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Dean Weller, C.E.O. Generation Media Group



‘40% of mums agree they always buy brands their children prefer’* Generation Media is a business focused on communications to children and parents. We therefore carry the responsibility of talking to this influential group of people. With the reported impact kids have on wider household decisions, imagine the level of control they exercise on purchases that directly affect them from toys, food and clothing, to days out, tech, cars and holidays! TV spot advertising has traditionally been the central communication platform for talking to kids. Therefore, the rise in mass media reporting the demise of TV viewing can be a worrying prospect for advertisers, agencies and media owners alike. It raises questions in regard to the balance of the media mix between TV and Online and whether TV, in the traditional sense, still holds a place on the media schedule, and at what level?

So what is the answer? Like all complex questions there is a complex answer. As media practitioners it is our role to select the optimal media platform and determine the most effective combination to best fit the product/brand brief. Accounting for shifts in media consumption based on the rise of new technology of course plays a major role. However, we have a responsibility to ensure this decision making process is underpinned by meaningful insight, relevant to the the client brief, consumer and media marketplace. Over the next few pages you will hear from our Managing Director and Heads of TV, Digital and Client Services. They will share some of our latest insights into the evolving market and explain measures we are taking as a business to ensure we continue to maximise the effectiveness of our clients’ campaigns. Flip over to read more about iGen Insight and their current and future consumer research projects and how you might be involved with our three year stakeholder study. It is all about making the right decisions for today and continuing to develop insight and strategy to protect us for tomorrow!

Here is to an amazing 2017 and beyond!

Contact me: dean.weller@generationmedia.co.uk | 0207 307 7900 *Source: GB TGI 2016 Q4 (July 2015 – June 2016), Female main shopper with children aged 0-15 in household.

LISA m or Manag gan ing Direc tor

2016 has been another exciting year at Generation Media TV airtime trading conditions are under increasing pressure. This is compounded by the well documented increase of time spent online and a raft of emerging platforms available to consumers and advertisers alike. As leaders in our space we ensure our business is equipped to not only overcome, but thrive in the face of such challenges and of course opportunities.

Independent Specialists As an independent agency we have the agility to adapt quickly to change and as a specialist in this space, we can track markets in ‘real time’ to keep us at least one step ahead! Our scale in vertical markets allows us to offer expertise, media rates and insight beyond any single clients’ stand-alone buying power. Consolidation of our kids’ offering is the priority, but we also continue to extend our footprint in youth, parenting and family sectors.

Our People We have continued to increase investment in our people to further enhance our client facing product. Our team benefit from our Gold accredited Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme, recognised by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA). 2016 saw our first Investors in People assessment where we were awarded Silver accreditation, achieved by only the top 5% of companies appraised. We have continued to invest in experienced personnel across TV and Online whilst continuing with our graduate intake programme to build the experts of the future!

International With a growing demand for our specialism internationally, our confederation of independent agencies ‘The Next Generation Media Exchange’ allows us to service clients globally with the credibility of local insight and trading power.

Contact me: lisa.morgan@generationmedia.co.uk | 0207 307 7914

JONATH AN CHAM BERS Directo r and He ad of AV In vestme nt

Kids commercial TV remains resilient in face of overall TV viewing decline It is undeniable that children view less TV than they did five years ago. However when focusing on the all important commercial kids channels, it might surprise you to learn that viewing has remained relatively static. In fact the channels represented opposite now account for almost 40% of 4-9 year old viewing – nearly double the figure of five years ago!



Total TV



Kids Commercial TV



% of Total TV



Children 4-9 TV Viewing*

*Avg. weekly viewing minutes, Aug-Oct

Q4 is however under increasing pressure The power of TV advertising means demand for airtime in Q4 is higher than ever before. So much so that some stations are unable to accommodate all of the potential spend.

Toys & Games CH Eq. TVRs by media agency, Jan-Nov 2016

Our size, scale and expertise in this market allows us to protect the delivery of our clients’ budgets in these tough trading conditions, delivering results at the lowest cost without compromising on quality.

But… kids are consuming TV content in new ways As you can see from our representation of the Children's TV Universe opposite, there has been an influx of kids specific content apps over the past 18 months. The industry is not yet able to provide conclusive measurement of On Demand viewing time. In response, iGen Insight are embarking on a pioneering longitudinal research study, tracking linear and online viewing habits of kids aged 2-9 years. Hear more from iGen Insight on how you can get involved in the reverse of this booklet.

Contact me: jonathan.chambers@generationmedia.co.uk | 0207 307 7906 Source: MediaOcean/BARB/TGI Choices December 2016



oyle Direc tor an d Head of Dig ital

Online challenging TV as kids’ medium of choice Kids are still tuned in to kids commercial TV but we have seen a dramatic rise in “screenstacking” – which is causing an “Attention Apocalypse”. Supplementary AV media including Digital online can help to fill this void. We are always creating internal tools and metrics to assist client strategy development.

90 80

79 74


69 68



Children 4-9 64


56 51

Online has the potential to bridge the growing attention gap




90 80






Kids Attention Index

% Kids Screenstacking TV with mobile internet


40 30



Kids Screenstacking with TV




Online bridging the gap to purchase

The majority of toy retailers and e-retailers can now be supported programmatically via our trading desk and media partners. Online investment provides measurable ROI for clients by targeting consumers in the purchase mindset.

Ensuring quality in our online campaigns

The online industry is shadowed by reports of wastage driven by viewability issues and non-human traffic. To quality control our campaigns we have created nGen nSure; independent third party tracking to verify campaign delivery.

Knowledge is power

Industry standard resources fail to provide an accurate picture of the changing kids landscape. Our evolving ‘New World Map’ (opposite page) brings to life the kids online environment. We provide clients with monthly market updates, competitive snapshots and accreditations via in house and third party training. As members and advisors to industry bodies IAB, BTHA and CAP, we are shaping the approaches and regulations for the future.


of 7-10s are now watching YouTube

To access these reports and services please get in touch!

Contact me: martin.doyle@generationmedia.co.uk | 0207 307 7908 Source: Youth TGI 2016r2 Autumn (Oct-Dec 15, Mar-May 16), Generation Media December 2016, comScore Sep 2016

Achieving the right media balance

LAURE N COO MBS Directo r and He ad of Clie nt Ser vices

paign Media cam

So we know TV is still effective in communications and online has to play a role, but how do we get the balance right? When it comes to balancing TV and other audio visual media on a campaign schedule, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. The Media Aggregator (TMA) is Generation Media’s own proprietary tool which assesses the requirements of a product/brand versus a whole host of variables in order to define the correct balance.



Support media pricing comparable to TV therefore,

The tool assesses the campaign’s TV presence to indicate 2 key tipping

Support media vital to maintain cost efficiencies




1) When it makes sense to spend away from TV. This is when the cost of the alternative AV media is comparable

30 20 10

to TV. 1+ Cover

2+ Cover








































0 25

% Coverage


So how does it work?


4+ Cover

2) When we must spend away from TV because we’ve crossed the point where it is too expensive to reach new audiences. Once there is permission to spend, the system will recommend a unique media budget split based on variables identified in the briefing process. The Generation Media team then refine plans to ensure maximum return on marketing investment.

Contact me: lauren.coombs@generationmedia.co.uk | 0207 307 7907 Source: Kantar Media/BARB 2016

Insight Led Planning Process But of course it is not all about TV and Online…

Media selection is based on insights gathered on the brand, consumer and media market.

TV is still the most efficient method of reaching children

UK CH CPT by Media Channel Lowest CH CPT

Highest CH CPT



With its high affinity against the consumer and low cost per thousand (CPT), it is easy to see why TV leads the way in the kids communication mix, increasingly followed by alternative audio visual opportunities. Radio







Deals of the Month Generation Media’s ‘Deals of the Month’ provides clients with short term opportunities spanning the media mix to ensure we deliver maximum value and continue to explore new and relevant opportunities in the wider market.

ABC1 Full Time

Talking to mums can be a more complex decision making process

The Money Making Mum

C2DE The See Saw Mum

Therefore, we must consider the most effective way to reach her.

Our mums segmentation identifies commonalities and variations of mums with children under 5. To hear more about our mums and how they interact with your brand,

Not Working

7-8 times the cost of Children’s TV.

Part Time

Reaching mums in ‘mums’ time’ is The Always Trying Mum

The Organic Mum

The Brunch Mum

The Bargain Buster Mum

please get in touch.

Contact me: lauren.coombs@generationmedia.co.uk | 0207 307 7907 Source: GB TGI 2016 (Oct-Dec 15, Mar-May 16), Generation Media planning costs 2016

from iGen… Gift giving across the year We are working with Sky Media to look at gift purchasing patterns for children aged 0-12 years old across the year, here is the picture so far...

TV is key for generating gift ideas

89% often buy gifts their child asks for

76% say children they buy gifts for ask for things they have seen on TV

47% say TV is often the first place they get childrens gift ideas from

79% were planning to buy christmas presents earlier this year

59% had already started thinking about their child’s main present

42% had already purchased a childs gift for christmas

In August Christmas gift consideration and purchasing for children had already begun

Source: iGen Insight / Sky Giving Tracking Study May 2016 - October 2017 Online survey with 200 gift givers for 0-12 year olds conducted each month and open dialogue with 8 families. Fieldwork started in May 2016.

The study continues in 2017...

Another successful year of our school partnership In partnership with Cheam Park Farm Infants School, we have conducted several focus groups across 2016, asking children aged 6-7 for their opinions on a range of topics. LEGO was the most mentioned toy brand Spring Term Parents and grandparents are the main toy purchasers. Licensed Toys are the most popular when it comes to tech toys.

e.g. Minions (Sing ‘N Dance Bob).

Winter Term

Welcome to Cheam Park School

Top brands mentioned LEGO, VTech tablets and phones, Hot Wheels, Nerf, Minecraft, Xbox, Hatchimals.

Children say they first started using YouTube from as young as 2 years old

The majority of children this age have limited awareness of what the Olympics are from its name alone. Children are more likely to watch and play sports after seeing coverage of the Olympics.

Both parent and child have a say when deciding on day trips to go on. On pack promotions, along with TV adverts, provide mums with ideas for where to go during the holidays.

Latest insights Our quarterly Kids Report

In this latest edition, gaming features highly amongst 7-11 years olds

Types of video watched online by 7-11 year olds

57% Gaming

44% Music

30% Animation

26% Comedy 24% Pets & Animals 94% of 7-11 year olds said they game and of these...

Gaming segments explained Leaderboard Legends

Fun Focussed Fans

Heavy hours, serious competitive, early adopters of new tech/games, fully immersed, high spend, gaming is life

Heavy-Medium hours, motivated by fun, play with friends, play to escape, social.

Mobile Centrics

Casual Dabblers

Medium hours, mobile devices, play to complete game / gain achievements, not engaged with entire gaming world.

Low hours (or none for weekday), play just to pass the time, mainly play very casual family-friendly games, when others are playing

Mobiles Centrics


Casual Dabblers


Fun Focussed Fans


Leaderboard Legends


Source: iGen Insight, Kids Report (September 2016 Edition) Source: Youth TGI 2016r2

When kids are gaming during the week Gaming overtakes internet usage in the afternoon

TV and internet usage overtake gaming in the evening










Most popular device to play games on

63% (Tablet)



39% (Wii)

36% (Xbox)


(Smart Phone)

Ground-breaking research projects new for 2017, don’t miss out! iGen Insight will be launching two major studies across 2017. The findings will inform and challenge the way in which our clients engage and communicate with young people both today and in the future.

Kids linear & online video measurement iGen’s stakeholder research

Tracking online and linear viewing habits of kids 2-9 years Existing TV measurement tools have failed to keep up with the diversity in platforms and devices available to consumers in a modern media landscape. At iGen Insight where we see a gap in the market we look to fill it!

Youth, Kids & Family Insight Specialists

Providing the complete picture of media consumption for kids aged 2-9 years, along with exclusive brand tracker & client questions.

Our longitudinal study, launching later this year, will focus on providing an in depth understanding of the content consumption habits of children 2-9 years. Be it Netflix, You Tube or more traditional viewing platforms, we will have it covered. The study will be in collaboration with partner agency Generation Media and we are opening the doors to relevant stakeholders to invest in this revolutionary piece. Please contact us to find out more on how you can gain access to the findings iGen / DC Thomson Youth Squads and use our sample to unlock valuable Young people aged 7-14 years To help brands better engage with young bespoke insights about your brands, content and people we have conducted a youth products. segmentation of kids aged 7-14 years in the UK

Introducing our Youth Squads! iGen Insight in collaboration with DC Thomson have embarked on a large scale qualitative and quantitative study into the segmentation of children 7-14 years. The research sets out to provide brands with the tools they need to most effectively target and communicate with young people in a way that resonates with them.

For more information on either of these research projects and to learn more about how you can be involved please contact us:

maxine.fox@igeninsight.com 02076379970

Putting research on the agenda!

maxine Managing fox Director igen insi ght

Understanding the market and your audience is crucial for any business in informing decision making and ultimately optimising your return on marketing investment. While we all have hypotheses about how best to engage with consumers, without evidence to support or indeed challenge these perceptions, the outcome can be fairly uncertain. At iGen we help our clients put research on the agenda and keep it there! We demonstrate the value of research in making key business decisions, making sure the right questions are asked and ensuring that insight is actionable and translatable in the real world.

What you should know about iGen We are specialists within the kids, youth and family arena, executing research within the UK and internationally, working with other like-minded agencies across the globe.

We use fun and engaging tools… …to deliver insightful, actionable research.

Online Surveys

Digital Ethnography

Focus Groups

Pre & Post activity trackers

Target audience segmentation


Brand engagement

Product testing

We’re a full service agency with a wide range of tailored solutions - from focus groups and online surveys to accompanied store visits.

We are tried and tested focus group moderators - and specialists in kids moderation. We tell the story - we find the narrative, not just the data, to help address your business problem, shaping your strategic thinking and understanding. We keep things in house - which enables us to tailor our solutions for each client and work to quick turnaround times. We have industry recognition for our expertise - and will be speaking at this year’s MRS Kids and Youth Conference.

contact us: maxine.fox@igeninsight.com 02076379970

Issue 2017

Youth, Kids & Family Insight Specialists

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Generation Media Jan 2017  

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