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JUNE 2011






During this summer there are camps that future AP Biology and AP World History students can ta ke to learn what will be required for the future year. The camps are the second week of August (8/8 – 8/12) at 9 a.m. till 11 a.m. They are free of cost, but no transportation will be provided to and from the camp. In the AP World History camp students will work on study skills and analytical skills with the teacher, Erin Rolfe. The students will also read released exam to know exactly what will be expected in the class. In the AP Biology camp the students will examine several resources and how those will help in the future year. Biology teacher Alison Nelson will also look at released exams that will help in the year. Both camps will benefit students in that it will help them prepare for the AP class during the school year. During this summer there are camps that future AP Biology and AP World History students can take to learn what will be required for the future year. The camps are the second week of August (8/8 – 8/12) at 9 a.m. till 11 a.m. They are free of cost, but no transportation will be provided to and from the camp. In the AP World History camp students will work on study skills and analytical skills with the teacher, Erin Rolfe. The students will also read released exam to know exactly what will be expected in the class. In the AP Biology camp the students will examine several resources and how those will help in the future year. Nelson will also look at released exams that will help in the year. Both camps will benefit students in that it will help them prepare for the AP class during the school year.

AP Language Trip Students of the AP Language Class next year recently received their summer assignments. Those students have two choices: to do a book assignment or to attend a weeklong summer camp. The camp is from August 3 to August 12 from noon to 3 p.m. During the camp the students will focus on establishing an extended definition of art with the workers of Fire. They will also create their art, which will show at a gallery on August 15 for the parents and friends. A big aspect of the summer camp is a trip to Chicago. The trip will be on August 9. The students will visit multiple places including the Chicago Institute of Arts and Millennium Park. The trip is free but the attendees should consider bringing money for spending. During the trip, the students will connect art to English and continue their final summer project.

Upcoming Events

June 3rd-Candlelight Ceremony 6th- Spring Sports Award 7pm (Kasdorf Auditorioum) 8th-Graduation Commencement Wings Stadium-7pm 13th-1st Period Exam- Full Day of Classes 14th-4th and 5th Period Exams-Half Day 15th-2nd and 3rd Period Exms (Last Day for Students)



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A Community Comes Together to Remember a Fallen Hero

Historical Black College and University Tour

AP Summer Camps



Kalamazoo Public Safety officers gather around their squad cars for a photo. Officer Eric Zapata is surrounded by his fellow officers, starting on the left with Joseph Boutell, Joseph Paul, Eric Zapata and Sargent Will Moore.

Marta Grabowski Web Team Pigs, bacon, 5-0, Po Po, the heat, the fuzz, cherries, the Man; these are just a few of the slang terms used to refer to the people whose job it is to protect us-- the public safety officers. Many people have a negative opinion about the public safety officers, more specifically, about the cops,

because everybody likes firemen. People see the cops as the “man” trying to keep the rest of us down, but what they do not realize is that the cops we talk bad about as we speed by them are the same cops that come to our aid when we need it most. Public Safety Officer Eric Zapata did just that when he put his life on the line for the good of our community on April 18th,

2011. Officer Zapata was responding to a report of shots fired at the 1400 block of Hays Park. According to the official press release from The Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety this is what occurred. “The man, a 31-year-old citizen of Kalamazoo, advanced towards the officer, brandished a handgun and an exchange of

gunfire occurred between the suspect and the initial arriving officer. The suspect then ran between houses located on Hays Park. Within mere seconds, officers heard a second round of gunfire. The suspect had confronted a second officer wherein the officer was shot and killed in the line of duty.” Officer Zapata willingly put his own life in danger to stop a man with a gun, something most of us citizens would never imagine doing. Public safety officers put their lives on the line for the betterment of others. They are a perfect example of what we as a community should do for one another all the time. While Zapata’s death was indeed a tragedy, his funeral and the 13.5 mile procession was an amazing display of our community’s respect and affection for the fallen officer. The community of Kalamazoo, as well as others, came together to support what all public safety officers do for us on a daily basis. Officer Zapata was a distinguished member of the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety and that alone makes his death a tragedy. Adding to the sadness is the fact that Officer Zapata was also an exceptional human being. He took time out of his busy schedule that included juggling his responsibilities as an officer and a father, to spend time teaching mixed martial arts to young people. see FALLEN HERO page 6

The War on Terror, Lack of Discipline Catches Up With Recent Crime Increase. Fight Against Al-Qaeda in the Middle East Cristina Bryant Photo Editor

On Sunday May 1 President Barack Obama announced the successful operation of the Navy Seals that located and killed Osama bin Laden, a coconspirator in the bombing of the twin towers on September 11, 2001. The death of Bin Laden was not only a relief for the American citizens but also a huge advancement in the War on Terror. The United States is not involved in a war against specific countries but in a war against terrorists and terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda, which have plagued American citizens. The War on Terror was declared on March 20, 2003, by President George W. Bush, which was brought on by the attack of 9/11. History teacher Ryan Allen remembers how he felt on the day of 9/11. “I remember the world around me shrinking and realizing how the actions of others have a significant impact on my life,” said Allen. After September 11, the United States invaded two countries in the Middle East, Afghanistan and Iraq. The alliance with Pakistan is now used in order to keep tabs on these two countries that pose a threat to the national security of the U.S. The war in Afghanistan called “Operation Enduring Freedom,” started on October 7, 2001 and the struggle still continues. The U.S. had reasons to believe that members of Al-Qaeda were stationed in Afghanistan. In 2004, the Democratic Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was instated, see WAR page 6


A Police officer walks down the streets Race and Hays Park on the southside of Kalamazoo. Making sure that everything is safe and in order.

Sa-Niqua Langford Staff Writer “There has been a decline in morals and values in our society as a whole. I found that our churches, schools and law enforcements has had to and are working extra hard to help children with discipline,” said assistant principal Jeff Boggan. Children are disciplined at a young age so that as they grow, they will behave respectfully and maturely. JaaQwayla Hoskins is a senior attending Loy Norrix High School. Hoskins lived on the north side and now lives on the south side of Kalamazoo. “Growing up in a community with jumpings and murders happening around you, you really don’t worry about being disciplined or punished, and you learn the significance of life at an early age. In this type of neighborhood you know and see everything that you’re not supposed to. At a very young age, you learn faster, learn how to be more mature and learn how to provide your own father,” said Hoskins. In some cases parents let the children run the home and

the child does not know how to accept discipline in or out of the home. “Some parents, [most likely the mom] is at work all the time. The little kids do things on their own. They discipline themselves,” said Hoskins. In Kalamazoo during the summer crime rates increase. “The summer numbers are part of an overall trend that shows violent crime in Kalamazoo,” said assistant chief of Kalamazoo Public Safety, Brian Uridge. In our community there have been jumpings, murders, robberies and overall dreadful violent actions. However 2010 saw a decrease in the rates of robberies, auto theft, and burglary since 2009. The rates have increased for murder, rape, and assault. The year of 2010 was the deadliest year for Kalamazoo since 2000 with 14 homicides, since the year 2000. As the statistics say that the robberies, auto theft, and burglary are decreasing, people living in the communities where violence happens around them feel otherwise. Terrence Vaughn is a junior

at Loy Norrix. Vaughn grew up and still lives on the south side of Kalamazoo. “People are starting to rob more, get scandalous and you will not get your things back from the police so you solve it yourself, by shooting or fighting,” said Vaughn. Kalamazoo seems to slowly be getting worse in and out of the schools violence-wise. Many of the violent actions are unexplained. Violence has changed over the years in different issues. Years ago there was more violence dealing with drugs, now violence is more based on gangs. There is not only bullying as in jumping people but also lots of cyber bullying. “Everyday someone comes in my office, every hour talking about cyber bullying… facebook, twitter, myspace,” said behavioral specialist Richard Smith. Cyber bullying is just as bad as physical bullying. With cyber bullying, victims are most likely to consider suicide. Cyber see DISCIPLINE page 6


JUNE 2010

Lost City Found by Satellite Scientists used an infrared satellite and came up with a “lost city.” The image reveals streets and houses in the buried ancient city of Tanis, Egypt. Not only did they find lost cities but they also found 17 lost pyramids and also thousands of tombs and settlements. “We were very intensely doing this research for over a year. I could see the data as it was emerging, but for me the “Aha!” moment was when I could step back and look at everything that we’d found and I couldn’t believe we could locate so many sites all over Egypt. To excavate a pyramid is the dream of every archaeologist,” said Dr. Sarah Parcak. With this discovery, Dr. Sarah and the other scientists feel like they can find a lot more ancient, lost treasures.

Tornados Touch Down in Alabama On April 27, several tornados touched down in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham. The tornados in Alabama caused 238 deaths and 2 to 4 billion dollars in damage. During this three day period, over 300 tornados wreaked havoc on the southern United States. Experts believe it is Alabama’s most costly natural disaster in the state’s history. The recovery process will be long and costly, with many Alabama residents forced from their homes. Students at the University of Alabama have assisted in the recovery efforts in Tuscaloosa, the town that supports their school. University of Alabama’s head football coach, Nick Saban, has been encouraging his team and the other University of Alabama athletes to help out the community.

Rapture does not come According to Harold Camping, a Christian fundamentalist radio preacher, the world was supposed to end on May 21, 2011 at 6 p.m. It turns out that Camping was wrong, to the disappointed of many expectant believers in the Rapture. According to Camping, the Rapture would include earthquakes and a fiery death to all non-believers, while all the believers would ascend into heaven. Many religious and secular figures and groups have attempted to predict when the world would end based off religious texts. Perhaps the most famous prediction is the Mayan prophecy that the world will end in 2012. Sir Isaac Newton also attempted to predict the date of the Rapture. The famous astronomer, physicist, mathematician and theologian guessed that the end of the world would occur no earlier than 2060.


Remembering Loy Norrix’s Fallen Soldier Psi. McDowell originated and organized a homecoming event at WMU, which was named “Roger’s Thang” in his honor. In 1977, McDowell was hired to the Kalamazoo Fire Department, currently known as the Kalamazoo Public Safety. He then began teaching in the D.A.R.E. program. McDowell

Jeremy Petersen Staff Writer We all knew and loved Officer Roger McDowell, the head of security at Loy Norrix High School, was one of the beloved guards who kept order in the halls of Loy Norrix High School. Roger McDowell was born on February 26, 1950 in Indianapolis, Indiana. His parents were named James and Lousie McDowell. He attended and graduated from Harry E. Wood High School. He then went to Delta College in Saginaw, Michigan, where he received an associate’s degree. In 1973, he became a founding member of the Kalamazoo Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha

Thank you Officer McDowell for your work here at Loy Norrix


retired from the Kalamazoo Public Safety in 2002, at which point he was hired as head of security here at Loy Norrix High School. Officer McDowell passed away on April 30, 2011. He leaves behind many loved ones; a wife of 14 years Joyce McDowell, four daughters and one son. He also leaves behind many grandchildren and other relatives, not to mention his Loy Norrix family. Although the funeral has already passed, those who wish to pay their respects may visit Mt. Ever-rest cemetery. Thank you Officer Roger McDowell for your work here at Loy Norrix High School. You will never be forgotten.

International Journalist Ben Lando Returns to his Knight Life Roots Melinda Wielinga Copy Editor Ben Lando, 1998 Loy Norrix graduate, returned to Loy Norrix on May 4th to speak with the current staff of “Knight Life” about his career as a international journalist and how he has been so successful since he worked on the high school newspaper. Lando is the founder of the website, The Iraq Oil Report and has been living in Iraq since July 2009. Lando is assisted in his writing by Iraqi native Ali, who is his deputy bureau chief. Though a position as a foreign journalist can be dangerous, Lando thinks it is worth it. “It’s the job. Being a journalist there’s something new every day. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. You get to see history happen and tell people about it,” said Lando. Many people cannot comprehend the danger of Lando’s profession. According to Lando, it is commonplace for an explosion to be heard on any given morning from their home which “makes it hard to sleep.” Lando was in the lobby of the third hotel to explode in the January 2010 bombing of three Baghdad hotel compounds. Lando survived but lost a close friend in the bombing. While the danger that Lando and Ali face every day is often shocking to those of us living in the comparatively safe country of America, Ali is used to it. “[We] spent most of our life


Loy Norrix teacher Tisha Pankop listens attentively as her former student Ben Lando speaks. She is impressed and proud that one of her students became such a success. Lando speaks about many aspects of his life as a reporter in different areas around the world.

in a hostile environment. After the 2003 invasion, things started getting worse in Baghdad,” Ali reflected about life before and after the United States’ 2003 invasion of Iraq. Lando recently came home from Iraq and was featured on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” to comment on the recent statement made by Donald Trump about taking oil from Iraq. Trump said, “If it’s me — we take the oil. In the old days when you take a country, you take a country.” Lando finds Trump’s statement concerning, “What

he is saying frankly scares me. It increases the instability in the street and it creates, and it feeds into a conspiracy theory that we are there for the oil, and it creates more potential for violence and risk, for me, for other Americans and foreigners who are living and working in Iraq,” said Lando. Lando has also had articles published in the ‘Wall Street Journal’ as a freelance reporter. To date Lando has reported from nine different countries including Russia, UK, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq. Lando previously reported for both the “Battle Creek

Enquirer” and “The Kalamazoo Gazette.” Though Lando has had a very diverse and experienced career as a journalist, he did not always picture himself going into media. According to family members, when he was threeyears-old, Lando dreamed of being a bird, and did not decide to go into journalism until he was about sixteen years old, at which point he experimented with media in both print and audio through Knight Life and WKDS, the radio station at Loy Norrix in the ‘90s.

Gas Prices Rise, Drivers Search for Alternatives Brian Griffin Staff Writer “As we recover from this recession, the transition to clean energy has the potential to grow our economy and create millions of jobs—only if we accelerate that transition,” said President Barack Obama As you know, gas prices have been very sporadic for about 6 years now, fluctuating greatly. Currently the price per gallon for unleaded gas in Kalamazoo averages at $4.29. That does not really seem like that much, but if the prices stay as they are, teenage drivers could spend over 15 hundred dollars per year, depending on the gas mileage of your car and the type of gas it uses. According to Michigan Gas Prices, a website that has up-todate gas prices, the state average for gas is $4.20 and the national average is $3.97. Now if you have a job that pays a ridiculously high wage you do not have anything to worry about, but high school students and other citizens with low paying jobs are hit a little harder by the high cost of gas. According to Michigan Gas Prices and a simple

Kalamazoo’s Gas Prices Over the Last Four Years


math equation, if you work a minimum wage job like McDonalds, you spend about $70 a week on regular unleaded gas. “I make $7.40 per hour,” said senior Jessica James. “I spend about $50 a week on gas.” In comparison to a minimum wage job, a job that pays well over minimum wage obviously creates less of a financial strain on someone. “When I had a job I made

about $175 per week,” said senior Nick Stump, “from that I paid about $20-$30 a week for gas.” For premium gas the average is still hovering around $4.27. “I make $1800 a week and spend about $40 a week on gas,” said Frank Williams, a Loy Norrix Security Guard. “It’s ridiculous, there’s no reason for gas to be that high.” However the price is slowly decreasing.

Currently the U.S. government imports millions of barrels of oil from countries like Canada, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Nigeria, and Venezuela each day and billions of barrels each year, making oil one of the United States’ most imported items. According to Whitehouse, the official website for the U.S. government, President Obama’s new Recovery Act is intended to cut the amount of oil we import by 28 percent by the year 2020, and to invest more in Biofuels and energy sources that are less hazardous to the environment. There are alternatives to paying gas prices like riding a bike, walking, or taking public transportation. There are also electric powered cars, cars that run on Biodiesel, which is a cleaner diesel fuel and essentially as cheap as vegetable oil, and hybrids. A hybrid is a vehicle that uses two sources to power the vehicle. “ Now I make $40 a week, and if $40 a week isn’t enough to get me around then I’ll walk or ride a bike,” said Stump.


JUNE 2011

Letters to the Editor Governor Snyder Dear Editor, I read the article “Governor Snyder has a New Plan for the Education Budget.” I think that it’s a difficult decision to make a good budget for these hard times. Governor Snyder is making a lot of hard choices, like cutting money from schools. This is a necessary action to try and take care of our state debt. No matter what the state cuts, it will affect us all as a majority in one way or another.

Milan Velkoff, Freshman

Twitter: The Internet Disease Dear Editor, The article I read was “Twitter: The Internet Disease Infecting Loy Norrix.” I disagree with you when it comes to Twitter. All that I know is I don’t like Twitter at all. Personally, I don’t understand it. For instance, on Twitter you don’t get friends you get followers. I don’t know about you but to me it sounds creepy. Basically you get your own personal stalkers, and who would want a stalker. Caroline Whitelow, Freshman Seniors Unite Dear Editor, The article I read was “Seniors Unite…When You Get Around to it.” And I liked it a lot. Since I’m a freshman, I am new to the school and it is not that bad, but I know by the time I get to be a senior I’m going to have “senioritis.” But I’m going to try to still get good grades and focus on my schoolwork. I really liked the article because it states that it really is a ongoing problem. Emily Fetnstra, Freshman Bridge Cards Dear Marissa Wilson, I completely agree with your article on bridge cards. I believe the government was wrong to take away the bridge cards because the majority of college students that have bridge cards need them and are not abusing them, like Giannaris. Sarah is probably even worse than she was before she got the bridge card.

Sara Marcinkowski, Freshman

Top 10 Throwbacks Dear Editor, I read the “Top 10 Best Throwbacks at Norrix.” It was pretty good. I am going home. I’m going to buy some of those songs. Dylan Miller, Freshman Dear Editor, I read the section “Top 10 Throwbacks at Norrix,” and it’s very true. I hear people complaining about me randomly singing former hits number 9. “I get Money” is the song I started singing one day in art class while working on my project. That’s the only one I personally liked out of all those songs. Keep it up!

Josue Gonzales, Freshman

Videogames Dear Editor, The article I read was “Videogames Bring Entertainment.” I think that this brings more light to the advancements in gaming. I liked that the writer brought Nintendo up.

Andrew Talo, Freshman

It Can Happen to Anyone Dear Editor,

Story Time with Tae Dear Editor,

I read the article “It Can Happen to Anyone,” by Madison Luckett and it spoke to me. It spoke to me because it was sad, yet informative. Teens and young adults getting abused is a serious problem. I think that more attention should be brought to this issue. I liked that there were stories about actual people. It makes the issue more real.

I read “Story Time with Tae.” When he was talking about his feelings for this girl named Arial. I think it’s sweet that he would show his feelings to her and he didn’t give up so easily. When they finally decided that they wanted to be together, he showed that he was down for her by staying with her when she moved away; that’s romantic.

Emma Grooters, Freshman Dear Editor,

Akelah O’Neal, Freshman Dear Editor,

I read the article “It Can Happen to Anyone.” I liked this article because it talks about how many people get abused daily, the percentage and how parents don’t realize what effect they’re putting on their child. It is like a chain, it goes on and on until someone stops. Children that don’t get abused and say that they have a bad life need to rethink that. Their parents are probably trying to explain to their children and they don’t like what they’re saying.

I read “Story Time with Tae.” All I can say is that I really love this article. Although I think that I’m too young to be in love I still believe it. I’m only 16 years old but I have had feelings for somebody like that once but was too scared to let emotions show for him. At this point I show for him. At this point I still feel the same way, should I tell him, ‘hey I don’t know I just want it to come later in life so I can stay focused on what I need now.’ Someday someone will come around and I will be ready for that hopefully.

Rebecca Beynon, Freshman

Dear Editor, The article I read was “It Can Happen to Anyone, Anonymous Students.” These were some of the most twisted and nasty stories that have ever been graced by my eyes. The fact is that people have enough esteem to write this to the public. I admire these students.

Matt Block, Freshman

Dear Editor, I read the article “It Can Happen to Anyone.” I think abuse happens more often than some people would want to believe. I’ve met plenty of people who have been abused and seen how they suffer from it. I wish there was some way to help them other than just sympathy. Jennica Stanley, Freshman Dear Editor, I read about “It Can Happen to anyone.” A person being abused at a young age is very cruel and not good for kids to be beaten. When someone is abused for a long period of time will effect them on how they react to people or maybe just their friends. Hopefully they will grow out of that habit and live a better life. Elijah Mabon, Freshman Dear Editor, The article I read was called “It Can Happen to Anyone.” I think if someone was abused when they were young they shouldn’t abuse their children or other people around them, just because people abused them. Walker Rife, Freshman Dear Editor, I read the article “It Can Happen to Anyone.” It is important for everyone to know that things like this really happen. If someone lives in the clouds and doesn’t know about these sorts of things, and then it happens to them, they might feel like they are all alone. In reality you’re never alone. I like that you published this article and made issues like this known. Michaela Haw, Freshman

Bre’Anna Craford, Freshman

Dear Editor, The article that I read was “Story Time with Tae.” I think that story time with Tae was very good because love is a key strong word. I liked everything in this story, even if it did take him too long to finally go with the girl he knew he loved. He absolutely felt complete with his love. He finally found enough heart and love to tell the girl he loved, that he loved her.

Shayla Brown, Freshman

Dear Editor, The article I read was “Story Time with Tae.” I think that his stories are really good. I like reading his stories because they can be funny and the others can be sweet. I liked how he told us about his love life and I thought that was brave because most people don’t like to share. I don’t think that I would have changed anything in this story because it’s the truth and you can’t change the truth.

Nikita Smith, Freshman

Dear Editor, The article that I read was called “Story Time with Tae.” I liked this story/article because it was showing how he really felt. It probably was inspiring to other kids. He should keep making these articles!

Caroline Brigham, Freshman

Dear Editor, I know what you mean, people just say they love each other and don’t feel it. But I see you were in love. That was true love. Like I said you keep writing “Story Time with Tae” and I will keep reading “Story Time with Tae.”

Dashanae Brown, Freshman

Dear Editor, The article I read was “Story Time with Tae.” I really liked this article because it relates to how many high school students feel when it comes to being in a relationship I don’t think the article needs any changes.

Simone Albeo, Freshman


Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

The article I read was good and I liked it. I think it was a really good one because he was trying so hard to tell her how he was feeling about her. It takes only a real man to tell a woman that he’s liked her for 2 or 3 years.

I read your article “Red Wings Have Passion and Drive,” and I really think that it was very cool for the wings to hold that journalism event. I too have been a Red Wings for life fan, especially knowing what a positive effect they have on Detroit. I can recall recently going to a game against Nashville and the Wings were down 3-1. Nashville fans were wild! I, of course, was quite upset. Then I remember how they ended up winning that game 4-3 and it felt so good to have a great team to represent our state. Keep up the interesting articles.

Brianna Hooper, Freshman 5 on 5

Dear Editor, I read your article “5 on 5.” I thought it was really good! I liked the questions even though they were really random. Ha ha, If you do this article again you should pick people who are MORE different because two people said Jersey Shore! Or don’t put two 11th graders next to each other who both think Jersey Shore is the worst T.V show ha ha.

Cayesha Small, Freshman

Dear Editor, The article I read was “5 on 5.” I think it was good because this way people who wore what was on the worst fashion fad now has an idea on what not to wear. I liked how they put the place they want to go before they die. I wonder if you never go to the place you wanted to go, what would happen? I guess people say things but never do it. Well, I guess flip-flops and socks are kind of tacky. No I’m just kidding Mr. Anderson, aren’t they comfortable?

Anna Garcia, Freshman

Sex After Marriage?

Dear Editor, That sex article that Cristina Bryant wrote, is legit. Except for that thing about sex being scarier than a horror movie. What the heck? That’s not a fact, that’s an opinion. You can’t put an opinion in a scientific article. And saying that you can get STDs from sex doesn’t inspire only having sex after marriage, it inspires being completely inactive sexually. The article seems 50 percent unlegit, now that I think of it. It’s the right opinion, just weakly expressed. If you’re going to stress sex after marriage have facts that support that and not facts that support something entirely different. I have to say it’s true that it’s hard to break up with someone after you have had sex with them, it’s an obvious fact, but a fact nonetheless, but anyway, yeah, half legit.

Connor Addison, Freshman

Red Wings Have Passion and Drive Dear Editor, The article I read was “Red Wings Have Passion and Drive.” I think this is a good article for readers. It keeps us up to date with our state team. I like this article because I like hockey. It is one of my favorite sports, not only that it talks about my favorite team the Red Wings. I think this should not be changed.

Adam Shigwadja, Freshman


Robert Lacroix, Freshman

Dear Editor, The article I read was “Putting aside the Nerves, IT delivers a strong performance.” I think it was a great show because I saw it! I liked how everybody played a part and nobody got left out. One thing that should be changed is in one of the games, I think it was called “actors’ worst nightmare” they made a racist joke. One actor had a script and the other didn’t. The actor with the book said, “she doesn’t have a green card?” Yes I am Mexican and I found this offensive. Carlos Escamilla, Freshman What’s in your Trunk? Dear Editor, The article I read was “What’s in your Trunk?” I think that it was a great idea and I really want to see it again. I liked the idea of it and I love Knight Life and wish you would have them more often. This should be changed; I think you should show the senior next to the car.

Jeff Skinner, Freshman

Dear Editor, The article that I read was funny because you found all kinds of things in people’s trunks. I think that you have a good idea when you did that because it was cool seeing what they had in there. I like how you found all kinds of nice things like the Spiderman mask, blanket, shoes, and the tennis racket. This should not be changed because it’s funny to some people when they read things like that. Samuel Bobadilla, Freshman New Players, New Talents Dear Editor, I read “New players, New Talents.” I am on the men’s tennis team and I thought it was good that the tennis team got talked about in the paper. A lot of times nobody mentions tennis because it’s not as popular as basketball or football. I think it’s important that all sports get press, so I enjoyed this article. Ryan Brozovich, Freshman Baseball Swings into Gear Dear Editor, I read “Baseball Swings into Gear.” I agree with it because I play for JV and I think this year we are going to have a great season even though both teams have had a slow start. We have the players and ability to win championships!

Zach Brandt, Freshman See LETTERS page 13



June 2011

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Jeremy Petersen Staff Writer Internet users today know the ease of file sharing. Find a song, click on the song, and before you know it is on your MP3 player, iPod, or on a CD. This is known as file sharing. Some Internet users have taken it to another level and are file sharing to get movies, music, television programs, and hardware. The original makers of the material like to say that people are stealing their material, and copyright claims are being made on an (estimated) hourly basis on such material.

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Cleveland Show,” “The Oblongs,” “American Dad,” and even though they are cartoons the language and actions used in these sitcoms are not meant to be watched by younger individuals. Parents who have issues with their children language or bad actions are always quick to say, “I don’t know where they get that from,” when really they do. Letting their child watch anything on television or allowing them to listen to the same music as they do may be where kids hear or view their bad behavior. Being a parent takes a lot. You have to decide what is best for your child, how to raise

People who share files are doing exactly the same thing as someone who records a television show for a friend or hits record on their tape player while a good song is on the radio. It’s a form of sampling music, movies, shows, and software. Most of the people who are getting their Internet shut down and in trouble for downloading are not doing anything wrong. They are not selling the downloaded material, at which point they are only sampling the material. Newer age artists are even starting to adjust to the changing market. They are starting to realize that because they cannot generate revenue from CD and music sales, they must put on better live shows and find ways to make their fan base stronger.

Most high school students today have used file sharing in some way. Before it was shut down last year, Limewire (as well as Frost Wire and other similar programs) were entrylevel ways to share peer to peer (abbreviated p2p). Now that Limewire has been shut down, many people have found other ways to share, while others have turned to paying for their files using iTunes and similar websites and programs. That being said, can you consider this actual stealing? Dictionary.com defines theft as “the wrongful taking and carrying away of the personal goods or property of another”, and as any person who shares files p2p knows, you are not taking and carrying away the personal goods of another. Your friend simply made a copy for

you to use as well. The original copy is still present, so it has not been physically stolen. The people who shared or downloaded the file did not try to claim the item as their own intellectual product, so it has not been stolen in this aspect either. Say what you want about file sharing, but it cannot be considered stealing, due to the fact that it is not theft. Generating revenue on music sales was a short-lived 20th century concept that is quickly fading out. If an artist two hundred years ago wrote a song, they did not have albums to sell. They had to go on tour and gain fame from word of mouth. That being said, the market is evolving yet again. Downloading and p2p sharing are not going to go away.

Friends; Can’t Live With Them, but You Can’t Live Without Them Either

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not for an individual to watch the movie then go home and reenact jumping out of a rolling vehicle or throwing on a mask and walking down the street murdering people on Halloween. Due to the fact that you never know what to expect movies are rated PG, X-Rated or Rated-R meaning there is an age limit in order for an individual to view it. This is the same for television shows. Cartoon Network is a channel of animated people, animals or monsters, meaning the show and people involved are not real. This channel is also known as Adult Swim. Adult swim presents sitcoms such as “Family Guy,” “The

File Sharing Is Not a Crime

Madison Luckett Opinion Editor

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them, teach them how to walk, talk and to go to school but most importantly teach them right from wrong. As a child grows up they comprehend more and like the saying “Monkey see, monkey do,” is reality. For example when the rapper Nicki Minaj debuted it seems like every female got bangs or like when the New Boys became popular almost every male began to wear skinny jeans. There is nothing wrong with going with the new trend but being a follower is not cool. A parent can not make every decision for their child. The choice of going to a party and drinking or smoking is optional, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that child was raised wrong. Statistics say at the age of thirteen, teens individuate and begin to make their own decisions like how to dress or talk. As they continue to age their look and attitude may mature or become disgraceful maybe even violent, but a parent can only help guide them down the right path and hope for the best. The media does have an effect on people, but it is a part of everyday life. It is up to you whether let the media affect you in either a positive way or a negative way.

Maurice Sanders Guest Writer When you see the word friend, you might think of people that you are with all the time everyday, or people that you text or talk to on the phone all the time. But there are different categories of friends; there are



associates, friends, best friends, and friends you cannot live without. Associates are people that you are not truly a friend with. You talk to them and deal with them as if they are your friend, but you only talk to them because they are basically a friend of a friend. Friends are people that you are cool with but you will not always be down with them until the end like you think you might be. Best friends are the group of friends that you do mostly everything with, and you tell them some of your business or secrets, but they are nothing like the friends you cannot live


Freshman “Madison Luckett because she was a younger mom to me, she kept me on track, and she was a role model to me.”

without. Friends you cannot live without are the closest friends to you and are also known as “ride or die friends.” They know everything about you, from your middle name to your favorite color, and everything in between. They know when there is something wrong without even having to tell them. They listen to everything that you have to say and they do not judge you no matter what. They are like your other half. The idea of not being friends is out of the question, and if anything ever happened to your friendship, you would have to kill each other because you guys just know entirely too much

about each other and each others deep down secrets. Social belonging is a physiological or psychological requirement for the wellbeing of a healthy person. Without any type of friends in your life, you would be nothing. You need friends in order to survive. According to an australian study, friends may help you live longer. Friends help increase enjoyment of life. They help relieve feelings of lonliness and are people that you can talk to about anything. If you want to live longer, you have to be sociable and get some type of friends whether or not they are associates or your ride or die.





“Antonio Norman because he makes the hallways fun and Madison Luckett because she makes 5th hour fun.”

“Marvin Strong because he’s my best guy friend.”

Rebecca Black Becomes a Phenomenon for the Wrong Reasons

Omar Al-Jayyousi Sports Assistant

Rebecca Black is a 13-year-old teenager from Anaheim, California. She wanted to make a music video, so with help from her mother she was able to get a professional director to make her now very famous first music video called “Friday”. Black became a YouTube hit with her song “Friday”. It has been viewed more than 30 million times and was in the top 50 on the iTunes chart. Although it was a big hit, many bad things have been said about the song. However, if it is such a bad song, why do so many people listen to it? It is a song that people love to hate. “Her voice sounds like Ms. Fowl from Jimmy Neutron,” said senior Brandon Jean. “It’s a catchy song,” Therefore, even though Jean finds her voice to be annoying, he still knows the words to the song. “It is very annoying but somehow everybody knows the lyrics,” said senior Max Williams. Black made an appearance on “Good Morning America” to talk about the hit song. At first Black was heartbroken about some of the responses she read about her song. “The meanest thing I read was, ‘I hope you cut yourself and I hope you get an eating disorder so you’ll look pretty,’” Black said. “She seems like she has some talent, but I think she chose a bad song choice,” said senior Tyler Horton. Senior Andre Smith was even more positive about the singer. “It’s a great song, it’s inspirational,” said Smith. Thanks to her mother, Rebecca Black has not had to face the criticism on her own. In interviews her mother voices her disgust with all the cruel behavior towards her daughter. There are recent website postings, that state that the young singer was attacked in Mexico and was in serious condition after being attacked by a crazed fan. There is no proof in the statement and there are other websites that state this is false information and that the singer is doing well and continuing to record songs. Black seems to be doing better these days. She is recording tunes at the Suburban studio of Charlton Pettus, a music producer who has worked with singers such as Hilary Duff and Clay Aiken. Things do seem to be looking more positive for Black. Even after all of the criticism, Black would love to be a singer and is moving towards that goal. In an interview she stated that she doesn’t care if the public loves or hates her, she still wants to know the opinion of the public.


JUNe 2011

Kalamazoo: A Community Supported Locally

Hunter Lee Web Team

In order to know what a community really needs, one must know how the city works, what the people want, how the people act, and what the city trends are. Who would know any of these things better than a local? The truth is that local entrepreneurs cause more positive effects on a community when they know the land, love the land, and care about putting time and money into providing products for a community. Kalamazoo is full of local entrepreneurs who have started small businesses, create and sell art, grow crops, buy crops (from local farmers), sell locally made items, and keep the local capitals high while driving the large corporations away. If a city has no local farmers’ markets or supermarkets but is sharing their land with a corporate food market monopoly whose headquarters are in Texas, then you can bet that besides providing food and jobs, that big corporation really does not help the community much. If the city’s main food outlets are ran locally, the owners will be able to address the community needs by listening to their complaints and ideas. Being a small one or two-city business, the owner could easily put more effort in to the city, seeing as he/she is not a large business that doesn’t have time to help some small town in Michigan that is home of one of their chain outlets when they have businesses in 30 of the 50 states. Compassion is what makes small local businesses so lovable, it is as simple as it gets; the owners live in the same town as you, their office is probably a few streets over, and you could most likely set up a meeting within a small five minute conversation with the receptionist on the first floor. In comparison, if the nearby Target superstore is in need of change in the opinion of the community, one would have to call the headquarters, sit on hold for awhile, never reach anyone in corporate management but instead get a reference to a website with a link for customer complaints. Most likely the complaint will not be addressed. Some small businesses support locals by buying their products, such as locally made art, jewelry, clothing, and also food items that are locally grown. In downtown Kalamazoo, the Hair Salon Tromblay has put a lot of local color into the town and the store is a local gallery for the art hop. The hair salon sells the art for the sake of the artists; in fact, no profit from the art sales is kept by Tromblay. “We’re part of the Art Hop. The Arts Council brings the art in and we sell them in order to support the local arts,” explained storeowner Albert Tromblay, “What it does is, it creates a venue for artists to sell their art.” Albert owns the store in partnership with his wife, Susan Tromblay. Together, the two have started the business and taken it from a “Bootstrap Business” with a limited budget, yet a creative

Taylor Hamilton

Junior “Jenna Fiore, Haley Pfeil and Briana Pfeil because they were my stunt group during cheer.”

and resourceful style to a successful and supportive business, the creative style remains. Tromblay is a close and personal business; by providing personal service for the community, the salon interests Kalamazoo residents on a more personal level. Local hair salons are also a great addition to a community along with many other businesses and services that make Kalamazoo a better place. “More and more people are interested in buying locally in order to support their community. There has been a lot of concerted effort in the past 20 years in providing the goods and services that people of downtown Kalamazoo need; for instance, more restaurants have opened along with other programs and community entertainment,” said Tromblay. With that said, Plan Kalamazoo’s goal is to inspire small business entrepreneurs to take advantage of local market opportunities. “Rather than a few large employers, new businesses need to be started and supported by policies that encourage entrepreneurship.” As stated in the Plan Kalamazoo Master Plan on the Kalamazoo City website. Even though small business success is a goal for the future of Kalamazoo, for many it has already been met through community effort and marketing. For instance, organic farmers throughout Michigan rely on citizens and stores to buy their produce in order to sell and make a profit. The Farmer’s Market of Kalamazoo located on Bank Street is a marketplace where farmers and other entrepreneur’s from around South West Michigan can set up shop in order to make a profit. The market has been around since 1913 and since then local farms and grow operations have been providing produce for Kalamazoo citizens through this public outlet. The market allows the farmers to sell home grown food. It tastes better when prepared the right way, and the cooks of local restaurant, Food Dance know exactly how to create platters of that delicious organic Michigan-grown food. Food Dance buys, serves, and even sells the food from farmers near Kalamazoo such as Blue Dog Greens (Van Buren County), Carlson Farms (Decatur), the Eater’s Guild (Bangor), Otto’s Poultry (Middleville), and many more. The local farmers provide goods and produce such as free-range chicken, herbs, vegetables, and fresh fruits. All products are certified organic. The Food Dance Restaurant and the Farmers Market aren’t the only outlets to support local farmers, but the People’s Food Co-op of Kalamazoo is known for buying organic food from local farmers, to sell in a small-time grocery store setting located on Burdick Street in downtown Kalamazoo. Not only does the co-op sell the products inside the store, but every Wednesday, the co-op gives farmers the chance to set up their own stands in the parking lot of the co-op. Deemed the 100-Mile market, because the food co-op invites farmers/entrepreneurs that has operations within 100 miles of Kalamazoo to set up a stand. With Unity and effort, Kalamazoo has become a locally supported community in many ways, and the future is very warm for farmers, growers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. It is the perfect promotion cycle, shops buy and sell locally made art, businesses open venues for the Art Hop, restaurants and markets create outlets for farmers, and most important part of all, the residents of Kalamazoo purchase these colorful products and goods that represent the culture of Kalamazoo.






Good job seniors, you made it.

Swimming, taning, bathing suits, sand, and beautiful sunsets!


Summer opportunities


Warm weather


Candlelight Ceromony



Get your shine on this summer.

Summer is right around the corner

Remembering the good times with seniors

Good job seniors and juniors. We had a successful prom


A great school year



The end is near. What a success!

Thank you teachers for putting up with us for 180 days.






Charlie Sheen




End of the year exams




Summer bugs


Don’t give up now seniors, your’e almost done.

Students are sick of staying after school.

He is no longer winning!

Rebecca Black has made a hit!

Oh no, here comes the pressure!

Stop the violence. Where’s the peace?

ewwwww, mosquitos

Return your books to LN

What do you need those for?


Nestled is downtown kalamazoo, Tromblay hair solan is open to the community.

Lilian Jackson


“Lauren McGlinn, because she has been my best friend since we were six and because she’s my inspiration in life and soccer.”

Chasity Steele

Freshamn “Max Williams, because I’m really mean to him and he’s still really nice to me.”

Robert Haley

Sophomore “Shannon Larkin because he is my big cousin and we been through a lot.”


Feature Hey Baby What’s Yo’ Name What Grinds your JUNE 2011

Veronica Hughes/ Ava Gaines Feature Editor/ Layout and Design Editor

Have you ever had a guy that came up to you, he’s so cute and you think he’s is about to spit major game, but then he opens his mouth and he has none at all! Senior Nicholas Stump, went around Loy Norrix and used his best pick-up line to try to talk to girls. The responses from the few girls that he said his pick- up lines to didn’t work out as well as he hoped.

“Did you eat Lucky Charms? Because you look magically delicious!”

“Let’s be honest, you can do better than that.” “I probably am.”

“What? No I Don’t come here in the morning.”


Jazmine Houston Asst. Opinion Editor Sometimes people often misuse the word pet peeve. A pet peeve is something that simply annoys you, something that makes you want to scream when it happens. It’s always that one thing that gets on your nerves, kind of like someone getting under your skin. Nevertheless we all have them. When you walk around Loy Norrix you can point out some pet peeves that people have.

“Ahh, no I didn’t, but I’m just naturally delicious.”


Kasandra Morales

Emma McLaren

Sara Campbell


Nick may not have gotten the responses he wanted, but maybe you could use different lines and get lucky with the ladies. Other Pick up Lines:

“When people scratch their nails on the board, it hurts my teeth.”-Senior Darius Witherspoon “I hate when people constantly talk about a situation, I feel like there’s no need for it.”-Sophomore Shauntasia LewisGrayes

• You’re so beautiful that you made me forget my pickup line.

“When students are tardy to class”-Officer Andrie

• Do your feet hurt, because you’ve been running through my mind all day.

“I hate it when people tell you that they are going to do something and don’t do it.”-Junior Quentin Bryant

• Are you from Tennessee, because you’re the only ten I see.

“I can’t stand loud obnoxious people. There is no reason for you to be yelling. I’m right here!”-Sophomore Alicia Gibson

• Do you want fries with that shake? • Did it hurt, when you fell from heaven? • If being beautiful was a crime, you’d be guilty as charged! • Are you certified to be that sexy?

“I hate it when people ignore me. I don’t like to be ignored.”Sophomore Jamanah Jefferies

• I lost my number, can I have yours?

FALLEN HERO from page 1

• I lost my teddy bear, will you come cuddle with me? • Are you wearing space pants, because your butt is out of this world. • I got a sweet tooth, can I have you? • If you were a hamburger at McDonald’s, you would be called the McGeorgeous. • Lets make like fabric softener and snuggle.... DISCIPLINE from page 1 bullying can make someone have less confidence and lowers self-esteem. Violence is a key factor in teen lives at this present time. It is taking over their mindset and teens are not even being able to focus on their school work. Junior Ayrianna O’Bryant attends Loy Norrix. O’Bryant grew up on the north side of Kalamazoo. She now lives in Portage. “Living in a neighborhood where violence occurs often, you can not focus at all on school work. Stuff is happening all day and night. Soon as you get out of school, you want to get straight to the streets,

straight to the drama, forget about the homework,” said O’Bryant. Have you ever asked yourself, what will my friends think? The need to impress friends is the negative peer pressure that impacts these teens’ lives. “Now-a-day’s people worry about what their friends will say and think, rather than what is right,” said Smith. Weapons are used for protection, but in these violent neighborhoods people use them as toys or a solution to their problems. Theses weapons often give self-satisfaction and pleasure to those who own

them. The outcome of most weapons just leads to more violence. Criminal Investigation Division and Kalamazoo Valley Enforcement team executed more then 30 search warrants during the summer months and seized 29 handguns while “making hundreds of arrest” in the year of 2010. The violence level seems to have gotten worse because of weapons. “Kalamazoo has gotten more violent because people have more access to weapons,” explained Boggan.

WAR from page 1

U.S. in its attempt to defeat the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Since the U.S. is an ally with the country of Pakistan, the U.S. knew the alliance was beneficial. These two countries have had an up and down relationship for decades. The U.S. has helped Pakistan by supplying money for them to re-build infrastructure for all of the help they have given. In 2003 President Bush presented a fiveyear, 3 billion-dollar package for Pakistan. Pakistan’s military has killed many Al-Qaeda members. Sophomore Haroon Chaudnry along with his family, who are natives of Pakistan, feel a need to separate from the conflict occurring between the U.S. and the middle east as a form of protest. “We [Family] separate ourselves from the turmoil

there,” said Chaudnry. As of now however the U.S. and Pakistan are on rough ground due to little or no communication between the U.S. and the Pakistani government about the raid for Bin Laden. There has been an increase in the number of members that are involved in Al-Qaeda. Junior Daniela Paz does not believe this group will ever be eliminated. “Al-Qaeda will do everything in their power to get bigger and stronger, that’s all they want,” said Paz. All of the invasions conducted by the U.S. and there allies, shared one goal to end Al- Qaeda. This end would bring security back into the lives of the people who have suffered at the hands of terrorist attacks like 9/11.

establishing a democracy. President Obama hopes to end the war in Afghanistan by 2014. Sophomore Moses Zuniga does not believe it’s possible to end the war that soon. “He’s [Obama] not going to be able to do it,” said Zuniga, “... If the troops are removed the war will be brought to our [the U.S.] front.” The invasion in Iraq led to war, which was the start of the War on Terror. The U.S. thought Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and saw it as a national security threat and took their argument to the United Nations. There was no proof of any weapons of mass destruction. On August 31, 2010 President Obama declared the end of combat in Iraq. Pakistan has helped the

“People who don’t get an education, education is first.”Senior Devin Reynolds

Loy Norrix Juniors, Chris Colon and Brandon Salinaz, got to know Zapata through their mixed martial arts training. Both Colon and Salinaz have fond memories of their MMA trainer. “He gave me my first black eye,” said Colon, “He was a cool dude and he was hilarious. He was definitely a jokester.” Zapata was known as both a family man and a great friend. Halder had the pleasure of knowing Zapata as a colleague and a friend. “He was a people person. He was a person you could talk to to calm you down after a very stressful situation,” said Loy Norrix’ police liaison officer Halder.” I valued his friendship the most. He was a great officer. His expertise was fighting crime and getting drugs and guns off the street. We lost one of the best.” Officer, Halder, is aware of the impact that public safety officers have on the community and was amazed by the community’s support. “I was very moved by the compassion. It reminds them [the community] that our lives are on the line. They know that

we are the last line of defense. We have to solve the problem. We put our life on the line. I think the community has more compassion and more understanding of what we do,” said Halder. Salinaz was also moved by the community’s compassion and support. “I felt bad for his family and their loss. I felt like the community coming together was really good. It really supported his family,” said Salinaz. This tragedy has helped the entire community see the men and women with badges and guns in a different light. Officer Zapata died heroically and many in our community are looking for ways to make sense out of his tragic death. Perhaps the best way we can honor Officer Zapata’s dedication and sacrifice is to think twice the next time we say something negative about a police officer when we see someone stopped on the side of the road or when we ourselves are pulled over because of a violation of the law. Officer Zapata and his brothers and sisters in uniform are there to enforce the law so


7 Class of 2011Senior Memories Seniors

June 2011


Seniors DeChelle Jones, Jevonte Hughes and Jessica James help the senior class win the tug-of-war contest during the Homecoming pep rally.


Senior Enrico Montalvo runs hurdles for the Loy Norrix track team.


Senior Spencer McKee fist pumps at the 2011 prom.


Seniors Ricardo Escamilla and Frances Lesatz do the Cha-Cha Slide during the 2011 prom.



Seniors Zuleica Hermamdez and Zacheaus Lomax have a good time at the 2011 prom.

Seniors Jevonte Hughes and Ginger Neal enjoy the night while dancing at the 2011 prom.

Seniors Reflect on Teachers They Will Miss Melinda Wielinga Copy Editor

As graduation approaches, a lot of seniors are looking back at their high school careers and reminiscing on all of the good and bad times that they have had at Loy Norrix. Every student has that special teacher that has affected their life more than the rest. For Bazsa Miller, that special teacher is AP Physcology teacher Sean Bergan. Bergan coached Miller in both wrestling and football for three years. “He’s coached me in three sports seasons. He’s the one who really got me into sports ya know. And he’s just cool and fun to talk to.” Miller’s favorite memory with Bergan was Two-a-Days during football season. Miller says that he will definitely keep in touch with Bergan after graduation to “keep him updated on his sports and stuff”. Loy Norrix senior Spencer Mckee says that he will miss AP Government teacher Art Williams the most next year. Mckee was in Williams’ AP Government class during his


Tracy Bartley first met art teacher Nancy Mollhagen in her drawing class last year. Bartley will miss Mollhagen’s great sense of humor.

junior year, and economics this year. Mckee will miss Williams the most due to his “amazing sense of humor and his personal connection with students”. Mckee hopes to stay in touch with Williams after graduation by coming back to visit. Karla Salas also hopes to


Senior Karla Salas and English teacher Bettina Smith.

come back to visit her favorite teacher Bettina Smith, who teaches English. Salas took both English 12 and Creative Writing with Smith this year. Salas has a lot of great memories of Smith and says that she will miss her because “her classes are always fun and she


Senior Spencer McKee and AP Government teacher Art Williams.

has a positive attitude. Tracy Bartley will miss her favorite teacher, art teacher Nancy Mollhagen, for some unconventional reasons. “She is funny and she likes to ask my friends why they are friends with me.” Bartley appreciates

Mollhagen’s bold sense of humor and has a lot of great memories from her drawing class last year. Bartley’s favorite memory was when she and fellow senior Krista Udoetuk would sneak into the backroom and hide to get out of doing work. Charity Froman’s favorite teacher AP Calculus Adam Hosler, may seem pretty serious and up-front, but it’s his sense of humor that Froman with miss the most. “[My favorite memory is] when he said that the famous college in England is Hogwarts but it’s really hard to get in to,” said Froman. Froman was in Hosler’s Pre-calculus class last year and is currently in his AP Calculus class. Though he is her favorite teacher, Froman doubts that she will stay in touch with Hosler after graduation. No matter what the reasoning behind it, every student will miss that one special teacher. Whether it be due to their teaching, coaching, or a relationship outside of school, these teachers will be long remembered after graduation on June 8th.


Senior Charity Froman and AP Calculus teacher Adam Hosler.

Senior Survey Senior Tattoos *Out of 65 Surveys

Karylle Hillard Webmaster

In The FutureIn The BeginningTop 3 Elementary Schools Top 3 Colleges Attending 1. Other schools out of K-zoo

1. Western Michigan University

2. Parkwood


3.Washington Writers Academy

3. Michigan State University

Kasandra Morales

Favorite T.V. Show from the

F a v o r i t e

Favorite Song Favorite Character T o m m y

C h i l d h o o d

Turn My Swagg On - Soulja Boy

Favorite Class- Gym

Number of Piercings Seniors have

*132 Gym classes have been taken by seniors



Favorite Superhero

Favorite Artist L i l

Favorite Movie

18 Football

Shannon Larkin Zac Sockel


“It is of my grandmother because she is dead, I got it when I was sixteen. My parents like it. It is important to me because it represents my grandmother, I have no regrets.”

Bri Merrow

Basketball Games


Party Time

LN Senior

79% of seniors have regrets about their school years.

Party in the U.S.A- Miley Cyrus

Spring Break Blow- Ke$ha

Prom Get Low- Lil Jon

Rap/ Dance Contest

85% of seniors have reported changing since freshman year.

80% of seniors have worn somebody else’s school I.D. 71% of seniors have a nickname that they still go by.

75% of seniors randomly sing songs during class.

72% of seniors hang with friends from Norrix outside of school. The most played sport by seniors is Track

Run This Town - Jay-Z

“I got this tattoo to embrace the death of my mother, it is one of many. I got them because they are a way to express myself, and I like the feeling. I think you should get a tattoo if it is something you believe and get it somewhere you can hide it if you needed to.”

Because I ... - Afroman

Favorite Event at a Pep Rally

Seniors excelled better academically in their senior year of high school.

Football Games

“I got my first tattoo when I was sixteen. It is the Kay open heart, and I recently got my second one which is a start made up of five music notes. My mom went with me the first time and she really likes them.”


Skipping Classes

84% of seniors have skipped class Sport Game Most Attended

Last Day of School


Bring Em Out - T.I.

W a y n e

Most Memorable Birthday

Antonio Norman

Senior Playlist

Schools Out - Alice Cooper

Number of Tattoos Seniors have

Jessica James

First Day of School Favorite Food Pizza

Favorite Childhood Game Hide and Seek

B o o k

Tattoos are an art of marking the skin with patterns, memories, legends and meanings by inserting permanent pigments in to the skin. People get tattoos for all reasons, some have special meaning or some have a belief behind them. Tattoos are a special thing that should have thought and meaning behind each one because they are very costly and painful to remove. In ancient times people got tattoos as a right of passage and they had to have a meaning behind them, but today they have become a style.


World Greastest- R. Kelly

Sa-Niqua Langford

DeChelle Jones Knight Life Staff: 3 yrs Editor in Chief “My favorite memory was Mrs. Pankop and Tae having a crump battle in the middle of class sophomore year.” Jevonte’ Hughes Knight Life Staff: 3 yrs Layout Editor “My favorite memory was the MIPA [Journalism Awards] conference last year because it was real fun.”

18th Birthday

Madison Luckett Knight Life Staff: 2 yrs Opinion Editor “I will miss writing articles and the editorials, and doing Knights-Speak, but my favorite memory was going to MIPA this year and winning my Award of Merit.”

First Love

Jocelyn Jenson Knight Life Staff: 1 yr Feature Editor “Singing everyday with Jevonte’ and Ava.”

My Boo- Usher ft. Alicia Keys

Going To College

The main club that seniors joined

I Love College- Asher Roth The ideal career for seniors when they were younger was a Doctor.

Saying Goodbye To All Of Your Teachers Dueces- Chris Brown ft. Tyga

Senior Class Trip We Be Steady Mobbin’- Lil Wayne

First Kiss

My First Kiss- 30h!3 ft. Ke$ha Most Influential Teacher

Favorite Teacher

Favorite Security Guard

Niambi Pringle

Anne Bowser

Stacy Ampey

Friendship Count On Me- Bruno Mars


“It means loyalty and love and I got it for my family and friends who I am loyal to and love. All of my tattoos have special meanings, either Christian related or a deep passion towards something.”

“Irie means in the end everything will be ok. The Jamaican culture influenced me to get this tattoo. I talked to my dad about it and he said that he loved that word and that it was a word I would not regret getting. It is a word I will love my whole life.“

Something to Always Remember; Senior Knight Life Staff

Birthday...- Jeremih

The most known seniors:

Jevonte Hughes

“It means life long protection and I got it because I have always wanted a tattoo and saw the design and liked it”

Madison Luckett Opinion Editor Omar Al-Jayyousi Knight Life Staff: 1 yr Sports Assistant “I will miss being a part of Knight Life.”

Jared Eckley Knight Life Staff: 1 yr Comic Editor “My favorite memory was going to MIPA [Journalism Conference].” Cristina Bryant Knight Life Staff: 2 yrs Photo Editor “I will miss being able to get into all sporting events and being able to be in the front.” Nikkole Hegler Knight Life Staff: 1 yr Photo Assistant “I will miss this class because it gave me the opportunity to expand my writing skills.”

Veronica Hughes Knight Life Staff: 1 yr Feature Editor “My favorite memory was when Mrs. Pankop played Hammer time and Tae started dancing.”

Raykisha Vaughn Knight Life Staff: 1 yr Beats Editor “I’ma miss the freedom during school.”

Brittaney Tyson Knight Life Staff: 2 yrs A&E Editor “I will miss all the excitement in the room and how everyone could not shut up.”

Hunter Lee Knight Life Staff: 2 yrs Web Team Staff “Favorite memory was definitely selling ads and picking up the newspaper.”

Haley Pfiel Knight Life Staff: 1 yr Sports Editor “I am going to miss laying out pages the most.” Ginger Neal Knight Life Staff: 2 Trimesters Staff Writer/Ad Team “I will miss getting on Mrs. Pankop’s nerves.”

Sa-Niqua Langford Knight Life Staff: 2 Trimesters Staff Writer and Ad Team “My favorite memory was when we were all dancing to MC Hammer.” Tom Stankewicz Knight Life Staff: 1 Trimester Copy Editor “My favorite memory was when Mrs. Pankop gave me jelly beans to cheer me up.”

Ava Gaines Knight Life Staff: 1 yr Layout Editor “My favorite memory was when everybody was playing Pac-man on the computers and we were listening to ‘Pacman Fever’.” Marissa Wilson Knight Life Staff: Semester and 1 Trimester Asistant Business Manager/ Staff Writer “My favorite memory was last year when we went to the Fall Journalism Conference.” Karylle Hillard Knight Life Staff: 1yr Web Editor “My favorite memory was going to MIPA Journalism camp at Michigan State because I learned a lot of new things and met a lot of new people.” Lauren McGlinn Knight Life Staff: 1 Trimester Copy editor “I’ll miss working with the Knight Life staff.”

Daequan Mitchell Knight Life Staff: 2 Trimesters Staff Writer “I will miss Knight Life’s sing-alongs.” Jeremy Peterson Knight Life Staff: 2 Trimesters Staff Writer “MIPA was fun; that was my favorite.” Mindy Wielinga Knight Life Staff: 1 Trimester Copy Editor “My favorite memory was going to Memories with Madison, Ginger, Tae and Nikki.”


June 2011


Top 20

Seniors with the Highest GPAs in the Graduating Class of 2011

Haley Pfeil is attending the University of Michigan and majoring in kinesiology.

Brianna Pfeil is attending Michigan State University and majoring in political theory and constitutional democracy.

Lisa Freeman is attending Dickinson College and majoring in pre-med.

Rinkulkumar Patel is attending the University of Michigan and majoring in biomedical engineering and computer science.

Lauren McGlinn is attending the University of Michigan and majoring in biomedical engineering.

Logan Freer is attending the University of Michigan and majoring in pre-med.

Stuart Wheaton is attending the University of Michigan and majoring in computer science.

Jenna Fiore is attending the University of Michigan and majoring in political science.

Lucy Smith is attending Michigan State University and majoring in education.

Camryn Romph is attending Kalamazoo College and is undecided on her major.

Emma McLaren is attending Michigan State University and is undecided on her major.

Faiz Khaja is attending Kalamazoo College and majoring in pre-med.

Brighid Morse is attending the University of Michigan and majoring in psychology.

Dustin DeMink is attending the University of Michigan and majoring in chemical engineering.

Jesse Morrow is attending Western Michigan University and majoring in pre-med.

Meriah Lucas is attending Western Michigan University and majoring in French.

Giancarlo Anemone is attending Kalamazoo College and majoring in mathematics and physics.

Drew Dunham is attending the University of Michigan and majoring in biochemistry.

Hannah Fleming is attending Michigan State University and is undecided on her major.

Tom Stankewicz is attending Miami University and majoring in business.


June 2011


Summer Vacation Plans Ginger Neal Staff Writer

Summer vacation is the time of year everyone looks forward to. Swimming, barbeques, traveling, and spending time with friends and family are on the to- do list for many. Here is a peek of some hot vacationing spots that you may want to visit during your summer vacation.

Senior Kashawn Clark

Security Guard Officer Frank Williams


Where: New Jersey With: Her Uncle How Long: Until September GINGER NEAL / PHOTO ILLUSTRATION / KNIGHT LIFE

How Long: 4 days Why: “My aunt is having a birthday party.” Check out: Dinosaur ridge, a free admission event that features famous Jurassic dinosaur bones.

Why: “To go visit my family before I start college.”

Check out: Seaside Heights, includes amusement park rides and a walk down the famous boardwalk.

Where: Denver, Colorado With: His Wife

Senior Lamont Armstrong

Freshman Arika French

Where: Miami, Florida With: Family How Long: 2 weeks Why: “I would like to experience new things and see new people.”


How Long: One week Where: Atlanta, Georgia Why: “To go visit my family.” With: Family Check out: Georgia Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the world. GINGER NEAL / PHOTO ILLUSTRATION / KNIGHT LIFE

Check out: Miami Seaquarium and swim with dolphins.

Fire Entertains Kalamazoo Community Racheal Koole News Editor Some people want to play sports. Others like to sit at home playing video games. Some groups like to perform, act and be wild on stage. In Kalamazoo there is one place that allows for teens to go and be the performer they are. That place is Fire, which is located by Washington Square Library on Portage Rd. Fire encourages teens and adults alike to enhance their creativity and not to be afraid of showing off their abilities. Junior Mariah Isaac regularly goes to Fire to perform her pieces. “I feel that Fire to me is a positive force to the community that helps to empower youth and helps to expand the artistic experience,” said Isaac. Fire has a variety of shows depending on the date. Fire’s events occur at night, starting usually between 5 and 8 p.m. The shows include improv nights, open mic, poetry performances, and many more. Senior Zacheaus Lomax works at Fire to help put on the different shows. “[Fire presents] mainly arts and acting [activities],” said Lomax. “We have poetry, cooking programs, art hops, rap battles, and talent shows.” When entering Fire, the performance area is central. A bit further, there is the audience seating. The area is considered small, but that is expected for being a former fire station. The space creates a cozy invitation to sit down and enjoy whatever show is presented on that day. The show on April 29 was a readers’ theatre, Testimony, which was sponsored by the Black Arts and Cultural Center. The admission was five dollars which was a reasonable price for a show that also provided free refreshments. Testimony is a collection of experiences

from the black lesbian, gay and bi-sexual community. The experiences the characters went through were true but not necessarily of the people reading the script. The performers did read from a script and the readers emotions did not come through by facial expression. Despite the reading, the emotion of the words and the reality of the experiences hit the hearts of the compassionate audience members. Sophomore Olivia Lyszyk went to Testimony and enjoyed the presentation. “I liked the setup . . . it was more of a conversation, so it was more relatable,” said Lyszyk. The people in the audience were quiet and respectful and one could tell that they were concentrated on the performers. During the intermission, the attendees were nice and willing to talk to any newcomer to Fire. Senior Dominique Essix goes to Fire to watch the many shows going on. “I think Fire is a collaboration . . . They’re [attendess] very supportive,” said Essix. After intermission, a discussion was led by the readers about the real life experiences reflected in the play. Many people gave their opinion and thoughts about the performance and showed their emotions to others. One could tell everyone was comfortable around each other and did not judge others for their opinion. Fire has a cozy environment and welcomes any new person no matter who they are. They can be loud or quiet and still be accepted by everyone who attends Fire. Fire is the place to be to express your creativity.



June 2011

June 2011


Foreign Exchange Students Experience A Change The International Student Exchange brings foreign teens together through volunteer host families. With 55 countries participating in this program, students are able to travel the world and get new experiences in different countries. A student can participate in a semester program or a full year program. The student must be fifteen to eighteen and a half years old upon arrival. Hosting provides a positive experience for the student as well as the family they live with. It allows them to open their eyes to the world. These brave students have traveled the thousands of miles to experience life as an American at Loy Norrix High School.

Marissa Wilson Assisstant Business Manager

Ahmed Elbendary is from Egypt. He became a foreign exchange student to expand his horizons. “To get new experiences, to learn more about the outside world, and to improve my language,” said Elbendary. Elbendary’s favorite time was during Loy Norrix’s soccer season. The main difference with Elbendary’s school in Egypt is that there are no sports through his home school. In Egypt he goes to school from 7:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Sunday to Tuesday. He is excited and sad to leave on June thirteenth because he will not be able to spend the summer with his new friends from Kalamazoo.

Udo Backes is from Schwitheiwi, Germany. He came to Loy Norrix as a foreign exchange student to, “speak the language fluently and to get new experiences,” said Backes. He’s had a lot of fun in America. His favorite time was when he and the Loy Norrix Men’s soccer team won against Kalamazoo Central. Backes would become a foreign exchange student again if he would not have to worry about getting behind in school in Germany. Backes says that the biggest difference here is that Kalamazoo is such a big city; he comes from a little town with 480 people. The one thing Backes does not like is that the Loy Norrix’s high school soccer season only lasts for a few months. Backes thinks it should be year round like in Germany. Backes is having a good time in Kalamazoo and would come back again.

Clara Daniellson is from Sweden. She became a foreign exchange student because she wanted to explore a new terrain. Daniellson said she became a foreign exchange student to, “try something new. I am sick of school, and everyone said it was a good experience.” Daniellson’s favorite time in Kalamazoo began after Christmas because she started to feel like she was at home. The biggest difference here is the school system. “There are more rules, like the dress code and ID’s,” said Daniellson. She does not like that she cannot get around in Kalamazoo. Daniellson said, “I have no car and we have a better bus system. I feel kind of trapped sometimes.” Despite Daniellson’s feelings of being trapped, she says that she would be a foreign exchange student again.

Oliver Wennekers is from Germany, near Cologne, one of the bigger cities in Germany. He came to Loy Norrix as a foreign exchange student because he saw, “how the students of the previous grades developed… I think this is an adventure that I’ll always remember,” said Wennekers. Wenneker is really enjoying his time here. His favorite memory so far occurred during the tennis season because it is his favorite sport and he got to meet new people. Wennekers said that his time here, “is a big and fantastic experience and I would do it again and again.” The biggest difference in America is that you have to be eighteen to drive in Germany. Wennekers also feels like there is a big difference in the relationship between student and teacher at Loy Norrix compared to schools in Germany. Wennekers said that, “It’s more buddy-buddy here.” Wennekers really enjoys the freedom he experiences here.

Keyla Aduviri Caballero is from Spain, specifically in Galicia, Acoruna. She became a foreign exchange student because she got a scholarship that paid for everything. She said that she was chosen to become a foreign exchange student. Caballero is having a very good time in America and her English is improving a lot. Aduviri’s favorite time was Christmas with her host family. Aduviri said, “It is a big and fantastic experience and I would do it again and again.” Things here are a lot different than in Spain. She said that you can walk everywhere in Spain. Aduviri explained that you have a bus pass to go everywhere and that you walk much more. Aduviri enjoys it here and says that she would do it again.

Erica Nuzzo is from Grisignano Di Zocco (IV) in Italy. She wanted to become a foreign exchange student because she wanted to learn the language and culture, to have new experiences and to do something different. Nuzzo’s excited for graduation, especially her party. The biggest difference in America is the school system. In her country they go to school from 8:30 a.m. until noon. In Italy, they also attend school on Saturdays. Nuzzo does not like the night life here. “We usually go out at midnight on Saturday night and get home in the morning. Here you get home around ten,” said Nuzzo. Nuzzo said that she has had a good time and would become a foreign exchange student again.



JUNE 2011

It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia Tom Stankewicz Copy Editor

With all the comedy shows on TV these days, it’s hard for a show to find its own niche. “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” has created its own following by challenging the expected norms of a half-hour comedy show. The show premiered on August 14, 2005 on the FX network. “Always Sunny” focuses on utilizing the strength of the quirky cast to create the humor in the show. This gives it an improvisational feel, unlike many of the overly scripted shows. Known as “the gang,” the cast consists of Rob McElhenney as Mac, Glenn Howerton as Dennis Reynolds, Charlie Day as Charlie Kelley, Kaitlin Olson as “Sweet” Dee Reynolds, and Danny DeVito as Frank Reynolds. McElhenney is the creator, executive producer and writer, while Howerton and Day write and produce as well. Danny DeVito joined the show at the beginning of season two, as the father of Sweet Dee and Dennis. The show has very little plot continuation between the episodes but basically follows the gang on their ridiculous and self-centered agendas. “The gang,” Mac, Dennis, Sweet Dee, and Charlie, all went to high school together and now own and work at Paddy’s Irish Pub in Philadelphia.

Mac is extremely into his buff physique and constantly wears sleeveless t-shirts. He considers himself proficient in hand-to-hand combat even though he lacks any skill. Dennis is the co-owner of the pub. He is narcissistic and self-absorbed; he graduated from University of Pennsylvania and is confident that he is upper class even though he makes very little money. Charlie is another coowner of the pub. He works as a glorified janitor and is basically illiterate and an alcoholic. Charlie and Frank live together in a one room apartment with one bed. Frank is Dennis and Sweet Dee’s legal father. He was once a successful businessman but now tends to deal with shady characters. In order to force his way into the gang, Frank purchased ownership of half of Paddy’s Pub. Loy Norrix Senior Calvin Leinenbach has recently purchased all five seasons on DVD. He says it was worth the high cost because it is not available on the Netflix instant queue. “I like how it’s witty humor and goes outside the box and pushes the limits,” said Leinenbach. Loy Norrix Senior Craig Russo has watched the show


Actors Rob McElhenney, Kaitlin Olson, Charlie Day, Danny DeVito, and Glenn Howerton star in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. They play five friends who run a bar.

since the first pilot episode. He enjoys the type of humor on the show and the characters. “It is a certain humor that the common man doesn’t understand, like the people who sit around watching a TBS marathon of ‘Family Guy,’” said Russo with a grin. Russo’s favorite character is Charlie because he is the “wildcard” in the group. The wildcard label comes from the

Why PC Gaming is Elite Jared Eckley Comic Editor The recent hacking and downtime of the Playstation Network has led to a lot of controversy about which gaming system is really the best. While the Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) and the Microsoft Xbox 360 both have a larger user base than the PC, the PC has greater flexibility and performance capabilities than either of those consoles. The playability of the PC is more user-friendly than that of the PS3 and Xbox 360, with its highly customizable controls, easy-to-use interfaces, and wide variety of games. It is a fun experience for any kind of user. With one-hundred-and-four keys, all programmable to your preference, the PC has many more custom key-configurations than the Xbox 360 and the PS3, that offer only fifteen keys and two analog sticks each. The options of modification are endless on the PC. Whether it is changing the way a game looks, creating a new game mode or even creating an entirely new game using the other games’ engine as a base, you have endless possibilities of what you can do to enhance or change your gaming experience. Many multiplayer games have the ability to create new maps

Letters to the Editor Continued


Characters from the games, Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, Crysis, Counter Strike Source, and Half-Life. All of these games are available for the PC.

for games and allow you to publish them and put them on your own server, where other people can join you. Because of the wide variety of controls and greater performance capabilities, the PC has a larger variety of games to choose from. From the latest first person shooter such as “Call of Duty” or the upcoming “Battlefield 3,” to the growing indie games like “Minecraft,” the PC has got you covered. Many of games that come out for consoles also come out on the PC. The PC is often used Dear Editor,

The article I read was “Driving Under the Influence of Cell Phones.” I liked it because everywhere I go I see teen drivDriving Under the Influence ers looking down texting and of Cell Phones when the light turns green, they are still sitting back at the light Dear Editor, because they aren’t paying at I enjoyed reading your tention! So I think this is something all drivers should think article on safe driving with cell phones. I liked how you dis- about because it may be all fun cussed both sides of the debate, and games texting and driving without ignoring that the situa- at the same time, but it could result in a world of hurt if you tion is still an issue, regardless get in an accident or potentially of legality. cause a death. This issue is very comKalila Blackeagle, mon and personal to me, as I’ve Freshman lost a few people in car accidents.

Scout Richardson, Freshman

for MMORPG’s (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) such as “World of Warcraft,” because consoles wouldn’t be able to handle the mass size of the game and number of connections. Switching to the PC for a gaming system is a great choice and will not disappoint you. It may not be as cheap as the consoles, but you can use your computer for more than just games. It is a more efficient and a better alternative to console gaming. Dear Editor, I read the article “Driving Under the Influence of Cell Phones.” You shouldn’t drive and text at the same time. That’s how a lot of people hit others. But you also need to see who has texted you or called you sometimes, but if you do need to answer, either answer or ask what they need. If it’s important pull over, if it’s not, call them back when you’re off the road. If someone were hurt they would most likely call because it’s faster. That’s how I feel about phones and driving.

Tamara Irby, Freshman

episode “The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis,” which has the gang pumping gasoline into barrels and attempting to sell them door-to-door. Mac and Dennis name Charlie the wildcard of the group because he does unexpected things. “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” has a devoted following at Loy Norrix because of its creative style of Driving Restrictions

humor and ridiculous characters. “The gang” has clearly found their niche on TV, earning a spot on two major cable networks weekly. New episodes still premiere on FX, while four episodes of “Always Sunny” air every Monday at 9 on Comedy Central.

Dear Editor,

I read “Under Pressure: Unhealthy Ways of Dealing I read “New Drivwith Pain,” and totally agree ing Restrictions for Level 2 with you cutting yourself, pullLicenses.” I found it extremely ing your hair out, and throwing interesting to know that even yourself down stairs are not after I get my level 2 license, I still can’t drive after 10 p.m. and good ways of coping with stress or pain. It’s sad when people before 5 a.m. That’s complete BS. I’m up after 10 p.m. all the try to cover up pain by causing time and what if I need to go to their body more pain. Soon the pain piles up and you cannot the store? Who’s going to pick up dinner if there’s nothing in take it anymore. Finding healthy the house? ways to cope with pain like talking to a counselor or “running Connor Sims, off your problems” can help you Freshman cope with the negative things in life and it sure feels a lot. Dear Jenna Fiore, Dear Editor,

Kayla Dekoekkoek, I just read your article Freshman about “New Driving Restrictions for Level 2 Licenses.” Dear Brian Griffin, The main reason I read this is because I just got recently I like how you covered started drivers training. So I the topic of teenage self-harm. figured that whatever was in the I don’t completely agree to the article would be good to know. Honestly, I do understand the statement saying that some peonew law. They just want to keep ple do it for popularity. I think people safe. Although I may be that maybe a misunderstandsaying this simply because I just ing. Some people yes do it for started, so I’m not a good driver. popularity, but for the most part In a couple of years when I am in those situations, it’s done for at level two, I am pretty sure I attention. Some people even disprobably won’t agree with this cuss it openly just for the attenlaw. tion. I will admit it is annoying. I don’t think I personally would Henri Cousino, Freshman want that kind of attention or sympathy going towards me. Under Pressure Alexis Graham, Dear Brian Griffin, Freshman I don’t know your For Colored Girls story, why you chose to write about cutting, or even what you Dear Editor, look like. But I don’t think you The article I read was covered the issue of self-mul“For Colored Girls is back in tination very well. You made the spotlight at LN.” I love that the paper very old and factual. play and the people who were Most people think that cutting is just a way to get attention and in it. It’s beautiful that Norrix is not afraid to do a play like this. scary for some people. All I’m I think the article was written saying is I think you could’ve illustrated the pain and guilt that very well and it shows different sides of people. Thank you for cutters go through. Hiding it from friends and family, promis- writing it. ing you won’t do it again and Amyre Dennis, fighting the addiction to stop. Freshman Because I don’t think anyone re- ally wants to hurt him or herself, but people find it as the only option that works.

Jordan Peterson, Freshman


JUNE 2011


Battle of the Sexes Senior Edition Brittaney Tyson and Nikki Hegler A&E Editor and Photo Assistant

Whether it’s over what movie to go see or a place to go out to eat, men and women have always argued over something. Some of the issues have become historic, such as women’s right to vote or even abortion laws. In today’s society both genders still do not agree with each other, even if the question being asked is as simple as how was your day? Some simple questions were asked to Loy Norrix students to see if men and women still disagree. These are the results:

3. What age is appropriate for dating or sex? Why? Girl: “Dating, I feel like [it] is when you’re ready and sex is when you’re ready also.” -Senior Emma McLaren Boy: “Sex, 25, because you’re almost out of college and financially saved. Dating, 20, so you won’t be losing your education over females.” – Senior Devin Reynolds

1. How would you define a best friend? Girl: “Somebody that is always there, somebody who you [are] always with that can make you smile.” – Senior Jaquese Eason Boy: “Simply an individual who cares about your well being.” – Senior Damontre Stuckey 2. Who do you think has a harder time being wrong gender-wise? Why? Girl: “Boys, because they think they [are] always right [and] think they know everything and they don’t.” – Senior Asia Haywood Boy: “Women, because men will admit to being wrong, women will not. They’ll do anything to prove they’re right.” – Senior Tyler Horton

4. Which gender would you say is the smartest? Why? Girl: “Female, look at our top ten percent, they can be more considerate about being perfect.” – Senior Hannah Fleming Boy: “No specific gender. They are certain men and certain women [who are smarter than each other].” – Senior Aaron Branson


6. Should women go into combat in the war? Why?

5. When you get married who do you think should be the primary worker? Why?

Girl: “Naw, because women should be with their children.” -Senior Lashala Buchanan

Girl: “Both, because they should share the responsibility.” - Senior Gabriella Sanchez Boy: “Dudes because that’s a responsibility a man should have. He should take care of his family.” –Senior Grant Lawson

Boy: “Yeah, they should because they can do anything a man can.” – Senior Jayton Liggins

Top 10 Apps for Android and iPhone Annie Ruffe Copy Editor

“Braaaack!” *CRASH* There goes another angry bird. Angry Birds was ranked number three on Android Market Top 10 must-have applications. Cell phones have come a long way in the last year, with the original dominating iPhone and the newly renowned Android system. Each server provides a “market” for the user where thousands of application and games can be purchased or downloaded that will make life more of a breeze. The iTunes store has over 300 thousand apps. While the Android Market offers more than 100 thousand both ranging from everyday workout apps to traveling tips and games. These are the Top 10 lists according to the New York Times:

Apple iPhone Top 10 1. Google- search engine


2. Soundhound- Play, hum, or whistle a song and Soundhound instantly identifies it.

3. Hipstamatic- Edit your photos faster. 4. Evernote- Synchs your desktop on your computer to your phone

5. Angry Birds- A challenging physics-based

game of destroying fortresses by launching birds. 6. Urban Spoon- Find restaurants and reviews easily. 7. Star Walk- Hold your phone to the starry sky and see all the constellations. 8. Firefox- Internet browser. 9. Quick Office Mobile Suite- Similar to Evernote, this app helps you manage documents. 10. Redlaser- Helps you find competing prices and brands for your clothing and other products while shopping.

Android Market Top 10 1. Facebook – Social networking on your phone.


Junior friends Elizabeth Austin and Jessica Allen choose not to verbally speak on the Day of Silence. Instead they communicate by writing on a white board.

Staying quiet for the Day of Silence RayKisha Vaughn Staff Writer The Gay Straight Alliance s a club at Loy Norrix High School. It is a club that reaches out to those individuals that may have been harassed and even bullied by their peers and are hiding their identity because of that. PHOTO ILLUSTRATION / MARTA GRABOWSKI Members of the club 2. Google Maps- Access to free maps and are supporters for those directions. who want to eliminate this 3. Angry Birds- A challenging physics-based discrimination. game of destroying fortresses by launching Social Studies teacher birds. Art Williams is the faculty 4. Pandora- Internet radio. advisor for the Gay Straight 5. Kakao Talk- Communication for around the Alliance. world. The Day of Silence 6. Bubble Blast 2- Puzzle game where you is a very important day burst bubbles in order to create a chain especially for high school. reaction. It is a way to show your 7. Flash Player 10.2- Gives you access support without having to to online streaming of videos, games, and speak out, and it’s also a interactive content. chance to show support in 8. Live Holdem Poker Pro- Play poker with a harmless way and at the millions of other people. same time showing your 9. WhatsApp Messenger- a switch from support for the Lesbian, regular text messaging. Gay, Bisexual, and 10. Youtube- Stream and view millions of Transgender students [LGBT online videos. community]. The concept is to show support without hurting anyone’s feelings. The Day of Silence took place on April, 22, 2011; it is a national event. The main thing is you don’t have to be gay to support The Day of Silence. It is for anyone. “As a G.S.A adviser, I strongly support the Day of Silence. The reason I support it is because I see gay or lesbian students struggle in high school,” said Williams. Many people struggle in silence. That’s the whole point of the Day of Silence. It is students way to show support to the LGBT community. Junior Jessica Allen who is a proud member of the Gay Straight Alliance had a few things to say about everything that has been happening especially during the Day of Silence. She feels that the whole !!!"#$%%"&'( Day of Silence is a good

tribute to those of the LGBT community and that it’s a day of acknowledgement for the people who participate. “I am happy to say that I’ve been part of the Gay Straight Alliance, and I participate every year,” said Allen. The Day of Silence is a great way to show how many people have been affected by being bullied.” Allen is a very proud member of the G.S.A at Loy Norrix who also participated in the Day of Silence. The Day of Silence is a day that is very hard for many people, especially those who are very social and friendly. The reason for the Day of Silence would be challenging to very social people is because their peers might have a big role in their high school career and even outside of school. Junior Mariah Isaac is one of the three main executives for the G.S.A board here at Loy Norrix High School, and she feels that the G.S.A club is a very safe place to just speak out about how members feel about certain issues and at the same time it creates an accepting environment for saying it and not being judged for what they believe. She also participates in the Day of Silence. “It’s a very important especially for high school. It is a way to show support with out speaking out. You don’t have to be gay to be apart of the G.S.A club,” said Isaac. The Day of Silence is a national tradition. It’s a repetition which represents the silence of staying in the closet. This is a day when LGBT and their supporters keep quiet as a form of speech during the whole day of school and then at the end of the day they all meet up at WMU and let out their screams.


JUNE 2011


Trades, Retirements, and History Being Made as the Current NBA Season Fluctuates Daequan Mitchell Staff writer

“I’m taking my talents to South Beach.” Those are the 7 most talked about words said by now Miami Heat forward Lebron James. In the off-season James was traded from his native hometown Cleveland by the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat. There was a lot of controversy with his decision. James’ popularity took a hit on how he responded to the situation. Cleveland fans went so far as to record themselves burning James’ Cleveland Cavaliers jersey. Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert said in an interview that James’ decision was a “Cowardly betrayal,” he also went on to say that “I personally guarantee that the Cleveland Cavaliers will win an NBA championship before the

self-titled former ‘King’ wins one,” said Gilbert. James’ made a big scene when he hosted the one-hour ESPN special called “The Decision.” Two thousand and eleven was the year of big trades. Other than James who got traded from Cleveland to Miami in the off-season, there were other big news trades. Carmelo Anthony was by far the biggest. He was traded from the Denver Nuggets, which he was drafted by in 2003, to his hometown, New York, by the New York Knicks. Other accusations made by teams were that Amare Stoudamire traded from the Phoenix Suns to the New York Knicks. The L.A. Lakers are trying to go for their 4th three peat which is trying to win three championships in a row. A 4th three peat has never


Cleveland fans are in despair after hearing James will no longer be a Cavalier. Taking their anger and agression by burning the once former “King’s” jersey.

been accomplished ever in NBA history. Chicago Bulls’ sensation, Derrick Rose, became the youngest player to become league MVP at age 23. Celtics guard Ray Allen shot the lights out of the gym hit 3’s from

Racheal Koole / Knight Life

Senior Craig Russo comes off an injury to run in the Don Lukens track meet. Overall he has had a great season.

Loy Norrix Runners Strive for State Meet Lauren McGlinn Copy Editor On April 29, 14 high schools came to Loy Norrix to participate in the Don Lukens track meet with a single purpose in mind, to win. The Don Lukens track meet gave Norrix a chance to compete against many competitors that they will see in the future at the conference and regional meets. The knights have set their expectations high this year with many runners hoping to qualify for states at the regional meet. Senior Clara Danielsson, an exchange student from Sweden, has high hopes of making it to state with her 4 by 400 meter relay team. The relay team is ranked second in the district and placed fifth in the Don Lukens track meet. The women’s track team started training during the winter in order to prepare for their season. Danielsson runs intervals and uses starting blocks in order to perform at her best in races. “If you are willing to do the hard work, you can really feel how you improve,” said Danielsson. Sophomore Jade Hubbard hopes to not only make it to state in the 1600 meter run,

but also set a school record. Currently the record is five minutes and one second, and Hubbard’s fastest time is five minutes 40 seconds. “I want to set a school record because I want to be known for something. I want people to remember me,” said Hubbard. Hubbard trains throughout the whole year, determined to meet her goal. Senior Craig Russo plans to go to state in the 400 meter dash. Russo is running in the 51 second range and to qualify for state he needs to run in the 50 second range. Russo has faced many obstacles this year after having two knee surgeries. “I was set back a lot. I was unable to continue running until a few days before the first meet. I am still running in severe pain, however…it ain’t no thang,” said Russo. Russo must be mentally tough as he runs through the pain. “I have been told that there was no way I’d recover from two knee surgeries within six months and that I wouldn’t be able to return to speed. I continue through the pain to show that nothing is impossible. “I am currently amongst the top in the entire region, including Grand Rapids and Lansing, in the 400 meter dash,”

said Russo. Russo is also a member of the 4 by 200 meter relay which includes freshman Jay Mcintosh, senior Jevonte Hughes, and junior Davion Phillips. At the beginning of the season, the relay team was at the top of the Kalamazoo Gazette honor role. Mcintosh’s goal is for the 4 by 200 meter relay to place at least eighth in the state meet. The Norrix track team will be put to the test on May 20 at the regional track meet. In order to qualify for states, the track members must place at least second individually or third as a team.

every spot on the court, made career highs in field goals and three point percentages. Allen broke the all-time three point record previously held by future hall-of-famer Reggie Miller.

Phil Jackson, is the coach of the L.A. Lakers, currently one of the best NBA coaches also an 11 time NBA champion, 6 times with Bulls, 5 with the Lakers. Jackson has also had the pleasure of coaching two of the most gifted guards to play the game, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Jackson is contemplating retirement, with this being said what does that mean for the Lakers? Bryant, only in his early 30’s, is not the same Bryant we are used to seeing, so there are some concerns flaring in the city of Los Angeles. The NBA regular season has been a crazy ride of dramatic changes dealing with trades and retirements. This season was one of the most unpredictable, unfortunate seasons the league has seen in a long time.


June 2011


Soccer Team Stays Strong, Despite Injuries Haley Pfeil Sports Editor

When sports teams are faced with multiple injuries, it can be hard for them to stay positive and win games. However, this is not the case with the Loy Norrix women’s soccer team. The soccer team has four injured players who have all had to sit out for several games. Sophomore Mia Leibold, who hurt her hip during a game, will not be able to play until mid June. Other injured players include sophomores Jessica Lethiot, who has a bruised rib and a sprained back, and Madison McBarnes, who has a sprained ACL. Senior captain Hannah Fleming has a stress fracture on her spine, which has kept her out from three games. “Our [the team’s] injuries have created obstacles, but we are figuring out how to deal with them,” said Fleming. “The team is still doing a really good job of playing hard every game.” Despite multiple injures, the team has still set high goals. These goals were winning the Loy Norrix Super Saturday Tournament, being in the gold bracket for the conference tournament and winning a district championship. Unfortunately, the team did not accomplish their goal of winning Super Saturday, but they did take second place in the tournament. However, with McBarnes back in the game the team is still hopeful of winning


Sophomore Madison McBarnes dribbles past a defender in a game against Battle Creek Pennfield. The Knights beat Pennfield 3-1.

a district championship. Senior captain Lauren McGlinn also set personal goals for the season. McGlinn would like to be named to the AllDistrict and All-Division teams. “I would like to be an effective team leader and help out in every way I can,” said McGlinn. The soccer team has a high intensity level and “everyone wants it,” said McGlinn. The intensity level was demonstrated on Monday April 25, 2011 when the team played Portage Central. This game

was the Monday after the team had played three games during Super Saturday. Despite having played three games over the weekend, the entire team tried their hardest. “It was the best we have ever played against Portage Central,” said McGlinn. They were defeated 0-6, which is the best they have done against Portage Central. Portage Central is one if the top teams in the state and has won many state titles. Ryan Jaworowski, the goalie for the Knights, was also injured during

Loy Norrix Golfers Swing for Fun

Disc Golf: Addicting and Simple Lucas Leibold Web Assistant

Joey Birdsall Web Team Sports usually result in competitive athletes giving it their all and laying it on the line for victory to be the best and achieve the highest score. In golf, athletes aim for the lowest possible number of strokes, so a low score shows the superior player, while doing their best and working towards being better. The Loy Norrix men’s golf team falls under this category as they strive towards excellence on the golf course. Senior Drew Dunham has been playing golf for Loy Norrix since his freshman year when he became a part of the junior varsity team. He began his career with Loy Norrix averaging a score between 120-130 strokes for an 18-hole golf match, but there has been tremendous change for him. Now averaging 95 strokes, Dunham has moved up and currently plays on the varsity team. Senior Zac Sockol also plays on the Varsity golf team and has had his time for improvement as well, previously shooting an 81 at the Greater Kalamazoo Tournament during his junior year. Sockol has been playing golf his entire life and plays often during leisure time. Looking past the competitive side of the sport, both Dunham and Sockol play the game of golf for entertainment and the numerous benefits that come with being a part of the team, like receiving free golf balls from their coach and playing free golf. “I like the non-competitive environment that makes it more enjoyable,” said Dunham. The non-competitive scene makes room for fun on the course as well, and Dunham enjoys laughing and joking with friends while playing a round of golf. “I get a lot of entertainment derived from bad shots on the course, like Tyler McCrary’s shot that went over Kilgore when we were freshmen,” said Dunham. Even when the golf matches begin getting competitive, Sockol takes time

the first half of the game. The Knights had to step up and transition to back-up goalie Brandi Batten. “She came in to the game after Ryan’s injury and stepped up to challenge. It was one of her best games,” said Fleming. This improvement is partially due to more experienced players on the team. Last year there were five freshmen players on the varsity team. These players were used to playing club soccer, so they had to make the adjustment to playing on the high school level.

McGlinn has seen a change in this group of second year players. “We have a lot more experience this year, as the sophomores are used to playing high school soccer,” said McGlinn. This year, there are only two freshmen on the varsity team. Jillian Ko is one of these freshmen and she plays the position of outside midfield. Ko has been playing soccer for seven years and her soccer experience includes playing for the America Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO). “It [AYSO] is not a club team, so it is not as advanced,” said Ko. Ko has scored two goals, so far this season, for the Knights. She scored her first goal during the second game of Super Saturday, when the team played Battle Creek Pennfield and scored again on Monday, May 9 when the team played Battle Creek Harper Creek. “It felt good and I was really happy,” said Ko about scoring her first goal. Playing for the soccer team has been a fun experience for Ko. “I am proud of myself for being one of the two freshmen on varsity and I was surprised I made it,” said Ko. The soccer team is overcoming injuries and with a more experienced group of sophomores, they were able to win the first round of the district tournament 7-0 against Coldwater on Tuesday, May 31.

Lucas Leibold Web Team


Senior Zac Sockol practices his golf swing at the Milham Golf Course driving range. He is a second-year varsity golfer for Loy Norrix Men’s Team.

to relax and still enjoy golf. The team rides together in the school vans to competitions. “I like the van rides because Nick Moored and Drew Dunham always have ridiculous stories to tell, and we leave messes in the van for the tennis team to pick up,” said Sockol. Besides the entertainment, the golf team also enjoys other benefits of being on the golf team, benefits such as free items. “Our coach gives us nice golf balls,” said Sockol, commenting on his personal favorite perk for being a part of the golf team. Dunham also enjoys free golf balls, but more important to him is playing the game. “We practice multiple times a week and I like the free golf,” said Dunham. So whether it be taking van

rides to courses to play other schools or playing a practice round with your friends, being on the golf team is enjoyable and entertaining. However, Dunham and Sockol help to influence the entertainment, and the team may suffer without Dunham and Sockol’s presence, especially considering the team’s dismal record this year, finishing near last at many matches.

I get a lot of entertainment derived from bad shots...

- Drew Dunham senior

Here to stay is a new sport on high school student’s radars, disc golf, which is a professional sport, contrary to many people’s beliefs. According to the PDGA (Professional Disc Golf Association) website, the first time someone played golf with a flying disc was in Vancouver, British Colombia in 1926. Since then the sport’s popularity and legitimacy have increased substantially, with many courses and leagues stationed all over the country, especially in your home state of Michigan. For the past year students here at Loy Norrix High School have been caught up by the tidal wave and find themselves teeing off with discs in hand any time a free hour presents itself. The term “disc” is used because the relative size of the Frisbee, which resembles the discus used in ancient days, and in present track and field events. Similar to golf, different discs are designed for different throws. Drivers, which have more aerodynamic shapes that cut the air for long distance throws and less opposition from wind. Mid-Range discs, have more blunt sides and a larger cavity underneath so that a glide and accuracy is achieved rather than necessarily distance. And Putters, which have rounded edges and a larger cavity than a mid-range disc, literally float on the air current right into the basket. Senior Adam Johnson has been playing disc golf for the past year with his close friends and scored his first Ace (hole in one) just recently. As Johnson and his friends have gleaned skills from playing so consistently, to shake the game up a bit, some money may be thrown down to add an edge to the play and make winning just that more glorious. Junior, Sam Caramagno, Loy Norrix junior, claims that the draw to the game for him is really an addiction to being outside. “The game of Disc Golf is great because it’s an excuse to get out of the house,” said


Senior Adam Johnson whips a throw towards the basket at Knollwood Disc Golf Course in Kalamazoo.

Caramagno. “Although it isn’t like running any marathon, walking 36 holes daily isn’t a bad workout.” The Kalamazoo area has a good number of courses in a 20 minute driving radius, with a local course on the Western Michigan University campus off W. Michigan, at the end of Greenwood Drive. Knollwood Park is a par three course with 18 holes, with a pond, and wooded environment that challenges a player with accuracy and finesse. Like many other games in life, this sport can be modified to fit different situations. Say you’re just hanging out in a local park, field, or a crowded street. It is not difficult to design your own course in an every day setting. You just have to have a “tee box” and a “hole” which can easily pass as a stick on the ground to start and a goal to reach in a decided number of throws, such as a tree or stop-sign down the street. You are not required to find a professional course, although it is advised at some point because both are different experiences. Disc Golf is a unique sport and attracts all different types of people; it is a great escape from the daily chores and a legitimate nature experience. If there is still any reservation in your mind, get out and toss. You will be back.