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Find Your Fitness Fit Can’t decide which routine will whip you into shape this summer? Inhouse wellness expert and exercise physiologist Carlos Rivas pairs your goals with some of our city’s numerous exercise classes.


ne distinction our city recently earned wasn’t one to brag about: We finished last in this year’s American Fitness Index, which measures the health and well-being of the 50 largest metropolitan cities in the United States. We are now known as the fattest city in America. This title contradicts what so many of us know about the city we call home—a place where biking, hiking, farm fresh foods and great fitness resources are plentiful. The truth is, we have the tools to turn this unfortunate ranking around. We must build a collective mindset where all of our health, fitness, and well-being companies become as much a part of our lifestyle as our restaurants and sports teams. Step one is finding a fitness style that truly fits where you are with your personal goals and how you live. The guide below should help promote positive health outcomes for yourself and those you care about. Let it be a first step in our mission to go from fattest to fittest.

Carlos Rivas, MS, CSCS, ACSM-CPT is the Director of Health & Well-being @ ProFormance, LLC and the Chief Encouraging Officer @ Compassion and Cooking. He holds bachelor degrees in Exercise Science, Sports Medicine, and a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology.  Carlos can be reached by at carlos@ proformanceresults.com or 502.741.9428.

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2041 River Road www.proformanceresults.com What to expect: ProFormance Pilates offers a series of exercises focused on creating lean, long, and strong muscles.  Beginning with breathing and focusing on core work, Pilates incorporates strengthening, mobility, and stability into every exercise utilizing specialized equipment such as the cadillac, reformer, pilates chair, arc barrels, rings and circles.  Goal: Improved core strength and stability;  posture and balance; flexibility; prevention and treatment of back pain.    Fitness Level: Beginner, intermediate, and advanced level classes are available.  Perfect for: People wanting long, strong muscles and a leaner look and also a reduction of back pain.. The Pilates team will help you improve your core strength, develop a flat tummy, and improve your posture.   Caveat: “Our workouts leave you feeling relaxed, energized, taller, and stronger” says Pilates Director, Nancy Carrol.


2210 Dundee Rd www.502poweryoga.com What to expect:  502Power Yoga is Louisville’s first yoga studio dedicated to teaching Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga inspired by the Baptiste Yoga Method. Open seven days a week with 60 classes a week. Reservations required. Goal:  To empower people to transform their bodies, minds, and lives one breath and one pose at a time. “We are about sweat, fun, possibility, strength, flexibility and flow” says, Sarah Smith, owner of 502PowerYoga.  Fitness Level: Classes are offered to accommodate all fitness levels. Perfect for: Anyone wanting to increase strength and flexibility.  Caveats: You will become part of a great yoga community whose mission is to help you become your best self.

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TOPS Louisville: July 2017  

TOPS Louisville: July 2017