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September 09


arkwrights the British store & more

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RENT A HOME Property sales - Property Lettings Property Management

tel: 952 547 554 or 680 210 414 NEEdEd QUaLitY hOLidaY PrOPErtiEs FOr rENt NOw salto de Negro Lovely village house 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, satellite tv

395€ pm

Long term almayate

5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, outstanding views, Private pool fantastic villa gardens, A/C

900€ pm rent to Buy Benajarafe 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large individual villa, Pool a/c furnished to high standard

750€ pm

Long term

arenas 4 km from Velez not track A/C Newly furnished 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, Individual villa with pool

800€ pm

Long term

ask ME hOw YOU CaN QUaLiFY FOr 40% rENt rEBatE rENt a hOME sPaiN is a FULLY LiCENCEd , rEgistErEd , iNsUrEd s . L . COMPaNY tO givE YOU tOtaL PEaCE OF MiNd . C . i . F. B - 92946276 email:

avda. andalucia, 133, torre del Mar

(Just around the corner from the Thursday Market)

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From the Ed..

That Birthday feeling is in the air! Not only is it my sister’s, boyfriend’s, uncle’s and brother’s Birthday all within the same four weeks, it’s also The Sentinella’s fifth! Yes, everyone’s fave little mag has been rattling funny bones, and giving businesses a profit boost, for not one, not two, nor three or four, but FIVE whole years. As I sit in my living room come office, tapping out the SIXTIETH editorial for The Sentinella, I marvel at the way I have NEVER, not even once, suffered from that ugly foe, writer’s block. Luck? There’s no such thing. Natural talent? Why, of course! She says as she applies the final edits to her latest novel! Yes, I’m determined to be an internationally best-selling author and in order for this to manifest into my reality far more quickly, I’m sharing that information with the entire readership of The Sentinella! That’s some 21,000 of you. I know I can do it so I’d love to have you guys rooting for me too! My latest book is called The Path and it’s about a teenage boy who has been given a very important life mission, to save Planet Earth from destruction by a Chinese madman, who has acquired amazing powers from somewhere far away. It combines magic with fantasy, dragons and demons, angels and fairies, mystery and adventure. The underlying theme is that we all have been given a mission to fulfil during our time on Earth. I feel that mine is definitely sharing important spiritual messages to the world via my writing! And to add fuel to the fire, Sol Searching, my first book about my experiences of living in Spain, is about to be professionally published. It's great knowing that other's believe in my work as much as I do.

a taste of what’s inside this Month

strange News.................Page 4 Useless Facts...............Page 20 Network Update...........Page 23 dates For diary............Page 35 amazing animals........Page 40 Film review.................Page 84 star signs....................Page 99 whats On....................Page 100 information.................Page 102 Puzzle Page................Page 104 Jokes..........................Page 106 Front cover by Katie of The Lemon Tree

CONtaCt Us: Editor - keidi keating - 610 976 284 Email: sales - kami - 664 210 468 Email: deposito Legal Ma-1435-2005 No part of this publication, including pictures may be copied, used or reproduced without our prior written consent. The Sentinella accepts no responsibility for alterations to events listed, claims made by our advertisers or information provided by our contributors. So there! The Sentinella is eternally dedicated to Colin Checkley, the founder and editor of The Sentinel Magazine. May he rest in peace. (Born; 1960 Died; 2004)

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Please mention The Sentinella when replying to adverts WHAT AN AMAZING FEELING – MY FIRST PUBLISHED BOOK!! In a few months time it will be available to buy from a number of outlets, but I’ll let you know more nearer the time. Sol Searching is sassy and fun and it certainly brings back a lot of fond (plus some not so fond) memories! To achieve my goal even quicker I’m even having lessons at the moment in the Law of Attraction. This is the universal law that we get what we think about and dedicate our thought energy too. Hundreds of books have been written on the subject and some of the best are by Esther and Gerry Hicks. The words they speak and write are channelled through them by various spiritual entities, which collectively call themselves Abraham. In my view they must know far more than us guys trapped within the limits of Planet Earth. Lara is based in Calahonda and she offers lessons either face to face in her home, or over the phone. They are conducted in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step manner and one can’t help but feel excited about the progress. I’ve only had three lessons, but already I’m actively distinguishing between my negative and positive thoughts and I’m noticing a difference in my daily life experience. The other day I attracted a white butterfly just by asking the universe for it and although that may seem like something quite minor, for me it’s just the beginning. I, like you, am a Creator and from now on I only choose to manifest positive experiences. I hope you are able to see the light pouring forth from these words and love yourself enough to want to learn about the Law of Attraction too. In future editions I’ll be writing more stories about the effects of using this law on a daily basis and how you can start. In the meantime, for further info about call Lara on 647 057 698, email or log on to See Lara’s advert on page 32 You’ll be glad you did!

Keidi Keating x

Editor (of the original little mag)! 4

strange News Woman's love for fairground ride A US woman has fallen in love with a fairground ride - and plans to marry it. Amy Wolfe, 33, has been head over heels with the 80ft high Gondola ride since she was a teenager. She rides it 300 times a year and even gazes at a picture of it while in bed. Miss Wolf suffers from a rare condition called 'objectum sexuality' where people develop attractions to objects. She says she will marry the ride called 1001 Nachts and change her surname to Weber, the name of the ride's manufacturer. "I know people think it's weird but I love him as much as women love their husbands and I know we'll be together forever," she said. Two heads better than one? A two-headed cobra snake has been born in China.

Mr Liu, a rail worker who breeds snakes as a hobby, was amazed when he first saw the reptile. He had bought 10 snake eggs to hatch at his home in Jiujiang, eastern China's Jiangxi province. He said the cobra was able to eat using both of its mouths simultaneously. A spokesman for the local wild animal protection centre said the two-headed snake was most likely the result of genetic mutation.

...and you might miss Lunch! Please therefore use the map below or, better still, look at our new website and print out the directions from there.

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wise words? More gems from Yours truely!! Hats off to the witty burglars who stole my entire CD collection with the exception of "There is Nothing Left to Lose" by the Foo Fighters. I hope that when sentencing, the judge takes into account their splendid sense of humour. Chris Scaife, Jesmond What's all this nonsense about that 66year-old Romanian woman being the world's oldest mum? My mum's 77. Beat that. Imagine my shock at getting a letter from my doctor advising me I only had a month to live but thankfully the letter was not for me but for my son with the same name who lives with us. What is it with diabetics? One minute they're on the floor with a loved one standing by screaming "Give him some chocolate! Give him some chocolate!" The next day someone offers them a piece of chocolate and quick as a flash they say "No thanks, I'm diabetic." I wish they'd get their story straight.

The person who coined the phrase "as different as chalk and cheese" obviously hadn't tasted Kwik Save's cheddar. They say football is a game of two halves. Not for me it isn't. I regularly down eight or nine pints whilst watching a live game on Sky TV in my local. If, as Freddie Mercury claimed, fat bottomed girls make the rocking world go round, isn't it about time that the city of Glasgow received some recognition for its contribution to astrophysics? These so-called speed bumps are a joke. If anything, they slow you down I heard recently that, on average, Gordon Brown receives two turds in the post each week. What I want to know is, who's sending the other one?

I have just returned from a diplomatic trip to the Congo and I can testify that at no point did I see anyone drinking Um Bongo. WHY DON'T NHS bosses start hiring obsessive compulsives as nurses? Their attention to hygiene and constant hand washing would see an end to MRSA outbreaks in no time. Why is it that pubs won't serve me if I'm drunk, but McDonalds continue serving fat people? Its hardly fair. Never mind ventriloquists like Keith Harris and Roger DeCourcey. What about Professor Stephen Hawking? I saw him on telly blathering on about galaxies for hours and I never saw his lips move once. Genius 6

Menu of the Day 5.90â‚Ź (Monday to Friday) Open every day 12.00 - 16.00 18.30 - 24.00 Avda. Andalucia,35 Bajo 29750 Algarrobo-Costa (Malaga) Tel: 952 551 439 or 665 167 060

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BAR VIVA Est. 1999 ‘The Friendly Family Bar’ draUght Sunday Roast inc. glass of wine € 8.50 Bookings recommended All Day English Breakfasts, Full Menu Open from 10am till late every day Quiz Night every Thursday from 8:30pm with cash prizes APARIV Charity Quiz last Friday of every month

C/Dr Maranon, Torre del Mar Tel: 952 544 362

dumb Questions I don’t know the answer! 1) A stitch in time saves nine what? 2) After eating, do amphibians have to wait one hour before getting out of the water? 3) Are female moths called myths? 4) Are part-time band leaders semi-conductors? 5) Are there a lot of virgins in the Virgin Islands? 6) Are you breaking the law if you drive past those road signs that say "Do Not Pass"? 7) Are you telling the truth if you lie in bed?

8) Before they invented drawing boards, what did they go back to? 9) Can a stupid person be a smart-ass? 10) Can fat people go skinny-dipping? 11) Can you get cavities in your dentures if you use too much artificial sweetener? 12) Crime doesn't pay... does that mean my job is a crime? 13) Do boxer shorts box? 14) Do cemetery workers prefer the graveyard shift? 15) Do clowns wear really big socks? 16) Do crematoriums give discounts to burn victims?

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want to Paint and draw? Have you always wanted to draw and paint? Want to brush up your drawing and painting skills? A new and exciting art education opportunity has opened. Renowned British artist and tutor Heather Gail Harman (BA hons) has started basic drawing (and painting) courses in the Axarquia area. Heather enjoys a truly international clientele. She has a great reputation, with 20 years experience as a top tutor in both the Adult Residential Colleges (ARCA) and in the private colleges, along with 35 years as a top ‘celebrity’ portraitist and landscape painter, with her work gracing many international collections. Heather has now begun her tuition programme for beginner artists and those wishing to improve their skills; both in portraiture and landscape disciplines. “My original plan was to cut down quite a lot of my teaching commitments but I couldn’t erase teaching from my life altogether. I enjoy it too much. It is such a joy to see someone achieve a level of creativity they didn’t think they had.” In 20 years Heather has taught countless adult residential college courses notably in the Ribble Valley (Alston Hall) and in the Lake District (Higham Hall) in her specialities of portraiture, landscape painting and the course for which she achieved many teaching accolades, “I’ve Always wanted to Draw and Paint” for absolute beginners, which features her own unique method of learning to draw. “I estimate hundreds of artists have passed through my courses and I am still in touch with many of them. Many still attend my painting holidays which have been running for over ten years in Benajarafe at La Finca del Nino, as well as in various locations in Greece, Turkey and France. I have also been asked to write more articles for the art press back in the UK, something I have enjoyed doing for many years. Alongside this have also launched the Andalucian Society of Portrait Painters which will keep 8

me pretty much tied to my studio for the coming months!” Heather will be offering the full I’ve Aways Wanted to Draw and Paint’, experience: basic drawing, sketching techniques and sketchbook work, and painting instruction in all the major fine art mediums. Groups have already been set up in Puente del Manuel (Mondays), Benajarafe (Thursdays) and Lake Vinuela (Fridays). Heather has met many people in Spain who are enjoying their retirement in many ways and some who have not had their creative needs met, and many have asked her for tuition. “Learning to draw and paint is a fascinating journey at any time of your life, but inspiration is important too. I have witnessed so many people retire from busy professions literally bloom into a life of creativity and never look back, after confronting nature with pencil in their hands. Many regret the time spent doing anything else except their artwork! Many see the world with new refreshed eyes, the colour of the seasons, the shape of the natural world, be it a leaf or an eye or a mouth, are appreciated on a different and more fundamental level.” The perennial question remains. What about natural talent? Isn’t it a major requirement if learning how to draw and paint? “I have put over 500 people through “I’ve Always wanted to Draw and Paint”, and I can count those who were unsuccessful on one hand. Some have gone on to careers in art, some are earning their living painting portraits, others exhibiting along side other professionals and selling their work regularly. Others are quite happy to take part in their local art society shows. I can’t really say more than that; I use academic methods with no short cuts. Those with ‘natural talent’ may have an advantage and develop quicker, but learning and enjoying your creativity is not a race, it is truly a journey, and to recap the best rewards and demands a degree of dedication and a sense of humour.”

Bar Triana

English breakfast, hot and cold snacks served daily 9am - 2.30pm Pool table, dartboard, terrace. Quiz night every Fri - 8.30pm bbQ Fri 4th September 7.30pm Curry nights, paella and bbQs TAblE ToP SAlE Saturday 19th September 10.00 - 14.00 Please phone or call in for your free pitch.

Telephone: 618 373 316

benamargosa Road, Triana What has a sense of humour to do with it? “Anyone who comes to me needs to love a laugh. I love a laugh. ‘Fun and learning in the sun’ has been my favourite catchphrase! I have worked with a lot of famous comedians in my life. I was Billy Connelly’s tour artist (worthy of a book in itself) and I was once awarded the most motivational teacher award. When asked what was the secret of my success I admitted that a glass of wine or two can unleash the most amazing creativity in the best (and the worst) of us!” In addition to the initial studio work there are also planned days out painting the wonderful Andalucian countryside, as and when the student is ready, and as always, under Heather’s experienced guidance. For more information regarding tuition contact Heather direct on 951 167 146 or 628 306 371. Or see main advert on page 97




Alterations Clothes Made To Measure Bridesmaids Dresses Party Wear Curtains & Soft Furnishings Call Elaine on: 629 610 919 Located close to Puente don Manuel / Periana xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Poetry Corner Good jury then the lawyer said, this man that we do try He is an honest sober type too good to tell a lie Though large as life and twice as rich he's big but he's not fat And despite what other people say, he doesnt own a cat With ladies hanging on each arm,and large expensive cars Is he really doing harm, frequenting certain bars Honest as the day is long, he wears an old school tie If that is not enough my friends; he's straight, straight as a die Good jury then your verdict make; consider his position This mans a prince; this mans a saint; this mans a politician 'anonymous'

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Family Fortunes Further proof that TV turns people into complete fools. Below are questions, and the responses, to ITV long running Quiz Show Family Fortunes. Each contestant is asked to name a... (Q) A famous Scotsman? (a) 'vinny Jones' (Q) A famous Scotsman? (a) 'Jock'

(a) 'My cardigan' A kind of ache... 'Filet-o-fish' (Q) (To a contestant who was a SOUP salesman) A food that can be easily eaten without chewing? (a) 'Er, chips?' (Q) Something you beat? '(a) an apple'

(Q) An item of clothing worn by the Three Musketeers? (a) 'a horse'

(Q) A number you have to memorise? (a) 'seven'

(Q) A jacket potato topping? (a) 'Jam'

(Q) Something that floats in the bath? (a) 'water'

(Q) A food that can be brown or white? (a) 'Potatoes'

(Q) Something in the garden that's green? (a) 'the shed'

(Q) A sign of the zodiac? (a) 'april' (Q) A job a working dog does? (a) 'slave' (Q) Something with a hole in it? (a) 'a window' (Q) Something people might be allergic to? (a) 'skiing' (Q) A type of large cat? (a) 'Persian'

(Q) Something associated with pigs? (a) 'the police' (Q) A non-living object with legs? (a) 'a plant'

(Q) Something red? 10

(Q) Something you wear on the beach? (a) 'a deckchair' (Q) An animal you might see at a zoo (a) 'a dog' (Q) A part of the body beginning with the letter N? (a) 'knee'

Two More Sales People Wanted!

(Q) A type of record? (a) 'Floppy disc'

(Q) A domestic animal? (a) 'Leopard'

(Q) Something a blind man might use? (a) 'a sword'

To work across The Sentinella network of magazines and websites *Full time hours *Spanish speaking *Professional *Previous sales experience is essential *High and recurring commissions paid

Call 610 976 284


Laguna Beach torrox Costa the Original Full a-La Carte (over 100 dishes) Eat what YOU CaN MENU Not to be confused with other offerings

POssiBLY thE BEst vaLUE iNdiaN CUisiNE ON thE COstas

ONLY 12.95€

available seven days a week, 364 days per year NOw FULLY air CONditiONEd Light of India, Laguna Beach, Torrox Costa, (next to Laguna Sport) Tel: 951 047 943 Mob: 627 141 966

Opening Times: 2pm - Midnight, Wed & Thurs 3pm - Midnight

LEws Fish & ChiPs traditiONaL ENgLish Fish & ChiPs Edf. Ruselo, Avda. El Faro, Torrox Costa

tel: 952 532 633

sample Menu - Eat in or take away Cod........................................€5.95 Quarter Pounder..................€3.95 Haddock.................................€5.95 Cheese Burger......................€4.50 Plaice.....................................€6.95 Egg Burger............................€4.50 Cod Roe................................€1.95 Mushy Peas...........................€1.00 Chips......................................€1.50 Baked Beans.........................€1.00 Curry Sauce...........................€1.00 Jumbo Battered Sausage......€1.95 Bread & Butter.......................€1.00 Jumbo Sausage.....................€1.75 Gherkin & Pickled Onions......€0.60 Various Pies & Pasties...........€3.95 Pineapple Fritter & Ice Cream....€1.95 Jumbo Sausage Roll..............€2.95 Ice Cream..............................€1.50 please note opening times: Monday - saturday 12 - 3pm & 6 - 11pm Closed sundays

Menu del Dia Mon-Fri. 12pm - 4pm

Rashid and his team Sunday - Buffet 1pm - 4pm are determined to continue offering his Adults - 9.95€ 3 courses €5.95 excellent cuisine. Chidren under 12 - 5.50€ with vegetable curry Now even better value (inc. starters, various mains, €6.95 with meat / prawn curry for money!! vegetarian, rice & bread)

Special Menu Monday to Thursday - 8.95€ Pappadam, Onion Bhajee / Vegetable Pakora / Vegetable Samosa, Chicken, Lamb, Prawn / Vegetable Vindaloo / Balti / Jalfrezi Tikka Masala / Korma / Dansak - Pillau Rice / Naan / Tea or Coffee Avda Anadaluica, Bloque Jupiter, Pasaje Timon 2, Calle Timon, Torre del Mar Tel: 952 547 798 or 665 675 053 Open: 12.00 - 16.00 18.00 - 24.00 everyday

From classics to modern day cars

New location coming soon

CONstrUCtiON & hirE Parajae Los Rosajes S.L. Alcaucin English: 696 547 646 Spanish: 636 219 689 Time served NHBC Builder with 40 years experience in Construction POOLS, EXTENSIONS NEW BUILDS, BRICKWORK TILING, PLUMBING ELECTRICAL SEWAGE & WATER TANKS PLASTERING CONCRETE & STONE WALLS MATERIALS SUPPLIED MACHINE HIRE (with or without driver) Ask to see our work why break your back? small digger / leveller for hire Perfect for garden etc. ONLY 90€ a day (8 hours) delivery free in Lake area


tiME aNd MatEriaLs a NEw CONCEPt

Are you worried about having a building contractor working on your home? You don’t know who to use and have heard all the horror stories. Are you concerned about the cost? TIME AND MATERIALS is a new concept in building and interior works. w You pay for all materials and deliveries at COST and you are given all receipts, saving you 25-40% mark up costs. w You pay a fixed daily rate per man which is negotiated with you personally. w You are financially in control at all times and know exactly what your money is being spent on. w If your circumstances change you can terminate the project at any time without any problems or settlement issues. w That big project that you thought you couldn’t afford may be possible in separate stages throughout the year. Ideal for on-going maintenance, holiday homes, letting agents.... Call Paul on 650 631 650 or Mark on 661 713 238 and arrange a meeting to discuss your project, or maybe you would consider speaking to one of our clients for a reference. The Hotel Palacio Blanco in Velez Malaga is our main client and is available as a reference

To advertise in The Sentinella call 664 210 468 or email

time and Materials The days of construction companies “sticking 40 per cent on top” are long gone, or at least they should be. In a recession, businesses, especially those connected to construction, do one of two things; adapt or die. The current recession is crying out for changes in the way we all think and conduct business. To survive both the good and bad times transparency is needed and this, above all, is the ethos behind “Time and Materials”. My business partner, Paul, an expert plasterer, and I, a carpenter and project manager, decided to give our clients more flexibility, more options and certainly more control. As you can see in our advertisements, even our labour costs are negotiable. With our help, certain jobs that have been put off due to a lack of available funds, may now be affordable if planned and executed over a longer period of time, allowing a client to stop and start a project as and when the funds dictate. During my years in Spain, I have almost completed the full renovation of our home, which was previously a dilapidated country cottage. During this time, asking various craftsmen for quotes to do particular jobs, as well as working on the construction of other client’s houses, I was amazed at the difference in pricing by many construction companies to do the same job to the same standard. That was when I decided to take my time and complete the renovation at a pace and budget under my own control. My wife and I saved ourselves thousands and now have a home, that if placed on the market is worth twice what we originally paid, including all renovation costs. If your house is currently for sale or you are thinking of selling in the future, I am sure you know that the market is less than buoyant and now geared towards the buyer. Gone are the inflated property prices and it is now more important than ever that your home looks its best in order to attract the more discerning

buyer in a more ‘realistic’ market. With “Time & Materials” this does not need to be expensive. As a client, you will pay cost prices only, with receipts given for every material. The control of the budget is yours and as such, you only pay what is affordable to yourself. Nick and Lesley, of Hotel Palacio Blanco in Velez-Malaga, are one of “Time & Materials” main clients. Our flexibility suits them very well as we can be in and out at times that correspond to their quiet periods during the day so not to disturb their paying guests. More importantly, we never leave behind an “on-going building site”. Work areas are always cleaned and finished, despite non-completion of a particular project or job, until the next allotted time. “The way that Time and Materials operate is really convenient for us. We don’t agree with asking various builders to quote for what sometimes might only be half a day’s work. Generally when we call Mark he is on site within 24 hours and he is really flexible. He always gives us a wry smile when we ask him to make noise quietly! He is clean, tidy, professional, and polite around our guests, which is very important to us.” Mr and Mrs N Vallance, Hotel Palacio Blanco, Velez-Malaga. Paul and I have many years experience of both interior and exterior construction work, specialising in plastering, carpentry and project management. Working alongside other tradesmen, such as plumbers and electricians means we have built up a knowledge of trustworthy and recommended specialists, as well as trusted manufacturers and building outlets from which to source the fairest priced and highest quality materials. For any queries or estimates, please contact Mark or Paul on 661713238 or refer to our advertisement opposite for contacts.

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Useless Facts wThe full name of the Titantic ship is R.M.S. Titantic, which stands for Royal Mail Steamship. w“Bookkeeper� is the only word in Eng-

early 17th Century.

wAmerican astronauts must be under 6 feet.

lish language with three consecutive double letters.

wAngel Falls in Venezuela is the world's

wAn olive tree can live up to 1500 years.

wAntarctica is the only continent that

wDairy cows can produce 20 to 35 gallons of saliva a day.

wThe sound made by the Victorian Falls

in Zimbabwe is so loud that it can be heard 40 miles away.

wEach day, anywhere from 35-150 species of life become extinct.

wIf all the gold sitting in the oceans and

highest waterfall, at 3,212 feet (979 m).

does not have land areas below sea level.

wAntarctica's residents are scientific and

support staffs who usually stay no more than a year at a time.

wApproximately 1/3 of the Earth's land surface is desert. wAt latitude 60 degrees south you can sail all the way around the world.

seas were mined, every person on this plant would get about 20 kilograms of gold each.

wAt the nearest point, Russia and Amer-

wA quarter of Russia is covered by for-

wAustralia is the richest source of min-


eral sands in the world.

wAll gondolas in Venice, Italy must be painted black, unless they belong to a high official.

wBecause of a large orbital eccentricity, Pluto was closer to the sun than Neptune between January 1979 and March 1999.

wAlthough modern images of India often show poverty and lack of development, India was the richest country on earth until the time of British invasion in the

ica are less than 4 km apart.

wCity with the most Roll Royces per capita: Hong Kong.

R C O BRI E TA AD M For your wood Carpentry

Poligono la Panoleta C/Juan gris No 5 29700 velez Malaga tel: 952 501 543

kitchen furniture, doors, windows wE taLk ENgLish!

email: / Web:


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Cocktails Cocktails - The last in the A-Z series, that lazy Z sidles into last position with its collection of offerings... Z-Street Slammer 1 1/4oz Meyer's Rum, 3/4oz banana liqueur, 3/4oz pineapple juice, 1/4oz grenadine Zambeer 1 1/2oz Sambuca, 10oz Root beer Zanzibar several dashes of orange bitters, 3/4oz lemon juice, 2-3oz dry vermouth, 1oz Plymouth gin, 1 tsp sugar syrup (or to taste), lemon peel Zaza 1 1/2oz gin, 3/4oz Dubonnet Rouge, lemon twist for garnish Zen Latte 1 1/2 parts Zen green tea liqueur, 6 parts steamed milk, matcha powder for gar-

nish. Preparation: 1. Pour the Zen into an Irish coffee glass or coffee mug. 2. Top with steamed milk. 3. Stir well. 4. Garnish with matcha powder. Zimaretto 2oz Amaretto, 12oz Zima Zipperhead 1oz vodka, 1oz Chambord, 1oz 7-Up Zombie 1 1/4oz lemon juice, 1oz dark rum, 3/4oz orange juice, 1/2oz cherry brandy, 1/2oz light rum, 1/2oz high-proof dark rum, 2 dashes grenadine Zombie Punch - 2 cups curaรงao or triple sec, 2 750-ml bottles gold or light rum, 2 cups lime juice, 2 cups orange juice, 2 cups high-proof rum, 2oz Pernod, 1/2 cup grenadine, 1 750-ml bottle dark rum, 1 cup lemon juice, 1 cup papaya or pineapple juice, 1 cup passion fruit juice

Clinica Casa Blanca Urb. Jardines del Mar, Blq C3, Torrox Costa (near garden Centre, 1km direction Nerja)

Do you suffer from back problems, pain in neck or shoulders, tightness in muscles, joint discomfort, migraine or internal ailments? The BOWEN TECHNIQUE is gentle and works on the whole body for inflammation, illness and pain. The treatment is safe and appropriate for everyone, from newborn babies to the frail and elderly. We also offer massage, lymphatic drainage and other treatments.

Tel: 952 967 628 or 659 374 673 (also home visits) Ask about gift vouchers

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de Cotta Law Child Benefit in Spain By Myles Jackson - an English Lawyer with De Cotta McKenna y Santafé Some current Spanish legislation might be of direct financial benefit for readers who have recently given birth, are about to give birth or adopt a child. If you have given birth after 1 July 2007, you may be entitled to a 2,500€ child cash handout (or hand-up) from the Spanish authorities. So, if you have the good physical fortune and the not quite so good fiscal fortune to bear twins, the good news is that you are entitled to a cash payment of 5,000€ – rather giving lie to the Bulls eye catchphrase: “Stay out the black and in the red and remember you get nothing for two in a bed”. In order to apply for one’s (or indeed, two’s) entitlement, one need satisfy certain criteria. Let me address them First, like Family Allowance, only the child’s mother can apply. Although, in the sad event that the mother is deceased or some such other stated exception, the right to apply passes to the father. Second, your child needs to have been born in Spain and the birth registered with the Civil Registry. Unfortunately, this means all mothers who returned to United Kingdom to give birth are not entitled to the allowance. Third, the mother needs to have been legally resident in Spain for the two years immediately prior to baby’s birth. But, what constitutes ‘legally resident’? The easiest way to establish legal residency is by demonstrating fiscal resi22

dency i.e. you live here for more than 183 days per year and file annual Spanish income tax returns. Equally, you may still have a valid old-style residencia card, although these are becoming increasingly rare. The residency card effectively proves that you live here for 183 days per year (which, subject to certain exceptions, generally means you ought to be filing Spanish income tax returns in any event). Alternatively, the A4 residencia certificate might just do the trick if you are able to provide corroborative evidence demonstrating that you live here for more than 183 days per year (but again this would mean that you ought properly to have been filing annual Spanish income tax returns). Catch 22. Also, working mothers with children younger than three enjoy tax breaks, whereby each child carries a 1,200€ per year tax allowance. Further, in certain circumstances, mothers may apply for a 2,500€ interest free loan – although, again, you need have given birth in Spain. To apply for the grant, allowance or loan you (or your lawyer) need to complete forms 140 or 141, each of which are available on-line ( and present the same and relevant documents, to the tax office and thank your lucky stars for such a wonderful gift! If you wish more information on this particular topic or would like to discuss any matter raised therein, contact Myles Jackson or Reyes Gomez Llorente, De Cotta McKenna y Santafe, on 952 527 014. Offices in Mijas Costa, Coín, Nerja, Granada and Tenerife. See advert on page 12

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The new arm of The Sentinella – Sentinella business Services – is in full swing and every month we are satisfying more and more clients with the extra services we now provide.

These ‘services’ relate to the printing of leaflets and flyers, business cards, posters, brochures/ catalogues and magazines, plus the creation of websites, one-on-one internet marketing tutoring, search engine optimisation, article writing and management of Per Pay Click advert campaigns. In with the very reasonable prices we include free design, free delivery, free translations and free photography. So all you need to do is sit back and relax while we take care of your order. Our special Business Packs have been designed for those who want to make a big splash and combine advertising in The Sentinella with leaflets/flyers and even a website.

For just 450€ you get a half page colour advert in three consecutive editions of The Sentinella, plus 500 business cards and 1,000 A5 flyers. Or for 995€ you receive a 5-8 page website with hosting and domain name, 500 business cards, 1000 flyers and a half page colour advert in three editions of The Sentinella. Custom business packages are available depending on the advertising space and additional services required. Please contact us on 664 210 468 or email

aMaZiNg BUsiNEss OPPOrtUNitY at... Would you like to be part of

The Sentinella Global Magazine Network? We are looking for people to run The Sentinella in the following areas: granada City almeria west gibraltar

Now Pay only €4,000 up front!

Further areas available in Cadiz, Sevilla & Cordoba provinces, plus along the Costa Brava, Costa Blanca, Portugal and the Islands

Uk areas also

available! Fee includes all you need to start up and run the little mag, including software, advice, tips, training notes, back issues full support, knowledge and a comprehensive start up pack... 5 streams of income For enquiries call: 610 976 284 Email:

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readers writes

Computer Lab Fun

Dear Sentinella " I´ve been meaning to let you know how effective my advert in The Sentinella has been, I have obtained new clients who were unaware of my lessons, so thank you!"

.Confuse, worry, or just scare the people in the computer lab.

Virginia Swim Baby Nerja. See advert on page 59 ----------------------------------------------------Hello Sentinella, We have been living in Spain now for 2 years and would just like to say that we have used your “Little Mag” on a number of occasions and have found every business that we have used to be honest and have provided a very good service. Jim Torrox Costa


1. Log on, wait a sec, then get a frightened look on your face and scream "Oh my God! They've found me!" and run. 2. Laugh uncontrollably for about 3 minutes & then suddenly stop and look suspiciously at everyone who looks at you. 3. When your computer is turned off, complain to the monitor on duty that you can't get the darn thing to work. After he/she's turned it on, wait 5 minutes, turn it off again, & repeat the process for a good half hour. 4. Type frantically, often stopping to look at the person next to you evilly. 5. Before anyone else is in the lab, connect each computer to different screen than the one it's set up with.

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Colmenar gym


A healthy lifestyle is vital to a healthy heart and fitness is fun and a great way of social networking.

How is your lawn looking after all that heat and sunshine?

So why not take yourself along to Colmenar Gym and exercise into shape. The gym is fully equipped with resistance machines, freeweights and cardiovascular equipment. Remember, a leaner and more toned body is a great confidence booster. If working out isn’t your style then try Pilates. This maintains flexibility and it is highly recommended by Physiotherapists as part of a rehabilitation process for joint problems. If you suffer from back pain, Pilates strengthens the core muscles that support the back, which in turn increases flexibility and alleviates back pain. Both men and women attend Pilates classes at Colmenar Gym. The keep fit classes are all about fun. They are designed for all ages and abilities. The music certainly makes the time enjoyable and again it is a social event for everyone to enjoy. Carol said, “Colmenar Gym has been successfully operating for 18 months and most of my clients have been with me since the beginning. I have really enjoyed witnessing their triumphs and goals.” LOOK AFTER YOUR BODY AND IT WILL LOOK AFTER YOU! See main advert on page 109

Brown spots again, even though you have been watering, mowing and fertilising? Why don’t you make it easier for yourself and install artificial grass? The result looks just like real grass, but it saves you a lot of work, water and frustration! Axarverde has the solution for everyone who is looking for a unique ground covering of superior quality. Artificial grass can be used in many places, for example in your garden as a lawn, around existing trees and/or flowerbeds, on your balcony, around the pool, to create a safe place for children to play on, and even for sports activities like bowling, golf, football, etc. No more hay fever. No change of colouring as a result of salt or chlorine from your pool. No turning yellow underneath an inflatable pool. No risk of slipping. No being demolished by dogs or children. Always the perfect grass for the sport you practice. Axarverde sells artificial grass for every need. In some cases you could install it yourself, but why not ask the experts? Axarverde is more than willing to come round and create a solution for your requirement. Together we can choose the best option, regarding the kind of artificial grass and how to install it. You can do it yourself or we will install it for you. Contact us for a no obligation free quote 619 317 211 or visit: See main advert on page 32

advErtisE YOUr BUsiNEss hErE FOr 30€ PEr MONth FOr a 3 MONth PEriOd BE sEEN iN OUr ChristMas EditiON rEad BY thOUsaNds... dO NOt Miss OUt BOOk tOdaY! CaLL: 664 210 468 EMaiL: saLEs@thEsENtiNELLa.COM To advertise call 664 210 468


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Perfect alarm! More Helpful Tips To Prevent Burglaries *Many people have alarm systems but do not arm them because it is inconvenient. Many burglars know this and will not be deterred by a window sticker, sign or even dummy systems indicating that the home has an alarm system. *Never leave keys under doormats, in flowerpots, in mailboxes or other “Secret Places”. *Keep a detailed inventory of your valuable possessions, including a description of the items, dates of purchase and original value, and serial numbers. Keep a copy in a safe place, away from home. This is a good precaution in case of other disasters. *Make a photographic or video record of all valuable objects, heirlooms, and antiques. Your insurance company can provide assistance in making and keeping your inventory. *Be a good neighbour. If you notice anything suspicious in your neighbourhood, call police immediately. *Form a Neighbourhood Watch Group to improve security and reduce risk of burglary.

*Write down any license plate numbers that may be suspicious, or even take a picture with your mobile. *Note the descriptions of any suspicious persons. Car Burglaries - Tips to avoid car break-ins *Do not leave valuables in plain view (GPS devices, lap tops, mobile phones, MP3’s, wallets, purses, leather items etc.). *Do not leave windows or sunroofs open. *Do not leave doors unlocked. *Do not leave keys in the vehicle. *Do not leave out items with personal information. *Do not move valuable items into the boot and then return shopping. * When shopping at night always park in well lit areas. *Slow down and use common sense before you leave your car.

*Install a “Perfect Alarm System!” If Your Home Is Broken Into If you come home to find an unexplained open/broken window or door: *Do not enter, the perpetrator may still be inside. *Use your mobile or a neighbour’s phone to call police. *Do not touch anything or clean up until the police have inspected for evidence. 26

Company Profile ¡PERFECT Alarm! S.L.: Caleta de Velez ¡PERFECT Alarm! S.L. Security Systems – Video Systems Alarm Systems – Home Automation Avd. Andalucia, 110 – 29751 Caleta de Vélez (Málaga) Phone: 0034 951 247 202 email: See main advert opposite

Ali & his staff have been serving their customers now for 3 & half years and promise to continue serving their cuisine to it’s usual highest standard ensuring the Taj Mahal is the Best Curry House in Andalucia FrEE Pappadam with Mango Chutney & Pickle tray with all meals

Menu del dia Mon-Fri 12pm - 4pm 3 courses €5.95 with vegetable curry €6.95 with meat/prawn curry

takeaways available Free Pappadam & pickle with takeaways

Opening hours 12pm - 4pm and 6pm - 12am every day (closed Monday lunch) Puente don Manuel (Chiringuito antonio) tel: 952 510 886 Mob: 667 934 731

EXPATRIATE ADVISORY SERVICES ESPANA S.L. (Your peace of mind in Spain) Tax consultants / Wills Fiscal Representation Conveyancing Residence / Business Permits Insurance Car Importation / Transfers Social Security

Translations / Interpreter Services Secretarial Services Formation of Companies Fax / Photocopying Driving Licence / Passport Renewals Legalisation of Buildings

C/ Playa Marina, 2C Edif Nautico 88 (next to Supersol) Torre del Mar, 29740, Malaga. Call: 95 254 06 11 Fax: 95 254 06 10 E-mail: /

- Very competitive rates - single items to a whole truck load for meats, cheeses etc. We are currently looking for agents in Andalucia to help sell this service.

asda george

PooL taBLe


internet acceSS

Food served daily Mon - Fri 10am - 10pm Sat 12pm - 9pm Sun 1pm - 5pm Menu del dia Mon - thurs 12pm - 3pm Sun 1pm - 5pm 3 courses only 6.50€ new - Large SMoothieS & cocKtaiLS Large Shaded Sun terrace

now air conditioned Monday nights - 8.00pm - Bingo Tuesday nights - 8.30pm - Quiz Friday nights - 8.30pm - skittles Happy Hour - Mon - Fri 6pm - 7pm

THIS MONTH Wednesday 9th September - England v Croatia 4pm Premiership game every Saturday Champions League, Europa Cup Sat 5th September - Live music with Eric John 9pm Sat 3rd October Trapiche RBL SKY eSPn SPortS ‘Poppy Appeal’ Quiz 10€ ticket inc. choice of menu

For information or bookings call: 685 552 529 c/Buena Vista, Puente don Manuel

English Mobile auto diagnostics We specialise in Jaguar, Ford, Land Rover, Range Rover & Mazda + 30 other makes of cars OBDII and CAN systems 80â‚Ź for system check and fault find + engine ( MIL) light reset. Thinking of buying a car? Let us give you a health check on it first!

tel 689 548 370

No more mowing, watering or dead spots! Artificial grass is the solution for a unique ground covering. For more info or a free quotation

Call: 619 317 211

Specials in Paella, Prawn pil pil & Sardines Open 11am - 11pm (Closed Tues & Sun evenings)

Edf. Asuncion, 7 Algarrobo Costa Tel: 952 55 10 51

Do you want more wealth, or better health, or to find your ideal partner or job? Understand the science of attracting more of what you want and less of what you don't! Practical classes on: * Stopping attracting the things you don't want * Increasing the wealth and abundance in your life * Attracting your ideal mate and ideal relationships * Boosting your business or finding your ideal job

For more information visit my website email me at or call me on 647 057 698

Feeling the Recession? Visit the Financial Services Clinic at Trapiche Farmer ’s Market on 8th September Independent Consultants available to advise on a whole range of financial issues w w w w w

Pensions & Investments Mortgages & Insurance Equity Release Banking Products & Services Inheritance Tax & Wills

All consultants are fully qualified & registered For more information call: 669 942 564

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redwell infrared heating FREE HEATING? We made a big mistake. That is not true. We made a huge mistake. Sorry, even that is not wholly true. We made a massive mistake!!

Or would they? Back in the UK we had an infra-red heater on our patio which kept us lovely and warm (outside remember) for a penny an hour. The down side was that it illuminated the whole of the back of our My wife and I came to Spain in Septem- house in bright red light which soon atber 2007 firmly believing that the sum- tracted appropriate comments! mers were hot and the winters mild. By This begged the question. Does anyone the time we moved into our home in the in the world produce infra-red heaters December we realised the awful truth of without a bright red light? not doing our homework properly on A search on the internet reasonably Spain’s climate. quickly found one firm called ‘Redwell’ in We moved from a modern, insulated, Austria that has developed a range of carpeted and centrally heated home in infra-red heating panels that do not emit England to a modern, concrete, single light, but to my dismay they only have glazed and tiled home in Spain designed one outlet in each European country. to keep inhabitants cool. Where was the one in Spain? Madrid I It did this without any effort at all. It was bet, or Barcelona, or Valencia, or was it like living in a fridge until April. We had too much to pray that it may be Malaga? never experienced cold like it. The air- Well my prayers were certainly ancon was expensive to use and ineffective swered. It was in Torrox!! as the warm air it pumped out rose to our A swift phone call later we were visited 12ft ceiling, leaving us shivering below. by the ‘Redwell’ representative and we Never again did we intend to suffer like wanted to buy what appeared to be a rethis in future winters. After all we moved markable heating system of panels. But to Spain to retire, relax and spend our being cautious that we were making the time sipping gin by the pool! So what correct decision we wanted to investigate were the alternatives? the technology a little further. Virtually everyone we spoke to advised Fortunately our brother in law was a deus to buy a wood burner. However the signer of heating boilers for the best truth is their fumes are more toxic than manufacturer in the UK and he did consmoking, you have to buy and store siderable research on our behalf. He was wood laden with creepy-crawlies, lay the so impressed that were it not for the fact fire, wait for it to warm the room. And by that nearly all homes in the UK are althe time its done then you go to bed, get ready centrally heated he would have up in the morning and clean out the been inclined to market these infra-red ashes! No thanks. heaters there. Conventional oil fired central heating with As with most domestic products those at radiators was an option. Anyone out the ‘top end’ of the market tend to perthere remember what happened to oil form the best, are the most reliable and prices in 2008? Oil was not an option are usually the most cost effective to opand neither is gas. I don’t want to spend erate. my remaining years heaving great gas For these reasons, together with specifibottles around. cation comparisons with similar but This narrowed the field to electricity, but cheaper (in price and quality) products, lo and behold, what about the potencia? we opted to purchase the ‘Redwell’ inElectric heaters consume a lot of power frared heating panels and we are deand the domestic electric installations in lighted we did so. Not only do they keep Spain simply would not have the capac- our house warm, but they reduce ity to heat a whole house this way. draughts, combat mould and they are 35 To advertise call 664 210 468

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redwell Cont..

dates for the diary

very economical to run. This is quite a formidable combination in one package! But there’s more… The panels are beautifully made, flexible in application and extremely attractive. They have enhanced our house by providing works of art for our walls, and mirrors where we require additional natural light. Every person who has come into our home has said what lovely décor we have, not recognising our pictures and mirrors as functional pieces of equipment, thereby making our heating invisible to all except those who know. Infra-red technology is certainly different. It does not simply heat the air which causes convection currents, instead it heats walls, objects and you! So if you do use your electric fire in the evening when watching telly you will certainly notice that you will not need to keep it on for very long or indeed have it nearly as high as you normally would. Any problem you have which is cold related, including the cold itself, atmospheric damp, mould and draughts will all be resolved or minimised at a cost which is perfectly acceptable Winter 2008/2009 was lovely, as will be the coming winter; warm and cosy just like the UK. This is probably the best investment we will ever make in Spain. And hey, if we move house we can take it with us! We have calculated that the winter fuel allowance we receive annually from the UK entirely covers the cost of operating our panels during the winter months. Could this be construed as free heating I wonder?

Every Monday Bar Atila, Puente don Manuel, Bingo 8pm. Call 685 552 529

See main advert on page 34 36

Country Farmers market Every Tuesday between 10am and 2pm. Los Jardines del Trapiche Call: Dale 600 783 870 Archery, Skittles and Petanque. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Vinuela area Call: 618 496 269 Every Tuesday Bar Atila, Puente don Manuel, Quiz 8.30pm. Call: 685 552 529. Every Wednesday Evening Modern Jive Dancing. Held at Restaurant Horto Malaga, on the main N340 road, Torrox Costa. Starts 8.30pm. Modern Jive dancing with tuition. Open to single men, women or couples. Tel: Jacqueline 658 729 274 Every Thursday Quiz Night Tiffanys, Puente don Manuel. Call: 952 519 733 Every Thursday Evening Dovestones Trio. Vocal Jazz and Pop, 11.00pm in “SABOA”, Torre del Mar (opposite the tram station), Call 627 398 511 for details. Every Thursday Evening Bar Viva, Torre del Mar, Quiz night from 8.30pm with cash prizes. APARIV Charity Quiz last Friday of every month. Call 952 544 362 Every Tuesday Quiz night Bar Triana, Triana. Call: 618 373 316 Every Friday Chiringuito Antonio Market, Call: Dale 600 783 870 Every 2nd Sunday Evening Morenos Bar, Jammin night from 7pm, Cruce de Periana, Puente don Manuel. Car boot sale 1st Sunday of every month. Restaurant el Pantano. Call: Spanish 619 471 301 or English 669 600 419

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dates for the diary Art Exhibition 17th September - 15th October at Mesón Arte y Solera, Paseo Larios, Torre del Mar. Gallery opens 14.30 - 16.30 and 20.00 - 22.00. Members of the Andalusian International Artists Group exhibits a selection of their works. Five artists, 3 different countries. Ursula Williams,Peru, Richard Wood and Elaine Carlton,UK, Dolores and Roger Cummiskey,Ireland.Tel. 952 592 652 for details or logon to: El Ancla Torrox Every Tuesday Aerobics and Pilates from 10am Every Wednesday Craft Market 10am Every Thursday Aerobics and Pilates from 10am Friday 4th Hombres de Mercurio 9pm Saturday 12th Silver Fox 6pm Sunday 13th Rivermen 2pm & Jam 6pm Friday 25th Honey 9pm Call: 952 53 1674 Travelling Companions 30th September, the interesting old town of Antequera. Lunch with wine & water and in the afternoon a visit to the Wolf Park where you will see the 6 new cubs. Very scenic. 39€ all included 15th October, very picturesque outing to the Gorges and lakes of El Chorro. Lunch with wine & water and a visit to Malaga supermarket. 35€ 26th - 29th October Half-board, in the beautiful Cadiz Parador. Call for details 952 525 891

del Boy’s dodgers Continuing our feature on certain businesses that The Sentinella no longer have any association with. We can once again gladly report that we do not have anything to print in this section. Hopefully we can omit this section shortly!


Unblocked, Serviced Repaired or Installations, all work undertaken, Former UK British Gas Trained & Dyno Rod Engineers all fully qualified English & Spanish speaking


666 123 055 952 514 333

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Please mention The Sentinella when replying to adverts Cancer Care Hospice needs quality furniture in good saleable condition (sofas, beds, dining tables/chairs, bookshelves, dressers, armchairs etc etc) anything you don't need, or surplus to requirements, PLEASE don't dump, just ring Tony on... 661 826 654 or 638 108 564. Anything you give, helps us to raise much needed funds for our Cancer Hospice in Benalmadena.

Funny Pics


Need’s looKiNg after while you’re away ? MAInTEnAnCE of PooL, gARdEn & houSE. Call guido: 648 061 694 Patricia: 693 234 755 Area - Arenas and surroundings. (English-deutsch-nederlands-francais)

aariviss technologies aariviss technologies are based in the Velez Malaga / Torre Del Mar area of La Axarquia, in Andalucia. We specialise in the following areas: wWeb Design (worldwide) wPC Help, Advice and Tuition wInformation Security Call us on 0034 (for Spain) 686 412 877. Alternatively, e-mail us on, or go to our website at

english Dental technician Over 20 years experience Fully Qualified Denture Repairs adjustments / Duplications Based in Torrox Pueblo We can visit if needed Call Graham for confidential advice on any denture problem on: 952 539 219 / 622 719 640

dENtist Dr Bakri

dentures implants & dental Cosmetics Free check up for The Sentinella readers Algarrobo Costa Torrox Costa Tel: 952 55 05 21 Tel: 952 53 20 12

Emergencies: 678 974 892


Van & trailers. Light haulage, removals up to 25m3, car & boat transport. Vinuela based, 25 years experience. Local or anywhere in Europe. Regular Spain-UK-Spain trips. Phone 636 844 209 E-mail:

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amazing animals This month we reveal the fascinating facts about that funny looking creature, the Moose. uThe

Moose is described as a large northern deer with huge flattened antlers in the male. The Moose is an Artiodactyl ruminant mammal of the family Cervidae. Ruminant animals are even-toed, cud-chewing, hoofed, usually horned mammals which have a stomach divided into four (occasionally three) compartments. uMoose

are characterised by having deciduous antlers which are borne chiefly by the males. Examples of ruminant mammals are cattle, sheep, goats, deer, and giraffes. The Moose family also includes the deer, caribou, and reindeer.


are several different species of Moose which include: European elk, Eastern Canadian Taiga moose, Siberian moose, Yukon moose, Wyoming moose, Western Canadian Manitoba moose.

uMoose are native to North America, Europe and Asia. uTheir

common habitats are mountain meadows and forests.


sound made by a Moose is referred to as a bark or bugle.


have compact bodies with long, powerful legs


are dominated by one female.

uMale Antlers

are generally 10% larger than female antlers.


law in Fairbanks, Alaska, does not allow moose to have sex on city streets. uMoose

have long faces and muzzles that dangle over their chins. A flap of skin known as a bell sways beneath each moose's throat. uMales

are immediately recognizable by their huge antlers, which can spread 6 feet (1.8 meters) from end to end.

uThe moose is the world's largest deer. The moose can run 35 miles per hour and can easily swim 10 miles. uMoose are the largest of all the deer species. uThe word "moose" comes from the Algonquin Indians. These were native people who lived throughout the northern regions of Canada.

uThe Moose are herbivores and live on a diet of grass, plants, bushes and saplings. uA male

is referred to as a bull.

uA female uA baby uThe


is referred to as a cow.

Moose, is a calf.

average size of a litter is one or

uThe collective name for a group of Moose is a herd or gang.



Reasonable Rates All aspects of Building work undertaken New Builds, Reforms,Refurbishments Retaining walls, Swimming Pools Applying & obtaining correct licences 35 years experience Spanish registered & fully insured English & Spanish spoken For a FREE quotation

Tel: 630 802 880

Experienced Psychic Medium Call Marian on:

690 854 336 40€ a sitting

K eVaNs Casas Property Maintenance Painting & Decorating 80€ per day (9am - 5pm) No hidden extras No job too small Also ex BT Engineer for telephone extensions & all repair work Call: 647 179 664



All types of tools Chainsaw Sharpening Service

New Location Alcaucin

For more details call: 951 167 093 693 505 272 693 286 625


PALM TREES FOR SALE Very Cheap, but you must dig up what you want and  transport home. 

All sizes from 10 euros  952 03 06 79 FiNCa dOs MUNdOs kM.7 OLd rOad traPiChE tO viNUELa


SpaniSh CourSeS intenSive & ConverSational all levelS available Including for children starting school C/Fragata, 6, Torre del Mar

tel: 952 54 40 39

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More wise words Things to learn before I die Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night. If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve its full potential, the word would be "meetings."

you think she's pregnant unless you can see an actual baby emerging from her at that moment. Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance. You should not confuse your career with your life. Never lick a steak knife.

There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness." People who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them. You should never say anything to a woman that even remotely suggests that

The most destructive force in the universe is gossip. There comes a time when you should stop expecting other people to make a big deal about your birthday. That time is age eleven. The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender, religion, economic status or ethnic background, is that, deep down inside, we ALL believe that we are above average drivers. A person who is nice to you but rude to a waiter, is not a nice person. (This is very important. Pay attention. It never fails.) Your friends love you anyway. Never be afraid to try something new. Remember that a lone amateur built the Ark. A large group of professionals built the Titanic. A husband will never get the last word in an argument, due to the fact that anything he says is actually the start of an entirely new argument!

952 551 466


Phrases to live by "Please, Thank you, and YES DEAR!"

Spanish Services for Expats If you need help with translations, dealing with the Spanish system, locating and negotiating with tradesmen, improving your spanish, visits to the town hall, hospital, etc. Call us:

661 335 628 / 952 970 980 Mobile Secretary work by the hour also available


Secondhand Furniture Shop

Open Mon - Fri 9.30am - 2pm Saturday - 9.30am - 1pm

Book exchange available Now on ground floor! “House Clearances”

Call Gilly on: 630 211 907 La Vinuela Pueblo (Down steps at side of Bank)

The English Rose “KATIE”

female Vocalist for All occasions disco & Karaoke Music to suit all ages from 40’s - 00’s Tel: home: 951 167 998 Mob: 618 587 146 / 628 236 661 Email:

House & shop Clearances We specialise in Clearances Household, shops & Bars all items considered for purchase Very fair prices paid Fast & friendly service Removals undertaken Gold also purchased We WILL NOT WasTe YOUR TIMe

Tel: 628 814 299

Moveable Feasts

Memorable Meals, Minimum Fuss Dinner Party Food w Freezer Filled w Barbecues Just Desserts w One-off Dishes No Problem Cookery Lessons Professional Caterer for over 20 years in UK & Spain Delicious Dishes Every Time Please call for example menus at reasonable prices

650 001 173

Working A 40+ hr Work Week ? not With This Complete home Business opportunity in Spain

Vin ue la Co mpute r mai nte n anc e & P C re pai r Call out to Vinuela, Torre del Mar and surrounding areas Learn how to create your own web site - friendly home tuition

Call Steve: 693 474 536

Wanted Speedboats Jetskis Cash Paid Call: 650 605 002

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Business Coaching The fantastic coaching from Andi continues and every month I am taking further steps to the achievement of my business related goal. I feel so happy knowing that the goal is growing closer all the time. After all it’s not just the getting their that feels good, but also the journey we experience along the way. With my new website currently in the hands of designers, I felt a little powerless at what steps to take next. As usual Andi showed me the light! In our latest session he and I discussed methods of marketing my new business, both online and offline. Obviously The Sentinella is a good a place as any to start, so look out for details, coming soon. As for internet marketing, Andi talked me


through the different methods and how to go about achieving and monitoring results. I'm currently formulating a comprehensive plan to these ends. As usual Andi didn’t simply tell me what to do, but he asked the right questions, so that the answers came from inside me. During the next session we’ll talk about time management and how to effectively use my hours to achieve the right balance of daily tasks. These include marketing, product creation, fulfilment of services, profits, and business admin/maintenance. These are essentially all the ingredients of a business, which can seem overwhelming when viewed all together. Forunately, not for me! Keidi Keating Editor

~P ony R iding i n T he C ounTRy side ~ hi Kids, saturdays as of 11am Pony Rides become acquainted for only 3€. Bring your Mums & dads & 2 carrots

Main road Torrox-Competa between km 13 &14 Tel: 626 836 736


Cleaning of the Colon A detox Enjoy: clearer skin, increased energy, weight loss, mental clarity and more... Call Eileen: 951 167 238 or 609 811 879 (near Hotel Vinuela)

ChirOPOdist (Registered) Foot & Hand Care

Treatment for Corns, Veruccas & hard skin etc... Also Manicures, Pedicures Mon-Sat 9.30 - 14.00,17.00 - 21.00 Now doing Home Visits

C/Pizarra 40, (above bank), La vinuela tel: 695 243 238


*Towbars *Alarms, *Radios, etc... Tel: 652 538 041

Spanish Number Plates Quick, Convenient, No Hidden Extras Sara Bright:

951 167 094 658 501 610

European Soccer School FRoM 4YRS To 15YRS olD

• As of August 2009, trials for European Soccor School Teams. Recruiting football teams for the next season in the Spanish league. CAll


Delivered by professional UeFa coaches For further details or booking forms please contact me by email: or on: 0034 697 915 833 Luke Ogbolu Director of Coaching European Soccer School

MAn & VAn! Anytime...Anywhere

Locally based 12 cubic metres €25 per hour

Small Loads to u.K Phone Mark: 951 321 660 669 255 968

Please mention The Sentinella when replying to adverts

BEM idiomas is the case you will have plenty of free time on your hands again. Therefore, what better time to start learning Spanish! Maybe you could set yourself a goal that this Christmas you will write all your cards in Spanish. Luckily for me and my determination, and with the great help of my tutor Sandra, I will accomplish this with no problems at all. If you have been following my journey to learn Spanish, you will know that last month I broke a toe and was unable to drive for a few weeks. I was hobbling around the house in agony and unfortunately had to cancel a few of my Spanish lessons. I planned to study at home, but this proved difficult and I only managed one hour in four weeks. Not good! Those of you who are also learning Spanish, will know that putting aside any amount of time seems impossible no matter how hard you think you are trying. So if you are serious about learning Spanish, pop along to BEM Idiomas in Velez Malaga, or call Viviane, who will discuss the courses and classes to suit your individual needs. The "New Academic Year" starts this month. After the long summer holidays, maybe you haven’t had a good time this summer, with your inability to speak the language? Perhaps you have children who will be going back to school? If this


And now some learning... If you are out and about this month and fancy a beverage these might come in handy: agua - water batido - milkshake bebida - drink cerveza - beer sidra - cider tonica - tonic manzanilla - dry sherry/camomile tea limonada - lemonade refresco - soft drink zumo - fruit juice vino tinto - red wine vino blanco - white wine sin gas - still leche - milk clara - shandy Cava - Spanish champagne cubata - a spirit with a soft drink of lemon or cola See main advert on page 94

To advertise in The Sentinella call 664 210 468 or email Breakfast with Figs

Book review

In Almayate, smoking was the number one pastime.They considered it their human right to have this pleasure. I was sure the residents even smoked in their sleep. As a consequence, I could smell a constant, horrible tobacco aroma for miles around my villa. As I walked around, people greeted me with ‘Hola!’ and at the same time, they would be blowing tobacco smoke in my face. And as I ate my grilled squid, chips and a glass of tinto in the bodega, I was aware of a constant fog covering my food. One day I was in a supermarket, which sells fresh bread, fresh meat, fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. I was at the butcher’s counter buying a lovely freerange chicken, when I smelt a funny smell. Guess what? An old man was

walking around the supermarket and he was smoking a big, fat cigar that was blowing smoke everywhere. I could not believe it. There he was, fiddling with fresh bread as he smoked all over it. The butcher meat counter became so fogbound that I dropped everything there and left. There were “No Smoking” signs in the supermarket but nobody took any notice. It is simply a formality of the EU and the local health regulations. No one cares. I was told firmly that if I wanted to protest, I should go ahead and prepare to have no friends in the village. I decided to chicken out, suffer in private and be happy.

Breakfast with figs is available from Smiff’s bookshop near Nerja Post Office. Competa - Todo Papel bookshop. Torre del Mar - La Libra bookshop near the church. Cyber Costa del Sol - Edif.San Antonio and in the UK. Waterstones Website: mail:

DREAM  OF  EDEN  GARDENING  SERVICES  General Maintenance “Water Systems” Fencing Hard and Soft  Landscaping 

Contact: Don Brown “The Sentinella’s Gardener” 30 Years Experience Phone: 685 584 829

To advertise call 664 210 468


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air Conditioning Times Are Hard Most of us are feeling some effect of the economic downturn, particularly ex-pats living in Spain, who must endure the slide in the value of the pound against the Euro. In these tough times we need to ensure our purchases are good value for the money invested. If you are considering purchasing an air conditioning / heat pump system it’s worth having an understanding of how it works and the energy / money they save. Air source heat pumps are a type of heat pump which use outside air as a heat source to heat or cool. Air source heat pumps are more efficient than oil, gas, and electric heating in mild climates, but they are less efficient than ground source heat pumps. Why? Ground source heat pumps receive energy from the ground, which is warmer than the outside air in winter. Air source heat pumps cost less to install than ground source pumps as they avoid the installation cost of a ground loop. A heat pump transfers heat energy from a cooler to a warmer location. A heat pump uses the refrigeration process and transfers low temperature energy to a refrigeration loop, compresses the refrigerant to a high temperature, and transfers this heat to the hot water and heating distribution system. In the summer this same energy removes it from the home, cooling the room, hence air conditioning. The benefits of this system over conventional electric heating are obvious. The electrical input into the heat pump is only a quarter of the heating or cooling received in the room. For example, for every kilowatt of electrical power used the heat pump produces 4 kilowatts of

cooling or heating a 400% efficiency. Even the “most efficient” electrical heater will only deliver 90-95% heat for the power consumed. How Much do they Cost? We’ve all been to the big supermarkets here and seen the £199 air conditioning units. Why are they so cheap? Generally these machines are older technology, fixed speed compressors, use an older type of refrigerant gas and have much lower efficiencies around 2:1. Better than an electrical heater and ok if used occasionally. If, however, you plan to use your machine for cooling in summer and the bulk of your heating in winter it makes sense to invest in an up to date unit. Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Daikin are all manufacturers producing high efficiency A rated units. The latest inverter driven machines capable of varying compressor speed depending on the cooling heating load achieve power savings of 40% compared to fixed speed machines. A 3.5kw inverter running in cooling or heating in an average sized living room will cost less than a euro a day (10 hours). This is a huge saving when compared to a fixed speed machine or an electrical heater. To sum up, it really is worth investing in the latest technology. The money saved in running costs will quickly pay back the difference in initial outlay. For further information on these or any air conditioning or solar systems, please contact Esola Systemas on 952 550 323 / 616 119 007 See main advert on page 66

Esola Systemas 48

To advertise in The Sentinella call 664 210 468 or email

Film test Here is a little calculation to help you find your true self based on your favourite movie, give it a go it really works...

3. Jaws 4. Star Wars

1) Pick a number from 1 - 9

5. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

2) Multiply it by 3

6. Terminator

3) Add 3, then multiply by 3 again

7. The Sound Of Music

4) Then add the two digits together and then your film is the one which number you have.

8. Predator

So which one is your's? 1 . Gone With The Wind 2. Back To The Future

9. Gay Boys In Leather Taking It Up The Poo Tube Vol .2 10. Saving Private Ryan Funny that’s mine too!

To advertise call 664 210 468


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axarquia Properties NOW is the best time of your life. NOW property prices are as low as they are going to get. NOW is a superb time to invest in a property, as prices have tumbled over the past two years due to the credit crunch and to falling investor confidence in the Spanish costas. There are some magnificent country fincas in need of renovation from as little as €130,000 (see Axarquia Properties ref AS1546). Or, if you prefer to live in a community and renovate a traditional pueblo cottage, you might only pay €36,000 (see Axarquia Properties ref AS1989). Given that building costs are as little as €600 per square metre, renovating really is a viable option and Spanish builders are hungry for work. As travel writer and co-author of Lonely Planet Spain, Josephine Quintero writes: “It’s hard to believe that the wild beauty of the Axarquía is just half an hour from Malaga’s Costa Oriental, a coastal strip crowned by the pretty, yet touristy, resort of Nerja. And there’s little comparison with the better known pueblos blancos (the white towns of Andalusia) to the west, with their glitzy Costa del Sol gateway of San Pedro de Alcántara and Marbella. “Discerning northern Europeans have been investing in rundown fincas, farmhouses and townhouses in and around the pretty hilltop villages of Comares and Cómpeta for some years now. “Despite the increase in rural tourism,


coach-loads of tourists are still a rarity here. Most buyers have discovered the area by word of mouth or by taking a drive inland from the coast and getting lost! This is understandable in these parts, where the roads twist and turn between almond and vine-planted hillsides scattered with white farmhouses that resemble tossed dice. This is serious picture-book stuff. Donkeys and mules are still used for transporting sacks of grain, bullocks can be seen ploughing the fields, while shepherds lead their flocks through hills and valleys that are ablaze with wild flowers in the Autumn and Spring “Another bonus is that, in stark contrast to some of the property deals struck on the Costa del Sol, honest, old-fashioned values tend to prevail. The only backhander given round here is a tricky move in a game of dominoes.” Of course, buying rural property is a complex business that requires the help of genuine experts. The most important factor in buying a country property is ensuring that the paperwork is in order. At Axarquia Properties we can put you in touch with legal experts who speak your language as well as Bank Managers and Builders. Axarquia Properties have clients arriving from Northern Europe looking to buy the home of their dreams. If you have property for sale please call us NOW on 952 554 235 or 626 038 851. See advert opposite

Phone: 952 554 235 / 626 038 851 Email:

as2177 Mondron 89,500€

as2168 alhama de Granada 115,000€

as2044 almachar 149,950€

Absolute bargain! Completely renovated 2 double bedroom, 2 bathroom house with L-shape roof terrace, lounge, kitchen, dining room.

detached, 3 bedroom bungalow with well stocked 300m2 garden situated on a quiet leafy lane in the village of Jatar.

delightful, completely renovated 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with internal Morrocan courtyard, galleried landing and roof terrace with Morrocan fountain.

as2136 Benamargosa 150,000€

as1980 Iznate 150,000€

as2228 los Hijanos 125,000€

4 bedroom, 3 bathroom family home, renovated 6 years ago and currently divided into 2 self contained apartments with huge roof terrace.

Rare opportunity to buy a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom village house with garden, swimming pool and garage.

Absolutely Charming 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with tranquil patio garden situated in a small hamlet off the Benamargosa to Riogordo road.



Reliable, Quality workmanship FOR A QUOTATION RING:

John housby: 699 261 414 richard wilkinson: 636 857 715

C/Virgen de la Milagrosa No. 63 Los Romanes, 29713, Malaga

& Mehr

the little paradise in Puente don Manuel

daily 10am - 8pm




For more information, or to book your party call Teri Spears on :

662 466 249


fits to your existing glass filters out solar heat reduces annoying glare provides privacy lower energy costs added comfort protect furnishings from fading enhance appearance of glass choice of colours & strengths free no obligation quote

if not 100% happy - it’s free!*

call soltint now

600 221 580 email us for a quote:

covering the whole of the costa del sol *small portion tester

Andalucia Damp & Timber Control A Professional company with friendly helpful advice A long term cure for all your internal and external damp problems No more annual external painting Cures for areas where running stream water etc is a problem The ultimate timber treatment including: woodworm, dry & wet rot killers Unique U.K Supplied products System is approved by Insurance Companies

Non Injection System Also: Are you experiencing movement/shrinkage cracking to your masonry walling above slab, retaining or boundary walls? If so: A permanent affordable solution is available A full range of quality British Stainless Steel fixings to “STITCH� failed areas. Solutions for Lintel fatigue to window and door frames. We carry Full Public Liability Insurance All work is guaranteed and carried out by our fully trained technicians to a professionally high standard Free initial survey by Keith who is a well established surveyor with many years experience in the construction industry and water ingress problems to property. He will provide free competitive quotations to homeowners/landlords without obligation.

Call: 666 991 041 or visit our website Sole proprietor Keith Bartley

Natural freshness

Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppies due on 1st September. Ready for new homes in november. finest match of pedigree parents both K.C. registered, excellent hips, excellent temperament and highly intelligent. Prospective new owners should have some knowledge of this fabulous breed

1000€ for pedigree show pups or 750€ for pets Tel 6895 60600

No matter where you are in the office - or at home Enjoy the taste of natural spring water hot, chilled or room-temperature PAY AS YOU GO no contract no min. purchase 6€ rent dispenser (month) 6€ each bottle (19Lt) inc. free delivery

Call us now for a free trial! Try our Water Dispenser with 1 bottle (19Lt) of Natural Spring Water completely

free of charge for 14 days! how cool is that? 644 506 390 693 942 806 Fax: 951 242 832

tots, toddlers & Childrens swim school Nerja Teach your child to swim from a really young age so they can enjoy their life around the swimming pools and the sea on the Costa del Sol *Convenient & Affordable Classes *Courses start slowly and gently *6 Weekly Courses *0 - 6 years+ Call: 662 463 452

The most beautiful Chiringuito Fantastic views of the sea Eat, drink & chill by the sea Fantastic seafood, fish & meat Open from 10am - 2am Paseo Maritimo de Poniente

(at the end of Torre del Mar next to feria)

Because the elegance is our character.....

open every day 9.00am - 2.00am in the morning Breakfasts=Tapas=Menus =Lunches=drinks =Ice Cream=dinner non SToP KITChEn from 12.00pm until 1.30am for Information & Reservations:

692 047 775

Avda. del faro 23, Edf. Los Angeles, Torre del Mar (opposite The Lighthouse)

v iN kE La

U E L a a r C h E rY



4 x 1hour Beginners Lessons only 33â‚Ź


all equipment supplied Parties catered for Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc. Open days:

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays 10.30am til Sunset

tEL: 618 496 269


The British Store & More Puente don Manuel MakE sUrE YOU MakE thE right MOvE & tUrN right at vENta BaJa CrOssrOads tO arkwright’s

FOOd shOP sEPtEMBEr OFFEr: 10% OFF aLL CrisPs aNd BisCUits. giFt shOP: 30% OFF sELECtEd giFts & aLL JEwELLErY rEadY FOr NEw stOCk arriviNg. Fresh Bread, Fresh Milk, Fresh veg, Fresh new products every week, the only thing stale is the staff (sorry joke promise!!!!!) some offers this month include a Blue dragon dip in sauce 1.50€, Can’t believe it’s not butter 1.20€, stork block 1.20€, Clover 3.30€, salad cream 1.40€, Ocean spray Classic 2.20€, robinsons & Jucee 2€, Baxter’s dip in relishes 2.20€.

Opening hours: Monday - saturday 8am - Late sunday 10am - 4 pm

ARKWRIGHTS Open ALL “Ours” Puente don Manuel

we are continually getting praise from sarah a local beautician for all the Cyclax products we sell and she is always recommending the Bio Oil for scars and an all round moisturiser, this is also good for stretch marks and age spots. we purchased last year some dog oil, not having the faintest idea of its use, and a customer has done it again, seen it in the shop and informed us that it is extremely good for arthritis! we are starting a competition from this month for the first person to spot our deliberate mistake there is a free bottle of wine. Every month we will be putting a deliberate mistake in every advert. the very first person to spot this from a particular magazine will get the wine.

NOw agENts FOr BOth argOs & tEsCO dirECt through Offex who also receive and send post through the British Postal service. they also arrange for Passports to be renewed through Madrid, this service can take around a week. we have received some very encouraging feedback from our customers regarding the new food shop “arkadona” as we are now called, instead of aladdin’s Cave, we will be sad to lose this nickname. it was extremely hard to get set up in such a short space of time btu we got there in the end all down to the hard work of our staff, on hand as always.

951 167 674 New Number 952 519 780

we accept all major credit cards Find us on the web:

t is ! h g ni HT!! y a IG nd S u IZ N QU


garden bar

sue & Cliff offer you a warm welcome and invite you to come along for a drink, some food and relax in the new air conditioned bar. Sandwiches, Toasties, Delicious Ploughmans, Jackets (large variety of fillings), Burgers, Scotch eggs and Sue’s Special Warm Salad Happy 90 minutes!! (Drinks reduced by a third) Mon - Fri 5.30pm - 7pm Sat 2pm - 3.30pm & Sun 5pm - 6.30pm

Open Monday - Saturday 11am - Late Sundays 12pm - Late “We guarantee we will not close before midnight on any day” Call for more information:  665 65 070 281 / 618 496 269

Vista La Maroma

self catering apartments in the heart of La Vinuela village

Now re-open from September 2 self catering apartments Apartment 1 - 1 bedroom sleeps 2 150€ per week Apartment 2 - 2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms sleeps up to 6 - 250€ per week Both apartments have air conditioning & satellite tv

Tel: 952 519 095 Mob: 666 396 562 E-mail:

Legal Advisor working with an Independent Lawyer and specialising in Property Legalisations, Catastro & Border Corrections, Land Segregations & Conversions and Properties without Deeds etc. People are becoming increasingly aware of the necessity to have all their property papers in order. This is particularly important for those wanting to sell, and it is common for people to find out just when they seem to have a buyer, that part of their property is not on the Deed, the land measurements are wrong or they have extended the property and wish to have the Deed updated etc. Correcting these matters can often be a lengthy process which you cannot afford if you have a buyer waiting to sign. Solutions 4 U, an estate agent themselves, but offering this independent legal service to all, can deal with these items quickly and professionally. If you would like peace of mind that your property papers are in order or that corrections are being carried out speedily, call Solutions 4 U

Solutions 4 U, Cómpeta Office Tel: 952 55 38 07 or 660 51 01 34 Email:

Esola Systemas

Tel: 952 550 323 / 616 119 007 Mitsubishi A-rated air conditioning units fitted from 499 € (whilst stocks last)

Special offer 1 unit installed from 550 € 2 units or more fitted from 499 € per unit



CaLLE de FraNsisCO de gOYa POL. iNd. La PaNOLEta vELEZ - MaLaga

tEL: 951 28 44 26 MOB: raYMONd 672 112 998 MOB: MiChaEL 671 758 375



AT LAST... Hi-Bond decorative surfacing is Here!! So if your drive, Path, Patio or Pool areas are looking tired, we can transform them in just a day Gardens No Fuss - No Mess and Guaranteed to Impress This unique system of Resin Bonded Stone comes in a wide range of colours

“You Will Not Believe Your eyes” For your FREE survey and estimate call this Hi-Bond Approved Installer

Pools & Patios



Geoff Parker 618 940 829





our track record speaks for itself, so SAVE time and money by giving us a call Tina/geoff 0034 666 135 516 email:

tired of Juggling?

Part time work for Full time income! The fastest growing international company in the health & Wellness sector is now seeking to establish a team of 5 key people in the Axarquia region. honesty, self-motivation and reliability essential. full training, high income potential and profit share for the right person. Contact Miriam Bowen by e-mail:

WE OFFER MOBILE WORLD WIDE CALLS AT AMAZING PRICES The following prices include a connection charge on the 1st minute

doES YouR SEPTIC TAnK nEEd CLEAnIng? Call us and we will come & empty your septic tank. (Certified)

ConstRUCtIons & RenoVatIons

652 65 60 66 Competa, Malaga E-mail:

For a complete list of all our World Wide Rates email: PaY as YOU gO or CONtraCt Rates just 5 cents per minute to other Low Cost Call users

Sunfighter Shadesails Call 619 317 211

Same day sign up and immediate activation available Our prices are valid 24 hours per day, 365 days per year

Specialist CAR aircon repairs and service. Don’t wait till it stops working call today. ******************** Have your headlights gone opaque/yellow? Have them refinished professionally. Both services are fully mobile

951 321 446 / 616 264 067

Call our team on FREEPHONE

800 088 040

Landlines also available at up to 70% cheaper than Telefonica

Las Yucas, Avda Andalucia 64, Torre del Mar and and CaLEta/BaviEra gOLF ref.: 1381 Fantastic Golf course apartment (95m2), 2 beds, 2 baths, f/f kitchen, built in wardrobes, big (65 m²) terrace, marble floors, storage room, underground parking, close to beach, motorway and amenities, communal pool and gardens. rEdUCEd €187,000 aLgarrOBO COast ref.:1101 Beautiful apartment (77m2) on the 4th floor, only 50 metres from the beach, 2 beds, bath, ff –kitchen, a/c heating, fully furnished, balcony with spectacular views, all day sun, communal pool, tennis and garden. rEdUCEd €199,000 CaNiLLas dE aCEitUNO ref.:1753 Beautiful rustic townhouse (100m2), 3 beds, 2 baths, completely renovated, big roof terrace approx. 22m2 with wonderful sea and mountain views, big patio approx. 40m2, a/c hot and cold, f/f kitchen, 2 en suite bathrooms. rEdUCEd €199,000 CUtar ref.: 1613 Beautiful new land house (100m2) with fantastic views to the mountains, 3 beds, 2 baths, fire place, Hydro massage, sauna, garage and store room, garden with fruit trees (5.000m2 plot), good access. rEdUCEd €241,500

telephone: 952 965 724 :: 649 123 068


ref.: 1670

Fantastic villa (220m2), in a quiet location, wonderful sea and mountain views, 3 beds, 2 baths, full a/C and central heating, private pool (5.000m2 plot), own well with large deposit, carport, solar panels for warm water, big terraces approx. 200 m2, roof terrace approx. 18 m2, only 15 minutes from the beach.



tOrrE dEL Mar/vi ña MaLaga ref.: 2027 Marvellous house (227m2), beautiful views, 3 beds, 3 baths, double glazed, sat. tv, open fire place, nice pool (8m x 4m), big garage, 350m2 plot, only few minutes to the beach, the golf course and the centre of torre del Mar. €520,000 La viñUELa

ref.: 875



superb villa (161m2) with spectacular views to the surrounding mountains, built to english building standard and with high standard, 4 beds, 3 baths, f/f kitchen, a/c heating, solar panels, tropical garden, several terraces, private pool, walking distance to the lake, tarmac access, 5.000m2 plot.


ref.: 2130

spectacular finca (278m2) with breathtaking views to the mountains, built in a very typical andalusian style, 4 beds, 4 baths, gas central heating, fire place, ff- kitchen, fully furnished, huge garage, separate cortijo, mains water, aprox. 70 olive trees (7.000m2 plot), irrigation system, tarmac access.



Under New Management!!

At Andalusian Rental Services the focus is on you. Helping you find the right home in the beautiful Axarquia area, where the properties are as varied as the landscape. We offer homes to rent for your holiday, or longer term whilst you look to buy. “We need properties in the Comares, Colmenar and Riogordo areas as we are currently turning enquiries away." Contact Teri on 662 466 249 email:

a r B plata e f a C Under New Management

John & Gordon welcomes new & old clients

Brand New Menu Lower Prices Everything under 10 € € Specials - Homemade Chilli Con Carne & Spaghetti Bolognese Weekly Specials - See Notice Board Regular Live Entertainment Fantastic Venue - Right on the Beach

Call: 671 305 889 email: Algarrobo Costa

To advertise in The Sentinella call 664 210 468 or email

As summer draws to a close we all tend to heave a huge sigh of relief at the thought of lower temperatures and children back in school. For many of us though, it is also a sad time as our guests and visitors return from where they came from, families are parted, tears are shed . . . And then we can all get back to normal! Benamargosa, like so many other tourist destinations, seems to come alive during the summer months. The council estimates that the population may as much as double during July and August with many visitors from Madrid and Barcelona, and of course the UK and northern European countries. The holiday atmosphere in this quiet agricultural village gives an almost resort type feel to the place and for those of us who are resident the diversion is mostly welcome with late nights and lazy afternoons making a pleasant change. However, for some visitors, whose lack of understanding into local customs and way of life leads them to become irritated with our Spanish hosts, it can be a frustrating time, which often leads to unnecessary disappointment. Many years ago I remember meeting a British family who had bought an old ruin in the campo and demolished it to rebuild, only to be approached one day by an old man who demanded that his shed be returned to him! The family did in fact own the ruin but not all of it. Under hereditary laws one corner of it had been left to a different son and he was quite within his rights; his shed was subsequently re-built! In any higgledy piggledy Andalucian village this is a common occurrence and the charming old houses which were on the market so cheaply five to ten years ago are mostly far from square and more often than not just a part of the former family home. It is important to remember that when these houses were originally divided, usually to be left

equally between offspring but also to provide a little privacy for newly weds with growing families, nobody could have imagined that in the future, parts of this original family home would be sold on to eager foreigners. Surveys were all but unheard of, estate agents did not suggest checking water courses or drains and nobody thought to see how thick the dividing walls were! Lack of communication is of course a big problem, but for people in full time employment holidaying here just a few weeks of the year, it is hardly likely that learning a second language will be a priority. For those looking for peaceful retirement full time study is often not an option, which leaves it up to the residents with the lingo to help out; whether it is explaining foreigner's customs to the Spanish neighbours or vice versa. We can all do our bit. Having been here so long I have felt more than qualified to help out over the years and I have been happy to supplement my income by doing people's paperwork during the last four years whist getting LA VAQUERIA off the ground. But as the centre gets busier it is becoming increasingly difficult to juggle the two jobs, so if you do have a problem from now on, please continue to drop into the shop for advice and we will be happy to point you in the right direction should you need further assistance. For those of you who like a chat, we always look forward to your visit and as with every other month many thanks to all of the new visitors who have taken the trouble to find us. I am hoping that everybody will drop in for our coffee morning on Friday September 25th when we will toast our absent friends and family, enjoy the peace and tranquillity without the children and eat plenty of cake! See you soon... See main advert on pages 72 & 73

To advertise call 664 210 468


Please mention The Sentinella when replying to adverts

a Postcard From... A Postcard From, Kenya Africa Jan & Arthur Berry, from Caleta de Velez, who recently took off for a safari in Kenya, Arfrica. Read about their holiday in this 12 part series in The Sentinella…

put on a good few pounds sampling the many temptations on offer! We got to know quite a few of the waiting staff, and nothing was too much trouble for them

Part 2 When we arrived at our hotel, which was run as if it were a cruise liner, with Captain, officers, two hundred and thirty two cabins instead of rooms, and costume and food themes according to the countries we docked in, we were announced by the bugler at the entrance and led to the sports bar, offered a drink, then shown to our cabins. We were lucky enough to be allocated a superior room, with two large double beds, overlooking the sea. The hotel has different grades of rooms, all of which are a good standard, including Junior Suites which have a four-poster bed and two balconies, and are really luxurious. Some fellow guests we met were allocated one of these rooms as they were getting married in a ceremony organised by the hotel on a dhow (small boat). The main dining room was buffet-style, and the food served was excellent and varied. I love my puds, and managed to

to make our holiday perfect. There were two other restaurants which were waiterserved, an Italian restaurant and a Seafood restaurant, and a snack bar for those not wanting a full meal. There are also four bars, so we never had far to go to order a refreshing drink. One bar was very popular with the men as it had a huge TV screen and showed all the English Premier League football matches! Our second day happened to be a Sunday so we took a taxi to the Cathedral in Mombasa where we attended a fantastic Mass. There were so many people there and we had to queue to get inside the Church. We were the only white people in a sea of hundreds of happy, singing, clapping Africans. The whole service was conducted in Swahili, but this didn’t detract from its significance. Something we will always remember... Read part three next month….


To advertise in The Sentinella call 664 210 468 or email

summer Boredom Busters How to Relieve Boredom!

11. Write checks with Roman numerals.

1. Have a tea party with your pets.

12. Write "out to lunch" on your forehead.

2. Stop people as they enter a drive-thru. Ask them to give you a lift though the drive-thru because you dont want to queue inside.

13. Start the conversation "I wonder what would happen if our knees bent the other way..."

3. Make up a word, use it casually in conversation and see if anyone ask what it means. 4. Put your toddlers clothes on backwards and send him or her to school as if nothing is wrong.

14. Pop some popcorn without putting on the lid. 15. Bill your doctor for the time you spent in the waiting room. 16. When someone says "Have a nice day", tell them you have "other plans".

5. Pay off your MasterCard with your Visa.

17. See how many clothes pegs you can clip onto your face.

6. Read the dictionary backwards and look for any hidden messages.

18. Re-inact the sinking of the Titanic in your bath tub.

7. Stare at people though the tines of a fork and pretened they're in jail.

19. Dress your cat in dolls clothing.

8. Write a short story using alphabet soup.

21. Watch a movie backwards

9. Make a list of things you have already done.

22. Hang your photo frames upside down.

10. When your roommate is sleeping, place his or her hand in a warm bucket of water... Try it.

23. Draw a bikini on the page 3 girl.

20. Have a bath in baked beans.

24. Eat soup with chop-sticks.

for all your upholstery & soft furnishings

home furnishings / Curtains alterations / upholstery / tablecloths loose Covers / re-upholstery

tel: 958 364 016 / 660 743 468 email:

To advertise call 664 210 468


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Classic Quotes Famous Quotable Quotes "Insanity is a tool, use it well." Robert Clark "Shut up! Shut up! If I can't hear you it's not illegal!" Homer Simpson "I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." Voltaire "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast" Mark Burnett "Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months." Oscar Wilde "I must not fear, fear is the mind-killer" Frank Herbert "Nobody has the truth - truth so true that

you know it is true, and know that what you know is bound be right." Orson Scott Card "Normal is in the eyes of the beholder." Whoopi Goldberg "Never let schooling interfere with your education." Mark Twain "It often happens that the real tragedies of life occur in such an inartistic manner that they hurt us by their crude violence, their absolute incoherence, their absurd want of meaning, their entire lack of style. And here's my own concoction: I also feel like praying that the Gods save me from their followers... namely... the humans." Oscar Wilde

The dog house

Professional Garage Alcaucin All mechanical work like Clutches, Brakes & Car Services. Are you converting your English car to Spanish plates? Let us do the paperwork. We speak English. Aircon recharge 38€

While you are away on holiday or a weekend break, your dogs live in our house alongside our dog. *Large Enclosed Play Area *Lots of Country Walks *Pet Collection / Delivery Service *Vet Services - On Call *Gourmet Meals if Required

‘only the beSt for your Pal’ Ring: phil (mob) 649 079 321 email: Comares / Benamargosa

Simply follow signs for mtm

ex - cat & dog Recommended


Refs available

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Life Coaching As I picked up the phone for the last of my six one hour life coaching sessions I reflected exactly what I had achieved in my life during the last eight weeks. Comparing myself from ‘back then’ to ‘here and now’ I realised I had taken huge strides in the direction of my goals. At last I not only felt ‘on purpose’, but well on the way to actually manifesting that purpose. At the beginning of the sessions Glen sent me a document detailing all the areas of my life. My job was to fill in the appropriate goals under each heading. Reviewing that same document during the final session, I quickly learnt how many of my goals had already been ac-

complished due to Glen’s accurate coaching. I observed that my allergy was heaps better (due to the daily honey consumption and Kiniesology exercises), my business plans were much more definite (due to getting to know my values and what I really wanted out of a business) and my spirituality goals were moving (I had stumbled across various guided meditations on the internet). On Glen’s advice, I updated my goals to enable me to reach the next step. In the process I also noticed that some of my other goals needed changing, not because they had been achieved, but because I had changed and as such certain aspects of my life had changed too. . Continued overleaf...

Goddess Guide Coaching ™

strengthening your natural intuition with the unique

Goddess Guide Cards ©.

Let’s work together to transform your life by phone or face to face For an obligation free chat, contact Glenne on:

686 616 703

or To advertise call 664 210 468


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Life Coach Cont.

What I thought I wanted before, now I realised I just thought I wanted. My self exploration and enhanced intuition meant I was now able to listen more clearly to my feelings and the reasons for having them Speaking of intuition, I feel this has improved tremendously with the use of Glen’s Goddess Guide Cards. Self-designed and each displaying an inspirational message from the universe, I am now learning that the card I pick each time has nothing to do with coincidence and everything to do with my sixth sense and feeling. They are a fabulous tool for anyone wanting to improve their intuition. I noticed results within just a few days of using them. Coupled with the meditations I do daily, I now experience intuitive moments every day. At the moment they are just small things, like knowing when someone is about to call, or picking up other people’s thoughts or feelings. But I’m looking forward to enhancing these skills to include healing and channelling. As a conclusion to my first block of life coaching sessions I would say that if you care enough about your life to make it the best it can be, then you would certainly benefit from a block of Life Coaching sessions to start you on your journey. Remember, it’s the getting there that’s fun!

Save Our Homes Axarquia was formed by a group of people that discovered that their homes had been deemed illegal by the Junta.

By Keidi Keating, coached by: Glenne Ladegaard Goddess Guide Coaching Personal Empowerment for Women +34 686 616 703

They meet 3 times a year but are looking for moral support from others to help in their fight against this injustice. Log on to and read what is happening in the region, and join up as a Friend of SOHA. At their meeting in August, it was agreed to send another letter to the Junta demanding to know how the problem of ‘illegality’ is to be solved, but this time the letter will also go to various members of the Press, MEP’s, and other interested bodies. Help is needed for a membership drive and also to look at setting up a ‘Fast Action Group’. We need to look at official procedures for demonstrations, etcetera, so more support is needed in order to get this done. Log on to the web site for regular updates – Your support would be well received.

The Nerja Hire Centre ***nEW LoCATIon*** Long established family run business offering you the following service: LOCAL REMOVALS FULL OR PART LOADS NO JOB TOO SMALL IKEA COLLECTIONS Ring for a no obligation quote. Come and look at our large display GOOD QUALITY SECONDHAND FURNITURE DOMESTIC HIRE We install BRITISH SATELLITE.

Contact Chris or Jackie: 952 522 687 / 660 962 327 691 552 459 e-mail:

website: Ctra. Nerja-Frigiliana, Km. 1-4, Nerja


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Need a dentist? A Dentist called “Doctor Death” I ran away from the Rat Race five years ago. Like so many expats it dawned on me that quality of life has no price. In my past life I was the Bollinger Champagne UK Amateur Champion Flat Jockey for 1996. I combined race-riding with my work as a Harley St Dentist. You will all be relieved to know that the “Doctor Death” moniker refers solely to my race riding and not my drilling! As a Dentist I found myself in a unique position to compare the dentistry of the two countries. It took me almost a year to get past the Spanish bureaucracy and register my English qualifications. In my opinion trust is the most important factor between patient and dentist. Trust that he will use his knowledge, training and skill to help you maintain a healthy

ribs! t s u j t No We specialise in: Ribs, Wings, steaks & Chicken Sundays - 3 course Roast Torrox Costa - Block 88 (next to tennis courts & Auto 2000) Closed Mondays

Tel: 952 532 369 or 696 516 534

mouth and to suggest the best treatments, not motivated by money. So experience is paramount. The problem I have when asking my patients to trust me, is that in my former life I was a jockey and these days jockeys are as trusted as local MPs! Jokes aside, here are three tips when you can take the pain no more: Essential lifesavers: 1. Communicate 100% with the dentist 2. Don't be afraid to ask about the treatment plan and find out ALL your options 3. Your dentist should confirm that all instruments including drills have been sterilised in a machine called an “Autoclave” after being used on each and every patient. This is the most important point that I am making and it could save your health. See main advert above

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spanish tv - the Future So what’s happening in the world of Spanish Terrestrial Television? An easy way to understand it is that we have all heard of the Digital Switchover in UK, which is now happening in most areas. Well here in Spain they have already provided the Digital Network and it has been available for several years. They have however, kept the old Analogue Bands switched on as well - so that the two systems run side by side. However, from 3rd april 2010, the old Analogue system will be switched off & no longer available. Most modern TVs have both Analogue & Digital decoders built into them. By pressing the DTV button on the handset the television can be put into Automatic Tune Mode, for Digital Channels. (please refer to your handbook for further details). Old Analogue only TVs will require a separate Digital Converter Box added to their system in order to receive their picture. Due to the natural countryside of Spain,

there will be gaps in the coverage. This will be overcome by an increase in power after 3rd April 2010 & the placing of additional relays. With the addition of a small Terrestrial Antenna, you should then acquire up to 23 Spanish TV channels with stereo sound, many radio stations & a fast teletext service. If your TV is so equipped, when a ‘dubbed’ programme is transmitted, you will be able to select & listen to that language using your remote control. Also, in the very near future, Spanish TV services plan to transmit a HD picture. There will be lots of sport & as we know the spanish love their football!! Some interesting news programmes together with many wildlife studies of Spain and their culture, or how about learning spanish with aid of subtitles. Finally, please make sure that whoever you choose to install your antennae, they use a Digital Detection Meter in order to ensure optimum picture quality Article submitted by SAT.CO Tel: 657 484 853

Green to Clean Total Pool Care & Property Maintenance

Pool Cleaning Re-Grouting Weekly Maintenance ALSO; Painting & Decorating Tiling Plumbing Roofing All General Building Work Tree Surgery Holiday Cleans & Changeovers Private Weekly Cleans Meet & Greet FRIeNDLY & ReLIABLe For more information call:

616 977 781 / 680 660 232 82

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h M heating Before you forget how nice it is to swim in a warm pool, imagine having that ability whenever you want! We can install a pool heater and cover to keep that warm summer feeling in your pool for as long as you want it. Buy at trade prices now and save 40%. Do you find that your pool loses a lot of water through the summer? Well here is a simple but easy way to stop that. We have very special solar pool covers that stop evaporation of the water, while keeping the heat of the water in and debris out. Key Benefits: Reduces heat loss & water loss by 90 per cent or more, allowing you to swim earlier in the spring and later in the au-

tumn. Reduces the amount of dirt, dust and debris that enters your pool, saving you time on cleaning and maintenance. Minimises the amount of chemicals required to sanitise the pool, thereby providing further savings. Up to 90 per cent of heat loss from a swimming pool is due to evaporation of the pool water. The remaining heat losses can be accounted for by conduction through the sides and bottom of the pool and heat lost when a backwash is carried out. Cut the evaporation to nextto-nothing and heat losses are diminished by up to 90 per cent. It's that simple! See main advert on page 61

Computer angel STRuggLIng WITh CoMPuTER oR InTERnET PRoBLEMS ? BILInguAL EngLISh/SPAnISh SPEAKER CAn guIdE You ThRough:

*Setting up your internet *Finding the best deal to suit you *Liasing with internet companies via the telephone *Installation of Anti-virus programmes *Sourcing and installing programmes *Lessons in basic internet navigation and I.T skills *Solving any computer / internet problems

Call Chema: 654 403 146 To advertise call 664 210 468


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Film review

damp Proofing

Up! The latest Pixar animation has you wanting to reach for the sky!

Tired of painting those external walls which look like they have been peppered with a machine gun? Why not consider an alternative?

All his life Carl Fredricksen dreamt of exploring the globe and experiencing life to its fullest. But at age 78, life seemed to have passed him by, until a bizarre twist of fate (and a persistent 8-year old Junior Wilderness Explorer called Russell) gave him a new lease on life. The two of them, plus a whole load of balloons, take to the sky in a flying house. Carl’s dream had always been to travel to South America and see a beautiful waterfall which his wife had spoken of ever since they met. After surviving a vicious storm Carl and Russell land in what transpires to be South America, just metres away from this beautiful waterfall. It’s in that region that they experience all manner of inventions, involving a strange chocolate-loving bird called Kevin, and a dog who speaks. But it’s not until they are invited to dinner by a famous adventurer that their own really takes off. Star Rating *****/*****

Perma Prime is a priming water repellant, which penetrates deep into the masonry and provides a long term resistance against both rising and penetrating damp. It is simple to apply with brush, roller or spray equipment and it is an ideal primer for emulsion paints, plasters and concrete coatings. It is water based and does not reduce the ability of the building material to ‘breathe’. The idea is to apply two ‘wet on wet’ flood coats to the revealed surface. Your preferred finish coat can be applied within 24 hours. Now is the ideal time to consider this new product to give you more time to enjoy the real pleasures of Spain. If your property has stone clad walls, you are probably aware that they are porous and would benefit from a one coat application of microshield water repellant. This prevents water absorption even from extreme weather conditions. This product is also water based, effective after 30 minutes, and can be applied by brush, roller, or spray. Neither of these products are available via retail outlets, but they can be purchased by contacting us on 665 417 840. “Enjoy peace of mind this winter.” See main advert on page 58

Do You. Care ? Care working in the UK - Country Cousins is the UK’s leading private care specialist introduction agency, providing live-in care mainly for the elderly and infirm, enabling people to remain in their own homes for longer

Many Country Cousins live here in Spain returning to the UK frequently or every now and then for two weeks or more assignments. If you are interested in earning between £930 - £1,185 for 15 days (one client) or £1,005 - £1,530 (two clients) by becoming a Country Cousin, please call Jennie for a friendly chat on: 625 807 504 or 952 115 305 (evenings) 84

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top 10’s Top Ten best selling World newspapers and circulation in thousands… 1. Yomiuri Shimbun

Japan 14,067

2. Asahi Shimbun

Japan 12,121

3. Mainichi Shimbun



4. Keizai Shimbun



5. Chunichi Shimbun




7. Cankao Xiaoxi

Top Ten best selling cars of all time and sales in millions… 1. Toyota Corolla

(1966-) 32m

2. Ford F-Series

(1948-) 30m

3. Volkswagen Golf

(1974-) 25m

4. Volkswagen Beetle

(1938-) 22.3m

5. Ford Escort

(1968-2000) 20m


6. Honda Civic

(1972-) 17.7m



7. Ford Model T

8. The Times of India



8. Volkswagen Passat

9. The Sun



9. Chevrolet Impala

(1958-) 14m

10. People’s Daily



10. Ford Fiesta

(1976-) 12m

6. Bild

(1908-1927) 16.5m (1973-) 14.1m

PET TAXI UK * FRanCe * spaIn travelling in air conditioned vehicle delivered door to door pets stay in pet friendly hotels accompanied travel available tel:

(0044) 7850 575862 (0034) 667 235 205 email: To advertise call 664 210 468


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Countries of world Number eleven in our A-Z list of Countries around the world is a landlocked country in central Europe.. Austria Population - 8,300,000 Language - German Located - Europe Capital City - Vienna Currency - Euro Religion - Christian Main Exports - Chemicals Literacy Rate - 99% Life Expectancy - 80 years G.D.P. Per Capita - $50,098 Total Area - 83,872 Sq KM Famous for - Mozart, Strauss, Shubert, Austrias has arguably the greatest classical music history in the World. Infamous for - Adolf Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn, Austria. Main Reasons to go there - Along with neighboring Switzerland, it’s the winter sports capital of Europe. However, it is just as popular for summer tourists who visit its historic cities and villages and hike in the magnificent scenery of the alps. Then of course there is Vienna, home of classical music. Main reason not to go there - Prices can be expensive for food and accomodation. Biggest Celebrity - Arnold Schwarzenegger National Sports - Skiing and various other winter sports Interesting - Austria is the only continental EU country that is not a member of NATO. 86

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hi-Bond Since launching Hi-Bond in Spain it has attracted tremendous interest.

you and visit to give you a no obligation quotation.

For over 25 years it has been the UK´s number one decorative surface and it has since been used successfully in the Middle East. It was obvious therefore that its application made it highly suitable for the Spanish market and its attractive finish in many colours enhances any surface such as pool surrounds, patios, drives etc.. Anti-slip, durable, maintenance free, and aesthetically pleasing it is also non fade and UV resistant. It is simply a better choice than pressed concrete, tiles etc, as it does not crack and it is porous and superb value for money. Since Geoff Parker, Hi-Bond’s Axarquia manager took the reins earlier this year the interest has grown and many satisfied customers bear witness to its success. Geoff will be delighted to hear from

Testimonial After having seen the Hi-Bond product in the UK my wife and I realised it was what we wanted for our home in Spain. We were so pleased to see an advert for the product in a local magazine and rang for a visit from David Barraclough, who was most helpful and agreed a price for the job. We had 80sqm laid and only have praise for the product and the workforce for the super job that has been done, It has put the finishing touch to our refurbishment which is the envy of our neighbours. Well done David and the team for all the hard work which is a credit to you Mr. and Mrs. Patrick, Alumñecar. See main advert on page 68

Specialities of the House: Crispy shredded Peking Duck, Dim Sum Steamed Sea Bass special Lunch Menu 5.95€ Residencial Costa del Oro Bloque 9 - local 9 Tel: 952 53 46 37 Torrox Costa 88

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Chez spice Welcome to Chez-Spice, the “Absolute Indian Experience.” Whether you are a regular customer or a first time visitor, one is always left speechless on arriving and entering the tent, which houses this unique Indian cuisine. Chez-Spice is located on top of a hill on the Los Romanes road, with spectacular views over Lake Viñuela and the surrounding villages, not to mention the imposing “La Maroma”, the tallest mountain in the Málaga province. As you walk on to the terrace, one is lost for words at the breathtaking scenery, accompanied by the warmest and friendliest service on the Costa. One would imagine fine dining under the stars must have been invented here, as you glance through our extensive menu and savour freshly prepared and authentic Indian food, served with a smile. Our menu includes 60 different dishes along with 10 types of bread, so we guarantee you will be spoilt for choice as

well as totally satisfied. In the summer enjoy our special sangria. plus homemade ice cream, elaborated with mango and pistachio. During August and September you can admire an art exhibition by Gemma Hernández, a local painter.

TESTIMONIALS: “The best Indian meal I have had in many years.” helen smith, Leeds, 20/07/2009 “I love the food from Chez-Spice, the friendly service and the spectacular views. Superb!” Manuel gonzález, velez- Málaga 28/07/2009

So come along and try us. You’ll be glad you did. (Summer Opening Hours: Every Night from 19.30-23.30) See advert on page 15

2Js Removals House Clearances

UK - SPAIN - UK Luton van with tailgate Local and International removals Reliable service Free quotes No job too small Second hand catering equipment for sale; stainless steel fridges, tables & cookers, etc For hand & power tools, find us at The Farmers Market, Trapiche on Tuesdays Call June or John on: 649 662 012 email:

To advertise call 664 210 468


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hotel Palacio Blanco hotel So how many of you go to Velez Malaga? Perhaps you’d say, “it’s difficult to park there,” or “it’s run down.” These are the kinds of excuses I used to come up with too, until now! It was “er indoors’” birthday last month and I wanted us to go somewhere different, where we haven’t spent much time, let alone a whole night. A friend recommended the Hotel Palacio Blanco in Velez Malaga, and I thought ‘why not?’ So I booked a room. On arrival we were greeted by the owners, Nick and Lesley and we were made to feel extremely welcome. Their Hotel is absolutely amazing. You walk into an impressive courtyard and the rooms are located on three floors. There are eight impressive en-suite rooms, all with original features, but beautifully modernised with classy fittings including what I can only describe as an eight person shower! On the top floor, apart from the magnificent views of the fort and the Church, there is a huge Spa pool to relax and enjoy a drink from one of their Honesty Bars. Just help yourself and write down what you have. Deep joy! Nick and Lesley opened The Hotel Palacio Blanco in Velez Malaga, two years ago and they took 12 months to reform the listed building. As I’m sure some of you will be aware, they were in fact, featured on Channel 5’s ‘Build a new life’ and the cameras followed them for the entirety. While enjoying a drink in the courtyard,


Nick told us a few interesting things about Velez Malaga, including where to go and what to look out for. He also provided us with a map highlighting the many great restaurants in Velez. He told us the history of Velez, how the majority of the town is now listed and stories of secret passageways from the Hotel to the Church. We shivered at the story of the ghost of a monk that strolls up and down the road outside. There are some fantastic bars and restaurants within walking distance of the Hotel, such as La Dorada (fish) located in P.A de Velez, Capri (fish or upstairs is main menu) D. Hereda, Romeros, Albero, (tapas), La Tasquita (tapas), Tellex Macias. Hotel Palacio Blanco’s winter rates are 75€ per night and when mentioning “The Sentinella” you receive 20 per cent off your total bed and breakfast rate. During the winter months, Nick and Lesley are now offering the whole hotel for those people who would like to rent an exclusive luxury house, either self-catering or with a resident private chef and with daily maid service. A perfect place to celebrate Christmas, New Year or a family reunion. So if you fancy exploring Velez Malaga make sure you book in to the best hotel in town. And don’t forget to mention ‘The Sentinella’ to receive your 20% discount. For further details call: 952 54 91 74 C/Felix Lomas, 4, 29700, Velez Malaga

SWEENEY TODDZ unisex hair and Beauty Salon

*Wella Colour Salon *Modern & Traditional Styles *fully Qualified in all Aspects of hair & Beauty SELf EMPLoYEd nAIL TEChnICIAn REQuIREd (PREfERABLY EXPERIEnCEd WITh ACRYLIC nAILS CLIEnTS WAITIng)

*** RooM To REnT, WouLd SuIT MoST TRAdES *** WEdnESdAY’S offERS Cut & Blowdry - 15€ Manicures - 10€ EYELASh PERMIng on TuESdAY & SATuRdAYS 12€ Also Ear Piercing, facials, Waxing, non-Surgical facelift, Indian head Massage, Eyebrow/Lash Tinting, Eyelash Perming, Manicure, Pedicure, Acrylic nails, nail Art, fREE ConSuLTATIonS

Tel: Siobhan 625 138 564 open Tues - fri 10am - 5pm (closed Mondays) Sat - 10am - 2pm (no Siesta) Late night Appointments available Salon situated under La Maroma Inmobiliaria Puente don Manuel


BOUTIQUE We frequently stock River Island, anne Harvey, M&s & Next clothing UK sized shoes, boots & sandals from 5€ Lingerie - Bra measuring service available Great selection of handbags, belts & purses Handmade jewellery using swarovski crystals, czech glass, tibetan silver & beautiful semi-precious gems One off designs from 5€ Open everyday except sunday 10 - 5 sITUaTeD INsIDe sWeeNeY TODDZ HaIR & BeaUTY saLON UNDeRNeaTH MaROMa INMOBOBILIa CRUCe De PUeNTe DON MaNUeL aLCaUCIN

If you are looking for horse riding in Nerja, look no further horsin’ around horsin’ around

Located on the picturesque Rio Seco ll in Nerja and consisting of 3 very large outside paddocks, 5 stallion size indoor stables, a dressage size sand school, separate wash area, quarantine corral and children’s play area. We also have a bar area, toilet and shower facilities.

horsin’ around

Has a pony club on Saturday & Sunday mornings for children between the ages of 6 & 14. The lessons are not only educational about caring for horses, learning how to tack up, but also how to ride safely and confidently, whilst having fun. Parents are welcome to come, watch and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. (Discounts are available for regular bookings).

Offers riding lessons for all levels, from horsin’ around complete beginners to experienced riders Also offers a full range of livery services from and tailoring rides to suit individual needs. DIY through to a full service. Our experience We can also cater for families or groups of has shown that each owner has different friends. (For groups of six or more, advanced needs and more to the point their horses have notice isrequired). A one hour lession is 25€ different needs. We aim to provide the correct (one to one). service which is individually tailored for you & Discounts are available for regular bookings. your horse. Whatever your needs, we can accomodate you and your horse For further information please call Claire on 629 880 480 or visit our web site at

RENTALS OF ALL TYPES OF VANS All sizes Refridgerators 9 Seaters


Poligono Industrial La Mata

New Location


Art Exhibition

17th September - 15th October 2009 Gallery open: Tues-Sun 14.30-16.30 & 20.00-22.00 Members of the Andalusian International Artists Group exhibits a selection of their works OPENING RECEPTION: Thurs 17th Sept 8pm Ursula Williams,Peru Richard Wood and Elaine Carlton, UK Dolores and Roger Cummiskey,Ireland Mesón Arte y Solera, Paseo Larios, Torre del Mar, Tel. 952 592 652


Mon - Fri 12pm - 8pm Sat Appointments only (Roundabout next to Unicaja) Torrox Costa Tel: 656 752 990

OwN LaBOratOrY Mo - Th: 9.30-13.30 & 16.00-20.00 Fri: 9.30-16.30 Avd. Andalucia 157- Torre del Mar Appointments (:952 547 251

School of Languages sPaNish COUrsEs


¡Hablamos! Let’s Speak Every Fri - 12 - 2pm Call for details Camino viejo de Malaga, 12C - Velez Malaga

(952 54 92 33

B O a r d i N g C at t E rY Canillas de aceituno

We offer safe, tranquil accomodation for your cat. Our pens are safe and secure but with all the comforts of home, making it very cosy. Only 20 mins from Torre del Mar, inland towards Vinuela, Campo Cats is a short 2 min drive from a main tarmac road which gives very good access. We welcome inspection visits where we can discuss your cat’s personal needs. (A 10% discount will be offered on your first booking) We only accept cats that are fully vaccinated. Also, we can provide a collection and delivery service. For further details, call Linda on: 665 510 735

Choose your frame from 500 models of the best trademarks and get them with organic lenses & antireflex

Constructions Van Driel S.L. · NEw BUiLd, rEFOrMs, EXtENsiONs, PLUMBiNg. · tiLiNg, PLastEriNg, PaiNtiNg, ELECtriCaL. · sOLar PaNELs, UNdErFLOOr hEatiNg, POOLs, EtC…. · PrOFEsiONaL tEaM wOrkiNg at vErY COMPEtitivE PriCEs. · wE sPEak ENgLish, gErMaN, sPaNish, FrENCh & dUtCh. · aNd FOr advisE aNd QUOtatiON, PLEasE COME tO OUr OFFiCE.

We are just in front of Hotel Mainake (Torre del Mar) TEL: +34 952 96 78 60 MOBILE: +34 696 398 985 FAX: +34 952 545 419 E-MaiL: C/Los Prados nº 9 bajo, 29740 torre del Mar (Malaga)

Ri - Jo

Dutch Bar Sky Sports available Specialities in Dutch cooking Open 10am - late 7 days a week Tel: 696 398 985 Algarrobo Costa (next to swimming pool)

‘Patsy’ hairstylist - still mobile but now also working at the riu Ferrara, torrox Costa! have your hair cut, restyled, coloured, permed or just washed and dried for a special occasion and enjoy massage & spa treatments in luxurious surroundings by highly qualified therapists using 100% natural products. special Offers for Local residents telephone : 952 52 75 94 ext 8005 or 679 562 328 or 679 562 328 tuesdays - saturdays 10am - 7pm

Heather Gail Harman b.a hons Spaces now available on Heather's highly successful Drawing and Painting Classes: Puente don Manuel - Mondays Benajarafe - Thursdays Lake Vinuela - Fridays

For further details contact Heather Tel: 952 115 366 Mob: 628 306 371


l Top of the range 100% insect proof l Magnetic seal allows simple window operation l PVC Frame fastens to window or brickwork l Easy to fit or remove for cleaning l Suitable for domestic & commercial applications l For the DIY enthusiast, this screen can be ordered and comes with easy to follow

manufacturing and measuring instructions in English

thE aLUMiNiUM hiNgEd sCrEEN *A simple but very effective screen *Powder coated decorative profile *Suitable for Internal or External applications *Also American style swing doors at the Mosquito screen Company, we now manufacture all types of screens, from aluminium sliders, roller Blinds and the above. we also deliver to the trade and public within 3 days of order.

NOW INTRODUCING: Aluminium Double Glazed Windows & Doors Balcony Enclosures in Double Glazing or Mosquito Screening Come and see me at the Indoor Farmers Market Trapiche every Tuesday. We also guarantee we will not be beaten on price or quality. For more information or free quotation, please call:

Tel/Fax: 952 573 577 / 690 296 952 / 638 499 140 or 665 392 299 Email: Or visit our website:

Grand Opening 8th Sept @ 8.30pm

New music venue on the coast Open Mic sessions Tuesdays & Thursdays  with much more to come... wFeaturing fabulous food wArtesan cocktails wLive music in a beautiful, relaxed atmosphere wFull equipment on site with a wide selection of   instruments available or bring your own


Located at the Urb. Pueblo Nuevo, Edif. Montevideo, Algarrobo Costa. Contact & Reservations: 95 255 0083

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star signs Mystic Mag spills her psychic stuff! Capricorn Put that Weetabix back on the shelf where you found it, because after all, "you'd rather have a bowl of cocopops…" Lucky sign - Chocolate milk Aquarius Have a good old rummage in your jeans pockets and you will find something most peculiar in there, which may now come in handy. Lucky sign - Fluff Pisces Men in white coats are coming to take you away so make sure you keep yourself well concealed until the coast is clear. Lucky sign - A man with a rounded beer belly, watching telly and eating jelly Aries The colour green doesn't suit you, so take back that new item of clothing you bought recently and exchange it for the citrus orange. Lucky sign - The soundtrack to the film Ghost Taurus Zemo is calling you back to spaceshuttle zero four eight, as your human powers are fading and you need a recharge. Lucky sign - Mars (home) Gemini If your name is Barry then take this invaluable piece of advice…change it! Lucky sign - The sign of the cross

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Cancer Beware, as the mother in law may spring a surprise appearance on you this month. Have the arson on stand-by. Lucky sign - Ultra long legs Leo Investment is on your mind this month, so prepare to take a gamble and watch your money grow like a tree. Lucky sign - A limp lettuce leaf Virgo Planet Mercury is bypassing your sign, which will mean you will have a lot more wind than usual. Please be aware of where you drop it. Lucky sign - Weebles Libra Take up karate lessons this month and chop a table in half with your bare hands. It will make you feel so much better. Lucky sign - Three spinning tops with no bottoms. Scorpio When you find the old windmill you know you are only one clue away from knowing the utterly gruesome truth. Lucky sign - Pritstick without the stick Sagittarius What do Jack Jill and the Hill all have in common? If you don't know the answer to this question then you really do need to consider a brain transplant. Lucky sign - A damn good surgeon

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whats on...? sponsored by: an active gardening group as well as a sewing group. We look forward to seeing you at our meetings or on out trips. We are now the British store & More taking bookings for our 5 day trip to Toledo open all “oURs” and Salamanca in September, a trip not to miss. To book trips please contact MerCall: 95 11 67 674 / 95 25 19 780 / 65 93 75 603 ryll: 663658354 PLEASE NOTE: We still pick up passengers from the Hotel Romero at Puente Don Manuel. Lux Mundi, Torre del Mar - September 1st Centre Re-opens.1st-15th Register for Cudeca events: Monday 26th - Thursday Spanish Lessons, 2nd Art Group 3pm-5pm, 29th October, Half-board, wine and water in 3rd Reflexology 3pm-4pm, 6th Evening the beautiful Parador in Cadiz. Visiting AlgeSong @ 6pm, 15th U3A Meeting, 23rd Taize ciras, Cape Trafalgar, vejer de la Frontera, Prayer @ 6pm, 24th Trip to Gibraltar, 29th Puerta Santa Maria, Jerez & a Bodega, The Centre Closed Public Holiday. Every Fri: clock museum etc. (Horse show an optional 11am-1pm Coffee morning & Boutique. extra) €395.00 each sharing or €485.00 sinEvery Sat: 5pm Catholic Church service. gle, €200 each deposit. Every Sun: 9:30am Anglican Church ServTuesday 22nd - Monday 28th December, ice. Deposits required for all trips & events. Christmas in Benidorm. 14th year at the For more information tel 952543334. same hotel. Full Board, wine and water. Gala Avendia Moscatel No. 1, “I”, Torre del Mar. dinner, heated pool, dancing, entertainment etc. Same price as 2007, €395.00 each sharRBL - Trapiche Branch meets every ing or €455.00 single, €200.00 each deposit. Wednesday at 12 noon in El Trapiche Please book early to reserve hotels & choose Restaurant. September events: 2nd Bingo your seat on the coach when booking. Bookwith Nick and Carole, 3rd Challenge from Aling details: Trips organised by John & Nessa caucin Branch at La Era Restaurant, Puente Reeve in aid of Cudeca. TEL: 95 252 5891 Don Manuel, 9th Skittles, 11th Gibraltar, 16th Please phone and we will arrange to meet Branch Meeting followed by Our Monthly you. Your support helps a terminally ill Lunch at El Trapiche Restaurant, 23rd Quiz, cancer patient - Thank you. 26th 60’s Night in aid of the Poppy Appeal, 30th Members choice!! General informasONg aNd daNCE EvENiNg, in aif of the tion: Gordon Reith 951 239 366, Social Mike Springthorpe appeal. At El Trapiche info: Pat Burns 672 366 376, Bookings: restaurant Saturday 19th September 7.00pm Gloria Hollocks 618 456 056 or at El for 7.30pm. An evening with lots of live music Trapiche. Welfare: Sue Reith 680 764 130 and singalongs. Featuring local talent and dancing till late. Fish or chicken supper, RBL - Torre del Mar Branch meet each tickets 12 euros. jjmunns @ Wednesday at La Vega Restaurant, Torre del 616 046 713 Mar (next to Mercadona). Everyone is assured of a warm welcome. We arrange a varArt Exhibition 17th September - 15th Octoied social calendar with bus trips to ber at Mesón Arte y Solera, Paseo Larios, Torre interesting places. We also arrange monthly del Mar. Gallery opens 14.30 - 16.30 and 20.00 trips to Gibraltar and occasional trips to 22.00. Tel. 952 592 652 for details or logon to: Fuengirola market stopping at the Iceland store on the return journey. The Branch has

ARKWRIGHTS puente don Manuel


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whats on...? Cont... RBL - Alcaucin Branch meet every Thursday noon at the Restaurant La Era, Puente Don Manuel (entrance via Petrol Station) to enjoy social activities and meet new likeminded friends. Excellent Menu del Dia available. We regularly have a quiz, bingo, suprise events and presentations. Sincere thanks to all at Bar atila and all winners of the quiz with a twist for donating their winnings and helping us to raise a fantastic 500€ for our Poppy Appeal. Well done Jan, Bob, Jo and Paul. Regular trips are arranged departing locally: Sept 3rd, Social and Quiz, 10th Social, BGM and Crazy T Shirt Day, 17th Social and Quiz, 18th Picnic in the Park and 2nd Birthday Party, 24th Social and Bob and Franks Music Quiz. Branch Contact is 696 391 224 Harvey. Social Contact is 677 866 008 Ann. Welfare Contact is 690 310 951 Dorothy. RBL- Benajarafe Branch Meet every Friday from 12.30 to 2.30 pm, at the coastal, Puerto Niza restaurant, we enjoy bingo, quizzes, more entertainment and monthly outings, a superb lunch inc. drinks*, and we welcome all new and existing RBL members. For more information please ring: 952 514 226 or 669 201 927 Have you always wanted to draw and paint? Call top international artist/tutor Heather Gail Harman B.A Hon in association with Conte a Paris. Call: 951 167 146 / 628 306 371 Colmenar Gym, fitness/pilates classes, weight/circut training, fully equipped gym. Contact Carol 659 295 346 email: Nerja History Group the Nerja history group meets on the first Friday of each month from October to May with lectures on the local area and Spanish history. Exceptionally, we are starting our season with the meeting on Friday 9th October. The following Friday, we visit the site of the lecture on the local area. Meetings are at the Nerja Cultural Centre, Calle Granada, at

11.30, for a small consideration of €6. All lectures are in English. For further information, call Jill Christian-Smith on 952 538 526/664 760 405 or RBL - Los Romanes Branch Meet every Tuesday at 4 Caminos (formerly Ziggis) Cortijo Romero, Vinuela at NEW TIME OF 12 NOON. We hold our social meeting playing bingo, beetle, dominoes, quizes etc. and have a good laugh. On the first Tuesday of every month we have a menu del dia at 4 Caminos for the very good price of 8.50€ If you would like to join us please do come along, all are welcome. For further information contact Lorraine on 952510203 or Margaret on 951167600. FHT Axarquia Therapists Support Group Next meeting, will be held on 23rd Sept at The Camping Bar Restaurante, Vinuela at 7.30pm when Mo Reeves will be doing a presentation on Indian Head Massage. Further details from Jenny Wright on 951 321 613 or 680 500 073, or email: or moamdpaul@hotmail.comemail: aBC BaLLrOOM daNCE CLUB sUPPOrtiNg C.a.s. What a wonderful Dance season we had last year. Thanks to all our dancers, new dancers and new friends and those who saw us dancing at the Nerja Arts Festival. Now with your support we can pass on a little help to a very worthy cause. Our first dance of the season is on Saturday September 12th, El Trapiche Restaurant. 7.30pm 'til midnight, 12 euros per head. Choice of menu and 2 jugs of tinto verano per table. Raffle profit proceeds to C.A.S. (Costa Animal Society). Come along and enjoy an evening of Ballroom, Latin American, Sequence, Jive and Fun Dances. Come join us on Thursdays at El Trapiche Restaurant, 6.00pm to 8.00pm For Tickets and all information David 952 531 259, mobile 617 863 193


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information ...In our ownNumbers random order! Emergency Police Municipal: 092/952 549 238 National: 091/952 542 000 Fire: 952 558 091 velez 952 500 000 torre ambulance: 061 water: 952 540 662 Electricity: 952 540 662 red Cross: 952 500 321 hospital general Basico de la axarquia, torre del Mar: 951 067 000 Bus Times telephone: 952 540 936 Nerja-Malaga 06:30*, 07:30, 08:30** 08:55, 10:10, 11:10, 12:25, 13:40, 14:55, 15:55, 17:10, 18:40, 19:40, 20:25 Malaga-Nerja 07:00, 08:15*, 09:15, 10:30, 11:45, 12:30**, 13:00, 14:00, 15:15; 17:30; 18:45, 20:15, 20:45**, 21:30 Expect to pay approx 2.90€ one way and 5.15€ round trip Nerja-Nerja Caves 08:10, 08:25, 09:40**, 10:40, 11:50; 11:55, 12:35, 13:10, 13:35, 14:25, 15:25; 16:40; 18:10**, 18:55, 19:30, 20:10 Nerja Caves-Nerja 08:45, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00**, 12:15, 12:50**, 13:30, 14:45. 15:45, 17:00 17:45; 18:30; 19:30; 20:15 Expect to pay approx 0.80€ one way Nerja-torre see Nerja-Malaga times torre-Nerja 07:45, 09:00, 09:15***, 10:00, 11:00***, 11:15; 11:45**, 12:30, 13:15, 14:45, 16:00, 17:30***, 18:15, 19:30, 21:00, 22:00. Church services in English Anglican - Services - Inglesia de San Miquel (St Michael’s Church) Nerja - every Sunday at 12 noon (except during May). Short Holy Communion Service Wednesdays at 09.30am at the Church Shop, calle malaga, Nerja. Call: 952 521 339 / 952 522 460 Competa - Holy Communion every Sunday at 5.30pm in the Parish Church, Plaza Almijara, Cómpeta Malaga - St George's Church 12 midday Sundays torre del Mar - Puente don Manuel 6pm Saturdays ANGLICAN communion. Alhama de Granada - St. Barnabas IERE


(Anglican). English services 11 a.m. Sundays at Meson Diego, Plaza de la Constitucion. Tel.958359388 (priest) or 952 510 921 (churchwarden) St Barnabas IERE (Anglican). English services 11 a.m. Sundays at Iglesia Evangelica, Torre del Mar, opposite the bus station. Tel.952030461 (priest) or 618640132 (churchwarden) Roman Catholic torre del Mar - Lux Mundi Ecumenical Centre, Saturdays 5pm, (Winter), Saturdays 6pm, (Summer) Church of Scotland Lux Mundi Ecumenical Centre - Worship every Sunday at 11:30 Tel 952543334 or 687764705 for more information. Evangelical - torre del Mar Evangelical (Presbyterian Church) meets every Sunday for Worship in English at 11.30am in the Picasso Room, Hotel Torremar, (off Paseo Larios) C/ Saladero Viejo 15 Torre del Mar. All welcome. Minister J. Hartsmith Foy. Tel: 952 532 825 or: torrox Park Community Church meet at 11am on Thursday for coffee and discussion on current topics. This is an informal meeting for everyone to join in. At Tapricho Tapas bar (opposite El Pino camping), Torrox park. more info: Minister J. hartsmith foy, Tel: 952 532 825 or Puente don Manuel - Fellowship of the King, Sunday Worship - 11am. Tuesday Fellowship - 7pm (Prayer time 6pm) We meet at Fellowship of The King premises. Our new address is:- Fellowship of The King Venta Baja Road (next BLOCK up from Meson Sara) Puente don Manuel, Alcaucin. Phone: 952 518 185 or 952 033 021 Bank hours Usually 8:30am-2pm except Sundays, Bank holidays and Fiestas. Please note, the majority of banks will not accept bills to be paid (ie: electric, phone, rates) after 11am. taxis torre: 952 540 016. Nerja: 952 520 537 velez Malaga: 952 540 016

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information taxis continued... Puente don Manuel: 952 510 992 Mob: 616 034 636. shops 10am - 2pm - 5pm - 8:30pm (generally) The municipal market (fruit and veg) and the weekly markets are only open mornings. weekly Market days Mondays: Torrox Costa tuesdays: Nerja & Country Farmers Market, at Jardines del Trapiche on the road to Benamagosa. wednesdays; Rincon de la Victoria & Algarrobo Costa thursdays: Velez Malaga & Torre del Mar & Frigilana Fridays: Puente don Manuel & Cala de Moral saturdays: Caleta de Velez & Competa sundays: Malaga Consulates UK Opposite the main bus station Edif, Eurocom Bloque Sur C/Mauricio Moro 2-2ยบ- Malaga 952 352 300 Ireland Avda, de los Boliches, Nยบ15 Fuengirola 952 475 108 Netherlands/Dutch Avda, Carlota Alesandria, 33 Edif. San Andres - 1ยบ-7 Torremolinos 952 380 888 Germany C/Mauricio Moro 2, Malaga 952 363 591 Sweden 952 604 383 France 952 226 590 / 952 214 888 Belgium 952 559 159 Denmark 952 211 797

airports Malaga 24-hour information 952 048 484 or 952 048 804 granada 952 048 804 airlines telefonica Dial 1002 to report a fault on the line. For general enquiries dial 1004 tourist information Nerja: 952 521 531 torre del Mar: 952 541 104 water supplies velez Malaga: 952 506 450 Nerja: 952 520 154 Malaga: 952 135 013 railway stations Malaga: 952 360 202 granada: 958 271 272 town halls torre and velez: 952 500 100 torrox: 952 538 200 Nerja: 952 548 400 Competa: 952 516 006 rincon: 952 402 300 Malaga: 952 135 000 hospitals Nerja ambulatorio: 952 523 131 velez Malaga: 951 067 000 itv 902 575 757 or 952 551 084 - Open Mon - Fri 08.00am - 18.45pm, Sat: 08:00am - 12.45pm

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Puzzle Pages get Quizical

hey diddle riddle

1. If something is caseous what is it like?

1. I am the centre of gravity, hola a capital city in Viena, and as I am foremost in every victory, am allowed by all to be invaluable. Though I am invisible, I am clearly seen in the midst of a river. I could name three who are in love with me and have three associates in vice. It is vain that you seek me for I have long been in heaven yet even now lie embalmed in the grave. What am I?

2. Where was the 1st lending library in Britain? 3. In which country are the Vosges mountains? 4. What does a sextant measure? 5. How many hands did the 1st mechanical clock have? 6. What is filigree? 7. What was a Nuremburg Egg? 8. What is the more common name for Convallaria? 9. What are padmasana, sirsasana and savasana? 10. What is the latin name for the beech tree?

2. Sergi and Sally were sitting in their family room one night. While Sergi was watching TV, Sally was reading. All of a sudden the power went out and Sergi decided to go to bed, but Sally kept on reading. With no use of artificial light, Sally kept on reading. How? 3. I can sizzle like bacon, I am made with an egg, I have plenty of backbone, but lack a good egg. I peel layers like onions, but still remain whole. I can be long, like a flagpole, yet fit in a hole. What am I?

Answers on bottom of page 106



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Crossword Two sets of clues but the same answer

Cryptic Clues ACROSS 7 Blame agent with fish (8) 8 God of the roses (4) 9 Account concerning wine (6) 10 Chance to visit (4-2) 11 Wager with a foreign character (4) 12 Quiet about rite getting money (8) 14 Shorten the lease (8) 18 Place of vision, say (4) 20 Sound like a toy (6) 22 Feeble identification, that's clear (6) 23 Positive ruse was used (4) 24 He's rated below a pet (8) DOWN 1 Austere to cut energy (6) 2 Organ art turned out to be stuck-up (8) 3 Control stream's new course (6) 4 Talk about the French house (6) 5 The Romans' champion (4) 6 Kitty takes charge of preparation (6) 13 Money only for material (8) 15 Stop a quest getting murky (6) 16 A location in the street (6) 17 Unfortunately looted the city (6) 19 Supporter of photographer (6) 21 It grows in the street (4)

Coffee time ACROSS 7 Reprimand (8) 8 Cupid (4) 9 Shot (6) 10 Opportunity (4-2) 11 Greek letter (4) 12 Taciturn (8) 14 Shrink (8) 18 Location (4) 20 Baby's toy (6) 22 Transparent (6) 23 Certain (4) 24 Contestant not favoured (8) DOWN 1 Harsh (6) 2 Conceited (8) 3 Teacher (6) 4 Swiss villa (6) 5 Protagonist (4) 6 Elixir (6) 13 Type of wool (8) 15 Obscure (6) 16 Tree-lined street (6) 17 Spanish city (6) 19 Camera stand (6) 21 Large shrub (4)

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Jokes he he he :-) The old man placed order for one ham- drink is driving home from the city one burger, French fries and a drink. He un- night and, of course, his car is weaving wrapped the plain hamburger and violently all over the road. A cop pulls carefully cut it in half, placing one half in him over. "So," says the cop to the front of his wife. driver, "where have ya been?" He then carefully counted out the "Why, I've been to the pub of course," French fries, dividing them into two piles slurs the drunk. and neatly placed one pile in front of his "Well," says the cop, "it looks like you've wife. He took a sip of the drink, his wife had quite a few to drink this evening." took a sip and then set the cup down be- "I did all right," the drunk says with a tween them. As he began to eat his few smile. bites of hamburger, the people around "Did you know," says the cop, standing them were looking over and whispering. straight and folding his arms across his Obviously they were thinking, 'That poor chest, "that a few junctions back, your old couple - all they can afford is one wife fell out of your car?" "Oh, thank meal for the two of them.' As the man heavens," sighs the drunk. "For a minute began to eat his fries a young man came there, I thought I'd gone deaf." to the table and politely offered to buy ---------------------------------------------------another meal for the old couple. The old An 85-year-old man was requested by man said, they were just fine - they were his doctor for a Sperm count as part of used to sharing everything. his physical exam. People closer to the table noticed the lit- The doctor gave the man a jar and said, tle old lady hadn't eaten a bite. She sat 'Take this Jar home and bring back a there watching her husband eat and oc- semen sample tomorrow.' casionally taking turns sipping the drink. The next day the man reappeared at Again, the young man came over and the Doctor's' office and gave him the jar, begged them to let him buy another which was as Clean and empty as on meal for them. This time the old woman the previous day. The doctor asked what said 'No, thank you, we are used to happened and the man Explained, sharing everything.' 'Well, doc, it's like this--first I tried With Finally, as the old man finished and was my right hand, but nothing. Then I tried wiping his face neatly with the napkin, with My left hand, but still nothing. the young man again came over to the 'Then I asked my wife for help. She tried little old lady who had yet to eat a single with her Right hand, then with her left, bite of food and asked 'What is it you are still nothing. She Tried with her mouth, waiting for?' She answered the teeth! first with her teeth in, then With her teeth ---------------------------------------------------out, still nothing. 'We even called up ArMary Clancy goes up to Father O'Grady leen, the lady next door and She tried after his Sunday morning service, and too, first with both hands, then an she's in tears. He says, "So what's both- Armpit, and she even tried squeezing it ering you, Mary my dear?" She says, "Oh, Father, I've got terrible between her Knees, but still nothing.' news. My husband passed away last The doctor was shocked! 'You asked your neighbour?” The old man replied, night." The priest says, "Oh, Mary, that's terri- 'Yep, none of us could get the Jar open. ble. Tell me, Mary, did he have any last requests?" She says, "That he did, Father" . "The priest says, "What did he ask, Mary?" "She says, "He said, 'Please Mary, put down that damn gun...' ---------------------------------------------------An Irishman who had a little too much to 106 get Quizical answers 1) Cheese, 2) Edinburgh 1726, 3) France, 4) Angles, 5) None, 6) Lacy Metalwork, 7) An early watch, 8) Lily of the valley, 9) Yoga positions, 10) Fagus hey diddle riddle answers 1) The letter ‘V’, 2) She is blind and reading a Braille book, 3) Snake.

C/Canalejas, 15 Local, velez Malaga 952 55 83 63 Caring dentistry using the safest techniques for your “health”

EngLISh dEnTIST SWEdISh dEnTIST SPAnISh dEnTIST Aesthetics general Implants Minimal Invasive Surgery Complimentary initial examination and digital x-ray (oPg) Compare our quality and standards first

Wouldn’t it be foolish not to have a second opinion?

Call Javier at: 666 13 88 86 or email: Free quotations and good prices

Las Nenas Kennels

Contact us for more information Danish run dog kennels Phone: 646 271 895 Email: We take care of your pet - if it Bente and Jorgen Berthelsen was our own. We provide a friendly Casa las Nenas - Lomo de Arriba and professional service with all the home comforts for your dog 29716 Canillas de Aceituno Brand new built kennels large exercise area private and quiet surroundings Daily walks in the countryside Veterinary surgery linked 20 mins from periana 30 mins from torre del Mar

We welcome you to inspect, select & collect from our

shoWRooM at LAKe VinueLA BuT PLEASE PhonE BEfoREhAnd To ARRAngE An APPoInTMEnT AS WE ARE ofTEn ouT dELIVERIng. WE ARE SITuATEd AT KM29 (on RIghT) off A356 1KM PAST CAMPIng & PAnTAno RESTAuRAnT. WE ARE SIgnPoSTEd fRoM ThERE. FRee PLAyMAT oR Toy FoR The duRATion oF The hiRe.

We hAVe BiKes FoR ChiLdRen undeR 10 yeARs oLd ‘neW sToCK FisheR PRiCe JuMPeRoo’ From bikes to buggies, stairgates to sterilisers. everything you need for when little ones come to visit. CoMe And see us AT KM29 on The A356

Phone dAWn on: 627 931 360 WeBsiTe: WWW.nuRseRyneeds.CoM eMAiL:


SAXON S.L JCB Digger hire velez-malaga area RatES: S pECiaL O FFERS : L aRgE D iggER FROm 260€ S maLL D iggER FROm 130€

(Prices are for all day and includes local travel)

OthER SERviCES iNC. L aNDSCapE g aRDENiNg & C aRpENtRy

662 39 83 72 678 23 22 53 Email:


ELECtriCidad special Offer:


special Offer:


special Offer:


Digital or Analogue

EXtErNaL tv aEriaL rEMOtE Aluminium anti corrosion CONtrOLLEr UHF band 21 - 69 On / off control Easy installation Control 5 sockets Ideal for digital TV Range 30 metres special Offer:

MiCrO tdt Compact adapter Conceal behind TV External power supply special Offer:


special Offer:



UPLightEr Dim switch Uplighter max 300W Spot max.40W Satin / chrome

CEiLiNg FaN Paddle size 132 cm Max 60W 4 reversible paddles 3 speed reversible

ENErgY saviNg FLOOr LaMP Uplighter max. 60W Satin chrome 1800mm high

Custudio Puga, 9-a tOrrE dEL Mar tel: 95 254 03 92 Fax: 95 254 32 93


lOS CAlleJONeS ‘The Family Restaurant’ I zNATE SpeCiAliTieS: FACiliTieS:

swimming Pool w Paddle tennis Football w Petanque table tennis Play Park for the kids Open midday til late (Closed tuesdays)

Meats from the grille t-Bones, Pork, Lamb *********** Fish & Chips (last thursday of the month) Children’s menu available

Live Music once a month

677 628 686 Iznate

We are here

Cajiz Malaga



6km from Motorway find the iznate sign & turn left. 500m on the left

The Sentinella Trader 3€ for a maximum of 28 words or 15€ for boxed advert inc. photo. Payment to be made before the 17th of the month. Payments can be left at Arkwrights - Puente don Manuel, Viva Bar - Torre del Mar, Ribhouse - Torrox. Email before 15th of the month or Call hayley on: 658 202 472 RENAULT KANGOO 1.9 diesel 1998, 5 door, white,105.000kms. LHD, Spanish reg. I.T.V until Dec 09.

MAzDA MX5 Automatic lovely condition 63,000 kms, for sale as the blond wants a 4x4. Telephone Richard

2,350€ o.n.o Call: 616 241 821

or exchange for small 4x4

2 x INDUSTRIAL SIzED COOKERS Gas fuelled, cost 6,000€ new.

1,600€ for both

Will consider splitting Call: 951 167 066 or email: 8M x 3M COVERED MARQUEE Perfect for garden parties, hiring out etc.. Very good condition 500€ Also available for hire.

Call: 951 167 066 or email:

657 353 488 3,500€

SUzUKI GRAND VITARA 4X4 2.5 Petrol 2001, ITV until Oct 2010, 65,000 kms, Span Plates, LHD, All electric inc. heated seats

5,500€ ono Tel: 636 219 689

LDV 400 CONVOY LWB 2.4 Turbo Diesel 2002 reg Sliding door, ply lined. Ideal for self mover

1450€ Call: 663 515 341

To advertise in The Sentinella call 664 210 468 or email

items For Sale / Wanted siNgLE FUtON in navy blue with pine wood frame. As good as new €40. hair straighENErs Rowenta ceramic €10. Tel: 676 570 967 / 618 379 930 FOr saLE, aLL itEMs arE NEw, most still in boxes. siNk aNd PEdEstaL with fittings 30€, tOiLEt with fittings 30€, Bath with sidE panel and fittings 60€, CEraMiC shOwEr base 85€, iNtErNaL wOOdEN door cut out for windows 85€, wOOdEN garagE doors 7ft2 with frames 120€ each. BEaUtiFUL staBLE door 150€, sMaLL dishwashEr 85€, wOrk tOPs for kitchen (thick)4M long 30 euros, BraNd NEw Car winch plus fittings 55€. Call: 660 182 514 traiLEr tENt: Raclet “SOLENA” Purchased April ’08, £2,500. VGC used twice. Many extras, Kitchen Box, Sun Awning etc. 1,250€ o.n.o Tel: 638 477 447 BashaN 250CC ATV/quad, November 2006, taxed February 2010, low miles, stood for 2 years, yellow with black trim, semi auto, new quad forces sale, 1,395€ o.n.o. Tel. 639 005 546 UPright FridgE FrEEZEr, Lynx make, 40% freezer 60% fridge. Independant controls for each section. Very good condition €130 658 202 472 CastLE MariNE COMEt Speedboat,

16ft fitted with 60hp Evinrude engine. Complete with road trailer. Interior needs attention. 750 euros ono. 951 167 330 or 679 751 286. waNtEd Speedboats, Jetskis. Cash paid. Call: 650 605 002

Properties For Sale/Rent LargE COUNtrY hOUsE (over 200M2 habiltable in 3400M2 plot with outbuildings) in South West France for sale or exchange for a property in Malaga. Great B&B / Gite opportunity. All types of properties considered. For more info and photos please email: ----------------------------------------------------2 BEd / 2 Bath aPartMENt available for short term/holiday lets. Very reasonable rates, Exclusive road in Puente don Manuel, 8x4m pool, Ideal for family visits 658 202 472


detached 2 bedroom villa with self contained apartment complete with air conditioning, heating and swimming pool, situated on a desirable urbanisation with wonderful sea views, 5 mins. walk to the beach, supermarket, etc...

Bargain at 325,000€

or long term rental 900€ p/m

Also adjacent 500sqm building plot with licence and project to build large villa 175,000€ Email: for photos or call 447533393294

great opportunity for 6,000 m2 of land nr. comares


WAS 39,000€ NOW ONLY 24,000€ QUICK SALE REQ. ILL HEALTH CONTACT... K. ST. JOHN TEL: 0033 553 275 872

To advertise call 664 210 468


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For Sale/Rent Cont...

for Sale in Caleta de Velez Large Modern 4 double bedroomed townhouse

With wonderful views of the sea & mountains. Air-conditioning/heating, log-burning fire, beautifully fitted kitchen with dishwasher & American fridge-freezer, laundry with washing machine & drier, satellite TV, internet (broadband), solar heating, various terraces, six person Jacuzzi on the rear terrace, huge garage, office, burglar alarm, sun all day. Fully furnished & equipped to a high standard – ready to move straight in. Walking distance to the beach, marina, shops, bars & restaurants. 40 minutes from Malaga airport & 5 minutes from the commercial centre.

295,000â‚Ź o.n.o.

(or will accept sterling equivalent)

tel: 0034 952 555 139 / 647 120 902

Job Seekers CarE wOrkEr sEEkiNg wOrk in your local area. 10 years experience in care working with the elderly. Hardworking, honest, trustworthy and reliable with references available. Also available for cleaning and baby sitting. Fully qualified. Call: 636 117 210 or 952 517 464 (evening) ---------------------------------------------------BUiLdEr with 6 YEars experience in Spain, fluent in Spanish looking for any work. Contact: 665 475 270 ---------------------------------------------------------tELEMarkEtErs rEQUirEd for successful company based in Torre del Mar, no selling involved, experience preferred but not essential, flexible hours with basic plus incentives. Limited positions available, applicants will be seen on a first come first serve basis. Contact Laura 952 540 316 ----------------------------------------------------------


traNsLatOrs NEEdEd by Cantueso for translations from English to: Spanish, French, German and Dutch. Must be into mother tongue. Please contact us at ---------------------------------------------------------FULL & Part tiME tELEsaLEs staff and closers required for a successful/expanding telecoms company based in Nerja. Various shifts available: Generous basic + Comms + Bonus + Incentives 10am-9pm Mon-Fri with overtime available. Experience in sales preferred but not essential as enthusiasm, confidence, lively character with a will to succeed is more important.. Be part of a winning team in a friendly and dynamic call centre. Opportunities, for career progression, available in various departments. Contact 952 544 773 ---------------------------------------------------------42Yr OLd FEMaLE with experience in accounts, wages, ledgers, invoices, VAT, re-

ception etc.. Looking for work, any area. Contact 665 475 270

The Sentinella business Directory WE CAN liST YouR buSiNESS HERE FoR JuST 5 EuRoS A MoNTH! (minimum 6 months)

CAll ToDAY oN: 664 210 468



wEscuela la Crujia Rural B & B & guesthouse in a pretty converted school, 10 minutes from Velez Malaga,Tel: 606 010 580. Email: wvista la Maroma Rural B & B La Vinuela Tel: 952 519 095 Mob: 666 396 562 E-mail: Website:

witv 70€ Includes test fee, Pre ITV check. Booking appointment online. Free follow up if necessary Hugh Grant, Tel 606 086300 email:

AiR CoNDiTioNiNG wFor air Conditioning call Esola, 616 119 007, Torre del Mar wryan air conditioning for a complete air conditioning service, installation, service and repair. Top quality units supplied and installed or You buy we install from 130€, 12 point service from just 30€, city and guilds qualified all work guaranteed. For free advice and quotation telephone Richard 657353488 or visit

AlloTMENTS wallotments for rent in Velez Malaga. 20 euros per month for 50 square metres. Close to El Ingenio shopping centre and Velez Malaga centre. Gardening tools available for use. Parking onsite. Come and join us - grow your own veg and save on your shopping! Call Jose on 639120707 Email:

AWNiNGS wshademaker awnings. Check out our range at We not only supply and fit new, but will change your existing fabric. NEW! We now do pool covers as well. Diy and trade supplied. Call Craig on: 637 058 478

booKSHoPS wPasatiempo Calle Infantes 30, Torre del Mar, 952 543 703,

bRiTiSH SuPERMARKETS warkwrights English Shop. Turn right at Venta Baja Crossroads or call: 95 11 67 674 or 65 93 75 603

builDERS wMilton Construction - 20 yrs experience in all types of construction from routine maintenance and repairs to new builds, pools, landscaping.Tel:625 348 406 for free estimates.

To advertise call 664 210 468


Please mention The Sentinella when replying to adverts wProfessional Building services 34 years in Building Trade, Kitchens made or Just Fitted, Reforms, Extensions, Painting. No job too small, free quote call Garry or Olly Tel: 655 279 043/951 167 375/ 664 156 095 wterence seaton & J daniel - Renovations & Refurbishments. Professional builders with over 20 years experience. Tiling, painting, plumbing, electricity. Free advice, no obligations. Tel: 664 459 868. wspanish family builders for reforms, new builds, walls, pools etc. Good reputation with clients and known well in local town halls re: permissions etc. English speaking answering service. Please telephone: 660 144 402. wall types of building work undertaken, 37 years experience, Let me quote you. Call: 952 110 788 or 650 895 461 wJr Construct reliable, quality workmanship. For a quotation ring John: 699 261 414 or Richard: 636 857 715

CATERiNG wFood For thought Catering offering fantastic quality food at competitive prices. Please phone us on 952 554 249 or 600 783 870 or visit our new website at: for more information. wL&L's Pies - Fresh homemade pies, pasties & much more. Large variety of flavours. Please call 666208880 for a full price list. Min Order 10€

CHiRoPoDiSTS wregistered Chiropodist/Podiatrist offering a complete footcare service in the comfort of your own home. 15yrs experience NHS & private. Call: 636 866 715


wwanted all UK plated vehicles. Year 2000 onwards. cash paid. Call: 667 235 205

wsunshine Cleaners for a sparkling clean result, daily, weekly or monthly visits. Also change overs and keyholding service. Give us a call on 639 583 400 wtoo hot to clean? Experienced cleaner and childminder available. All aspects of cleaning undertaken including ironing and laundry. Excellent references and competitive prices. Please call: 664 508 069 wadCC Filipina cleaners w/English, ref. and experience. Call: 646 692 679 / 630 498 427



wandrew rodgers 20 years experience in kitchens, wardrobes, shelving, aluminium door & windows. Call the Window Doctor for any window problem. Roller shutter blinds, mosquito blinds, security locks, repairs and renewals reasonable rates, Tel: 660 597 894 email: wCarpentry & Joinery all aspects of carpentry including kitchens, windows & doors, Dave: 686 307 769 wMadercobrita Poligono la Panoleta, C/Juan Gris, Velez Malaga, 952 501 543

wglenne Ladegaard Goddess Guid Coaching™ © Goddess Guide Cards BodyImage Therapy™ and Paintings (+34) 686 616 703 wBusiness Coach & Master Facilitator, Andi Roberts, (+34) 686 616 703

CAR AND VAN RENTAl wOne way van hire, UK, France and Spain. Call: 952 541 147


CARPET & uPHolSTERY ClEANiNG wCall roy on: 958 640 068 / 656 561 669. Professional Machines, Best prices, Distance No Problem. 16 years experience. wProfessional cleaning of suites and rugs at reasonable rates. Dry within hours using 21st century equipment and chemicals. Phone:- TRUECLEAN ON 952 030 356 / 618 475 977


CoMPuTERS All computer problems solved. Torrox/Nerja and surrounding areas. Free Advice. No Fix No Fee. Hardware ,Software and Website solutions. PC service only 50 Euros. Call Rab on: 952967124 or 645236259. wComputer help.Troubleshooting & Repairs. New PCs supplied with Windows in English. WiFi installations. Reasonable rates. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer since 2000. Patient & professional. Call David on 952 54 96 07 or 654 899 976.

To advertise in The Sentinella call 664 210 468 or email wComputer Problems? Help is at hand. Upgrades, repairs, hardware and sofware problems solved, NO FIX - NO FEE. Advice on buying and setting up the right computer for you. Tuition from complete beginners to advanced, get the most out of your PC. Call David Fleck on: 952 510 729 / 620 328 382 or email:

DENTiSTRY wUnidental. English Dentist Practising Here C/Canalejas, 15 Local, Velez Malaga. Tel: 952 55 83 63 wian Pett dental Care, Five star dental care you can trust. Edif. Al-Zabel, Local 7, Cruce de Periana, 29713 Alcaucin, Puente don Manuel. 951 139 287 / 691 700 587 UK +44 1708 616 148.

DoG GRooMiNG wthe dog shop, Professional grooming salon. All dogs welcome, any size, any breed. Tel: 645 525 782, Centro Comercial, 10, Torrox Park

EDuCATioN & CouNSElliNG wFor English speakers: Educational Psychology Assessments and Services. Counselling for Adults and Children. Fully qualified staff with experience in the UK and in Spain. Telephone Pat or Albert on 620 150 605 / 678 429649.Email: educationandalucia

waxces Property direct sell or rent your property privately call or email: 0034 625 346 200 wFleming Properties, Calle Las Melosas, Edf Nautico, Torre del Mar, 952 547 131 or 637 278 306,

FuRNiTuRE SHoPS wthe Furniture Barns, Tel: 626 160 869 Email: Country Furniture, furnishings, accessories and much, much more...Look on our website for our latest stock or visit us at our new shop in Andalucian Auctions, Campillos wCudeca Second Hand Furniture Shop, tel 952 545 212 Calle Infantes 48, Torre del Mar (by Thursday market) open from 10.00 to 16.30 Mon to Fri and 10.00 to 13.30 Sats. For donations of furniture please call Tony on 661 826 654.

GARDENiNG SERViCES wred Palm Beetles, Wasps, Ants, Woodlice, Mice, Rats and all pests. Processionary Moths. Call us for treatment and disposal of these garden problems. Tel: 657 165 373

HAiRDRESSERS wBlades - 20 years experienced mobile hairdresser & nail technician for acrylic nails. Call: 658 733 661



wElectro-Cute! English J.I.B. Electrician For all your electrical needs and problems Fault finding/Lighting and power/Air conditioning Electric gates and Intercoms/Pumps Rewires/Upgrades Call Stefan 610048919

wsave 60% off your heating bills this winter using the latest heat pump technology (and it cools too) fully controllable instant heat for further details free advice telephone richard 657353488 or visit

ESTATE AGENTS/REAl ESTATE wLakeside Property services, 24 hour call out emergency Electrician and Plumber. Call David on: 627 931 357 wab ax Properties Colinias del Puerto 124, Avenida de Andalucia, Caleta de Velez, 952 511 103, www.abaxproSell or rent your property privately. Save thousands in agents commission fees! Visit our website email: Telephone: 0034 625 346 200

HEAlTH & bEAuTY wweight Control - Herbalife Independent Distributor, Bea Savory, 95 253 4795 Email: (business opportunity also available) wweightwatchers Meetings in English. Nerja, Velez and Torrox. Call Candace on 952 549 607 or 626 672 493 for further

HoliDAY lETS wvillas to Let Privately owned luxury villas to let. Contact Christine: 627 820 669 958 36 40 16

To advertise call 664 210 468


Please mention The Sentinella when replying to adverts HoME FuRNiSHiNGS wgilly’s Fabric workshop For all your Upholstery & Soft Furnishings. Tel: 660 743 468

HoRSE RiDiNG wandalucia horse riding, 1hr, 2 hr or day rides with picnic or bar lunch. Situated close to Lake Viñuela Also riding holidays with accomodation. Tel: 616 032 215, wProfessional international horse rider trainer, UK qualified, available for lessons, schooling etc.. Call Tina: 666 135 516 wLos Caballos del Puente, Horse riding in the area around Lake Vinuela. One hour 20€, two hours 30€. Call: 697 594 824 walcaucin horse riding, Lessons, trekking kids club on Sats 10am - midday. Ring Charlotte for more info. 620 609 374. Website:

HouSE ClEARANCES whouse & garage Clearances. Car Boot stock wanted. Fair prices paid. Call: 680 751 868 whouse Clearance & removals. All items considered, cash payable on collection. Fast & Reliable service. Call Paul: 626 160 869 wCarousel second hand Furniture, Vinuela Pueblo (Under Cajamar Bank), access via steps at side of bank, or slip road behind bank, 630 211 907

iNSuRANCE wLCJ iNsUraNCE, Not the cheapest, Not the dearest, Almost certainly the best, *Health Insurance, * Travel Insurance - Multi trips, *Car and House Insurance, * Funeral Plans, Call: 952 515 224 wMaPFrE insurance: Specialising in health, home, vehicle, business & life insurance. Range of pensions & investment plans. English & Spanish speaking. Call Victoria Harding for a no-commitment quote. 952 551 460, fax: 952 555 212 or email: wall types of insurance available with Spains leading Insurance company Mapfre. We also offer highly competitive rates for transfering currencies anywhere in the world. English speaking service. Please telephone: 660 144 402 or e mail us at

iNTERNET SERViCES wriosat:sL, RioSat SL, No landline required. Internet and telephone services.


Some areas free installation. Covering Andalucia. ADSL from 29€ per month. SDSL from 39€ per month. No necisita linea fija. Internet y telèfono. Instalacìon gratis. Cobertura Andalucìa. ADSL de 29€ al mes. SDSL de 39€ al mes Llàmenos / Call 951 239 310 / 626 679 018. Email: Web:

KENNElS AND CATTERY wwagtails boarding kennels for cats and dogs. Dogs walked 3 times a day in 36,000 sq metres fenced land. Phone Val 655 579 792 or Richard 645 659 935 or wthe dog house While you are away on holiday or a weekend break, your dogs live in our house alongside our dog. Large play area, lots of country walks. Pet collection/del. service. Vet services on call. Gourmet meals if required. 'Only the best for your pal'. Ring: Phil 649 079 321 Comares/Benamargosa. Ex cat & dog airlines.UK. Recommended. Refs available. wdogs - Home from home, boarding at my 10,000sqm finca in Rio Gordo. Offering a personal service where dogs live as family. Call: 678 189 019 or e-mail: Also within 15km daily home visits for dogs, cats, horses etc.

lAuNDRY SERViCES wCampo Laundry service Your Laundry Washed and Ironed. We Pick up and Drop off. Everyday is a washday for the 3-J's. Torre, Vinuela, Colmenar and inland. Julie 699 349 748

lAWYERS wCarmen silvia, Solicitors Abogados, Spanish solicitors, English Spoken, Torrox Costa, Urb. Costa del Oro local 8, (very near Notaria Office). Free initial consultation, 952 967 004 Email: winternational Law solutions. English speaking SpanishLawyer. English and Spanish legal advisors. Urb Torrox Park, Zona Comercial 3, 952 527 831 or 615 338 139,

loCKSMiTHS wBritish Locksmith - 24 hour service, good rates. Tel: 676 262 073

To advertise in The Sentinella call 664 210 468 or email MACHiNE HiRE wMachines for hire, for all your building & reform requirements, with or without driver. Call: 696 547 646, on road to lake. wsaxon sL JCB Digger Hire. New machine Good rates. Velez Malaga Call: 678 23 22 53 or 662 39 83 72

MASSAGE (THERAPEuTiC) wJonathan Mark Leggott, S.M.T.O. I.T.E.C Remedial Massage, Advanced Sports massage, Soft tissue manipulation. Centro Mar y Salud, El Morche -Torrox Costa. Tel: 639 528 205, 952 53 2065

MEDiCAl CENTRES wCentro Mar y salud offers good professional care and treatment in a friendly and healing environment. Our centre not only emphasises diagnosis and cure but also promotes maintaining your health and feeling good. We offer a range of practitioners and treatments; General Medicine, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Obstetrics, Massage, Acupuncture, Gynaecology, Cosmetic surgery, Urology, Iridology, Colontherapy, Pedicure, Photo depilation, Yoga Classes, Gym classes. Paseo Marítimo, El Morche/Torrox Costa, 952 532 065 / 617 913 196,

MobiliTY PRoDuCTS wBlue Badge Mobility.s.L Hire & Sales of Mobility Scooters, Wheelchairs, Bathroom aids, Toilet Aids, Long term rentals, Best prices on the Costa. Quality Service. Contact Gary Or Sara 952967015 / 635445279

MulTi-SERViCES wM tek Building services Engineers. Fully Qualified Team of Engineers, Consultancy service, Plumbing, Electrical, Gas, Construction. Total One Stop Solutions. Spanish speaking personnel. Tel: 952 512 491 - 617 839 660 - 7 days a week. e-mail: wMaster Jack need a decorator, cleaner, gardener, carer, hairdresser, interpreter...? Just call Master Jack, your first stop for services, we’ll arrange everything for you, very competitive rates, flexible working to suit you. Call Master Jack’s experienced workers

on 676343528 or 656934208 for quotes and more information.

oPTiCiANS wheiko stumbeck, Avda Andalucia 119, Torre del Mar, 952 967 923 and C/Antonio Ferrandiz "Chanquete" 23-25, Nerja, 952 528 395. C/Jacinto, Benavente Edf. No. 6, Fuengirola, 952 197 565

PAiNTERS & DECoRAToRS wBrush strokes. Rooms painted from 60€ (i.e) one coat white) Villas painted from 300€ Tel: 686 307 769 or 639 738 624 wPeter the Painter, Paints the Property Properly. All interior, Exterior Work Undertaken, + Property Maintenance. Tel: 638 489 711. Email:

PET CouRiERS wPet taxi- UK, France & Spain Delivered door to door. Call: 667 235 205

PHYSioTHERAPY wsanne h. Mortensen, BSc (Hons), MCSP, SRP, Spanish registered, Col no 2066. Clinic appointments or home visits in the Axarqùia region. Experienced UK trained physiotherapist offering post-operative rehabilitation and general musculo-skeletal conditions. Tel 626 152 756

PluMbERS w24hr plumbing, drainage & all gas appliances, call 666 123 055 / 952 514 333 wwayne’s drains & Plumbing Est.1999. 24 Hour call out. Tel/Fax: 952 539 239. 24 Hour Service: 634 275 030 wCosta del sol Plumbing - from a leaking tap to a full installation. Call Bryan on 665 490 996 or email:

PRiNTiNG SERViCES wBusiness Cards double sided from 135€ for 500. Flyers double sided full colour from 150€ for 1,000. Call: 664 210 468

PRoPERTY MAiNTENANCE wProperty Care, for cleaning, gardening, general property maintenance. Reliable service. Refs available. Call Denise or Dave for friendly chat on 616 869 429

To advertise call 664 210 468


Please mention The Sentinella when replying to adverts wdoctores de la Casa, We revitalise your property for re-sale or rental. Property or room makeovers, Property Management, Pool & Garden Maintenance, Guest Services. Call: 657 247 647 or email: waxarCare™ Property Management and Maintenance Services. A full range of property maintenance services carried out by professionals, Building, Painting, Electrical Work & Plumbing the one stop solution. Property Management Specialists a very comprehensive service, Including professional pool cleaning, full details on the AxarCare website. Axarcare we take care of all your property needs. Company Website: Tel :616-809-423

REMoVAlS wMan and van (high top). €22 per hour. Reliable and friendly service. Call Paul: 626 160 869

SolAR PoWER wtecnicas Maro, Heating, Cooling & Solar Energy. Providing energy saving solutions since 1992. Email: Tel:952 52 95 38

SoliCiToRS wC&d solicitors Specialists in Real Estate, Civil and Tax Law. Tel: 952 532 582 or

SWiMMiNG PoolS wPPP Caring for your property, pool and people. Property Maintenance and Pool Care. Contact Ron: 637 995 088


RENTAlS wtenants-All types of rental,holiday,long/short term lets etc.,Owners - Make sure I know about your property, Please ensure you have contacted me so that I can help you. Tina 0034 666135516 or Email: wrent a home Avenida Andalucia, 133, Torre del Mar. Call: 952 547 554 or 680 210 414. Email: website:

RESTAuRANTS wtaj Mahal ( Torre del Mar ) Avda. Anadalucia, Blq. Jupiter, Pasaje Timon 2, C/Timon. Tel: 952 547 798 wtaj Mahal (Puente don Manuel) Next door to Chiringuito Antonios, Venta Baja Tel: 952 510 886 or 667 934 731 wtrendys International Bar & Restaurant. Paseo de Larios, Torre del Mar. Tel/Fax: 952 54 13 43 or 607 839 035 wLemon tree “Just that little bit different” open Wednesdays - Sundays Rio Gordo Tel: 635 782 073

SATElliTE T.V. wtotal satellite installations Call Phil on: 629 556 266. wsky shop torre del Mar. Call: 667 235 205


or 952 541 147 wsat. Co. Sky and “Free Sat.” HD. Call us 7 days a week. Call Tom on: 657 484 853

whelp with all types of translations, negotiating with tradesmen, hospitals, doctors, all legal matters, social security and E111s etc. Reasonable rates. Call Sarah 680 955 260

TYRES wCar, 4x4 and motorcycle tyres supplied and fitted. Punctures repaired, competitive prices. Also ITV (Mot) welding. For a no obligation quote call: 676 719 066 / 620 627 214 or 952 517 502. Email: *Also iron work made to order.

WATER TREATMENT wsave money on bottled water! For a complete water treatment solution, ultra violet filters, water softeners and chlorine filters telephone richard 657353488 or alberto 650943713 or visit

WEb DESiGNERS wspanglish webs, Web designs, Database Programmes, Hosting, Domains, Real Estate Sites, English – Spanish Translation. All at realistic prices. Call Rachel: 951 708 454 or 691 660 187 Website: Email:

BEnAMARgoSA fP0022

A 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom villa of some 130m2 with 8m x 4m pool on a gently sloping plot of 6,800m2 enjoying tremendous southerly views to the sea and northerly views to the mountains 249,000€ A very large family home of over 470m2 in total. Comprising spacious three bedroom house and separate one bedroom guest apartment. 345,000€

Las Cuevas





A deceptively spacious, three/four bedroom, two bathroom village house of over 100m2 near the centre of the village. Telephone and sky tv.


A two bedroom country property with separate Studio apartment, 6m x 4m pool enjoying marvellous

FP0658 239,000€

views to the sea

A large, three bedroom townhouse of over 200m2 with a large 56m2 basement, private gardens and easy access to the communal pool area. 399,000€

torre del Mar


tOrrE OFFiCE Calle Playa Marina, 2D Torre del Mar. 29740 Tel: 952 54 71 31 Mob: 606 087 362 NErJa OFFiCE Calle El Barrio, 11 Nerja. 29780 Tel: 952 52 41 40 Mob: 637 278 306

Sentinella Axarquia September 09  

The little mag that fits in your bag for info on the go

Sentinella Axarquia September 09  

The little mag that fits in your bag for info on the go