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February 15 - April 15, 2014 Issue No. 07

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• Poland’s leading lifestyle resource; • Defined by our selections of the best services and products. Our effort is to show case - service providers and business partner selected through the prisms of outstanding quality and --reputation.

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• To offer exposure to the best the city offers; • To create a unique interface between the social aspects of life with employee enrich ment; • To showcase our Service Partners; • To create a TOP Community where our members, users, and service partners, all mcome together to make life richer and better: may it be dining, cafes, shopping, various activities, mand services ranging from finance, to medical needs.

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• A visually stunning, descriptive presentation format publication printed now in four major cities, - Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, and Poznan; • Distributed free of charge at multiple distribution points such as at leading hotels, companies, - --business organizations, diplomatic offices, embassies, important cultural festivals, and at other --well-matched venues.

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TOP reaches thousands of corporate employees; primarily due to our exclusive partnerships with business organizations such as: • American Chamber of Commerce in Poland (; • French-Polish Chamber of Commerce (; • Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce (

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Casa de Vinos Wine Bar and Shop


Mini Cars


Spinoza Eyewear


Cuba Libre Latin Dance Club Latin Inspired Bar


Weranda Family Restaurants Innovative International

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Weranda Deli & Gifts Food Shop

Wytw贸rnia Smaq

Restaurant and Catering




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VOYAGER WineClub Wine Bar and Shop


Exclusive Footwear

Biogenica Beauty Clinic


Bernardino Ristorante


Blueberry Bar

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Bar & Club

Punkt Sporny Club & Restaurant

Rozbitek Institute Cultural Institute


Don Prestige Residence



Hotel and Restaurant

Online Car Purchasing


Ludwig van Beethoven: Missa Solemnis


Cultural Interest Malta, Teatr Wielki, Stary Rynek


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Watches, Shades

Top Spots


Casa de Vinos Krysiewicza 5, Poznan phone: +48 61 815 28 26


TOP Poznan

Casa de Vinos offers selections from the wine producing centers of the world, all revealing their hidden bouquets, with each sip conveying the wine’s history and perhaps about its origins. Discovering wine is an art, yet its appreciation is an individual experience; not surprisingly the place has a selection of over 250 labels hailing from multiple continents! Casa de Vino’s experienced sommeliers will help one choose from the shelves here where exotic and exclusive brands are neighbors to the more common ones. This spectrum of choice and advice even for the most demanding, quality-oriented connoisseurs is surely valuable. For those interested in gaining “wine knowledge” there are wine tastings as well as professional training programs organized here! With Italian specialties, gift packs, wine accessories, and an online store, Casa de Vinos is indeed a complete wine resource!

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Cuba Libre, or “Free Cuba”, is the Latin corner in Poznan where one is freed from one’s own inhibitions to be immersed in a unique, fun-filled atmosphere. This is indeed a fine definition of what a Latininspired club should be, where all seven days of the week one can gyrate to the rhythms of salsa, merengue, bachata, samba, and more. The club hidden in a backyard overwhelms with its extraordinary expansive interiors where guests can comfortably set themselves on leather couches, enveloped in intimate lighting, and order from a large selection of wines. Cuba Libre is indeed a place where everyone, regardless of age, background or musical preferences simply has a splendid time and an unforgettable experience, helped by DJs, dance instructors, and its rather special, exotic cocktails. This then is the Latin Fiesta that Poznan had been waiting for, and is now finally here!

Cuba Libre Latin Dance Club Wrocławska 21, Poznan phone: +48 618552344

TOP Poznan



Weranda Family Restaurants known for their outstanding dishes, warm décor and friendly service are now taking what they have to offer to yet another level through Weranda Deli & Gifts. The idea here is to take all that Weranda offers --the warmth, the flavors and attention to detail –to carry home in a jar! The vinegar-based sauce for example is extremely popular in Poznań, as well as the jams, mousses, oils and honeys, quite literally the finest handmade products that one can use in one’s own kitchen. This is the first shop of its kind by the Weranda Family, and its quickly gaining popularity ensures that more branches are soon to open up. This is practical and wholesome kitchen stuff that one is very likely to use on one’s “cooking journeys” taken from one’s own kitchen. Indeed a great place to visit and to surprise family and friends with a gift from!

Weranda Deli & Gifts ul. Paderewskiego 7 +48 697 677 855

TOP Poznan



Wytwórnia Smaq, translates to Flavor Factory, and indeed this is exactly what this is—a place which imparts fine favors in all of the foods and dishes it creates. It is a restaurant as well as a catering company whose thrust of providing an elegantly, delicious menu is indeed a breath of fresh air on the culinary map of Poznan. Items such as impeccable mini burgers; tuna tartar and chopped spinach; mini cream puffs with cheese mousse; salad with chicken in a filo pastry basket; and crostini with roasted tomatoes are all outstanding. It offers catering to working individuals in offices, for special events, as well as the light, diet-conscious option which is a set of five meals, each with total energy value not exceeding 1200 calories, individually prepared under the guidance of Wytwórnia Smaq’s in-house dietary specialist. A class act indeed!

Mosaiq Wytwórnia Restaurant Smaq Wieniawskiego Wroclaw, Świętego 17/19, Mikołaja Poznan 12 phone: phone: +48 +48 508 71 556 798 3511 085

TOP Wroclaw TOP Poznan



If an Intimate wine-bar and wine shop is what one is seeking, then the VOYAGER Wine Club is one clear-cut choice. Here the classical wine shop amalgamates with a trendy wine bar, one of the few places in Poznan that is truly one of its kind. For the last few years the place has specialized in importing directly from carefully selected wineries from around the world with over 200 names of wines and spirits which are not available elsewhere in Poland! Any wine tried and loved here can be purchased at the shop, or ordered over the website. The place serves a good array of snacks as well making sitting with a good bottle of wine even more complete! For those seeking privacy there is an elegant VIP room making this indeed a lovely place, great for a quick drink or snack with business colleagues, friends, and family.

VOYAGER WineClub Al. Karola Marcinkowskiego 16/5, Poznań Mosaiq Restaurant phone: +48 612 225 999 Wroclaw, Świętego Mikołaja 12 phone: +48 71 798 3511

TOP Wroclaw TOP Poznan





This modern clinic, established in 2009, led by the imminent Krzysztof Šuksza, M.D follows the highest standards in esthetic medicine prevalent today. Biogenica’s clients undergo detailed diagnosis and treatments where not only is their complete satisfaction kept in mind but rather the ensuring that the treatments imparted are medically in tune as well. Modern equipment and high end cosmetics allow the clinic to achieve better results of course. Some the many procedures offered here include botox; wrinkle filling with hyaluronic acid; hyaluronic threads; laser lipolysis with liposuction; and antiaging therapy. The clinic also treats postacne; scalding and accidental scars; stretch marks; cellulitis and fat tissue cumulation; and gynecomastia. There are luxuries as well, such as heated armchairs with inbuilt massage regimens which allow for a deep rooted relaxation. NOTE: 10% off with TOP on all treatments, (but not on already existing promotions).

Biogenica Beauty Clinic Grunwaldzka 519C/2, Plewiska phone: +48 61 661 77 77 www.

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Punkt Sporny located in the Main Square is an interesting, elegant place where excellent food meets good music. With the idea of “fusion” permeating the culinary landscape globally, this place serves up its own interpretation of what needs to be fused with what to provide something outstanding. One finds varied flavors here from around Europe packaged by Chef Dominik Sydow in delicacies such as lamb chops with mint and sage dip; duck breast served with caramelized cherries; and the succulent beef steak in Porto. The desserts here stand far above the crowd, artistically prepared by pastry chef Leszek Hajcel who works his magic through items such as the chocolate souffle or the raspberry tart! In the evenings Punkt Sporny transforms into a music club fetauring local DJ’s as well as live music. An ideal place for a memorable time out with friends, family, and business colleagues!

Punkt Sporny Stary Rynek 27, Poznan phone: +48 607 607 480 + 48 618 501 434 www.facebook/

TOP Poznan


RESTAURANTS BARS HEALTH galleries beauty fashion



Inspired by the Sundance Institute, famed international composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek founded Institute Rozbitek as a center for development of new work in the areas of film, theater, music, and new media. Located 60 km from Poznan, Rozbitek is open to participants from around the globe. It supports independent film-makers and introduces methods of American film-making and marketing, yet developing new talent is its primary purpose. Its activities include programs modeled after the Sundance Labs, with a greater emphasis on music—this culminates in the annual Transatlantyk Festival. The Institute also plans to follow up with the production and exhibition of new works. Nestled in 85 acres of idyllic landscape surrounded by forests and lakes, participants reside and work in a 19th century castle and its surrounding buildings.

Pałac Rozbitek 64-420 Kwilcz phone: +48 797 710 787

TOP Poznan


TOP Poznan


Don Prestige Residence located in the center of Poznań is a place designed to meet the needs of the business or leisure traveler seeking peace, luxurious comfort, warm hospitality, and personal service with attention to every detail. It is a two minute walk to the Old Market Square, and offers 64 rooms and apartments. All lodgings are fully air-conditioned, equipped with cable TV, free Wi-Fi, telephone, minibar, and lock-box. The hotel further offers the conveniences of a conference room designed for 20 -100 guests, a fitness room, and parking. It`s newly opened restaurant and bar “Shades” – allows one to experience a creative fusion menu combining flavors with those of the Orient as well as a tempting array of drinks and cocktails. Shades is indeed a perfect place in an ideal setting for a relaxing time and outstanding food with family, friends, and business colleagues.

Don Prestige Residence Święty Marcin 2, Poznan phone: +48 61 859 05 90

TOP Poznan


AUTODIRECT CAR PURCHASE Buy Cars The New, Efficient Way Finally, the cutting edge way to purchase cars, both brand new and pre-owned, has finally arrived in Poland with the recent launch of Autodirect’s new web portal, Prospective car buyers in the country now virtually have the best of the entire Polish car market on their desktop. Says CEO, Mr. Grzegorz Kwiatkowski “This business model has been successfully implemented in Western Europe. In countries such as Spain or France almost 15% of cars are purchased in this way.” Buy






Finally, the cutting edge way to purchase cars, both brand new and pre-owned, has finally arrived in Poland with the recent launch of Autodirect’s new web portal, Prospective car buyers in the country now virtually have the best of the entire Polish car market on their desktop. Says CEO, Mr. Łukasz Gębski “This business model has been successfully implemented in Western Europe. In countries such as Spain or France almost 15% of cars are purchased in this way.”

Autodirect SA Al. Jerozolimskie 133, 16th floor Warsaw 02-304


TOP Poznan offers tremendous advantages over conventional ways of buying cars, which include: • Significantly better price with dealerships competing to provide the highest discount in order to make the sale; • Clean, transparent, and secure business practices—cars are provided by official authorized car dealerships only with bank payments made directly to the dealer’s bank account; • The widest possible choice between virtually all brands of cars and motorbikes; • One stop shopping for financing, (credit, leasing) and insurance, and professional advice by consultants in identifying what’s most suitable; • Customized requirements delivered to the doorstep such as winter tires, baby seats, individual leather interior, and auto spa treatments such as scratch-proofing; • And finally lots of time saved which is perhaps the most important factor today. On occasion an identified vehicle with the best deal may in fact be available at a dealership in a distant town. In these cases would be delighted in making travel arrangements to get one there to take delivery of one’s new car, always a thrilling experience made better perhaps with a sightseeing holiday in a different city! With almost every car and model, along with a good choice of motorbikes is indeed the place to purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle. The best possible price and service is indeed just a few computer clicks with no running around and wasting time. Thank you!


Czech Philharmonic Choir Brno

Jérémie RHORER

Olena TOKAR - soprano Agnieszka REHLIS - mezzo-soprano Markus Schäfer - tenor Adam PALKA - bass Jérémie RHORER - conductor Czech Philharmonic Choir Brno Poznań Philharmonic Orchestra


TOP Poznan

21 February (Friday), 7 p.m., University Auditorium. Missa Solemnis Ludwig van Beethoven composed his Missa Solemnis between 1819 and 1823, i.e. at the same time as his famous Ninth Symphony. The Missa Solemnis was written for a quartet of vocal soloists, choir and orchestra, whom Beethoven set a truly challenging task: the composition abounds in extremely difficult passages both for vocalists and instrumentalists. Thus, the composition is only performed by musicians of highest artistic merit. And these are precisely such artists that have been invited to take part in the undertaking. The choice of soloists and the choir to perform the piece with the Poznań Philharmonics under the baton of the outstanding French conductor Jérémie Rhorer is a guarantee that the Missa Solemnis will sound in all its grandeur.



The area around Lake Malta, due to a very favorable, picturesque location, has been very well developed with an infrastructure which makes it the ideal place to spend leisure time in and host a variety of events. The spectrum of activities here range from picnics, social events, to all manners of recreation and sports. Varied cultural events are organized in this remarkable setting throughout the year as well, significantly enriching the cultural fabric of Poznan. Malta Wiankowa 3, Poznan

Teatr Wielki

Teatr Wielki

Poznan’s Teatr Wielki, or The Great Theater, is a neoclassical building designed by famous German architect Max Littmann (1862-1931). Flanked by six massive columns, its facade is headed by a triangular jerkin-head topped with a sculpture of Pegasus. The theater offers seating for 900. The opera house was first opened in 1910 for a premiere performance of Mozart’s The Magic Flute. Today, this is one of Poland’s most famous and revered opera venues with a rich tradition and history.

Stary Rynek

Stary Rynek

Poznan’s Old Market Square has as its dominant building the Renaissance Town Hall, with tenement houses lining the square constructed in Baroque and Renaissance styles. Next to the Town Hall are the so called Vendor Houses featuring characteristic arcades. Other features include the Proserpine Fountain, the fountains of Apollo, Neptune and Mars, a Baroque figure of St. John of Pomuc, and many other elements of cultural interest.

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