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Cowboys complex to be renamed AT&T Stadium ARLINGTON (AP) — The Dallas Cowboys say their billion-dollar complex will be renamed AT&T Stadium as part of a multi-year deal with the telecommunications giant. An emotional Jerry Jones, the team’s owner and general manager, said Thursday he wants “this building to be more familiar than the White House.” The name change for the $1.2 billion Cowboys Stadium takes effect immediately. Numerous signs outside and inside the stadium will be changed to reflect the AT&T name. The company is based in nearby Dallas. Team officials declined to reveal terms of the deal, including cost and how many years are included. The team says the deal includes access to AT&T mobile technology. The arrangement will double the stadium’s wi-fi network for faster mobile access and expand the options provided by the Cowboys’ mobile app.

Health insurance shopping to rely on call centers WASHINGTON (AP) — You may have heard that shopping for health insurance under President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul will be like using Travelocity or Amazon. But many people will end up with something more mundane than online shopping, like a call to the help desk. Struggling with a deadline crunch, some states are delaying online tools that could make it easier for consumers to find the right plan when the markets go live on Oct. 1. Ahead of open enrollment for millions of uninsured Americans, the feds and the states are investing in massive call centers. “The description that this was going to be like Travelocity was a very simplistic way of looking at it,” said Christine Ferguson, director of the Rhode Island Health Benefits Exchange. “I never bought into it.”

Democrats challenge voter ID law By CARSON WILSON Staff WritEr

The Lubbock County Democratic Party hosted the Right to Vote Rally from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday. Approximately 50 people assembled in the hot July sun to demonstrate democrats’ issues with the new Texas voter ID law. “We are prepared to fight back against this discriminatory attack on democracy,” Kenny Ketner, Lubbock resident and Lubbock County Democratic Party chairman, said. Before the presidential election last year, Texas attempted to pass a law requiring voters to show a government issued ID. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 stopped the law from passing. Last month, the Supreme Court of the United States struck down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act by a 5-4 vote. This action allowed nine states, including Texas, to no longer get federal approval before changing voting ID laws. After the ruling, Texas spared no time implementing its voter ID law that was previously blocked by the Voting Rights Act. This swift action left many Texas democrats enraged. Lauren Roblez, president of Tech Student Democrats and a senior Spanish and political science major from Midland, was such a democrat. “It’s really important when this law goes into effect that I may not be able to exercise my right to voting simply because we are voting for a democrat,” Roblez said. “In my personal opinion, it is targeted for people voting that way.” A valid voting ID includes a Texas drivers license, Texas identification card, Texas concealed-handgun license, U.S. passport, U.S. military ID with photo or a U.S. citizenship

PHOTO BY BEN FOX/The Daily Toreador

LUBBOCK COUNTY DEMOCRATIC Party Chairman Kenny Ketner speaks to a crowd of approximately 50 people about the effects the new Texas voting ID law will have on Texas residents. The Right to Vote rally was hosted from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday in a parking lot on Avenue K.

An EIC is valid for six years. To qualify for an EIC one must be at least 17 years and 10 months old, a Texas resident, a U.S. citizen and must be eligible to vote in Texas, according to the website.

“It’s not right to put American citizens through extra hurdles to exercise their constitutional rights,” Ketner said.

Professor gives insight on turbulence

Whitaker hires women’s basketball associate head coach

certificate with photo. However, if someone does not have any of the forms listed, he or she may be eligible for an Election Identification Certificate (EIC) at no charge, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety’s website.


ElEctronic MEdia Editor

simulation. Following Tejade-Martinez’s lecture, he opened the floor for audience questions and was presented with a plaque for giving the lecture. The lecture was open to Tech students, faculty and staff, but was mandatory for the students attending the institute’s summer program, Tracie McClaran, assistant managing director at NWRC, said. The program started June 5, she said, and will end August 3, while the lectures started in mid-June.

Texas Tech women’s basketball announced Matt Corkery as the associate head coach Tuesday. “I feel fortunate to bring Matt Corkery to the Lady Raider program,” coach Candace Whitaker said in a statement. “His head coaching experience is invaluable, and he has been successful at every stop in his career. Matt is a tremendous recruiter and will be an asset in all facets of the program. His West Texas ties and knowledge of the program’s tradition make him the perfect fit.” The Whitharral resident joins the Lady Raiders after spending five years in Washington as the coach of the American University Eagles. During his time at American University, Corkery was awarded the Patriot League Coach of the Year Award in 2010 and 2012, and helped the Eagles to three Patriot League regular season championships and two appearances in the Patriot League Championship game. Corkery had a 101-53 winning record during his career at American University, which is the second best all-time in conference history and a Patriot League record of 53-16, also best in the league’s history, according to the Tech Athletics website. He led the Eagles to the first 14-0 conference record in Patriot League history and ultimately to a 23-8 overall record during the 2011-12 season. The attendance record was broken twice under Corkery at Bender Arena. First on Feb. 7, 2009, with 1,177 fans and later on Feb. 13, 2010, when 1,291 fans watched the Eagles defeat Colgate, 82-47. As the assistant coach at Stephen F. Austin State University from 1999-2001, he helped the Jayhawks advance to the second round of the 2000 NCAA Division I Tournament and a 54-11 record during his tenure.

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Gardner: World reacts to royal baby fever

PHOTO BY BEN FOX/The Daily Toreador

ANDRES TEJADA-MARTINEZ, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of South Florida, gives a lecture titled “LES full depth Langmuir circulation in the coastal ocean” at the Livermore Center on Wednesday.

By EMILY GARDNER Managing Editor

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The Texas Tech National Wind Resource Center hosted a lecture as part of its summer lecture series at 2 p.m. Wednesday in the Livermore Center. The lecture, entitled “LES full-depth Langmuir circulation in the coastal ocean,” was given by Andres Tejade-Martinez, an assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering at the University of South Florida. Tejade-Martinez said his lecture focused on turbulence induced by wind-driven shear

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current, or shear turbulence, and turbulence induced by wave-current interaction, or Langmuir turbulence. “Langmuir turbulence is characterized by these so called Langmuir circulations,” he said, “which are counter-rotating vertices roughly aligned in the direction of the wind.” During the lecture, Tejade-Martinez presented a PowerPoint, which showed various diagrams and formulas, including the Spatially Filtered Craik-Leibovich equations. He also discussed the direction the research was going, which he said was toward obtaining an accurate turbulence model for the Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes

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How did the LP&L increase affect you?

My girlfriend lives at Trails and she got a huge power bill recently and she wasn’t even there, she was in Belize on a dig and she got like a $200 power bill.” Matt Swanson junior anthropology major from Plano -

“It is definitely going to require some rearrangement of funds. I mean, I work, but only part time and I’m supporting my bills and everything, so it’s going to mean that there’s some luxuries that I’m not going to be able to have anymore.

- Brianna Stroup -2012 alumnae with a degree in nutritional sciences from Albuquerque, N.M.

We have, like, a set bill that we get every month, but ours went up like $75 I think, so I definitely noticed that. I would appreciate it if they stayed the rates they were before they went up.” Jon Samuel senior economics major from Plano -

“I check my bill statements every time I go, and I noticed that from the previous month to this month the rates were significantly higher. I think we had a $100 increase that we had to pay. I called LP&L and they just told me that the rates have changed.” - Jesse McConnell - senior music education major from Atlanta

Compiled by Ashlyn Tubbs/The Daily Toreador



Ketner expressed concerns for the poverty stricken in Texas, citizens living in rural areas, women who are recently married and college students who will be affected by this law. “Tech students are going to be affected because they may not have a photo ID already, and then they’re looking to obtain a copy of their birth certificate so they can get a free photo ID at the DPS, and that’s a poll tax,” he said. “The usual problems with college students is having an address at home versus (Lubbock)

or having an ID in a short-hand version of your name versus your full name.” Brenda Cruz, a senior political science major from Laredo, shared the same concerns. “My drivers license is listed as Laredo, Texas, but I’m registered to vote in Lubbock County,” Cruz said. “That’s an issue for me.” Among the speakers at the rally was the District 19 congressional Democratic Party candidate, Neal Marchbanks. “Don’t intimidate our voters,” Marchbanks said in his address to the crowd. ➤➤

NM sheriffs, Texas troopers meet with club owners ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Joining a shift among law enforcement agencies across the country, a group of New Mexico sheriffs, federal agents and a dozen Texas state troopers met with adult club owners in Albuquerque Thursday to discuss ways to battle sex trafficking. The meeting and workshops sponsored by U.S. Homeland Security Investigations were part of a broader effort to get adult industry

officials and law enforcement agencies together on new initiatives aimed at tackling sex trafficking in areas around the country. Kevin Abar, assistant special agent in charge of Home Security Investigations in New Mexico, said the purpose of the workshops is to help adult club owners look for signs of sex trafficking and to educate investigators on how club owners operate businesses.


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ELLEN LEMASTERS, A junior education major from San Antonio, works with clay to construct a coil pot Monday morning in the Art building.

Professor ↵


“The main purpose for the summer was to have ‘em all come speak as part of this workshop that’s been going on so that the students could benefit from all the different lectures,” McClaran said. This was the first time the summer series and workshop was offered, said Luciano Castillo, director of NWRC. Twenty-six students and



Corkery’s role will consist of scheduling, scouting, recruiting, guard play and defense, according to the Tech Athletics website. In addition to Corkery, Whitaker added Melissa Maines to the

K-12 teachers attended. The K-12 teachers attended the program for two weeks, the mechanical engineering professor said, where they conducted wind energy research. The idea for the students’ part of the program, Castillo said, was to provide research experience for undergraduate and a few graduate students. “The idea is that with this type of research experience,” he said, “we can attract more students to

Texas Tech to do graduate work in science and engineering and the medical field.” Castillo said he also invited the speakers to educate and inspire students to pursue graduate studies. To get students to attend the program, he said he utilized Tech’s partnerships with other institutions in the U.S., Europe and Puerto Rico. McClaran said two different lecture series’ are happening — the summer series and the Cash Fam-

ily Distinguished Series — both of which end next week. The summer series’ last speaker, Souma Chowdhury from Syracuse University, lectures Monday, McClaran said, while the Cash Family Distinguished Series’ last two speakers, Richard Tapia of Rice University and NASA Deputy Associate Administrator for Education Roosevelt Johnson, lecture on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.

staff as the director of operations on June 27. “We are excited to have Melissa join our Lady Raider staff,” Whitaker said in a statement. “She brings a wealth of experience at the Division-I level and will complement the rest of our staff well. I believe she will help us continue to grow the tradition

of Lady Raider Basketball.” The Lubbock native and Tech graduate returns after spending two years as the assistant to the University of Florida coach before moving to Auburn where she was director of operations for eight seasons. “Melissa’s Lubbock ties and contacts make this a special hire for Lady Raider Basketball,” Whitaker

said in a statement. “She has over 10 years of experience as a director of operations at the BCS level, so we are fortunate to have her on staff.” Corkery and Maines join assistant coaches Brett Schneider and Damitria Buchanan, as well as graduate assistant Layne Reeves.



Court would hear opposing views in spy cases WASHINGTON (AP) — The secretive court that weighs whether to let the U.S. spy on terror and espionage suspects would have to hear from lawyers arguing against doing so under a new plan introduced Thursday on the heels of Congress’ rejection of sharp limits on government surveillance. The new plan by Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., would force the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to hear both sides of classified cases. The court, which isn’t open to the public, currently hears only from Justice Department attorneys when it considers approving applications to seize Internet and phone records from private

companies. The government uses those records to target foreign suspects in terror and spy cases. The surveillance court has been under rare scrutiny and criticism after National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden revealed in June two classified programs that aim to thwart terror attacks but that critics say invade privacy rights. The court approved one of the programs, letting the government sweep up millions of Americans’ telephone records each day. Schiff, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, said allowing a court debate would give “the benefit of an adversarial

process and hearing conflicting views.” His bill would task the federal Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board with deciding which of the cases should be challenged by opposing counsel, and potentially appointing the lawyers to argue against the Justice Department during the closed-door court hearings. The board was recently directed by President Barack Obama to scrutinize government spying. The plan comes on top of already filed legislation to declassify more of the court’s secret opinions and to require its judges to be specifically nominated for the

panel by the president and then confirmed by the Senate. Federal judges are already nominated and confirmed, but are later selected for the surveillance court solely by the Supreme Court chief justice. Taken together, the measures “would give the public more confidence in the work product of the court,” Schiff said. He said 10 of the 11 current surveillance court judges were appointed for the federal bench by Republican presidents, as was Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. Critics have derided the court as a rubber stamp of approval for the government. Last year, the government asked the court to approve 1,789 applications to spy on foreign intelligence targets, according to a Justice Department notice to Congress dated April 30. The court approved all but one — and that was withdrawn by the government. Last week, former U.S. District Judge James Robertson, who served on the secret surveillance court between 2002 and 2005, described it as independent but flawed because only the government’s side is represented effectively in its deliberations. Schiff announced his legislation as opponents of the NSA’s surveillance programs insisted they will continue to challenge it after a narrow defeat in the House. Furious lobbying and lastminute pleas to lawmakers ensured victory for the Obama administration as the House narrowly voted Wednesday to spare the NSA program. Unbowed, the libertarian-leaning conservatives, tea partyers and liberal Democrats who led the fight said they will try to undo a program they called an unconstitutional intrusion on civil liberties.


JULY 26, 2013



By Alysia Pagette Follow The DT on Twitter

World reacts to royal baby fever Countless Twitter updates and Associated Press articles later, a royal baby was born, brought home, and a name was announced. And, I, along with countless others, was taking in every single moment of it. I don’t remember being this attached to my phone because of something happening in London since the 2012 Olympics, but here I am. Monday morning when the announcement was made that Kate was going into labor, I waited by my phone just in case she had the baby, and yes, to find out the sex because that announcement was going to change everything. According to The Daily Mail, the commonwealth approved a change to the 300-year-old rule – a change that states even if a daughter was the first-born, the first-born child would be the successor to the throne. The feminist in me screamed, “YES!” when the rule was changed from favoring male heirs. I thought a time for change was upon us, and because of that, I wanted a girl, but a boy is just as cute. And, I wasn’t the only one

Emily Gardner who was excited. The news of the baby’s birth was all over my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and blogs, not to mention countless news articles and columns were at my disposal just by typing “royal baby” in a Google search. This information wasn’t coming just from the U.S. or London either, but from all sorts of international media outlets. I hadn’t seen anything this big coming from the royal family since the royal wedding when I was a junior in high school. Then, I waited for the announcement of the baby’s name, not really knowing when they were going to choose it, but getting annoyed because they had nine months to pick out a name — I understand there are rules, but still. Two da y s l a te r, that an nouncement came. George Al-

exander Louis. Between those events, I learned more about the royal family’s history and life details than I ever thought I would, and I absolutely loved every minute of it. Again, my social media outlets and the Internet were filled with reports and people’s opinions on the name of the child, comparing the length of time it took to name the baby versus William and others, and everyone voicing their opinions and the names that were chosen along with speculation on whether the Queen will retire as a result. According to the Associated Press, six kings have been named George, including Queen Elizabeth II’s father. The same article said four of those served in a row. That’s a lot of pressure on a baby. And while I’m not necessarily a fan of George — I was hoping

for James — I understand why that name was chosen. The prestige and lineage I’m sure played a part, but I have to say I’m still a bit disappointed. I was expecting nothing less than a name to symbolize the progression of an era instead of the more traditional route that was chosen, especially since Kate Middleton is a trendsetter — her wedding gown inspired others and others were waiting on the name of her child so they could name theirs the same. Now, this baby is third in line for the throne, after his father and grandfather, but I’m looking forward to witnessing everything he will do. I want to see whom he chooses to marry — someone like his mom? — And what the sex his first child will be. Hopefully it will be a girl. Gardner is a sophomore public relations major from League City and managing editor of The DT.

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$425. PRIVATE Bedroom. Free Utilities, Internet, HBO. One block to Tech. Nice female home. Park‑ ing. Washer/Dryer. 2321 13th. Available August 1st. No pets. 765‑7182.

PRELEASING PROPERTIES for August 2013 Call 806‑241‑2227 for more information. 1914 25th Rear available August 1, 500 sq. ft. 1/1 house. Rent $400, deposit $250.


PRELEASING PROPERTIES for August 2013 Call 806‑241‑2227 for more information. 1914 25th Front, available August 1, 2430 sq. ft. 4/2 house, rent $1600. deposit $800. PRELEASING PROPERTIES for August 2013 Call 806‑241‑2227 for more information. 4214 46th available August 1, 2067 sq. ft. 3/2/2 house, Rent $1200, deposit $800. VERY NICE 2/2/1 home, 1015 square‑feet $850 month 8612 Ave V. Easy access TTU. Great for faculty, serious students 806‑786‑1830. Available August.


Quick, easy professional moving. Reasonable prices. Local or long distance. Boxes, supplies, pa‑ per, etc. Serving all Texas cities. Free estimate on the phone. 4211 34th Call 806‑799‑4033.


Rates $10 and up. Free truck. 24/7 Rental station. Clean. 5839‑49th 792‑6464


Free chicken fried steak included Super Cheapest :) Cell 781‑2931. More Information


JULY 26, 2013




The Daily Toreador


The Daily Toreador