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Volume 52 · Issue 3 Loy Norrix High School · February 2012

A small Team with big hearts Daniela Paz Knight Life News

When you think of wrestling you think of big, muscular people rolling all over a mat, sweating, they are in the weight room lifting a ton of weight. Overall you think of a big and athletic person. Wrestling takes up a lot of time and energy out of the life of a high school student. This could be the reason why students decided to not join or stay on the 2011-2012 Loy Norrix wrestling team. When a wrestling team has a low number of athletes, it affects the team overall. There are 14 weight classes in wrestling and of those 14, nearly half are missing. When you don’t have someone to fill in those spots, you are losing possible points. Since there is not a player in that weight class, the team basically forfeits that round and the points are given to the opposing team. “It’s been a hard season,” said Loy Norrix wrestling coach Sean Bergan. “Due to the lack of participation.” see SMALL TEAM page 15

Leah Rathbun / Knight Life

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The Upcoming Presidential Primaries Spark Students to Vote Racheal Koole Knight Life News

The presidential primaries can be a life changing event for Americans. The elections determine who will run in the Presidential Election. The presidential primaries in Michigan will be held on February 28, 2012. The election this year will determine which Republican candidate will run against President Obama for the next presidential term. The remaining Republican candidates are Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, and Mitt Romney. Presidential primaries are important contrary to what some people think. In the past, Michigan has voted mostly democratic. According to U.S Election Atlas, a Republican has not won Michigan’s electoral vote since

1988. In previous presidential primary elections, the voter turnout has been lower than the presidential elections. Despite the importance of presidential primaries, following candidates can be difficult for some people because of all the debates and constant news stories surrounding them. Senior Margaret Anne McKinney believes that getting to know a candidate is harder than the media makes it out to be. “You can only understand them if you are either well educated in the field of government and politics or if you care about what is going on,” said McKinney. Loy Norrix senior Jordan Swope thinks that there are people who have trouble following the debates. “There’s a lot of understanding of social issues and current events that goes into

following the debates,” said Swope. Senior Skylar Hoyt is planning on voting in the Unites States Presidential Election in November when he is 18. However, Hoyt had trouble following the 2008 election debates when he was 15. “I followed most of it [2008 debates]. Some of the terms they were using I didn’t know at the time . . . but I got the gist of what they were saying,” said Hoyt. There is a push to get the younger generation to vote and help determine the future of America. Teens can show a dedication to their country and a dedication to their future by voting. “I plan on voting because I think that it’s important for everyone’s opinion to be made and taken into account when electing government officials,” said Swope.

According to Circle, a research center researching youth voting, the New Hampshire Presidential Primary had only 15 percent of the eligible people under 30 voting. There is a small number of youth (18 - 29 years of age) who vote in the primaries. Many new voters have mixed feelings about voting. “I’ve wanted to [vote] since I was a kid. The hype around election time seemed so exciting, but I think following the 2008 election was what got me the most excited to be a part of it this year,” said Swope. For some, they are nervous to make the right choice. “I might feel a bit nervous about picking the right person . . . because both sides might do something I don’t like, so picking would be difficult,” said Hoyt.

Ron Paul wants to...

Mitt Romneywants to...

Newt Gingrich wants to...

Rick Santorum wants to...

• • •

• • • •

• • •

Drive down gas prices Defend the 2nd Amendment Implement his “Restore America” policy, which would: - Balance the budget over 3 years - Set a 15% corporate tax - Abolish the death tax

Cap spending at 20% of the GDP Simplify the tax systems Repeal the Obama healthcare plan Strategically safeguard American foreign interests through rigorous foreign policy

• • • •

strengthen the dollar through Reagan economics Repeal the Obama healthcare plan Defend the 2nd Amendment Compete internationally through education reform Reform immigration policy.

• •

Defend the 2nd Amendment Advocate for pro-life politics Reexamine the rapid withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan Tap America’s domestic energy reserves advocate for parent based schooling

National Defense Authorization Act Raises Controversy Among U.S. Citzens

Sarah Sherman Knight Life News

In a swirling mass of public confusion and speculation the National Defense Authorization act for the fiscal year of 2012 was signed into effect. The main source of worry among U.S. citizens in particular is the clause that will allow U.S citizens to be detained indefinitely by the U.S armed forces if they are “part of or substantially supported al-Qaida, the Taliban or associated forces.” The shockingly vague statement threatens anyone with even the slightest ties to anti-American or anti-government organizations. For example, if an American-born man with a family from Saudi Arabia was to call his relatives still living in the Middle East on a regular basis, he might be suspected of terrorism. His chances increase if there happens to be a terrorist attack in his area. His chances of being detained increase even more if by rare chance, he has a distant family member involved in a terrorist or secret organization. And his chances increase even more if he has any sort of criminal record. If America was to enter war with another country, anyone with suspected ties to the other country could be detained as a safety precaution. President Obama has stated that he does not agree with everything in the bill but signed it in order to authorize defense funding for the 2012 year. He has also given word that his administration will do all it can to ensure that Americans always have the right to a trial by jury. That is, he promises to uphold of our Bill of Rights, but would our next president? The $662 billion defense authorization bill was approved in a sweeping bipartisan majority by the Senate, 86 to 13. The bill continued on to pass the House 283 to 136. President Obama threatened to veto the bill if several detainee provisions were not revised, clarified, or taken out entirely so that there

Katie Wehling/ Guest Photographer Vice President Joe Biden (center) and Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) (right) speak at Loy Norrix High School in the spring of 2009. Levin is one of the primary proponents of the 2012 National Defense Autorization Act. would be no confusion surrounding who could be detained, and for what. The provision could even be used to detain men and women who are just getting in the way, such as journalists, political dissenters, and people trying to expose government corruption. Since detainees would not have the right to trial by jury, they would have no way to prove their innocence. The provisions allowing detention of American citizens without trial could even affect Loy Norrix students; no one is exempt from the new act. Loy Norrix sophomore Selena Montavo expresses her concerns.

“Who the government detains could be stereotypical in who they target, like Arabs and Muslims,” said Montavo. It is likely that if this provision were to be executed, racial profiling would be a major factor in who the American military chose to detain. It is no secret that airports use racial profiling when screening passengers and police often use it to catch criminals. After the tragic London Subway bombings in 2008, Paul Sperry of Stanford’s Hoover Institution for public policy, was quoted in The New York Times saying, “Young Muslim men bombed the London tube, and young Muslim men attacked

New York with planes in 2001. From everything we know about terrorists who may be taking aim at our transportation system, they are most likely to be young Muslim men.” The next day, The Washington Post printed an article with the statement, “Politically correct screenings won’t catch Jihadists.” A NDAA has been issued for the past 49 years to specify the allotment of funding for the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as lay out wartime provisions, policy specifications, and other legal additions to improve on issues of the previous year’s national defense budget and policy. Most of the National Defense Authorization Act is focused on military funding for the 2012 year. It is only this year that such a controversial clause has drawn attention to the document. Assistant Principal Jeffrey Boggan takes a defensive stance for the core of what America was founded on. “Our forefathers fought for due process and to take it away would go against the grain of how we operate,” said Boggan. Boggan is in favor of the Franklin Stance, in which our founding father Benjamin Franklin stated, “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” The news of the clause as well as its massive support from members of Congress comes as a surprise; suspension of basic human rights that were before seen as completely unalienable now seems much more precarious. Revisions to the bill have been made, and congress, as well as the Obama administration, assures us that there is a slim to nil chance of this provision affecting anyone with U.S. citizenship. Still, the notion of anyone from our neighbors to our closest friends being detained on the basis of political or ideological dissention is chilling, and no one is entirely sure how the act will affect us in the future.



Feeding the Gods with Humans

Veronica Olan / Knight Life Senior Quentin Bryant filling up the tank for the week. He fills it up at the beginning of the week. He spends $40 a week, $3.22 a gallon, so he can have enough gas to get to and from school and elsewhere.

Gas Prices Rise

Loy Norrix Students Frustrated

Veronica Olan Knight Life News

Gas Prices Over the Past Three Years

It is that time again when people see those gas prices rising. Drivers are dreading to fill those gas tanks, but it has to be done. The price of gas is rising because the price of crude oil is increasing up to 100 dollars a barrel. Some blame this hike in prices on the fact that Iran is threatening to close a vital waterway for international oil shipments. Iranians are thinking of blocking the Strait of

Hormuz because the United States and the European Union have made security threats against them for their nuclear program. The Iran Ambassador Mohammad Khazaee says that closing the strait is an option if there is a threat on his country but it is not a set decision. The United States wants Iran to close down any nuclear programs they have going.

Gas prices will rise even more when summer approaches. People are traveling and vacationing more which makes the gas prices go up because there is a higher demand. There is also a thing called seasonal gasoline transition. This is when the winter fuel and summer fuels change. The price starts to rise going into summer because summer gas is more expensive then winter gas. The ingredients in summer gas are healthier for the planet and refineries have to shut down to get ready to process the gas which is why it is more expensive. Senior Quentin Bryant has been driving for a little over a year now. He has his own car, but since he does not have a job at the moment, he gets his gas money from his mom. He enjoys the freedom of driving, but with the gas prices rising, he feels mad that the prices are going up. “I know gas is scarce, but seriously? Someone needs to make an alternative that everyone can obtain,” said Bryant. Bryant spends nearly 40 dollars a week on money for gas. People may just have to find different alternatives to get around. Some people cannot afford to be spending so much on gas a week even if others can.

Courtesy of Altra Point Long ago, humans would be sacrificed to please ceratin Gods. Many cultures practiced human sacrifice and there are still some accounts of this practice today. Esmer Alonzo In Christianity, Jesus was Knight Life News sacrificed on the cross. Although, in Human sacrifice has been The Old Testament it says that human going on for thousands of years and sacrifice is forbidden. although performing human sacrifice In Genesis 22:2 God says to is rare, there was recently a case of Abraham, “Take your son, your only human sacrifice in India. Police son, Isaac, whom you love, and go to arrested two indigenous men for the the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him slaughter of Lalita Tati, a 7 year old there as a burnt offering on one of little girl in New Dehli, India. the mountains I will tell you about.” In October of 2011 the little Abraham did not actually sacrifice his girl’s body was found in the district son; God was just testing his faith. of Chhattisgarh, a place where human Human sacrifice was very rare, but sacrifice is still practiced. There have animal offerings were more common. been other reports of human sacrifice The 9/11 attack was a modern in many parts of India. day human sacrifice because the Lalita was walking home when people who bombed the twin towers two poor farmers kidnapped her and were suicide bombers. They later cut her open and took out her sacrificed themselves to serve a liver to “appease the Gods,” “greater cause” for their god. The according to “The Huffington Post.” 9/11 attack was a tragedy for all who Police found the child a week later. died that many people will never Officials say that the two poor forget. farmers will spend life in prison, and Even though performing a if convicted, they will receive the sacrifice was a tradition in some death sentence. cultures long ago, it does not make Long ago, the Aztecs, Mayans, it okay for people nowadays to and the Incas also used human continue this ritual. That little 7 year sacrifice to pay a debt to their Gods. old girl was kidnapped and murdered. Researchers believe that the She did not have a say in deciding if Aztecs sacrificed people to gain she wanted to be offered to the Gods wealth, peace, and power. The Aztec or not. people believed that they owed blood Human sacrifice is wrong. There from humans and animals to the is already so much death in the world, Gods. People would even cut but killing someone just to keep one’s themselves voluntarily to offer up beliefs alive is just inconceivable. blood. I cannot imagine how life was The Mayans, however, used thousands of years ago when this was sacrifice to keep the universe in order normal. I understand that you cannot and to feed the Gods. They also change someone’s point of view, implemented sacrifices for the king, especially since it has been in one’s making him more like a God and culture for generations, but somehow less like a “human” so that he could this has to cease. maintain social order. Now human sacrifice is legally The Incas performed many considered murder. You cannot kill sacrifices, mostly young teenage someone without consequences. girls. It was around the 1400’s to There is no prize or reward when mid 1500’s. According to National someone is executed. People are Geographic News, humans to be sacrificed to something that they do sacrificed were chosen a year in not even believe in. advance. They were “fattened up with Each person has different high-protein diets in the months beliefs, whether they coincide with leading up to their deaths.” They yours or not, it is what they believe. were not aware that they were being Everyone has the right to live; chosen. They had to go on long trips people cannot choose what to do with and then finally they were drugged someone’s life for their own selfish and killed. This kind of sacrifice had purposes. a name, Capacocha.



The Paranormal and the Unknown Within Our World Can Lead to Careers Miki Patel Knight Life News

Leah Rathbun / Knight Life Tom Rupp, a sophomore at Loy Norrix, is a self acclaimed psychic. Rupp finds reading feelings and personalities interesting. Psychics require a rigorous effort to read someone so they do not actually have the answers to every question that is being asked.

Visualize the excitement of discovering an unknown creature by traveling from place to place and having all credentials for the discovery through obtaining leads from sightings, manuscripts, artifacts, folklores, and artworks. In the life of a Cryptozoologist, this is evermore possible. Parapsychologists, paranormal investigators, and Cryptozoologists are a few of the jobs that have become incredibly popular ever since the hit television shows “Supernatural,” “Fringe,” “Ghost Hunters,” and “Destination Truth” have aired on television. “Supernatural,” “Fringe,” “Ghost Hunters,” and “Destination Truth” are shows in which paranormal investigators travel from one place to another to help the people suffering from mystical problems that involve ghosts and other unknown creatures. However, unlike “Supernatural” and “Fringe,” “Ghost Hunters” actually follows real life paranormal researchers who travel the country to investigate haunted houses and “Destination Truth” follows a real life Cryptozoologist who travels across the globe in an attempt to prove the existence of unknown creatures. The discipline of Parapsychology tries to explain psychic abilities, near death and out of body experiences, prophecies, memories about regression and reincarnation, and the after life. Jimmie Russell, a sophomore at Loy Norrix, wishes he had the ability to read minds as it relates to Parapsychology. “If I had physic abilities, I would like to read minds and see what people are thinking because I want to know what people feel,” said Russell. “If they’re feeling bad, I want to help them because sometimes people hold things inside and don’t talk about their problems.”

Tom Rupp, a sophomore and a self-proclaimed psychic at Loy Norrix, explains that being psychic is less cold and blatant. Psychic abilities involve more than just straight shot answers. Instead, having psychic abilities is more about feeling and learning than anything else. “I can read people’s energies,” said Rupp. “There’s a lot of probing more than anything else when you do the reading.” Along with reading people’s energies, Rupp can also get information from the hand. “[With hand readings], you can basically feel how familiar they are with nature,” said Rupp. “The more you get to know someone, the easier it is to know them and their interests.” According to the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, a group of scholars from the University of Cambridge founded the Society for Psychical Research (SPR). The purpose of SPR was “to examine without prejudice or prepossession and in a scientific spirit those faculties of man, real or supposed, which appear to be inexplicable on any generally recognized hypothesis.” Paranormal investigators actively search for ghost activities in houses that have been reported as haunted. The job of the paranormal investigator is to get rid of ghosts by exorcising them and setting their spirits free. According to David Howard, a member of a paranormal group, “ambiguity is attached to almost every [paranormal] investigation.” With paranormal investigations, no one can be certain about whether there is really anything to be found; although, there have been cases in which haunted houses have been reported. Despite this, paranormal groups try to collect, verify, and disseminate that such paranormal

activities actually exist. Wondon Hughes, a senior at Loy Norrix, has had many experiences with ghosts. One such experience was when he was sitting by the couch watching television. “A couple of times I be sitting by the couch watching TV, and I look to my right and see a ghost sliding into a room without opening it,” said Hughes. “It’s like a human but black, not even see through. The ghost was fading away from me into the darkness.” Cryptozoology is a field that studies the existence of unknown animals such as Mermaids, Big Foot, and the Loch Ness Monster. This field is often criticized because it tries to explain something that is beyond the scope of science. The way that Cryptozoologists work is by examining unknown footprints or checking out the remains of animals that science has not even heard of yet. However, for those that believe, these creatures are vibrant and lurking among us; although, they have not been discovered by any scientists. According to Animal Planet, there are some cases in which unknown animals have been reported, such as a Kamchatka Giant in the 1920s, Marozi in the 1930s, and a skunk ape in 2000. However, these animals have not been mentioned ever since, so it is hard for scientists to actually believe in their existence. The people that can truly obtain jobs like these are the ones that have an open mind despite what science has taught them. They have to be their own person and ignore what the individuals around them think. They may get criticized for believing in something that sounds insane, but who says that science has all of the answers?

Loy Norrix Students Learn Strategies to Mastering the ACT Leah Rathbun Knight Life News The ACT is the standardized test all juniors in Michigan are required to take every March. Colleges evaluate your score and decide how prepared and qualified you are before accepting or denying you to their school. The ACT tests you on your knowledge of mathematics, English, reading, writing, and science reasoning. But just how important is the ACT to your future? Many schools will look at your ACT score with your application and GPA and use this information to determine admissions and scholarship opportunities. The point of this test is to prove that you are qualified and ready for college. College advisor Jamilah George helps students prepare for college as well as taking the ACT. “The ACT is very important because it is one of the determining factors of college admission and scholarship awards. The ACT basically tests students on everything they have learned in high school,” said George. Many students debate whether studying for the ACT will make a difference or not. “[It’s important] so you can do the best you can and go in prepared,” said Loy Norrix junior Maddie Snyder. If students have taken a college readiness class at Loy Norrix High School, they have already taken a practice exam online. This website, actonline.org, offers a second practice test that you can take on your own time.

Students should have already made an account on this website. If you need any help, ask college readiness teachers Rob Bradford, Nicole Coleman, Steve Griffin, and Ellen Harn for help. Students are encouraged to start studying a few months early in order to increase comprehension and avoid cramming. You should set a SMAART goal (specific, measurable, attainable, action-oriented, results-oriented, and time-phased) regarding your target score. When you are taking practice tests, it is advised to break down the questions so that you truly understand. Another tip is to make a study schedule and follow it like it was for a separate class. George suggests getting tutored, “A lot of students feel they’re too smart to be tutored, but getting a tutor is actually the smart thing to do,” said George. If you are struggling in a certain subject, ask your teacher if they would be willing to stay after school to help you out. Many teachers already offer after school hours where students can get one on one help in the classroom. Taking ACT workshops can also really help prepare you for the big test. Coco Cook teaches ACT workshops that Loy Norrix offers for free. These workshops teach helpful studying techniques and tips for understanding the test. “For those who take it a second time, it has improved their score by two points or more,” said Cook. Studying and taking practice tests really make a difference, and although the ACT is just another standardized test, it is an important device in deciding your future.


Average ACT Score

ACT Code

Michigan State University



Eastern Michigan University



Western Michigan University



Wayne State University



University of Michigan



Saginaw Valley State University



Oakland University



Northern Michigan University



Michigan Tech University



Ferris State University



Central Michigan University



Grand Valley State University




FEATURE PJ Pringle, age five, plays Legos with two year old sister Isabella Suzanne-Marie Pringle.

Sveri May / Guest Photographer Three generations of the Ramirez family with donations for the Loy Norrix 2011 Food Drive. The family was able able to donate 7,500 items out of the total contribution of 11,049.

Niambi Pringle / Guest Photographer P.J. Pringle, age five, plays with sister, Isabella Suzanne-Marie Pringle, age two. The two enjoy playing together with their new Lego table they received for Christmas.

Lox Norrix Students Give Christmas to Everyone

“Lego Friends”

Roberto Cevallos Knight Life News Life is about decisions and every second of it someone is making the wrong one. But almost all the time our decisions are made thinking about ourselves. There are not too many people that when they make decisions think of the rest of the people before themselves. Loy Norrix freshman Esperanza Ramirez and the youngest sister of the Ramirez family cancelled her own Quinceanera party. This is a party that people from Mexico and some places from South America hold for their daughters when they turn 15. They dance and have a big dinner with all the family and all the friends, but in this case Esperanza cancelled hers to use that money for the Loy Norrix canned Food Drive. The Ramirez family has dedicated their own money and storage space in their home throughout the year to the Loy Norrix Food Drive since 1997. The holidays are the perfect time to show generosity and feel happy for the joy of loved ones. Seeing the smile in one of these people who does not have much is what moves the Ramirez family to give food. Seeing this makes you know that there is so much that is going on around you, the thing is that we often don’t want to see it. So Christmas is the best time to take a look around and see who needs help. The Ramirez family is one that never loses the essence of charity. From the youngest Ramirez to the oldest member, they want to help and give part of themselves to make someone smile. They are able to stop thinking about their own problems and think about other’s problems just to find a way to help. “Every year Ramirez family wants to break a record of food cans,”

said Loy Norrix freshman Esperanza Ramirez. Josefina the oldest sister of the family who has been diagnosed with cancer and is receiving chemotherapy treatments said, “This year we brought 7000 cans [the final total was 7,500] and everyone wants to help. Even my little son of 4 years old that has cancer was helping and we do this because we know how it feels and is our way to say thank you to all the people that helped us when we were there,” referencing a time when her own family experienced financial difficulties. People have different ways to help and this is the way the Ramirez family tries to send a message to society, a society where everything is about money. Josefina used to have a car that she really liked. This car meant a lot to her, but when one of her neighbors was sent back to Mexico and they didn’t have way to get there, Josefina gave them her car and some food for their trip. “We are giving to people that really appreciate it, and also thank you very much to Ms. May for everything she do for us and every smile she took from us,” said Josefina.

Can Drive Statistics Year

Loy Norrix

Ramirez Family

2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

6,880 5,490 6,210 7,776 6,115 11,049

1,324 1,633 2,594 3,126 2,608 7,500

New “Girl-Centric” Spark Controversy Aubrey Butts Knight Life News The term “Legos” typically sparks an image of brightly colored, plastic building blocks. Sparking an interest in design at a gender-neutral level, the original Legos were a great gift for a boy or a girl (take that, Slinky). But since the early years of the 21st century, Legos have taken on a distinctively “male” flair. The originally gender-neutral toy took a turn to the blue, often leaving out the pink side of its consumers. Lego Group has recently tried to combat this gender-gap by developing new sets of these building toys, “Lego Friends”. “Lego Friends” (even the logo is “girl-ified) is the outcome of many years of research done by Lego Group and were released December 26th, 2011. Research showed that girls disliked the tiny Lego figurines and favored more detail-orientated, creative play with a focus on beauty. The “Lego Friends” present a slender, curvy figurine instead of the previously shapeless figures. The new girl-centric sets feature Ladyfigs, which are the girl versions of Lego’s usual minifigs. Each Ladyfig comes with her own story (or label). Mia is the town animal and environment lover, Emma is the local beautician, Andrea is the artsy one, Stephanie is the social butterfly, and Olivia is the scientist and inventor. In 1947, Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen, developed the first Lego play set called “Town Plan.” This play set taught children traffic safety. This gender-neutral play toy has changed since, reflecting the change in the toy industry. During the fifties, leading psychologists began to study gender development. At this time, toy company Mattel developed the Barbie doll, arguably the first toy to highly influence girl gender roles. Pringle believed this change of non-gender neutral toys occurred due to society emphasizing a women’s place. “If you had a daughter, you’re not going to have a doll that has a CEO suit,” Pringle said. Lego has claimed that cultural research is backing its new design of female Legos. Jorgen Vig Knudstrop, the present CEO of Lego Group, conducted an anthropological field research where teams shadowed and interviewed girls and families in places such as

the United States and the United Kingdom. The study showed that girls hated the shapeless Lego figurine and preferred role-play and building, rebuilding, and storytelling (whereas boys preferred linear building.) Phillip Johnson, a former Loy Norrix student and current Anthropology major at Western Michigan University, brings up the point that toys in general can be seen as society’s way to prepare a child for future “gender roles”. “In groups in which labor is sexually divided, it stands to reason that each gender will develop certain themes associated with its playthings, i.e. dolls for girls and wooden swords for boys,” said Johnson. “There is hardly a rationale for a need for separate toys, simply explanations for why certain toys would become associated with a gender, or any other group for that matter.” This concept brings up an argument against Lego Group’s claim to be answering a demand. Perhaps it is therefore not the gender that asks for different toys, but society that assigns different toys to different genders. Niambi Pringle, Social Studies teacher at Loy Norrix and a mother of both a young son and daughter, does not believe that Legos need to be gender specific. “I just bought my son and daughter a Lego table to play with together. I wouldn’t buy a separate set for my son than for my daughter,” said Pringle. This brings up another point. At the end of the day, Lego Group is a business, not a social justice organization. The goal of “Lego Friends” is to make more money by targeting the girl market, not to influence societal changes to girls and gender roles. see LEGO page 13




Loy Norrix Junior Proud of his Silver Stallion

How the End of the World Theory Effects Others

Marta Grabowski Knight Life News Loy Norrix junior Josh Nephew is one of many at Norrix who owns a Firebird, but Nephew’s Firebird has a certain flare about it that makes his dual toned 1996 Pontiac Firebird stand out. Before owning his silver and red Firebird, also know as The Silver Stallion, Nephew previously owned an Audi A4 2.8 Quattro that he sold to purchase his Firebird, which he bought all by himself. One may think by looking at Nephew’s car that there is no possible way to improve it but Nephew has. Nephew has added subs, a new radio, custom paint job and under glow light, which makes the

car glow a neon red color. Along with all the improvements Nephew’s car also has great horsepower and T-Tops, which are removable roof panels. Nephew’s best memory about his car so far is when he bought it. “The dual paint really caught my eye,” said Nephew, “because everyone has

a one color car.” The first day Nephew had his car he turned a corner at 70 miles per hour and drifted and ultimately crashed. Along with that accident his dad also backed into his car and knocked off his side mirror. Nephew’s car is unique and he likes it that way. “I love my car,” said Nephew. “If you don’t like my car then you are crazy.”

Photo courtesy of randommaccess.com The Mayan calender was created by the Mayans to keep track of the days in their world. Once the calender ended people feared the world would end. Evelyn Banks Knight Life News Marta Grabowski / Knight Life


Loy Norrix Senior Inherits a Sweet Ride Marta Grabowski Knight Life News Theodore, that is the nickname Senior Allie Pines has given to her shimmering silver 2008 Nissan Altima Coupe. Pines’ grandfather originally bought the car for himself but later on had an eye condition, which prevented him from driving safely leaving a perfectly good car with no one to drive it. Pines’ grandfather decided to give his car to his granddaughter. Pines was surprised at how nice her grandfathers car actually was, she thought that she was going to get some old grandpa wagon but she was pleasantly surprised when she got the little silver sports car. The car has tinted windows, warms

up quickly and accelerates well, but the small back seat is a challenge for people to get into. Pines can no longer decide who she wants to sit in the passenger seat next to her. “Whoever fits in the back seat has to sit there,” said Pines. Pines likes her car but thinks that it is a bit too talkative. “When it doesn’t like something you are doing it beeps at you,” said Pines. “When the passenger hasn’t buckled up, a light will flash and it will beep.” One of the best features for Pines is the reliability of her car.

“I never have to worry about it breaking down,” said Pines. “It is extremely reliable and I don’t have to worry about breaking it.” The only disaster Pines has had in her car so far is when she and her father were driving to New York. It was late at night and her father was driving and he didn’t realize that his lane was ending. There were two options; smash into a semi truck or crash into big construction cones. Pines’ dad ended up hitting the cones and knocking off the driver’s side mirror which has now been replaced by a black one. Pines is just relieved that she wasn’t driving. “I am just glad I wasn’t driving,” said Pines. “Because I didn’t want to be grounded for life.”

Marta Grabowski / Knight Life

Sad, mad, anxious, nervous, and eager were all the emotions running throughout the world on New Year’s Eve. Families all around the world waited to see what would happen the moment the clock struck midnight. It is not surprising that people were nervous or even scared because of the world ending theory. People think the world will end December 21, 2012 because this is the day the Mayan calendar ends. Scientists say this date is not the end of our world, but December 21 is the beginning of a new world for Mayans. Mayans believe they have already had four worlds, earth, wind, water, and fire. They believe the fifth world will be space. Scientists say a phenomenon that occurs every 25,800 years will occur December 21. The sun and the Earth will be in direct alignment of the center of the Milky Way (which is a huge black whole). Even though there are different stories about the world ending, everyone has their own opinion. Dying is not an issue people need to worry about, everyone comes and goes. Just make the best of it while you’re here. It is important to be prepared and make the next year better than the last. Sophomore Joseph Banks had a good year last year but plans to make this year better. “My goal is to do better in school and get as much of my plans in as possible, but it makes me upset when people say we are going to die,” said Banks. “I don’t think the world will end, but you never know. No one really knows when we will die. No one knows when the world will end. We just have to make sure we’re prepared when the time comes.” Despite all the end of the world stories, many students at Loy Norrix are having a good year so far. Some just ignore the people who say things about the world ending. Everyone doesn’t always agree with what you have to say. Some students probably want to have a good year. Freshman Zacara Savage, who is having an okay year so far, is hoping it will get better. “If I want this year to be a good year for me, I have to hang with positive people, not negative people who always talk about dying. So I am changing my choice of friends and staying away from negative talkers,” said Savage. “I want my grades to get better, and I can’t focus if I hang with the wrong people.” Right now students should not even be thinking about the world ending. Students should be focusing on school and making this year better than the last. Students need to make good changes in life. A positive outlook can leave a positive impact on someone else. Focusing plus positive thinking minus the drama equals a good year.



ON Adam Kemp Knight life News


Ceon Houston 9th Grade

Genna Perry 10th Grade

Will Aeschbacher 11th Grade

Lindsey Hill 12th Grade

I like singing when I’m not I like to play softball. I also like to swimming or running. It’s good read a lot at home. to kill time and it keeps me from getting bored.

I play video games and hang out with friends when I’m not doing homework or conditioning for sports. I play “Call of Duty”, “Battlefield”, and “Skyrim” because I like shooting things.

I like playing lacrosse, because it’s a fun, brutal sport. I get to meet a lot people and destroy everyone.

I like the choir. There are a lot of good people there.

There’s a lot of cultural diversity here and there are classes that can actually help you in your future.

I like the people here and all the cultural diversity.

My favorite thing about Norrix is the band, because we have a great teacher and we play some good music.

No, because it’s too dang cold.

No. It’s cold and I’m not one for winter sports.

I would go to Spain because I’ve never been there. I would like to talk to people there.

I would probably go to Italy to I would go to the Czech Republic, visit all the places we learn about because I’m 50% Czech. in Latin class because I love ancient history.

What are your hobbies?

What are your favorite things about Norrix? Do you like winter? If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?


No. I hate driving in the snow and I No, I don’t like winter, because don’t like winter sports. it’s too cold, too much snow, a whole lot of car accidents. I would go to the Dominican Republic because it’s warm and I could get a tan.

Spring Break Destinations Synquissa Morris Knight Life News

For many students it is nice to be able to take a week off from all the school stress. Spring break is a good time to be able to just get away and have time to relax or even take a vacation with your family. For some it is enough to just stay home over break, but others like to spend spring break going on vacations to different cities, states, or even countries. Senior Lillian Jackson goes on a vacation for spring break every year. She says that being able to vacation and get away from Kalamazoo for a little while is the best thing about break for her. Another thing she likes about break is spending time with her family. One of her favorite memories was a trip where she ended up in Florida. “My family and I just got into the car and just drove, with no destination, we were just cruising,” said Jackson. This year the Jackson family has in mind to possibly go to Las Vegas, or Myrtle Beach. Nora Carpenter is a senior who loves spring break. “The best thing about break for me is not being in school, I know that sounds bad but everyone needs a break sometimes like even the teachers. No matter how much you love Norrix you still need a break from waking up late and learning,” said Carpenter. Carpenter’s favorite vacation was when she, her mom and her younger brother went to San Diego. “We stayed with a family friend who has a house on the ocean so you literally wake up in the morning and the ocean would be right there . . . It wasn’t anything super organized it was just like the time we spent was so fun and we just did whatever we wanted,” said Carpenter.

Lillian Jackson’s dream vacation is to go to Paris, France. She wants to go here because it is where she and her mom have always wanted to go for a vacation.

Interesting Spring Break Trips: Myrtle Beach, SC has miles of sandy beaches, oceanfront resorts, amusement parks and great dining. It is approximately 883 miles away from Kalamazoo. Whether you’re just going on a walk down the boardwalk or downtown to the shops Myrtle Beach is a perfect place to go for a spring break vacation. Chicago, Illinois, which is only around 150 miles away, has several museums, entertainment and accommodations for out of town visitors. It is one of the largest and most visited cities in the Midwest. It would be a great place for a last minute trip during break.

Paris is sometimes called the city of light. It is surrounded by some of the most visited areas. Photo illustration by Leah Rathbun / Knight Life Nora Carpenter does not have any specific dream place. She just wants to go somewhere like in the pictures “where the water is really blue and the sand is super white.”

From Kalamazoo to New York, New York is about 13 hours or 704 miles driving. There are so many things to do and see. From the art museums to the Broadway shows it would be almost impossible not to have a great vacation in New York. Disneyworld, Pirates Island, Orlando Universal Studios, and SeaWorld are just a few of the many amusement parks in Orlando, Florida. Being 1,168 miles from Kalamazoo but only a two hour flight, it would be a great family trip to take for a couple days over break.

Although it is not the stereotypical spring break place Puerto Rico is known as the “Island of Enchantment.” There are plenty of activities for active visitors throughout the day. Photo illustration by Leah Rathbun / Knight Life


Facial Hair is an Important Form of Self Expression Keith Toornman Knight Life News

Many male students and faculty at Loy Norrix adorn themselves with facial hair. Some people view it as a lack of hygiene or a general sign of laziness. While the beginnings of mustaches and beards may get their start from the lack of willingness to shave, that is not the only reason that they are kept. Facial hair takes a lot of work and a long time to grow. It takes weeks or even months just to get noticeable scruff. It takes time to trim and sculpt it to the exact shape and style the wearer wants. Yet, despite all this work, men still grow out their facial hair. Some Norrix attendants had this to say. Although it may not seem offensive, facial hair has had a long and difficult history. It all started back at the beginning of man. Neanderthals were the first humans to use razors; it was as simple as a sharpened piece of flint. Thousands of years later the Greeks used beards as a sign of nobility or wisdom. Facial hair was first shaved out of society when Alexander the Great came around. He required his soldiers to shave their faces clean to prevent their beards being used against them in close quarters combat. In later years, rulers such as Henry VIII, Peter I, and Elizabeth I all banned facial hair by enforcing taxes. When World War I began soldiers were required to shave their faces completely because if their faces were not smooth then the gas masks would not fit snuggly and could have ended fatally. In more recent times students in public schools could have been suspended or expelled for having facial hair which is still upheld in some places today. Overall, facial hair is more widely accepted worldwide and is as important as ever to the male ego.

18 at 18 Jess Moshoginis Knight Life News

A birthday is one day that everyone looks forward to each year, but becoming 18 years old is a turning point of a person’s life. At age 18, people start a new chapter of their lives with their newfound rights and duties, in addition to the possibility of graduating high school and perhaps attending college. In the United States, turning 18 years of age has many benefits as well as responsibilities. Senior Valorian Cunningham recently became 18 years old. He was excited for this big day. “I thought it was going to be special and emotional but it was just another day… I thought it was going to be like another Christmas,” Cunningham said. Although the very moment of becoming 18 years of age is not an enormous change, from this age forth, many advantages and opportunities are presented, eighteen to say the least.

Alejandro Soto, Junior

Hair: Moustache combined with a light fuzz on his chin. Why: “It lets you know you’re a man.” Favorite Part: “What’s not to like about it?” Upkeep: Trimming every week and a half.

Anthony Horton, Junior Hair: Light goutee. Why: “It’s such a hassle buying a razor.” Favorite Part: Stroking, looking manly and older. Upkeep: A monthly trimming

Alex Klein, Senior Hair: Full beard. Why: “Because I can.” Favorite Part: “Makes me warm against winter.” Upkeep: Combing every day, shave neck every couple of days.

Mark Lowrie, Science Teacher Hair: Full goutee Why: “Hunting season, it breaks up my face to be harder to spot.” Favorite Part: Stroking while thinking Upkeep: Weekly trimming, shave neck daily.

Are considered an adult. You are responsible for yourself and no longer need parent/guardian permission or supervision. Can have a full-time job. Because of this and being an adult, there are also more jobs available.

Can work at or visit a night club or strip club. Can marry someone without consent from a parent/ guardian. Can also divorce someone without consent from a parent/ guardian. Can sign a lease on a home or a car, creating a contract between you and the owner.

Can obtain a drivers license Must sign up for the Can open your own savings/ without attending drivers Selective Service if you checking account at a bank education classes or gaining a are a male, although and own a credit card. You permit. You can take the written the military draft is not can also get loans and sign and drivers test to acquire an operator’s license. You can also in effect at this time. checks. own a car at this age, but cannot You can rent one. register, vote Can order and run in products elections. For online or from example, you the can run for television, as mayor at age long as you 18. have a credit Can file a card to lawsuit, be sued purchase them. and be ordered to Can purchase serve. You are no tickets to take part longer a juvenile, in the lottery. In so you would be some states, you tried in a criminal can also gamble at court and could go casinos at 18 years to prison for old. For example, committing a Soaring Eagle felony. Casino located in Mount Pleasant, MI allows 18 year olds Can get any to gamble. tattoo you desire without Can a parent/ get any guardian’s piercing consent. As without a long as you parent/ have money guarian’s to pay for it, consent, you can get just like the tattoo you getting a want. tattoo.

Can purchase cigarettes and tobacco as long as you have your ID to show, unless you’re in Alabama—where the age to purchase these is 19, but it is still just as unhealthy.

Can purchase and own a rifle or shotgun, with restrictions on its use and where it may be detained.

Can legally change your name to whatever you would like, apart from profane words or copyrighted names.

9 Loy Norrix Students Reminisce on 90’s TV Shows


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The 90’s were the years that we remember watching our cartoons and favorite shows as a child. A majority of the students here at Loy Norrix grew up watching the same children’s shows and memorized only the channel numbers for Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. We can’t forget our favorite actors and actresses on “All That”, “The Amanda Show”, “The Power Puff Girls”, our favorite crime fighters, or everyone’s favorite group in the play pin, “The Rugrats”. These shows have been a big part of our childhood. These are Loy Norrix’s top seven favorite shows from the 90’s. Morgan Steffler Knight Life News


1. The Rugrats

Dragon Tales

“I remember the beginning theme song from ‘Dragon Tales’ and how they always had that rainbow rock that took the dragon land,” said junior Christina Lindahl. “Dragon Tales” is another animated show, first aired on PBS in 1999. This show is about two siblings, Max and Emmy and their five dragon friends that travel to Dragon Land and finds challenges to overcome. “Dragon Tales” was last aired in 2005.

“The Rugrats” is one of the biggest cartoon shows from the 90’s. The show originally aired on Nick Jr. in 1991 as one of the first three ‘Nicktoons’. This animated show is about five babies, Tommy Pickles, Angelica, Chuckie, Phil and Lil. “ I remember when Chuckie had a funny looking belly-button like mine,” said junior Jovaughn Carver. “The Rugrats” aired their last original show in 2004.

5. Power Puff Girls

2. Cat-Dog

“The Power Puff Girls” is an animated show that was aired on Cartoon Network in 1998. The show is about three girls, Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles, who lived in Townsville and get called by the mayor to help fight crimes with their superpowers. The show last aired in 2005.

“Cat-Dog” is an animated show that is about a cat and a dog that are conjoined brothers. Cat is the wise one and Dog is goofier. Senior Mary Farner looks back on a memory that she is still curious about, “I always wonder how Cat-Dog went to the bathroom.” Farner said. The show first aired in 1998 on the Nickelodeon network, and the last original show aired in 2007.

2. Rack City Tyga 3. Shot For Me Drake 4. The Motto Drake 5. Equinox Skrillex 6. Dance Big Sean 7. Practice Drake 8. Young, Wild & Free Snoop Dog & Wiz Khalifa (feat. Bruno Mars) 9. Someone Like You Adele 10. HYFR Drake (feat. Lil Wayne) Artists

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6. The Amanda Show

3. Hey Arnold! “ I remember in ‘Hey Arnold!’ that creepy kid who would randomly show up out of garbage cans and breathe really heavy,” said Farner. “Hey Arnold!” first aired in 1996 on Nickelodeon and ended in 2004. “I remember his football head and tiny hat,” said junior Allie Creamer.

1. Make Me Proud Drake (feat. Nicki Minaj)

Photo Illustration by Sarah Sherman

7. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

#1 Favorite Character: Blossom from The Power Puff Girls

“The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” is a comedy sitcom that first showed in 1990 on the NBC Network. Senior Alex Elwell talks about her favorite part of the show, “when Carlton would always break out in his signature dance,” said Elwell.

Blossom is the leader of the “Power Puff Girls”. She is the smartest and most mature of the three. Blossom is often seen as the mother of Bubbles and Buttercup because she is very level-headed. Blossom is the pink Power Puff Girl and she is known for being part of the “everything nice” piece of the recipe that created her and her three sisters. Her powers include being able to freeze objects with her breath and breathe fire. A fun fact about her is that she is able to speak Chinese. Ciara Krimmel, Junior at Loy Norrix, loves Blossom, “She was pink, and had the best powers, and she was girlie! I always wanted to be her,” Said Krimmel.

“The Amanda Show” first aired in 1999 and is a spin off of “All That’.” w The show starred Amanda Bynes and had many funny skits with characters such as Judge Trudy and Penelope Taynt, Amanda’s number one fan. The show stopped airing on Nickelodeon in 2002. “I remember when she pretended to be a hillbilly and she had those hillbilly moments,” said senior Natallie Doram.

1. Drake 2. Adele 3. Rihanna 4. Big Sean 5. Lil Wayne Top Disliked Artists

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# 2 Favorite Character: Tommy Pickles from The Rugrats Tommy Pickles stars as the main character in “The Rugrats”. Tommy is well known for leading the pack, and being the first one to jump towards adventure. Tommy’s older cousin, Angelica Pickles, often brings in problems with the babies, and Tommy is always there to stick up for them. Sophomore Asia Davis remembers a specific thing that Tommy is known for doing, “I remember when I was a little kid, I always knew something was about to happen when Tommy pulled out that screwdriver out of his diaper,” said Davis.

1. Justin Bieber 2. Selena Gomez 3. Anything On KFR 4. Miley Cyrus 5. Chris Brown

Asia Davis Knight Life News


OPINION Staff Editorial Voting Needs To Be More Of A Priority

Got opinions? Disagree with something we’ve said? Just want to get your say in the paper? Write us! Direct Letters to the Editor to: -Knight Life Loy Norrix 606 E. Kilgore Kalamazoo, MI 49001 -Submit to Room K15 -pankoptl@kalamazoo.k12. mi.us Guidelines: 250 words or less, must contain author’s name, second period, and ID number. Right to Withold: If space permits, guest columns, personal opinions, contains libel or obscenities, disrupts school environment, invades privacy of others. Notes to Reader: Any photography that has been manipulated will be labeled as a photo illustration. -Knight Life will publish a formal correction of any factual error made in a previous issue.

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Sarah Sherman / Knight Life

Meredith Farrer Knight Life News

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Meredith Farrer Sarah Sherman Miki Patel Veronica Olan Esmer Alonzo Sydney Fernandez Copy Editors Jazmine Houston Opinion Editor Roberto Cevallos Staff Writer Tisha Pankop Advisor

to get out and get educated about candidates and other election related proposals. Making voting mandatory would result in uninformed voters swaying these important decisions. If voting was mandatory, someone who does not really care or even know what they’re doing, would just go to the voting polls and pick someone randomly. This is not fair to the people who have actually educated themselves about the candidate. It would mess up the electoral process and candidates may get elected that do not represent the people. America should start educating students in school about voting. There should be programs encouraging students to vote. Adults also need to get informed about voting as well, not just students; everyone can make an educated vote. If students were actually informed about voting, they would form their own opinions, which would help the outcome of elections. Students would know more about the candidates and would more likely make an educated vote. Starting with younger people now will produce more educated voters for the future.

Technology Becomes a Mask for Teens

Daniela Paz Leah Rathbun Photo Editors

Asia Davis Arts and Entertainment Editor

All citizens that are eligible to vote should definitely take that opportunity. However, if someone is not educated about the candidates then they should not even step foot in the voting booth and vote just because they can. Why even bother to vote if you have no idea who you are voting for? American citizens do not know how important elections are. Sixty-one percent of eligible Americans voted in the 2008 election according to FactCheck. The other 38.4 percent probably sit up and complain about how the government is bad, but they do not take the time out of their day to get up and get enlightened about what is going on. U.S citizens have the chance to make a difference and have a say in who runs our government, but many do not take that opportunity. People who do not vote should not complain about our government. Australian citizens get fined twenty dollars if they do not vote, and their voting turnouts were 33.4 percent higher than America’s. The U.S. should find something similar to this policy to get more people to vote. Voting should not be forced on people, but we need to make voting a bigger priority and influence people

Technology has become a screen for people to hide behind. Now a days it is so easy for us to dismiss one another. We have become so used to hiding behind the computer screen or our phones that we are unable to communicate clearly when face-to-face with someone. Not long ago, I had someone text me, and out of the blue, they started to confront me under false pretenses and I just could not take them seriously. The texts sounded rehearsed, and it was a conversation I would have taken much more seriously in person. The intentions of this conversation were misconceived due to lack of face-to-face contact.

When I saw the person who had sent me the text at school the next day they acted as if I was no different from the dusty floor tiles under their feet. They ignored me and acted as if the texts I received had never happened. They felt the need to confront me, but were unable to do it in person, so they resorted to texting me to get what they wanted. I am a huge fan of texting. I text my friends all the time and I love it. However, people need to draw the line when they find themselves texting something they would never say in person. Texting has taught our generation to be cowardly and avoid confrontation at all costs. According to the Nielson Company of market research, teens 13 to 17 years olds send an average of over three thousand texts in a month. People break up over text messages because teens do not have the audacity to do it in person. People apologize over texts because they need to protect their dignity. People start conflicts over texts because they do not have the courage to stand up to someone and say to them ‘this is wrong.’ While texting is a great way to stay in touch with friends, whether it is over the weekend or spring break,

it is not a good tool to get to know people. For example, people friend strangers on Facebook and expect to get to know them by looking at their pictures and messaging them. If you want to get to know someone talk to them the next time you see them. You never know how different people can be behind the protection of their phones and computers. You never know what or who people are pretending to be. That cute 17-year-old girl you just friended on Facebook may, in reality, be a 40-year-old man on parole looking for someone to ‘entertain’ him. So many people have self-esteem issues; they manipulate their pictures on Facebook to something they think others want to see. If people are willing to change their entire image in one photo, you have no idea who they are pretending to be when you message them. Our generation acts differently behind technology because we are scared and we have not really lived without technology. We are constantly updating our Facebook status, wanting the attention that we think we receive from “comments” and “likes”.

In the movie “Easy A,” they touch on this topic. One of the teachers in the movie is fed up with Facebook. The teacher Mr. Griffith, played by Thomas Haden Church, says, “I don’t know what your generation’s fascination is with documenting your every thought... but I can assure you, they’re not all diamonds. ‘Roman is having an OK day, and bought a Coke Zero at the gas station. Raise the roof.’” He then goes on to state that no one really cares. This really hits home with me because I think that students give themselves a false sense of importance. People are not changing the world by updating their status. The things they say can create drama and are usually irrelevant to the reader’s everyday life.

OPINION Dubstep is a Genre for Abstract Minds Lucas Leibold Knight Life News In most cases, you hear a song about ten times and you memorize the lyrics and begin to know them before they’re pumped past you ear drum, right? The message that the words send you are tailored by the artist, and in most cases, your musical experience is similar to the person next to you. I believe I’ve heard “He just went off!” one too many times; referring to the string of syllables a rap artist such as Lil Wayne spews into a microphone. More often than not these lyrics are focused on drug abuse, murder, and my girlfriend’s free time. The reason I listen to music in the first place is to stimulate my mind and bring a rhythm to my day. Lately when a song such as Lil Wayne’s “Watch My Shoes” appears on my phone while my music is on shuffle, I instantly pass

it to the bottom of my playlist. I don’t have the time or want to concern myself with images of gang members doing drugs and killing people on a daily basis. So, let’s get to the point. Music is important in my life. On my way to a soccer match or looking for a line through the trees on my skis, I need a catalyst to get pumped up and ready to take on the unexpected. I want to feel the rhythm of my music while driving, more often than not, the volume is up and the rearview mirror is buzzing from the bass. I find myself downloading the instrumentals to songs with the bass lines and melodies that I enjoy. I want to hear music that makes my mind work hard and stimulate my imagination, feel as if I’m floating through space or falling over a waterfall. Music that makes my chest cavity shudder and feel the sound waves in my spine. Many of my close friends have invested in high fidelity sound systems for their automobiles, with deafening subwoofers. It was not until a little over a year ago that I first heard the growling bass tones and synthesized vocals of Dubstep, which I commonly associate myself with today.

Dubstep is a widely encompassing genre of electronic music. Since 2010, Dubstep has become extremely popular with the younger generation. At Loy Norrix students are starting to enjoy the odd sounds and wild melodies of Dubstep. Junior Pablo Tavares is with the movement. “Dubstep music gives me a feeling of being fluid,” said Tavares. Being a swimmer, and even having the H2O molecule tattooed on his back, Pablo enjoys the genre because the way the beat flows resembles the feeling of moving freely through water. Outside of Loy Norrix, Western Michigan University and on many other college campuses, Dubstep has a much stronger hold. When you meet a person for the first time, among the common questions are “Hey man, do you like Dubstep?” Dubstep is so appealing to many individuals these days because of how diverse the sound can be. The only real parameters for Dubstep music is the techno feel and the distinct sound of the bass, which I would most easily describe as a deep male voice

Knights Speak

stretched in slow motion. Many popular songs have been “dubbed” or remixed by dj’s in the genre. The artist Datsik has a very relaxing version of “Fix You,” Should the voting age be by the band Coldplay. I’ve even lowered to sixteen, and do heard it classified as mellowstep. you think teens would take This could be the only problem advantage of it? with Dubstep; every time a new song comes out, people want to Ashley Nelson, give it its own crazy genre. Some Sophmore people take this a little too far, trying to make a new name for their “Yeah, because we music. However that is the beauty are the people of the of Dubstep, one title can unite such future. We should have a wide berth of music. Dubstep a say.” songs express a pure individuality that no other genre can attain. The absence of lyrics leaves space in the music, demanding your own interpretation. Shannon Wee, Another great song that Junior uses lyrics cut from a previously recorded song is “Finally Moving” “No, because I don’t by Pretty Lights. This song features think teenagers right lyrics from the song “Something’s now know what’s got a Hold On Me” by late blues, right.” jazz, and soul singer Etta James. Pretty Lights creates a very distinct sound, which resembles a “musical fusion” between jazz, rock, and Dubstep. Polina Naumova, Senior see DUBSTEP page 12

The Academy Awards: What Should Really Happen

Piper Simmons Knight Life News On February 26, 2012 the 84th Academy Awards will broadcast live on ABC. The Academy Awards are so much more than the dresses and celebrities, the Awards usually honor movies, actors, and songs that have impacted many people emotionally and deserve more attention. This year, George Clooney should win Best Actor for his role as Matthew King in “The Descendants”. He truly does deserve this award. That role was emotionally demanding and left audiences with their mouth open. It cannot be easy to do multiple takes of kissing your cheating, comatose wife while still showing your anger towards her. Although it is normal for someone who is in a drama to win, Clooney deserves it. If you haven’t seen “The Descendants,” you need to. It will change your perspective on what matters in life and what really does not. One person who should have been nominated for Best Actor is Jason Segel in The Muppets. There was no way he would be nominated because, it was a

comedy film and geared towards children, but he deserved to be. His role made me laugh so hard I cried and had chest pains. Another should-be nominee is Alan Rickman for playing Professor Snape in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two.” He has played the role for a decade and finally got his big scenes in the final installment, bringing the whole character full circle. The whole back story of Professor Snape is revealed, you find out about his friendship with Harry’s mother and his relationship with her along with the relationship Professor Dumbledore had with him. So much of his life is put in the open, and he had to stay quiet and unrevealing for so many years. Rooney Mara should win Best Actress for Lisbeth in “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”. She went from being a meek girl in “The Social Network” to an emotionally scarred girl who gets raped and trampled on physically and emotionally. If you have read the book or seen the movie, you know how hard it is to read it, let alone watch it. Having to do a rape scene over and over again for multiple takes can’t be an easy thing for anyone’s mentality. Melissa McCarthy deserves to win Best Supporting Actress for “Bridesmaids”. She did not get enough attention for her humor on “Gilmore Girls,” and she showed the world how hilarious she is with a small role in a movie with “Saturday Night Live” veterans.

The witty one-liners and obscurity of her character just, well, blew people’s minds. Best Picture can be a hard guess. In 2010, “The Hurt Locker” won when everyone thought Avatar would win. Kit Gallant of “The Huffington Post” wrote, “Here is one case for why ‘Avatar’, James Cameron's sprawling science fiction epic, should win the Oscar for Best Picture at tonight's 82nd Annual Academy Awards. It is not because of the film's ground-breaking special effects, or the surprisingly imaginative and gripping plot, but because ‘Avatar’ makes the viewer intensely sympathetic to the Na'vi.” Although I think that “The Descendants” should win, one of the bigger, highly anticipated movies like “The Help” will probably win. “The Help” is likely to win because of the subject content of segregation and equal rights. The Descendants” was more emotional than “The Help,” more relatable to people of this time frame, with reallife situations and dialogue. The Descendants deserves Best Picture because it was one of the most emotional, heart wrenching yet hilarious movies to come out of Hollywood in the last few years. The cinematography and music made it one big, beautiful film. “The Help,” although emotional, had a predictable plot with the same story told many times. Racism is bad, someone breaks the barrier, happy ending.


“No, because a lot of 16-years-olds are indifferent and don’t take interest in politics.”

“The Descendants” was more emotional than “The Help,” more relatable to people of this time frame, with real-life situations and Micheal Deaton, dialogue. Sophmore “Man or Muppet” from “The Muppets” deserves to win for Best “No, they would take Original Song. The rock ballad advantage of it and with Jason Segel and Walter, the new Muppet, was the best song of sixteen year olds aren’t responsible enough.” the movie, and the best original song of any movie in the last year. “Man or Muppet” was about a human and a Muppet deciding whether or not they wanted to Jacob Atkins, continue the life they were leading. Freshmen That sounds cheesy, but the song was hilarious and well performed. “Yes, because that is Also, Jason Segel is just plain when you become amazing. mature and it would “The Descendants” should expand the voting win for Best Adapted Screenplay, numbers.” and Alexander Payne should win Best Director for “The Descendants” as well. Basically, “The Descendants” should win all of the awards because it was just Zach Julian, that good. Junior The Academy Awards will air on ABC February 26. This “I don’t think it should year is one of the better years for be lowered, because nominations, with more diversity they won’t take in the movies and roles. The last advantage of it.” few years have had shoo-in movies like “Avatar” and “Precious”. This year, lesser known movies like “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” are getting more attention than expected. Don’t ignore this event. Remember, it’s more than the dresses and celebrities.



PROPS -Valentine’s Day Will you be my Valentine? -School Year is Almost Over Four more months to go.


Letters to the Editor

Teachers Question Students Ethics

Dear Editor, The article I read was “Teachers Question Students Ethics when using Technology in the Classroom.” I thought that cell phones shouldn’t be used during class. It is a distraction from your learning. Texting in class doesn’t make you learn anything and it doesn’t make you smarter. You can actually lose or fail a class and you can lose focus on what you are learning in class. Using cell phones as a cheat sheet for exams, assignments and homework is not right. Use your knowledge and your brain instead of cheating. It makes you learn things better.

-Winter Fest Bring your school spirit!

Ronnisha Phillips, Freshman

-Leap Year Only happens every fourth year.

Dear Editor, The article I read was “Teachers Question Students Ethics when using Technology in the Classroom.” I think that what she said was right because it is none of your business what we are doing on our phone, so just back off and leave us alone.

-Elections Obama, Gingrich, Paul, Romney, Santorum. -Spring Break No school for a whole week. YAY!

STOPS -PDA in Hallways Too much love for school. -Crazy Driving in School Parking Lot Slow down, this isn’t a race track! -Senior Costs Time to cash out for graduation.

Michael Mattern, Freshman

John Collins Writing Should be Revised Dear Editor, The article I read was “John Collins Writing Programs Should be Revised.” I thought that it was a good one because of the way he stated that “We should talk about it instead of writing about it.” I think that is a great idea and should be done. Rogelio Cruz, Freshman Dear Editor, I read “John Collins Writing Program Should be Revised.” I compaeletly agree. I mean we arn’t being graeded on good spelling because that’s not an FCA. We get graeded on indenting, skiping lines, and not having the same word start of every sentence. If that’s how you want to gread my paper okay, but I know I have bad spelling and I just keep spelling words wrong but that doesn’t mater, that wasn’t in my FCAs. I don’t really mind to write type 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and what ever but it bathers me. I’m spelling words wrong but all you care about is that I didn’t indent.

-Class Temperature Variation Too cold, too hot, where’s the in between?

Ashtyn Kenbrook, Freshman

-Wisdom Teeth Ouch! Poor gums.

Dear Editor, The article I read was “John Collins Writing Program Should be Revised.” I thought it was okay. I guess I can see why Ben might not like John Collins writing. I have to say it can be a pain to have to remember to do all of that work.

-Immature Candidates Potential future presidents, can we act our age?

*This Letter to the Editor was not edited on purpose.

Maria Garcia, Freshman

Students Disgusted by Norrix Bathrooms

Dear Editor, The article that I read was “Students Disgusted by Loy Norrix Bathrooms.” I believe that the school should stop putting the schools money into field trips because they need to put it into getting textbooks in the classes, cleaning and fixing our school, and the bathrooms are a great example. Ian Headley, Freshman Dear Piper Simons, I read “Students Disgusted by Loy Norrix Bathrooms.” I read this article because it brought my attention. The students have a point; it’s so nasty using the bathrooms here because you can never find a clean stall to use. But like it says in the article, we can’t always keep clean 100%. But we should really try and go blue. Mariela Sandoval, Freshman Dear Editor, I read “Students Disgusted by Loy Norrix Bathrooms.” They really are disgusting, I won’t even use the bathrooms. Sometimes I will wait to go home and that’s a long time to wait. There should be a punishment instead of suspensions for stupid stuff that make them clean and do stuff for the school. That’s what I think. Andrew Emert, Freshman Dear Editor, This article is hard to think about. Some of the bathrooms of Loy Norrix are disgusting, but it seems to me that some kids don’t care. I’ve walked into a bathroom where kids are skipping. They’re either talking on the phone or texting or just simply “hanging out.” No student should take any longer than 3 minutes in a bathroom. The graffiti isn’t necessary. Is it? I respect the bathrooms of Loy Norrix. Anybody can do the same and make a difference. Even though Loy Norrix has 1,432 students, don’t expect the bathrooms to be spotless. Students need to be here at Loy Norrix to learn not to be a goof and skip. One of the things this category falls in is responsibility. What’s so hard using the bathroom the right way? By the way, bring the paddle back so the school can show what students are really supposed to act like in high school. Kurt Mottor, Freshman

Norrix Students Reflect on Religious Experiences Dear Editor, The article that I read was “Loy Norrix Students reflect on Religious Experiences,” by Ray’Von Jones. I thought that it was very interesting to learn about Loy Norrix students with different religions and how they live their lives also. It was interesting to learn about the challenges they go through. I felt that the article was very well written and very interesting. Rachel Dodge, Freshman

License to Bully

Dear Editor, The article I read was “ ‘License to Bully,’ Removed from Michigan Legislation.” When I found this article I thought, “Hmm this could be interesting.” I mean it did catch my attention. After I read this article I learned that a 14 year old boy killed himself in 2002. I think that this law will be good for the state of Michigan because it will help people become less self-conscious. Dvaughna Nichols-Stevenson, Freshman

Core Classes Give Students Knowledge Dear Editor, I read the article “Core Classes Give Students the Basic Knowledge they Need.” I think every student should get core classes because they can help them in life. Jasmine Miller, Freshman

Twilight the Series that has Teens Talking Dear Editor, I read “Twilight, the Series that has teens talking.” I think this article and these statistics are great. I really liked the look- a-likes. Sebrina Ortwire, Freshman

DUBSTEP from page 11 There are different times for different Dubstep songs. The only time that I would want to listen to really raunchy Dubstep would be at a dance party with my college friends or when I’m trying to get in a hyphy mentality. According to UrbanDictionary, “hyphy” is the mindset of being “amusingly eccentric; without inhibition; goofy.” Otherwise I’m looking for relaxing beats that will make good background music for me to do my homework, or take a road trip. A common misconception about Dubstep is that the name of the music is actually a dance, the “Dubstep.” However this is false. There is no decided dance to Dubstep music, and as for names it has been called the “womp” or “womping,” or even “dubstepping,” for lack of creativity. There is no “Jerkin,” “Cat Daddy” or “Dougie.” Dancing to Dubstep is completely possible; however, there is more of a pulsating movement to your body, rather than any conscious dancing. You really just need to feel the music, and your impulses will dance for you. Many people who claim that they do not like Dubstep have never even heard it. There is such a wide variety that you are bound to find something that you can vibe or just kick back too. Everybody experiences the music differently. If you play around on Pandora Internet radio or on YouTube, you are bound to find some enjoyable Dubstep for your listening pleasure. Wob Wob Wob.



Loy Norrix: Bringing Back the 1980s Jazmine Houston Knight Life News

Jeff Boggan in his snazzy senior picture with the tight curls and look of accomplishment is a classic example of ‘80s style. Senior Oscar Castro mirrors this classic haircut but with a longer length. Both have a light mustache.

Fashion trends have changed a lot since the 1900’s. Trends from back in the day are starting to be the new biggest thing for people in the twenty first century. Some of the teachers at Loy Norrix used to rock those fashionable trends in the ‘80s. Although many trends were left in the past some have made their way back into the twenty first century. It is funny to see things that are popular today compared to things that were popular back in the day.

The suit and ‘80s skinny tie have been swapped for a more relevant North Face hoodie. Castro uses hair product to keep his locks formed and in place all day.

Nancy Mollhagen in 1970 had a short sweater shirtdress with opaque leggings, a classic look of the 70s. LaTroia Acklin repeats this style with the opaque-colored leggings and the long tee. The stitch design in the sweater has been swapped for screen printing on Aklin’s shirt. Valerie Boggan in high school as a Loy Norrix cheerleader compared to junior Simone Smith-Ozier as a cheerleader in 2011. Notice the similar white shoes and stripes on the uniform, but the ankle socks have mysteriously disappeared and the length of the skirt has decreased drastically. The sweater has been traded out for a tighter, more casual looking top.

Loy Norrix Students Look to the Stars for Insight April Curtis Knight Life News Now a days, horoscopes are everywhere, giving readers and easier access to them. You can find them anywhere from newspapers, apps, twitter, magazines, and you can even sign up on some websites to get your horoscopes sent to your phone everyday. People are interested in reading their horoscope because they are looking to find something they don’t already know. People go to their horoscope to see what their day has in store for them and to give them a better understanding of their personal behavior and events that have already happened. About 37% of Loy Norrix students believe in horoscopes. 15% of the students said that their horoscope has come true but they can’t seem to put their mind to believing in them. The other 63% either said they don’t believe in them or they are unsure. So what’s the truth behind horoscopes and how are they made? Horoscopes are created based off the study of astrology. Astrology is the study of the celestial body movements and positions in the sky that are interpreted to influence human activity. Astrologers use the interactions of the solar system to create horoscopes. Horoscopes were first invented by the Greeks. Horoscopes focus on a specific time, date and place. There are twelve different Zodiac signs that represent a

character. The elements of zodiac signs are Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. The twelve zodiac signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. The day you were born determines what zodiac sign you have. Of the majority of students, 34% who said their horoscope came true said that they believe in horoscopes and 36% of the students who said their horoscopes hasn’t come true said that they don’t believe in horoscopes. Most of the students who said their horoscope doesn’t come true don’t even check their horoscope. So does it take seeing to believe? Loy Norrix Senior Reana Smith said that she believes in horoscopes because they actually come true. “I check it everyday,” said Smith. Although, Junior Jade Hubbard has given horoscopes a chance and they don’t come true. “Generally horoscopes never come true so I tend to ignore them and not believe them,” said Hubbard. To read a horoscope is your choice. It’s your choice to believe them or not and it’s your choice to let them influence your life.

LEGO from page 5 “Lego Friends”, although run by consumerism, is still triggering a lot more controversy than consumption. SPARK (Sexualization Protest Action Resistance Knowledge) a Movement has a petition through the website change.org to urge Lego to return to gender equal toys and marketing. The petition has around 50 thousand signatures. Psychological research does show a genetic link in the difference between how boys and girls play; however, a study conducted by Janice M. Hassett, Erin R. Siebert, and Kim Wallen from Emory University researched the toy preferences of male and female rhesus monkeys. The males typically chose the “male” labeled toys (a toy wagon, truck, or car), whereas the females typical chose the “female” labeled toys (plush Winnie the Pooh toys, Raggedy Ann dolls, or animal hand puppets). This shows that there is some truth to Knudstrop’s claim of anthropological research for the new “Lego Friends.” Lego Group has since moved away from its original 1947 design. Whether or not gender specific toys are needed is still up for debate. But many people recall not noticing a difference. “I use to play with Legos with my cousins,” said Loy Norrix sophomore, Casandra Salazar. “I was little, I would play with anything.”

Photo Illustration by Sarah Sherman



Performers Speak:

Loy Norrix Performers Build Character Through Their Art Sydney Fernandez Knight Life News “We’re lucky to live in a town with so much theater,” said Cece Weeks, who coordinates the fall play as well as coaches the Loy Norrix improv and forensics teams. It’s true, Kalamazoo is certainly a theater going town. Crowds erupt into applause when our youth take a bow. Smiles greet them as they file into lobbies outside auditoriums they had just dominated with their voices. Whether at the Civic Center or in a school play, the town loves and supports our young actors and actresses. But the community of people involved in Kalamazoo youth theater is certainly not static. “I don’t ever get a consistent group,” said Weeks, referring to the demography of students involved in the school play. “It’s hard to get to know people because you’re there to be someone else,” said Roland Bissonette, a sophomore who has been involved in theater since 7th grade. Bissonette’s impressive record

includes Civic Center performances such as “Home on the Morning Train” and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” as well as Loy Norrix performances such as “Guys and Dolls.” “You really do work with a lot of people,” Bissonette said. Despite the wide variety of people involved, the members of the community share a powerful passion for performing. “[Theater] offered me a real home,” said Weeks. “It was a place to be myself by being someone else.” For many, performing is a source of personal improvement. “I do shows that I make better and that make me better,” said Bissonette. Cece Weeks agrees with Bissonette. “Being in a play is the best way to get better at being in a play,” she said. Some people simply enjoy the experience. “It’s not just women and gay guys,” said sophomore and long time musical performer Joe Santamaria, who has participated in Norrix performances such as “Eurydice” and

“Guys and Dolls,” as well as various Civic Center performances. “It’s people who like to have fun. I enjoy performing. Each play you’re in is completely different. It isn’t like sports,” said Santamaria. Santamaria admits that all performers must have some things in common. “They’ve all gotta be extroverts at some level,” Santamaria said. Performing is a big part of many people’s lives. It certainly can be a big commitment. “I never miss a rehearsal,” said Santamaria. “[The performance] is something bigger than you.” “It really is a team effort,” said Bissonette. “It’s a very professional world,” said Weeks about the upcoming forensics season. Forensics is a series of highly centralized competitive acting events with specific rules. This will be Joe Santamaria’s second forensics season, where he will participate the multiple. “It’s my favorite part of the year,” Santamaria said. “Six months of rehearsal, prep, and performing.”

Leah Rathbun / Knight Life In addition to acting in “Footloose”, Roland Bissonette and Joe Santamaria are both in Taryn master singers class. Roland and Joe are shown here practicing singing valentines.



Behind the Scenes of a Coaches Life Daniela Paz Knight Life News

You hear them on the sideline yelling to pass the ball, to run faster or to kick higher. The coaches may seem mean or strict from afar but who really knows the coach more then their own athletes. Two Loy Norrix coaches take time out of their coaching schedules and tell Knight Life the things they like about being a coach.

About Matt McCullough: Soccer

About Tietricha Thomas: Cheer

Daniela Paz / Knight Life Matt McCullough and Austin Lee have worked together for two years. In the fall, the Loy Norrix soccer team finished the season with the best school record in history with 16-4-1.

Daniela Paz / Knight Life Tietricha Thomas and Natallie Doram have worked together for two and a half years. The LN cheerleading team placed #1 in SMAC east division on Feburary 08, 2012.

Matt McCullough has been coaching for 7 years has been playing since he was 5 years old. “Coaching is my outlet of my stressful day, my way of unwinding and doing what I love, ” said McCullough. He won coach of the year for the district and for Kalamazoo in October of 2011. “I was partially surprised because I didn’t win the district and usually the coach of the team who wins get coach of the year. I was honored,” said McCullough. “I have pride that Loy Norrix was getting recognition.” Outside of coaching and the teaching life, Coach McCullough likes to hang out with his WRESTLING from page 1 Sophomore Joe Boggan has been wrestling since middle school. He believes that people don’t join or quit the team because of the difficulty level. “Wrestling is a hard sport,” said Boggan. “With other sports you can build tolerance to the workouts. With wrestling your body never gets used to the beat ups and the workouts always increase in difficulty.” Wrestlers can agree that this sport takes more then just a fast, strong person to be successful; it takes heart and passion as well. They have hard practices everyday and on weekends when they do not have tournaments. On tournament days, the wrestlers wake up as early as six in the morning to go wrestle. These tournaments usually last all day and each athlete wrestles about four or five times that day. One match can last up to 6 minutes or until one of the wrestlers have been pinned. On a positive note, when the wrestling team trains, practices hard and gives in their best effort they improve individually. “The ones who have stayed [on the team] have gotten better every week,” said Bergan. “There isn’t a tournament where we haven’t left

wife and his newly born son, Padraig, who is only a few months old. Coach McCullough also plays for an indoor soccer team made from Loy Norrix Alumni and friends at Soccerzone. He also likes attending other school events.

Austin Lee on McCullough

According to soccer goalie, Junior Austin Lee, “He is inspirational because he shows how thing can be done if your push forward,” said Lee. “My favorite memory of this season was when he pulls out the rule book to prove a foul in the Parma Western game and threw the book on the field.” out with someone getting a medal.” Wrestling has been traced back 15 thousand years. This sport originated in ancient Greece. Early American settlers brought this sport to the United States. Wrestling was mainly seen in holiday celebrations, country fairs, and in military workouts. The first official tournament took place in 1888 in New York City, NY. In wrestling it takes both mind and body to come out victorious. In the world of fighting it’s you against another person. When you’re fighting for that pin and you’re left with no strength, there is no one there to help you. It’s all on your own. “Yes, I like [wrestling] it because it shows who is truly better and shows how far you can push your body,” said Boggan. “It shows how strong you are physically and mentally.” Although the Loy Norrix Wrestling program has had a devastating season with the record of 1-29 going into the SMAC conference, those on the wrestling team have practiced hard to reach their goals on making it individually to the state final. These wrestlers are doing what they love and even through the obstacles, they keep their head up and keep going. “I don’t have much of a choice but to keep going,” said Sophomore Juan Paz. “I keep learning and improving everyday.”

Coach Thomas cheered for J W Sexton High School in Lansing, MI for four years in high school and has been coaching for four years at Loy Norrix High School. Coach Thomas is proud of the fact that her team has been recognized by the state as part of the top ten best GPA’s for the past three years. “My favorite moment this year is winning the SMAC east championship” said Thompson. Her favorite thing to do is spend time with her 8 month old son, Trae. “I cherish the relationships that I have built with all the girls over the years.”

Natallie Doram on Thomas

According to Varsity cheerleader, Senior Natallie Doram, “I like that she knows when to be serious and when to play. When she’s serious with us, it helps us be serious, so it helps up do good at competitions,” continued Doram. “She honestly cares about us and never gives up on us.”



Sport Injuries Take Over Athletic Careers





AGES 13 TO 1 8




Matt Streitel Knight Life News “I was disappointed and upset because I couldn’t play,” said junior Jessica Lethiot a Loy Norrix varsity soccer player. Lethiot has had a hard time participating in sports because of her numerous injuries. Lethiot has had injuries that consisted of ankles and knees, but most significantly a rib contusion her sophomore year. “I spent a lot more time strengthening and sitting out more,” said Lethiot. According to the High School Sports Related Injury Surveillance Study for every 1000 players, 1.56 of them becomes injured. The average time spent sitting out is seven to nine days. Injuries are at a very high rate because of the number of sports participants rose from 4 million in 1971-1972 to 7.4 million in 20092010. During these injuries, many athletes need to complete a certain amount of hours of physical therapy. It is important to know when to participate in therapy. Loy Norrix sports trainer Brett Gurden said, “Anything they feel like is restricting their play,” is a good sign to participate in therapy. Loy Norrix junior Tommy Hooper tore his Anterior Crutiate Ligament (ACL) his second to last game of his freshman football season. This tear put him out for the rest of the season. He then turned to physical therapy to make sure he was ready for the next season. “[I] did physical therapy every day for 6 months,” said Hooper. According to the Surveillance Study 3.5 people out of 1000 get injured each year for football. There are a select few that take

their injury totally out of proportion. “This strictly depends on the athlete,” said Loy Norrix health teacher and varsity volleyball coach Kristen Slamer. Slamer says younger athletes confuse being sore to actually being injured. Volleyball has little problem with injuries with only .96 people out of 1000 getting hurt. Once getting past any injury, there is always a fear of not being able to perform like you used to. “It made me slower,” said Loy Norrix junior Tommy Hooper. Some fear of reinjuring the same place once coming back. “I was afraid that it would be reinjured the second I collided with someone,” said Lethiot. It could take time to get over this fear. It depends on the athlete. “Once it stopped hurting on a daily basis,” said Lethiot. Some make this fear a reality. “I tore it [ACL] again two months ago,” said Hooper. Because of this Hooper had to give up another sport, swimming, for tearing his ACL again. Varsity Soccer Coach Matt McCullough tore his ACL multiple times during his sports career. McCullough did not play in college because of this injury. It was more of the fear aspect rather than the “I can’t physically play” aspect of the injury. McCullough admits that he did not take physical therapy seriously when he was young. “Injury prevention starts with proper flexibility, strength and agility training,” said McCullough. An athlete can lower his or her chance of an injury with these components in place. “A well thought out warmup (taken seriously) with these components will reduce injury,” said McCullough.

See crazy comedies, dazzling music videos, amazing animation and more, created by Michigan teens. Vote for People’s Choice Award and enjoy lots of movie snacks at the eighth annual festival. FREE!


Daniela Paz / Knight Life Austin Thompson, a Loy Norrix freshman, broke his arm this football season. He now has to take extra precautions so he does not reinjure his arm.

Feb 26 2:30 pm Rave Motion Pictures 190 Portage St


Sport Related Injuries per year: 163,003

Sport Related Injuries per year: 413,620

Sport Related Injuries per year: 170,902

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