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February - March, 2013 Issue No.38

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Ancora Restaurant Krakow, Dominikańska 3 phone: +48 12 357 3355

TOP Krakow

Ancora, a culinary landmark in the center of Krakow, conveys the hidden elegance of Polish cuisine by fusing it with distinct Mediterranean, Asian, Pan Europe influences. Here is an originality created by Chef Adam Chrząstowski, who brings his years of international experience including heading fine restaurants in Shanghai. His menu exhilarates—from appetizers, soups, and dishes such as the grilled beef tenderloin with goose liver medallion; the lamb Provencal served with potato gratin and a sagerosemary sauce; and the King prawn tails in boletus and butter sauce served with tagliolini noodles and zucchini. Desserts such as the chocolate and blue cheese soufflé served with grapes chutney, are proof of the special-ness of this place. With a fine selection of over 400 wines, Ancora is a place where one keeps coming back to!


Located steps from the Market Square, Aperitif is a place that delivers quality and sophistication in an environment that is uncomplicated yet elegant. A wonderful menu emphasizes freshness of ingredients and offers Polish and pan-European fare. There is true passion in the kitchen where Chef Marcin Lorek updates his menu a few times each year with the seasons. The winter menu has starters such as the roasted quail stuffed with caramelized apples and raspberries; the creamy mushroom soup with grilled chorizo, seasoned with fresh cilantro; and main dishes such as the wild boar loin with fried mushrooms, cauliflower puree and rosemary sauce; and the crispy duck confit with cranberries and potato gratin. The white chocolate parfait with wild cherry sauce exemplifies desserts, and an extensive wine card offers selections from over twenty countries--all making Aperitif a truly wonderful culinary experience! Note: 10% off with TOP!

Aperitif Restaurant Krakow, Sienna 9 phone: +48 12 432 3333

TOP Krakow


Jarema Restaurant Krakow, Plac Matejki 5 phone: +48 12 429 3669


TOP Krakow

Plac Matejki, where Jarema is located, is named after 19th century painter Jan Matejko who enshrined many of the glorious traditions of Polish kings and their victorious armies. Jarema enshrines yet another Polish tradition—kresowa, the cuisine in focus here. Originating from the eastern borders of historical Poland, an area known as Kresy, Polish and Jewish dishes combined under eastern influences to constitute what is served here; such as exceptional lamb cutlets; quail stuffed with figs; pierogi with liver and grits; and a standard favorite, bigos served under the inspiring title of Great Master of the Royal Hunt Bigos! A three-roomed interior provides a cozily matched setting to the menu which varies with the seasons and marks the traditions that are tied to them. With Michelin’s two forks and spoons rating, summer garden seating, Jarema is an excellent experience!


The Globe located in the Hilton Garden Inn offers a panoramic view of the Wawel, and is the place in town which does not want to make one feel at home, but rather launch one out of it on a journey of food and drink from across the globe! Emphasizing the notion that cuisine is at the heart of travel, the menu in the Globe is best described as a world atlas of flavors. One can even ask for something out of the main menu and voila! it will appear on the table. It is the same ideology at the bar, the only one in Poland accredited by the International Bartenders Association. There are whiskies and wines from Japan, rums from Guyana and Colombia, high quality cocktails, and of course unmatched Polish specials such as diamond-filtered vodka. With multiple TV screens, one can only imagine the fun during special sports events, moments to be enjoyed with friends, family, and guests!

Globe Restaurant, Bar & Cafe Krakow, Konopnickiej 33 phone: +48 12 399 9127

TOP Krakow


Edo Fusion Restaurant Krakow, Boşego Ciała 3 phone: + 48 12 422 2424


TOP Krakow

Edo Fusion Japanese and Thai cusine, the sister restaurant of pure Japanese Edo Sushi, is as the name suggests an excellent locale for much sought after Asian fusion, where dishes created with a wide canvas of flavors especiallyfrom the recognized cuisines of Japan and Thailand are juxtaposed with flavors and techniques from the Mediterranean, Italy, and even Mexico; this is creativity in the kitchen at its very best. A stunning interior implements the idea of modernfusion firmly in the mind, preparing one to appreciate and savor delicacies such as the black tiger shrimp batter fried with cilantro and shitake mushroom; cod marinated in sweet miso paste; halibut in sake served on cucumber Carpaccio; and the fried wheat noodles with chicken in curry sauce. An outstanding journey of flavors is what one experiences here at Edo Fusion!


Edo Sushi, the oldest existing sushi place in Krakow is located in historic Kazimierz. This is an inspired effort by owner Piotr Zajczkowski with typical Japanese rooms and a menu designed by the finest sushi masters working in Poland. Examples include nigiri, fish toppings on rice; futomaki and hosomaki, large and small rolls in nori or the flat seaweed; uramaki, with the rice outside; and various sashimi and sushi. Of course, these may be washed down perhaps with sake chosen from an impressive list, or the very sweet Choya plum wine, or just Japanese beer, or tea. With a Japanese attired friendly staff, the experience at Edo Sushi promises to be marvelous indeed! If visiting Zakopane, there is an Edo Sushi here as well under the supervision of sushi master Katsuhiro Kudo who hails from the island of Hokkaido – the winter capital of Japan.

Edo Sushi Restaurant Krakow, Bożego Ciała 3 phone: + 48 12 422 2424

TOP Krakow


Il Calzone, located minutes away from the Main Square behind Pugetow Palace on Starowislna Street, delivers fine Italian flavors, great wine, and a wonderful ambiance. Its regular clientele includes both locals as well as new visitors to Krakow. Owner Marcin Pierożyński’s fascination with Italy-- its people, and its cuisine, have led him to create a restaurant where good wine and stellar food are not synonymous with big bills. Chef Grzegorz Graboś and a long-serving staff have made Il Calzone an outstanding place for a casual lunch or an elegant dinner with excellent pizza and calzone; grilled sirloin steak; lamb in herbs; and the chicken liver in orange and balsamic sauce---all priced reasonably. With a wide wine selection that carries Piedmont, Tuscany and Sicilian varieties, and a comprehensive menu, everyone is sure to find something that well suits their taste!

Il Calzone Krakow, Starowiślna 15a phone: + 48 12 429 5141

TOP Krakow


Kogel Mogel Restaurant Krakow, Sienna 12 phone: +48 12 426 4968

TOP Krakow

A few short steps from the Main Square, Kogel Mogel a new Polish restaurant has transformed Poland’s somber communist history era by using it as an interesting backdrop for a culinary experience like no other. The interiors are colorfully elegant and are replete with photographs and reminders of communist times. The place of course is a place for Polish cuisine at its very best, prepared at a much higher level than one can ordinarily find with appetizers such as the salmon rose and beef tartar. Main dishes are outstanding—examples include the beef stroganoff with mushrooms in cream; the Duck Cracow; succulent pork chops; and fresh trout served with sautéed spinach. With excellent desserts, coffee, and drinks combined with a wonderful open air section for summer, Kogel Mogel is an interesting addition to Krakow’s restaurant scene!


Milano Restaurant brings to mind many things; foremost amongst them is redefining the idea of a fine dining experience. This is an Italian restaurant pulsating with a rare vitality. Located on a corner in the Main Square, its warm earth interiors, crisp white-linen draped tables adorned with the soft glow of candlelight all come together in highlighting a menu which is illustrative of the tremendous thought and effort that has been put into it by Chef Grzegorz Fic. Items such as the spaghetti alla Milano with seafood; grilled salmon with spinach and saffron sauce; and the lamb ossobuco with grilled polenta, are all incredibly outstanding. Desserts such as the plum strudel in gingerbread flavored sauce become sweet exclamation points to a wonderful meal. With an extensive wine list and a warm, attentive staff, Milano tops on the culinary scale at all levels!

Milano Ristorante Krakow, św. Jana 1 phone: Kogel+48 Mogel 12 Restaurant 374 13 00 mobile: +48 Krakow, 694 44 Sienna 01 98 12 phone: +48 12 426 4968

TOP Krakow



Kura Noodle shop & more Krakow, Józefińska 4 phone: 502 377 180

TOP Krakow

Kura, which means “treasure box” is categorically the only place in this city which offers authentic Japanese. Most Japanese expats living in the area are here, some every single day! Laid out in two rooms in Krakow’s emerging area of Podgórze, incredible passion here results in outstanding Japanese. This time the culinary journey is through the “warm” Japanese cuisine, where there is not only exhilarating sushi, but also an array of Japanese noodles and other dishes served and prepared according to traditional Japanese recipes, including the ramen, a warmth-imparting broth that is cooked for several hours, gyoza dumplings, tempura, sake teriyaki, and the yakitori. This is indeed genuineness at its very best. With a wonderful energy, and outstanding service at a reasonable price, Kura is indeed the venue if truth in Japanese is what one is craving.


Michelin Guide recommended Italian restaurant La Campana is located on Kanonicza, the oldest street in Krakow. Refreshing to the senses, its dĂŠcor is best described as warm and immensely elegant, in complete union with an impressive back garden viewed through its windows. A comprehensive menu ensures that there is something for palate. Special mention must be made of the careful selection of the finest prosciutto, from San Daniele for example, to be had with fresh figs, melon, or fresh mozzarella. An impressive array of pasta, such as the rigatoni with tenderloin, garlic and tomatoes are great precursors to main courses such as the tender lamb chops in sage and pine nuts; or the zander fillet served with vegetable ratatouille in orange and saffron sauce. As expected, the wine list, desserts, and coffee are all outstanding. Fine indeed!

Trattoria la Campana Krakow, Kanonicza 7 phone: +48 12 430 2232

TOP Krakow


Mamma Mia Trattoria Krakow, Karmelicka 14 phone: +48 12 430 0492 phone/fax: +48 12 422 2868

TOP Krakow

Minutes from the Main Square, Mamma Mia offers authentic Italian in a dolce vita setting with its wood burning stove, warm colors, and photographs from the home country. Credit goes in large part to its chef Robert Koczwara, whose allegiance to Italian culinary traditions is the reason for its enormous success. Here a wide variety of pizza is always a winning choice, and soups such as the cream of broccoli with salmon bits; the gnocchi with parmesan in mushroom sauce; mussels in tomato sauce; the veal cutlets stewed in white wine sauce; and desserts such as the semifreddo— partially frozen, made with whipped cream and amaretto, are all excellent. An extensive wine list from Spain, France, Italy, Chile, Argentina, ensures a wonderful balance with what is ordered. Mamma Mia—a great choice always for a splendid time!


Miód Malina—“Honey Raspberry” is a term used in colloquial Polish to express delight! This Michelin Guide recommended Polish restaurant excites at all levels. Spread over two hall-like rooms, its warm rustic interior is made cozier by a large wood-burning oven, and fresh flowers illumined in an abundance of candlelight. Menu highlights include the special oscypek cheese with cranberry jelly; the savory duck with mushrooms and plum sauce; succulent tenderloin; delicate lamb chops served with blueberry sauce and roasted garlic; and desserts such as the racuchy, which is a homemade apple pancake served warm with a tempting vanilla and caramel sauce—all wonderfully outstanding. With a carefully chosen wine list, a wide selection of liquors, and a friendly staff, Miód Malina offers true delight indeed!

Miód Malina Restaurant open: Mon–Fri from midday to midnight; Sat, Sun from 11am to midnight Krakow, Grodzka 40 phone: +48 12 430 04 11

TOP Krakow


Copernicus Restaurant Krakow, Kanonicza 16 phone: +48 12 424 3400 +48 12 424 3421 open from midday to 11pm

TOP Krakow

The restaurant at the exclusive Hotel Copernicus located at the foot of Wawel Castle on ancient, picturesque Kanonicza Street, melds subtle modernity with elements of the Renaissance period. A direct reflection of how the menu has been fashioned where traditions of nobilityinspired cuisine have been infused with a nouvelle touch. Proof for the most discriminating palates lies in its superb dishes with a menu that changes with the rhythms of the season, purveying its delights in the form of succulent meats, pates, mushroom dishes, lobster, freshwater fish, and foie gras. A wine list of over 200 ensures that one’s menu selections will be well matched with what one chooses to sip. Desserts range from ethereal sorbets to chocolate soufflÊ served with peppermint ice cream, or simply the choicest chocolate truffles. Recommended by the Michelin Guide, this is a culinary masterpiece indeed!


Located in the landmark Pod Roza Hotel in the heart of town is Restaurant Amarone. This place is a notch up from the ordinary Italian that is found almost in every part of this city. With a foundation rooted in classic Italian cuisine, the emphasis here is to always go the extra mile; if it is pasta, rest assured it is not out of a packet, but is handmade right here on premises. What emerges on one’s plate therefore is the epitome of freshness, flavor, and creativity. The arched interiors is an apt setting, transporting one’s mind to Italy, especially as one savors items such as the carpaccio, excellent lamb, and the pasta accompanied by fine wines. The restaurant boasts its own vinoteka; its wine collection having won awards from the prestigious Wine Spectator World. Elegance and culinary refinement indeed exist at their very highest at Amarone! Please note: Lunch Special each day for just 50 PLN.

Amarone Restaurant Krakow, Floriańska 14 (entrance from the św. Tomasza) phone: +48 12 424 33 81 +48 12 424 33 00

TOP Krakow


Trzy Rybki Krakow, Szczepańska 5 (Stary Hotel) phone: +48 12 384 0808 +48 12 384 0801 open from midday to 11pm

TOP Krakow

Traces of the historical past merge subtly with the absolute contemporary at the superelegant five-star Stary Hotel, located in the very heart of Krakow. The hotel’s stunning restaurant, Michelin Guide recommended, Trzy Rybki is located on the ground floor beneath an expansive glass roof. Its superb offerings bring forth the finest traditions of Polish cuisine inscribed within its interpretations of a nouvelle Polish menu. The menu, as should be, is matched with the season’s bounties with compositions that include venison, forest mushrooms, truffles, fish, sea-food, and home-made pasta. An abundantly populated wine list is well complemented by an equally lavish selection of Italian cheese. For a unique night-time experience one can go up to the rooftop grill and bar for lunch, dinner, or a glass of wine to enjoy an exhilarating panorama of the town, and to capture the atmosphere of the Main Market Square.


Marmolada to



Marmolada located in the Main Square is designed to evoke childhood memories of visits to grandma, family dinners, and tasty pancakes gobbled down with marmalade. The combination of flavors and nostalgia is an alluring platform where a Polish- Italian menu filled with the rich aromas of spices and a fruits has come alive to delight in many ways. The encompassing menu offers items such as the golden spareribs marinated with plum vodka, topped with fruit ratatouille; beef tenderloin with pears fried in red wine and honey; Zander fried in butter and olive oil, with leek and mushrooms; cannelloni with spinach and creamy ricotta, served with a velvety tomato sauce; and an array of crispy pizza from a wood-fired oven. Intensely flavorful desserts such as the traditional Krakow cheese cake served with bitter chocolate complete this marmalade of flavors and a happy time!

Marmolada Restaurant Krakow, Grodzka 5 phone: +48 12 396 49 46

TOP Krakow


Le Scandale Krakow, Plac Nowy 9 phone: +48 12 430 6855

TOP Krakow

The dilemma to visit a top restaurant or a top notch bar has been solved by Le Scandale. This place defines versatility with its excellent restaurant, lounge bar, and a terrace garden. Frequented heavily by the whose-who of town, it opens its doors at 8 a.m. each day for breakfast, serving dinner all the way well past midnight. Its broad, international a la carte menu served all-day, the breakfast buffet from 8 am-12 pm with its wide selection priced at just 19.50 PLN, as well as its Tapas Bar, show Le Scandale’s ability to provide what guests truly value and relish. Live concerts on Friday, and a DJ on Saturday reflect the „special-ness” of weekends. The wine card with nearly 60 selection and over a 100 cocktails makes the ordering of drinks a unique experience. The perennial terrace deserves special attention with its outstanding atmosphere, making all of Le Scandale definitely something to write home about!


Scandale Royal is a place for both a sophisticated dinner, as well as for sipping cocktails with friends. The menu is primarily French nouvelle with Asian accents; on weekends it takes on more of an international view. The driving mantra is emphasis on quality of ingredients, may it be the seafood, the fine cuts of beef, or farm-fresh poultry. Polish classics like pierogi add to the spectrum of flavors. With patio seating in a summer and an exciting dance floor ready in the basement, Scandale Royal is a place for all seasons with guests converging here for cocktails from its rather well-appointed bar. It is also a leading venue for private parties, ranging from smaller birthdays to larger corporate events. With the kitchen open until midnight during weekdays and until 2 a.m. on weekends, this is indeed a place that offers quality and a wonderful time at a reasonable price!

Scandale Royal Restaurant Krakow, Plac Szczepański 2 phone: +48 12 422 1333

TOP Krakow


Morskie Oko Restaurant Krakow, Plac Szczepański 8 phone: 12 431 24 23

TOP Krakow

Restaurant Morskie Oko is a tribute to a lake near the hill station of Zakopane, a must visit in its own right. The place brings the highland-inn atmosphere to Krakow in its wonderfully decorated interiors located on Plac Szczepański. A charming atmosphere pervades with the warm wood-clad interiors illumined with the glow of candles, the air filled with the pleasant waft of a wood-burning fireplace, and the background of live music by actual mountain folk. This of course is where one can relish a type of regional Polish cuisine which reflects the heartiness of the mountains with excellent meat dishes including lamb, beef, ribs, pork knuckle, accompanied by sumptuous gravies, pierogi , and delicious homemade cakes for dessert. Mountain specific drinks such as the highlander tea which includes vodka, and plum brandy, all contribute to an outstanding time!


Pepe Rosso, located in the old Jewish quarter of Kazimierz, is a modern Italian restaurant, yet rooted firmly in the strong traditions of the cuisine it masterfully imaprts. This is the culmination of spirited efforts and vision of owners Marcin Seweryn and ナ「kasz Przybylski; the latter being the creative force in the kitchen. No wonder the king prawns served here with garlic, olive oil, and courgette are unrivaled, and dishes such as the ravioli with spinach and ricotta; and the grilled beef seasoned with rosemary, served with wild mushrooms and cherry tomatoes are simply delightful. For dessert, venture towards the Sardinian pardulas which combine the delicate flavor of pastry with the taste of fresh, sweet ricotta. Excellent food, great atmosphere in a light and elegant setting, and all this embedded in extraordinary Kazimierz--what more than Pepe Rosso can one ask for!

Pepe Rosso open from midday to 11pm Krakow, Kupa 15 phone: +48 12 431 0875

TOP Krakow


Pod Aniołami, which translates into Under the Angels, is located on what is known as the Royal Route, impeccably delivering its history. In the restored chamber upstairs, grand receptions are organized amidst the splendor of 18th-century paintings! Starters such as the mushroom soup with noodles; the delicious fish soup flavored with saffron and parsley, are great precursors to spectacular main courses. The grilled sirloin with capers and rosemary; pork served with baked apple and bacon, served with pickles and horseradish sauce, are all exceptional. A beech-wood grill serves a wide array of meats to be had perhaps in the medievalstyle courtyard garden that’s open all year round. Desserts include sernik, the Polish cheesecake; or szarlotka, which is the local apple pie. Pod Aniołami is indeed a culinary experience from when real nobility paraded along the Royal Route!

Pod Aniołami Krakow, Grodzka 35 phone: +48 12 421 3999 open from 1pm to midnight

TOP Krakow


Pimiento Restaurant Krakow, Józefa 26 phone: +48 12 421 2502 Krakow, Stolarska 13 phone: +48 12 4226672

TOP Krakow

Pimiento is the first ever Argentinean grill restaurant in Krakow offering juicy grilled meats, cooked on the “asado”— where natural wood and coal embers ensure all of the meat’s natural flavors are preserved. Argentinean cuisine has heavy influences of Mediterranean cultures, and under the brilliant ownership of Marcin Seweryn, all of this is very much true here. Each cut of meat, Pampas grass fed and imported from Argentina, is individually seasoned to impart a truly authentic dining experience. Popular cuts are the bife de costilla, similar to the T-bone; and bife de chorizo, a steak cut off the rib and equivalent to rump or sirloin. Various other cuts of beef, pork, chicken, and chorizo are served with special sauces, rice, salads, and vegetables. Great desserts, a diverse wine list, and friendly service, make Pimiento a wonderful detour from Krakow to Gaucho country!


Located in a 15th century building in Szeroka Square, the Hotel Rubinstein is brimful with style and elegance. The famous cosmetics mogul, Helena Rubinstein, was actually born on this very square, and the hotel’s name is an inspired note to this famous one-time neighbor. The Restaurant Rubinstein, located within the hotel combines traditional Polish, Jewish, and pan-European cuisine with nouvelle elements to thrill gastronomically. Dishes such as the marinated ostrich carpaccio accompanied by lettuce and boletus mushrooms; the roast duck with currant sauce on spinach served with potato purée; the pork tenderloin with calvados accompanied with potato and apple mushrooms, are all excellent. With desserts such as the chocolate gâteau, and a wonderfully varied wine list, this elegant restaurant is yet another feather in Krakow’s culinary cap.

Rubinstein Restaurant Krakow, Szeroka 12 phone: +48 12 384 0000

TOP Krakow


SomePlace Else Restaurant Krakow, Powiśle 7 phone: +48 12 662 1670 Open: Monday – Friday 4:00 pm - 0:00 am Saturday – Sunday 12:00 pm - 0:00 am Happy Hour - everyday 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm

TOP Krakow

Every once in a while, one has a carving to just let loose in an ultra casual setting, and perhaps the thought of a sports bar comes to mind; SomePlace Else is just that place! This place epitomizes relaxation and the executive chef has focused on creating a menu that goes exceedingly well with that idea this indeed is an outstanding tex-mex inspired menu—the Chicken Wrap with grilled strips of chicken; the Slim Figure Salad with an assortment of greens, tomatoes, mozzarella, and grilled chicken breast; the Big T-bone steak served with garlic and herb butter are all rather enjoyable! Along with delicious drinks and cocktails this has become the ultimate place to hang-out with family, friends, and colleagues, and sports fans have 9 plasma screens to enjoy exciting events. A wonderfully large summer garden, and an attentive, professional staff makes the fun all the more cheery!


Welcome New Year 2013 with us! The Olive – Sheraton’s spectacular atrium restaurant. Dominating interior of the 1200 sq.m. glass-roofed lobby welcoming the guests regularly serving Mediterranean fare, breakfast, lunch and dinner in this year-round ‘courtyard’. On this exceptional night – as last one in 2012 year - we have prepared a special offer as we would like to take you on an amazing journey through the culinary world. Discover various tastes & flavors offered by our Executive Chef Tomasz Leśniak on a gourmet buffet accompanied by our selection of wines and beverages. It will also be a pure delight for your spirit – the exceptional band and DJ will invite you to dance to the greatest hits of last years. We have not forgotten about the youngest – children are welcome in our Kids Corner, clown entertainment & snacks included.Let us celebrate these special moments together!

The Olive Restaurant Sheraton Krakow Hotel, Powiśle 7 phone: +48 12 662 1000 open: Monday – 6:30 am - 10:30 am Tuesday - Friday 6:30 am - 10:30 am, 12:00 - 4:00 pm, 6:00 pm - 10:30 pm Saturday 7:00 am -11:00 am, 12:00 4:00 pm, 6:00 pm - 10:30 pm Sunday 7:00 am -11:00 am

TOP Krakow


Szara Restaurant Krakow, Rynek Główny 6 phone: +48 12 421 6669

TOP Krakow

Located in the Main Square steps this Michelin recommended restaurant makes a ceremony of a culinary outing with aproned waiters, gothic arched interiors, and ornate silverware. The international menu here may be best described as a reflection of the clientele that converges from all over the globe. Appetizers such as the Swedish style marinated herring served with potato is an ideal prologue to dishes composed of succulent meats and fish in the form of the Plankstek, which is beef sirloin served on an oak plank with pommes duchesse and yellow string beans wrapped in bacon; or the Halibut served on a bed of beetroot and carrots. The panna cotta with forest fruits and a comprehensive wine list help complete the vision of this gastronomic delight! Szara also serves a delightful breakfast, daily from 8 until 12 noon at prices that are indeed quite reasonable.


Szara Kazimierz has become a culinary ornament gracing Krakow’s historic Jewish enclave. Since it opened in 2006 it has convincingly received Michelin Recommendations five years in a row, and the comparison to its elder counterpart in the Main Square have yielded but one answer—just as classy and outstanding! Within its spacious venue the décor is reflective of the fact that the place delivers the highest quality with a menu similar to its sister restaurant. Appetizers such as the mozzarella with strawberries and baby spinach; the salmon tartar with capers and mustard sauce; main courses such as the marinated turkey breast with cherry sauce; the sole rolls with salmon mousse and a lobster sauce, are excellent. Equipped with an elaborate bar with quality drinks and wonderful coffee, this indeed is the type of place that transforms one’s time here into a precious, warm memory!

Szara Kazimierz Restaurant Krakow, Szeroka 39 phone: +48 12 429 1219

TOP Krakow


Wierzynek Restaurant Krakow, Rynek Główny 15 phone: +48 12 424 9600

TOP Krakow

Wierzynek with Its 14th century interiors of ornate beams, period art, and frescoes, has hosted distinguished heads of state such as Emperor Akihito, Queen Elizabeth II, George Bush Sr., and celebrities such as Steven Spielberg, Robert De Niro, and Sophie Marceau. This is indeed a unique setting for traditional Polish cuisine from the kitchens of the past nobility. Items such as the home-made pate; the veal shank with Polish potato dumplings and beetroot in sour cream; and the pikeperch flamed in mead honey wine with pear in a sour cream sauce, are all outstanding. Desserts include handmade pastries and confectionery made with age-old recipes and techniques, as well as the pralines created out of love and passion for chocolate! The American bestseller “1000 Places to See before You Die” indeed mentions Wierzynek, making it a place that is a must-visit whilst in Krakow!


In Polish, “Wesele” means “wedding party”. This Michelin Guide recommended restaurant is exquisitely arranged and adorned with a 16th century ceiling and floral arrangements. Located on the Main Square, this is where nouvelle Polish is winning accolades from both the locals as well as visitors. The carpaccio of venison with fresh berries, capers and parmesan cheese; the mixed salad with duck, orange, and pistachio with basil-garlic dressing; and venison with gingerbread sauce, made with red wine, honey and mandarins; are all ethereally delightful. Desserts touch a high note as well with items such as the warm cheese pancakes with vanilla and caramel mousse. With an elaborate wine list, a staff that is eager to please, and live concerts every evening from Wednesday to Saturday, Wesele indeed is a marriage of exquisite elegance and a good time!

Wesele Restaurant Krakow, Rynek Główny 10 phone: +48 12 422 7460

TOP Krakow




Restaurant Zen has indeed become a significant part of Krakow’s culinary scene, having finally brought to this town a unique interpretation of Japanese cuisine with traditional dishes as well as those that may not be considered typical. Appetizers such as slices of juicy beef, marinated in sake, served with fresh garlic and ginger; or the beef carpaccio served with Japanese wasabi, are great precursors to dishes such as the Kobe steak; or the duck marinated in orange and cinnamon, served with teriyaki sauce. The first floor offers a more casual “sushi-canal”, while the second floor has tables as well as rooms with the traditional “tatami” floor-mat seating. Drinks include Japanese wines, beers, and original green tea. Savings Note: 10% off with TOP anytime, all the time for everything!

Zen Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant open from noon to midnight Krakow, Św. Tomasza 29 phone: +48 12 426 5555

TOP Krakow


Wentzl Restaurant Pod Papugami Kraków, Rynek Restaurant Główny 19 Sukiennice phone: (+48) 9a,12 Wroclaw 429 52 99 phone: 071 343 92 75


TOP Krakow Wroclaw

Wentzl Restaurant, situated upstairs at No. 19 Main Square, brings forth to this day culinary traditions that reach back to the late 18th century when Jan Wentzl located his eatery here. The house itself, known as “Pod Obrazem”, which means “Under the Painting”, was built nearly 400 years ago. Blessed by its history and a great location overlooking Krakow’s center, guests continue to pour in. Eespecially now that Magda Gessler has taken over its helms. The aroma of herbs wafts through the halls; the salad with quail egg; crispy foie gras with strawberries, walnuts and duck, are just a few items showcasing her culinary artistry. Dessert takes on a finer pleasure with the view from the windows overlooking the Main Square; the meringue dacquoise with dates and coffee cream is delightful, making this a most gratifying place with nothing more to be desired!


Located in the heart of Krakow’s Main Square, on the more popular side diagonally across from St. Mary’s Church, Vintage is an exceptional bright spot for dining or just sipping a glass of quality wine witnessing the world go by, as it usually does on the Square. The emphasis on fresh produce from the region as well as dishes such as the steak with three sauces, fresh fish, the Polishstyle duck, make Vintage an outstanding culinary venue. Of course, as the name suggests, wine takes center stage here as well with various varieties and vintages served by the glass, and in 50, 100, and 150 ml. dispensers. With an original interior comprising historical elements with modern design, decorative ceilings, columns and a restored fresco, the atmosphere here is conducive indeed to deliver on all of the elements that one visits Krakow for-- history, elegance, and quite simply a great time!

Vintage Restaurant, Wine Bar & Wine Shop Krakow, Rynek Główny 45 phone: 12 421 57 97,

TOP Krakow

Top Casual & After Dinner


Bull Pub Krakow, Mikołajska 2 phone: +48 12 423 1168

TOP Krakow

If an evening out in Krakow is to be cherished as a memory for years to come then a visit to Bull Pub is in the cards. A long-time favorite of both locals and visitors to Krakow, the place is steeped in history and rich drinking tradition. This is indeed an old traditional English pub situated in the heart of old Krakow, where an almost Victorian dĂŠcor helps create a pleasant and a thoroughly enjoyable atmosphere, and literally transports one mentally into a quaint place somewhere in England. Bull Pub offers its guests a well equipped bar with a wide selection of whiskeys including single malts and a wide range of beers, from Irish and English to Polish barreled beers. Your drinks would be well accompanied by the exquisite snacks, or topped off with a Cuban cigar from its well equipped humidor!


The Reflections Bar & Café at the Holiday Inn Krakow City Center is one of the few places in Krakow that has actually set itself as a class apart from the abundance of the serve-yourself types of places that dot the city. This is a super-elegant bar outfitted with white leather sofas and outdoor terrace seating which combined with the outstanding table service makes one so comfortable that the idea of leaving afterwards becomes a thought not to be welcomed nor entertained! Stellar drinks and cocktails, coffee, cakes, and desserts, wines and liquors are to be enjoyed in the bar with a lively club atmosphere and a delicious food menu which amongst many attractions includes an array of tapas as well. A favorite of locals as well as visiting guests and business people, this is a place indeed which makes one reflect upon the day, or perhaps on life itself, in rare, elegant style!

Reflections Bar & Café Holiday Inn Krakow City Center Krakow, Wielopole 4 phone: +48 12 619 0000

TOP Krakow


Ul Lala Cafe & Lunch Time Krakow, Rynek Główny 42 phone: +48 12 374 13 07 mobile: +48 694 44 01 98

TOP Krakow

This spring witnessed the opening of the extraordinary Ul Lala Cafe and Lunch Time. Located on a classy corner on the Main Square, with its abundant and super elegant terrace seating and a remarkable interior décor, it serves 100% natural and home-made delicious pastries, cakes, sweet cocktails, fine coffees and teas, as well as salads and sandwiches. With healthy breakfast which includes various options—traditional Polish with scrambled eggs, cheese and rustic meats; Mediterranean with tomato, feta cheese and olives; and French with omelets, fruit preserves, and croissants. A great place for lunch and casual dining, one can partake from a wide selection of salads, soups, and main courses. Of course right through the day the place is an outstanding café serving up all of its pleasures. A class act is indeed the only way to describe Ul Lala!


Spazio Coffee & Cocktail Bar Szpitalna 9, Corner of Tomasza and Szpitalna streets 31-021 Kraków phone: 12 422 29 48

TOP Krakow

Recently opened, Spazio is a remarkable new twist on the tired-tested café format that surrounds us almost everywhere. This is indeed a quality, refreshing amalgamation of a café and a bar, quite literally providing one, if one chooses that is, the capability of switching from “café mode” to “bar mode” as the hours of the clock move on from the day into the evening. The coffee here is, without exaggeration, brimful of flavor and can be had in whichever form of one’s desire, either on premises or to take away. Outstanding selections for breakfast, as well as casual lunch and dining, and original drinks, particularly with Jameson and Prosecco, complete Spazio’s palette. On Friday and Saturday evenings, there is live music here as well. With available wifi, and a warm, attentive staff, Spazio may very soon become the hangout one was always seeking!


The rather unique Wierzynek Souvenir Shop is located on the ground floor of the famous Wierzynek Restaurant. It offers a wide spectrum of hand-made chocolate pralines in several flavors and appetizing shapes with each piece superbly crafted from traditional recipes by experienced chocolatiers; their passion and heartdriven endeavors ensure quality and the intensity of flavors. Also available are confectionery products and cookies made with the best quality natural ingredients, as well as traditional Polish alcohols with unique recipes such as tinctures, meads, vodkas, and slivovitz. Located within the premises also is the newly opened coffee shop with outstanding coffee of course and fresh pastries, hand-whipped ice cream and sorbet, and health selections such as the lush green cocktail with parsley. Of course the chocolate delights are always right there as well to enjoy!

Wierzynek Shop & Café Krakow, Rynek Główny 16 phone: +48 12 424 9600

TOP Krakow

Top Essentials


Kobalt, an outstanding ceramics store is located on Grodzka 62, just steps from the Main Square. It is a world of its own, offering a wide spectrum of the unique style of Polish pottery that is an absolute must for every home in this country, and is increasingly something which people from all over the world are beginning to cherish. Kobalt’s products are all hand-decorated with a unique stamping technique used for pottery by top-quality craftsmen. The items-- dishes, platters, plates, cup, pots, and many others-are renowned not only for their beauty but also for day to day practicality. Traditional designs go handin-hand with being completely safe for modern day kitchen and food practices including use in microwave ovens, dishwashers, and freezers. The products at Kobalt are indeed a must-carry-home, to serve as a permanent reminder of Krakow’s beauty!

Kobalt pottery and more Krakow, Grodzka 62

TOP Krakow


Located in the Main Market Square, this historical building is home to a one-ofa-kind retail complex named Pasaż 13, an architectural masterpiece that has now become the backdrop to elite stores and shopping catering to the quality conscious customer. It is clear at once that this is indeed a retail heaven, with the great quality of stores and brand names resonating perfectly with the outstanding location. From Batycki to Miss Sixty from DSQUARED2 do YSL, and from Cerruti to Lantier, all these and more reside side by side together at Pasaż 13. Located within this are gourmet stores such as Delikatesy 13 and Vinoteka 13; the unique Delikatesy offers a variety of high-end Polish and international produce, and Vinoteka provides a similarly rich palette which includes hundreds of quality wines. Extremely inviting to be sure!

Pasaż 13 Krakow, Rynek Główny 12–13

TOP Krakow


Olivier Baussan, the founder of L’Occitane, has to say this about his company and the land of its inspiration, giving us an insight into why this is quickly becoming a leading brand name in the world of personal care—“The sun smiles on Provence. Its warmth makes the soil generous and the people openhearted. Its brightness is reflected in the crafts, customs and traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation. The sun, the products of the soil and a love of nature are the essence of my Provence. It is this essence I want to share with the world. It is what inspired me to create L’Occitane.” This amazing philosophy is the reason that the shelves at L’Occitane are lined with inspirational products for both women and men—fragrances, products for bath and body, skin care, and even for a great smelling home!

Krakow, Rynek Główny 13 (Pasaż 13) phone: +48 664 656 644 Krakow, Pawia 5, (Galeria Krakowska) phone: +48 724 450 425 Krakow, Kamieńskiego 11, (Bonarka City Center) phone: +48 794 184 441

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In two locations in Krakow, Mlyn (pronounced Mwin, and which means Mill), is much more than a conventional fitness club! Designed specifically for parents with kids as young as toddlers, the facilities are fully adapted also to the needs of people with disabilities. It offers individually prepared training programs, allowing clients to define their own way to stay active. There is an intimate feel here giving the impression that this could be an extension of one’s home! Mlyn offers the following activities: fitness, pool (aqua aerobics), top-quality equipped gym, pole dance, sauna, indoor cycling (spinning), treadmill routines, nordic walking in the surrounding area, as well as spa. Furthermore, Mlyn casts aside gym stereotypes and organizes events such as chamber music, photo exhibitions, contemporary art exhibitions, and film screenings. —comprehensive indeed!

Fitness Młyn Krakow, Dolnych Młynów 5 phone: 12 634 10 81 Krakow, Przemysłowa 4/454 phone: 12 353 27 27

TOP Krakow


Come join the SERIOUS FUN at The Little Gym New Class Schedule • New Price Plans • Join before 20th February and get 2 additional free classes! • Book a FREE INTRO-CLASS today! The Little Gym Krakow • ul. ks. Franciszka Maja 40 30-499, Krakow • Tel: +48 12 264 94 01 •

Parent/child classes

Preschool/ kindergarten gymnastics

Primary school gymnastics

Holiday camps

Birthday parties


The Little Gym’s philosophy is simple and yet profound. With more than 35 years of hands-on experience, a mountain of research and parent feedback The Little Gym provides non-competitive gymnastics and movement programs with a focus on building the child’s confidence. Encouraging physical activity not only offers immediate benefits, but also has long-term impact on children’s well-being as adults. The owners Graham and Oliwia say this--“Quite simply, this is where we have serious fun. We first encountered The Little Gym in UK and Netherlands for our eight-month son, the joy all three of us experienced in the ParentChild classes and the development our son made during that time was incredible.” Parents are welcome to seek out The Little Gym’s various age-appropriate physical development programs to help their children develop a love for an active lifestyle.

The Little Gym® Krakow Krakow, ks. Franciszka Maja 40 phone: +48 12 264 94 01

TOP Krakow

AUTODIRECT CAR PURCHASE Buy Cars The New, Efficient Way Finally, the cutting edge way to purchase cars, both brand new and pre-owned, has finally arrived in Poland with the recent launch of Autodirect’s new web portal, Prospective car buyers in the country now virtually have the best of the entire Polish car market on their desktop. Says CEO, Mr. Grzegorz Kwiatkowski “This business model has been successfully implemented in Western Europe. In countries such as Spain or France almost 15% of cars are purchased in this way.” Buy






Finally, the cutting edge way to purchase cars, both brand new and pre-owned, has finally arrived in Poland with the recent launch of Autodirect’s new web portal, Prospective car buyers in the country now virtually have the best of the entire Polish car market on their desktop. Says CEO, Mr. Łukasz Gębski “This business model has been successfully implemented in Western Europe. In countries such as Spain or France almost 15% of cars are purchased in this way.”

Autodirect SA Al. Jerozolimskie 133, 16th floor Warsaw 02-304

TOP Krakow offers tremendous advantages over conventional ways of buying cars, which include: • Significantly better price with dealerships competing to provide the highest discount in order to make the sale; • Clean, transparent, and secure business practices—cars are provided by official authorized car dealerships only with bank payments made directly to the dealer’s bank account; • The widest possible choice between virtually all brands of cars and motorbikes; • One stop shopping for financing, (credit, leasing) and insurance, and professional advice by consultants in identifying what’s most suitable; • Customized requirements delivered to the doorstep such as winter tires, baby seats, individual leather interior, and auto spa treatments such as scratch-proofing; • And finally lots of time saved which is perhaps the most important factor today. On occasion an identified vehicle with the best deal may in fact be available at a dealership in a distant town. In these cases would be delighted in making travel arrangements to get one there to take delivery of one’s new car, always a thrilling experience made better perhaps with a sightseeing holiday in a different city! With almost every car and model, along with a good choice of motorbikes is indeed the place to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle. The best possible price and service is indeed just a few computer clicks with no running around and wasting time. Thank you!

Top Culture


Campbell Soup II, 1969, serigraphy Š 2012 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Until February 10, 2013

TOP Krakow

Andy Warhol is one of those recent legends from the art world who is regarded by many as the representative of pop art, and as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. His work and eccentric lifestyle has entered the mass consciousness permanently. Warhol had a penchant for portraying TV stars, famous politicians and icons of American pop culture, a term under which the artist himself came to be labeled. He built his myth deliberately, and was famous for his provocative statements and mystifications. However, some aspects of his tempestuous biography and rich artistic legacy still remain little known or not yet studied enough. It is also that as time goes on more materials emerge which shed a more comprehensive light on an icon such as this. The exhibition at the ICC seeks to broaden the context for interpreting his art by identifying Warhol’s Central European roots.


The 2013 edition of Misteria Paschalia Festival, as it is each year, is going to be special, not just because it is its 10th jubilee anniversary but more rather because the audience will witness and be part of extraordinary musical events, such as the festival’s two premiere projects – “Copernicus” and “Continunt Insulae” - prepared by Jordi Savall, Agnieszka Budzińska-Bennett, and Michał Gondko. The festival will comprise seven exquisite concerts, including Handel’s “Il Trionfo del Tempo.” This year Krakow will once again be welcoming Christophe Rousset, who, along with Les Talens Lyriques, will present what promises to be an extraordinary program of Mater Dolorosa, filled with the music of Leo, Traetta and Ferrandini, and others. The festival begins March 25th, and will last for a week , closing on March 31st, Easter Sunday.

March 25 - 31, 2013

TOP Krakow


March 17- 29, 2013

TOP Krakow

The 17th edition of the annual Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival coincides with anniversaries of two music greats: Richard Wagner and Giuseppe Verdi’s 200th birthday. The festival, which has been organized since 2004, is designed to show Beethoven’s works in various contexts and perspectives. His compositions are set amongst the works of his contemporaries and provide a backdrop to a time when many compositions were written by the masters of the period. This world-class music event, initiated by its artistic director Ms. Elżbieta Penderecka, boasts the presence of a spectrum of leading artists from around the globe. The stars this year will include, amongst many others, the famous Julian Rachlin and Itamar Golan duo conducting piano and violin sonatas, and the pianist Simon Trpčeski performing Schubert and Liszt masterpieces. The festival’s “Unknown Operas” segment will feature the lesser known version of Verdi’s opera Simon Boccanegra. The festival will close on March 29th with the monumental Requiem by Verdi under the direction of the Maestro Krzysztof Penderecki!

CULTURAL INTEREST Schindler’s Factory

The permanent exhibition ‘Kraków under Nazi Occupation 1939–1945” is a story about the city and its Nazis occupiers who arrived here on September 6, 1939, brutally disrupting Polish-Jewish relations. The history of this war intersects here with everyday life, and the experiences of individuals overlap with this giant tragedy. The motto of this exhibition and of the entire branch of the Historical Museum here is “the factory of memory”. The space of remembrance created at this former Enamel Factory offers the visitors an opportunity to confront the past in a very personal manner. Krakow, Lipowa 4 phone: +48 12 257-10-17

MOCAK – The Museum of Contemporary Art

MOCAK – a new museum of Polish and international contemporary art The Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow is the first such museum in Poland to be constructed from scratch. The building was erected on the site of the former Schindler’s Factory, in the post-industrial district of Zabłocie, which in recent years has recently undergone a vigorous renaissance. The building was designed by the Italian architect and interior designer Claudio Nardi. MOCAK has complied an international collection presenting the art of the last 20 years which relates the recent artistic phenomena to the tradition of conceptual art. Krakow, Lipowa 4 phone: +48 12 263 40 01 fax: +48 12 257 10 34 email:,

The MOCAK Collection

Rynek Uderground

In the archaeological park located 4 meters below the surface of Krakow’s Market Square, a section of medieval Krakow has come alive in this outstanding new museum; a place such as this has so far been unprecedented in Europe. One can witness here the evidence of the continuity of trade, pursued uninterrupted for over 800 years. The exhibition “Following the traces of European identity of Kraków” is a multimedia show as well as a journey through time – allowing visitors to not only see the history of the origins of the legendary city, but also to become part of them!

Krakow, Rynek Główny 1 phone: +48 12 426 50 60


TOP Krakow

HISTORICAL PLACES Wawel lies on a small hill above the Vistula River where the first settlements began thousands of years ago. There are some real jewels here, amongst them: the exquisite cathedral chapels, the renaissance courtyard and the State Rooms themselves. In the chambers of the castle one will find collections of Oriental art and military trophies, collections of Flemish tapestries of amazing beauty, as well as archaeological specimens. Wawel is open to visitors from 9.30 am to 5 pm, from Tuesday to Friday; on Saturday and Sunday it is open between 11am to 6 pm. Normal admission is 17 pln, and discounted is 10 pln. Tickets are issued for definite entrance hours so one has to comply with the entrance times printed on the ticket. The Jagiellonian University was launched in 1364 and after Prague it is the second oldest learning center in this part of Europe. It has been the alma mater of many known personages in science, politics, culture and others, and has shaped the Polish elite over centuries. Besides being an educational center the university has several museums such as the Museum of Pharmacy; the Zoological Museum; or the Botanical Garden. The most important amongst them is the unique Jagiellonian University Museum located in the Collegium Maius. Here one can marvel at the exceptional collection of old scientific instruments, university memorabilia, and portraits of the leading figures of the university over the years.

Wawel, The Royal Castle

phot. Artur Żyrkowski Municipality of Krakow, City Promotion and Marketing Office

Jagiellonian University

phot. Anna Wojnar Jagiellonian University

Krakow has about 360 churches and cathedrals— seeing them all would be a great challenge. However, to understand their historical meaning for this city, one can definitely concentrate on the ones located in the center. Visiting the Mariacki Church, which is the central point of Krakow, is a must; here one can find the famous altar of Wit Stwosz, made between 1477 to 1489. Other venues close by not to be missed are the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul on Grodzka street; the Church of St. Wojciech in the Market Square; and the Church of John the Baptist and John the Evangelist on Jana Street.


phot. Artur Żyrkowski Municipality of Krakow, City Promotion and Marketing Office

TOP Krakow


IMPORTANT INFORMATION International prefix for Poland: +48 Krakow area code (when phoning from other regions of Poland): 12


All emergencies, phoning from a mobile telephone: Ambulance: Police: Municipal Police:


RadioTaxi City Taxi

+48 12 191 91 48 12 266 64444 +4819621


Polish Railways (PKP): Polish Airlines LOT:

24-hour pharmacies (apteka):

Apteka Galla, Galla 26 Apteka Pod Opatrznoscia, Karmelicka 23


Austria: Krupnicza 42 Denmark: sw. Anny 5 France: Stolarska 15 Germany: Stolarska 7 Russia: Biskupia 7 Japan: Grabowskiego 5/3 Lithuania: Chlopickiego 10 Norway: Mazowiecka 25 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: sw. Anny 9 USA: Stolarska 9

Tourist Information:

Tourist Information Centre Wyspianski Pavilion Plac Wszystkich Swietych 2

Guide & trips:

AB City Tours :

Language School:

PROLOG Language School, Bronowicka 37


112 999 997 986

TOP Krakow

+48 2219436 +48 801 300 952 +48 12 636 7365 +48 12 631 1980 +48 12 424 9900 +48 12 421 7380 +48 12 424 5300 +48 12 424 3000 +48 12 422 2647 +48 12 633 4359 +48 12 413 6518 +48 12 633 0376 +48 12 421 7030 +48 12 424 5100 +48 12 616 1886 +48 12 616 1886 +48 791 475 485 +48 12 638 4565

Synagoga Stara

Map designed by Sebastian Książkiewicz, GIS Project sp. z o.o.




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Aperitif p. 7

Jarema p. 8

Globe p. 9

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Il Calzone p. 12

Kogel Mogel p. 14

Milano p. 15

Kura p. 16

La Campana p. 17

Mamma Mia p.18

Miód Malina p.19

Likus: Copernicus p. 20

Likus: Amarone p. 21

Likus: Trzy Rybki p. 22

Marmolada p. 23

Le Scandale p. 24

Scandale Royal p. 25

Morskie Oko p. 26

Pepe Rosso p. 27

Pod Aniłami p. 28

Pimiento p. 30

Rubinstein p. 31

Some Place Else p. 32

The Olive p. 33

Szara p. 34

Szara Kazimierz p. 35

Wierzynek p. 36

Wesele p. 37

Zen p. 39

Wentzl p. 40

Vintage p. 41

Bull Pub p. 44

Reflection p. 42

Ula La p. 46

Spazio p. 48

Słodki Wierzynek p. 49

Kobalt p. 52

Pasaż 13 p. 55

L’Occitane p. 57

Fitenss Młyn p.59

The Little Gym p.60

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