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One of the male guests at the wedding forgot his socks. At the reception he danced so hard that he got some horrible blisters. He decided to make a quick trip to one of the drugstores around the corner. Instead of buying bandaids he bought duck tape! He returned to the reception with both of his ankles entirely wrapped in Duck Tape. During one of the last songs that guest came up to the bride, pulled off his shoe, and exclaimed… “Duck tape really can fix anything!” – Kaitlyn Details Florist: Flourish Makeup & Hair: Ana Crane-Simpson/Applied Cosmetic Svcs. Invitations: Amo Ink Photography: Shaun Ring Photography Video: Scott Hayes Reception Venue: The Henry Clay Church: St. Boniface Catholic Church Bridesmaid Button Rings: Jeri’s Custom Originals String Quartet: Highland Chamber Players Bridesmaid Dresses: Twirl Custom Bar Signs: Architette Studios Caterer: The Silver Spoon Pre-Dinner Tarts: Love at First Bite Cake: Mert’s Cakes Linens: BBJ Linens & Linen Hero Bridal Jewelry and Fascinator: Maui Crane—Love Rocks Band: Soul Explosion

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Make your wedding your own. It’s great to get ideas from magazines, websites, and blogs but when it comes down to it… you should make it your wedding. Put your own personal touches on the day. Looking back you won’t remember how much was spent on your dress, the flowers, or the band. What you will remember is the way your groom looked at you the first time he saw you in the dress, the single flower placed on the alter in memory of people who couldn’t be there, or maybe that one song that brought all of your friends and family out on the dance floor to dance the night away.

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