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2 around Yateley January 2016

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4 aerobility Mike Miller-Smith tells us about the wonderful charity on our doorstep


14 yateley united recently reformed, as one of the largest football clubs in Hampshire, has origins that go back over a century 18 cleaning road signs is Hampshire County Council cost cutting a sign of the times? 20 what’s on this month activities for your diary in January and February 22 what’s on feature Cathy Burton singing at St Barnabus the Encourager 24 walks around Yateley walk around Horseshoe and Moor Green lakes 28 the war memorial an occasional series giving an insight into those who laid down their lives for country a hundred years ago 32 focus on the Christmas fairs in December 34 activities and societies many interests covered, why not join in? 36 police update Blackwater & Yateley policing shortly up to full strength 37 time capsule U3A “bury” a snapshot of retired life for next 50 years 38 christmas trees for conservation clearing undergrowth from Yateley Common.

This is the first issue of the new community magazine for Yateley. For it to succeed we need images and articles which we hope would be of interest to Yateley residents and followers. We are low-cost, non-profit, nonpaid subs and no fees for contributors. This is community-led, not commerce. But let’s rally round as readers at least. Already we have a dozen volunteers and local societies are being contacted to bring on board to make everyone aware what is happening in our community. If you’ve some thoughts to share, let us know. around Yateley 2016 January 3

aero BILITY can help you fly

4 around Yateley January 2016

How many people are aware of the remarkable and globally unique charity Aerobility, here on our very doorsteps at Blackbushe Airport? In July, Yateley Town Mayor Gerry Crisp attended the official opening ceremony of Aerobility’s hangar on Blackbushe Airport, and was shown around the impressive facilities by Mike Miller-Smith, the CEO, meeting Brian Catchpoole, the Operations Manager and Shona Bowman, the Chairman of the Management Committee, among a host of volunteers, flyers, instructors and organisations who donate to the charity.

The aircraft registration says it all, “UCAN”

around Yateley 2016 January 5

The brand-new state-ofthe-art hanger is of doubleskin construction, fitted with heating for comfort at winter events and meetings, so it remains comfortably cool in summer and warm in winter, therefore providing an indoor space for a number of activities as well as store the three light aircraft that they use at Blackbushe. As a bonus to the local community, the hangar is available for hire by other corgnisations in Yateley, a unique and wonderful setting able to accommodate seating for 100 people.

Brigadier Neil Sexton, who officially opened the hangar, talking to CEO Mike Miller-Smith

Camberley community volunteers 6 around Yateley January 2016

Mike Miller-Smith explained how the Aerobility charity works. They aim to provide anyone who is disabled opportunities for an initial test flight. Following that, if they are interested in learning to fly, Aerobility offer on-site courses which can lead to flying solo, through use of the fixed-base PA-28 flight simulator and own-pace modular studies and practical flying exercises. at a fraction of the price charged by commercial enterprises. Aerobility is the only place in the world that does what they do. Flyers come to Blackbushe from all over world, recently from South Africa, Italy and Scandinavia. On the morning Gerry revisited the centre, there was a group of four MS sufferers coming down from Lancashire for a day’s flying. Speaking to the volunteers, some were local, many from Hampshire, and one flying insructor was French. In addition to the smart new hanger, the facility at Blackbushe has offices and classrooms in a separate building, Help for Heroes

Working with people with visual impairments

around Yateley 2016 January 7

First flight

The Yak trainer in flight

including a flight simulator. They have a mobile flight simulator that they take to demonstrations and exhibitions. They really do have a fantastic set up here at their headquarters that is well worth visiting. They operate at two locations, other than Blackbushe, at Tatenhall, Burton on Trent in the Midlands and Prestwick, Scotland. We saw a demonstration by Brian Catchpoole, a wheelchair user himself, operating the hoist used by those flyers unable to get into the dual-control aircraft under their own steam, clearly demonstrating that there is no bar to deny any disabled person 8 around Yateley January 2016

Life changing days

the opportunity to fly. Prior to the arrival of the smart new hangar, this hoisting in and out of disabled fliers had to be done out in the open, subject to the vagaries of the weather and, to some extent, the indignity of the individual being hoisted. Now this task can conveniently be performed under cover.

The Yak trainer Chris Evans makes a film

One of the problems of having so many disabled visitors and users, many of whom travel some distance to get here is finding sufficient disabled -friendly accommodation in the locality that can handle the numbers. The organisation was first formed in 1993 as the Disabled Flying Club and became a registered charity in 2000 as The British Disabled Flying Association. The final change change of name to Aerobility came in 2008. The charity offers disabled people, without exception, the opportunity to fly an aeroplane; that amazing first flight is enough to change their outlook on disabilty forever, around Yateley 2016 January 9

Westgate School visit

Demonstration of the hoist in action 10 around Yateley January 2016

BBMF visit to Blackbushe

“If I can fly a plane, what else can I do?� The first aircraft came about thanks to a donation of a Bulldog aircraft from the Royal Jordanian Air Force in 2003. The aircraft was in quite a state when it arrived, and was kindly rebuilt by apprentices from ATC Lasham. They therefore started to fly their own aircraft in 2005 and added more to the fleet since, the Piper Warrior 161, adapted

around Yateley 2016 January 11

Yateley Town Mayor Gerry Crisp

so that it can be flown by people with disabilities, and a PA32 Cherokee 6, a larger aircraft with more loading capacity, which allows taking larger wheel-chairs, powerchairs and a hoist so that it can operate away from their usual bases, without bringing equipment by road. A recent addition is a brand-new fuel efficient Tecnam two-seater to the fleet, modified at the factory to meet the requirements of the disabled, a world first for the charity. Paralympic night glow

12 around Yateley January 2016

Spitfires over Blackbushe

This organisation is one of Yateley Town Mayor Gerry Crisp’s two charities this year. A worthwhile cause and located here, right on our doorstep. The Mayor and Mike MillerSmith will be having further meetings to ensure that Aerobility and our community increase their

Aviation Education Programme class of 2015

points of contact in the short term and ongoing into the future. There is nothing to stop local people with disabilities from being given wings to spread and fly, providing the charity continues to be well supported and funded. As the wounded solder can see on the side of the aircraft, “G-UCAN�.

Wounded soldier gets his freedom around Yateley 2016 January 13


Scenes from the Christmas Bank Holiday game

Yateley United FC was formed on 1 June 2013 by a uniting of four clubs: Beaulieu FC (founded 1972), Yateley Green AFC (formed 1985), Yateley FC (founded 1902), and Yateley FC Youth. Now they run 35 teams from adult men and ladies down to minisoccer and under-6 teams. In 2014 they bought their own ground at Sean Devereaux Park (thanks to Gig On The Green) and have big plans for the future. The parish of Yateley has a long history in football, with the first recorded game played on 7 January 1903, the Yateley club being formed on 4 October 1902 at the Chequers, Eversley. For the first twelve years they played friendlies. At the AGM held at the White Lion in July 1914 , George Higgs, secretary and treasurer was thanked for ten years’ service and the club entered the Aldershot Civilian League. Unfortunately, in August, war was declared on Germany and all football took a back seat. For the 1919/20 season, it was Eversley FC that got underway first, holding monthly ‘smoker’ meetings at The Lamb (now The Frog & Wicket). Yateley FC didn’t resume until the AGM held on 17 August 1921 at the White Lion. The club had a balance of £4 carried over from 1914. Rev AJ Howell was elected President and E Lambourn as Hon Secretary. George Higgs stood down from Secretary after over 16 years in the job, but remained Teasurer, although he was still opening the batting for Yateley CC in 1919, age 52! The first match of the reformed club was away to the more established Eversley FC on 10 September 1921, but history has not recorded the result. 14 around Yateley January 2016

The next AGM on 15 August 1922 was held in the Parish Room with 25 members in attendance, where Colonel EEM Lawford was elected Hon Sec, and the annual subscriptions set at 2/for adults and 1/- for around Yateley 2016 January 15

under 16s. It was decided to move the next year’s AGM to the end of the coming season, to decide on joining a league. The opening match was at home against Finchampstead, with Yateley winning 7-2, with Yateley’s colours black and amber shirts with white shorts. Most of their matches that season were faithfully recorded in the Hants & Berks Gazette, while the Aldershot News largely ignored Yateley. On 9 May 1923 the AGM held at the White Lion recorded 25 matches played, 15 won, 4 lost, 6 drawn. They were elected to join the Ascot & District League Division 2 and Reserve Division, winning their first league match 3-0 against Finchampstead. At the end of that first season of competitive football they won promotion to Division 1. In 1927 the club joined Division II ”A” of the Aldershot Junior League, winning their opening game Manager Jez Lynch

16 around Yateley January 2016

5-4 against RAF (Farnborough) at Manor Park. That season was memorable for a five hour marathon against Wellington Works Reserves in the Aldershot Junior Cup. The first game at Manor Park was abandoned during extra time due to bad light, when Works were 0-1 up. The 1st replay was abandoned 5 minutes before the end of extra time, with Yateley 2-5 up after centre forward HJ Strange was floored by what the crowd thought was a fist and invaded the pitch. Works won the 2nd replay 4-2. If you check out the What’s On section on page 20, you can check out the next home fixtures of the First Team. Also coming up on Sunday 17 January at 2pm, Yateley Ladies United FC take on local derby neighbours Sandhurst Town in the Thames Valley Counties Women’s Football League Cup Plate. This is the Ladies’ first competitive season, winning 5 and losing 2 so far in Division 2 South, with a chance or winning honours.

around Yateley 2016 January 17

Cleaning road signs

Does Hampshire County Council’s decision to stop cleaning road signs, without already reallocating responsibiliy, mean an enforced return to the past?

Historically, road maintenance used to be a local parish responsibility until the early 1890s. when the counties took over this role. Road men were a significant 18 around Yateley January 2016

member of the non-agricultural worker present in all parishes, a responsible job which ensured work all year round. An account by Joseph Ashby and Boulton Paul in 1893 noted that“Roadmen earn as a rule two shillings per week in excess of farm labourers’ wages, but on the other hand often get nothing extra from the harvest ...” (Statistics of Some Midland Villages, Economic Journal). in the 1800s, as road men usually looked after lengths of roads running through the parish, alongside specialists for canals

s a sign of the past?

and railways, the term lengthsman came into use. Under the Hampshire County Council Lengthsman Scheme, the three main areas of responsibilities are: (1) Drainage (clearing drains, channels and outfalls, maintaining ditches, rodding off-highway pipes and maintaining ditches); (2) Signage (cleaning and minor repairs) and; (3) Other Minor Works (removing soil/detritus, cutting back overhanging vegetation, clearing footways of weeds/ moss, removing vegetation from bridge parapets or fences, grass strimming, reporting defects beyond lengthsman’s repair capability, sweeping, litter picking, removing fly-posting, graffiti and unauthorised signs, cleaning street name plates and bus shelters, minor repairs to street furniture and something which is vaguely termed “village upkeep”.

Hampshire County Council are expecting to allow each of the 262 parish councils in Hampshire the princely sum of £1000 each a year to carry out this role, although parishes would have to group themselves into associations of up to ten parishes, with an extra £100 per council to a Lead Parish who would account for every penny spent to the county council. As part of the conditions for running the scheme, all parishes within the scheme will be responsible for taking out and maintaining Public Liability insurance for not less than £10 million. At 20 January 2015, 91 parishes were said to be taking part in the scheme for 2015/16. Copythorne appointed a selfemployed Lengthsman supplying his own transport and tools, to cover four local parishes (Bramshaw, Copythorne, Netley Marsh and Wellow) for approximately one day a week. Netley Marsh expressed disquiet over the scheme in 2015. around Yateley 2016 January 19

What’s On in January Friday 1 January Yateley Morris & Mumming 13.00 The Cricketers, Hartley Wintney RG27 8QB traditional New Year’s Day celebration, morris dancing, Mummers play & foolery Saturday 2 January Glen Cooper 21.00 Dog & Partridge, Reading Road GU46 7LR solo artist, 50s, 60s and 70s classic gold Monday 4 January Line Dancing Classes 10.00-12.15 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG advanced and beginners classes (Every Monday) Monday 4 January Children’s Dance Class 18.15-19.15 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG children’s classes (Every Monday) Monday 4 January INSANITY 19.30 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG NEW fitness class, PIYO is a mixture of yoga and pilates (Every Monday) Monday 4 January Air Training Corps 19.30 Air Training Group building GU46 6NG teenage activities (Every Monday) Tuesday 5 January Dog Activity Class 18.30-21.30 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG dog activity classes (Every Tuesday) Wednesday 6 January PIYO 09.00-10.00 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG NEW fitness class, PIYO is a mixture of yoga and pilates (Every Wednesday) Wednesday 6 January INSANITY 10.00-11.00 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG fitness class (Every Wednesday) Wednesday 6 January K9 Planet 18.30-19.30 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG dog training classes (Every Wednesday) Thursday 7 January Tai Chi Class 10.00-11.00 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG tai chi class (Every Thursday) Thursday 7 January Yateley & District U3A 10.00 Sandhurst Community Hall GU47 9BJ Florence Nightingale, talk by Vera Hughes Thursday 7 January Air Training Corps 19.30 Air Training Group building GU46 6NG teenage activities (Every Thursday) Friday 8 January Senior Citizens’ Keep Fit Classes 09.30-11.00 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG fitness class (Every Friday) 20 around Yateley January 2016

Friday 8 January K9 Services 12.00-15.00 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG dog training classes (Every Friday) Friday 8 January St Barnabus the Encourager 19.00 Brinn’s Lane GU17 0BT Cathy Burton concert *** see What’s On Feature page 22 *** Saturday 9 January Karate Class 08.30-12.00 Yateley Village Hall GU46 6NG from age 4 up (Every Saturday) Saturday 9 January Yateley United FC 13.45 Sean Devereaux Park GU46 7SZ Hampshire Intermediate Cup round 4 v Bush Hill FC Saturday 9 January Rob & The Retros 21.00 Dog & Partridge, Reading Road GU46 7LR band, 60s, 70s and 80s covers Sunday 10 January Yateley Silverbacks Basketball 15.15 Yateley Manor School GU46 7UQ 2nd Team (Rise) home match against Farnborough Shadows Sunday 10 January Yateley Silverbacks Basketball 17.15 Yateley Manor School GU46 7UQ 1st Team home match against Slough Scorpions Saturday 16 January Steve Brookes 21.00 Dog & Partridge, Reading Road GU46 7LR solo artist, rhythm & blues Sunday 17 January Yateley Ladies United FC 13.30 Sean Devereaux Park GU46 7SZ Thames Valley Counties Women’s Football Cup Plate v Sandhurst Town Ladies Sunday 17 January Yateley Silverbacks Basketball TBC Yateley Manor School GU46 7UQ 2nd Team (Rise) home match against Aztec Jaguars Wednesday 20 January Yateley Womens Institute 14.00-16.00 WI Hall, Reading Road GU46 7UH New Year Party. Competition: New Year Resolution for the Prime Minister Thursday 21 January Yateley Womens Institute 19.30-22.00 WI Hall, Reading Road GU46 7UH Legends of Hampshire. Competition: Limerick ‘There was a young lady from Fleet’ Saturday 23 January Yateley United FC 13.45 Sean Devereaux Park GU46 7SZ Surrey Elite Intermediate Division v Merrow FC Saturday 23 January Neil Samuels 21.00 Dog & Partridge, Reading Road GU46 7LR solo artist, modern covers Sunday 24 January Yateley Silverbacks Basketball 15.15 Yateley Manor School GU46 7UQ Ladies’ Team home match against Reading Rockets continued page 23 around Yateley 2016 January 21

What’s On Feature Cathy Burton

Cathy Burton has a diverse musical career, as a singer songwriter with a back catalogue of five studio albums, as well as voice collaborations with electronic dance music. She performs solo or tours with her long established band or guest musicians, using her singer songwriting albums as a base. Cathy also tours with performances of her worship music. Her latest album, “Searchlight” was released a year ago in 2014. She was raised in the West Country, is a classically trained pianist, taking her music degree at Chichester University. She took up the acoustic guitar in her teens. Cathy still lives in Chichester with her husband and three children. Her involvement with electronic dance music began in 2007, when approached by well-respected Dutch producer Raz Nitzan who wanted to use her vocal talents in collaboration with club artists like Armin Van Buuren, Omnia, Cosmic Gate, and Ronski Speed among others. With Armin Van Buuren, she has toured around the world in stadiums in Argentina, Russia, Canada, USA, France, Holland, and Ukraine. She has performed solo in as diverse settings as North East India and Beirut to village churches in England like St Barnabus. Catch her heartfelt and emotional perfomance for families at St Barnabus the Encourager, on Friday 8 January 2016 at 7pm. Tickets are £5. You’re in for a treat, an hour of music and presentation of Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), in which she is involved with her producer husband Paul Burton, flying medical and life-transforming help to vulnerable people in hard-to-reach places. 22 around Yateley January 2016

Thursday 28 January The Yateley Society 19.45 Red Cross Centre, Monteagle Lane GU46 6LU Local Breweries, Philip Todd, a talk on local breweries Saturday 30 January Off The Record 21.00 Dog & Partridge, Reading Road GU46 7LR 4-piece band, 60s, 70s, 90s, and 90s covers

What’s On in February Thursday 4 February Yateley & District U3A 10.00 Sandhurst Community Hall GU47 9BJ Frost, Freezes and Fairs, talk by Ian Currie Sunday 7 February Yateley Silverbacks Basketball 15.15 Yateley Manor School GU46 7UQ 2nd Team (Rise) home match against Woking Blackhawk Thunder Sunday 7 February Yateley Silverbacks Basketball 17.15 Yateley Manor School GU46 7UQ 1st Team home match against Woodley Thunder (lost by 6pts last meeting) Monday 8 February Y&D Gardening Society 19.00 Hedgecroft, Bracken Lane GU46 6JW From Seed to Plate, Paolo Franchi, will cover vegetables from Roman Times to the present day Thursday 8 February The Yateley Society 19.45 Red Cross Centre, Monteagle Lane GU46 6LU Annual General Meeting Sunday 16 February Yateley Silverbacks Basketball 15.15 Yateley Manor School GU46 7UQ 2nd Team (Rise) home match against Aztec Falcons Wednesday 17 February Yateley Womens Institute 14.00-16.00 WI Hall, Reading Road GU46 7UH The History of Hairdressing. Competition: a hair decoration Thursday 18 February Yateley Womens Institute 19.30-22.00 WI Hall, Reading Road GU46 7UH Women of wax. Competition: an exotic candle Sunday 17 January Yateley Ladies United FC 14.00 Sean Devereaux Park GU46 7SZ Thames Valley Counties Women’s Football Division 2 South v Wargrave Ladies Res Sunday 21 February Yateley Silverbacks Basketball 17.15 Yateley Manor School GU46 7UQ 1st Team home match against Windsor Warriors 2 (won by 15pts last meeting) Sunday 28 February Yateley Silverbacks Basketball 17.15 Yateley Manor School GU46 7UQ 1st Team home match against Aztec Lemmings (won by 24pts last meeting) around Yateley 2016 January 23

Car Park

Lower S and

hurst R








Horseshoe &MoorGreenLakes This walk is about 5.3 km long and should take between an hour and 70 minutes at a fairly relaxed pace. The Horseshoe Lake Activity Centre is in Mill Lane, Sandhurst, just a hundred yards across the county border along Mill Lane, Yateley. Although there are hoggin paths throughout the nature reserve, it can be quite muddy in places, so suitable footwear is advisable. As you enter the Activity Centre, the car park 24 around Yateley January 2016

e Lan w arro

b Am

Low er S



st R



ackwater River

Car Park START & FINISH Left: Rivervale Barn at Mill Farm Below: the path can be Peppa Pig heaven Above right: run off from Mill Farm, full of silt Below right: alternative short walk through gate

is on the left. I usually walk around the site in a clockwise direction, but you could easily walk around anticlockwise. Walk South towards the bank of the Blackwater River, then turn right and follow the river bank North and NNW, following the various bends of the river. On either side of you are lakes from old gravel workings. At the end of Horseshoe Lake, you can considerbly shorten your walk by a path running North between the nature reserve and the activities centred on Horseshoe Lake. Follow the river West, past a wooden bridge which heads South to Blaire Park. At the end of the third lake on the right, take the right turning due North, leaving the

around Yateley 2016 January 25

Blackwater River behind. Follow the right hand path, as the left hand one on the other side of a living layered willow hedge is the bridleway. Continue walking North until you reach the car park in Lower Sandhurst Road. This is an alternative place to start and finish your walk. Turn right into Lower Sandhurst Road and head due East. This road is a relatively quiet one but it has no footpaths on either side and there are deep ditches close to the road, so you need to exercise extreme caution during this part of the walk. In wet muddy weather, the road has the advantage of being dry and firm underfoot. The best part of this part of the walk in the Lower Sandhurst Road is the wealth of attractive properties in the area, many of which are employed in the equestian industry. Above left: the footpath leading North to Lower Sandhurst Road Above right: the view due East across Colebrook Lake North Above: the car park in Lower Sandhurst Road Right: Foxglade Farm

26 around Yateley January 2016

Left: Monks Hall in Lower Sandhurst Road Below right: the gate from Lower Sandhurst Road back onto Horseshoe Lake Below left: looking south across Horseshoe Lake

Continue walking East down Lower Sandhurst Road until you reach the T-junction with Ambarrow Lane on the left, and the continuation of Lower Sandhurst Road on the right. Turn right and almost immediate leave the road towards the footpath gate and bridleway paths back onto the Horseshoe Lake site. Walk South towards the lake on an almost disappeared path, until you reach the recently renewed hoggin path running West/East. Turn left and head East. At the corner, follow the path down to the right, South,

towards the Horseshoe Lake Activity Centre building. This is a wide open area and affords the best view West to view the sunset. Keep walking south to the car park where the walk started. I hope you enjoy the walk. around Yateley 2016 January 27

Yateley War Memorial An occasional series to restore memories of those local men and boys among the Fallen from the 1914-18 world war

The memorial is placed on the north corner of Church End Green (also known as Dog & Partridge Green), next to the B3270. St Peter’s Church is in the SE corner of the green and the pub on the SW corner. The Old Vicarage and church shops line the eastern side (Church End). The Monument itself consists of an oak cross capped with a small oak-tiled roof. A wooden carving of an emaciated and stricken Christ adorns the cross, looking skyward in a final plea for mercy. Close up, it is a powerful and evocative image. On either side of the upright part of the cross are panel frames carved with Tudor roses, the symbol of the county of Hampshire. Within the panel frames are metal tablets with the names of the World War I fallen standing out in relief. The wooden cross is mounted on a white stone three-tiered plinth, the first two piers of which are engraved as shown below, and the third with the name of Mr Purvis who died in the Malayan uprising of 1956. A half circle of evergreen yew hedge about 2m in height surrounds and backgrounds the monument, underneath which is a low semi-circular white stone wall. Engraved panels are set into this wall, one on each side of the entrance, and are incised with the names of the WWII casualties. There are also seven graves in the Churchyard which are listed and cared for by the War Graves Commission. Some of these are not shown on the war memorial, but are included in the listing below. Finally, there is a wooden tablet within St Peter’s Church which contains the names of the fallen as listed below. 28 around Yateley January 2016

To the men from Yateley Who fell in the Great War 1914-1919 Grant them eternal life O Lord William Abery William Walter Abery, was a Bombardier 39780 in the Royal Garrison Artillery, 304th Siege Battery. He was 21 when he died on 10 August 1917. Cause of death: killed in action, Italy. He was the son of Esther Louisa Abery (nee Pocock) (1872-1963), of Elm Bank Cottage, Yateley, Hants, and the late Walter Christopher Abery (1872-1908). His wife, Mrs Kathleen Abery of 81 Manor Park Drive, Yateley, Camberley, Surrey (she possibly married Sidney A Lovegrove, Reading in 1929). His birth in 1895 was registered in Bradfield, Berkshire as Walter William Abery. In 1901 he lived in Theale with his bricklayer father Walter Abery, mother Esther, and sister Florence. In 1911 he lived with his mother and sister in Thatcham and worked as a farm labourer, listed as Walter William Abery. His effects, £8-6-0 was split between his mother Ester L and sister Florence E and paid on 8 November 1917. His war gratuity of £18-10-0 was paid to his mother on 28 November 1919. Cemetery: Ravenna War Cemetery, Ravenna, Provincia di Ravenna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy, grave ref: 1.H.22. John A Ainslie Captain John Archibald Ainslie of King’s Own Scottish Borderers, was killed 19 May 1917 France. His effects from the KOSB of £18-7-8 sent to widow on 31 December 1918 and £67 war gratuity on 31 October 1919. His will reach probate on 23 June 1923, John Archibald Ainslie of the Manor House Yateley, his effects £425-1s-8d left to widow Jean Blanche Ainslie. Born 26 February 1888 at The Laurels, Hanwell, Middlesex, son of Archibald Ainslie (1842-1926) and Margaret Grace Murphy (1853-1921). Baptised at Hanwell St Mary on 23 June 1888. His brother Archibald Ainslie of Dolphinton, Launceston, Tasmania, a 2nd Lt in the KOSB was killed a month earlier in Gaza on 19 April 1917 while on active service, age 24, executors to his will were his three sisters Margaret Grace Ainslie, Ada Mary Ainslie and May Ainslie. Was the eldest son of Archibald Ainslie of Dolphinton, Launceston, Tasmania. Was stationed in India 1911 as a 2nd Lieutenant. He was married at Yateley on 15 February 1916 to Jean Blanche Stewart-Wilson around Yateley 2016 January 29

(1893-1983), who was born on 4 June 1893 in Bengal, India, the only child of Sir Charles Stewart-Wilson (1864-20 July 1950) & Margaret Blanche Oliphant Tulloch (16 September 1869-??). Jean lived lived at Manor House, Yateley until about 1919 when she moved to Gomms Wood House, Knotty Green, Beaconsfield. She travelled with her son to New Zealand from Southampton in 1924. She died 29 January 1983 in Kensington & Chelsea, but her surname is listed in index as Ainslis. His son John Archibald Ainslie was baptised at St Peter’s, Yateley on 23 July 1917. Buried Roclincourt Military Cemetery, Departement du Pas-de-Calais, Nord-Pasde-Calais. Percy Alderman Percy Allen Alderman, Private 200549 with 1st/4th (TF) Bn Hampshire Regiment. Percy was born in Easthampstead, Berkshire in 1895, son of Henry Alderman (1861??) and Margaret Barrett (1861-before 1901) of Olive Cottage, Yateley Green. He had one sister, Kathleen Ruth Alderman, born 1889 in Sandhurst. In 1911 he worked as a domestic gardener, age 14, living in Mill Lane, Yateley, with his widowered father, and aunt and uncle. He died 21 January 1916, age 20. Cemetery Basra Memorial panel 21 and 63. Herbert J Backhurst Herbert James Backhurst, Private 45506, Royal Berkshire Regt, 8th Bn, formerly No 11914 Devon Regt. He was born in Yateley 1900 and lived in Globe Farm, Darby Green, Blackwater, Camberley, where his father was farm bailiff in 1901, labourer 1911. Died 27 August 1918. Effects sent to father William Backhurst and mother Sarah Ann Backhurst of £3-6-10 on 20 December 1918, 1/11d on 5 May 1919 and £3 on 4 December 1919. Buried Bernafay Wood British Cemetery, Montauban. Grave reference D.1. Wilfred W Blackden Wilfred Worsley Blackden, Major in Northumberland Fusiliers, 11th Bn. Died 10 January 1916, age 54. He was the second son of Frederick Chalford Blackden, gent. & Annie Sophia Franklyn, born Quorndon, Derbyshire 1862, and baptised on 12 June 1862 in Kensington St Paul’s. He married Henrietta Anne Grant, 20 August 1874-1971, in 1896 in Eastbourne. They had three children. 30 around Yateley January 2016

He lived in Byways, Yateley, Hampshire. He was a retired Captain in the Royal Munster Fusiliers and rejoined on the outbreak of war. Cemetery: Etaples Military Cemetery, ref I.B.19. Alfred Blackman Possibly Rifleman, Alfred Blackman 10978, King’s Royal Rifle Corps, 1st Bn, who died 10 September 1914, age 24. His father James, mother Margaret, Joined at Mile End 19 February 1913, occupation labourer. He was born in Mile End, Notting Hill Gate in 1890. His occupation was laundryman when he joined 55th Regt ASC, Aldershot 19081910, as a driver, described as 5ft 3.75 ins high. 105 lbs, hazel eyes, dark brown hair and sallow complexion. On 27 August 1910 he was transferred to the Reserve List on one eighth pay. He should have reported to Woolwich Depot every quarter on reserve, although marked as absent on June 1911, September 1911, and December 1911, was called up from the Reserve List on 6 August 1914. He was a butcher in Frimley 1911, living with mother and sister at 37 Princes St, Camberley. Son of chimney sweep Alfred Blackman of Portsmouth, mother Emily Eliza Cook of Walton on Thames (widow in 1908, Princes St, Camberley), who married on 9 January 1888 in Walton on Thames, Alfred had two siblings, Richard Blackman (1889-1967) and Eleanor Lydia Blackman (15 February 1892-??, legally changed her name to Blackburn noted on her marriage certificate in 1923). Cemetery: Montreuil-Aux-Lions British Cemetery, ref II.C.3. George W Brench George William Lea Brench, Lance Corporal 2562, 9 Bn, East Surrey Regt. Died 26 September 1915 at Loos, France. Born 8 July 1879 at 3 Lea Cottages, High Street, Iver, Bucks, and baptised 3 August 1879 at St Andrews, Hillingdon, son of coachman Harry Brench (1852-1900) and Elizabeth Tomkins (1851-??), who married at Denham, Bucks on 30 June 1872. He married Jessie Hammond (1881-1961) in Eton, Bucks 1902. He was a baker at 9 Club Lane, Blackwater in 1911. They had 6 children, Dorothy Mabel Brench (6/6/19031990), Maggie “Mabs” Brench (26/2/1906-1990), Bertha Jessie Brench (22/12/19071994), Hary William Brench (22/3/1910-1976), Herbert George Brench (6/1/19121965), Frederick George Brench (28/7/1914-1980). His widow Jessie married William Cansdale (1869-1934) in Blackwater in 1917 and had 2 further children, Edward Cansdale (19/12/1918-1984) and Edith Florence “Peggy” Cansdale (7/9/1920-2010). Cemetery: Loos Memorial panel 65 to 67. around Yateley 2016 January 31

Focus on

Christmas Fairs

Santa was on hand to switch the Christmas lights on at the Christmas Fair held at St Barnabus Church, on Friday 27 November. An excellent turn out to see the musical ensemble play a selection of Christmas carols, while stalls were being set up to sell hot chocolate and hot dogs, raising money for good causes. The Yateley Lions were there to set up the power and lights, not only for the Christmas Tree lights, but also for the band and stalls. Soon the green in front of the church was filled with people and children all waiting to see Santa arrive and the switching on of the Christmas Tree lights, accompanied by lots of excellent carol singing. It was also a wonderful turnout on Church End Green in front of the Dog & Partridge on Saturday afternoon and early evening of 28 November, with the carparking behind the church and

32 around Yateley January 2016

Scouts join with Morris to earn their Heritage badges

since formation, performed various energetic dances which belied their advancing age. Members of the cast of the Panto Aladdin, playing at the Harlington Centre by the Fleet Panto, was well received by an appreciative audience. The panto runs from 15 December to 3rd January, for 37 performances. There was a supporting chorus of boys and girls from the show, selected from over 100 entries to the auditions. provided by the Manor School were soon full. Lots of stalls set up raising money for charities like the Red Cross and Hedgehog Hospital, with the Scouts dishing out hot dogs and burgers. Yateley Morris Men were celebrating their 40th year around Yateley 2016 January 33

Essential Contacts GOVERNANCE Member of Parliament, North East Hampshire (Yateley) Ranil Jayawardena MP House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. 020 7219 3000 Member of Parliament, Aldershot (Frogmore & Darby Green) Sir Gerald Howarth MP House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. 020 7219 5650 Hampshire County Council The Castle, Winchester SO23 8UJ. 0300 555 1375 Hart District Council Civic Offices, Harlington Way, Fleet GU51 4AE. 01252 622122 Yateley Town Council Council Offices, Reading Road, Yateley Green GU46 7RP. 01252 872198 EMERGENCIES Fire, Polce and Ambulance 999 Childline 0800 1111 Silverline (helpline for older people) 0800 4 70 80 90 Samaritans 116123 UTILITIES Southern Electric (SSE) 0800 783 8866 Gas 0800 111 999 South East Water 0333 000 0365 Southern Water 0330 303 0277 or 0800 0270800 Thames Water (sewerage) 0800 3169800 Floodline 0345 988 1188 TRANSPORT Hart Shopper (book 1 to 6 days ahead, cost £5 or £2.50 concessionary) 07719799263 Sainsbury’s Watchmoor Park (Thursdays only, pick up Vigo Lane 09.47, Monteagle Lane 09.48, St Swithun’s 09.55, Manor Park 09.59) YELAbus Tracey 0771 9799263 Yateley Neighbourcare 03000 05 05 05 34 around Yateley January 2016

Activities & Societies Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust Organise monthly walks during the summer. Contact Lyn Deavin 01252 879255 K9 Planet dog training Dog training at Yateley Village Hall, every Wednesday 18.30-19.30. Contact K9 Services dog training Dog training at Yateley Village Hall, every Friday noon-15.00. Contact Ramblers Association (NE Hants) The Yateley Society Meet monthly except January 19.30 for 20.00 Hedgecroft, Bracken Lane GU46 6JW and at Yateley Green for May Fayre. Theatre 64 Theatre drama group, meet Monday & Friday evenings Frogmore Junior School Yateley & Crowthorne Big Band Society Meet monthly second Tuesday 19.45-22.30 The Tythings GU46 7RP 01252 661037 Kay Sealey or Yateley & District Gardening Society Meet monthly except January 19.30 for 20.00 Hedgecroft, Bracken Lane GU46 6JW and at Yateley Green for May Fayre. Yateley Choral Society Rehearse monthly Mondays 19.45-21.45 Drama Hall, Yateley Manor School GU46 7UQ email: Yateley Neighbourhood Watch Assists residents in reducing the opportunities for crime and passing info to police. around Yateley 2016 January 35

The good news from the most recent liaison meeting of the Yateley Blackwater and Hawley Police team, held at Yateley Police Station on 13 December, is that the local policing team are now at full strength. The Council/Police liaison team are made up of members of Hawley and Blackwater Town Council, and Yateley Town Council, and meetings are held approximately on a monthly basis. At that meeting, the new PCSO Ben Blundell was introduced to the Councillors, on his first day of starting. It was also announced that PCSO Kellie Graham was also signed up to start in late December and another new PCSO, Katie Lamb, was just starting her six weeks’ training. Two more PCSOs were due to start sometime in January. Details of your local policing team can be seen on The Yateley area totals some 96 square miles and is split into two Beats, the urban area of Blackwater & Yateley is Beat 1 and the extensive rural element is Beat 2, north of the M3. Police complement: Sergeant Christopher Thompson PC Natalie Gardner (Beat 2) PC Paul Knaggs PC Will Jones (Beat 2) PC Caroline Owen (Beat 2) PCSO Ben Blundell PCSO Kellie Graham PCSO Nick Greenwood (Beat 2) PCSO Sean Hurst PCSO Rory Newstead 36 around Yateley January 2016

Time Capsule

Yateley & District U3A Magna Carta Commemoration Time Capsule, a snapshot of life in Yateley and Sandhurst for retirees, placed into Yateley Town Council’s care. The box, designed and made by Jim Tozer, will be displayed in the entrance of The Tythings until it is reopened for interest and amusement, no doubt, of our grandchildren in November 2065. Mayor Gerry Crisp is shown with 102 year old Vera Norris, our oldest resident, Jim Tozer and U3A vice chairman Sheila Yorke. The time capsule contains little of intrinsic value: a camera and mobile phone, biographies of the oldest and youngest residents, car brochures, description of “A week in the life of a Sandhurst Retiree”, documents showing housing costs and average salaries in the area, examples of voluntary organisations and their incomes, holiday brochures, local newspapers, newspaper articles reporting on the life of retirees and predictions of the future, restaurant menus, retirement property advertisement, theatre ticket, ticket for The Victoria & Albert Museum, till receipts showing grocery items purchased for a typical retired couple, U3A Newsletter and literature describing its activities. Also enclosed are 70 photos in and around Yateley and Sandhurst showing churches, schools, shops and transport. around Yateley 2016 January 37

Christmas Trees for Conservation

On Sunday 13 December, 79 volunteers showed up at 10am to help the Yateley Common Rangers clear young trees from a couple of areas of the Common. I suppose about a quarter of them were children, all keen to help. A good proportion of the volunteers hoped to carry home a Scots pine Christmas tree at the end of the threehour session. Not far from us, a group of costumed medieval enactors were also making use of the Common, rescuing distressed maidens and sword fighting! The Rangers supplied all the tools required, loppers, bow saws and gloves, and Jean, Jo and Stuart (Blackwater Valley Trust Ranger) gave everyone a quick safety check regarding carrying and use of the tools. They provided hot drinks and biscuits. The object of the exercise was to restore the open aspect of the heathland by removing young trees and stacking them for collection and chipping, leaving the gorse, broom and heather the space they need to thrive. In years gone by, Yateley villagers would eagerly remove the saplings for kindling, harvest the gorse and heather for burning, and cut bracken for animal bedding or for feeding pigs. Domesticated animals would have continually grazed the Common, sheep, pigs, geese, donkeys and cattle. In the absence of Rangers and volunteers, the heathland would revert to impenetrable forest, wih the loss of the species which thrive on lowland heath. 38 around Yateley January 2016

Around Yateley January 2016  

About Yateley and North Hampshire

Around Yateley January 2016  

About Yateley and North Hampshire