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Bonerowska Gourmet Chopin

Chłopskie Jadło

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Miód Malina


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Studio Qulinarne

Flowers for every occasion Polish Ceramics

Słodki Wierzynek

The Royal Chocolate Workshop

Pasaż 13

World’s 30 Top Brands

Bull Pub

Old-English Style Pub

La Casa del Habano Cigars and Top Liquors



Scandale Royal


Hotel Bellotto: Warsaw

Szara Gęś


The Bonerowski: Krakow

Polish, Italian


H15 Boutique Hotel: Warsaw



Hotel Indigo Krakow - Old Town

Nouvelle Polish


Kanonicza 22 Hotel: Krakow

Polish Traditional


Rubinstein Hotel: Krakow

International Restaurant & Bar Modern Polish


Trattoria La Campana Wesele








Fresh Seafood, Polish

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DESA Poland’s Art & Auction House

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International School of Krakow

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Albertina Restaurant & Wine Krakow, Dominikańska 3 phone: +48 12 333 41 10



Albertina Restaurant and Wine located in the center of town offers a class-act amalgamation of wine and food pairing, with each item in its exhilarating menu matched with two wines - all available by the glass. The self-service Enomatic with a selection of 32 premium wines is unique here as well, located in its elegant wine cellar. Fresh seasonal products from local producers, seafood and wild game are the source of Chef Grzegorz Fic’s modern culinary inspirations, alongside Polish classics. Notable items include the tartare of trout (from nearby Ojcow National Park) with sun-dried tomatoes, pickled radish, and red and yellow peppers sauce; fresh lobster and oysters from the inhouse Homarium; the saddle of deer with black lentils; and the wild boar ravioli-all examples that delight with their intense flavors. Albertina indeed belongs to the top rung on Krakow’s culinary ladder!


Aqua e Vino Located a few steps from the Main Square has come to be recognized over the 11 years of its existence as a top-notch place for true, authentic Italian dining. Owned by native Italians, Francesco and Roberto, its special quality is apparent as one descends down into a multi-chambered Krakow cellar outfitted with an elegant, modern decor. Aqua e Vino, with its cuisine from the Veneto region, is acclaimed by locals for its variety of dishes, fresh ingredients such as its seafood, and wines selected solely from leading Italian vineyards. Special mention is due of the faultless service staff and a management that pays sincere attention to every possible detail. A must visit for a great dining experience, or simply for a fine cocktail or coffee in its lounge. Monday thru Friday a lunch special is offered until 4.30 pm for only 35 PLN!

Aqua e Vino Ristorante Italiano – Lounge Bar Krakow, Wiślna 5/10 phone: +48 12 421 2567




Bonerowska Gourmet Steak & Fish Krakow, Rynek GĹ‚Ăłwny 42 phone: +48 12 374 13 07



Bonerowska Gourmet Steak & Fish brings to mind many things; foremost among them is redefining the idea of an enjoyable eating experience. This is a restaurant pulsating with a rare vitality. Located on a corner in the Main Square, its warm earth interiors and crisp whitelinen draped tables all come together in highlighting a menu which is illustrative of the tremendous thought and effort that has been put in by the Chef whose underlying mantra, first and foremost, is a focus on fresh ingredients. There is grilled or steamed fish, variety of seafood, and steaks with meat imported from the US, Argentina, Netherlands, and New Zealand. Alongside this, select traditional Polish and Italian dishes are all incredibly outstanding. Completing the equation is an elaborate wine list, and desserts such as the home-made chocolate scuffle, or the Bonerowska tiramisu. Truly outstanding!


Rynek Główny 39 Restaurant Chopin, is about the scale the place offers in terms of a menu that reflects the heights achieved by one of the most famous of Poland’s sons, Frederic Chopin. Tradition is reflected by its location in the Main Square; its interiors embracing a soft modernity that emphasizes the forward looking nature of Chopin’s music and its own interpretation of Polish cuisine. The gentle sounds of classical music are an apt accompaniment to items on the menu: the sour rye soup, pork ribs, potato pancakes, and desserts such as the apple tart. The stained glass window above the bar is indeed beautiful; a wonderful visual as one enjoys from among a wide selection of drinks. A friendly staff makes the place equally inviting for business meetings or for celebrations with family and friends. A class act on all levels, a memorable experience here is truly guaranteed. This place indeed is par excellence!

Chopin Restaurant Krakow, Rynek Główny 39 phone: +48 12 433 70 10




If quintessential Polish fare is what one seeks, Chłopskie Jadło provides the answer. With three locations in the city center, its interiors replicate those of a country cottage, complete with stout wooden tables, attired service staff, and an overall warm rustic decor enhanced by folk music playing in the background. Among the many expected standards such as pierogi and soups, there are wholesome delight such as the żurek, which is the sour rye soup served in a bread bowl with egg and white sausage; the authentic beef tartar, served with pickled cucumber, onion, and egg yolk; the grilled zander with lemon and herb butter; and the zrazy which are Polish beef rolls. These delight on all levels, washed down perhaps with Polish vodka which goes well with these hearty dishes. Welcome desserts such as the apple pancakes served with honey or jam complete this wonderful experience!

Grodzka 9, 31-006 Krakow mail: mobile: +48 725 100 559 Świętej Agnieszki 1, 31-071 Krakow mail: mobile: +48 725 100 532 Świętego Jana 3, 31-017 Krakow mail: mobile: +48 725 100 535 Głogoczów 196, 32-444 Głogoczów mail: mail: +48 725 100 528




Enoteka Pergamin Krakow, Grodzka 39 phone: + 48 797 705 515



Enoteka Pergamin, is indeed an apt setting for its historical location on the Royal Route, steps from the Main Square. Centuries ago, Veit Stoss the legendary German sculptor once lived and worked here, best known for the heritage altar in St. Mary’s Basilica. Creative passions still dominate the premises now with Enoteka, in the form of excellence in wine and food from around the world, but especially from Poland’s regions. The creative menu extensively uses local products, meats and cheese, produced faithfully through generations and available alongside Italian, Greek, and French products at the deli. These paired with appropriate wines transform the simple act of dining into veritable culinary journeys. As a comprehensive combination of a restaurant, a bistro, deli and wine shop, a cigar room as well as a cocktail bar, Enoteka Pergamin offers a special experience indeed.


The creative brilliance of Monika Turasiewicz, the brainchild behind Farina, has placed this restaurant within the top echelon of Krakow’s culinary scene. To be found at the quiet corner of St. Marka and St. Jana, a splendid location in the Old Town, Farina’s reputation has grown due to its marvelous fresh fish and sea food, impeccably executed dishes, home-made pasta and dumplings, and innovative yet traditional standards. Located in premises which are historical--the beamed ceilings date back to 1618--the culinary output here may go down in the history books as well! Those with Polish inclinations should try the duck with apples glazed in honey, the grilled trout with garlic and almonds, or the cheese and potato filled pierogi ruskie. With spacious candle-lit rooms, and service par excellence Farina stands firm as one of the Krakow greats. Complimentary aperitif welcomes guests carrying TOP!

Farina Krakow, Św. Marka 16 phone: + 48 12 422 16 80




Jarema Krakow, Plac Matejki 5 phone: +48 12 429 36 69



Plac Matejki, where Jarema is located, is named after 19th century painter Jan Matejko who enshrined many of the glorious traditions of Polish kings and their victorious armies. Jarema enshrines yet another Polish tradition—kresowa, the cuisine in focus here. Originating from the eastern borders of historical Poland, an area known as Kresy, Polish dishes combined under eastern influences to constitute what is served here; such as exceptional lamb cutlets; quail stuffed with figs; pierogi with liver and grits; and a standard favorite, bigos served under the inspiring title of Great Master of the Royal Hunt Bigos! A three-roomed interior provides a cozily matched setting to the menu which varies with the seasons and marks the traditions that are tied to them. With Michelin’s two forks and spoons rating, summer garden seating, Jarema is an excellent experience!

HAND MADE IN POLAND Krakow, Grodzka 62


Kogel Mogel Krakow, Sienna 12 phone: +48 12 426 49 68



Kogel Mogel, a fine Polish restaurant located a few steps from the Main Square, has already made a substantial contribution to Krakow by vigorously uplifting its culinary standards. The superb interiors spell elegance, spaciously spread almost along the length of an entire block. The place of course in where a fine Polish menu is at its very best, prepared with a much higher level and care than one can ordinarily find in terms of ingredients and recipes. Items such as the velvety goose pate; the roasted leg of goose confit marinated in red wine, honey and marjoram, served with roasted plum; and the Kogel Mogel with seasonal fresh fruits for dessert, all thrill considerably. With excellent wine selection, coffee, and drinks combined with a wonderful open air terrace for the summer, Kogel Mogel has come to be an outstanding part of Krakow’s restaurant scene!


On Krakow’s historical Kanonicza Street is located Kurka Wodna or the The Water Hen, an inspired name which is a cultural symbol of joy. A modern Polish menu here is inspired by Galicja, a historical region that straddled the modern-day border between Poland, Ukraine, and Slovakia; here intermingling nationalities produced a remarkable cuisine reflecting exchange and creativity. The products used in the kitchen are regional, as is the historical idea of wine being brought mainly from Hungary—all of the wines here are indeed from wineries around the Danube, with the sweet Tokaj taking center stage. Chef Wojtek Walczy has produced a wonderful menu with items such as the marinated goose breast carpaccio with mixed berry sauce, and the plum-brandy-flavored slow-roasted pork tenderloin. Elegant, with friendly service, Kurka Wodna is an impressive addition to Krakow’s culinary scene!

Kurka Wodna Krakow, Kanonicza 15 mobile: +48 730 700 248 Facebook:KurkaWodna




Amarone Krakow, Floriańska 14 (entrance from the św. Tomasza) phone: +48 12 424 33 81 Open daily form 12 am to 11 pm Lunch is served form 12 am to 4 pm



Located in the landmark Pod Roza Hotel in the heart of town is Restaurant Amarone. This place is a notch up from the ordinary Italian that is found almost in every part of this city. With a foundation rooted in classic Italian cuisine, the emphasis here is to always go the extra mile; if it is pasta, rest assured it is not out of a packet, but is handmade right here on premises. What emerges on one’s plate therefore is the epitome of freshness, flavor, and creativity. The arched interiors is an apt setting, transporting one’s mind to Italy, especially as one savors items such as the carpaccio, excellent lamb, and the pasta accompanied by fine wines. The restaurant boasts its own vinoteka; its wine collection having won awards from the prestigious Wine Spectator World. Elegance and culinary refinement indeed exist at their very highest at Amarone! Please note: 5-course lunch menu each day for just 50 PLN.


The restaurant at the exclusive Hotel Copernicus located at the foot of Wawel Castle on ancient, picturesque Kanonicza Street, melds subtle modernity with elements of the Renaissance period. A direct reflection of how the menu has been fashioned where traditions of nobilityinspired cuisine have been infused with a nouvelle touch. Proof for the most discriminating palates lies in its superb dishes with a menu that changes with the rhythms of the season, purveying its delights in the form of succulent meats, pates, mushroom dishes, lobster, freshwater fish, and foie gras. A wine list of over 200 ensures that one’s menu selections will be well matched with what one chooses to sip. Desserts range from ethereal sorbets to chocolate soufflÊ served with peppermint ice cream, or simply the choicest chocolate truffles. Recommended by the Michelin Guide, this is a culinary masterpiece indeed!

Copernicus Krakow, Kanonicza 16 phone: +48 12 424 34 21 Open daily form 12 am to 11 pm




Trzy Rybki Krakow, Szczepańska 5 (Stary Hotel) phone: +48 12 384 08 06 Open daily form 12 am to 11 pm



Traces of the historical past merge subtly with the absolute contemporary at the super-elegant five-star Stary Hotel, located in the very heart of Krakow. The hotel’s stunning restaurant, Michelin Guide recommended, Trzy Rybki is located on the ground floor beneath an expansive glass roof. Its superb offerings bring forth the finest traditions of Polish cuisine inscribed within its interpretations of a nouvelle Polish menu. The menu, as should be, is matched with the season’s bounties with compositions that include venison, forest mushrooms, truffles, fish, sea-food, and home-made pasta. An abundantly populated wine list is well complemented by an equally lavish selection of Italian cheese. For a unique night-time experience one can go up to the rooftop grill and bar for lunch, dinner, or a glass of wine to enjoy an exhilarating panorama of the town, and to capture the atmosphere of the Main Market Square.


Located in the heart of Kazimierz, on Szeroka Square is Miodova, a stunning venue that combines tradition with modernity. In a spot that was once a Jewish market, with the Old Synagogue steps away, the place true to its location serves an authentic Krakow cuisine, made with local products, yet enriched with modern flavors, styles, and presentations. The inspiration to create Miodova lies in an old cookbook from 1897; its recipes and formulations form the basis of classic dishes here clearly reflecting the Austro-Hungarian, Jewish, Russian and Balkan influences that are part of Krakow’s history. The refined interiors spell class, and the outstanding service makes the restaurant a perfect spot for fine dining as well as casual get-togethers with family and friends. Spread over three floors, private dining is available as well for an overall extraordinary experience!

Miodova Krakow, Szeroka 3 phone: +48 12 432 50 83




Miód Malina open: Mon–Sun from midday to 11 pm Krakow, Grodzka 40 phone: +48 12 430 04 11



Miód Malina—“Honey Raspberry” is a term used in colloquial Polish to express delight! This Michelin Guide recommended Polish restaurant excites at all levels. Spread over two halllike rooms, its warm rustic interior is made cozier by a large wood-burning oven, and fresh flowers illumined in an abundance of candlelight. Menu highlights include the special oscypek cheese with cranberry jelly; roasted duck with marjoram with roasted slices of apples and cranberry jelly; succulent tenderloin; and desserts such as the racuchy, which is a homemade apple pancake served warm with a tempting vanilla and caramel sauce—all wonderfully outstanding. With a carefully chosen wine list, a wide selection of liquors, and a friendly staff, Miód Malina offers true delight indeed!


The Olive, a spectacular atrium restaurant located within the Sheraton, spreads out over an ultra-spacious glass-roofed lobby welcoming guests to dine in its quiet elegance. Talented Executive Chef Jacek Filipczyk’s menu comprises outstanding Mediterranean and modern Polish fare served from breakfast thru dinner. The place, in essence, offers a true global culinary journey of myriad flavors in a compelling setting; this is a year-round ‘indoor courtyard’ where the effort of the creative team here is fully apparent. For those who wish to try a wider pallet of flavors, a gourmet buffet accompanied by a wide selection of wines and beverages is available every first Sunday of the month. With outstanding service that is well informed, The Olive is indeed an exceptional venue to dine with family and friends, an ideal romantic spot, and an equally compelling place to meet with business colleagues!

The Olive Sheraton Grand Krakow, Powiśle 7 phone: +48 12 662 1000 open: Monday – Friday 6:30 am - 10:30 am 12.00 pm - 4.00 pm 6.00 pm - 10.30 pm Saturday - Sunday 7.00 am - 11.00 am 6:00 pm -10:30 pm




Pod Aniołami, which translates into Under the Angels, is located on what is known as the Royal Route, impeccably delivering its history. In the restored chamber upstairs, grand receptions are organized amidst the splendor of 18thcentury paintings! Starters such as the carpaccio of smoked goose breast with skin, served with cranberries; mushroom soup with noodles. The grilled sirloin with capers and rosemary; the huntsman’s wild boar steak, marinated in juniper sauce, grilled over beech hardwood fire, served with grilled bacon, green pepper and red cabbage with raisins in wine, are all exceptional. A beech-wood grill serves a wide array of meats to be had perhaps in the medieval-style courtyard garden that’s open all year round. Desserts include sernik, the Polish cheesecake; or szarlotka, which is the local apple pie. Pod Aniołami is indeed a culinary experience from when real nobility paraded along the Royal Route!

Pod Aniołami Krakow, Grodzka 35 phone: +48 12 421 39 99 open from 12.45 pm to midnight




Pod Nosem is located on Kanonicza, Krakow’s most historical and prestigious street.. This well appointed restaurant, thoroughly modern, yet based in traditions applies the same idea to its menu as well. This is outstanding Polish fare with select starters, main dishes, and dessert. The thrust here is the guarantee that each item using seasonal products will surpass every expectation. The emphasis is on the quality of ingredients, cooked so as to retain nutrients and natural flavors! Polish sturgeon caviar Antonius is available as well, served with pancake, quail egg and sour cream. The wine list is unique, focused on selections from Central, Eastern Europe, and from local wine producers as well. The level below houses the wine cellar, as well as tables for those seeking intimacy among themselves, as with the food and wine here which is to be cherished!

Pod Nosem Krakow, Kanonicza 22 phone: +48 12 376 00 14




Marcin Seweryn’s Pimiento was the first Argentinean concept grill restaurant in Krakow specializing in juicy grilled meats cooked with traditional methods; its success has now enabled 3 top locations in the city center. Meat is flown in especially from Argentina, as well as from the US and Australia, each cut individually seasoned to impart authentic favors so as to deliver truly high-quality dining. Popular items include appetizers such as the empanadas with meat or vegetable filling; and main dishes such as the taste of three cuts of Argentinean prime beef with tenderloin, sirloin, and rib eye; the T-bone porterhouse; and the succulent entrecote. A wide selection of wines, and a uniquely special menu comprising single malts--from Scotland, Japan, and Taiwan—makes Pimento all the more enticing. Outstanding desserts, and smart friendly service, make Pimiento an always wonderful experience!

Pimiento Krakow, Józefa 26 phone: +48 12 421 25 02 Krakow, Stolarska 13 phone: +48 12 422 66 72 Krakow, Rynek Główny 30 phone: +48 430 62 85



Adoria specializes in Pinot Noir,

Chardonnay, Bacchus and Riesling wines grown in its Polish vineyards. Californian Mike Whitney brought his knowledge of creating award winning wines to Poland in 1995. Adoria Vineyards is owned and cared for by him, and his family. It is located in the southwest of Poland in the Odra Valley, 20 minutes south of Wrocław. For countrywide and international sales, and deliveries contact: Phone: +48 697 699 560 English +48 605 042 433 Polish Email:


Located in a 15th century building in Szeroka Square, the Hotel Rubinstein is brimful with history, style, and elegance. The famous cosmetics mogul, Helena Rubinstein, was actually born here on this very square, and the hotel’s name is an inspired note to this famous one-time resident. The Restaurant Rubinstein, located within the hotel combines a modern Polish fusion menu with pan-European elements to thrill gastronomically. Dishes designed by Chef Tomasz Pieprzyk are made with locally sourced ingredients; items such as the sliced seasoned beef with plum salad; the pear filled ravioli served with roasted duck ragout; the fresh mussels with pepper sauce; and the sirloin with chestnuts flavored with whisky, are all excellent. With desserts such as the pumpkin soufflé with ginger sauce, a varied wine list, this elegant restaurant remains as a feather in Krakow’s culinary cap!

Rubinstein Krakow, Szeroka 12 phone: +48 12 384 00 00




Studio Qulinarne, located in Krakow’s Jewish district, reflects an elegance that is underscored by its culinary seriousness. Located in a revamped old bus garage adjacent to the Museum of Municipal Engineering the chef here is Paulo Airaudo. His previous work in Geneva, earned that restaurant its Michelin star. And so should it be here; Studio Qulinarne is indeed on its way towards achieving this kudo. Airaudo emphasizes fresh and local products delivered in 3,5, or 7 course degustation menus, each complemented with amuse-bouches, bite-sized hors d’œuvres to stimulate one’s taste buds, pre-dessert, and petit four, bite-sized confectionery at the end of dinner. A wine degustation menu is composed by the sommelier from among 150 titles; Wine Spectator has already bestowed upon Studio Qulinarne its Award of Excellence for the outstanding wine menu. A true culinary peak in Krakow!

Studio Qulinarne Krakow, Gazowa 4 phone: +48 12 430 69 14




Scandale Royal Krakow, Plac Szczepański 2 phone: +48 12 422 13 33



Scandale Royal, an established and highly reputed dining venue in the center of town on Plac Szczepanski, offers a sophisticated, international menu, with the unbending mantra here being an emphasis on quality-- may it be the seafood, or the fine cuts of beef, or farm-fresh poultry. The steaks here are outstanding, and when paired with the right wines and well informed service, the experience is indeed one to be completely relished! Every dish, meticulously made from scratch, is complemented with a full bar selection. As a place for all wants and seasons, Scandale Royal offers private dining rooms as well; all group sizes or budgets-- from smaller birthdays to larger corporate events--are all molded here into memorable occasions. With the kitchen open until midnight during weekdays and until 2 a.m. on weekends, this is indeed a place that always offers quality and a wonderful time!

Boutique Montblanc Warszawa - ul. Nowy ลšwiat 6/12 Boutique Montblanc Warszawa - Galeria Mokotรณw


Szara Gęś, which translates to The Grey Goose, is housed in an iconic 14th century building in the Main Square, and is the latest addition to Krakow’s culinary top rung. Beneath Gothic cross vaults the restaurant emanates a type of splendor which sets it apart. The modern-regal design is not just cosmetic; it rather serves as an apt indicator of the gastronomic seriousness of the place. This is Polish cuisine with a fine contemporary interpretation, intertwined deeply with the feast-for-thesenses ambiance here. A strict adherence to top quality ingredients and seasonal products contributes to deliver complete satisfaction. Items on the menu include the goose breast confit with orange caramel; baked goat cheese with pear in red wine sauce and gingerbread; and the ravioli with goose filling in mushroom broth; and for dessert, the delectable baked chocolate mousse. Impressive indeed!

Wesele Restaurant Szara Gęś Krakow, Krakow,Rynek RynekGłówny Główny1017 phone: phone:+48 +481212422 43074636011




Tradycyja Krakow, Rynek GĹ‚Ăłwny 15 phone: +48 12 424 96 16



Located in a prime setting in the Main Square, Tradycja Restaurant is spread over two levels including a period basement welcoming all those who have in their hearts a yearning for uniqueness and a hearty appetite to complement this. This restaurant satisfies at all levels in its spacious yet cozy interiors serving a menu that transcribes both traditional Polish, as well as Italian with offerings specifically inspired by the cuisine of sunny Tuscany. The menu, which is dominated by dumplings, mushrooms, flavorful meat, and niche products from Polish farms, is interspersed with a choice of traditional Italian dishes, pasta, vineripened tomatoes and cheese. While the combination of Polish and Italian is common in Krakow, Tradycja has taken this combination with a sense of seriousness towards both, guaranteeing a culinary experience which promises to be excellent!


La Campana, recommended by Michelin Guide, is located on Kanonicza Street, the oldest street in Krakow which emanates from adjacent Wawel Castle. Refreshing to the senses, its dÊcor is warm and elegant, in complete union with an impressive back garden viewed through its windows. A comprehensive Italian menu ensures that there is something suitable for everyone’s palate. The selection of the finest San Daniele prosciutto deserves special mention, served here with fresh figs, melon, or with fine Italian olives, capers, and sundried tomatoes. An impressive array of pasta, such as rigatoni with tenderloin, garlic and tomatoes, is a great precursor to main courses such as the grilled duck fillet with mango and white wine sauce; or perch served with black rice and fennel in an aromatic Martini-based sauce. As expected, the wine list, desserts, and coffee are all outstanding. Fine indeed!

Trattoria La Campana Krakow, Kanonicza 7 phone: +48 12 430 22 32




Wesele Krakow, Rynek Główny 10 phone: +48 12 422 74 60



Wesele Restaurant offers a wonderful view into Polish traditionality; with its 16th century ceiling it is in complete step with its location in the Main Square, itself a UNESCO World Heritage Site. “Wesele” means “wedding party”—thus its décor motif with plentiful flowers, candle light, and embroidered tablecloths, evokes the impressive lavishness and sumptuousness of traditional of Polish weddings. This Michelin recommended restaurant specializes in old Polish and Krakow delicacies such as the homemade pierogi with an array of savory or sweet fillings; the succulent goose breasts in pear sauce; or the fresh grilled trout sourced from the streams nearby; these are all delightful. Desserts touch a high note, and with an elaborate wine selection from around the globe, including Polish wines from Krakow, Wesele indeed offers the marriage of exquisite tradition and a wholesome good time!


Wierzynek, with its 14th century interiors of ornate beams, period art, and frescoes, has hosted distinguished heads of state such as Emperor Akihito, Queen Elizabeth II, George Bush Sr., and celebrities such as Steven Spielberg, Robert De Niro, and Sophie Marceau. This is a unique setting for traditional Polish cuisine from the kitchens of past nobility, melded with newer ideas such as Slow Food. Items such as the sturgeon with buckwheat stuffing, served with roasted beetroot and plum sauce; or the leg of goose braised in red wine, served with red cabbage mousse; or the sea bass fillet with spinach and roasted sunflower seeds, are all outstanding. Desserts such as the coffee and poppy seed cake with delicate almond macaroons and coffee sauce complete the equation! The bestseller “1000 Places to See before You Die” enumerates Wierzynek, further making this restaurant a must-visit!

Wierzynek Restaurant Wierzynek Krakow, Rynek Krakow, Główny Rynek15 Główny 16, phone: +48 phone: 12 424 +48 960012 424 96 00






Bianca Krakow, Plac Mariacki 2 phone: +48 12 422 18 71



Bianca Pasta & Wine located on the Main Square has gifted this town with the true essence of fine Italian cuisine. The dishes here impart an innate joy; this comes P425 with the use of P433 the +freshest ingredients, many actually sourced directly from Italy. Adhering strongly to the ethic of authenticity, no artificial preservatives are ever used, and the menu changes often in keeping with the seasons and its “fresh” philosophy. Besides a daily tasting menu, the fried zucchini flower stuffed with ricotta cheese and truffle oil; the ravioli with wild boar stewed in port wine with pine nuts; and the stewed octopus in white wine with smoked olive oil, and served with mashed green peas, are all excellent. A unique selection of wines and desserts such as pistachio tiramisu, or the chocolate soufflé with mascarpone serve as an exclamation point to this outstanding dining experience!


A few short steps from the Main Square on Szewska Street, Boscaiola Pizzeria and Ristorante is already garnering rave reviews from more than happy diners who equate its quality with its older sister restaurant Mamma Mia which amongst Cracovians is perceived to be the best Italian in town. The same emphasis on quality, authenticity, comfort, and value for money is now to be experienced at Boscaiola. Chef Robert Koczwara guarantees excellence with his signature emphasis on the lighter aspects of Italian cuisine—lots of seafood, pasta and ravioli made here in the kitchen, delicious salads, risotto, thin crust pizza, and mood-lifting desserts such as the cheesecake made with mascarpone and panna cotta served with a sauce from wild fruits. A comprehensive wine list from its impressive wine cellar makes Boscaiola an exciting dining proposition!

Boscaiola Krakow, Szewska 10 phone: +48 12 426 41 27




Filipa 18 Hotel Indigo Krakow - Old Town Krakow, Ĺšw. Filipa 18 phone: +48 12 345 18 74



Filipa 18, the newly opened restaurant in the center of town within the new boutique Hotel Indigo Krakow - Old Town features modern interpretations on traditional Polish dishes. The emphasis here is on the use of natural and locally sourced ingredients with a menu that will be changing with the seasons, ensuring a fresh dining experience throughout the year. Items on the menu include refreshing salads, sandwiches, soups, and an array of meats, pasta, main dishes, and desserts. In addition to the food, one can partake from a range of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages including local and imported beers, spirits, and wine. Serving breakfast thru dinner, Filipa 18 is indeed a convenient venue to just stop by whilst exploring the city for a quick meal, or with friends, family, and business colleagues for a comfortable and yet top-quality dining experience!


Grande Grill has quickly achieved the reputation of the best steakhouse in Krakow, located in a courtyard setting in the Main Square. Over the many years since its opening in 1999, the management has worked on gaining the trust and recognition of its patrons, and to acutely sense their expectations Thus this is a place which has come to pride itself on the notion of delivering well an Americanstylized menu with succulent grilled meats beef, pork, chicken and seafood served alongside light, flavorful salads. An outstanding selection of drinks and cocktails, top-notch service, and a remarkable positive energy, provides excellent relaxation. The emphasis on quality here provides a truly outstanding experience for the many satisfied locals and Krakow visitors who choose to dine at Grande Grill.

Grande Grill Krakow, Rynek GĹ‚Ăłwny 16 phone: +48 12 424 96 21




Guliwer Café & Restaurant Krakow, Bracka 6 phone: +48 12 430 24 66



Guliwer Café & Restaurant located a few steps from the Main Square is the place for a quintessential Krakow experience. An outstanding place for coffee, great wine, breakfast, a light lunch or dinner, Guliwer is indeed the place for a great time with friends, family, and even casual business meetings. The hot chocolate here is about the thickest and creamiest, and homemade desserts such as the cheesecake, the apple or lemon meringue pie, reflect on what is truly important—the sweet things in life! The extensive wine list with imports from the various wine producing geographies of the world, reflect Guliwer’s seriousness but at prices which are affordable. The menu is comprehensive too with salads, appetizers and soups, and vegetarian and fish selections, ensuring that Guliwer offers a complete experience indeed!


No. 43 on the Main Square houses restaurant Gehanowska-Pod Sloncem. The name derives from its 15th century history when a goldsmith named Gehan owned this particular house; Pod Sloncem simply means under the Sun. The place opens up as early as 8 am serving excellent breakfast. Down in the cellars, which date back to the Middle Ages, one can settle down in one of the cozy booths and enjoy from the restaurant’s more elaborate menu consisting of salads, soups, various meats, and fish. The chicken with bacon, mushrooms and tomato; the grilled steak cooked to perfection; and the trout with dill sauce are all very popular. As is the outstanding coffee, desserts, and beers and cocktails served through the day. With terrace seating on the Main Square, this place offers a wonderful, comprehensive experience in the heart of all of the action.

Gehanowska-Pod Słońcem Kraków, Rynek Główny 43 phone: +48 12 422 93 78 E-mail:




Kwintesencja Krakow, Karmelicka 54 mobile: +48 607 842 931



Kwintesencja, located in the heart of Krakow, aims to provide a quintessentially Krakow culinary experience. This implies that it offers a charming atmosphere with a menu that reflects the fact that it caters to an increasingly cosmopolitan population mix who visit or make home in this wondrous town. Centered around the high quality of the food emanating from the kitchen and friendly service, the appealingly decorated interiors and pleasing music in the backdrop add substantially to make this place a meeting point for friends and family, and of course business meetings as well. Examples of items made with the high quality ingredients include the chicken rolls filled with Camembert; steak with forest mushroom sauce; or the tagliatelle with chicken, broccoli and Parmesan. With impressive desserts and an extensive wine list, Kwintesencja excites on multiple levels!


The dilemma to visit a top restaurant or a top notch bar has been solved by Le Scandale. This place defines versatility with its excellent restaurant, lounge bar, and a terrace garden with open kitchen. Frequented heavily by the whose-who of town, it opens its doors at 8 a.m. each day for breakfast, serving dinner all the way well past midnight. Its broad, international a la carte menu served all-day, the breakfast buffet from 8 am-11 am with its wide selection priced at just 23 PLN, as well as its Tapas Bar or open kitchen with steak Le Scandale’s ability to provide what guests truly value and relish. Many themed evenings and events makes it also very attractive on the weekend evenings. The wine card with nearly 40 selection and over a 100 cocktails makes the ordering of drinks a unique experience. The perennial terrace deserves special attention with its outstanding atmosphere, making all of Le Scandale definitely something to write home about it!

Le Scandale Krakow, Plac Nowy 9 phone: +48 12 430 68 55




La Grande Mamma Krakow, Rynek GĹ‚Ăłwny 26 phone: +48 12 430 64 58



Ristorante La Grande Mamma, is redefining what one should expect from an Italian restaurant, especially if it wants to be truly defined as that! Located in a historic building on a picturesque corner of the Main Square, the interiors here are spectacular and equate to the outstanding emanations from the kitchen. The place guarantees, in a neat setting, excellent dining fare comprised of ingredients that have freshness and authenticity as their main mantras. The menu is encompassing with items such as the marinated shrimp stewed in white wine sauce with fresh thyme and garlic; platter with fine selection of varied Italian hams; various salads with goat cheese; risottos such as with duck and pear; and of course a wide selection of pasta, pizza and meats. With a wonderful wine list, homemade desserts, and an always cheerful staff, this place is nothing short of lovely!


Rynek Główny 41 Loża, has a legendary reputation, located in the Main Square with a view of the Cloth Hall and Saint Mary’s Church. With a unique interior that emphasizes art deco, it has become the place of choice for the cultural elite—famous personalities from the world of theatre, film, politics, and media all inevitably end up at Loża as their preferred spot for inspired chats and relaxation. Excellent coffee, an exquisite Italian restaurant, a drink bar with a topshelf collection from around the globe, a sophisticated wine list, are all part of its credentials. The place recognizes the varied needs of many a patron, and is perhaps one of the few places on the Square that offers a special smoking room; ideal for those wishing to sip a cognac or coffee whilst enjoying a smoke. With its focused attention on its guests, there is always something for everyone at Loża!

Loża Restaurant Krakow, Rynek Główny 41 phone: +48 12 429 29 62




Roof Top Terrace & Lounge Bar Krakow, Powiśle 7, 5th floor phone: +48 12 662 16 71 Open: 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM 12:00 PM - 11:00 PM



The Roof Top Terrace & Lounge Bar located atop of the Sheraton Grand Krakow, is an inspiring space, impressively appointed so as to make the panoramic view of the Wawel Castle and River Vistula all the more amazing. Open daily from 11:00 pm till 1:00 am, a retractable roof makes the place weatherproof, ensuring that an exceptional time here never gets disrupted. Great for a casual drink, this venue is ideal for special occasions or corporate gettogethers as well. A top notch brunch is served here, with of course all day dining, tempting snacks and tapas, fine coffees and specialty cocktails. This is indeed one of the best vantage points in the city to unwind with friends – an outstanding summer venue with an incredible view overlooking the magic of Krakow, and the gloriously romantic summer sunsets. Time spent here is guaranteed to be memorable!


Minutes from the Main Square, Mamma Mia offers authentic Italian in a dolce vita setting with its wood burning stove, warm colors, and photographs from the home country. Credit goes in large part to its chef Robert Koczwara, whose allegiance to Italian culinary traditions is the reason for its enormous success. Here a wide variety of pizza is always a winning choice, and soups such as the cream of broccoli with salmon bits; the gnocchi stuffed with goat cheese and truffle paste; mussels in tomato sauce; the veal cutlets stewed in white wine sauce; and desserts such as the semifreddo—partially frozen, made with whipped cream and amaretto, are all excellent. An extensive wine list from Spain, France, Italy, Chile, Argentina, ensures a wonderful balance with what is ordered. Mamma Mia—a great choice always for a splendid time!

Mamma Mia Trattoria Krakow, Karmelicka 14 phone: +48 12 430 04 92 Wierzynek Restaurant phone/fax: +4815 12 422 28 68 Krakow, Rynek Główny phone: +48 12 424 9600




Moo Moo Steak & Burger Club Kraków, Św. Krzyża 15 mobile: + 48 531 007 097 Moo Moo Steak & Wine Kraków, Sienna 9 Coming soon...



The evolution of the burger into the sophisticated, nutritious, culinary “dish” has been going on in the big cities of the world since a few years. Krakow’s response to this international trend has been Moo Moo Steak & Burger Club, a place which is regarded as being at the vanguard of this evolution here. Created with a passion for cooking and for the discovery of flavors to enhance the simple burger into culinary artistry, the highest quality, seasoned and aged Angus beef is used here producing the juicy, delicate and aromatic flavors Moo Moo has become famous for. The emphasis is on using the freshest of products— the accompaniments, cheese, original sauces-- and of course the attention to detail and service which all complete the equation of this outstanding place. MOO MOO Steak & Burger Club is where the difference is immediately understood at the first juicy bite!


Restaurant and Bar Rzeznia located in two locations-- in the historic area of Kazimierz and in the center on Pl. Dominikański--does ribs well; in fact it does ribs spectacularly! Finally Krakow has these two venues that set themselves apart in the way they approach their specialty, here the ribs are derived from a vertical cut, making each portion absolutely huge! The cooking technique is more elevated as well--first marinated, then slow cooked, and then finally, when ordered, put to the fire and grilled. Served with a focused selection of sauces, there is no meal in town that will set the mind and heart soaring with all of the flavors melting in one’s mouth. Other attractions on the menu include lamb sausages, and an outstanding selection of beers and wines derived from Central and Eastern Europe. Quite clearly, the top places for lip-smacking ribs in the city!

Rzeźnia - Ribs on Fire Krakow, Plac Dominikański 2 phone: +48 12 422 56 87 Krakow, Bożego Ciała 14 phone: +48 12 430 62 96



Etes-vous vraiment

The French Polish Chamber of Industry and Commerce

100 events a year 450 members 5000 participants of our meetings





Francusko-Polska Izba Gospodarcza ul. Widok 8, 00-023 Warszawa, R17V32B76 R228V62B44




The Spaghetti located in the basement of one of the most beautiful buildings in the Market Square is a welcome addition to Krakow’s mundane plethora of pizza and “Italian” eateries. It is refreshingly different indeed - emphasizing authenticity and top quality of ingredients, a menu which is simple and to the point, and an open and easy-dining attitude. Created out of a deep desire to deliver true Italian flavours, the place is an ideal spot for dining with family and friends, and merriment with work colleagues. In pleasant interiors which reflect elegant simplicity and modernity, authenticity is delivered by ensuring that the pasta is made with Italian durum semolina, the sun ripened tomatoes are genuinely San Marzano, and the Neapolitan pizza, for example, is made with buffalo mozzarella. With salads, meats, and desserts, The Spaghetti offers much more than its simple name!

Wesele TheRestaurant Spaghetti Krakow, Rynek Główny 10 17 phone: +48 12 430 422 74 63 60 11






Tao by Zen TEPPANYAKI & MORE Krakow, Józefińska 4 phone: +48 725 880 304



Tao, a prominent aspect of Krakow’s culinary landscape, is located in the area of Podgórze overlooking the Vistula and Kazimierz. Created by the owners of the city’s no. 1 Japanese, Zen Sushi, Tao always garners rave reviews. The place offers a culinary journey through the “warm” Japanese cuisine; a big emphasis is on Tepanyaki, with all of the interesting culinary theater of its preparation as one is seated around waiting eagerly for this to be on one’s plate! There is an array of Japanese noodles and other dishes served and prepared according to traditional recipes, gyoza dumplings, tempura, sake teriyaki, and yakitori. This is indeed genuineness at its very best by the hands of the Chef here who hails from that part of Asia. With a wonderful energy, outstanding service at a reasonable price, Tao is indeed the venue that everyone happily talks about!


Zen Sushi, has indeed become a significant part of Krakow’s culinary scene, having first brought to this town authentic Japanese cuisine including traditional dishes that may not be typically expected from a standard Japanese restaurant. The city’s first sake bar and true sushi place, one finds here appetizers such as slices of juicy beef, marinated in sake, served with fresh garlic and ginger; or the beef carpaccio served with Japanese wasabi. These are great precursors to dishes such as the Kobe steak; or the duck marinated in orange and cinnamon, served with teriyaki sauce. The ground floor offers the more casual “sushicanal” seating, while the second floor has tables as well as rooms with the traditional “tatami” floor-mats. With original green tea, outstanding service, and a wide array of drinks including Japanese sake, wines, and beers, Zen remains a class apart!

Wesele Restaurant Krakow, Rynek Główny Zen Sushi10 Bar phone: +48 12 422 74 60 & Japanese Restaurant Krakow, Św. Tomasza 29 phone: +48 12 426 55 55





Dom & Kwiaty (D&K) which translates to Home and Flowers is the place to order bouquets and flower arrangements for family and friends, the place to buy outstanding home and garden décor items, and the only place in Krakow for Yankee candle lovers! D&K is now differentiating itself by its fabulous Home Service options. It’s all an easy call away for that unique party at home—D&K will be there in a jiffy to bring in and arrange the flowers, even organize the kids party, invent a theme for it, arrange for home-baked treats...! Step in to Dom & Kwiaty on your way home to browse around in its lovely, fragrant environment. The store is open every day of the week including Sunday! Please call +48 663 772 191 for exceptional service.

Dom & Kwiaty Krakow, Królowej Jadwigi 248 mobile: +48 663 772 191 facebook: Dom&Kwiaty

Follow Dom&Kwiaty on facebook!




Kobalt, an outstanding ceramics store is located on Grodzka 62, just steps from the Main Square. It is a world of its own, offering a wide spectrum of the unique style of Polish pottery that is an absolute must for every home in this country, and is increasingly something which people from all over the world are beginning to cherish. Kobalt’s products are all hand-decorated with a unique stamping technique used for pottery by top-quality craftsmen. The items-- dishes, platters, plates, cup, pots, and many others-are renowned not only for their beauty but also for day to day practicality. Traditional designs go handin-hand with being completely safe for modern day kitchen and food practices including use in microwave ovens, dishwashers, and freezers. The products at Kobalt are indeed a must-carry-home, to serve as a permanent reminder of Krakow’s beauty!

Kobalt pottery and more Krakow, Grodzka 62 mobile: +48 798 380 431




Słodki Wierzynek – The Royal Chocolate Workshop Kraków, Rynek Główny 15 Phone: +48 12 424 96 36 e-mail:



Słodki Wierzynek – the Royal Chocolate Workshop located in the very heart of Krakow, is there for visitors to take home unique creations of master chocolatiers. It offers a wide variety of hand-made chocolate pralines in several flavors and shapes with each piece superbly crafted from traditional recipes. The passion and heart-driven endeavors here ensure quality and the intensity of flavors. To complete the spectrum there are available confectionery products and cookies made with the finest of natural ingredients, as well as there are traditional Polish alcohols such as tinctures, meads, vodkas, and slivovitz. The love of chocolate, the respect for traditions, and a focus on sophisticated craftsmanship, has indeed made Słodki Wierzynek Krakow’s sweetest landmark!



Located in the Main Market Square, this historical building is home to a one-ofa-kind retail complex named Pasaż 13, an architectural masterpiece that has now become the backdrop to elite stores and shopping catering to the quality conscious customer. It is clear at once that this is indeed a retail heaven, with the great quality of stores and brand names resonating perfectly with the outstanding location. From Batycki to Stefanel from DSQUARED2 do YSL, and from Pollini to Lantier, all these and more reside side by side together at Pasaż 13. Located within this are gourmet stores such as Delikatesy 13 and Vinoteka 13; the unique Delikatesy offers a variety of high-end Polish and international produce, and Vinoteka provides a similarly rich palette which includes hundreds of quality wines. Extremely inviting to be sure!

Pasaż 13 Krakow, Rynek Główny 12–13




Bull Pub Krakow, Mikołajska 2 phone: +48 12 423 11 68



If an evening out in Krakow is to be cherished as a memory for years to come then a visit to Bull Pub is in the cards. A long-time favorite of both locals and visitors to Krakow, the place is steeped in history and rich drinking tradition. This is indeed an old traditional English pub situated in the heart of old Krakow, where an almost Victorian dĂŠcor helps create a pleasant and a thoroughly enjoyable atmosphere, and literally transports one mentally into a quaint place somewhere in England. Bull Pub offers its guests a well equipped bar with a wide selection of whiskeys including single malts and a wide range of beers, from Irish and English to Polish barreled beers. Your drinks would be well accompanied by the exquisite snacks, or topped off with a Cuban cigar from its well equipped humidor!


KRAKÓW Just steps from the Main Square is located La Casa del Habano, the only place of its kind in Krakow--here the topmost brands of Cuban cigars and fine liquors can be purchased, savored, and enjoyed. The place has an impressive walk-in humidor and a unique lounge dedicated to smoking the cigars purchased here, along with a wide array of wines and aged liquors. There are over 8000 cigars to choose from, as well as varied cigar accessories and an excellent selection of aged alcohols— ranging from single malt Scotch, cognac, to calvados, rum and port—all available too at competitive prices. Furnished with the comfort of padded leather sofas, relaxation is complete with help of professional advice from qualified service staff that knows their part. Indeed a place that spells class, the quality here of all that’s available is a blessing to those that crave the best!

La Casa del Habano Kraków Cigar Shop & Lounge Sławkowska 26, Kraków Stare Miasto phone: +48 790 802 930





Hotel Bellotto Senatorska 13/15 Warszawa 00-075 phone: +48 22 829 64 44 mobile: +48 606 367 368



Located close to Warsaw’s Old Town and the National Opera, the 5-star Hotel Bellotto welcomes guests that desire the absolute in terms of luxury, prime location, and the sense of being in a historical setting. The palace has its beginnings in the late 16th century; with several ups and downs over the centuries it was severely damaged during the Second World War, only to have now once again regained its moment of glory! 20 exclusive rooms and suites are available, each decorated with the utmost attention to detail to invoke the sense of the palace’s huge history. Amenities include gourmet dining at Focaccia Ristorante, fine confectionery at Cafe Miodowa, and the outstanding Lobby Bar. For physical relaxation there is the Welles zone . With ample parking for guests, conference rooms, and elite concierge service, Hotel Bellotto is an impressive Warsaw address indeed!





H15 Boutique Hotel Poznanska 15, 00-680 Warsaw phone: +48 22 55 38 700



The H15 Boutique Hotel, a 5-star boutique hotel in Warsaw’s center, is the repository of huge history. Built during 1892–1897, it was here before the First World War that Polish patriots organized secretly to regain Poland’s independence. In 1924 the building was bought by the Soviet Union, becoming an example of socialist realism with symbols of the ‘red star’ and the ‘hammer and sickle’, carved figures of peasants and workers, and the Soviet Union Globe above the first floor balcony. In 1941 the building was taken over by the Third Reich, paradoxically saving it during Warsaw’s destruction. Now, H15 Boutique has 46 individually appointed luxury rooms and apartments for short or long stays, with comfort levels beyond that of most luxury hotels in Warsaw. With the SPA which ensures the highest quality services, and fine dining at the Signature Restaurant, H15 is indeed a class act.


The historical Arts Palace built in 1836 in the center of Krakow, has been resurrected as the new Hotel Indigo Krakow-Old Town. Here over nearly two centuries, legendary Polish artists created their works of art, now seemingly infused in the 56 individually designed rooms with decor inspired by their spirit, harmoniously connected with modern elements creating a remarkable ambience. With double rooms and suite furnished in the highest standards, Hotel Indigo Krakow-Old Town offers conference rooms, a lobby bar, and a fine international restaurant Filipa 18. Located centrally, it is a 5 minute walk to the Main Square as well as to the train station; the airport train puts the Airport within 15 minutes reach! Quick access to the best restaurants, theatres, museums, universities, and businesses, as well as the largest shopping center, Galeria Krakowska , makes Hotel Indigo KrakowOld Town a great place to stay in Krakow.

Hotel Indigo Krakow-Old Town Krakow, Ĺšw. Filipa 18 phone: +48 12 300 30 30




Hotel Kanonicza 22 Krakow, Kanonicza 22 phone: +48 12 376 00 14 mobile: +48 603 951 377



Kanonicza 22 is indeed the city’s premier address, here available to the guests from around the world in 3 individual apartments, in a historical building, in the city’s oldest and most prestigious street, the namesake Kanonicza . The Royal Suite, The Prince’s Apartment, and the Imperial Suite are each a different storey of the building, with access controlled by doorman and private elevator. Designed and each equipped differently, there is a range of furnishings, from genuine antiques to the modern, from classic to contemporary, from lighter to dark, creating a different mood and providing guests with a completely different experience. The essence here of course is maximum luxury and comfort in an environment that is super-exclusive and private. Quite literally this may be best defined as the “Palace away from home”!


Experience the best in Krakow.... combine a luxurious stay with a sense of history and fine food at Rubinstein!





DESA - Dzieła Sztuki i Antyki Krakow, Floriańska 13, first floor phone: +48 12 422 27 06



DESA --Works of Art and Antiques-is the oldest art market company in Poland operating since 1950. With its headquarters housed in the fourteenth century early Renaissance period Palace Kmitów just step from Krakow’s Main Square, DESA runs antique and art shops throughout the country and holds periodic auctions at its Auction House in Krakow. Its other activities include the conservation of valuable works of art for museum collections, and the promotion contemporary art and artists through both domestic as well as international exhibitions. With skilled experts, including forensic specialists performing art valuations, it is the leading art auction house maintaining alliances with renowned institutions such as Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Dorotheum, Nagel, and Drouot. With a worldwide list of exclusive clients, DESA specializes in creating individual collections as well.

InternatIonal School of KraKow ISK welcomes Polish and International students from age three to university entrance. All classes are taught in English through a program accredited in Europe and the United States. OUR UNIQUE CAMPUS IN KRAKOW OFFERS ... Outdoor and indoor playgrounds with an extensive forest surrounding the school Modern classrooms and science labs The largest English language library in Krakow

OUR INTERNATIONAL CURRICULUM OFFERS … The International School of Krakow is a fully authorized IB World School offering the Diploma Programme. IB World Schools share a common philosophy – a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education that the International School of Krakow believes is central to our community of students and teachers, a community that is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures. autoryzowany program nauczanIa fully accredited and globally authorized by cIS, neaSc

OUR AIM IS TO FOSTER ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT THROUGH... Differentiated learning experiences that optimize academic potential High international standards and assessments AND DEVELOP YOUR CHILD’S POTENTIAL THROUGH... Sports, arts, music, and advanced studies Education of the whole child EARLY YEARS PROGRAM... The Early Years Team created ideal conditions for our youngest students to develop their own personalities and express their learning every day. Through the Reggio Emilia approach, the children experienced, through exploration and discovery, the principles of respect, responsibility and community. ISK IS DEDICATED TO THE INTELLECTUAL AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT OF TOMORROW’S WORLD CITIZENS Lusina, Św. Floriana 57 30-698 Krakow, Poland Phone: +48 12 270 14 09 Email:



CULTURAL INTEREST Schindler’s Factory

The permanent exhibition ‘Kraków under Nazi Occupation 1939–1945” is a story about the city and its Nazis occupiers who arrived here on September 6, 1939, brutally disrupting Polish-Jewish relations. The history of this war intersects here with everyday life, and the experiences of individuals overlap with this giant tragedy. The motto of this exhibition and of the entire branch of the Historical Museum here is “the factory of memory”. The space of remembrance created at this former Enamel Factory offers the visitors an opportunity to confront the past in a very personal manner. Krakow, Lipowa 4 phone: +48 12 257-10-17

MOCAK – The Museum of Contemporary Art

MOCAK – a new museum of Polish and international contemporary art The Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow is the first such museum in Poland to be constructed from scratch. The building was erected on the site of the former Schindler’s Factory, in the post-industrial district of Zabłocie, which in recent years has recently undergone a vigorous renaissance. The building was designed by the Italian architect and interior designer Claudio Nardi. MOCAK has complied an international collection presenting the art of the last 20 years which relates the recent artistic phenomena to the tradition of conceptual art. Krakow, Lipowa 4 phone: +48 12 263 40 01 fax: +48 12 257 10 34 email:,

The MOCAK Collection

Rynek Uderground

In the archaeological park located 4 meters below the surface of Krakow’s Market Square, a section of medieval Krakow has come alive in this outstanding new museum; a place such as this has so far been unprecedented in Europe. One can witness here the evidence of the continuity of trade, pursued uninterrupted for over 800 years. The exhibition “Following the traces of European identity of Kraków” is a multimedia show as well as a journey through time – allowing visitors to not only see the history of the origins of the legendary city, but also to become part of them!

Krakow, Rynek Główny 1 phone: +48 12 426 50 60


TOP Krakow

HISTORICAL PLACES Wawel lies on a small hill above the Vistula River where the first settlements began thousands of years ago. There are some real jewels here, amongst them: the exquisite cathedral chapels, the renaissance courtyard and the State Rooms themselves. In the chambers of the castle one will find collections of Oriental art and military trophies, collections of Flemish tapestries of amazing beauty, as well as archaeological specimens. Wawel is open to visitors from 9.30 am to 5 pm, from Tuesday to Friday; on Saturday and Sunday it is open between 11am to 6 pm. Normal admission is 17 pln, and discounted is 10 pln. Tickets are issued for definite entrance hours so one has to comply with the entrance times printed on the ticket.

Wawel, The Royal Castle

The Jagiellonian University was launched in 1364 and after Prague it is the second oldest learning center in this part of Europe. It has been the alma mater of many known personages in science, politics, culture and others, and has shaped the Polish elite over centuries. Besides being an educational center the university has several museums such as the Museum of Pharmacy; the Zoological Museum; or the Botanical Garden. The most important amongst them is the unique Jagiellonian University Museum located in the Collegium Maius. Here one can marvel at the exceptional collection of old scientific instruments, university memorabilia, and portraits of the leading figures of the university over the years.

Jagiellonian University

phot. Artur Żyrkowski Municipality of Krakow, City Promotion and Marketing Office

phot. Anna Wojnar Jagiellonian University

Krakow has about 360 churches and cathedrals— seeing them all would be a great challenge. However, to understand their historical meaning for this city, one can definitely concentrate on the ones located in the center. Visiting the Mariacki Church, which is the central point of Krakow, is a must; here one can find the famous altar of Wit Stwosz, made between 1477 to 1489. Other venues close by not to be missed are the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul on Grodzka street; the Church of St. Wojciech in the Market Square; and the Church of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist on Jana Street.


phot. Artur Żyrkowski Municipality of Krakow, City Promotion and Marketing Office

TOP Krakow


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