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Teachers Question Students Ethics When Using Technology in the Classroom Miki Patel Knight Life News

Racheal Koole / Knight Life Senior Micaela Vanburen uses her cell phone to send texts to her boyfriend when she is working on her class assignment. Vanburen spends about 85 percent of her class time texting, but does not use her cell phone as a cheating device. Vanburen does not understand why cell phones in school are such a big deal. “It’s my business, why should it matter?” Vanburen stated.

The student’s heart starts pounding as the professor sees his eyes wondering to another student’s test. The professor is very disappointed, but he must punish this student for the wrongdoing he has committed. This could mean a zero on a test or even an expulsion from college, but sometimes, the only way students learn is to experience this punishment. University professors are becoming progressively concerned about behavior that involves cheating in classrooms partly because cheating has become very ordinary in high school and college. Students are using technology, to their advantage, as a method of gathering and sharing information in reasonably innovative ways. Gone are those years when students actually had to use their brains to do school work and the only method of cheating was to pass papers back and forth. Now, it has become possible to share information across the continent with the use of an Internet connection. Students, nowadays, use technology as a means to cheat on exams, assignments and homework. Technology allows students to easily access many solutions to problems that they may have found too difficult otherwise. Some devices used to cheat are cell phones, computers and graphing calculators. These devices help students with English papers, math calculations, science labs and even historical facts. Students use cell phones to text friends the answers or to take pictures of tests to send to friends. Students can also download apps on their smartphones that can be really useful to cheat when test day comes. Loy Norrix junior Jessica Lethiot admits that she has cheated using her phone in one of her classes. “I have a flash card application on my phone. They’re basically flash cards that you write that have two sides,” said Lethiot. see TECHNOLOGY page 3

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NEWS 2 ‘License to Bully’ Removed from Michigan Legislation Adam Kemp Knight Life News

Courtesy of bullycide.org East Lansing High school student, Matt Epling, commited suicide in the summer of 2002 as a result of bullying. Matt’s Safe School Law is named after him.

On November 11, 2011, a girl in Illinois committed suicide as a result of being bullied and feeling horrible. She was called, fat, ugly, and a slut at school. She was ten years old. Recently, Michigan anti-bullying legislation almost became protection for students accused of bullying. It is known as ‘Matt’s Safe School Law,’ named after Matt Epling. Epling was a victim of bullying who committed suicide at the age of 14 in East Lansing in 2002. The main intention of the bill was to make schools safer for potential bullying victims. Rather than preventing bullying, however, one provision of the bill stated that it would be illegal for teachers and other authority figures to intervene in instances of bullying caused by the bully’s religious or moral beliefs. The anti-bullying legislature Senate Bill 137 was proposed by republican Senator Rick Jones and passed by the state senate on November 2nd. After a wave of criticism from the general public and several democratic politicians, the state House drafted a new version of the bill without the clause on religious and moral beliefs. The Senate and the House passed the new version of the bill on November 29th, and Governor Rick Snyder approved the bill on December 6th. The previous version of the bill stated,

“This section does not prohibit a statement of a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction of a school employee, a school volunteer, pupil, or a pupil’s parent or guardian.” Under this law, a person could tell a gay student to his or her face that they believed all gay people will go to hell, and then that person would have no punishment from the school. This could have been considered discrimination in the sense that people with certain beliefs would be given the right to make statements others might normally be punished for. That would have conflicted with federal laws and the KPS District Policy, which prevents discrimination towards any person for things like religion, race, gender, age, and sexual orientation. If the law were passed, teachers and other authority figures would have had to decide between violating the state law or violating the federal law and the district policy. The State Board of Education called for changes to be made to the bill shortly after the Senate approved it. In the State Board of Education’s Statement on Anti-Bullying Legislation, it was stated that for the bill to be truly effective, it must include elements that meet up with the standards of the State Board model policy.

The State Board gave an example of such an element. “Make a clear and unambiguous statement that all students be protected from bullying; and that no license is created (wittingly or unwittingly) that condones or accommodates bullying.” Statements of protest along the same line of this came from a wide variety of sources, and resulted in the changing of the bill. Some KPS students have shown that they like the main idea of the bill’s intended purpose, but that the original version of the bill took a step in the wrong direction due to the exceptions for a bully’s beliefs. Senior Allie Pines said, “I think that its [the original version of the bill’s] main idea is good, but the provisions for religious and moral beliefs would give justification for bullying.” Pines is a member of the three person executive committee of Loy Norrix’s Gay Straight Alliance, a group that promotes harmony and equal treatment of all people regardless of sexual identity or orientation. Senior Ashby Malpass said, “I think it [the first draft of the new legislation] would allow people to try to force their religion or their beliefs on others in school, which isn’t okay. There shouldn’t even be a provision about religion in the bill because of the separation of church and state.”

Most Commonly Used Drugs and Their Effects Veronica Olan Knight Life News In the United States, and all around the world, many people are using drugs, both legal and illegal. A drug is a substance that has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body. According to Listverse website, the top ten drugs that are being used illegally today are heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, crack cocaine, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), ecstasy, opium, marijuana, psilocybin mushrooms, and phencyclidine (PCP). There are many legal drugs being used as well, but with certain age limits you can buy them. Legal drugs include alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, prescription narcotics, tranquilizers, sedatives, oxycontin, soma, over the counter drugs and prescription amphetamines. Andrew, a former Kalamazoo Central student feels drugs are not so good or healthy with the exception of a few. Ever since his young teenage years, he has known about drugs and their effects on people. He now feels that most of these drugs can either harm you or help you. “I feel drugs are bad, but to a point. Like people look at weed as a bad drug, but now it is used for medicinal reasons,” said Andrew. These types of illegal and legal drugs can lead to many different effects, symptoms, withdrawals and addictions. Sedatives include alcohol, tranquilizers, opium and heroin. Drugs that give you an adrenaline rush include caffeine, nicotine, cocaine, and amphetamines. Drugs that alter your perception are mushrooms, LSD and marijuana. There are six drugs that are most addictive: Nicotine is first, then heroin, cocaine,

alcohol, caffeine and marijuana depending on the dosage. These are highly addictive and people become extremely dependent on these substances. Heroin was originally created to help cure people of addiction to morphine. Upon using heroin and cocaine, a person may feel very sad or angry. Cocaine is obtained from the leaves of the coca plant. Side effects can include twitching, paranoia and impotence, which usually increases with frequent usage. Methamphetamine users may become obsessed or perform repetitive tasks such as cleaning, hand-washing or assembling and disassembling objects. Withdrawal can also happen with these drugs. It can be characterized by excessive sleeping, eating, and depressionlike symptoms, often accompanied by anxiety and drug-cravings. Crack cocaine causes euphoria, supreme confidence, loss of appetite, insomnia, alertness, increased energy, a craving for more and potential paranoia. LSD causes expansion and an altered experience of senses, emotions, memories, time and awareness for 6 to 14 hours, depending on dosage and tolerance. It also increases blood pressure and heart rate, causes dizziness, loss of appetite, dry mouth, sweating, nausea, numbness and tremors. The primary effects of ecstasy include an increased awareness of the senses, feelings of openness, euphoria, empathy, love, happiness, heightened self-awareness, feelings of mental clarity, and usage also includes nausea, hallucinations, muscle cramping, chills,

sweating and tremors. The user of opium experiences a rush of pleasure, followed by an extended period of relaxation, freedom from anxiety, the relief of physical pain, vomiting, increased urination, sweating and impaired vision. Marijuana can cause distorted perception, problems with memory and learning, loss of coordination, trouble with thinking and problem-solving, increased heart rate, and reduced blood pressure. Mushrooms induce a tingling body feeling, a sense of euphoria, lightness, happiness, giggles, colors seem more vibrant, and music sounds richer. You could also have the feelings of sadness, anxiety, and fear. You may even become numb or swollen with high dosages. High doses of PCP can cause seizures, coma, and death. Those are the common effects of illegal drugs. As for legal drugs, most common effects are relaxation, sleepiness, and mood alteration. Most of these drugs are bad for you. However, some can help with medical problems. So what drug would be most helpful for people with sicknesses? “Just marijuana, just because there is no chemicals added, it’s naturally grown, and I feel there’s no addiction to marijuana because when you’re addicted to something people withdrawal; their body has to have it,” said Andrew. Drugs can cause severe short and long term effects mentally and physically. You never know exactly what new experience you can encounter when taking a drug.

Courtesy of sayerji.com Antidepressants are the most frequently prescribed drugs. In 2005, a study done by the center for disease control showed that 118 million people were prescribed for the antidepressant drugs.



TECHNOLOGY from page 1

Instead of reading assigned English books like they are supposed to, students are using Sparknotes to get a basic understanding of the assigned reading and to write an essay on it. With the Google search engine, students can access millions of documents to help them with their essays. This can possibly lead to plagiarism. The Internet is an advantage to the students, but if they do not learn that colleges take plagiarism very seriously, they are likely to carry it on to their college careers. Jessica Lethiot does not use Sparknotes to cheat on exams, but she does use it to get a basic understanding of the reading. “I’ve read Sparknotes, but I haven’t cheated to write. I read Sparknotes when I didn’t read the chapter and I took a test on it,” said Lethiot. Anne Bowser, a twelfth grade English teacher at Loy Norrix, has a plagiarism procedure in place where she teaches students about plagiarism and how technology can assist the students in avoiding plagiarism. “When I feel there has been plagiarism, I just use the Internet and Google search them on the writing they have done,” said Bowser. A suggestion that Bowser would give a student to avoid cheating is “to have the courage to be assessed on their own knowledge and their own skills,” said Bowser. According to Bowser’s Academic Fraud Procedure, “One’s inadequate efforts to identify sources such as the misuse of the citation format or incorrectly employing quotation marks will not be viewed by most instructors as plagiarism, but rather as so-called teachable moments.” Plagiarism is a serious issue that should be avoided in English classrooms; however, calculators are taken seriously when it comes to mathematical tests. With the high-tech calculators available nowadays, it has become possible to store data into the calculator’s library. Due to this, powerful graphing calculators are prohibited from important tests, such as the ACT, SAT, the Compass and in most of the college math courses. Students cheat for various reasons. It could be due to laziness of doing work or because they may have so much work to do that they are unable to finish it all by the due date. It could also be because students want to keep their GPA high. Cheating, however, does offer an easy way out. Why bother studying something when you can easily access the answers online? According to the Online Statistics Database, 60.8 percent of college students admit that they have cheated and 16.5 percent do not regret cheating. Ninety five percent of those that cheat do not get caught in the act. Eighty five percent of college students think that cheating is essential for getting good grades, internships, scholarships and awards. Top-tier paper mill websites average about eight thousand hits per day from students that need help writing their essays. According to the OSD, on average, cheaters have a GPA of approximately 3.41 compared to a 2.85 for a non-cheater. Either way, it would be hard for students to live without technology considering that they often rely on it more than their own brains, but technology cannot always be trusted to give the right answers. Google, for example, has millions of documents you can access, but other people who may or may not have the correct answers put up these documents. Sometimes, it is better to rely on your brain rather than relying on someone else’s words on the Internet. Technology has made it easier for students to cheat, but some students actually use it to learn how to do the problem rather than just copying it. Technology can be a positive thing in school, but it can also have a negative affect on the student depending on how they use it.

Loy Norrix Students Reflect on Religious Experiences Ray’Von Jones Knight Life News

“Put yourself in my shoes. I can’t choose my religion. I was born this way,” said sophomore Manar Alkhateeb regarding judgment she has encountered due to her religion. Loy Norrix High School is known for being rich in diversity. This immense diversity includes a number of different complexions, interests, origins, and in addition, an array of different religions. Due to the many stresses that high school students deal with, religion is not always the topic of choice. Yet, someone’s religion can regulate his or her behavior, as well as dictate how peers may treat him or her. A lack of information about different religions can lead to judgment and sometimes, ridicule. Junior Ari Solomon is a student of Jewish faith whose religion has taken him on spiritual journeys in the past. His most recent journey led him to Israel. “My family is the largest European Jewish family in the world with over 24 thousand members. My father and I visited Israel this fall on the 200th anniversary of my family’s return from Diaspora, in which Jews were exiled,” Solomon said. Manar Alkhateeb is another student whose religion has influenced many of her life experiences. Alkhateeb’s family moved to the United States from the Middle Eastern country of Jordan about five years ago and brought all of their Muslim traditions along with them. “Muslims pray five times a day and we eat Arabic food for every meal, instead of American,” Alkhateeb said. “Women must also wear headscarves at all times.” Senior Mayur Patel, a student of Hindu faith, also has a family that is very rich in religious beliefs and traditions. “Hinduism has many meanings, not one

Paul Solomon / Guest Photographer Ari Solomon is shown praying at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Jewish people consider the Western Wall one of the holiest places in the world. that is definite. It is an Abrahamic religion, a completely different idea,” Patel said. “We pray to many gods instead of one.” Among the many traditions that are fostered by religion, holidays are monumental. In Hinduism, for example, there are hundreds of holidays. “We celebrate a large amount of holidays,” said Patel. “Diwali, the festival of lights, is a big one.” On the other hand, Muslims celebrate

Jazmine Houston / Knight Life Manar Alkhateeb talks to her friend Jasmine Blackstock in art teacher Nancy Mollhagen’s room. She is of the Muslim faith and moved here five years ago from Jordan, a Middle Eastern country.

significantly fewer holidays. “Ramadan is where we don’t eat for a period of time. Few months after this, we sacrifice a sheep and give it to people who need food,” Alkhateeb said. “We do this to experience hunger that people experience every day.” Hanukkah, the Jewish commemoration of the rededication of the Holy Temple, is a well-known Jewish holiday. “Hanukkah is our winter holiday. We celebrate it for eight nights and light a candle on the menorah each night,” Solomon said, “A common misconception is that Hanukkah is Judaism’s largest holiday, when there are many more important ones. It is portrayed this way because it is near the Christmas season, which is popular. On the contrary, our larger holidays take place in the spring and fall.” Misconceptions regarding religion are common. As a result, judgment often occurs. “People have judged me because of the scarf I wear. This doesn’t happen a lot, but when it does, people usually understand after I talk to them,” said Alkhateeb. For Solomon, dealing with judgment has not come as easily. “There are a lot of misconceptions about Judaism. It is frustrating because no matter how many times you explain the truth about your religion, there are always people who don’t care,” said Solomon. One may wonder if this judgment ever leads to ridicule. “Is that a question? We both know the answer. Yes,” Solomon said. “People don’t understand people who are different than them, so they find fun in ridiculing others in order to feel more secure.” A common hope is that in the near future, religious conflicts will be obsolete. “People just need time to understand,” said Alkhateeb. Due to recent experiences, Solomon is not as optimistic. “This will probably never stop, due to ignorance,” said Solomon.



Loy Norrix Room Qualities Fluctuate Drastically Students

Disgusted by Loy Norrix Bathrooms Piper Simons Knight Life News A pen, a piece of paper, and a clump of

Leah Rathbun / Knight Life Math teacher Ben Bakalyar covers up the direct sunlight that streams through his window.

Leah Rathbun / Knight Life Spanish teacher Christina Holmes has a perfect view of the forest bordering Loy Norrix. She will often see wildlife outside her windows. Leah Rathbun Meredith Farrer Knight Life News With the changing of the seasons, students and teachers alike are starting to notice the change in Loy Norrix. Every classroom feels like a different time of the year. Some are neutral like spring and fall, some are cold like the winter that is upon us, and some are so hot it could be summer. Even the hallways make students feel like they are either in the tropics or in the arctic. Students tend to blame teachers for their lack of comfort in class, but the teachers do not have as much control as the students think. “Some rooms have a temperature controller. The only thing I have is my windows,” said history teacher, Erin Rolfe. Many teachers use their windows as a cooling agent for overheated classrooms. But, what if there are no windows in a class? Social studies teacher Niambi Pringle experienced this problem. “The coldness and the heat is trapped in because there’s no outlet. It’s uncomfortable . . . It’s not consistent,” said Pringle. Many other rooms such as, math teacher, Ben Bakalyar’s have the same problem. “In the morning there are no complaints, in the afternoon it’s hot and stuffy,” said Bakalyar. Freshman Shawnizia Carter believes that it is too cold in math teacher Brad Schmidt’s classroom. “The air conditioner is always on,” said Carter. Junior Nick Gould enjoys math teacher Adam Hosler’s classroom. “The gracious sun reaches its arms through the back window, illuminating the various x’s and y’s on the board, brightening my day and enlightening my mind,” said Gould. However Hosler does not agree, “[The sun] is blinding, for me its hard to see anything back there,” said Hosler. The teachers also have a say on the classroom atmosphere. Many of the teachers find having windows a privilege. It allows them to see outside and see the wildlife that visits the school. Pringle wishes she had windows but she does not have any. “It doesn’t allow the natural environment

indoors,” said Pringle. Instead, Pringle decides to go outside when it is nice. “I like to change the classroom environment, to go outside, the library and the computer lab to change up the monotony,” continued Pringle. However, not all teachers find the windows to be a pro. “I cover the windows because it gets ridiculously hot in this room because we get direct sunlight, “ said Bakalyar. He is not the only one that finds having windows a problem. Some teachers find the wildlife distracting. When the windows are open and the wildlife enters the classroom it can be a problem. Some classrooms get bees and some of them even have birds that enter the classroom. Last spring, spanish teacher Christina Holmes had a nest of baby robins right outside her window. “It was sort of a distraction, but it was fun for me,” said Holmes. “Sometimes the deer can be annoying because they [the students] want to go see them.” Holmes enjoys the windows and said she would not have it any other way. In a building as diverse as its students, there are several pros and cons to each classroom. Regardless of your preference on windows or views of the courtyards, Loy Norrix classrooms have it all.

Rolfe K6 Windows High Ceilings

Pringle K13


Computers Classroom Library Science Lab Decorations






VanLieu A12

Schmidt C16

Leah Rathbun / Knight Life History teacher Erin Rolfe collects globes to add a unique spin on decorating her classroom.

Leah Rathbun / Knight Life Social studies teacher Niambi Pringle recently added a library corner in her classroom to make it more comfortable for her students. Hosler M11

Nelson K10

Kizer A12

Rockey K5W

Holmes A15









hair. All of these items were found in a toilet of the upstairs K-Wing girl’s bathroom. Here at Loy Norrix High School, there does not seem to be a standard for cleanliness or even the correct spelling of graffiti. Sights in the girl’s bathroom are students straightening and cutting hair and students sobbing in the corner and talking on cell phones. Sights in the boy’s bathroom include smoking, rolling dice and misspelled graffiti on multiple surfaces. Students complain daily about the bathrooms. “I bring Wet Ones because I never know what I’m going to find,” said sophomore Perla Castaneda. “They [the bathrooms] stink and smell like fish.” Each bathroom has its own distinct personality. In the K-Wing girl’s bathroom, there are unidentifiable objects in the corner, paper towels in the sink, mispelled curse words carved into the stalls with what looks like a bent paper clip. In the girl’s bathroom by the cafeteria, there are the remnants of vomit in a toilet, pink spray paint on the doors and clogged sinks. The C-Wing does not get much better. When it is not locked, the C-Wing girl’s bathroom has one working soap dispenser, toilet seats falling off, soap and toilet paper wads on the ceiling. The J-Wing bathroom is the cleanest, the king on the throne. Despite “Love Kills” being etched into every stall door, it doesn’t have many problems. There is not trash everywhere. The A-Wing and B-Wing bathrooms are also kept tidy. Along with the cleanliness problems, there are security issues specific to each bathroom. Because of these security issues, multiple bathrooms are locked during the school day. “The C-Wing men’s bathroom is always locked because of chronic problems with smoking, specifically tobacco products and marijuana, and destroying fixtures,” said Head of Security Officer Frank Williams. “The C-Wing women’s bathroom is locked because of skipping.” The downstairs K-Wing bathroom is locked because of “a problem with the cylinder in the door. When you put the key in it gets stuck and the janitor has to get it,” continued Williams, “Also because of skipping.” Officer Williams does not just have issues with the behavior, either. He gets an earful about the cleanliness, as well. “There are more problems with the stench in the K-Wing bathroom,” said Williams. “Just more and more complaints.” “I hold my pee all day,” said sophomore Sabrina Bell. “I can’t even stand going in them [the bathrooms].” The bathrooms at Loy Norrix use Pro-Link soap and soap dispensers, and the dispensers were upgraded to automatic sensor dispensers in early 2009, but they often have many problems. The custodial products are purchased from KSS Enterprises. Steve Smith, the head custodian at Loy Norrix, chose not to comment for the press. see BATHROOM page 5



BATHROOM from page 4

What it really comes down to is the behavior of the students. It is expected that a high school student would know better than to cut their hair in the school bathroom or shove a pen down the toilet or stick pads to the mirror. Students should not blame others for the destruction they cause. Is it okay for a school’s administration to force the student to clean up the mess they make? Growing up, children are taught to clean up the mess they make. If they dump the toys out, they put them back in the box. If they drop their toothbrush in the toilet, they fish it out. Schools, by law, can’t reflect these rules children are taught at home. According to Michigan law, corporal punishment is banned in schools. This means that if a student is misbehaving, the teacher does not have the right to paddle the student or inflict some type of physical harm on them. This includes forcing a child to clean or perform labor as a form of punishment. Because of this, students are left waiting for endless procedures to happen. A teacher has to be alerted to the mess, the custodians have to be alerted, they have to contact the supplier for a replacement toilet seat. Not only are students left waiting, but they also have to miss more class time in order to find a bathroom to use. Imagine having to walk, in an emergency, from the lower K-Wing to the B-Wing in order to use the bathroom when you are sick. When someone has to use the bathroom in a crisis the last things they are going to want around them are a dice game and smoke. Although there are problems that students

are not going to like, it is impossible to keep a bathroom totally spotless. There are 1,432 students who at some point will use the bathroom each day. There is no way to expect a bathroom to stay spotless after that many students go to the bathroom. Unless the school hires a maid to stand in the bathroom and clean everytime someone uses the facility like in those high end hotels, the bathrooms will be a mess until the next day.

Piper Simons/Knight Life

Piper Simons/Knight Life

There is usually one working soap dispenser in the bathrooms. In the upstairs K-Wing men’s bathroom, the single dispenser is missing along with the mirrors.

Paper towel is commonly found in the toilets in the bathroom, causing the toilets to clog and overflow. The paper towel dispenser is not in the stall, so students take paper towel from the sinks and bring it into the stall with them.

6 twilight

Loy Norrix Look a Likes

the series that has teens talking Daniela Paz Knight Life News

A young teen goes to Forks, Washington and finds love with the most unexpected creature, a vampire. Although no one agrees with their relationship, they give up friends and families in order to one day live happily ever after. In 2008, the author Stephenie Meyer took you on a journey through four books that make this series: “Twilight”, “New Moon”, “Eclipse” and “Breaking Dawn”. After the books became a great success, a team of experts came together and started to make the films. In the films, Kristen Stewart plays Bella Swan and Robert Pattinson is Edward Cullen. Other actors include Taylor Lautner, Nikki Reed, Cam Gigandet and Kellan Lutz. Students at Loy Norrix High School either applaud or stand strong against the “Twilight” phenomenon. While some praise the love story the Twilight series brings, others think it is a dull and poorly written tale. When the first part of the final movie came out on November 18th, “Twilight” fanatics went crazy to see how this love story would come to an end. Knight Life surveyed Loy Norrix students to get the inside scoop on what students really think about this series. We got everything from what they like and dislike to their opinion on “Twilight” character look-a-likes right here at Loy Norrix High School.







42% 41%

emily davis as victoria, the evil vampire

Are you a Twilight fan? Red = Yes Black = No

Have you read the books? Red = Yes Black = No

devin bailey as eric yorkie, the friend of bella

Have you seen the movies?



haley zabik as bella swan, the main character

Red = Yes Black = No

1% Would you prefer to be a vampire or a werewolf? Red = Vampire Orange = Werewolf Black = Neither Grey = Both

18% 43%

daisy mclaughlin as jane, one of the volturi


Which form of Twilight do you prefer? Red = Books Orange = Movies Black = Neither Grey = Both

New Year Brings New Resolutions Jess Moshiginis Knight Life News Deadlines always add stress to tasks, but what about routinely staying committed to a task for an entire year? Many people make yearly New Year’s resolutions, whether they are fully committed or think of the resolution as a promise that will be broken. Popular resolutions are getting fit or healthy, quitting smoking, and spending money more wisely. According to “Time Magazine”, these are also resolutions that are broken the most. Health teacher Kristin Slamer plans to stay on track of her resolution of having her wedding planned by making a schedule. “I think it’s essential because I’m a goal oriented person so I set goals for myself,” said Slamer. For someone who does not normally have a New Year’s resolution, Slamer has to stay committed to her target because of how busy she is. Junior Pablo Tavares does not usually have a New Years resolution either, but says he does not want little or petty things get to him this upcoming year. Tavares plans on changing his


outlook on situations to accomplish this. “I think that’s the thing that will get me through this,” said Tavares. Sophomore Nic Aranda plans on being closer to his family—especially his dad—for the new year. “There are times I can’t be home. There are times I don’t want to be home, but I need to,” said Aranda. Aranda is determined to stay committed to this resolution whereas past resolutions, such as getting better grades and becoming better at sports, have not been a success. Towards the end of the school year, Aranda’s resolutions would be forgotten and he would blow them off. Taking us to a new outlook on resolutions of the new year, senior Ruby Tanja plans on eating at McDonald’s more often and trying everything on the menu. Tanja plans on staying committed to this year’s resolution. “I’ve got my wallet to remind me. Every time I see my wallet I’ll ask myself, ‘Why are you not at McDonald’s right now?’” said Tanja. Tanja has had past resolutions of losing weight and eating better, but they did not last. Because of this, Tanja decided on a resolution that would be more reasonable for her. “I didn’t choose it, it chose me,” said Tanja.

Holiday Movies Bring Joy to the Holiday Season Synquissa Morris Knight Life News We all remember those Christmas specials we watched when we were younger. We might still even watch some of them around the holidays. Holiday movies get you in the spirit of the season. Freshman Nathan Jaworowski remembers his favorite holiday movie as being “A Christmas Story” which is a 1940’s movie about a kid names Ralphie trying to convince his parents and Santa that a BB gun is the perfect gift. Jaworowski said his favorite part was “when he shoots himself in the eye with the BB gun.” “Home Alone,” staring Macaulay Culkin, tells the story of a kid who is left behind while his family flies to France for Christmas was one of sophomore Cayesha Small’s favorite childhood movies. She agrees that they get you in the mood for the holiday season, although she does not really like holiday movies

anymore. “I mean they’re on TV I just try to avoid them,” said Small. Sophomore Jay McIntosh admits that he still likes to watch some of his Christmas favorites, “Charlie Brown Christmas,” the first prime-time animated TV special based on the comic strip Peanuts and “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas,” based off one of Dr. Suess’s many books, about a green creature who is bitter about the Christmas season so he steals all the gifts from the kids in town. McIntosh said that the best part of The Grinch is when “They were taking all the stolen gifts up the hill and the dog was struggling . . . that part was so funny.” McIntosh thinks these movies are important for Christmas. “It gets you in the mood to open presents and throw some snowballs,” said McIntosh.

Photo courtesy of warmingglow.com In the classic Christmas film, “A Christmas Story”, Ralphie’s friend Flick is tripple dog dared to lick a flagpole, and gets his tongue stuck. This scene has become one of the most iconic, memorable scenes from an American Christmas movie.



Staff editorial

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Core Classes Give Students the Basic Knowledge They Need Core classes are courses that are essential for education in high school and common knowledge. Core classes include Math, English, Social Studies, and Science. Some students think taking core classes is a waste of time and they would rather invest time in classes that are necessary for the career they want to pursue. Michigan has changed the graduation requirements to enhance students’ knowledge, which is definitely a respectable idea. The state of Michigan saw that high school students were not getting enough math, science or communication education in order to be successful in college and in the workplace. The Department of Education created curriculum standards to make sure students were

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classes. These requirements give basic knowledge to students that are essential in life. Most students will not know what their career path will be until they get to college. Two thirds of all college freshmen have not chosen a major yet, according to Learn More Indiana. If college students have chosen a major, they are more than likely to change it anyway. Fifty five to sixty percent of college freshmen change their major at least once. This is why students should be given the necessary tools to prepare them for any career field. High school students are also required to take classes like Physical Education, Visual and Performing Arts, an online learning experience course,

and Strategic Computer Technology to graduate. Students may ask the question, “Why do I have to take these classes?” Little do they know that these classes are going to help them in the long run. In the work field you are going to need to know how to work on a computer and how to operate the different types of software. Non-core classes are career oriented and give basic knowledge. For example Advanced Journalism class at Loy Norrix provides students with basic editing skills that will be essential in college. These classes are not core classes but you can get a credit for it. Some students take a class and find out that they want to do that as a career.

Senior Aimee Lopez says she wants to go into forensic science as a career. She took the forensic science class at Loy Norrix High School, which counts as a science credit, but it is an elective and not considered a core class. She says it is really helping her in her decision if she actually wants to pursue it as a career or not. “It is helping me because I’m getting a better view of what the job involves,” said Lopez. Having core classes in our curriculum is an immense help to our students. These classes are shaping our students into model, well-rounded citizens.

John Collins Writing Program Should Be Revised

Asia Davis A&E Editor

Jazmine Houston Opinion Editor

getting the education they needed. The new requirements demand students to take four years of math including a math class their senior year. Students are also required to take an English class their senior year as well. Core classes are a good way to make sure students get the education they need for college no matter what field they want to go in. Having core classes opens opportunities for different career paths in students’ futures. Colleges require that you take these core classes anyway. You also have to take basic Math, English, Social Studies, and Science in college, so after you take them in high school you will be prepared foe the college version of these

Ben Miller Guest Writer

Try to find a student who agrees with the John Collins writing format. I dare you. This task should take you as long as it takes to write a type five. In other words, if you are not in the mood for a project, you should give up. On the other hand, teachers feel very differently

about this. Tisha Pankop, the Honors English 11 and Journalism teacher, as well as Advisor of Knight Life feels that it is helpful to students that need editorial guidance. “Students are finding errors instead of having me find them,” Pankop said. This also portrays another helpful aspect of John Collins format that she sees. Pankop said that John Collins format can also be useful in time related ways. She said that she can get through grading faster, so she can assign more papers. For teachers, John Collins format can be used efficiently and can make life just a little bit easier. Although she makes some

valid points, I still have a bone to pick. Teachers could do things like talk about those errors. . . instead of wasting time writing about those things. valid points, I still have a bone to pick. I have a problem with the Focus Correction Areas. Although they can be helpful for getting better at certain things at a time, they can still impair a student’s ability to learn from mistakes. As a student will look for errors, they can easily overlook things that are outside of the FCA’s.

While we are spending too much time on these three areas, we could be getting so much done. Teachers could do things like talk about those errors during lecture, instead of wasting time writing about those things. Getting through the curriculum would be so much easier and faster. My problem with John Collins is not the type one brainstorming or the type two question responses. I don’t mind type four editing or type five publishing either. It is specifically about students making error after error, paper as red as embers, and getting a perfect grade just because of those three Focus Correction Areas.

I’m not going to complain and then not have a better solution. There is definitely an alternative. We could have a similar writing process that hits on all of the good aspects of John Collins format, but without the FCA’s. As I stated earlier, they are not helpful in the long run because they allow students to overlook mistakes without consequences. Without John Collins, we could be moving through the curriculum quickly and without writing bad papers with three good aspects.



Make a Change, or Be Prepared for the Worst

Roberto Castells Knight Life News The population in the world keeps growing and the necessities of people too. Every year global warming is getting worse because people accelerate the process. We call Earth our planet, but we do not understand that there are different species living in the world. We have to respect something that is not only for us. We have to respect a world that is not only for humans but for other species as well. Global warming affects every living being in the world. Global warming will end our world if we do not do something. Global warming is the emission of gases to the atmosphere, which produce contamination. Global warming is not something we can stop because it is part of an age part of a cycle the earth have, this means that no matter what is going to happen, this is because, the axis of the

Earth inclines 24 degrees every 25 thousand years, making the weather of the earth change because we are in a different position from the sun. The problem is that humans are making it happen faster because people contaminate the Earth. There are many types of contaminations: the emission of gases, the garbage in rivers and oceans and on the ground, and light and sound contamination. The worst form of contamination is the emission of gases into the atmosphere. The gases, like carbon dioxide and methane, come from cars and factories; factories and cars that have over emissions of gases do not have the permission to work from the state but they still are working, they work because of the corruption of the companies. Cars and factories send gasses to the atmosphere that make holes in the ozone layer, which allows UV rays to enter earth. This makes Earth become warmer. Every time the earth increases one degree Celsius, a lot of animals like frogs enter the list of endangered species. More than 27 animals are already extinct and if things keep going on this way, more than half of the species are going to become extinct. This is according to Winnilver Portilla science teacher form Intisana. Something that we can do to prevent global warming is stop deforestation. Every minute forests the size of eight football fields are

deforested. Trees help reduce global warming because when trees make photosynthesis; they transform the carbon dioxide to oxygen and this helps the ozone layer. Another big problem is the ice poles are melting. This is increasing the level of the ocean and has many effects to all of us. A lot of animals like polar bears live there and they are dying because they do not have a place to live. They live in the icebergs from the pole and without this they get tired of swimming trying to find some places to stay and finally drown. Also, countries like Japan and the Netherlands and some states like New York and California will eventually disappear because the sea level is increasing and they are below sea level. There is not a specific day we can predict that this is going to happen. People can not stop this but we can make global warming go more slowly. The future is in our hands. The future generations deserve far better than a destroyed world. People do not realize that global warming is not making the earth warmer. It will make the Earth colder like an ice age. People are looking for alternatives to slow global warming down. They are looking for new kind of energy, like solar energy and energy that comes from the wind, so we can stop using energy that come from fossils. We are also creating new technology like hybrid cars that help the ecosystem.

Wake Up, We’re Not Equal Yet: Sleeping Feminists Miss Opportunity for Change

Aubrey Butts Knight Life News Feminism is not dead, but it is asleep. Americans live in the illusion that, as a society, we are beyond the need of fighting for equality. Now we have become complacent with the state we are in. We have accepted the advancements our foremothers fought for but refuse to identify as feminists. It irks me when I ask a friend whether she is a feminist or not and her answer is no. We live in a country where women have died for our right to vote, and yet you don’t identify as a feminist? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, feminism is “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.” Throughout history, this simple definition has become warped. Present day feminism has been pushed aside and looked at as a bad word. Perhaps this is another major reason why feminism is asleep. The usage of the word “feminist” triggers stereotyped images. Images of staunch, angry, hairy women or women protesting the hiring of a clearly under qualified man instead of the more qualified woman. So often I hear the statement, “I’m not a feminist, but. . .” followed by an assertion about female power. Why are we so hesitant to claim

this title? By refusing to identify as a feminist, we ultimately are permitting ourselves to stand back and say, “No, I’m not actually going to make that much change.” This passivity is killing the feminist movement. The modern definition of a feminist is being so warped that even former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, publicly declared herself as a feminist in September 2008. Palin is, as much as I disagree with her politics, a female role model. She was quoted as saying that in her family, she was “expected to do everything growing up that the boys were doing.” However, is this feminism? Believing that feminism is accomplished due to women being treated the same as a man? Personally, a feminist should account for more than someone being represented as equal to men. A feminist should protect equality and female bodily autonomy, something that as a pro-life supporter, Palin is not doing. Feminism is broken up into “waves.” The first wave, which spanned from 1848 to 1920, started with the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848 and covered women’s suffrage. This wave was largely a political movement. The second wave was from 1963 to 1982 and was also considered the Women’s Liberation Movement. The second wave was largely a social movement. The third wave, which started in 1983, appears to be what is left of the previous Feminist movements. More inclusive, the third wave is fighting for equality regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or socio-economic standing. Currently in the third wave of feminism, there is an argument about the relevance of feminism today. Blind to the statistics, America does not see that women receive 77 cents to a man’s dollar according to an article in “Time” magazine. America’s population is over 50 percent women; however, according to the

“Huffington Post”, women only hold 17 percent of the seats in Congress. Loy Norrix senior Marissa Klee-Peregon, an activist for feminism and human rights, believes that people’s perception on modern equality affects the interest in activism. “I think a lot of people sort of think that we live in a world where gender equality exists, just like a lot of people think racism is dead, but in reality sexism and racism are both very much alive. But if people think that everything is equal, I don’t think they see the point in feminism (or anti-racism activism), so there’s less of an interest in it,” said Klee-Peregon. That is to say, when as a society we don’t see the remaining inequalities, one is less likely to be vocal about the visibility and changes that still need to occur. Perhaps the reason why feminism is sleeping is because of this silence, because of this lack of role models. History teacher Ryan Allen agrees. “There aren’t enough males and females speaking out for progression. It is still heavily ingrained that women stay at home. You watch T.V. shows about it, you watch movies about it,” said Allen. We are at a lack of Elizabeth Cady Stantons, Gloria Steinems, or Rebecca Walkers. Each a leader of their “wave” of feminism, these women are the people American’s should be modeling themselves after. But instead, we are silenced by the perceived notion of gender equality. Feminism will stay asleep as long as we as a society refuse to tear down the blinders of the supposed equality and see that more work needs to be done. The choice is yours. Remove your blinders and assert yourself as the next Gloria Steinem or stay blind and continue to watch “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

Knights Speak

Should non core classes be required for graduation? Keelei Sage, Senior “No, because they are a waste of time and they teach you things you already know.”

Rogar Williams, Senior “No, because they’re not a factor.”

Hannah Reinhold, Junior “No, they’re not important.”

Pablo Tavares, Junior “No, it is repetative and common knowledge. They do not exercise our brains in any way.”

Peter Rossi, Sophomore “In some way yeah, because you need to know life skills as well.”

Christian Diaz, Junior “No, because no one wants to do extra work.”



PROPS -Winter Fest Time to get your dancing shoes on. -Snow Days Don’t snow days need snow? -Holidays Two weeks of drowsy, school free holiday cheer! -College Acceptance Will I be accepted or denied? -New Trimester Your new least favorite teacher doesn’t like you either! -New Year’s Isn’t the world supposed to end or something? -Winter Fashion Because North Face didn’t get enough of your money last year.

STOPS -Nasty Bathrooms The bathrooms have been dethroned. -Late Winter Break Cutting it a little close this year? -Michigan Winters They’re like wild tigers! -Hallway Litter What would Schmitty do? -Bad Roads I bet Canada doesn’t have potholes! -No Soap in the Bathrooms Where hath thou gone, soap? -Cold Classrooms Bring your winter coats. -Fight Club The first rule of fight club is...


Letters to the Editor Singers Should Stop Overdramatizing Performances Dear Editor, I read the article, “Accomplished Singers Should Stop Overdramatizing their Performances” by Racheal Koole. I really liked that she used real life artists that we all know and so we get more of what she is talking about. I think she did a really good job writing this article. It is actually something that as a teenager I would want to read about. I kind of wish she had given more examples of artists today that do not “overdramatize” like Adele or even Taylor Swift. Racheal stated a point and stuck with it the entire article. Overall I think this article was really good. Margarette Danver, Freshman

Dear Editor, I read, “Accomplished Singers...” I like the point you are trying to get across. Too many mainstream artists are focused on everything but the vocals that actually make the song. It takes away from the point of some of the songs. On the other hand, you have to think about the creativity they are trying to show. I agree that it gets boring fast when all artists try to out do each other. When you actually see the depth of the costumes, dancing and all the hard work of the setting, you realize it all is just the imagery of the song. That is why I have a bit of respect for mainstream music. I agree that every once in a while a singer needs to focus on their voice. The point of their fame is to show the world their voice and originality, not to put on a show. Cassidy Davis, Freshman

Students Struggle with New Tardy Procedure Dear Editor, I read, “Students Struggle with New Changes to the Tardy Procedure.” I like this because it tells the right things about students being tardy to class. I do not think that we should be tardy that’s not a good thing to do. I think we should be in class on time and get no tardies. YolandaYarbrough, Freshman

Dear Editor, I read, “Students Struggle with the New Changes to the Tardy Procedure.” I liked how they made it very clear that only some students abused the warning bell. I wish they still had the bell because it seemed very beneficial and I always hear the upper classmen complaining about not having it. Andrea Bell, Freshman

Facebook is Becoming Big Brother

Cell Phones for Education Dear Editor, I read the article, “Cell Phones for Education” by Aubrey Butts. I liked how the lead grabbed my attention and the article kept me interested. I thought that I could relate to the response of some of the students about how technology should be used for educational reasons as well as communication devices. I wish schools in our district used technology for education rather than textbooks. I think that would be really cool, but some people might lose them. That is the only concern. Zaria Lockett Freshman Class of 61 Visits Norrix Dear Editor, I read, “Class of ’61 visits a New Norrix.” I wish that I could see how Loy Norrix looked before everything started to change. I think it would be very interesting. I would like to see the class of ’61 because I would want to see their reactions to their old school and to hear stories about old Norrix. Sean Cummings, Freshman Foreign Exchange Students Play Sports in America Dear Editor, I read, “Foreign Exchange Students Play Sports in America.” Daniela, I like how you gave a lot of information about where the foreign exchange students came from and what they are playing or doing. I like how they can relate the sports they play here, to what they have played at home or the comparison of the importance of here and there. If I were you, I would continue writing. Tashanya Pettiford-Willis, Freshman Going to School in Ecuador Dear Editor, I was extremely interested when I read, “Going to School in Ecuador.” I have always been curious about schools in other countries. Finding out about all the different classes and travels around Europe was interesting. I have always wanted to go to Rome. I wish the uniform schools I have been to were more creative with their clothes, like they are in Ecuador. Anna Braun, Freshman

Ben Dunham Guest Writer Ah, the internet: that happy, wonderful place where kittens run free through the endless fields of free entertainment and tweets flutter through the air above the gorgeous cities of social networks. This is a place without a care in the world, where everything is happy and good, with the only facial expression allowed being a colon followed by a capital “D”. Nothing is amiss here right? All of this is here simply for our enjoyment? Sorry to break this colorful dream bubble, but that could not be any more wrong. Beneath its colorful, streamlined, and happy exterior, the internet is a shady, grimy, disgusting place, filled to the brim with scams, false information and a false sense of security. It is a lawless place, where nobody can stop anything from happening. And at the head of it all is the iron behemoth, Facebook. Facebook needs to die. “But, why?” you might ask. Just like everything else on the internet, Facebook looks like a positive and harmless place at first sight. It is simply a way to keep up with friends in the digital world, when brought to basics. But the fact that it is on the internet is where things get really terrifying. You see, for anything to occur digitally on the internet it has to happen somewhere physically in the real world. This is accomplished by banks of “servers”—computers that hold this data as a series of on/off digits on a disk. This means that, by the simple principle of the internet, everything you do stays on one of these servers for a very long time. You have all had it preached to you. “Anything you do on the internet stays there forever.” This is very true. In fact, people do not take this literally or seriously enough. Every single thing you do is recorded, and kept on a server. Every link you click, every character you type, every picture you view. All of it is carefully documented on a server somewhere. If you are familiar with George Orwell’s 1984, you will find it very safe to say that Big Brother is watching. But here he is hiding under a veil of friendliness and welcoming that won’t scare you away. Well what does this mean for Facebook? Facebook has more than 800 million users, with more than 50 percent of them active on a daily basis. This means that every single action of more than 400 million people is documented in a server every day. The personal information

of 800 million people is kept on a server somewhere. Even if you try to delete your account, your data has surely been backed up somewhere else or has been collected in another place. It is literally there forever and will not leave. Now, Facebook has clearly stated that it is not selling your personal information to other companies; however, as per a 2008 announcement by Facebook, other companies are allowed to monitor your movements on their own, in a practice called Engagement Advertising. This means that your data is being collected by companies and being used to put the links you clicked on in front of friends so they will see it too. Even though all of this does not seem so bad, keep in mind that nothing is safe on the internet. If hackers have shown us anything in the digital age, it is that if there is page for it on the internet, it only takes time before it will be breached. This means that Facebook’s servers are there, with 800 million names, addresses, phone numbers, and everything each of those people have felt the need to post about since they got the account sitting around, ready for the taking. On top of that, every link they have ever clicked, every picture they have viewed and every word they have typed including but not limited to chat logs, status updates, and private messages are all sitting out too, collected for the purpose of Engagement Advertising. Basically, the ins and outs of more than 800 million people’s lives are at risk, every day. Basically, there is a ticking time bomb until Facebook’s servers are breached and the world’s information is made available to the general public. But that’s not the worst. The most terrifying part of Facebook’s digital empire is that it is ingrained into our lives. Nobody sees it as a threat, or even the slightest problem. To most people, it is nothing different than just talking to their friends, they can say and do whatever they want, whenever they want. It is a private place where they can just talk to each other. What they do not realize is that a “private conversation” on the internet is about as private as a shouting match in the middle of downtown Chicago. This place, however, has nearly seven billion users worldwide, with more and more connecting each day, as opposed to a few thousand on the busiest streets. That being said, many people still see Facebook as a great way to connect with friends, which it is, if you don’t mind putting your entire identity at risk in the process. It is a great way to post pictures of your cat or complain about how horrible your life is. Heck, go ahead and post those pictures from last weekend. You know the ones. Just remember: You have no clue who is going to see them.



A Few of Loy Norrix’s Favorite Things There are so many choices to choose from when going out with friends. Choosing where to go is difficult for teens because there has been little time to go out. Knight Life passed out a survey to 120 Loy Norrix students to find out for them. The survey included different categories from restaurants to shops. These are the restaurants and entertainment venues that LN students chose.

Best Movie Theatre

Best Chinese Restaurant

#1 Kalamazoo 10: Goodrich Quality

Theatres originally started in Grand Rapids, Michigan and now has multiple theatres in four states. One such theatre, Kalamazoo 10, shows all the latest movies and even special movie viewing. Kalamazoo 10 is located on Maple Hill Dr. by Target.

#2 The Rave: Although not a local

business, the Rave movie theatre is the second most popular movie theatre in Kalamazoo according to LN students. The Rave has multiple features such as 3D screening and IMAX which includes enhanced sound and digital resolution. The Rave is located downtown Kalamazoo on Portage St.

#1 Great Wall Express: The Great

Wall of China restaurant has been serving Kalamazoo since 1978. The Great Wall has a mix of traditional Chinese food including Crispy Orange Chicken and a Chicken Moo Shu. Great Wall Express is located by Walgreens on South Westnedge Ave.

#2 Hibachi Sushi Buffet: Are you

looking for a great Chinese restaurant close to Norrix? Hibachi Sushi Buffet, located where Stir Max used to be, opened the spring of 2011. Hibachi features a selection of sushi and stir fry. Hibachi is located on South Westnedge Ave. by Fanfare.

Best Place To Buy Shoes

Best Clothing Store

#1 Journeys: A great shoe place for any

#1 J. C. Penny: Originally started by

person. Journey’s has many different brands such as Nikes or even Converse. Journey’s has both men shoes and women’s shoes and allows for a great selection of choices. Journey’s is located in Cross Roads Mall on Ring Road.

#2 Finish Line: Finish Line’s main goal

James Cash Penny in 1902. J. C. Penny is in multiple malls and sells affordable clothing for everyone. J. C. Penny’s main goal is to serve their customers. J C Penny is located in Crossroads Mall.

#2 Forever 21: Originally called Fashion

since the beginning is “to connect to young, fashion conscious individuals through a premium brand experience featuring the best selection of authentic, sport inspired products.” Finish Line is found in Crossroads Mall.

21, Forever 21 is now one of the three top teen brands. Forever 21 is an affordable clothing store while remaining true to the latest fashions. There is always something new to add to a students’ wardrobe ranging from cocktail dresses to T-shirts. Forever 21 is located in Crossroads Mall.

Best Amusement Park

Best Fast Food Place

#1 Cedar Point: Cedar Point started

out as bar back in 1870. Now, it is one of the biggest, oldest, and most known amusements parks around the Midwest. With roller coasters, food, and children rides, it has an appeal to any age group. Cedar Point is in Sandusky, Ohio.

#2 Michigan’s Adventure: Located in

Muskegon, Michigan, Michigan’s Adventure is the largest amusement park in Michigan. The park opens on May 18, 2012. Michigan’s Adventure makes sure all their rides are safe with height limits and adults supervisors. Michigan’s Adventure is located in Muskegon, Michigan.

Best Italian Restaurant

#1 Olive Garden: There is just something about Olive Garden that captures attention. It could be many aspects such as their atmosphere or the menu. Thus, Olive Garden has been voted one of the top Italian restaurants in Kalamazoo by Loy Norrix students. Olive Garden is located on South Westnedge Ave. by Best Buy and Logan’s Roadhouse.

#2 Wendy’s: Another burger place on

the menu, Wendy’s is one of the favorite fast food places for Loy Norrix students..Recently Wendy’s has amped up their menu with new fries and burgers. Wendy’s also offers the frosty which comes in a variety including an Oreo frosty parfait.

#1 Red Robin Gourmet Burger:

How about taking a break from the greasy McDonald burgers and taste the gourmet burger by Red Robin? Red Robin Gourmet Burger has a variety of burgers. Red Robin Gourmet Burger is located on South Westnedge Ave. by Pep Boys and Fazoli’s. Yummm!

#2 Carrabba’s Italian Grill: Carrabba’s

#2 Steak and Shake: A great place to get

Best Donut Place

Best Muffins

is the Italian place to go to for a variety of meals. They offer a mix of different pizzas, pastas, and chicken. Carrabba’s is located on South Westnedge Ave. by Fazoli’s.

#1 Sweetwater’s Donut Mill:

Sweetwater’s remains open 24 hours with over 50 donut flavors to choose from. That is one great place for an anytime donut craving. Sweetwater’s is located on South Sprinkle Road by Chicken Coop or is located on Stadium Drive by Jet’s Pizza.

#2 Krispy Kreme: Krispy Kreme offers

their signature glazed donuts. You can also add nuts or sprinkles to the original donut. Kalamazoo currently does not have a Krispy Kreme donut store; however, Krispy Kreme donuts can be purchased at Meijer.

Best Gym

both. Steak and Shake is open 24 hours. Half Price Happy hour occurs between 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and 2 a.m. to 4 a.m., where shakes and drinks are half off. Steak and Shake is located on South Westnedge Ave. by Arby’s.

#1 Big Apple Bagels: Big Apple Bagels has multiple menu choices for anytime of day. Their muffins include chocolate cheesecake Big Apple Bagels is found on South Westnedge Ave. by Body Armor and Jimmy Johns.

#2 The Muffin Man: An iconic figure for

many years, The Muffin Man makes the best muffins in the fictional world. The Muffin Man recently made a cameo in the first Shrek movie as the man who bakes the talking Gingerbread Man. “Do you know the Muffin Man that lives on Drury Lane?”

Best Breakfast Spot

#1 IHOP: Breakfast is the essential meal

#1 McDonald’s: When many people

think of fast food, they think of the redheaded clown and they joy he brings. McDonald’s offers the McRib, chicken nuggets and a salad which makes any person think “I’m Lovin’ it.” There are multiple McDonalds around Kalamazoo such as the South Westnedge Ave one found by Taco Bell.

Best Burger Place

#1 YMCA: YMCA is one of the favorites

among athletic teens. Membership rates per month depend on the age and the number of people enrolling. The memberships range from youth to a family. YMCA is located on Maple Street by the Maple St. middle school.

#2 Bronson Athletic Club: Besides a

hospital, Bronson encourages fitness. Bronson Athletic Club does not encourage just one or the other but both. Bronson Athletic Club is located on Elm Valley Dr. by Dana Heavy Vehicles Systems Group.

of the day and with so many choices in Kalamazoo, it is IHOP that comes out on top. IHOP offers pancakes of many different flavors. They also have other breakfast items to choose from like omelets, french toast and crepes. IHOP is located on South Westnedge Ave. by Gander Mountain.

#2 Uncle Ernie’s Pancake House: Sec-

ond place goes to Uncle Ernie’s, a Kalamazoo breakfast establishment. Uncle Ernie’s offers a homemade Eggs Benedict the first Sunday of every month. Uncle Ernies is located on Portage St. by The Clothing Connection and Cottage Inn Pizza.



Davis Crocker: The Complete Package

Courtesy of USTA Website Loy Norrix sophomore Davis Crocker played at the USTA Boys National over the summer in California. Crocker considered it the biggest tournament of his life. Marta Grabowski Knight Life News When five year old Davis Crocker stepped on to the tennis court for the first time and swung his racket he was by no means a Rafeal Nadal, but there was something about tennis that clicked. Crocker’s parents decided to have him start playing tennis at the age of five. Although Crocker really had no choice at that young age, playing has worked out for him so far. Tennis was not the only sport Crocker has tried. He also played football, baseball, basketball and soccer. Crocker also enjoys playing the piano. “I love to compete. I played five sports for awhile. Tennis is not just physical, it’s mental and strategy. Plus, there’s no time limit so I can come back from anything,” said Crocker. This past Loy Norrix tennis season, Crocker, who is only a sophomore, held a record of 31-1 for the Knights, and won the Division 2 state championship. Most think that Crocker was born with a tennis ball and racket in his hand and was just a natural, as that is what most think of sports super stars. However, Crocker works hard almost every day to perfect his tennis game. During the school tennis season, Crocker practices with his team and then hits individually. When the school season is over he hits for three hours every day and prepares for his United States Tennis Association (USTA) matches. Along with all the court practice Crocker gets, he also spends time in the gym with a personal trainer. Loy Norrix tennis coach and teacher Art Williams notices all the

hard work Crocker puts in, on and off the court, and is happy to get to have Crocker on his team. “He deserves everything he has because he works so hard,” said Williams. Most players who play at the high competitive level, like USTA, that Crocker does, usually do not even play high school tennis and definitely do not practice with their team. Crocker, on the other hand, thinks it is important to be a part of a team. “I like the comradery of it. I don’t have teammates in my regular tennis. They are all good guys too, so I would rather hit with them than be alone. I like being a part of the team,” said Crocker. Crocker understands how to push himself on and off the court, which has made him a state champion and an academic success. Along with all Crocker’s tennis success, he also has a rigorous academic schedule. He is currently enrolled in the Kalamazoo Area Math and Science Center (KAMSC) and also takes Advanced Placement courses at Loy Norrix. Since Crocker’s life revolves around tennis, most would think that it would be impossible to focus in other things. But somehow Crocker has a social life and maintains a 4.2 GPA. Crocker hopes to further advance his tennis career in the future. He would like to play college tennis and would also like to try and play professional tennis, but Crocker will of course go to college and get an education. “Awesome tennis player, awesome student and awesome person. He is the complete package,” said Williams.

Davis Crocker

Chosen as Team Captain for 2012

Made All-Conference All-State

Seeded No. 1 at Division 2 State in Singles

The Complete Package

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