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JULY & AUGUST 2022 | ISSUE NO. 05 Created by Hasana Abdullah Key Club Bulletin Editor '22 - '23

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Editor's Note Hi Key Clubbies!! Welcome to a brand new school year! I hope everyone had an awesome summer and was able to participate in some of our excellent events this summer. It’s always so heartwarming to see the commitment our members have to Key Club and community service, and it made me so happy to see so many of you come together to continue upholding our Key Club spirit. My favorite event from the summer would have to be the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in July, where members participated in both days of activities and had a great time manning both the waterside and landside stations, while using their free time to explore the various booths and streetside stalls. As the new school year begins, I can’t wait to show you guys what awesome events and fundraisers we have in store during our in-person meetings in the auditorium, and I look forward to seeing the continued dedication and effort from each and every one of you. See you soon! Yours in Service,

Hasana Abdullah

Bulletin Editor '22-'23 03

Hey Key Clubbers!! Are you excited for school to start again?! As the summer comes to an end, thank you to all our members who showed their continuous dedication throughout our months off of school to attend events and support our fundraisers. Our Mini Golf Fundraiser with QHSS provided Key Clubbers with a chance to get outside and play golf at Alley Pond’s infamous green miniature golf course! Our club also helped out at Passport to Taiwan twice because it was such a fun and spectacular event where members made egg waffles, sold merchandise, and participated in the numerous festivities hosted. Annual events that we brought back included the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival and Color Run! As usual, we had our monthly NYSoM events that volunteers participated in to help give out school supplies and lead superhero themed activities. Going into our new school year, I highly encourage you guys to invite your friends to join Key Club and continue to do good deeds for our community :) Yours in Service,

Erica Jin

President ‘22-‘23

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Member of the Month

August: Yazhi Dai Grade: 10th Grade Total Amount of Hours as of July 2022:

80.5 Favorite Key Club Event: NYSOM Easter Eggstravaganza 06

Member of the Month

July: Julie Remache Grade: 10th Grade Total Amount of Hours as of June 2022:

69.5 Favorite Key Club Event: NYSOM Halloweeen Havoc 07

Passport to Taiwan & Japan Fes Saturday July 16th, Sunday August 7th Passport to Taiwan aimed to encourage entrepreneurship by bringing out more people to open their small businesses to help with the dwindling numbers of Taiwanese-American-owned businesses and restaurants in NYC. At Japan Fes, visitors enjoyed mochi pounding and a hands-on onigiri (rice ball) making experience. The GOHAN Fes area provided Japanese food fans in New York with the opportunity to taste and learn about the soul food of Japan, "GOHAN” (Japanese rice).


It had been a while since I volunteered in an event where I saw so many people in one area. I loved being able to interact with the customers that came to my station and even the other staff working the stations next to mine. I was miraculously placed next to one of the most popular stands for Taiwan Fest and I happened to talk to one of the ladies (who was working away literally 3 feet from me) after they got less busy. They were extremely nice about helping me refill two of their popular drinks that I bought because I was taking them home (the seltzer water was starting to dissolve without me opening it yet) and I even explained to them how we were all volunteers for Key Club since she said we looked very young. Later on she made me one of their popular food items, called strawberry basil sandwich, to try and I was very touched by her sudden gift. In addition, I also loved walking around the other stations and seeing the different items they had to offer! Overall, I really enjoyed going to Taiwan Fest and as an extrovert, I loved all the small interactions I got from the people that walked by and bought the items we were selling. In fact, this event reminded me why New York City is such an amazing place for various opportunities and to meet diverse groups of people. - Maggie Huang, THHS '23

I volunteered with a couple of my friends and we worked together to gather surveys for the Festival. The food and items sold at the festival were both beautiful and tasty! At the festival, I tried out new dishes — which is honestly the highlight of the event for me. The biggest downside was the heat; volunteering in the scorching, hot sun was definitely not a fun experience. However, I would definitely volunteer for Japan Fes again; although the shift was excruciatingly long with only an hour break, I had a fun time volunteering with my friends! :) - Silga Chisim, THHS '25


Saturday, Jul

The Color Run is an annual five-kilometer, Color Runners are doused from head to toe in wear white at the starting line and finish the over, the fun continues at the Finish Festiva photo ops, activity booths, vendors, and m millions of vivid color combinations. Volunt revving up the crowd at the finish festival, t decided on a by-need b

It was super fun to douse people in green (especially the kids who loved it) at Color Run. It was surprisingly not that hard to wash out the green powder when I got home, so don’t be discouraged! Overall it was super fun and an unforgettable memory that I recommend everyone to try!! - Crystal Yang, THHS '23


y 30th

, untimed event. At each kilometer mark, n a different colored powder. Participants e race plastered in color. Once the race is al, a party equipped with music, dancing, more massive color throws, which create eering duties included handing out water, tossing color and more! Positions will be asis on race morning. Despite it being insanely messy and really physically demanding, it was still rewarding to see participants (especially the little kids) having fun due to our labor! We got pretty unlucky with our assigned color because we all ended up looking like shrek…and we all spent a ridiculous amount of time attempting to wash off all the cornstarch since it got EVERYWHERE. I, personally, wouldn’t volunteer for Color Run again, but I do recommend that others attend the event at least once for the experience! - Nicole Chen, THHS '23 11

Hong Kong Drag

Saturday July 30th

The annual Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in New York is a sporting and multicultural event held in Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens, New York to celebrate the fifth moon (or the fifth month) of the lunar calendar. The festival hosts over 120 dragon boat teams from across North America, making it one of the largest dragon boat festivals in the United States.


HKDBF was a unique ev experience the festival w it was very hot and so involved, helping out on able to see the boa memorable experience. I performances and collec the staff were extreme Overall it was a grea definitely d

- Eileen Wan

gon Boat Festival

h, Sunday July 31st

vent. It allowed me to while helping out. Though ome heavy lifting was waterside and being ats up close was a also got to watch the t many free goodies. All ly nice and helpful too! t event and I would o it again!

g, THHS '24

The Dragon Boat Festival was a great opportunity for me to see how much-dedicated training each member of the contestants did for their own team. It may have been a sunny day for all of us to be in the heat, but this didn’t stop the paddlers from competing against other boats while keeping the same rhythm when the drums were struck. I also really enjoyed the time I spent with the other volunteer workers, who taught me the basics of tying knots for the boat and helped me through difficulties. - Angela Bao, THHS '25



Mini Golf Fun Sunday August 14th

Alley Pond's mini-golf course features waterfalls, fountains, ponds QHSS collaborated to host a fundraiser from which all proceeds w that ensures every child has access to quality education and prov The mini-golf fundraiser was an awesome chance to spend time outside with friends while also knowing you were able to provide a memorable experience to kids less fortunate through the Pencils of Promise charity. Looking back, it was a very fun opportunity fit for the weekend and I look forward to doing it again! - Nilla Wahab, THHS '24



s, and pleasant green scenery for both kids and adults. THHS and went towards the the District Project, Pencils of Promise, a charity vides students with a safe and healthy place to learn.

This event was really fun and I got to make new friends and help fundraise. Key club is a great way to earn the needed community service hours and have fun at the same time! - Amala Madubuko, THHS '25


Bronx S


Saturday Au

Volunteers picked up litter and trash at Morris Park along a designated trail, benefitting their community by making public areas more enjoyable for all. This cleanup helped bring awareness towards the widespread problem of littering and its environmental consequences. 16


p Series

gust 20th

The Bronx Summer Clean Up was such a fun and eye opening event. It was so rewarding to be able to walk around the neighborhood of Motts Haven and help clean up their streets for them. We slowly watched our green garbage bags fill up with countless bottle caps, cigar bulbs, plastic, wrappers, and cardboard. Not only that, members were able to obtain tickets to the Yankees for helping out :) - Erica Jin, THHS '23

The Bronx Summer Cleanup was a really good event. It made me realize that we have to do our part to clean up our environment. While cleaning up the sidewalks of the bronx, i realized that even if we clean up just one section of a street, sidewalk, etc, we can help make the environment more clean and safe. - Jabir Rahman, THHS '23 17

In anticipation for the upcoming school year, NYSoM hosted a Back to School Bonanza wher volunteers distributed sets of school supplies a dressed up as superheroes.

Saturday August 20th

NYSOM Back to School


, e and

At the NYSOM Back to School Bonanza event, I worked at the face paint station where we had the chance to use stencils and different colored paint to create different designs on children’s faces or hands. This was a super fun event and many volunteers had the chance to dress up in superhero costumes and hand out school supplies to students. I would definitely recommend this event as it was super fun and we also got free icies! - Melinda Wang, THHS '24

While the hours for the NYSOM event were not as long, it was still a refreshing day for volunteers to experience the joy they bring to little kids. Even when some of us may not think they provided good quality items or face paint, the children would always reassure us, that they would always appreciate what we had given them. - Angela Bao, THHS '25


I really liked the event overall, I felt like it was nice for the kids who needed school supplies for the year and the costumes some people wore were fun to see to match the theme too. I thought the whole event was pretty well organized and I would definitely participate again! - Alison Li, THHS '24 I really liked interacting with a community that was different from the one I was raised in. I feel like interacting with diverse sets of people can open up your eyes to what life is like outside of your neighborhood. It was also really nice giving back to the community and I enjoyed seeing people happy!! I would definitely do it again if I had the chance. My favorite part was definitely handing out backpacks to people and seeing how excited they were :) - Dabynn Yi, THHS '24


NY dist as

YSoM volunteers assisted at this event by helping to tribute sets of school supplies, as well as dressing up Alice in Wonderland characters like Alice, The Mad Hatter, and The White Rabbit.

Saturday August 27th

NYSOM Back to School



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