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When it’s Time for a Home Office 3 Beyond-theOffice Activities to Inspire A Creative Business Boom


to Attract Future Clients







n Britt, Broker/Owner of Realty World 7 angle Living in Raleigh, North Carolina sses more than two decades of experihelping her clients achieve the American m. Shawn is a Raleigh Native, ranked in the 1% of triangle agents since 1999, expermarket knowledge, negotiation skills, ledge of law, resources, local customs, ngenuity. Top Agent Shawn has become a to be reckoned with in the Triangle region e Tar Heel State. CYNTHIA PENSIERO-DEFAZIO



my sign’ and I started working in real 23 ANG full-time.” In the twenty years since, has accrued multiple awards, Fifteen includin ye ing a place in the Realty WorldinHall searchoff lenge.the She and recognition for being among c role that w ny’s Top Ten Producers nationally, ran ers, while the Top 5 in Triangle Business Journa out in the of lists, is a member and former co-c real estate the Top Producers Council, and m for is heraski to make and former officer of the Luxury Homt Since then keting Group. ANGELA BROWN

career as tion for in Supported by a small, equally-dedicate a diligent

wn’s success in the world of real estate that includes her mother, and having so s almost pre-ordained. “I’ve always been over $425 million, Shawn to break records ested in real estate,” she says. “My father, grandfather, Today, continues Angela is based in Archdale, serves the Piedmont TriadCary, of Greensbo angle communities that include Raleigh, Morr ncle were all builders.” As her father often built and sold CONTENTS Point, as well as the counties of Rando Wake Forest, Clayton, Apex, Knightdale, Holly Sprin ouses they lived in growing up, moving became quite banner of Ed Price Realtors, Angela s Fuquay-Varina. ne for Shawn and her family. “I’m more familiar with the support of two dedicated in-office nner working of a home than most because I understand career thus far, she ha 4)process, CONNECT 13)Shawn, WHEN Shawn’s IT’S fierce commitment 19)her3 fifteen-year BEYOND-THEto her clients hasand resulted onstruction design,BEYOND cost and timing.” her business through repeat referra REAL ESTATE TIME FOR Areputation HOMEas Realtor OFFICE ACTIVITIES TO who can be trusted to consistentl holds a Bachelor of ScienceTO in Electrical Engineering staying power as a consummate profes at work her success, Angela cite ATTRACT FUTURE OFFICE INSPIRE A CREATIVE her client’s needs front and behind center during every trans a minor in Business Management from North Carolina hensive client care “I advise each one of my clients asand if abiding myselfhonest or a University, was working for Motorola in Atlanta. She CLIENTS BUSINESS BOOM drivers of her professional style. “I go member were buying or selling a home,” she says. ooking for something to do in the evenings, so “I went she explains. “I’ve always lived by th hool to obtain my Real Estate license. Six months later benefit from my 20+right years experience, andofput your clients knowing first—you’lth ccepted a position in Raleigh as an Outside Sales perlike the back of my hand, myalways negotiation skills, my i what I’ve tried to do, whether edge of law, my resources, my awareness of local cu or Nu Horizons Electronics and began selling real estate and my ingenuity.” Angela also counts herself an extrem ime. “Then the dotcom crash happened in I was selling putting in long hours from morning u omes a year ” she explains, “and I thought, ‘okay, there’s clientele. “I’ve always been a hard w Phone 888-461-3930 | Fax 310-751-7068 This has resulted in a busin treating people right,” she explains. “ | based on morningis and the almost last oneentirely to leave—a and that referred “I don’ No portion of this issue may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever without prior consent ofeverything the publisher. Top Agent needsclients. to be done for Magazine is published by Feature Publications GA, Inc. Although precautions are taken to ensure the accuracy of published a lot of time marketing more, Angela makes a concerted, syst materials, Top Agent Magazine cannot be held responsible for opinions expressed or facts supplied by its authors. with her clients for the long haul. ex R new clients,” Shawn To subscribe or change address, send inquiry to are the “Instead, centerpiece Ioffocus her business mo on my Published in the U.S. client base. The right agent all the difference in the wor 2

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Shawn professes a true ap

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to Attract Future Clients What kind of content are you sharing on your blog, website, and social media? Does most of it have something to do with buying or selling a home? While sharing the latest market information or tips on how to qualify for a mortgage, or when someone should buy or sell is important and demonstrates your value as a REALTOR®, it shouldn’t be the only subject you cover. If you only focus on real estate, you’ll be missing the chance to connect with future clients that might not be ready to move just yet. By sharing a lot

of industry-heavy content, you are only going to appeal to those who are currently in the market rather than a broad base of potential clients. To pull in those other future clients you want to provide fresh, interesting content that will appeal to those possible future clients that aren’t quite ready to move yet. However, you also want to still tie this content back into your business goals. So, how do you share content that will speak to a wider audience, but also still be relevant to your business?


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Talk About Your Philanthropic Activities

The philanthropic work you do to support your community says a great deal about who you are as a person. Many people will be attracted to working with you because of the charitable works you are involved with. While you may be hesitant to share these efforts because you feel it may come across as bragging, you also need to remember that sharing information about the charitable organizations you support will actually help those organizations. Many of them have small marketing budgets, so any free exposure you can give them helps to promote their cause. In fact, they want and need you to promote them. And you can promote them without coming across as a braggart. Focus your content entirely on the organization. Talk about why you support them, how they help the community, and how others can also get involved. This turns what could have been bragging into something that benefits everyone. n

Your Local Community

We humans are connected to each other through our community – our local sports teams, parks, churches, schools, and much more. What better way is there to connect with people in your community than to talk about your community? Demonstrate that you are an expert on your community, and bring that community to your followers. Share information about a local event; perhaps even share the actual event through live-stream video. Interview city officials to get the low-down on the latest development project. Share information with your followers about things they didn’t know about their community. Consult with local historians or the historical society to share interesting information about your community that your followers will want to read. You could even turn it into a series of podcasts or videos. n

Use Your Creativity to Connect

Find creative ways to engage your followers on the topic of real estate. Try engaging your followers in an interactive project such as posting photos of interesting front doors. Doors are the entry point into our homes as well as our private lives. The way we adorn our front door can give someone a sense of our style and personality. Ask followers to submit photos and choose one to post each Friday. Make sure to watermark each photo with your logo at the bottom and include an inspirational quote that ties back to the importance of home. You could also ask your followers to provide a little story or caption to go along with the photo that tells something about them and their home. These kinds of projects are interesting and unique, and clearly connect back to your business. n

Share Your Hobbies

Are you an adrenalin junkie who has bungee jumped from some of the tallest bridges in the world? Are you a foodie that grows your own organic vegetables and fruit? Do you have a Top Agent Magazine

5 Top Agent Magazine

secret passion for photography? Everyone has hobbies that they enjoy outside of work. When you look past the surface people become quite interesting. People also happen to find interesting people interesting, and tend to remember people based on their distinctive traits. We humans love discovering a person’s behind the scenes story, the mind behind the face. While you don’t want to talk too much about yourself, sharing pieces of your personal life and things that interest you can be a great way to connect with followers. By sharing interesting facts about your life, you will find that many followers will feel a strong, personal connection to you based on your hobbies and personal interests. n

Divulge Interesting Experiences

This is somewhat similar to the idea of sharing your hobbies. Sharing some of your more interesting personal experiences such as a fateful conversation with a stranger or an exciting adventure you had while in another country can be a great way to connect with followers as long as it also relates to some kind of life or business lesson. Talk about experiences you’ve had with clients or purchasing your own home. Experiences that relate to your business are great ways to connect with future clients in a manner that goes beyond the world of business. n

What and Who Inspires You

No matter what you’ve chosen to spend your life doing, you didn’t get there alone. You may have had a mentor that made a special impact on your life or someone already in the business that you looked up to and who perhaps inspired you to get into real estate. You may have found inspiration through a love of architecture or design. People want to know why others do the things they do. Sharing who or what influences you in your personal and business life is a great way to connect with followers. Recognizing that you didn’t get to where you are now by yourself shows humility, and talking about those people that had an influence on you shows others that you stay connected to the world and people around you. Connecting with potential clients is something that is essential to any REALTOR’S® business. If you’re doing the work to create interesting blog posts and make those connections, you want to make sure that you’re sharing the right kind of content to draw in those future clients. It takes a lot more than simply providing the latest market news. To get the most out of what you share, you need to provide a wide array of interesting content

that will draw in a broad range of followers. Providing the right kind of content can make all the difference when it comes to connecting with future clients and building the right kind of relationship with them right from the start. Connecting through your website or social media and sharing more than just real estate advice will help you build confidence and trust with future clients before you even meet them.


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CYNTHIA PENSIERO-DEFAZIO How did Cynthia Pensiero-Defazio become one of the most trusted names in luxury homes in Charlotte? In 2001, when Cynthia moved to Charlotte, she was looking for a new career that would allow her flexibility around her two-year old daughter’s preschool schedule. Since then she’s brought her business from a client base of people in her neighborhood, to Allen Tate Realtors©—a company with projected closings of $50 mil8Copyright Top Agent Magazine

lion! “It’s taken a lot of hard work and a lot of communication with past clients to build a great referral source,” she says with a humble smile. She and her full-time assistant and closing coordinator serve the South Charlotte area including Waxhaw, Marvin, Weddington, and Matthews. Eighty percent of her business comes from repeat and referral clients. “It’s the highTop Agent Magazine

est compliment an agent can receive,” she says. She’s relocation certified and the remainder of her customers are relocating from other areas. What keeps her clients coming back? “I would say my communication style. I’m very hands on with all of my clients,” Cynthia says. “We become friends. It’s not just about getting the transaction closed and seeing them move into their new home. For me, it’s a lifelong relationship building process. I get to see families grow and chilTop Agent Magazine

dren graduate from high school and go off to college.” She’s had past clients come to her whose first-born children are ready to buy a place of their own. “It’s incredible when you see that transition,” she says. Copyright Top Agent Magazine9

Cynthia stays on the cutting edge of marketing. She likes to constantly think of new, fresh ways to showcase her listings. “With so many properties on the market, I have to Copyright Top Agent Magazine Copyright 10

make sure that mine really stand out,” she says. She starts with high quality photographs as well as drone videos. She conducts a thorough, tailored campaign via social media and creates thoughtful video “walkthroughs” of each home. “It’s amazing how many people respond to online videos. They have been an invaluable resource for me,” she says. Recently a local builder asked her to create a video for one of their spec homes. “I took that as a high compliment as well.” She also posts each listing on the MLS and other major real estate websites. Top Agent Magazine

To stay in touch with past clients, Cynthia takes a personal approach. She makes a phone call or sends a handwritten note for birthdays, anniversaries or just to let them know she’s thinking of them. “I still think people enjoy receiving something in the mail other than a bill,” she says, “something someone has taken the time to write by hand.” Top Agent Magazine

Cynthia is certified through the Allen Tate luxury program. “Right now my listings are ranging from the $699,000 to the $869,990 price point,” she says. Currently she has 11 listings, including new construction homes, with several pending. What does she like most about her work? “It’s never the same day twice,” she says. “The new challenges Copyright Top Agent Magazine 11

and new blessings that come my way are what keep me thriving in this industry. I love what I do.” To give back to the community, Cynthia volunteers in children’s ministry at Calvary Church. In her free time, Cynthia loves being outdoors with her husband, family, and dogs. “It’s medicine for the soul,” she says. For the future she plans to continue growing her busi-

ness. “It’s an amazing feeling to have. I feel very blessed. I want my daughter to recognize that hard work does pay off.” She also wants to continue to make each client feel that they are her only client. Now those are worthy goals and ones that— with her dedication to her work, her family, and her clients—she’s sure to achieve.

To find out more about Cynthia Pensiero-DeFazio, email, call (980) 253 - 4549, or visit www.

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When It’s Time for a Home Office by Nancy Michaels

So, you’re tired of clearing your papers off the dining room table every time someone wants to eat (how dare they!). And you’re still recovering from the business call you were forced to take that time your 5-yearold pressed the phone into your hand just as you stepped from the shower (it’s amazing how professional one can sound while wrapped in a towel and dripping wet).

fairly easily for this purpose. Use bookcases, filing cabinets, plants, screens, even lighting to define your work space. It’s essential that you remain committed to your space as office space. Without this psychological distinction between home and work, the two areas of your life may slide into one another, causing you to lose focus, and thus, productivity.

Sounds like it’s time for a home Choose furnishings that are ergooffice. nomically correct, and which fit in with the decor of the rest of your Ideally, you’ll have a spare room to home. Lighting should come from turn into office space—preferably three sources: natural, ambient and one with a locking door. An extra direct. Give yourself enough storage bedroom, the basement, or attic can space to keep your work area all serve this purpose. If you don’t uncluttered. You may want to store have room for a dedicated office, your supplies in another part of the take a look around your house to see house, keeping just a week’s worth where you can carve yourself some in your office. And schedule a space. A closet, bedroom corner, weekly or biweekly cleanup where hallway alcove or even the area you go through your papers and files under a stairway can all be converted and either throw away or stow away Top Agent Magazine


anything that is not essential to the daily operation of your business.

event of a power failure. An uninterruptable power source supply is also a must for the home office. This will keep your computer running during a power outage until you’re able to safely shut it down.

Almost every business requires a computer system. Don’t skimp. You want something with enough speed and memory capacity to last into the future. A good-quality inkjet, or Another essential component of the preferably, a laser printer is also home office is telecommunications, essential. Investigate the all-in-one meaning telephone, fax and Internet printer, fax, copier and scanners. access. An account through an These may save you money as well Internet service provider or online as precious office space. I also service shouldn’t cost more than $20 recommend a computer backup per month and it will give you the system, which will protect the ability to send and receive e-mail. contents of your hard drive in the 14

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It’s essential that you remain committed to your space as office space. You’ll probably want more than one answering” from your phone comphone line, three if you’re using one pany. It’s just a few dollars a month line for a fax and modem hookup. and sounds more professional than It’s wise to invest in a business line, an answering machine, and which which allows you to list your won’t break down while you’re on business name and number in the vacation. phone book and with directory assistance. To keep costs down, use A home office can either improve that line for incoming calls only. If productivity, or harm it. You may find you don’t want the expense of a yourself doing paperwork at 2 a.m. business line, but can do without a when you should be sleeping, or repeat of the shower scene, order flipping to General Hospital at 3 p.m. “distinct ring” service from your when you should be working. It’s phone company. This is a separate helpful to treat your home office as phone number which rings into your you would an outside office, complete home line, but sounds different from with “starting” and “quitting” times. your normal ring. This alerts you This will help you stay focused, and family members to incoming organized, and productive. And your business calls. If you’re dishing up family will appreciate having their dinner or washing the dog, you’ll dining room table back. know to let your answering machine, or better yet, your electronic voice Nancy Michaels, of Impression Impact, mail system, grab the call. If you’re works with companies that want to reach in the shower, hopefully your 5- the small business community and with small business owners who want to sell year-old will know to do the same. more products and services. Copyright©, You may also want to order “call Nancy Michaels. All rights reserved. Top Agent Magazine


SHAWN BRITT Shawn Britt, Broker/Owner of Realty World – Triangle Living in Raleigh, North Carolina possesses more than two decades of experience helping her clients achieve the American dream. Shawn is a Raleigh Native, ranked in the Top 1% of triangle agents since 1999, expertise, market knowledge, negotiation skills, knowledge of law, resources, local customs, and ingenuity. Top Agent Shawn has become a force to be reckoned with in the Triangle region of the Tar Heel State. Shawn’s success in the world of real estate seems almost pre-ordained. “I’ve always been interested in real estate,” she says. “My father, grandfather, and uncle were all builders.” As her father often built and sold the houses they lived in growing up, moving became quite routine for Shawn and her family. “I’m more familiar with the inner working of a home than most because I understand the construction process, design, cost and timing.” Shawn, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Business Management from North Carolina State University, was working for Motorola in Atlanta. She was looking for something to do in the evenings, so “I went to school to obtain my Real Estate license. Six months later she accepted a position in Raleigh as an Outside Sales person for Nu Horizons Electronics and began selling real estate part-time. “Then the dotcom crash happened in I was selling 50 homes a year ” she explains, “and I thought, ‘okay, there’s

my sign’ and I started working in real estate full-time.” In the twenty years since, Shawn has accrued multiple awards, including earning a place in the Realty World Hall of Fame, and recognition for being among the company’s Top Ten Producers nationally, ranked in the Top 5 in Triangle Business Journal book of lists, is a member and former co-chair of the Top Producers Council, and is a member and former officer of the Luxury Home Marketing Group. Supported by a small, equally-dedicated team that includes her mother, and having sold well over $425 million, Shawn continues to break records in Triangle communities that include Raleigh, Cary, Morrisville, Wake Forest, Clayton, Apex, Knightdale, Holly Springs and Fuquay-Varina. Shawn’s fierce commitment to her clients has resulted in her reputation as Realtor who can be trusted to consistently place her client’s needs front and center during every transaction. “I advise each one of my clients as if myself or a family member were buying or selling a home,” she says. “They benefit from my 20+ years of experience, knowing the area like the back of my hand, my negotiation skills, my knowledge of law, my resources, my awareness of local customs, and my ingenuity.” This has resulted in a business that is based almost entirely on repeat and referred clients. “I don’t waste a lot of time marketing to find new clients,” Shawn explains. “Instead, I focus on my current client base. The right agent makes all the difference in the world.” Shawn professes a true appreciation for her clients, and one need look no further than her reviews on to see just how much that appreciation is reciprocated. Reads just one of dozens of perfect five-star reviews: “I have known and worked with Shawn for years, both with buying and


Copyright Top Agent Magazine

selling. She has a tremendous love for the business she is in, and it shows in everything: her attention to detail, her ethics, impeccable follow up, and personalized service. She is self-motivated and goal-oriented, and the recognition she is receiving as a top Realtor is proof of her commitment to the industry and her business.” Expert marketing, fierce negotiating, and a detail-oriented, engineer-like mind are just a few of the highly-effective tools in the arsenal Shawn employs to sell her listings quickly and for top dollar. Her genuine enthusiasm for what she does is evident as well. “I really enjoy helping people sell or buy their homes,” she says, her sincerity obvious. “I enjoy the camaraderie within the real estate community; lenders, and attorneys and builders. I enjoy the marketing side of it. I love coming up with creative strategies for marketing.” One example of this creativity and original thinking is her utilization of actual helicopter aerial photos as opposed to the more standard drone photography. Shawn’s past experience as part owner of a construction company also provides an edge over many of her competitors. “It really benefits my clients because I have a wealth of construction knowledge, which is priceless for my clients.”

Shawn feels strongly about giving back to the community that has supported her for so long, and to that end she is involved with multiple charitable organizations, including the Saving Grace Animal Rescue, SPCA the MS Society, American Red Cross, Board of REALTORS® Angel Tree Project, Meals on Wheels, American Cancer Society, Ronald McDonald House, Holiday Adopt-A-Family Project as well as attending many other charity events. When she isn’t working, Shawn enjoys traveling, exercising, dinner at her grandmother’s house, cuddling/playing with her Maltese baby Austin, live country music, beach, wine time and spending time with family and friends. Shawn’s plans for the future are fairly simple, and in keeping with her overall business ethos. “I will only grow cautiously to ensure our commitment to our clients while keeping a humanistic approach to our profession,” she says. “I really like where I’m at now. I want to continue our boutique model based on providing the best real estate experience to our repeat clients and referrals.”

For more information about Shawn Britt, please call 919-215-3263 or Visit www.

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3 Beyond-the-Office Activities to Inspire a Creative Business Boom Maintaining motivation year-round is a challenge, especially for those who are several years into a demanding real estate career. It’s easy to burn out, get stuck in a rut, or cycle blindly through a well-worn routine. But those that leave an impact on their industry understand that creativity holds the key to innovation and longevity. To stay ahead of Top Agent Magazine

the curve and build your brand, you’ve got to take the time to breathe new life into your practice and see things from a new angle. But where to begin? To invite change, you’ve got to look outside the box—or in this case, beyond the office. If you’re in need of a professional creative make-

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To stay ahead of the curve and build your brand, you’ve got to take the time to breathe new life into your practice and see things from a new angle. over, or at least want to experience a burst of inventive energy, consider some of the activities below. You may just shake up your routine, bend your brain in new ways, and inject some inspiration into your professional path.

Expand your mind through meditation. You’ve likely heard all about the supposed powers of meditation, and perhaps you’ve long considered it an over-hyped New Age invention. But did you know that some of the foremost entrepreneurs of our era practice this cost-free, mentally restorative routine? From Oprah Winfrey to Steve Jobs, practitioners of meditation cite its stress-relieving principles, in addition to improvements in concentration, energy, self-awareness, and overall health.


Even mainstream medicine is beginning to understand the preventative and restorative health benefits that meditation affords. As professional fields go, the mortgage and real estate industries require their fair share of emotional labor—you’re tasked with guiding clients through the investment of a lifetime. Meditation promotes peace and perspective, while reducing stress, adding a new level of self-awareness, and helping you mentally declutter. When it comes down to it, it only makes sense that taking time to go quiet and center your mind helps professionals find wherewithal amidst a hectic industry. Next time you’re feeling drained, out of ideas, or at your wit’s end—consider just fifteen minutes of meditation to get you started. Like most things, it takes some practice. But, if you commit the time, you’ll be thanking yourself later.

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Learn something new. If you’re facing burnout, then adding a new responsibility to your plate may seem like the least appetizing self-help solution there is. However, learning a new skill can reinvigorate your understanding of familiar tasks and dilemmas. Plus, learning a new skill doesn’t have to mean formal classes or time-draining homework. Select something that can even kill two birds with one stone. Want to let off some steam, too? Try a kickboxing class that meets just once-a-week. You’ll have something new to look forward to, meet new people, challenge yourself, and earn some feel-good endorphins, Top Agent Magazine

too. Want to cut loose and have some fun? Join a board game meet-up group, take a cooking class, or try rock-climbing for the first time. A stimulating new activity will light up long-dormant parts of your brain, and your clients and colleagues will surely notice the influx of energy to your outlook. Still don’t think you have enough time to add something new to the mix? Blend your morning commute with an audio language learning service. The point is to shake-up your habits and introduce a new challenge that’s unrelated to work. Doing so can make you look at things in a new light and boost your mood along the way.

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See new sights. If you can, there’s no better way to break from routine than to physically separate yourself from your surroundings. There’s nothing more inspiring than traveling to new destinations, experiencing new cultures, and getting a sense of the world’s true vastness. If a trip abroad isn’t in the cards, don’t fret. There are bound to be plenty of places relatively close by that you’ve never seen. And these trips don’t have to break the bank, either. Devote just one or two days to visiting a place you’ve never gone before, like a state park, protected forest, or a small seaside village. Perhaps you’re only a few hours from a National Park you’ve been meaning to visit but have never made time for. Or, there’s a lively city one state over that you’ve always wanted to try. Whatever the destination, near or far, you’ll refresh


your perspective entirely when removed from all your usual routines. New restaurants, traffic patterns, storefronts, weather—whatever the change may be, you’ll be experiencing everything brand new all around you. Taking the time for trips like these isn’t easy. In fact, making yourself devote those free days may be a difficult task itself. But it’s the most direct way to get a breath of truly fresh air, and when you return home you’ll be able to assess familiar surroundings in a totally new light. However you decide to add creativity to your professional life, don’t wait. Once you take the plunge, you’ll be regretting you hadn’t done it sooner. After all, the key to longevity is regular maintenance, so do your part and break the mold today.

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ANGELA BROWN Fifteen years ago, Angela Brown was in search for her next professional challenge. She knew she wanted to find a role that would allow her to serve others, while getting a chance to be active out in the field. After careful research, real estate seemed like a compelling fit for her skillset and goals, so she decided to make the leap and earn her license. Since then, Angela has built a principled career as an agent, fortifying a reputation for integrity, thorough service, and a diligent work ethic. Today, Angela is based in Archdale, North Carolina and primarily serves the Piedmont Triad of Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point, as well as the counties of Randolph and Davidson. Under the banner of Ed Price Realtors, Angela spearheads her work solo with the support of two dedicated in-office assistants. Over the course of her fifteen-year career thus far, she has managed to garner 60% of her business through repeat and referral clientele—a testament to her staying power as a consummate professional. Considering the forces at work behind her success, Angela cites her commitment to comprehensive client care and abiding honest streak as some of the strongest drivers of her professional style. “I go the extra mile for my clients,” she explains. “I’ve always lived by the motto that if you do what’s right and put your clients first—you’ll always be successful. That’s what I’ve always tried to do, whether in buying or selling a home.” Angela also counts herself an extremely motivated professional, putting in long hours from morning until night to do right by her clientele. “I’ve always been a hard worker, and to me that’s about treating people right,” she explains. “I’m the first one here in the morning and the last one to leave—and I won’t head home until everything that needs to be done for my clients is done.” What’s more, Angela makes a concerted, systematic effort to stay in touch with her clients for the long haul. Recognizing that relationships are the centerpiece of her business model, she reaches out regularly

through various mediums—from mailers and postcards, to check-ins via social media and by phone. As a result, Angela has reaped the rewards of her commitment to clients, achieving the status of Top Producer in her office and the title of 2016 Realtor of the Year for Ed Price Realtors, Archdale. When it comes to listing properties, Angela pulls out all the stops. Whether online or in person, she ensures each listing is leveraged through quality showcasing and premium exposure. First, she incorporates professional photography and drone imaging for listings headed to market, then optimizes each property for prime viewership across the leading online listing platforms. From there, Realtor luncheons and intrepid networking draw local buzz. All in all, no stone is left unturned, and clients have benefited from the ability to sell their homes at high value and in short order. To give back to her hometown Archdale community, Angela is involved in a variety of organizations and social functions through her board office. On her own time, she works with a local group called COAT (Community Outreach for Archdale Trinity) and sponsors community events with local schools. In her remaining free hours, Angela most enjoys spending time with her family and loved ones, especially in helping her brother on the college hunt or by hanging out with her nieces and nephews. Planning for the future, Angela has her sights set on continued growth in the years to come, with hopes to further solidify her relationships with clients and develop her business in the process. For now, she’ll continue to serve the aspiring buyers and sellers of her Archdale community, one home at a time. Finally, Angela Brown reflects upon the aspects of her career that she cherishes most: the people she’s able to positively impact through her role as an agent. “What I like most about my work is helping people,” she says. “Especially when working with buyers—it’s so gratifying to see the way their faces light up when they’ve found the right home for them. It gives me a lot of joy thinking about the memories they’ll make with the family in their new home.”

To learn more about Angela Brown visit, email, or call (336) 689 – 4559 https://

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