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April 15 - June 15, 2013 Issue No. 02

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• To offer exposure to the best the city offers; • To create a unique interface between the social aspects of life with employee enrich ment; • To showcase our Service Partners; • To create a TOP Community where our members, users, and service partners, all mcome together to make life richer and better: may it be dining, cafes, shopping, various activities, mand services ranging from finance, to medical needs.

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• A visually stunning, descriptive presentation format publication printed now in four major cities, - Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, and Poznan; • Distributed free of charge at multiple distribution points such as at leading hotels, companies, - --business organizations, diplomatic offices, embassies, important cultural festivals, and at other --well-matched venues.

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TOP reaches thousands of corporate employees; primarily due to our exclusive partnerships with business organizations such as: • American Chamber of Commerce in Poland (; • French-Polish Chamber of Commerce (; • Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce (

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Hugo Restaurant Fine International Dining


Scarpabella Exclusive Footwear


Kyokai Sushi Bar Fine Japanese


Warung Bali Restaurant Indonesian


Biuro Rachunkowe Bilans Accounting Firm


Cuba Libre Latin Dance Club Latin inspired bar & restaurant


Instytut Rozbitek Cultural Institute


Olandia Resort


Autodirect Online Car Purchasing


Tomasz Stanko & New York Quartet Jazz Concert


Enter Music Festival Music Events


Cultural Interest Malta, Ostr贸w Tumski, Poznan Palm House


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Cuba Libre Latin Dance Club Wrocławska 21, Poznań phone : 618552344


Restaurant Hugo, located in Poznan’s swanky City Park, is perhaps becoming the standard bearer of what culinary levels need to aspire to, a place where an International menu with creative cooking technology such as sous-vide has stirred the interest of many. According to owner Agnieszka Tylenda, the reason why she created Hugo in the first place was her culinary passion and idea to create a venue dedicated completely to celebrate flavors which fresh and top quality ingredients impart, and where one can appreciate every aspect of partaking of such culinary efforts. “Respect for food” is the mantra here; respect for every ingredient which goes into each course, respect for regional products through an active co-operation with organizations such as Slow Food, and respect for what’s simply the best in each season. A class act through and through!

Hugo Restaurant Wojskowa 4, Poznan phone: +48 61 861 82 18

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The word “Kyokai” in Japanese means “society”, and it is no wonder that Japanese restaurant Kyokai, true to its name, has in its short history created a large society of followers, those who claim that this place defines what Japanese cuisine ought to be. Located in Poznan’s Stare Koszary complex, Kyokai has very much single handedly defined for this city the idea of good sushi. The restaurant itself has been born out of the owner’s passion for Japanese tradition and culture which celebrates family life, especially around the table. Kyokai has a rolling-bar format, which equates in a broad sense to a large common table with the commitment of the sushi-masters at its center binding the attention of all. Here Chef combines traditions of this great eastern culture with contemporary trends, making even the simplest creations, an absolute culinary treat!

Kyokai KyokaiSushi Sushi Bar Bar Wojskowa Wojskowa4,4,Poznań Poznań phone : 519 376 182 phone : 519 376 182

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Warung Bali is a doorway from Poznan’s center to exotic Bali! The only Indonesian restaurant in the city, the fragrance of incense and the wafting aroma are an immediate invitation to be absorbed by the menu. The Indonesian kitchen staff ensures authenticity; quite literally each dish is a bouquet of flavors. Here coconut, turmeric, cardamom, cloves, sugar and spice all come together, harmonized perfectly in dishes such as the pork in coconut; the duck in chilly paste; grilled tiger shrimps; and the soto betawi - a coconut soup which delights immeasurably. The original interiors are adorned with wayang kulit dolls used in the famous Indonesian shadow theaters, garudas, ritual masks, and much more. This is indeed a special place, a restaurant which provides an escape from the everyday humdrum into another way of life, packed with the scents and flavors of distant Indonesia.

Warung Mosaiq Bali Restaurant Restaurant Wroclaw, Żydowska Świętego Mikołaja 1, Poznan 12 phone: phone: +48+48 6171 853 79823 3511 11

TOP Wroclaw TOP Poznan


The accounting firm of Bilans Ryszard Śmidowicz has been keeping books and advising its clients in tax matters since 1991. Over the course of 20 years, with hundreds of satisfied clients and with its team of professionals it offers tax and accounting services to start-ups as well as existing companies. The firm caters to not only Polish businesses, but to foreign companies as well, providing a complex list of services in English and German. Each client has an individual consultant for constant referral which allows for quick and effective trouble-shooting. Additionally, the firm offers payroll services, and supervisory of settlements with ZUS (Polish Social Security) for company owners and their employees. Due to cutting-edge software, the firm can prepare a wide range of reports to satisfy all of the analytical requirements of its varied clients.

Bilans Ryszard Śmidowicz Accounting Office Dalemińska 8b, Poznań phone: 508 297 444


Cuba Libre, or “Free Cuba”, is the Latin corner in Poznan where one is freed from one’s own inhibitions to be immersed in a unique, fun-filled atmosphere. This is indeed a fine definition of what a Latininspired club should be, where all seven days of the week one can gyrate to the rhythms of salsa, merengue, bachata, samba, and more. The club hidden in a backyard overwhelms with its extraordinary expansive interiors where guests can comfortably set themselves on leather couches, enveloped in intimate lighting, and order from a large selection of wines. Cuba Libre is indeed a place where everyone, regardless of age, background or musical preferences simply has a splendid time and an unforgettable experience, helped by DJs, dance instructors, and its rather special, exotic cocktails. This then is the Latin Fiesta that Poznan had been waiting for, and is now finally here!

Cuba Libre Latin Dance Club Wrocławska 21, Poznan phone: +48 618552344

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Pałac Rozbitek 64-420 Kwilcz phone: +48 668 092 654


TOP Poznan

Located 70 km from Poznań in charming Prusim is Olandia, a country manor which celebrates settlers from Holland who came to this region between the 18th and 19th centuries. This Manor provides numerous natural attractions and several rooms spread over various buildings on the property--the Granary, Stonehouse, the Barn –are all decorated to recall the Dutch craftsmanship of a former era. Olandia’s excellent restaurant offers gastronomic delights as well as smoked meats and fish from the smokehouse, perhaps accompanied with stellar wine from Olandia’s Wine Cellar. The Spa offers an array of massage therapies and sauna making this is a perfect venue for big company events and weddings. The renowned music composer, Oscar winner Jan AP Kaczmarek owns this property and has made it an integral part of his Rozbitek Institute.


Olandia Prusim 5, 64-420 Kwilcz phone: +48 668 590 411

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AUTODIRECT CAR PURCHASE Buy Cars The New, Efficient Way Finally, the cutting edge way to purchase cars, both brand new and pre-owned, has finally arrived in Poland with the recent launch of Autodirect’s new web portal, Prospective car buyers in the country now virtually have the best of the entire Polish car market on their desktop. Says CEO, Mr. Grzegorz Kwiatkowski “This business model has been successfully implemented in Western Europe. In countries such as Spain or France almost 15% of cars are purchased in this way.” Buy






Finally, the cutting edge way to purchase cars, both brand new and pre-owned, has finally arrived in Poland with the recent launch of Autodirect’s new web portal, Prospective car buyers in the country now virtually have the best of the entire Polish car market on their desktop. Says CEO, Mr. Łukasz Gębski “This business model has been successfully implemented in Western Europe. In countries such as Spain or France almost 15% of cars are purchased in this way.”

Autodirect SA Al. Jerozolimskie 133, 16th floor Warsaw 02-304


TOP Poznan offers tremendous advantages over conventional ways of buying cars, which include: • Significantly better price with dealerships competing to provide the highest discount in order to make the sale; • Clean, transparent, and secure business practices—cars are provided by official authorized car dealerships only with bank payments made directly to the dealer’s bank account; • The widest possible choice between virtually all brands of cars and motorbikes; • One stop shopping for financing, (credit, leasing) and insurance, and professional advice by consultants in identifying what’s most suitable; • Customized requirements delivered to the doorstep such as winter tires, baby seats, individual leather interior, and auto spa treatments such as scratch-proofing; • And finally lots of time saved which is perhaps the most important factor today. On occasion an identified vehicle with the best deal may in fact be available at a dealership in a distant town. In these cases would be delighted in making travel arrangements to get one there to take delivery of one’s new car, always a thrilling experience made better perhaps with a sightseeing holiday in a different city! With almost every car and model, along with a good choice of motorbikes is indeed the place to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle. The best possible price and service is indeed just a few computer clicks with no running around and wasting time. Thank you!


This event promises to be, as expected, the one to write home about! The reason is very simple indeed-- it is a concert by Tomasz Stańko, a formidable musical entity by all measurable metrics! His New York Quartet is a guarantee for wonder and amazement, not to mention music for one’s soul. Apart from Tomasz Stańko himself, this new musical venture includes Thomas Morgan, a genuine improviser Gerald Cleaver, and David Virelles, a Cuban pianist who takes his inspiration from religious music, Thelonius Monk, and Andrew Hill. The concert is going to take place in association with the premiere of the album “Wisława”, which has been inspired by the poetry of Wisława Szymborska and which serves as a commemoration for the poet. The quartet will perform on May 19 in Poznań in Sala Ziemi MTP, an tickets for the show will be available soon!

May 19, 2013


TOP Poznan


The third edition of Enter Music Festival will be held here over two days, May 28 and 29, celebrating jazz and all of the attitudes that go with this vast music genre. The festival director is a name that needs no introduction, pianist Leszek Mozdzer. ENTER means action, change, a step forward, progress, and this precisely is the nature of this music festival held annually against the background of Lake Strzeszyńskie presenting the top jazz musicians of today to meet on one stage. The festival presents a panorama of music energy that oscillates stylistically around jazz, perfectly suited for a less formal, openair ambience with all of the artists sharing their most creative endeavors. Enter Music Festival reinforces the message that jazz offers freshness and dynamism, a music space which calls for continuous action and a constant discovery of new paths. June 5-6, 2013

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RESTAURANTS BARS HEALTH galleries beauty fashion




The area around Lake Malta, due to a very favorable, picturesque location, has been very well developed with an infrastructure which makes it the ideal place to spend leisure time in and host a variety of events. The spectrum of activities here range from picnics, social events, to all manners of recreation and sports. Varied cultural events are organized in this remarkable setting throughout the year as well, significantly enriching the cultural fabric of Poznan. Malta Wiankowa 3, Poznan

Ostrów Tumski Island

Ostrów Tumski

Ostrów Tumski is the place where Poland’s history began; here time passes at its own unhurried pace. This cathedral island is one of Poznan’s most charming corners: the cathedral towering over its surroundings, the small and graceful Church of Our Lady in Summo, cobbled streets following medieval embankments, and the historic cathedral set amid beautiful gardens. For over a thousand years, events here have indeed been written down in the annals of Polish history. Ostrów Tumski, Poznan

Poznańska Palmiarnia

Poznanska Palmiarnia

The Poznan Palm House is one of the oldest gardens of its type in Europe and offers an unforgettable journey through distant continents, amongst the rich flora of various climatic zones. The impressions are enriched with the sound of birds, the rush of water, the aquaria full of exotic fish, and a unique collection which includes 17,000 plants derived from 1100 species. The Palm House is closed On Mondays and opens every day from Tuesday to Sunday. Palmiarnia Poznańska Matejki 18, Poznan

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