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Winter 2020 Volume 156

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World Leader in CNC Valve Seat & Guide Equipment!


TRADER MAGAZINE Winter 2020 trader-mag.com

trader-mag.com Winter 2020 TRADER MAGAZINE


FARRIS EQUIPMENT SALES, INC. “Specializing in Late Model and Used Engine Rebuilding Equipment” Lubbock, TX (806) 762-0887 (800) 882-1808 SUNNEN HONING EQUIPMENT & RELATED: #CV-616 Hones (good cond.) #MBB1660 hone (Like New) #LBB-1810 Power-Stroked, #LBB-1699, #LBB-1499, & #MBB-1660 Rod Hones & Shop #CRG-750 & #CG-8400 Cap Grinders Large #CR Mandrels from 2.9” to 4.5” Large #Y104-6562 Special Aluminum mandrel #15RY-3500, #10RY-4500, & #15RY-4500 Line Hone Mandrels #TN-111 Rod Aligners #BP-10 Piston Pin Press

CYLINDER BORING MILLS & BARS: Kwik-Way #FL, #FN, #FW, #FW-VW, & #FWS bars Kwik-Way #FL & #FN Overbore Kits Kwik-Way Triangle Boring Stands VALVE GUIDE & SEAT EQUIPMENT: Serdi #100 & #60 Winona #PH-2000 Peterson #TCM-25 Kwik-Way #036 & #019 HEAD & BLOCK MILL/SURFACERS/FIXTURES: Winona #SM-4000 Head/Block Mill Storm #85B Head/Block Mill Winfield #DSF-2000 Head/Block Fixture DCM Quick-Level Table Peterson #50 Surfacer

LINE BORE EQUIPMENT: Tobin-Arp #TA-15 Flat Top Machine (We need some nice line bores) CRANKSHAFT GRINDERS & RELATED: Berco #RTM-351A Grinder –Rebuilt (in Ohio)

MISCELLANEOUS: AXE #UP-1437 Head Pressure Tester; Delta #6000 Head Pressure Tester; ABS Soda Blaster; Kans. Inst. #ALOV-89 Head Oven; NEW Kwik-Way #016 Valve Refacer; Berco #RAC1500 Camgrinder; and other equipment too numerous to mention. OUR INVENTORY CHANGES WEEKLY! Check our website for most current listing. EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Sunnen CH-100 Line Hones; Sunnen #CV616 Cylinder Hones; Late model CBN Surfacers; Sunnen #CK-10 cylinder hones in good condition, Serdi, Rottler & Sunnen Seat/Guide Machines; Nice line bore machines; Boring/Surfacing Mills(all sizes); Sunnen #PLB-100 Line Bore Kit; DCM, Van Norman, & Winona Flywheel Grinders; Storm Kotifin Crankshaft Polisher; Sunnen #VR7000 or 8000 Valve Refacers: Sunnen #CHW-40 Work Stations; and any other equipment we can make money on. WE ARE LOOKING FOR LATER MODEL, NICER EQUIPMENT. If I can’t buy it, I will try to broker it for you! Send photos of what you wish to sell to sam@farrisequipment.com

www.farrisequipment.com E-mail: Sam@farrisequipment.com


Sam is ready to make some deals! 4

TRADER MAGAZINE Winter 2020 trader-mag.com

Prices subject to change. Please call for updated information trader-mag.com Winter 2020 TRADER MAGAZINE


Winter 2020 Volume 156


Rettig Bros., Inc. 52

Access Industries 5

Revco Precision 22


Robins 22, 74-77

Air & Power Tools 22

Rottler 78-80

American Gasket 25

RPM Equipment Sales 55

ArmaKleen 52

RT Sales 8

Armex 63

Serdi 39

Baker Equipment Sales 24, 41

T & S Machine 17-21

Business Card Marketplace 22

Turner Technology 14

Classifieds 50

Ultrasonic 37

Coder 25

Winona Van Norman 64-73

Comec 10

Ad Rates/Specifications 51

CWT Industries 2-3

Featured Products Guide 56-57

Dakota Parts 24

Energy Suspension 15 EPWI 7 Farris Equipment 4 Ferrea Valves 24 Innovative Machine 35 Irontite 47 Jamison Equipment 13 Jeff Ginter Racing Engines 36 K & S Regrinding 24 Kwikway 47 Media Blast & Abrasive 44, 46 Mickey Thompson 53 Newen 1 Quality Cutter Grinding 15

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• Save by buying the kit rather than individual parts • Realtime customer specific data for pricing, discounts and inventory • Customize or substitute any component • As you make changes or substitutions, Wizard automatically adjusts price • Build kits for 1000’s of applications • Wizard searches EPWI’s 13 locations to get you what you need • Build anything from a master kit to a cam kit


Memphis (866) 917-4728

Albuquerque {877} 767-0100

Anchorage (800) 288-5573

Denver (800) 888-8970

Tacoma (800) 876-5152

Oklahoma City (800) 937-3652

Portland (800) 876-5152

Anaheim (800) 634-0969

Dallas (800) 284-5348

Houston (800) 288-6548

Oakland (800) 234-1410

Phoenix (888) 272-0191

San Antonio (800) 423-2707

trader-mag.com Winter 2020 TRADER MAGAZINE



TRADER MAGAZINE Winter 2020 trader-mag.com

CRANKSHAFT STROKE GAUGES Mountain Motors Large stroke V-8s


New Stroke checker goes up to 12˝ stroke and the V’s open up to 12˝ apart for the mains.

*plus veneers

This crank rests on ABS Adjustable V-blocks Knowing the exact stroke is very important when ordering pistons and setting deck heights. Can also be used for checking unknown cranks. Just tighten your favorite digital caliper (not included) onto the bridge, sweep the journal at the top, zero your gauge and repeat at the bottom of the stroke for a direct stroke reading. No math involved! Adjustable V blocks for spacing. Will measure up to a 6.000˝ stroke (w/ 8-12˝ customer supplied digital caliper) BBC with STD journals. Very Fast!

Big Diesel, 3 main bearing 6 cyl, flathead Ford NO.




Specialty Tools - Stroke Gauge (Standard Red Gauge only)


ST-5251-3 ST-4100-3436

Diesel Stroke Checker (12˝ Veneers sold separately) 6˝/150 mm Yellow LCD Digital Electronic Caliper

$300.00 $80.00


8˝/200 mm Yellow LCD Digital Electronic Caliper



12˝/300 mm Yellow LCD Digital Electronic Caliper


12˝ legs


We sell these to work with a 5˝ or 6˝ Starret Indicator. Buy your own indicator and we provide the mounting bracket! 591 West Apollo Street • Brea, CA 92821 ph 714-671-0728 abs-products.com sales@abs-products.com youtube.com/absproducts trader-mag.com Winter 2020 TRADER MAGAZINE




CNC Head & Block Surfacer



Head & Block Surfacer

Pressure Tester


Seat & Guide Press

Includes Valve Spring Assemby Tools


Valve Refacer

800-887-6076 info@comecus.com 10

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Get Abrasive! ABS Blasting Media Abrasives for all Applications.

Cleaning parts, removing paint, powder coating, surface blending or surface preparation, ABS has the right type of blasting media for all your needs. We keep a wide variety of types and sizes in stock. Give us a call to discuss which abrasive will work best with your application and machine. BAKING SODA PLASTIC MEDIA




(714)671-0728 ABS-Products.com info@ abs-products.com youtube.com/absproducts sales@abs-products.com


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The Charger Production Pressure Blast Machine uses a large 1.0 cubic foot capacity ASME Coded pressure pot to pneumatically push the abrasive to the part using the nozzle ID size and blasting pressure to determine the compressed air usage. Pressure Blasters require less cfm to create the same abrasive velocity during operation. Direct pressure machines produce faster abrasive particle velocity, higher abrasive grain density and greater abrasive frictional heat for heavy coating removal and cross-drill de-burring.

• Three (3) large cabinet sizes all with 36 inch inside height • All three (3) cabinet sizes offer the Space Saving Side Mounted Dust Collector • Operator Platform Included • Direct Pressure can do something siphon can’t….. creates the fastest abrasives velocity….creates the highest frictional heat….blast into blind holes and pneumatically pushes abrasive through cross drill holes. • Blast using light plastic abrasives or heavy steel shot, steel grits and all the other standard abrasives like glass beads, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide • LED Lighting • Boron Carbide Nozzle, • Large 24” ClearView Operator Window • Air Velocity Window Sweep for better visibility • Clean, Strip, Peen using all abrasive types • Also includes many more Standard Features not listed

(714)671-0728 ABS-Products.com sales@abs-products.com youtube.com/absproducts 12

Shown with optional Turntable

JAMISON: your best source for

Automotive Shop Equipment DMP CRYO SYSTEMS CryoTemper

Peterson Machine Tool SRA-30 Head Assembly Bench

$5,995 Berco RPY-SL Head & Block Resurfacer

$3,450 Berco RTM-270 Crankshaft Grinder

$23,995 Serdi 100 Valve Guide & Seat Machine

$69,000 Comec RP900 MVA CBN Resurfacer

Delta Custom Tools



We are Authorized Dealers for the following lines of parts & equipment:

Look to AXE

PO Box 276 • 1908-11th Street, Emmetsburg, IA 50536 • Fax: 712-852-3570


www.jamisonequipment.com trader-mag.com Winter 2020 TRADER MAGAZINE 13


TRADER MAGAZINE Winter 2020 trader-mag.com

trader-mag.com Winter 2020 TRADER MAGAZINE


Automotive Production Dominator Siphon This 100% welded 12 and 14-gauge steel Production Siphon Blaster includes the patented bolt-on internal abrasive separator reclaimer and a long list of included standard features for use with any abrasive 0-150 mesh and gun sizes 25 to 90 cfm. Three standard cabinet models 3636, 4836 and 4848 all with 36” cabinet heights and side mounted dust collectors for space saving footprint.

• 13”X 24” Large view window • LED Lighting • 10” work ports • Fast Cleaning Siphon Delivery for easy operation and low maintenance • Gun Sizes to 90 cfm for highest frictional heat and fastest cleaning • Quickly remove rust….paint…. carbon….heat discoloration and more using high frictional heat to decrease cleaning time • Space Saving Side Mounted Dust Collector with 700 cfm blower • 220 sq’ MERV Tested Cartridge Filter • Many Part Handling Options Available • Optional HEPA After Filtration for Cell Machine Operations available • Pneumatic Dust Collector Cleaning • More Included Standard Features than any other manufacture of abrasive blasting cabinets in today’s market

(714)671-0728 ABS-Products.com sales@abs-products.com youtube.com/absproducts


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T&S SELLS EFFICIENCY “How can I thrive in this business?”

The answer to this common is, “Take your best employee and make him more efficient.” Many times the most productive operator in your shop is yourself. If you can figure out how to duplicate yourself, your effort, your attention to detail, you will have mastered efficiency. But how do you actually accomplish that? The only way to make more money in the same amount of time is to get the work done faster. Even better is to automate so that while one machine is running other work is being performed. That’s efficiency!

PB500 Deluxe • Most sophisticated and sensitive system available • Finish correcting where you start

I can give a really good, artistic machinist the best Nicholson file (and we all know Nicholson is a great file!) and he MIGHT be able to surface a head flat and true with it and get the necessary surface finish…but he CANNOT make money doing it! Does that sound ridiculous? It should! Yet that is precisely how most shop owners have handicapped themselves. Many machinists feel that they can take the older, inefficient machines, and because they are really good at what they do, they can make them work sufficiently. And in many cases they can put out great work with them…but they can’t make great money with them. T&S sells efficiency. We have chosen to build machines that improve your work flow. We have focused on a few pieces of equipment, that if taken advantage of, should never cost you money (assuming your shop is busy). You get the work in the door and we will help you get it out!

• Deluxe model built specifically for crankshafts

BlockMaster • Probe, Bore & Deck in 20 minutes! • Probe every block, no saved programs • G-Code capable for production parts

940-668-1002 • 12 Whitleys Ridge Lane • Gainesville, TX 76240 • facebook.com/TnSMachinesAndTools 17

BLOCKMASTER CNC BLOCK MACHINING SYSTEM Probe, bore and deck a block in 20 minutes. While you are there clearance the block for stroker cranks. Since you just decked it, go ahead and O-Ring the deck since we have the operation saved. We are just as comfortable boring a V-8 and following it with a six-cylinder inline and then a V-6 60 degree with no saved programs or special setups. We have built and automated job shop block machining! Anyone with engine building knowledge can run the BlockMaster after a couple of days with the included factory training in your shop.

This is a couple of hours work on the BlockMaster 18

TRADER MAGAZINE Winter 2020 trader-mag.com

You can also make these with the BlockMaster!

PROBAL 500 DELUXE CRANKSHAFT BALANCER You might ask, “Maybe there is a ‘better’ system out there?”, we don’t believe so! T&S has invested heavily in building the quickest, most sensitive and accurate balancing software available. We can perform measurements in less than three seconds. We calculate drill depths, and when we tell you to drill in a particular location there is no chasing the angle back and forth. We have built-in reports showing the customer what the actual necessary tolerance for each crankshaft is and the actual balance achieved. A more sophisticated balancing software does not exist, and we can prove it. T&S uses the same system for balancing turbocharger rotors as for 15,000 lb electric motor armatures and GM locomotive crankshafts that are twenty feet long. Even those extremely large parts have only a six second sample time! T&S does not just offer an attachment to drill for heavy metal, we build the heavy metal stand into the base of the machine. We knew we were going to balance crankshafts when we built it so we held a crankshaft up in the air and built the ultimate machine around it. We include all necessary accessories with the machine. And we do this all for less than any of our competitors. As an added bonus our PB500 has the smallest footprint of any machine in the industry, AND the machine is manufactured right here in the Republic of Texas!

All accessories available

Have an older machine? Call us for a quote on an upgrade!! trader-mag.com Winter 2020 TRADER MAGAZINE


Call us Now!


T&S Machines and Tools, Inc.

Finally an affordable 5 axis porting solution! Available as an add on for any T&S BlockMaster. Turn your machine into an all-in-one Block and Porting Machine! Take control of cylinder head port design in your own shop.

$155,000 package includes:

Ready to run programs for 2 Cylinder Heads (with fixtures) Lollipop tool w/shrink fit holder Chamfer Tool Engraving Tool (1) 1/2" EM Factory training at T&S Facility


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We use the latest Reverse-Engineering technology for digitizing your ports. Digitizing and programming can be provided as a service or get your own complete software and hardware package if you choose to bring the entire process in-house. Have your machine arrive in your facility ready to make chips!

T&S Machines and Tools, Inc. www.tnsmachines.com 940-668-1002

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Seat Chuck

#1 (22 a 38mm) #2 (35 a 49mm) #0 (14 a 26mm)

New 14mm to 26mm seat chuck for turning the OD valves in motorcycles and cars. $195.00 for any size. Call 714-671-0728

*See full advertisement on page 77


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ABS 20 Ton Power Hydraulic Floor Shop Press Ideal for heavy metal installation, removing & installing bearings, bushings, balancers and more!

• Load capacity: 20 ton • Overall height: 61.5" • Table height is adjustable in 5" increments • Working Height 1” to 44.5” • Slide in Press Plate Included • Convenient foot operated air/hydraulic motor • Sliding head allows for offset pressing • Heavy-duty H-frame constructed of highgrade steel

Accessories Included

(714)671-0728 ABS-Products.com sales@abs-products.com youtube.com/absproducts 23

Top Load Rotary Table Washer

The Gladiator TRT www.joebakerequipsales.com

Manufactured by FMT

The Gladiator TRT washers are designed for low-volume, batch parts cleaning.The Gladiator TRT washers offer a space-saving, cost-effective solution to your industrial parts cleaning needs. 24

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trader-mag.com Winter 2020 TRADER MAGAZINE


“ We’re here to help you make your business the best it can be.” To maintain an edge in the engine building industry, you need resources you can depend on. AERA is a specialized network of professional engine builders with the expertise and connections to get you the information you need, when you need it. With an AERA membership, here are just a few of the benefits you’ll receive: • Toll-free Technical Support from Master Engine Machinists • PROSIS PRO Engine Specification Software • Automotive Machinist Online Training & Certification Program • Custom Training Programs • Six Specification Manuals, Failure Analysis Manual and Tech Resource Manual • Engine Professional magazine • Free Webinars and Tutorials • Tech & Skills Regional Conferences Even if just one AERA tech bulletin helps prevent an engine comeback, your membership is well worth its dues.

Join online today!

aera.org/join Call for more information: Toll-free: 888-326-2372 Direct: 815-526-7600

Chuck Lynch, Director of Technical Services


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THE FINISH LINE ABS carries over 100 different styles and sizes of belts to meet all of your finishing needs! Soft Back•Diamond•Micro Finish•Hard Back•Cork•Scotch Bright

(714)671-0728 ABS-Products.com sales@abs-products.com youtube.com/absproducts

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trader-mag.com Winter 2020 TRADER MAGAZINE


PowerPeen Direct Pressure Blast Cabinet Optional Mobile Work Cart shown with Polyethylene Turntable, Outside Tracks and Door Modification Optional Rubber Cabinet Liners, Operator Platform with Double Steps.

The ABS Products PowerPeen Direct Pressure Blast Cabinet comes in many different cabinets sizes including 60x60x48H model, choose the one right for your application. If you need a Direct Pressure for Plastic, Glass Beads, Aluminum Oxide, Steel Shot/Grit or any abrasive type between 20 to 120 mesh the Power Peen is the right machine for the job saving dollars on the purchase. It includes a long list of standard features and access to a longer list, almost eighty, of optional features to make blasting the part and machine maintenance easy and simple. Patented Separator Reclaimer sends the spent abrasive and dust into the 220 sq.ft. cartridge dust collector complete with hopper dust storage and pneumatic vibrator cleaning cycle. Advanced LED lighting, window sweep, ASME Coded 1.0 cubic foot pressure pot, MERV tested filter cartridge, operator platform and heavy duty bar work grates and more are all included. Add an optional Mobile Work Cart making quick work of loading hard to handle large parts. Call for added information on the machine and options. 714-671-0728

(714)671-0728 ABS-Products.com sales@abs-products.com youtube.com/absproducts 30

TRADER MAGAZINE Winter 2020 trader-mag.com

Power Peen Direct Pressure Included Standard Features • 13” x 24” window with protector • Window sweep • 10” work ports • Control panel with all air controls • Safety door switch • Large access door, lockable • 700 cfm blower with silencer • Treadle pedal, full front • LED advanced lighting • Patented separator reclaimer • Abrasive mixing flow control valve • Pneumatic dust collector cleaning vibrator • HD bar work grates • MERV tested cartridge, 220 sq.ft. • Dust storage hopper, 1-1/2 c.f. • 1.0 c.f. pot capacity • Operator platform included • Boron Carbide Nozzle

Handheld Polisher A Must Have!

This is a must have polisher for machine shops, motor rebuilders, hydraulic rebuilders, motor and engine repair shops. Makes polishing your crank, cam and rack & pinion shafts simple, easy and cost effective. Comes with premium Baldor motor for long life, Reinforced aluminum frame for ease of operation, Long Lasting Ball Bearing rollers which accommodate ¾” to 2” wide belts. Available in 64” or 72” models.

Contact our sales team today! (714)671-0728 ABS-Products.com sales@abs-products.com youtube.com/absproducts

31 31

591 West Apollo Street • Brea, CA 92821 714-671-0728 sales@abs-products.com abs-products.com youtube.com/absproducts


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591 West Apollo Street • Brea, CA 92821 ph 714-671-0728 sales@abs-products.com abs-products.com youtube.com/absproducts trader-mag.com Winter 2020 TRADER MAGAZINE


Pro Degree Wheel Pointers - $60.00 Rigid and adjustable with a window sight for accurate cam degreeing. Fits all blocks with a threaded hole on the front, including engines with extra long crank snouts such as a Mopar HEMI and Ford FE. Window can also be located behind the wheel. This will allow you to remove the degree wheel easily for timing adjustments. Works great will all degree wheels through 16” or larger depending on the mounting hole.

3-jaw Jeweler’s Chuck ------------- $325.00 Both chuck & degree wheel ----------- $495

18” Degree Wheel is made from 6061 Billet Aluminum and has a sturdy design with easy to read markings. Part #ST-DegreeWheel-18 -------------------- $225.00 Pointer ------------------------------------------$60.00

591 West Apollo Street • Brea, CA 92821 ph 714-671-0728 abs-products.com sales@abs-products.com youtube.com/absproducts


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Innovative Machine and Supply, Inc. 345 Sun Valley Circle Fenton MO 63026 Local 636-600-1171 • Fax 636-600-1181

www.innomach.com email scottb@innomach.com

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TRADER MAGAZINE Winter 2020 trader-mag.com

trader-mag.com Winter 2020 TRADER MAGAZINE


Pollution Control Workstations



Pollution Control Workstations PCE-4736

47˝ W x 36˝ D, 440 sq. in. filter, removable dust pan, fiberglass grate, plexiglas enclosed top that swings up out of the way for loading, swings down to keep particles out of shop, single motor on the back 3/4 HP @ 750 cfm. Move up to 2HP, 1100 cfm blower.

Upgrade from ABS-4228, this is the latest pollution control workstation from ABS Products. This machine is a must in today’s market where you are working with plastic, fiberglass and carbon fiber that you have to keep out of your lungs.

See More Pollution Control Workstations and many other products: www.youtube.com/absproducts

591 West Apollo Street • Brea, CA 92821 ph 714-671-0728 fax 714-671-0836 sales@abs-products.com abs-products.com 38

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Original Serdi Tooling Largest Selec�on of Cu�er Bits and Blank Sizes Industry’s Best Premium Micro-grain Carbide

New Genera�on Heavy Duty “Flat Top” Style Tooling Larger blanks ¨ More re-sharps ¨ Lower Cu�ng Forces ¨ Longer Life Posi�ve & Nega�ve Geometry ¨


Posi�ve Geometry for Hard Seat Materials

Single Angle Indexable “Tri-Tools”

The Serdi Legacy! Machines & Tooling

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Update your Piston Ring Grinder to an ABS Ring Grinder!

START SAVING TIME with our Ring Grinders available with Micron Disk, HD Disk or Diamond Plated Hubs. We have what you need for any type of ring! Complete with Micron Disk Micron Disk, 1 - 4” Turntable ---$1,455.00 Micron Disk, 1 - 5” Turntable ---$1,555.00 Micron Disk, 1 - 6” Turntable ---$1,655.00 Diamond or Borzon Disk ----------$325.00

New Scotch Brite Buffing Wheel RG-5953 -----$10.50 ea. New Felt Buffing/Deburring Wheel RG-5952 ---$14.75 ea. New Stick-On Disks RG-5956 --------------10 for $50.00 12 pack of Micron Disks --------------------------$19.25 50 pack of Micron Disks --------------------------$65.00

591 West Apollo Street • Brea, CA 92821 ph 714-671-0728 abs-products.com sales@abs-products.com youtube.com/absproducts


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06EB_19JoeBaker50.qxp 6/4/19 3:29 PM Page 1

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THE SAFEST WAY TO STORE CRANK SHAFTS! ABS Products has the Crank Racks to get your shop organized & your stock safely stored!

CH-1 Crank Rack

CH-1 Crank Rack with optional top, V-blocks and one cam hanger.

CH-2 Double Crank Rack

CH-2 Double Crank Rack shown with 32” tubes on the bottom and 26” tubes on the upper level. Each level holds between 20-24 cranks depending upon the model.

ST-VB- Plastic V-Blocks High Density Plastic V Block for Measuring and Inspection of Cams and Cranks. Designed to work with a 1/2” Electrical Conduit. 24” will work with a LS Crank Shaft (an affordable alternative to our Precision VB if you only need to measure & inspect)................................... $149.00

Cranks hang on adjustable flanges Each crank rack contains flanges that can be adjusted to suit your specific crank inventory. This is a rack for every crank.


2 Crank Racks can be connected together with two connecting sections (ES2) to create a 3 space rack

591 West Apollo Street • Brea, CA 92821 phone 714-671-0728 fax 714-671-0836 sales@abs-products.com abs-products.com youtube.com/absproducts


TRADER MAGAZINE Winter 2020 trader-mag.com

System on Best Storage the market!

Can Be Arbors perately! e S Bought

Mill Mounted Drilling Platform

ST-VB- V-Blocks High Density Plastic V Block for Measuring and Inspection of Cams and Cranks. Designed to work with a 1/2” Electrical Conduit. 24” will work with a LS Crank Shaft (an affordable alternative to our Precision VB if you only need to measure & inspect)

ROD WEIGHING FIXTURES & ROD CENTER Digital Scales also available with 4000 gram capacity by either gram or 1/10 gram increments

Drilling Platforms for Hines & Winona Balancers


714-671-0728 sales@abs-products.com abs-products.com youtube.com/absproducts

ABS-Products.com Call 714-671-0728

Crank & camshaft storage rack shown with 4 rows of crank hangers and 2 rows of cam hangers. Comes with a set of plastic v-blocks and table-top insert. Crank Rank - Single (as pictured) (42” x 37” x 48”High, 300 lbs.) CR-CH-1 .......................................................................... $995.00 Crank Rack - Double (42” x 42” x 14” 230 lbs. shipped flat) CR-CH-2........................................................................ $1,245.00 Crank Rack - Triple CR-CH-3 ....................................................................... $1,745.00 Crank Rack - Inserts (pair) Optional Table Top for the rack. CR-ES-3 ............................................................................. $95.00

714-671-0728 sales@abs-products.com abs-products.com youtube.com/absproducts

For $40.00 you can change 2 rows to Cam Hanger they will hold 4 Big Block or 5 Small Block Cams. You will still have 3 rows to hold Cranks.

Tools, Equipment, Machines for Engine Builders & Rebuilders trader-mag.com Winter 2020 TRADER MAGAZINE


3030 PowerPeen Industrial Direct Pressure Each abrasive delivery method (siphon and direct pressure) has its own “best applications” just like engines open to atmosphere and engines using boost to overcome one atmosphere. Each model also has its best application for the cabinet size; one size does not fit all! The PowerPeen 3030 is the smallest cabinet size in a seven cabinet lineup. The 3030 is a compact size with all the features included making it an Industrial Direct Pressure Cabinet in a smaller package. Use for shot peening quick replacement parts or use for glass bead, plastic and all the other media types.

Standard Features • 13” x 24” window with protector • 10” work ports • Control panel with all air controls • Safety door switch • Large access door, lockable • 700 cfm blower with silencer • Treadle pedal, full front • Advanced LED lighting • Patented separator reclaimer • Abrasive mixing flow control valve • Pneumatic dust collector cleaning • Bar work grates • MERV tested cartridge, 220 sq.ft. • Dust storage hopper, 1-1/2 c.f. • 1.0 c.f. pot capacity, Charger model • Operator platform Included • Boron Carbide Nozzles

591 West Apollo Street Brea, CA 92821 Phone (714)257-0484 mediablast.com 44

TRADER MAGAZINE Winter 2020 trader-mag.com


Over 50 years of polisher manufacturing experience and we never stop improving our products. Our new 5.0 versions make cleaning and micro polishing crankshafts, camshafts and rack & pinion shafts fast and easy. With variable speed control, spring loaded polishing belt arm for quick and easy belt changes, heavy duty, long lasting frame and components.

////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Please contact us for a spec sheet and pricing.

Many types of shafts and cylinders can also be polished on our machines. Standard sizes are 32”, 42” and 48” centers. Custom sizes also available upon request. /////////////////////////////////////////////// Crankshaft Polisher (714)671-0728 ABS-Products.com sales@abs-products.com youtube.com/absproducts

Camshaft Polisher 45

The Hurricane Wet Blast Machine, For A Finer Finish Media Blast manufactures more than 170 standard models and sizes of blasting cabinets with over 80 optional features for increased productivity, durability, and operator safety. Our extensive line of Wet, Dry, Siphon and Direct Pressure blast cabinet models includes specialty machines for automotive, aerospace, military, precision focused micro blasting, plastic stripping, soda blasting, tumble part processing and shot peening. Cartridge dust collectors, HEPA after filters and separate standing timed reverse pulse cleaning dust collectors are included as standard sandblasting equipment or available option upgrades. The Hurricane Wet Blaster has many applications in the automotive field to include 3-D printing, processing wheels, chemically clean part surface, zero abrasive embedment and the elimination of frictional heat capable of damage and part distortion.

Standard Features • Stainless Steel Cabinet • Seal-less Slurry Pump • 25 to 28 % Abrasive Suspension for faster processing • Negative Pressure Cabinet with Mist Collector Blower and Filter • LED Cabinet Lighting • Positive Locking Window Seal

591 West Apollo Street Brea, CA 92821 Phone (714)257-0484 mediablast.com 46

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trader-mag.com Winter 2020 TRADER MAGAZINE


ALL NEW, Pro G/S The Pro G/S is a more compact cabinet using smaller amounts of compressed air designed for shops with limited floor space and smaller part volumes. The Pro G/S was designed specifically for use with Grit and Shot or combinations of the two. Applications Finishes and Camouflage Repairs. The included casters allow the machine to be rolled into position,used, and then moved to a stored location.

Attached Dust Collector

FEATURES & BENEFITS • Duplicates Original Factory Finishes • Camouflage Surface Repairs • Reaches Down Into Deep Cylinder Ports • Compact Footprint with Casters • Negative Pressure 100% Welded Dust Collector • 90 sq. ft cartridge filtration • Semi-Automatic Dust Collector Vibrator Cleaning Cycle • Advanced LED Lighting • ASME Coded Pressure Pot with Access Port • LG. 13X24” view window

(714)671-0728 ABS-Products.com sales@abs-products.com youtube.com/absproducts 48

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Built for PERFECTION E n g i n e B u i ld i n g To o l s

Piston Deck Height Bridge

Piston Ring Squaring Tool

Check the piston height easily, adjustable mounts move to fit any size bore, adjustable gauge mount to zero the gauge where you want. A must have tool when calculating piston deck clearance. Includes gauge and can also be used to measure flywheel step height.

Fast, easy and repeatable fixture for squaring rings in the bore prior to setting end gaps. Two sizes, RG-RST covers bores from 2.000” to 5.000” and RG-RST-D covers bores 5.000” to 8.000”. Places rings 1.000” below the deck to get past head bolt distortion. Longer (3”) legs available if desired. • No wrenches required • Change bore sizes in seconds!

Precision V-Blocks 714.671.0728 abs-products.com sales@abs-products.com youtube.com/absproducts

For precision keyway milling and cross drilling cranks. Consists of V-Blocks, hold down bars, nuts, T-nuts and locators. Fits most milling machines.

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Shop Equipment for Sale:

Custom Steel Boxes

2: CRG-500 cap grinders/ 3: Sunnen rod hones RTM Berco 225 crankshaft grinder reconditioned & aligned................................................ $8000

We make standard and custom Hand Held Tool Boxes, Metal Cases, Totes, Courier Boxes, Lock Boxes, Cantilever Boxes, Garage and Shop Organizers. Contact us to see how we can help you with your steel box needs. Don’t forget to ask about our inventory of seconds and overstock. All made right here in America.

Storm Vulcan Crankshaft Welder.............................. Best Offer Ampro thermal cleaning system. The smaller system will do a 350 chevy block.......................................... $3000 Van Norman 400 crankshaft grinder............................ $4800

PioneerSteelUSA.com 714 255-0526

Sunnen CRG 750 cap grinder....................................... $1050 Storm Vulcan 15 crankshaft with centers and related equipment.......................................... Best Offer Kwik-Way seat grinding and VS valve grinder.................................................. $1000


Kwikway Boring Bars:

475 Van Norman late model hydraulic machine parts and 438 Van Norman base & table........................ Best Offer

Norum Equipment

Ferndale, Michigan Adney Brown 586-549-7557

FWII, FN, and FL’s outright or exchange.

Refurbished Kwikway Boring Bars models FWSII, 40 years with Kwikway. Call Dick Norum 715-689-2882 or dick@norumequipment.com

_______________________________________________ _______________________________________________

Shop for Sale: Auto dynamic balancing and engine rebuilding. Doing business in Baldwin Park, California since 1959. Work year-round. Selling the business w/ all machines, equipment and customer list.......................................... $90K

Marketing Materials: Need an ad or logo? Catalog or marketing materials? Call 714-447-0167 or email: dan@DGVC.net www.DGVC.net

Rod Philips Auto Dynamic Balancing 626-962-9135

Advertise now in the Trader Classifieds Call: 714/ 671-0217 50

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03TT_20ArmaKleen50.qxp 2/13/20 2:35 PM Page 1



...in aqueous parts cleaning

Professional Racers Turn to ArmaKleen

ARMAKLEEN™ supplies only the highest quality environmentally sensible aqueous parts cleaning formulas and paint removing chemicals. Our innovative, patented cleaners are rigorously tested and designed for use in almost all commercial and industrial parts cleaning applications




& ArmaKleen.com/Ask-Andy

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STANDING ON THE GAS SINCE 1963. Mickey Thompson was unstoppable. He was the first American to 400+MPH at Bonneville & the manager of Lions Drag Strip. At heart, Mickey was a drag racer, now his DNA lives on in the innovative winning products we build today while we continue to break records in professional drag categories. UNCOMPROMISED CONSTRUCTION / UNDISPUTED PERFORMANCE. #MICKEYTHOMPSONTIRES M/T PROUDLY MAKES TIRES IN THE USA.



N-200 Stage II Soda Blaster Using GhostFlow™ Technology

STANDARD MACHINE FEATURES • Three (3) Cabinet Sizes • 36x36, 48x36 & 48x48 (w x d) • 13” x 24” ClearView™ Window • Easy Clean MERV Tested Cartridge Filter • Pneumatic Vibrator Dust Collector Cleaning Cycle • Reverse Pulse Dust Collector Cleaning Cycle • 700 CFM Blower w/ Silencer • Easy to use Soda Pressure Generator with Control Panel • ASME Code 0.8 C.F. Pressure Pot • Pot Access Port • Easy Soda Loading Hopper • 9 to 22 CFM Soda Nozzle • Large Side Access Door • Pneumatic Soda Feed System

The N-200 Stage II Soda Blasting Cabinet is one of the most popular of the NEW Soda Models using larger cabinets and larger dust collector sizes. This allows the user to operate longer hours and access other part handling options important to soda blasting applications. This is a great choice for cleaning many automotive parts like automotive heads when you want the original finish and a soluble abrasive to eliminate any abrasive residuals. The Patented Separator Reclaimer prevents 95% of the used soda from transferring into the dust collector. This unique design allows longer daily machine operation and more daily part production. Downdraft Cabinet Airflow using GhostFlow™ Soda Delivery Technology and Used Soda Dropout are what make ABS Products the leaders in soda cabinet technology. (714)671-0728 ABS-Products.com sales@abs-products.com youtube.com/absproducts


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Check the water jackets, individual combustion chambers, bolt hole and valve jobs without the hassle of bolting on plates or submerging the cylinder head! 1. Floor to Floor in 3 minutes 2. Set up time less than one minute 3. Cast Iron and Aluminum Heads 4. Separate Work Station 5. Easy 6. Profitable

714-671-0728 abs-products.com


Equipment Sales Jupiter Florida

Provider of High quality new & used engine rebuilding equipment and engine parts

VT-3 Vacuum Tester (incl. pump, all parts listed below) $1,750.00 VT-5 Vacuum Tester (incl. pump, all parts listed below) $2,395.00

VT-1250-R-F 1-1/4” round pad with fitting .................$35.75 VT-216-R-F 2-1/16” round pad with fitting ...............$32.95 VT-2000-3000-F 2”x 3” pad with fitting ...........................$32.95 VT-3000-3000-F 3”x 3” pad with fitting ...........................$34.95 VT-2500-4500-F 2-1/2” x 4-1/2” pad with fitting .............$35.75 VT-1250-R 1-1/4” round pad without fitting ............$21.80 VT-2750-R 2-3/4” round pad without fitting ............$21.80 VT-2000-3000 2”x 3” pad without fitting ......................$21.80 VT-3000-4000 3”x 3” pad without fitting ......................$21.80 VT-2500-4500 2-1/2” x 4 1/2” pad without fitting .......$24.80 VT-3000-4000 3”x 4” pad without fitting ......................$22.80 VT-6000-6000 6”x 6” pad without fitting ......................$24.95 VT-3-TP 11”x 35” table pad for VT-3 ...................$62.95 VT-5-TP 17”x 45” table pad for VT-5 ...................$73.70 VT-SP-14 14 mm spark plug adapter ....................$39.00 VT-SP-18 18 mm spark plug adapter ....................$49.00 VT-BHA Bolt hole adapter ...................................$35.20 GA-M Manifold with liquid filled gauge .........$495.00 GA-LG Liquid filled gauge .................................$80.00 VT-3-H 1/4” vacuum hose ..................................$39.00 VT-RV Release valve ..........................................$42.00 VT-TA Table adapter .........................................$10.00 VT-FP Foot pedal ..............................................$62.95 VT-T3 VT-3 table only .....................................$275.00 VT-3-P 3 CFM pump .........................................................$328.98 VT-5-P 5 CFM pump ........................................$475.00

Ralph Nettles



Warehouse Location 380 NW 144th Drive Okeechobee Fl. 34972

rpmequipmentsales.com trader-mag.com Winter 2020 TRADER MAGAZINE


F E ATcU R E D ts Guide Pro du

Prosis Pro features over 11,000 engines from 190manufacturers, covering a variety of applications. Web-based and mobile-friendly, so it's convenient and easy to use on smart phones and tablets. Quickly identify blocks, heads, crankshafts, camshafts, connecting rods and flywheels by casting number. 3,000+ technical bulletins. Learn more at aera.org

Hard to clean parts are no match for Re-Man XL. With its extraordinary ability to quickly eliminate grease and oil plus the power to remove burnt-on-carbon, gasket materials and grime all while never damaging your parts. If you what to improve your cleaning process Re-Man XL is the only choice. ARMEX 469 N. Harrison Street, Princeton, New Jersey 08543 Toll Free: 800-332-5424 E-mail: armex@churchdwight.com

Industrias Kras Con Rod Bushing Installation/removal Kit https://joebakerequipsales.com/ 888-440-9429. 800-522-9429 bakerequip@joebakerequipsales.com 56

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Comec RP1400 Surfacer Comec RP1400 CNC Surfacing Machine includes a laser surface scanner for completely automated head and block surfacing operations. Touchscreen CNC control, automatic and manual cycles, ballscrew drives, includes 16” CBN/PCD milling head, fixtures for heads and blocks and a full enclosure with sliding doors. Comec ACF200CNC Boring Mill Comec ACF 200 CNC includes tooling to bore and surface heads and blocks. Simple conversational CNC allows easy, automated boring and surfacing of single, multi and V-blocks. Automatic centering, touchscreen control, ballscrews and servo motors are standard. 12.5” CBN/PCD Milling Head and boring capacity for 2.5” to 6.7” Finally, an affordable CNC head and block machine! Comec, Inc. 301-C Cayuga Drive Mooresville, NC 28117 800-887-6076 www.comecus.com info@comecus.com

CWT Industries leads the industry with the evolution of the MB5500 Crankshaft Balancing Machine. Our New In-House manufactured DR-450 Drilling Station again sets the standard for the balancing industry. Give us a call @ 800-449-1849 and we will explain why we don't build "Tonka Toys".

The Block Shocker Rust Removal System uses electrolysis to remove rust from your Block - Head - or Crank and deposit the rust on sheet steel which can be scraped off like mud. * Non destructive * No harsh chemicals to buy or dispose of * Removes rust completely with water and electricity * 110 volt * 30 x 30" Standard POLY tank * Made in the USA * 2 year warranty on electronics

Robins Products have recently developed -Super precision Valve Guide Honing Machine -- Rubi-Hon GH8. As we know-- Valve Seat Concen and surface finish largely depend on-"How perfect Valve Guide Bore geometry is ?" Learn how Rubi-Hon guide finishing process can hone guides within 0.0001'. Achieve guide bore accuracy automatically. Stock removal from 0.0002" upto 0.005" in single pass More information-- please contact Jeff Murchison 909-226-9922 Email jeff@hopper-shop.com (Designing & Manufacturing Patented Technologies since 1983)

Rottler’s EM69HP offers precision and speed to reproduce cylinder heads with exceptional accuracy – with no handwork. The EM69HP can also port intake manifolds with the same techniques used to port cylinder heads and perform engine block jobs such as boring, surfacing, lifter boring, line boring, lightening and engraving, plus many addition Rottler Manufacturing, Kent, WA www.rottlermfg.com Sales contact name David Bianchi Sales phone number 253-872-7050 sales@rottlermfg.com Ultra 3200FA • 65 Gallon Capacity • Agitation with Oscillation • Digital touch Controls • Dual Filtration System with Weir Tank • Opposing Horizontal Transducer Cleaning • Ultrasonic clean from TWO directions • 7 Day Heat Timer • Automatic Cycles • Insulated Tank and Lid • Stainless Steel Construction • Movable Basket System 513.502.9746 sales@ultrasonicllc.com ultrasonicllc.com

The Serdi S4.5 Seat & Guide Machine is the world’s finest seat & guide machine. Live pilot technology, triple air cushions, integrated spindle motor and large base give the most versatile combination for unmatched accuracy and speed with the ability to handle everything from small single cylinders up to large diesel heads. Serdi Corp. 301-C Cayuga Drive Mooresville, NC 28117 800-447-3790 www.Serdi.com customerservice@serdi-usa.com

Winona Van Norman is your source for the greatest selection of grinding wheels in the market. The CBN Diamond Grinding Wheels will outlast stone wheels by 10 times and cut much faster too. See our ad forspecial pricing and multi-purchase discounts. Contact us at 800.553.8008 or sales@winonavannorman.com or shop.winonavannorman.com.

TRADER Magazine future Featured Products placement Submit@Trader-Mag.com (714) 671-0217

BUILT TO LAST • MADE IN THE USA • BENCH TOP DESIGN • OPERATES USING SINGLE STAGE AIR COMPRESSORS • 16 CFM GUN USAGE @ 80 PSI, less for lower pressures • Stainless Steel Cabinet Construction • Internal Slurry Pump • Great Cabinet Visibility • Mist Collector with Easy Clean Decant Filer, required by Air Pollution Control Boards • Limited Lifetime Warranty 714.671.0728 591 Apollo St Brea, CA 92821 info@abs-products.com sales@abs-products.com

Cummins 6BT 5.9L complete (loaded) Cylinder Head Brand New Casting with New springs and valves from Access Industries Co. Ltd (AERA Member) Please call 1-866-210-9251 for price and details trader-mag.com Winter 2020 TRADER MAGAZINE








7/16" x .875" 1/2" x .750"

38 43

17 19

1/2" x 1.000" 1/2" x 1.200"

57 65

1/2" x 1.250" 5/8" x 1.000"



21 24







25 30

32 35

3/16 1/4

= =

5.31 7.08

72 91

31 39

41 52

5/16 3/8

= =

8.85 10.62

5/8" x 1.200"




5/8" x 1.250"




3/4" x 1.000"




3/4" x 1.200" 3/4" x 1.250" 7/8" x 0.500" 7/8" x 0.700" 7/8" x 0.750"

147 162 87 117 127

67 70 38 54 58

80 92 49 63 69

7/16 1/2 9/16 5/8 11/16

= = = = =

12.39 14.16 15.63 17.70 19.47

7/8" x 1.000" 7/8" x 1.100"

169 186

77 85

92 101

7/8" x 1.200"




7/8" x 1.250"




1" x 0.500"



1" x 0.700"



1" x 0.750" 1" x 0.850"

164 190

1" x 1.000"











15/16 1 2 3 4

= = = = =

26.55 28.35 56.70 85.05 113.40





75 85

89 105







1" x 1.100"




1" x 1.200"




1" x 1.250"




1-1/8" x 1.000"




1-1/8" x 1.200"




1-1/8" x 1.250"




1-1/4" x 1.000"




7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

= = = = = = = = =

198.45 226.80 255.15 283.50 311.85 340.20 368.55 396.90 425.25

1-1/4" x 1.200"







1-1/4" x 1.250"




1-3/8" x 0.750"




1-3/8" x 1.250"




1-1/2" x .600"




1-1/2" x 1.000"




1-1/2" x 1.250"




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714-671-0728 sales@abs-products.com abs-products.com youtube.com/absproducts

Mention This Ad For A Special Discount

Balancing Slugs, Pins, Plates & Bars

Our heavy metal arrives finished, ready to install, oversized by .002-.003 for a precise press fit. We have the best quality, largest inventory and over 30 years experiences with heavy metal for crankshaft and chassis balancing.

Contact our sales team today! (714)671-0728 ABS-Products.com sales@abs-products.com youtube.com/absproducts

• Hundreds of sizes in stock • Custom sizes available upon request • We can cut weld chamfers on any order trader-mag.com Winter 2020 TRADER MAGAZINE


Heavy Metal Checking Weights lf you’re tired of the guess work involved when balancing with heavy metal you need Heavy Metal Tungsten Checking weights! Quickly and accurately establish the exact location and amount of heavy metal needed prior to drilling. Our check ing weights fit securely between crankshaft counterweights al lowing the exact simulation of heavy metal. Get it right the first time everytime! Available in 1/2”, 5/8”, 3/4”, 1”, 1-1/8”, 1-1/4” and 1-3/8” diameters in simulated lengths of 1.200” *made from steel

Part Number Item Description Price CW-100 Checking Weights - 1” Heavy Metal gms ................................................................................................................... 50.00 CW-1125 Checking Weights - 1-1/8” Heavy Metal....................................................................................................................... 60.00 CW-1250 Checking Weights - 1-1/4” Heavy Metal....................................................................................................................... 70.00 CW-1375-1250 Checking Weights - 1-3/8” Heavy Metal for 1.250” long pieces................................................................................... 80.00 CW-1375-750 Checking Weights - 1-3/8” Heavy Metal for .750” long pieces .................................................................................. 80.00 CW-500 Checking Weights - 1/2” Heavy Metal .......................................................................................................................... 30.00 CW-625 Checking Weights - 5/8” Heavy Metal .......................................................................................................................... 35.00 CW-750 Checking Weight - 3/4” Heavy Metal ............................................................................................................................ 40.00 CW-875 Checking Weights - 7/8” Heavy Metal .......................................................................................................................... 45.00 CW-PB Poor Boy Checking Weights - Coupler with bolt - Add Balancing Clay to make any size Chking Wt.................... 7.00

R8 Collet required for straight shanks: 7/16”, 9/16”, 5/8”, 3/4”, 7/8” $125.00 Morse Taper version available for same price

Heavy Metal Start-Up Kit “Get Started Installing and Balancing with Heavy Metal” Getting starled on anything is usually the hardest part, but with the Heavy Metal Start Up Kit you’ll be installing and balancing with heavy metal in no time. We’ve included all the necessary drills and reamers needed for the installation plus enough Heavy Metal for several balance jobs. And just so we could assist you in those balance jobs, we went ahead and included 20 Heavy Metal Checking Weights. These checking weights will enable you to accurately determine the precise amount and location (prior to drilling) where Heavy Metal is needed. Heavy Metal Start-Up Kit comes with: (10) 1” x 1.200” pieces of heavy metal and (8) checking weights (10) 7/8” x 1.200” pieces of heavy metal and (8) checking weights (10) 3/4” x 1.200” pieces of heavy metal and (2) checking weights (5) 5/8” x 1.200” pieces of heavy metal and (2) checking weights (10) 1/2” x 1.200” pieces of heavy metal and (2) checking weights (2) 7/16” x 7/8” heavy metal dowel pins for Chevrolet (1) Drill bit in each of the following sizes: 31/32”, 27/32”, 23/32”, 19/32”, 15/32” (1) Reamer in each of the following sizes: 1”, 7/8”, 3/4”, 5/8”, 1/2” *specify straight shank or Morse taper when ordering Optional 3/4” straight shank to #3 Morse taper and adapter add $59.00


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714-671-0728 sales@abs-products.com abs-products.com youtube.com/absproducts

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Blizzard Stage III Soda Blaster Using GhostFlow™ Technology

Production applications are what the Blizzard Stage III was designed for, if you have multiple daily shifts we offer dust collector upgrades to 880 sq.ft. with automatic timed reverse pulse cleaning that includes manual over-ride controls. Clean any part down to the original finish and do it with a water soluble abrasive to eliminate any abrasive residuals and know the part has been unchanged. 95% of the used soda is collected outside the cabinet preventing it from entering the advanced easy clean dust collector with Automatic Timed Reverse Pulse Cleaning Cycle. The Blizzard also includes manual pulse over-ride controls for added cleaning. The Pneumatic Vibratory Cleaning Cycle is also standard allowing the user up to four ways to clean the dust collector to make sure it’s always clean.


• Four (4) Standard Cabinet Sizes 36x36, 48x36, 48x48 & 6060 (w x d) • 13” x 24” ClearView™ Window with Window Sweep • Easy Clean MERV Tested Cartridge Filters • Auto/Timed Reverse Pulse Dust Collector Cleaning Cycle with manual over-ride controls • Pneumatic Vibrator Dust Collector Cleaning Cycle • Magnahelic Monitor Gauge • 1100 CFM Blower w/ Silencer • Pneumatic Conveyor with 95% Used Soda Collection before the dust collector • Easy to use Soda Pressure Generator • ASME Code 1.0 C.F. Pressure Pot • Pot Access Port • Easy Soda Loading Hopper • 10 to 22 CFM Soda Nozzles • Ergo Flexible Abrasive Hose • Pneumatic Vibrator Soda Feed System

(714)671-0728 ABS-Products.com sales@abs-products.com youtube.com/absproducts


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The Original Soda Blasting Abrasive

The first time that baking soda was used for abrasive blasting was during the 100-year restoration of the Statue of Liberty The challenge was to remove two layers of coal tar epoxy coatings without

BENEFITS OF SODA BLASTING - Aggressive cleaning ability - Surface preservation

damaging Lady Liberty’s delicate copper skin. The aggressive cleaning

- Environmentally friendly

ability and surface preservation characteristics of baking soda is what

- Non-hazardous

made it the only choice. Church & Dwight, makers of ARM & HAMMER™ products since 1846, worked closely with the project engineers and

- No free silica or toxic fumes

donated 200,000 pounds of baking soda. Following this success Church

- Nonflammable & non-sparking

& Dwight launched ARMEX, the first baking soda abrasive specifically formulated and manufactured for abrasive blasting in 1989.

- Water soluble - Used at low air pressures 40 - 80 PSI

To learn more about ARMEX or to schedule a cleaning trial visit www.armex.com

- Can be used for wet or dry blasting


ARMEX and ARM & HAMMER are trademarks of Church & Dwight Co., Inc.

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General for General purpose, purpose, for castiron iron & & medium steel cast steel General Generalpurpose, purpose, for for cast steel castiron iron&& medium medium steel Best forforaluminum Best aluminum

General purpose, purpose, for General for castiron iron & & medium cast medium steel steel Bestfor for billet billet steel Best steel

Hard Hardspray spray coatedflywheels flywheels coated


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Systems starting at $49,000 Winona's three-phase Thermal Cleaning System cuts total cleaning time in half. First our rotisserie oven uses a controlled burn cycle for even heating with no hot spots. The balanced-burn tube design makes this the fastest oven on the market. Then our airless shot blaster uses a full-length, single-impeller motor to ensure the most consistent, cleaning to bare metal and eliminating the need for wire brushing or extensive manual labor. Finally the STC (shaker, tumbler, cooler) removes shot and cools the parts with a powerful blower and high CFM movement. Burn through one of your most time-consuming tasks and fire up your productivity with WVN Thermal Heating Systems now available in five sizes.

Payments as low as $1,074

i Show Stopping Prices Ii


Now thru Dec. 31st



-� ™

W1nona .an Norman ■



800-533-8008 / Intl: 001-316-219-3500

sales@winonavannorman.com www.winonavannorman.com

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TRADER MAGAZINE Winter 2020 trader-mag.com

trader-mag.com Winter 2020 TRADER MAGAZINE


ROCK SOLID PROFITS IN THE BANK. PRI Built to last from solid, cast iron, the FG Series Flywheel Grinders are strong boxes of reliable, cost-efficient performance. Winona’s exclusive design features cast-in-table support and an industrial quality gear motor for direct-table drive and constant torque. As versatile as it is tough, an FG Grinder can handle everything from the smallest automotive pieces to the largest heavy duty ones. Designed for set-it-and-forget-operation, the FG keeps both labor and supply costs to a bare minimum. Your cost to own and operate is typically just a few dollars a day. Set up is fast and accurate, and most pieces are completed within five to ten minutes. Highly productive and easy on your operating budget, the FG Series is a profitable investment, and you take that to the bank.


TRADER MAGAZINE Winter 2020 trader-mag.com

NO SHOW SALE Show Stopping Prices Now thru Dec. 31st



Sale Price











800-533-8008 / Intl: 001-316-219-3500 sales@winonavannorman.com www.winonavannorman.com

A perfectly square deal on perfectly round holes

When it comes to align boring, nothing less than perfect will do, so that’s what we designed our LB Series Align Boring machines to deliver. Heavy duty base castings eliminate deflection. The geardriven boring bar and two HP motor ensure chatter-free cuts. You’ll also like the control an LB Series machine gives you with its wide range of speed and feed rates and long spindle travel which reduces the need for tool repositioning. And now you can get an LB machine at a perfectly low price during our PRI No Show Sale. It’s the perfect time to purchase perfection.

PRI NO SHOW SALE Show Stopping Prices Now thru Dec. 31st

800-533-8008 / Intl: 001-316-219-3500 sales@winonavannorman.com www.winonavannorman.com

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Boring Only

Boring and Grinding

Boring and Grinding

Winona Van Norman Rod Boring machines are the most heavy-duty, long lasting machines in the world. The variable speed rotation and feed give you a perfect finish EVERY TIME.


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trader-mag.com Winter 2020 TRADER MAGAZINE



TRADER MAGAZINE Winter 2020 trader-mag.com

trader-mag.com Winter 2020 TRADER MAGAZINE



TRADER MAGAZINE Winter 2020 trader-mag.com

trader-mag.com Winter 2020 TRADER MAGAZINE



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trader-mag.com Winter 2020 TRADER MAGAZINE


Simple. Fast. Competitive. Rottler’s Cylinder Head Machining Equipment is so advanced that even the most complex operations can be programmed and executed quickly, accurately and reliably. For surfacing, seat and guide installation and cutting and valve refacing procedures, only Rottler has the cutting edge you need to maximize performance and profitability.

Rottler’s surfacing machines are the fastest machine for surfacing heads, blocks and manifolds. Designed with the latest CNC technology and proven designs found in Rottler CNC machining centers! Handles the smallest parts to large diesel cylinder heads.

Rottler MANUALMATIC control has revolutionized valve seat cutting! During seat cutting, the operator does not have to operate any buttons, switches or pedals, simply turn the spindle feed handwheel up and down and the MANUALMATIC control takes care of all the functions


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Rottler's centerless grinding valve refacing machine is designed to grind a set of valves to equal length from stem/butt end to valve seat. The Rottler Centerless System allows a wide range of valve stem diameters to be ground without changing any collets or chucks.

8029 South 200th Street, Kent, WA 98032 USA+1 253 872 7050

1-800-452-0534 rottlermfg.com youtube.com/rottlermfg facebook.com/rottlermfg instagram.com/rottlercnc



Special optional software packages allow: VARIABLE SURFACE FINISH from top ring area and lower bore area. Precision honing of “THIN WALL” cylinders such as CGI Engine Blocks and Motorcycle Cylinders. • Completely Unattended Automatic Hole-to-Hole Operation • Crash Protection prevents damage to tooling • Ease of programming – only 3 screens for a new block • Accuracy of size and surface finish including Rk parameters • Ease of Maintenance – roll out coolant tank with 3 stage magnetic filtering • Dual Stage and Multi Stone Holder Hone Heads available • Quick Change Hone Head System • Quick Size Calibration System • Reverse Rotation allows perfection of Surface Finish Today’s high performance piston rings require precise surface finishes, for reduced friction and a perfect seal. Rk, Rpk & Rvk parameters are the latest in measuring technology to achieve the results necessary for today’s high performance rings. The Rottler CNC Honing Machines utilize advanced CNC control and super abrasives to give the cylinder bore surface finish results that we require – every time! Rottler Honing Expertise is up to date with the latest technology, and they are always there to help with questions – fast!!

Used by Professionals such as RoushYates NASCAR and BES Racing to save time and improve bore finish.

– Keith Jones Total Seal Piston Rings Phoenix, Arizona

THE CUTTING EDGE 8029 South 200th Street, Kent, WA 98032 USA+1 253 872 7050

1-800-452-0534 rottlermfg.com youtube.com/rottlermfg facebook.com/rottlermfg instagram.com/rottlercnc

1-800-452-0534 www.rottlermfg.com 79





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1-800- 452-0534

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