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studio for our growing team of highly skilled developers, in-house, our people. We are investing in multiple routes to multiple markets and growing both our domestic and our international business substantially but sustainably.


Foreword by Tony Bradley Managing Director, Wilton Bradley Ltd

e are enjoying a period of significant growth; we have great people, talented motivated people, with an enviable blend of youth and experience and we look forward to the future with justified optimism. Our focus is on continued improvement and sustainability. When I talk about ‘sustainability’, yes, I do mean things such as having the latest full electric forklift trucks and man-up picking machines, which will soon be powered by solar energy generated from our own rooftops enabling us to pick, pack and dispatch around 20,000 parcels per day. I mean, reducing our packaging waste and single use plastics and introducing a brand new fleet of the latest plug in electric hybrid company cars as despite embracing Zoom and Teams over the past few months, we are eager to get out on the road and meet our customers face to face again. But I also mean ‘sustainability’ in terms of the Company. We have invested heavily in property, facilities, equipment, I.P. and R&D and most importantly our people. We have incredible levels of in-house resource, with significant investment in product design and development, ensuring that we have a pipeline of great new products. We are not waiting for the next craze or the next big license deal, we are creating our own exciting new products.

We are investing in our own pool of next generation people ensuring that we have an environment and culture that embraces current values. An exciting, vibrant, and rewarding atmosphere with personal and team development, with a sense of purpose at our core. Not only is our mix of youth and experience enviable but so are our employee retention stats, and we are very proud of that. Amongst the most valuable assets we have are our relationship with both suppliers and customers. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the incredible job both have done this year under the most difficult of circumstances. Our factories who are of course mostly in China and coped unbelievable well earlier in the year when they were the first to be hit with the Covid-19 pandemic and the way they recovered after the initial shock was nothing less than miraculous. I have to specifically mention our colleagues and friends at Bestway Inflatables, who have not only maintained reliable supply throughout but have done so in the most honourable way, suffering significant pain and cost themselves whilst at no point reneging on contracts or agreements, unlike certain competitors. As for our retail customers and specifically those who are specialist bricks and mortar retailers, your resilience and fortitude has been incredible. We have tried to be supportive where we can and I am sure that when you survive this most difficult of years you will have proved to be exceptional organisations which will bode well for the future.

We have an impressive new photographic and videography studio which boasts a 120m2 Cyclorama/infinity wall and all the latest kit required to produce great content in-house. We are currently building a new web and software development






Without boundaries. It has been quite a year for Wilton Bradley’s  Xootz brand. 2020 has seen the brand expand its sales to over 20 countries around the World.  Progressing to 2021 Wilton Bradley look set to build strongly on that success, having created a  real buzz around their new range of electric wheeled toys.   Wheeled toys have long been a specialism for WB, with many years of experience in developing premium products for their Osprey Action Sports  brand and its clear to see how this knowledge has benefitted their Xootz brand. 

“... inspire and encourage kids to get outdoors and have fun without boundaries.”

Go Kart, with slick, eye-catching design, and high spec features taking electric ride ons to the next level. The Xootz brand guidelines focus on eye-catching imagery, premium product videos and an engaging tone of voice to match the brand values centred around ‘attitude’ and ‘breaking boundaries’. The overall mission is to promote, inspire and encourage kids to get outdoors and have fun without boundaries. The Wilton Bradley team have focused on developing unique, innovative newness for Xootz  through in-house CAD development and 3D sample printing. Look no further than the Xootz Typhoon as  an example of the team’s obsession with product  development, which went through multiple stages of fine tuning and consumer testing, before they were happy with the finished product.


The entire Xootz range delivers the full  package with superb specification and  features, competitive pricing, highly rated consumer reviews and  multiple toy awards. Every product in the  Xootz electric  range includes a complete aftersales service from their in-house customer support team.  2021 sees the expansion of the Xootz electric range  with the Comet Electric

Comet Electric Go Kart

Buyer Endorsement “What I like about Wilton Bradley is that people are very involved in the different projects. WB has a wide choice of product to meet customers’needs.I like the way they always make you feel as an important customer.” Eddie Hugonnard from King Jouet



The award-winning Typhoon Power Drifter  with a striking design and an impressive run time of 40 minutes is guaranteed fun for kids who love speeding around and performing drifting stunts! As well as a max speed of 16km/h, caster wheels complete with LED lights and a twist grip thumb throttle, this impressive, unique  drifter provides endless outdoor fun.

The Electro & Evader electric scooters both boast high spec and always ensure a high-performance ride. With an impressive running time of 80 minutes, max speed of 18km/h and thumb throttle complete with an eye-catching, foldable design, these electric scooters provide ultimate speeding fun, are perfect for teenagers.   



With demand in the market for more electric scooters available for younger riders, this award-winning scooter has been designed for children aged six plus with a smaller, lighter frame and child-friendly features. The combination of eye-catching colourways, foldable design and impressive spec including a 60-minute run time, maximum speed of 8km/h and thumb throttle have already caught the attention of many.   


New for 2021, the Comet electric go kart in it’s stealthy black exterior takes electric ride ons to the next level. Powered by 2 rechargeable 12V batteries which deliver speeds of up to 16km/h for an adrenaline fuelled ride. Pivot, spin and drift with this electric go kart.  7



DIRT SCOOTER One of the key Xootz values is “without boundaries” and this Dirt Scooter is the epitome of this, ensuring no terrain is off limits and there are no barriers to exploring new trails.

Buyer, Scott Decker: “We have seen a gap in the market for an affordable yet durable dirt scooter for riders ages 8+, so this scooter is designed with a heat treated aluminium deck, strong steel handlebar and tested up to 100kg weight limit. It shares many features with higher price point offerings, all in a great value package and impressive spec.”

The stand-out Xootz BMX Scooter with large tread pneumatic front and rear wheels make light work of any tricky terrain that may be encountered on an adventure. Accompanied by front and back V-brakes and soft touch bar grips, children can stay both in control and comfortable during every ride. Lightweight and built to last, the Xootz BMX Scooter also boasts an extremely durable frame while being light enough to be ridden over long distances. 8


The Xootz Stunt V2 Black Green Y Bar Stunt Scooter is perfect for young shredders wanting a first stunt scooter setup. The precision quality ABEC-7 bearings and 100mm wheels, combined with stunt scooter Y-bar and 3-bolt tube clamp ensures kids will be landing sick tricks in no time at all!


Stunt SCOOTERs: Phantom & shred 2.0 Phantom and Shred are 2 new additions to the Xootz stunt scooter line-up, sharing the same outstanding features as current best sellers within the current range, but with some fresh graphics and colourways. Buyer, Scott Decker: “They feature a heat-treated aluminium deck with full print grip tape, Steel T Bar with Triple bolt clamp and PVC Wheels with ABEC 7 bearings. This gives the scooter an impressive max weight of 100kg.� 9



Youth Stunt SCOOTERs: brainache & monster smash up These youth stunt scooters help beginners learn their very first jumps, hops and tricks. Including a fixed height handlebar, these scooters don’t fold up which ensures they maintain strength and rigidity when used for a variety of jumps and tricks. Featuring 36cm wide bars with soft grips, ABEC5 bearings and built-in aluminium rear brake for keeping in control, these stunt scooters have all the essentials covered.



This best-selling Viper Go Kart offers a fun and safe driving experience. Its tough chassis and framework provide all the strength and durability required for races around the local park. Not only is the Viper made to last, the ergonomic seating positioning and pneumatic tyres make for a super smooth ride. The addition of the handbrake and gear stick will also make them feel like they are really driving. Finished with striking graphics, this Go Kart will provide years of enjoyment and unrivalled style!

This balance bike is a go-to first bicycle for any child learning to ride. It teaches children to balance at an early stage, making the future step to a pedalled bike much easier. An ultra-light construction, adjustable seat and handlebars makes this bike perfect for a growing child. The ergonomic soft grip handles and puncture proof wheels complete this setup to offer any child a comfortable and rewarding first biking experience.


The award-winning bubble scooter is a unique concept and has seen great success since it’s launch last year. Watch little one’s faces light up whilst they leave a trail of bubbles wherever they go on this unique bubble scooter. Simply add bubble solution to the rear mounted bubble machine and watch as hundreds of bubbles blow away in the wind. Available in both blue and green and pink and blue, this scooter adds a unique feature to a favourite outdoor toy.

New for 2021, the Scout Tri-Scooter is designed to give littles ones the confidence and helps them to grasp the basics of scooter riding. This three wheeled version of a traditional scooter helps them to practice their balance and stability. Featuring an adjustable and foldable stem which is important as they grow, a rear brake so they stay in control and a wide footplate for improved stability, the Scout Tri Scooter is a perfect first scooter. 11






BMW K1300S Bike Electric Ride-On Kids can make dad jealous with the Xootz BMW K1300S Bike Electric Ride-On. This is the closest kids will get to the real deal with official BMW branding and all the premium features that go into a full-sized bike. Safe, fast and exciting, this ride-on will quickly become a child’s prized possession.

Audi TT RS Plus Electric Ride-On The officially licensed Audi TT RS Plus Electric Ride-On Sports Car in bright red is ideal for sports car mad kids to enjoy a drive to the park or around town. They will have a fun time cruising along in style and turning heads with this sporty kids’ electric ride-on Audi TT car.

Living the dream McLaren P1 Electric Ride-On

The officially licensed McLaren P1 Electric Ride-On Sports Car is the dream super sports car for all junior racing drivers. Kids will love to cruise around town and to the park in style. This ultimate kids’ electric ride-on car will turn heads, especially with its striking orange paintwork and scissor doors.



Parental Control Fiat 500 Ride-On This officially licensed Fiat 500 Ride-On Car with Push Handle is just like the real thing and finished in a gorgeous bubblegum pink, kids will love to go out and about in it. This 2-in-1 Push and Ride-On Car means that parents can either push it along using the height adjustable, twist to steer handle or slide back the floor of the car and kids can push the car along themselves with their feet. It is an ideal toy to grow together with the child.


BMW X5 Electric Ride-On A new breed of grandeur, the Xootz BMW X5 M Electric Ride-On makes a powerful statement. This officially licensed BMW ride-on features all the details of the full-scale powerhouse. Kidney grille, sculptured bonnet and unmistakeable working front lights, this ride-on has presence. With a 3-speed drive and reverse gear, little ones can practice their skills in the ultimate driving machine. If they are too young to take the wheel parents don’t need to worry, the included remote control allows them to take control.

Buying Director, Carl Bradley: “We carry a large range of items domestically that are exclusive to WBL in the UK but also work with key national retailers on an FOB basis, supplying them with exclusive items, ensuring they have a competitive advantage in the market place.”

Lamborghini Evantador exclusive to Argos




Wilton Bradley Ltd Sales 2017-2020 £50,000,000 £40,000,000 £30,000,000 £20,000,000 £10,000,000 £0

Q & A with Ross Bradley Sales Director Can you tell us a bit about Wilton Bradley and the scale of the business today? We specialise in the design, development, distribution and marketing of consumer products in the toy, sports and outdoor leisure markets. We supply our own brands and products to a broad range of customers from independent and multi-national retailers to distributors.

We also design, develop and manufacture OEM products for other brand owners. While product design and development are at the centre of what we do, we also distribute a number of marketleading brands in the UK. We are proud of the fact that last year marked 25 years of working as Bestway’s UK office, one of the world’s leading inflatable and leisure brands.

How was trading for Wilton Bradley in 2020?

2020 will be a year we will never forget, but we are fortunate that despite many ups and downs, our full year results will be very strong. We have positioned ourselves well to tackle such difficult times with multiple brands, varying routes to market and trading with many different countries which has meant that whilst some






aspects of the business have been tough, others have prospered. Today we have a range of more than 4,000 products with distribution in 30 countries and it is that spread of business along with our continual investment in technology and digitalising our business which enabled us to trade well, even through the lockdown periods. We have also made a special effort to support our loyal


customers particularly those who operate out of bricks and mortar as much as possible whilst they find their way through a difficult year. Whether it is by offering extended payment terms to help with cash flow or agreeing a call off period for committed orders so that they can drip feed stock and manage their risk during the uncertainty of it all. Our customers are our lifeblood, and we will always strive to go the extra mile to ensure continued successes together. Of course product plays a massive role in the success of the business and an important factor is that a large selection of our product range, promotes active play for all the family and encourages kids and families to move outside more which has been so important throughout 2020. As this subject is very topical currently and important to parents, we have made it our duty to get kids out exploring and spending less time cooped up indoors.

What have been the company’s most successful products this year?

We have had a real buzz around our

new Xootz range this year which has led to some considerable growth. At the forefront of this charge were our Elements, Electro & Evader electric scooters, which have been best-selling products in the group, as well as the Typhoon Power Drifter which won the Top WOW factor within the active category in the Right Start Awards. 2021 will see the launch of our new stealth black Go-Kart called the COMET – there is lots more to come in 2021. How are you making sure that customers can see your new products? Quite simply, we are having to adapt. We have a range of options for customers to view our new 2021 ranges. We’re offering live video conference presentations from our showroom, allowing buyers to meet our account managers from the comfort of their own home to review the products and ask questions live. In addition, we are using showcloud as a platform for all customers to log in and view our ranges. All new products for 2021 have got a pre-recorded video presentation to allow customers to watch at their own convenience. Each video explains the key selling points and features of the product as told by the experts. For those who would prefer to see product in the flesh, our showroom is still open by appointment only and can be accessed directly without passing through other areas of the business and is a Covid secure environment. What are the team’s ambitions for the company in 2021? The toy industry continues to be an exciting sector to be a part of heading into 2021 and our order book is bigger than ever so our focus will soon turn to product activation and helping to drive great sell through for our customers. We cannot wait for the summer as we will be exhibiting at the rescheduled Nuremberg toy fair next year which we hope will give us the chance to show off our exciting new ranges but most importantly meet with as many customers as possible. Bring on 2021!



MEET THE SALES TEAM Laetitia Westerman

Head of International Sales

“I am thrilled to have joined Wilton Bradley, such a wonderfully talented and welcoming team.  I am looking forward to the challenge of helping the business to develop their International presence, adding to an already successful and growing UK presence. It is great to be here at such an exciting and ambitious time and being able to offer customers the chance to benefit from Wilton Bradley’s existing brands as well as our extensive design and manufacturing capabilities.”

Hannah Pickersgill

International Sales Manager

Hannah joined Wilton Bradley in September 2020, bolstering the International Sales team headed by Laetitia Westerman, with whom she has worked with in previous roles in the toy industry. Hannah’s toy, sales and management experience has been consolidated over the last 11 years with roles in various UK toy businesses.

Mike Gascoigne National Account Manager

Mike joined Wilton Bradley in 2014 with 9 years’ previous experience within the toy industry holding various sales roles at both Mega Brands and Marbel. He is one of three National Account Managers within the team handling Wilton Bradley’s growing portfolio of major retailers.

Pete Minch

National Account Manager

Pete brings with him great experience of the Toy & Nursery industry having spent the last 7 years working with Hasbro and most recently Artsana UK. “I am delighted to be joining Wilton Bradley at such an exciting time for the company. I have been really impressed by the range & quality of products within the portfolio, and also the exciting marketing plans in place to support even further success across the brands moving forward.”

John White

National Account Manager

John joined the toy trade in 2004 at Mattel where he worked until 2015. In 2016 he joined Magformers assuming responsibly for the growth in the Major retailers. The last two years John has been Sales Director at KD Group UK successfully launching new brands into the trade with great success. “I am excited to be joining such a progressive company with such a fantastic range of product.” 18


UK SALES CONTACTS David Shepherd - Area Sales Manager (Scotland and West Midlands)

In the Toy Industry for three decades. “Jan 21 would have been my 30th Year at Toyfair London and this show is always the highlight of the trading year.”

Ian Jenkins - Area Sales Manager (Wales and Ireland)

Ian joined Wilton Bradley in 2014, having held a number of sales positions in the surf and fashion industry. “With the companies continued investment and development, in a number of new exciting toy lines, I look forward to presenting our new 2021 range moving forward to my customers.”

Shaun Bowden - Area Sales Manager (South West)

Shaun joined WB from the Automotive Industry. “I really enjoy selling beach products in the South West as I get to visit so many beautiful places.”

Phil Cumper - Area Sales Manager (East Midlands)

“I’ve been in the toy industry for over 8 years and really enjoy presenting the wide variety of products from Wilton Bradley that cover all seasons. From Bestway pools for the summer to X-Factor Karaoke machines from Santa.”

Russell Lipman - Area Sales Manager (London & Home Counties)

Russ has been in the Toy Trade for 40 years and with Wilton Bradley for over 10 years. He has previously held sales positions with Mattel, Hasbro and HGL. “I still enjoy the Toy Trade and working for Wilton Bradley is particularly exciting because of the diverse product range we have. And to this day, my wife still likes telling everyone she has a Toy Boy.“

Matt Folds - Area Sales Manager (South East)

Matt joined Wilton Bradley in 2013, having worked in a similar position in the surf/ fashion industry. “It’s exciting times at Wilton Bradley, we have a number of new lines for 2021, new products in Xootz and the increased Eco range have received great feedback so far.”

Andy Locke - VW & Osprey Sales Manager (National)

Andy joined Wilton Bradley in 2012 and has built great relationships with his customers in that time. “Osprey and VW products are premium brands which offer our retailers great options for their display with outstanding quality for the end user.”

Martin Ball - Sales Office Manager

Martin has been with Wilton Bradley for 23 years and is the oracle for all things sales related! “I have seen many changes during the growth of WB and it has been an exciting journey to get to where we are today. It is great to work with such a friendly team.”





Volkswagen Official Licensed Product Wilton Bradley have partnered with the iconic Volkswagen brand for their official licensed VW camping, festival and beach product range. A best-selling and award-winning product within the range is the VW Play Tent. Based on the original T1 camper van and perfect for indoors and outdoors, this mini version of the 1965 classic is just like the real thing!

Volkswagen Endorsement “We have enjoyed working in partnership with Wilton Bradley over the past few years and have built a valued relationship with them. They have developed a number of highly innovative and successful products with us under the VW brand. We are excited to see what the future partnership will bring.� Roswitha Rump from Volkswagen



DESIGN Q & A with Scott Eden Product Director What makes a great product?

Developing a successful product line has evolved for Wilton Bradley over the last 3 to 4 years. We are focused on developing unique, stand out and best-selling designs in house, investing in product tooling, finding unique gaps within a product or market sector, and finding new ways of developing and marketing our bespoke products.

How has the design process changed over the past few years? We design all new products from concept to completion using our talented in-house product design team. The Comet Drift Go-Kart is an example of how our creative and development ethos has changed over the last couple of years. The results are market leading products, bespoke designs and eye-catching products with a clear identity.

Retailers often stress the importance of new product. How important is product development for Wilton Bradley?

Product development is continually important for us here at Wilton Bradley. We are launching 30 new toy SKUs this year, including new categories, new developments within ranges, and innovation. 22

We pride ourselves in creating the right product at the right price, which reinforces the importance of investing in and producing a seamless product development process.

Are there any licensed products in your toy catalogue?

We approach licensing with a slightly different strategy to much of the toy trade. We choose to work with like-minded, like-hearted people and businesses to develop a product together, rather than focusing on the newest movie or trending influencers. Our latest licensed range is in partnership with the Great British Bake Off’s Nadiya Hussain. We saw there was a gap in the market for children’s baking and cooking so together, we have The Great British Bake Off developed a new Winner, Nadiya Hussain product range called ‘Bake me a Story’, which contains a range of baking and cooking sets with smaller tools perfect for smaller hands. Nadiya was heavily involved in each stage of the development process. She has been very inspiring to work with and very like-minded.

“She has been very inspiring to work with and very like-minded.” The focus at all stages of the product development process for this range was creating a product which encouraged family interactions between parents and children, with the whole family coming together to get creative in the kitchen, a subject that Nadiya has always been very passionate about.

What does the future hold for Wilton Bradley?

I am excited moving into 21/22. We have a great mix of products within a range of toy categories which we have seen great success in so far. I believe we have huge potential for the next few seasons. 2020 was a good year, our brands and toy products are becoming more and more recognised and we are gaining significant credibility in the toy market.


BUYING Q & A with Carl Bradley Buying Director How do you plan for a buying trip?

In a normal year, we plan our buying trips around various trade fairs which generally align with our development timeline. Multiple members of the team will travel to attend these exhibitions, looking to source new products and seek out new suppliers. We always make sure we have a presence at the trade fairs, but our trips do not finish there. We spend a lot of our time travelling the Far East visiting new prospective suppliers as well as, of course, our many existing partner suppliers that we have worked with for decades. During these visits we continue to develop new products alongside conducting quality inspections on our current production. Of course, 2020 has been a different year for everyone and has thrown plenty of challenges our way, but our business has adapted very well, and our foundations have allowed us to continue to move forward. We have a vast supply base, many of which we have been working with for several years, so despite the lack of buying trips in 2020 we have still managed to push on with developing great new products, all on time to launch to our customers.

How has the direction for new product development changed over the past few years?

Over the past 5 years or so, our focus has really changed to developing new, exciting and unique products, whether that be through licensing product, setting up our own tooling or securing factory exclusives. We have a core range of products across all our sub-brands that continues to

grow year on year. This allows us to invest time in creating new concepts, ensuring we stay relevant and exciting to our customers.

Have you seen any changes in trends moving towards sustainable materials?

It is clear there is a movement towards using more sustainably sourced material and materials that are more environmentally friendly. We as a business are passionate about this change and will continue to discover new ways that we can evolve. For years we have offered wooden products that use sustainably sourced materials and just last year we introduced beach toys that are made from 100% recycled plastic. As well as this we began producing items that are traditionally made from plastic, completely plastic free. Reducing single use plastics in packaging is another important topic and something we are making great progress with. In many of our products we have removed plastic bags, plastic Kimble tags and even labels coated with plastic, and replaced them with more environmentally friendly materials such as cotton.

How do you make certain all your products are safe and compliant?

When developing toy products, safety is paramount, which is why we have a Quality Assurance and Compliance team, both in our UK and HK offices. Our team has a wealth of experience in toy safety, ensuring all products are designed, manufactured, and tested to the latest relevant standards. As members of the British Toy and Hobby Association, this allows us access to all safety standard updates, ensuring all our products are compliant and fit for purpose, giving our customers peace of mind. Having a team located in HK means we can easily and reliably inspect our goods during production, confirming each product is made to the specification set to pass the relevant safety standards. 23



BAKING AND COOKING SETS The Wilton Bradley and Nadiya Hussain partnership sees the release of an exciting new product range called ‘Bake me a Story’ which contains a range of baking and cooking sets with smaller tools perfect for smaller hands. These sets invite little ones to get creative with their cooking and baking skills, bringing the whole family into the kitchen. Each set even has a selection of easy to follow recipe cards created by Nadiya which make tasty creations that the whole family can enjoy.

Nadiya and team with Wilton Bradley members at the Toyfair London trade show earlier 2020

During the product photoshoot, which resulted in some great lifestyle imagery and both product and recipe videos, Nadiya explained her ideas surrounding the product concept and why it was so important to her.

Nadiya has been working closely with Wilton Bradley from the very beginning, making decisions regarding the product concepts, designs and colours and continues to be involved as the products evolve.

Bake with Nadiya Wilton Bradley worked with Nadiya on a product photoshoot producing some great lifestyle imagery as well as some engaging and entertaining product and recipe videos.



“I love to cook with my family! It’s great to get them involved from a young age, teaching them a valuable skill whilst enjoying some valuable family time together. These sets provide children with everything they need to become cooking and baking enthusiasts.� Nadiya Hussain



a P l y & r n e a L

need no help in creating their own, kids , play r doo out to es com it n whe t tha It’s no secret to their desire to imagine and dream thanks imaginary worlds. Playhouse compliments this range of kid’s garden play furniture.


The award-winning Playhouse Marvellous Mud Kitchen will provide hours of exciting fun for all kids who love mucking around in the garden, especially playing in the mud. This high quality, ready varnished, solid FSC Canadian Hemlock wood play kitchen is ideal for year-round fun in the garden.

“The award-winning Playhouse Marvellous Mud Kitchen will provide hours of exciting fun for all kids...” This set includes rust-free, stainless-steel pans and utensils so they can make that perfect mud pie, three plant pots for decoration and a chalkboard for recipe note taking complete the kitchen. This set is sure to inspire kids to want to get outdoors, make a mess and have some muddy fun! Pretend play is a brilliant way for children to develop their creativity and imagination, while having masses of fun. They just need to add some water to the removable sink and mix up some mud for some fabulous pretend cooking fun with the added excitement of mud.




TheThe Playhouse Playhouse Little Little Sous Sous Chef’s Chef’s Kitchen Kitchen willwill provide provide hours hours of exciting of exciting pretend pretend cooking cooking funfun for for little little budding budding chefs. chefs. Made Made with with solid solid wood wood andand a a high high-quality quality construction, construction,ititfeatures featureseverything everything you you need need to to cook cook upup a feast a feast including including a microwave, a microwave oven oven, andoven hobs,and removable hobs, removable sink, 2 wooden sink, 2 pans wooden and 3 pans andstainless 3 stainless steel steel utensils. utensils.

Watch Littles ones them will act and enjoyplay acting as they and pretend playing as to they scoop pretend some ice to scoop cream,some grab ice a cone cream of chips with this or put Icethe Cream pizzaVan. intoIncluding the oven.a Including blackboard a number menu for of different them to write accessories on, theyand will blackboard have hours menu of fun for in them theirtoown write food on, van they’ll before haveserving hours of their fun in their creation own food from van thebefore serving serving hatch!you their creation from the serving hatch!

The The new new Playhouse Playhouse Make Woodwork n Mend Station Workbench is a comes workbench complete with awith pre-drilled a pre-drilled peg board peg board for fitting for fitting tools. tools. This workbench This workbench will encourage will encourage role playing role playing and it will and keep keep thechildren childrenbusy busyenjoying for manymany hours hours of DIY of fun. DIY fun. It’s the It isperfect the perfect workstation workstation for little for craftsmen! kids and Itgreat is also forgreat developing for developing dexteritydexterity and and hand/eye hand/eye coordination. coordination.



Get Creative The award-winning Made it! range encourages kids to express their imaginative side. The best-selling marbling kits are the perfect arts & crafts toy for kids to unleash their creativity, develop their hand to eye coordination and give them a finished piece in which they can be truly proud. The entire range are perfect gift ideas, inspiring children to let out their imagination and develop into little craft experts. The Knitting Circle range includes two knitting machines designed perfectly for children who want to get started with knitting. These complete kits include everything kids need to get started on their knitting journey. Both the Knitting Station and award-winning Knitting Studio include the circular knitting machine, balls of yarn, knitting needles and a tension leaver. The machines can be set to create knitted flat panels or a tube so kids can create items such as gloves, hats, scarves, toys clothes and more. Kids can get crafty and unleash their creativity.



Paint your own

The Sew Amazing range has been created for kids taking an interest in sewing. These fully functional starter machines ensure kids who want to try sewing can do so in a fun and safe way. Both the Sewing Station and the award-winning Sewing Studio machines come with everything needed to get started including bobbins, spools of thread and headed pins to name just a few. Kids can unleash their creativity whilst developing their hand to eye coordination.


Buyer Endorsement

“Having been in the Toy Industry for 40 years, I can honestly say that Wilton Bradley are a great company and a pleasure to deal with. We have been dealing with WB for the past 15 years and Russell has been our Sales Representative for the past 10 years.� Martin Steel from Toy City in Wood Green



Buyer Endorsement “I enjoy working with Wilton Bradley as they have a good and wide range of product. Their flexible and positive approach as well as responsiveness make them easy to work with. They are open-minded and helpful, solving customer requests both for adjustments to existing items, but also in sourcing new items. They understand our business and they always make me feel welcome.” Steffan Schjøt Christensen from AMO Toys



Mi-Mic is the future of karaoke! Combining innovation, technology and hot trends, Mi-Mic allows children to become a pop star in their own home. With Mi-Mic kids can play their favourite songs directly from a mobile and sing along over the top, thanks to the Bluetooth microphone speaker.

Karaoke Disco Cube Speaker

Mini Disco Cube Speaker

All great performers know that vocals are only a part of the complete performance, and with 7 colour beat matching LED lights the Mi-Mic Disco Cube Speaker lets them really put on a show.

With additional features including an echo function to make it sound like they are singing in a huge arena and the amazing LED disco ball built into the top which gives a fabulous light display whilst they are singing.

With the Mi-Mic Karaoke Disco Cube Speaker, kids can put their favourite tune on, sing along, and get extra creative by adding an echo effect and distortions to their vocals.

The award-winning Mi-Mic Mini Cube Disco Speaker allows kids to create their own karaoke disco in their own home!

This speaker is also great for parties as it creates a complete disco atmosphere at home!



UK Showroom Near Exeter

See the latest products on display in their UK showroom spanning over 500m². Open all year round showing brand new & existing products.


Come and get honest advice from your Area Sales Manager in a comfortable, relaxed, no pressure environment.

Live Video Meetings

Wilton Bradley Ltd are proud to announce that they have just opened their pop up showroom in Paris. To make an appointment please contact Hannah Pickersgill: hannah.pickersgill@wiltonbradley.com Hubtoys, 71 rue de Billancourt 92100 Boulogne Billancourt

8 Wentworth Road, Heathfield Industrial Estate, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 6TL



HK Showroom Tsim Sha Tsui

At the Hong Kong Showroom, you can meet one of their knowledgeable account managers,  who can leverage their global network to meet your demands. In this comfortable, air conditioned showroom, you can view their new and exciting ranges or sit and discuss your specific requirements. 

Wingi Chau - General Manager

“I enjoy working with everyone from Wilton Bradley UK and HK. I love that I have flexibility in my schedule even though I work a lot….. I love to hear from our customers, especially when being able to make them happy by solving the problems they are having.”

Sarah Chan - Merchandiser

“I enjoy working here in Wilton Bradley with lovely colleagues.”

Joanne Lai - Merchandiser

The newly refitted showroom is vibrant, light and spacious. Which is a welcome relief for most buyers in Hong Kong. Wilton Bradley has been trading with many clients with FOB programmes and Direct Containers for many years. Their HK showroom further improves their offering for high volume customers. The office also enhances their sourcing capabilities, improving their pricing and quality for both domestic and FOB customers.

“I am excited whenever there is a new toy announcement.”

Tat Wong - Quality & Product Technologist

“It is the most meaningful work I have ever done.” To make an appointment please contact: Laetitia Westerman: laetitia.westerman@wiltonbradley.com Wingi Chau: wingi@wiltonbradley.com.hk Wilton Bradley (Hong Kong) Limited, 409-410 4th Floor, New East Ocean Centre, 9 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Toyfair Nuremberg Wilton Bradley are looking forward to this new Spielwarenmesse 2021 Summer edition, giving them the opportunity to meet existing and future partners again. Wilton Bradley will be showcasing a new larger stand, enabling them to present not only the

key lines they are well known for, but also some very exciting new developments for Spring Summer 22 and beyond. As Wilton Bradley continues to develop and grow, they are very much looking forward to many years of fun and innovative new products.

New larger stand planned for July 2021 33


Whilst Wilton Bradley source goods and have ongoing direct relationships with 100’s of manufacturers around the world, they also represent a select number of factories exclusively who are excellent in their field, such as Bestway, one of the world’s leading inflatable / leisure brands. By taking responsibility for sales, marketing and customer service, Wilton Bradley have helped to maximise the manufacturer’s market share and customer satisfaction which in turn leads to business longevity - this year Wilton Bradley celebrated their 25th year of working with Bestway.

Bestway have worked in partnership with Mattel to develop this range of Official Licensed Fisher-Price® products.

Bestway’s wholly-owned factories are located in Shanghai, Nantong, Yancheng, and Hai’an. All are located in the Yangtze River Delta area which eases logistics and shipping. After more than 20 years of development, their facilities make up a total land area of about 1,400,000 square meters with facilities accounting for over 1,100,000 square meters including a manufacturing plant, material distribution centre, and warehouses. Sales in Bestway’s Constant Air range grew by 135% in 2020.

Today Bestway products can be found in over 110 countries across 6 continents. They currently offer over 1,000 products in multiple core categories, including a comprehensive selection of aboveground pools, Lay-Z-Spas, recreation products, sporting goods and camping products, designed to cater to a wide range of consumer groups and geographic markets.

Bestway have made significant investments in their sustainability efforts and are dedicated to researching ways to minimise environmental impact and maximise clean energy. They were recently awarded with a ‘Leading Suppliers for Corporate Action on Climate Change’ award. Their solar energy produces 4.9% of their overall energy with a goal to be 10% solar by 2021. Each year, they use an average of 25,000 tons of recycled material in their production that would have otherwise been wasted.

Bestway Endorsement “We are proud of our partnership with Wilton Bradley, who we have worked with exclusively to serve the UK market for over 25 years. We have experienced significant growth in the UK over the past few years and we enjoy working closely with their highly professional and experienced team on all areas from sales to product development and customer service to marketing.” Kirby Jin, Senior Sales VP at Bestway Global Holding Inc 34


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