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Stormwater Management (EAC) .......................................................18 Going Solar In Tredyffrin (EAC)........................................................19 Library News & Programs ............................................................22-28 Transportation Management.............................................................30 Curb My Clutter .............................................................................32-33 Electronics Recycling Events......................................................34-35 Enrollment For ReadyChesCo ..........................................................35 Wharton Esherick State Historical Marker.......................................36 Jenkins Arboretum’s Harold Sweetman To Retire ..........................38

Tredyffrin Township • 1100 Duportail Road • Berwyn, PA • Chester County • 610-644-1400 •

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Murph Wysocki, Chair Mark Freed, Vice-chair Heather Greenberg Matthew Holt Reaves Lukens Kevin O'Nell Paul Olson


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Important Phone Numbers Tredyffrin Township Building


Environmental Advisory Council Historical Commission Library Board of Trustees Municipal Authority Parks & Recreation Board Pension Trustees Planning Commission Traffic Committee Zoning Hearing Board

Phone.........................................610-644-1400 Fax..............................................610-993-9186 Email

Tredyffrin Township Police Department

Emergency..................................................911 Business .....................................610-644-3221 Dispatch .....................................610-647-1440

Tredyffrin Township Public Works Department

Business .....................................610-408-3620


Fire and Ambulance

Berwyn Fire Company ................................911 Paoli Fire Company.....................................911 Radnor Fire Company.................................911 Malvern Fire Department ..........................911


Tredyffrin Township Libraries

Strafford.....................................610-688-7092 Paoli ...........................................610-296-7996


Tredyffrin/Easttown School District

Business .....................................610-240-1900 Emergency Closing Number .......................854


PLEASE NOTE: During your participation in and attendance at Township events and activities like the Summer Concert Series, 4th of July Celebration, or Community Day, you may be filmed, videotaped, and/or photographed by Township Staff. Your attendance serves as permission for use of your image by the Township (for example: in newsletters or on the Township website).


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Tredyffrin Township

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2019 Meeting Schedule & Holiday Calendar BOARD OF SUPERVISORS 7 PM - Keene Hall February 19 March 18 April 22 May 13 June 17 July 15 August 19 September 16 October 7 & 21 November 6 & 18 December 2 & 16 ENVIRONMENTAL ADVISORY COUNCIL 7 PM - Community Room February 26 March 26 May 28 July 23 September 24 October 22 November 26 HISTORICAL COMMISSION 7 PM - Community Room March 20 May 15 July 17 September 18 November 20

LIBRARY BOARD OF TRUSTEES 7:30 PM Tredyffrin Public Library (T) Paoli Library (P) February 28 (P) March 28 (T) April 25 (T) May 23 (T) June 27 (P) July 25 (T) August 22 (T) September 26 (T) October 24 (P) December 12 (T) MUNICIPAL AUTHORITY 7 PM - Community Room April 23 July 16 October 29

PARK & RECREATION BOARD 7 PM - Community Room March 13 April 10 May 8 June 12 September 11 October 9 November 13

PENSION TRUSTEES 7:30 AM - Board Room February 13 May 8 August 14 November 13 PLANNING COMMISSION 7 PM - Keene Hall February 21 March 21 April 11 May 16 June 21 July 20 July 18 August 15 September 19 October 17 November 21 December 19 STORMWATER COMMITTEE To be scheduled as needed TRAFFIC COMMITTEE 7:30 AM - Community Room March 20 June 19 September 18 December 18

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ZONING HEARING BOARD 7 PM - Keene Hall February 28 March 28 April 25 May 23 June 27 July 25 August 22 September 26 October 24 November 20 December 18

2019 HOLIDAY SCHEDULE Township offices closed. Presidents' Day ...........February 18 Memorial Day.....................May 27 Independence Day ................July 4 Labor Day ..................September 2 Columbus Day ..............October 14 Veterans' Day...........November 11 Thanksgiving Day......November 28 Day after Thanksgiving................... .................................November 29 Christmas Day...........December 25 New Year’s Day 2020 ........................................January 1

Winter 2019 Newsletter


Township Supervisor Honored Paul Olson has spent much of his adult life helping others. On September 8, 2018, Township Supervisor Paul Olson was honored by community organizations Main Line Mentoring, Red Cross, The Carr School/Mt. Pleasant Chapel, and Surrey Services for his selfless, passionate, tireless efforts and dedication to helping the church and our communities and contributions to the Tredyffrin Township community and surrounding neighborhoods throughout Chester County. He was acknowledged for his life of service to the area, in and out of Township government, and support that has made this community a better place to live. The event was held at St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Devon. President of Main Line Mentoring Kevin Stroman Sr. hosted the day and St. Luke's Pastor Matt Staniz welcomed all who were present. Remarks were shared by State Representative Warren Kampf, St. Luke Pastor Susan Ericsson, American Red Cross Representative Alana Mauger, Surrey Services President and CEO Robert Madonna, and Carol Rubley. Growing up in the small village of Dawson in western Minnesota during the Great Depression in a “low-income family,” Olson, 86, learned the value of work and also the importance of helping those in need. “I've worked since I was 12,” he said, "I made 15 cents an hour." He worked in a drug store where he swept floors, stocked shelves, and washed windows. A graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College, where he played football and basketball, he earned a degree in Business Administration. He also served in the army at the time of the Korean War but did not see combat. “I've been blessed with an education,” he said. Mr. Olson likes to call himself a “peddler.” He had a career in sales and marketing for Cargill and then Penn Central Transportation Co. But at “86 years young,” he is not retired. He now manages some businesses owned by his family, including farms in Minnesota that grow corn and soybeans. “America is a marvelous country,” he said. His dad sold poultry feed and his grandfather was also “a peddler,” he said. “I like to tell them I'm a peddler,” he said. “Nothing happens until a sale is made.” After moving to Tredyffrin Township with his wife, Andrea, in 1969, Olson began volunteering his services. When the couple's three children were young, he was president of the Devon-Strafford Little League for five years and coached the Strafford Eagles youth football program, now the Conestoga 4

Tredyffrin Township

asked to be on the board. He has been my friend and supporter ever since. No matter what came up in my life, the needs of the Carr School or Kids First Now, Paul and Andrea have been there for me. He was instrumental in the Carr School reopening in 2002, and he also was a part of getting the park named after Mazie B. Hall, who was my mentor, growing up. When board members, unfortunately, passed away, Paul was right there to help find people to fill in. Whenever an issue occurred in the Mt. Pleasant community, Mr. Olson was right there showing his concern, desire and dedication to finding a solution,” said Stroman. Generals, for seven years. A Republican, Olson was first elected as a Tredyffrin supervisor in 1976 and has served 42 years, losing only one election. “I've been door-todoor [campaigning] many times over the years,” he said. He's been Chairman of the Board of Supervisors six times and Vice Chairman seven times, according to Township records. He touted his record as a fiscal conservative in keeping township taxes low. “I have a lot of good friends who are Democrats,” he said. “Tredyffrin is a wonderful Township of 30,000 people.” The population has grown quite a bit over the years he's lived there. “Parents are interested in good schools and safe neighborhoods,” he said, “Along with police protection and fire protection, Tredyffrin offers a lot of things. It goes back to 1707, and there's a lot of history.” “There are good people wherever you go,” he said. Kevin Stroman, who grew up in the Mt. Pleasant section of the Township, said Mr. Olson has been a supporter of Main Line Mentoring (formerly Kids First Now), which he runs, as well as the Carr School/Mt. Pleasant Chapel, since 1994. “The Carr School was in dire need of refurbishing, so I went before the Township supervisors to try to get support, and to my surprise, a young man I played basketball with at Teegarden [a Township park] was sitting on the board,” said Stroman. “After being 'put off' for many months, Paul pulled me aside and told me, 'Kevin, just keep coming.' "Soon after that, they gave approval and helped formulate a board of trustees to oversee the project, many of whom Paul

Mr. Olson proudly displayed his watch with a Red Cross logo that the organization gave him. “I think I'm the No. 1 donor for the American Red Cross in the Penn/Jersey region,” he said. He has given 662 donations of blood and platelets and still gives blood. He began giving blood after a close friend, who had been receiving transfusions, died. “I hope to give 700 donations before the Lord takes me home,” he said. “I look forward to the donations.” Olson is “one of the highest donors,” said Alana Mauger, a spokeswoman for the Red Cross. “It's donors like Paul that make our mission possible. We're grateful he's a regular blood donor. We hope that he's an inspiration to others.” “Between you and me, I believe physical activity helps you,” said Mr. Olson. “Physical activity is good for you. I've been physically active my whole life. I walk even though it's hot. I'm not a doctor, of course, but I've been involved in physical activities my whole life.” The Olsons have been active members of St. Luke Lutheran Church in Devon since they moved to Tredyffrin. Mr. Olson is also on the board of directors of Surrey Services for Seniors, which he called “a wonderful organization that helps elderly people.” He was also co-chair of the capital campaign for Tredyffrin Township's main library in Strafford, raising over $4.8 million in a private-public partnership. He is the BOS liaison to the Library Board of Trustees. The Olsons have seven grandchildren. Their two sons, Michael and David, live in California, and their daughter, Kristin, is a Paoli resident. From Main Line Media News, September 2018

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Winter 2019 Newsletter


Camps & Programs Winter Tennis

Radnor Racquet Club

All ages welcome Sunday evenings, January 13 - March 24 No session on 2/17 Fee - $195 To register:

Spring Soccer Shots Wilson Farm Park

Tuesdays, March 19 - May 7 Boys & Girls Ages 2 - 6 3-4 year olds: 4 - 4:45 PM 5-6 year olds: 5 - 5:45 PM Saturdays, March 23 - May 18 2 year olds: 8:45 - 9:15 AM 3-4 year olds: 9:30 - 10:15 AM 5-6 year olds: 10:30 - 11:15 AM Fee: $112 To register:

Spring Tennis Clinic Strafford Park

All ages welcome April 28 - June 9 No session 5/26 Sunday hourly sessions 4 - 6 PM All ages 6 - 7 PM 18 years and older Fee $95 To register:

Summer Soccer Shots Wilson Farm Park

Boys & Girls Ages 2 - 6 Visit the Township website in the spring for summer dates and times‌ Fee: $112 To register:

Summer Day Camp Wilson Farm Park

Boys & Girls ages 3.5 - 12 Monday - Friday half day camp June 24 - August 2 No session on 7/4 Fee $75 Tredyffrin resident $100 non-resident To

More & Moore Boys Basketball Camp Teegarden Park rd th

Boys grades 3 - 9 June 24 - July 26 Fee $70/$105/$135/$225/$300 Tredyffrin resident $85/$120/$150/$240/$315 non- resident To 6

Tredyffrin Township

Teegarden Summer Basketball League


Teegarden thParkth

Boys grades 8 - 12 June 24 - August 2 Fee $65 Tredyffrin resident $85 non-resident To

Little Laxers Lacrosse Camp Boys & Girls grades K-5 Visit the Township website in the spring for summer dates and times... Fee - $175 (sibling discount available) To

More & Moore Girls Basketball Camp

The Parks & Recreation Department hires temporary employees throughout the year to assist with various recreation programs. Currently, the Department is accepting applications for Day Camp Counselors. If you are 14 years or older, enthusiastic, enjoy outdoor activities, and have experience with children from 3 to 12 years old, this is the summer job for you.

Teegarden Park rd th

Interviews for the position will begin in March.

Philadelphia Ultimate Camp

Please email an employment application and cover letter to Tred or mail to Tredyffrin Township, Attention HR, 1100 Duportail Rd, Berwyn, PA 19312

Girls grades 3 - 9 July 15 - 18 Fee: $70.00 Tredyffrin resident $85.00 non-resident To

Wilson Farm Park

Boys & Girls ages 10 - 16 July 15 - 19 Fee: $110 To

Fall Soccer Shots

Employment applications can be found at: under Employment Applications

Wilson Farm Park

Boys & Girls ages 2 - 6 Dates to be determined

Fall Tennis Clinic

Radnor Racquet Club

All ages welcome Dates to be determined Sunday hourly sessions from 3 PM - 8 PM

Yoga in the Park Friendship Park

Dates to be determined Pre-registartion not required

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Winter 2019 Newsletter



Tredyffrin Township

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Camps & Programs

Tredyffrin Township Parks & Recreation Summer Tennis 2019 Summer Tennis @ Strafford Park Courts: Strafford Park, 582 Upper Gulph Rd, Strafford, PA 19087 Monday evening sessions for children of all skill level, Wednesday evening sessions for adults of all levels Learn fundamentals of the sport, including forehand, backhand, serve & volley as well as basic offensive & defensive strategy. Racquet provided if needed, bring water. Please wear sneakers. Mondays, June 17, 24, July 1, 8, 15, 22, 2019 children of all skill level (6 sessions) Fee $95 Session 1 - (5:30 6:30 PM) Children beginners, ages 6 - 9 Session 2 - (6:30 7:30 PM) Children beginners, ages 10 - 17 Session 3 - (7:30 8:30PM) Children intermediate, ages 12 -17 Wednesdays, June 19, 26, July 3, 10, 17 & 24, 2019 adults of all skill level (6 sessions) Fee $95.00 Session 4 - (5:30 6:30PM) Adult beginners Session 5 - (6:30- 7:30PM) Adult intermediates Questions contact - Pamela Rende and L3 Tennis staff;

Tredyffrin Township 1100 Duportail Rd, Berwyn, PA 19312 Please return registration form & liability releases Name ________________________________________ Age _____________ Address ______________________________________ City ______________ Home phone ______________________

Cell _________________________

Emergency contact & Phone ________________________________________________________ E-mail Address (please print clearly) ___________________________________________________ Medical Conditions/allergies/medications _______________________________________________ Physician's name & number ___________________________________________________________ CLASS : TENNIS SESSION # _____________

TOTAL PAID $ ___________

Registration will not be accepted without signed Liability release & Minor Understanding Form see reverse side Please Support Our Advertisers ¡ To Advertise Call 610-265-6277

Winter 2019 Newsletter


Camps & Progarms TREDYFFRIN TOWNSHIP CHESTER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA ADULT PARTICIPANT OR PARENT OF MINOR PARTICIPANT WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT This waiver and release is made, executed and delivered by an adult participant or the parents or legal guardian of, a minor participant ("Releasor") to Tredyffrin Township., Chester County ("Township"). Releasor desires to participate, or, in the case of a minor, allow said minor to participate in a tennis and/or squash clinic provided by L3 Tennis (the “Event”). Releasor understands Township's participation in the Event is limited to registration of participants at a reduced registration fee on behalf of L3 Tennis and that Township has no control and/or connection with the operations of the Event. A condition for the registration fee offered through Township's registration process is that all participants must sign a release form holding Township harmless from any and all liability. In consideration of being permitted to participate or a minor's permitted participation in any way or purpose in the Event, the undersigned, Releasor, jointly and severally, for himself or herself, his or her personal representatives, heirs, executors, successors, and assigns does HEREBY RELEASE, WAIVE, DISCHARGE and COVENANT NOT TO SUE Township and each of its successors, assigns, officers, officials, directors, employees, contractors, and sureties (the “Releasees”) from any and all liability, claims, counterclaims, costs (including but not limited to attorney's fees and court costs), demands, rights, actions, bills, bonds, undertakings, liens, notes, suits, causes of action (in tort, contract, law, equity or otherwise), known or unknown, accrued or not yet accrued, on account of injury to the person or property or resulting in death of the undersigned or minor participant, whether caused by negligence or otherwise while Releasor or minor participant is in any way participating in the Event. Releasor HEREBY AGREES TO INDEMNIFY, SAVE, and HOLD HARMLESS the Releasees from any loss, liability, damage, or cost they or the participating minor may incur due in any way or purpose participating in the Event and whether caused by the negligence of the Releasees or otherwise. Releasor HEREBY ASSUMES FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR and RISK OF BODILY INJURY, DEATH OR PROPERTY damage due to the negligence of Releasees or otherwise while in any way or purpose of their or minor's participation in the Event. The undersigned expressly acknowledge and agree that the activities of the Event involve the risk of serious injury and/or death and/or property damage. THE UNDERSIGNED PARTICIPANT OR PARENTS/LEGAL GUARDIANS HAVE READ & VOLUNTARILY SIGN THE RELEASE & WAIVER OF LIABILITY & INDEMNITY AGREEMENT, & further agree that no oral representations, statements or inducements apart from the foregoing written agreement have been made. Print Name of Participant: ______________________________________Age of Participant: ______________ Participant or Parent /Legal Guardian of Minor Participant (“Releasor”) Sign: ___________________________ Print Name of Signature Here: _____________________________________________ Date: ______________ 10

Tredyffrin Township

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Winter 2019 Newsletter


PennDOT & Winter Preparations With the winter season approaching, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) Secretary Leslie S. Richards outlined the agency's plans for winter services and highlighted tools the public can use through the winter and how they can prepare for the coming season. “Our number-one priority is safety, and that guides our winter preparations and operations,” Richards said. “We are ready for the season ahead and want the public to prepare and be aware of the tools available to them.” To help the public prepare for the season and share information about winter services, resources are available at The site also has a complete winter guide with detailed information about winter services in each of PennDOT's 11 engineering districts. The public can also access travel information on nearly 40,000 roadway miles year-round at, and during the winter, they can find plow-truck locations and details of when state-maintained roadways were last plowed. The information is made possible by PennDOT's Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) technology, which uses units in each of the more than 2,200 department-owned and rented plow trucks to send a cellular signal showing where a truck is located. The 40,000 miles for which PennDOT is responsible translates into 96,000 snow-lane miles, enough miles to circle the globe nearly four times. A snow-lane is calculated as the miles of road multiplied by the number of lanes, which means a one-mile section of fourlane roadway would equal four snow-lane miles. The department maintains roughly the same number of miles maintained by the state in

New York, New Jersey, and all the New England states combined. With $228 million budgeted for this winter's statewide operations, PennDOT deploys about 4,500 on-the-road workers, has more than 620,000 tons of salt on hand across the state, and will take salt deliveries throughout the winter. “Winter maintenance is a critical and difficult task, and motorists are partners in making this season a safe one,” Richards said. “Drivers should always think safety first and be sure that they are giving plenty of room to our operators and other motorists.” When winter weather hits, PennDOT's primary focus is on interstates and expressways, and equipment may be redirected to those routes during significant winter events. The more traffic a roadway has, the more attention it will receive from plows, so motorists may find deeper accumulations on less-traveled routes and should adjust their driving for those conditions. If motorists encounter snow or ice-covered roads, they should slow down, increase their following distance and avoid distractions. Last winter in Pennsylvania, preliminary data shows that there were 440 crashes resulting in one fatality and 221 injuries on snowy, slushy or icecovered roadways where aggressive-driving behaviors such as speeding or making careless lane changes were factors. In addition to planning for winter travel conditions, motorists should prepare their vehicles for the season. Tires should be checked often for the correct level of air pressure and adequate tire-tread depth to perform on ice and snow. A quick way to check tread depth is to insert a penny in the tread groove with Lincoln's head upside down. If you can see the entire head, the tires are worn and

traction will suffer. If you live in an area prone to heavy snow, drivers may want to consider using dedicated snow tires or carrying a set of tire chains. At a minimum, all-season tires should be rated for use in mud and snow. Once vehicles are travel-ready, drivers should be prepared for winter or vehicle emergencies especially if long-distance travel is planned. PennDOT urges motorists to carry an emergency kit. An emergency kit should include items such as non-perishable food, water, first-aid supplies, warm clothes, a blanket, cell phone charger, and a small snow shovel. However, motorists should tailor their kits to any specific needs that they or their families may have. Consider adding such items as baby supplies, extra medication, pet supplies, or even children's games. For more information on PennDOT's winter preparations and additional winter-driving resources for motorists, visit the department's winter Web page at Motorists can check conditions on more than 40,000 roadway miles, including color-coded winter conditions on 2,900 miles, by visiting 511PA, which is free and available 24 hours a day, provides traffic delay warnings, weather forecasts, traffic speed information, and access to more than 860 traffic cameras. 511PA is also available through a smartphone application for iPhone and Android devices, by calling 5-1-1, or by following regional twitter alerts accessible on the 511PA website. For more PennDOT information, visit Citizens can also follow PennDOT information on Twitter (, Facebook ( oftransportation),and Instagram (

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Public Works As winter begins and storms threaten to bring large accumulations of snow, the Public Works Department is standing by to clear Tredyffrin's 107 miles of Township roads and 12.5 miles of state roads, for which the Township is also responsible during snow storms. Here are some things you should know to alleviate some of the headaches brought on by the snow removal process. There are three aspects of snow clearing operation for the Public Works Department: Brining - salt brine is applied by spraying it onto the pavement up to 72 hours in advance of a winter storm; Salting; Plowing.

4. If a driver is aware that a mailbox roadway is cleared. Therefore, was damaged or if a resident contacts parking permits are available for the Township to report a damaged residents with steep driveways to mailbox, the resident will be sent a copy park in the road, and are issued of the policy within 24 hours. on a case-by-case basis. To apply for a parking permit, call (610) For more information, you can visit the 408-3626 or email TTTV link on the Township website and view the Snow Emergency video. The Township recognizes that it can be frustrating to finish shoveling only to have a plow push new snow into your driveway. However, until the roads are cleared, it is impossible to prevent this. If possible, do not clear your driveway or sidewalks until plowing equipment has passed. All private sidewalks must have a 24 inch path cleared within 30 hours after last snow fall.

Generally, the Township Public Works crews begin salting the roads when snow starts to fall. Salt is most effective on busier roads when the temperature is above 18 degrees. Township Mailbox Plowing operations begin when snow starts accumulating to a couple of inches. Each member of the plowing team services a particular route within the Township, and roads are prioritized based on traffic flow and emergency needs. Until snow falls stop, the first priority is to keep the main roads open and passable. As the snow fall stops, crews are then able to direct more attention to the side streets and less traveled roads. Cul-desacs are generally the last roads plowed in the Township, as they have the lowest volume of traffic. When plowing is complete, a final application of material is spread on the roads to provide traction and help prevent melted snow from freezing as needed. You can assist in the snow removal process by keeping trash cans out of the roads and sidewalks until plowing is complete. Trash cans in the road are a hazard to the plows and decrease their ability to clear the roadway appropriately. Township code prohibits onstreet parking in Tredyffrin from the beginning of snow or ice accumulation until the

Replacement Policy Occasionally, during plowing operations, mailboxes are damaged. This is usually not a result of the plow contacting the mailbox; the damage occurs due to the weight of the snow or slush. In the event your mailbox is damaged due to plowing operations, please contact the Public Works Department at 610-408-3620 or email




If you call to report a condition, the Township crews will address it as soon as possible; however, weather, traffic, and emergency situations will affect response time. In the event of a police, fire or ambulance emergency, the Township's plow drivers are dispatched in conjunction with emergency vehicles to ensure they reach their destination safely.


Getting Ready for the Snow Plows




The Township's policy in this regard is as follows: 1. The Township will reimburse the property owner up to $100 for a mailbox they purchased (resident to provide receipt) or install a standard “box store” mailbox and post, or repair the existing mailbox. 2. In either case, the new mailbox must be installed as far back from the edge of the road as the Post Office regulations permit to reduce the likelihood of a repeat occurrence. 3. Property owners must notify the Township within 21 days after the snow event in which the mailbox was damaged to receive the reimbursement or a new standard mailbox.

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Winter 2019 Newsletter


Police Department News Detective Sergeant Retires

New Police Officer th

The Police Department is pleased to announce the retirement of Detective Sergeant Todd J. Bereda. He is a second generation Township Police Officer and has served the community for the last 26 years. Beginning his career in July of 1992, he was assigned to the Patrol Division for 6 years. Young Officer Bereda was recognized as a talented investigator and was assigned to the Detective Division in June of 1998. Det. Sgt. Bereda continued to serve and represent Tredyffrin Township Police by conducting and assisting the Chester County Detectives with local and regional narcotic investigations. Over Todd's career he was recognized numerous times for his above and beyond actions, receiving several awards both individually and as a valued team member of high level investigations.

At the December 17 Tredyffrin Township Board of Supervisors Meeting, the Tredyffrin Township Police Department welcomed Sean Munro as our most recent patrol officer, filling a vacancy in the ranks created by the retirement of 26-year police veteran Sergeant Todd Bereda. Officer Munro joins TTPD after serving the last five years as a Philadelphia Police Officer, beginning his law enforcement career in 2013. Following graduation from the Philadelphia Police Academy in 2013, Officer Munro was assigned as a patrol officer in the 25th Police District until leaving earlier this month for Tredyffrin PD. Officer Munro is a 2011 graduate of Bloomsburg University earning a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. He and his wife, Katie, have recently moved to the northern Chester County area.

Todd's latest assignment was as the Detective Sergeant where he supervised and managed the Detective Division, which included serving as the Public Information Officer for the Police Department. However, his career will not end with Tredyffrin as he has moved to Bridgeport (PA) Borough to become the Police Chief. We wish him good fortune in his new role.

Magisterial District Justice Analisa Sondergaard was present to preside over the ceremonial swearing in of Officer Sean Munro. Detective Sergeant Todd J. Bereda

Kindly join us in welcoming Officer Munro to Tredyffrin Township.

Traffic Unit It is the time of the year when we can expect snow and ice. Residents are urged to remember that failing to clear their vehicles of snow and ice may result in an accident and/or a traffic citation. In Pennsylvania, drivers are required to remove any obstruction from their windows before travelling on the roadways. Pennsylvania drivers must also remove snow and ice from other areas of their vehicle, such as hoods and roofs. If a driver is travelling down the roadway and snow and ice becomes dislodged and hits another vehicle or pedestrian causing death or serious bodily injury, the driver could be subject to a fine of up to $1,000.

3720. Snow and ice dislodged or falling from moving vehicle. When snow or ice is dislodged or falls from a moving vehicle and strikes another vehicle or pedestrian causing death or serious bodily injury, the operator of the vehicle from which the snow or ice is dislodged or falls shall be subject to a fine of not less than $200 nor more than $1,000 for each offense.

4524. Windshield obstructions and wipers. (a) Obstruction on front windshield. No person shall drive any motor vehicle with any sign, poster or other nontransparent material upon the front windshield which materially obstructs, obscures or impairs the driver's clear view of the highway or any intersecting highway except an inspection certificate, sticker identification sign on a mass transit vehicle or other officially required sticker and no person shall drive any motor vehicle with any ice or snow on the front windshield which materially obstructs, obscures or impairs the driver's clear view of the highway or any intersecting highway. (b) Obstruction on side and rear windows. No person shall drive a motor vehicle with any sign, poster or other nontransparent material, including ice or snow, upon the side wings or side or rear windows of the vehicle which materially obstructs, obscures or impairs the driver's clear view of the highway or any intersecting highway. The placement of a registration permit upon the side or rear window of a vehicle shall not be considered a material obstruction


Tredyffrin Township

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Police Department News

The 1st Tredyffrin Township Battle of the Badges Softball Game is in the books, with the “boys (and girls) in blue” from the Tredyffrin Township Police Department defeating the Firefighters of Berwyn Fire Company in 9 innings of play! When all was settled at the thend of the game, played on Saturday, October 20 , in Wilson Farm Park, the Police Department was victorious over the Fire Company. Of course, the REAL winners were the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund & National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, with over $500 raised during the afternoon's game to be split between these two great charities, thanks to the support of our AMAZING community, who came out to cheer for both teams on a sunny Saturday afternoon. THANK YOU to our Officers, Firefighters, and our Community, for making our inaugural game a success! We would also like to thank Crown Trophy in Berwyn who custom made and donated the "Hero's Cup". We are hopeful that we can make this an annual tradition.

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Winter 2019 Newsletter


Tredyffrin Township Television

TOWNSHIP COMMUNICATIONS Tredyffrin Township makes every effort to provide information to the residents and businesses as effectively and as timely as possible. The methods currently in use are: SOCIAL MEDIA The best and most current place to get information is through the Internet by connecting to the Township website at, which continues to provide information on all events and programs taking place throughout the Township, as well as providing the latest news, events, and emergency announcements. Tredyffrin is also on Facebook and Twitter, so, become a fan on Facebook and/or Twitter to stay up-to-date. E-NEWSLETTER Tredyffrin offers monthly updates about Township news and events via the e-newsletter. To sign up for the e-newsletter, weather advisories, events happening in and around Chester County, and/or alerts by email or by text, visit and enroll. By creating a profile and selecting what types of notices you wish to receive, updates can be sent to you however you choose. PRINTED NEWSLETTER This printed newsletter is distributed three times a year to every residence in Tredyffrin Township as a public service. Franklin Maps works closely with the staff to provide this service for the Township and its residents. The cost of the newsletter is covered by advertising and not Township funds. If you have items of interest or ideas for articles, please send them to

Would you like to amaze friends and family by making an object actually become invisible right in front of their very eyes? Here at Tredyffrin Township Television we'll teach you how. You'll also learn the whys and wherefores of motion picture-taking, how to shoot 'n cut (Ouch!), why light loves the dark, why sound is Her Majesty, why windows are mean, why it's good Bruce drowned, and why Wilhelm is screaming all over the place. TTTV is again offering its FREE “Basics of Video Production” Certification Classes Basics of Videography: Repeated:

7 - 9 PM 12 - 2 PM

Wednesday, May 1 Saturday, May 4

Lighting Basics: Repeated:

7 - 9 PM 12 - 2 PM

Wednesday, May 8 Saturday, May 11

Sound Gathering: Repeated:

7 - 9 PM 12 - 2 PM

Wednesday, May 15 Saturday, May 18

We guarantee fun, laughter, new skills, and a heightened appreciation of TV and film production that will last long after you leave the Greenwood Studio. Of course, you could also stay put, now that you and your crew are certified. Why not create your very own non-commercial program or series to share on Comcast, Verizon, and on our cloud as video-on-demand? According to demand, participation may be limited to early registrants. If such is not the case, register by 5 PM Friday, April 26, 2019, at or by calling Studio Manager Gene Donahue at 610-408-3633. Inquiries are welcome. All classed are held in Greenwood Studio at the Township Building. Dates and availability may be subject to change.


Tredyffrin Township Television Comcast 15 & 964, Verizon 24, VOD @




333 S. Henderson Rd., King of Prussia


Tredyffrin Township

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Inspections & Permit Services by Michael V. Pilotti False Alarms

It is comforting to know that most of the commercial establishments we patronize are well equipped with fire protection in case of emergency. The same could be said when it comes to many of our home environments. We are most fortunate to benefit from the hard work of our dedicated first responders. So, we are able to go about life quite content with our day-to-day routines. What concerns me or, should I say, is disconcerting to me, is the amount of false alarms that are received and responded to on an annual basis by both Township Police, the Volunteer Fire Company, and sometimes both; only to find that the cause of the alarm and subsequent response was the result of human error or just plain neglect.

That said, it can be somewhat disheartening to know that 96% of the emergency responses are “false”. That is quite an impressive statistic which contains many variables. However, the cause is usually found to be consistent and avoidable. My suggestion to both residential and commercial fire protection/alarm and, even some security systems owners, is to annually check and service your systems. This will help your bottom-line due simply to the constantly increasing cost to put emergency response equipment and personnel on the road as a result of a false alarm. I urge you to encourage your employees or family members to consider what's currently on the books: § 68-13False alarms. For the purposes of defraying the costs to the Police and Fire Departments of responding to false alarms and avoiding danger to citizens and personnel of the Police and Fire Departments caused by responding to false alarms, the owner, lessee or user of any alarm system, persons using the services of an intermediary, users of audible alarms and users of any other kind of alarm systems or any other kind of direct or indirect connection with the police or fire communications center (collectively, the “alarm user”), except persons using the two-

way live voice communication by telephone, shall, as a condition to installation and continued operation of such equipment or service, execute a consent in such form as may be prescribed by Tredyffrin Township (the “Township”) that such alarm user shall pay the Township for all false alarms upon the following schedule for each false alarm originating from the alarm user's premises: for each false alarm, a warning or fine as set from time to time by resolution of the Board of Supervisors. Any alarm user which has four or more false alarms within a calendar year is required to attend a Township-sponsored false alarm awareness program. The Superintendent shall administer this program. Such an alarm user must complete this program within 30 days of the fourth false alarm. Completion of this program shall be a prerequisite to the issuance of a probationary or permanent permit for the alarm user. Participants in the program on behalf of the alarm user shall include the property owner (or highest-ranking corporate executive or officer if the alarm user is a corporation or business entity); the person who activated the false alarm; and the building manager for any commercial property. The scope of the program shall be at the discretion of the Superintendent.

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PARTY IN THE PARK September 21, 2019 4 PM Wilson Farm Park To register as a vendor or for more information, contact Hilliary Mallory by calling 610-408-3626 or by email


Winter 2019 Newsletter


Environmental Advisory Council News Where Does All That Stormwater Go?

Participants in an October, 2018 field trip found out. In the summer of 2018, many of us suffered from water in our basements, flooded yards, and washed-out bridges and roads that kept us from getting where we were going. That stormwater, both what makes it to storm drains, and what does not goes into local streams. The effect of even moderate storms can be bad in our neighborhoods, but even worse in the streams. What does it do on its way to the streams and when it gets to them? Twenty-one people joined in a field trip on the morning of October 20th to find out. The field trip, a joint effort of the Tredyffrin Environmental Advisory Council (EAC), Stroud Water Research Center, Open Land Conservancy (OLC), and the Valley Forge Chapter of Trout Unlimited, began at OLC's Cedar Hollow Preserve at the western edge of the Township. EAC Chair Mary Westervelt began the discussion on a bridge over Cedar Hollow Run. This crystal-clear stream runs in riffles over stones, between wooded banks that show minimal signs of erosion. Ray Clarke, of OLC, noted that water flow into Cedar Hollow Run comes from Atwater Lake (former Cedar Hollow Quarry) via an outflow pipe whose intake is 40 feet below the lake surface. Thus, cool water enters the creek at a controlled flow rate, protecting the banks and providing necessary conditions for a healthy population of aquatic life, including wild brown trout. Then, the group followed Cedar Hollow Run to its junction with Valley Creek. There they saw a different scenario: cloudy, silted water and eroded banks. Trees had been undermined by fast-flowing water and had fallen into the creek. Debris caught high in the branches showed how high the water levels had been earlier that summer.

What's the reason for the difference in the two streams? Within the boundaries of Cedar Hollow Preserve, both Cedar Hollow Run and Valley Creek run through forested land, but one stream is healthy and the other is not. The difference lies in what is upstream, and whether the water flow is controlled.

cooled through the soil. It would make its way into streams slowly, flowing gently from small springs in hillsides. As an added bonus, water would not flood our yard or erode our downhill neighbor's yard!

Look at a map of the land upstream from Cedar Hollow Preserve to see what Valley Creek contends with. The creek is subject to runoff from Rte. 202, I-76, parking lots surrounding office complexes and commercial buildings, and suburban lots with lawns extending to the edge of the creek. When it rains, water runs off all these surfaces and into the creek. The water is heated to pavement temperature and carries with it a load of road and lawn chemicals. Storm drains only serve to concentrate the flow. The water moves much too fast, eroding the soft stream banks and adding silt to the already-compromised water. What can we do? Trout Unlimited has been "hyper-vigilant" regarding stormwater controls on new development upstream of Valley Creek, says Ray Clarke. But controls on new development won't affect older, settled towns and suburbs. Pete Goodman of Trout Unlimited points out that healthy, intact streams are nearly impossible to find in Tredyffrin Township, which is about 40 percent covered with impervious surfaces. The problem is that we've been trained to shunt water off our impervious surfaces our roofs and driveways and into the streets, making the water someone else's problem and keeping our basements dry. We've all seen how well that worked last summer. Field trip participants learned that each of us can keep our stormwater on our property, allowing it to soak into the soil via a rain garden or saving it in a rain barrel for use later. If we treated stormwater in this manner, water would recharge the watershed's aquifers after being filtered and

Participants ended the field trip at OLC's Airdrie Forest preserve to view the effect of stormwater directed off Paoli streets and onto the steep bank, where it has eroded a ditch fifteen feet deep. OLC Board member Tim Magee demonstrates the extent of the damage. The only way to prevent this is for each of us to keep storm water on our property! Photo by Ray Clarke.

What's next? In 2019, a follow-up field trip will be scheduled to see rain gardens and rain barrels in action. If you were on the 2018 Stormwater Field Trip, you'll receive notice of the date. If you weren't, you can be added to the list by contacting Be sure to put EAC Stormwater Workshops in the subject line. In the meantime, go to the following resources to learn more about how to protect stream water and your yard by controlling stormwater on your property: A Homeowner's Guide to Stormwater Management Partnership for the Delaware Estuary and Philadelphia Water Department Office of Watersheds (January 2006) wners_Guide_Stormwater_Management.pdf.

Ignore the list of trees for city-scapes, p. 10, which includes only non-natives. A list of native plants appears on p. 20.

Rain Gardens Technical Guide S.K. Golen and J. Okay, Virginia Department of Forestry (2014) Garden-Technical-Guide-2014-05_pub.pdf Includes step-by-step instructions for calculating the size of a rain garden, as well as background information on how water recharges the aquifer in a healthy watershed. Field trip participants view the confluence of Cedar Hollow Run (behind them) and Valley Creek. Photo by Signe Hansen.


Tredyffrin Township

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Mary Westervelt, EAC Chair

Environmental Advisory Council News Bring Solar to Tredyffrin

Shoppers flooding the stores on Black Friday 2018 may have missed the announcement that the fourth US National Climate Assessment ( infographic) was released that same day. A team of 300 federal and non-federal experts volunteered to produce this assessment. This was subsequently reviewed by external experts, the general public, and 13 federal agencies. In the summary is written: “The impacts of climate change are already being felt in communities across the country. More frequent and intense extreme weather and climate-related events, as well as changes in average climate conditions, are expected to continue to damage infrastructure, ecosystems, and social systems that provide essential benefits to communities.” Without additional action climate related risks will continue to grow, impacting current and future generations. What can you do as in individual? One option is having solar panels installed on your house. Not all houses are suitable for solar, as there might be too many trees and, therefore, a lot of shading. However, many houses are suitable. It's quick and easy to get an estimate from a solar company. They can do this by using 'Google Earth' and check whether your roof is suitable sun-wise. A technician will also validate if your roof is

capable of bearing extra weight. For most residents, installing solar panels will have a payback time of 9 to 10 years depending on the electricity rate you pay now. So, is there sufficient sun in PA? Yes, there is. Mark Jacobson, Stanford University, wrote a plan for all 50 states in the US to move to 100% renewable. They created a map ( and when you click on a state, you see which percentage renewable energy should be generated from utility solar, residential rooftop solar, wind, etc. When you click on Pennsylvania, you see they recommend that 3.3% of renewable energy should come from residential rooftop solar, 68.8% from solar photovoltaic (PV) plants, and 2.4% from government and commercial rooftop PV. That's 74.5% renewable energy coming from solar panels! Solar is high in their energy plan because of the amount of sunshine in the state. From an income tax perspective, 2019 is a good year to install solar panels (or other green investments such as geothermal) as there is a 30% Investment Tax Credit ( -renewable-energy-tax-credit). The credit goes down to 26% in 2020, and 22% in 2021. After 2021, the tax credit expires, unless Congress decides otherwise. Once you install solar panels onto your

house, you become a solar producer and as a solar producer you can sell your production on the renewable energy market. For every 1,000 kWh you produce, you can sell one Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) on the market. The more solar energy you produce, the more SRECs you can sell. The latest price for 1 SREC, as of December 4, 2018, was $13 for 2019. For up-to-date prices, visit Every year you are able to sell your production on the renewable energy market. The market is monitored by the Pennsylvania Utility Commission (PUC) and every credit is registered in a tracking system which is audited by the PUC and Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). For various reasons, it is expected that the price of SRECs will go up in the future. Just in case you might think that I am working in the solar industry, I am not. I am just a mother worried about the impacts of climate change. I have young children and I want to give them a future full of opportunities. What's even more convincing about solar energy is that it is booming in the Netherlands, that's where I come from. It's not booming because of government intervention. Solar is not subsidized. Also, we have far less sunshine than Pennsylvania. It's absolutely amazing how much solar was installed in the last couple of years. Can we do this in Tredyffrin too? by Rutger Boerema, Tredyffrin Resident and EAC Member

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Winter 2019 Newsletter



Tredyffrin Township

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Winter 2019 Newsletter

21 Tredyffrin Public Library | 582 Upper Gulph Road, Strafford, PA 19087 | 610-688-7092 | Paoli Library | 18 Darby Road, Paoli, PA 19301 | 610-296-7996

Paoli Library 18 Darby Road Paoli, PA 19301 Voice 610.296.7996 Fax 610.296.9708 Fans of Paoli Library like to call it “The Biggest Little Library Around.” There's a lot of knowledge, creativity, and camaraderie packed into the small space behind the Wells Fargo Bank at Lancaster Avenue and Darby Road in Paoli. Stop in for free Wi-Fi, books and movies, storytimes, or to get involved with the Friends of Paoli Library. Tredyffrin Public Library 582 Upper Gulph Road Strafford, PA 19087 Voice: 610.688.7092 Fax: 610.688.2014 Email: Tredyffrin Public Library is a bustling community center where people of all ages come to learn, share, and grow in a beautiful, spacious building overlooking Strafford Park. The Library has a wonderful collection of books, films and music, public computers and free Wi-Fi. There are many study and reading areas, large and small meeting rooms for rent, a local history room, and more. The Library hosts a wide assortment of programs for adults, teens, and children. Ongoing programs include story times, bridge lessons and games and yoga classes. Check the website,, for up-to-date information on program dates and times. All programs are subject to change and for many events, registration is requested. Interested or have a question? Contact us!

The Library's Largest Donor

“The Friends of Tredyffrin Public Library is the library's largest donor,” said Chris Kibler, Library Director, “and has been for many years. Without the Friends organization, we would not be able to bring the tremendous number of children's, teens', and adults' programs we offer to the community each year.” Since 2012, the Friends have donated $20,000 each year specifically for programs and, in 2019, will increase the amount by an additional 25%.

In 2018, the Friends also paid for the upgrade of the audio-visual system in the large meeting room. “It cost close to $25,000, but it radically altered the quality of the programming for the community. Patrons and presenters alike applauded the updated equipment,” said Kate Currigan, president of the Friends. “That donation goes to the heart of the Friends' mission which is to support the library's programming efforts,” “The opening of the Red Fox Book Shop has made the increase in our support possible,” pointed out the Friends' vice president, Denise Sjoreen. The book shop will celebrate its 10th Anniversary in 2019. “It was a radical departure from the traditional annual Friends' book sales; it's now a fulltime business with the physical store in the library and an online store.” Twenty-five to thirty volunteers regularly staff the Red Fox Book Shop at the Tredyffrin Public Library, ten of the volunteers have worked there for over five years. A team of seven volunteers manage the online shop which Amazon rates with five stars. The business is growing in large part due to the generous donations of books that arrive each day. “The quality of the donations is incomparable,” says Pat Wingerter, member of the board of directors and a mainstay volunteer of the shop, “local citizens know where to get a bargain and many come in regularly to check for new donations. New books are put on the shelves every day.” The Friends began funding the very popular “Museum Passes Program” in 2016 and has expanded it each year adding passes for more museums, zoos, gardens, and the Eastern State Penitentiary. Library patrons reserved the 18 available 3-day passes over 1,000 times last year. In 2018, the Friends began to support the development of the valuable library staff with a $5,000 donation for conferences, professional memberships and other courses to enable staff to stay on the cutting edge of their profession. “It's great to have friends like the Friends,” said Chris Kibler. “We hope they're around another 53 years!” Left to right, front row, Denise Sjoreen, Ellen Weece, Barbara Alexander, Edwina Patruno, Anastasia Currigan, Kate Currigan,; Back row, Jim Sjoreen, Nick Patruno, Chris Kibler, John CT Alexander


Tredyffrin Township

Support Your Libraries

Tredyffrin Township Libraries Charity Golf Outing

The Tredyffrin Library Foundation will host a Golf Outing in September 2019 to benefit Tredyffrin and Paoli Public Libraries. Attendees will enjoy the picturesque, private course at St. David's Golf Club in Radnor. If you would like to join a committee to make the event a success, or for more information about the event, please email

Age 70 ½ and older & Have an IRA Account? You Can Help!

Did you know that you can satisfy your RMD by making a direct transfer from your IRA to the Tredyffrin Libraries Foundation, to support both Tredyffrin and Paoli Public Libraries? Direct distributions to eligible charities in amounts up to $100,000 annually are free from federal income taxation. You can use this taxadvantaged method for an outright gift to enrich our libraries now and secure their future. Find more information at

Your Libraries: A Public/Private Partnership

Our libraries are part of our Township and receive the majority of funding from the Township budget. State and county aid and earned revenue also provide funding. But, did you know that contributions from patrons, local businesses, and philanthropists provide 20% of the funds needed to maintain and grow the libraries? Yes! Your donations enable the library to expand programs, purchase new materials, and maintain the spaces that are our community's gathering places. We thank all our neighbors for their support of the libraries. For information about how to give, please contact

Vanguard Hometown Grants Program Awards $10,000 to Tredyffrin Township Library Foundation

The Tredyffrin Township Library Foundation is grateful to the Vanguard Hometown Grants Program for its investment in our libraries. Paoli and Tredyffrin Public Libraries each received a grant of $5,000 for general operating support. The funds will enhance programming and materials at each library, thus strengthening the libraries as community resources and gathering places. Vanguard Hometown Grants Program provides community grants to nonprofit agencies in the communities near and around where Vanguard operates. We thank the Vanguard Hometown Grants Program for recognizing our libraries' key role in the community, and for investing in our mission.

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Your Key to Quality Service

Hardware Plus II • 610-995-2977 143 Pennsylvania Ave., Wayne, PA 19087 "The BEST Little Home Center on the Main Line."



STAT ION RD. Access to All Area Listings & Open Houses






tre ea Th

l te Ho ne ay W yne h a c W hur sC

e Pr

ie ov M






Wayne Station


Do it Best


St. Davids 610-254-9292

Narberth 610-667-6655


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Winter 2019 Newsletter


Tredyffrin Public Library is a PA Forward Bronze Library

Tredyffrin Public Library is one of only two libraries in Chester County to have been recognized as a Star Library by the Pennsylvania Library Association. To achieve the PA Forward designation, the Tredyffrin Public Library has demonstrated a commitment to helping citizens improve their quality of life and achieve greater success in all vital roles of life - as students, as parents, as employees, as consumers, as citizens - and providing programs to enhance five identified types of knowledge essential to success: Basic, Information, Civic and Social, Health, and Financial. Tredyffrin Public Library does this through the extremely wide variety of programs offered: storytimes and reading readiness for preschoolers; ESL and foreign language storytimes; chess for adults and children; book clubs and theater camp for teens; yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and wellness; and programs for job seekers and business owners. Tredyffrin Public Library is truly a community center that provides not just a place for learning and growth, but a welcoming place, a safe space, and an opportunity for community connections.

Operated by The Friends of Tredyffrin Public Library, our Spring 1/2 price clearance sale will be held on March 15, 16, and 17. There's usually a stampede, so come early! Get in touch with us at 610.688.7092 x 227 or at

The Children's Department at Paoli Library is Hoppin’ Have you checked out a STEM Kit yet?

What's New at Paoli Library?

It feels like almost everything! Thanks to the generosity of the Friends of Paoli Library, the Thornedge Foundation, and individual donors, the Library has a whole new look. There's more open space where you can meet with a friend or browse the shelves at your leisure, new comfortable seating where you can work on your laptop or read a magazine, and new computer carrels where you can work or browse online in comfort and privacy. Don't worry, we've kept all the old things that make Paoli Library a beloved community center. We still have the top books, movies, and music; great children's programs; and the wonderful online resourcesincluding downloadable ebooks and audiobooksthat are provided by the Chester County Library System. Most important, we still have our friendly, knowledgeable staff, who are happy to help you with book recommendations, movie reviews, or technology questions. Paoli Library is small enough that you'll get to know us, and we'll get to know you, not just as a computer algorithm, but as an actual person. Stop by and see for yourself. Paoli Library is located in the Wells Fargo Bank building at the corner of Route 30 and Darby Road. 24

Tredyffrin Township

For a more unique Storytime experience we offer sttwo foreign language storytimes. On the 1 and 3rd Friday of the month, German Storytime meets at 10:30 AM for a half hour of stories, songs, and sing-alongs, to develop German language skills. The half-hour storytime will be followed by a half-hour of playtime. All are welcome. Some knowledge of the German language would be useful, as the storytime will be conducted entirely in German. For questions or more information, email For ages birth to 5 years with a caregiver. Also, on the last Wednesday of each month at 1 PM, Miss Mercedes from LingoKids Learning shares stories, songs, and fun in Spanish.

Each kit is based on a principle in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math, and contains diverse materials to extend learning from the library to home. For example, in the Magnetism Kit, you will find Magna-tiles, Bill Nye the Science Guy: Magnetism DVD, and “Magnets Push, Magnets Pull” by David A. Adler. Our newest STEM Kit is an exploration in fossils!

For our small friends we offer several Storytime options. On Mondays, Miss Stephanie can be found at the local Starbucks (at the corner of Rte. 30 & Plank Ave.) at 11:30 AM for Starbucks Storytime. In the Library, drop-in for Family Storytime on Wednesday and Thursdays at 11 AM for ages birth to 5 years old or on Thursdays at 10 AM for the Little Learners Lap-sit for ages birth to 2 years old.

What about our school aged friends? Throughout each month, Paoli Library offers a variety of school-aged programs including the Just for Fun! Book Club that meets on a Wednesday at 4:30 PM toward the end of each month. Book club selections are primarily driven by participants and we ALWAYS have snacks and an activity. Over the course of this year, book club will work on filming a 90 second version of a Newbery Winner or Honor book to enter in the 90 Second Newbery Film Festival. New at Paoli Library! On Monday night each week from 6-8 PM, we are offering an Open Space in our programming room for young adults between the ages of 13-17 years old. Looking for a safe space to work on homework or hang with friends and play a game? Drop in. Sometimes we will just be hanging out and sometimes we will use the time as volunteer time to fix up the Library or make a craft for charity. For information about programs for Children and Young Adults contact Stephanie Bragg at 610.296.7996 or by email at

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INFANT THROUGH KINDERGARTEN *The Goddard Schools are operated by independent franchisees under a license agreement with Goddard Systems, Inc. Programs and ages may vary. Goddard Systems, Inc. program is AdvancED accredited. © Goddard Systems Inc. 2012

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Newly Remodeled Open 6 Days A Week (610) 540-1000

101 W. Lancaster Ave., Paoli, PA 19301 The Works® Oil Change Package


Pricing may vary, Retailer determines pricing. Up to five quarts of Motorcraft® oil and oil filter. Taxes, diesel vehicles and disposal fees extra. Hybrid battery test excluded. See Quick Lane® Service Advisor for exclusions and details. Offer valid with coupon.

Brake Pads Installed

$99.95 Check with your Quick Lane® Service Advisor to see if Motorcraft® brake pads are available for your vehicle. Pricing may vary, Retailer determines pricing. Per-axle price. Pads or shoes on most vehicles. Exclusions apply. Taxes extra. See Quick Lane® Service Advisor for details. Offer valid with coupon.

State Emission & State Inspection

Battery Replaced & Installed



Offer valid with coupon.

Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee* *Eligible Motorcraft® brake pads purchased after 7/1/14. Nontransferable. Requires copy of original repair order and completion of any other necessary brake service, such as brake rotor service. Replacement Motorcraft® brake pads must be installed by a U.S. Ford or Lincoln Dealership or Quick Lane® technician to be eligible. Labor cost not included. Restrictions and exclusions apply. See Quick Lane® Service Advisor for details.


Offer valid with coupon.

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Winter 2019 Newsletter


Children's Programs at Tredyffrin Public Library

Teen Programs at the Tredyffrin Public Library

Family Winter Reading Club

2019 Understanding and Demystifying College Admissions

“Reading should not be presented to children as a chore, a duty. It should be offered as a gift.” Kate DiCamillo. Share the gift of reading as a family this February and work together for the chance to win a winter gift basket. Starting Friday, February 1, you can come to the Children's Circulation desk for you Winter Reading Club calendar. Read together as a family for 20 minutes a day and mark it on your calendar. By the end of February, if you have read at least 20/28 days, show us your calendar and each member of you family who participated will receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win a winter gift basket.

Sundays, March 24, March 31, April 7 and April 14, 3PM - 4:30 PM Find out how you can match your interests, abilities, values, and karma with the right college in this series of workshops to explore how the college admissions process works. Topics covered will include how to select a college, what colleges seek from their applicants, college admissions tests and requirements, hot topics and trends in admissions, and financial aid. This informative and fun workshop is led by an experienced college counselor and former college admissions officer and dean, Cigus Vanni.

Spring Break 2019 Media Workshop

UIF REC Studio and the Tredyffrin Library Present a 2-day Media Workshop on April 16-17

Day 1: The fundamentals of shooting, framing, interviewing, and storytelling. You will put your newfound skills to the test by recording your very own footage. Day 2: An introduction to editing. You will learn how to edit your footage with clips, text, and royalty free music. Register at

Saturday, February 2, we will kick off our Winter Reading Club by escaping Snape's Potion Study before time runs out. Put you Harry Potter knowledge to the test before YOU-KNOW-WHO comes to visit. Stay tuned for more details as they will be provided on our website

Event Timing: April 16-17, 2019 Day 1 Event Address: 108 E. Lancaster Ave. C-3 Wayne, PA Day 2 Event Address: 582 Upper Gulph Rd., Strafford, PA Workshop Hours: 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM with lunch break at 12:30 PM For more information about the workshop, go to or **Students must have a smartphone where they can download an app**


Tredyffrin Township

July 29 to August 9. Rising 5th through 9th graders - Explore your creativity and build on your self-confidence in this musical theatre camp! This super fun camp run by CHS graduates, who are now studying performance arts at university, is affordable and will fill up fast. E-mail for more information or to get on the camp e-mail list.


Have you ever wanted to produce your own video content, short film, documentary, or vlog but not sure how or where to start? This 2-day workshop, open to students in Grade 8 and older, will help you shoot and edit your own material within hours. Space is limited to 12 students and workshops will take place at UIF REC Studio on Day 1 and at Strafford Library on Day 2. See below for complete info and address.

Harry Potter Escape Room

2019 Performance Art Summer Camp

Camp counselors ready the ice cream

What Could YOU Do Here?

The large room at Tredyffrin Public Library is a flexible space that can be set up for movie nights, a meeting space, or the extremely popular coffeehouse. Equipment includes microphones, stage lighting, speakers, a mixer, computer, projector, screens, DVD Player, pipe and drape, folding tables, chairs, and kitchen.

Piano trio brings holiday music to the community

Reading Excellence Award

Tredyffrin Township Libraries are proud to offer a reading program for young adult readers. Young readers wishing to expand their reading lens beyond the United States and read “Around the World” should give it a try. Complete the program and receive a special award from the Library. More details can be found on the Libraries' website.

Book Club

7th graders and up. We've got great selections and a great chance to talk with friends about your favorite parts of books. Every 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 4 PM. Check the webpage for our next book. We hope to see you there. For more information on Teen Programs at Tredyffrin Pubic Library, contact Laurie Doan at Additional events are always being planned. Let us know if YOU have a suggestion.

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Locksmith Service To Your Home or Business

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Gio D'Amato Emergencies

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Winter 2019 Newsletter


Adult Programs at Tredyffrin Public Library Get Healthy at Tredyffrin Public Library

Tredyffrin Public Library offers a number of programs to help residents get fit and stay fit. There is a new class that started in January called Foundations of Fitness. This class is taught by experienced instructor Kathy DiGiorgio and is geared for adults who would like to improve their fitness level and overall health. This weekly 50-minute class will cover the basics of fitness, some cardio exercises, developing muscle strength, and focusing on the core connection. The goal of the program is to gain a sense of overall wellbeing. Learning to move safely and effectively in a relaxed and fun environment is key. Classes are weekly on Mondays at 10:45 AM with a $5 per class fee. Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers, and bring a towel or exercise mat. The Library also offers yoga classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:45 AM with a $5 per class fee, a Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness Class on Mondays at 5:30 PM, and Zen Meditation at 10 AM on Saturday.

Camerata Philadelphia

Tredyffrin Public Library is pleased to have the critically acclaimed Camerata Philadelphia make its suburban home here at the Library as an ensemble-in-residence. Led by Music Director & cellist Stephen Framil along with a world-renowned selection of accompanying artists, this group strives to bring a fresh interpretation to venerated classics in a more intimate relaxed setting. “I love coming to the Camerata Concerts here at the Library,” said one patron. “It's almost like having the group come to my living room!”

Spring 2019 concerts are scheduled for Sundays, March 3 and May 19. The group is a 501(c)3 non-profit and asks for suggested donations of $20 for adults. Light refreshments are provided.

Business and Career Seminars

The library is offering three different business and career seminar topics in the Spring of 2019. Let's Talk: Consider Your Business Retirement Plan, Thursday, April 11 at 6:30 PM, presented by independent investment advisor Ron Lang How to Start and Manage Your Business' Payroll, Thursday, April 25 at 6:30 PM, presented by Ann Angelucci. Ann is a business professional who specialized in small business payroll. The Art of Networking in Person and Online, Thursday, May 9 at 6:30 PM, presented by Lynne Williams. Lynne is Director of the Philadelphia Great Careers Group. She is a dynamic speaker who is passionate about helping people and businesses identify opportunities and connect with one another.

Museum Pass Program Has Expanded!

The Museum Pass Program at Tredyffrin Public Library has proved to be one of the most popular services since its launch in 2016. Funded by the Friends of Tredyffrin Library, the program has expanded each year and at least five new locations have been

added for 2019. As this publication goes to press, in addition to the eighteen destinations available in 2018, the following have been added: Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania Philadelphia Insectarium and Butterfly Pavilion Fort Mifflin American Swedish Historical Museum National Museum of American Jewish History Reservations for specific dates can be made on the Library's website. Any adult with a valid Chester County Library Card number is eligible to reserve and pick up the passes at the Tredyffrin Public Library. Please check the website for additional details and maybe even more sites that you can visit for free with your library card.

Other Programs

Introduction to Sailing March 9, 9 AM - 5 PM The Library is partnering with the Philadelphia Sailing Club to offer a one-day Fundamentals of Sailing Course, an inexpensive, one-day program to teach sailing fundamentals to those new to sailing or those who needed a refresher. Topics covered included sail theory, trimming sails, tacking & gybing, chart reading, basic knots, and crew responsibilities and safety. Contact the Philadelphia Sailing Club or visit the Library's website for details. Second Saturday Cinema On the second Saturday of each month, join us for a chance to watch classic films chosen from the American Film Institute's Top 100 Films on the big screen at the Library. Final Friday Movies Newly released (on DVD) popular movies are shown on the big screen on the last Friday of every month.


For Those Who Remember...Since 1855 610-622-0550 28

Tredyffrin Township

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A CLASSIC DINING EXPERIENCE Please Support Our Advertisers · To Advertise Call 610-265-6277

Winter 2019 Newsletter


Advocacy Partnership Innovation GVF recognizes Main Line Health, Vanguard, GSK and others as TDM Advocates • Fitzgerald and Halliday Inc.

Board of Directors President: Jeff Guzy, RK&K Vice President: Robert Hart, Simon Treasurer: Casey Moore, McMahon Associates Secretary: Kim Carron, Vanguard Rob Henry, GVF Tom Barton, TCB3 Consultancy George Broseman, Kaplin Stewart Terrence Foley, City Avenue Special Services District Eric Frary, Michael Baker International Ken Fulmer, Urban Engineers William Martin, Tredyffrin Township Ernie McNeely, Lower Merion Township Andy Rau, Unruh, Turner, Burke & Frees Kathy Sweeney-Pogwist, Brandywine Realty Trust

Ex-Officio Members: Leslie Richards, PennDOT Secretary of Transportation Rep. Kate Harper Rep. Tim Briggs Commissioner Kenneth Lawrence Jr., Montgomery County Commissioner Michelle Kichline, Chester County Ken McClain, PennDOT District 6 Joe Serbu, PA Turnpike Patty Elkis, DVRPC Jody Holton, Montgomery County

King of Prussia, PA The Greater Philadelphia region has over four million people living and working throughout it which can lead to congestion and poor air quality if everyone drove alone. Thankfully the region has many TDM advocates who are working with GVF, a non-profit regional transportation association, who partners with local private and public sectors to combat these challenges through Transportation Demand Management (TDM). Transportation Demand Management (TDM) are strategies that aim to reduce congestion, improve the environment and our quality of life. Examples of TDM include using different modes like a bus, bike or walking. It looks at the current design of our neighborhoods so that people can make choices other than driving alone. We believe TDM needs to be a priority with employers, employees, townships and communities. Through GVF's annual TDM Advocate's program, which is a year-round benchmarking program, organizations are recognized for their commitment towards implementing programs that promote commuting alternatives and alleviate congestion for their employees and the community. GVF works with its partners to develop programs and incorporate TDM and/or sustainability initiatives into their work environment. This could be installing and maintaining bike racks, implementing flextime or telework programs and or ensuring an office has access to a bus stop or a train station. On Monday, September 10, GVF held its 8th annual TDM Breakfast. Tamala Edwards, 6abc Action News anchor, served as the master of ceremonies, recognizing 40 organizations (listed below) as TDM Advocates. These organizations represent over 160,000 employees. Nationally recognized TDM expert, Wendy Duren from Arlington Transportation Partners was the keynote speaker for the event. Wendy has over 20 years' experience in transportation. She is part of the executive team of Destination Sales & Marketing Group (DS&MG) and manages six TDM programs at Arlington Transportation Partners in Arlington, Virginia. Arlington has seen great success with implementing TDM. As the keynote speaker, Wendy shared how each of the TDM programs help reduce daily single vehicle occupancy.

• Each workday, Arlington County Commuter Services help shift 47,000 SOV trips to other modes • The six Arlington Transportation Programs are responsible for 68% of these trips removing around 31,000 daily • Using a new TDM industry return-oninvestment calculator it was determined for every $1 Arlington County spends on TDM, there is a $9 return on that investment to the community "Arlington Transportation Partners began its work in Arlington County twenty (20) years ago, proof that the gains that the county has made in implementing TDM strategies across a large number of stakeholders takes concerted effort over a long period of time." Wendy Duren, Arlington Transportation Partners Program Director, Arlington Transportation Partners. "Arlington Transportation Partners is very proud of the effort put into their newest tool, the ROI Calculator. Using this tool, planners can make the case for implementing TDM by showing the economic return calculated for each $1 of TDM investment.” "Congratulations to all of our TDM Advocates. It's inspiring to see the number of advocates continue to rise and to see so many achieve the highest level. Thank you again to all our sponsors, and to our awards master of ceremonies, Tamala Edwards from 6abc. Thank you also to our keynote Wendy Duren who shared with us the inspiring programs and success they are seeing in Arlington Virginia. If we continue to utilize and expand our use of TDM tools our region will continue to improve our daily lives while also growing our economic prosperity. However, we can't do it alone so please join us on this journey to further enhance our collective mobility. " Rob Henry, Executive Director, GVF. Due to ongoing innovation in mobility we will see new transportation options that will become available in the future which could help or hurt commute time and expenses. TDM will be there to help guide us through those changes and share alternative ways to commute no matter what the future holds. Congratulations to GVF's 2018 TDM Advocates:

Pamela Sarne McCormick, SEPTA


Tredyffrin Township

Platinum Level • AECOM • American Heritage Federal Credit Union • King of Prussia Mall • Limerick Township • McMahon Associates, Inc. • Pennoni • RK&K • Suburban Transit Network, Inc. Gold Level • Bikesport • Borough of Pottstown • Brandywine Realty Trust • Bryn Mawr Hospital, Main Line Health • Crowne Plaza & Fairfield Inn - King of Prussia • Enterprise Rideshare • Lankenau Medical Center Main Line Health • Pottstown Area Rapid Transit • Radial Inc. • Whitpain Township Silver Level • Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital, Main Line Health • Paoli Hospital, Main Line Health Bronze Level • Borough of Phoenixville • Century Engineering • Riddle Hospital, Main Line Health • Valley Forge Park Alliance A special thank you to our 2018 Annual Event Sponsors for your generous support: Platinum: Boles Smyth, Brandywine Realty, Bikesport, Trust, Kaplin Stewart, McMahon Associate, Inc., Pennoni, RK&K, Suburban Transit Network, Urban Engineers, Vanguard Gold: King of Prussia Mall, Traffic Planning and Design, WSP Silver: AECOM, Comcast, DVRPC, Enterprise Rideshare, Gannett Fleming, HDR, HNTB, Michael Baker International, SEPTA, STV Inc., T.Y Lin International, Volkert, Wells+Associates. Founded in 1990, GVF is a not-for-profit organization created to advocate and promote a viable transportation network for the region's economic vitality. To maximize awareness and develop sustainable support, we partner with public and private entities. GVF's mission is to achieve a desirable quality of life and a healthy, competitive economic environment by developing multifaceted transportation strategies. For more information about GVF or to learn about the benefits of partnership, visit

Diamond Level • Cheltenham Township • Chester County • DVRPC

1012 West Eighth Ave, Suite A, King of Prussia, PA 19406

• GlaxoSmithKline • Lower Merion Township • Montgomery County • Montgomery County Community College • Saint Joseph's University • SEPTA • Traffic Planning & Design, Inc. • Tredyffrin Township • Upper Merion Township • Urban Engineers • Vanguard • Wells+Associates


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961 Lancaster Ave., Berwyn, PA 19312 11,000 Homes see these ads! Call 610-265-6277 to advertise your business or organization.

CALDWELL Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.


PA-003855 394 E. CHURCH RD • SUITE A KING OF PRUSSIA, PA 19406 Fax: 610-239-8245


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Winter 2019 Newsletter


Curb My Clutter As the Township moves forward to become a more sustainable community, it is important to look at all types of waste that is discarded into landfills. One often overlooked item is used clothing. There is currently a market in which unwanted textiles can be repurposed and resold, which helps create less waste and puts money back into the community. At the November 19th meeting, the Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution for the Township to participate in a 12-month pilot program with CURB MY CLUTTER (CMC), a company that works with residents to make recycling of clothing and electronics easy by requesting pick-up at their homes via text message.

Participation in this pilot program does not require any cost to the Township but will yield higher recycling tonnage, and, therefore, higher grant returns from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, as well as 10% revenue share from materials salvaged by the company. CMC is offered in 65,000 households in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, conducting 12month pilot programs where they offer a turnkey process including handling all customer service, curbside collection of clothing and electronics and community engagement to drive results. After nine months, the Township will meet with CMC to review and evaluate the results and determine the success of the pilot

program and the value of continuing it beyond the initial 12-month term. Easier Recycling for Everyone CURB MY CLUTTER enables haulers and municipalities to conveniently communicate with customers to collect and recycle clothing and electronics. The product images submitted by users enable CMC to identify the highest value markets while avoiding the cost of holding inventory. CMC has relationships with the largest and the most innovative markets for recycling, refurbishment, and resale. The advantages for the residents of Tredyffrin include: Recycling in the palm of your hand. Text your name and address. Send photos of clothing and electronic items to be recycled. Confirm collection appointment. No need to haul recycling to an event or other location. Solving a Specific Waste Problem The disposal of used clothing and electronics has become a major cost burden and environmental hazard. Used electronics and apparel represent 10% of the waste stream. Municipalities in the U.S. spend over $500m annually landfilling used electronics and apparel. Improper disposal of used electronics is a major environmental hazard. The used electronics and apparel currently landfilled is worth billions of dollars annually in the recycling and refurbishment market.

CURB MY CLUTTER enables haulers and municipalities to conveniently communicate with customers via text to collect and recycle clothing and electronics

Frequently Asked Questions Using Curb My Clutter

What if I cannot text? You can simply call the “text” number assigned to your community and leave a voice mail message. A CMC agent will contact you and register your collection over the phone. If I can't take pictures can I still schedule a collection? You can still set up a collection without pictures. The value of being able to provide pictures make you eligible for valuable rewards. Why do I need to take pictures of my items? Having images of your items prior to collection enables us to optimize our collection routes and sorting post collection. That is how we reduce the cost to operate the program, enabling us to collect most items at no charge and offer you rewards for recycling.


Why do you ask me if I want CMC to ring my doorbell? Some items such as computers, phones, and tablets may contain confidential information. If you prefer to have those items collected at your door by a CMC representative, then we will ring your doorbell to personally collect those items to assure that the data is wiped. I am outside the current service area; how do I get Curb My Clutter in my community? We'd be happy to help, but we need your help first. Please contact your municipal leaders and ask them to consider bringing Curb My Clutter to your community.


How do I get rewarded? After collection occurs, your appointment number is activated for rewards redemption and you will be sent instructions on how to redeem on line.


Why does it matter if I recycle clothing? It may be hard to believe but 85% of all clothing is currently sent to landfill at a major cost to taxpayers. It's very important for our environment and our economy that these resources are not wasted by ending their life in a landfill or incinerator. Curb My Clutter is focused on finding new purposes for these products. What happens to my recycled clothing? A large percentage of used clothing continues to be worn either in the US or abroad. Some used clothing is remanufactured into new clothing or products such as specialty wipers (rags) for industry or insulation. Clothing has superior sound dampening properties and can be found in many cars today. 32

Tredyffrin Township

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Curb My Clutter Will you take my towels and bedsheets? Yes! Towels and bedsheets are acceptable items. I'm moving. Can you accept my old rugs, carpets, furniture and mattresses? These items are not accepted. If I have bags of clothing, what should I take pictures of? Please take a picture of any item that is new or like new, women's or men's business suits or sport coats, outdoor apparel (such as Patagonia, North Face, Columbia Sportswear), dress shirts, winter coats, jackets, sweaters, jeans, and sneakers. Items such as t-shirts, socks, underwear, sheets and towels should go in the bag without a picture.

What are acceptable electronics? Desktop or personal computers, tablets, computer monitors, printers, fax machines, televisions, cell phones, audio and video equipment, gaming consoles, scanners, hard drives, keyboards, mice, pc speakers, VCR, DVD, blue ray, laser disk and CD players, mp3 players, iPods, and portable radios. Will you take my refrigerator, stove, air conditioner or dehumidifier? Sorry, these items are not acceptable for collection by CMC. What happens to my electronics? Used electronics can be de-manufactured and sold for parts or scrap. Some electronics can be re-conditioned and sold.

Can I get a tax write off for items collected by Curb My Clutter? Curb My Clutter is a service provided by your municipality and is not eligible for tax deductions.

What are the fees? Standard television and CRT monitor - $35 per unit. Rear projection television, extralarge CRT television, or wood cabinet television - $100 per unit.


Why is there a fee for some TVs and Monitors? Some TVs and monitors are a challenge to recycle when they contain a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT). These devices contain hazardous materials and disposal is extremely expensive. We must charge a convenience fee for their collection.

Why do I need to recycle my electronics? In many states, it's the law! In some states, electronics are prohibited from being disposed in a landfill or incinerator. Electronics can include desktop or personal computers, tablets, computer monitors, desktop printers, desktop fax machines, or televisions.

How do I pay for my TVs? CMC has a secure account with Square to process credit card payments. After you schedule your collection, you will be sent a link to pay for your CRT TV or computer monitor in advance. Your card will only be charged after the collection is complete. Why is my rear projection TV or wooden cabinet TV more expensive to recycle than a standard size TV? Their size and weight make them harder to handle. What happens to the information I provide to Curb My Clutter? Customer privacy is important to us. We have our Privacy Statement available at My computers have personal information on them, how do I know they will be handled properly? CMC only uses responsible vendors who destroy personal information prior to scrapping or repurposing any device. Our professional staff controls the devices until they are securely delivered to certified electronics recycling companies. If you have more questions about this pilot program between the Township and Curb My Clutter, you may contact Tredyffrin Township Recycling Coordinator Amanda Lafty at 610-408-3602 or email

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Winter 2019 Newsletter



Tredyffrin Township

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Recycling Day - Anything with a Plug™ Saturday, May 11, 2019 Wilson Farm Park 500 Lee Road 9 AM to 12 PM Tredyffrin Township & Easttown Township are proud to offer local residents the opportunity to responsibly recycle obsolete electronics and small appliances. This service is available to all surrounding residents and small business with fewer than 50 employees. Electronics will be recycled by eForce Compliance, Philadelphia's first Certified Responsible Recycler. All Data Media Will Be Destroyed or Wiped as part of the disposal! Certain items may require payment of a disposal fee. Coupon of equal or greater value will be provided for all fees. Coupon is valid toward products and services offered by eForce. Accepted Items: · Small Appliances ($10) · Televisions ($30) · Air Conditioners ($10) · Computer Monitors ($30) · Dehumidifiers ($10) · Computers · Dorm Refrigerators ($10) · Laptops · Microwaves ($10) · Peripherals · Telephones · Keyboards · Cell Phones · Computer Mice · Cameras · Printers · Calculators For Questions, please call 215.964.6665 · Fax Machines · Console/Projection · Typewriters Television ($100) (No Smoke Detectors or Large Appliances will be accepted)

Enrollment for

Go to Website, Click on the YELLOW square to enroll.

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Winter 2019 Newsletter


New State Historical Marker for Wharton Esherick over the centuries since William Penn founded his Commonwealth. Administered by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC), more than 2,000 cast aluminum markers currently tell the important and interesting stories that are part of the history of Pennsylvania. Wharton Esherick's marker is installed at the intersection of Horseshoe Trail and Diamond Rock Road in Malvern, just a 1/10 of a mile away from the Museum.

The Wharton Esherick Museum is proud to announce that Wharton Esherick is now recognized as a significant part of Pennsylvania history with the unveiling of a new Historical Marker. The dedication, presented by State Senator Andrew Dinniman, took place as part of the Annual Members' Party on September 9th. The Historical Marker Program has existed for over 100 years, capturing the memory of people, places, events, and innovations that have affected the lives of Pennsylvanians

Since the Museum's founding in 1972, Esherick's studio, which is the centerpiece of the Museum, has been recognized on the National Register of Historic Places and as a National Historic Landmark for Architecture. We are thrilled now to recognize not just the building, but Wharton Esherick himself, and the groundbreaking effect he had on the world of art and craft. Esherick was an internationally significant figure in the landscape of art history and American modern design. Now recognized as a leader of the Studio Furniture Movement, Esherick's work is celebrated by new generations of artists and woodworkers. As an artist, Esherick worked primarily in wood and extended his unique forms to furniture, furnishings, interiors, buildings, and more. His motto, “If it isn't fun, it isn't worth doing,” is evident in the joyful expression of his work and can be seen throughout the Museum.

Plan a Visit The Wharton Esherick Museum is experienced through guided tours which must be reserved in advance. About one hour long, the guided tour is an immersive experience which takes guests through the home/studio of Wharton Esherick, preserved much as it was when the artist lived and worked there. Additional programs and events can be found on our website. Please note that we are closed to the public in January and February. For reservations or more information visit: Get Involved Do you find yourself telling people you meet about the Wharton Esherick Museum? Consider joining our team as a volunteer docent. We are seeking dedicated individuals to lead tours through the Museum and educate our visitors about Esherick's life and work. Docents can volunteer to do a few as two or three tours a year or give one every week if they like. Our team of volunteer docents is essential to our daily operation and our spirit. We routinely gather together to share ideas and feedback, enjoy each other's company, and even take field trips. Being a docent here is a lot of fun, but don't take our word for it. Give us a call at 610-644-5822 or email

Pretty In Pink During the month of October, the Tredyffrin Township staff participated in different activities each week to acknowledge Breast Cancer Awareness month. The activities end with a Pretty-in-Pink picture day. Shown above from left to right are Mike Beaty, Sharon Rose, Cheryl Dobson, Renee Williams, Jane Akhtar, Hilliary Mallory, Amanda Lafty, Gene Donahue, Casey Sands, Gabrielle Ignarri, Michelle Donia, Joe DiRocco, and Pat Hoffman.


Tredyffrin Township

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Expires 3/21/19

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, State Farm Indemnity Company, Bloomington, IL State Farm County Mutual Insurance Company of Texas, Dallas, TX State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, State Farm General Insurance Company, Bloomington, IL State Farm Florida Insurance Company, Winter Haven, FL State Farm Lloyds, Richardson, TX 1601976

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Winter 2019 Newsletter


An Era Comes to a Close: Harold Sweetman Announces Plan to Retire as Executive Director - Spring 2019

Gardens will be a public garden for many generations to come. Forever Jenkins - Endow an Acre Campaign is currently 67% ($13.4 million) toward the goal of $20 million by the year 2020. Help us honor Harold by contributing to the fund. Reaching the endowment goal of $20 million by 2020 will fulfill his vision. Many people are unaware that Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins left in trust a modest $600,000 and there were no gardens - only undisturbed woodlands. The gardens and the endowment have grown dramatically over the years thanks to the wonderful generosity of individuals and foundations that truly recognize the importance of preserving Jenkins will grow in the future. Please help Jenkins reach our goal by contributing to the Fund in Honor of Harold and Christine Sweetman or by creating another named fund in someone else's honor. If financially supporting this campaign at this time is not possible, please consider making a pledge or planned gift in the future by including Jenkins in your will. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.

From 1974 to 2019, there has always been a Director with the Sweetman name at Jenkins Arboretum. Leonard Sweetman was hired by the trustee at that time to begin the initial plantings even before opening to the public in 1976. As the only full-time gardening director, Leonard worked tirelessly for the last 12 years of his life in growing a public garden for the future, yet one he would never have the opportunity to enjoy in his retirement. Leonard dedicated the last months of his life to helping his son, Harold Sweetman, transition as the next garden director. Leonard died suddenly from a stroke the week following his full retirement in 1986. Harold, like his father, was the only full-time staff/gardener until 1999. Harold Sweetman, over the past 32 years, has continued planting with each growing season. In addition to growing the gardens, he grew a staff of dedicated horticulturists. Maggie Knapp was the very first full-time gardener in 1999, followed by remarkable Hamilton Educational Fellows, including Steve Wright, Director of Horticulture and Maddison Paule, current Head Horticulturist. With the gardens flourishing and the resulting increased visitation, the John J. Willaman Education Center opened in 2009. Behind the scenes, Janice Legg, Administrator, and Janet Bauman, Development Director, also became fulltime staff in 2009. Also behind the scenes for 25 years has been a governing Board of Directors composed of talented community leaders, professionals, and horticultural enthusiasts. With the Forever Jenkins - Endow an Acre Endowment Campaign well underway and approaching the $20 million goal, hopefully by 2020, it seemed time to make way for a new director. Undoubtedly the new Executive Director and passionate gardeners, staff, and community members all dedicated to the special mission of Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens will ensure that Jenkins will continue to flourish and be a vibrant public garden “Forever”. Help Honor the Retirement of the Executive Director Please Give to the Fund in Honor of Harold and Christine Sweetman The permanent endowment has many named funds that are recognized in all Newsletter/Annual Report publications. Past president of the Jenkins board, Karla Herr, and her late husband Phil, have been generous supporters for many years and it was their desire to establish the Fund in Honor of Harold and Christine Sweetman. Funds in the endowment will ensure Jenkins Arboretum &


Tredyffrin Township

Harold Sweetman Receives National Award

At this year's Annual Conference of the American Public Gardens Association, Harold Sweetman was awarded one of the Association's most prestigious honors. The Award of Merit recognizes an American Public Gardens Association member who has performed with distinction in the field of public horticulture and has excelled as a public garden professional at one or more institutions. The recipient's accomplishments encompass some combination of botany, horticulture, conservation, gardening, research, extension, education, development, or administration. It could be considered a lifetime achievement award, as it is intended to be given to an individual during the mid-to-latter part of an illustrious career.

This is an incredible achievement and recognizes more than 30 years of hard work, perseverance and dedication to the field of horticulture. For Harold to have done it all at one place makes it even more impressive. Born in Las Animas, Colorado, Harold Sweetman moved to Pennsylvania at the age of 8. The boyhood experience of growing up on a small farm where his family grew cash crops, ran a nursery and greenhouse, as well as florist business, may have influenced his future career path. He attended the University of Massachusetts as an undergraduate, ultimately earning a Ph.D. in Biology from Boston University. He then returned to Pennsylvania in 1986 to

assume responsibility for the development of the newly established Jenkins Arboretum from his father, Leonard Sweetman, its first director. Hired as an independent contractor by the trustee, he remained its sole full-time employee until 1999, assuming all responsibility of maintaining and promoting a small public garden on the Main Line of the Philadelphia suburbs. The Philadelphia area is now recognized as “America's Garden Capital”. Jenkins was the only public garden in the area conceived and developed where no built landscape previously existed. Concentrating on ericaceous plants, which were uniquely suited to the highly acidic, well-drained soils of the site, Harold worked to increase the plant collections and expanded them to include other native plant species with the concept that Jenkins Arboretum should showcase the diversity of Eastern North American native flora. The existing undisturbed native woodlands were ideal for creating a naturalistic landscape design. Because of the limitations of a modest $600,000 trust established at the Arboretum's inception, Harold created a Friends group to help with funding, maintaining, and growing the garden, all the while insuring free admission to the garden, which is open 365 days a year. Over time, this Friends group ultimately assumed governance of the Arboretum, opening the possibility of membership and today there are close to 1,000 loyal member households. Harold's goal was to provide a place of peace, beauty, and tranquility in a busy Main Line corridor as well as to educate the public about native flora, especially ericaceous plants, with the hopes that many of these plants could be incorporated into area gardens. Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens has been recognized by the Plant Collections Network of the APGA for both Rhododendron and Mountain Laurel Collections. To that end, he has made several trips to the Himalayas of China and India on plant expeditions, as well as attending many horticultural conferences around the country. In addition, he has given countless lectures and informational workshops to local garden clubs and community groups, all with the aim of promoting the garden and its collections. Dr. Sweetman has managed to expand the gardens, now working with a dedicated staff of seven, three full time in administration, four full time horticulturists, including two endowed Hamilton Fellowships, several part-time staff, and a core group of dedicated volunteers. Successful capital campaigns led to building a new LEED Gold certified John J. Willaman Education Center in 2009 extending the scope of the gardens to highlight local artists through gallery exhibitions and garden clubs, as well as four plant society flower shows and public plant sales. Harold has worked tirelessly to promote the Arboretum & Gardens as a “jewel” in the community and to compliment rather than compete with the larger public gardens. This newsletter seemed the perfect time to announce Harold's retirement. The garden has been his life's work and once the Forever Jenkins Endowment Campaign is complete, the garden will be secure and his work done.

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