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Hi! I’m Betman! I'm a lot like you and your friends. I like to play and color and learn new things. I wear this mask and cape because I am a Jewish superhero. I know all the letters of the Hebrew alphabet— the ALEF-BET. You can be a Jewish superhero, too.


That's why the arrow is pointing this way!

‫א‬ ‫ג‬ ‫בּב ד‬ ‫ל‬ ‫י‬ ‫כּכ מ‬ ‫צ‬ ‫שׁ‬ ‫ר‬ ‫ק‬ ‫שׂ‬ Gi




A l ef

t D a le


Lame d


M em


Ka f



Si n

Sh i n



These are the letters of the Alef-Bet. In English, we read from left to right. In Hebrew, we read from right to left. Every time you learn a new letter, come back to this page and color it in.

‫ה ו ז חט‬ ‫נס עפּ פ‬ ‫תּ‬ Za y






Sa m e k





Ay i n


When all of the letters are colored in you will be a Jewish superhero, too, because you will know all of the letters of the ALEF-BET.


Betman’s Book of

Hebrew Letters By Ira J. Wise Icon Art Lisa Rauchwerger Betman created and drawn by Joel Lurie Grishaver Computer Letters by Alan B. Rowe

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I think the foot on the left looks like it is ready to kick a field goal.

This is the Hebrew letter TAV. It has two legs and a roof.

The foot on the left looks like it is tapping.


 Tav is the first letter of the word TORAH. The TORAH is the scroll of the law. It teaches us how to become the best people we can be. It also tells the stories of how the Jewish family began and grew into a nation.


 This is a TAPU’AH. Tav also begins the word TAPU’AH. Do you know what makes a TAPU’AH Jewish?


Circle all of the letters that match the letter on the right.

   

   

   

   

   

   

Put an X through the letter that is not the same. Good going! If you’ve made it to this page, hang TAV and turn back to pages 2 and 3 and color in the Tav.

   

   

   

   

    8



This SHIN belongs to my friend Emo. It has a lot of f�eling. After all, it is Emo’s SHIN.

SHHHHHHH!!!!! is the sound of our new letter SHIn. Some people think that the SHIn was once a picture of teeth. 9

 SHABBAT is one word that begins with SHIn. Jewish families welcome SHABBAT every friday by blessing the candles, the wine and the HAllAH.


 This bird is the dove of peace. In Hebrew the word for peace is SHALOM. SHALOM in a SHIN word. We also use SHALOM to say hello and goodbye.


 SHOFAR is another SHIN word! On ROSH HA-SHANAH and YOM KIPPUR, Jews listen to the sound of the SHOFAR—the ram’s horn.


Circle all of the letters that match.

   

   

   

   

   

   

Put an X through the letter that is not the same.


(Kowabunga is getting old.) When you have fi nished, turn to pages 2 and 3 and color in the SHIN.


   

   

   

   

   

Betman Book of Hebrew Letters  

With puns, jokes, and a great deal of joy, Betman introduces the Hebrew Alef-Bet to beginning Hebrew students. Each lesson begins with the n...

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