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Fit, Fabulous & Over 40

Stephanie Kuhn 6th grade Science teacher, 42

Before her dramatic weight loss, Stephanie had high blood pressure and low energy. Now 60 pounds lighter, she not only keeps up with her kids, she sometimes passes them! Tell us about your family. I have been married for 18 years to Craig, daughter Lexie (13), son Brett (9) and a dog Roxy. Was there a an experience that made you change the way you eat, work and live? I had been heavy since having my two kids. When I turned 40 I had hit my highest and decided I had to do something. What’s the best way to make time for fitness? I realized you don’t have to get all your exercise done all at once. I use the time I find in my crazy days. If I have a few minutes during planning, after school, or during the kids’ practices I use it to get my steps in. Why is fitness such a priority for you? I feel better about myself, I have more energy, I’m happier. All of these things make me a better wife and mother, which are my two most important jobs. How do you encourage others to get fit? When people ask me how I lost the weight I tell them to take small steps to make life changes. I think people get overwhelmed by thinking they have to go to the gym, workout 7 days a week, etc. What tips do you have for someone who doesn’t know how to start? I really needed a boost when I started. Everybody likes fast results, sometimes when you don’t see results you get discouraged. When I did the 40 day HCG program with Louisville Laser I lost 30 lbs in 40 days. It motivated me to keep going to reach my goal. 68 TOPS LOUISVILLE | January 2017

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TOPS Louisville: January 2017  

TOPS Louisville: January 2017