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June–July 2013


The Gideons International welcomes 195th country: Nauru


As Gideons support the mission of churches, churches support the efforts of Gideons

the philippines

Members serve as an extension of God's love and grace

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Join in the celebration, inspiration, education and official business at the 2013 International Convention in Orlando!

Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel, Orlando, FL

J u n e  –  J u l y 2 013

coming events International Convention

July 23-28, 2013 Orlando, Florida

Int’l Scripture Blitzes:

Ecuador (Quito & Guayaquil) June 1-15, 2013 Team Leader: Charles Warren Assistant Team Leader: Bob Ward Panama (Panama City) June 1-8, 2013 Team Leader: Trevor Johns

National Association Conventions:

Norway (Kongsberg) June 28-30, 2013 International Representative: David W. Martin International Auxiliary Representative: Luanne Triplett Sweden (Tranas) June 28-30, 2013 International Representative: Gary Richardson International Auxiliary Representative: Cindy Creel Nigeria (Port Harcourt) July 5-7, 2013 International Representative: Dennis J. Donnelly International Auxiliary Representative: René Lucas

IOC National Conferences:

Romania (Sibiu) May 31-June 2, 2013 IOC Representative: Ralph Davis Poland (Karlowice) June 7-9, 2013 IOC Representative: Ralph Davis

Portugal (Evora) June 21-23, 2013 IOC Representative: Jerry Burden Italy (Pomezia) June 28-30, 2013 IOC Representative: Jerry Burden


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07 The Impact of The Life Book


Answers to common questions about this innovative strategy to reach high school students

08 Church Relations United in Compassion for Souls


14 Pressing On in The Philippines As new strategies are implemented, members are exceeding goals far beyond expectation.



20 Pressing Toward The Mark

How are goals set for The Gideons International? And why are they important?

24 God’s Word in The Sun City

Metropolitan Scripture Blitz – El Paso, TX


A Fresh Look – GideonC ards Take a visual tour of some new features from the GideonCard Bible Program



38 Seven Reasons

Why You Can Trust The Bible

Sixth in a series excerpted from Dr. Erwin Lutzer

36 Be Strong in Grace Bible Hour Message Dr. Don Wilton



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a global glance

change d li v es

T orchBearers

We are reminded of the great urgency of our purpose to win others for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Imagine a nation celebrating a week to promote reading the Bible.

“My wife and I held her hands and prayed for her as she experienced the joy of the Lord.”

David and Deslee Beaty – more than 25 years of faithful service.



M atters of the Heart

E v ery Au x iliary – E v ery Day!

We can say with assurance that our level of spiritual maturity depends on the time we spend with the Lord.

No matter where you are, you can make a difference for eternity every day!

THE gideon


J u n e  –  J u l y 2 013

 A message from the

Publisher Work While It Is Day It seems everywhere you go these days, God’s people have an abiding sense that Christ’s return is imminent. I have found that sentiment to be true from South Africa to Sweden. No hysteria, no dire predictions, but a deep sense of expectation. One thing we know for sure, His return is sooner today than it was yesterday. The fact is we never know what tomorrow may bring. The question we might ask ourselves is, “What do we do with this?” Within that framework comes the theme for the International Convention this year in Orlando, Florida—“I must work the works of Him who sent me, while it is day; the night cometh when no man can work.” (John 9:4) For members of The Gideons International around the world, this truth rings loud and clear, reminding us of the great urgency of our purpose to win others for the Lord Jesus Christ. Let me encourage you to attend the International Convention this year. Dr. Billy Kim, our Bible Hour Speaker, has led a life of great service around the world. You will surely be encouraged by hearing many international testimonies. The special music of Mikael Jarlestrand of Sweden will bless our hearts. And, the youth program promises to be exceptional being in Orlando. The International Fellowship Banquet on Tuesday night, July 23, will provide a wonderful opportunity to engage with members from many other countries. Perhaps you have prayed for some of these individuals by name, but never had the opportunity to speak with them in person and hear the challenges they face as well as the blessings they receive. Plus, we are praying for many souls to be saved through our Witness in Action events. More detailed information on the International Convention is in this issue. There are compelling new initiatives taking place in The Gideons International that will position our Association to reach more and more people for our Lord Jesus Christ. In this issue, you will read more about The Life Book. As we have prayed over the last several years that God would continue to open a door to schools, I am convinced that He has answered in the form of The Life Book. You will also read more about the transition of our modern English version of Scriptures, and the benefits this will provide. I am convinced that we live and serve in some of the most exciting times in Christian history. In spite of all the conflicts in today’s world, God is moving and opening doors we never thought possible. People are being drawn to Christ in unprecedented numbers. Just a few years ago we could not have imagined placing 85 million copies of God’s Word. In Asia alone, over 14.6 million Scriptures were placed this last fiscal year. However, now is really not the time to relax; we must continue to “work…while it is day”! I look forward to meeting you in Orlando.

Craig Warner Executive Director


J u n e  –  J u l y 2 013

The Impact of The Life Book The Life Book is an innovative strategy to reach high school students with God’s Word. Since January 2010, approximately 2,000 youth pastors across the USA. have initiated “saturations,” with 7.2 million Life Books having been personally distributed by more than 200,000 students. The Life Book is now a vital part of The Gideons International. Here are answers to some questions that may be of help.

How did The Gideons International become involved with The Life Book? The International Cabinet established a project called GenWon in 2007, as a means of exploring ways to reach teenagers and young adults with the Gospel. Carl Blunt was hired in 2009 to serve as the President and CEO of GenWon—which became The Life Book Movement— and he was charged with the mission to create a teenfocused “Gospel Message.” After The Life Book was created, the challenge was to develop an effective market-driven approach to serve local church youth ministries by helping them mobilize their Christian teenagers to distribute the Gospel through a peer-to-peer method.

“The concept for the unique arrangement and content of the Life Book arose from the challenge of reaching an interactive generation.” – Carl Blunt What is a saturation? The idea of a saturation is to “saturate” a local high school with God’s Word, the end goal being to see high school students come to Christ.

T h e I m p a c t o f t h e L i f e B o o k ///

A church youth minister initiates a saturation by registering on The Life Book website (www.thelifebook. com). He or she may choose to receive up to 1,500 Life Books (in increments of 500) free of charge, in exchange for a pledge to see that all the books are distributed. The minister and members of the youth group are invited to post their experiences on the website. One such posting follows: “First off, I was really not expecting to be able to do this. But I went to the saturation and it CHANGED my life. And since it changed mine, it’s giving me the power to change others. It’s day one and I’ve passed out ten already. Kids asked me for some too. For anyone who is nervous: just pray for courage and He will work through you like you can’t even believe.” – Gabe

What can Gideons do? Gideons can raise awareness of The Life Book with senior pastors as they conduct their normal pastor visits. A Rainmaker Kit (Form 4602) has been made available in the Gideon merchandise order system for $20.00. The kit includes seven copies of the Life Book, as well as seven mission cards. When visiting senior pastors, Gideons can offer a copy of the Life Book, along with a mission card. Following is an example of an exciting opening comment: “Pastor, thank you for meeting with me. What would you say if your entire youth group could be mobilized as student missionaries to every one of their classmates, and that they would be trained, supported, and equipped to do it for free?” Another way Gideons can be involved is by sharing how God is working through The Life Book in scheduled church presentations. Materials are provided in the SPEAKUP resources found on theConnection. Finally, prayer is the most powerful involvement. Pray for youth pastors to be excited about mobilizing their teens to share the Gospel. THE gideon


c h u r c h r e l at i o n s :





by tim agee

When two people with a common interest or passion come together, there is instant rapport and the beginning of a productive relationship. For example: two men who are fans of the same sports team have instant camaraderie – even if they’ve never met before, and regardless of their backgrounds. They have a crucial common denominator that binds them together. Between Gideons and pastors, that common denominator is a deeply rooted compassion for lost souls and a desire to do everything possible to bring them to Christ. That is the beginning of a Godhonoring relationship. A successful relationship must be a mutual undertaking; so compassion for the lost must exist with both the Gideon and the pastor. A successful relationship must also produce mutual benefits. A pastor needs to not only hear, but feel how their ministry is being used of God to reach the lost. The pastor also needs to understand that The Gideons International is in no way competing with their evangelistic efforts, but that our partnership maximizes the impact of our witness for Christ. However, for this to be truly understood, follow-up is required on the part of the Gideon. The pastor should be able to see images


and read stories of how their influence is reaching people, especially in the local community, through the ministry of The Gideons International. The Gideon needs to feel a deep sense of gratification for the same reason. When this happens, God is honored. Contact with pastors – who are used by God daily in the ministry of His Gospel – is central to everything we do as Gideons. Think about it: you would not expect a stranger to loan you $100, because there is no foundation for trust. Likewise, if we do not establish, build, and strengthen relationships with pastors, how can we expect them to exhibit the trust required to allow Gideons access to their pulpits for church presentations?

Why are church presentations so important? Church presentations are the method that is used to report back to God’s people what He is doing around the world through the Gideon-pastor partnership.

/// C h u r c h R e l a t i o n s - U n i t e d i n C o m p a s s i o n f o r S o u l s

J u n e  –  J u l y 2 013

Following the first missionary journey of the Apostle Paul and Barnabas, the local church assembled together and heard Paul’s report about what God had done. In the same way, churches should be made aware of what God is doing through the ministry of The Gideons International. The desired outcomes from successful church relations and presentations are: 1. Strengthen relationships with the church and pastor 2. Prayer support that is foundational for all Gideon activity 3. Scripture funds resulting in the purchase and placement of more Scriptures around the world 4. New members actively particpating in what God is doing globally 5. Awareness of the GideonCard Bible Program which also provides Scripture funds All of these outcomes from church presentations lead to the salvation of souls, and that’s what the relationship between pastors and Gideons is all about. If we are a missionary arm of the church, we must then be partners with pastors in our shared compassion for seeing the lost come to Christ before it is eternally too late. When you show genuine concern and care for a pastor and his or her work, it isn’t long before a real relationship is begun; then, as it is nurtured, that pastor will be better able to actually feel the benefit of the partnership to reach others.

C h u r c h R e l a t i o n s - U n i t e d i n C o m p a s s i o n f o r S o u l s ///

An added benefit of church presentations is that members see tangible results and are reminded of God’s involvement in our outreach. When members are excited and their passion for soul winning is stirred up, that excitement will spread and grow exponentially. Conversely, when camps are “asleep at the wheel” and church presentations are not sought after – when relationships with pastors are weak or non-existent – the five outcomes listed above are greatly reduced or eliminated, and the camp is rendered ineffective. If we are truly dedicated to seeing the lost won for the Lord Jesus Christ, we will establish effective, growing church relations. Indeed, Gideons are an integral part of the church. Therefore, let us unite with pastors in our compassion for lost souls and share that passion with our churches. Don’t deny God’s people the knowledge of what He is doing around the world and the opportunity to be a part of it. Seek after the relationship prayerfully, and God will be honored as you give Him the glory! About the author:

Tim Agee is the church ministry coordinator for the Tennessee Association. He and his wife Lynne are members of the Lebanon, TN camp.

THE gideon


A global glance the Philippines Celebrates National Bible Week

Imagine a nation celebrating a week to promote reading the Bible. In the Philippines, it is an annual event called National Bible Week.

While in most parts of the world promoting the reading of God’s Word is rarely endorsed at the national level, and even forbidden in many countries, National Bible Week has been endorsed by three past presidents of the Philippines.

Introducing Gideon Country 195: Nauru

A special occasion it was on February 11, 2013, as 18 excited men submitted applications and became the founding members for a new camp in the Republic of Nauru. This marks the 195th country in which The Gideons International is organized. The potential for Scripture distribution is estimated to be 4,600 copies annually. Nauru will be assigned to the Pacific Rim Region. Nauru is situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 60 kilometers south of the equator. The island is six kilometers in length and four kilometers in width. The nearest neighbor is the republic of Kiribati, and to the southwest is Papau New Guinea. The population of the country is about 10,500 – of which 91.5% are Protestant. Settled by Micronesian and Polynesian people, Nauru was annexed and claimed as a colony by the German Empire in the


late 19th century. After World War I, Nauru became a League of Nations mandate administered by Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, until it gained its independence in 1968. Please remember to lift in prayer these new members as they begin to distribute the Word of God. He is certainly continuing to open doors and hearts as the Gospel is shared.

“This national celebration is aimed at promoting the Bible to Filipinos as an everyday manual for transforming their personal lives as well as transforming our society,” says Jesulito Cornejo, National Executive Director of The Gideons International in The Philippines. In coordination with the January week-long event, The Gideons International conducted a Bible Caravan Relay. With 122 camps participating in these distributions, copies of God’s Word were distributed in hospitals, prisons and schools. Cornejo estimates that at least 1,000 Gideons and Auxiliary were involved. Over 500,000 Scriptures were distributed during the week. “Our desire is to bring people toward God through the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ,” says Cornejo. “I am thankful to our members for taking time in making the Bible Caravan Relay a success. To God be the glory.”

///A G l o b a l G l a n c e

A global glance Pray for Narva

Narva is the third largest city in Estonia, near the Russian border. Political changes over the last 20 years have shifted the population such that half are not even Estonian citizens. Life in Narva is very hard, and the ongoing economic struggles leave many merely surviving. Amidst this climate, you find the Narva camp (est. 2012) of 9 members. Members of the Narva camp represent different denominations, and struggle to find pastors who support the efforts of The Gideons International. Many churches are interested in only having access to Scriptures for themselves rather than partnering with members to reach the lost. Yet, National Field Representative Mark Moroz recently spoke in a church whose pastor was in a prison when he received a New Testament placed by The Gideons International. Pastor Dmitry accepted the Lord and established a church for former criminals, alcoholics and drug users upon his release. There is great support and potential involvement from that church. Moroz provides training and encouragement for the Gideons in Narva, and the camp is excited to hear how God is working through His Word around the world. Pray for the Narva camp – open doors for distributions, supportive churches and pastors, and for members to continue steadfastly in reaching Estonia for Christ.

A G l o b a l G l a n c e ///

3 Million in New Zealand

Chris Miles, president of the Wellington Camp in New Zealand, presented Governor General Sir Jerry Mateparae with a commemorative Bible last month to mark the distribution of the 3 millionth copy of God’s Word in New Zealand.

The Gideons International was established in New Zealand in 1956, and the members there have consistently distributed and placed Scriptures in numerous hospitals, hotels, schools and universities throughout the country. There are just over 600 members actively serving in New Zealand, and we pray for continued growth and strength for their efforts.

Gideons Far Exceed Goals in Bolivia In April, a team of six Gideons traveled to Bolivia to distribute Scriptures along with Gideons and Auxiliary from camps in Cochabamba and Quillacollo.

Most of the Scriptures were distributed at schools. The distribution teams were encouraged to see the students being so receptive to receiving copies of God’s Word. “There was a definite hunger for the Word there,” says John Mannen, one of the blitz team members. “I didn’t have a single student refuse a copy of God’s Word,” he says.

The goal for the blitz was 80,000 Scriptures. However, by the end of the week, more than 146,000 Scriptures had actually been distributed. Based on reports by the team members, the number of people who made decisions for Christ during the blitz was estimated to be over 3,500. For the members from Bolivia and the U.S., the event was just another opportunity to help carry out the Great Commission. “God has called us to go out there and share His Word,” says Mannen. “It’s the most important thing in the world.”

THE gideon


CHANGED LIVES She Accepted Jesus at 38,000 Feet! Recently, as I was flying from New York to Houston, I noticed a flight attendant diligently taking care of the passengers. Her face was shining and she was trying to make everyone happy. I had the opportunity to ask her the reason for her happiness. She told me that it was just for 'show' – being a professional to make others happy. Then I asked her if she understood the difference between joy and happiness. She had difficulty differentiating between the two. Using that perfect opportunity, I gave her a New Testament. I then explained to her about the joy of the Lord and her need to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior, and she listened attentively. Then, at about 38,000 feet above the ground, she knelt down in the narrow aisle of the plane, while all the others were watching, and she confessed her sin and accepted Jesus as her Savior. My wife and I held her hands and prayed for her as she experienced the joy of the Lord. Mathai Mathew Albertson, NY

Aliens Brought Me to God Upon entering high school in Zimbabwe, I received a New Testament from a Gideon. I promptly put it in my room and never looked at it. While I saw no need for it, I could not bring myself to throw it away because of some innate reverence for something attributed to God.

during my junior year that I was introduced to the theory of evolution. However, I could not accept that life could begin simply through chemical reaction. I assured my teacher that I would find the true starting point of life – at which she laughed and assured me that this theory was rock solid. Without any consideration for the Biblical account, I turned to the only logical alternative—aliens. I read a book that systematically went through general history and presented a good argument for life being started by extraterrestrial beings. Satisfied that I had discovered where life really came from, I figured it shouldn’t be too hard to convince the Christians they were worshipping aliens. As the book I had read included many Biblical references, I concluded that a Bible would be a good place to start in my collection of evidence to convert Christians. The New Testament I had received in Zimbabwe had managed to find its way to Australia, and I began reading it to find the evidence I needed. The first book of the Bible I read was Revelation, as that’s where most references in my alien book came from. I didn’t find the solid evidence I was looking for, so I started from Matthew, determined to use this book for my own mission. Halfway through Luke, I realized I was no longer reading to disprove Christianity’s claims, but rather

When I was 15, my family immigrated to Australia. The move was difficult, as I faced new schools, new rules, and a new atmosphere. I appeared angelic to the teachers, because the strict rules in the Zimbabwe school system had seemingly eliminated my urge to talk back. It was


/// C h a n g e d L i v e s

J u n e  –  J u l y 2 013

to understand more about this character Jesus. He sounded a bit alien-like, but His sacrifice just didn’t fit in with the benevolent and intellectually superior masters I pictured. For the next several weeks, my mind was being stirred. By the time I finished reading Luke, I prayed that God would forgive me and show Himself to me. For the next two years, I read that Gideon New Testament almost every night. I joined up with a Christian group at college that challenged me to change some of the unhelpful habits I had developed. I began going to a church, met my wife, and I now serve as a leader at Northside Presbyterian Church. Keagan Chrisnall Australia

He Found Physical and Spiritual Freedom – in Prison In 1998, I was arrested at the Miami Airport and charged with possession, drug trafficking, and money laundering. I was taken to a detention center where I met a man from The Gideons International who gave me a New Testament. I was sentenced to 25 years for each charge for a total of 100 years in prison. At that point, my life took a new course. I began to question God about why this was happening to me. I had always thought that I was good. I really believed that giving away food and gifts, bought with drug trafficking money, made me a good person. While in jail, I read that New Testament, and realized that the greatness of God and my relationship with Him was more important than money. Through that small book, I came to know a powerful God. God allowed me to form a group of inmates for prayer and Bible studies, and I eventually became the Christian leader of the Metro West Detention Center in Miami, Florida. As the group increased in number, the men we ministered to began to find freedom, both physical and spiritual. I saw God's hand at work when I was released after being given a reduced sentence. I returned to Colombia and God restored my home. I am a happy man. My

C h a n g e d L i v e s ///

family and I attend a Bible believing church and we are devoted Christians. Last year, I was invited to join The Gideons International, and I found it to be the right place to serve at the right time. My wife and I joined and are active members. Today I thank God for having been in prison. One day I flew to the U.S. with heroine in my stomach but came back with Jesus Christ in my heart. Oscar Fernando Nieto Pereira, Colombia

God Uses a 1941 Service Testament Years Later Charlene Hatada's mother was living in Hiroshima when the atomic bomb was dropped. She and two of her brothers survived, but endured long recoveries from radiation poisoning. After the war, they decided to move to Hawaii to be near her father's family. Sometime during this period, an American serviceman gave Charlene's mother a New Testament he had received. Both of Charlene's parents were Buddhists, so they did not make use of the New Testament, but Charlene's mother kept it among her possessions. Many years later, as Charlene’s mother lay dying of cancer, she gave her daughter the New Testament because Charlene had become a Christian. Charlene then used the Testament to lead her mother to the Lord before she passed away. Her father was a very traditional Buddhist, and he resisted the Gospel. Some years later, her father was stricken with Alzheimer's disease, and he told Charlene that he wanted to be with his wife when he died. She prayed that her father would have clarity of mind when she talked to him about Jesus, and that he would be receptive to the Gospel. After presenting the Gospel again to her father, using that same New Testament, Charlene asked him if he now wanted to accept Jesus. He said, “Yes.” One of the original Gideon Service Testaments given to an American serviceman during World War II was passed on to a Japanese woman, and it led to her and her husband’s salvation many years later. God's Word truly does not return void. Ron Needham, Hawaii

THE gideon


Pressing On in The

Philippines Handel Lagunay, Region 2 Vice President, Visayas State, Philippines

When I was in Grade 5, Gideons gave my class New Testaments. At that time, all of my family were devout Catholics, and as children we were afraid of the Bible because our old folks warned us not to read it. If we continued reading it, they said, evil spirits would possess us or we would be charged as heretics. Then, using the Testament you gave me while attending a Bible study in college, I came to know the Lord on August 1, 1993. I am very grateful that I am able to share my deepest gratitude with you, because you have been a big part of how I came to know Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. I am also amazed that you are still giving out Bibles. Please continue sowing God’s Word, because I am one of the fruits of your labor. Josefa, Philippines The Gideons International in the Philippines consists of four state associations: North Luzon, South Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The recently held 36th National Convention and 60th Anniversary Celebration was marked with outstanding achievements and lofty goals—all for God’s glory. The passion of more than a thousand delegates resulted in the convention goal being exceeded by one million pesos. Church presentations were also far beyond the goal. God showed that He will do wonders when we make His desire to reach perishing souls our ultimate goal. As camps pressed toward the mark, God exceeded their expectations.


Strategic National Platform

The Philippines recently embarked on a bold new strategic national platform, referred to as Accelerating Camp Transformation, which encompasses six core initiatives—Metropolitan Blitzes; Personal Witnessing; New Member Orientation; Christmas Gift for Jesus: No Zero Performance; the Bible Caravan Relay; and the International Day of Prayer. Members have poured their hearts into the implementation of each program at the camp level.

Accelerating Camp Transformation is designed to create synergy among programs. It operates on the assumptions that (1) too much emphasis on one program reduces energy, (2) people are more productive together than separately, and (3) the whole is the sum of its parts. In other words, optimizing camps will result in greater effectiveness of the whole national association. This has been proven not only in theory but in practice as God has blessed each of the core initiatives.

Touching People —Touching Lives

Metropolitan blitzes in the four states resulted in a total of 790,077 Scriptures distributed from collective efforts. Moreover, pre-state convention blitzes in each state resulted in thousands more Scriptures being distributed around the state convention venue—40,508

/// P r e s s i n g O n i n T h e P h il i p p i n e s

J u n e  –  J u l y 2 013

Scriptures in North Luzon, 10,149 in South Luzon, 26,200 in Visayas, and 28,200 in Mindanao. National Bible Week is a yearly national celebration empowered by President Corazon C. Aquino and emphasizes the importance of the Bible in moulding the moral fiber of the nation. Every Filipino is encouraged to read and study the Bible daily. The Gideons International in the Philippines participates in this national observance by conducting a Bible relay, covering the entire country. Gideons from 122 camps in the four states participated in the event last January with over half a million (511,602) Scriptures distributed throughout the Philippine archipelago. As for membership, a total of 876 new members joined the association during the last year: North Luzon – 216; South Luzon – 164; Visayas – 193; and Mindanao – 303. New member orientations were conducted in all four states to assure the new members would become actively involved in reaching others for Christ.

Something Much Larger

Beyond the numbers, the performance goals, and all the hard work are the people whose lives are changed for eternity when they read a Gideon-placed Bible or a New Testament. These people who have access to God’s powerful Word rise up from their pits of desperation revived, renewed, and restored. The fact that the Word of God reaches suffering people at the point of their need, and does the work that nothing else can do, cannot be measured or charted. These occasions are statistically unquantifiable and absolutely priceless. The ministry can come up with all kinds of goals, receive more and more funds to print and distribute millions of Scriptures; however, absolutely nothing can match God’s work in the hearts and lives of men, women, boys and girls through the living Word. Mere numbers are not the force that drives us to achieve our goals. We only serve as an extension of God’s love and grace through His church—this is what inspires us to press on.

r e s s i n g O n i n T h e P h il i p p i n e s /// P

The Gideons of Tagbilaran travelled almost two hours into the heartland of Bohol Island in central Philippines to distribute Scriptures at the Bohol Agricultural College. One of those who received a copy was Nestor, a young second year student. Through his New Testament, Nestor was led to accept Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. Flash forward 25 years. Bohol’s tourism industry is booming. The fine, white, sandy beaches of Panglao Island, along with the Chocolate Hills, are major attractions. The government is busy regulating the frenzy of hotel and resort construction, especially along the beach front, which is considered an environmentally critical area. Resorts and hotels must first go through the strict process of securing an environmental compliance commitment from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. And guess who heads the environment office in Bohol who recommends issuance of the environmental compliance commitment? Nestor— the student from the heartland of Bohol, a person who does what is right in the eyes of the Lord. And he is now a Gideon. God placed him in his position so that the hotels and resorts will open their doors when the Gideons come to place Bibles in their rooms.

THE gideon


“Our gifts to The Gideons International will benefit people around the world for eternity.” "When we leave this world, the best place for anyone's money to go is to the gideons international." David and deslee beaty: more than 25 years of faithful gideon service. David Beaty has been both a trustee for The Gideons International and a regional field officer, traveling for this Association to other countries as much as three months a year. He is part of a family representing three generations of Gideons (David, his son, and his father). David’s dad joined The Gideons International in 1968. David remembers going with his father to do hotel distributions in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Because there were so few camps in the state of New Mexico back then, David said that dedicated Gideons traveled as much as 200 miles to do distributions all day on a Saturday.

David and Deslee Beaty

“He is part of a family representing three generations of gideons.”


In 1987, a Gideon David knew invited him to a monthly meeting. The next day, that Gideon called and asked David if he wanted to join. Based on his father’s experience, it was an easy decision for David, and he signed up right away. Home with two small boys, Deslee joined the Auxiliary soon after David became a Gideon. She has served in most every camp Auxiliary position.

The international convention bolstered their commitment. In 1989, David, Deslee, and the boys, ages five and seven, attended their first international convention in Chicago. The cost of plane tickets for the four-member family, plus hotel and meals, had them considering simply donating money to The Gideons, instead of attending.

/// To r c h B e a r e r s

J u n e  –  J u l y 2 013

Through God’s leading, David and Deslee were both inspired throughout the week in Chicago— particularly as they met people from so many countries. Deslee said that hearing the testimonies from these other nations, they realized how much God could accomplish through the ministry. For the Friday night banquet, David had already prepared a check, but after participating in the convention, they decided it wasn’t enough. Thus began their dedicated financial support of The Gideons International. David says they never missed an international convention since then, adding, “Each one has been a real blessing. At the international convention, we meet people we never would have known without Gideon ministry involvement.” Their boys looked forward to joining with kids from all over the world. One son has now joined The Gideons International, extending the family heritage.

David shares an interesting philosophy regarding Gideon involvement. David believes that, “The Gideons International is a simple ministry, and that’s why God blesses it. As we go out in service to our Lord, we hear amazing testimonies of how God changes lives.” To him, the Gideon ministry is a way of putting into practice what our churches teach us. In his view, “Church is like a university…a training ground for service in The Gideons International. Use your church experiences to take the things you’ve learned and impact the world through The Gideons International.”

Deslee says that David’s international service has shaped their outlook. “As David has traveled to more than thirty-five countries for The Gideons International, we understand more clearly how effectively this Association functions, and we share that knowledge with other members.”

The Beatys also have a powerful commitment as TorchBearers. David says that, “All of our money belongs to God—not 10% or even 20%. Our Lord allows us to oversee a share during our lifetimes. To us, it’s money to invest in the Gideon ministry as TorchBearers. With The Gideons International, it’s not squandered—it will be used in a very efficient manner. We cannot allow our money to go where it might be wasted on things we don’t choose. We know where our money goes with The Gideons.” Deslee agrees, “We have included The Gideons International in our will because we believe this ministry does not have extravagant overhead like many charitable organizations. We know that the Word of God is an effective way to share the Gospel in a big way.” Each of their two sons will receive part of their estate. The rest they have designated to go to The Gideons International. Deslee says she wants their boys to pattern their lives in the same manner. As David puts it, “We are truly supporting ‘missionaries’ in giving to The Gideons International. When we leave this world, the best place for anyone’s money to go is to The Gideons International.”

"The Gideons International is a simple ministry, and that's why God blesses it."

Scan this QR code now or visit: to view a short video on becoming a TorchBearer.

To r c h B e a r e r s ///

For additional information on planned giving, or a free brochure, simply fill in and mail the short postage-paid TorchBearer response card inserted in this magazine.

THE gideon


Where Are They Now? testimony of

Jon lord

One of the best-loved features of The Gideon magazine is Changed Lives. Stories of people who have come to a saving knowledge of Christ through a Gideon-placed Scripture are results of the mission work done by Gideons. In 1978, The Gideon magazine published the testimony of Jon Lord, who was saved through reading a Service Testament given to him in San Diego. We recently caught up with Jon, who filled us in on how God has used him since that blessed day in 1974 when he gave his heart to Jesus. In 1978, Jon married Lisa and, upon his completion of seminary, became a pastor and Louisiana National Guard Chaplain. God called the couple as missionaries to Tanzania in 1986, where Pastor Lord trained pastors and planted churches, as well as raised three sons during his eight-year stint.

Jon prays over two young girls at Metairie UMC

“I promised myself that wherever I was in ministry, I would support The Gideons.” – Lord


After returning to the United States, Jon pastored in Louisiana from 1995 to 2003, then took an appointment with The Methodist Church of Southern Africa. He and his wife moved to Johannesburg, where he pastored Primrose Methodist Church, and even served as a speaker at the 2005 South Africa National Convention of The Gideons International. Hurricane Katrina brought its own missionary opportunity, and the pastor was assigned back to his home state where he now pastors at Carollton United Methodist Church in New Orleans. Pastor Lord is committed to hosting Gideon speakers in his church and has given his testimony several times at Annual Pastors Events. “The Gideons are seed planters,” he said. “The seed is all good - there is nothing wrong with the seed. It’s how the soil is prepared. My parents and my grandmother had prepared my heart to receive the seed, which was the New Testament I received in boot camp.”

/// W h e r e A r e T h e y N o w?

J u n e  –  J u l y 2 013

W h e r e A r e T h e y N o w?///

THE gideon


pressing toward the mark by Asish Pradhan

Today’s fast paced business environment makes effective planning and goal setting one of the more urgent considerations for success. From a business standpoint, that is true in The Gideons International. However, the need to set business goals and press toward achievement is far more urgent when we consider the spiritual aspect of the things we do. In his letter to the Philippians, Paul made this concept very clear. “Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on, that I may lay hold of that


for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me. Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 3:12-14 (NKJV) Effective goal setting and activity planning from a business standpoint is among the most important things we can do in order to affect the spiritual outcome—that is, reaching more and more people for Christ.

/// P r e s s i n g To w a r d T h e M a r k

J u n e  –  J u l y 2 013

Goals in The Gideons International are established every year at this time, based on our achievements in the last fiscal year and where we now stand with respect to our long-range objectives. The Executive Committee will consider potential goals for worldwide Scripture distributions and the necessary level of membership growth for the coming year. Likewise, the Finance Committee will recommend a worldwide Scripture receipts goal as part of the international budget. These recommended goals will then be ratified by the membership at the Orlando International Convention in July and allocated among states, national associations, international outreach countries, and finally, individual camps. Regardless of how sophisticated the process of establishing goals may be, it is of little value without personal contribution from each of us toward their achievement. Therefore, in addition to the formal receipts, distribution, and membership goals, we also undertake personal objectives that contribute to accomplishing the formal ones. Among those is our adoption of the Seven Spiritual Objectives that undergird our ministry. As members of The Gideons International, we make these our personal objectives, and they become part of our Christian character. We also establish a personal witnessing goal—at least one personal witness per week along with the presentation

of a Personal Workers Testament. Surely there can be no greater calling in our lives than to share our faith with others. As we have strived over the years to reach more and more people, our goals have consistently expanded. At the same time, God has opened more and more doors worldwide for distribution of His Word. He has likewise provided the funds that have allowed us to accomplish our goals. The accompanying graphs illustrate how God has blessed our efforts during the last ten years. With faith, believing in His providence and knowing that His Word does not return void, we look forward to increased opportunities. As we establish our goals for the coming year, let us prayerfully look to the Lord for guidance to renew our strength, that we might run and not be weary, that we will walk and not faint (Isaiah 40:31). Let us seek His face and direction for more church presentations to fund the ever increasing need in a lost and dying world. About the Author: Asish Pradhan is Chief Financial

Officer of The Gideons International. He and his wife, Jolly, reside in Franklin, Tennessee

P r e s s i n g To w a r d T h e M a r k ///

THE gideon


Matters of the heart by Mike Steiner, International Chaplain

We recently reflected on how the condition of one’s heart plays out in the life of the believer. Proverbs 16:1 reminds us that we are responsible for making sure our heart is spiritually prepared. And when it is, our Christian character will reflect our preparation, and the responses we give will not be our own, but the Lord’s.

With this in mind, we can say with assurance that our level of spiritual maturity depends on the time—both


quantity and quality—we spend with the Lord. We cannot truly grow in Christ unless we maintain the daily discipline of reading the Word of God, meditating thereon, and consecrating ourselves in humble submission before Him in prayer. Just as athletes dedicate themselves to a daily regimen of physical conditioning, healthy eating habits, and practicing their special skills, so must believers dedicate themselves to improving their spiritual conditioning and practicing their spiritual skills.

/// M a t t e r s o f t h e H e a r t

J u n e  –  J u l y 2 013

“The preparations of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue is from the LORD.” (Proverbs 16:1) The Daily Bible Reading Calendar provides a path to read the Bible through each year. I was amazed recently to have received affirmation from so many members who have been reading the Bible through annually, some for many years. New truths of God’s Word are learned each time you read it. I have found myself especially drawn to some of the passages in Leviticus as we read there in February. I was reminded that the book’s central message is God’s holiness and His desire for His people to be holy. Reviewing notes made while reading through Leviticus helps remind me of the importance of being in the Word. It strengthens and encourages us when the daily trials of life come our way. Allow me to humbly share with you some of the thoughts I recorded.

“…all on the altar as a burnt sacrifice, an offering made by fire, a sweet aroma to the LORD.” —Leviticus 1:9b In Moses’ day, the practice of a sacrifice was very common. The word “all” in this verse indicates a complete surrender to the Lord. When we truly surrender ourselves to the Lord, we lay “all on the altar” and hold nothing back. My journal notes for February 7 included, “We do not know the day nor the hour of Christ’s return, but we do know He is coming back. We must be ready; we must give an account with no excuses. We should hold nothing back.”

“So Aaron and his sons did all the things that the LORD had commanded by the hand of Moses.”— Leviticus 8:36

M a t t e r s o f t h e H e a r t ///

The account of Moses’ instructions to Aaron and his sons brings to mind the strong obedience and steady discipline they exhibited. God was pleased because of their faithfulness. My journal notes for February 9 included, “Obedience and discipline is the message in these chapters. The statement ‘did all the things that the Lord had commanded’ is a serious challenge for me.”

“If you walk in My statutes and keep My commandments, and perform them, then I will give you rain in its season, the land shall yield its produce, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit.”—Leviticus 26:3-4 When we live a holy life, it brings honor to God, and He rewards us with the peace that surpasses understanding. Put another way, obedience is a tangible demonstration of our love for God, and His rewards are expressions of His love in return. On the other hand, as we read further in that chapter, we see the clear warning of God’s wrath: “And if you despise My statutes, or if your soul abhors My judgments… I will even appoint terror over you, wasting disease and fever which shall consume the eyes and cause sorrow of heart.”—Leviticus 26:15-16. Are you walking in His statutes and keeping His commandments, or do you find it a struggle to live a holy life that is pleasing to the Lord? The only true resources we have to overcome the daily trials and tribulations are God’s Word and a time of prayer with Him. Commit to that daily time. It will certainly give you strength and assurance.

THE gideon


Sun City

God’s Word in The

Bill Merritt

Opportunities to reach people with the Word of God abound in El Paso, Texas, a city with a population over 650,000 in the USA Southwest desert. During the first week of March, 50 members from the three El Paso Camps joined with members from five states in a single purpose—to reach others for Christ. God opened many doors, which allowed His purpose to be realized.


/// G o d 's Wo r d i n T h e S u n C i t y

J u n e  –  J u l y 2 013

In response to a year of prayer and planning, Texas Association President Sam Shoquist established a goal to have at least 50 known salvation testimonies through personal witnessing. Cherry, a waitress at the Quality Inn, received a Personal Workers Testament at the Scripture order meeting in December. She speaks very little English, so a Spanish New Testament was in order. After going over the salvation verses in the back, Cherry received Jesus as her Savior and joyfully signed her name as a memorial to her salvation. Sam reports that 53 people are known to have received Jesus as Lord and Savior during the blitz! We praise God for each and every witnessing opportunity. In describing the teamwork, Mike Abbott, international representative, says, “Fellowship is the glue that binds us together when doing the work of this ministry. God never meant for us to serve in a vacuum. During a

metropolitan blitz, when we leave the hotel as a team to distribute Scriptures, it’s like going to the front lines to achieve an objective. Then we come back closer in our relationship to each other because He was with us and because of the spiritual victory we know will occur from what we accomplished in His will that day. The value of the fellowship is realized when you take a break for lunch or gather at the victory dinner and rejoice together in what God accomplished. As the El Paso blitz ended, participants often asked, ‘Will I see you in Orlando?’ It was obvious they did not want to say goodbye and had made lasting friendships in just a few days.”

Fellowship is the glue that binds us together when doing the work of this ministry. At the end of the three-day blitz, 11,625 hotel Bibles had been placed in the metropolitan area, to the glory of God. Many hotel desk clerks received a personal witness, and some subsequently received Jesus Christ as Savior. One of the Gideons had stopped in a motel laundromat and met a man named Fernie who was waiting for his clothes to dry. Using Bill Fay’s witnessing technique in Share Jesus Without Fear, he presented God’s plan of salvation to Fernie, who then prayed to receive Christ. The Gideon then pointed

G o d 's Wo r d i n T h e S u n C i t y///

THE gideon


Fernie to a local church where he could grow in his newfound faith. Placement of Scriptures in hospitals and nursing homes is among the great opportunities of a Scripture blitz. Participants placed 5,700 Scriptures in 20 hospitals and nursing homes, and the Auxiliary distributed an additional 7,250 Medical Testaments in these facilities. More than 1,100 medical and dental offices in the city. Distributions at six colleges, including the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) and El Paso Community College, resulted in 15,200 students having received a copy of God’s Word.

God did, indeed, accomplish a great work through 140 men and women who simply presented themselves before Him and said, “Here am I, send me.” One team of Gideons had distributed Scriptures at motels, six schools, a prison, and at the Border Patrol and Sheriff ’s offices. It was the end of the day, and the Gideons—hot, tired, and covered with the remnants of a West Texas dust storm—had stopped for some rest and refreshment when a man was spotted coming down the street on what would prove to be a divine appointment. Sensing the tug of the Holy Spirit, Bill Runyon approached him with the Gospel message, and Jonathan Mendez responded with a broken and contrite heart as he received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.


/// G o d 's Wo r d i n T h e S u n C i t y

J u n e  –  J u l y 2 013

The victory dinner in El Paso was a wonderful celebration of the many souls won to Christ over a three-day period. God did, indeed, accomplish a great work through men and women who simply presented themselves before Him and said, “Here am I, send me.” About the author:

Bill Merritt served as local chairman of the El Paso blitz. He and his wife, Kathy, are members of the El Paso Camp where Bill served as president and now serves as camp treasurer.

G o d 's Wo r d i n T h e S u n C i t y///

THE gideon


Every Auxiliary–Every Day– Eternal Difference!

By Luanne J. Triplett, International Auxiliary President

Your International Auxiliary Cabinet has been impressed that every Auxiliary can make a difference for eternity– every day!

No matter where you are, what language you speak, or what responsibilities you may have, you can make a difference for eternity every day! Not just some days, but every day! Imagine the impact when you… Pray for the ministry.

We are prayer warriors for The Gideons International, and the power of your prayer is unlimited. Will you commit to pray daily? The Daily Prayer Calendar is a great tool – pray for God to open the door to a country yet to be organized in our ministry. Participate in a Scripture distribution.

The Auxiliary goes where no one else goes; placing God’s Word where it would not be placed, reaching those who would otherwise be unreached. This year, determine to participate in a distribution every month, and be a part of this exciting opportunity! Will you and your husband pray about attending a Metropolitan Bible Blitz near you (the schedule is in theConnection)? Seek potential members.

As you attend church or community gatherings, be on the lookout for people who could become members of The Gideons International and pass that information on to the membership chairman in your camp. You could be the catalyst for someone else being used of God to reach others. Will you make a commitment to identify a potential new member couple this year? Give to the Auxiliary Scripture Fund

By participating in the Auxiliary Scripture Fund you are helping provide the Word of God in three special


ways—out of every dollar, 20 cents goes to provide New Testaments at Medical Conventions, 40 cents is used by your camp to supply Scriptures for local needs, and 40 cents provides the Word of God in other countries. Members are serving God every day of every week and distribution of God’s Word never ceases – over 2 copies every second of every hour, 24/7! Will you make an eternal difference in somebody’s life? Send a Gideoncard.

Who is on your personal prayer list? They would be so blessed to receive from you one of the new Praying for You cards. Do you know someone who has a birthday, anniversary or some other reason to celebrate? One of the new On Your Special Day cards would be the ideal expression to honor that person. Plus, sending a GideonCard has the unique effect of encouraging the recipient to use the GideonCard Bible Program. Witness to those God places in your path every day.

Our goal is for each member to give one Personal Workers Testament per week along with a word of witness. Do you know how good it feels to do this? Keep a supply of Personal Workers Testaments on hand and always have one with you. The Lord tells us in Jeremiah 33:3, “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.” Our Lord wants to accomplish great and mighty things through us during this new fiscal year. Serving God is not merely something we should add to our already busy lives – it should be primary! God has chosen each of us to be part of what He is doing around the world. You are vitally important to reaching out so more souls will be saved from an eternal hell into everlasting life! It takes every one of us making a difference, every day, to accomplish God’s eternal purpose. This year, let us call on the Lord, accomplish great and mighty things for Him, and determine to make a difference every day for eternity!

/// E v e r y A u x il i a r y – E v e r y D a y – Et e r n a l D i f f e r e n c e !

Make 2013 your year! International Convention Orlando, Florida / July 23–28, 2013

If you’ve never attended an International Convention, this is the year to consider it! Fellowship is one of the most exciting aspects of the International Convention, and more than 90 countries will be represented at Convention this year. Workshops will focus on important topics and impact your ministry. Group sessions will inspire you as you learn how God is working through The Gideons International to reach millions with God’s Word. And finally, Orlando is a warm and welcoming city with lots of activities for your family. In fact, the discounted hotel rate is available to you a week before and after the Convention (subject to availability). To register, visit theConnection and click on the registration link in the rotating graphic at the top of the homepage.

Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel


FELLOWSHIP This year’s International Convention in Orlando, Florida will be a fantastic time of fellowship and inspiration. To celebrate, and learn more about, the worldwide ministry, the inaugural International Fellowship Banquet will be held on Tuesday night from 6:00 to 8:45 p.m. This year, we expect to have more than 90 countries represented, and members are encouraged to attend in national dress. Translation will be available. The program will include music, international blitz highlights, an international testimony, and much more! This banquet was still in the planning stages when registration began, so you may need to return to the registration website in order to purchase banquet tickets, which are $35 per person inclusive.

J u n e  –  J u l y 2 013

A Fresh Look—GideonCards Ken Stephens, Manager, The GideonCard Bible Program The GideonCard Bible Program has been greatly simplified. The first thing you may notice is the name. The new name of the program emphasizes its purpose. The program exists to provide funds for Scriptures; thus Bible is part of the program name.

about The Gideons International and a testimony. Cards are elegantly hand lettered, not typeset, which will be appreciated by those receiving the cards. The donation certificate portion of the cards also has a beautiful new design.

You may also notice some subtle, but important, design features. When designs began to be considered, the GideonCard committee prayed fervently for God’s leadership and wisdom. He answered in incredible fashion by providing a team of talented Christian designers with combined experience of over 90 years in the greeting card industry.

The expression of “from me to you” is a vital element in a card. These new card designs incorporate an appropriate message that will be deeply appreciated by both the sender and the recipient—and the cards still have space for the sender to add a personal message.

There are noteworthy refinements to the cards that will help meet the needs of donors. The artwork is all original with options that appeal to a wide variety of audiences. The backs of the cards have a short message

A F r e s h L o o k – G i d e o n C a r d s ///

The In Memory card historically accounts for almost 80% of the Scripture Fund revenue through The GideonCard Bible Program. The beautiful new In Memory Cards have a distinctive and heartfelt tribute for family and friends of those who have passed into the Lord’s presence.

THE gideon


Praying for You is an appropriate way for Christians to bless a person dealing with illness or loss, to encourage a pastor, or assure a friend or loved one that you are remembering them in prayer. What better way to confirm your prayerful expression than to provide God’s Word? On Your Special Day is appropriate for a wide array of occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, etc. What do you do when you can’t find a GideonCard that precisely meets the need of a special occasion? Here is the perfect solution! The Bible Donation Insert will allow you to make any card a GideonCard! Simply fill out the certificate side of the insert expressing your gift of Bibles in honor of a special person or event and place it into any greeting card. Then, send your donation in the enclosed donation envelope. It’s that easy!

Display headers for churches and funeral homes are tastefully redesigned to make the GideonCard Bible Program easily understood. The messaging leads the person through to understand how the program functions:

1. Choose a Card 2. Personalize and Send the Card 3. Donate Bibles

The Sample Card Packet (Form 825) is now a mailfriendly envelope that contains four cards—two In Memory and one each of the new Praying for You and On Your Special Day cards. This packet may be sent to donors as an introduction to the GideonCard Bible Program without wasting camp resources.


/// A F r e s h L o o k – G i d e o n C a r d s

J u n e  –  J u l y 2 013

The existing four-pocket acrylic displays for churches and single-pocket displays for funeral homes both accommodate the new header cards. A great program requires great support. The GideonCard Bible Program is supported by a userfriendly website— Here you will discover an entirely new option—you may now send your personalized card electronically to the recipient’s email address.

A F r e s h L o o k – G i d e o n C a r d s ///

The focus of the GideonCard Bible Program is to provide Scripture funds. It won’t work without you! The use, promotion, and maintenance of the program will make it successful. Thank God for the faithful users and supporters of the GideonCard Bible Program who are making millions of copies of God’s Word available each and every year!

THE gideon


Development and Growth

of the English Standard Version As an association, we are excited about the transition of the modern English version of Scripture to the English Standard Version. Below are several answers to questions you may still have concerning the transition.

When is the transition from the New King James Version to the English Standard Version going to happen? While the work has been taking place for several months behind the scenes, printed copies will soon be in distribution. The new Scriptures will be available to preview at the Orlando International Convention, and the goal is to start the transition shortly thereafter.

Is the King James Version still going to be available? Yes. As always, camps decide whether to use the King James Version or the approved modern English version. The adoption of the English Standard Version as the Association’s modern English version in no way affects the use of the King James Version, which will remain available for use.

How did this change come about? Part of the responsibility of the International Cabinet is approval of Scripture versions in the languages we distribute. Scripture versions are regularly reviewed to assure that we are using those most suitable, both for our ministry and the people to whom they are given.


The Association currently uses nearly 100 languages of Scripture around the world, and the most prevalent is English. The International Cabinet decided the time had come to review the modern English version of the Scriptures, and the question before the Cabinet was, “Is there a better modern English version that we could share which would better reach today’s generation?” The English Standard Version was carefully and prayerfully evaluated and then approved as the modern English version of Scripture for use worldwide.

Where does the English Standard Version come from? The ESV that will be distributed by The Gideons International will be a unique edition produced with permission of Crossway Publishing, copyright owner of the ESV. The copyright page of the Gideon edition will state, in part, “At the request of The Gideons—and in appreciation for their worldwide, century-plus distribution of more than 1.7 billion Bibles—Crossway is pleased to license the ESV Bible text to The Gideons and to grant permission to The Gideons to include certain alternative readings based on the Textus Receptus, for exclusive free distribution of a Gideons edition.” The Gideons edition will include over 50 alternate renderings consistent with the Textus Receptus.

/// D e v e l o p m e n t a n d G r o w t h o f t h e E S V

J u n e  –  J u l y 2 013

“Gideons will be able to distribute the ESV with complete confidence that they are distributing an excellent literal translation of the Word of God”. – Dennis J. Donnelly, President,

The Gideons International.

Largely due to its accurate, essentially literal translation, the ESV has been widely accepted in evangelical churches. First published in 2001, the ESV has become the fastest growing English Bible translation in the world, being endorsed by many leading pastors and used by many more. “I have no hesitation in recommending the ESV translation. I hope my long-term association with The Gideons International makes my recommendation useful to you. I pray you will trust the authenticity of the English Standard Version. For those of us schooled in Greek and Hebrew, no translation will fit our personal preferences 100%, but the ESV is very close. I recommend it to you.” – Woodrow Kroll, Back to the Bible

Did You Know?

The ESV was developed in response to the need for a more accurate translation of the current most widely accepted texts as expressed by many pastors and Bible teachers. Each word and phrase in the ESV has been carefully weighed against the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek to assure the fullest accuracy and clarity. Since its first publication in 2001, sales of the ESV, in both print and digital format, have exceeded 70 million copies. Latest estimates indicate that the ESV is the only translation of the five best selling Scripture versions with a positive growth pattern.

For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” – Hebrews 4:12

Translation of the King James Version was originally undertaken to be easily read and understood by the common English people of its day. The same principles of readability and understanding guided the translators of the English Standard Version.

D e v e l o p m e n t a n d G r o w t h o f t h e E S V///

THE gideon



by Dr. Don Wilton As we look at II Timothy, chapter 2, we see what the Apostle Paul had to say about being strong in God’s grace and the strength that we have in Him. Here in these passages, he begins to unfold to Timothy some deep truths.

“You therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. You therefore must endure


hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier. And also if anyone competes in athletics, he is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules. The hardworking farmer must be first to partake of the crops. Consider what I say, and may the Lord give you understanding in all things.”

/// B e S t r o n g I n G r a c e

J u n e – J u l y 2 013

The apostle gives us an incredible word picture in this chapter. He teaches us that in order to be strong one must fight like a soldier: don’t ever quit, don’t ever take a detour, and don’t get distracted. As we move on in the passage, we see that Paul now shares with us a second strategy. He not only says to fight like a soldier, he also tells us that if we are to be strong in grace, we are to run like an athlete. Paul invoked athletic metaphors many times in his writings. In Paul’s letters to the churches, you’ll often read about running a race, or striving toward the mark and not looking behind – and he had a reason for doing this. Athletes competing in the Greek Games (as they were called in Paul’s time) had to qualify in three areas in order to participate. First, they had to prove their citizenship. Second, they had to persist in an extremely rigorous and demanding training regimen. And third, they had to participate according to the rules. Now that we understand the contextual meaning, how does Paul apply this to our own spiritual lives?

Proving our citizenship : Being sure of our salvation Dr. Billy Graham once said, “My heart cries out because there are so many people in our local New Testament churches who look like Christians, sound like Christians, and even act like Christians, but they don’t know Christ.” If those participants on the athletic field had to prove their citizenship, how much more ought those of us who claim to know Christ need to be able to prove ours? But how do we prove it? By the authority of the Word of God, by the Spirit who dwells in us, and by the fruit of our faith. How about you? Can you prove your citizenship in Christ?

Persisting in the training regimen : Being set for the finish

that God has called us to set foremost in our hearts the goal that all people should hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul put it like this: “For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.” (I Corinthians 2:2)

Participating according to the rules : Being sound in doctrine If we are going to run like athletes, we have to compete according to the rules – God’s rules. Here the apostle Paul is very direct when he tells Timothy, and the church through him, to be sound in doctrine. A weak theology will always result in a weak lifestyle, and all across our world today God’s Word is becoming polluted and diluted. The whole meaning of absolute truth is disintegrating in our society. When that happens, it destroys the “rules.” Soon the athletes begin to compete according to their own rules, and the result is chaos. I’m absolutely convinced that the number one challenge facing our churches today is the issue of absolute truth. The second challenge is the issue of personal conviction, which I believe ought to arise out of absolute truth. Finally, the third most critical challenge is the issue of personal preference. We all have personal preferences – but personal preference is killing the local New Testament church. You want to reach your world for Christ? Paul said, “I have become all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.” Yet he never compromised absolute truth. If you allow yourself to believe whatever you want, God will sentence you to a weak lifestyle spiritually, and you’ll be most miserable among men. You will continually and constantly be discontent, because you’ve lowered the standard of what it means to put your faith in and set your eyes upon Jesus Christ. No matter where you are, and no matter what you are doing, never ever stop telling people about the truth of God in Christ Jesus from the pages of His Word.

The skilled athlete, when he takes his mark and gets set, he begins to shut out the crowd and set his eyes on the prize. Have you set your sights on the finish? I believe

e S t r o n g I n G r a c e /// B

THE gideon


RFOs serve in challenging areas. Part 7 in a Series on Regional Field Officers (RFOs)

Most Gideon countries, 180 out of 195, need prayer and financial support to both secure and distribute God’s Word. Regional Field Officers (RFOs)—from the USA and qualified national association countries—periodically visit and assist the Gideons and Auxiliary in these nations. Many of the countries present unique challenges to The Gideons International and to the RFOs who travel there.

RFO Patrick Corkery and wife, Cindi: Auburn, Washington Europe West and Middle East Region • - 25 Countries • - 306 Million People • - 378 Camps • - 6,235 Total Members • - 38 Million Scriptures Distributed to Date Pat, how did you become a Gideon? “My interest in The Gideons International began when Pat Zondervan, then serving as International President, presented the work of the ministry at my church. A few months later, a close friend invited Cindi and me to the camp Christmas fellowship dinner. We completed our applications that night.”

What led you to become a Regional Field Officer (RFO)? I had previously served as an IEC representative, however when elected as zone trustee, I greatly missed traveling internationally. When my final term as a trustee came to a close, I was asked to pray about serving as an RFO. I was very excited, and in the fall of 2009, I began my initial assignment as an RFO.”


Briefly describe your early international experiences. “God first expanded my vision for international outreach during an International Scripture Blitz to Indonesia and Singapore in 1990. In October 2009, I led an International Scripture Blitz to Venezuela. It was a tremendous experience: twentythree Gideons participated, and 652,000 Scriptures were placed in waiting hands. We saw thousands give their lives to Christ. I was also privileged to speak in the largest church there. They had video streaming, and my wife and her parents were able to watch me give the church presentation. The pastor directed me to ask the congregation how many of the 7,500 or so in attendance had received a Gideon New Testament as their first Scripture—and if it was instrumental in their salvation. More than one-third raised their hands. Over 2,500 people at that church were impacted by God’s Word provided through our ministry.

Pat, what kind of prayer support do you receive when traveling? “In addition to prayer support from members, I send my itinerary with prayer requests to my pastor, small group members, and close Christian friends. It truly matters when you know you are being ‘drenched’ in prayer because you simply have to rely on God.

/// A D a y i n t h e L i f e - R F O

J u n e  –  J u l y 2 013

I was traveling alone to Syria by public transportation. I was the only English speaking passenger in a not-so road worthy van for a 5-hour trip…with eight passengers plus the driver. At the border, I was the first American the guards had seen in a quite some time. They took me in the back and meticulously went through my entire luggage. After about an hour, the stern faced supervisor smiled, extended his hand, and said, ‘Welcome to Syria! ‘ After two more hours in the van, the driver pulled to the side of the road at a busy intersection. You could see the city in the distance. The driver said, ‘I have to leave you here; I am not permitted to enter the city with passengers.’ I was left on the side of the road. I prayed, ‘Ok, Lord, now would be a great time for you to intervene. I don’t speak the language, and I have no clue where I am or which way to go!’ Then, I saw a small yellow car and waved—hoping it was a taxi. God answers prayer! Five taxis pulled over, with drivers fighting among themselves to get me on board. I could sense the prayers of many people on my behalf.”

How have you seen the Lord working in these difficult countries? “In Beirut, we can distribute Scriptures at a large Catholic hospital. During one distribution, a patient told a Gideon, ‘Come in, I have been expecting you!’ He asked how was that possible since he had never met her before. She had been in the hospital for weeks, and doc-

A D a y i n t h e L i f e - R F O ///

tors couldn’t diagnose her illness. She thought she was going to die. Then, she prayed to God. She had a vision of healing and receiving the Word of God. The Gideon responded, ‘God healed your body; now He wants to heal your soul.’ Then he opened the Scriptures and led her in a prayer of repentance as she received the Lord Jesus Christ into her heart. Today, she is a strong Christian. One Gideon, formerly of another faith, had a dream where a man in brilliant white clothes spoke to him. The words woke him, and he wrote them down. He shared the words with two leaders of his faith, but they had no idea what the words meant. Then, he went to a Christian shopkeeper, who got out his Bible and showed him he had written down these words: ‘I am the Way, and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.’ (John 14:6). He gave his heart to the Lord right away and is now boldly serving as a Gideon in a Middle-Eastern country.”

Cindi, how do you handle things when Pat is traveling abroad? “I just really appreciate knowing people are praying. Once, I had a kidney stone attack while Pat was gone. I didn’t even tell him about it since he couldn’t do anything where he was. Another time, a huge tree fell and just grazed our house. The heater crashed, of course in winter, and the water pipes broke. You learn to do things you never thought you could do.

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Sometimes, I can’t talk with him. The longest I had to go was two weeks without communicating. However, I got an email from a pastor’s wife in Albania because Pat couldn’t reach me himself. I like to know he got there, and then I’m okay because he’s with local Gideons. I trust the Lord to take care of him.”

Pat, what has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned during your International work with the ministry? “On my first international assignment, I traveled to Albania and Italy with Lloyd Brownsworth, who was training me as his replacement. He taught me, ‘The first and most important thing I can share with you: Love the people.’

What do you enjoy most as an RFO? “Having the privilege to see others come to Christ is always the number one thing, and to see that transformation take place before your eyes is something to behold. Our hearts are filled with joy for what God does through His Word, and we are thankful that the Word is available so these lives can be changed. The members I have the privilege to work with are devoted and dedicated—willing to put themselves on the line while truly living out the Gospel—so others may be saved for eternity.”

Lloyd’s advice has served me well, because it is God’s way. When you approach people with love, it speaks in all cultures, and God’s people respond. I’ve learned firsthand that our members have a great vision to see their homelands come to Christ, and they are willing to do the work. Psalm 68:11 speaks to what we do together as Gideons: ‘The Lord gave the Word: great was the company of those that published it.’”


/// A D a y i n t h e L i f e - R F O


When Elliott Osowitt entered his motel room in a small town in North Carolina, his only plan was to end his life. It was then that a Gideon-placed Bible introduced him to the only plan that could save his soul. His dramatic story is just one of the inspiring testimonies you can see in our new Camp Meeting series. Come catch the vision of where our ministry is going—from more effective personal witnessing to improved church relations. And recharge your passion for sharing God’s Word. All at your camp meetings, beginning this June.

Seven Reasons

Why YOU Can Trust the Bible Part VI Following is the fifth in a series of articles from Seven Reasons Why You Can Trust the Bible, by Erwin W. Lutzer.

Chapter Five: A Scientific Reason “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” In these ten words we have the foundation for all scientific discovery. “In the beginning’ introduces the concept of time, referring to a specific point when creation took place. “God” is the basis for personality. “Created” introduces the concept of energy that plays such a large part in explaining the secrets of life. Finally, “the heavens” refers to the vast regions of space, and “earth” affirms the existence of matter. In his book The Genesis Record, Henry M. Morris points out that this opening statement of Genesis refutes atheism because the universe was created by God. It refutes pantheism, for God is transcendent to that which he created. It refutes polytheism, for one God created all things. It refutes materialism, for matter had a beginning. It refutes dualism, for God alone created. It refutes humanism, for God, not man, is the ultimate reality. It refutes evolution because God created all things. God existed before this “beginning.” In other words, there never was a time when only nothing existed. The biblical concept of creation involved a plan with a designer who began the process with an end in view. This designer always was. If you do not believe that God created all that is, you must either believe that (1) there once was nothing, but from this nothing something came about, or (2) there is no explanation for the existence of the universe,


and whatever life we see around us has arisen from random forces.

The Big Bang The scientific basis for the “big bang” theory dates back to 1929 when astronomer Edwin Powell Hubble proved that the universe is expanding. This discovery led scientists to believe that the universe began at a single point in space and time. Carl Sagan taught that the entire universe resulted from a cosmic explosion 15 billion years ago; all matter and energy were present at this massive “blowup”. From this random beginning came the complex forms of life that now exist. Christians are not in the unhappy position of believing what is contrary to all known laws of science. In fact, the biblical explanation for existence of the universe is far more rational, more believable, and more scientific. The Bible teaches that before there was any matter the Creator was there. Indeed, David wrote, “From everlasting to everlasting, you are God.” (Psalm 90:2)

Identifying the Creator What kind of a God would be qualified to be the cause of all that we know about the universe? First, He would have to be a God of awesome power. The universe is an effect that demands a very great cause. Second, this God must possess intelligence and will, having a reason for doing what He has done. Third,

/// S e v e n R e a s o n s W h y Yo u C a n Tr u s t t h e B i b l e - P a r t V I

the God who created the universe must exist outside of time. Finally, a creator God would have the right to bring His creation to an abrupt halt whenever He chooses. Therefore, He would also be moral and judge creatures as He desires. The Christian God best fits this description.

The Confessions of Scientists Brilliant minds have long pondered the immensity and intricate designs of the universe, concluding that the universe does not have within itself the cause of its own existence. Consider the words of some who have grasped the wonder of the created order. “The scientist is possessed by the sense of universal causation…His religious feeling takes the form of rapturous amazement at the harmony of natural law, which reveals an intelligence of such superiority that, compared with it, all the systematic thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection.” —Albert Einstein. “For the scientist who has lived by the power of reason, the story ends like a bad dream. He has scaled the mountains of ignorance; he is about to conquer the highest peak; as he pulls himself over the final rock, he is greeted by a band of theologians who have been sitting there for centuries (emphasis added).” —Robert Jastrow, astronomer The Bible harmonizes with the theory of relativity (2 Peter 3:8). It also agrees with the first law of thermodynamics that the amount of matter in the universe is constant; none is being created or destroyed (Genesis 2:2). Finally, the Bible substantiates the second law of thermodynamics, that the order of the universe is “wearing out” (Hebrews 1:11-12).

Evolution in Decline Today, evolution is severely discredited, though a number of avowedly atheistic scientists and philosophers zealously defend it. Many scientists are now admitting that evolution is contrary to known laws of science and therefore is not based on science but on naturalism. Evolution, if it is anything, is unscientific. Have you ever wondered why people embrace this unsubstantiated theory with such fervor? In his book Darwin on Trial, Phillip Johnson shows that evolutionists are first committed to a materialistic

S e v e n R e a s o n s W h y Yo u C a n Tr u s t t h e B i b l e - P a r t V I ///

view of the universe and only secondarily to scientific discovery. There are three gaps for which evolutionists must adopt unscientific theories in order to bridge.

The Gap between Nothing and Matter

To accept evolution, one must disregard a basic scientific premise, namely, that from nothing, nothing comes. Most evolutionists believe that matter always existed; yet if matter is eternal as claimed, we have no reason for believing that it could have organized itself into complex forms far beyond its properties. We must humbly admit that the universe has purposefulness and power that cannot be accounted for within itself.

The Gap between Matter and Life

Evolution must disregard the second law of thermodynamics; namely, that the amount of available energy is diminishing and that nature when left to itself trends toward randomness. An evolutionist must believe that nonliving atoms slowly organize themselves into complex, energy-rich forms. Such a feat is contrary to the law of cause and effect.

The Gap between Man and Lower Creatures

Every so often we are told there is a new “missing link” in the life chain between animal and man. Of course, if evolution had happened over millions of years, there would be tens of thousands of transitional fossils. However, the fossil record simply does not support the theory. But perhaps the greatest shortcoming in evolution is this—the mind, they say, is just the product of chemical changes in the brain. Therefore, since we do not control scientific chemical laws, we have no responsibility for what we think. Further, since we can’t say that one combination of chemical reaction is better than another, all thoughts are morally neutral.

Only a belief in a God who created man with a spiritual nature can account for human responsibility. Regardless of how loudly evolutionists proclaim atheism, they live and behave like men and women created in the image of God. “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse” (Romans 1:20). The biblical account of creation is eminently scientific. Creation shouts “Behold your God!” to all who will listen.

THE gideon


Extraneous Materials The hallmarks of Gideon-placed hotel Bibles include “Help in Time of Need”, “Suggested Readings”, and “What the Bible Says About…”—collectively known as extraneous materials. These helpful sections have been instrumental in leading many individuals to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. These special references, which point people to His Word, can also be viewed at It has often been suggested that the “help sections” in hotel Bibles be more focused in terms of a clear salvation message. A further suggestion, and one which has been incorporated into New Testaments distributed by Gideons, is to encourage new Christians to seek a Bible believing church for the sake of discipleship. The International Cabinet appointed a committee to study these materials with a view toward building on their effectiveness and making them even more useful. Revised extraneous materials have now been accepted and approved to be incorporated into Gideon-placed Bibles beginning in July. The Gideon is pleased to present a synopsis of the extraneous materials.


Psalm 31:24


John 14:27


Psalm 51:12


II Corinthians 1:3, 4


Ecclesiastes 12:13


I John 1:8, 9


John 1:1

God Is The Answer! Calling on God

Psalm 51:1

God’s Invitation

Matthew 11:28; Isaiah 1:18

Responding to God

James 4:7, 8

What God Does for You Psalm 23

ARE YOU… Alone

Hebrews 13:5; Deuteronomy 13:6

God Wants You To Know Him!


I Peter 5:7

God Loves You

John 3:16; Romans 5:8


John 8:36


Matthew 11:28


Psalm 118:8

All Are Sinners

Romans 3:10; Romans 3:23; James 4:17; Isaiah 64:6

God’s Remedy for Your Sin

Romans 6:23; Romans 10:13; I Corinthians 15: 3, 4

Experiencing Conflict II Timothy 2:22 or Temptation Considering Suicide



Psalm 116:3, 4

/// E x t r a n e o u s M a t e r i a l s

J u n e – J u l y 2 013

Your Response

Isaiah 55:6; I John 1:9; Revelation 3:20

Receiving Christ Mark 1:15; Romans 10:9; John 1:11, 12 Dear God, I confess that I have sinned and done wrong. I believe that your Son, Jesus Christ, took the punishment that I deserve by dying on the cross and I thank you. I also believe that you raised Him from the dead. I now receive Jesus as my Savior and Lord. Amen. Gods Promises

John 5:24

What the Bible Says About… New believers often wonder what the Bible says about the nature of God, His Son, redemption and the Christian life. Gideon-placed Bibles have a special section designed to point them toward Biblical truths.

A Special Verse There is a verse in the Bible that has been translated into over 1,100 languages. It tells of One who loved us with an everlasting love. That verse, John 3:16, is recorded in Gideon-placed Bibles in the major languages of the world and is understood by three fourths of the world’s population.

What Now? As a very important part of the extraneous material, Bibles placed by The Gideons International encourage new believers to obey God first of all by loving him with all their heart, mind, and strength. The following statement provides new believers direction regarding future growth in faith: “After making your decision to receive Christ, we encourage you to seek a local church, congregation or assembly that will assist you in growing as a new Christian by the clear teaching of the Bible.” Then, people are encouraged to continue reading and studying God’s Word, and seeking after Him in prayer. The material in the front of Gideon-placed Bibles will show examples of prayers that a new believer may find helpful.

x t r a n e o u s M a t e r i a l s /// E

THE gideon


Pastor’s Point Dr. Richard Alderman Dr. Richard Alderman is pastor of Little Rock Baptist Church in Little Rock, South Carolina. We are deeply grateful to Dr. Alderman for his support.

Th e Little Ch u rc h With A B i g H e art Fo r M is sio n s

Th e S u n day A G i d eo n C am e To Town A few years after Alderman began preaching, a Gideon from a nearby town held the first-ever Gideon church presentation in Dillon County. The man was Alderman’s father. He spoke about spreading the hope of Jesus Christ by sharing God’s Word with the lost. At the end of that presentation, he said, “If there is any one here today who would like to come down to the front of this church and pray that God might raise up a camp of Gideons here in Dillon County, please come forward now.” The whole church came forward to pray. Within a few years, several men from that church would start a Gideon camp in Dillon County. In the years to come, the Lord would raise up more Gideons from Little Rock Baptist. And the members of Little Rock Baptist grew deeper and deeper in their commitment to the Lord and support of missions.

Little Rock is the oldest town in Dillon County, South Carolina. It was settled before the American Revolution and served as a trading post for farmers from miles around. Today, with a population of less than 500 people, Little Rock has a quaint rural charm. A new preacher arrived in the community in 1959. The 23-year-old man had just graduated from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and had come back home to South Carolina. He answered the call to serve as the pastor of a small country church called Little Rock Baptist. His name was Richard Alderman. It’s likely that neither Alderman nor any of his congregants could have guessed the great impact that this little church would have in spreading the gospel throughout the world.


Faith Li k e A Roc k There’s an intersection in Little Rock where you’ll notice a rock alongside the road. As legend has it, this rock was the inspiration for the town’s name. One might say that the faith of Little Rock Baptist Church is as solid as that roadside landmark. For over 54 years now, Pastor Alderman has delivered God’s messages at Little Rock Baptist. Those messages have sunk deep into the hearts of his flock. However, the pastor will be the first to tell you that God is using this little church to help spread the gospel throughout the world, is all to the Lord’s glory. “Just preaching the Word of God has built mission muscles into their lives and hearts. And this is

/// P a s t o r 's P o i n t

J u n e  –  J u l y 2 013

something the Holy Spirit has done,” Alderman says. “We give the Lord all the praise, it’s not us.”

M is s i o n - Foc us ed Alderman’s son, Chris, is a co-pastor at the church. Like his dad, Chris has a strong passion for missions. “I really think the New Testament model is to get the gospel out to every living creature and God will take care of the needs you have at home, in ways beyond what we can understand” says Chris. With an average weekly attendance of just over 100 people, one might assume that after paying its basic operating expenses, this little country church wouldn’t have much left over for missions. However, Little Rock Baptist actually supports over 40 missionaries. Even more astonishing is the amount of financial support the church provides for mission outreach. Last year, Little Rock Baptist gave over $389,000 to missions. Over the past three years the church has given over $1 million to missions. Pastor Alderman says the sacrificial giving of the congregation is a sign of their commitment and spiritual depth. The Lord has provided the church with people who are willing to step out in faith when it comes to giving. “The Lord sends us members… good ones,” he says. Regarding the sacrificial giving of Little Rock Baptist’s members, Chris shares how the Lord has been faithful to the members in their giving. “As the Lord has provided for them, it has increased their faith and lets them know they have to keep putting missions first. Everything that has been done here has been done of faith.”

Wh y Little Roc k Baptis t Su pp o rts Th e G i d eo n s I nter nati o nal Ever since that first Gideon camp opened in Dillon County, the church has had members who were Gideons. Each year, they raise thousands of dollars in financial support through the GideonCard Bible Program and special events.

P a s t o r 's P o i n t ///

“I tell pastors all the time that Gideons are the most effective missionary agency in the whole world, in the history of missions. They don’t have to learn the language, they’re in the field, they’re doing personal witnessing, they don’t have to establish themselves first, and they’re able to effectively communicate the gospel immediately. You don’t get any better bang for your buck in missions than to get behind the Gideons.” We praise God for all He is accomplishing through Pastor Alderman, the people of Little Rock Baptist, and the Gideon camp in Dillon County. Souls are being saved and lives are being changed by the gospel. “There’s nothing more important for this world than the Word of God, and giving the gospel to people who are lost,” Alderman says. “And there is no organization on earth that is as effective and productive at doing this than The Gideons International.”

THE gideon


WITH THE LORD ⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄ Argentina Osuna, Mr Buenaventura, Iguazu Misiones Torcitu, Mr Silvio, Zarate Buenos Aires Vasquez, Mr Humberto, Oran-Salta Australia Arthur, Mrs Gorgina, Dubbo Buchanan, Mr Walter, Redcliffe Christian, Mrs Grace, Bellarine Fiegert, Mrs Daphne, Mid North Neilson, Mr Bruce W, Pine Rivers Page, Mr Graham A, Sunshine Coast Schmidt, Mr Johannes, Redcliffe Camp Walker, Mr Baris B, Wangaratta Bolivia Chura, Mr Julio, Omasuyos Brazil Azevedo, Mrs Maria Auxiliadora de F, Manaus Sul Amazonia Careiro, Mrs Marileide Mota, Joao Pessoa Leste da Rocha, Mr Pedro Vaz, Cuiaba Sul da Silva, Mr Jose Liuz, Cuiaba Norte da Silva, Mr Narcizo Rodrigues, Belford Roxo de Lima, Mr Jose Carlos, Jatai Brazil Central de Marafigo, Mr Manoel Lemos, Florianopolis Atlantico de Souza, Mrs Maria Leonilda Duarte, Bocaiuva MG Norte/Leste dos Santos, Mr Agenor Ribeiro, Goiania Sul Brasil Central dos Santos, Heleno Andrade, Salvador Centro Sul Base Filho, Mr Joao Pinheiro dos Santos, Slvador Centro Sul Base Ferreira, Mr Benedito Neves, Curitiba Boa Vista Tres Fronteiras Fonseca, Mr Antonion Carlos, Nova Iguacu Leal, Mr Francisco Nilson de Oliveira, Belem Leste Brasil Equatorial Lopes, Mrs Maria Laudizete Gomes, Tarauaca Martins, Mr Roberto Jorcelino, Palhoca Atlantico Sul Peres, Mr Joao, Vila Mariana Piscke, Mr Paulo Roberto, Blumenau Atlantico Ramos, Mr Milton Pereira, Vitoria Santo Antao Soares, Mr Paulo Renato, Piumhi MG Centro Sul/Oeste Vicari, Mr Plinio Sergio, Ribeirao Preto SP Norte Wondraceck, Mr Hugo, Florianopolis Atlantico Sul Zoppas, Mr Telmo Bertotto, Cravatai Atlantico British Isles Baker, Mr Tom, Enfield Cameron, Mr David, Strathkelvin & Glasgow North Daniel, Dr Johnson, Hartlepool & North Tees Edmondson, Mr Alan, Burnley, Pendle & Rossendale Farley, Mrs Norah, Southport Gray, Mr Walter, Nottingham West Jones, Mr John, Liverpool North Jones, Mrs Margaret, St. Helens Longley, Mr Ken, Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre Mentiplay, Mr Alan, Fife West Rocke, Mrs Mabel, Belfast Segaren, Dr Nalina, Northants East Todd, Dr Olive, Taunton Troko, Mr David, Sutton Coldfield Westbrook, Mrs Doreen, Dorset South Weston, Mrs Grace, Yeovil Cameroon Djeme, Mr Joseph, Yagoua Djeme, Mrs Martine, Yagoua Central African Republic


Etienne, Mr Galle, Bozoum Etienne, Mrs Galle, Bozoum Gondje, Mr Simeon, Berberati Gondje, Mrs Simionne, Berberati Mpenderendji, Mr Fidele, Bozoum Chile Munoz M, Mr Jose, Los Angeles Bio Bio Costa Rica Corrales, Mr Fernando, Cartago Munoz V, Mr Sadi, Curridabat San Jose Cote d’Ivoire Grahi, Mr Georges, Anyama Dem. Republic of Congo Kisula, Mr Ngoy, Lubumbashi Malonda, Mr Nestor, Muanda Malonda, Mrs Nestor, Muanda Denmark Adelberg, Mr Rene, Herlev Hansen, Mr Germ, Sonderborg Thyde, Mrs Anna, Vojens Dominican Republic Sanchez, Mr Jose, Los Alcarrizos, Sto. Dgo. Sanchez, Mrs Alexandra , Los Alcarrizos, Sto. Dgo. Egypt Adly Wissa, Mr Fathy, Cairo Adly Wissa, Mrs Fathy, Cairo Baules, Mr Baules, Maghagha Minia Baules, Mrs Baules, Maghagha Minia Fahmy, Mr William, Samalout Minia Hanna Ibrahem, Mr Edward, Cairo Khaleel E, Mr Nabil, Zagzig Mikaile, Mr Temsah, Assuit El Salvador Zaldana G, Mr Luis, San Miguel Finland Dahl, Mr Endy, Sy Osterbotten Hola, Mrs Irmeli, Kankaapää Suonpää, Mr Mikael, Pori East Ulmanen, Mrs Aino, Savonlinna France Bruyat, Mr Gilbert, Valence Dirrenberger, Mrs Dominique, Bagard Roulet, Mrs Edmee, Istres Germany Braun, Mr Guenther Eberle, Mr Theodor Forner, Mr Bernd Gugel, Mr Georg Hahn, Mr Erwin Michalzik, Mr Hartmut Nowak, Mr Ernst Popp, Mrs Helene Scheffels, Mr Herbert Wollschlaeger, Mrs Irmgard

/// W i t h t h e L o r d

J u n e – J u l y 2 013

Ghana Ashiakwei, Mr Jesse, Accra Aziaku, Mr Harry, Kadjebi Guatemala Garcia, Mr Rolando, San Pedro Carcha Jerez Letona, Mrs Wilman, Solola Roman, Mrs Erla, San Martin Jil. Chimaltenango

Kyrgyzstan Donetskov, Mr Aleksadr, Belovodsk Latvia Altuhov, Mrs Vasilij, Liepaja Region Lesotho Morojele, Mrs Edith

Guyana Nainiappan, Dr Daniel, Georgetown

Lithuania Voronenkovas, Mr Genadijus, Telshiai

Honduras Tablas, Mr Dennis, Yoro

Madagascar Rakotosata, Mr Henri, Antananarivo

India Balakumar, Mr P Manohar, Tirunelveli South Daniel, Mr Pramod, Bijnor George, Mr P V, Cochin Central Ingti, Mr Beding, Nongph Kalidas, Mr K, Gadwal Maharana, Mrs Sunil Kumar, Jharsuguda Pandiaraj, Mr G T Soundra, Coonoor Rojini, Mrs F D B, Ampilias Stephen, Mr Ajay Kumar, Jabalpur Tangma, Mr Kedayhu Kent, Dimapur East

Malawi Matope, Mrs Patrick, Limbe

Indonesia Bangguna, Mr John, Poso Lumbanraja, Dr T, Medan Sidabutar, Mr John, Medan Wijatno, Mr Henoch, Magelang

Martinique Martinon, Mr Nicolas, Fort-de-France Martinon, Mrs Nathalie, Fort-de-France Rossel, Mr Henri, Le Robert Rossel, Mrs Ginette, Le Robert

Ireland Doherty, Mrs Phyllis, Adare

New Zealand Ewing, Mr Stuart, Ashburton Ewing, Mrs Stuart, Ashburton Robertson, Mr Leslie, Havelock North

Italy Giovanditti, Mr Vincenzo, Apricena - FG Giovanditti, Mrs Maria, Apricena – FG Jamaica Reid, Mrs Hubert, Manchester Japan Dobashi, Mr Jun-ichi, Niigata Fujii, Mr Eiji Kobayashi, Mr Kiyoshi Ono, Mrs Kiyoe Suzuki, Mr Hiroshi, Nerima Takeuchi, Mr Makoto Yanagisawa, Mr Eishi Kenya Maina, Mr Wilson, Thika Maina, Mrs Wilson, Thika Ndungu, Mr Charles, Thika Ndungu, Mrs Charles, Thika Waitara, Mrs Winnie, Thika Korea Cha, Mr Heung Ho, Busan Camp Cho, Mr Seong Jin, Cheongju Choi, Mr Chang Gun, Seoul Choi, Mr Bong Suk, Bukincheon Song, M. Chang Seob, Gangnam

i t h t h e L o r d /// W

Malaysia Adaiken, Mr Eddy, Bedong Kedah Dorai, Mr Thomas, Taiping Perak Hian, Mr Ng Beng, Taiping Perak Lee, Mr Khoo, Teluk Intan Perek Ramasamy, Mr Sukalinggam, Kulim Kedah Darulaman Santhosham, Mr Chandran, Kulim-Kedah Tan, Mr Yong, Bukit Mertajam

Nicaragua Hernandez, Mr Alejandro, La Concepcion Nigeria Achimugu, Mr Akoh, Ajaokuta Adeosun, Mr Adebisi Olurotimi, Ilorin West Animashaun, Mr Adkunle, Gombe Gambo, Mr Ayuba Jang, Jos North Lawrence, Mr Ayinla Lawal, Ilorin East Oladimiji, Mrs O F, Lagos Badagry Norway Frøid, Mr Kjell, Sarpsborg Graatrud, Mr Olaf, Drammen Hygard, Mr Arne, Halden Lien, Mr Olav, Forde Moldsvor, Mr Svein Tornes, Mr Otto, Molde Torvik, Mr Rasmus, Nordfjord Valde, Mr Tormod, Bergen Vikse, Mr Daniel, Haugesund Volden, Mrs Dagrunn, Romerike Papua New Guinea Nakgai, Mr Mark, Wewak Esp

THE gideon


WITH THE LORD ⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄ Peru Cipa, Mrs Rosa, Imperial Canete Yucra Tapia, Mr Luis, Arequipa Philippines Antazo, Mr Lauro C., Angono-Binangonan Chua, Mr Benjamin U, Sr, General Santos City Lardizabal, Mr Marion, Baguio City Marcos, Mr Elpidio R, Puerto Princesa Nacasabog, Mr Patricio, Oroquieta City Nuñez, Mrs Samuel “Pastrinia”, Ubay Vargas, Mr Vivencio M Metro, Manila North Poland Kurdek, Mrs Wieslawa, Trzebiatow Lachtara, Mr Edward, Gliwice Mucha, Mr Adam, Otyn Puerto Rico Cintron F, Mr Wilfredo, Ponce, PR Cintron F, Mrs Blanca, Ponce, PR Miranda, Mr Eulalio, Aguda Soto, Mr Johnny, Santa Isabel Tomei, Mr Juan, Lajas Republic of China Guo, Mr Fang-Bin, Taichung No. 4 Guo Li, Mrs Bao-Lian, Taipei No. 1 Lin, Mrs Tsuei-Chiung, Abroad Liou, Mrs Su-Shiou, Panchiao Shi, Mr Jian-Zhong, Pingtung Tsai, Mr Feng-Chiou, Taichung No. 1 Wen, Mrs Li-Ching, Taipei No. 5 Wu, Mr Ji-Hung, Fengshan Republic Of Congo Mayeko, Mr Antoine, Dolisie Slovak Republic Francisti, Mrs Mihal, Piestany South Africa Barnard, Mr Dave, Nelspruit Everson, Mr Andries, Worcester Mostert, Mr Chris, Stellenbosch Mostert, Mr Tonie, Tzaneen Oosthuizen, Mr Thinus, Maluti Roodt, Mr Manie, South Coast Scheppers, Mrs Frikkie, Beacon Bay Toit, Mrs Xenia du, Bergrivier Wiggett, Mrs Magriet, Waterkloof Spain Atienzar Gonzalez, Mr Francisco, Motilleja, Albacete Paciencia, Mrs Rafael, Madrid Swaziland Mamba, Mr Rabbi, Mhlume Peterson, Mr Lucky, Mbabane Sweden Anderson, Mrs Birgitta, Karlskoga Berglund, Mr Kurt-Ivan, Lycksele Engwall, Mr Birger, South Narke Gradeen, Mrs Harriet, Varnamo Hammarlund, Mr Arnold, Eksjo


Josefsson, Mr Helge, Gislaved Lindblom, Mr Birger, Nykoping Mosskull, Mr Stig, Eksjo Olson, Mr Johny, Boras Persson, Mr Rune, Orebro Sundwall, Mr Arne, Mullsjo-Habo Tornroth, Mr Stig, Linkoping Widmark, Mrs Ally, Ornskoldsvik Ylenstrand, Mrs Margareta, Tranas Switzerland Burkhard, Mr Walter, Magliaso Messerli, Mr Rolf, Hessenreuti Reutlinger, Mr Hartmann, Schlieren Roy, Mr Philippe, Couvet Tanzania Mlalila, Mr Tadeo, Chunya Mwasote, Mr Joseph, Mpanda Uganda Anywar, Mr Wiberforce, Gulu Ukraine Frolov, Dr Grigoriy, Chernigov Reabchinski, Mrs Ivan, Dnepropetrovsk United States of America Abbott, Mr Henry, La Grange, NC Adair, Ms Wilda, Bath, NY Adams, Mr J, Kosciusko, MS Adams, Mrs Marie, Millersburg, PA Adkins, Dr Bruce, Gate City, VA Alban, Mr Lester, West Lafayette, IN Albany, Mr James, Quarryville, PA Albaugh, Mr Harry, Flower Mound, TX Alexander, Mr F, Savannah, TN Alexander, Mr Will, Malvern, AR Allen, Mr Bernard, Beaverton, MI Allen, Mr John, Magnolia, AR Allen, Mr William, Chattanooga, TN Altizer, Mrs Martha, Oceana, WV Amandus, Mr A, Woodland Hills, CA Andersen, Mrs Carol, Atlantic, IA Babcock, Mr Kenneth, Hiawatha, KS Bagley, Mrs Ina, Bend, OR Baker, Mr Harold, Mankato, MN Baker, Mrs Elaine, Bethlehem, PA Balenger, Mr John, Boston, VA Bales, Mr Tony, Brandon, MS Ballanger, Mrs Margaret, Ceylon, MN Ballmer, Mr James, Holland, MI Barber, Mr Carl, Lebanon, MO Barker, Mrs Patsy, Lawrenceburg, KY Barmer, Mr Floyd, Colerain, NC Barnes, Mr Lonnie, Ada, OK Barnes, Mrs Hazel, Coats, NC Barnett, Mrs Maxine, The Dalles, OR Barrow, Mr Lawrence, Pensacola, FL Bartholomew, Mr Albert, Wichita, KS Batterman, Mr Brantley, Danville, VA Bauman, Mr Donald, Lebanon, MO Baxa, Mrs Carol Ann, Buckhannon, WV Baxley, Mr William, Crossett, AR Beals, Mr Ethan, Shoreline, WA

/// W i t h t h e L o r d

J u n e – J u l y 2 013

Beard, Mr Charles, Wilson, NC Beckner, Mrs Nancy, Salem, VA Beckstead, Mr Gary, Lexington, TN Begin, Mr Leo, Plymouth, MA Beich, Mr Willis, Owatonna, MN Bell, Mr William, Cameron Park, CA Belshaw, Mr Wilbur, Montevideo, MN Bender, Mr George, Marshall, TX Beneker, Mrs Beldean, Billings, MT Bennett, Mr Charles, Hardinsburg, KY Benton, Mr Clarence, North Wilkesboro, NC Bernard, Mrs Elizabeth, Jacksonville, FL Berry, Mr Bill, Henryetta, OK Berry, Mr James, Newnan, GA Berry, Mrs Mildred, Birmingham, AL Berry, Mrs Nilletta, Big Timber, MT Bertsch, Mrs Ruth, Pottsville, PA Beyer, Mrs Carol, Atascadero, CA Bishop, Mr John, Tulsa, OK Black, Mr James, Lake Cormorant, MS Blackburn, Mr Millard, Johnson City, TN Blackburn, Mr Oliver, Pikeville, KY Blackerby, Mr Jack, Durham, NC Blackman, Mrs Pattie, Cosby, TN Bledsoe, Mrs Sandy, Iuka, MS Blickenstaff, Mr George, Myersville, MD Bliss, Mr Richard, Avoca, NY Bloxom, Mr Robert, Phoenix, AZ Bloxom, Mrs Winnifred, Phoenix, AZ Bohannon, Mr Aubrey, Laurel, MS Bohm, Mrs Jeanne, Miami, FL Bolin, Mr Harold, Heber Springs, AR Boone, Mr Everette, Carmichael, CA Bostrom, Mr Warren, CO Spgs, CO Bowden, Mr Charles, Savannah, GA Bower, Mr Richard, Brookhaven, PA Bowers, Dr Bazel, Chesapeake, VA Bowman, Mr Lloyd, West Unity, OH Bradley, Mr James, Sevierville, TN Bradshaw, Mrs Frances, Davidsonville, MD Brady, Mr John, Plain City, OH Brandeberry, Mr Burnell, Toledo, OH Brenneman, Mr John, Wooster, OH Brewer, Mr Fred, Fort Oglethorpe, GA Bricker, Mr Dean, Wooster, OH Broekhuis, Mr Harvin, Wyoming, MI Brown, Mr James, Valparaiso, IN Brown, Mr John, Bluffton, SC Brown, Mr Lloyd, Ringgold, GA Brown, Mr Paul, Sherman, TX Browning, Mr Galen, Neosho, MO Bruckner, Mr Benjamin, Amarillo, TX Bucher, Mr John, Columbia City, IN Bugge, Mr Thor, Willow Street, PA Cable, Mr William, Beaumont, TX Cady, Dr Ivan, Redmond, OR Caldwell, Mr Gary, Putney, KY Caldwell, Mrs Patti, Putney, KY Callahan, Mr Kenneth, Saginaw, MI Cannon, Mr Gene, Lexington, TN Cantrell, Mr Marcus, Rockmart, GA Carlsen, Mr John, San Jose, CA Carlson, Mr Virgil, Ellsworth, KS Carnes, Mrs Margaret, Wasilla, AK Carpenter, Mrs Mary, Pueblo, CO Carson, Mr John, Bedford, OH

i t h t h e L o r d /// W

Caruthers, Mr Raymond, Hiawassee, GA Cayo, Mr Kenneth, Poplar Bluff, MO Cerny, Mrs Ruthann, Norwich, OH Chandler, Mr Michael, Jackson, GA Chism, Mr Burle, Victorville, CA Christopher, Dr Richard, Auburn, AL Christopher, Mrs Patricia, Seymour, MO Chupp, Mr Ernest, Goshen, IN Clapp, Mr Rudolph, Scott City, MO Clatterbuck, Mr Vernon, Fulton, MO Clemons, Mrs Bertha, Wauseon, OH Cliett, Mr Billy, Broxton, GA Clothier, Mrs Geraldine, Lapeer, MI Clubine, Mr Frank, Iola, KS Coate, Mr John, Thomasville, AL Coker, Mr Robert, Murrayville, GA Cole, Mr Clifton, San Francisco, CA Cole, Mrs Leona, Columbia, SC Coleman, Mr Tom, Tempe, AZ Colkitt, Mrs Anna, Vero Beach, FL Collins, Mr Joseph, Spring Hill, FL Compton, Mr Kyle, Galax, VA Conard, Mr Robert, Cabot, AR Conover, Mr Arnold, Wall, NJ Coody, Mr James, Haverhill, FL Cook, Mrs Lois, Grand Haven, MI Cooke, Mr Silas, Danville, VA Coolman, Mrs Donna, Akron, OH Coonrod, Mr Ralph, Bethel, MO Cooper, Mr James, Beckley, WV Cooper, Mrs Adelle, Henderson, TN Cooper, Mrs Janet, Morning View, KY Cordell, Mrs Jewel, Covington, LA Corley, Mr Jay, Mineola, TX Cornett, Mr C, Russellville, KY Cottle, Mr Stanley, Morehead City, NC Coulson, Mr Richard, Derby, KS Courts, Mr Cecil, Culloden, WV Cowles, Mr Ronald, Ukiah, CA Cox, Mrs Sandy, Valdosta, GA Craft, Mrs Esta, Marshall, TX Cratch, Mr Warren, Roanoke, VA Crawford, Mr Kenneth, San Antonio, TX Dacus, Mrs Flora, Vancouver, WA Dalberg, Mrs Genevieve, Minneapolis, MN Daman, Mrs Ruth, Desmet, ID Daniels, Mrs Elenore, Mount Vernon, OH Daniels, Mrs Maizie, Jackson Heights, NY Daugherty, Mr A, Shawnee, OK Davidson, Mr Jack, Madison, MS Davis, Mr Aubrey, Lamesa, TX Davis, Mr Kenneth, Royal, AR Davis, Mr Stan, Hixson, TN Davis, Mrs Marjorie, Greensburg, KS Davis, Mrs Opal, Columbia, MD Davitt, Mr Vern, Rockford, IL Day, Mr J, Byron, CA Day, Mr James, Carlyle, IL Dean, Mrs Henrietta, Longview, WA Deckert, Mr Harvey, Wichita, KS Dejonge, Mr William, Jenison, MI Denatale, Mr Raymond, Bay Shore, NY Derrah, Mrs Margaret, Lewisburg, PA Deutschendorf, Mr Abe, Lawton, OK Dieterle, Mrs Bertha, Willowbrook, IL Dixon, Mr David, Lugoff, SC

THE gideon


WITH THE LORD ⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄ Dobson, Mr Roland, Chestnut, LA Donald, Mr Samuel, Citrus Heights, CA Dorsey, Mrs Karen, Freeport, IL Dougherty, Mrs Dorothy, Marianna, FL Douglass, Mr Wayne, Hot Springs National Park, AR Drake, Mrs Doris, Anderson, SC Dreyer, Mrs Jean, Greensburg, IN Drumwright, Mr Robert, Medon, TN Dubose, Mrs Gordene, Lake City, FL Dubose, Mrs Lina, Dillon, SC Duncan, Mr Frank, Minneapolis, MN Duncan, Mr John, North Bend, OR Eckroth, Mrs Dorothy, Orwigsburg, PA Edwardson, Mr Michael, Hartford, SD Eggers, Mr Homer, Irving, TX Ellis, Mr Richard, Alliance, NE Ellis, Mrs Sara, Hartsville, SC Elswick, Mrs Bonnie, Russell, KY Emerson, Mr Irvin, Hillsboro, MO Engel, Mrs Inez, Sweeny, TX Engleman, Mr David, Chesterfield, VA Fairchild, Mr Lee, Leoti, KS Fara, Mr George, Soddy Daisy, TN Farmer, Mr Johnny, Harlan, KY Fell, Mr Larry, Walton, NE Ferguson, Mrs Grace, Hutchinson, KS Fillmore, Mr Robert, Normangee, TX Fiscus, Mr Alvin, Jemison, AL Fish, Mr Joe, Hot Springs, AR Fisher, Mr Charles, Blackstone, VA Fitch, Mr Phillip, Moultrie, GA Fleming, Mr Harlan, Grayson, KY Fogderud, Mrs Beatrice, Jamestown, ND Foreman, Dr Ellsworth, Otis Orchards, WA Fortenberry, Mr Lloyd, Columbia, MS Fortner, Mr Farris, Neosho, MO Foster, Mr Glendyon, Fitzgerald, GA Fouraker, Mrs Gale, Lakewood Ranch, FL Fraley, Mr Kenneth, Lawton, OK Fraley, Mrs Nelda, Joplin, MO Francis, Mr Joe, Lake Junaluska, NC Frankish, Mrs Anna, Canandaigua, NY Frasier, Mr Douglas, Philadelphia, MS Frederick, Mr Ralph, Hamburg, PA Galyean, Mr Ronnie, Alba, TX Gammon, Mr Luther, Ellenton, FL Gardner, Mr Bruce, Millington, MI Garlow, Mrs Carolyn, Edmond, OK Garratt, Mr Everett, Winter Haven, FL Garrett, Mr George, Homer, LA Gatlin, Mr James, Laurel, MS Gaus, Mr Ruben, Davison, MI Genes, Mr Edward, Collierville, TN Gentry, Mrs Edith, Reidsville, NC Gieger, Mr Robert, Carriere, MS Gifford, Mr James, Los Gatos, CA Gillespie, Mr Chandler, Raleigh, NC Gilreath, Mr Bill, Hercules, CA Glassgow, Mr Harold, Lakeside, NE Glendinning, Mrs Peggy, Greenville, SC Glenn, Mr John, Charleston, WV Gollihar, Mr George, Deming, NM Good, Mrs Ruth, Valparaiso, IN Gould, Mr Glen, Wellesley Island, NY Grant, Mr Dexter, Lyndon Center, VT Gray, Mr Billie, Senatobia, MS


Grebasch, Mr Alfred, Mechanicsville, VA Green, Mr Wilbur, Summerville, SC Gregory, Mr Stanley, Des Plaines, IL Hackenberg, Mr Robert, Eden Prairie, MN Hacker, Mr Dale, Warren, IN Hackler, Mr Richard, Broken Arrow, OK Haden, Mrs Nancy, Danville, VA Hage, Mrs Katherine, Fort Lauderdale, FL Hall, Mr Ernest, Proctorville, OH Hall, Mrs Drucilla, Texarkana, AR Halliburton, Mr William, Dresden, TN Halvorson, Mr Oscar, Williston, ND Hamby, Mr Homer, Kingston, TN Hamke, Mr Benjamin, Kokomo, IN Haney, Mr Bobby, Imperial, CA Hansen, Mr H, Erskine, MN Hansen, Mrs Germaine, Middleville, MI Hanson, Mr Gary, Battle Lake, MN Hanson, Mrs Helen, Burlison, TN Hardesty, Mr Roy, Spencer, IN Harper, Mrs Sandra, Eckerman, MI Harrell, Mr James, Graham, NC Harrington, Mr Rice, Odessa, TX Harris, Mr Charles, Norwood, NC Harris, Mr Kelly, Denham Springs, LA Harvey, Mr Charles, Fayetteville, AR Hasler, Mrs Martha Lou, Clay City, IN Hastedt, Mr Elmer, Holgate, OH Hastings, Mr Harvey, Woodstock, AL Hayes, Mr Grady, Fayette, AL Haynes, Mrs Marjorie, Keller, TX Healy, Mrs Phyllis, Citrus Heights, CA Heaton, Mrs Donna, Russellville, AR Helle, Mrs Rose, Mitchell, SD Henaer, Mrs Mildred, Mount Carmel, IL Henderson, Mr Harold, Mineral Wells, TX Henry, Mr William, Shoemakersville, PA Hesslen, Mrs Violet, Van Buren, AR Hetland, Mr Randy, Gonvick, MN Hicks, Mr Clayton, Edmond, OK Higgins, Mrs Katherine, Murfreesboro, TN Hight, Mr Fred, Leakesville, MS Hill, Mr Charles, Winona, MN Hill, Mr Paul, Woodstock, IL Hill, Mr William, Statesville, NC Hilligoss, Mrs Jan, Buffalo, MN Hines, Mr Kenneth, Maryville, TN Hinshaw, Mr Earl, Mebane, NC Hintz, Mr Marvin, New London, WI Hirzel, Mr Donald, Livermore, CA Hisle, Mr Allen, Richmond, KY Hix, Mr Harold, Taylors, SC Hoback, Mr James, Chattanooga, TN Hockenberry, Mr Vernon, Tully, NY Hodges, Mr Russell, Bryn Mawr, PA Hoenich, Mr Steve, Wellborn, FL Holcomb, Mrs Wava, Haxtun, CO Hollenbaugh, Mrs Inez, Porterville, CA Hollifield, Mr Frank, Little Switzerland, NC Hollingsworth, Mr John, Hampstead, MD Holman, Mrs Sharron, Buford, GA Holmes, Mr Don, Fort Smith, AR Holmes, Mr James, Bronson, FL Holmes, Mr W, Columbia, KY Holmes, Mrs Cindy, Chatham, VA Holt, Mrs Halcyone F, Frankfort, KY

/// W i t h t h e L o r d

J u n e – J u l y 2 013

Honeycutt, Mr James, Charlotte, NC Hoover, Mr Richard, York, PA Horning, Mr Irvin, Ephrata, PA Hornsby, Mr David, Shawnee, OK Horton, Mr Elmer, Riverton, NJ House, Mrs Ruth, Howell, MI Houser, Mr William, Tucson, AZ Houston, Mr Joseph, Raleigh, MS Hove, Mr Lyle, Louisville, KY Howard, Mr Bernie, Huron, SD Howard, Mr Charles, Prescott, AZ Howard, Mr Jack, Irmo, SC Howe, Mr Max, Kingwood, TX Huddleston, Mr James, Westfield, NC Huddleston, Mr Lee, Riverside, CA Huffman, Mr Donald, Lincolnton, NC Huffman, Mrs Lawan, Grants Pass, OR Huffman, Mrs Louise, Hildebran, NC Hug, Mr Bernal, La Grande, OR Hughes, Mr Clarence, Elkton, VA Hull, Mrs Jo Ann, Knoxville, TN Humphrey, Mrs Ruth, Grand Marais, MN Inskeep, Mrs Jean, Cawker City, KS Irons, Mr Walter, Boardman, OH Jackson, Mr Ermal, Saint Paris, OH Jackson, Mr Guy, Macon, GA Jackson, Mr Roy, Antlers, OK Jacobson, Mr Merle, Deer Park, WI Jaeger, Mr Robert, Newcastle, WY Jagger, Mr William, Charlottesville, VA Janzen, Mrs Rose Mary, Cleveland, GA Jenkins, Mr Wallace, Robbinsville, NC Jensen, Mr Robert, Boone, IA Jeter, Mr Thomas, San Antonio, TX John, Mr Walter, Rocklin, CA Johnson, Mr Dana, Republic, KS Johnson, Mr George, Olympia, WA Johnson, Mr George, Rocky Face, GA Johnson, Mr Victor, Platteville, WI Johnson, Mrs Bertha, Canby, OR Johnson, Mrs Elizabeth, Garland, TX Johnson, Mrs Gertrude, Garland, TX Johnson, Mrs Gladys, Albany, GA Johnson, Mrs Rose Mary, Redding, CA Jones, Mr Edward, Chester, SC Jones, Mr James, Peoria, AZ Jones, Mr Jay, Bartlett, TN Jones, Mr Milton, Russellville, AL Jones, Mr Opa, Kingsport, TN Kaiser, Mr Edward, Chesterfield, VA Kaiser, Mr William, Valparaiso, IN Kampen, Mrs Billie, Oregon City, OR Kanold, Mr Hermann, Broken Arrow, OK Karlsgodt, Mr Eindride, Alexandria, MN Kauffman, Mrs Irene, High Point, NC Keck, Mr Glen, Knoxville, TN Keller, Mr Fred, Hickory, NC Kelley, Mr William, French Creek, WV Kellum, Mr James, Starkville, MS Kenner, Mr Charles, Houston, TX Kieser, Mr Albert, Lodi, CA King, Mr Elmer, Pekin, IL Kiningham, Mr David, Cowan, TN Kistner, Mr Dwight, Quincy, IL Klessig, Mr Edgar, Brillion, WI Klipp, Mr David, Boston, MA Laird, Mr Levi, Natchez, MS

i t h t h e L o r d /// W

Lake, Mr Leo, Barboursville, WV Lamar, Mr Hugh, Dallas, TX Lambert, Mrs Eileen, Longmont, CO Landis, Mrs Elizabeth, Boise, ID Lane, Mr L, Goodlettsville, TN Langston, Dr Robert, Harrison, AR Lanier, Mrs Kay, Baton Rouge, LA Laudig, Mr James, Beaumont, TX Lawley, Mr Mark, Frisco, TX Lawton, Mr James, Easley, SC Layfield, Mr Thomas, Fort White, FL Leafer, Mr John, Muskogee, OK Lee, Mr H, Grand Saline, TX Leigh, Mrs Sue, Texarkana, AR Leipold, Mr Richard, Ottawa, IL Lemay, Mr John, Russellville, AL Lemmerman, Mr Duane, Little Falls, MN Lenard, Mr Oliver, Farmerville, LA Leslie, Mr John, Magnolia, AR Lester, Mr Blymyer, Coppell, TX Lien, Mr Robert, Seattle, WA Lieve, Mr Eugene, Sun City Center, FL Lindstrom, Mr Roger, Baudette, MN Lockyer, Mrs Susan, Elkins Park, PA Loftis, Mr Gene, Cape Girardeau, MO Long, Mr David, Norphlet, AR Long, Mrs Mary Ann, Kokomo, IN Lord, Mrs LaVerne, Lake Saint Louis, MO Lovelace, Mrs Barbara, Valrico, FL Lovelidge, Mrs Shirley, Gering, NE Lowe, Mr Richard, Ninnekah, OK Lowe, Mrs Marie, Carlisle, KY Mackey, Mr Herbert, Rincon, GA Maggart, Mr Joel, Pleasant Shade, TN Maggiore, Mr Joseph, Picayune, MS Maghirang, Mr Anderson, Norwalk, CA Mahany, Mr Patrick, Savannah, GA Mailler, Mr Ray, Tampa, FL Malcuit, Mr Albert, Plant City, FL Marble, Mr Clayton, Terry, MS Marcum, Mr John, Quincy, MI Marrow, Dr Charles, Texarkana, TX Marshall, Mr Lynn, Marble Falls, TX Marshall, Mrs Lou Dell, Post Falls, ID Marshburn, Mr James, Wallace, NC Marsteller, Mr Thomas, Gasport, NY Martin, Mr Ernest, Indianapolis, IN Martin, Mr George, Lexington, MS Martin, Mr George, Salem, OR Martyniak, Mrs Cynthia, Lake Tapps, WA Mason, Mr Don, Cleveland, TN Mason, Mrs Gwen, Inverness, FL Masters, Mr Leland, Bristol, RI Matteson, Mrs Norma, Central Point, OR Maust, Mr Herbert, Goshen, IN Mayes, Mrs Corky, Edmond, OK Mays, Mr Robert, Holden, WV McAfee, Mrs Rhea, Portales, NM McCall, Mr Harry, Forest City, NC McCalley, Mr Melvin, Cedar Rapids, IA McClimans, Mrs Betty, West Middlesex, PA McClish, Mrs Yvonne, Newark, NJ McCollum, Mr Ted, Texas City, TX McCready, Mr William, Scio, OR McCutcheon, Mr David, Wichita, KS McDonald, Mr Richard, Mishawaka, IN McFee, Mr David, Greenwich, NY

THE gideon


WITH THE LORD ⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄ McGuire, Mrs Frances, Litchfield, MN McIver, Mr Earl, Savannah, GA McMillan, Mr O, Nacogdoches, TX McMillan, Mrs Maxine, Nacogdoches, TX McSpadden, Mrs Betty, Knoxville, TN McWilliams, Mr Donald, Quinter, KS Medlin, Mr Everett, Elloree, SC Melton, Mr Grover, Blooming Grove, TX Merchant, Mr Thomas, Helendale, CA Merchant, Mr Thomas, Highlands, NC Meyer, Mr Harold, Baileyville, IL Meyer, Mrs Peggy, Brick, NJ Meyerdirk, Mr Linn, Abilene, TX Miller, Mr Harold, Hemingway, SC Miller, Mr J, Hico, WV Miller, Mr Raymond, Hutchinson, KS Miller, Mrs Esta, Belpre, OH Miller, Mrs Marge, Twin Falls, ID Minor, Mr Oliver, De Soto, MO Mitcham, Dr Carroll, Holiday, FL Mitchell, Mr James, Temple Terrace, FL Mixon, Mr William, Caledonia, MS Mize, Mr Larry, Dry Prong, LA Monigold, Mrs Linda, Weirton, WV Moody, Mr Allen, Houlton, ME Moore, Mr Boyd, Fort Worth, TX Moore, Mr Damon, Virginia Beach, VA Moore, Mr Denver, Vanceburg, KY Moret, Mr Willard, Ripon, CA Nagel, Dr Paul, Eau Claire, WI Neff, Mr Joseph, Roseville, MI Neil, Mr James, Burbank, CA Nelson, Mr Kenneth, Cromwell, CT Nelson, Mr Ray, Gordon, NE Nelson, Mrs Ethel, North Oaks, MN Nelson, Mrs Helen, Columbia, MO Nethercott, Mr John, Lakeland, FL Newberry, Mr Thomas, Chattanooga, TN Newcomb, Mr Fred, Charlotte Court House, VA Nichols, Dr Jack, Redding, CA O’Bryan, Mr Gordon, Hot Springs National Park, AR Oberholzer, Mr Raymond, Chambersburg, PA Odom, Mrs Gloria, Farmerville, LA Oelrich, Mr Donald, West Union, IA Oettinger, Mr Albert, Concord, NC Oliver, Mr James, Winona, MS Olson, Mr David, Tacoma, WA Olson, Mr Robert, Sandstone, MN Pack, Mr Ronnie, Kalispell, MT Packer, Mr Rollin, Wood River, NE Palmer, Mr Darwin, Barnes City, IA Palmgren, Mr James, Boise, ID Palser, Mr Larry, Otis, CO Pankratz, Mr Leonard, Staples, MN Pape, Mr Warren, Wauwatosa, WI Parker, Mrs Lavada, Philadelphia, MS Parris, Mr Andrew, Bryson City, NC Parrish, Mr Frederick, Columbia, MO Parsons, Mrs Dorothy, Woodstock, GA Patnaik, Mr Zachariah, Redding, CA Patterson, Mr Hull, Moss Point, MS Pearsall, Mr John, Brookville, PA Pearson, Mr Bernal, Monticello, IN Pendleton, Mr George, Jackson, TN Penegar, Mr Hoyle, Monroe, NC Penix, Mr Sam, Little Rock, AR


Persechino, Mr Fred, Floral City, FL Peterson, Mr Howard, O Fallon, MO Peterson, Mrs Clarys, Vadnais Heights, MN Pettersson, Mr Lennart, Old Saybrook, CT Pettigrew, Mr Ray, Murfreesboro, TN Pfaff, Mr Herbert, Tobaccoville, NC Phillips, Mrs Maxine, Castle Hayne, NC Pierce, Mrs Tessa, Theodore, AL Pigott, Mr Leo, Hayward, CA Platt, Mr Ellsworth, Richmond, VA Poindexter, Mrs Bertha, East Bend, NC Pollock, Dr Charles, Auburn, WA Pontier, Mrs Helen, Fruitland Park, FL Porterfield, Mr Robert, Rincon, GA Pounders, Mr Charles, Riceville, TN Pratt, Mr Lloyd, Harlingen, TX Presnell, Mr Kenneth, Marion, NC Presson, Mr Kenneth, Aurora, MO Price, Mr Bruce, Dillon, SC Price, Mrs Charlotte, Jackson, GA Priest, Mrs Elizabeth, Berryville, AR Raeuber, Mrs Mildred, Delavan, IL Rainey, Mr Clyde, King City, MO Ramirez, Mr Marc, Stockton, CA Ray, Mr Arthur, Niagara Falls, NY Ray, Mr R, Fort Worth, TX Readett, Mr Paul, Fenton, MI Ready, Mr Eulas, Huntsville, TX Reagan, Mr James, Montgomery, TX Reams, Mr Charles, South Fulton, TN Redmon, Mr Ray, Louisville, KY Redmon, Mr Ray, Louisville, KY Reed, Mr Ernest, Fairfield, PA Reed, Mr Gareth, Fort Scott, KS Rex, Mrs Shirley, Flint, MI Reynolds, Mr James, Front Royal, VA Rheudasil, Mr Billy, Paris, TX Rhyne, Mr Jack, Tulsa, OK Richmond, Mrs Hazel, Joppa, MD Rickard, Mrs Betty, Centennial, WY Rider, Mr Donald, Ferndale, CA Ridgeway, Mr David, Hibbing, MN Rigenhagen, Mr Arthur, Maple Lake, MN Rike, Mr E, Paulding, OH Riley, Mr Gene, Mena, AR Ringstaff, Mr Stanley, Milford, OH Risher, Ltc Jay, Defuniak Springs, FL Robenalt, Mr Marion, Van Wert, OH Roberts, Mr William, Milton, FL Robinson, Mrs Joyce, Bainbridge, GA Sampson, Mr Glenn, Ontario, CA Sanders, Mr Bobby, Roebuck, SC Sanders, Mr Darrel, Bellevue, WA Sanders, Mr Floyd, Bartlett, TN Sandness, Mr Orrin, Eastford, CT Sanford, Mr Michael, Stryker, OH Sauder, Mrs Kathryn, Scottsdale, AZ Schaffner, Mr Robert, Elizabethtown, KY Scherb, Mrs Mabel, Albert Lea, MN Schmidt, Mr Robert, Ocala, FL Schmudde, Mr Raymond, Atlanta, GA Schmutzer, Mr John, Sevierville, TN Schober, Mr Rudolph, Basking Ridge, NJ Schoenwald, Mrs Ruby, Two Harbors, MN Schone, Mr William, Raleigh, NC Scott, Mr Albert, Roswell, NM

/// W i t h t h e L o r d

J u n e – J u l y 2 013

Scott, Mr Jesse, Toxey, AL Scott, Mr Norvel, Jacksonville, NC Scott, Mrs Agnes, Killdeer, ND Scott, Mrs Leta Mae, Rogers, AR Scott, Mrs Nancy, Toxey, AL Seibert, Mr William, Danville, VA Self, Mr Robert, Burlington, NC Shanander, Mr Ronald, Acme, WA Sharp, Mr John, Smyrna, TN Sharp, Mr Ronald, Carrollton, KY Shelor, Mr Roger, Athens, OH Shepherd, Mr William, Florence, KY Sherman, Mr Robert, Glenwood Springs, CO Sherrell, Mr John, Jackson, GA Shetler, Mr Lyle, Pigeon, MI Shoemaker, Mr James, Shelbyville, MI Shoemaker, Mr Layton, Dillsburg, PA Shore, Mr Dave, Bay City, MI Shulze, Dr Frederick, Upland, IN Sibbett, Mr Milton, Nakina, NC Siebrands, Mr Matthew, Sioux Falls, SD Simerson, Mr David, Wisconsin Dells, WI Simmons, Mr Gilbert, Parkersburg, WV Simmons, Mrs Dolores, Carmichael, CA Sims, Mrs Norma, Birmingham, AL Skarin, Mr G, Wheaton, IL Skelton, Mr Jerry, Alamo, TN Skinner, Mr Sherwood, Knoxville, TN Slaughter, Mrs Valerie, Bothell, WA Slusher, Mr Jim, Van Buren, AR Smith, Dr Chester, Parsippany, NJ Smith, Mr Albert, Saxonburg, PA Smith, Mr Hollis, Ava, MO Smith, Mr Jack, Rockvale, TN Smith, Mr Ken, Palestine, TX Snider, Mr Keith, North Augusta, SC Snyder, Mr Harry, Paynesville, MN Snyder, Mrs Laura, Spring Green, WI Southerlin, Mr Sloan, Abingdon, VA Sparks, Mr Donald, Itasca, TX Sparling, Mr Leroy, Ormond Beach, FL Spray, Mr William, Fayetteville, TN Sprock, Mrs Vicki, Hays, KS Spyres, Mrs Mildred, Canton, IL Stapleton, Mr Roger, Kingsport, TN Stark, Mr Frederick, Meriden, CT Steinmueller, Mrs Lois, Harlingen, TX Stibbe, Mrs Mae, Lenoir City, TN Stinnett, Mr Marvin, Old Fort, TN Stockebrand, Mr David, Yates Center, KS Stocking, Mr George, Louisville, KY Stoltzfus, Mr Dean, Auburn, IN Taylor, Mr Perry, Sheridan, AR Taylor, Mr Robert, Moss Point, MS Taylor, Mrs Frances, Walstonburg, NC Terrell, Mr Walter, Spring, TX Terry, Mr Darrell, Cassville, MO Thackrey, Mr John, Connersville, IN Thiele, Mrs Irma, North Tonawanda, NY Thomas, Mr Cecil, Many, LA Thomas, Mrs Catherine, East Dublin, GA Thompson, Mr Alvin, Los Angeles, CA Thompson, Mr Gary, Florien, LA Thompson, Mr Isaac, Karlstad, MN Thompson, Mr Wesley, Oakboro, NC Thompson, Mr Willis, Grand Rapids, MI Thompson, Mrs Janet, LA Mesa, CA

W i t h t h e L o r d ///

Thompson, Mrs Mary, Indianapolis, IN Thornton, Mr Milton, Decatur, MS Thurman, Mr John, Eureka Springs, AR Tidwell, Mrs Enid, Del Rio, TX Timbs, Mrs Verna Lou, Brighton, TN Tipsword, Mr Danny, Cabool, MO Underwood, Mr E, Brunswick, GA Uren, Mr Bob, Soddy Daisy, TN Van Gorkom, Mrs Barbara, Ashland, WI Van Natter, Mr David, Gaston, IN Van Schaick, Mrs Ruth, Schenectady, NY Vanhook, Mr Philip, Bloomington, IN Vanhorn, Mr Max, Kinsley, KS Wagner, Mr J, Glen Allen, VA Waid, Mr Frank, Cresco, IA Waites, Mrs Kathryn, Hattiesburg, MS Walker, Dr Joe, Water Valley, MS Wall, Mr Damon, Meridian, MS Wallace, Mr Donald, Virginia Beach, VA Wallace, Mr James, Davidson, NC Wallace, Mrs Gloria, Hattiesburg, MS Waller, Mr Mahlon, Bemidji, MN Walter, Mr Harold, Tippecanoe, IN Walters, Mr James, Louisville, KY Warman, Mrs Beverly, Cincinnati, OH Warwick, Mrs Martha, Wilmington, NC Waugh, Mr Robert, Canton, GA Waymack, Mr William, North Little Rock, AR Wayne, Mrs Dottie, Fairfield, CA Weatherly, Mr Haldon, Lincoln, CA Weaver, Mr John, Berlin, OH Weaver, Mr Larry, Corsicana, TX Webb, Mr Harvey, Victor, NY Webster, Mrs Donna, Vernon, AL Weeks, Mr Raymond, Marietta, GA Weitz, Mrs Margaret, Hillsboro, OH Wells, Mr Paul, Fredericktown, OH Westrup, Mr Arturo, Cleburne, TX White, Mr Harold, Lansing, MI White, Mrs Pauline, Bloomfield, KY Whitehill, Mr George, Philadelphia, PA Whitlock, Mr Clarence, Bakersfield, CA Whitmore, Mrs Viola, Siloam Springs, AR Whittington, Mr Harrison, Marion, MD Wilbanks, Mr John, Gainesville, GA Wiley, Mrs Judy, Garnett, KS Wilfred, Mr A, Bristol, TN Will, Mr Maurice, Port Richey, FL Willett, Mrs Coletta, New Palestine, IN Williams, Dr Gail, Presho, SD Williams, Mr Benjamin, Nacogdoches, TX Williams, Mr John, Cleveland, NC Wilson, Mr Harold, Galesburg, IL Wilson, Mr Tony, Magnolia, AR Wilson, Mrs Ernestine, West Plains, MO Wimmel, Mr Robert, Springfield, MO Windham, Mr Homer, Odessa, TX Windham, Mr John, Delhi, LA Winger, Mrs Fran, Topeka, KS Yeager, Mr George, La Place, LA Yoder, Mr Ferdinand, Alliance, OH Young, Mrs Carol, Paris, AR Zestrow, Mr Clark, Helena, MT Zambia Chisanga, Mr Kashimoto, Kabwe Chisanga, Mrs Dorothy, Kabwe, Central

THE gideon


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