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REGISTRATION Town of Banff registration begins on Mon., Mar. 18, 2013 In PERSON: Banff Town Hall, 110 Bear St., Community Services Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm By MAIL: Town of Banff Community Classes, Box 1260, Banff, AB T1L 1A1 (cheques should be payable to the Town of Banff; money orders or credit cards may also be used for payment)

By PHONE: Call 403-762-1251 - Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm with a Visa or Master Card number for payment By FAX: Fax 403-762-1264, fax registrations must include payment by credit card (Visa or Master Card)

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Registration forms can be downloaded from (go to “Locals” heading) We strongly recommend that registration be received no later than one week in advance of course start dates. However,courses fill quickly, so register early. You will be contacted if course details change or if the course must be cancelled All Town of Banff courses are designed for adult participants, unless otherwise indicated. Contact us at 403-762-1251 for our refund policy

*Those applying for course funding assistance, your registration will not be accepted without payment and/or confirmation of funding assistance.

Funding assistance available for all adult courses listed. Please see p. 63 for more information. *Those applying for course funding assistance, your registration will not be accepted without payment and/or confirmation of funding assistance.

Language learning Learning English?

This course will provide you with the proper level of ESL instruction. Students will be assessed on the first day of class and placed into the appropriate level from beginner to advanced. $110 Banff High School #2684 8 Tues & Thurs Apr 16 – Jun 6 7 – 9pm

English Conversation Class (Drop-In)

Want to improve your English conversation skills to help with your job and life here in Banff? This course is designed to improve your speaking and listening skills while meeting new people and having fun. Maximum of nine students, first come, first served. $5 Drop-in. Pay to Instr. Rotary Community Hub Each Wed until May 29 Beginner/Intermediate 2 – 3:30pm Advanced 4 – 5:30pm Instr: Charlotte Wojtula

French I

Want to learn the other official language of Canada? This course is designed for those with no background in French. Learn simple grammar and vocabulary to help you build basic conversation skills. $100 Banff High School #2686 8 Mon Apr 22 – Jun 17 (no class May 20) 7 – 9pm Instr: Magda Zablotini

French II

Those who have completed French I or who have basic knowledge of French will enjoy improving language skills through vocabulary, practical conversation, pronunciation, and grammar exercises. $100 Banff High School #2685 8 Wed Apr 24 – Jun 12 7 – 9pm Instr: Magda Zablotini


Enjoy learning this close language relative to English. Inge, your instructor, will help boost your confidence in communicating to our German guests or for travel to German–speaking countries. $95 + GST Banff High School #2687 5 Mon & Thurs Apr 4 – May 6 7 – 9pm Instr: Inge Gaida


First Aid & Personal Awareness First Aid courses will be taught using Canadian Red Cross standards.

Emergency First Aid and Level C CPR

Basic life support skills for those with easy access to Emergency Medical Services. Focus is on casualty assessment, airway management, control of bleeding, and prevention of further injury until medical help is available. Occupational Health & Safety approved. Fee includes manual; certificate provided upon successful completion. $65 + GST The Fenlands, Meeting Room 2 #2696 Sat Apr 20 9am – 5pm #2695 Fri May 10 9am – 5pm #2694 Sat Jun 8 9am – 5pm Instr: Mike Geisler

Standard First Aid and Level C CPR

Life support skills for the emergency responder, designed for those who may have a delayed response to Emergency Medical Services or who work in an industrial or high-risk activity setting. An opportunity to increase your knowledge regarding an A.E.D. (Automatic External Defibulator) may exist at the end of the course. Occupational Health & Safety approved course. Fee includes manual; certificate and wallet card provided upon successful completion. $100 + GST The Fenlands, Meeting Room 2 #2699 Sat & Sun Apr 20/21 9am – 5pm #2698 Fri & Sat May 10/11 9am – 5pm #2697 Sat & Sun Jun 8/9 9am – 5pm Instr: Mike Geisler

First Aid - Re-Certification Level C & CPR (Standard and Emergency)

This course is intended for those who have a current First Aid – Level C certificate and includes a review of essential skills with a focus on theoretical and practical skills testing. Participants must have a current first aid certificate. $50 + GST The Fenlands, Meeting Room 2 #2700 Fri May 10 5 – 9pm Inst: Mike Geisler

Active Living & Wellness An Introduction to Hoopdance

Are you looking for a new winter hobby that will keep you warm, active and happy? This hoop class will teach you the basics of hoopdance where you will learn to move beyond your waist and make hooping a part of your body and core-conditioning program. This class will be a great way to meet people and find a flow and style of your own. Join Katie on Tuesday afternoons and hoop your way through an energetic hour of fitness fun! No experience necessary. $45 + GST (for those who need a hoop) $35 + GST (for those who already have a hoop) 101 Bear St. – Pioneer Room #2688 4 Tues Apr 9 - 30 5 - 6pm Inst: Katie Jelliss


A Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance-fitness class combining fast and slow rhythms with cardio and muscle-toning benefits. Dance to Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, Reggaeton, Hip Hop and more. You don’t have to know how to dance and any fitness level can take part. Just feel the music, move your body and follow your instructor’s lead. Let’s have fun together and notice your energy level rise in minutes! $65 + GST Banff High School - Gymnasium #2689 8 Wed Apr 17 – Jun 5 7:30 – 8:30pm (2 classes will be cancelled – at time of print dates were unavailable). Inst: Aoi Kawai

Yoga Gentle Flow Class – all levels

Join Kathryn for gentle flow yoga, all levels are welcome to stretch, strengthen and relax your mind and body. $53 + GST The Fenlands, Meeting Room #1 #2693 6 Tues Apr 23 – May 28 Instr: Kathryn Williams (RYT)

6 – 6:45pm


It’s a Guy Thing - Yoga

Are you new to yoga but don’t want to be the only man in the class? Come and learn the basics of yoga in a men’s only environment. Join Kathryn for a gentle flow class. All men yogis welcome, beginners or not. $53 + GST The Fenlands, Meeting Room #1 #2691 6 Mon Apr 22 – Jun 3 (no class May 20) 6 – 6:45pm Instr: Kathryn Williams (RYT)

The Next Step – Guys Yoga – NEW!

Have you attended Kathryn’s six week yoga class and are now ready to move forward and take the next step? This is your opportunity to expand your yoga knowledge, try new stretches, poses and balances. Take time to practice and stretch your way to a healthier you. $53 + GST The Fenlands, Meeting Room # 1 #2701 6 Mon Apr 22 – Jun 3 (no class May 20) 7 – 7:45pm Instr: Kathryn Williams (RYT)

Lunch Hour Yoga

Take time during this class to focus on core strength, flexibility and grace. This class is designed to strengthen and lengthen all areas of the body. We will work on balance, fluidity and joy. Anyone looking for a challenge and a way to stop thinking so much is welcome to join us. $138 + GST 101 Bear St. – Pioneer Room #2692 8 Tues & Thurs Apr 9 – May 30 12:05 – 12:50pm Instr: Jacqueline McAllister (RYT & PT)

Yin Yoga – NEW!

Slow Down! Way Down! Yin Yoga is a powerful practice which targets tendons, ligaments and fascia within the body. Each posture is held for long periods of time to encourage the slow and safe opening of connective tissues, leaving the yogi with an overall feeling of lightness, spaciousness and peace. The perfect antidote to stress and a great counter balance to more active styles of yoga. $60 + GST The Fenlands, Meeting Room # 2 #2690 6 Mon Apr 15 – May 27 (no class May 20) 5 – 6pm Instr: Jen MacFarlane (RYT)

Detox and Destress Yoga – NEW!

Start cleaning from the inside out. Restore vitality by moving toxins out of the body. Using the breath and the body to reset your metabolism and immune system. Strengthen, stretch and sweat. Boost your energy and still your mind. All levels welcome $60 + GST The Fenlands, Meeting Room # 2 #2709 6 Mon Apr 15 – May 27 (no class May 20) 6:30 – 7:30pm Instr: Jen MacFarlane (RYT)

Learn to Run – For Women Only – NEW!

This class will take you through a gradual progression to build your strength and stamina in 16 workout sessions in 8 weeks. You will learn the basics of building your own personal running program, proper stretching techniques, how to stay motivated, the role of nutrition and secrets to help keep you injury free! Each session will begin with the “power of knowledge” followed by a group run. You must be able to jog comfortably for 5-min intervals. $115 + GST The Fenlands, Lounge #2702 8 Tues & Thurs Apr 16 – Jun 6 5:30 – 6:30pm Instr: Kiley Torti, Certified Exercise Physiologist

Wellness Workshops with Kiley Torti Nutrition & Weight Loss

This workshop will teach you how to optimize your health by making educated decisions. We will review the Canada Food Guide, understand the basics of nutrition, how to eat to maximize your energy levels, reduce cravings, strategies for eating on the run and how to be an educated consumer by understanding food labels and navigating aisles at the supermarket. $35 + GST The Fenlands, Meeting Room #2 #2704 Sat May 25 10am – 1pm Instr: Kiley Torti, CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist

Strengthening & Stretching for Runners Workshop

Strengthen weak muscles and loosen up tight areas to help reduce injuries and improve your performance. Incorporate these exercises into your weekly routine and you will hit the trails running! Learn how to build strength in the legs and core as well as developing a balanced body. Key exercises for both home-based workouts as well as the weight room will be demonstrated. $35 + GST The Fenlands, Lounge #2703 Tues Apr 30 7 – 8:30pm Inst: Kiley Torti, CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist & Personal Trainer



Hi, my name is Molly! My owner Yvonne (who happens to teach a great dog class) and I have booked the Scout/Guide Hall to work on dog training with you and your family members. We would really enjoy having you come to our class – “Working with Dogs”. In this class we’ll learn loose leash walking, recall exercises and how to relax. We will focus on family dog manners, which I use all the time, such as sitting, waiting, leave it and “no barking” (although this is a tough one). We can’t wait to meet you and have fun learning together. Classes are 45 minutes to 1 hour; just long enough for your owners to get tired. This class is open to all breeds of dogs older than five months and fully vaccinated. $68 + GST Banff Scout/Guide Hall #2705 6 Sun Apr 21 – Jun 2 (no class May 19) 7:15 – 8:15pm Instr: Yvonne Spence

How to Self-Publish your eBook – NEW!

Join Adele for an introduction into the world of self-publishing. Learn how to self-publish your eBook, and why you should. Topics will cover everything from your writing process, Digital Rights Management (DRM), marketing, pricing your book, editing and cover art. There will be plenty of time for Q&A. Adele Frizzell is a self-published author whose book reached #1 in her category on and #14 on $10 + GST ($5 to go towards literacy) Banff Town Hall, Council Chambers #2706 Wed Apr 10 6 - 7pm Instr: Adele Frizzell

Integrative Breathwork Class – NEW!

This class will use various breathing techniques for spiritual and healing purposes. Focus will also be on awakening our inner vitality, passion and aliveness while inviting clarity of vision and creative inspiration. We will focus on activating full diaphragmatic connected breath to bring into alignment and balance all levels of our bodies and integrate the sacred link between body, mind and spirit. Free Demo - Please Register 101 Beat St. - Pioneer Room #2708 Sun Apr 7 6:30 – 8:30pm Full Course $70 + GST #2707 Instr: Irina Fradina

4 Sun

Apr 14 – May 5

6:30 – 8:30pm

Self-Portrait - NEW!

Who are you? For six sessions you will explore that question. I will guide you through exercises to express who you are and to share yourself with others. We will work with physical expression, memories, imagination, voice, sharing, text, pictures and music. At the end of the session you will create a self-portrait performance and share it with the other participants. $65 + GST 101 Bear St. – Pioneer Room #2711 6 Mon Apr 22 – Jun 3 (no class May 20) 6 – 7:15pm Instr: Kristina Jacobsson

MultiPlayJam – NEW!

This class will provide you an opportunity for improvised play with movement, sound, words and each other. Objects we use can be images, newspapers, instruments, clothes… anything available to the imagination! Together we create a space to be here and now, to listen (to ourselves as well as the group) and to give and take impulses and open up to our spontaneity. Every session begins with a guided intro to help guide you into movement and sound. $65 + GST 101 Bear St. – Pioneer Room #2710 6 Sun Apr 21 – Jun 2 (no class May 19) 4:30 – 5:45pm Instr: Kristina Jacobsson

Don’t Take it for Granted: How to Find and Write Grants

Join us for lunch and learn everything you need to know about granting and proposal writing but may have been afraid to ask! Whether you are writing your first proposal for funding or are a seasoned proposal writer, this session will give you the opportunity to explore the elements of a successful proposal and learn about the local, provincial and national granting opportunities that may be available to you and your organization. $10 + GST (Includes lunch) Banff Town Hall, Council Chambers #2715 Wed Apr 17 11:30am - 1pm


Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue

Learn essential glacier travel skills with your professional guide, Peter Lemieux. Begin your weekend on Friday evening with an information session and then spend two full days of skills practice and application in the Columbia Icefield area. Participants are responsible for their own food, transportation, and campground fees. Ask for an equipment list when registering. $200 + GST Columbia Icefield campground and area #2712 Fri May 24 7 – 9pm Sat & Sun May 25 & 26 8am – 5pm

Acrylic Painting

This art class will inspire you to learn about the different styles of acrylic painting. You will discuss different techniques and usage of colours. You will have your choice of five painting options all using different topics such as landscapes, portraits, abstracts and surrealism. Students are responsible for their own supplies. All levels welcome. $90 + GST Banff High School #2714 4 Wed Apr 24 – May 22 (no class May 15) 6:30 - 9pm Instr: Mary Joiner

Chess Club

It’s never too late to learn how to play chess, one of the most popular games in the world! Whether you are new to the game and a complete beginner or are an old hand at chess looking for people to play with come along to this start up meeting to discuss how the Banff Chess Club can form and evolve. All ages and levels are welcome to play the world’s greatest game in a relaxed social environment. $10 + GST 101 Bear St. - Pioneer Room. #2740 Thurs Apr 11 7:30 – 8:30pm #2741 Mon May 13 7:30 – 8:30pm Instr: Bec Johnson

Slo-pitch Orientation Ladies League

Interested in playing ball this summer, but need a refresher on the game and the rules? Come down to the ball diamonds on Thurs, May 16 from 7 - 8pm and warm up with some catching, throwing and batting drills. Our Ladies league begins May 30 so if you’re looking for league information please contact Jenny at:

Looking for Community Resource Information? Check out our resource directory at for a listing of organizations, non-proÞts, government services, recreational, cultural groups, and sports leagues throughout the Bow Valley. If you canÕt Þnd what youÕre looking for, or would like speak with someone who can help direct you to the right place, call, e-mail or drop by. Check out upcoming Community Events at

Pick up copies of the new Affordability Guide and Community Resource Guide at various community locations. Town of Banff Community Services Banff Town Hall, 110 Bear Street 403-762-1251 or


BanffLIFE is a program brought to young adults by the Town of Banff. Individuals wishing to register for any of our Mountain Adventure Programs must be between the ages of 18-35, living and working in the Bow Valley. Please register at or by phoning 403-762-1251

Hiking and Scrambles Plain of Six Glaciers

Beyond Lake Louise you’ll discover a high mountain treasure chest; a collection of impressive peaks and glaciers. Here, you can relax and enjoy the view or rest at a quaint Swiss-built tea house and have a slice of the best chocolate cake ever! We will connect the Lake Agnes and Plain of Six Glaciers trails, via the Highline trail - 10 km round trip, 385m elevation gain, 5 hour round trip $25 + GST June 28, 2013 Note: Guide and transportation are included in class fee

Ha Ling Peak

Banff LIFE

Join us on this exciting hike to the summit of Mount Ha Ling! You will enjoy wonderful views and a great hike! 8km round trip, 700m elevation gain, 5-6 hours round trip $25 +GST July 9, 2012 Note: Guide and transportation are included in class fee

Healy Pass

After following the wide Sunshine ski-out trail for 800m, it branches right, crosses Sunshine Creek and begins its ascent of Healy Creek. Along this moderate hiking trail you will find beautiful meadows, ponds, waterfalls and streams. 18.4 km round trip, elevation gain 655m, 6 to 7 hours round trip $25 +GST July 16, 2013 Note: Guide and transportation are included in class fee

Tangle Ridge

This is a cross between a hike and an easy scramble up scree slopes. The views of surrounding peaks will not disappoint, even if going only as high as the treeline! Once on top, many peaks of the Columbia Icefields and Brazeau range will be visible - even the repeater on top will not spoil the views. $30 +GST August 27, 2013 Note: Guide and transportation are included in class fee

Mount Fairview

The trail to Fairview Mountain is not clearly defined and has a wonderful walk through the bright yellow Larch trees. The trail is full of switchbacks up a steep slope made up of loose scree. At the summit, you will be 1 km above Lake Louise and have great views of Mt. Temple and Mt Victoria - 10 km, elevation 1044m $25 +GST September 17, 2012 Note: Guide and transportation are included in class fee

Mount Rundle

This is an iconic Banff Mountain; you haven’t lived in Banff if you haven’t climbed Rundle! You can expect the day to take 10 to 12 hours round trip. The climb is about 6 km long and 1500m elevation gain. $25 +GST June 25, 2013 Note: Guide and transportation are included in class fee

Cascade Mountain

Probably the most photographed peak in the Canadian Rockies! You can expect the day to take 10 to 12 hours round trip. This climb is about 8.5 km long and has 1300m elevation gain. $25 +GST August 6, 2013 Note: Guide and transportation are included in class fee

Mount Temple

Mount Temple is the highest and the most famous peak in the Lake Louise area. This is a must do climb for anyone who has enjoyed longer hikes or any of the other peaks in our Scrambles series. Temple is 3543m high and is a long climb but not very difficult technically. The climbing is about 8 km long and 1700m elevation gain you can expect a 12 hour day. $45 +GST Jul 24 or Aug18, 2013 Note: Guide and transportation and gear are included in class fee

Rock Climbing Series One Day Introduction to Rock Climbing

The Canadian Rockies is the perfect spot to experience and begin learning about this sport, as there are literally thousands of climbs within an hour’s drive from Banff. Your guide will choose the best venue for the weather and the group. $90 +GST Date choices: June 10, Jul 29 or Aug 12 Note: Guide and transportation and climbing gear are included in class fee. Climbing shoes can be rented for $10 from BanffLIFE

Mountaineering & Alpine Trips BOW HUT Alpine Adventure! Glacier Rescue, Travel Skills and Climb

An introduction to glacier travel, snow and ice climbing, and crevasse rescue, based at Bow Hut on the Wapta Icefield with easy access to glaciers and training sites. 3 days learning snow climbing techniques, crevasse rescue skills as well as climbing a peak in the area. $390 + GST July 7-9, 2013 Note: No Previous experience is required. Transportation, accommodation, guide and gear is included in the fee.


Community Learning Spring 2013  
Community Learning Spring 2013  

The Town of Banff offers community classes and programs with something for everyone.