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around Yateley 2016 July 1

cover photo: Red Cross display 1946 by Tony Spencer inside cover photo: 1940s Fancy Dress competition by Tony Spencer 2 around Yateley July 2016


4 Yateley Victory Day celebration including the Queen’s 90th birthday 15

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Blackbushe Air Day


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24 new logo for town council? your opportunity to comment or decide 26 Recovery College mostly free courses to improve health and wellbeing 36

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Yateley 10k race series

42 urnfield appeal at Hart Graham Cockarill looks at the appeal so far 46 keeping fit with Lamorna Harpin 51 Yateley Town Mayor’s Charities presentation of cheques to Aerobility and YELAbus 52 “Peter Pan Junior” Westfields Junior Year 6 show at Camberley Theatre 53

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56 clerk wise local democracy explained by Jane Biscombe 58



The FA Soccer Star Challenge

64 walk around Yateley the Old Reading Road part 4 66 Yateley War Memorial part 7 initials M to R


Yateley Thefutureof thismagazine

Now we’ve completed half the first year of Around Yateley magazine, it is time we took stock of what we have done so far and where we are going, as oneman-bands are notoriously short lived. I declared at the outset that the reason behind these publications is about promotion of our community and awareness of what we have within it, it was never intended to be a commercial enterprise, but an enterprise it is. As I started puting this venture together in late October and early November last year, I will call an Annual General Meeting in early November and propose we form a charitable company to run the magazine for the benefit of the community, not for profit. For that we will need a board, a secretary and a chairman. Do you want to be a part of this venture and make it a permanent part of the Yateley Community scene?


See page 23 for information about business networking in Blackwater and Yateley. You can be any size of business, meeting up with other businesses that you could network with to exchange ideas, solve problems, offer services or supplement your own services. around Yateley 2016 July 3

4 around Yateley July 2016

VICTORY DAY and the QUEEN’s 90th Birthday Celebrations

Sandy and Peter Parker as ARWs

blessedly restrained during the afternoon, alternating between brilliant warm sunshine and intimidating lowering skies. The rain clouds scooted past without daring to disappoint the enjoyment of the crowd. Unfortunately, the planned peal of bells from St Peter’s, to echo those of the original Victory Day on 8 June 1946, were silenced by a lack of bell ringers to complete the band. However, the Yateley Morris Men had bells to spare to dispel any disappointment.

On Sunday 12 June, the town celebrated the 70th Anniversary of the Victory Day celebrations that the parish staged in 1946, including a Service of Remembrance, and to celebrate the occasion of the Queen’s 90th Birthday on Yateley Green. Weather threatened the proceedings with a torrential downpour in the morning, but turned

Yateley Morris Men

around Yateley 2016 July 5

Everyone I spoke to was having a thoroughly enjoyable day. Those dressing up in period costume put in particularly effective effort, while those turning up to spectate were royally entertained. The displays were impressive, with a vintage NFS fire engine, supplemented by a couple

Matt in 1940s Police caravan


of AFS re-enactors, a Police mobile caravan kitted out for the appropriate decade, various people dressed in ARP and Civil Defence uniforms, who even kitted out Mike Griffiths, who came to lead the Service of Remembrance, in ARW armband, cassock and tin helmet! The Red Cross also had a tent with a display of WWII memorabilia,

NFS fire engine

Fascinating Occasions Handcrafted

in Yateley

I design and create elegant fascinators and hair decorations for those who wish to add the finishing touch to their outfit for any occasion. Each item is bespoke ensuring it complements your outfit and suits your style and personality. Leza Sellings Fascinating Occasions, Yateley

6 around Yateley July 2016

medical orderly and nurse dressed in appropriate uniform. Westfields PreSchool Playgroup had a tent kitted out with wooden toys (and plenty of staff on hand) to allow parents to leave children safely for a time to join 1940s Red Cross

in the celebrations. The 3rd and 9th Bramshill Scouts manned the food tents, providing BBQ’d US-style hot dogs, burgers, pork and spam, tea

The Scouts’ wooden railcar ride

The Fancy Dress competition was to a high standard

for the success of the event, as well as those mentioned above: singing by Karl of Real Vintage, compere and disc jockey Phil of GI45, and the Red Cross for providing first aid. They were actually needed when poor Chloe fell in the sack race and broke a bone in her lower arm. Last but not least among those deserving of thanks, Yateley Town Clerk Jane Biscombe had such a firm hand in all the organising of the event that even

and cake in a separate tent, while other helpers provided children’s entertainment. The Yateley Society put on a fascinating exhibition about Yateley in 1926 in the Rose Rent Room. Tea was free for those bringing their own mug, just as it was in 1946. So many people to thank

The clouds threatened but steered clear

around Yateley 2016 July 7

Great support from townsfolk on such a day

Mother Nature thought twice about overstepping her mark! I knew I could relax, knowing that Jane would keep me on cue all afternoon, although I confess she did manage to lose me a couple of times. After a short speech by

Karl and Phil demonstrating and encouraging participation in the dance

above and below: Doing the “Lambeth Walk”!

Rev Mike Griffiths led the Service of Remembrance in 1940’s style

8 around Yateley July 2016

Dancing the afternoon away

me, Yateley Morris Men started the proceedings off with their traditional dances and smacking of staffs, with the highwayman horse causing his usual mischief. This was followed by a valiant attempt at the Lambeth Walk, with Phil trying to inject a little Cockney swagger. Later, Karl’s crooner-style singing encouraged some impromptu, and impressive, swing dancing. Judging the fancy dress, the only fair result was to have all the children tying for first place, as they were all that good. One of the highlights for me was sharing an afternoon tea and cakes (with Jane’s home-made bread pudding) with a local resident who

Award Winning Estate Agents WATERFORDS

Formed in 1995 by Brendan Cox and Gary Brook, Waterfords is an independent, premium local agent, trusted for our reliability and recognised for providing outstanding customer service.


Our network of offices includes five Sales and Lettings branches, plus a dedicated Land & New Homes division covering the Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire borders, the M3 and M25 corridor and eastward towards London. These branches work closely with The Mayfair Office and network of affiliated brands throughout the UK. Praised by industry experts for being “unafraid to innovate”, we embrace changes in both technology and the market place, and adapt our service accordingly to ensure we deliver the most relevant and appealing information to our buyers, tenants, landlords and vendors. As well as our longevity, our involvement with the community through regular staff volunteering and fundraising for organisations such as, Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Waterfords Estate Agents Christopher’s Smile, to name just a few, has earned us a wellRosebank Parade respected position locally. Over 74% of the business we procure on 35 Plough Road, Yateley sales and lettings comes from customer recommendation or former GU46 7UW clients of Waterfords.

01252 870222

We continually aim to innovate, inspire and re-build a positive attitude towards estate agency and this has been recognised in numerous national and local awards.

around Yateley 2016 July 9

served as an ATS Sergeant during WWII. Angela Roe was only 17 in 1940 when she joined the ATS and received her basic training at Aldermaston, before being assigned to The Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Regiment. She was promoted Yateley Lions helped with the organisation to Sergeant when she was 20. She served for five and a half years, from the age of 17 to 22, so she “lost” those years where she lived a disciplined life, yet had to grow up quickly. Now, she was sharing those memories with us. Angela was accompanied by her granddaughter and great grandson Charlie. Joining us for tea was a pair of the “On Parade” re-enactors, Sandy and Peter Parker, who had been seen from the outset wheeling the utility pram around, attracting lots of interest from mums. They had found the pram following a loft clearance and restored it to look like new. They are veterans of these Flying the Yateley Town Council flag displays and have a collection of various uniforms, some authentic and salvaged from house clearances, others made as replicas, including the essential embroidered badges. Sandy has a genuine ATS uniform that she wears occasionally and they quizzed Angela about all aspects of the uniform and badges she wore. 10 around Yateley July 2016

Yateley & District Gardening Society

Autumn Produce and Handicraft Show Saturday 27th August 2016 from 1.30–4.00 pm St Peter’s Church, Oaklands, Yateley, GU46 7LR

Young growers up to 12 yrs -

A Flowering pot plant,

Any vegetable, Longest runner bean Classes for age 7yrs and under: A drawing of Major Tim Peake in space A model animal made from fruit/vegetables 5 decorated cupcakes A Miniature Garden Classes for age 8 – 12 yrs: A drawing of Major Tim Peake in space A model animal made from fruit/vegetables 5 decorated homemade cupcakes A Miniature Garden Don’t delay, start today to grow your own flowers and vegetables and watch them grow For entry forms go to, Yateley library or contact Hazel Goddard on 01252 874 532. Closing dates for entries Wednesday 24th August

around Yateley 2016 July 11

Sandy, Peter, Tony and Angela Roe

They told an interesting story about being invited to meet the Queen in 2005, on the 60th anniversary of the ending of the war. The Queen was very interested in some of the badges that Sandy wore and remarked that she had to give up her uniform at the end of her service. Presumably primed beforehand, Peter had researched and assembled the five badges that the Queen had once worn in the ATS, and presented her with the set mounted in a picture frame, something she said she would treasure, and her joy at receiving such a personal gift was clear on her face. Angela entertained us with memories of the dances that ENSA staged weekly, the only release these youngsters had from the discipline and tension of those far off war years. Another time was having to check houses where her girls were billeted on Broadstairs sea front. Alone, she had to march down in a total blackout, knock on each door to check they were all present and correct by 10.30pm and then had to make her way back home. She was frightened all the way, she said, but so proud of herself when she made it Angela Roe in 1940 back to her billet. Her other regret was having her 21st birthday party in the Sergeants’ Mess instead of at home with her family and friends. All in all this event was a wonderful celebration of two historic events that was a pleasure to participate in. 12 around Yateley July 2016

The Service of Thanksgiving by Rev Mike Griffiths of St Peter’s Church, 12 June 2016

The prayers and hymns for this service have been taken from the VE Day Service of Thanksgiving that was held in Westminster Abbey in 1945 and at the Cenotaph in London in 2015 to mark the 70th anniversary ofVE Day. As was common from other towns across the country, the Service of Thanksgiving was held in Yateley in the summer of 1946 and would have used similar prayers and hymns to those here. As it said in the order of service from Westminster Abbey: “The congregation are asked to join in heartily with the responses”!!!

Welcome and Opening Prayer: Oh Lord, open our lips All: and our mouth shall proclaim your praise. Oh God, make speed to save us. All: Oh Lord, make haste to help us. Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, All: as it was in the beginning is now and shall be for ever. Amen. Praise the Lord All:The Lord’s name be praised


Praise my soul, the King of heaven; To His feet thy tribute bring. Ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven, Who like me His praise should sing? Alleluia! Alleluia! Praise the everlasting King! Praise him for his grace and favour To our fathers in distress; Praise Him, still the same forever, Slow to chide, and swift to bless. Alleluia! Alleluia! Glorious in his faithfulness! Father-like, He tends and spares us; Well our feeble frame He knows; In His hands He gently bears us, Rescues us from all our foes. Alleluia! Alleluia! Widely as His mercy flows. Angels in the height adore Him; Ye behold Him face to face; Sun and moon bow down before Him, Dwellers all in time and space. Alleluia! Alleluia! Praise us with the God of grace!

Reading: Romans 12: 9-end

Prayer: O Almighty God, grant, we beseech thee, that

we who here do honour to the memory of those who have died in the service of their country and of the Crown, may be so inspired by the spirit of their love and fortitude that, forgetting all selfish and unworthy motives, we may live only to thy glory and to the service of mankind through Jesus Christ our Lord. All: Amen Almighty God, the fountain of all goodness, bless our Sovereign Lady, Queen Elizabeth, and all who are in authority under her; that they may order all things in wisdom and equity, righteousness and peace, to the honour of your name. And the good of your Church and people; through Jesus Christ our Lord. All: Amen.

The Lord’s Prayer

As our Saviour taught us, so we pray: Our Father,Which art in heaven Hallowed be Thy name Thy kingdom come,Thy will be done In earth as it is in heaven Give us this day our daily bread And forgive us our trespasses As we forgive them that trespass against us And lead us not into temptation But deliver us from evil For thine is the kingdom,The power and the glory Forever and ever. Amen.

The Blessing:

Unto God’s gracious mercy and protection we commit you The Lord bless you and keep you The Lord make his face to shine upon you And be gracious unto you The Lord lift up the light of his countenance upon you And give you his peace this day and always. All: Amen

The National Anthem God Save our Gracious Queen! Long live our noble Queen. God save the Queen Send her victorious Happy and glorious Long to reign over us: God save the Queen.

around Yateley 2016 July 13

14 around Yateley July 2016

What’s On in July Friday 1 July Senior Citizens’ Keep Fit Classes 09.30-11.00 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG fitness class (every Friday) Friday 1 July K9 Services 12.00-15.00 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG dog training classes (every Friday) Friday 1 July Blackwater Friday Club 13.30-15.30 Darby Green & Frogmore Social Hall GU17 0NP cards, bingo, curling, cross toss a ring, quiz, bring & buy, tea & biscuits (every Friday) Friday 1 July Westfields Infants School 17.00-19.30 School Lane GU46 6NL summer fair, stalls, games, facepainting, and lots more! *** SEE PAGE 14 *** Saturday 2 July Mini Strikers 10.15-11.15 Frogmore Junior School GU17 0NY football training classes for Years R & 1 (every Saturday), all players must wear shin pads and bring a drink. Call Steve on 07786543957 for more info Saturday 2 July The Blue Elephant Art Fair 15.15 Yateley Manor School GU46 7UQ for Yateley Community Preschool, silent auction and fun art fair *** SEE PAGE 19 *** Saturday 2 July Daryl Gould 21.00 Dog & Partridge, Reading Road GU46 7LR various covers solo artist Sunday 3 July Yateley United Football Club 10.00-14.00 Yateley Green, Reading Road GU46 7RP FA Soccer Stars challenge *** SEE PAGE 59 *** Monday 4 July Line Dancing Classes 10.00-12.15 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG advanced and beginners classes (every Monday) Monday 4 July Little Miracles 13.15-14.45 St Peter’s Church GU46 7LR a new group for mums or dads and their babies (every Monday) Monday 4 July Children’s Dance Class 18.15-19.15 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG children’s classes (every Monday) Monday 4 July INSANITY 19.30 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG fitness class, PIYO is a mixture of yoga and pilates (every Monday) Monday 4 July Air Training Corps 19.30 Air Training Group building GU46 6NG teenage activities (every Monday and Thursday) around Yateley 2016 July 15

Tuesday 5 July Yaya and Boo Softplay 10.00-12.00 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG toddler soft play (every Tuesday during school term time) *** SEE PAGE 20 *** Tuesday 5 July Dog Activity Class 18.30-21.30 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG dog activity classes (every Tuesday) Tuesday 5 July Yateley Bowling Club 18.30 Fleet A side away at Fleet United A Wednesday 6 July Yateley Networking 07.00-09.00 La Galleria, Mill Lane GU46 7TF Networking for local businesses. No need to book, £5 (first Wednesday each month) *** SEE PAGE 23 *** Wednesday 6 July PIYO 09.00-10.00 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG fitness class, PIYO is a mixture of yoga and pilates (every Wednesday) Wednesday 6 July INSANITY 10.00-11.00 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG fitness class (every Wednesday) Wednesday 6 July Yateley Common Rangers 16.00 Blackbushe Airport, A30 Road GU17 9LQ walk across Yateley Common starting from the Airport carpark, accompanied by the Rangers Wednesday 6 July K9 Planet 18.30-19.30 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG dog training classes (every Wednesday) Thursday 7 July Tai Chi Class 10.00-11.00 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG tai chi class (every Thursday) Thursday 7 July Scrabble Club 10.00-12.00 Yateley Library, School Lane GU46 6NL Scrabble Club, only one board, so bring one along if you can (every Thursday) Thursday 7 July Yateley & District U3A 10.00 for 10.30 Sandhurst Community Hall GU47 9BJ (1) AGM — (2) The Twenties, talk by Antony King Thursday 7 July Tythings Coffee Club 10.15-12.30 The Tythings, Reading Road GU46 7RP Coffee morning (every Thursday) Thursday 7 July Air Training Corps 19.30 Air Training Group building GU46 6NG teenage activities (every Monday and Thursday) Thursday 7 July Yateley Lifesaving Club 19.30-21.45 Yateley School Pool, School Lane GU46 6NL learn lifesaving, from age of 9 upwards (every Thursday) 16 around Yateley July 2016

in support of Aerobility, the charity that helps disabled people experience flying

Blackbushe Air Day 30 July 2016 Blackbushe Airport opens its doors to both the public and private pilots at the first annual Blackbushe Air Day. Fun, food and flying combine at what promises to be an exciting occasion with prizes for pilots and the public. To encourage incoming flights the first 50 fly-in arrivals will enjoy free landings and entry into a free draw ... Prestige Signs are offering two prizes of 200 litres of aviation fuel. EVENTS ON THE DAY • Free landings for aircraft under 2500 kgs • Aircraft on show include historic fighter aircraft from the Second World War, the Army Historic Flight plus various vintage aeroplanes for you to inspect close up • A rare chance to see an aircraft from the British Antarctic Survey • Pleasure flights available for all in a vintage DH Rapide Biplane and modern helicopters • Tasty food & drink • Amusements for all the family • Trade stands • Competitions and prizes for all visitors, public and pilots • Flying schools open and providing information on learning to fly • Aircraft pulling contest, see national and local business teams compete!! • NB No air displays, but airport will be operating as normal, with plenty of air activity ADMISSION FEES • £5 per visitor (under 2s are free) Public viewing from 11am to 5pm, gates open at 10.30am around Yateley 2016 July 17

Monday 11 July Y&D Gardening Society 19.30 for 20.00 Hedgecroft, Bracken Lane GU46 6JW Dig for Victory, Russell Bown, when clematis and roses were swapped for radishes and cabbages to fed the nation during WW2, including Land Girls and allotments Tuesday 12 July Yateley Bowling Club 18.30 Yateley Green, Reading Road GU46 7PR A side home against Windlesham Tuesday 12 July Yateley Young Designers 19.00 Yateley School, School Lane GU46 6NL art, graphics, photography, food, textiles & technology on display by students Wednesday 13 July Sandhurst Joggers 18.00 registration 19.00 start Yateley School, School Lane GU46 6NW Yateley 10k Race and Fun Run *** SEE PAGE 39 *** Wednesday 13 July Yateley Young Designers 09.00-16.00 & 19.00-21.00 Yateley School, School Lane GU46 6NL art, graphics, photography, food, textiles & technology on display by students Thurssday 14 July Yateley Young Designers 09.00-16.00 & 19.00-21.00 Yateley School, School Lane GU46 6NL art, graphics, photography, food, textiles & technology on display by students Saturday 16 July Who Let The Dads Out? 09.00-11.30 St Peter’s Church GU46 7LR for granddads, dads, male carers and kids up to 7, babies welcome, bouncy castle, train & car sets, bacon rolls, kids’ food. Give Mum a lie-in and have fun with the kids! Tuesday 19 July Endeavour Reading Group TBA Yateley Library, School Lane GU46 6NL daytime reading group. Ask staff for details. To book a place call 01252 875728 (3rd Tuesday of each month) Tuesday 19 July Yateley Bowling Club 18.30 Odiham A side away at Odiham Friday 22 July Gary Roman as Elvis 21.00-11.30 The Cricketers, Cricket Hill GU46 6BA rock & roll solo artist Tuesday 27 July Yateley Bowling Club 18.30 Yateley Green, Reading Road GU46 7PR A side home against Camberley B Saturday 30 July Blackbushe Air Day 11.00-17.00 Blackbushe Airport, A30 Road GU17 9LQ British Antarctic Survey aircraft, historic WW2 fighters, refreshments and amusements *** SEE PAGE 17 *** Saturday 30 July The Dogends 21.00 Dog & Partridge, Reading Road GU46 7LR five-piece folk-rock band 18 around Yateley July 2016

around Yateley 2016 July 19

What’s On Feature Toddlers’ soft play at the Village Hall Tuesdays 10-12 noon (term time)

At Yaya & Boo Soft Play Groups, Mums, Dads and Carers get the chance to sit down, chat or relax, while making new friends and sipping on a cup of tea. Your little ones, meanwhile, have a chance to bounce around, socialise, share and learn while letting their imaginations run wild in a clean, safe and fun play environment. For more information: Nicole 07913 698 394 20 around Yateley July 2016

What’sOninAugust Monday 1 August Line Dancing Classes 10.00-12.15 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG advanced and beginners classes (every Monday) Monday 1 August Little Miracles 13.15-14.45 St Peter’s Church GU46 7LR a new group for mums or dads and their babies (every Monday) Monday 1 August Children’s Dance Class 18.15-19.15 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG children’s classes (every Monday) Monday 1 August INSANITY 19.30 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG fitness class, PIYO is a mixture of yoga and pilates (every Monday) Monday 1 August Air Training Corps 19.30 Air Training Group building GU46 6NG teenage activities (every Monday and Thursday) Tuesday 2 August Dog Activity Class 18.30-21.30 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG dog activity classes (every Tuesday) Tuesday 2 August Yateley Bowling Club 18.00 Yateley Green, Reading Road GU46 7PR A side home against Cove B Wednesday 3 August Yateley Networking 07.00-09.00 La Galleria, Mill Lane GU46 7TF Networking for local businesses. No need to book, £5 (first Wednesday each month) *** SEE FEATURE PAGE 23 *** Wednesday 3 August PIYO 09.00-10.00 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG fitness class, PIYO is a mixture of yoga and pilates (every Wednesday) Wednesday 3 August INSANITY 10.00-11.00 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG fitness class (every Wednesday) Wednesday3 August K9 Planet 18.30-19.30 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG dog training classes (every Wednesday) Wednesday 1 August Sandhurst Joggers 18.00 registration 19.00 start Yateley School, School Lane GU46 6NW Yateley 10k Race and Fun Run *** SEE PAGE 39 *** around Yateley 2016 July 21

Thursday 4 August Tai Chi Class 10.00-11.00 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG tai chi class (every Thursday) Thursday 4 August Scrabble Club 10.00-12.00 Yateley Library, School Lane GU46 6NL Scrabble Club, only one board, so bring one along if you can (every Thursday) Thursday 4 August Yateley & District U3A 10.00 for 10.30 Sandhurst Community Hall GU47 9BJ TBA Thursday 4 August Tythings Coffee Club 10.15-12.30 The Tythings, Reading Road GU46 7RP Coffee morning (every Thursday) Thursday 4 August Air Training Corps 19.30 Air Training Group building GU46 6NG teenage activities (every Monday and Thursday) Thursday 4 August Yateley Lifesaving Club 19.30-21.45 Yateley School Pool, School Lane GU46 6NL learn lifesaving, from age of 9 upwards (every Thursday) Friday 5 Aug Blackwater Friday Club 13.30-15.30 Darby Green & Frogmore Social Hall GU17 0NP cards, bingo, curling, cross toss a ring, quiz, bring & buy, tea & biscuits (every Friday) Saturday 6 August Kieron Acoustic 21.00 Dog & Partridge, Reading Road GU46 7LR rock/pop duo Tuesday 9 August Yateley Bowling Club 18.00 Farnham A side away at Farnham A Thursday 11 August Scrabble Club 10.00-12.00 Yateley Library, School Lane GU46 6NL Scrabble Club, only one board, so bring one along if you can (every Thursday) Saturday 13 August Vince Freeman 21.00 Dog & Partridge, Reading Road GU46 7LR singer Sunday 14 August Y&D Gardening Society 13.30 Loseley Park, Nr Guildford GU3 1HS A visit to Loseley Park including a tour of the gardens lasting an hour. Cost £11.50, car sharing available. Tuesday 16 August Endeavour Reading Group TBA Yateley Library, School Lane GU46 6NL daytime reading group. Ask staff for details. To book a place call 01252 875728 (3rd Tuesday of each month) Saturday 20 August Who Let The Dads Out? 09.00-11.30 St Peter’s Church GU46 7LR for granddads, dads, male carers and kids up to 7, babies welcome, bouncy castle, train & car sets, bacon rolls, kids’ food. Give Mum a lie-in and have fun with the kids! 22 around Yateley July 2016

Saturday 20 August Phill Aaron 21.00 Dog & Partridge, Reading Road GU46 7LR swing solo artist Friday 26 August The Turn 21.00-11.30 The Cricketers, Cricket Hill GU46 6BA four-piece band playing classic rock, with 3-part harmonies, guitar solos and tight rhythm section Saturday 27 August Y&D Gardening Society 19.30 for 20.00 St Peter’s Church YDGS Annual Flower & Produce Show, classes for flowers, fruit, vegetables, pot plants, cakes, preserves, handicrafts, and a children’s section Saturday 27 August The Turn 21.00-23.30 Dog & Partridge, Reading Road GU46 7LR four-piece band playing classic rock, with 3-part harmonies, guitar solos and tight rhythm section

What’s On Feature

Yateley Networking is an initiative for Blackwater and Yateley businesses to meet up for mutual benefit. It was set up in 2014 by a new business, Tara and Karen of Abstract Print and Design. They have two types of meetings,

monthly morning and quarterly evening, held at La Galleria and hosted by Yateley Industries. The monthly meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month from 7 until 9am, so that it doesn’t impinge on the working day. There is usually a guest speaker and each member gets a 60-second chance to introduce their business or expertise. There’s no need to book, just turn up and pay £5 at the door. Refreshments are provided. The quarterly meetings are 7 until 9pm and follows the same pattern as the morning meetings. around Yateley 2016 July 23

New Logo for Town Council?

Yateley Town Council are asking local residents to vote to replace the old logo and bring the image representing the community into the 21st century with a bright new one. See for the history of the old logo and the reasoning behind the new one. I have a vested interest as I designed the old logo back in 1987 and the new one. Please note that any new logo would cost exactly the same as the first logo: nothing. The design concept has a number of elements to it. Firstly, the colour scheme. The green and blue reflects the main features of our environment, the green spaces of the village greens and the common, while the blue reflects the large areas of open water in the town. The brown of the tree trunk represents the earth, as the long history of excavations locally has provided the landscape we now enjoy. The gold of the gate is one of the colours of the diocise of Winchester, and the gates guarded by St Peter. Secondly there is the symbolism of the images. The nine circles that make up the canopy of the tree signify the origin of the first elected Parish Council of Yateley in 1894, and the nine lime trees planted in celebration on Yateley Green between The Tythings and Shute’s Pond. There were actually only eight councillors elected, but chairman John P Stilwell paid for an extra tree to be planted. The tree trunk and branches are the three settlements that make up the town, Yateley, Darby Green and Frogmore; the three pools of water are further reinforcing that message. The gate 24 around Yateley July 2016

refers to the probable origin of the name “Yateley”, which was “Gateley” meaning gateway in a clearing, as this area was a gateway to the Saxon Royal Park which the Norman kings took over, that we now know as Windsor Great Park. The gate is behind the tree to show that this is in our past, and the gate stands alone without fences, to show the open nature of the greens and commons that we enjoy so much. The typeface chosen is called Photina, and was designed in 1971, some 20 years after the Palatino font that the town has been using for nearly 30 years. What are the cost implications of changing the logo? None. In the 1980s, office stationery had to be professionally printed and was significantly cheaper to produce in a single colour, dark blue, which would also photocopy well. Full colour was too expensive to consider. Nowadays no expensive pre-printed stationery is necessary as office colour printers are used. Communications are more often presented electronically: emails, website and PDF documents, so coloured images have no cost implications. Design and artwork for stationery layout, internet update and newsletters will be produced in-house at no cost, once a decision is made and could be introduced within a month. Alternatives which include the Hampshire Rose:


Town Council

yateley Town Council


The Blackwater Friday Club meets at the Darby Green & Frogmore Social Hall every Friday from 1.30 to 3.30pm. They are a small but active club that plays cards, bingo and games such as curling and cross toss a ring. They have a quiz and Bring & Buy Sales from time to time and, of course, there’s always tea and biscuits. They go out as a group occasionally for meals, for example they visited Olivers Fish & Chip Restaurant at Old Basing and enjoyed another outing at a garden centre. They also hold a Christmas Party. The Yelabus is used to pick members up. If you are interested in finding out more or want to join the Blackwater Friday Club, call Gillian Foster 01276 34100 or Jean Armstrong 01252 860584. around Yateley 2016 July 25

Recovery College

North East Hampshire and Farnham Recovery College Recovery is about people improving their health and wellbeing, with people finding ways to live a meaningful life, with or without the ongoing symptoms of an illness or condition. Recovery is about people pursuing their individual, unique life goals, becoming an expert in their own self-care and finding a new sense purpose in life. The Recovery College is a new way of supporting people in their recovery. The college offers educational courses and workshops which aim to help people improve their health and wellbeing, including courses relating to a range of psychological, mental and physical health conditions. Recovery is a personal journey, we can support you and transform the way you see, cope with your health and wellbeing, and understand it in a more positive way. The Recovery College is a partnership of organisations: voluntary, NHS, local authorities and existing colleges. All courses are run by staff from our partnership, developed and run alongside our ‘recovery coaches’ with lived experience of a mental or physical health condition, or are supporting someone else with a mental or physical health condition. Courses are offered in a range of community venues (such as libraries, community centres, church halls, etc.) across NE Hampshire and Farnham. All courses are free unless a price is stated.


You don’t need to be referred to the Recovery College – it is open to anyone who lives or works in the NE Hampshire and Farnham area. You can enrol on as many courses as you like. To attend a course you must enrol. It is not possible to turn up for a course without enrolling first. You will not be allowed to stay for the class if you have not enrolled. To enrol, you need to complete and return an enrolment form. You can request a form using the contact details below: NE Hants & Farnham Recovery College The Ridgewood Centre, Old Bisley Road, Frimley, Surrey, GU16 9QE Tel: 07920 207046 / 01276 605542 Email: Web:

Health and Wellbeing courses

Our health and wellbeing courses aim to enable you/those you support to have a healthier life and help recovery, personal growth and wellbeing, providing activities which help emotional or physical wellbeing, and strategies to increase healthy living. 26 around Yateley July 2016

Introduction to Recovery and Wellbeing Single 2½ hour workshop. During this course we talk about wellbeing and how it is connected to recovery. We discuss what recovery means to you and how it is different for everyone, and learn about Recovery Colleges, how they are run and what they can offer. Tuesday 27 September 10.00am–12.30pm. Venue to be confirmed. Healthy Lifestyles & Healthy Eating Workshops 2 week course, 2 & 3 hour sessions. During this course we explore why diets often don’t work, including considering the effects of dietary restriction on our thought processes and why we are programmed to resist deliberate dietary restriction. We discuss healthy eating and think about the broader lifestyle changes that can contribute to a healthier and happier life. We explore how to improve motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to eat for the balance of good health; discuss the role of self-monitoring and goal setting in making healthy lifestyle changes; develop an improved understanding of emotional eating; and develop skills and techniques for aiding weight management and for building healthier, happier lifestyles. Upcoming dates to be confirmed. Movement for Wellbeing 7 week course, 2 hour sessions. Movement and getting in touch with the body has positive effects on the mind and allows it to rest. Focusing on different parts of the body brings awareness and life to the body and has the effect of grounding the self. Upcoming dates to be confirmed. Wellbeing for Life 10 week course, 2 hour sessions. During this course we consider recovery and what it means to you and consider trust and hope. Students learn about building a meaningful life despite mental health issues, learn about physical health and self-care, and develop practical living skills e.g. budgeting. The course explores issues of identity and self-esteem, addictive behaviours and their impact, and the importance of social networks and relationships. We also explore the areas of work and volunteering, taking responsibility for your health and asking for help. Thursday 29 September – 1 December 2.00–4.00pm. Venue to be confirmed. Wellbeing Workshop for People with a Learning Disability 4 weeks, 1½ hours long sessions. During sessions you learn some basic Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques to help manage your mood and well-being. You learn what a feeling, thought and behaviour are and how they all link together. The class will help you to set your own goals. Sessions will be held on Monday afternoons starting Monday 5 September and are likely to be held in the Aldershot locality. around Yateley 2016 July 27

Monday 1 August Air Training Corps 19.30 Air Training Group building GU46 6NG teenage activities (every Monday and Thursday) Monday 1 August Y&D Gardening Society TBA TBA A Garden Visit Tuesday 2 August Yateley Bowling Club 18.00 Yateley Green, Reading Road GU46 7PR A side home against Cove B Wednesday 3 August Yateley Networking 07.00-09.00 La Galleria, Mill Lane GU46 7TF Networking for local businesses. No need to book, £5 (first Wednesday each month) Thursday 4 August Tythings Coffee Club 10.15-12.30 The Tythings, Reading Road GU46 7RP Coffee morning (every Thursday) Friday 5 Aug Blackwater Friday Club 13.30-15.30 Darby Green & Frogmore Social Hall GU17 0NP cards, bingo, curling, cross toss a ring, quiz, bring & buy, tea & biscuits (every Friday) Saturday 6 August Kieron Acoustic 21.00 Dog & Partridge, Reading Road GU46 7LR rock/pop duo Tuesday 9 August Yateley Bowling Club 18.00 Farnham A side away at Farnham A Thursday 11 August Scrabble Club 10.00-12.00 Yateley Library, School Lane GU46 6NL Scrabble Club, only one board, so bring one along if you can (every Thursday) Saturday 13 August Vince Freeman 21.00 Dog & Partridge, Reading Road GU46 7LR other Tuesday 16 August Endeavour Reading Group TBA Yateley Library, School Lane GU46 6NL daytime reading group. Ask staff for details. To book a place call 01252 875728 (3rd Tuesday of each month) Saturday 20 August Who Let The Dads Out? 09.00-11.30 St Peter’s Church GU46 7LR for granddads, dads, male carers and kids up to 7, babies welcome, bouncy castle, train & car sets, bacon rolls, kids’ food. Give Mum a lie-in and have fun with the kids! Saturday 20 August Phill Aaron 21.00 Dog & Partridge, Reading Road GU46 7LR swing solo artist Friday 26 August The Turn 21.00-11.30 The Cricketers, Cricket Hill GU46 6BA four-piece band playing classic rock, with 3 part harmonies, guitar solos and tight rhythm section Saturday 27 August Y&D Gardening Society 19.30 for 20.00 St Peter’s Church YDGS Annual Flower & Produce Show, classes for flowers, fruit, vegetables, pot 28 around Yateley July 2016

Understanding courses

Many of us experience physical or mental ill-health ourselves, know someone who does or care for someone who does. One in four of us experience a mental health problem at some time in our lives. Physical health conditions are also very common. Increasing our understanding of these conditions, understanding that our mind and body work together, and sharing our experiences and difficulties can be really important. Learning skills we can use to nurture and help improve our wellbeing and knowing how we can help and support a family member or friend can be really helpful. Our Understanding courses cover many areas where people can really learn to self-manage and to have a meaningful, rewarding life with or without symptoms of physical or mental health issues. Understanding Alcohol and its Impact Single 2 hour workshop. This is an interactive student workshop where we explore issues around alcohol use through education and experiential exercises. During the course students learn how alcohol can impact your physical and mental health, how alcohol affects other areas of your life including your family and friends, the differences between social, binge and dependent drinking and find out more about what support and help is available. Upcoming dates to be confirmed. Understanding Bipolar Disorder Single 2½ hour workshop. During this course we will discuss the causes of Mood Disorders, including bipolar disorder, and how it is diagnosed. We will look at how to live with Bipolar Disorder and what issues an individual with this diagnosis may face and talk about how you can support someone diagnosed with a Mood Disorder. Upcoming dates to be confirmed. Understanding Personality Disorders 4 week course, 2 hour sessions OR 2 week course, 3 hour sessions. During this course students gain a better understanding of personality and Personality Disorder and learn more about different types of Personality Disorder. Students learn about the impact of Personality Disorder and about treatments for Personality Disorder and recovery. 4 Sessions: Monday 5 September – Monday 26 September – 7.00–9.00pm OR 2 Sessions: Tuesday 13 September – Tuesday 20 September 9.30am–12.30pm. Venues to be confirmed. Understanding Psychosis Single 2½ hour workshop. During this course we look at what psychosis is and how it is diagnosed. We discuss the various causes for psychosis and the issues someone who is diagnosed with psychosis can encounter. We examine what help or treatments there are for psychosis, talk about what the long-term outlook for someone with around Yateley 2016 July 29

a diagnosis of psychosis is, and teach students how you can help someone with psychosis. Upcoming dates to be confirmed. Dementia Information Group (DIG) 6 week course, 90 minute sessions. During this course students hear from different professionals, charities and people living with dementia. Students are provided with the information needed to support someone with a diagnosis of dementia, including: what dementia is and treatment options; coping skills to deal with the emotional impact of dementia; and understanding behaviour. Students find out more about helpful practical support, different voluntary sector organisations (Alzheimer’s Society and Dementia Advice Service), and learn about the support Social Services can provide. We hear from a solicitor about associated legal matters and think about how and when a Community Mental Health Team can support you and your family. Upcoming dates to be confirmed. Understanding Long-term Physical Health Conditions 4 week course, 1 hour sessions. 70% of people with long term health conditions also suffer from mental health issues. Research has shown that reducing levels of anxiety and depression can improve outcomes for people with long term physical condition. During this course students learn about the impact physical symptoms can have on your life, and learn tools and techniques to help you manage emotional difficulties such as depression and anxiety, in light of your physical health condition. Upcoming dates to be confirmed.

Skills courses

Self-management is something we all do. Learning skills to help you to reach your goals can be really important and are included in this section. Skills for example such as CV writing can help to get a job which can have a huge impact or skills to help improve sleep can make such a difference to how you feel. We have many courses in this section, for example learning skills to more effectively manage our physical health when we are experiencing mental health difficulties and strategies for managing our eating difficulties and relationship with food. Learning skills gives us a sense of being more in control of our lives and this can help our physical and mental wellbeing enormously. It helps us make the most of our lives. First Steps to Stop Smoking Single 1¾ hour workshop. People with mental health problems are twice as likely to smoke as those who don’t have mental health problems and 42% of tobacco is purchased by those with mental health or substance misuse diagnoses. Come to this friendly informal session to talk about smoking and what there is available to support 30 around Yateley July 2016

you in a quit attempt when you are ready. Monday 26 September 10.00–11.30am. Venue to be confirmed. Pain Management This is a new course and details will be confirmed. If you are interested in this course please contact the Recovery College. Healthy Sleep Habits

Single 3 hour workshop. Getting a good night’s sleep is important for our physical and mental wellbeing. Wednesday 5 October 1.00–4.00pm. Venue to be confirmed. The Link Between Mental Health and Physical Health Single 3 hour workshop. People who suffer with mental health problems are at higher risk of developing significant physical health problems. Friday 21 October 9.30am–12.30pm. Venue to be confirmed. Confidence and Self-Esteem 6 week course, 2 hour sessions. The Confidence and Self-Esteem course has been developed to support students who may have little experience and/or confidence in attending and participating in group work. This makes the group an ideal start for a student’s journey within the Recovery College. The course supports students to develop skills which promote healthy confidence and self-esteem. Within the course students will explore themes of understanding what confidence and selfesteem means to them, think about and develop skills of conflict management and assertiveness, and test these skills out in practical ways during supportive role play and group exercises. Monday 19 September – Monday 24 October 1.00–3.00pm – Venue to be confirmed OR Monday 31 October – 5 December 2.00–4.00pm. Farnborough. Coping Skills for Mental Health 4 week course, 2 hour sessions. This course was previously called Understanding Anxiety and Depression. This is an interactive student workshop where you will learn different coping skills for mental health issues such as anxiety and depression through education and experiential exercises. During this course we identify your goals for personal development, explore how the connection between our thoughts, physical sensations and behaviours can influence our feelings, and learn how to improve wellbeing through tolerating anxiety and lifting low mood. Upcoming dates to be confirmed. Introduction to Crisis Planning Single 2½ hour Workshop. During this workshop you gain a good understanding of the importance of having a Recovery Plan. You have an increased awareness of around Yateley 2016 July 31

recognising early signs and symptoms and have the opportunity to discuss helpful actions to take which will support your recovery journey. Monday 19 September 10.00am–12.30pm – Aldershot OR Monday 10 October 10.00am–12.30pm – Farnborough. Meaningful Activities for Health and Wellbeing 6 week course, 2 hour sessions. During this course students learn about the importance of engaging in meaningful occupations/activities, learn about the impact of occupation/activity on health and wellbeing, explore the different roles you have in life and discuss how to find balance between these. Wednesday 2 November – Wednesday 7 December 10.00am–12.00 noon, Aldershot. Sustaining Meaningful Relationships – An Introduction to Mentalisation 6 week course, 2 hour sessions. During this course students learn about building and maintaining healthy relationships. We consider boundaries and communication within relationships and explore issues of trust, forgiveness and conflict management. Students will learn effective methods of communicating with others. Tuesday 13th September – Tuesday 18 October 1.30–3.30pm – Farnborough. Overcoming Eating Dissatisfaction 4 week course, 1½ hour sessions. This interactive course is for students who wish to build their confidence in managing their eating. The course is aimed at people who have a body mass index in the range of 18 –30, and may be struggling with maintaining a healthy balanced diet or have difficulties with dietary restriction and binge eating. The course will explore how eating difficulties are maintained and explore the role of physical hunger and emotional triggers in the maintenance of eating difficulties. If you are unsure about your BMI or would like further information about this course, please contact the Recovery College. Upcoming dates to be confirmed. Managing Intense Emotions 10 week course, 2 hour sessions. During this course students will gain a better understanding of Borderline/Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder and the experiences of intense emotional reactions, and behaviours used to cope with these. Students learn emotion and behaviour management skills, learn to more effectively communicate about emotions and behaviours, and gain skills that can be used immediately in day to day life. Thursday 8 September – Thursday 10 November 10.00am–12.00 noon – Aldershot OR Monday 3rd October – Monday 5 December – 7.00–9.00pm. Aldershot. Recovery in ACTion 8 week course, 2 hour sessions. This course is based on the principles of Acceptance and Commitment Theory (ACT). During this course students learn about the 32 around Yateley July 2016


Growing your own fruit and vegetables is still a popular form of enjoyment and exercise. If you’ve only got a small garden, then the answer is often to rent an allotment plot. But council allotment plots are often hard to obtain, there’s usually a long waiting list for a piece of ground that may lack even basic amenities, and often have restrictions on how you use your plots. How can you beat the allotment waiting lists? It’s simple. Grow your own plots are available now at the Wyevale garden centre in Heathlands Road, Wokingham, off Nine Mile Ride (RG40 3AS). There are over 100 plots, each roughly 100m2 in size, and about a third of these are still vacant. A plot costs £12.50 a month, which is less than £3 a week. There’s plenty of water on site, and structures such as sheds, greenhouses and fruit cages are all allowed. Plotholders can use all the garden centre facilities, including toilets and an excellent café, along with a convenient supply of seeds, compost, plants, tools, and everything else you could possibly need for your plot. A combination lock on the entrance means that you can always access the site, even when the centre is closed. Help and advice are always available from our friendly, helpful plotholders. Management of the site has now been taken over from the Wyevale Group by Heathlands Grow Your Own Ltd, a non-profit company formed by the plotholders, and there are exciting times ahead for this new, communitybased venture. We’ve already got plotholders from Yateley, and we’d love to welcome more. For more information, please

email our Membership Secretary, Howard de Silva, at howard., or phone him on 07813 542756. He’ll be delighted to welcome you and show you round the site.

Lionel Browne Vice-Chair, Heathlands Grow Your Own Ltd around Yateley 2016 July 33

importance of leading a value-based life by thinking about what is really important to them in their life (values) and learn about the difference between acting on thoughts and acting on values. Students learn about how to observe experiences through mindfulness, and learn about barriers to leading a value-driven life. Tuesday 13 September – Tuesday 15 November 1.00–3.00pm Camberley. Evening courses to be confirmed Making Work, Work for You 10 week course, 2 hour sessions. During this course you develop an understanding of your values or what is really important and meaningful to you. We identify the different ways to look for work and learn about interview techniques and how to sell yourself effectively. Upcoming dates to be confirmed.

Creative courses

Using creative methods such as art, drama and music can improve wellbeing and help us learn strategies to help ourselves. Exploring feelings, the enjoyment that comes from creative activities and tapping into memories stored through music can be very positive. Music For Wellbeing 2 week course, 2½ hour sessions. During these sessions we explore how music is used in everyday life and link this to increased wellbeing. We discuss and experience the health benefits of practical music-making and support students to create personal playlists and explore ways of using them to support emotional wellbeing. Wednesday 14 September – Wednesday 21 September 9.30am–12.00 noon. Farnborough. Art for Wellbeing 8 week course, 2 hour sessions. This course aims to introduce students to creative art that could be used to help them think about feelings and wellbeing. By making creative choices students may experience the motivation to develop their artistic expression further, making steps towards personal development to help their recovery. During this course we learn how using art materials can help us reflect on how we feel and consider how using art materials can help us look after ourselves and create time for thinking about wellbeing. Tuesday 27 September – Tuesday 15 November 6.30–8.30pm. Venue to be confirmed. Confidence Building Through Drama 5 week course, 2 hour sessions. During this course you will use the principles of drama to develop confidence in different situations. Upcoming dates to be confirmed. 34 around Yateley July 2016



Traders, Limited Cos & Plcs.

around Yateley 2016 July 35



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The Unwind half of the Gig on the Green, played out on the Sunday, is now firmly established as the underlining of Yateley’s Music Festival. The crowds were much

36 around Yateley July 2016

fewer than those that filled the Green on Saturday, but they were no less enthusiastic in their applause and, in fact, many more got up and danced after Take 4 took to the stage and got us all up dancing. There was definitely a wider range of ages, from toddlers, enjoying the space to run around, to those in their 90s, who were relaxed and enjoying the music.

around Yateley 2016 July 37

The dulcet tones of Yateley Choral Society opened the afternoon set and were well received. They were followed by the swing of Junction 4 Big Band, who showcased three lead singers. Toni Lee, singing the eternal songs of 38 around Yateley July 2016

Karen Carpenter, was simply superb, while Finn Bradley and his young friends played some mellow jazz. Take 4 were as sensational as they were last year, getting the crowd up and dancing and singing along. The final act, The Alter Eagles were excellent, indistinguishable from the original Eagles, marvellous stuff!

around Yateley 2016 July 39


Yateley Village Hall is available to hire for all occasions:

Christenings, Weddings, Evening Parties and Children’s Parties

Kitchen for your use and a fenced off garden so safe for children Plenty of room for a bouncy castle Telephone to view the facilities and for further information 01252 870707 or email on 40 around Yateley July 2016

The Yateley 10k 3-Race Series & Fun Run

This series of 10k road races has been staged in Yateley since 1987. Next year the Sandhurst Joggers, who do such a tremendous job of organising the event, along with the dozens of local organisations which volunteer to man the drinking stations, help with registrations, hand out towels, drinks, sweets and medals, will be celebrating their 30th anniversary. I had the pleasure of starting two of the races last year and can testify to the efficiency and dedication of Sandhurst Joggers. This event has become of national significance, and runners from clubs all over the south of England solidly book the limited places weeks before the event starts. The 10k races are limited to 1200 participants, with a minimum age of 15. There is no age limit for the Fun Run, which takes place within the Yateley Comprehensive school fields, but the numbers are limited to 200. The money raised by the event is distributed among local charities. The 2015 races led to ÂŁ12,400 given to 22 local charities. The first race was held on 1 June, with Steve Connor winning in 32 minutes 12 seconds, with 896 athletes finishing. The second race is on Wednesday 13 July and the final race in the series on Wednesday 1 August. So why not cheer them on? around Yateley 2016 July 41

Urnfield Appeal

the development plan

Planning appeal at Hart District Council offices Last Tuesday (21st June) saw the start of the planning appeal for land east of Moulsham Lane (the Urnfield). This appeal was lodged by the developers, Welbeck, and takes the form of a public inquiry, presided over by a planning inspector. Welbeck are seeking permission to build up to 150 houses on the Urnfield site. Their planning application was refused last autumn by Hart District Council, which is the Local Planning Authority. There were a number of reasons for the refusal, including flooding, the effect on the surrounding roads, the effect on neighbours (particularly in Coombe Road) and the effect on the strategic gap between Yateley and Finchampstead & Sandhurst. Unfortunately, Hart have had to drop the flooding and traffic reasons for refusal, as the Environment Agency gave their consent to Welbeck’s flooding avoidance 42 around Yateley July 2016

Hart Planning ApplicationNo 14/02281/MAJOR

by Graham Cockarill

Hart Planning ApplicationNo 14/02281/MAJOR

the location

measures and Hampshire County Council’s Transport department gave consent to Welbeck’s proposed improvements to the highway (namely a roundabout at the Link/Reading Road/Moulsham Lane junction).

Hart defends its reasons to refuse planning approval This means that Hart is fighting the appeal on two issues: the effect on the strategic gap and the effect on the neighbouring properties in Coombe Road and Moulsham Lane. However, the local residents’ group YURAG (Yateley Urnfield Residents Action Group) and The Yateley Society have picked up the other issues and are putting them forward as part of their case against Welbeck.

The developer’s appeal Welbeck’s case is that the scheme will provide significant benefits to Yateley and Hart, which outweigh any negative impacts. These benefits include affordable housing (40% of the homes proposed will be affordable); the creation of jobs (mainly in construction whilst the development is being built); more money being spent in the local economy and higher revenue for Hart in terms of council tax payments (presumably from the new residents).

The schedule The appeal is scheduled to finish on Thursday 30th June, so as yet we do not know around Yateley 2016 July 43

the SANG plan

44 around Yateley July 2016

Hart Planning ApplicationNo 14/02281/MAJOR

which way the planning inspector will go in terms of a decision. He will not give his decision right away, but instead will take some time to consider the arguments he has heard and then reach a conclusion. It is not known quite how long this will take, but he might give an indication once he has had heard the evidence.

Other comments At Yateley Town Council’s meeting on 27 June, halfway through the Appeal process, Cllr Shawn Dickens reported that he had attended the Appeal on three of the four days and thought YURAG had presented a very good case. Cllr Bob Harward, who had given evidence along with Cllr Adrian Collett, reported that YURAG’s case was as thorough as it could be. He had experience of a number of planning appeals over the last 30 years and in his opinion, YURAG were by far the best organised and funded, including grants from Yateley Town Council. Cllr Collett added that there was a Residents’ session being held that evening to allow more residents to be heard, and on the morning of 6 July the planning nspector was planning a site visit. YURAG were very good and picked a good representative to present the case. One advantage was that since the original planning application went in in 2014, Hart District Council had identified a comfortable five-year land supply to satisfy the current requirements. He commented that he thought that the appellant, developer Wellbeck had raised exactly the same points they had included in the original application, which Hart had refused planing permission; they had brought nothing further to the table. Cllr Harward thought they were clutching at straws. Once the appeal is concluded on 30 June, the planning inspector will not be giving his apinion immediately. The decision usually follows in two or three months.

around Yateley 2016 July 45

Keeping FIT Lamorna Harpin’s

Health and Fitness – Serve Chilled! In theory it should be easier in the Summer to exercise ... those long days, warm weather and natural desire to eat salad every day (maybe that’s just me ). However, the Summer season can be fraught with challenges that will make your weight loss goals disappear before you can say ”Strawberries at Wimbledon!” The BBQs, the Weddings, the ice cream ... it all adds up! Here are some of my top exercise and nutrition tips to keep you from unknowingly sabotaging your weight loss goals and perhaps even allow you to lose a few extra pounds in time for your holiday to Mallorca!


1. Hydration That means drinking water and lots of it – yes, I know it’s not very exciting but our bodies need it, so drink more! When it’s hot and when we exercise we are going to need to replenish fluids lost by sweating. Carry a bottle around with you and sip throughout the day (as a guideline drink 2 litres a day and more if it’s warm). 2. Sun and heat If it’s hot and you’re exercising outside, wear sunscreen! Keep to shady paths or channel your inner zen by finding a shady tree. 3. Listen If you’re getting too warm then listen to your body – yes, you may have smashed out a 2 minute plank last week, but that was in an air conditioned gym! It’s great to push yourself in your workout but learn your limits. 4. Start your day right You know that annoying ray of sunshine that wakes you up at 4.30am in the morning when you’re trying to sleep? ... use the longer days to your advantage! 46 around Yateley July 2016

Exercising early in the morning will kick start your day to the best start possible, by releasing all those lovely feel-good hormones – which means you feel fantastic (and perhaps a little smug!) and your family and colleagues get to experience the best version of YOU. 5. Try something new Whether you’re a seasoned gym bunny or have never put trainers on before, there is something out there we can all find to mix up our routine, and we might even enjoy it too! This could be a new class at the gym (they’re free with membership so you have nothing to lose!) hire a mountain bike at Swinley Forest, or even just a walk or jog around the local forests and lakes! (My favourites are Hawley Lake, Frensham Pond, Fleet Pond, Horseshoe Lake, and Virginia Water.) 6. Time You don’t have the time, you say. I understand – we’re all time poor these days! I’m not going to suggest you walk up more staircases (because that’s boring!) but be honest with yourself and allocate time in your diary for exercise. We give so much time to our careers it’s easy to neglect ourselves! Can you find 10–30 minutes, 2–5 times a week to better your health and have more energy? Make that a YES! 7. Workout with a friend ... or colleague ... or take your children! By increasing your daily activity you will be burning additional calories and you also get to spend some quality time with your favourite people too. (See point 4 – use the extra daylight and do something midweek.)


1. Temptations! They’re all around us, especially with the Wedding and BBQ season. However, fear not! By planning these events into your diary you can have your cake (or ice cream!) and eat it. Method one: on the day, eat lighter (low calorie) meals to allow for the additional carbohydrates you’ll be consuming in the way of burger buns, potato salads and alcohol. Method two: Lower your calorie intake a little each day during that week to allow for the additional calories you’ll be eating on the special occasion. Confused? Come and speak to one of us at the gym and we’ll explain. around Yateley 2016 July 47

2. Planning Yes, it’s a bit like drinking more water – not very exciting to talk about but so important. Believe me – a little food planning on the weekend will save you hassle, time, and lower your stress levels during the week! This could be writing out your lunch and evening meals onto a planner that you stick on the fridge. Google image search “salad pots” for lunchtime inspiration. Batch cook an extra meal or two on the weekend for easy weekday suppers (either keep in the fridge or freeze). Try bulk cooking sweet potatoes in the oven, these are my favourite staple right now as they can be used in salads, soups, made into mash, reheated with your main meal, or even made into brownies (yes that’s true!) 3. “I’ll just have one” Now as a Personal Trainer, it may surprise you that I’m NOT going to tell you not to drink alcohol, because you probably will anyway. However, I do want you to be aware of the calories you’re consuming when you do choose to have a few drinks. Alcohol has 7 calories per gram*! Here are a few stats, you may be shocked! (Top tip: try alternating alcholic drinks with water.) Pint of Beer 197 calories* Large glass of red wine 228 calories* Pint of cider 216 calories* One measure of 40% spirits 277 calories*

• • • •

* all Alcohol calorie facts taken from

4. Extras We’re talking here about the ketchup on your burger, the oil you dip your bread into, and the dressing on your salad. High fat and high sugar oils and sauces can easily add on to your nutritional intake! Be aware of what is in that delicious BBQ sauce that you put on your chicken, and then you can make an educated decision about how much to use. Use natural flavourings such as lemons, limes, herbs and chilli to give your food a tasty (and nutritious) kick, instead of processed calorie-laden alternatives.

Lamorna Harpin of Lamorna Fitness

working from my home gym in Blackwater and PureGym Camberley PureGym Camberley are open 24/7, workout anytime. Join from just £16.99 per month 50 classes every week Personal trainers No contracts

48 around Yateley July 2016


DarbyGreen & Frogmore Social Hall

The Darby Green & Frogmore Social Hall, located in Frogmore Road, is a community hall funded by the Millenium Project and the National Lottery. The new hall replaced an old wooden hut that served the surrounding villages for over 60 years. A group of volunteers and trustees help run and maintain the activities and services offered at the hall. They are a registered charity (No. 301799) and proud to be self-supporting, are not run by Hart or Yateley councils, and they want to remain that way. They are always looking for new members to join their committee. Meetings are held bi-monthly. If you are interested in being a member and helping to run and maintain the hall for future generations, don’t hesitate to contact them through their website They have a wide range of activities booked in. On Mondays they have Revival Keep Fit, Art Club, Line Dancing, Brownies and Rainbows. On Tuesdays there is Slimming World, Over 60 Club, Line Dancing, and Frogmore School of Dance (Tuesdays through to Saturdays). Wednesday there is Zumba Gold, Line Dancing, and Frogmore School of Dance, Thursday there is Dog Club and Frogmore School of Dance. Friday has Little Kickers, Blackwater Friday Club, Line Dancing, and Frogmore School of Dance. Saturday morning Frogmore School of Dance, Saturday afternoon and evening, plus Sunday until 6pm are free for Private Parties. For bookings call Booking Officers Sheila and Mick Stewart on 01276 502261. Their address is The Darby Green & Frogmore Social Hall, Frogmore Road, Camberley GU17 0NP. around Yateley 2016 July 49

Yateley & District Gardening Society

Autumn Produce and Handicraft Show Saturday 27th August 2016 from 1.30 – 4.00 pm St Peter’s Church, Oaklands, Yateley, GU46 7LR

Classes include Fruit and vegetables Cut flowers Pot plants and flower arrangements Home made cakes, jams and preserves Handicrafts Children’s Classes Don’t delay, start today to grow your own flowers and vegetables and watch them grow For entry forms go to, Yateley library or contact Hazel Goddard on 01252 874 532. Closing dates for entries Wednesday 24th August

50 around Yateley July 2016

Yateley Town Mayor’s Charities’ Cheques On 27 June, Mayor Gerry Crisp presented cheques to his two 2015-16 charities, the funds raised through the Mayor’s Dinner, Golf Day, Jazz nights and raffles. The first cheque of £3200 went to the British flying charity Aerobility, based at Blackbushe Airport. Aerobility is a wonderful, unique charity who enable disabled people to fly. CEO Mike Miller-Smith accepted the cheque, which he assured it would be used to good effect and reminded us that they will be the main beneficiary of Blackbushe Open Air Day on 30 July.

Another cheque for £1421 was presented to Andy Whittaker, Chairman of the YELAbus Association, who provide transport for the elderly and less abled folk of Yateley. Andy appreciated the donation, especially in light of the present pressure from Hampshire County Council who are making similar charities jump through hoops and consider amalgamate with distant and completely unrelated charities, purely, it appears, to simplify the County’s administration process. The Mayor’s charities for 2016-17 are the national charity The Big Issue and locally the Sean Devereux Fund. around Yateley 2016 July 51

Peter Pan Westfields Junior School Year 6 production of “Peter Pan Jr”

On Wednesday 22 June, Camberley Theatre was packed to the rafters, full of parents, grandparents and guests, who appreciated the performance of “Peter Pan Jr” by Westfield Junior School Year 6 enthusiastically. I was a guest at the event, along with Cllr Gill Hennell. We were welcomed by the Head Teacher, Mrs Karine George, who retires next month after 25 years at the school, the last 20 as Head. The performance by the Year 6 children was quite outstanding, with the lead roles well sung and acted, and clearly the result of much encouragement and rehearsal over the past year. It was also obvious that all the 105 cast members throughly enjoyed taking part in this performance. The Year 6 teaching staff, Miss Schmidt, Mr Chaplin and Miss Barrand, directed and choreographed the play, which was based on an update of the classic 1953 Walt Disney film and J M Barrie’s original play about the boy who wouldn’t grow up. The costumes, set and scenery were produced to a high standard, involving many hours of work, and the performers were miked up to give a professional edge to the sound. The principal roles were: Peter Pan, Nicole Harding; Wendy, Katie Conquest; John, William Moores; Michael, Harry Jarvis; Captain Hook, Jude Neighbour; Smee, Charles Philpott; Mr Darling, James Stark; Mrs Darling, Evie Saunders; Chief Tiger Bamboo, James Tulip; Tiger Lily, Esmé Brennand; Nana, Finlay Barrow; The crocodile, Marcel Lekostaj; Tinker Bell, Aimee Pemberton. Others: photography, Ms Davey; back stage assistants, Westfields Junior School Staff; front of house, Westfields Junior School Administrative Staff; with help from Mrs Try, Mrs Spencer and Mrs Lewis. 52 around Yateley July 2016

Essential Contacts GOVERNANCE Member of Parliament, North East Hampshire (Yateley) Ranil Jayawardena MP House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. 020 7219 3000 Member of Parliament, Aldershot (Frogmore & Darby Green) Sir Gerald Howarth MP House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. 020 7219 5650 Hampshire County Council The Castle, Winchester SO23 8UJ. 0300 555 1375 Hart District Council Civic Offices, Harlington Way, Fleet GU51 4AE. 01252 622122 Yateley Town Council Council Offices, Reading Road, Yateley Green GU46 7RP. 01252 872198 EMERGENCIES Fire, Police and Ambulance 999 Childline 0800 1111 Silverline (helpline for older people) 0800 4 70 80 90 Samaritans 116123 UTILITIES Southern Electric (SSE) 0800 783 8866 Gas 0800 111 999 South East Water 0333 000 0365 Southern Water 0330 303 0277 or 0800 0270800 Thames Water (sewerage) 0800 3169800 Floodline 0345 988 1188 TRANSPORT Hart Shopper (book 1 to 6 days ahead, cost £5 or £2.50 concessionary) 07719799263 Sainsbury’s Watchmoor Park (Thursdays only, pick up Vigo Lane 09.47, Monteagle Lane 09.48, St Swithun’s 09.55, Manor Park 09.59) YELAbus Tracey 0771 9799263 Yateley Neighbourcare 03000 05 05 05 around Yateley 2016 July 53

Activities & Societies Blackwater Friday Club Meet every Friday 12.30-15.30 Darby Green & Frogmore Social Hall GU17 0NP for playing cards, bingo, curling, cross toss a ring, quiz, bring and buy, tea and biscuits. Contact Gillian Foster 01276 34100 or Jean Armstrong 01252 860584 Camberley & Yateley Friendship Centre for over 50s Meet third Thursday each month 14.00 Hedgecroft, Bracken Lane GU46 6JW and first Thursday for pub lunches at 12 noon. Contact Barbara Brown 01252 876615 Guiding Blackwater Valley (Yateley, Hawley, Frogmore and Darby Green) There is Guiding happening every night in the Blackwater Valley for Rainbows (6-7), Brownies (7-10), Guides (10-14) and Rangers (14 and up). Find the unit that suits you best through Always looking for volunteers, they don’t have to be every week. If you would like to join or talk about volunteering, try Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust Organise monthly walks during the summer. Contact Lyn Deavin 01252 879255 K9 Planet dog training Dog training at Yateley Village Hall, every Wednesday 18.30-19.30. Contact K9 Services dog training Dog training at Yateley Village Hall, every Friday noon-15.00. Contact Primrose Club For senior citizens, meet WI Hall, Reading Road GU46 7UH Contact Ann de Courcy on 07913 633790 or 01252 501182 Ramblers Association (NE Hants) Rotary Club of Hart Meet Thursdays 19.30 for 20.00 North Hants Golf Club, Fleet GU51 1RF Theatre 64 Theatre drama group, meet Monday & Friday evenings Frogmore Junior School 54 around Yateley July 2016

The Yateley Society Meet monthly except January 19.30 for 20.00 Red Cross Centre, Monteagle Lane GU46 6LU and at Yateley Green for May Fayre. Tythings Coffee Club Meet every Thursday morning for a gentle chat, quizzes and raffles, and regular outings 10.45-12.45 The Tythings GU46 7RP Contact Ann Kern on 01252 872975 or email: Yateley & Crowthorne Big Band Society Meet monthly second Tuesday 19.45-22.30 The Tythings GU46 7RP 01252 661037 Kay Sealey or Yateley & District Gardening Society Meet monthly except January 19.30 for 20.00 Hedgecroft, Bracken Lane GU46 6JW and at Yateley Green for May Fayre. Yateley & District University of the Third Age (U3A) Meet first Thursday each month 10.00 for 10.30 Sandhurst Memorial Hall GU47 9BJ Yateley & Hawley Bridge Club Meet Wednesdays and Fridays 19.20 Memorial Hall, Fernhill Road, Hawley GU17 9BW or contact Alan Brown 01276 27354 or Judy Douch 01483 475133 Yateley Bowling Club 6-rink green and clubhouse The Bowling Green, Reading Road GU46 7RP Yateley Choral Society Rehearse monthly Mondays 19.45-21.45 Drama Hall, Yateley Manor School GU46 7UQ email: Yateley Lifesaving Club Meet every Thursday TBA Yateley School pool, School Lane GU46 6NL Contact Pat Brewer on Yateley Morris Men Meet Tuesdays (October-April) 20.00 Drama Hall, Yateley Manor School GU46 7UQ email: Yateley Neighbourhood Watch Assists residents in reducing the opportunities for crime and passing info to police. Yateley Networking Networking Yateley businesses, through monthly Wednesday morning and quarterly Tuesday evening meetings at La Galleria. around Yateley 2016 July 55



Yateley Town Clerk Jane Biscombe clerking about

Local democracy

If only there was an obvious topic for me to write about this month. If only there had been a major political event, or a government policy shift or a major challenge we all face.... So, I am going to talk about democracy, more specifically, local democracy and how you can take part. You all know about elections and going out to vote, so make sure you’re registered and keep that registration up to date if you move house, change your name, etc. You can do this at, 24 hours a day. But do you have to wait until there’s an election to have your say, to make your voice heard or to affect a change? No! Not at all, that would be terrible, you can have your say whenever you want, and here’s how: Sign up on social media. Hampshire County Council (HCC), Hart District Council (HDC) and Yateley Town Council (YTC) all have Twitter and Facebook, so get connected and get the latest news and consultations. Contact your Councillor if there’s something you want to discuss; the Council’s websites have their details on. Come along to a meeting – they are usually open to all and have slots on the agenda where you, the Public, can ask questions. OK, having sat in on well over 200 Council meetings, I know they are not the most interesting afternoons or evenings of your life but the public participation element usually comes at the beginning of the meeting and no one will mind if you slip out after that bit. Check on each Council’s rules as sometimes you have to let them know about your question before the meeting. That’s not the case with YTC – just turn up and ask. If you’re really keen on local issues why not stand as a Councillor? If you’re local and passionate about your area you could be just the sort of person that other people will want to vote for. This website is really good to check out if you want to get involved 56 around Yateley July 2016

In some ways the good people of Yateley, Darby Green and Frogmore are blessed, in that you have three levels of local Government: County, District and Town. However, this can mean it’s tricky to work out who to speak to, so here’s a handy guide: Hampshire Adult and Children’s social care Highways, street lights (usually) and signage Waste disposal Planning (waste and minerals projects like quarries, incinerators) Schools Libraries Trading Standards Registrations – births, marriages, deaths, etc Rights of way HART Council tax and benefits Housing Waste collection/recycling Licensing and Planning Environmental Health Parking (usually) including disabled badges Bus passes Street cleaning Grass cutting Yateley Green spaces and Play areas Some street lighting and grass cutting Halls for hire Allotments Heathlands Cemetery Check out each Council’s website for full lists of responsibilities, or call one of us up and we can help you find the right person. I hope that helps and see you at the next Yateley Town Council meeting, yes? It’s on 5 September, but if you can’t wait till then you can come along to the Community and Environment Committee on 11 July or the Finance and Policy Committee on 25 July. All the papers are available on our website three days before the meeting. All meetings start at 7.30pm and are held in The Tythings – see you there! around Yateley 2016 July 57

We have 2 Guide units in Frogmore and Darby Green, visit http://www.girlguiding. to register your interest and find out what unit your daughter could join.

Winter fun

1st Guides have had a lot of seasonal fun last term. They had sparklers and decorated some very delicious firework biscuits in November. They’ve been getting crafty in December and sewing

some felt owls for the Christmas tree and some very cute snowman using socks. For the final week the girls attended the Cinderella pantomime in Aldershot and their very own Emily made it up on stage! 58 around Yateley July 2016

Free Being Me

2nd Frogmore and Darby Green Guides completed the Free Being Me body confidence scheme this term, put together by WAGGS and Dove. Over two weeks the girls learnt how the image of the ‘perfect woman’ is actually a complete myth, how being yourself is the way to succeed, and how to judge people on their achievements

and talents as opposed to their looks. The girls made body confidence message speech bubbles to spread the word and performed drama and rap sketches to demonstrate how to take the messages back to their friendship groups.

Summer fun

1st Frogmore and Darby Green Guides enjoyed two of their favourite things last summer, water fights and chocolate!!! They indulged in their water games evening, where they completed races in teams involving throwing wet sponges at each other,

around Yateley 2016 July 59

passing bags full of water over their heads and “duck duck goose” ducking wet sponges in their laps! The trickiest challenge of all involved lying on the ground balancing a full bucket of water on their feet and, as a team, taking all their shoes and socks off whilst keeping the bucket full, teamwork! For the final week they went to Frenchie’s dessert parlour in Camberley for some chocolate fondue, looks pretty good to me!.

Think Pink

2nd Frogmore and Darby Green Guides had a busy term, they held a pink party night with games, sweets and a party tea. They raised a total of £150 which they donated to a breast cancer charity, which is a fantastic cause and the pink makes a nice contrast to our normal guiding blue! Especially the pink wig ... 1st Guides also went to the Big Gig at Wembley stadium and had a fantastic time singing along to some great acts, although I’m sure there was some slight ringing in ears on the bus home!


Guides love camping, and every summer or May bank holiday both units like to go and spend some time at a lovely Girl Guiding site and take part in lots of activities and get back to 60 around Yateley July 2016

basics! We take girls who have never been camping to those who could put up a tent with their eyes closed and everyone always has a fantastic time. Over the second May bank holiday 2nd Guides went across to Heron’s Way campsite in Farnham for a weekend camp. Here you can see the first time campers enjoy some craft time and lots of sun hats means the weather was kind this weekend too! The girls joined up with two other

Guide groups and had a great camp fire sing song. By the sounds of it the girls were very tired but very happy when they were collected on the Monday. 1st Guides went camping for a week to Herons Way campsite in Farnham. The girls around Yateley 2016 July 61

chose a Disney theme for the camp so all the tents were named after Disney characters or films, it made it more fun to ask them to clean Flushed Away instead of the toilets! The girls did lots of activities including archery, rafting, kayaking, rope bridges and water slides, interspersed with lots of loom bands! Everyone took part in a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party where the girls competed in cake decorating and hat making. The girls also completed their Camp Out badge with activities like building structures to hold food, making popcorn over tea lights and designing miniature tepees. The final challenge included creating a chant to perform round the campfire on the final night which was great entertainment. This was, of course, partnered with giant marshmallow snowmen in the shape of Olaf from Frozen! They only felt slightly guilty burning them on the fire ... Guides also love getting out and about, here’s a photo of 2nd Guides having fun on the ice for an end of term party!

62 around Yateley July 2016

Come and join us on Yateley Green The FA SOCCER STAR CHALLENGE Players are invited to take part in the FA Soccer Star Challenge where they will be tested on:

• Running with the ball • Turning with the ball • Speed • Dribbling • Heading • Shooting The challenges are run in accordance with FA guidelines and players are graded according to their age. A player’s test will take about an hour depending on numbers at the the time. While they are being tested you can complete your club registration forms for the 2016/17 season and take the opportunity to meet and chat to the Youth Section Committee. You might even find the opportunity to become a volunteer at our club. We would like this to be an informal event giving our member the chance to meet us and other players and supporters. We look forward to seeing you through the day. around Yateley 2016 July 63

Walks around

Yateley The original

Walks around


Reading Road part 4

This concludes the walk along the old Reading Road, which deviated from its original path, firstly at Darby Green, where it became Potley Hill Road, secondly where it formed Plough Road, and lastly along Vicarage Road up to West Green. The old route is pretty obvious to any visitor to Yateley who considers such matters, as the new stretches of road are relatively straight and free of development, while the older road is more concorted and, frankly, a lot more interesting. This led me to believe that the new stetches of road were modern. However, reading The Yateley Society’s website (see activities and societies on page 55 for contact details), it appears that a Turnpike road was cut through the village before 1820, and possibly as early as 1801. Turnpikes were contemporary with the building of canals, they were private roads, maintained to a higher standard than roads that local parish councils could afford to. Turnpike roads were run by Turnpike Trusts, each set up by an individual Act of Parliament. Although they started in the 17th century, they were mostly a feature of the 18th and 19th centuries, reachng their zenith in the 1830s, when there were over 1000 trusts maintaining 30,000 miles of roads, controlled by 8000 toll gates. They declined after the launching of the railroads, until roads became the responsibility of County Councils in the 1880s. An ancestor of mine was a toll keeper in 1851 at Oakhampton, Devon, then Broad Clyst in 1861, when he was too old to work on the land. A woman who married (in turn) two brothers of another ancestor, was the daughter of a “toll gate renter” of Dursley, Groucestershire, who appeared in the Quartley Assizes in Bristol in 1859 for 64 around Yateley July 2016

conspiracy to defraud, along with his father and brother. His father was fined ÂŁ10 for presumably pocketing some of the tolls paid, while he and his brother were released

around Yateley 2016 July 65

on their own “Recognance to appear and hear judgement when called upon”. It appears he was never called upon to hear justice, as there were no further Assizes entries, and two years later he was running the Stoke Newington tollhouse. By 1871 he was able to retire as a “gentleman on independent means” (aged only 40). Parking at Church End for convenience, it took only minutes to reach the entrance to Vicarage Road at the Hall Lane roundabout, where the old road diverges from the new. The houses at the start appear to be Victorian and of little interest, and the 18th century White House (Grade II listed 1952 but demolished 1973) is marked only by a road. Then we reach the stuccoed façade of the Grade II listed Barclay House, which may be late 18th century in Grecian style, with an early-19th century front, featuring a verandah on the front and a low pitched slate roof. Next comes West Glebe and Hartford House. Originally one house (Glebe House), this building is said to have been built as the Vicarage for St Peter’s in 1814 though stylistically parts of it may be older. The two storey building retains a red clay tiled roof, brick dentils to the eaves, sash windows, and a wooden doorcase facing Reading Road with Georgian details. It does seem rather grand for a Yateley population in 1811 of 1500. must have been around this time that the new road was cut across Yateley Green and this old road re-christened as Vicarage Road. 66 around Yateley July 2016

Barclay House, an imposing Grecian style detached house

Goose Green Cottage, in Vicarage Road, is a timber-framed 16th century cottage which was only recently listed as Grade II in 2010. It was encased in brick in 1713, and in the 1930s a further remodelling took place, with late 20th century and early 21st century additions. The hipped roofs are covered in clay tiles. At one time this was a public house and part of it used as a bakery. Goose Green, in front of the house, is now heavily wooded but was grassland when the turnpike road cut it off from the rest of Yateley Green. Apparently this stretch got its name from a particularly territorial goose that patrolled the area after the road was built. Gayton House, Vicarage Road, is a Victorian red brick “villa� with two gables to the front of the house, with decorated barge boards, sash windows, and a brick string course. Red brick walls and plain tile roof with multiple chimneys finishes off this around Yateley 2016 July 67

Gayton House

West Glebe, part of Glebe House, once the Vicarage, hence the name of the road 68 around Yateley July 2016

detached house. Again this building must date to around the time that the Vicarage was built, the early 19th century. Although I’ve not marked it on the map, we did walk down Vicarage Lane too, but as we were walking along with our granddaughter, she started to kick off before we reached the pond, so we cut across the green and back up Chandlers Lane. Once back onto Vicarage Road, we continued on until the road rejoined the Reading Road, then returned eastward to The pond betweenVicarage Lane and Chandlers Lane. Church End. around Yateley 2016 July 69

Yateley War Memorial John C[oleridge] Mills John Coleridge Mills, BSc, temporary Lieutenant, Highland Light Infantry, 10th Bn. John C Mills was born in Yateley 1890, the son of John Mills (Surgeon, Bombay Army, born Harrow on the Hill 1821-1 April 1913) of Holly Hill, Yateley since 1876, and Sophia Eliza Coleridge (born East Budleigh 1850-1899), who were married on the Isle of Wight in 1887. Sophia was the spinster daughter of a clergyman; she had been working as a Governess in Frimley before her marriage. John Mills was eight months old in the 1891 census, living at Holly Hill, Yateley. He was to lose his mother when he was only 9 years old. He attended Berkhamsted School at Great Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, for eight years, in Overton and Uppers houses. In the 1901 census he was recorded as a boarder at 107 and 109 High Street, as John C Mills, age 10, born in Hants, Yateley (although this was transcribed “Gateley”) By 1911 he was within Yateley with his 90-year-old widowed father, a pensioned Army Doctor. John Coleridge Mills was 20, a student of engineering at the University of London. From 1911 he served in the Territorial Army, the London University OTC, rank L/Cpl in the Engineers Company until 14 August 1914. He enlisted into the Army at the University of London on 16 August 1914, and was given a short term commission. He was gazetted Lieutenant in The London Gazette less than a month later, on 8 September 1914. On 25 September 1915, he was listed as missing believed killed after leading his platoon in the Battle of Loos, age 25, His address was given as 21 Carlingford Road, Hampstead Middlesex. His effects of £80-19s-1d was sent to his elder sister Miss Margaret Sophia Mills 70 around Yateley July 2016

(born 26 August 1888 Yateley-14 February 1979, who married Gordon H Christison in 1933 St Thomas Exeter). Curiously, nine months after his presumed death, it was a widow, Maud Mary de Vere Mills (nee Moores), who was granted administration of John C Mills’ estate on 24 June 1916 in London and Chichester, Effects £3240-2s-3d, resworn £2970-3s-8d. On the same day Maud was granted administration of her late husband’s estate, Joseph Edward de Vere Mills of Chatelet Durrington Sussex retired tannery manager, who died at Worthing on 9 March 1916, effects £1490. Maud, described by the court as a widow, never remarried, and died 28 September 1958 at Auckland Psychiatric Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand, her Will administration granted to The Public Trustee of New Zealand, effects £426-17s-9d in England, sealed London 24 April 1963. An appeal for relatives, including her elder sister [Martha Elizabeth Moores, born 1863] was made on 18 December 1960: “Mills or Moores - will the next of kin of Maud Mary de Vere Mills (nee Moores) the widow of Joseph Edward de Vere Mills (who died at Worthing on 9 March 1916) including her elder sister, or any person knowing the whereabouts of any of them, please communicate with the High Commissioner for New Zealand (Public Trustee Branch), 415, Strand, London, WC2.”

I have discovered that Maud was baptised as Martha Mary Moores, in Rotherhithe, London in 1865, daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Moores. Her father a parchment maker, her father’s family leather and parchment manufacturers. She married Joseph Edward Mills in 1905, when she was 39 and he was 33. In 1911 they lived at 8-room Victoria Bungalow in Durrington Sussex when he is listed as “retired” from being a leather manufacturing manager. around Yateley 2016 July 71

John C’s father John Mills was the son of William and Lucy, from his baptism at St Mary’s Harrow, on 26 January 1821, born 1 August 1820. William Mills was a clerk, and had 11 children between 1816-1832 in Harrow, but appears to be no relation of Joseph Edward Mills, so the reason behind the will administration remains a mystery. Memorial: Loos Memorial, ref panel 108 to 112. Wilfred James Maybanks Wilfred James Maybanks, Rifleman 62539, West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales’s Own), 1st/7th Bn. Died 13 October 1918, age 18. He was the son of Thomas James Maybanks (1863-19 December 1916) and wife Annie Simmonds (1864-1951) of Yateley Green, born in Yateley 1899. In 1901 Wilfred was the youngest of four children, [Thomas] Christopher (18901953) 10, Percy [Charles] {1892-1955) 9, [Constance] Ella (1894-1968) 6, while he was 1 year old. Thomas J Maybanks 38 was a carman, working on his own account, from Berkshire West Challow, Annie was 36 from Shinfield, as was Christopher, the rest of the children born in Yateley. A widowed aunt of Thomas, Annie Hatch 67 from Maidenhead, lived with the family on Yateley Green. Wilfred was a patient at the General or Royal Mineral Water Hospital, Upper Borough Walls, Bath, Somerset, in 1911, no doubt “taking the waters”, along with 173 patients, 12 nurses and 11 servants. He was only 11. Meanwhile the rest of the family were in Mill Lane, Yateley, his father 48 now a carrier, birthplace given as Wantage. Additional to the family were Ernest W[illiam] (1902-1917) 9, and Harold G[eorge] Maybanks (1905-1969) 6. Ella was missing as she was an under housemaid age 17 at Colonel Sir William Kirkpatrick CB’s household at Cloon Ewin, Yateley (where there were three family and nine live-in servants). Wilfred ‘s effects, including £3 war gratuity, were sent to his mother and sole legatee Annie on 15 April 1919, amounting to £8-12s-3d. He was awarded the Victory and British war medals. Cemetery: Bucquoy Road Cemetery, Ficheux, ref III.F.7. Arthur [George] Mustow Arthur George Mustow, Private 6307, Hampshire Regiment 1st Bn. Died 2 June 1915. He was the son of Edward Henry Mustow (1844-1917) and Sarah Ann Cox (18411909) of Holly Tree Cottage, Blackwater Road, Yateley. Born 1878 in Blackwater, Hawley, Hampshire, he was christened in Hawley on 8 September 1878. His father was a butler in domestic service from Cirencester, working for the Fitzroy family at Frogmore Park. In 1881 they lived in Blackwater. In 1891 the family lived in half of Holly Tree Cottage, the name wrongly indexed as “Mostow”. In 1901 he was again wrongly listed as “Maston”, living with his mother and three siblings, working as a general labourer. 72 around Yateley July 2016

In 1910 he married Cecelia Agar (1889-??, of Elvetham Heath, who later married Herbert Clifford Larder (1888-1917) on 15 December 1915 in Yateley. After being widowed twice in the war, she then wed widower Christopher Byrne (1887-1926) in Farnham in 1920). Arthur and Cecelia had three daughters, Florence Amelia Mustow (1911-1998, who married Philip M Barns in 1928), Eileen Mustow (1912-??) and Ellen Gladys Mustow (1914-1915). In the 1911 census Arthur and Cecelia lived in a 5-room cottage in London Road, Blackwater, his occupation Railway Carman. His effects of £8-0s-9d was send to his widow Cecelia “for self and children”, on 25 September 1915 and war gratuity of £5 to widow Cecelia A Larder on 30 December 1919. Arthur was awarded the Victory and British War medals plus the 1914 Star, date of entry into France given as 31 August 1914. Memorial: Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, ref panel 35. Edward C[raig] Robertson There are a large number of Edward Robertsons among those who died in WW1 but none with a middle initial of “C”. There are several Edward Robertsons from Ireland and Canada, but none that can be tied in with Yateley. A search of the Yateley parish records of Births, Marriages and Burials tells us that no Robertson has ever been recorded in the parish for those particular milestones. Searches for Edward C or EC Robertson alight on Major Edward Craig Robertson, 1st Bn Yorkshire & Lancashire Regiment, killed in action on 29 September 1915 in Loos, Northern France. He was the son of a Lieutenant General and attended Sandhurst in 1895, so it is possible that he stayed with retired officers in Yateley during that period, and was known to their families. From “A History of All Saints Church Stradbelly, Castleconnell, Co Limerick”

around Yateley 2016 July 73

He was born in Manchester on 21 December 1874 (Barton Lancs, March Quarter 1875 8c 617). His sisters were born in Co Cork, Corfu and the Isle of Wight, while his brother Captain Philip Rynd Robertson was born in Malta, clearly reflecting the nomadic life required by a military family in the service of their country. The 1891 census saw him in Fulham, living with his father, Lieutenant General James [Henry Craig] Robertson, 77, (22 April 1811-2 November 1903) born in Quebec Canada. His mother Hester [Matilda Rynd] was from Dublin. His siblings were Maria 29. Rose 28, Lily 26, (Edward 16), Alice [Grey H] 22, plus two servants, a cook and housemaid. His military service started on 28 September 1895 as 2nd Lieutenant with the Yorks & Lancs. They noted that he was a cadet at Royal Military College, Sandhurst in 1895 and that he was acquainted with the French language. His next of kin was registered as General Robertson of 59 Gwendour Road, West Kensington (National Archives WO 76/348/104). Hart’s Army List 1908 lists him as Adjutant 3 Bn from 9 November 1907. He had been made 1st Lieutenant on 14 June 1899 and Captain on 12 May 1902. In the 1911 census Edward Craig Robertson was a Captain, age 36 and single, born in Manchester, Lancashire, based with the 51st and 65th Regimental Depot in Wakefield Road, Tanshelf, Pontefract. He was one of 30 officers, 128 men and 131 women in married quarters, 410 men in barracks and a further 10 men and 1 woman in hospital. He married Slaney Theresa Vansittart (1890-??) in Castleconnell, Co Limerick in 1914, (December Quarter, vol 5 page 189). Slaney was the middle daughter of three girls to Spencer Charles Patrick Vansittart (1860-1928) and the Hon Matilda Isabella Massy (1867-1949). Slaney remarried in 1926 Lt-Col Charles FW Hughes, and had two children, Hugh V Hughes (1927-??) and Slaney E Hughes (1929-??). His will reached probate on 21 December 1915, to Slaney Theresa Robertson, widow, effects £1040-12s-8d. His Army effects amounted to £1-11s-9d to be sent to widow/executrix Mrs Slaney Theresa Robertson, but standing a/c held, no claims. The war gratuity was received by the Regiment, to the tune of £62-8s-5d to the estate of Mrs Slaney Theresa Robertson on 12 February 1920. He was awarded the Victory and British War medals. On 29 November 1917, Mrs Robertson applied for the 1914 Star in respect of her late husband. The Rolls show his disembarkation in France was 9 September 1914. On the 20 February 1920 Mrs ET Robertson applied for clasps, presumably for the Victory medal. Her address was given as Coolbane, Castle Connell, Co Limerick.

74 around Yateley July 2016

John I[ltid] Royds John Iltid Royds, Lieutenant, London Regiment (Artists’ Rifles), 1st/28th Bn. He was born on 13 August 1876 and baptised on 25 Sepember 1876 in Aldenham, Hertfordshire. He died 22 March 1918, age 40, killed in action. He was the son of Charles Duncan Royds (1846-1931) and Ada Charlotte Francis Mason (1849-6 October 1915) of Brize’s Park, Brentwood, Essex. in 1881 he was 4, living at The Grange, Aldenham, with his parents, older brother Charles E 8, and four servants. His father was described as an East India merchant. By 1891 the family lived in Hove, Sussex, at 16 Salisbury Road. His brother Charles E[velyn] had left the scene, perhaps at school or college. John was 14 and his younger brother Allan F[rancis] was 9, plus four servants. They were in Brizes Park in 1901, his father now a local magistrate. All three boys were now at home, older brother was on the local government board, John was an art student and the youngest brother was a pupil to an architect. Now there were six servants. In 1911 John was still living at home, 34 single, occupation artist (painter), with parents and five servants. John worked as an artist (painter) with studios in Hertfordshire and London, living at Queens Road Studios in Brizes Park, Brentwood in 1906/1908 and Clifton Hill Studios in Hamilton Terrace Ward in Marylebone West, in 1913 and 1914. On 1 April 1908 he joined the 8th Bn London Regiment, presumably a Territorial Unit. By 11 April 1913 he was promoted to Colour Sergeant. He was re-engaged on 28 February 1911, 26 March 1912, 23 March 1913 and 7 April 1914. On 5 August 1914 he was extended to full time on term of service one year. He embarked to France from Southampton 26 October 1914. On 24 January 1915 promoted to Coy Sgt having been on service since 16 January. On 28 March promoted to Acting Sgt Major, confirmed 15 July. On 3 October it was noted that he had re-engaged for the duration of the war and granted leave from 1-31 October to England. on 2 November 1915 he was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant. Unfortunately the rest of the page has been burned, but presumably he must have attended Sandhurst and may have lodged in the Yateley area. Otherwise, his connection to Yateley is unknown. His mother died on 6 October 1915, during his leave. His re-engaging for the duration of the war and acceptance of an officer’s commission, may have been influenced by his mother’s fatal illness. His will went to probate on 18 September 1918, granted to Charles Duncan Royds esquire (his father), effects £911-18s-3d. He was named here in error as John Iltia Royds. Memorial: Arras Memorial, ref Bay 10. around Yateley 2016 July 75

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Yateley's community magazine covering Victory Day celebration on the Green, Possible new YTC logo?, Health & Wellbeing courses, Health and F...

July issuu  

Yateley's community magazine covering Victory Day celebration on the Green, Possible new YTC logo?, Health & Wellbeing courses, Health and F...