in other words, producers from Africa, Central and Latin America and Asia who are seeking to benefit from fair trade.

The European Fair Trade Association (EFTA), which is a group of likeminded FTOs in Europe, collaborating in product development, purchasing, fairly traded and organic goods.





TRAIDCRAFT IS A CHRISTIAN RESPONSE TO POVERTY. Traidcraft was founded in 1979 by a group of Christians who wanted to challenge the deep injustices embedded in global trade. We want to remain true to our origins. We do not want to stop until trade is conducted fairly for the benefit of all who participate in the supply chain. We welcome everyone to join in our endeavour of making trade fair. We work with supporters of all faiths and none, and we work with farmers and artisans whatever their creed, ethnicity or religion. We believe that justice transcends ideology and individual beliefs.

Spring Welcome to


Here at Traidcraft, we’re feeling positive and excited about the year ahead.

It’s not too late to make that a reality. Just imagine the difference we can make, together.

What a wonderful position we are in, to be among the generation that recognized our planet was suffering, along with the inhabitants, and did something about it. What power we hold and how lucky we are!

We want to facilitate your journey to living an even more conscious lifestyle, by delighting you with the very finest fair trade, ethical, organic, recycled, reusable and socially conscious goods.

World leaders, entire countries, companies and individuals are making commitments to change the way they function, with the environment’s interests at heart.

You can even make a difference by planting trees with us and your fellow conscious consumers, to fight climate change and fund environmental projects on the front line (for more see page 55)

It’s a good start, but for a moment, close your eyes. Picture how the world would look, if every purchase we made was necessary, and promised to take care of people and the planet. A world where ‘buying right’ was the norm. A world where truly sustainable, and future-proof goods lined the shelves and furnished the homes of all. What does that world look like? How does the earth appear, how are the people and what do you imagine the future holds for them? Hold that thought in your mind.

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Top Picks

From fashion and food, to homeware and crafts, here are some of Team Traidcraft’s spring 2022 seasonal highlights.



Rainbow Homeware!








Perfect Easter Gift!



New Flavour! PG



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Our Full Range Of

Great Taste Award Winning Tea

Traidcraft Breakfast Blend 80 Teabags (250g) 38022 (80 teabags) £2.80 35734 (6 x 80 teabags) £15 6

Traidcraft Breakfast Blend Decaffeinated 80 Teabags (250g) 35454 (80 teabags) £3.85 43546 (6 x 80 teabags) £20.70

What Makes Our Tea So Fresh?

Thanks to a unique process, every sip of our tea range is bursting with the true taste of tea. With Leaf Lock True Taste®, the leaves are vacuum-packed and protected from the elements from the tea bush to your cup.


Save at least 10% when you buy in bulk!

Traidcraft Breakfast Blend Teabags 48832 Bulk buy 400 teabags (1250g) £13.25


You’ll never find a fresher blend.

Traidcraft Breakfast Blend Teabags 53372 Catering box 1,000 teabags (2720g) £29.25

Traidcraft Earl Grey Tea 50 Teabags (125g) 29946 (50 teabags) £2.30 60436 (6 x 50 teabags) £12.30

DID YOU KNOW? Great Taste is the largest and most trusted food and drink accreditation scheme. Only around 2% of products are awarded 3-stars each year.

Traidcraft Breakfast Blend Loose Leaf Tea (125g) 43078 (125g) £1.90 53802 (6 x 125g) £10.20



Sencha Green Tea 59578 (40g) | 60604 (6 x 40g) Lemon and Ginger Tea 60098 (40g) | 60866 (6 x 40g) Peppermint Tea 59812 (30g) | 60812 (6 x 30g) Camomile Tea 59714 (30g) | 60628 (6 x 30g)



London Tea’s range of bright and bold teas have been inspired by our vibrant, creative and colourful capital city. They are run by a certified B Corporation, balancing purpose and profit, and a social enterprise, reinvesting up to 50% of their profits into farmer communities. The London Tea Company are also fully Fairtrade and free from artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives.

Divine Cocoa Pure cocoa powder from Kuapa Kokoo in Ghana. 27492 (125g) £2.75 51692 (12 x 125g) £29.64

Organic King Coconut Water 10719 (4 x 350ml) £9.60 10721 (12 x 350ml) £25.92 Best served chilled, this 100% pure, natural Organic king coconut water from hand-picked, mature king coconuts can be added to smoothies or cocktails/ mocktails, or simply drank on its own for the ultimate, delicious hydrating fuel. 8

Singles £2.20 | Cases £11.88 (See below for case sizes)

Cafédirect San Cristobal Hot Chocolate Rich, velvety hot chocolate made with the purest quality cocoa. 48656 (250g) £3 53526 (6 x 250g) £16.20

Oh So Fair

Singles £1.50 Cases £32.40

Add a splash of natural refreshment to your busy life. Oh So Fair’s thirst-quenching beverages are not only Fairtrade, but Organic too! Enjoyed by youngsters and adults alike, these sparkling drinks will fast become a must-have on your weekly shopping list!






A Oh So Fair Organic Sparkling Ice Tea

10777 (33cl) | 10778 (24 x 33cl)

Perfect for spring/summer, this delightfully refreshing, fair trade, sparkling ice tea is just what you need in your drinks cabinet this season. B Oh So Fair Organic Lemonade

10773 (33cl) | 10774 (24 x 33cl) Whether this can accompanies your lunchbreak, or goes with you on a picnic, update your drinks selection with this tasty, Organic and fair trade lemonade!


See page 105 for Crisil Glassware C Oh So Fair Organic Sparkling

Apple and Ginger 10771 (33cl) | 10772 (24 x 33cl) This mouth-watering, Organic, sparkling drink gets its intense flavour from Organic apple and lemon juice, natural ginger and sparkling water.

D Oh So Fair Organic Cola

10775 (33cl) | 10776 (24 x 33cl) Made using a blend of carefully selected, Organic ingredients, this delightful soft drink is the sustainable update your drinks cabinet needs.

Each carton comes with a plastic-free straw! Calypso Orange Juice 100% pure juice. 10444 (30 x 200ml) £22.50

Calypso Apple Juice 100% pure juice. 10443 (30 x 200ml) £22.50

These little cartons of sweet, crisp, and entirely ethical juice are the perfect size for lunchboxes, picnics, long walks, or anywhere you need a bit of a zingy pick-meup. One carton counts as one of your five a day, too!




As an everyday activist who buys our Fairtrade coffee, you’re not only guaranteeing fairer trading conditions and opportunities for our overseas producers, but you’re investing in a future-proof product that supports our planet and your future, too.

Image Credit: Eric de Mildt

How is Our Decaf Coffee



First, the beans are


Then, under very high pressure, C02 is added

soaked in water.

(in a supercritical state between liquid and gas.)

Traidcraft coffee is decaffeinated using an organic process; a simple, toxic solvent-free extraction using CO2 and water. 10


The C02 acts like a magnet and pulls only the caffeine out of the saturated bean.


Then you have your decaffeinated coffee beans.

Everyday Fairtrade

Coffee Blends Our best-selling, everyday medium and rich roast coffees are Organic, which means that not only do the farmers who grow our beans benefit, but the planet does, too. Strength: No. 3 Medium Traidcraft Organic Medium Roast Fresh Ground Coffee A smooth and well-rounded blend. 62730 (227g) £4.45 | 62414 (6 x 227g) £24

Traidcraft Organic Rich Roast Fresh Ground Coffee Rich and intense blend. 62974 (227g) £4.45 | 62852 (6 x 227g) £24 Strength: No. 3 Medium Traidcraft Decaf Organic Fresh Ground Coffee Bright and well-rounded. 65070 (227g) £4.95 | 64260 (6 x 227g) £26.70

Save at least 10% when you go large and buy a multipack.

Our Organic Medium Roast Fresh Ground Coffee is also available in a larger 1kg size! Strength: No. 3 Medium Traidcraft Organic Medium Roast Fresh Ground Coffee 62410 (1kg) £17 62146 (6 x 1kg) £91.80 11


Strength: No. 4 Dark

Single Origin Fairtrade Coffees

Strength: No. 4 Dark

Allow yourself not just to enjoy the taste of the coffee, but to become swept up in the story of its origins – with our distinctive, single origin coffees from Ethiopia, Peru, Burundi and Congo.

Strength: No. 4 Dark

Traidcraft Organic Peru Coyona Fresh Ground Coffee A smooth and complex coffee from the Peruvian Andes. 31356 (227g) £4.95 33138 (6 x 227g) £26.70

Traidcraft Organic Ethiopia Oromiya Fresh Ground Coffee A delicate and fresh medium roast coffee. 64252 (227g) £4.95 25670 (6 x 227g) £26.70

Strength: No. 3 Medium

Strength: No. 2 Medium

Traidcraft Organic Congo Minova Fresh Ground Coffee A bold and intense coffee perfectly balanced. 45986 (227g) £4.95 47778 (6 x 227g) £26.70 12

Traidcraft Burundi Kayanza Fresh Coffee Beans A sweet and fruity coffee with notes of chocolate and red fruits. 46906 (227g) £4.95 46994 (6 x 227g) £26.70

Image Credit: Eric de Mildt

Intense, Instant

Coffee Blends

Our Organic, Fairtrade, medium roast, instant coffee is the perfect store cupboard essential, for your convenient caffeine fix. Psst... it's also available in decaf. Strength: No. 3 Medium Traidcraft Organic Medium Freeze Dried Coffee A smooth and intense blend of instant coffee with 100% Arabica beans from South and Central America. 10145 (100g) £5 10144 (6 x 100g) £27

Strength: No. 3 Medium Traidcraft Organic Medium Freeze Dried Decaf Coffee 47070 (500g) £25.10 47688 (6 x 500g) £135.80 Strength: No. 3 Medium Traidcraft Organic Medium Freeze Dried Coffee 67924 (500g) £22 67722 (6 x 500g) £118.80

DID YOU KNOW? Our reusable coffee tins are custom made for our 500g instant coffee bags. See the next page for more information. 13


Strength: No. 3 Medium Traidcraft Organic Medium Decaf Freeze Dried Coffee A smooth and well-rounded instant coffee, decaffeinated using our natural, toxic solvent-free method. 10147 (100g) £5.50 10146 (6 x 100g) £29.70

Metal Recycles For Ever Welcome To The Metal Revolution...

Our reusable, eco-friendly storage tins, designed to store 500g of instant coffee, are the perfect swap for a plastic container or unsustainable alternative. Unlike many other materials, metal can be used for years to come, and also recycles for ever, without any loss of material, quality or performance. 80% of all metal ever

to be produced is still in use today. Welcome to the metal revolution… These attractive tins have been made in a family-run, completely solar-powered factory in London; a company who have been manufacturing tins for all manner of companies, (Harrods, Fortnum & Mason and Farrow & Ball to namedrop just a few), for over a century.

Specially made to hold our 500g coffee

Traidcraft Instant Coffee Storage Tin 56996 (500g) £7 Traidcraft Instant Decaf Coffee Storage Tin 10378 (500g) £7


Our reusable, eco-friendly storage tin, designed to store 500g of instant decaf coffee, is the perfect swap for a plastic container or unsustainable alternative. Coffee not included. (17.9 x 12.7cm)


Climate Change and Coffee

A transparent update from Traidcraft regarding changes which will take place in mid-2022

Recent months have seen unprecedented effects on the world’s coffee industry. With intermittent café closures and more of us staying at home, the demand for coffee has been turbulent to say the least. The current challenges that global supply chains and

Unfortunately, for all producers of coffee beans, these are not the only challenges being faced. Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer. However, recent droughts, coupled with severe frosts due to climate change, have had a crippling effect on their coffee bean harvests. Other key coffee producing regions including Central America and North Africa have also been severely affected by climate change-related weather events. Many countries that are key suppliers of raw materials are also still battling the effects of the COVID pandemic. Traidcraft, alongside all worldwide coffee retailers, have found both sourcing and pricing of raw materials to be incredibly volatile at the minute, and as such, we have had to make a few changes, which you will see implemented in mid-2022. Due to the seasonality of coffee harvests, some origins are proving more difficult than others to source. Following discussions with our key suppliers, we have decided to amalgamate some of

our product ranges in order to secure supply, whilst still ensuring the freshness we require to keep the high quality that we pride ourselves on. These merges will ensure the blend is always as fresh as it can be and will equate to a fresher tasting coffee year-round! Keep an eye out for these new blends coming into stock from mid-2022. We have also worked closely with our logistics partners to streamline our procurement and manufacturing processes. This ensures our supply chain is as robust and sustainable as it can be, and we have been able to remove some additional transport through more direct sourcing. Unfortunately, price increases are going to be unavoidable. This is a global issue which you can expect to see across all of your favourite coffee brands; any who are not lifting their prices could be compromising on quality and fairness throughout their supply chains. Our promise is 100% transparency and that we will keep these additional costs to a minimum. 15


logistics face are also having huge impact on the instability of meeting demand.


Everything that Eat Your Hat does is totally transparent, from their relationships with the growers, to their commitment to the planet with their eco-friendly packaging. B



Eat Your Hat stand for everything that's good - good coffee, great ethics and astonishing quality. Not only that, they always go way above and beyond Fairtrade standards. Impossible? Prepare to Eat Your Hat.


Strength: No. 3 Medium A. Eat Your Hat Honduras Ground Coffee With subtle hints of zesty citrus, rich cocoa and juicy berries. 34978 (200g) £4.95 37608 (6 x 200g) £26.70

Strength: No. 2 Medium B. Eat Your Hat Uganda Ground Coffee With hints of fresh grape, juicy pear and creamy cashew. 52910 (200g) £4.95 58638 (6 x 200g) £26.70


Strength: No. 3 Medium C. Eat Your Hat Zesty Monkey Ground Coffee With subtle hints of decadent caramel, citrus and apricot. 59470 (200g) £4.95 65974 (6 x 200g) £26.70

Strength: No. 4 Medium D. Eat Your Hat Sumatra Ground Coffee With hints of warming spice, rich cocoa and juicy raisins. 42508 (200g) £4.95 48252 (6 x 200g) £26.70

Strength: No. 4 Medium E. Eat Your Hat Espresso Coffee Beans With hints of creamy milk chocolate and rich peanut. 68782 (200g) £4.95 29924 (6 x 200g) £26.70

Eat Your Hat Coffee Gift Set Contains the four Eat Your Hat ground coffees. UK sustainably-sourced wooden gift boxes. 59292 (4 x 200g) £25 17






Cafédirect Organic Machu Picchu Coffee The beans in this rich, smooth roast and ground coffee from Cafédirect have been grown at extreme altitudes in the Inca heartland of the Andes, close to the sacred site of Machu Picchu. A

Coffee Beans 54146 (227g) £4.85 53416 (6 x 227g) £26.16


Ground Coffee 50536 (227g) £4.85 51040 (6 x 227g) £26.16

C Freeze Dried Coffee

56036 (200g) £9.25 56010 (6 x 200g) £49.92

Cafédirect Organic Mayan Gold Ground Coffee Deliciously smooth yet dark, with a subtle caramel sweetness, this Organic roast is sure to be a firm favourite. 10093 (227g) £4.85 | 59892 (6 x 227g) £26.16 Cafédirect Kilimanjaro Ground Coffee A bright, refreshing coffee grown on the volcanic soils of Mount Kilimanjaro. 58752 (227g) £4.85 | 45266 (6 x 227g) £26.16 Cafédirect Freeze Dried Coffee Blend of Arabica and Robusta coffees from Latin America and Africa. 25706 (100g) £5.25 | 37800 (6 x 100g) £28.35 24682 (500g) £24.95 | 65404 (6 x 500g) £134.73




Cafedirect Single Origins offer distinctive flavours from unique places around the world, each with its own long history and fascinating legends. Discover individuality in every cup, with characteristics shaped and influenced by the distant lands where dedicated farmers grow our coffee beans.

Expert roasting develops intriguing tastes and aromas, transporting you to exotic locations and opening up new sensory experiences. So every day, you can explore a different origin. Crossing continents to sample the delights of diverse landscapes. Broadening your horizons in pursuit of our planet’s very best coffees. 19

Favourites Fairtrade Family

Containing the world’s only fair trade, organic palm oil, FairPalm! Singles: (180g) £2.25 | Cases: (8 x 180g) £16.16 A. Traidcraft Stem Ginger Cookies 56762 (180g) | 54156 (8 x 180g)

C. Traidcraft Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies 66828 (180g) | 67952 (8 x 180g)


My favourite of all the cookies. It's hard to stop at one. Traidcraft Chewy Fruit & Oat Cookies

B. Traidcraft Chewy Fruit & Oat Cookies 47238 (180g) | 43016 (8 x 180g)


Traidcraft Stem Ginger Cookies

Taste like homemade cookies very tasty and good value. Traidcraft Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Naughty but nice. I don't know anyone who doesn't like these!



What is FairPalm?

FairPalm protects the environment while supporting smallholder growers. Visit our website to learn more. 20



Snacking For Sharing and


See page 98 for Rainbow Rice Husk Cup

Traidcraft Chocolate Chip Biscuits 10030 Display box. 2 biscuits per individual pack. (20 x 28g) £17

Traidcraft Shortbread Biscuits. 10027 Display box. 2 biscuits per individual pack. (20 x 28g) £17

Traidcraft Ginger Snap Biscuits 10033 Display box. 2 biscuits per individual pack. (20 x 28g) £17

Traidcraft Fruit & Lemon Biscuits. 10028 Display box. 2 biscuits per individual pack. (20 x 28g) £17

TOP TIP: Save at least 10% when you buy in bulk.

FairBreak Choc Chip Cookies Delicious cookies, ideal for home use or catering. (Min order two). 24358 (2 x 150g) £2.70 42826 (12 x 150g) £14.52 21

raidcraft Chocolate Chunk & T Sour Cherry Shortbread Rounds 43922 (160g) £3.95 24008 (8 x 160g) £28.40


raidcraft Double Chocolate Chunk T & Raspberry Shortbread Rounds 31038 (160g) £3.95 43704 (8 x 160g) £28.40 Whether they're dipped in your mug or enjoyed on the side, these truly scrumptious all butter shortbread biscuits will help you treat yourself to some much-deserved 'me time'.

Traidcraft Chocolate Chunk & Sour Cherry Shortbread Rounds

So good, I've eaten them already! Traidcraft Dark Chocolate Chunk & Raspberry Shortbread Rounds

My customers loves them and buy them often 22

Traidcraft Dark Chocolate Coated Ginger Biscuits 30790 (200g) £5.10 66254 (12 x 200g) £55 Traidcraft Dark Chocolate Coated Chocolate Chip & Orange Biscuits 40198 (200g) £5.10 68668 (12 x 200g) £55

Hand-Baked Home Comforts


Made in small batches, and topped with sweet marzipan and the UK's first fair trade icing, these deliciously moist iced cakes make the perfect accompaniment to your afternoon cuppa.

Traidcraft Rich Iced Fruit Slab Cake Topped with sweet marzipan and the UK's first fair trade icing, this deliciously rich and dark fruit cake is packed with juicy fair trade vine fruits, warming spices, and finished with a dash of sherry. Bring it out for afternoon tea, visiting friends. 33872 (470g) £5.10 | 33598 (6 x 470g) £27.60 23

Chocolate Organic and Fairtrade

Along with tea, coffee and sugar, chocolate was among the first fair trade products we introduced to the UK. Over 40 years on, we’re just as passionate about bringing you the highest quality Fairtrade chocolate from farmers and producers around the world.

DID YOU KNOW? We only have one planet, so we’re making sure that we look after it. The paper and plant-based packaging of our Traidcraft chocolate is no exception. Once you’ve removed the red tear strip, the inner layer is completely compostable, so you can give it back to the earth when you’re done!


Traidcraft Organic Milk Chocolate 37% Cocoa 34018 (100g) £2.75 31916 (10 x 100g) £24.50 raidcraft Organic Muscovado T White Chocolate 28846 (100g) £2.75 36330 (10 x 100g) £24.50 Traidcraft Organic Dark Chocolate 70% Cocoa 29418 (100g) £2.75 23962 (10 x 100g) £24.50


raidcraft Organic Whole T Hazelnut Milk Chocolate 50616 (100g) £3 60452 (10 x 100g) £27 Traidcraft Organic Praline Milk Chocolate 40610 (100g) £2.75 38404 (10 x 100g) £24.50

So much love and care has gone into every bar – the cocoa based ingredients are blended together for hours (a process called ‘conching') to create the smoothest and most impressive melt-inyour-mouth experience. You'll never find any emulsifiers, cheap oils, or artificial colours or preservatives in this chocolate. Put simply – this is the most wholesome chocolate you'll find. 25



Traidcraft Organic Mint Cream Dark Chocolate 36186 (100g) £2.75 35896 (10 x 100g) £24.50


T H E G LO B A L C O F F E E & C H O C O L AT E COLLECTION Traidcraft Congo Coffee with 70% Dark Chocolate Gift Set 10198 £7.99 (1 x 100g, 1 x 227g)

These gift sets have been expertly paired. There are four different sets and each one arrives in a beautiful gift box. Why not introduce a friend to the wondrous world of fair trade by gifting them one of these tasty sets?

Traidcraft Rich Roast Fresh Ground Coffee and Mint Dark Chocolate Gift Set 58684 £7.99 (1 x 100g, 1 x 227g) 26

Traidcraft Peru Fresh Ground Coffee and Muscovado White Chocolate Gift Set 59872 £7.99 (1 x 100g, 1 x 227g) Cafetières are photography props 27


Traidcraft Burundi Coffee Beans with Milk Hazelnut Chocolate Gift Set 10199 £7.99 (1 x 100g, 1 x 227g)



Traidcraft Chocolate Ultimate Collection 10189 £20.50 (7 x 100g) If you have a sweet tooth, or know someone who has, why not indulge in our ultimate collection of Fairtrade chocolate? 28

Good news! As our Dark Chocolate with Marzipan and Orange has now been discontinued, we’ve added an additional bar of our best-selling 70% Dark Chocolate into the Traidcraft Chocolate Ultimate Collection (10189). This means that now you’ll get not one, but two of your favourites in one collection!

No matter whether you are introducing someone to the world of Fairtrade chocolate, or you’re simply stocking up on your own personal favourites, these sets are a must-have for any eco-shopper. These ethical collections of Traidcraft chocolate bars have people and the planet’s best interests in every mouthful. Which will you choose?

Traidcraft Chocolate Collection 10379 £8.75 (3 x 100g) 29


Traidcraft Milk Chocolate Collection 10190 £8.75 (3 x 100g)

Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow!

arlic & Herb Beer Bread G 10401 (450g) £4.99

With this authentic mixture of ingredients, you have all you need to bake a steaming hot loaf in less than an hour! The bag provides all the dry ingredients – leaving you to simply add 330ml of beer (could also use cider, or a soft drink such as soda water), mix together and bake!

Chilli & Garlic Beer Bread 68834 (450g) £4.99 30

Olive & Rosemary Beer Bread 68652 (450g) £4.99


The beer bread and biscuit mixture comes in calico bags which have been handsewn by South African charity, Deaf Hands at Work.

Altromercato are a social and green food supply chain creator, based in Italy. They abide by and respect the international principles of WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization). They work with over 150 producer organisations to help develop and market good, healthy, sustainable food.

Altromercato Mango with Dark Chocolate Exotic mango pieces are a treat in their own right, but dip them in luxurious, dark chocolate and you’re onto a winner. 10196 (120g) £7 10197 (12 x 120g) £75.60

Altromercato Organic Soft Nougat with Honey and Cashew Nuts This soft, organic nougat bar has cashew nuts running throughout to give a nice crunch, with the honey adding a sweet depth. 10192 (90g) £3.50 10193 (12 x 90g) £37.80

Altromercato Organic Soft Nougat with Honey and Cashew Nuts Coated in Dark Chocolate Crunchy on the outside with the aid of a rich, dark chocolate coating, but soft and smooth on the inside. 10194 (90g) £3.50 10195 (12 x 90g) £37.80 31


Chocolate Chip Beer Biscuits Impress friends and family by pulling a freshly baked batch of chocolate chip biscuits from the oven. All you have to do is buy a bag, add a brew and bake. 10481 (450g) £4.99

Singles £2.60 | Cases £35.10 Divine Dark Chocolate with Ginger & Orange 32900 (90g) | 30018 (15 x 90g)

Divine Dark Chocolate with Raspberries 49630 (90g) | 43768 (15 x 90g)

Divine Dark Chocolate with Mint Crisp 38574 (90g) | 38350 (15 x 90g)

Divine Dark Chocolate with Pink Himalayan Salt 43724 (90g) | 41128 (15 x 90g)

Divine Milk Chocolate with Salted Caramel 35962 (90g) | 34274 (15 x 90g)

Divine Milk Chocolate with Almond & Salted Caramel 10578 (90g) | 10579 (15 x 90g)

Divine 34% Milk Chocolate with Orange Crisp 10695 (90g) | 10696 (15 x 90g)

Divine Dark Chocolate with Pretzel & Caramel 10580 (90g) | 10581 (15 x 90g)


51940 (1 x 180g, 12 x 15g bars) £7.49 10361 (12 x 180g, 12 x 15g bars) £80.88 th

Offers until: 20 December inclusive.

Singles: (Min order 4 x 35g) £4.80 | Cases: £32.40 Divine's unique partnership with the cocoa farmers who co-own their company is living proof that chocolate can deliver positive change and be delicious, too!

Divine Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate 10582 (4 x 35g) 10583 (30 x 35g)

Divine 70% Dark Chocolate 51552 (4 x 35g) 47224 (30 x 35g)

Divine Orange Milk Chocolate 58504 (4 x 35g) 58148 (30 x 35g)

Divine White Chocolate 50050 (4 x 35g) 44258 (30 x 35g)

Divine Milk Chocolate 32936 (4 x 35g) 24750 (30 x 35g)

Divine Cappuccino Chocolate 69278 (4 x 35g) 69020 (30 x 35g) 33


Divine Chocolate Tasting Set This Divine Chocolate Taster Set includes 12 miniature bars of Fairtrade chocolate in six extraordinary flavours.

15% OFF


Offers until: 29th March inclusive.

Singles £4 £3.40 | Cases £43.20 £36.72 These are the same Divine hearts you know and love, simply with updated packaging!


Divine 70% Dark Chocolate Hearts 62008 (80g) 61978 (12 x 80g)

Divine Milk Chocolate Hearts 61630 (80g) 61572 (12 x 80g)


Divine White Chocolate & Strawberry Hearts 61896 (80g) 61738 (12 x 80g)

The cocoa industry is worth over $100 billion dollars a year, yet an average cocoa farmer earns less than a $1 a day. This means on average, cocoa farmers earn just about 6% of the final value of a bar of chocolate. Conscious shoppers challenge this, and invest in fair trade.

Kuapa Kokoo is a co-operative of over 100,000 cocoa farmers in Ghana, who take great pride in growing the finest quality cocoa for Divine products. They own a 20% stake in Divine, and a unique feature of the co-ownership business model means that Kuapa Kokoo has 40% board representation. The co-operative is involved in both strategic decisions, as well as day to day initiatives such as marketing campaigns and impact storytelling. 34

Climate change is happening.

Climate change is happening now. But it’s not too late.

Shop Fair Trade

For People and Planet… For over 40 years, we’ve built longlasting relationships with innovative partners from all over the world, and brought their goods directly to you.

Many fair trade farmers and producers care for the environment by committing to a range of eco-activities including: Maximising their use of sustainable energy and raw materials

During these years, climate change has gradually become a bigger and bigger challenge. We are increasingly concerned and worried about the killer effects climate change is having on us and on them.

Reducing their water usage P rotecting the soil by practicing organic farming methods R educing deforestation by intercropping trees and crops R eceiving training on mitigating the killer effects of climate change

Why not do your bit and challenge yourself to make one simple swap in this week’s shop? Cereal, tea, coffee, sugar, pasta… it could be anything! Switch a non-fair trade product for its fair trade counterpart, and rest assured the environment will thank you. 35


M inimising waste and pollution, often by using recycled materials within their craft

You just have to take a look on page 15 to see the devastating effects droughts, coupled with severe frosts due to climate change, have had on Brazil, and the knock on effect this has had on the global coffee market. Fair trade farmers and artisans respect and care for the environment.

These producers are among those who are seeing the most damaging effects of climate change, despite being among those who have the smallest carbon output.

The Fairest Sweets of Them All



From refreshing after dinner mints and nostalgia-evoking pear drops, to chocolate coated raisins and moreish liquorice whirls, there's something for everyone in our sustainable sweets range. C






The sugar that sweetens Traidcraft sweets is 100% Fairtrade


DID YOU KNOW? Traidcraft sweets come in 100% compostable outer bags.

Coated Raisins Chilean raisins coated in Fairtrade Belgian chocolate. 45700 (150g) £2.50 41150 (12 x 150g) £27

B Traidcraft Liquorice Flavour Whirls

Individually wrapped liquorice flavour toffee sweets. 48344 (150g) £1.65 44300 (12 x 150g) £17.75

C Traidcraft Pear Drops

Take a trip down memory lane with our mouth-watering, Fairtrade pear drops. 57986 (150g) £1.65 57950 (12 x 150g) £17.75

D Traidcraft Dark Chocolate

Coated Ginger Crystallised ginger covered in Fairtrade, Belgian, dark chocolate. 58182 (125g) £2.65 58472 (12 x 125g) £28.60

E Traidcraft Vanilla Fudge

Creamy, buttery fudge made with Fairtrade sugar. 69454 (150g) £1.65 68416 (12 x 150g) £17.75

F Traidcraft Buttermints

Buttermints with a moreish chewy centre, made with Fairtrade sugar. 53390 (150g) £1.65 25818 (12 x 150g) £17.75

G Traidcraft After Dinner Mints

Melt in the mouth peppermint balls, made with Fairtrade sugar. 57018 (150g) £1.65 65380 (12 x 150g) £17.75

H Traidcraft Butterscotch Sweets

Creamy butterscotch boiled sweets sweetened with Fairtrade sugar. 58880 (150g) £1.65 26558 (12 x 150g) £17.75 37


A Traidcraft Milk Chocolate

What a Way to

Start the Day A



See page 97 for our hand-painted rainbow range

A Traidcraft Fruit & Nut Muesli A fruity blend of fair trade raisins, sliced Brazil nuts and almonds, mixed together with sunflower seeds, jumbo oats and wheat flakes. 43924 (500g) £4.20 | 44380 (6 x 500g) £22.68 B Traidcraft Fruity Golden Granola A global mix of fair trade raisins, chopped dates and almonds, blended together with sunflower seeds, cranberries, crisped rice and crunchy oats. 27578 (350g) £4 | 69620 (6 x 350g) £21.60 C Traidcraft Exotic Fruit Muesli A blend of fair trade raisins, sunflower seeds, honey, dried pineapple, dried cape gooseberries, dates, and sweet dried banana. 45670 (500g) £4.20 | 45944 (6 x 500g) £22.68 38


Only the finest fair trade ingredients go into our highly sought-after range of cereal. You can rest assured that every delicious mouthful benefits growers from fair trade co-operatives around the world, as well as doing its bit to protect the planet, too.

Our whole cereal range is made at Alara, a fair trade and sustainable organization based in King’s Cross, London. Along with environmental sustainability, fighting food/packaging waste and social fairness, Alara’s focus has always been on clean, healthy food. Alara was founded by Alex Smith, with £2 that he found in the street. Before finding the £2, Alex was active in the squatting movement of the ‘70s, and decided to live without money for almost a year. The day he decided to start using money again was the day he found the £2. This was where the journey began… Alex spent the £2 on hiring a van to use to gather fruits and vegetables that were going to waste around New Covent Garden Market, to sell them on in a squatting shop. This shop became one of the first health shops, selling flakes, fruits, dried fruit, seeds and nuts.

Fair trade raisins from Chile

Fair trade Brazil nuts from Brazil

Alara’s Timeline 1975

Founded, starting with just £2


Become the first producers of Organic-certified cereal in the world


Produce the first Fairtradecertified cereal, for us here at Traidcraft!


Become the first company to be licensed by Coeliac Society, wanting to serve gluten sensitive customers


Became the first zero waste food manufacturer in the world


Started using home compostable packaging


hallenging themselves to be C the ‘Most Sustainable Food Manufacturer on Earth’


Traidcraft cereals come with compostable inner bags. Simply pop them into your compost heap to give back to the earth once you’re done.

Fair trade almonds from Pakistan and Palestine 39


Shining the Spotlight on our Sustainable Cereal Manufacturers

Spread The Word




A Traidcraft Organic Orange Marmalade 67388 (340g) £3.20 43294 (6 x 340g) £17.28 This Fairtrade orange marmalade is bursting with tangy Organic Seville oranges and Fairtrade, Organic sugar. B Traidcraft Organic Strawberry Jam 42766 (340g) £3.20 42670 (6 x 340g) £17.28 This Fairtrade strawberry jam is bursting with 40% juicy Organic strawberries and Fairtrade, Organic sugar. C Traidcraft Organic Raspberry Jam 10706 (340g) £4.99 10707 (6 x 340g) £26.94 Kind to people and the planet, this versatile jam is bursting with Organic raspberries and sweetened with Fairtrade, Organic sugar. 40



That's The Bee's Knees B



A Traidcraft Mexican Organic Blossom Set Honey A wonderfully floral and spicy Organic set honey. 31100 (500g) £5.85 32704 (6 x 500g) £31.50


B Traidcraft Mexican Organic Blossom Clear Honey A wonderfully floral and spicy Organic clear honey. 33062 (500g) £5.85 37092 (6 x 500g) £31.50

Traidcraft Organic Mexican Blossom Clear Honey

Ethically & environmentally sound and delicious to boot!



Liberation Crunchy Peanut Butter This delicious peanut butter from Liberation Foods brings a worldly cocktail of nuts to your breakfast table. Contains no palm oil. 30972 (350g) £2.75 26458 (12 x 350g) £29.64 41



Meru Triple Gift Set Gift Set includes: Tomato & Chilli Sauce, Pineapple Jam, Papaya & Lemon Jam. 10480 (1 x 295g, 2 x 330g) £11.99

Meru Herbs is a female-led organisation in rural Kenya and is dedicated to fair trade principles, with a clear mission to empower women, alleviate poverty and improve standards of living.

Meru Mango Jam 57060 (330g) £3.50 56720 (6 x 330g) £18.90

Meru Hibiscus Jam 58798 (330g) £3.50 57960 (6 x 330g) £18.90

Meru Tomato & Basil Sauce 31942 (295g) £3.50 31668 (6 x 295g) £18.90

Meru Tomato & Chilli Sauce 32020 (295g) £3.50 32096 (6 x 295g) £18.90

Meru Herbs Hot Chilli Pesto 61814 (180g) £3.50 61576 (6 x 180g) £18.90


Eswatini Kitchen

Eswatini Mixed Fruit Chutney A traditional chutney with apples, pear and peaches. 52372 (300g) £3.55 27134 (6 x 300g) £19.20 Eswatini Medium Curry Sauce Traditional sauce made with spices. 26138 (275g) £3.55 64250 (6 x 275g) £19.20

The Eswatini project started with five women working in a one-room-kitchen, and now stands as a thriving business supplying spicy sauces and lip-smacking spreads worldwide; offering a fair and sustainable income for over 300 people from underprivileged communities. Eswatini Medium Curry Sauce

Very tasty. A great way to add flavour to your home made curry.

Eswatini Lime Pickle Made with fresh limes, chillies, green pepper and spices. 55104 (275g) £3.50 66286 (6 x 275g) £18.90 Eswatini Hot Mango Chutney Made with fresh limes, chillies, green pepper and spices. 10888 (300g) £3.50 10889 (6 x 300g) £18.90

Eswatini Curry Condiments Gift Set Contains Hot Mango Chutney and Lime Pickle. 10890 (575g) £8.99 43


Eswatini Kitchen was set up in 1991 by Manzini Youth Care (MYC), a Salesian NGO supporting marginalised youths in Swaziland. The profits are fed into MYC’s social programmes.


but not as you know it…

Our penne and fusilli pasta is made with durum wheat and 20% Fairtrade quinoa flour from small regional co-operatives in Bolivia. It's cultivated at an altitude of 12,000 feet near the largest salt lake in the world, and an old volcano cone. The soil conditions, altitude, and the blazing Bolivian sun offer the organic quinoa all it needs to develop a naturally high nutritional value.

Traidcraft Organic Penne Pasta 51142 (500g) £2.80 25592 (12 x 500g) £30.24 Traidcraft Organic Fusilli Pasta 50458 (500g) £2.80 63434 (12 x 500g) £30.24

Traidcraft Organic Fusilli Pasta

Best pasta ever. Organic and Fairtrade. Won't buy pasta anywhere else​. 44

Long Grain Rice From Myanmar

20% OFF

This Fairtrade rice comes from a small producer group in Moe Goke, Myanmar (formally Burma). As well as receiving the Fairtrade minimum price ($381 per tonne, compared to the domestic price of $240 per tonne), the farmers received a Fairtrade premium of around $2,000. They chose to invest this in their revolving loan fund to support future investment in high quality rice seed. FOOD & DRINK

Tropical Wholefoods Long Grain White Rice Long grain white rice. Light and fluffy when cooked. 67084 (500g) £2.25 £1.80 67076 (6 x 500g) £12 £9.60

Organic Coconut Oil 10720 (500ml) £6.95 This premium, 100% Organic Coconut Oil has been extracted from fresh, handpicked, mature coconuts, harvested from coconut estates in Sri Lanka.

Ma’s Happy Life Kitchen Organic and Fairtrade Coconut Milk (Min order two). 25890 (2 x 400ml) £3.90 49682 (12 x 400ml) £21 Sustainably sourced from smallholder farmers in Sri Lanka, Ma’s Happy Life Kitchen offers career opportunities to 70 people and supports over 200 happy Organic coconut growers in the area. 45

Kilombero White Rice 56150 (1kg) £3.75 54548 (12 x 1kg) £40.50 Kilombero Brown Rice 58588 (1kg) £3.75 57330 (12 x 1kg) £40.50 Award-winning Kilombero rice is sustainably grown and harvested by smallholder farmers in the temperate Nkhotakota and Karonga Districts in Malawi. Every bag sold changes lives, and the farmers’ earnings from Kilombero rice are invested back into their farms.

20% OFF


Finger On The Pulse

Free from any artificial colourants or flavourings, these are the store cupboard staples you’ll wonder how you ever got through meal times without. Please note: All pulses are dried.



Offers: until 29th March inclusive.

Fairtrade and Organic Toor Dahl 10339 (500g) £2.59 £2.07 Fairtrade and Organic Red Lentils 10337 (500g) £2.59 £2.07 Fairtrade and Organic Chickpeas 10341 (500g) £2.59 £2.07


Fish4Ever Mackerel Fillets in Organic Sunflower Oil 69588 (2 x 125g) £4.30

Fish4Ever Whole Sardines in Organic Sunflower Oil 56396 (2 x 125g) £4.30

With a maximum of four steps between catching the fish and canning it, Fish4Ever guarantee full traceability of their fish from the sea to your plate. There’s a unique code on the side of every can, which allows you to track and trace your fish – and even thank the fisherman or woman who caught it for you!

Fish4Ever Scottish Mackerel in Spring Water 68582 (2 x 125g) £3.90

Fish4Ever Wild Spratt Sardines in Spring Water 57730 (2 x 105g) £3.90

TRACING YOUR FISH ONLINE: HOW IT WORKS Fish4Ever Skipjack Tuna Chunks in Brine 43410 (2 x 160g) £4.30

1. Visit 2. Enter your unique THISFISH code 3. Press ‘Trace’ button 4. Discover who harvested your fish, additional info about your fish and how your fish was harvested.

Fish4Ever Skipjack Tuna Chunks in Spring Water 60646 (2 x 160g) £5

5. Send a thank you message to the fisherman or woman who caught your fish! 47



Delights Palestinian

Zaytoun Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil High-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made from Organic Palestinian olives.


62774 (250ml) £8.75 25632 (6 x 250ml) £47.28 34946 (500ml) £14.50 42258 (6 x 500ml) £78.30 45218 (750ml) £20.75 48702 (6 x 750ml) £118.26 54386 (1L) £26.25 56878 (6 x 1L) £149.58 67710 (5L) £116.75

Zaytoun Tree Planting Olive Oil Tube Gift This wonderfully symbolic gift will not only pay for a tree to be planted but will also give the receiver a Zaytoun-stamped certificate of proof, as well as a 500ml bottle of Fairtrade and Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 69558 (500ml) £25


Reusable Bottle!


Zaytoun Unfiltered Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 10369 (500ml) £14.50 | 10370 (6 x 500ml) £78.30 If you love Zaytoun's regular Organic olive oil drizzled over your salads, you must try their, once a year, limited edition, unfiltered olive oil.

Zaytoun Smoky Freekeh Young green wheat which has been toasted and cracked.

Check out Zaytoun producer stories on our blog

58738 (200g) £2.99 67466 (6 x 200g) £16.14

Zaytoun Organic Maftoul (Cous Cous) Large grain wholewheat, sundried with a distinctive nutty flavour.

Zaytoun Za’atar Herb Mix A herb mix of wild thyme, toasted sesame and sumac.

62422 (200g) £2.99 58370 (6 x 200g) £16.14

33324 (80g) £3.75 54996 (6 x 80g) £20.25

Zaytoun Smoky Freekeh

Love trying the recipes on the box to cook Freekeh. It's excellent quality & great to be able to buy Palestinian products. Zaytoun Organic Maftoul (Cous Cous)

Healthy and tasty, used this for some years. 49


Please note that the olive oil is naturally cloudy, retaining all the goodness of freshly pressed olives.

Zaytoun Almonds Large, sweet almonds from Palestine. 55782 (150g) £5.55 | 28294 (6 x 150g) £29.94

Zaytoun Almonds

Honestly the best almonds I have ever tasted worlds away from supermarket packs

Zaytoun Medjoul Essential Dates Delicious, soft and succulent everyday dates. Not pitted. 49990 (800g) £10.75 51508 (6 x 800g) £58.02 10396 (5kg) £50 This gift box of specialty, medjoul dates is perfect for any loved one who is a fan of a sweet treat. Known as the ‘King of Dates', these extra-large, toffee-like dates from Zaytoun are deliciously soft and moreish, making them the perfect, high-quality gift for any foodie.

Zaytoun Medjoul Dates Delicious, soft and succulent dates. Not pitted. 62448 (250g) £5.50 58344 (6 x 250g) £29.70 54846 (500g) £10.25 26948 (6 x 500g) £55.32 58300 (5kg) £64

Zaytoun Medjoul Dates

Totally delicious and better than any others I've tasted 50

Collection The Zaytoun

Treat yourself or a loved one to the quintessential Zaytoun box of your favourite Palestinian products. The Zaytoun Collection • Zaytoun Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) • Zaytoun Smoky Freekeh (200g) • Zaytoun Za’atar Herb Mix (80g) • Zaytoun Medjoul Dates (250g) • Zaytoun Organic Almonds (150g) 10162 £30

Get all of the above, plus any of the below cookbooks for £50

The Zaytoun Collection with Falastin Cookbook 10163 £50

The Zaytoun Collection with Baladi Cookbook 10165 £50

The Zaytoun Collection with Zaitoun Cookbook 10164 £50

For more info on cookbooks see page 108 51


• Zaytoun Organic Maftoul (200g)




Snack Bars

Bursting with Fairtrade, 100% Organic fruit and nuts, these nutritional powerhouses are the perfect pick-me-up.

Singles: (Min order 4 x 40g) £5 Cases: (18 x 40g) £20.16 Organic Apricot & Almond Bar 10381 (4 x 40g) | 10382 (18 x 40g) Organic Date & Walnut Bar 10387 (4 x 40g) | 10388 (18 x 40g) Organic Mango & Brazil Bar 10383 (4 x 40g) | 10384 (18 x 40g) Organic Pineapple & Cashew Bar 10385 (4 x 40g) | 10386 (18 x 40g)

Secure, paid employment, adult literacy, new water resources, bicycles and cereal banks are just some examples of what the mango and cashew growing cooperatives have spent the Fairtrade social premium on.








Good From The Ground Up!

Liberation’s wonderful new look still contains the same delicious nuts; planted, nurtured and picked directly by the company's shareholders - smallholder farmers around the world... As both producers and owners of the company, they do a lot more than the average to grow the best quality crops whilst living in harmony with their surroundings. The peanuts come from a farming cooperative in Nicaragua that are dedicated to protecting the environment. Amongst other initiatives, they promote a return to organic farming with homemade fertilisers and pesticides using natural ingredients including sea water and molasses. The producers not only sell them for a fraction of the price of imported agro-chemicals but also offer farmers training and support to make their own. They explain: “it's an agreement with nature, it's not breaking the equilibrium. We all have the right to live and we all have a function”. We couldn’t agree more!

A Liberation Salted Cashews & Peanuts (Min order two). 58260 (2 x 90g) £3.60 43726 (10 x 90g) £16 B Liberation Chilli and Lime Cashews, Peanuts & Corn (Min order two). 41002 (2 x 90g) £3.60 26938 (10 x 90g) £16 C Liberation Crunchy Peanut Butter 30972 (350g) £2.75 26458 (12 x 350g) £29.64 53

Vegan-Friendly Sugar




DID YOU KNOW? Our sugar now comes in packaging that can be recycled with plastic bags at your local supermarket.



Traidcraft Raw Cane Sugar A kitchen cupboard staple, ideal for home baking or sweetening drinks. 69670 (500g) £1.60 | 32518 (6 x 500g) £8.40 Traidcraft Demerara Sugar Sweetens your home baked biscuits and crumbles. 56222 (500g) £1.65 | 30068 (6 x 500g) £8.70 Traidcraft Golden Caster Sugar Just right for meringues, cakes, and biscuit baking. 55132 (500g) £1.65 | 63166 (6 x 500g) £8.70

Traidcraft Brown Sugar Sticks Fairtrade cane sugar in handy 3g sachets. (Approx 500 x 3g) 66714 Box £8 54

Traidcraft White Sugar Sticks Fairtrade refined cane sugar in 3g sachets. (Approx 500 x 3g) 52046 Box £8

Trees, glorious trees. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re vital for the health of our planet. Trees absorb carbon, offsetting harmful by-products of fossil-fuel burning, and improve air quality by giving off oxygen, as well as providing shade, shelter and safety for birds and other species. Trees also play a key role in capturing rainwater and reducing the risk of natural disasters like floods and landslides. Planting trees across the world is one of

the biggest (and most reasonable!) ways to fight the climate crisis. See, we told you they were amazing! You may recall last Black Friday, instead of slashing prices and encouraging you to buy more ‘stuff’ than you really need, with your help, we planted 49,168 trees, reducing 53 tonnes of C02, and helped to fund environmental projects all over the world. As environmental justice is something we’re passionate about here at Traidcraft, we didn’t stop offering you the chance to restore the earth just on Black Friday. In fact, our customers can make a difference right now, but choosing to plant 25, 50 or 100 trees for yourself or on behalf of someone else.


25TREES £6.35

50TREES £12.70

100TREES £25.40

You can keep an eye on our progress here. Together, we can plant trees, offset carbon and fund environmental projects at the click of a button. To be 100% transparent, we do not make any profit by offering these products. 55








Storage jars and kitchen items are photography props

Tropical Wholefoods pay fair prices in advance, develop and market the farmers' products and share useful technology and experience with overseas partners!

C Tropical Wholefoods Raisins From Chile. 25122 (500g) £3.48 59666 (6 x 500g) £18.78

A T ropical Wholefoods Organic Bogoya Banana From Uganda. 66848 (125g) £2.96 66832 (14 x 125g) £37.24

D Tropical Wholefoods Traditional Mixed Dried Fruit Mix of raisins, sultanas, currants and zesty orange and lemon peel. 50940 (500g) £4.30 50304 (6 x 500g) £23.22

B Tropical Wholefoods Organic Cashew Nuts From Burkina Faso. 56756 (150g) £4.79 66506 (6 x 150g) £25.86

E Tropical Wholefoods Organic Sundried Mango From Burkina Faso. 60186 (100g) £2.96 55570 (14 x 100g) £37.24


Kitchen Your Ethical






See page 97 for Rainbow Range

F T ropical Wholefoods Organic Whole Brazil Nuts From Bolivia or Peru. 58546 (125g) £4.30 56660 (6 x 125g) £23.22

I Tropical Wholefoods Organic Pineapple From Uganda. 56848 (100g) £2.96 56544 (14 x 100g) £37.24

G T ropical Wholefoods Whole Apricots From Pakistan. 37364 (125g) £2.06 54852 (14 x 125g) £25.34


H T ropical Wholefoods Organic Pitted Dates From Tunisia. 48200 (250g) £3.59 47730 (6 x 250g) £19.38

Tropical Wholefoods Sultanas From Uzbekistan. 46138 (500g) £4.30 46660 (6 x 500g) £23.22

TOP TIP Save at least 10% when you buy in bulk 57

Why Buy

in Bulk? 1.

Here at Traidcraft, we want you to #buyright. We actively, passionately believe you shouldn’t buy more ‘stuff’ than you really need. Waste goes against our ethos and everything we’re prepared to fight for. Wait - so, why are we promoting buying in bulk? Doesn’t that go against everything Traidcraft believes in? Pull up a chair, grab yourself a cuppa and let us explain…


Let’s use our best-selling, 100% recycled toilet tissue as an example. S I N G L E (4 Rolls) 4 x toilet tissue rolls

C A S E ( 10 x 4 Rolls) 40 x toilet tissue rolls

£2.80 = 70p per roll

£25 = 62.5p per roll

Saving 7.5p per roll might not seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things, but take a look at this.

The average person uses 1.5 rolls of toilet tissue per week.

That’s 78 rolls per year.

Times that by the average household size in the UK, 2.4.

That’s 187.2 rolls of toilet tissue used by every household, each year. Buying in bulk would save these households over £14 every year on toilet tissue alone. Multiply that across your weekly essentials such as pasta, tea, coffee, sugar and biscuits and you’re left with a substantial saving. Kerching! That’s not forgetting any potential delivery costs saved, or the time you’d save popping to the supermarket when your supplies are depleting! 58

REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT Although we pride ourselves in using the extremely green courier, DPD, every delivery still requires a certain level of carbon output to get from our warehouse to your front door. Buying a case (containing 10 packs of toilet tissue) will save the courier nine trips.

See our blog for information on DPD’s waste management, electric fleet of delivery vehicles, solar power and more!


SAVE TIME Buying online already saves you a trip to the shops, but buying in bulk saves that and more! Plus, buying a case of 10 packs of toilet tissue means you’ll only have to wait in once for a delivery which will last you weeks – bonus! 59




Organic and Fairtrade

Afternoon Tea Hamper We all love a dainty afternoon tea as a treat, so why not give your loved ones the gift of an afternoon tea from the comfort of their own home? 59941 £35 For full list of hamper contents, please see page 136



Simply enter their delivery information at the checkout and we can send directly to their doorstep. Price is not displayed on any paperwork.


Organic Hamper We’ve created this hamper, full of sustainable, Organic, future-proof goods which not only tingle the taste buds, but transform you into an everyday activist! 64032 £40 61


All of our hampers come in reusable/ recyclable boxes.

Indulgent Hamper Why not brighten the day of a friend or family member by gifting them this fair trade hamper, overflowing with tasty treats? 10188 £35


Sweet Treats Hamper Packed full of fair trade chocolate and sweets, our Sweet Treats hamper is sure to put a spring in anyone's step this season! 58580 £25


For full list of hamper contents, please see page 136 63

Necessities The Fair

Whether you're hosting family and friends, or gifting essentials to someone who needs it most, our fair trade essentials boxes are just what's needed for a fully-stocked pantry this season.

Traidcraft Ultimate Essentials Box This whopper of an essentials box comes with all manner of deluxe, fair trade fancies, bundled up, ready to brighten the day of the receiver, whoever they may be! 10013 £50 64




Simply enter their delivery information at the checkout and we can send directly to their doorstep. Price is not displayed on any paperwork.




Traidcraft Vegan Essentials Box Within this pre-made bundle, we’ve hand-selected our very best fair trade, vegan store cupboard necessities and packaged them up into a neat bundle, ready to be delivered right to your doorstep. 10200 £30


Traidcraft Ultimate Essentials Box

Lovely range of things in this box. Perfect. Traidcraft Vegan Essentials Box

Bought as a gift to a relative in Wales. She was delighted with it!

For full list of contents, please see page 137 In the event of individual products being unavailable, we reserve the right to offer alternative goods of equal quality and value. 65

Ethical Shopping is a way of life...

Why not make your stand this Easter? By shopping Fairtrade chocolate Easter eggs, fairly traded Easter decorations and sustainable Easter cards, you’re doing your bit for people and the planet

Easter Eggs

Mini Easter Eggs

Divine 70% Dark Chocolate Luxury Egg with Mini Eggs 29078 (260g) £10 36810 (6 x 260g) £54

Offers until: 13th April inclusive.

Singles £4.75 £4.04 Cases £51.30 £43.61 (See below for case sizes)

Divine Milk Chocolate Speckled Easter Mini Eggs 43446 (155g) | 31312 (12 x 155g)

Divine Dark Chocolate Raspberry Egg 32134 (90g) £5 32108 (6 x 90g) £27

Divine Dark 70% Chocolate Foiled Mini Easter Eggs 25428 (152g) | 30244 (12 x 152g)

Divine Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate Egg with Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs 10793 (260g) £10 10794 (6 x 260g) £54 VE




Divine Milk Chocolate Foiled Mini Easter Eggs 35646 (152g) | 30240 (12 x 152g)

Divine Dark Chocolate Easter Egg 10795 (90g) £5 10796 (6 x 90g) £27






The Real Easter Egg Milk Chocolate 47424 (150g) £5 | 25710 (6 x 150g) £27


This year’s Meaningful Easter Egg comes with a 24-page Easter storyactivity book, illustrated by award winning artist, Martina Peluso. The booklet contains the story of the first Easter; the final week of Jesus’ life and the events of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. There’s even a prize competition worth £200 inside the milk egg!


The Real Easter Egg Dark Chocolate 48808 (180g) £5.95 | 50266 (6 x 180g) £33

Great for Easter egg hunts!

The Real Easter Egg White Chocolate 10883 (125g) £5.50 | 10884 (6 x 125g) £30

The Real Easter Egg Fun Pack 40452 (180g) £5 67

Organic Chocolate Mini Praline Easter Eggs 10885 (160g) £5.50 | 10886 (6 x 160g) £49.50 Mouth-wateringly tasty, these moreish milk, dark and white chocolate mini eggs are not only filled with a delicious praline centre, but they’re also Fairtrade and Organic; meaning they’re good for the planet, and people too! Why not use these praline-filled, chocolate mini eggs for Easter hunts, gifts for little ones or simply an Easter treat for yourself?

See page 97 for Rainbow Range

See page 91 for coasters Metal Hen Egg Basket 10758 £17.99 This eye-catching egg basket is perfect for any kitchen, whether it’s ultra-modern or has classic country vibes. Made by talented craftspeople in India, who all work throughout a fair trade supply chain. 68

Funky Chicken Egg Cosie 10736 £6.95 Perfect for adults and children alike, this handfelted egg cosy is just what your breakfast table needs! Fairly traded and hand-crafted in Nepal, you’ll wonder how you ever got through breakfast without it!


Set of 4 Hanging Wooden Cross Decorations Tastefully painted hanging wooden crosses with delicate ribbon fastenings. (7.5cm) 46666 £18.80

Decorative Easter Tree 49388 £19.99 Bring the magnificence of nature indoors with this handcrafted, wooden ornamental tree. Made by skilled craftspeople in India, and beautifully white washed for a clean and contemporary style, this tree sculpture can be used to hang jewellery, keys, ornaments, or even Easter or Christmas decorations.

Set of 4 Floral Hanging Wooden Egg Decorations 46382 £15

Set of 4 Crosses Hanging Wooden Egg Decorations 10310 £15 69



Send Joy Put pen to paper this Easter, spreading joy and hope to loved ones, near and far. A




All of our Easter cards on this page are FSC®-certified. 70

Pack of six, two designs. A Spring Floral Easter Cards 10739 (12.5 x 12.5cm) £6 B Easter Greetings Cards 10740 (14.5 x 10cm) £6 C Church Windows Easter Cards 10738 (12.5 x 12.5cm) £6 D He is Risen Easter Cards 10737 (14.5 x 10cm) £6 Ethical shopping is a way of life; there are countless opportunities throughout the year to consume consciously. By shopping Fairtrade chocolate Easter eggs, fairly traded Easter decorations and sustainable Easter cards, you’re doing your bit for people and the planet.


Floral Cards with Pressed Flowers 46526 (12 x 8cm) £12




Treasures From Bethlehem

A Hand-Carved Olivewood Bracelet 48108 £7.70 B Hand-Carved Olivewood Cross on Keyring 47844 (5cm) £5.50 C Hand-Carved Olivewood Pocket Cross 47968 (7cm) £5.50

Our hand-carved olivewood pieces come from Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans (BFTA). They are a non-profit NGO, established in 2009, who work to spread the fair trade message in Palestine and link Palestinian producers to global fair trade markets. In 2015, BFTA became the first guaranteed member of World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) in the Middle East. 71

Handmade Cards By Swajan Crafts

Swajan Crafts was launched in 1999 to promote Bangladeshi handicrafts and offer its female artisans a better quality of life.





See page 77 for VENT stationery


A Bluebells Handmade Card 47302 (14 x 14cm) £5.25 B Colourful Kingfisher Handmade Card 10311 (14 x 14cm) £5.25 C Tree of Life Handmade Card 10312 (14 x 14cm) £5.25 D Daisies Handmade Card 10751 (14 x 14cm) £5.25 E Congratulations Handmade Cards Pack of 2, 2 designs 47392 (14 x 14cm) £9.50

Much of the paper used is sourced from Prokritee, another inspiring fair trade organisation, who transform dried water hyacinth into handmade paper.

Silk Screen Printed Pink Floral Cards Pack of 2, 2 designs 10314 (14 x 14cm) £7.50 The beautiful designs on these cards have been made by skilled artisans utilising a method known as silk screen printing. 73


Swajan Crafts works with over 850 artisans specialising in traditional Bangladeshi craft techniques such as applique, paper craft, embroidery and mirror work.

Cards For All Occasions

See page 77 for VENT stationery

A 74






B Ray of Light Cards 6 Pack, 2 designs. 10748 (15 x 15cm) £6.60

D Country Animals Cards 6 Pack, 2 designs. 10743 (15 x 15cm) £6.60

C Garden Birds Cards 6 Pack, 2 designs. 10742 (15 x 15cm) £6.60

E Lavender Sunsets Cards 6 Pack, 2 designs. 10750 (15 x 15cm) £6.60


A Occasions Pack of Cards Mixed pack of 10 designs. 3 x Happy Birthday, 1 x Get Well Soon, 1 x Just to Say, 1 x Congratulations, 1 x Thinking of You, 3 x Blank (15 x 15cm) 10741 £11

All of our everyday cards on pages 74 76 are FSC®-certified. 75





F Watercolour Floral Cards 6 Pack, 2 designs. 10746 (15 x 15cm) £6.60 G Garden Scenes Cards 6 Pack, 2 designs. 10744 (15 x 15cm) £6.60 H Blossom Cards 6 Pack, 2 designs. 10745 (15 x 15cm) £6.60


Traidcraft Counter Stands 68660 £15


I Tranquil Water Scenes Cards 6 Pack, 2 designs. 10749 (15 x 15cm) £6.60 J M eadows Cards 6 Pack, 2 designs. 10747 (15 x 15cm) £6.60

Recycled A5 'SUCSEED' Cherry Notebook (160 pages, 13 x 21cm) 10536 £10.99 Recycled A5 'SUCSEED' Coffee Notebook (160 pages, 13 x 21cm) 10791 £10.99




VENT SUCSEED notebooks are vegan-friendly, as VENT can guarantee that the glue down the spine contains no animal by-products.

Three Pack Recycled Buttermilk Pencils These pencils are just as eyecatching as they are eco-friendly. 62822 £3.99 Two Pack Recycled Pens with Black Ink These attractive pens will be a welcome addition to your stationery collection. 65744 £3.99 77


These practical A5 notebooks are exactly what your ethical stationery collection needs. The inner pages are made from 100% recycled paper and the vibrant front and back covers are made of sustainable paper mixed with 30% fruit, flower and seed waste (making the beautiful coffee and cherry colours!), produced using 100% green energy.


VENT for Change give 10% of their sales turnover to children’s education projects worldwide. They give every time you buy. Which means every single purchase you make has a real purpose.

Recycled Leather Dusty Blue Notebook with Lined Paper (192 pages, 80 GSM, 13 x 21cm) Lined paper content. 10790 £14.99

Recycled Leather Dusty Blue Journal with Lined & Plain Paper (62 pages, 80 GSM, 13 x 21cm) Lined and plain paper content. 10789 £10.99 78

Recycled Leather Dusty Blue Pocket Journal with Lined Paper (62 pages, 80 GSM, 10 x 15cm) Lined and plain paper content. 10792 £8.99

VENT for Change, the sustainable stationery brand that protects the planet and supports children’s education projects worldwide, announces the date for their next Share a Pencil Day.​

Announcing the date, Evan Lewis, founder of VENT for Change and Share a Pencil Day commented “Extreme poverty, teenage marriage, war and conflict and natural disasters are just some of the reasons for millions of children’s education to be affected. Highlighting these issues through a soft touch interactive school day is a wonderful way for UK youngsters to engage with such an important issue”.

Since 2017, more than 200,000 UK primary and secondary school pupils have signed up to take part in VENT for Change’s Share a Pencil Day. The UK's largest free to participate global education awareness day of its sort, Share a Pencil Day, teaches UK school children some of the reasons millions of children worldwide are still missing out on the education they deserve.

The next Share a Pencil Day will take place on Wednesday 18th May 2022. Visit the VENT for Change website for more information

On this one day, during specially designed classes pupils are asked to work with their friends sharing one pencil between two, an interactive way for them to understand what it’s like to go to school without all the resources we take for granted.

Lokta Paper Pencil Set in Pouch This beautiful pencil set and case has been handmade from lokta paper, made from the fibrous inner bark of the Daphne Papyrus bush, which only grows at an altitude of 6,500ft or above in the Himalayas. The technique of handmaking lokta paper is an art form in Nepalese culture, passed down from generation to generation. Purchased individually, designs and colours vary. (5 pencils) 10562 £4.99 79


VENT for Change Announces 2022 Global Education Awareness Day

Starting their life in 2015, UpCircle are relatively new kids on the sustainable beauty block – but their ethos and energy means they won’t be going anywhere in a hurry! UpCircle have a clear mission, to leave the world better than they found it. Part of achieving this mission involves creating quality skincare from salvaged, natural ingredients, giving them a new lease of life by turning them into something wonderful. They combat waste by using ingredients which are by-products of other industries; for example, the skin-smoothing chamomile stem extract in the UpCircle Face Toner is a by-product of the tea industry. “If we're throwing away a cafetière full of coffee grounds every morning, how much is going to waste from coffee shops all over London? A lot, as it turns out.

For directions for use on all UpCircle products, see our website

UpCircle Natural Coffee Face Scrub Floral Blend This natural face scrub gently buffs away dry, dead cells, leaving you with smooth and glowing skin. 10762 (100ml) £12.99

So we decided to do something about it. We needed a way to give those coffee grounds a new lease of life. And UpCircle was born.” – UpCircle

UpCircle Natural Coffee Face Serum Use morning and night to help boost collagen and keep skin firm. 10763 (30ml) £14.99 UpCircle Natural Apricot Face Balm Wipe away make up, sun cream and any oils on the skin with this 100% natural cleansing face balm. 10764 (50ml) £18.99 80

UpCircle Natural Mandarin and Camomile Face Toner Refreshing and uplifting, this balancing face toner promises to refresh and brighten the skin, at any time of day. 10768 (100ml) £17.99

UpCircle Natural Argan Face Moisturiser Deeply nourishing, the argan element of this ethical moisturiser comprises of the finelyground powder of discarded argan shells. 10765 (50ml) £18.99

UpCircle Natural Olive Clarifying Face Mask Prevent breakouts and spots, as well as minimizing pores with this natural, ethical, gently-detoxifying face mask. 10766 (60ml) £18.99

and made here in the UK, using natural, COSMOS-approved ingredients, with absolutely no palm oil, parabens, mineral oils, parfums or sulphates.

UpCircle Natural Date Seed Body Cream Excellent for calming dry or irritated skin. Made with anti-inflammatory extract of leftover date seeds. 10769 (125ml) £24.99

UpCircle Natural Maple and Coffee Eye Cream This ethical and sustainable eye cream minimises the appearance of dark circles and plumps fine lines. 10767 (10ml) £14.99

UpCircle Natural Coffee Body Scrub with Lemongrass Buff away dry, dead skin cells, to reveal fresh, healthy and glowing skin underneath! 10770 (200ml) £14.99 81

H E A LT H & B E A U T Y

All of UpCycle’s ethical beauty products are sustainable, vegan, cruelty-free

FIGHTING FOR THOSE AFFECTED BY ALBINISM IN UGANDA Across parts of Africa, due to societal ignorance about people with Albinism, many affected experience exclusion, stigmatization and the denial of basic rights such as education and health. Broad ignorance, misbeliefs and superstitions also endanger people with Albinism’s lives.

In everyday life, those affected by Albinism, particularly women and children, are frequently treated less than human and are not considered capable of amounting to anything.

Image Credit: Mi Elfverson 82

Passionately determined, with a hunger to show society what they are capable of, Mama Mzungu have come together with the following aims: -

Cultivating sustainable job creation

- A iding economic empowerment and self-reliance

Through Mama Mzungu, the social enterprise initiative was born. Under the economic empowerment arm of registered NGO, Women and Children with Albinism in Uganda (WACWAU), they have so far been able to create full-time employment for 13 women affected by Albinism in Uganda, who create high-quality, natural, artisan products such as hand and body balms, baskets, bags and lip balms.

In terms of environmental justice, Mama Mzungu: - P rint all labels and promotional/point of sale materials on recycled paper -

Do not use any plastic packaging

- U se recyclable/reusable tins to package their products - M inimise carbon output by using manual sewing machines - H ave a very low waste output; all soap trimmings are converted to guest soaps for the hospitality trade (where possible) or made into liquid soap for local consumption Spring 2022 will see Mama Mzungu offer training and a new operations site in Tanzania. Watch this space! 83

H E A LT H & B E A U T Y

- C hanging the image of those affected by Albinism so that they can achieve a level of respect and acceptance they deserve

Peppermint Lip Balm 10894 (10ml) £5 Lemon Lavender Lip Balm 10887 (10ml) £5 For ethical and fair trade beauty products that really make a difference, take a look at these lip balms from Mama Mzungu. 84

Kitenge Traditional African Fabric Lined Shopping Bags (38 x 41 x 3cm) 10900 £14.50 Crafted from traditional African cotton and dyed in a variety of designs, patterns and colours, this bold and beautiful shopping bag is sure to get you noticed. Colours and designs vary.

Natural Raffia Palm Zipped Woven Coin Purse 10899 (11.5 x 16.5 x 1.5cm) £4.95

Lemon Lavender Shea Butter Hand and Body Balm 10895 (50ml) £11

Lemongrass, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Shea Butter Hand and Body Balm 10896 (50ml) £11

Are you looking for a natural, sustainable and fair trade update to your skincare routine? These shea butter hand and body balms could be just what you’re looking for. You’ll feel deeply refreshed and revitalised every time you use them. Made by an inspirational company called Mama Mzungo, who have created full-time employment for 13 women affected by Albinism in Uganda.

Geranium Orange Shea Butter Hand and Body Balm 10897 (50ml) £11 Natural Raffia Palm Woven Basket (23 x 17 x 17cm) 10898 £31.50 This handmade, unique basket has been created using mainly natural fibres including dyed banana leaf fibres, wood (pine and banana for basket framework) and raffia palm. Designs vary. 85

H E A LT H & B E A U T Y

Made using dyed banana leaf fibres and raffia palm, this unique purse is sustainable, and has a real story to tell too. It’s fully lined with a locally-sourced cotton fabric and has a zip fastening (also locally-sourced). Colours vary.


Ethical Bathroom See page 133 for eco-friendly hand wash!

See page 88 for towels

Bamboo Cotton Buds Made from bamboo harvested in Indonesia and the softest of cotton for the buds, these are a gentle option for your skin and for the planet. 100 cotton buds per pack. 10553 £6.99 86

Bamboo Toothbrush Harvested in Indonesia, the bamboo handle of this toothbrush is biodegradable and can be composted, or sent to landfill where it will degrade at a much faster rate than any plastic toothbrush. 10552 £4.99

Singles £3.75 | Cases £80.88 (See below for case sizes) Nablus Pure Olive Oil Soap 10347 (100g) | 10348 (24 x 100g) Nablus Olive Oil Soap with Lemon 10349 (100g) | 10350 (24 x 100g) Nablus Olive Oil Soap with Pomegranate 10338 (100g) | 10340 (24 x 100g) Nablus Olive Oil Soap with Honey 10724 (100g) | 10725 (24 x 100g) Nablus Olive Oil Soap with Sage 10726 (100g) | 10727 (24 x 100g)

Nablus Olive Oil Soap Gift Pack 10342 (4 x 100g) £14.75 Gift Pack Includes: • Nablus Olive Oil Soap with Pomegranate • Nablus Olive Oil Soap with Lemon • Nablus Pure Olive Oil Soap • Nablus Sage Olive Oil Soap Gorara Soap Dish This soap dish has been handcarved from gorara soapstone by skilled master craftspeople of Agra – many of whom are descendants of the artisans who worked on the Taj Mahal! Each soap dish has a unique colour and pattern due to the grain of the stone. 10554 £7.99 87

H E A LT H & B E A U T Y

The natural, botanical ingredients within these soaps, including the world-renowned Palestinian olive oil, nourish and moisturise skin, whilst supporting its natural balance.

Plant-Based Tea Tree Plastic-Free Shampoo Bar Conditioning and nourishing, this tea tree scented shampoo bar will bring all the tranquillity of the spa to your own bathroom. 10551 £5.99 Plant-Based Lavender & Rosemary Plastic-Free Shampoo Bar The lavender and rosemary scent will add that extra element of luxury to your relaxing bath time experience. 51034 £5.99 Plant-Based Lime & Lemon Plastic-Free Shampoo Bar Kaffir lime oil promotes healthy hair growth and leaves your hair supple and shiny. 51112 £5.99

Designs vary making each set unique!

Reusable Make up Remover Pads - Set of 4 These soft, cotton make up remover pads are a fantastic, eco-friendly alternative to disposable cotton pads. Made from material offcuts, reducing waste but meaning that designs will vary. (10cm dia). 10546 £7.99 88


Organic and Fair Trade Towels Organic Indian Cotton. Machine washable. Hand Towel (L70 x W50cm) 10530 £7.50 Bath Towel (L150 x W100cm) 57936 £30

Perfect for backpacking, yoga, surfing, cycling, gym, camping, beach trips and picnics, there are so many reasons to love this travel towel. M ade from 100% bamboo from renewable farms, using far less water to make than standard cotton. Dries twice as fast and absorbs three times as much water as microfibre towel. Super lightweight and compact.

But that’s not all. As the makers of this towel have partnered with PANGEA, for each towel purchased, 2lbs of plastic is removed from polluted beaches and rivers, in a bid to clean up the planet.

Blue Bamboo Travel Towel 10759 (70 x 210cm) £29.99

In the last two years, PANGEA’s 40 cleanup projects have collected 37,000lbs of plastic. As well as these projects, it sets up river barriers, to prevent plastic and other waste from entering the waterways in the first place. These projects are mostly in developing countries, but not entirely; recently, a PANGEA team in the UK cleaned up 628lbs of plastic from Redcliff Wharf, Bristol. 89

H E A LT H & B E A U T Y

H as a handy carabiner clip on the side, you can simply attach to your bag and off you go!



Homewares Hand-Crocheted

From Nepal

A Yucatan Pom Pom Rainbow Cushion Cover

Hand-crocheted in Nepal, by skilled, fair trade craft workers, this eyecatching cushion cover has an opening across the back, with coconut buttons to fasten - a small, but tasteful detail. Made from 100% wool. 10731 (45 x 45cm) £49.95 Organic and Fair Trade Cotton Household Pillowcase Organic Indian Cotton. Machine washable. 250 thread count. 30880 £10 Organic and Fair Trade Cotton Fitted Sheet Organic Indian Cotton. Machine washable. 250 thread count. Single 30948 £38 Double 31088 £54 King Size 31150 £60 90

B Yucatan Pom Pom Rainbow Throw

This stunning, hand-crocheted throw is a beautiful addition to any home. Its homely feel and array of colours, not to mention the gorgeous pompoms adorning, are sure to delight you every time you pass it in your home. Made from 100% wool. 10730 (145 x 115cm) £99.95




See page 97 for Rainbow Range Add a pop of colour to your breakfast, lunch or dinner table with these fairly traded, rainbow coasters, placemat and trivet. Handmade in Nepal, these vibrant coasters would make a great gift or simply a treat for your own home. HOME

C Woodstock Felted Pebble Placemat (Approx. 20cm diameter and 2cm depth) 10733 £9.95 D Woodstock Felted Pebble Trivet (Approx. 25cm diameter and 2cm depth) 10735 £13.95 E Woodstock Felted Pebble Coasters Pack of Four

(Approx. 10cm diameter and 1cm depth) 10734 £15.95

Yucatan Rainbow Tea Cosy

This gorgeous rainbow tea cosy has been hand-crocheted by skilled craftswomen in Nepal. Boasting a fleece lining for extra insulation, this ethical tea cosy will keep your favourite tea warm for longer. Fits a six cup teapot. 10732 £15.95


Mango Wood Tree of Life Trivet Carefully carved from mango wood, this fair trade and eco-friendly trivet has travelled all the way from India to your table top. (20cm dia) 65004 £14.99

Mango trees are fast growing, and once they are no longer suitable for commercial fruiting, selling the wood is an additional source of income for the farmers. 91

Recycled Rag Rugs

Adira Recycled Punja Loom Rug Made from recycled garments, this beautiful, super colourful loom rug is one of the most sustainable statement pieces you could have in your home. (180 x 120cm, 50% Wool & 50% Cotton) 10574 £248.98 92

Round Tassel Rug Bring all the colours of the rainbow to your home with this bold and vibrant rug. Perfect for children’s bedrooms, playrooms or living rooms. (Dia 90cm, Jute & Recycled cotton) 10575 £39.96

India has a massive rag trade, involving an estimated three million rag-pickers, or ‘raddiwallahs’, as they are known. Households are usually paid according to the amount they collect, as opposed to simply sending to landfill. However, huge amounts of textile waste still ends up in landfill.

Not only are artisans provided with free business classes, but also IT classes so they’re able to reach a wider market enhanced by technology. On top of this, artisans are provided with laptops and grants so that they’re able to buy the machinery or tools needed to get their start-up off the ground.

Buying this product helps alleviate this landfill burden, as well as supporting grass roots projects that enable lots of struggling artisans to learn the skills they need to set up business and trade themselves out of poverty.

Buying product like the Dhurrie Rug also helps fund medical camps that give free check-ups and medicine to the surrounding community, and helps support over 100 children through education, whilst providing necessities like books and shoes.

Bright Recycled Rag Rug Cleverly woven by skilled artisans, leftover pieces of fabric from the garment industry have been recycled into these wonderful rugs! Machine washable. (90 x 50cm). Colours vary. 53136 £9.99

Handloomed Multicoloured Rag Rug This handloomed rag rug has been skilfully made by artisans from local villages in rural areas near Delhi. (178 x 100cm) Sizes and colours vary. 53150 £17.99 93


Handwoven Recycled Moroccan Dhurrie Rug (80 x 120cm). 10757 £49.99

Macrame Double Hanging Basket Best suited for trailing plants, such as pothos or tradescantia, this beautiful piece is a great gift for a special occasion. (110 x 22 x 6cm) 10557 £24.99 Plants and accessories not included

Great for putting plant pots in!

Pom Pom Seagrass Basket Handcrafted in Vietnam, this basket is made from seagrass. Whether you choose to use for storage, or to house your favourite houseplant, this beautiful piece is practical and eye-catching in any room of your home. (35 x 35 x 39cm) 10755 £29.95 94

Due end March Liquorice Flip-Flop Doormat This durable doormat has been made from the off-cuts of flip flops during their production! Artisans in The Philippines have found an innovative way to create something beautiful, eco-friendly, practical, and 100% unique. (76cm x 45cm) 10511 £27

Never leave a lit candle unattended.

Macrame Triple Hanging Shelf This simple and chic design boasts three wooden shelves with macrame ropes holding the structure together. (140 x 51 x 20cm) 10558 £79.99

Butterfly Windchime with Mixed Beads Made from recycled iron by skilled artisans in Northern India, this sustainable piece is a great focal point for any home or garden. (16.5 x 38cm) 10754 £11.95 95


Due mid March Glass Ball Lantern Handcrafted in India, this industrial style lantern will complete any room or garden setting perfectly. The clear glass ball comes in a handmade, recycled iron frame with an ornamental carry handle. (26 x 26 x 20cm) 10756 £57.95

Meet the Makers A Visit to the Source of our Best-Selling Rainbow Range

Join us as we head to family-run factory, Meelarp Ceramics, where our bestselling, hand-painted rainbow range starts its life. Based in Lampang in Thailand, 95km from Chiangmai - Meelarp Ceramics is fair trade factory set in a stunning oasis of orchids, coconuts and sub-tropical butterflies. Inside the factory, around 200 employees benefit from good working conditions, fair payment and absolutely never any child labour or forced labour; these are just some of the positives which come from working in a fair trade factory. "When I started the company 28 years ago we had only six employees; now we have 200,” says the Managing Director, Mr Meelarp. Mr Meelarp is proud of what his company has achieved, and of the wider changes he has witnessed across Thailand over that period. For example, at the beginning, workers would bring their children 96

with them to the factory; with many families having five or more children each! Mr Meelarp was convinced that children should be at school, learning skills in order to be able to improve their quality of their lives. All that has now changed; women have the chance to become literate, earn money and organise their own family planning, and their children are able to go to school. Sustainability also matters to Meelarp Ceramics. At the entrance to the factory there is a large waterwheel. While it is currently powered by the grid, Mr Meelarp is not opposed to investing in renewable energy and says it is something he will look into in the future. The waterwheel currently oxygenates a fish pond and irrigates a small, organic allotment plot within the factory grounds. Mr Meelarp laments the fact that his younger employees want spicier food and French fries instead of organic produce, but he knows his company is setting an example for others by having such commodities on the factory premises.

Rainbow range

Hand-Painted in Thailand

Bring all the colours of the rainbow to your table top, with these high-quality ceramic pieces which have been handpainted with care in Thailand.

A H and-Painted Rainbow Side Plate (18cm dia) 52264 £8.50 B H and-Painted Rainbow Plate (26cm dia) 52340 £13.99 C Hand-Painted Rainbow Teapot (15cm) 62264 £18.50 D Hand-Painted Rainbow Mug (11 x 8.5cm dia) 62618 £6.99 E H and-Painted Rainbow Bowl (16cm dia) 52828 £7.50





E D 97

Brighten Each and Every Day with

Rainbow Essentials Rainbow Jute Shopper This eco-friendly jute shopper has been screen-printed by hand in Kolkata, India 10547 (30 x 30 x 20cm) £6.99 Rainbow Rice Husk Cup 10545 (400ml) £11.99 Look after this cup and it will last you years. However, when you are ready to part ways, soak it in water overnight, crush and bury it in compost or soil. It will start to biodegrade in soil within six months, completing the sustainable lifecycle. Please note silicone sleeve and lid are not biodegradable but are non-toxic and recyclable.

Recycled Sari Chindi Flat Pouch 10760 (12 x 18cm) £6.99 Skilfully made by fair trade artisans from recycled saris, these ethical Chindi tote bags and pouches are as unique as their makers. These recycled accessories would make a great gift for an ethical consumer. 98

Multi Coloured Recycled Chindi Long Handle Tote Bag 10761 (30 x 28cm; gusset 15cm; fringe 4cm; handle 58cm) £24.99

Recycled and Handmade Sari Bags Purchased Individually, colours and designs vary. (W33 x L40cm, including handles L56cm). 56740 £8.50

Due end April Fair Trade Elephant Shoulder Bag This tote style shoulder bag has been screen-printed and assembled by a fair trade group in India and supports conservation projects run by WWF. (H66 x W38 x D10cm) 10185 £19.99

Elephant wooden calendar This adorable elephant calendar will add style to your desk as it doubles up as a quirky ornament. Purchased individually, colours vary. (10 x 3.5 x 7cm) 54136 £5.95 99


Coconut Fibre Birdhouse Ball This handmade birdhouse will encourage birds to nest in your garden and share your space with you. (Approx D17cm) 10358 £9.99

Supporting Refugee Women in Afghanistan: A Q&A with Tahira Afridi of Artisan Links Tahira Afridi is the Director of Artisan Links, one of MADE51’s social enterprise partners working with Afghan refugee women. Artisan Links was officially registered in 2017 in Peshawar, Pakistan, but traces its roots back to a 1985 development project started by the Danish Committee for Aid to Afghan Refugees. Over the course of 30+ years, the initiative evolved from a sewing project for Afghan refugees, into an NGO working with both Afghan refugees in Pakistan and marginalized women in Afghanistan, and finally into the fair trade Pakistani business it is today.

Farawee the Handmade Sheep This adora-baah-l stuffed soft animal toy has been crocheted from Organiccertified cotton, by a talented Syrian refugee, currently living in Turkey. (28cm, Organic-certified cotton). 10713 £33


Artisan Links continues to work with Afghan women both in Pakistan and border regions of Afghanistan and is now the first and only guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) in Pakistan. Afridi has been at the helm of Artisan Links since the beginning. She is a dynamic leader with a deep commitment to creating economic empowerment for marginalised women. Can you tell us a little bit about the women you work with in Pakistan? Yes, their parents came to Pakistan as refugees during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. The second generation is being raised and educated in Pakistan. So the artisans that are working with us are mostly second generation refugees. We previously worked with the elders, but now it's mainly the young lot.

Handmade Embroidered Pouch of Unity This charming pouch, handmade by Syrian refugees currently living in Lebanon, has three unique embroidered characters on the front, the result of a collaboration between a Lebanese designer and Syrian refugee artisans. (28 x 17 x 6cm, cotton). 10712 £49.20

The world just watched the Taliban regain control of Afghanistan. How have the women you worked with reacted to these developments? What are the refugees you work with in Pakistan hearing from their family members? The artisans still haven't forgotten the last Taliban regime. They remember the hardships that families faced. The trust factor is lacking. Uncertainty exists and these artisans are worried about their family members in Afghanistan and want them to come to Pakistan. Half the families are here, half are there, you know? So they are worried about them, but they are in touch with them via telephone.

Are there any other observations you would like to share with us? It's because of MADE51 that Artisan Links survived a very tough time a few years back. MADE51 and WFTO have been a big part of our support system so we would really like to mention this.

We are the only organisation that is still (at the time of interview it was two weeks since the Taliban took over) working with our artisans who live cross-border in Afghanistan. We are working on a really large order right now and the artisans in Jalalaba are still working on it, so they can earn income while the men in the families can't work. We are grateful to our customers for giving work to us, so we can give work to the artisans.

“It's a sad situation and we just hope and pray things get better. Artisan Links is committed to keep working with the artisans in Afghanistan, even now that the border is closed. We have found ways to bring their products back to Pakistan - it's expensive but we are continuing so we can give work to these marginilised women. Tahira Afridi, Artisan Links

Handmade Pukhtadozi Red Cushion Cover This exquisitely embroidered cushion cover has been handmade in Pakistani refugee camps, by Afghan women who specialize in embroidery techniques that have been passed down for generations. (40 x 40cm. Linen fabric, cotton thread). 10784 £73.20 See pages 111, 124 & 125 for more MADE51 products 101


What is Artisan Links doing right now?

Zip Purse with Embroidered Animal Design Cute, hand-embroidered animal purse with dainty pom pom trim. Purchased individually, colours and designs vary. (15 x 12cm) 56532 £14.95

Double Zip Purse Ideal for days where you may only need a few coins & notes, it's the perfect gift for adults and children alike! (13 x 11cm). Colours vary. Purchased individually. 43774 £4.50


This product supports Child Rescue Nepal who have improved education for 40,000 children, raised £150,000 for earthquake relief, pursued the prosecution of 24 people traffickers in Nepal and India, as well as rescuing and bringing to safety nearly 700 children.

Recycled Hemp & Silk Knitting Yarn (100g) Handmade in Nepal, this knitting yarn has been cleverly woven by artisans using recycled hemp and silk mixed fibre threads. Doubles up as gardening twine! Purchased Individually, colours vary. 56390 £5.95 Glitzy Handmade Oval Trinket Holder 12 Pack These handmade, multicoloured boxes are vibrant, bejewelled with sequins and boast just the perfect amount of sparkle to suit all tastes. Colours and designs vary. 56914 £35.40


Centrepieces Stand-Out

Recycled Glass Bowl Vase with Teak Root Stand (18-20cm high). Shapes vary. 10360 £34.99

Recycled Glass Vase with Teak Root Stand (22 - 25cm). Shapes vary. 50990 £29.99 103


Skillfully made by artisans in Ubud, Bali, the unique combination of recycled glass and reclaimed wood works effortlessly to create eye-catching pieces of art you’ll treasure for ever. Each piece is completely unique; as the molten glass is poured over the natural teak wood, it follows its natural contours and gives you, the lucky owner, a one-off masterpiece.



Crisil is a family-run social enterprise based in Cochabamba, Bolivia, who create timeless glassware made from 100% recycled glass, washed and processed in eco-friendly conditions. Their mission has always had the needs of people and planet at its core. Crisil utilises traditional methods of production; during the glass making process, previously used glass is broken into tiny pieces, washed in clean water and then melted in a natural gas furnace. In order to preserve natural resources and minimize waste, artisans use as little water as possible throughout the production. The glass becomes a stretchy, viscose mass, which is mouth-blown and shaped into all manner of innovative glass pieces. Crisil employs 90 artisan glassworkers in total, but support reaches much further, touching the lives of over 500 families in the region.



All glassworkers are given up-todate training, accident insurance and ongoing learning opportunities to develop their craft skills. The workshops are places of collaboration, where glassworkers, regardless of class, place of origin or gender, can produce works of art together. This makes for a completely diverse workforce, with people from many different social groups and ethnic backgrounds coming together to share their skills. Recycled Glass Water Carafe Includes a mini glass tumbler which slots neatly into the neck of the carafe for storage. (H16.5cm) 29614 £16.99

See page 9 for Oh So Fair drinks

Recycled Glass Tumblers Set of 4. (H9cm) 58568 £19.99

Recycled Classic Wine Glasses Set of 4. (H15cm) 57374 £19.99

Recycled Large Wine Glasses Set of 4. (H17.5cm) 49078 £24.99


Recycled Barrel Highball Glasses Set of 2. (H16.5cm) 64996 £11.95 105

CYCLE OF GOOD Cycle of Good is a forward-thinking enterprise, who create lasting products with a purpose; helping to end poverty in some of the poorest communities in the world, along with reducing waste, recycling where possible and caring for the environment. A 100% Recycled Jute Coffee Sack Lightweight Shoulder Bag (H28 x W35cm, strap L130cm) Designs vary. 10023 £17 B 100% Recycled Bicycle Inner Tube Wallet (L9.5 x W11cm) 10016 £15.50 C 100% Recycled Bicycle Inner Tube Belt £26 10020 34” Waist (110cm) 10204 40” Waist (120cm) D 100% Recycled Copper Wire Bicycle Keyring (L6 X H3cm) 10408 £6 Due mid March E 100% Recycled Inner Tube Guitar Strap (L136 x W6.5cm) Underside colours will vary. Guitar not included. 10407 £24 Due mid March F 100% Recycled Bicycle Inner Tube Washbag (H11 x L24 x W13cm) 10018 £18 106


Sewing machines at Cycle of Good are solar powered by the Malawian sun.




DID YOU KNOW? The whole Cycle of Good range is vegan. Searching for a vegan guitar strap? We've got you covered.






F 107

Restaurant Standard Recipes to

Replicate at Home Cook up a storm with any of these hard back cookbooks.

See page 48 for Zaytoun!

Falastin Cookbook by Sami Tamini & Tara Wigley 63298 £28

Baladi by Joudie Kalla Cookbook 57560 £26

Zaitoun by Yasmin Khan Cookbook 56382 £26

Palestine on a Plate by Joudie Kalla 56588 £25


Gaza Kitchen Softback Cookbook 10797 £28 This timely update of a much-loved, award-winning cookbook, explores the little-known but distinctive cuisine of the Gaza region of Palestine, with 130 kitchentested recipes for spicy stews, piquant dips, fragrantly flavoured fish dishes, and honey-drenched desserts to try at home. Peppered with beautiful photography of Gazan cooks, farmers, and fresh-produce merchants at work, and new, inspiring stories and interviews documenting the true side of Gaza, this is as much a love letter to Gazan food, heritage and people, as it is a practical cookbook. “We dedicate this book to all those who work hard every day not only to survive, but to craft lives worth living – lives that include beauty, meaning, generosity, and joy – for themselves and those around them.” Laila El-Haddad and Maggie Schmitt

The authors’ hope is that understanding how these people live, what they cherish, the stories they tell, and the sense they make of their lives, may serve as a first step in a long and arduous process of unblocking impasses and building a place where all can share the land and its resources – justly, equally and sustainably. “Poverty has become much more entrenched in Gaza, expectations dimmer. Families consider themselves lucky to scrape together enough for a traditional meal once a week. Disenchantment with political actors on all sides is even more acute, and it is hard to imagine how ordinary people in Gaza avoid succumbing to despair. Many do succumb; rates or depression and suicide have skyrocketed over the past few years. Yet, somehow, most press on. They regroup, replant, and continue living, buoyed by the care and support of their families, their faith, and the importance of the legacy they bear.” Laila El-Haddad and Maggie Schmitt 109



Ethical and forward-thinking brand, Earth Squared, work with talented artisans who have retrained (many from rice farmers receiving irregular and unfair wages), and now have multiple new skills to their names. Earth Squared works closely with fair trade supply chains in Vietnam to source the most ethical bags, fashion and accessories.

Cherry Blossom Robin Bag Coming in a high-quality, cherry blossom patterned canvas fabric, with a hard-wearing polyester lining, this sturdy bag is robust, tactile and perfect for carrying your essentials wherever you go! (17 x 22 x 6cm) 10779 £35.99

Cherry Blossom Scarf Coming in a floaty, 100% viscose material, this scarf will add a touch of class to any outfit. (176 x 70 x 0.1cm) 10781 £16.99 110

Cherry Blossom Juliet Purse Coming in a high-quality, cherry blossom print canvas fabric, it’s extremely tactile, but equally durable with a robust polyester lining. (12.5 x 17 x 0.1cm) 10780 £9.99

Grey & Mint Spring Flower Oil Cloth Tote Bag The long shoulder straps of this ethical tote bag mean it is super comfortable when worn, and the coated cotton canvas means it wipes clean in seconds. (25 x 39 x 14cm) 10783 £37.99

Kayin Pom-Pom Beach Bag These understated bags, woven on handlooms by female refugee artisans of Karen and Karenni ethnicities, are inspired by the traditional schoolbags of Karenni children living in Northern Thailand. (52 x 48cm) 10786 £75 111


Grey & Mint Spring Flower Oil Cloth Backpack Boasting adjustable shoulder straps for maximum comfort, zipped compartments and a handy grab handle at the top, this backpack is an excellent option for travelling and day to day business. (38 x 37.5 x 14cm) 10782 £42.99

Hard Working WARDROBE BASICS Thought Fairtrade and 100% Organic Cotton White T-Shirt £27.95 Size 10 10801 Size 12 10802

Size 14 10803 Size 16 10804

A Fairtrade cotton T-shirt is a key piece for anyone’s spring/summer wardrobe. Coming in a simple, classic and flattering style, with short sleeves and a crew neck, these T-shirts look great as a stand-alone tee, or as a layering piece for under jumpers, cardigans and jackets, too.

Thought Fairtrade and 100% Organic Cotton Navy T-Shirt £27.95 Size 10 10805 Size 12 10806

Size 14 10807 Size 16 10808

Thought Fairtrade and 100% Organic Cotton Lime Green T-Shirt £32.95 Size 10 10817 Size 12 10818 112

Size 14 10819 Size 16 10820


Thought Fairtrade and 100% Organic Cotton Light Blue T-Shirt £32.95 Size 14 10823 Size 16 10824


Size 10 10821 Size 12 10822

See our blog to learn more about SeaCell™

Thought SeaCell Olive Green T-Shirt £39.95 Size 10 10813 Size 12 10814

Thought Fairtrade and 100% Organic Cotton Lilac T-Shirt £32.95 Size 10 10825 Size 12 10826

Size 14 10827 Size 16 10828

Size 14 10815 Size 16 10816

This tee is an ethical wardrobe musthave! Made from a sustainable material composition, including the abundant resource, seaweed – known as SeaCell™, this fabric is not only great for the environment, but is wearable, breathable, absorbent, lightweight and soft and absorbs bodily moisture faster than cotton. 113

Due mid March Thought 100% TENCEL Cassia Wrap Skirt £69.95 Size 10 10861 Size 12 10862

Size 14 10863 Size 16 10864

If you’re looking for a skirt this season that’s going to take you from summer strolls and picnics in the park, to evenings out and drinks with your best friends, this 100% Tencel™ wrap skirt is just what your sustainable wardrobe needs.

Thought Organic Cotton and Wool Blend Gismara Pointelle Jumper £59.95 Size 10 10853 Size 12 10854

Size 14 10855 Size 16 10856

Due mid March Thought TENCEL and Organic Cotton Blend Margarita Dip Dye Dress £69.95 Size 10 10865 Size 12 10866

Size 14 10867 Size 16 10868

This stunning dip dye dress from Thought Clothing, is made of a seriously sustainable TENCEL™ and Organic cotton blend, meaning it doesn’t just look good, but it looks after the planet, too. 114

Thought 100% TENCEL Portobello Tie Front Maxi Dress £140 Size 10 10857 Size 12 10858

Size 14 10859 Size 16 10860


This beautiful dress is the ultimate eco-friendly wardrobe essential. With a flattering tie waist, this tiered maxi dress is easy to dress up or down.

TENCEL™ is absorbent, smooth, cool and silky soft with a beautiful drape and sophisticated handle. It’s also simple to launder, strong when wet, and has been developed to be wrinkle resistant, much more than its cotton counterparts, making it the ideal fabric to pop into your suitcase when travelling. 115

Trousers THAT TREAD LIGHTLY With a flattering, tapered leg and cuffed ankle, these slacks will take you from lounging around the house, to your yoga or pilates class, and even out for coffee with friends. Thought Bamboo and Organic Cotton Blend Pepita Dashka Slacks £47.95 Small 10837 Medium 10838

Large 10839 XL 10840

Thought Organic Cotton Black Harem Joggers £44.95 Size 10 10833 Size 12 10834

Thought Organic Cotton Blend Heavy Black Leggings £29.95 Size 10 10829 Size 12 10830 116

Size 14 10831 Size 16 10832

Size 14 10835 Size 16 10836

These wonderfully soft, Organic cotton harem joggers are the ultimate in stylemeets-comfort. Perfect for lounging around at home, popping to the shops, or doing yoga/pilates (with that added stretch!), these certified Organic joggers will work really hard in your wardrobe.

Due mid March Thought TENCEL and Organic Cotton Blend Ivy Palms Joggers £59.95 Size 10 10869 Size 12 10870

Size 14 10871 Size 16 10872


Made from a soft and sustainable composition, these tastefully palmleaf adorned joggers will work hard in your wardrobe. Dress them up with sandals and a vest tucked in, or dress down with a casual sweater. Come with a fully elasticated jogger waistband with tassel trims and tie detail cuffs.

Thought Women's Organic Cotton Mid Wash Blue Straight Jeans £89.95 Size 10 10809 Size 12 10810

Size 14 10811 Size 16 10812

Designed to flatter every figure. Spun from Organic cotton. Made using 40% less energy and 75% less water compared to standard denim manufacturing. This is clean denim.

Straight leg with high rise, waist enhancing fit. Chlorine and harsh chemical-free. 99% Organic cotton, 1% elastane. 117

Stepping into a

SUSTAINABLE WORLD UK SIZE 4 - 7 Thought Bamboo and Organic Cotton Blend Sketchy Floral Socks 10843 £6.95 54% viscose derived from bamboo, 22% Organic cotton, 22% recycled polyester, 2% elastane

Due mid March

Thought Organic Cotton Blend Leopard Print Socks 10844 £6.95

Thought Organic Cotton Blend Wild Animal Socks 10875 £6.95

Thought Women's Organic Cotton Blend Rainbow Socks 10841 £6.95

78% Organic cotton, 19% recycled nylon, 3% elastane

Due mid March

Thought Bamboo and Organic Cotton Blend Dip Dye Socks 10874 £6.95 54% viscose derived from bamboo, 22% Organic cotton, 22% recycled polyester, 2% elastane 118

Thought Bamboo Blend Solid Jane Trainer Socks 10270 £6.95

Thought Bamboo and Organic Cotton Blend Tie Dye Trainer Socks 10842 £6.95

54% viscose derived from bamboo, 22% Organic cotton, 22% recycled polyester, 2% elastane

Due mid March

UK SIZE 4 - 7 64% viscose derived from bamboo, 26% Organic cotton, 8% recycled polyester, 2% elastane

Bring all the colours of the rainbow to your feet, with this gorgeous box of pastel coloured, sustainable socks from Thought Clothing! These socks are made from leftover yarn which could have otherwise gone to waste; in a comfortable and absorbent blend of bamboo, Organic cotton and recycled polyester.

DID YOU KNOW? Due to the specialist glue used, this gift box is veganfriendly - making these rainbow bamboo socks a perfect gift for all!


Thought Bamboo and Organic Cotton Blend Pastel Rainbow Socks in Gift Box - Pack of Seven 10877 £34.95

Thought Bamboo and Organic Cotton Blend Bee Socks - Pack of Two 10845 £12.95 Perfect for gifting, these sweeter than honey socks are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face! Coming in a pack of two, these bamboo socks promise to be super soft on your feet, as well as the planet. 54% viscose derived from bamboo, 22% Organic cotton, 22% recycled polyester, 2% elastane 119

Ethical Gifting

UK SIZE 4 - 7

Due mid March Thought Organic Cotton Blend Ditsy Floral Socks in Gift Box - Pack of Four 10876 £24.95 Looking for a sustainable gift idea this spring/summer? Why not treat someone’s feet to ethical socks in their sock drawer.

78% Organic cotton, 19% recycled nylon, 3% elastane

Naturally SOFT, BREATHABLE AND ANTIBACTERIAL These socks are as gentle on the planet as they are on your feet.

Thought Organic Cotton Blend Birds, Flowers and Bicycle Socks in Gift Box - Pack of Four 10846 £24.95 Do you have a bicycle mad person in your life? 78% Organic cotton, 19% recycled nylon, 3% elastane These bicycle-adorned, ethical socks are the perfect gift. 120

UK SIZE 7 - 11

Thought Organic Cotton Blend Dinosaur Socks 10849 £6.95 These Organic-certified socks are the pop of fun anyone’s sock drawer needs! Coming in a stunning berry red, and adorned with dinosaurs, these are going to make the wearer smile each and every time they pull them on!


78% Organic cotton, 19% recycled nylon, 3% elastane

Thought Solid Jack Bamboo Blend Socks in Black 38204 £6.95

Thought Bamboo and Organic Cotton Blend Bicycle Socks 10847 £6.95

Thought Bamboo and Organic Cotton Blend Multistripe Socks 10848 £6.95

54% Viscose derived from bamboo, 22% Organic cotton, 22% recycled polyester, 2% elastane

DID YOU KNOW? All garment labels on Thought items use recycled paper. Inner garment bags are made from 100% biodegradable materials - just drop them in your compost. 121

Ethical Gifting

UK SIZE 7 - 11

Due mid March

Thought Organic Cotton Blend Geometric Socks in Gift Box Pack of Four 10879 £24.95 Coming with four pairs, this gift set is ideal for anyone who loves to wear vibrant yet tasteful patterns.

78% Organic cotton, 19% recycled nylon, 3% elastane

Thought Bamboo and Organic Cotton Blend Arcade Rockets Socks in Gift Box - Pack of Four 10851 £24.95 54% Viscose derived from bamboo, 22% Organic cotton, 22% recycled polyester, 2% elastane


These soft and breathable socks bring all the fun of the arcade to your feet – guaranteed to delight anyone as soon as they pull them on.

Due mid March

UK SIZE 7 - 11

Thought Bamboo and Organic Cotton Blend Bicycle Socks in Gift Box Pack of Four 10878 £24.95 All four pairs come with tasteful little bicycles dotted all over, making any pair the perfect, fun, everyday sock.

DID YOU KNOW? Using only natural and sustainable fibres, these socks are designed to last. Each piece has been made with the greatest consideration for people and the planet.

Thought Organic Cotton Blend Essential Variety Socks in Gift Box - Pack of Four 10852 £24.95

78% Organic cotton, 19% recycled nylon, 3% elastane

If you’re looking to update your sock drawer with some classic, neutral socks that you can pull on for any occasion, this essentials box from Thought Clothing is just what you need. 123


54% viscose derived from bamboo, 22% Organic cotton, 22% recycled polyester, 2% elastane

Ethical Gifting

UK SIZE 7 - 11

Thought Bamboo and Organic Cotton Blend Multistripe Socks - Pack of Three 10850 £18.95 Bamboo socks are seriously soft, cool and moisture wicking, designed for comfort, with the environment’s needs at heart. This handy pack of fun, stripey socks are essential for anyone’s wardrobe. 54% Viscose derived from bamboo, 22% Organic cotton, 22% recycled polyester, 2% elastane

Sustainable SCARVES

Block Printed Linen and Egyptian Cotton Scarf Great gift idea or simply a treat for your own sustainable wardrobe, this beautiful scarf has a real story to tell. A multicultural group of refugee and Egyptian women work together in Cairo to create these authentic scarves using local materials, including linen and Egyptian cotton. (200cm x 65cm) 10788 £52.80 124

This exquisitely embroidered scarf from MADE51 carries a story unlike any other. It’s been handcrafted in refugee camps by Afghan women, who specialize in embroidery techniques that have been passed down for generations. The artisans’ intricate needlework is cited as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO, and the ability to continue practicing this tradition while living as a refugee offers not just an income, but a way to build resilience, social cohesion and a sense of belonging. Wear their stories with pride, wherever you may go.

Embroidered Shawl (74cm x 186cm) 10787 £33 125


When refugees flee, they carry with them traditions, skills, and craftsmanship. MADE51 offers refugee artisans a way to use these assets to earn an income, rebuild their livelihoods and establish independence.

Cherry Blossom Viscose Scarf This lightweight scarf is perfect for the spring/summer season, adding a layer of warmth to your neck and shoulders, without being too cumbersome whilst the weather is improving. Coming in a floaty, 100% viscose material, this scarf will add a touch of class to any outfit. (176 x 70 x 0.1cm) 10781 £16.99

Children's 100% Organic Cotton Floral Pyjamas £29.95 Make sure the little ones in your lives are cosy, with these adorable, fair trade and 100% Organic cotton pyjamas. Comes in a gift bag. Age 2 - 3 10504 Age 4 - 5 10505 Age 6 - 7 10506 126


Fair Trade

Face Masks

These high-quality, reusable, soft and breathable face coverings are made from 100% fair trade cotton.


Please note: Designs are picked at random

Floral Face Covering 10043 Medium Designs vary (H13 x W20cm) £4

Fair Trade Face Covering Block Colour 10177 Medium (H15.5 x W21cm) 10201 Large (H19 x W25cm) Colours and designs vary £4 Please note that these face coverings are intended to provide some level of protection against the transmission of viruses to people within a close proximity. They do not protect the wearer, nor are they PPE in terms of the relevant legislation. Unless faulty, these items are non-returnable. Due to the nature of these products, measurements are approximate. 127


Household Heroes Our best-selling 3-ply toilet roll and kitchen roll has been made from 100% recycled paper, collected here in the UK. The outer, protective wrap is made from 100% recyclable LDPE plastic, which can be recycled at the supermarket, alongside plastic shopping bags.



Traidcraft Recycled Toilet Rolls 31176 (4 roll pack) £2.80 56614 (10 x 4 roll pack) £25 Traidcraft Recycled Kitchen Rolls 25432 (2 roll pack) £2.00 64558 (12 x 2 roll pack) £21.60


Many big brands can’t guarantee that the chemicals added during manufacture of their toilet roll and kitchen roll aren’t animal derived. We can.

Traidcraft Rubber Gloves Made from fair trade latex harvested at the first light of dawn in Sri Lanka. (Min order two). 51210 (2 pairs) £3.70 50268 (12 pairs) £19.92


Here at Traidcraft, we’ve been working in Monaragala, South East Sri Lanka, with Dipped Product Limited (DPL) since 2007.

Farmers earn a premium for the sale of the rubber from DPL, who have also invested in local education, medical support and correct rubber tapping knives for farmers. DPL have provided great amounts of training to the farmers on the best ways to tap rubber and care for trees, as well as the preparation and management of the land. Traidcraft have paid for additional farmer training, helping them to better understand fair trade, business management, bookkeeping, budgeting, and good governance. Traidcraft have also provided capital to the farmer associations, helping them establish savings and loan funds in the villages.

Farmers earn a premium for the sale of the rubber from Dipped Product Limited, who have also invested in local education, medical support and correct rubber tapping knives for farmers.

Some of the groups have invested this in assets, such as coffee machines, and stackable chairs and tables, which can be rented out to generate more revenue. A female led group has borrowed money to set up a market stall where they sell clothes. Having these funds adds credibility to the groups within the villages. Traidcraft Gardening Gloves Cut and puncture resistant with a cotton lining and elasticated cuffs. 54268 Medium £5.50 53676 Large £5.50 129


DPL make our gloves from natural rubber supplied from nearly 1,800 small-scale farmer members. As well as their main crop of rubber, farmers grow cocoa, bananas, black pepper, aubergines and any other vegetables to sell or to put on their dinner tables as long as the pesky monkeys or giant squirrels don’t get to the cocoa first!





100% Hypoallergenic, Vegan and Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Products

io-D Fragrance-Free B Laundry Liquid 25740 (1L) £5.55 26244 (12 x 1L) £59.88 26802 (5L) £24.90

Bio-D Laundry Liquid with Lavender 26988 (1L) £5.95 26990 (12 x 1L) £64.20 27012 (5L) £25.65

Bio-D Fragrance Free and Hypoallergenic Non-Bio Washing Powder

Bio-D Fragrance Free and Hypoallergenic NonBio Washing Powder 69580 (1kg) £4.55 69602 (10 x 1kg) £40.90


I use very little in a washing cycle, as it quickly brings clothes up bright and fresh. Really good and effective.







Bio-D Mandarin Washing-Up Liquid 10798 (750ml) £2.50 10799 (12 x 750ml) £27 10800 (5L) £13.45

io-D Hypoallergenic WashingB Up Liquid with Grapefruit 69836 (750ml) £2.50 69870 (12 x 750ml) £27 24314 (5L) £13.45

Bio-D Pump (fits all 5L containers) 31132 £4.20

Bio-D Hypoallergenic Washing-Up Liquid 69616 (750ml) £2.35 69648 (12 x 750ml) £25.32 69768 (5L) £11.30

io-D Dishwasher Powder B 30092 (720g) £9.90 49414 (6 x 720g) £53.46 131


without Compromise

NEW io-D Limescale Remover B 10880 (500ml) £3.50 10881 (12 x 500ml) £37.80 10882 (5L) £20


io-D Hypoallergenic B Toilet Cleaner 68364 (750ml) £2.55 60996 (12 x 750ml) £27.48 29198 (5L) £12.25

Bio-D Mandarin All Purpose Cleaner Spray 10891 (750ml) £3.05 10892 (12 x 750ml) £32.88 10893 (5L) £11 Bio-D Furniture Polish Made from plant-based wax and natural oils, simply apply to wooden furniture with a soft cloth and buff gently, giving your furniture the TLC it deserves. 56818 (150g) £8 | 60582 (6 x 150g) £43.20


Hand Wash io-D Hypoallergenic B Cleansing Hand Wash Lime and Aloe Vera 30330 (500ml) £4.30 30352 (6 x 500ml) £23.22 30372 (5L) £20.85



io-D Cleansing B Hand Wash Geranium and Grapefruit 30450 (500ml) £4.30 30546 (6 x 500ml) £23.22 30566 (5L) £20.85

Bio-D Hypoallergenic Cleansing Hand Wash Lime and Aloe Vera

Pleasant smelling and soft to the skin. Bio-D Hypoallergenic Cleansing Hand Wash Geranium & Grapefruit

io-D Cleansing Hand B Wash Plum and Mulberry 10448 (500ml) £4.30 10449 (6 x 500ml) £23.22 10450 (5L) £20.85

I love the smell of this product. It has a good lather and cleanses well. Bio-D Cleansing Hand Wash Plum and Mulberry

Non-drying with a really delicious smell. 133



We shouldn’t have to choose

Photo: Traidcraft Exchange/Syed Shoaib Hosen

Scan the QR code to add your voice. Signing the

It shouldn’t be the case that we can walk into a shop and buy something that was partly made through slavery or child labour…or that destroyed forests to get onto our shelves. It should be illegal. We’re campaigning for a new law that would put an end to businesses getting away with harming people for profit. If, like us, you think of course businesses should be held responsible for harms they cause, add your name and join the campaign today!


petition should take less than a minute but if we win the impacts of this law will be felt across the world.

Don’t worry if QR codes aren’t for you. You can still join the campaign at traidcraftexchange. org/ business-human-rights-act

Traidcraft Exchange challenges the way global trade works - using the power of trade to create lasting solutions to poverty. And it’s never been more relevant than now. Together, we have the chance to rebuild a better, fairer world - where everyone, no matter where they were born, can earn a decent wage for their hard work. Find out more at:




We pride ourselves on providing a carefully curated selection of fair trade, ethical goods, each season. From the fair trade food and drink we offer, to handmade crafts and slow, sustainable fashion, everything in our collection has been selected with the environment in mind. Additionally, unless extremely delayed, all of our products arrive by boat.

WHO WE WORK WITH Catalogues Our seasonal catalogues: A re made from sustainably sourced paper Are plastic-free Are recyclable Are printed in an efficient factory where 100% of energy comes from renewable sources, and zero waste is just around the corner (currently just 0.05% of their waste ends in landfill!). In fact, they have more than halved their carbon footprint since 2014!


One significant step on our journey to becoming the ultimate eco-business is how we package your orders. We use paper tape (where possible) and paper void fill, as well as compostable bags when packaging liquids. Every small change we make gets us one step closer to our dream of one day becoming carbon neutral.

Photography For our product photoshoots, we use family-run, local photographers, CTP Creative Imaging, who are located in Northumberland. Apart from regularly running completely off-grid, CTP Creative Imaging used their time during lockdown to plant a small orchard of apple trees in their grounds, to help offset their carbon footprint. Couriers For any of your orders which exceed 2kg, DPD are our courier of choice. Apart from their flexible, userfriendly service for both shippers and shoppers, we choose to work with DPD as their green policies are very much aligned with our own. 135

Traidcraft Hampers & Essential Boxes Whether you’re gifting to a loved one, or treating yourself, here’s what you can expect to find inside your magnificent Traidcraft hampers & Essential boxes.

59941 £35 Traidcraft Afternoon Tea Hamper includes: • Traidcraft Organic Strawberry Jam (340g)

• Traidcraft Breakfast Blend Loose Leaf Tea (125g)

• Traidcraft Ginger Snap Biscuits (2 x 28g)

• Traidcraft Earl Grey Tea (125g)

• Traidcraft Fruit and Lemon Biscuits (2 x 28g) • Traidcraft Iced Slab Cake (470g)

• Traidcraft Chocolate Chunk & Sour Cherry Shortbreads (160g) • Traidcraft Organic Medium Roast Coffee (227g)

58580 £25 Traidcraft Sweet Treats Hamper includes: • Traidcraft Vanilla Fudge (150g) • Traidcraft After Dinner Mints (150g) • Traidcraft Buttermints (150g) • Traidcraft Liquorice Whirls (150g)

• Traidcraft Muscovado White Chocolate (100g) • Traidcraft 70% Dark Chocolate (100g) • Traidcraft 37% Milk Chocolate (100g)

• Traidcraft Praline Milk Chocolate (100g)

64032 £40 Traidcraft Organic Hamper includes: • Traidcraft Organic Dark Mint Chocolate (100g)

• Ma’s Organic Coconut Milk (400ml)

• Traidcraft Organic Peru Coyona Ground Coffee (227g)

• Tropical Wholefoods Organic Sundried Mango (100g)

• Traidcraft Organic Mexican Blossom Clear Honey (500g)


• Zaytoun Organic Olive Oil (250ml) • Zaytoun Organic Maftoul (250g)

10188 £35 Traidcraft Indulgent Hamper includes: • Traidcraft Organic Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts (100g)

• Traidcraft 70% Dark Chocolate (100g)

• Traidcraft Mint Chocolate (100g)

• Traidcraft Shortbread Biscuits (3 x 28g)

• Traidcraft Milk Praline Chocolate (100g)

• Traidcraft Stem Ginger Cookies (180g)

• Traidcraft Muscovado White Chocolate (100g)

• Traidcraft Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies (180g)

• Traidcraft 37% Milk Chocolate (100g)

• Traidcraft Chewy Fruit & Oat Cookies (180g)

• Traidcraft Breakfast Blend Teabags (80 Bags)

• Traidcraft Recycled Toilet Tissue (4 rolls)

• Traidcraft Medium Roast Ground Coffee (227g)

• Tropical Wholefood Bars (5 x 40g)

• Traidcraft Fruit & Lemon Biscuits (4 x 28g) • Traidcraft Chocolate Chip Biscuits (4 x 28g) • Traidcraft Ginger Snap Biscuits (4 x 28g) • Traidcraft Muesli Fruit And Nut (500g) • Traidcraft Penne Pasta (500g)

• Liberation Chilli And Lime Cashews Peanuts & Corn (90g) • Liberation Salted Cashews & Peanuts (90g) • Tropical Wholefood Raisins (500g) • Traidcraft Fruity Granola (500g)

• Traidcraft Kitchen Roll (2 Rolls)

• Fish4ever Tuna In Spring Water (160g)

• Traidcraft Shortbread Biscuits (3 x 28g)

• Traidcraft 37% Milk Chocolate (100g)

10200 £30 Traidcraft Vegan Essentials Box includes: • Traidcraft Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies (180g)

• Ma’s Happy Life Kitchen Organic & Fairtrade Coconut Milk (400ml)

• Traidcraft Stem Ginger Cookies (180g)

• Meru Tomato & Chilli Sauce (330g)

• Traidcraft Breakfast Blend Teabags (80 bags)

• Traidcraft Organic Fusilli Pasta (500g)

• Traidcraft Congo Minova Organic Ground Coffee(227g)

• Liberation Chilli & Lime Cashews Peanuts & Corn (90g)

• Tropical Wholefoods Long Grain Rice (500g)

• Traidcraft 70% Dark Chocolate (100g)

Hamper and Essential box contents subject to stock and availability. In the event of individual products being unavailable, we reserve the right to offer alternative goods of equal quality and value. 137


10013 £50 Traidcraft Ultimate Essentials Box includes:

Where in the World? 1 1.MEXICO


CAPIM (Honey) EDUCE (Honey) GRAPOS (Coffee)

2 6 7




3 14

COOPROAGRO (Cocoa) 3. BOLIVIA ANAPQUI (Quinoa) COINACAPA (Brazil nuts) CRISIL (Glassware) EL CEIBO (Cocoa) 4. UK SUPPLIERS OF FAIR TRADE PRODUCTS CAFÉDIRECT (Coffee, tea & hot chocolate) DIVINE (Chocolate & cocoa) EARTH SQUARED (Fashion) FAIR TO TRADE (Crafts) JTS (Rice, coconut milk, sauces) LIBERATION (Nuts) MADE51 (Housewares, Fashion) MEANINGFUL (Chocolate) NAMASTE (Crafts) REFRESCO (Juices) SHARED EARTH (Crafts, socks) TROPICAL WHOLEFOODS (Nuts, dried fruit and rice) ZAYTOUN (Olive oil, dates, dried produce) 138





28 31 25

17 19

25 21


21 19

11 13

14 12

20 18

22 20

10 28 22 12

27 15 13

12. UGANDA ACPCU (Coffee) UNITED ORGANIC (Coffee) MAMA MZUNGU (Fashion, Beauty) 13. SOUTH AFRICA EAC (Raisins) TURQLE TRADING (Sauces & salt) 14. PARAGUAY MANDUVIRA (Sugar) OTISA (Sugar) 15. IVORY COAST EKOOKIM (Cocoa) 16. CHILE APICOOP (Honey & blueberries) MIFRUTA (Raisins) 17. PAKISTAN MOUNTAIN FRUITS (Apricots, walnuts & almonds) 18. THE PHILIPPINES ALTER TRADE (Sugar) SAFFY (Flip flop doormat)




19. ETHIOPIA OROMIA (Coffee) 20. SRI LANKA BIO FOODS (Spices) FIRST LIGHT (Rubber) MA’S KITCHEN (Coconut milk) EVER CEYLON (Coconut oil, drink) 21. INDIA FTAK (Cashews, coconut oil & spices) WAYANAD ORGANIC (Coffee) NOAH’S ARK (Metal work) ASHA (Craft, housewares) 22. TANZANIA KCU (Coffee) 23. MAURITIUS MAURITIUS FAIRTRADE COOPERATIVE FEDERATION (Sugar)





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Traidcraft has established meaningful relationships with producers and suppliers from all around the world, some of which we’ve been working with since the very beginning, over 40 years ago! We’ve also formed relationships with new suppliers and producers over the years, bringing an ever-increasing range of products to homes around the UK. This is a list of the fair trade suppliers we’ve collaborated with to curate our Spring 2022 range of handcrafted masterpieces, sustainable fashion and incredible, fair trade edibles.

BOLIVIA ANAPQUI Established in 1983, Anapqui is dedicated to improving the living conditions of rural farmers in Bolivia and promoting organic agriculture. You can find their quinoa in our pasta. COINACAPA This cooperative collects the Brazil nuts that fall from Amazonian rainforest trees. More than 1000 families benefit from exporting Brazils nuts, resulting in improvements to healthcare in a region prone to malaria and dengue fever. CRISIL Crisil is a family-run social enterprise based in Cochabamba, Bolivia. It was set up in 1991 by two brothers, Carlos and Walter Bustos, who wanted to create beautiful glassware using eco-friendly methods. EL CEIBO One of the very first fair trade suppliers of cocoa used in Traidcraft’s first chocolate bars, El Ceibo represents almost 50 small cooperatives of cocoa producers. They have thrived through fair trade, managing to add value 140

to their cocoa beans through processing themselves rather than selling to bigger traders. BURKINA FASO GEBANA Gebana D’Afrique works with 25 local cooperatives of mango growers, as well as providing employment for those involved in drying and processing the fruit. Drying mango is a great way to preserve and add value to this seasonal fruit. CHILE APICOOP A long-standing supplier of honey to Traidcraft, Apicoop supports over 300 producers in southern Chile with a mission to promote the social, cultural and economic development of small and medium beekeepers and to sell their honey at fair prices. MIFRUTA This small cooperative of around 25 members was formed in 2009, and supported into fair trade by Traidcraft. Through working together with Traidcraft, the cooperative has improved soil management and yields.

CHINA NANJING COUNTY YIFENG FRUITS AND VEGETABLES SPECIALIZED COOPERATIVE SOCIETY Comprises of 12 farmers, 20 hectares of land and can harvest 1800mt of fresh ginger. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC COOPROAGRO With more than 2,000 members, Cooproagro focuses on providing technical assistance to farmers and improving the quality of cocoa beans, such that their reputation is second to none in the world of Fairtrade certified cocoa, which you can find in all of the Traidcraft and Eat Your Hat chocolate bars. ECUADOR NATURAL HABITATS Natural Habitats has been producing organic palm oil since 2009, with small farmers who believe in the benefits of organic agriculture - living proof that the controversial commodity palm oil can be produced without negative impact on biodiversity and positively benefit small farmers. Used in Traidcraft’s biscuits.

ESWATINI KITCHEN Eswatini Kitchen was set up in 1991 by Manzini Youth Care (MYC), a Salesian NGO supporting marginalised youth in Swaziland. The profits were then fed back into MYC’s social programmes. But Eswatini didn’t stop there. The project started with five women working in a one-room-kitchen, and now stands as a thriving business supplying sauces and spreads worldwide.. ETHIOPIA OROMIA The Oromia Coffee Farmer Cooperative Union represents the interests of more than 350 cooperatives and over 300,000 small farmers across Ethiopia – the country where arabica coffees originated. Traidcraft uses organic and conventional coffees from a variety of the cooperatives. GHANA SERENDIPALM Serendipalm produces certified fair trade and organic palm oil, without the large infrastructure and monoculture cropping used by most palm oil manufacturers. The proceeds of fair trade have helped transform the community with investments in essentials such as healthcare, infrastructure and provision of clean water. Used in Traidcraft’s biscuits. KUAPA KOKOO Kuapa Kokoo, which translates as ‘good cocoa farmer’ is a co-operative of vibrant smallholder farmers in Ghana. It was set up by farmers, for farmers, in 1993.

HONDURAS APROLMA Exclusively a women’s cooperative, each member organically owns an average of 1.5 hectares in mixed cultivation. The aim is not only to produce the very best coffee, but also to empower women and to offer them financial success and stability. Used in Eat Your Hat coffee. COMBRIFOL Established in 2004, Combrifol works with small-scale coffee farmers to challenge poverty amongst the indigenous Lenca people. They focus on agro-ecological work, as well as running a variety of social projects, including tackling domestic violence and supporting scholarships. COMSA This society of coffee farmers formed in 2001, and serves up to 600 producers. It provides technical assistance and social development projects to the wider community and can be found in the Traidcraft roast and ground coffee blends. INDIA ASHA Based in India and set up in 1975, Asha is an organisation who support the lives of the artisans who lovingly create their products. In Sanskrit, Asha translates as ‘hope’, which is exactly what the organisation gives to 1,000s of craftspeople who have inherited their artistic methods from generations before them. FTAK The Fair Trade Alliance of Kerala is a registered society of small farmers commercialising, at improved prices, all of their

diverse agricultural outputs. Currently Traidcraft use their nuts and spices in various food products. NOAH’S ARK Noah’s Ark work with a multi-talented crowd of paper crafters, wood carvers, metal workers, and skilled painters. ORGANIC WAYANAD Based in the state of Kerala, Organic Wayanad is a charitable society promoting and developing organic agriculture, training its membership of over 400 farmers, and commercialising all of the agricultural outputs, including coffee, cocoa and spices. INDONESIA PERMATA GAYO Located in the Aceh region of Sumatra, this cooperative came together in 2006, when people were able to return to their land following conflict and the devastating tsunami of 2004. Their coffee has a reputation for being great quality, and is found in Eat Your Hat coffee. ITALY ALTROMERCATO A social and green food supply chain creator, based in Italy. Altromercato abide by and respect the international principles of WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization). They work with over 150 producer organisations to help develop and market good, healthy, sustainable food. 141


ESWATINI (formally Swaziland)



EKOOKIM Union des Sociétés Coopérative Kimbe represents eight cooperatives in the Ivory Coast, the largest and poorest cocoa producing country in the world. Their cocoa can be found in some of the non-organic chocolate products of Traidcraft, such as chocolate raisins.

CYCLE OF GOOD Cycle of Good is a forwardthinking enterprise, who create lasting products with a purpose; helping to end poverty in some of the poorest communities in the world, along with reducing waste, recycling where possible and caring for the environment. The trading surpluses obtained by Cycle of Good funds education, family support and lifechanging, non-profit enterprise development in Malawi.

KENYA THE KENYA TEA DEVELOPMENT AGENCY The Kenya Tea Development Agency was created to manage the production and promotion of smallholder grown leaf in the early ‘60’s. There are currently 68 tea factories, all farmer owned, across 7 regions of Kenya. Many of these tea factories have achieved Fairtrade certification and the following, mostly located east of the Rift Valley, may be blended into Traidcrafts teas: Chebut & Kaptumo, Chinga, Gacharage, Gatunguru, Githambo, Gitugi, Imenti, Iriaini, Kanyenya-Ini, Kapkoros, Makomboki, Michimikuru, Mungania, Ndima, Nyamache & Itumbe, Rukuriri MERU Meru Herbs is a female-led organisation in rural Kenya and is dedicated to fair trade principles, with a clear mission to empower women, alleviate poverty and improve standards of living. Up to 100 local women are employed to prepare fruits and herbs, and make the most amazing, all-natural sauces and jams.


KILOMBERO RICE Kilombero Rice is harvested in Malawi by smallholder farmers who are part of NASFAM (National Smallholder Farmers’ Association of Malawi) a democratically governed organisation owned by its members — 60% of which are women. Income from this fair trade rice means that these farming communities can invest in their businesses, educate their families, and plan for the future. MAURITIUS MAURITIUS FAIRTRADE COOPERATIVE FEDERATION Traidcraft was instrumental in setting up this organisation, which represents the interests of more than 30 small cooperative credit societies who benefit equally from the proceeds of Fairtrade certified sugar. MEXICO CAPIM Comercio Alternativo Apícola en México was founded in 2003, and supports seven groups of indigenous Mayan beekeepers to

market and sell their honey. Part of a blend found the Traidcraft Mexican honey. EDUCE Created in 1989, EDUCE promotes beekeeping and honey production as an option to improve the quality of life in communities based in the Yucatan region of Mexico. Part of a blend found the Traidcraft Mexican honey. GRAPOS Founded in 2007 and comprising more than 3,000 members, GRAPOS, in the southern Chiapos state of Mexico, is close to the coffee instantizing plant where Traidcraft instant coffee is made, and is used as part of the blend alongside Guatemalan coffee. MIELES DEL SUR Founded in 2001 to market and export the honey of small producers in the southern Chiapas region of Mexico. Part of a blend found the Traidcraft Mexican honey. TZELTAL TZOTZSIL Named after two Mayan tribes represented by these beekeepers, this cooperative comprises more than 250 members from the Chiapas region of Mexico. Part of a blend found the Traidcraft Mexican honey. MYANMAR (formally Burma) MOE GOKE SMALL FARMER ORGANISATION These smallholder producers supply us with rice -the first Fairtrade product from this country-, harvested around Moe Goke village in the Ayeyarwaddy area. The organization ensures that fair trade standards are

NICARAGUA PRODECOOP This organisation, based in the north of Nicaragua, offers marketing services, training and development to its members which number 2,300 small farmers. Their coffee is the main ingredient of Traidcraft medium and rich roast & ground coffees. PAKISTAN MOUNTAIN FRUITS Traidcraft was one of the first buyers from Mountain Fruits, based in the remote north of Pakistan where small growers of apricots, walnuts and almonds are supported and value added to their crop through drying and processing. PARAGUAY MANDUVIRA Manduvirá Co-operative owns its own sugar mill, so is one of the few small farmer organisations who have managed to add value to, and earn more from their crop. Their sugar is organic, and may be found in all of Traidcraft Organic chocolate. PERU CENFROCAFE Cooperativa de Servicios Múltiples CENFROCAFE Peru is an umbrella organisation representing more than 3,000 families in 84 primary grade cooperatives organised into 11 networks. NORANDINO Cooperativa Agraria Norandino Ltda represents

more than 7,000 families of small producers of cocoa, coffee and panela from northern Peru. It provides its members with storage, processing and transformation services, as well as logistics, consultancy, export and promotion of products. SOL Y CAFÉ Founded in 2005, Sol Y Café is an umbrella organisation representing over 1000 members organised into 58 primary cooperatives. As well as coffee they manage & market cocoa and rice. PHILIPPINES ALTER TRADE Alter Trade were one of the first fair trade sugar suppliers, used in Traidcraft’s very first chocolate bar back in the 1980’s. They work with 23 producer organisations, 11 of which produce sugar, and are one of the few suppliers that has its own mill. Their sugar can be found in Traidcraft chocolate. SAFFY Saffy Handicrafts is a community development organisation set up in 1966 to empower artisans throughout the Philippines. They started out with a small group of women and disillusioned young people and now work with many small producer groups. SOUTH AFRICA EAC Traidcraft has had many development projects with EAC, and helped them into the Fairtrade system as well as participating in the development of Fairtrade standards for dried fruit.

TURQLE TRADING Established in 1997 as a social enterprise with a mission to create sustainable jobs in South Africa, through fair and ethical food. SRI LANKA BIO FOODS From small beginnings, Bio Foods it is now one of the largest organic and fair trade suppliers out of Sri Lanka. Traidcraft first established a relationship in the late 90’s through tea. EVER CEYLON Ever Ceylon products are 100% natural, and the most sustainable and wholesome you’ll find. This eco-friendly organization employs a green approach to production, utilizing organic cultivation methods and minimizing their carbon output. FIRST LIGHT First Light is a collective of these farmers organised into societies which provide latex, to manufacture rubber gloves. The farmers receive a guaranteed price and numerous other benefits like training and equipment. MA’S KITCHEN Sustainably sourced from smallholder farmers in Sri Lanka. Ma’s Happy Life Kitchen offers career opportunities to 70 people and supports over 200 happy Organic coconut growers in the area. SPAIN OXFAM INTERMÓN With their origins in 1956, Oxfam Intermón are part of a global movement, who fight alongside disadvantaged populations to eradicate injustice and poverty. 143


adhered to, best agricultural practices are implemented, and the farmers earn a decent price for their paddy.

TANZANIA KCU Kagera Co-operative Union represents more than 60,000 farmers in the North West of Tanzania, and supplies the Robusta beans for the Traidcraft roast and ground coffee. Much of the extra revenues generated by Fairtrade have been used on health, education and infrastructure projects at primary society level. UGANDA ACPCU Founded in 2006, ACPCU now represents around 20 cooperative societies, with about 10,000 individual farmers. They promote progressive farming, and work to reduce erosion, boost soil fertility and promote biogas to reduce need for cutting down trees for firewood. UNITED ORGANIC With over 1,000 members, United Organic Coffee Growers Association coffee may be found in Traidcraft’s Eat Your Hat range. Much of the additional revenues generated through fair trade have helped to improve quality through training as well as educational and infrastructure projects. MAMA MZUNGU Under the economic empowerment arm of registered NGO, Women and Children with Albinism in Uganda (WACWAU), Mama Mzungu have so far been able to create full-time employment for 13 women affected by Albinism in Uganda, who create high-quality, natural, artisan products.


UK SUPPLIERS OF FAIR TRADE PRODUCTS CAFÉDIRECT Cafédirect invest 50% of their profits into Producers Direct, a UK charity that works directly with farmers to improve sustainability and livelihoods, right across the coffee growing world. The charity is run by farmers, for farmers, taking leadership and developing innovative solutions to the challenges they face. DIVINE Divine Chocolate is a global, farmer-owned chocolate company. They use the amazing power of chocolate to delight and engage. They bring people together to create dignified trading relations, empowering both producers and consumers. EARTH SQUARED After two years’ volunteering with social projects in Guatemala, Alison Henderson set up Earth Squared to combine her passions for social justice and design. She’s now worked with the same Vietnamese group for over 13 years, always ensuring that fair trade standards are maintained. FAIR TO TRADE Suppliers of handmade and ethically traded Christmas, Easter, religious and all year round decorations and gifts, including recycled and hand-painted items. JUST TRADING SCOTLAND A not for profit fair trade organisation set up to facilitate the import and distribution of fairly traded

products to the UK. They focus on empowering and educating producers and consumers, through the fair purchasing and sale of delicious food products from the developing world. LIBERATION Liberation is the UK’s only Fairtrade, farmer-owned nut company. They buy nuts from cooperatives of smallscale farmers who own a 49% share in the company. MADE51 MADE51 provides refugee artisans with a means to market their crafts worldwide. By collaborating with a global network of social enterprises, not only does MADE51 provide refugees around the world with a sustainable livelihood, but it also helps keep traditional craftsmanship alive and celebrates longheld artistic traditions. MEANINGFUL CHOCOLATE The Meaningful Chocolate Company produces Fairtrade chocolate sugar and cocoa sourced from around the world. NAMASTE Founded in 1997, Namaste are passionate about harnessing traditional artisanal skills and sourcing beautiful, fairly traded products from all over the world. Namaste seeks to support marginalised, small producers and help workers transition to economic selfsufficiency. The manufacture of goods for Namaste generates income for the local community, which in turn enriches the quality of life of the local community.

TROPICAL WHOLEFOODS Started in Uganda in the early 1990s, Tropical Wholefoods works with fruits & nut farmers across West Africa and Pakistan. To them, Fairtrade means more than buying fruits at Fairtrade prices, they also give technical advice to all of their suppliers. ZAYTOUN Working to provide a sustainable income for Palestinian farmers and their families though high quality, fairly traded products. UK SUPPLIERS OF ETHICALLY-SOURCED PRODUCTS BIO-D Bio-D are the UK’s leading manufacturer of environmentally responsible, ethically sound, hypoallergenic, vegan cleaning products. Using naturally derived and plantbased ingredients, Bio-D leave out any ingredients that could be harmful to both wildlife, humans and the planet. They also have complete traceability on every single ingredient.

ELLE MEDIA GROUP Located in Basildon, Essex, Elle Media Group are the market-leading charity greetings card publisher and a world-class commercial print house.

fashion. Thought supply classic clothing made ethically, from innovative, eco-friendly fabrics (including 100% Fairtrade cotton), which are gentle on the skin, as well as the planet.

FISH4EVER With a maximum of four steps between catching and canning the fish, Fish4Ever’s process is as simple as could be. Fish4Ever are the only canned fish brand in the UK to insist on Organic land ingredients, and will always have ‘catch to can’ traceability. By using small boats, supporting local fishermen and their communities, saying no to fishing methods that cause damage to the sea floor, and avoiding all known risks of catching juvenile fish or endangered species

UPCIRCLE UpCircle have a clear mission, to leave the world better than they found it. Part of achieving this mission involves creating quality skincare from salvaged, natural ingredients, giving them a new lease of life by turning them into something wonderful. All of UpCycle’s ethical beauty products are sustainable, vegan, crueltyfree and made here in the UK.

FOU FURNISHINGS Fou Furnishings’ mission is to provide the finest bed, bath, and table linens that are crafted to last. Always fair trade, Organic, and toxin-free; Fou’s soft furnishings are as ethical as they are beautiful. REFRESCO The world’s largest independent bottler for retailers and A-brands in Europe and North America, bottling soft drinks, fruit juices and other beverages, manufactured to individual specification and requirements. THOUGHT With a motto of ‘Wear Me, Love Me, Mend Me, Pass Me On’, Thought are all about opening up the conversation about slow, sustainable

VENT FOR CHANGE VENT for Change is a Bristolbased stationery brand that supports children’s education projects worldwide, as well as having sustainability at the heart of every product they produce. Proceeds from every VENT product sold, go towards global education projects getting children back into school. From pencils made from CD cases, to notebooks crafted from recycled leather, VENT constantly strive to create stylish stationery you’ll love and that positively impacts people and the planet. WILLIAM SAY & CO. LTD. William Say & Co., Ltd. are a family-run, completely solar-powered factory in London; a company who have been manufacturing tins for all manner of companies, (Harrods, Fortnum & Mason and Farrow & Ball to namedrop a few), for over a century. 145


SHARED EARTH Shared Earth’s mission is to improve the livelihoods of disadvantaged people in developing countries, benefitting local community projects and keeping traditional skills alive, which could otherwise be lost. They ensure that the artisans who make their products get a fair wage, a safe workplace and that there is no exploitation of women or children.



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