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May - June - July, 2014 Issue No. 09

BIALA KSIEGA 2013 Propozycje inwestorow dotyczace poprawy warunkow prowadzenia biznesu w Polsce

Francuska Izba Przemysłowo-Handlowa w Polsce (CCIFP)




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Welcome to TOP Wroclaw About TOP • Poland’s leading lifestyle resource; • Defined by our selections of the best services and products. Our effort is to show case - service providers and business partner selected through the prisms of outstanding quality and --reputation.

TOP’s Mission • To offer exposure to the best the city offers; • To create a unique interface between the social aspects of life with employee enrich ment; • To showcase our Service Partners; • To create a TOP Community where our members, users, and service partners, all come together to make life richer and better: may it be dining, cafes, shopping, various activties, and services ranging from finance, to medical needs.

TOP Magazines – Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznan • A visually attractive publication with descriptive presentations printed now in four major cities, Krakow Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznan; • Distributed free of charge at multiple distribution points such as at leading hotels, companies, business organizations, diplomatic offices, embassies, important cultural festivals, and at other --well-matched venues.

Our Corporate Partnerships TOP reaches thousands of corporate employees; primarily due to our exclusive partnerships with business organizations such as: • American Chamber of Commerce in Poland (; • French-Polish Chamber of Commerce (; • Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce (

05 TOP RESTAURANTS 06 Hotel Monopol: Acquario Ristorante Mediterrean

07 Hotel Monopol: Monopol Restaurant Polish

08 Mennicza Fusion International

09 Steinhaus Polish, Jewish

10 Tutti Frutti Café and Casual Dining

11 Pod Papugami International

13 TOP ESSENTIALS 14 Sixt Cars Rental

16 Autodirect Buy New Cars Online

19 TOP CULTURE 20 Browar Mieszczański 21 Cultural Interest 22 City Map with Above Locations


Hotel Monopol H. Modrzejewskiej 2, Wroclaw phone: +48 71 772 3777


TOP Wroclaw

Located on the rooftop of the landmark Hotel Monopol is Acquario Ristorante. This glass paneled restaurant purveys the city’s top seafood and Mediterranean fare. It operates with the intelligent idea of not having a fixed menu, with the Chef’s innovative spirit leading to signature creations which are always a true delight. The wide ranging tasting menu between 12 to 4pm changes daily, and enables one to discover new flavors with each visit; items such as the Ballotine of foie gras with seaweed and marinated boletus; garlic soup with chicken liver; and ravioli with baked ricotta, pine nuts and fried chicory. The spacious rooftop terrace is a oneof-a-kind experience. Sipping a glass of wine from the over 200 selections on the wine menu, admiring the Wroclaw skyline with the historic Opera seemingly an arm’s length away, is wonderfully romantic indeed!


Within the Likus Family owned landmark of Hotel Monopol is located the samenamed Monopol Restaurant. The utter grandeur of the venue offers a leading insight into why the restaurant has become a culinary haven that it has. This is where the exciting flavors of traditional Polish cuisine come alive in innovative creations with eye-pleasing presentations; this is a must-have culinary experience. The seasonally adjusted menu is imaginative with items such as the carp from Milicz, and the duck from the area of Syc贸w, prepared by the Chef in different recipes and by varied cooking methods ranging from classic to sous vide. In addition, every Sunday there is a novel take on the traditional Polish lunch. For dessert, the apple and gooseberry mousse with hazelnuts and vanilla ice cream; and the chocolate layer cake with almond pastry, are both outstanding!

Hotel Monopol H. Modrzejewskiej 2, Wroclaw phone: +48 71 772 3777

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Mennicza Fusion Restaurant Mennicza 24, Wroclaw phone : +48 71 395 26 02


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Mennicza Fusion at the Granary Hotel has garnered quickly a reputation for its culinary innovativeness. The credit goes to the chef whose efforts have yielded an international menu which is truly worth writing home about. In an elegant brick-arched interiors blended with modernity, items such as the scallops with green asparagus and ricotta; Thai soup with shrimp, chicken, coriander, and coconut milk; pheasant with corn mousse and pearl beans; and roast beef with brussels sprouts with cumin and pumpernickel sauce, are served to reflect the flair of fusion. Desserts include the alluring Prosecco pancakes with rhubarb mousse; and the strawberry semifreddo with honey sauce. With a well equipped bar, outstanding service, and a tasting menu which allows one to savor the kitchen’s excellence, Mennicza is indeed the place to dine in whilst in Wroclaw.


Restaurant Steinhaus has as its inspiration Professor Steinhaus a multidimensional mathematician, a master of thought and expression, as well as humorist. His greatness is the symbol to which this restaurant aspires to; evident in its becoming a clear culinary standout in Wroclaw with its blend of traditional cuisines, Polish, Jewish, and from Lvov. The menu uses ingredients from different parts of Europe to provide an unerring focus on quality and flavors. On the menu items such as the pink herring from Friesland; cream of parsnip with scorzonera; the delectable veal schnitzel; and fish from the neighboring area of Milicz, are truly outstanding. Other dishes not easily found elsewhere are here as well, and for younger guests there are items more contemporary. Professional service, a classy atmosphere, and outstanding food complete the equation of marvelous hospitality at Steinhaus!

Steinhaus Cafe & Restaurant Pawła Włodkowica 11, Wroclaw phone: +48 512 931 071

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Tutti Frutti Cafe & Restaurant Plac Kościuszki 1, Wroclaw phone : +48 71 759 11 11 Open: Monday - Friday 7 am - 10 pm Saturday - 9 am - 10 pm Sunday - 10 am - 10 pm


TOP Wroclaw

Tutti Frutti welcomes its guests from the early morning with healthful choices to begin one’s day-- delicious and aromatic selections of coffee, refreshing smoothies, freshly squeezed juices, sandwiches and fruits. Of course, it is a place not only for a quick breakfast in the morning, but is also a preferred spot for brunch, lunch, as well as dinner. With an outstanding menu that focuses on freshness, one finds here delicious soups, vegetables prepared in lovely combinations, delectable sandwiches served both warm and cold, a variety of salads, and quiche! Homemade cakes and “pre-war” Polish pastries are all made with “grandma’s” recipes using natural products under the guidance of the Chef and his team. This place does truly give one the opportunity to relish products with a marked difference. This is Wroclaw confectionery at its best combining with a healthful dining menu.


Restaurant Pod Papugami has indeed become a standard bearer; for over a decade it has guaranteed and delivered a good experience on all fronts. A hard to beat location in the very center of the main Square, offers a vast menu that has something for everybody’s desires. Chef Mariola Monczak personally oversees a menu that circumscribes many types of meat, fish, and poultry, especially venison and duck over the fall/winter season. Enticing salads, pasta, and desserts, become all the more enjoyable in an environment that has visual references to traditional Hollywood and live music, typically jazz and blues. With an exciting bar that offers well over 200 types of drinks, this is truly a place with character where guests comprise a wide spectrum--business folk, family and friends, and of course visitors to Wroclaw who always relish their experience here at Pod Papugami!

Pod Papugami Restaurant Sukiennice 9a, Wroclaw phone: 071 343 92 75

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Autodirect SA Al. Jerozolimskie 133, 16th floor Warsaw 02-304


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Browar Mieszczański Hubska 44-48, Wroclaw phone: +48 71 367 70 48


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Browar Mieszczański has its origins as a beer brewry in 1894, and over the next century it specialized in the production of solid lagers and light. In 1996, beer making was abandoned, and its buildings began to slowly deteriorate. This nineteenth-century complex of industrial buildings was then bought by Christopher Wojtasowi, who with his vision adapted the historic brewery to emerge as a center of cultural, entertainment and study. Since 2004 this is the enclave, where artists have created a wide range of art, photography, music, and architectural studios. The brewery hosts numerous art events: concerts, festivals, and several exhibitions throughout the year organized at the Browarowa Gallery. A favorite place for the students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, this is indeed a gem on Wroclaw’s cultural map!

CULTURAL INTEREST A short walk from the Main Square, Ostrów Tumski or Cathedral Island is the ciy’s oldest part, its equivalent of a piece of jewelry that adorns it. The first bishopric was built on the island in the year 1000. It was almost wiped out by the Tatars in the mid 1200s, and as the town sprung on the opposite bank of the Odra River, Ostrów Tumski became more exclusively for the royals. This is a world of old beauty with soaring cathedral spires, cobbled streets, reached by a bridge with thousands of padlocks placed by newlyweds symbolizing love forever.

Ostrów Tumski

Wroclaw’s Four Religions District, called the Four Temples Tolerance District, was created in 1995 at the initiative of Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant clergymen and Jewish community activist Jerzy Kichler. Four churches of different denominations are located in the area, the Orthodox Birth of Holy Mother of God; the Roman Catholic Church of Anthony of Padua; the Evangelical-Augsburg Church of Divine Providence; and the White Stork Synagogue. Charity events, educational meetings and interfaith prayer meetings are regularly organized together.

Wroclaw’s Four Religions District

Panorama of the Battle of Racławice is an impressive artwork from the 19th-century, a stunning example of this genre only few of which are preserved in Europe. This large painting, 114 meters in length by 15 meters in height transports the spectator into the Battle of Racławice This famous episode of the heroic attempt to defend Polish independence occurred in 1794 between the insurrectionist force of regulars and peasant volunteers under Kościuszko and the Russian forces.

Panorama of the Battle of Racławice

Jana Ewangelisty Purkyniego 11, Wrocław phone: +48 71 344 2344

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