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February –March 2013


All believers have a story to share

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July 23-28, 2013—Orlando, Florida: Be encouraged and equipped to do your best work ever!


in colombia

The International Scripture Blitz in Colombia resulted in over 1 million lives touched with the Word of God.


Fe b r u a r y –  M a r c h 2 013

February–March 2013 Volume 113, Number 4

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Craig Warner

Int’l Scripture Blitzes:

Indonesia (Medan) March 2-9, 2013 Team Leader: Kevin Fuller Malaysia (Penang) March 2-9, 2013 Team Leader: Kim Powell

National Association Conventions:

Philippines (Manila) February 8-10, 2013 Int’l Cabinet Representative: Mark Rodgers Int’l Auxiliary Cabinet Representative: René Lucas

USA State Association Conventions:

Illinois (Peoria) March 1-3, 2013 Int’l Cabinet Representative: Mike Steiner Int’l Auxiliary Cabinet Representative: Mary Ann Franklin Mississippi (Jackson) March 1-3, 2013 Int’l Cabinet Representative: Trevor Johns Int’l Auxiliary Cabinet Representative: Kay Grindall South Carolina (Columbia) March 1-3, 2013 Int’l Cabinet Representative: David Martin Int’l Auxiliary Cabinet Representative: Judy Fischer Alabama/NW Florida (Florence) March 8-10, 2013 Int’l Cabinet Representative: Rick Mosley Int’l Auxiliary Cabinet Representative: Luanne Triplett


Delmardic (Dover, DE) March 15-17, 2013 Int’l Cabinet Representative: Craig Warner Int’l Auxiliary Cabinet Representative: Mary Kiethley Georgia (Albany) March 15-17, 2013 Int’l Cabinet Representative: David Martin Int’l Auxiliary Cabinet Representative: Dottie Shepperson Nebraska (Lincoln) March 15-17, 2013 Int’l Cabinet Representative: Marc Plew Int’l Auxiliary Cabinet Representative: Cindy Davis


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IOC National Conferences:

Spain (Madrid) March 1-3, 2013 IOC Representative: Tim Sharrock Bolivia (Tarija) March 29-31, 2013 IOC Representative: Tim Sharrock

USA Scripture Blitzes:

El Paso, TX March 3-6, 2013 Blitz Leader: Mike Abbott

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Fe b r u a r y   –  M a r c h 2 013


New York City Metropolitan Scripture Blitz




Men & Women Who Witness Reaching Others for Christ – Sixth in a Series on our Spiritual Objectives

22 The Gideons in



Prayer broke the Iron Curtain, and surely it can also break iron hearts, as Gideon and Auxiliary all over the world join in prayer for the national association of Germany.







a global glance

changed lives

T orchBearers

Our actions and efforts on a personal level set us apart as believers and members.

The Gideons International is being used mightily to impact lives around the world.

“Wow! One girl saved on the spot, and in a few minutes she is out being a missionary. Praise the Lord!”

Dwight & Claudette Hershey have shared through this Association for more than 45 years.


32 The Value

of Church Presentations

Consider the impact of just one church presentation.

34 God’s Word Was



the value of membership

it ' s o k

Invaluable truths are learned by serving with other members, and lasting, loving relationships are developed to the glory of God.

Although there will be obstacles cluttering our paths, we must always trust God’s grace and provision to see us through each day.

Within Reach

Feature Testimony of Chaz Zellner


Sharing God’s Amazing Love



The Colombia International Scripture Blitz

48 Seven Reasons

Why You Can Trust the Bible

Fourth in a series excerpted from Dr. Erwin Lutzer

50 Building

Relationships through Spiritual Leadership


Spiritual leaders influence people, allow the Holy Spirit to lead, and promote God’s agenda.


THE gideon


Fe b r u a r y –  M a r c h 2 013

 A message from the

Publisher Imagine the Impact One year ago, we introduced a new format for The Gideon, and we appreciate the many positive comments and encouragement received since then. We are even more thankful to God for the impact that the magazine has on membership engagement and the additional inspiration it provides. The wife of a Texas Gideon was waiting in the car for her children and going through the day’s mail when she came upon her husband’s copy of The Gideon. She read it cover to cover and was convicted that she should be a member too. On returning home, she called Peggy McQuaid, Texas Auxiliary Membership Coordinator, and asked when the next prayer meeting would take place. It happened to be the next day. She completed her membership application and is now an active Auxiliary member. On December 8, Andrew Knight, International Outreach Committee Member from the British Isles, was traveling to attend a committee at International Headquarters. He relates the following experience: “As I waited in the departure lounge at Amsterdam Airport I decided to read my December/January copy of The Gideon. I had not been reading long when I was alerted by a man seated opposite me—I don’t know exactly what he said, but he nodded toward the magazine and I realized it had the picture of a man witnessing on the front cover. He said that he appreciated the Gideon Bibles and asked if I was a Gideon. At that point another man called out, “Are you a Gideon, then?” He said how he too appreciated the Gideons. There was a murmur of approval from several others in earshot.” These two men and several other people heard Andrew share a touching testimony to the power of God’s Word. The first man happened to be qualified for Gideon membership, though we don’t yet know the outcome. The second man was a pastor. I hope you will understand the significance of how the simple things we do in our daily lives impact the world for Christ. Have you got your personal witnessing tool kit? Are you using your daily prayer journal? Just simple things, yet they have eternal impact as we aim to win others to Christ.

Craig Warner Executive Director

NATIONAL Publishing Company Subsidiary of Courier Corporation

Printing God’s Word and helping facilitate its distribution around the world.

Partnering with The Gideons International for over 70 years.


A global glance

A global glance of the government, but was reestablished in December 2008. Currently, there are 33 camps and approximately 400 Gideons.

Success in Belgium

At the close of the university school distribution in Leuven, a young lady accepted a New Testament. She told the Gideon who handed it to her that she had been by their distribution area three times that day and had always refused one. But this time, something spoke in her heart that she should take it and read it. As it turned out, she was the last person to receive a copy that day. Never give up. The Catholic University of Leuven is a Dutch-speaking university located in Flanders, Belgium. The Gideon ministry was organized in Belgium in 1965 in the city of Liege. As of May 31, 2012, over 1.1 million Scriptures have been distributed.

Presentation in Cameroon

The Gideons International was established in the Republic of Cameroon in 1976. To date, over 8 million Scriptures have been placed by over 800 members. The East Cameroon region covers about 42,000 square miles with a population above one million spread across many towns and villages. The Gideons International is currently active in the six largest cities of this region, and have distributed and

placed more than one million Scriptures. This past October (2012), a presentation was made to the Governor, Samuel Ivaha, by Field Representative Henry Yoniwo. Governor Ivaha was very receptive to the work of The Gideons International in East Cameroon, and encourages members to continue the efforts to win souls for Christ.

Sri Lanka International Scripture Blitz

Doors Continue Opening in Europe West

Recently, a Gideon spent time in Western Europe while on vacation. During his stay at a hotel in Italy, he spoke with the director of the hotel regarding the work of The Gideons International. The director immediately requested that all 14 hotels of his chain be supplied with Bibles for all rooms. Gideons in Italy have since taken on this task, and will continue this placement in the future. Opportunities like this are truly given by God as many European countries are under economic


and financial stress. As unemployment rises, employers are demanding more time and energy from employees, leaving less time for members to serve. Yet, as God opens doors He continues to provide the workers needed to share the Gospel.

In September 2012, a team of Gideons traveled to Colombia, Sri Lanka, to conduct an International Scripture Blitz. With a population of 21 million, Sri Lanka is a southern Asian island off the southeastern coast of India. Buddhism is the official religion of Sri Lanka with nearly 70% identifying themselves as Buddhists. Fewer than 1% are Protestant Christians.

///A G l o b a l G l a n c e

“The inroads for sharing the Gospel in Sri Lanka are challenging,” says the team leader for this blitz, Kim Powell. “But it’s possible, since the Word of God is powerful and the work of the Holy Spirit cannot be stopped by any man.” According to Powell, there have been recent efforts to pass an “anti-conversion” law in Sri Lanka. Despite these opposing forces, the blitz team quickly bonded with the local Gideons. By the end of the week, over 37,000 Scriptures were distributed. “It was a great joy for me to lead this blitz and to have the privilege of repeatedly seeing God’s hand at work throughout the week,” says Powell.

More than 1.1 million Scriptures have been placed in Sri Lanka through The Gideons International since the first Gideon camp in Sri Lanka opened in 1961.

In June 2011, a celebration was held for the Evangelical Church hosting over 1,000 churches and 25,000 believers. Many business and professional men were encouraged by hearing about the work of The Gideons International through this meeting. As a result, churches in Vietnam continue to support the efforts of The Gideons International in their country. The Gideons in Vietnam are equipped with 250,000 Vietnamese New Testaments to be distributed over the coming year. Pray for the faithfulness of members to see this mission through and continued growth for His Kingdom in this country.

Visit to Madeira Island, Portugal

The Gideons in that area recently received an email from one of the Pestana hotels requesting 150 additional New Testaments to include in their facility. This past fall, that request was fulfilled above what was expected. The hotel not only wanted the 150 copies, but requested an additional 500 to be placed in the eight hotels of the Pestana Group throughout Madeira Island. During one of these placements, the Gideons were able to meet the general manager for hotel supplies. He was very friendly and requested Bibles to be placed in all 74 of his hotels from Portugal to Miami – and the chain is still growing. Américo keeps in touch with him on a regular basis to facililtate these placements. In just ten minutes of talking, God orchestrated the opportunity for so many more to receive His Word!

National Field Coordinator Américo Reynaldo had been praying for over a year for the opening of the Pestana Hotels & Resorts’ new facility in Portugal.

Vietnam Welcomes Growth

Vietnam closed its doors to The Gideons International in 1975 as a result of communist overthrow

A G l o b a l G l a n c e ///

THE gideon


Fe b r u a r y  – M a r c h 2 013

Thirty-six years ago the New York Gideons began sponsoring an annual Scripture blitz in the five boroughs of New York City. Since that time, an estimated 5 million copies of God’s Word have been placed, and untold hundreds, perhaps thousands, have come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ as a result. Members of The Gideons International who participated in the blitz last September were blessed to hear the testimony of one such individual, David Bray, who now serves in prison chaplaincy.

An estimated

5 million copies of God’s Word have been placed, and untold hundreds, perhaps thousands, have come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ


I grew up in a part of the Bronx known as little Italy. My grandfather was in one of the crime families that specialized in bookmaking and loansharking. I recall seeing men come to the house carrying bags of cash, and I was fascinated with the whole scene. Having grown up in that environment, I fell into a life of crime. Soon I was involved in the crime syndicate, which included drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc.; you name it, I did it. In 1991, I was ordered to kill a man. Somebody turned me in to the police, but I escaped when they came to arrest me and spent the next several days on the run. The family wanted me to turn myself in to avoid any further embarrassment, which I finally did.

The next day some Gideons held Christian services at the prison. I don’t know who the speaker was, but I will never forget his message. He said, “I am here to tell you that God forgives even murderers – because I was one, and He forgave me.” As tears came to my eyes, I knew He had answered my question from the night before. God came very close to me that day. When I returned to my cell, I began reading that Bible in earnest. It wasn’t long before I gave my life to Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. I began carrying my Bible with me in the prison yard and talking about how God had made me free. This made some of my fellow inmates angry, but God protected me, and I was able to lead one of them to Christ after he asked about the change in my life. The Bible says that one man plants and another waters, but God gives the increase. The question is, “What if no one plants?” What is there for the next man to water? Some unknown Gideon “planted” a Bible that ended up on top of a locker. Another Gideon spoke in the chapel service and “watered” that seed. Then, God indeed gave the increase.

While I was in prison at Rykers Island, I was told that I was going to spend at least 25 years in prison and then die and go to hell. I felt that I could do the prison term, but this thing about dying and going to hell was a problem. Sitting in my cell, I noticed a Bible on top of a locker, and it had that little emblem on it. When I looked inside, I found an index that indicated where I could find verses to help in certain situations. My situation had become very serious, so I turned to some of those pages and began to read. As I sat on my bed that night, I asked God if He could forgive murderers – and if so, could He forgive me?


/// C h a n g e d L i v e s

N e w Yo r k C i t y B l i t z ///

THE gideon


Fe b r u a r y  – M a r c h 2 013

In this city of 8 million people, opportunities to share and introduce others to Jesus are enormous. The next New York City Blitz will be held October 5–11, 2013.

Rykers Island, where David Bray was incarcerated, is the world’s largest penal colony with an estimated 22,000 inmates. Several members visited the multifacility prison on September 22 and 23, 2012, to place Scriptures and hold chapel services. There were 57 inmates reported to have received Christ as their Savior during those visits. One team encountered a young woman named Jenny who had been convicted of a drug-related offense. This was her first experience with prison, and she was frightened and remorseful – especially that she had caused her parents such pain. The team shared God’s Word with Jenny, pointed her toward the helpful verses in the front, had a quick prayer, and then the guard announced that their time was up. The team left with faith in the truth of God’s promise that His Word would not return void. Inmates at Rykers Island certainly are not the only hurting people in New York City. Placements in hospitals and nursing homes found hundreds of people in pain, both physically and emotionally. Located on Roosevelt Island, the Coler-Goldwater Specialty Hospital and Nursing Facility is one of the largest sub-acute care centers in the world. Here many patients are admitted for long term care, some for an entire lifetime. Along with the physical suffering there is a pervasive spiritual hunger evident

on hundreds of faces. Very rarely was there a refusal to accept a copy of God’s Word. Members were also welcomed at the Congregational Nursing Home in Brooklyn, a modern, well-kept facility with about 200 residents. Both the nursing staff and the residents welcomed the team and the Scriptures with thanksgiving. Among the great blessings of making distributions in hospitals and nursing homes is the ability to pray with residents and staff, who many times are searching for spiritual comfort. There are more than 150 college campuses in New York City. Students are always in a hurry, and the expressions on their faces seem to say, “I’m searching for something, but I don’t know what.” Many acknowledge your presence and some accept the gift of a New Testament. Sometimes they will even stop for a brief conversation and allow you to show them the help section and the plan of salvation. Many others have the cold stare of self-sufficiency that causes you to ponder how they will ever know the truth that sets them free. Such was the atmosphere at New York University, which surrounds Washington Square in the heart of Manhattan. Teams of Gideons stood on public sidewalks around Washington


/// N e w Yo r k C i t y B l i t z

N e w Yo r k C i t y B l i t z ///

Square Park, distributing New Testaments to students, faculty and unidentified passersby. NYU has a large Jewish population, and the day of the event was Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement. Interestingly, that led a few Jewish students to accept a New Testament. One of the members encountered a young lady named Amber who identified herself as a Catholic missionary on assignment to assist students in their spiritual walk. Amber indicated that, to her, the few blocks comprising NYU is the most atheistic geography in the United States. She said, “If you can reach these six blocks, you can reach the world.” Yet more than 800 copies of God’s Word were distributed there that day. It was a great confirmation of God’s grace to later walk through Washington Square Park and see people sitting on park benches reading the New Testament. During the five days in New York City, a total of 320,029 copies of God’s Word were placed and distributed in the city’s five boroughs. In this city of 8 million people, opportunities to share and introduce others to Jesus are enormous. The next New York City Blitz will be held October 5–11, 2013.

THE gideon


CHANGED LIVES New Convert becomes Immediate Missionary As I shared the Gospel with a young waitress named Debbie, she confessed neither she nor any of her family ever went to church or prayed to God about anything. When I explained to her what she needed to do in order to go to heaven, Debbie sat down beside me in the booth, put her arm around my shoulder, and we prayed. She thanked Him for saving her soul. I then showed her the helps in the front of the New Testament and told her to read the Scripture references concerning any problem she might have and get the answer from God. Then she got up and went back to her work. About five minutes later, another waitress came to me and asked if I was the man who had given Debbie the New Testament. When I told her I was, she got down on her knees and said, “Please, sir, would you give me a New Testament, too? Debbie showed me the helps in the front of the book. I have tried to read the Bible and it never made sense to me. So please, sir, will you give me one of those?” I went out to my car and got another Personal Workers Testament, and when I stepped back into the restaurant, she came running to me and said, “Thank you so much!” Wow! One girl saved on the spot, and in a few minutes she is out being a missionary. Praise the Lord! John Lindvall Illinois

He Promised to Burn the Bible

School Distribution Leads to Full-Time Ministry

In September of 2008, I went to a special college distribution. That morning changed my life forever. A young student named Rob came up to me very upset and angry that we were giving away New Testaments. He yelled at me and asked questions that were argumentative. I tried to answer some of his questions, but he was not interested in my answers – or so I thought. I told him that if he would read this New Testament it would change his life. He took it – and promised me he would burn it! Then he left.

My father worked with experimental aircraft during World War II, and his job as an inspector allowed him to be involved with early jet fighters and the development of the first B29. His work kept him traveling around the country, and most of the time he had to stay in hotels. Being away from home so much, he would often spend his evening hours drinking with his friends.

The next year I came back to that college for another distribution, and while I was there, I saw a young man standing near me, staring at me. I approached him to give him a New Testament, and he stopped me and asked, “Are you Vinny? I said,” Yes.” He then stated, “My name is Rob. Do you remember me?” I was in shock…he did not look angry anymore. He began to say that he was sorry for giving me a hard time last year and asked if I would forgive him. Of course I did, and then I asked if he had read that New Testament. He said he had, and that he had accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior. God’s Word is still working miracles in people’s lives! Amen! Vincent Deseno New Jersey

Editorial Note: John E. Lindvall was a dedicated Gideon who served the Lord through the Gideons International for nearly 38 years. He passed into the presence of the Lord on March 8, 2012, just five months after he wrote the letter relating this personal witnessing opportunity.


When the war came to an end he found that work was scarce and his alcoholism had become fierce. Consequently, he wasn’t keeping steady jobs and our family was floundering. Food would come from the dumpsters behind grocery stores on weekends when perishables would be discarded. The outdated food was often still good, and with a little scrubbing it served its purpose to nourish the family. However, my father still managed to drink. One day when I was in the fifth grade, a man came to my school. He introduced himself as a Gideon. What happened that day changed my life and the lives of my family and many others to follow. I don’t remember much of what the Gideon said, but he did present each student with a New Testament. He said the gift he was giving us that day was more than simply a little book, it was God’s Word. It was important – something to be treasured. As he handed out New Testaments, he said simply, “This is the Word of God, read it every day; and if you aren’t going to church, find one and go every Sunday.” I began reading and attending a small church that preached the Gospel. The pastor was bi-vocational, and the church members were dedicated people. It was in that humble church that I learned all the important

/// C h a n g e d L i v e s

h a n g e d L i v e s /// C

truths in the Bible and the stories of faith and victory, from Adam and Eve to the miracles of Jesus. My parents were not impressed with the little clapboard church I was attending, and they told me they would rather go to the more dignified brick church not far away. Yet, they never did. My father said that Sunday was the only day he had to sleep late, and it was difficult to get up, fix breakfast, and go to church. The next Sunday, I fixed breakfast and took it to my parents’ bedroom with a “tray for two.” Now they had no excuses, except dad was still drunk from the night before. Having no reason to stay home, my dad “drove” to church, missing the parking place and ending up on the lawn – but we were there. During that church service, the Holy Spirit spoke to my parents, and they both went forward to accept Christ. Dad might have still been under the influence of alcohol, but when he finished with God at that humble altar, he was a new creature in Christ . . . and so was my mother. Later, by God’s call, we became involved with the Salvation Army. As captains, my parents were ordained and led hundreds to Christ. Dad’s special interest was the alcoholics. My own calling was also to the Salvation Army, and I, too, had the opportunity to work with men and women who were suffering with addictions. The real rehabilitation, of course, is the kind that makes “New Creatures.” After forty-four years of service, I am still serving the Lord as He leads. And it is all because of one New Testament in the hands of a dedicated Gideon. Lieutenant Colonel Dick Norris Commander, Retired

THE gideon


“The Gideons International is a proven ministry… That’s why we’re TorchBearers.”

“It’s a trust factor. We’ve seen what happens over the years.”

“They are bathing our offerings in prayer at The Gideons International. We’re proud to say we’re a part of it…without hesitation.” Dwight and Claudette Hershey: serving this association for more than 45 years. Dwight’s father was a pastor. In fact he was Claudette’s pastor, too. He introduced the couple, saying: “you two need to meet.” After they married, they both had friends who invited them to attend a Gideon banquet. They signed up that night, back in 1966.

Dwight & Claudette Hershey

“We wanted our legacy in The Gideons International to continue.”

Dwight has served twelve years on the Ohio cabinet— and in almost all camp offices. He has also been a part of Scripture blitzes to France and Ireland. Claudette has served two terms as camp Auxiliary president, along with many other Auxiliary positions. Claudette shared that she likes to talk to new Auxiliary members that wonder, “What am I getting into?” She tells each one that there is a place in The Gideons International that God has designed just for her—if she will open herself to the Lord’s leading. The couple attended their first international convention in 1968, and since then, they have only missed one convention (Montreal in 1971). They are thrilled by the fellowship of these conventions and the atmosphere offered their children and grandchildren. They have three daughters and nine grandchildren. Their oldest daughter and her husband are now a director couple for children at the conventions.

How the Hersheys decided to be TorchBearers Dwight emphasized that, “We wanted our legacy in The Gideons International to continue. We had read TorchBearer articles in THE GIDEON magazine, and we already had a personal relationship with someone in the development department at International Headquarters. They are good stewards of the gifts that come in.” Claudette added, “We feel good about the way the association handles money. It’s a unique thing that over our many years of involvement that The Gideons International is just as stable as ever.”

What would you say to another member who might be considering becoming a TorchBearer? Dwight: ”I don’t know of any other ministry, even a church, that devotes so much of the donations received to sharing God’s Word with the lost. A man in our church, who had never married, left a sizable part of his estate to the Gideon ministry. Like me, he saw it as a good investment.”

/// To r c h B e a r e r s

Ask about becoming a TorchBearer to reach more lives for Christ. Gideon TorchBearers are a special group of forwardthinking people who use what God has provided for them to help carry out His will—even after they are gone. Call, email, or send in the postage-paid TorchBearer card insert to find out more about becoming a TorchBearer. If you have already named The Gideons International as a beneficiary of your estate, “Thank You,” and please let us know. We would like to recognize you as a TorchBearer. Call us, email us, or simply check the appropriate box on the postage-paid TorchBearer card in this magazine, and return it to us (along with your name and address).

>> Learn more about planned charitable gifts that also benefit you and your loved ones. Scan this QR code now or visit: to view a short video on becoming a TorchBearer.


Claudette: “It’s a trust factor. We’ve seen what happens over the years. They are so professional at The Gideons International; they don’t talk about the size of gifts. They are simply bathing these offerings in prayer.”

r c h B e a r e r s /// To

>> Visit and click on Estate & Planned Giving —under the red GIVE heading on the top right.

THE gideon


Fe b r u a r y  – M a r c h 2 013


WHO WITNESS Reaching Others for Christ Sixth in a Series on Our Spiritual Objectives by andrew knight

“Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” – Matthew 4:19 From the inception of The Gideons International, the truth of Matthew 4:19 has been at the very heart of our Association, namely, to be fishers of the souls of men, that is to win others to a saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.1

The Early Gideon Soul Winners During the first several years of our Association, Gideons seriously accepted their responsibility as Christians to bear personal witness for the Lord Jesus Christ... “The primary objective of our Association was for its members to win others for Christ by being involved on a daily basis in conversational evangelism.”2 This begs the question: What is meant by ‘conversational’ evangelism? It might be helpful to define some of these phrases.

1. Personal Witness: the phrase quoted above is succinct; i.e., to win others for Christ on a daily basis through conversational evangelism.

2. Evangelize: to present Jesus Christ, in the power

of the Holy Spirit, so that men shall come to put their trust in God through Him, to accept Him as their Savior, and serve Him as their King, in the fellowship of His Church.3


/// M e n a n d Wo m e n W h o W i t n e s s

M e n a n d Wo m e n W h o W i t n e s s ///

3. Conversational Evangelism: engaging others

in order to present Jesus Christ in a way that causes them to consider their eternal destiny and acceptance of Jesus as their personal Savior.

For Gideons and Auxiliary, personal witnessing is usually in the form of giving someone a Personal Workers Testament. However, conversational evangelism goes beyond the simple giving of a gift. It was demonstrated by both the Lord Jesus Christ and the apostles, and then commanded by Jesus just prior to His heavenly ascension – “…you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” (Acts 1:8) These words apply to all Christians. We are all called to be witnesses. Our lives and our lips should point others to Christ. We bear a great responsibility to actually do it. We have signed our names to applications to be members of an association whose one objective is to ‘win the lost for Christ,’ and a primary way to do that is to engage others in conversational evangelism. We have a responsibility to the Lord Himself to tell others the Good News of His saving grace. Dr. E. J. Lockwood, welcoming delegates to the Gideon Convention in 1902, stated: “Your convention is a surprise

THE gideon


Fe b r u a r y  – M a r c h 2 013

to me. Your fervor, your zeal, the absence of all cant’s… you manifest are a delight to me; and the great joy of it is to see this coming from the laity, men occupied in the business world…I see in this movement the secret of world evangelization. When the great body of our laity becomes awakened and enters upon the work for Christ with the enthusiastic earnestness that you manifest, it will not be long until the glad message shall sound all over the earth.” 4 It was said of our early members that they were ‘soul winners.’ Word spread among pastors and churches that Gideons were ‘soul winners’ and this soon resulted in pastors calling on Gideons, as laymen, to hold evangelistic meetings in their churches. Camps would work with pastors and churches in this regard and many precious souls came to Christ as a result of these services. Some of the early Gideon soul winners stated, “It is one of the most glorious and happy things of my life to talk of Jesus”; “Now, brothers, wherever we are…let us stand up for Jesus. Tell of His love no matter where we are”; “Just get the love of Jesus in your heart and go to work. Jesus will do the rest.”5 National President A. B. T. Moore warned, “While the results of our Bible distribution can only be told in the years to come...we must not allow it to take the place of our personal work among men to bring them to Jesus. Our Bible distribution is not the object of our organization, as some seem to think, but it is only one of the means used to accomplish our real purpose!”

Where Are We Today? We may have forgotten President Moore’s admonishment. Perhaps we have allowed the astounding way that God has blessed our Scripture Distribution Program to take the place of our personal calling to be ‘fishers of men.’ The public perception of The Gideons International is that we are a very effective Bible distribution agency, and ‘Men and Women Who Witness – Reaching Others for Christ’ oftentimes takes second place at best. How truly blessed we are today! We don’t have to just tell them what God’s Word says – we can show them and give them a Personal Workers Testament, with the added ‘Help Notes’ at the front and the ‘Plan of


Salvation’ at the back. The New Testament gives us the best opportunity to clearly present the Gospel, for the person to repent, accept the Lord Jesus as Savior, say a prayer of commitment, record their decision, read verses of assurance, and be challenged to find a church that will help them grow in their new found faith. Have we become ‘men and women who distribute Personal Workers Testaments’? Has the Personal Workers Testament itself actually become the object of our witnessing? It would be sad to think that personal soul winning would be displaced in favor of the simple act of giving someone a book when the Book actually brings the precepts of conversational evangelism to life. Moreover, it is often a person’s first encounter with the sacrificial grace of Jesus Christ. This is the embodiment of Men and Women Who Witness, and the incredible joy and blessing of joining with the Holy Spirit in His work of bringing others to Christ. We should be challenged by those words of Rev. Lockwood quoted earlier – “I see in this movement, the secret of world evangelization.” What did Dr. Lockwood see in The Gideons of 1902? He saw “spiritual fervor and zeal, evangelistic earnestness, action that warmed the heart and moistened the eyes of every one.” The worldwide membership of The Gideons International at the time was slightly over 2,000, and it was six years before any Scriptures were placed anywhere by Gideons. What he did not see, of course, was a combined membership of almost 300,000 in 194 countries, distributing Scriptures at the rate of 85 million copies a year – and rising! Only by the providence of the living God could this have occurred.

Conversational Evangelism in Scripture. The Lord Jesus, when He met the woman at the well, gave a wonderful demonstration of conversational evangelism. Seated at the well, Jesus opened a conversation with a Samaritan woman by asking for a drink. Jesus then steered the conversation to spiritual matters, which in turn highlighted her sinful nature, and then to her being told who this stranger really was. Finally she put her faith in Jesus as the Messiah. Then that Samaritan woman went to

/// M e n a n d Wo m e n W h o W i t n e s s

tell the townsfolk what Jesus had done for her. She simply, and it seems very effectively, witnessed of her new-found faith: “Come, see a man who told me all the things I ever did. Could this be the Christ?” In Acts 16, Paul went “to the riverside where prayer was customarily made, and we sat down, and spoke to the women who met there.” There, Paul met Lydia and engaged her, along with others, in conversation. We can surmise that people asked questions and Paul responded in much the same way Jesus did with the woman at the well. Paul found that Lydia worshipped, but she did not know the Lord. As Paul shared the Gospel, we are told that: “The Lord opened her heart to heed the things spoken by Paul.” (Acts 16:14) Notice that it was not Paul himself who performed the glorious work of salvation; rather, the Lord opened her heart! This is so encouraging for those of us who are rather fearful in witnessing. The Lord will open their hearts if we will just step out in faith, start the conversation, and let the Holy Spirit lead us. Note, too, that the new Christian (Lydia) immediately made sure that others heard the Gospel, and we read that Lydia’s whole household was baptized.

Help for the fearful: We need to practice ‘conversational evangelism’ as it applies to ‘personal testimony and personal work by individual Gideons.’ 6 In addition to the Personal Workers Testament, we have some great resources available on conversational evangelism: • Share Jesus Without Fear by William Fay, which guides soul winners in a systematic approach to steering a conversation into spiritual matters. • Secret to an Open Door by David Morel, which provides insight into the work of the Holy Spirit in the witnessing process.

Let us pray that we might be used of the Lord to lead someone to Christ today. Let us rekindle the passion of our predecessors and truly be men and women who witness – reaching others for Christ. 1

M. A. Henderson, Sowers of the Word, The Gideons International p. 19


Ibid, p. 23

Towards the Conversion of England, 1945, Church of England Commission on Evangelism 3


Twenty-two Years History of The Gideons 1899-1921, The Gideons International, p. 60


Henderson, Sowers of the Word, p 24


Constitution of The Gideons International, Article 2

About the Author

Andrew Knight has been greatly used of God through his church, The Gideons International, and other mission related endeavors. He has served as President of The Gideons International in the British Isles, International Trustee for the British Isles, and currently serves as a member of the International Outreach Committee. He has a passion for sharing Christ with others as an integral part of his daily Christian walk. Andrew and his wife, Marion, reside in Clevedon, Bristol, UK.

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• The Personal Witnessing Tool Kit, which contains both of the above books plus 52 Personal Workers Testaments – one for each week of the year – 52 witnessing tracts, and a witnessing journal to note special items and people for prayer and follow up.

M e n a n d Wo m e n W h o W i t n e s s ///

THE gideon


The Gideons International has yet to be organized in parts of former East Germany although progress is being made. A camp was formed at Wittenberg, home of Martin Luther, in April 2012 and was assigned a large territory in which to plant the seed of the Gospel. We pray that this camp will grow and allow others to be formed as the Lord leads. The spiritual climate in western Germany is more conducive to acceptance of Scriptures. There is a general belief in God, although the belief is often shallow. In the general population, a serious abiding faith that emphasizes the urgency of getting God’s Word into people’s hands is rare.

Opportunities and Results For many years, Gideons had great freedom to distribute Scriptures in schools; however, as in many other parts of the world, school distributions are now only allowed in public areas in front of schools. Nevertheless, Gideons persevere in getting Scriptures to students.

The Gideons International

in Germany much of the population consists of foreign nationals, German Gideons distribute Scriptures in more than 20 other languages. The first Gideon camp in Germany was organized in Wuppertal in 1956 with seven members. Today, 199 Gideon camps are spread over six states. The headquarters has had its own building since 1997 and now has 14 staff members.

A Country Divided When most people think about Germany, their minds go to cultural nuances such as the castle of Neuschwanstein, the Black Forest with its cuckoo clocks, perhaps the medieval city of Rothenburg, the beautiful river Rhine, or even bratwurst and sauerkraut.

Germany is a country of nearly 82 million inhabitants in 16 federal states. This is Luther’s country, home of the Protestant Reformation. And it is the country of more than 3,000 Gideons and more than 1,200 Auxiliary who still place and distribute Luther’s Scripture translation. It is the most popular translation in Germany and officially recognized as a teaching aid in schools. However, because 22

Germany was divided between east and west as a result of World War II. Then in 1989, the fall of the Berlin Wall brought wonderful opportunities to spread the Gospel. In the following years, Gideons from West Germany distributed great quantities of Scriptures in formerly communist East Germany, where many people had a great hunger for God’s Word. However, politically ordered atheism left a stubborn mark on the spiritual landscape. People who were educated under communist regimes often express indifference toward God’s Word. However the Gideons and Auxiliary in Germany are committed to spreading the Gospel with faith in John 8:32: “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” /// T h e G i d e o n I n t e r n a t i o n a l i n G e r m a n y

Distributions at colleges continue to be a mainstay of the German Gideons. At a church meeting in Luebeck, Germany, I had three minutes to speak about the Gideon ministry. After the meeting, a young man waited for me near the exit and told me the following story. At the age of 15, he had asked his father, who had a Ph.D. in Philosophy, about the meaning of life. His father told him many things, but nothing that was satisfying to the boy. A few years later, the boy was at a university in Hamburg. During that time Gideons distributed College Testaments in front of the cafeteria, and he received one. He put it away at home, because he didn’t want to throw it away. One day he prayed, “Father in heaven, if you exist, show me the right way for my life.” One evening a friend said he had something to do at his church. When the young man wanted to know more about that church, his friend told him he would have to make a decision whether he wanted to be a slave of Satan or a child of God. After that discussion, the young man could not continue his studies because he spent three weeks reading his New Testament. What he found most remarkable was the parable of the prodigal son. Soon he prayed, “Father in heaven, I want to become your child.” He graduated from university and has since received the call to work full time for Jesus. Hartmut Michalzik Oldenburg, Germany

T h e G i d e o n I n t e r n a t i o n a l i n G e r m a n y///

Hospital placement is a growing part of The Gideons International in Germany. Requests from hospitals for Scriptures come into the national headquarters daily, and they are an important element of each blitz. Gideons and Auxiliary go into both urban and rural areas to distribute God’s Word in hospitals and nursing care centers each year in spring and autumn.

Growth & Milestones

The Gideons International in Germany has experienced several significant events over the years. In 1956, the Federal Republic of Germany became Gideon country number 24. In 1980, Germany became a self-supporting national association with a trustee on the international cabinet, a national cabinet, and an additional ten state trustees. The 1990 reunification of Germany resulted in reorganization of the states, and in 2002 a new leadership structure with six states, six state cabinets, program leaders, and state conventions was developed. God has blessed each milestone to His glory! To date, the Gideons and Auxiliary of Germany have distributed 21 million Scriptures. The German National Association has set an ambitious goal of 5% growth in Scripture distribution annually. Its membership goals include growth of 4% and at least two new camps per year. Germany has a great sense of international interest and commitment. Recent campaigns to raise donations for Poland and Mozambique have led to a substantial increase in Germany’s contributions to the International Outreach Ministry. It took more than 20 years from the establishment of the first camp until the formation of the first Auxiliary. A poignant message by late International President A. Scott Myers helped Gideon wives recognize what an important role awaited them. “If God wants to bless Germany through the Auxiliary, how could we refuse?” said Roswitha Klapproth, the then newly elected national Auxiliary president. God has richly blessed the Auxiliary with the goal to have an organized Auxiliary in every camp.

A Call to Prayer

History tells of times when God started His work in hopeless situations, resulting in a great revival. Revival is urgently needed in the formerly communist section of Germany. Prayer broke the Iron Curtain and it surely can also break iron hearts, as Gideons and Auxiliary all over the world join in prayer for the national association of Germany. THE gideon


Fe b r u a r y  – M a r c h 2 013

KeepingonYour Eyes the by Dr. Don Wilton In II Timothy chapter two, Paul lays out for us an extraordinary injunction. Not unlike so many of us today, Timothy was being launched into the world in which he lived. So, consider your own world. Whatever it is that you’re facing, God’s standards remain the same. God is not only unchanging in character, disposition, and attributes, but His instructions are timeless. They are inextricably bound into the very heartbeat of the person of Jesus Christ. This is the Lord Jesus, the same yesterday, and today and forever – the eternal God. I pray that God’s Holy Spirit will refine His Word in our hearts, and that you will sense the height of God’s glory, the depth of God’s grace, and the vast extent of God’s love. I pray you may understand that this same God who spoke through Paul to Timothy has you wrapped in His arms, and you are not alone as you serve Him. Paul says to Timothy in verse one, “You therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.” Paul invoked the preposition “in”, which literally means “by virtue of.” It means that the imputed righteousness of God in Christ Jesus has been given to us by God, who is rich in mercy and grace. Paul said to the church in Rome, “Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Romans 5:1) Think about it: wherever you are and whatever your circumstances, God loves you, and you are justified through Christ Jesus, who is the very means by which all people can be reconciled and have peace with God.


/// K e e p i n g Yo u r E y e s o n t h e G o a l

“And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier.” (II Timothy 2:2-4) Because we are believers, God has given us instructions on how to live this life. He tells us to stir up the gift, to stand up and be bold in our witness, and then to step out and become fused into the very life of Christ. Having done that, Paul tells us that now we are ready to engage our world in the strength of God’s grace – and here’s how to do it: fight like a solider. In the context of being a soldier, Paul gives three mandates. First, don’t ever quit. Keep on keeping on. God is going to be with you in the midst of your battlefield. There is at least one mom or dad reading this whose heart is broken today because of a son or a daughter. There is at least one precious person from somewhere in the world whose heart is still grieving because they’ve lost a loved one and they feel very alone today. Maybe you have been laid off from your job in the economic crunch that we are feeling across the world. Maybe you no longer own your own home. Yet here you are, serving the Lord, and you are faithful. God is equipping you, as He promised, and He will strengthen you by His power. Paul put it like this at the end of his life: “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” (II Timothy 4:7) The spiritual drop-out rate in today’s world is alarming. The number of people who walk in the front door of a church, make some shallow decision for Christ, and then walk out the back door is alarming. However, it is not time to sit down, and it is not time to stop. Don’t ever quit. Be strong in grace.

K e e p i n g Yo u r E y e s o n t h e G o a l ///



Be strong in grace. Keep focused. Don’t ever be distracted. Don’t take your eyes off Jesus.

Second, don’t take a detour. Be faithful; don’t get sidetracked. There is no person more miserable than a detouring Christian. Backslidden Christians may look good and sound good, they may even be engaged in the work, but in doing so they are running from God. So Paul is encouraging Timothy – and all of us – to be faithful. Third, don’t be distracted. Stay focused. Have you become caught up in all the distractions of life? When Paul was talking about this, he was invoking the very fundamentals of Christian discipleship. If you are a disciple of Christ, there can be no rivalry as far as God is concerned. God does not share His place in our lives with anything or anyone else in this world. “No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier.” Stay focused on Jesus. Especially in this day and time, it is so hard to keep focused. In the world today, Sunday has become just like any other day. The average person wakes up on Sunday faced with everything from wanting to sleep in, or going to the lake, or having a good round of golf, to watching their favorite team play ball. But Paul says, “Be strong in grace. Keep focused. Don’t ever be distracted. Don’t take your eyes off Jesus.” Friends, let us keep our eyes on the goal.

THE gideon


A Glimpse at the Program for the

2013 International Convention in Orlando, Florida by Mark McNett “God is going to do something special in Orlando,” said International Vice President, Dr. William E.G. Thomas. Our convention theme is taken from John 9:4: “Work … while it is day.” If you have attended a previous International Convention, you know how sweet the work can be! Just last year at our 2012 International Convention in Dallas, a faithful Auxiliary member said to Wanda: “Did you get one?” she asked as she handed her a Personal Worker’s Testament. This opportunity had arisen during Witness In Action, a special time set aside for personal witnessing. As Wanda reached for the Personal Workers Testament, the Auxiliary member explained that she was with The Gideons International and that this was a free gift to her. “It’s a New Testament,” the Auxiliary member said. She opened it to show Wanda the “Where to Find Help” section, explaining that we all face challenges. She showed her the Scripture verses and page number references. Then she explained the back section. “This holds the answer to the most important question you could ever be asked,” she said. As Wanda looked at her, she took that opportunity to ask her if she knew what that question might be. Wanda said she didn’t know. She asked Wanda, “If you were to face Heaven’s Gates today, when they ask why should they let you in, what would you say?” Wanda hesitated and said, “You’re not going to believe this but I’m waiting for the train to take me to my chemotherapy treatment.” It turned out that Wanda was originally diagnosed with cancer


/// 2 0 13 I n t e r n a t i o n a l C o n v e n t i o n

Fe b r u a r y – M a r c h 2 013

in 2004, and it went into remission. But now it had come back. The Auxiliary member was speechless. She knew that God spoke through her when she told Wanda, “God loves you so much and He wants you to have peace.” That was why He had sent her there.

I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work.” John 9:4 As you arrive at the convention to be in your place on Tuesday evening you will share fellowship and hear how God is working mightily across the whole world. On Wednesday morning, we will all be challenged by the keynote message on our urgent theme, and then we will hear how the Gideon ministry is still relevant today. You will hear how we can change our methods but not our message, and that the need is still the same today as when our ministry began – if not even more urgent. You will also hear about being a worker in a hostile world, and how your personal testimony comes with a cost as you are consistent and persistent in your walk with the Lord. You will hear how current headlines, and our desire to maintain integrity in ministry and in our personal lives, are at odds with our ability to be doers of the Word. Wednesday afternoon will be highlighted by two sessions critical to our association. The first will focus on how we can more effectively fund this vital ministry and the developmental objectives of continued funding (we promise it will be more exciting than the description), while the other will be a GideonCard presentation that will take us “back to the future.” Thursday begins our Gideon workshop sessions. After the Zone Breakfast and Bible Hour message, you’ll have the option of attending two of the following four workshops:

2) How we need to “work” in the face of opposition. When we encounter difficulties with local authorities, media, changes in codes and legislation, and churches that are waning in their support, how do we continue to “do the doing” of the ministry? 3) Working with media presentations. A “how to” for church presenters and other speakers. 4) Witnessing: how to get better at it. You’ll hear some great ideas, you’ll see some role playing, and you might even get some practice with some of your friends as we better learn how to “Go…and compel them to come in.” (Luke 14:23) Sessions on Friday morning will focus on reaching the next generation. If you’ve ever been at a loss for what to say or what to do as you try and relate to “younger people,” this session will guide you through youth and college distributions and highlight what is happening with the Life Book Movement. The final educational sessions will be held on Friday afternoon. You won’t want to miss updates about changes in our membership qualifications and how these changes positively impact our mission. You’ll also be interested in hearing about how we hope to better minister in metropolitan areas – how Gideons can be better equipped to win the lost for Christ in areas we under-serve. Then, the Pastors Banquet on Friday evening and the election of officers and trustees on Saturday morning. Ladies, plan to be blessed by the Auxiliary luncheon on Saturday. Don’t forget the importance of our business session. We are an association of Christian Business and Professional men and their wives, and we must do everything in a business-like manner to the glory of God. All of these sessions will help to focus us on this year’s theme: “Work … while it is day.” (John 9:4) About the Author: Mark McNett is a former President

of the Pacific Southwest state association. He now serves on the International Program Committee.

1) How to “work” more effectively with our partners, with particular reference to the Church Ministry Program.

2 0 13 I n t e r n a t i o n a l C o n v e n t i o n ///

THE gideon



Us RE et he GI e NO S T w w nc w. lose W E R ! gid d f eo or ns m .or or g vis it

Pastor’s Point Pa s t o r S ta n a n d C a r o l P o n z

About the Author: Dr. Stan Ponz is Senior Pastor of International Baptist Church in Honolulu, Hawaii.

It was late one night when I was working in my study that I received a call from my friend we called “Chief ”. In a bit of a desperate voice he told me he met a man named “Max” who was distressed. Chief wanted to bring him to me so I could tell him about Jesus. I said, “of course”. They arrived and quickly I discovered “Max” was running for his life! “Max” explained he was an “enforcer” in a gang, but because they turned his brother on to drugs, he wanted to get out. So he fled his state. According to him, he had good reasons to believe the gang was out to get him because he “knew too much.” At that point he pulled out a gun hidden in his waist-band and, while pointing it at my head, he declared he would kill me or anyone else who was involved in hurting his brother. After assuring him I had no interest in hurting his brother or what he did, I told “Max” how he could have real peace. On my desk was a Bible left by one of the Gideons in our church. Quickly I picked it up and showed “Max” Romans 5:1 that explains how to have peace with God through faith alone in Jesus Christ. After more conversation and showing “Max” many Scriptures, we prayed while he placed his faith in Christ and received full forgiveness for his sin.

The 2013 International Convention of The Gideons International is scheduled from July 23–28 in Orlando, Florida. We hope you will join us for a wonderful time of celebration, inspiration, education, and official business. Together we will praise God for what He has done through The Gideons International and prepare for another year of service. Planning is underway, and your prayers are greatly appreciated. We hope to see you there!

I then wrote out John 3:16 and my name on the inside front cover of the Gideon Bible and gave it to “Max”. He then said that since he now has the most unexplainable peace he had no need for his gun. So he put it on my desk and said, “You gave me a Bible and I now give you my gun!”

“Max” walked out of my office, but not out of my life. A few days later a lady called and said she knew “Max” and saw the peace he had that she never saw in his life before. So hoping to find the person who helped “Max”, she picked up his ‘new’ Gideon Bible and found my name in it, but no contact numbers. After calling everyone in the phonebook with my last name, she located me and begged me to tell her how to have the same peace “Max” had. My wife Carol and I met with her and she trusted Christ as her Savior too! My commitment to the correct and clear exposition of Scripture was imbedded deeply in my value system as a preacher / teacher early on, but it was this event with “Max” and his “Gideon Bible” that began my life-long connection with the ministry of the Gideons’ distribution of the Scriptures. Through the years I invited Gideon speakers to acquaint our church with their worldwide ministry, I spoke at more Gideon meetings, and I encouraged men and women to become involved in the Gideon ministry of Bible distribution. Our faith family has faithfully supported their ministry each year. The work of the Gideons has had a profound affect on the members of our church and many are now serving as Gideons. They have been used of the Lord to strengthen our global focus. And most of all, the Lord is glorified by the distribution of God’s Word and the many people who come to faith in Christ through their worldwide ministry!

www.i n te rn at i o n a l c hurc h. us

The vision born and burned passionately in the heart of Pastor Ponz and the faith-family is to share the hope of Jesus Christ with the people of our island communities through compassionate life-changing ministry resulting in a vibrant local fellowship reaching beyond Oahu to the ends of the earth.

P a s t o r 's P o i n t ///

THE gideon


Book team is available to help church youth pastors as they mobilize their teens.

THE GIVERS Christian teenagers are trained to be “gift givers” – offering The Life Book as a gift and watching God work. As a result, the shyest to the boldest students get to dip their toes in the waters of evangelism.

The Gift of The Gospel by Carl Blunt Since 2010, over 6 million Life Books have been handed out by more than 175,000 students In 2007, as a bold response to the growing trend of USA public schools closing their doors to Scripture distributions, The Gideons International created an organization to engage students by way of peer-to-peer, in-school distribution of the Gospel. The goal was to reach teenagers within guidelines that uphold the right for students to distribute religious literature in school. In April of 2009, students began testing The Life Book in rural, urban, and suburban schools across the USA. By early 2010, The Life Book Movement began allowing church youth ministries throughout the United States to request Life Books for distribution by registering online. By God’s grace, since then over 6 million Life Books have been distributed in all 50 states as more than 175,000 students mobilized to reach their classmates.

THE GIFT The Life Book contains a short recap of the Old Testament, the entire Gospel of John, scriptural answers to issues teens face, and an opportunity to trust Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The book can be viewed online at:


The Life Book is a gift given by student missionaries to their classmates in school. “Understanding the times” like the men of Issachar in 1 Chronicles, the challenge was to offer the Gospel in a book format that students would not just be willing to receive, but a book they would love to read and love to give as a gift to their classmates.

HOW DOES IT WORK? The Life Book Movement provides free Life Books for students in church youth ministries to offer as gifts to their classmates. Through a “short‐term mission trip to their local school” called a saturation (like a blitz), students hand out The Life Book one-on-one to their classmates through a non-disruptive, personalized approach. The Life Book Movement serves youth pastors throughout the process while allowing them the freedom to “own” their saturation. Youth pastors determine the timing, schools, and details of their saturation. It is their mission, their saturation; they own it. Video training on the basics of how to give The Life Book as a personalized gift to their classmates is provided to students online. The Life

/// T h e G i f t o f t h e G o s p e l

Remember handing out your first Scripture? The fear, the excitement – your heart was pounding, your palms were sweaty. You thought, “What if God would use me and His Word to usher a soul into the bloodbought grace of a risen Savior?” Thousands of Christian teenagers share that same joy as they’ve told story after story of their classmates coming to know Christ through The Life Book.

YOUTH PASTORS The Life Book Movement works solely with youth pastors who are ready and willing to mobilize their teenagers as missionaries to reach their classmates with the Gospel. Only church youth pastors are permitted to register for saturations. Unlike the generations before them, youth pastors today generally prefer electronic communication. Therefore, they register online without face-to-face meetings and church visitations. Most youth pastors would rather spend time with their students than in a meeting with someone representing the Life Book. Connections with youth pastors are made electronically to keep operations automated and highly efficient, requiring less than $1 to reach one student with the gift of The Life Book.

APPROVED DISTRIBUTION PROGRAM In July of 2012, the International Cabinet of The Gideons International approved The Life Book Movement as an official distribution program. Recognizing the growth and effectiveness of The Life Book Movement in such a short period of time, The Gideons International wants to see this movement thrive in reaching lost students with the gift of the Gospel. Funded through The Gideons International, this is the only approach in the United States currently mobilizing teenagers to reach their classmates with the gift of the Gospel on a massive scale.

T h e G i f t o f t h e G o s p e l ///

“We had independent reading in Mrs. Kershner’s room today, and I turned around and saw over half the room had The Life Book as their independent reading book. I almost cried…I love this!” – Jeff, Missouri public high school student

THE FUTURE With thousands of churches involved in the 2012-2013 school year, students are expected to share over 3.6 million copies of the Life Book. Demand continues to increase as new churches register daily for saturations. And, that demand is outpacing supply. With 175,000 students involved already, thousands more stand ready to change their world as they reach millions of their classmates with the gift of the Gospel.

GIDEONS AND AUXILIARY For members, The Life Book Movement is not like other Gideon programs. There is no Life Book Coordinator, no goals, no camp protocol. It is important to understand that The Life Book Movement is market driven, not member driven. Youth pastors get the information and decide if this is a key event for their ministry. Meanwhile, members should continue to improve church relations with senior pastors. As a Gideon, your role in the process is to plant the seed and let God create a desire within youth pastors to mobilize their students. Gideons can help by reading through the materials provided by The Life Book Movement. The RainMaker Guide Book includes stepby-step details of your role. Church speakers should share The Life Book Movement in their presentations using the verbiage found in the SPEAKUP materials online. Learn more about what to do by visiting www. About the Author: Carl Blunt is author of The Life

Book and Director of The Life Book Movement. Carl has been the leader of national and international ministries as well as local church ministries for more than 20 years. Carl and his family reside in Nashville, Tennessee.

THE gideon


Fe b r u a r y  – M a r c h 2 013

can always say there are some local pastors and churches that sent these with love.” He reminds us that a single hotel Bible can impact over 2,000 lives over its lifetime. That’s what The Gideons can do locally.

What’s In It for Me? The Value of Church Presentations “What can The Gideons do for me?” was the first question the pastor asked. Member Harry Harkey was calling a new pastor in North Carolina for an appointment and was slightly taken back by the question. However, Harry was prayed up and able to quickly respond, “The Gideons give your church the big opportunity to distribute God’s Word across the country and around the world.” Harry continued the conversation by informing the pastor exactly how we do that. We share the same mission of the Gideons International in our church presentations. And whether you are a church speaker or not, it’s a good story to know well. For starters, most pastors would agree, there are not many lost people wandering into our churches these days. The Gideons International, comprised of local church members, takes the message of salvation to the other side of the street and across the globe. Before we ever distributed Scripture, we shared the gospel. Former National President F.A. Garlick described this at the 1902 Convention in Cedar Rapids, Iowa: “The year had been filled with a most successful work of evangelism, not alone in the churches, but among the traveling men in hotels and on the highways. It was an interesting occasion when the Gideons met and with holy enthusiasm told of their year’s experience on the highways and in the byways of their territories. Gideons who had come a long distance enthusiastically recited their experience while traveling; how train crew and passengers had joined in the service and how here and there had been recorded the confessions of a new found Christ.”


Today, The Gideons partner with churches everywhere to reach the unreached anywhere. More souls are being saved, because more Scriptures are going out, because more money is being given. That’s what The Gideons can do. The best part is that we can truly say we are the most practical missionary arm of the church these days. This includes being able to say, “For an investment of about a dollar and a quarter, you can provide for the purchase and placement of a Scripture throughout the world. This includes all costs of getting a Scripture into the hands of someone who needs it.” It’s worth reading that again:

“For an investment of about a dollar and a quarter, you can provide for the purchase and placement of a Scripture throughout the world. This includes all costs of getting a Scripture into the hands of someone who needs it.” That is the exact messaging we want to send out about our funding. Not 100% of this, or 100% of that, as the Guidebook cautions. We want to send a clear message of where that dollar and a quarter goes.

That dollar and a quarter can go across the ocean. There it can buy a New Testament to go into the hands of someone in India where we placed more Scriptures than in the USA last year. By "purchased and placed" we mean that Scriptures were printed, shipped, cleared through customs, and went down the road to one of the many new camps that someone took the time to develop. That dollar and a quarter can go to Africa where countless doors stand wide open. We don’t always have open doors in the United States when it comes to our schools. However, in most of Africa the doors are “off the hinges,” so to speak. Our members live in those countries where they serve. We aren’t just visitors in countries like Nigeria, Sudan, or Zambia. This is the one thing Gideons do uniquely well – we don’t have to worry about getting kicked out of country – we live there. We speak the language, live the culture, and care about our neighbors coming to Christ. In so many of these countries, the real impact of our ministry is that each donation covers all costs of getting a Scripture into the hands of someone who needs it. It’s not a book in a box – it’s a copy of God’s Word in someone’s hand. And that is so vitally important! That’s what an investment of about a dollar and a quarter can do. In a recent survey commissioned by The Gideons International, several key items stood out. First,

Christians want to hear about The Gideons through their pastors. We can put billboards up across the country to educate people, but until a pastor welcomes us, the billboards won’t help much. The real ABCs are ‘Always Be in Churches.’ The second thing we learned is that pastors are most moved by the expansion of The Gideons International beyond hotel Bibles, for which we are best known. They want to know about prisons, the military, schools, colleges, and more. In fact, Christian men are also most influenced by the message of the continued growth of The Gideons International. Our growth can be shown in two simple numbers. The first is reflected in the fact that we are opening about 400 new camps a year worldwide. More camps are being opened so that more Scriptures can go out. However, the more exciting number is that within the next several years we will surpass two billion Scriptures purchased and placed by churches worldwide. That ensures that a little boy or girl whose name you don’t know, living on a street you will never walk, in a far flung corner of the globe, can read “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son…” That’s what The Gideons can do. Elton Goodwin puts it this way: “Our only goal is that men, women, boys and girls come to know Jesus before it’s too late. Churches help pay for our Scriptures, and we are good stewards to place them around the world. The need is now.” And that’s the big opportunity.

It may start in your own community, with that investment helping to share in the cost of Scriptures going to local schools and colleges, jails, medical facilities, or a hotel. According to Nacogdoches, Texas camp member Elton Goodwin, “With every Scripture we hand out we

/// W h a t 's I n I t F o r M e?

W h a t 's I n I t F o r M e?///

THE gideon


Fe b r u a r y  – M a r c h 2 013

God’s Word was Within Reach

When I was ten years old, my mother said to me, “Son, I only ask three things of you in life. First, don’t smoke; second, don’t do drugs; and third, I want grandchildren, so don’t take up one of those alternative lifestyles you see in the city.” She said nothing about being a Christian or living a godly life. My dad took us to church on Sundays, and since it was a Christian Scientist church, we learned good things like don’t smoke, don’t drink, and don’t do drugs – just like my mother wanted. However, I was really confused, because the things we learned were not lived out in our home. By the time I was in college, I’d had enough of religion.

Chaz Zellner Carbon Camp, Pennsylvania


I joined the Air Force to become a fighter pilot and developed the typical fighter pilot ego, which resulted in having no place for God in my life. My wife, Susan, and I began to live what I considered to be a very normal life – until she called me at work one day and gave me unexpected news. “Honey,” she said, “something better than marrying you has happened to me today.” She told me she had been in the apartment laundry complex and met a lady who witnessed to her. She told me, “I’ve become a born again Christian.” I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. When the Air Force gave me the opportunity to go to Europe, I said, “Yes, please send me; get me away from this crazy wife.”

/// G o d 's Wo r d Wa s W i t h i n R e a c h

When I got to Europe, a group of us wanted to get away from the Army guys, so we stayed at a bed and breakfast. After a night of partying with the guys, I got up at 6:00 the next morning and went down the hall to shower and shave. When I opened the bathroom door, I was surprised to see another officer in there reading an old, tattered Bible. I hid my surprise and said, conversationally, “Oh, my wife is into this Bible thing, too. What is it with the Bible, anyway?” The incident stayed with me, though, and I wondered about it. At the end of our first three-week exercise, we headed to Hanover, Germany, to do a little partying. As the night went on, we migrated to the end of town where various kinds of pornographic shows were available for the soldiers to indulge in. It was pathetic and I knew it was poison. Suddenly I didn’t feel right being there, so I made some excuse and went back to the hotel. By the time I got back to my room, I was depressed and down. I turned on the TV, but it was in German. I opened up the magazines, and they were also in German. Then I opened the nightstand, and there was a Gideon-placed Bible. I opened it up, and to my surprise, it was in German, French, and English. Having nothing else to do, I started reading, and it wasn’t long before I read in the fifth chapter of Matthew, verse 28: “But I say to you

G o d 's Wo r d W a s W i t h i n R e a c h ///

that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” When I read those words, the Lord convicted me, and I understood what it was saying to me. The Holy Spirit came over me, and I dropped down beside the bed and prayed for the Lord Jesus to come into my heart. I am now an airline pilot working out of New York City. I was out of town when I learned about the World Trade Center collapse and the attack on the Pentagon. Right then, I dropped down beside the hotel bed and prayed, but when I opened up the desk drawer, there was no Gideon-placed Bible. Shortly after that, I was invited to join The Gideons International, and I seized the opportunity, because I know in my heart how great the need is to put the Word within reach of unbelievers.

THE gideon


The Value of Membership Stephanie Becknal Auxiliary Field Representative

“This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends. You are My friends if you do whatever I command you.” (John 15:12-14) In light of these verses, consider the question, “What is the value of membership in The Gideons International?” Surely the answer is in sharing the love of Christ that produces changed lives!

Invaluable truths are learned by serving with other members, and lasting, loving relationships are developed to the glory of God. Everyone benefits from those relationships – most of all those who receive the Good News. Let us highlight the things of eternal life, things of worth, as we celebrate the value of our membership.

About the Author: Stephanie Becknal serves as Auxiliary Field Representative for The Gideons International. She has held many offices, including Auxiliary president for the Texas State Association where her husband, Mark, has also served as president. Stephanie and Mark reside in Nashville, Tennessee.

“And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” – I Corinthians 13:13

During an International Scripture Blitz in Colombia in the fall of 2012, Gideons gave a woman a copy of God’s Word. Then they led her in a prayer to receive Christ. She returned a few hours later, filled with joy. She then told the Gideons that she had originally intended to clean out her desk at work that day as her husband had left her days earlier, taking their children with him. She had felt she had no hope left at all and was contemplating returning home that evening and ending her life. And that’s when she met Jesus. Then, while she was at work, her husband called. He told her he loved her and that he and the children would return home that evening.

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MORNING Exod. 27,28 Exod. 29,30 Exod. 31 –33 Exod. 34 –36 Exod. 37,38 Exod. 39,40 Lev. 1 –3 Lev. 4 –6 Lev. 7 –9 Lev. 10 –12 Lev. 13 Lev. 14 Lev. 15 –17 Lev. 18,19 Lev. 20,21 Lev. 22,23 Lev. 24,25 Lev. 26,27 Num. 1,2 Num. 3,4 Num. 5,6 Num. 7 Num. 8 –10 Num. 11 –13 Num. 14,15 Num. 16,17 Num. 18 –20 Num. 21,22 Num. 23 –25

Divide chapters for Feb. 29 and read them Feb. 28 and Mar. 1 when February has only 28 days.

The vision of Thomas Nelson Bibles is to honor God and inspire all people by delivering exceptional Biblical content and tools that connect people with God’s Word.


EVENING Matt. 21:23 –46 Matt. 22:1 –22 Matt. 22:23 –46 Matt. 23:1 –22 Matt. 23:23 –39 Matt. 24:1 –22 Matt. 24:23 –51 Matt. 25:1 –30 Matt. 25:31 –46 Matt. 26:1 –19 Matt. 26:20 –54 Matt. 26:55 –75 Matt. 27:1 –31 Matt. 27:32 –66 Matt. 28:1 –20 Mark 1:1 –22 Mark 1:23 –45 Mark 2 Mark 3:1 –21 Mark 3:22 –35 Mark 4:1 –20 Mark 4:21 –41 Mark 5:1 –20 Mark 5:21 –43 Mark 6:1 –32 Mark 6:33 –56 Mark 7:1 –13 Mark 7:14 –37 Mark 8:1 –21


People around the world are hurting and hungry for the kind of love that brings value to life. Love inspires. Love mends and soothes. God is love, and His Word reveals the greatest statement of love that the world has ever known. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16) That verse embodies the value of our entire ministry.

The value of membership is ultimately…changed lives. Take time today to sow an expression of love that will result in a life eternally changed!

“Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” ROMANS 15:13


Membership in The Auxiliary of The Gideons International is the perfect forum to spread the ultimate expression of love, the sacrificial grace of Jesus Christ, freely given that “…they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10) That’s the value of membership. However, that value may be obscured unless Jesus Christ is fully apparent in our own lives. The real value is extending the love of Christ to lost and hurting people. Personal investment in the lives of others is where love abounds – and that is where we find the greatest value.

Where love is expressed, lives are changed; and when lives are changed, the world is transformed! Sharing a word of witness and a Personal Workers Testament every week with those who are hungry and searching for truth gives us a sense of value far beyond anything we can imagine. Consider the impact of a commitment in the heart of every member to share the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ at every opportunity. That commitment then spills over into membership renewal and growth as the need is ever increasing.

Bible Reading Calendar

/// T h e Va l u e o f M e m b e r s h i p

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MORNING Num. 26,27 Num. 28,29 Num. 30,31 Num. 32,33 Num. 34 –36 Deut. 1,2 Deut. 3,4 Deut. 5 –7 Deut. 8 –10 Deut. 11 –13 Deut. 14 –16 Deut. 17 –19 Deut. 20 –22 Deut. 23 –25 Deut. 26,27 Deut. 28 Deut. 29,30 Deut. 31,32 Deut. 33,34 Josh. 1 –3 Josh. 4 –6 Josh 7,8 Josh. 9,10 Josh. 11 –13 Josh 14,15 Josh. 16 –18 Josh. 19,20 Josh. 21,22 Josh. 23,24 Judg. 1,2 Judg. 3 –5


EVENING Mark 8:22 –38 Mark 9:1 –29 Mark 9:30 –50 Mark 10:1 –31 Mark 10:32 –52 Mark 11:1 –19 Mark 11:20 –33 Mark 12:1 –27 Mark 12:28 –44 Mark 13:1 –13 Mark 13:14 –37 Mark 14:1 –25 Mark 14:26 –50 Mark 14:51 –72 Mark 15:1 –26 Mark 15:27 –47 Mark 16 Luke 1:1 –23 Luke 1:24 –56 Luke 1:57 –80 Luke 2:1 –24 Luke 2:25 –52 Luke 3 Luke 4:1 –32 Luke 4:33 –44 Luke 5:1 –16 Luke 5:17 –39 Luke 6:1 –26 Luke 6:27 –49 Luke 7:1 –30 Luke 7:31 –50

Fe b r u a r y  – M a r c h 2 013

It’s OK by Mike Steiner, International Chaplain

It’s OK. The good news is that we are only one month into the new year, and it’s not too late to get caught up. I hope one of your resolutions was to read through the Bible this year. For a good many of you, this is habitual, and has been for several years. However, if you are like the great majority, it is a desire of the heart, but so hard to achieve. Take a look at King David’s message to his people, as found in I Chronicles 28:8-10. “Now therefore, in the sight of all Israel, the assembly of the LORD, and in the hearing of our God, be careful to seek out all the commandments of the LORD your God, that you may possess this good land, and leave it as an inheritance for your children after you forever. As for you, my son Solomon, know the God of your father, and serve Him with a loyal heart and with a willing mind; for the LORD searches all hearts and understands all the intent of the thoughts. If you seek Him, He will be found by you; but if you forsake Him, He will cast you off forever. Consider now, for the LORD has chosen you to build a house for the sanctuary; be strong, and do it.” (emphasis added).

Here we are in February already, and our New Year’s resolutions are being tested. Did I really want to lose weight? spend more time with my family, and read God’s word every day? We all had good intentions on January 1, but by this time you may be finding a degree of slippage in some of those goals you set.


What encouraging words for us! The Lord truly wants us to be faithful in reading His Word. He “searches our hearts”; and as we “seek Him” we will “find Him.” What a wonderful promise! So as David said to Solomon, “be strong and do it.” I recall when I first realized the need for the habit of a daily quiet time in my life. About 25 years ago, on the first Sunday of the new year, our pastor preached a message on reading the Word each day. He challenged the church to read through the Bible in a year. I had been a Gideon for some seven years, was fairly faithful in attending the prayer meetings and camp activities, and kept the Bible Reading Calendar in my Bible. Yet, until that time, I had not really taken it seriously. I wish

/// I t 's O k

I could tell you that the discipline of reading and praying on a daily basis became a habit with me then and there, but sadly it did not. Like many people, my New Year’s Resolution was broken the first time my schedule was interrupted. Then I was elected to a leadership position, and I realized the importance of setting the example. It really took root at that point. With glory to God, I now simply do not allow any interference with beginning each day with God. When you commit to such an important daily schedule, with sincerity and humility, God will provide a way to make it work for you—and He will protect that time on your schedule, sometimes in most unusual ways. Maintaining this discipline can be a challenge when you are away from home. My wife, Kathy, was with me on a trip where we stayed in five different hotels in seven days. As is my custom, after checking in, I find my “prayer closet” which I will use the next morning. I am an early riser and do not like to disturb my wife, so I try to find a spot outside the room. One particular room seemed ideal and likely would be unoccupied early the next morning. It was a small exercise room, consisting of one treadmill, one elliptical bike, and a small bench against the wall with a few weights underneath. It was a Tuesday morning. After a good night’s rest, I quietly slipped out of the room to go to my “prayer closet.” I unlocked the door, went in, sat down on the bench, took out my Bible and other devotional material, and had just started reading when the door opened and in came a lady to exercise. We exchanged greetings, and she got on the treadmill, ready to start it up. The featured verse in my devotional was Psalm 46:10, which says, “Be still and know that I am God.” In the background, I was disturbed by the clicking caused by her attempts to start the treadmill. After a few minutes, she got off and said to me, “I don’t know why it won’t work this morning, it worked just fine yesterday.” After she asked me if I had tried it and I said I hadn’t, she said goodbye and left the room.

I t 's O k ///

Suddenly, I again had the room all to myself and was able to complete my reading and prayer time. After finishing, I decided to give the treadmill a try. I got on, pressed two buttons, and it ran just like it should. I got so excited and praised God for His providing for my “prayer closet.” The challenge is that we must first and foremost develop the discipline of a daily quiet time with the Lord. Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:6 give us instructions on the purpose and place: “But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.” James 4:10 gives another important attribute: “Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up.” When you have that daily quiet time as a part of your schedule, and it is firmly grounded in your life, you will find that the Lord will speak to you in ways in which you have never experienced. In the 4th chapter of Luke is the account of the devil tempting Jesus. They have quite a conversation, but Jesus finds the strength to resist the temptations. Finally, He says in verse 8: “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.’” I can promise you there will be lots of obstacles cluttering your path as you try to be faithful in developing the habit of a daily quiet time. You just have to ask for God’s grace and provision each day; He will supply it. We have a couple of tools in our ministry to help us with accountability. The first one is our Daily Bible Reading Calendar, which is designed to take you through the entire Bible in a year. Another resource is our new Quiet Time Journal (Item 417-12). This takes Bible reading to a new level, giving you not only the passages for each day, but encouraging you to write a short note as to how the Lord speaks to you.

THE gideon


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GOD'S AMAZING LOVE: Colombia International Scripture Blitz The

*Rates will vary for 2-life annuities. Rates are subject to change.

S h a r i n g G o d 's A m a z i n g L o v e ///

Stories of salvation touch our hearts and set kindling on the Great Commission fire we carry in our souls. However, we are rarely invited to see behind the scenes of our obedience to share the Gospel. We often use phrases like “I planted a seed” to console our hearts about an attempt to share Jesus that did not end in immediate and dramatic salvation. The truth is, it is not our spiritual right to always see the harvest resulting from the seeds we plant. We are called to serve humbly and obediently, trusting the fields will be reaped in perfect, divine timing. Such were the attitudes of 23 Gideons who travelled to Colombia and joined with local Gideons and Auxiliary in the Lord’s service. The team came from Germany, South Africa, the Republic of China, the British Isles, and the USA to serve for two weeks on the Colombia International Scripture Blitz. Their goal was the distribution of 900,000 New Testaments.

THE gideon


The Gideon estimated sixty percent of the soldiers voiced the salvation prayer out loud that day.

The mission began in the heart of Bogota, the capital of Colombia. Bogota sits on a plateau in the high reaches of the Andes Mountains. It is a city filled with the hustle and bustle of the working class, the sounds of motorbikes, the smell of pollution, and the enduring presence of the Colombian military. The blitz began at Universidad Javeriana, one of the oldest, most traditional and well known universities in Latin America. After their faithful early morning habit of prayer and petition, Gideons gathered on the campus, before students and faculty arrived, in order to distribute New Testaments to them as they entered the university. A team member recalled a specific experience that day: “There was a lady named Vivian on her way into work. She grew curious when she saw a group of us passing out books and walked over to ask what we were doing on the campus. Julio, a local Gideon serving with us, explained he and his friends were passing out the Word of God. Vivian immediately asked Julio to pray for her as she was experiencing some family problems. Julio prayed over the woman and asked her if she would like to know more about Jesus, who could change her life and save her a place in Heaven. Vivian listened attentively as Julio turned to the back of a New Testament to explain the plan of salvation and shared with her the hope Jesus could bring to her life. Because of the obedience of Gideons to share the Gospel and our Lord’s amazing love, Vivian accepted Jesus into her heart that moment.”


Little did Julio or the other Gideons at the university know, but Vivian’s salvation that morning was just the beginning of her story. Vivian came back later that day to share with Julio that she had come into work that morning to clean out her desk. She had resigned from her position at the university a few days previous to their meeting. Her husband had left her and taken her children with him. She had reached a point of such despair and hopelessness, Vivian admitted with a heavy heart her intention to return home that morning and end her own life. But as she had accepted Christ earlier, Vivian recounted how much had changed in her life in just the past few hours. Vivian reached her office that morning to find her supervisor waiting for her. The supervisor pleaded with her to remain at her job just through the day and to reconsider her decision to leave the university. So, she stayed through the day. That afternoon, Vivian’s husband called her at work to say he and the children were coming home because she was the woman he loved. Vivian’s story provided the blitz team with an unquenchable fire to continue their mission in Colombia. Bogota was the stage for many more opportunities to share the gospel. The team visited various schools, colleges, and a military base in the city, distributing a total of 644,734 New Testaments, one at a time. One blitz team member recalls an experience at an artillery school on a Bogota military base as being a confirming

/// S h a r i n g G o d 's A m a z i n e L o v e

moment of his faith. He retold the enormous opportunity with misty eyes: “I stood in front of a formation of about 150 soldiers and shared with them the plan of salvation. I told them we had come to arm them with the best weapon they could ever own. The soldiers held up their New Testaments and many began to repeat the words of my translator as I shared with them how to accept Jesus as Savior.” The Gideon estimated sixty percent of the soldiers voiced the salvation prayer out loud that day. The following week, the blitz team traveled to the cities of Cartagena and Barranquilla. Cartagena is a picture of contrasts, as one neighborhood may be a lush oasis of greenery and blue oceans filled with modern buildings and schools, while an adjoining neighborhood appears to have all the characteristics one would easily label as “third-world,” with its dirt roads lined with abandoned cars, rubble, and displaced people. The team had set out early one morning to distribute New Testaments at a few pre-determined schools. A few of these schools would not allow them to make distributions. But as Paul encouraged the church of Thessalonica, the team encouraged one another to press on and try one of the schools they had seen on the outskirts of town. The Gideons left the paved roads and traveled dirt paths in hopes of finding schools that would allow them inside.

S h a r i n g G o d 's A m a z i n g L o v e ///

THE gideon


By the end of the two weeks, the 23 men, along with the local Gideons and Auxiliary, had distributed

1,185,780 New Testaments to the Colombian people, an end result far exceeding their original goal.

Answers to their prayers began to materialize at the schools on the outskirts of the town, which had little resources compared to the larger private schools in the city. These schools had open windows due to lack of air conditioning. The students wore simple, inexpensive uniforms, as opposed to their well-dressed counterparts in the city. With obedient hearts, the Gideons unloaded a few boxes of New Testaments and were distributing to students and staff within twenty minutes. It was apparent there was a greater need than physical conditions or outward appearances as the people reached out in eagerness for the New Testaments the Gideons were rapidly distributing. As the Gideons mingled with the children and ministered to the staff, a young girl came running to a teacher, explaining in tears how she had lost 100 pesos in the schoolyard. Amazed by how much 100 pesos could mean to one child, a Gideon standing by reached into his pocket and returned to the girl much more than she had lost. The child stood holding the gift, bewildered, as if it could not possibly belong to her. The instructors at the school in Cartagena were thrilled to have the New Testaments given to them and to their students. They directed the men to another school up the road where they would distribute more New Testaments to more students with hungry hearts. In similar fashion, the teachers at the second school also assisted the Gideons by directing them even further up the road to distribute Scriptures at yet another school. By the end of the two weeks, the 23 men, along with the local Gideons and Auxiliary, had distributed 1,185,780 New Testaments to the Colombian people, an end result far exceeding their original goal. “The people we were reaching out to were very receptive to what we were offering. For the most part, we were welcomed with open arms and did not encounter hostile resistance,” said a team member, attributing their success to the many people who may not have been able to join them on their journey to Colombia physically, but who teamed up with them in prayer on a daily basis. Please remain in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Colombia as they grow and share with their friends and neighbors the Good News of Jesus Christ, for “the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.” (Romans 11:29)


THE gideon


Fe b r u a r y  – M a r c h 2 013

As part of its governance role,

The Modern English Version

the International Cabinet routinely reviews the versions of Scripture being distributed by The Gideons International. Since 1969 Gideons have distributed a modern English version (MEV) in addition to the King James Version (KJV). The New King James Version, copyrighted by Thomas Nelson Publishers, has been the MEV used by the Association since 1986. In reviewing the appropriate versions available, the cabinet has now approved the English Standard Version (ESV) as the modern English version. Instead of ESV, it will be referred to in Gideon circles as the MEV. The KJV has been a mainstay of the Gideon Scripture placement and distribution program. Among today’s variety of English versions of Scripture, the KJV is still regarded by many pastors and scholars to be the most authoritative. The Gideons International continues to recognize the KJV as a vital translation, which will continue to be placed and distributed by Gideons in the English language.


many times. As stated in the Guidebook, “The Gideons International will distribute only those versions of the Scriptures, for any and all languages, which were translated by protestant scholars who held (or hold) to the doctrine of verbal, plenary inspiration of the Scriptures. In other words, we only use only versions of the Scriptures which were translated by those who believe that the very words of the Bible were inspired by the Holy Spirit and that they were inspired in their entirety”. An adequate understanding of our policy on Scripture versions requires defining “verbal, plenary inspiration.” For something to be verbal implies that it has to be spoken; therefore, the translation scholars would have subscribed to the notion that God spoke to those who wrote the Bible and thus we can know it is inspired (II Timothy 3:16).

In reaching the decision to use the ESV, the International Cabinet prayerfully assessed many modern English versions in relation to worldwide acceptance and growth potential. The English Standard Version was carefully evaluated as to its conformity to the Association’s policy on Scripture versions. It was determined that the ESV meets all policy requirements, and offers unique advantages as well as the endorsement by many respected Bible scholars. For these reasons, the ESV will replace the NKJV as inventory is depleted at suppliers. It is anticipated that this transition will be completed by mid-year.

God’s communication to the Biblical writers is also plenary. That is, it is complete in the original languages. Nothing has been added and nothing has been taken away, in terms of that which God wishes to be communicated to us. Scripture is very clear on this matter. “You shall not add to the word that I command you, nor take from it, that you may keep the commandments of the Lord your God that I command you.” – Deuteronomy 4:2 (ESV) “I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book, and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.” – Revelation 22:18-19 (ESV) It is recognized, however, that various translators may render the same words and phrases differently in the target language.

The Gideons International holds a high view of Scripture, believing the Bible to be the inspired, infallible, inerrant Word of God. The policy on Scripture versions has been in place since 1963 and has since been re-affirmed

We pray God’s blessing on this transition as we continue to reach others for Christ. As shipments of the new MEV begin later this year, it may be used in Gideon meetings, conferences and conventions.

T h e M o d e r n E n g l i s h Ve r s i o n ///

THE gideon


Seven Reasons WHY YOU Can Trust the Bible:

Part IV Chapter Three: A Prophetic Reason Bible Prophecies Prove Its Truthfulness If you can predict the future even once, people whom you have never met will stand in awe of your power and influence. As a prophet, your allies are ambiguity, riddles, and contingencies (“if this happens…then that will happen”); such ambiguous statements will enable you to reinterpret a prediction. Your reputation is important, but being clear about what you have said is not. This famous soothsayer would sometimes put himself in a trance by sitting on a brass tripod with his spine erect; the tripod’s legs were at the same angles as the pyramids of Egypt. Then, staring into a bowl of steaming water, he recorded predictions in nearly one thousand quatrains (four lines of verse) that he divided into ten sections. What intrigues scholars is that he tossed in baffling word games, puns, number codes, and other mysterious anagrams.

What can we say about his predictions? If we agree, as I believe we must, that unaided human reason cannot see into the future, we must ask: From where did Nostradamus get his information? According to the Bible there would be only two sources: God or the devil. That Nostradamus did not get his information from God seems clear. We must further agree that human predictions may come true, albeit more often by happenstance. God warns that an accurate, isolated prediction does not in itself prove the validity of the prophet’s doctrine. If there arises among you a prophet or a dreamer of dreams, and he gives you a sign or a wonder, and the sign or the wonder comes to pass, of which he spoke to you, saying, ‘Let us go after other gods’--which you have not known-’and let us serve them,’ you shall not listen to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams…that prophet or that dreamer of dreams shall be put to death, because he


God predicted details regarding Christ’s first coming so that the identification of the Messiah would be obvious to those who wanted to know the truth. There are dozens of prophecies that identified Jesus as the coming Messiah. Here is a sampling:

Following is the fourth in a series of articles from Seven Reasons Why You Can Trust the Bible, by Erwin W. Lutzer.

The Prophecies of Nostradamus

Messianic Prophecies

has spoken in order to turn you away from the LORD your God.” (Deuteronomy 13:1-3, 5 NKJV) A false prophet might get it right sometimes, but only God gets it right every time. If Nostradamus could see how movie stars and political celebrities are willing to make his prophecies “fit,” he would, I think, marvel at the lengths to which some misguided souls are willing to go to find hidden meanings and allusions in his writings. Thankfully, there is a book with prophecies that are so specific, so unambiguous, and so accurate that we must conclude that the writers were inspired by God.

Biblical Prophecy Biblical prophecy is not written in riddles and obtuse references. It names places, events, and even people in detail. We might ponder the when, the how, and the why, but we are not left with a half dozen confusing interpretations. Bible prophecy is written in plain language. If God is God, we can expect His prophets to write about the future with the same assurance as historians write about the past. For God, the future is the past. “Remember the former things of old, for I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like Me, declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things that are not yet done, Saying, ‘My counsel shall stand, and I will do all My pleasure…’” (Isaiah 46:910) Fulfilled prophecy is one more reason to believe that the Bible is of divine origin.

/// S e v e n R e a s o n s W h y Yo u C a n Tr u s t t h e B i b l e

His birthplace. “But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of you shall come forth to Me the One to be ruler in Israel…” (Micah 5:2, NKJV) The New Testament Fulfillment. When the wise men came from the east to find the Messiah the scribes In Jerusalem knew, on the basis of this prediction that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem. Thus seven hundred years before Christ was born his birthplace was foretold. His attitude toward His accusers. “He was oppressed and He was afflicted, yet He opened not His mouth; He was led as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before its shearers is silent…” (Isaiah 53:7 NKJV) The New Testament Fulfillment. “Then Pilate said to Him, ‘Do You not hear how many things they testify against You?’ But He answered him not one word, so that the governor marveled greatly.” (Matthew 27:13-14) His burial in a rich man’s tomb. “And they made His grave with the wicked--but with the rich at His death, Because He had done no violence, nor was any deceit in His mouth.” (Isaiah 53:9 NKJV) The New Testament Fulfillment. “Now when evening had come, there came a rich man from Arimathea, named Joseph, who himself had also become a disciple of Jesus. This man went to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus. Then Pilate commanded the body to be given to him. When Joseph had taken the body, he wrapped it in a clean linen cloth, and laid it in his new tomb which he had hewn out of the rock; and he rolled a large stone against the door of the tomb, and departed.” (Matthew 27:57-60 NKJV) That He would rise from the dead. “For You will not leave my soul in Sheol, nor will You allow Your Holy One to see corruption.” (Psalm 16:10 NKJV) The New Testament Fulfillment. In the New Testament Peter quoted this passage, and then showed why it has to apply to Christ and not David: “Men and brethren, let me speak freely to you of the patriarch David, that

S e v e n R e a s o n s W h y Yo u C a n Tr u s t t h e B i b l e ///

he is both dead and buried, and his tomb is with us to this day. Therefore, being a prophet, and knowing that God had sworn with an oath to him that of the fruit of his body, according to the flesh, He would raise up the Christ to sit on his throne, he, foreseeing this, spoke concerning the resurrection of the Christ, that His soul was not left in Hades, nor did His flesh see corruption.” (Acts 2:29-31 NKJV) Because these and many other predictions have been fulfilled literally, we can be confident that other prophecies regarding Christ will also come to pass. The difference between these prophecies and those of Nostradamus and others are quite evident; there are no riddles, no vague allusions that could be interpreted in a number of different ways. The prophecies are straightforward, specific, and for those who have an open mind, convincing.

You Decide “There is only one real inevitability: it is necessary that the Scripture be fulfilled,” said Carl F. Henry. Christ frequently used the word must when referring to His own life and ministry. “I must go to Jerusalem…The Scriptures must be fulfilled.” The authors of the Bible wrote the revelation of God. It is simply not possible for human beings of themselves to have seen so far and so accurately into the future. The biblical prophets did not write riddles; they did not tease us with obscure references that could have a variety of meanings. Unlike some predictions that become clear only after they have happened, these prophecies would have, for the most part, been understandable to those who lived in the prophet’s day. There are still dozens of prophecies in the Bible yet to be fulfilled, some perhaps in our lifetime. Peter warned that since Christ has not yet returned, some would become skeptical, mocking the promises of God. “Knowing this first: that scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to their own lusts, and saying, ‘Where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation.’” (2 Peter 3:3-4 NKJV) But the same Christ who came in Bethlehem will come to the Mount of Olives (Zechariah 14:1-4) and a line will be drawn between believers and unbelievers. He will separate the “sheep” from the “goats,” just as He said.

It is inevitable.

THE gideon


Building Relationships Through

Spiritual Leadership Editorial Note: The following article is condensed from papers presented by International President Dennis Donnelly and International Treasurer David Martin at the International Presidents Conference in October 2012.

Is Christian leadership the same thing as secular leadership? Leadership concepts should hold a deeper dimension when applied to Christian organizations. The trend among many Christian leaders has been toward an almost indiscriminate and uncritical acceptance of secular leadership theory without measuring it against the timeless precepts of Scripture. A man in a position of spiritual leadership, whether serving in an elected position within The Gideons International, in a mentoring relationship, or within his own family, is called to his position of leadership. His call is to be taken seriously, along with the responsibilities it entails. The key to leading with God is to “do all in the name of the Lord Jesus”: “... whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ.” – Colossians 3:23-24 A man with a heart for God wants what God wants, desires what God desires. When a man realizes that his life is in Christ, he has no problem doing everything in the name of the Lord Jesus. A man with a heart for God will also be a surrendered man. Not surrendered as a soldier may surrender to an enemy and quit the fight, but surrendered in such a way that he will give up his own ambitions in favor of the Lord’s desires for his life.


Spiritual Leaders Influence People to Follow God The responsibility of a spiritual leader is to move people from where they are to where God wants them to be. Once spiritual leaders understand God’s will, they make every effort to move people from following their own agendas to pursuing God’s purposes. They become influencers. The only way to have influence for God among those under one’s leadership is to build strong, enduring relationships with them. A basis for such relationships can be found in Philippians 2:3: “Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself.” A leader shows his high esteem for those he leads by his love for them, by his willingness to be a servant, and by empowering and engaging them. In I Timothy 5, Paul gives Timothy some very practical advice and instruction. He tells Timothy to entreat the older men as fathers and the younger men as brothers (v. 1). In other words, the Christian leader is to treat those under his leadership as if they were part of his family, and to recognize that they were likewise called of God as provisions for ministry.

/// B u il d i n g R e l a t i o n s h i p s t h r o u g h S p i r i t u a l L e a d e r s h i p

Jesus tells us that those who want to become leaders in His kingdom must first become servants (Mark 10:43). Jesus turned the contemporary notions of secular leadership upside down and replaced them with the spiritual principles of servant leadership. In servant leadership, it does not matter who has the title, because the leader will become obvious as the one with the servant’s heart. A spiritual leader highly esteems those under his leadership when he empowers and engages them to accomplish the mission. When Jesus called his disciples, He said “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matthew 4:19) Jesus’ example demonstrated that accomplishing the mission through others is one of the ultimate goals of spiritual leadership. Just as a teacher has not taught until students have learned, leaders haven’t led until followers have reached their potential. Spiritual leaders don’t blame their followers when they don’t do what they should do. They assume their responsibility is to move people to do God’s will.

Spiritual Leaders Allow the Holy Spirit to Lead Spiritual leaders work within a paradox, for God calls them to do something that, in fact, only God can do. Ultimately spiritual leaders cannot produce spiritual change in people; only the Holy Spirit can accomplish this. Yet the Holy Spirit uses people to bring about spiritual growth in others. The Scripture says that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks (Matthew 12:34). It is necessary to prepare ourselves spiritually every day so that our hearts and minds are filled with the abundant truths of God’s Word. Then, out of the heart come words that encourage, motivate, strengthen, and when needed, lovingly provide correction and instruction. Those engaged in a spiritual ministry are continuously engaged in a spiritual battle, rife with distractions and obstacles. The enemy will make sure of that. On the days when the people on your team face tough challenges, an encouraging, motivating, and strengthening word is needed to remind them of the eternal significance of the mission, the sufficiency of God’s grace, and the ultimate objective of winning people to Christ.

u il d i n g R e l a t i o n s h i p s t h r o u g h S p i r i t u a l L e a d e r s h i p /// B

Spiritual Leaders Promote God’s Agenda The greatest obstacle to effective spiritual leadership is leaders pursuing their own agendas. God is working throughout the world to achieve His purposes and advance His kingdom. His concern is not to advance leaders’ personal goals or to build their kingdoms. His purpose is to turn His people away from their self-centeredness and their sinful desires and to draw them into a relationship with Himself. It is essential for spiritual leaders to understand God’s will for them and for their organizations. Leaders then move people away from their own agendas and into God’s. Reorienting people from their own ambitions and into God’s agenda requires an investment of time — one of the most precious resources we have. An effective leader invests the necessary time to get to know the members on his team and seize real-life opportunities to do God’s will. The relationship Jesus had with Peter – a rough, impulsive, fisherman – illustrates this point. Jesus showed His love for Peter when He called him, and then He demonstrated that Peter was a man of great value by entrusting to him ministry responsibilities. Jesus immediately began the process of making Peter a “fisher of men.” Jesus caused Peter to recognize the extent of his own weakness and his need to put his confidence in Jesus. He even allowed Peter to fail on certain occasions; but through those experiences, Peter’s relationship with Jesus grew stronger. In the end, this rough, impulsive fishermen became a powerful spokesman for the gospel. And because of Peter’s relationship with Jesus, his preaching on the day of Pentecost continues to impact the world for Christ. That same purpose should impact the leaders in The Gideons International – and impact the world for Christ.

THE gideon


Fe b r u a r y  – M a r c h 2 013

WITH THE LORD ⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄ Australia Adams, Mr Les R., Peninsula Bartolomew, Mrs Kath, Sunshine Coast Monkhouse, Mr Wally, Bendigo Pantlin, Mr Colin W., Fraser Coast Profke, Mrs Janice Mary, Logan Ruhle, Mr Ron C., Bayside Simmons, Mr Roy, Georges River Sylva, Mr Barry, Esperance/Kalgoorlie Williams, Mr Graham, Diamond Valley Bahamas Pinder, Mr Frank, Nassau Belgium Kerkhofs, Mr Arnold, Louvain 3012 British Isles Ball, Mr Ted, Fife West Barnard, Mr Desmond, Antrim Mid Beard, Mr Sidney, Sussex Mid Birtwhistle, Mr Roy, Bury Butterfield, Mr Ron, Cornwall West Calder, Mr Hugh, Caithness & Sutherland Clarke, Mrs Jean, Liverpool North Collins, Mrs Ann, Medway Gettings, Mr Ron, Dartford & Greenwich Golding, Mr Arthur, Sussex Mid Haire, Mrs V, Ulster Mid Heseltine, Mr John R. D., Lowestoft Jones, Mrs Dorothy, Haywards Heath McConaghie, Mr Mervyn, Coleraine McConkey, Mr James, Ulster Mid Mitchell, Mr James, Glasgow South Central Neale, Mrs Ann, London North East Rogers, Mr Douglas, Poole Sharp, Mr Jack, Scottish Borders Smith, Mr Archie, Corwall Mid Smith, Mr Graham, Aldershot & Farnborough Sutton-Jones, Mr Ken, Haywards Heath Taylor, Mr Reg, Aylesbury Todd, Dr Kil, Taunton Tyler, Dr Heywood, Canterbury Wallwork, Mr Dennis, Salford Webb, Mrs Jessie, Scarborough Westbrook, Mr John, Dorset South Wyatt, Mrs Ruth, Chichester Central African Republic Bamboro Yalingou, Mr Obed, Bozoum Celestin, Mr Nainangue, Bossangoa Celestin, Mrs Nainangue, Bossangoa Djimkekarem, Mr Jean-nestor, Bozoum Gounetesse, Mr Jeannot, Bossangoa Jacques, Dr Dora, Bozoum Lodock, Mrs Florence, Bocaranga Nam Gana, Mr Dieudonne, Paoua Nam Gana, Mrs Florence, Paoua Ndoroma, Mr Albert, Bossangoa Ndoroma, Mrs Josephine, Bossangoa Ouanengo, Dr Gaston, Bozoum Ouanengo, Mrs Gaston, Bozoum Renemandji, Mr Fidele, Paoua Sinackolo, Mr Auguste, Bozoum Soukoundji, Mr Bernard, Bozoum Tasnal, Mr Joseph, Bossangoa Toya, Mr Edouard, Bozoum Toya, Mr Jean, Bozoum Toya, Mrs Jean, Bozoum Yakoumbala, Mr Emmanuel, Bozoum


Yakoumbala, Mrs Emmanuel, Bozoum Yambounde, Mr Jacob, Bozoum Yambounde, Mrs Jacob, Bozoum Chad Pierre, Mr Moussa, Lai Simeon, Mr Kebngar, Lai Toubadigre, Mr Gaourang, Lai Colombia Gaviria O, Mr Hernando, Medellin Antioquia Jurado, Mr Jorge, Medellin Antioquia Croatia Spicak, Mrs Ivan, Pakrac Czech Republic Filip, Mr Jiri, Decin Dem. Republic Of Congo Gerard, Mr Masuka, Lubumbashi Rostand, Mr Mabaya, Kinshasa Dominican Republic Perez, Mr Avelino, Santiago Pichardo R, Mr Edmundo, La Loteria Santiago Santana, Mr Julio, Villa Altagracia Ethiopia Tekse, Mr Sintayenu, Dodola Finland Natri, Mr Aulis, Oulu South Pekkanen, Mr Mati, Raahe Ruponen, Mr Mikael, Salo Wahlroos, Mrs Pirkko, Kotka France Bruyat, Mrs Andree, Valence Ciwiklinski, Mr Guy, Uckange Saunier, Mr Jean, Loriols/Drome Germany Boehme, Mrs Adelheid Buechel, Mr Rolf Walter Gatz, Mr Herbert Guhlke, Mr Helmut Hersener, Mrs Annemarie Kunz, Mr Ewald Landau, Mr Christian Menn, Mrs Gerda Schalling, Mr Gunter Simon, Mr Herbert Wettengel, Mr Erhard Guatemala Bonilla, Mr Osmar, Tiquisate Cifuentes, Mr Christian, Puerto San Jose, Escuintla Gutierrez, Mr Rudy, Mixco Hungary Poda, Mr Sandor, Budapest India Ampilias, Mrs Ronjini, Madras South Hyderabad, Mr Y Christachary Jalandhar, Mr David Rajan Kakinada, Mr P A S Prabhakar Tiruchendur, Mr D Albert

Indonesia Bonbalan, Mr Ferdinand, Depok Foret, Mr Kasmir, Nunukan Pratama, Mr Winarno, Semarang Jateng Pratama, Mrs Winarno, Semarang Jateng Japan Akiko, Mrs Kudou, Suwa Eitoku, Mr Nakamura, Okinawa Nanbu Hiroshi, Mr Satou Kazumi, Mr Nakamura, Kagoshima Kazuo, Mr Oaki, Hachinohe Matsuki, Mr Shingo, Matsuyama Mitsugi, Mr Takeda, Yokohama Mitsuko, Mrs Rokuta, Shinjuku Nobuiko, Mrs Irei, Okinawa Chuubu Sumi, Mrs Tajima, Okinawa Chuubu Takako, Mrs Oonishi, Nara Takerou, Mr Saito, Shizuoka Yoshio, Mr Okazaki, Ibaraki Kita Kenya Miriti, Mr Gilbert, Nairobi, Mutemi, Mr Japheth, Mwingi, Mutemi, Mrs Elizabeth, Mwingi, Korea Cho, Mr Nam Seob, Incheon Choi, Mr Jae-won, Pohang Ji, Mr Dong In, Uijeongbu Lee, Mr BongSik, Dong Cheong Ju Rudzitis, Mr Laimonis, Riga, Latvia Lee, Mr Hak, Gyu & Cheuncheon Oh, Mr Byung, Taek & Hwaseong Malaysia Ching, Mr Michael, Kota Kinbabalu Sabah, Mexico Garcia, Mr Jesus, Puebla, Velasco H, Mr Jesus, Puebla, Zambrano A, Mr Angel, Puebla, Moldova Kapaklu, Mr Dmitriy, Chadyr Lunga, Shuljan, Mrs Arkardi, Krikovo Moldova, Myanmar Htoo, Dr Saw, Mawlamyine, Htoo, Mrs Saw, Mawlamyine, Nang, Mr Thawng, Monywa, Swe, Mr U, Mawlamyine, Wai, Mr Tin, Nyuang Shwe, Zeno, Mr U Saw, Taunggyi SSS, Namibia Alfeus, Mr David, Outapi, Nel, Mr Ben, Swakopmund, Taljard, Mr Leon, Windhoek, New Zealand Robertson, Mrs Sue, Havelock North, Ryan, Mr Peter, North Shore, Nigeria Agbese, Mr George Oste, Azare Kuti, Mr Wuraola, Lagos Ikeja /// W i t h t h e L o r d

Norway Berg, Mrs Inger- Johanne, Drammen Camp Haugen, Mr Knut, Halden Kirstoffersen, Mr Finn, Oslo Kivle, Mr Kolbjorn, Kragero Langli, Mr Olaf, Hamar Camp Lien, Mr Olav, Forde Mathiassen, Mr Magnar, Sandnes/Jaeren Camp Rikardsen, Mr Svein B, Drammen Vage, Mr Bernt, Sotra/Oygarden Paraguay Kanno, Mr Masato, Caaguazu, Philippines Chua, Mr Benjamin U., General Santos City Dumaan, Mr Ramonito, Sultan Kudarat Leyva, Mr Armando Q, Dagupan City Marcelo, Mr Daniel, Metro Manila North Poland Bialek, Mr Andrzej, Lublin, Portugal Teixeira Moura, Mr Dionizio, Funchal Madeira, Puerto Rico Morales F, Mrs Ruben, Mayaguez, PR Republic of China Jhang, Mr Ying-Fong, Taichung No. 3 Romania Goran, Mr Savu, Craiova/Judetul Dolj, Russia Petrunin, Mr Igor, Yakutsk, South Africa Du Prees, Mr Hector, Spitskop Fourie, Mr Joe, Louis Trichardt Higgo, Mr Kempen, Maluti Koekemoer, Mr Danie, Bellville Leslie, Mr Bill, Helderberg Nel, Mrs Berdina, Trichardt Robertson, Mr George, Bergrivier Schultz, Mr Danie, Waterkloof Van Den Heever, Mr Mauritz, Waterberg Vosloo, Mr Ferdie, Swellendam Wan Heerden, Mr Anton, Port Elizabeth Zaayman, Mr Gerrit, Riversdal Spain Garcia, Mrs Ana Maria, Sevilla, Sri Lanka Nalliah, Mr Selvathauarasa, Dehiwela, Sweden Anderson, Mr Olof, Gothenburg North Andersson, Mr Also, Arvika Andersson, Mrs Edith, Gothenburg North Angstrom, Mr Erling, Linkoping Axelsson, Mrs Greta, Mjolby Bengtsson, Mrs Alva, Kristianstad Berglund, Mr Nils, Avesta Borg, Mr Arne, Falun Carlsson, Mr Arne, Alingsas Dagson, Mr Lars, Uppsala Denzler, Mr Rune, Jonkoping i t h t h e L o r d /// W

Elionsson, Mr Rune, Vaxjo Ericsson, Mrs Birgit, Gotland Fajersson, Mrs Dagny, Borlange Forssman, Mrs Martha, Falkenberg Fredriksson, Mr Sven, Borlange Fritz-Almgren, Mrs Gretha, Nassjo Gothelid, Mrs Gull-Britt, Kumla-Hallsberg Gripstrom, Mr Anders, Trollhattan Gustafsson, Mr Ake, Kungalv Hedlund, Mr Kjell, Gislaved Helgesson, Mr Bengt-Olof, Orebro Karlsson, Mr Arne, Gothenburg West Lindgren, Mr Owe, Stockholm East Nilsson, Mr Stig, Helsingborg Nilsson, Mr Eskil, Gotland Nilsson, Mrs Mery, Gotland Nyborg, Mrs Carin, Gothenburg North Nyman, Mr Yngve, Ostersund Olofsson, Mr Gosta, Ostersund Olsson, Mrs Genith, Gothenburg North Ostberg, Mr Stig, Ovansiljan Palm, Mr Sven-Erik, Varnamo Rylander, Mr Bo, Falun Stegnell, Mr Lennart, Vasteras Stenstrand, Mr Ulf, Enkoping Werner, Mr Bengt, Huskvarna Wikholm, Mr Lauri, Uppsala Zackrisson, Mr Nils, Ostersund Switzerland Heizmann, Mr Fritz, Pontresina, Meier, Mrs Hans-Ruedi, Hinwil-Hadlikon, Merz, Mr Alfred, Windisch, Tanzania Vahaye, Mrs Dorahi, Njombe, Ukraine Nikolaev, Mr Iosif, Melitopol, United States of America Ackerman, Mr Larry, Jonesville, MI Adams, Mr Bonny, Fayetteville, GA Adkins, Mr Marvin, Portsmouth, OH Aldrich, Mrs Nelladele, Sun City Center, FL Alexander, Mr Bruce, Puryear, TN Alger, Mr H, Attica, NY Allen, Mr Charles, Des Moines, IA Allen, Mr L, Toccoa, GA Allen, Mrs Marilyn, Redford, MI Alvis, Mr Jack, East Ellijay, GA Anderson, Mr Robert, New Ulm, MN Anderson, Mr Warren, Hornell, NY Andrews, Ltc Wilson, Marysville, WA Ange, Mr Horace, Virginia Beach, VA Arford, Mr Thomas, Homer City, PA Armstrong, Mr Brian, Hiawassee, GA Auch, Mrs Esther, Hazelwood, MO Aussenhofer, Mr John, Denton, TX Austin, Mrs Lounelle, Washington, GA Auvil, Mr Jimmy, Montgomery, AL Bailey, Mr Clyde, Pensacola, FL Bailey, Mrs Dorothy, Solomons, MD Baker, Mr Chet, Bellingham, WA Baker, Mrs Jan, Ohio City, OH Barfield, Mrs Tommie, Bedford, TX Barkell, Mr Gordon, Hancock, MI Barry, Mr H, Twin Falls, ID Barton, Mr William, Saint Joseph, MO Bates, Mr Emmet, Grants Pass, OR

Battle, Mrs Yvonne, Sanford, NC Baxley, Mrs Sheriden, Georgetown, SC Beard, Mr L, Lillington, NC Beaube, Mrs Ruby, Port Gibson, MS Beecham, Mr Carmon, Chattanooga, TN Bell, Mr Willard, Norwood, NJ Bennett, Mrs Ada Rosalie, Denton, MD Bennett, Mrs Catherine, Monroe Township, NJ Benson, Mr Robert, Virginia Beach, VA Bergan, Mr V, Florence, SD Berndt, Mr Fred, Saint Paul, MN Black, Mr Richard, Clover, SC Blake, Mr Terry, Owensboro, KY Blevins, Mrs Connie, Spruce Pine, NC Blumert, Mrs Beverly, Castro Valley, CA Boggs, Mr V, Calhoun Falls, SC Bolig, Mrs Evelyn, Lewisburg, PA Boren, Mr John, Winona Lake, IN Botkin, Mr George, Houston, TX Botts, Mrs Maryann, Saint Charles, MO Bowers, Mr Bruce, El Cajon, CA Boykin, Mrs Lois, Lexington, SC Boyle, Mr George, Spring Valley, CA Bradshaw, Mrs Margie, Lucasville, OH Braithwaite, Mrs Billy Fay, Tucumcari, NM Brancamp, Mrs Emily, Greensburg, IN Breaux, Mr Gerald, Sulphur, LA Breeden, Mr George, Decatur, AL Briggeman, Mr Homer, Rolla, MO Bringewatt, Mr Larry, Ashland, NE Brown, Mr Jack, Mountain Rest, SC Brown, Mrs Margaret, Georgetown, TX Brumbley, Mrs Hazel, Laurel, DE Brunk, Mr Robert, Lynchburg, VA Buckalew, Mr Lee, Richton, MS Buehler, Mr Curtis, West Plains, MO Bullock, Mr Hubert, Meridian, MS Burch, Mr Sidney, Columbia, MS Burdette, Mr Robert, Camano Island, WA Burgess, Mr Robert, Bradenton, FL Burk, Mrs Geneva, Snyder, TX Burke, Mrs Zella, Clovis, NM Burkey, Mrs Linda, Wakarusa, IN Busse, Mrs Christine, Vienna, GA Cadwell, Mr David, Ilwaco, WA Cale, Mr J, Augusta Springs, VA Campbell, Mr Robert, Millington, TN Cantrell, Mrs Sue, Cartersville, GA Carlson, Mr Lyle, Duluth, MN Carlson, Mrs Violet, Rockford, IL Carroll, Mr Edwin, New Brockton, AL Carson, Mrs Charlene, Terre Haute, IN Carter, Mr Lester, Kokomo, IN Carter, Mrs Jimmie, Shallotte, NC Castle, Mr Lloyd, Versailles, KY Causby, Mr Harold, Shelby, NC Centers, Mr Vernon, Magnolia, KY Chan, Mr Joseph, Sacramento, CA Channell, Mrs Betty, Parkersburg, WV Chaplin, Mrs Debbie, Anniston, AL Charles, Mrs Maxine, Catlettsburg, KY Chen, Mr Yung Hai, Fort Collins, CO Chlouber, Mr Donald, Shawnee, OK Christian, Mrs Edith, Lewisburg, KY Cisco, Mr Malcolm, Waverly, OH Clancy, Mr Patrick, Bellefonte, PA Clark, Mr Willard, Crane Hill, AL Clark, Mrs Mary Ellen, Wabash, IN Clatterbuck, Mrs Emily Jean, Fulton, MO Cliett, Mr James, Roswell, NM THE gideon


Fe b r u a r y  – M a r c h 2 013

WITH THE LORD ⁄⁄⁄⁄⁄ Clifton, Mr William, Carrollton, KY Coats, Mrs Nancy, Midvale, ID Cobern, Mr Raymond, Prattville, AL Cohen, Dr Gary, Hendersonville, TN Cohen, Mrs Nancy, Hendersonville, TN Coleman, Mrs Elizabeth, Elmer, NJ Collett, Mr Jack, Canton, GA Collins, Dr Andreae, Barbourville, KY Colson, Mrs Julia, West Columbia, SC Comer, Mr Norman, Champaign, IL Conant, Mr Curtis, Church Hill, TN Conner, Mr Cecil, North Ridgeville, OH Cook, Mr Alvin, Woodstock, VA Coonen, Mr Leo, Gravois Mills, MO Coop, Mr James, Munford, TN Cote, Mr Roger, Walled Lake, MI Craig, Mr Leroy, Lake Village, AR Creech, Mr William, Morristown, TN Crewz, Mrs Marie, Tucson, AZ Crouch, Mr William, Auburn, AL Cummings, Mr Prentice, Rensselaer, IN Cunningham, Mr James, Roanoke, VA Curington, Mr Billy, Knoxville, TN Dalgleish, Mr Stuart, Longboat Key, FL Daniels, Mr Ray, Ithaca, NY Daugherty, Mr Alfred, Cumming, GA Davis, Mr Charles, Okmulgee, OK Davis, Mr Choyce, Ryan, OK Davisson, Mrs Jacqueline, Liberty, IN Day, Mrs Marjorie, Carlyle, IL Deal, Mr Paul, Ark, VA Deardorf, Mr Paul, Mercer Island, WA Deaux, Mr James, Houma, LA DeHart, Mr Jay, Miami, OK Dennis, Mr Thomas, Winamac, IN DeZeeuw, Mr Gilbert, Rock Valley, IA Dillon, Mr Wilbur, Louisville, KY Dillow, Mr Weldon, Clinton, TN Dittman, Mr Marvin, Oregon City, OR Dobson, Mrs Althalee, Bradenton, FL Doerr, Mrs Betty, Chesterfield, MO Dulin, Mr Omer, Easton, MD Dunn, Mr W, Speedwell, TN Dunnington, Mr Paul, Monticello, KY Durham, Dr James, Bryan, TX Eberhardt, Mrs LaDonna, Ashland, OH Eddings, Mr Marvin, Hueytown, AL Edelblute, Mr Edwin, Gallipolis, OH Edwards, Mrs Brenda, Henning, TN Eimon, Mr Edgar, Paso Robles, CA Elbourn, Mrs Miriam, Rock Hall, MD Elhard, Mrs Lila, Kulm, ND Elliott, Mr Jerry, Fort Myers, FL Elliott, Mr Marvin, Wilson, OK Elliott, Mrs Josephine, Ankeny, IA Ellsworth, Mr Alton, Spearman, TX Embaugh, Mr John, Blacklick, OH Erickson, Mrs Dorothy, Lindstrom, MN Ericson, Mr Keith, Jewell, KS Ervin, Mr Gene, Concord, NC Estler, Mr Robert, Barboursville, WV Falk, Mr Carroll, Wilcox, NE Fancher, Mrs Kathleen, Valley Grande, AL Farley, Mr Raymond, Dunlap, TN Farlow, Mrs Linda, Winchester, IN Fenstermaker, Mr Charles, Findlay, OH Ferry, Mr Alvin, Coos Bay, OR


Firebaugh, Mr Wyman, Wooster, OH Flanagan, Mrs Barbara, Ardmore, OK Flurry, Mr Michael, Bellevue, NE Fortenberry, Mr James, Ward, AL Fortune, Mr Tommy, Clayton, AL Fowler, Mr James, Glencoe, AL Fox, Mrs Lois, Ocala, FL Fraas, Mr Erwin, Fayetteville, GA Freitag, Mr Arthur, Bremerton, WA French, Mr Richard, Silver Lake, IN Frost, Mr Doran, Saint Petersburg, FL Frycklund, Mr Harry, Northern Cambria, PA Fuller, Mr Bennie, Garland, TX Fuller, Mrs Maida, Sebewaing, MI Gandrud, Mr David, Sunnyvale, CA Garrison, Mr Gerald, Logansport, IN Gates, Mr Frank, Louisville, KY Gaumer, Mr Bruce, Earlham, IA German, Mr Jerold, Ogden, UT Gibson, Mrs Garnett, Lawrenceburg, KY Gier, Mrs Irene, Springfield, MO Giles, Mr H, Mcmurray, PA Glenn, Mr Samuel, Rock Hall, MD Glisson, Mr David, Williamston, NC Goff, Mr Larry, Elgin, SC Gomez, Mr Andrew, Winsted, CT Goodman, Mr Jarrett, Milton, WI Gracie, Mrs Geraldine, Pasadena, MD Graham, Mr Winfred, East Fultonham, OH Graham, Mrs Margie, Lake Mary, FL Grahl, Mr Paul, Eden, WI Grahl, Mrs Joanna, Eden, WI Grant, Mrs Vivian, Massapequa Park, NY Grateke, Mrs Alyce, Four Seasons, MO Graves, Mr Edwin, Shelburne Falls, MA Gray, Mr R, Lancaster, SC Green, Mrs Lucille, Conway, AR Greene, Mr W, Snowflake, AZ Grieser, Mr Lloyd, Archbold, OH Griffin, Mr Benjamin, Hixson, TN Griffin, Mrs Carolyn, Hixson, TN Griffith, Mr Frank, Green Mountain, NC Griffith, Mrs Kathy, East Rochester, NY Grissom, Mr Elmer, Blytheville, AR Guiley, Mr Ross, Eugene, OR Guilleux, Mr Paul, Boring, OR Gumerson, Mr Jon, Guthrie, OK Guthrie, Mrs Randalin, Wiggins, MS Gyger, Mr Furman, Landisville, PA Haerer Dnc, Dr Armin, Madison, MS Hagerdon, Mr Lewis, Dayton, OH Hagood, Mr Cecil, Stone Mountain, GA Hall, Mr George, Tallassee, AL Hansen, Mrs Elsie, Amery, WI Hanson, Mr David, Rochester, MI Hanson, Mr Kenneth, Tupelo, MS Happe, Mrs Elaine, Macedon, NY Harbert, Mr Michael, Thornton, CO Hargadon, Mr Vincent, Rising Sun, IN Harper, Mrs Estelle, Yalaha, FL Hart, Mr Ronald, Hammond, LA Harter, Mr Philip, Rockford, IL Hartley, Mr Harry, Welcome, NC Hawkins, Mrs Bea, Greenville, SC Hawkins, Mrs Bessie, Chesapeake, VA Hawn, Mr Marcus, Laurinburg, NC Hayden, Mr Andrew, North Hampton, NH

Hayden, Mr Lawrence, Sandoval, IL Hayden, Mrs Ruth, Sandoval, IL Hayes, Mr Asa, Ringgold, GA Hayes, Mr James, Taylor, AL Haynes, Mr Jim, Brinkley, AR Headden, Mrs Vernelle, Richmond, VA Hedderich, Mr Fritz, Pana, IL Hedrich, Mrs Marilyn, Elm Grove, WI Hemdal, Mrs Anna-Stina, Colorado Springs, CO Henderson, Mr Melvyn, Suwanee, GA Herald, Mr Paul, Highland Heights, KY Herr, Mr James, Nottingham, PA Herren, Mrs Christine, Tupelo, MS Herring, Mr Frank, Morton, MS Hershey, Mrs Juanita, Liberal, KS Herzog, Mr Keith, Redmond, WA Hesterman, Mr Vern, Ridgeville Corners, OH Hight, Mr C, Dayton, TX Hill, Mr S, Salem, VA Hill, Mrs Bobbie, Conyers, GA Hill, Mrs Gloria, Loveland, CO Hinegardner, Mrs Ethel, Hampstead, MD Hinton, Mr William, Metairie, LA Hixson, Dr Floyd, Sanger, CA Hobart, Mr Roger, Stillwater, OK Hobgood, Mr William, Mechanicsville, MD Hofwolt, Mr Wesley, Presho, SD Holt, Mr Corbett, Cornelius, NC Hoppe, Mr Alwin, Saint Charles, MO House, Mr Noel, Bonne Terre, MO Houtz, Mr William, Pine Grove, PA Howard, Mr Hugh, Kinston, NC Howell, Mr Don, Concord, NC Hoyer, Mr Thad, Oceanside, CA Huff, Mr Woodrow, Farmington, MO Hughes, Mr John, Minden, LA Hughes, Mrs Margaret, Greenville, PA Humphreys, Mr Paul, Huntington, WV Hunt, Mrs Ruth, Waxahachie, TX Hutcheson, Mr Julius, Lake City, AR Hutchin, Mr Donald, Hartsville, SC Hutchings, Mr Paul, Smyrna, GA Jarvis, Mrs Brenda, Livermore, KY Jenkins, Mrs Gladys, Williamsburg, VA Jennings, Mrs Nadia, Wakefield, RI Johansen, Mr Vernon, Carroll, IA Johnson, Mr Dana, Republic, KS Johnson, Mr David, Greenwood, AR Johnson, Mr Jesse, Panama City, FL Johnson, Mr Rufus, Ozark, AL Johnson, Mr Wesley, Shelton, WA Johnson, Mrs Norma, Olympia, WA Johnson, Mrs Ruth, Troy, NC Johnston, Dr Leon, Philadelphia, PA Jones, Mr Alden, Greeneville, TN Jones, Mr Eugene, Dayton, TX Jordan, Mrs Ruth, Mt Crawford, VA Judkins, Mr Frank, Chimacum, WA Kale, Mr Jack, Dothan, AL Kangas, Mrs Irene, Felch, MI Kauffman, Mrs Mildred, Wayne, MI Keagy, Mrs Jocelyn, Los Angeles, CA Keel, Mr Alvin, Milan, TN Kelly, Mr Warren, Arthurdale, WV Kessinger, Mr H, Carthage, MO Killworth, Mr Michael, Boise, ID

Kimball, Mr James, Appleton, WI Kinzer, Mr Lowry, Albuquerque, NM Kirby, Mr Crockett, Ripley, TN Kitts, Mr Denny, Sanford, NC Klotz, Mr Robert, Risingsun, OH Kniesel, Mrs Elizabeth, Folsom, CA Knight, Mrs Laura, Wilmington, NC Koehler, Mr Eugene, Riverside, PA Koon, Mr William, Fairmont, WV Koopman, Mr Donald, Hamilton, MI Krause, Mrs Barbara, Trinidad, CO Lain, Mrs Mary, Greensboro, NC Lakin, Mr William, Titusville, FL Lambert, Dr Harold, Circleville, WV Lancaster, Mrs Rebecca, Albertville, AL Landman, Mr Richard, Hull, IA Lash, Mrs Edna, Wooster, OH Laube, Mr Roger, Seattle, WA Lawrence, Mr Donald, Rochester, NY Lawrence, Mr Jackie, Pipestem, WV Lawson, Mrs Jeanette, Shepherdsville, KY Lee, Mrs Alpha, Durham, NC Leeson, Mr John, Southaven, MS Leightner, Mrs Genevieve, Pandora, OH Lewis, Mr Jerry, Naples, FL Lightfoot, Mr Glen, Tipton, IN Linzay, Mr Lee, Springdale, AR Lisby, Mr Howard, Fort Worth, TX Locher, Mr Charles, Portsmouth, OH Lohnes, Dr Willard, Greer, SC Lovell, Mr Leo, Urbandale, IA Lowery, Mrs Bea, Tequesta, FL Lueck, Mr Roger, Kenosha, WI Luescher, Mrs Irene, Lakeview, AR Luhn, Mr Robert, Clarkston, WA Lukins, Mr Thomas, Hayward, CA Lutz, Mrs Ruth, Woodstock, VT Magill, Mr Jack, Leola, PA Mahoney, Mrs Beverly, Omaha, NE Mallard, Mr Arnold, Cocoa, FL Maltby, Mr James, Mahomet, IL Mansfield, Mr Seymour, Martin, TN Mansker, Mrs Maxine, Santa Rosa, CA Marcum, Mr Donald, Seymour, IN Markus, Mr Dennis, Corsica, SD Martin, Mr Herman, Belton, SC Martin, Mrs Connie, Belton, SC Maschmeier, Mr Earl, Kirkwood, MO McAdams, Mr Ben, Simpsonville, KY McAfee, Mr Glen, Portales, NM McCaghren, Mr Marty, Sealy, TX McClain, Mr Carl, Gadsden, AL McConnell, Mr Gene, Maryville, TN McCullar, Mrs Alice, Bremen, AL McLeod, Mr J, Dexter, GA McRee, Mr John, Memphis, TN McWilliams, Mr William, Trenton, MO McWilliams, Mrs Frances, Mount Vernon, OH Meadows, Mr Douglas, Amelia Court House, VA Medders, Mr James, Cleveland, MS Melton, Mr E, Albuquerque, NM Meyers, Mrs Ruth, Fort Cobb, OK Miller, Mr Melvin, Sarasota, FL Miller, Mr Pruitt, Buffalo, MO Miller, Mr William, Dallastown, PA Minton, Mrs Vera, Greenville, SC

/// W i t h t h e L o r d

Mishler, Mr Clarence, Nappanee, IN Mitchell, Mr W, Hiawassee, GA Mitchell, Mrs Patsy, Johnson City, TN Mitchell, Mrs Susan, Kuttawa, KY Mitchem, Mrs Katy, Lake Charles, LA Mitchusson, Mr Gaylon, Bradley, OK Mohr, Mr Albert, Jenison, MI Molden, Mr Roy, Somerset, KY Moore, Mr Damon, Virginia Beach, VA Moore, Mr Kenneth, Dowelltown, TN Moore, Mr Ronald, Monroe, LA Moore, Mr Theodore, Kenton, OH Morganson, Mr Duwayne, Windsor Locks, CT Morris, Mr John, Front Royal, VA Morris, Mr Todd, Rolling Hills Estates, CA Mueller, Mrs Margaret, Lakin, KS Murray, Mr Lenin, Florien, LA Musolf, Mr Richard, Duluth, MN Myers, Mr Kenneth, Elyria, OH Myrick, Mr Theodore, Kailua Kona, HI Naff, Mrs Evelyn, Gainesville, GA Namirr, Mr Leon, Powder Springs, GA Naugle, Mr Donald, West Hills, CA Neil, Mr Albert, Knoxville, TN Newland, Mr Leroy, Farmington, UT Newton, Mr William, Van Buren, AR Newton, Mrs Cynthia, Stephenville, TX Nicholas, Mrs Mary, Anniston, AL Nifong, Mr Max, Warsaw, IN Noll, Mr Gary, Angola, IN Norris, Mr John, Zachary, LA Northern, Mrs Ethel, Dayton, OH Nuechterlein, Mr Lawrence, Frankenmuth, MI O’Loughlin, Mr Louis, Baltimore, MD Oakes, Mrs Jo Ann, Lincolnton, NC Oines, Mrs Eunice, Aberdeen, SD Oliver, Mr William, Ardmore, TN Olson, Mr Elvis, Lincoln, NE Osenga, Mr Joel, La Porte, IN Ottoson, Mr Dean, Dayton, OH Parkerson, Dr Don, Eatonton, GA Parks, Mrs Sharon, Pflugerville, TX Parsons, Mr Willis, Las Cruces, NM Peacock, Mr Allison, Dothan, AL Pease, Mrs Esther, Kentwood, MI Pebbles, Mr Dallas, Alexandria, LA Peck, Mr Wilmer, Franklin, KY Pennay, Mr Richard, Liverpool, PA Peppers, Mr Herbert, Hermitage, TN Perin, Mrs Ruth, Eagan, MN Pestian, Mr David, Beavercreek, OH Peterson, Mr Carol, Frederic, WI Peterson, Mr Pete, Rogers, AR Peterson, Mr Ray, Auburn, CA Pettit, Col Morris, Belvedere Tiburon, CA Pickett, Mr Robert, Monte Vista, CO Pierson, Mrs Sarah, Canyon Lake, TX Pike, Mr William, Jonesboro, GA Pitts, Mr George, Rockford, IL Platt, Mr Roy, Mc Intosh, AL Pleasance, Mrs Ila, Oak Harbor, WA Pollock, Mrs Myrtle, Albany, OR Porter, Mrs Ruth, Sylva, NC Potter, Mr Jack, Gray, TN Praytor, Mr Bobby, Lindale, TX Prentice, Mr Merle, King George, VA Prestin, Mrs Adeline, Peshtigo, WI

W i t h t h e L o r d ///

Prillaman, Mrs Jeanetta, Roanoke, VA Putman, Mr Andrew, Joelton, TN Qualle, Mr C, Bemidji, MN Quist, Mrs Doris, Bloomington, MN Rader, Mr H, Fayetteville, AR Raines, Mr Carl, Salem, OR Rakestraw, Mrs Lorene, Coldwater, MI Randle, Mr John, Thornton, CO Reedy, Mr Charles, Gardendale, AL Rees, Mrs Rita, Greeneville, TN Reeves, Mr Gary, Le Mars, IA Reimer, Mr Peter, Middlebury, IN Reneau, Mr George, Lafayette, LA Replogle, Mr Jesse, Martinsburg, PA Reynolds, Mr Paul, Washington, IA Reynolds, Mr Walter, Cleveland, TX Rich, Mr Clarence, Fair Oaks, CA Richardson, Mr David, Baltimore, MD Ritenour, Mr Clarence, Hemet, CA Rivers, Mrs Lois, Ridgeland, SC Robertson, Mr Douglas, Midlothian, VA Robinson, Mr Gary, Achille, OK Robinson, Mr Manford, Sumter, SC Robinson, Mrs Pat, Sumter, SC Roe, Mr John, Dunlap, TN Roe, Mr Lloyd, Bayfield, CO Roe, Mr Malcolm, Vanceburg, KY Rogers, Mr James, Smiths Grove, KY Rohrer, Mr Gerald, Newark, NY Rolfe, Mrs Margaret, Ithaca, NY Roman, Mr R, Franklin, IN Rommen, Mrs Marie, Poulsbo, WA Rottrup, Mrs Elizabeth, Mercer Island, WA Rowe, Mr Clinton, Pikeville, KY Roy, Mr Darrel, Wolf Point, MT Roy, Mrs MayBelle, Pinellas Park, FL Ryan, Mr Melvin, Danville, VA Sago, Mrs Wavon, Pocahontas, AR Salge, Mr Howard, Skidmore, TX Sanborn, Mr Elwood, Burlington, VT Santos, Mr Alex, Frankfort, IL Saunders, Mr Gary, Proctorville, OH Saye, Mr H, Hull, GA Scheub, Mrs Charlotte, Grand Rapids, OH Schlafke, Mrs Bonita, Munfordville, KY Schneider, Mrs Mary Ann, Lawrence, MI Scholten, Mr John, Everson, WA Schroeder, Mr Herman, Duluth, MN Schumacher, Mr Nelson, Bluffton, OH Schumacher, Mrs Jean, Bluffton, OH Schwanz, Mrs Mary, Portage, WI Seal, Mr Perry, Franklin, TN Sears, Mr Richard, Brainerd, MN Sebastian, Mr Timothy, Land O Lakes, FL Shannon, Mr Richard, Shawnee, KS Sheffield, Mr Troy, Garden Ridge, TX Simmons, Mr Floyd, Shreveport, LA Simpson, Mr Charles, Pearland, TX Sinclair, Mr Truman, The Dalles, OR Sinclair, Mrs Lela, The Dalles, OR Singleton, Mrs Rosemary, Fort Worth, TX Sipe, Mr Edward, Virginia Beach, VA Skinner, Mr Paul, Belgrade, MT Slayton, Mr S Willam, Eustis, FL Smith, Mr Barney, Talbott, TN Smith, Mr Elvin, Canon City, CO Smith, Mr Gary, Liberty, SC

Smith, Mr Philip, Villa Ridge, MO Smith, Mrs Betty, Talbott, TN Smith, Mrs Dorothy, Interlochen, MI Snyder, Mrs Jessie, Bremen, IN Sodergren, Mr Melbert, Buffalo, MN Solomonson, Mrs Laura, Leland, IA Spencer, Mr Dennis, Tehachapi, CA Spragg, Mrs Naomi, Mason, MI Spurlock, Mr E, Barboursville, WV Spurr, Mr George, Catawissa, PA Starnes, Mrs Donna, Lenoir, NC Steed, Mr Bob, Belmont, MI Steele, Mrs Kathryn, Medina, OH Steelman, Mrs Billye, Las Cruces, NM Stell, Mr Rufus, Senoia, GA Stetson, Mr Kirk, Cottonwood, AZ Stevenson, Mrs Sharon, Oberlin, KS Stiles, Mrs Fay, Manheim, PA Stinnett, Mr Larry, Knoxville, TN Stock, Mr Arthur, Montebello, CA Stokes, Mr John, Hartville, MO Stone, Mr Robert, Mesa, AZ Stone, Mrs Gladys, Stuart, FL Stooke, LT Col Willard, Colorado Springs, CO Stousland, Mr Bjarne, Fargo, ND Straine, Mrs Theresa, Sacramento, CA Street, Mrs Ophelia, Altus, OK Stricker, Mr Richard, San Antonio, TX Stroup, Mr Lee, Salem, SD Stucker, Mr Richard, Pageland, SC Sullivan, Mr Robert, Birmingham, AL Swartzendruber, Mrs Ruth, Manson, IA Sweet, Mrs Eleanor, Smithfield, PA Tallackson, Mr Arthur, Grafton, ND Tangsrud, Mrs Cynthia, Warren, OR Tannehill, Mrs Laura, Fairland, IN Taylor, Mr Jerry, Concord, NC Teasley, Mr Howell, Blue Ridge, GA Teel, Mrs Marjorie, Brookston, IN Teeter, Mr Lyle, Anna, IL Tenhulzen, Mr Paul, Firth, NE Terry, Mr Eddie, Jackson, KY Thar, Mr Ferdinand, Ypsilanti, MI Thayn, Mrs Dixie, Price, UT Theodore, Mr George, Goshen, OH Thomas, Mr Warren, Chrisman, IL Thomas, Mrs Emma Jean, Dalton, GA Thomas, Mrs Von Rae, New Braunfels, TX Thompson, Mrs JoAnn, Rocklin, CA Thompson, Mrs Juanita, Grand Rapids, MI Thurman, Mrs Charlotte, Spring City, TN Tidwell, Mr T, Fairmount, GA Tiede, Mr Thomas, Huntington Beach, CA Timmons, Mr Samuel, Millsboro, DE Tolson, Mr Billy, Walnut Ridge, AR Tomlinson, Mr Herbert, Dublin, GA Tracy, Mr Ralph, Deposit, NY Traut, Mrs Muriel, Danielson, CT Treat, Mr Howard, Timbo, AR Trevethan, Mr Robert, Wilkes Barre, PA Tuck, Mr William, Brentwood, TN Tuck, Mrs Helen, Brentwood, TN Tucker, Mrs Mary, Lexington, NC Tullio, Mr Antonio, Amity, AR Turner, Mr Donald, Van Wert, OH Tuttle, Mr R, Warsaw, IN Underwood, Mr Edwin, Jacksonville, FL

Unruh, Mrs Wynona, Devils Lake, ND Vail, Mr Michael, Coushatta, LA Van Essen, Mr John, Edgerton, MN VanSlooten, Mrs Patricia, Spring Lake, MI Vernon, Mr George, Ashland, WI Vickers, Mr Charles, Charleston, SC Vosburg, Mr Thomas, Strattanville, PA Vuncannon, Mr Roger, Salisbury, NC Wade, Mr William, Goodyear, AZ Wagner, Mr Robert, Phoenix, AZ Wallace, Mr Charles, Apopka, FL Walters, Mr Ragan, Crystal Springs, MS Ward, Mrs Gaynell, Inez, KY Warren, Mr James, Punta Gorda, FL Wassom, Dr Clyde, Manhattan, KS Waxelman, Mr Herbert, Cassville, MO Webber, Mrs Madelene, Baytown, TX Welch, Mrs Lucile, Denver, CO Wells, Mr Huey, Grand Forks, ND Werner, Dr Heinz, Brewster, MA Westerfield, Mr Thomas, Crofton, KY Westmoreland, Mrs Charlotte, Everett, WA Wharton, Mr Richard, Arroyo Grande, CA Whisman, Mrs Nancy, Naples, FL White, Mr Telfer, Southfield, MI White, Mrs Grace, Hertford, NC Whitford, Mrs Louisa, Wakefield, RI Wilhelm, Mrs Laurie, Berryville, AR Wilhite, Mrs Dena, Live Oak, TX Williams, Mr Frank, Bowling Green, KY Wilson, Mr Alexander, New Holland, PA Wilson, Mr Charles, Charleston, WV Wilson, Mrs Marie, Renton, WA Winchester, Mr Thomas, Bryson City, NC Winters, Mr Robert, Richmond, CA Womack, Mr James, Clinton, MS Wood, Mr Richard, Wichita, KS Wootton, Mr Otis, Blackstone, VA Work, Mr Bernard, Hopwood, PA Wright, Mrs Jessie, Kingston, TN Wynn, Mr Donald, Lilburn, GA Yale, Dr John, Porterville, CA Yingst, Mr Harold, Anaheim, CA Yost, Mr John, Gap, PA Youmans, Mr Thomas, Rockford, IL Youngs, Mrs Kathalene, Lehigh Acres, FL Zacharias, Mr Richard, Bellbrook, OH Zagelow, Mr Rudolph, Lafayette, OR Zehr, Mr Gilbert, Lowville, NY Ziegler, Mrs Jill, Albuquerque, NM Zitterkopf, Mr Vernon, Casper, WY Venezuela Colina, Mrs Olga, Miranda, Gonzalez V, Mr Willian, Maturin, Monagas Zambia Phiri, Mrs Mary, Mufulira,


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