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46 NATIONAL ENGINEERING BUREAU Expansion into the GCC The Expo has driven growth in Dubai, that much is certain. And with the number of projects NEB has recently completed, or is still involved in, there is no doubt the Expo has improved the firm’s bottom line. This is particularly true within the hospitality sector. But where will growth come from over the next five to 10 years? “I believe that the services and facilities in healthcare, sport, and education will continue to improve. These are the sectors where there are always projects and the market is never less than healthy, and this will never stop,” Jadallah says. The belief at NEB is that there will be steady progress up to Expo 2020, which the firm will follow with expansion into the various GCC markets. “We have completed projects in India, Sri Lanka, and other countries, and we have built up a strong reputation in the UAE, which will help us when we begin to work on projects in other GCC countries,” explains Jadallah. “We are looking to build in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Oman so far. Also, countries that are experiencing civil war, specifically Libya, Syria, and Iraq. I think there is big potential. We are just waiting for the right time, when the situation and climate becomes more stable. There is even potential to start building from scratch, in terms of buildings and infrastructure, in the coming 50 years, in these three countries in particular. Our role as architects and designers goes beyond the current challenges faced by society – anticipating future needs in the increasingly challenging world we live in.”




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