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Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Newsletter Issue II

Hi Key Clubbers!!! I’m proud to present to you the second (and my last) newsletter of the service year. This will include events from both Fall and Winter as well as reflections from you guys! I always love reading about your experiences and how you felt about events so the board can continue to include events that you genuinely enjoy. Your feedback is so vital to helping us make your Key Club experience as enjoyable as possible. Also, it’s nostalgic and convenient to have a mini scrapbook of sorts that holds all your favorite Key Club memories. Thank you all so much for your contributions and I hope you enjoy! Yours in Service, Jenny Li Bulletin Editor ‘17-’18


OCTOBER 14, 2017 --- Light the Night Walk

This event was super fun. I got to walk with my friends and it was really pretty by the water and bridge. I got some really nice pictures. It was also really moving to see the amount of people there who were walking for the cause. There was also this tent where people were paying tribute to the ones they were walking for and it was really crazy to see how many people are affected by these illnesses and how they motivate people to do walks like these to show their support for others who are going through the same thing. There was a great vibe and it was really enjoyable. -Victoria Oei

OCTOBER 15, 2017 --- Breast Cancer Walk I was able to make strides against breast cancer in this walk. By participating in this event, I was able to raise awareness for breast cancer to finish the fight against this. I was able to honor those who have battled breast cancer, raise awarenes, and raise money to help the American Cancer Socieaty fight the disease with research, information and services, and access to mammograms for women who need them by participating in this incredible and inspiring opportunity event. Here, I walked with my middle school considering some teachers I knew had passed away due to breast cancer. I wanted to participate in this walk to support and honor them by walking with my middle school. -Sharon Li

November 23, 2017 --- Turkey Trot The Turkey Trot was amazingly fun! I was able to meet many friends from other schools. The volunteer manager was very nice to us and told us specific and clear instructions. The event itself was very exciting, we cheered for an hour. The runners we're all very excited to meet us and thanked us for helping them. Some of them even asked us to for pictures! -Katie Hsu It was very fun. I met many new people. I would go again next year. -Min Hyeok Shin We volunteered and directed runners where to go. Many people came and it was a lot of fun. Despite the cold, I would go again :) -Nikki Ng

JANUARY 13, 2018 --- MLK Day Park Clean Up Despite the freezing cold weather, the time spend for the MLK Park Clean Up was really worth it. Even though we restored a large area in the park, it’s still feels small comparing our work to the nature. There were many first times for me, like first time mulching and volunteering with other people not my age, which made my first event really memorable. When I was helping, I learned many new skills and was part of the restoring plan! This made my MLK day special by doing something honorable. -Angela Zhu

JANUARY 20, 2018 --- Women’s March This march showed me how we should fight for equality between everybody. In the march it wasn't only for woman's right but also for immigrants, LGBT community, etc. -Whitney Portoviejo We marched around a few blocks for a couple of hours. We supported women's rights and many other rights of equality also. -Min Hyeok Shin

FEBRUARY 3, 2018 --- MATHCOUNTS MATHCOUNTS is hands down one of my favorite events so far. Not only was I given the opportunity to grade the performance of students younger than me but I was also able to connect with the leaders of Key Club and other members as well. Even though I have gone to the leaders for help and talked to other members occasionally, the one-hour train ride really helped me to get to know them outside of school and connect with them on a separate level. In addition to this, I was able to meet volunteers from other schools. It was rather astonishing to see people from everywhere to come together to assist in grading an emulous mathematics competition that encourages mathematic achievement to young adolescents. I would kill (not actually) to have another chance to do this event next year and eat the food they offer! -Sharon Li

FEBRUARY 16, 2018 -- 19th LNY Firecracker Festival Volunteering for this event was a lot of fun. We helped a booth direct the line and translate instructions for participants of the raffle. I would definitely go to this event again :) -Nikki Ng At first, me and my friend just wandered around, looking for work to do. When I was thinking of leaving early, my friend asked a church booth if we could help out, and they gladly accepted the offer. While I just inflated the balloons and listened to the guests' requests, she tied them, make cool shapes with the longer balloons, and made them actually nice looking. It was a really fun event. Even though we sometimes got annoyed and frustrated with the overbearing parents who demanded only red and yellow balloons, it was worth it when I got to see the bright smiles of kids when they thanked us for them. -Alexis Dixon


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Townsend Harris HS Key Club Fall/Winter Newsletter '17-'18  
Townsend Harris HS Key Club Fall/Winter Newsletter '17-'18