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College of Agricultural Sciences, Natural Resources chooses dean

Maids in Motion

Interm Dean, Michael Galyean, named By EMILY REYES

the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists. Julann Curlee, an executive The College of Agricultural associate to the dean, said the Sciences and Natural Resources event was a congratulatory rehosted a reception Tuesday ception welcoming him as new afternoon in the International dean. Cultural Center’s Hall of NaGalyean has accomplished tions, honoring Michael Galyean many important goals prior to as the new dean of the college. his role as new dean, she said. The event was invitation Curlee said Galyean has been only; the only students who were involved in beef nutrition reinvited to atsearch for sevtend the event eral years and were agriculwas named a tural ambasPaul Whitsadors, memfield Horn bers of AgriProfessor in 2006, which Te x a n s a n d is awarded t h e u n i v e rsity’s student to profesAg Council. sors who There were have shown former stuoutstanddents of Galying research or scholarly ean’s and othJULANN CURLEE er professional achievement. EXECUTIVE ASSOCIATE colleagues of “He has TO THE DEAN his, who were won numerin attendance ous awards from his work in the beef nutriat the reception as well. Galyean, a member of the tion field,” Curlee said. American Association of Animal She said Galyean’s research Science, American Registry of mainly focuses on nutrition Professional Animal Scientists, and management of cattle on American Dairy Science As- feedlots. He has published more sociation and American Society than 300 scholarly articles from for Nutritional Sciences. his agricultural research. He has served as a member University Provost Bob Smith of the National Research Coun- started the reception with an cil’s Committee on Animal introductory speech, introducing Nutrition, editor-in-chief of the and welcoming Galyean as the Journal of Animal Science, a presi- new dean. dent of the American Society of DEAN continued on Page 3 ➤➤ Animal Science and secretary of STAFF WRITER

He has won numerous awards from his work in the beef nutrition field.

TAB hosts rest, relaxation night for students before finals Students have opportunity to take break before studies By MICHAEL DUPONT II STAFF WRITER

As the semester comes to a close and the temperature rises, Texas Tech students are looking for ways to cool off from the weather and the heat of preparing for finals. Tonight, Tech Activities Board is offering the chance to do just that. TAB is hosting a Rest and Relaxation Night for students to take a break from the books and final reviews for a night of fun and time away from school. Farha Habeeb, a higher education graduate student from Dallas, said the event is for students to take a break from

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studying and have a little time to themselves. “Rest and Relaxation Night is an event for students that are busy with school and just need a place to relax,” she said. “It’s just a break from their exam week and studying.” The event is from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Courtyard of the Student Union Building and also in Red Raider Lounge. Tyler Ray, a junior finance and accounting major from Austin, said the R&R event is an opportunity for students to have one last hurrah before finals. R&R continued on Page 5 ➤➤





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ABOVE, RIGHT: HAZEL, a maid with Lubbock Fantasy Maid Service, cleans a room in the Weymouth Residence Hall. The Lubbock Fantasy Maid Service has been in business for a couple months, offering maids, clothed or nude, to clean residences.

Lubbock Fantasy Maid Service expands, addresses rumors By PAIGE SKINNER STAFF WRITER

It has made local, state, national and international news, with even Jay Leno addressing it during the “The Tonight Show.” It is the — what some consider controversial — Lubbock Fantasy Maid Service which offers residents to pay maids to clean a house, while dressed in lingerie, topless or completely nude. Melissa Borrett, owner of the Lubbock Fantasy Maid Service, said she was a waitress at the local strip joint, Jaguars Gold Club, and living in an Occupy Lubbock tent when she decided to drop everything and start her own business in February. “I quit my job one night,” she said. “I just got fed up the night before and said, ‘You know what, I’m not going back to work. I can make more money doing it myself than I can at this club.’” From there, she placed ads on Craigslist to clean houses or apartments in the nude. The first day Borrett worked as a maid, she said, she earned $500. “That’s when I knew this has got potential,” she said. She then built a website and hired her friend, Star, to work with her as a fantasy maid. The fantasy maid service has regular customers they book every week, Borrett said, and all customers can choose the maid they want to clean their place. Star is the most popular maid, mainly because she has been working for the fantasy maid service the longest, Borrett said. Some customers of the fantasy maid service have been Texas Tech students, Borrett said. She is talking with some people interested in having the fantasy maids work parties. She said the business is a “full-service maid service” where maids can clean, deal poker, serve drinks, empty ashtrays and more during parties. “They’re functional,” Borrett said about the maids. “It’s way


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94 BUSINESS: 806-742-3388


more functional than hiring a stripper, in my opinion, and it’s for a very similar cause. I mean there are really no portable stripper services in Lubbock anyway. They’re not only going to be, obviously, something to look at, but they’re also going to be cleaning up. If you hire a stripper, you’re going to wake up with a hangover and a trashed house, but if you hire one of our girls, you might still have the hangover, but your place is going to look way better.” With all the media attention, there have been rumors and comments made about the Lubbock Fantasy Maid Service being a sexually-oriented business and therefore illegal without a permit. MAIDS continued on Page 2 ➤➤

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MAY 2, 2012




Student has seizure on Citibus


JIANBO XIE, AN organic chemistry doctoral student from China, creates a low temperature pressure reaction while working on a lab Tuesday in the Chemistry building.



Maranda Buchanan, a Tech student and friend of Borrett, has teamed up with the owner by helping with the operations and law side of the business. “I’m going to start working now,” the senior university studies major from Lubbock said, “and just making sure we’re following all the laws, we’re working within the right policies and procedures, and that we’re doing business the way that a really good business would do business.” Buchanan said the business wants to make sure it has all the correct permits to operate. “A lot of (media attention) has not been in good light,” she said. “There’s been debates over us not having the correct permit and that depends on whose viewpoint you’re looking at. A lot of laws and ordinances are really up to interpretation, I think. So, I just want to help (Borrett) cover all the bases.”

Sgt. Jonathan Stewart of the Lubbock Police Department said the police department is not making any further comments about the situation than what they have said in the past. When asked what the comments were, Stewart said, “Just, basically, what everyone else is reporting. But, we’re not going over all of it again.” Borrett said she has not received any phone calls from the police department, unless they are calling her from a blocked number, she said, which she does not answer. “Nobody from LPD has ever contacted me,” she said. “In fact, I ran into a few cops the other day and gave them my business card. I told them about the lawenforcement discount. I mean, they’re blue-collar workers and I’m sure they could appreciate this maid service just as much as anyone else.” There is a range of prices for the maid service, but for a fully nude maid to clean, it costs $200 an hour. Borrett admits

the service is pricey, but said she would not want to charge any less because the experience is worth what they are charging. “Honestly, with the girls I’m working with, I feel like I can’t really charge any less than that,” she said. “I have three girls right now with modeling experience who already had their image out there before they even came to me.” Some of the maids have boyfriends or fiancés, Borrett said, and the men are supportive and some are interested in working for the fantasy maid service as security. As far as Borrett’s family goes, she said her mother and sister are displeased with the cleaning service. “They tried to get me to stop before the media storm ever hit,” she said. “They were like, ‘What are you doing? You can’t do this.’ And I’m just like, ‘Come on. Times are tough and there’s nothing we’re doing wrong here.’ “I made sure of that from the get go because, I mean, I’ve had

Monday 9:37 a.m. – A Texas Tech officer responded to medical emergency in the 200 block of North Quaker Avenue. A student suffered a seizure on a Citibus. The student was transported to University Medical Center by Lubbock Emergency Medical Services. 11:52 a.m. – A Tech officer investigated the theft of an iPhone at the Robert H. Ewalt Student Recreation Center. 12:38 p.m. – A Tech officer investigated theft at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in the Student Union Building. An Under Armor backpack and two T-shirts were taken. 12:58 p.m. – A Tech officer documented information in reference to an alarming email. 1 p.m. – A Tech officer investigated an assault at the 3D Art Annex. Several students were pushed by the same student on different dates. There were no injuries. 2:25 p.m. – A Texas officer investigated a traffic accident, without injuries, big plans for this since I started because I am an entrepreneur. And I said, ‘Well, OK, I can start this with relatively little start-up and I can make this so big, just working hard that I’m not even going to be cleaning houses for long,’ and it’s true. I didn’t have to for very long because I found some way hotter girls to do it for me.” The cleaning service recently added a butler, Mikey, Buchanan said, but the nudity aspect of the maids and the butler is just a fraction of the business. She and Borrett are looking toward the future and hoping to hire more men and expand beyond cleaning houses. “The goal of the business is to have a one-stop shop,” Buchanan said. “So, the idea is that if you’re a 20-year-old single mother and you need somebody to help you with any sort of chore — anything — our maids do any kind of cleaning service, not just house cleaning. We have some males who do yard work, as a handyman type of thing.” ➤➤

in the Z1C parking lot. 3:18 p.m. – A Tech officer arrested a non-student for driving with an invalid license following a traffic stop in the 400 block of University Avenue. The nonstudent was transported to the Lubbock County Jail. The vehicle was impounded by Lubbock Wrecker Service. 4:16 p.m. – A Tech officer investigated theft at the Murray Residence Hall Sam’s Place. An unsecured cellphone was taken. 5:21 p.m. – A Tech officer documented information concerning an individual seen at the Texas Tech Main Library. The library staff desired that the individual be issued a criminal trespass warning. The individual left before the officer arrived. 7:47 p.m. – A Tech officer arrested a non-student for public intoxication in the 1800 block of University Avenue. The non-student was transported to the Lubbock County Jail. 8:12 p.m. – A Tech officer arrested a

non-student for driving with an invalid license following a traffic stop in the 4400 block of Loop 289. The non-student was transported to the Lubbock County Jail. The vehicle was released to a family member. 9:47 p.m. – A Tech officer arrested a non-student for driving while intoxicated in the 2900 block of 19th Street. The non-student was transported to the Lubbock County Jail. The vehicle was impounded by Lubbock Wrecker Service. 11:54 p.m. – A Tech officer investigated theft in the Murdough Residence Hall laundry room. Several articles of clothing were taken from a dryer. Tuesday 12:06 a.m. – A Tech officer issued a student a Lubbock County citation for possession of alcohol by a minor, following a traffic stop in the 3000 block of 18th Street. Information provided by B.J. Watson of the Texas Tech Police Department.




“Let me thank, most sincerely, the search committee members that worked so hard to help us identify Dean Galyean, as the best choice for dean of the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources,” Smith said. He said Galyean’s excellent record as interim dean, his record in teaching research and service, his college and university recognition as a Horn Professor made him the most qualified for the position. Smith said he looks forward to Galyean’s future as dean of the college. He said he is certain Galyean will make positive changes to the college. “When you come to the end, you think of the beginning,” Smith said. “In other words, it’s very important to make

NEWS the beginning very special.” Galyean said before he was named dean, he never envisioned himself in the position. He said he had not considered being the dean until he was approached by the college about it. “I am really honored to have been asked to take on a title as dean and we are going to do some really special things the next few years,” Galyean said. He said he looks forward to continuing cattle education and other agricultural research in graduate and undergraduate studies in the college. He said he is excited to work with faculty and students to create a strong future in agricultural sciences and research in the college. “Texas Tech has been a very special place to work and it has been a very special place for me,” Galyean said. ➤➤

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MICHAEL GALYEAN SPEAKS during the reception honoring him as the new Dean of The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources on Tuesday at the International Cultural Center.



WINSTON HOLLOWAY, A graduate architecture student from Tarzan, and Kyle Meeks, a graduate architecture student from El Paso, go over final preparations for a full-scale interactive architectural insulation. The architectural insulation will be display on May 6 at Urban Tech.

Texas senator appeals boxing match alcohol ban AUSTIN (AP) — A ban on alcohol sales at a high-profile boxing match in El Paso is an insult to the city and should be overturned, a Texas state senator said Tuesday. Sen. Jose Rodriguez sent a letter to University of Texas System regents, urging them to repeal the ban imposed by Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa as a condition of the June 16 Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.-Andy Lee fight at the University of Texas-El Paso’s Sun Bowl. Cigarroa initially wouldn’t permit the fight at the Sun Bowl after a federal law enforcement report warned that members of warring Mexican drug cartels may attend. El Paso officials complained, and after meeting with local and federal law enforcement, Cigarroa agreed Friday to allow the school to host the fight. El Paso officials welcomed the reversal but were frustrated by the alcohol ban at an event expected to draw more than 40,000 people. The ban “perpetuates the idea that our community is unsafe or that

El Pasoans and other attendees cannot be trusted if alcohol is available,” Rodriguez, who is from El Paso, wrote in the letter to the regents. The regents meet in Austin on Wednesday and Thursday. Cigarroa spokesman Anthony de Bruyn said the chancellor would have no comment Tuesday. The ban suggests local officials can’t handle security at large events and prevents the university from


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HAZEL, A NUDE maid, cleans a room in the Weymouth Resident Hall. The Lubbock Fantasy Maid Service has been in business for a couple months, offering maids, clothed or nude, to clean your residence.

MAY 2, 2012

making money from the fight, Rodriguez said. He predicted it would likely drive down ticket sales and promote offsite drinking that would be difficult to regulate. Rodriguez said he was unaware of similar alcohol restrictions placed by Cigarroa or the regents on other events hosted at university facilities. Both Texas-El Paso and the University of Texas in Austin hosted televised boxing matches in recent weeks.

This establishment, Texas Tech University & The Daily Toreador do not encourage underage drinking or alcohol abuse.

Page 4 Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Revealed: Truth about caffeine use Jakob Reynolds best addiction you can have, though it is probably one of the most maligned. I couldn’t possibly tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say coffee stunts your growth, or claim caffeine has one bad health effect or another. So I’ve decided, in honor of finals week, I should dispel some myths about caffeine in order to set at ease the minds of those who share my addiction to it. First, coffee does not stunt your growth. The myth claiming it did originated in an early study on caffeine, linking caffeine consumption with reduced bone

mass. However, all of the participants who developed osteoporosis were elderly folks with diets low in calcium or unusual vitamin D metabolism rates. More recent studies on healthy adults and adolescents have shown no such health effects. So, while this old wives tale may be a good excuse to not give overly-hyper children uber-caffeinated beverages, there is zero scientific evidence to support this preposterous claim. Another myth about coffee is that while it makes you more productive, it has negative effects on your health. The truth is caffeine has to be one of the

most researched chemicals on the market and has shown virtually no negative health effects in scientific studies on healthy adults. In fact, multiple naturally occurring compounds found in coffee have been shown to reduce the risk for several ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, cardiovascular disease, gout, cancer, type-2 diabetes, gallstones and Park i n s o n ’s d i s ease. It has also been shown to prevent liver failure, boost the effectiveness of painkillers and improve cognitive performance — particularly in short-term recall, choice reaction time and verbal memory. So, not only does it alleviate

Coffee is quite possibly the best addiction you can have ...


s finals loom ever closer, don’t be surprised if you see the guy in the mugshot for this column with an ever-present mug of coffee in his hand. I — along with what I’m sure is the vast majority of Texas Tech students — will readily admit the last week-and-a-half of the semester is by far the most physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting. Fortunately, though, there as a substance immensely helpful in alleviating the stress incurred by completing numerous research papers and studying for tests that can potentially determine whether or not we pass our classes — and it’s not alcohol. I am, of course, referring to the glorious brown liquid that is coffee and the magical chemical it contains — caffeine. Coffee is quite possibly the

the migraines you will undoubtedly receive from lengthy class review sessions, but it will also boost your brain- function on your tests. Detractors of coffee will point out that it is true caffeine is actually a natural insecticide, making it technically a lethal toxin. However, it is virtually harmless to humans. After all, caffeine was produced by plants to keep 2-gram insects from munching on them, not to prevent 100-kilogram primates from boiling and drinking them. The lethal dose of caffeine for humans is 150-200 mg per kg. In terms of regular coffee, that’s about 80-100 8-ounce cups. The only deaths on record resulting from caffeine overdose were from diet pill use, pep pills and stupid people who ingested it in pure form. The only possible drawback of

coffee and caffeine is unlike fake “addictions,” like smartphones and the Internet, coffee and caffeine is a real, physical addiction with real withdrawal symptoms like irritability and headaches. However, since caffeine releases dopamine — a chemical that gets rid of headaches and makes you happy and less stressful — there is no real reason to give it up. So, now that we all know drinking coffee is most certainly not like making a pact with the devil where you get to be more productive, but the grim reaper moves your appointment up a few years, it’s time to go do well on our finals and enjoy a guilt-free cup of Joe or two. Or three.

Reynolds is a sophomore history and music major from Lubbock. ➤➤

US, China relations Fact checking Keystone XL Pipeline stiffen on dissidents GUEST COLUMN

pipelines. That is why it is easy to claim a spill from the Keystone Pipeline will not cause damage to the Ogallala. In discussing the Keystone Pipeline, there have been some concerns that the government will seize private property for public use. There is some truth to this, but also a lot of misunderstanding. The process, known as eminent domain, is the power of a government entity to take private lands with just compensation. The Fifth Amendment guarantees the government will never take private real estate without just compensation, while the 14th Amendment extends the power of eminent domain to individual state governments with the same guarantee of just compensation. It is true there have been cases where this power has been abused. It is a sad truth, but we live and learn. The landowner will be paid fair market value for the seized right of way and may retain control of the surface after construction. The last area I will address is the claim of a lack of permanent jobs created. In all truth, is there ever a truly permanent job? Should a new college graduate not look for a job because there is a chance he or she may lose the job within a year? There is always a chance someone will lose their job, so you should to take all the opportunities you can. Since the entire Keystone Pipeline failed to get approval, it has been broken up into two legs. The northern leg will begin construction in early 2013, if approved by the federal govern-

... it is easy to claim a spill from the Keystone Pipeline will not cause damage to the Ogallala.


Everyone has their own opinions on the Keystone XL Pipeline, and along the way there have been several key misrepresentations. I would like to set the record straight on four key points. A lot of the opposition to the pipeline comes from environmental groups concerned about the damage development of the Alberta Tar Sands will have on the environment. The tar sand is sand and rock material containing crude bitumen — a heavy, viscous form of crude oil. Oil sands are found primarily in the Athabasca region of northern Alberta, Canada and in areas of Venezuela. Bitumen is extracted and processed using two methods. The first method is clearing large areas of land, trees and brush, then removing the topsoil and clay to mine the oil sand beneath. This method is very similar to strip mining and has been a controversial issue for many years. The second method is situ, where steam is injected deep within the earth to separate viscous bitumen from the sand and pump it up to the surface. These were the original ways companies would mine oil sands. However, new technology has

greatly lessened environmental damage caused by previous production methods. With these new technologies, companies have shifted focus to deeper areas that can be accessed by drilling wells instead of surface mining. Another environmental concern is potential damage to the Ogallala Aquifer. For those of you unfamiliar with the Ogallala, it is a massive underground aquifer reaching 174,000 miles from South Dakota to Texas. There is no reason for this concern. For proof, you need only to look at a map of existing pipeline in the United States. The U.S. has nearly 25,000 miles of pipeline already crossing the Ogallala. It is easy to find documented evidence of leaks that have occurred along these 25,000 miles. However, in the entire time these pipelines have been in existence, there has never been one documented case of damage to the Ogallala Aquifer caused by a spill from these


Editor-in-Chief Jose Rodriguez Managing Editor Brett Winegarner News Editor Caitlan Osborn La Vida Editor Kassidy Ketron Opinions Editor Chris Leal Sports Contact

ment, and will take nearly 2 1/2 years to finish construction. Construction on the southern leg of the pipeline has already begun and completion is expected in 1 1/2 years. A 2008 study from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics tracked several men and women from the time they were 16 to age 44. The study found men changed jobs an average of 10.6 times and women an average of 10.45 times within the 28-year span. If you divide 10.6 and 10.45 by 28, you get roughly 2.5 years for the average time a man or woman between the ages of 16 and 44 will stay in a job. If a person was to work on an area of the Keystone Pipeline from now until the expected completion date in 2015, they would have close to 2 1/2 years of work, or the equivalent of the average U.S. job turnover rate. The average American worker makes $47,000 a year. The average salary for someone working on the pipeline is $73,000 a year. The Keystone Pipeline is expected to create jobs until its completion in approximately three years. Following this logic, a person working on the Keystone Pipeline will make a projected $78,000 more during the three-year period than the average U.S. worker. Beyond that, the influx of new people and revenue to every community along or near the Keystone Pipeline will cause an economic boom for communities and states. These are the facts on the Keystone XL Pipeline. We need to view all arguments solely on facts and not on opinions. If this subject interests you, I would encourage you to see every side of the argument before forming your opinion on the Keystone Pipeline.


The relationship between China and the United States has been tenuous to say the least. As China has risen as an economic powerhouse, the nature of globalization has meant that maintaining relations with the country is of utmost importance. However, in the political sphere, the United States has previously condemned China’s neglect of human rights and heightened censorship, especially concerning dissidents. Recent events could potentially further strain the delicate relationship. An article published by TIME on Monday reported that Chen Guangcheng, a blind dissident who recently fled house arrest, is allegedly hiding from Chinese official in either the U.S. embassy or diplomatic residence. The situation’s outcome is uncertain; if the United States allows Guangcheng to remain on its property, it has to eventually grant him asylum and permit him to flee the country. If not, Guangcheng has to return to Chinese ground and face whatever the consequences

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West is a senior energy commerce major from Lubbock. ➤➤

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may be. However, there are also reputations at stake. If the United States allows the Chinese authorities to seize Guangcheng, this could set a precedent or passivity when faced with potential violations of human rights. Conversely, if the United States grants asylum, another precedent is set, one in which other dissidents could believe that by running to an American embassy, they will automatically be granted complete freedom and refuge. The layers of complexity that enshroud the situation encompass much more than one dissident seeking political freedom. There is no doubt that China’s rise to supremacy would continue when the nation decides to solidify an understanding with its people. Understandably, China will be eager to stand its ground on this issue to appear powerful in the global community. Nevertheless, remaining stubborn to save face would not be viewed favourably by other nations. In addition, the United States must be careful not to intrude on the internal affairs of another country to the extent where actions may be seen as oppressive. As the situation unfolds, an unfortunate reality is that both countries may not be able to emerge satisfied.

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La Vida

Page 5 Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tech student interns with Tech alumnus, filmmaker By HALLIE DAVIS STAFF WRITER

In Lubbock, it is not too hard to find a fellow Red Raider. However, junior Alexandria Hill met up with one in a far more unlikely place: Canada. For a week, Hill, an electronic media and communications major from Mesquite, worked with Texas Tech alumnus Keith Samples, a director of more than 25 movies and TV episodes, on his upcoming movie. Hill had been interested in a career as a producer and after speaking with professors in the College of Mass Communications she was put in contact with Samples. After a few weeks of emailing, the two lost touch. “He had given me his number,” she said, “and he said, ‘Call me.’” So when Hill began to search for an internship, she took Samples up on the offer. She said she had already planned out the message she would leave on his machine, but, to her surprise, he answered the phone. “It all happened so fast,” she said. “By the end of the week, I had my itinerary and flights scheduled.” With her mother by her side, Hill traveled to Winnipeg, Manitoba, to assist with the pre-production of Samples’ latest work, a thriller set in the forest.



“We’re just going to have a lot of people come to relax at this event,” he said. “They can just have something fun to do right before the semester ends and they go into the summer.” Students also use the event to organize study groups in preparation for exam week, Ray said.

Each day, Hill said, she worked with a different department on the pre-production, spending a day with art direction, a day with the assistant producers and a day by Samples’ side learning about a director’s job before filming. “He was really nice,” she said, “and he made sure I wasn’t just getting people’s coffee, but that I was learning and working.” The trip was amazing, Hill said, and it changed her mind about her future. After working with Samples, she said, she has set her goals on directing rather than producing. Samples said Hill will have a long road ahead. Samples graduated from Tech in 1977 with a degree in journalism. He said he liked Tech, but he knew he had to move to Los Angeles to pursue his goals. “It was an overall good education,” he said. “As far as the film portion, that came later.” After the move to Los Angeles, he said, he jumped right into the movie business. Since then, he has directed episodes of numerous shows including “Dawson’s Creek” and produced many movies, ranging from “It Takes Two” with the Olsen twins to “Walking Tall” which starred Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The film he is working on now is

a haunting ghost story, he said, but it is not necessarily a horror movie. He hopes to enter it into film festivals and to have it released in the fall. While in Canada, Hill and Samples worked on location, setting everything up for the filming and doing other behind-the-scenes tasks required before the movie can even go into production. “The process of making a movie is fulfilling,” Samples said, “but it’s not always glamorous.” Hill said the chance to work with Samples in such a direct way was a great experience and her mother, Detra Hill, echoed the same thought, saying Samples’ interaction was invaluable. Besides the actual work, Detra Hill said her daughter learned a lot about Los Angeles and got advice on her future. “He was very pleasant and encouraging,” Detra Hill said. “I’m glad she had the opportunity.” Samples called the experience eyeopening and said he was glad to spend time with Alexandria Hill. “I hadn’t had any hands-on experience yet,” Alexandria Hill said. “The fact that my first hands-on experience was actually going to a film and getting to help with that — I thought it was amazing.”

“People can show up there and they can meet other people and sometimes they’ll meet people that they were studying with for finals,” he said. “They can actually find study groups that way too.” Repetition seems to be the formula for success for TAB, Ray said, so the activities will be the exact same from last semester so everyone who enjoyed the event will be able to enjoy it again. “Everyone always loves R&R night

just because it doesn’t really take much involvement,” he said. “You can show up there. If you just want to get a drink and leave you can do that. If you want to play some games, meet some people, then you can do that. You put whatever amount of effort that you choose.” “It’s just a night for students to come out and relax before finals,” said Alyssa Singleton, a junior biology major from San Antonio. “We’re providing snacks along with free



ALEXANDRIA HILL, A junior electronic media and communications major from Mesquite, went to Canada during spring break and worked on the pre-production team for a horror film directed by Keith Samples, a Tech alumnus.

Scantrons and blue books and other fun activities.” Singleton said TAB will offer free massages by masseuses from the Robert H. Ewalt Student Recreation Center. “It’s honestly just going to be really chill and laid back,” she said. “Last semester, it was nice to see people that are strangers just kind of talking and mingling and meeting new people.” ➤➤

Tony nominations are spread out but ‘Once’ leads NEW YORK (AP) — There was something for virtually everyone to smile about on Broadway on Tuesday after 30 of 37 shows this season got at least one Tony Award nomination. The folks at “Once” had the most reason to celebrate tonight at their working bar on stage. The musical based on the lowbudget 2006 film about an unlikely romance between a Czech flower seller and an Irish street musician in Dublin earned a leading 11 nominations, including nods for best musical, for both its lead actors, its book, lighting, sound, choreography and its set, which offers the audience real drinks before the show in a replica pub. “’Once’ constantly surprises me. I think it’s the power of the music and the storytelling that people connect with,” said John Tiffany, who was nominated for best director of a musical. Two other big winners were Disney and the Gershwin estate: Two musicals using George and Ira Gershwin songs — “The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess” and “Nice Work If You Can Get It” — each got 10 nominations. And “Peter and the Starcatcher,” a play about the origins of Peter Pan coproduced by Disney Theatrical Productions earned nine nominations, while Disney’s energetic song-and-dance musical “Newsies” got eight nods. Christian Borle, the “Smash” star who was nominated for his hysterical performance as Black Stash in “Peter and the Starcatcher,” was preparing to go on with a big smile on his face. “It’s been an amazing day. So, really, I could get hit by a bus right now and think it was a net gain.” Later this summer, “Once,” ‘’Nice Work If You Can Get It,” and “Newsies” will compete for the title of best new musical with a surprise entry — “Leap of Faith,” which was ravaged by critics. “Ghost the Musical,” an import from London with songs by mega producers Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard, failed to get nominated in the best musical category. The fall revival of Stephen Sondheim’s “Follies” got eight nominations, setting up a face-off in the best revival category with “The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess,” which Sondheim had criticized for messing with a classic. The nominations, picked by 22 theatre professionals, were announced at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday by Kristin Chenoweth and Jim Parsons. The actual awards will be broadcast on CBS from the Beacon Theatre on

June 10. Neil Patrick Harris, the star of “How I Met Your Mother,” will be the host. Broadway’s most expensive show, the $75 million “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,” got only two nominations, for best scenic design and costume. The

show, a former punch-line, is now a topearning hit and a spokesman shrugged off the snub. “Even without a nomination for best musical, we can assure you that the audiences this week will love the show just as much as they did last week,” Rick

Miramontez said. The best new play category is very strong and includes “Clybourne Park” by Bruce Norris, “Other Desert Cities” by Jon Robin Baitz, “Peter and the Starcatcher” by Rick Elice, and David Ives’ “Venus in Fur.”


MAY 2, 2012




Page 7 Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Champion Mavericks head Popovich NBA Coach of Year home trailing Thunder 2-0 OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Last postseason, Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks rode a wave of late-game comebacks to win the franchise’s first NBA title. Now the Oklahoma City Thunder are showing the Mavs how it feels to be on the other side. Russell Westbrook scored 29 points, Kevin Durant added 26 in an off-shooting performance and Oklahoma City clawed out a 10299 victory over Dallas on Monday night to take a 2-0 lead in their first-round Western Conference playoff series. The Mavericks led in the final minute in both road games so far, but couldn’t even manage a split as the Thunder gutted out two wins by a total of four points. “We just haven’t made enough plays. It is tough, there’s no question about it,” Mavericks coach

Rick Carlisle said. “We’ve had opportunities and we haven’t cashed in. They’ve made one more play than we have in both games. That’s how playoff basketball is.” Durant hit two free throws with 50.4 seconds left to give Oklahoma City a 98-97 lead, and reserve James Harden hit all four of his foul shots after that to close it out for the Thunder. Jason Terry missed two 3-point attempts from the left wing in the final 5 seconds that could have tied it and set up overtime. Instead, the defending champs head back home facing what amounts to a must-win Game 3 on Thursday night in Dallas. “That’s really all we need right now is to get on the board on Thursday,” said Nowitzki, who led Dallas with 31 points but missed both his shots in the final 75

seconds. “I still think the guys are upbeat, even though we’re down 2-0. The guys know that we’re right there. We’re still in this if we get the game on Thursday.” If not, the Thunder will take a big step toward avenging last year’s 4-1 loss in the Western Conference finals. “Obviously, they have been here last year so they know what it takes,” Harden said. “We’ve made it pretty far, so we know what it takes. “It’s going to be a battle.” Durant put the Thunder ahead to stay after salvaging two key points with Oklahoma City inbounding the ball with only 2.6 seconds left on the shot clock. He grabbed the inbounds pass from Harden while headed toward the sideline, and Terry was called for a foul for bumping him.

SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Gregg Popovich can’t win like the old days. No longer can the San Antonio Spurs simply feed Tim Duncan the ball, let their defense do the rest and ride that game plan to NBA championships. But the new way Popovich has them winning isn’t bad, either. That acknowledgment came Tuesday when Popovich was honored as the NBA’s Coach of the Year after leading San Antonio to 50 wins and the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference. The Spurs defied naysayers who have

written them off as too old since their last title in 2007 and did so in a lockout-shortened season that tested every coach when it came to managing minutes and finding practice time. “If you can draft David Robinson and follow that up with Tim Duncan, that’s a couple of decades of very, very possible success unless you just screw it up,” Popovich said. “So it’s hard to take credit when circumstances have gone your way so consistently.” Popovich also won the award in 2003 when San Antonio won

its second of four championships, and he might be headed for a fifth ring if the Spurs keep this up. They’re doing it partly thanks to a supporting cast of rookies and former NBA no-names that Popovich has turned into a surprise frontrunner. He whipped them into winners quickly. After a bumpy 12-9 start, the Spurs lost just seven more games the rest of the season. “Pop has done a terrific job molding a mix of experience and inexperience,” Spurs general manager R.C. Buford said.

Pettitte recalls Clemens conversation about HGH WASHINGTON (AP) — Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens sat some 20 feet apart, Pettitte on the witness stand and Clemens at the defense table trying to avoid going to jail. The topic: a remark about human growth hormone Pettitte recalled hearing from his longtime teammate, mentor and workout partner a dozen years ago. “Roger had mentioned to me that he had taken HGH,” Pettitte testified. “And that it could help with recovery, and that’s really all I remember about the

conversation.” The rest of the details are fuzzy. Pettitte went on acknowledge that the words were said in passing during an intense workout. It’s a conversation that Clemens has famously claimed that Pettitte “misremembers.” The right-hander on trial who won 354 major league games and the lefty on the stand with 240 wins had an awkward reunion Tuesday, Day 8 in the retrial of charges that Clemens lied when he told Congress in

2008 that he never used steroids or HGH. Pettitte’s appearance enlivened the proceedings and came without warning. The government interrupted testimony from the trial’s first witness to call Pettitte just before noon. Wearing a gray suit, he walked into court a day after allowing six runs and 10 hits with eight strikeouts over 5 2-3 innings in an extended spring training game in Clearwater, Fla., as part his comeback attempt at age 39 with the New York Yankees.

$5,500-$10,000 PAID EGG DONORS.

PART TIME helper wanted sanding and refinishing hardwood floors. Call Jess 787-2613

25TWENTY: SUBLEASING 4BR/4BA Apt fully furnished with Kitchen, Living room and all appliances from 15th May until 6th August for $600 total

All Races. N/Smokers, ages 19-27, SAT>11/ACT>24/GPA>3.0 Reply to:


Hiring - Cocktails, Bartenders, Hosts. Wednesday college night. $12 buckets, $3 You-call-it, free pong tournament, cash prizes, 1/2 price appetizers 3-6pm Monday-Friday. 5027 50th Street 796-2240


Needs motivated people to join fast moving team! Need Income? Energy? Weight loss? Inspiration? 806.745.5848 @SparkFit180


Apply online or 4 locations: 82nd & Slide, 4th & Slide, 82nd & Iola and 82nd & University. BLUE MESA GRILL/The Roof @ RaiderPark -Now Hiring all positions front and back of the house. Looking for experienced, energetic, and reliable individuals. Apply in person @ 2522 Marsha Sharp Fwy. No phone calls please. 11th Floor/ 3-5PM MON-FRI


St. Luke’s Church is looking to hire part-time staff for the summer/fall. Hours vary/flexible- Sundays, Wednesdays, weekday evenings. Contact email resume


Hiring bartenders, cocktails, doormen for Free Texas Hold’em Thursday/Sunday and Free Pong Tournaments Tuesday 8PM. $12 Buckets. 56th & Ave. Q. 744-0183.


Part time sales associate needed for small furniture and accessories store. Responsibilities include checking out customers, answering phone calls, etc. We need someone for 2 to 3 afternoons per week and every other Saturday. We are flexible with school schedules. Store hours are M-F 10:00am-5:30pm, Sat 10:00am-5:00pm. Please drop off your resume at 4507 50th Street or e-mail it to PARTTIME EVENING house keeper needed. Paid weekly. Apply at 5127 34th Street. Ask for Bill. PLAINVIEW AREA agricultural consulting firm seeking students for summer positions. Excellent experience for agricultural, horticultural, or biological science majors. Competitive wage. Call 806-292-7416 SEEKING MOTIVATED individuals & self starters with a desire to succeed. Contact 8322123396 or 2102794981 SUMMER HELP needed. Lubbock Country Club is seeking certified lifeguards and poolside waitstaff. Excellent pay, flexible hours. Apply in person 3400 Mesa Rd. 762-0414.


THE GAS LIGHT Part-time and full-time wait staff needed. Apply in person after 4pm at 3502 Slide Road or 5212 57th Street. WANTED STUDENTS for summer work in agricultural research. 40 or more hours per week. No summer school. Call Dillon for interview appointment at 300-0586.

EARN $1000-$3200 a month to drive our new cars with ads.


EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS: customer service, production, delivery driver positions available May 815. Apply 8215 University Ave.

YWCA AFTERSCHOOL/SUMMER STAFF. Special needs education/experience required. Call Carolyn 792-2723 ext. 3217


TEGA seeks coach for successful growing girls competitive gymnastics team. Applicant must have coaching experience or high level competitive background. Apply at TEGA Kids Superplex, 7621 82nd Street, 806-866-9765,, KIDS SPORTS facility hiring Experienced Gymnastics, Sports & Summer Camp instructors for boys & girls. Must be responsible, positive & FUN! Visit or 795-7625. LAWN AND Garden Helper Needed for rentals now through summer. Must have good equipment. Contact BJ at 4211 34th.

Large 2 bedroom house available May 15th. Near 20th & Boston. $800/month. 795-2011. Call Ann or BJ 795-2011 or visit 4211 34th for more information. FURNISHED ROOM available at Retreat. May 21August 10. Private bedroom and bathroom in a 3 bedroom house. $640/month includes utilities and furniture. 281-479-5905 UNIV. TRAILS room available for fall. 4bedroom, 3taken, with private bath and large room. Preferred rate rent. Email if interested,


Near Tech for rent. 2813 36th St. Rear. $350/ month + deposit. Water included. No pets. 806795-4710. 1 BEDROOM 2415-B 21st St, Central Air & Heat, Saltillo Tile, Kitchen Appliances, Security System, Gardner. Lease 6/1/12 to 5/31/13 $450/mo (806) 632-4211

1, 2, 3 & 4 BEDROOMS

Pre-leasing houses now for summer/fall. Go to


TECH TERRACE. Pre-Lease Today For June 1st Occupancy.

MR. AQUARIUM accepting applications. All positions. 2523 34th. 2 BEDROOM 2 bath Available at The Grove. Available August. $505/month utilities included 432-2604103

Preleasing Now for June. Contact Joe 806-4410611 4/2 TWO story house. Close to Tech. 2004 17th. $1500/month. 806-441-0611 ADORABLE 3/2/1. Hardwood Floors. Close to Tech $925/month $400 Deposit. 806-549-0364 APARTMENT FOR Rent across from Tech at 2409 13th Street. Call Shannon 806-577-6027.


4/2/2+ Basement + Gameroom. PLUS 40”tv! NEWLY REMODELED! HARDWOOD FLOORS! Rent $2000 Deposit $500/per student. (806-319-5583)


2306 21st Rear. Will be shown 2:30-3:30 Saturday. One bedroom garage apartment. Alley enterance. Appliances with washer/dryer. Private parking, yard. Small pet considered. $385. 795-2011.


Great large two bedroom home. Three blocks off campus at 2321 21st. Will be shown Saturday Afternoon 1:30-2:30. $700/month, $350 per person. Garage, Large fenced yard, small pet considered, refrigerator, stove, washer/dryer, hardwood floors. Call Ann 795-2011.

2 BEDROOM 1 Bath. Central H/A. Fenced. One or Two Students. No pets. $500/month. $500 Deposit. 792-5347

CUTE REAR apartment. 1 bedroom. Private yard. 2204 29th rear. $400/month. Water paid. 806.535.1905.

2 BEDROOM/ 2 bath Mobile. Stove, refrigerator, washer/dryer, central heat & air, fenced yard. 701 CR 7200 ( 98th & Short Road) Controlled access. Available July 1. $600/month plus electricity. 806786-9193 or 806-799-8894

EFFICIENCY - nice and roomy, updated, w/d hookups, pet friendly. 1904 28th rear. $350 plus electric. 806-441-0611

2 BLOCKS from campus. 2420 21st. 3 bedroom 2 bath. Hardwood floors. Fireplace. $950/month. 806.778.4273.

Pre-leasing now. Go to or go by Tech Terrace Real Estate office at 2607 Boston Ave (26th/Boston).

2/1 HOUSE near campus. Central H/A. Security System. Washer/dryer connections. 2311-32nd. $650/month, $400/deposit. 544-3600, 787-2323.

HOUSE FOR Rent. 2/1, close to Tech, AC, washer, fenced yard. Pets ok (with deposit). $600 + utilities. 2117 22nd St. Call 773-9759

2218-15TH #C, 1 Bedroom, 1 bathroom, central heat & air, washer/dryer, close to Tech, $450. Call (806)543.4223. 3/2 LARGE House with lots of updates. More info & pics 806-441-0611

NEAR TECH 2/1. Hardwood floors. Central heat and air. W/D hookups. Water paid. $650/month. 2205 26th. 806.535.1905. NEWLY REMODELED 1,2,3,4 & 5 bedroom homes. Convenient to Tech. 771-1890.


HOUSES FOR RENT, NEAR TECH! 3 AND 4 BEDROOMS! EVERY HOME COMES WITH 40” TV ! CALL NOW ! (806) 319-5583 NICE APARTMENTS and HOUSES 1/2 Block from Tech on 14th and 15th streets. Clean, Convenient, Comfortable, Reasonable, Free Parking 762-1263 NICE RENT houses now available. 3 and 2 bedroom houses near campus. See descriptions and photos at or call 7960774. OUTSIDE SALES Associates Needed in Lubbock and surrounding areas. Base Pay + Commissions + Bonuses Part time and Full time available Call Jason @ 806-570-6020


LOVELY LARGE 1 Bedroom garage apartment. Two blocks off campus. Tech Terrace. Available May 30th. $400 per person. Refrigerator, Stove, Washer/Dryer, Private Parking, Ally Enterance. 2620 B 21st. Call Ann to view 795-2011, 4211 34th

MONEY FOR TEXTBOOKS! Sell your books back at the Red & Black Bookstore for the guaranteed most money. Free beer & margaritas during finals (must be 21). 6th and University behind the Chili’s. NORTHLUBBOCKSTORAGE.COM Now leasing for summer! Drive-up or Climate Control units available. 2910 N. Frankford Ave. 806747-8673

YOUR GIFT MEANS THE WORLD Consider donating your eggs to help other women. Your time is worth $3500. The Centre for Reproductive Medicine. 788-1212.

1B/1B IN a 4/3 quiet house NW Lubbock. Furnished: lr, breakfast, kitchen, utility, sunroom, and patio.Sec, sys. $525mo.$250dep. Share util.Serious grad students. 806-797-1335

1998 JEEP Grand Cherokee 4WD Good Condition Selling To Best Offer E-mail for more.

50th & Q (behind United Supermarket) Climate & Dust Controlled Unit. Student Discounts. Reserve online today. or call Phillip 767-9777


Buying any gold/silver jewelry. Any condition. Avery and others. Varsity Jewelers 1311 University.


Officially licensed rings. Men’s from $745. Women’s from $445. Varsity Jewelers. 1311 University.


Quick, easy professional moving. Reasonable prices. Local or long distance. Boxes, supplies, paper, etc. Serving all Texas cities. Free estimate on the phone. 4211 34th. Call 799-4033.



$1 off 30 packs and 18 packs Fridays and Saturdays. 10% off all liquor with Tech ID. Free ice with purchase. 7 minutes east of campus on Broadway. Just past the frisby golf course at Mckenzie park. Broadway and Martin Luther King. Come party with us. 744-4542. This establishment, Texas Tech, and The Daily Toreador do not encourage underage drinking or alcohol abuse.

OM THREADING, NAILS AND SPA 4505 34th St. Eyebrows Threading $8, Nails $25, Facial $50, Pedi/mani $30, Schlack Nails $20, Haircut $10. 806-771-0160.


to be yourself... Lynnwood Townhomes. Garages with 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes. Private baths, fenced yards, pets ok. Free cable and Internet. Onsite management and maintenance. 785-7772.


Free chicken fried steak included Super Cheapist :) Cell 781-2931. More Information

PRELEASING PROPERTIES for July, August, Septemeber Call 806-241-2227 for more information. 2207 20th, available July 1st, 1000 sq. ft, 2/1. Rent $750, deposit $300; 2425 21st Front, available August 1, 1100 sq. ft, 3/1, Rent $1050, deposit $600; 2425 21st, rear, available September 1st, 265 sq. ft. Efficiency, Rent $325, deposit $200; 1914 25th Front, available August 1st, 2430 sq. ft. 4/2 house, Rent $1600, deposit $900; 1914 25th Rear, available August 1st, 500 sq. ft. 1/1 house, Rent $400, deposit $250; 4214 46th, available August 1st, 2067 sq. ft. 3/2/2 house, Rent $1200, deposit $800.


1,2,3&4 Bedroom homes. Walk to Tech. No dogs. Owner/Realtor@

2119-17TH 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, hardwood floors, washer/dryer, central heat and air, fireplace, fenced yard, close to Tech, $950. Call (806)543.4223.

MARKETING ASSISTANT wanted for rentals now through summer. Near Tech. Afternoons 1-5. Online experience helpful. Come by 4211 34th. Near 34th and Quaker. Or call BJ at 795-2011


Tech Terrace homes. Prelease for July & August. Please come by our office see BJ at 4211 34th for info 795-2011.

2/2 TRIPLEX All Bills & Cable paid! $900/mo, close to Tech 2315 25th, updates.806-441-0611

LAWN WORKER needed. 2-3 days/week(12-15 hours). Can work your own hours. Pickup needed. Chris 806-543-9966.

NEED SUMMER Cash? Genghis Grill looking for wait staff. Flexible Hours. Apply in store 3pm-5pm


4 BEDROOM, 4 Bath, 3 Car Garage townhomes for $1,600. It includes the cable, internet, washer/dryer and lawn care. Please call 806-448-1321 for more information.


Closest storage facility to campus. Reserve online today. or call Jeff 744-3636. ALLAMERICANSTORAGE.COM Rates $10 and up. Free truck. 24/7 Rental station. Clean. 5839-49th 792-6464


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SELFSTORAGEOFLUBBOCK.COM Make your storage arrangements before everyone else does. Choose from 7 high security locations, with great prices. Reserve online today at


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