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The Use of Lingual-Locking Screws or The Multi-Unit Abutments as Prosthetic Solutions to Mal-Aligned Placed Implants

60. Beirut International

Tony Daher

Dental Meeting 2018 October 4 - 6, 2018 Forum de Beyrouth Beirut, Lebanon

68. ITI Congress Middle East 20.

Final Impression in Complete Dentures Oumaima Tayari, Héla Haloui, Jaouadi Jamila, Ali Ben Rahma

October 18 - 19, 2018 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

72. MOIP 2018 October 24 - 26, 2018 Alexandria, Egypt


The Relationship Between Periodontal Disease & Systemic Disease Abdulrahman B Al-Awadhi, Hamad Al-Yaseen, Abdulaziz Al-Duwaisan, Ali E Al-Kandari

76. Middle Eastern

Carriere Symposium November 2 - 3, 2018 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

80. DFCIC 2018 42.

Simplification of Endodontic Treatment Using the 2Shape System

November 9 - 10, 2018 Intercontinental Hotel Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Wael Batbout, Emna Hidoussi, Neila Zokkar


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December 2018

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INTERNATIONAL CALENDAR Vo l u m e X X V, N u m b e r I V, 2 0 1 8 EDITORIAL TEAM Alfred Naaman, Nada Naaman,


Jihad Fakhoury, Dona Raad, Antoine Saadé, Lina Chamseddine, Tarek Kotob, Mohammed Rifai, Bilal Koleilat, Mohammad H. Al-Jammaz Suha Nader Marc Salloum Micheline Assaf, Nariman Nehmeh Josiane Younes Albert Saykali Gisèle Wakim Tony Dib 1026-261X


Sudanese Dental Association 10th Afro Arab Conference

January 8 - 10, 2019 Khartoum, SUDAN

SIDC 2019 Saudi International Dental Conference

January 12 - 14, 2019 Ritz Carleton Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA

AEEDC 2019

February 5 - 7, 2019 Int’l Convention & Exhibition Centre Dubai, UAE

IDS 2019

March 12 - 16, 2019 Cologne, GERMANY

IDEX Istanbul 2019

April 11 - 14, 2019 Istanbul, TURKEY

14th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference

April 12 - 13, 2019 Jumeirah Dubai, UAE

Lebanese University 16th International Convention

May 2 - 4, 2019 Lebanese University Hadath, LEBANON

Expodental 2019

May 12 - 16, 2019 Rimini, ITALY

AIO 2019 International Congress

June 13 - 15, 2019 Chia, Sardinia, ITALY


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December 2018

Dental News



The Use of Lingual-Locking Screws or The Multi-Unit Abutments as Prosthetic Solutions to Mal-Aligned Placed Implants Introduction

Tony Daher DDS, MSEd, FACP, FICD. Prosthodontist Co-director of GDIA. Diplomate American Board of Prosthodontics Private Practice limited to Prosthodontics & Implant Dentistry, La Verne, California, USA

Successful implant restoration is depending on an adequate surgical and prosthetic protocol. The dental implant should be placed in an optimum position according to the predetermined prosthetic restoration. A Screw-Retained Implant
Crown (SRIC) is mostly desirable when possible. 4 When an implant is not adequately placed, and the access hole does not end up in the middle of the occlusal surface or to the lingual of the incisal edge, an implant cement-retained restoration is commonly indicated. Residual excess cement after placement of single or fixed partial dentures has been associated with clinical and radiographic signs of peri-implant disease in 81% of the cases 4. (Figure 2) Fig. 1

During the cementation of such restorations, it was demonstrated that a risk of leaving excess cement behind in the implant gingival cuff exists 4. In the last few years an increase in Peri-Implantitis has been attributed, in part, to the excess cement left around the implant collar and threads, leading in many cases to bone loss and even the complete failure of the implant treatment. 1,2,3,4,5 (Fig. 1) This case report article will describe the use of lingual-locking screws and the straight and angulated multi-unit (MU) or Octa-type abutments as an alternative to cement-retained implant restorations.




Figure 1 A-C: Excess cement left behind after a cementation procedure, can be very difficult to remove and may cause bone loss and eventually the loss of the implant.


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December 2018

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The Use of Lingual-Locking Screws or The Multi-Unit Abutments as Prosthetic Solutions

The lingual-locking screws for implant-retained restorations The advantage of implant-borne screw-retained prostheses is the ability to retrieve it. The removal of cement-retained implant crowns has often proven difficult due to a multitude of variables, including locating the access and stripped screws and save-guarding the underlying custom abutment. To facilitate its removal, Daher et al. 6 described a technique where photos of the abutment are made before cementing the crown over. These photos (Figure 2) are kept in patient chart to help locate the access hole and retrieve the restoration when it is needed 6. A better way that it is available to the practicing dentist is the use of a vertically or horizontally secondary screw to lock the implant crown superstructure to the implant abutment. The concept of a secondary locking horizontal screw 8 or the cross-pin 7 at the crown level allows latitude in fixture position, good aesthetics, and especially retrievability. (Figure 2) Fig. 2


3. It is imperative to establish the final shape of the prosthesis early for proper abutment design and contour. This can be established by providing a full contoured wax patterns of the final restoration on a cast or digitally on a computer. 4. A medical silicone or just a light viscosity polyvinyl siloxane is used to seal the space between the crown and the abutment during placement procedure. This will prevent any seepage of food in that space. Then the lingual screw(s) will secure the prosthesis to the abutment(s). Fig. 3


Figure 2A, 2B: Photos of the abutment are made before cementing the crown over. These photos are kept in patient chart to help locate the access hole and retrieve the restoration when it is needed at a later time.

The technique of lingual set screw is well described at The cross-pin technique is described in the article of Gervais MJ et al. 7 The general principles in using either technique, are as follow:





Figure 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D: The clinical situation before implant prosthesis restoration. a) 5 implants were placed and integrated. b,c) Acrylic interim removal partial denture in patient’s mouth. d) Frontal view of the interim fixed partial denture (FPD) in patient’s mouth. This interim FPD is the blueprint of the final fixed implant restoration after being modified and accepted by the patient.

Fig. 4


1. These screws are smaller than the abutment screws and not able to withstand occlusal forces without the abutment protection. Designing the abutment in a manner to provide optimum resistance and retention form is a must. This provides protection to the lingual screws against destructive shearing forces. 2. The lab technician must provide a lingual location with an easy clinical access for the placement of the lingual screw. For example, the cingulum area of the anterior teeth, the lingual surfaces of the maxillary and mandibular premolars and maxillary molars and mesio-lingual angle of the mandibular molars due to the position of the tongue.


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December 2018

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The Use of Lingual-Locking Screws or The Multi-Unit Abutments as Prosthetic Solutions






G Figure 4: Lingual set of screws on a 6 units prosthesis for a clinical situation. a) 6 units of screw-retained prosthesis with 3 sets of lingual screws. b) Lingual view of the prosthesis. c) Lingual view of corresponding CAD-CAM abutments. d) Frontal view of the abutments in patient’s mouth. e) The abutment access holes are plugged with light viscosity poly-vinyl siloxane (PVS). f) the prosthesis is filled with the same PVS and placed over abutments and the 3 sets of lingual screws are tighten in. g,h) Different views of the prosthesis. i) Anterior guided articulation of the final prosthesis. j) Smile views of the final prosthesis. k) Frontal view of the prosthesis after 10 years.


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December 2018


The Use of Lingual-Locking Screws or The Multi-Unit Abutments as Prosthetic Solutions

The use of multi-unit (MU) or Octa-type abutments to overcome mis-aligned implants When multiple implants are misaligned in the posterior quadrants (Figures 5, 6) or during restoration of a complete arch (Figure 6), multi-unit (MU) abutments, straight or angulated could be used to overcome the misalignment by moving the implant internal connection to a taper external connection and render the restoration screw-retained. By using such abutments, the occlusal stress will be moved from the implant screw to the MU abutment small screw.

Fig. 6



In case of the prosthesis small screw breaks, it is easily replaced and even the MU abutment can be removed and replaced with a similar size. The same prosthesis is placed back over. These abutments can be either straight or angulated types are used especially for 4-implant screw-retained prosthesis concept. (Figure 6)

Fig. 5




Figure 5: Multi-unit (Octa) abutments for a partially edentulous situation. a) 2 DentisTM multi-unit octa type abutments. b) 3 Implant connected screw-retained crowns over octa type abutments. c) Occlusal view of the prosthesis in place.


Figure 6: a) Photo of a straight and angled MU abutments ( b,c,d). 4-implant mandibular screw-retained prosthesis using straight and angulated multi-unit abutments to composite the mis-aligned implants.


Dental News

December 2018

Summary The ability to retrieve a restoration is often cited as an advantage of screw-retained prostheses. This case report article described the use of lingual-locking screws and the straight and angulated multi-unit (MU) or Octa-type abutments as an alternative to cement-retained implant restorations when the implants are mis-aligned.

References 1. Wadhwani C, Prosthetic options for Dental implants. Decisions in dentistry, May 2016,pp 24-26. 2. Dumbrigue, HB et Al. Techniques to minimze excess luting agents..., JPD 2002:87:112-4

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3. Wadhwani C et al. Technique for controlling the cement for an implant crown: J Prosthet Dent 2010;102: 57-8
 4. Wilson TG: The positive relation between excess cement and peri-implant disease. J Perio 2009;80-1388-92 5. 5. Reznic J. Evaluation and management of common dental implant complications. Implant Practice, Vol 8, 6:36-42 6. Daher T, Morgano S. The use of digital photographs to locate implant abutment screws for implant-supported cement-retained restorations. J Prosthet Dent 2008;100;3:238-239. 7. Gervais MJ, Hatzipanagiotis, Wilson PR. Cross-pining: the philosophy of retrievability applied practically to fixed, implant-supported prostheses. Aust Dent J 2008; 53: 74-82. 8. Clausen GF. The lingual locking screw for implant-retained restorations--aesthetics and retrievability. Aust Prosthodont J 1995;9:17-20.



Final Impression in Complete Dentures Abstract

Dr. Oumaima Tayari Resident in the departement of complete denture

Dr. HĂŠla Haloui Resident in the departement of complete denture

Prof. Jaouadi Jamila Departement director of

The history of complete denture impression procedures have been influenced largely by the development of impression materials from which new techniques arose. Selection of material is left to the decision of the dentist, who makes choices based on personal preferences and experience. The success of every complete denture relies on the fulfilment of the three basic properties of retention, stability, and support.

There was no support for the frequent textbook statement that the two-step procedure is necessary and superior to the one-step method. While some special clinical situations may benefit from other combinations of materials and techniques. Key words: Impression methods, material, complete denture prosthodontics, final impressions, Border moulding


prosthesis rehabilitation

Prof. Ali Ben Rahma

From an anatomical viewpoint, tooth loss comes to alveolar ridge resorption of the upper and lower jaw which are manifested in a reduction of the attached gingival surface and an increase of displaceable mucosal surface.

Head of complete denture departement

Clinic of dentistry of Monastir, Department of Prosthetic Dentistry, University of Monastir, Laboratory of oro-facial rehabilitation and oral health


Dental News

Regarding function, it affects occlusion and speech ability in patients, as well as changes of their appearance, which may result in psychosocial decompensation. 4 Complete dentures are primarily mechanical devices but since they function in the oral cavity, they must be fashioned so that they are in harmony with the normal neuromuscular function. The history of complete denture impression procedures has been influenced

largely by the development of impression materials from which new techniques and ideas arose. 5 Stability of complete lower dentures has challenged dentists and patients alike. Making accurate final impression for complete dentures is a multistage process that involves a preliminary impression, a customized final impression tray and a final border impression. It is important to thoroughly examine the patient’s mouth and select the most appropriate impression technique. 7 The process of shaping impression material along the borders of an impression tray by manipulating the soft tissues to duplicate the contour and size of the vestibules is known as border molding. 5 December 2018


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The 2 techniques of border molding documented in published reports are the sectional and the single-step techniques. The sectional technique is routinely taught in dental schools in the United States and is followed by a large number of general dental practitioners, and commonly used. 6 Clinicians make final impressions of complete dentures (CD) using different techniques and materials. Applying the correct impression technique and material, based on an individual’s oral condition, improves the quality of the prosthesis, which may improve quality of life.

Final Impression in Complete Dentures


Dental practitioners can make the impression in a single stage (abbreviated impression) or in two stages (preliminary impression made for the purposes of diagnosis, or for the construction of a tray, followed by final impression). The techniques can be grouped into mucostatic, mucocompressive, selective pressure, functional, and neutral zone impression techniques. Using this or that technique depends on the operator, the mouth conditions and / or time we dispose. The objective of this paper was to provide procedures of final impressions in complete dentures, using standardized techniques and materials. 4

Impression materials The literature reports about many different techniques of anatomical and functional impressions, as well as about different types of impression materials – from dental stones, zinc oxide eugenol pastes and thermoplastic materials to reversible hydrocolloids and elastomers. The analysis of the type of materials that are most often used for impression taking in the fabrication of complete dentures and overdentures indicates that reversible hydrocolloids and alginates are commonly used for taking the first or anatomical impression; thermoplastic materials of the latest generation in the shape of sticks are used for the formation of functional margins; aluminum wax is used for relining of the vibrating line and zinc oxide eugenol pastes and several types of elastomers, condensation silicones vinyl polysiloxane and polyethers are used for taking functional, fixation impression. 3


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The impression stage of fabricating complete dentures aims to customize the denture bases to the optimal denture-supporting area and to ensure that the border form of the prostheses provides a peripheral seal. 2 As the residual ridges resorb, the tissues become unsupported and displaceable; the use of conventional impression techniques will result in a distorted impression. Therefore, the impression technique needs to be modified. Secondary impression can be made by using low fusing impression compound (green stick) ; green stick compound is kneaded to a homogenous mass and is loaded on the special tray and border movements are implemented. Final impression is made either using zinc oxide eugenol or with a medium viscosity elastomer.

December 2018


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003740 |

Prosthodontics Final Impression in Complete Dentures

12.-16.3.2019 Hall: 10.1 Stand: C40 / D49

Fig. 1

As i ga


xCeph Ony












Fig. 2










Figure 1: Complete denture final impression techniques.



CA ®




Figure 2: Border molding and final impression.

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Functional impression is made after static and dynamic checking of fit of the custom tray and its possible corrections. Firstly, 0.5-1 mm thick spacers made from a thermoplastic material or light curing acrylic resin are placed in the middle of the alveolar ridge of both the anterior and posterior area. During the fabrication of spacers it is important to avoid areas of displaceable mucosa, in order to avoid rocking of the prosthesis. 3 The next step is taking impression of functional margins with a thermoplastic material, FIG II by the patient performing active, and the operator passive functional movements, to record the frenulum and plica insertion. After the impression, the custom tray should have a suction effect. It may be done in closed mouth functional impression technique. In this technique, denture bases with occlusal rim are fabricated on primary cast. Jaw relations are registered (Fig. 3) to record appropriate horizontal and vertical dimensions. 1


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December 2018

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Final Impression in Complete Dentures

Fig. 3

Figure 3: Closed mouth functional impression technique To sum up, final impressions can be held either under digital pressure or occlusal one; in case of advanced resorbed ridge; or flubby ridge; in fact in this last situation; the ideal way to procede is to make the final impression in two steps: first a classic impression under correct occlusion with polyether, than a spacing

will be led in front of displaceable mucosa; then the border between displaceable and non-displaceable mucosa is marked on the impression and registered in a second time with a low viscosity polyether and once again under correct Jaw relations. (Fig. 4, Fig. 5, Fig. 6, Fig. 7).

Fig. 4

Fig. 5

Fig. 6

Fig. 7

Figures 4, 5, 6, 7: Border between displaceable and non-displaceable mucosa is marked on the impression and registrated in a second time with a low viscosity polyether and once again under correct Jaw relations.


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December 2018

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Prosthodontics Final Impression in Complete Dentures

Discussion The final impression techniques and materials used for complete dentures date back to 1900s . They make the impression using an open-mouth or closed-mouth approach, in one or two steps (Boucher 1951). In the single-step procedure, border moulding and recording the final impression are performed simultaneously, using the same material, either a resinous wax, or a monophase elastomer. 1 The two-step final-impression technique begins with border moulding, followed by a final-impression procedure (Chaffee 1999; Friedman 1957; Smith 1979). Border moulding is defined as “the shaping of impression material along the border areas of an impression tray by functional or manual manipulation of the soft tissues adjacent to the borders to duplicate the contour and size of the vestibule�. It is also defined as determining the extension of a prosthesis, by using tissue function or manual manipulation of the tissues to shape the border area of an impression material. It can be accomplished by using either a sectional or a single-step technique, using different types of materials. 5 Many procedures used in prosthodontics, including the materials and methods used for complete denture impressions, lack support of good evidence. The aims were to systematically, and critically, review the literature on complete denture impression materials and methods to identify an impression procedure that can be considered expedient for achieving a satisfactory clinical outcome for complete denture wearers. 2 In the literature there is a distinction between open and closed mouth techniques, techniques without pressure, techniques with selective pressure of the operator, mucostatic and mucodynamic techniques and techniques with active (patient) and passive (operator) functional movements. Techniques of functional impression taking with simultaneous determination of interjaw relationships are also described. Complete dentures are primarily mechanical devices but since they function in the oral cavity, they must be fashioned so that they are in harmony with the normal neuromuscular function.


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December 2018



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Final Impression in Complete Dentures

Even though there are wide variations in individual preferences for a particular material or method, most authorities believe that, for a successful outcome to be achieved, a two-step procedure is required.

tray, and a final impression with a variety of materials in a custom tray, typically made of acrylic resin.

However, whether any one combination of material and technique yields a better long-term result for the complete denture performance than another is a question that remains open due to a lack of strong evidence. 7

The objective of complete denture treatment is to enable recovery of occlusal, masticatory, esthetic, physiognomic, phonetic and psychosocial functions of the patients.

Conclusion Practically all dental schools and the majority of prosthodontists use a two-step procedure for complete denture impressions. All textbooks on complete dentures available to us, including the most recent ones, advocate a procedure with a preliminary impression, at present usually with an irreversible hydrocolloid (alginate) in a stock

References 1. Bhupender Yadav, Manisha Jayna, Harish Yadav, Shrey Suri, Shefali Phogat, and Reshu Madan - Comparison of Different Final Impression Techniques for Management of Resorbed Mandibular Ridge: A Case Report ; Hindawi Publishing Corporation Case Reports in Dentistry Volume 2014, 1-6 . 2. Gunnar E. Carlsson , Anders O¨ rtorp , Ridwaan Omar - What is the evidence base for the efficacies of different complete denture impression procedures? A critical review ; journal of dentistry 41 ( 2013 ) 17 – 23. 3. Hrvoje Kršek, Nikša Dulčić - Functional Impressions in Complete Denture and Overdenture Treatment; Acta stomatol Croat. 2015;49(1):45-53. 4. Jayaraman S, Singh BP, Ramanathan B, Pazhaniappan PillaiM, MacDonald L,Kirubakaran R. Final-impression techniques and materials for making complete and removable partial dentures. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2018, Issue 4. Art. No.: CD012256. 5. Khajuria RR, Hajira N, Safaya R, Singh R. - Comparison of The Surface Area Coverage of The Im-

AEEDC 2019 Booth: 7F17

pressions Made of Impression Compound And Algi-

05.- 07. 02. 2019 Dubai/ UAE

nate: An in Vitro Evaluation ; IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences Volume 16, Issue 12 (Dec.

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2017), PP 06-10. 6. Ravindra S.Pawar, Rahul S. Kulkarni, and Pravin E. Raipure - A modified technique for single-step border molding ; The journal of prosthetic dentistry 2018 ;1-4. 7. Sara Nikoee Bazvand, Farshad Khamchin Moghaddam, Nazila Najari Dizaji and Shahin Shams Lahijani, The role of different impression methods for complete denture prosthodontics; Biosci. Biotech. Res. Comm. 10(3): 410-414 (2017)

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December 2018

Oral Pathology

The Relationship Between Periodontal Disease and Systemic Disease Abstract

Abdulrahman B Al-Awadhi Ministry of Defense

Hamad Al-Yaseen Ministry of Interior

Abdulaziz Al-Duwaisan Ministry of Interior

Ali E Al-Kandari National Guard of Kuwait

For many years, medical and dental researchers have been focusing on their own fields of study, conducting researches in medicine related to the general well-being and the health of the oral cavity, respectively. However, the strong relationship between oral disease and systemic conditions has been increasingly studied and proved through the past few decades. Recent studies have provided obvious proof that oral hygiene and systemic well-being are directly related. The recent findings are strongly suggestive of the presence of an association between periodontal disease and systemic diseases such as osteoporosis, cardiac disease, low birth weight, poor control of diabetes mellitus, and pregnancy complications. The numerous efforts of the researchers from both fields have brought about many breakthroughs in our understanding of the

etiological and patho-physiological mechanisms underlying the link between the chronic inflammation present in dental disease and other systemic conditions. Consequently, there is hope that the important findings from these researches may help dentists to greatly improve the current guidelines in treatment of periodontal disease, to prevent the negative consequences of oral disease on systemic health. Therefore, researchers must continue to not only establish the link between oral health and systemic conditions but also to recognize the positive effects of eliminating periodontal infections on the success of the treatment of systemic disease. Key words: Periodontitis, Systemic disease, Osteoporosis, Diabetes Mellitus, Cardiac disease, Pregnancy complications.

Chronic Periodontitis

Postgraduate student Department of Prosthodontics & Medical materials, University Hospital Tuebingen, Tuebingen, Germany.


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Periodontal disease is the condition resulting from accumulation of bacteria in the tissues around the teeth which trigger a chronic inflammatory response from the body. The chronic invasion of the gums by bacteria results in bone destruction and weak attachment between the teeth and the gum. There are several types of periodontal disease, from gingivitis which is the mildest form to periodontitis which is severe and difficult to treat. Several risk factors predispose to the development of periodontitis, such as stress, alcohol consumption, smoking, the normal process of aging and conditions that affect the immune system response such as diabetes and (HIV) infection. 1 December 2018


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Oral Pathology

The Relationship between Periodontal Disease and Systemic Disease

Gingivitis is the most common form which affects 75 percent of adults in the United States. It involves red inflamed gums with frequent bleeding. There are more severe types that affect about 40 percent of the population in the United States. In these types, there are more accumulations of pathogens which lead to stronger inflammatory process and more severe symptoms. The diagnosis of periodontal disease depends on probing depth as an accurate measurement of the grade of inflammation. A depth less than 2 mm of the periodontal pocket is not considered periodontitis. If the depth of periodontal pockets is 4 mm or more, periodontitis is confirmed. Periodontal pocket depths of 6 mm or more refers to severe periodontitis. 2

The treatment of periodontal disease is usually effective. Such treatments are aimed at eliminating the invading bacteria from the body, ameliorating the inflammatory process, and removing the predisposing factors to prevent further recurrences of the same condition in the future. 3 The main line of treatment of periodontitis is antibiotics that are usually broad spectrum to target most types of bacteria. Antibiotic therapy together with maintaining good oral hygiene, is usually successful in eliminating the infection. However, If the periodontal pockets are not removed, then surgical treatment is indicated to protect against further bone destruction and teeth loss. 4

Periodontal disease and osteoporosis Bone loss occurs in both osteoporosis and periodontitis. A decrease in bone mass occurs because of the increased resorption of bone compared to bone formation, leading to demineralization of bone and finally osteoporosis. 5 Similarly, in addition to weakened attachment of the soft tissue to the teeth, resorption of bone is a feature of periodontal disease: specifically, the alveolar bone. Because of this common pathological mechanism that is shared between periodontal disease and osteoporosis, researchers have tried to establish the links between the two diseases to recognize the possible effect of having one as a predisposition to the other. The underlying pathology in the case of increased resorption of bone may be explained by increased local and systemic osteoclastic activity, or by the local action of inflammatory cytokine on the bone tissue. 6 Increased resorption by osteoclasts is characteristic to chronic inflammations as in periodontitis. In chronic inflammation, the T-lymphocytes express Receptor Activator of Nuclear Factor-kB Ligand and hence it is possible that direct contact between T-lymphocytes and precursor cells to monocytes is involved in the formation of osteoclasts. 7 Osteoprotegerin (OPG) released by stromal cells and osteoblasts inhibits the activation of mature osteoclasts. B-lymphocytes also have a role in formation of osteoclast, either by working as osteoclast progenitor cells or by expressing RANKL. 8 Nagasawa et al., 9 stated that ÂŤOPG mRNA was stimulated by P. gingivalis and A. actinomyecetemcomitans,


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indicating that OPG released by the action of LPS might have a role in the process of osteoclast formation in periodontal disease. The findings linking OPG and periodontitis is supported by other studies involving gram negative bacteria. 10 Because the infection due to these pathogens is usually transient, exposure to periodontal infection may stimulate the activation of RANKL and the activity of osteoclasts, leading to development of osteoporosis in patients with chronic periodontitis. Another major mechanism of osteoporosis in women is oestrogen deficiency. 11 Oestrogen, whether directly or indirectly, has a modulatory action on cytokines that work as regulators of bone metabolism and also modulators of the host inflammatory reaction, such as IL-1 alpha and beta, TNF-alpha, and macrophage colony-stimulating factor (M-CSF). Therefore, oestrogen deficiency leads to an increased number of osteoclasts, because of the same cytokines which inhibit formation of osteoblasts. The disturbed balance of bone metabolism will result in decreased bone mineral density (BMD).12 Chronic periodontitis also triggers the host inflammatory reaction, thereby recruiting cytokines and leading to formation of osteoclasts and therefore stimulating absorption of bone. High levels of some of these cytokines, such as IL-1 beta, TNF-alpha, and IL-8, were found in the inflamed gingival tissue in patients with periodontal disease, with concentrations that can cause absorption of alveolar bone. 13 Therefore, numerous studies have found a significant positive link between chronic periodontitis and oestrogen deficiency. December 2018



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Oral Pathology

The Relationship between Periodontal Disease and Systemic Disease

Another research study in Japan focused on the link between oral health and bone mineral density; these findings proved that chronic periodontitis and teeth loss after menopause are directly related to decreased BMD in post-menopausal females, and the deficiency in oestrogen is the suggested underlying mechanism. 14

postmenopausal women, with icreasing age as an important modifier of that association�.

In a related study, Wactawski-Wende et al., 15 stated that “a strong and consistent association between alveolar crestal height (ACH) and osteoporosis was found through measurements of bone density and ACH in

The recognition of this link might provide useful warnings for the risk of osteoporosis, as well as important applications in treatment.

Despite the big achievements made in understanding the relationship between periodontal disease and osteoporosis, more efforts are required to clarify the link.

Chronic periodontitis and diabetes mellitus The relationship between periodontal disease and diabetes mellitus is bidirectional. As it was proved that patients with diabetes are more liable to develop one or more types of periodontal disease, recent data suggests that periodontal disease can lead to the increased probability of suffering from endocrinal disturbance, including diabetes mellitus. 29 Chronic periodontitis could lead to bacterial spread to blood and various body organs, and thereby activate cells of the immune system. The stimulated cells trigger inflammatory active substances (cytokines) which have a catabolic action all over body systems. 30

Moreover, the chronically elevated levels of inflammatory cytokines in the body can lead to damage of the beta cells of the pancreas, leading to a decrease in the secretion of insulin. This process can lead to development of diabetes in patients with no family history, obesity, hypercholesterolemia or other risk factors. 31 Due to the possible effect of periodontal disease on the development of insulin resistance and glucose intolerance and finally overt diabetes mellitus, studies have suggested that preventive dental and diabetes measures, in addition to regular dental and diabetes evaluation and follow up, are necessary to break this link between the two conditions. 32

Chronic periodontitis and malignancy Many research studies have indicated that chronic periodontitis plays a key role as an independent factor for the development of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC), with specific characteristic site in the oral cavity. Also, it was found that periodontitis predisposes to carcinoma of the oropharynx and the larynx. 33 Michaud et al., 34 found a strong relationship between the chronic presence of periodontal disease and high risk of being diagnosed with lung, renal, pancreatic, and haematological tumours. These relations are the results of a prospective cohort study and they were confirmed in various studies with modification of risk factors, including cigarette smoking and patients’ socioeconomic status. 34 However, the strongest evidence was found in the research studies of the relationship between oral and oesophageal cancers and chronic periodontal disease.


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A relationship was proven between gastric and pancreatic cancers and periodontal disease in vast majority of the reviewed papers, although tumours of the lungs and the blood and other tumours were less proven or there were insufficient studies to establish a strong connection. 35 Moreover, Tezal et al. 36 concluded that having periodontal disease can affect the pathologic type of cancers. The study found that patients with periodontal disease are more liable to have poorly-differentiated types of squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity than patients without chronic periodontitis. These results were said to have applications in clinical and preventive measures, diagnosis, and treatment of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. The possible connection between chronic periodontitis and malignancy is not obvious, but chronic infection exposure is being studied. 37 December 2018


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Oral Pathology

The Relationship between Periodontal Disease and Systemic Disease

Chronic periodontitis and pregnancy Numerous research studies have focused on the possiblerelationshipbetweenperiodontaldiseaseandpoor pregnancy outcomes, pregnancy complications and defective health status of the new-born. Recently, many studies have confirmed the presence of a link between low birth weight and preterm babies and chronic periodontal disease regardless of the paternal health status, race, and the age of the mother. 38 There is also evidence that periodontal disease may be an independent factor for increased susceptibility to pregnancy complications. 39 Primary evidence indicates that treatment of periodontal infection might lead to a decrease in pregnancy-related complications. 40 The underlying mechanism is not clear yet. However, some studies suggest that the presence of bacterial infection leads to stimulation of cell-mediated immunity and then the production of various cytokines including interleukins, prostaglandins, which is important during the process of delivery, and tumour necrosis factor. 41 The newly-suggested mechanism of labour states that the levels of these cytokines increase significantly within the intra-amniotic through all phases of pregnancy, until a certain high level is reached which induces the process of labour. 41

Therefore, it is quite reasonable to suppose that the presence of any type of infection, for example periodontitis, could lead to increased levels of the normal mediators of delivery leading to preterm birth and possibly low birth weight. 42 Researchers also suppose that overt infections such as periodontitis can lead to preterm birth and low birth weight through the invading microorganisms or the byproducts and toxins of the bacteria including lipopolysaccharide (LPS), which invade the uterus through blood stream, stimulating cytokine production in the uterus and placenta or in the amniotic fluid, leading to elevated prostaglandin, which stimulates the contraction of the uterine muscles. 41, 42 Moreover, it was indicated that pregnant women who suffer from some degree of periodontal disease are more liable to gestational diabetes mellitus than pregnant women who are free of periodontitis. 43 However, more research studies are needed in the coming years to have a strong statistically significant correlation between periodontal disease and endocrinal disorders including diabetes, as well as the link with poor pregnancy outcomes.

Conclusion The relationship between periodontal disease and the development of various systemic diseases, such as diabetes mellitus (DM), osteoporosis, pregnancy complications, and coronary vascular disease, is the topic of many research studies. Although most studies have provided evidence suggesting the presence of a positive relationship between periodontal disease and various systemic diseases, many physicians and dentists greatly advocate the need for more studies to confirm these conclusions. In general, more controlled clinical trials and more randomized samples are needed to confirm the relationship between periodontal disease and these systemic diseases. Studies on each of the systemic conditions have their own defects that prompt further research. Current studies of the relationship between periodontal disease and coronary vascular disease should provide more data to differentiate between the stimulation of inflammatory cytokines by periodontitis as opposed to the possibility of a direct infection of the endothelium (or both).


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Furthermore, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic therapy as a treatment strategy for periodontal disease should be incorporated in the studies to assess their role in preventing the deterioration of cardiovascular disease. Regarding diabetes mellitus, the current notion that chronic inflammation associated with periodontal disease may result in the metabolic disturbances associated with DM needs further evidence to clarify the underlying mechanisms. Also, elucidation of the mechanism underlying the relationship between periodontal infection and coronary vascular disease may provide a hypothesis that unifies both diseases, which may aid in the prevention of complications associated with both diseases. Regarding the relationship between periodontal disease and osteoporosis, more information about the molecular mechanisms involved in the activation of RANKL/RANK system could help in the development of new pharmacological methods for the inhibition of excessive bone resorption. Also, larger studies are needed to assess the value of osteocalcin, calcitonin, and parathyroid hormones as laboratory indicators of periodontal disease activity. December 2018

Furthermore, more studies are needed to clarify the mechanisms by which periodontal disease may lead to malignancy, low birth weight, and pregnancy complications. It is of specific importance to differentiate between the presence of a causative relationship and a simple association.

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These findings will be of importance to dentists as well as clinicians, as periodontal infection could become a modifiable risk factor for the development of several systemic diseases, and this may result in advances in the prevention of those conditions.

teoclastogenesis via an osteoblast-independent pathway. Infect Immun. 2002; 70: 3143–8. [PubMed] 11. Jacobs R, Ghyselen J, Konincks P, van Steeberghe D. Long-term bone mass evaluation of mandible and lumbar spine in a group of women receiving hormone replacement therapy. Eur J Oral Sci. 1996; 104: 10–6. [PubMed]

Lastly, oral health has direct and/or indirect effects on the individual’s general health. Both dentists and physicians should recognize the increasing significance of this relationship in modern health care. Dentists should increase their awareness and their clinical exposure to relevant systemic diseases to be able to interact meaningfully about these issues with their medical colleagues. Team approach is strongly advocated for the management of severe periodontal disease associated with relevant systemic conditions.

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Oral Pathology The Relationship between Periodontal Disease and Systemic Disease

5.–7. February 2019 Hall 7, Stand: 7D17

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Dental cast objects IMPRIMO® LC Cast

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Gingival masks IMPRIMO® LC Gingiva

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Asiga MAX : TM

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fill-quantity monitoring

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individual support for the complete service life

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SCHEU-DENTAL GmbH Dubai Office phone +971 50 6255046

Dent Assoc. 2008; 139: 541. [PubMed]


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Simplification of Endodontic Treatment Using the 2Shape System Abstract

Wael Batbout Post graduate student

Emna Hidoussi Assistant Professor

Neila Zokkar Professor

Aim: This work describes clinical cases treated with an innovative endodontic nickel-titanium system (2Shape® system) used in continuous rotation.

Case description: We presented two clinical cases treated with 2Shape® system. It is used for complete shaping of root canal after an adequate preflaring.

Background: Nickel titanium files are commonly used for root canal treatment but they tend to break because of bending stresses and torsional stresses.

Conclusion: 2Shape® seems to be helpful for the treatment of most of the root canals, with low risk of separation. The respect of clinical protocol guarantees predictable good results.

Today new instruments used on rotary have been introduced. They help the clinician to make the root canal shaping easier and safer.

Key Words: Root canal shaping, Irrigation, Nickel-Titanium instrument

Introduction The main aim of root canal treatment is to clean and shape properly the root canal system. This objective can be achieved only when there is a continuous tapering of the root canal which helps the irrigating solution to flow easily within the canal. This will allow a better removal of the debris and a proper placement of the obturating material 1. Although mechanical preparation and chemical disinfection cannot be considered separately and are commonly referred to as chemomechanical or biomechanical preparation2. Considerable importance should be given not to cut excessive dentin to get adequate taper of the canal. So, the challenge for every file system is to clean and shape the root canal without cutting the excessive dentin. With the introduction of nickel titanium in endodontics, difficulties like curved canals leading to instrument fracture which were commonly encountered using stainless steel files are solved. Nickel titanium files are flexible, have good elasticity and have more resistance to fracture. They also help to maintain the original canal anatomy 3. Department of Restorative Dentistr y- Endodontics , Faculty of Dental Medicine, Monastir, Tunisia


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The property of super-elasticity and strength of the Nickel Titanium alloy have made it possible to manufacture rotary instruments with double, triple and quadruplet taper compared to the traditional standard .02 taper of the stainless steel hand instruments 4. December 2018

Hall 8 Booth #836

100% + exible*

A single le, in continuous rotation

2,4 X

more resistant* to fracture (cyclic fatigue) * in comparison with conventional NiTi Data MICRO-MEGA R&D


Two les to shape Simple protocol Flexible Cleaning efficiency

MICRO-MEGA : 5 -12, rue du Tunnel - 25006 Besançon Cedex - France -


The superelasticity of NiTi instruments allows obtaining a constant tapered root canal but in clinical practice they are always exposed to the risk of fracture 5. Nowadays many instruments are developed by manufacturers in order to reduce this fracture risk. Therefore, knowledge of both clinical guidelines and metallurgical properties of Ni-Ti rotary instruments is critical for their successful use. These evolutions reduced significantly file breakage that nevertheless was still haunting NiTi users and pushed forward the researches into new directions. Thermo-mechanical treatment of endodontic wires prior, during or post machining of endodontic files enhanced the flexibility of these files.

Simplification of Endodontic Treatment Using the 2 Shape System

These innovative treatment procedures opened the way for a totally new area of NiTi alloy with specific microstructural atomic composition. Combining the cumulative knowledge on file design and new heat treatment procedures. Recently, a new file system has been introduced to simplify instrumentation protocols and to reduce stresses. The 2Shape® system (Micro Mega®) is made of nickel titanium alloy and is intended for the root canal treatment till the apex. This system consists of two instruments the TS1 and TS2 files with a tip size respectively 004 and 006 constant taper. These files are used in continuous rotary and the main characteristic is the asymmetrical cross sectional design of the working portion. The aim of this study was to report two clinical cases treated endodontically with 2Shape® system (Micro Mega®).

Case Report Case 1 A 40 year old male referred to the Department of Conservative dentistry and Endodontics of the University Dental Clinic of Monastir with the chief complains of pain in the right mandibular region. The medical history was not contributory. According to the clinical examination an initial diagnosis of irreversible pulpitis related to the first right mandibular molar was made and previously treated on emergency. Radiographic examination showed proximal caries approaching the distal pulp horn with no periapical radiolucency (Fig 1).

Fig. 1

Figure 1: Pre-operative radiography


Dental News

Root canal therapy was planned in single visit. Rubber dam was placed, and straight line access was obtained using round bur, Endo Z bur. Four orifices were located and cleaned. One Flare® (Micro Mega®) instrument was used to relocate canals orifices. Then glide path was achieved with manual 10, 15 K Files. Working length determination was done with electronic apex locator. Cleaning and shaping carried out using 2Shape® system (Micro Mega®) with copious irrigation with 2.5% sodium hypochlorite solution. Root canals were obturated with sealer zinc oxide and gutta percha points using the lateral condensation technique (Figure 2). The coronal seal was performed by composite resin. Fig. 2

Figure 2: Post operative radiography December 2018

Case 2



A 35-year-old female patient was referred to the Department of Endodontics and conservative dentistry of the University Dental Clinic of Monastir with the chief complaint of pain and difficulty in mastication in the right mandibular region. The medical history was not contributory. During the clinical examination the first left mandibular molar revealed a painful response to percussion and a negative response to the pulp vitality test. Periodontal probing was within the normal limits. Radiographic examination revealed periapical radiolucency (Figure 3).

mectron s.p.a., Italy, tel +39 0185 35361,,

Fig. 3

→ one device, two indications – easy switch from supra to subgingival air-polishing with a PROPHY to PERIO turn → optimal access thanks to 3 available nozzles – 90°, 120°and PERIO

Figure 3: Pre-operative radiography The clinical diagnosis was acute periapical periodontitis and an endodontic treatment was indicated. The access cavity under Rubber dam was performed using round bur and Endo Z bur. The working length was determined using an apex locator with K-files and confirmed radiographically (Figure 4). Fig. 4


Figure 4: periapical radiograph showing the Working Lengths determination





The canal shaping was done using 2Shape® system and was prepared till the TS2 file of this system. Between filing, copious irrigation of root canal was performed with 2,5% sodium hypochlorite solution. The canal was dried with paper points and filled with calcium hydroxide. The access cavity was sealed provisionally with a coronal filling cement ready for use (Cavit®). After 2 weeks, the patient presented to continue root canal treatment. The clinical examination revealed that the tooth was asymptomatic.

Fig. 5

Figure 5: Post operative radiography

Simplification of Endodontic Treatment Using the 2 Shape System

The calcium hydroxide was removed and irrigation with 2,5% sodium hypochlorite and 17% EDTA solutions was made. Canals were obturated with gutta percha cones using eugenol based sealer and then the cavity was filled with amalgam (Figure 5). The patient was recalled after six months for follow up. He was asymptomatic and radiographically apical radiolucency showed the significant healing of the periapical lesion (Figure 6).

Fig. 6

Figure 6: Six Month Follow up radiograph

Discussion Successful endodontic therapy relies on accomplishment of the objectives of endodontic therapy through the cleaning, shaping and root canal filling 10. Traditionally, the shaping of root canals was achieved by the use of stainless steel hand files. However, techniques using stainless steel hand files have several drawbacks. They require the use of numerous hand files and drills to adequately prepare the canals 11. Hand instrumentation with stainless steel files is time consuming. The stainless steel hand instrumentation techniques have an increased incidence of canal transportation 11. Nickel titanium rotary shaping files fundamentally changed everything in endodontics; conceptually, procedurally and economically as well. NiTi rotary files made root canal therapy more accessible. The 2Shape® has been introduced to prepare majority of the root canals with only two files. According to the principles of minimally invasive endodontics 12, the 2Shape® system allows preserving the tooth as much as possible. This system is simple to use. The majority


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of canals are shaped by two instruments, TS1 and TS2. Simplified intuitive sequence with 2 shaping instruments in continuous rotation directly at the working length. It is developed for using in continuous clock wise rotation with rotational speed at 350 rpm and torque setting at 2Ncm. The main characteristics of these instruments are: - An inactive tip to guide the instrument avoiding any risk of perforation 13 - A symmetrical Cross section with 3 cutting edges: the perfect compromise between cutting efficiency and debris removal. The asymmetrical cross section reduces the risk of instrument fracture. - A progressively increasing pitch to avoid the screwing and to further improve flexibility - 2Shape® has been heat treated using the T. Wire method, which improves the instrument flexibility (40%) and provides the practitioner with added comfort 13. December 2018

Its protocol requires an adequate preflaring before the root canal shaping. Preflaring, Canal Scouting and Glide Path are the first phases of canal instrumentation and it has also been noted that, during these phases, the clinician might more frequently encounter procedural difficulties. These problems include instrument fracture, ledge formation, canal zipping or canal straightening, strip perforation, apical perforation, elbow formation and apical blockage. All of these errors can lead to incomplete debridement of the root canal system and contribute to decreased success rates of endodontic therapy. The minimal size of the endodontic Glide path should be a “super loose No. 10” endodontic file. The Glide path must be discovered if already present in the endodontic anatomy or prepared if it is not present 14. This can be done either with manual files 15 or with rotary files 16 such as Path files® or One G®. The advantage of a pre-shaping lies in securing the future passage of the tip of the shaping instrument. Both instruments (TS1 and TS2) have the same Instrumental dynamics. It is a progressive movement in three

waves (3 up-and-down movements) with upward circumferential filing movement. The instruments are inserted in rotation into the root canal until a resistance can be felt. At the end of each progression, we have to perform a brushing movement in order to eliminate the primary constraints. Then, the instrument is removed from the canal and cleaned. The canal is irrigated with 3% sodium hypochlorite and permeabilized with K file (15 /100). All the portions of the canal (cervical, middle and apical) are thus shaped successively according to a “crown-down” approach. Two to three cycles are usually sufficient to reach the working length. In some cases, we require greater apical preparation, either because the canal is naturally wide or because the canal is infected and therefore the shaping and canal cleaning must be optimized 17. In these cases, one of the apical finishing instruments of the 2Shape® system is used. Either the F35 (35 / 100th tip diameter and 6% taper), or the F40 (40 / 100th tip diameter and 4% taper) for the rather curved canals. Their dynamics of use is identical to that of other 2Shape® instruments.

SIMPLE AND VERSATILE From anterior restorations to mock-ups, the reusable Uveneer direct composite template system allows you to work smarter and faster with predictable, beautiful results.





Quickly and easily create beautiful anterior restorations for one or multiple teeth

Give your patients beautiful temporaries during porcelain veneer fabrication

Create a shade template for porcelain veneers

Easily prepare direct chairside mock-ups to show the patient before conducting the procedure

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Simplification of Endodontic Treatment Using the 2 Shape System


4. Ruchi G, Annil D, Neha A, Vikrant. A new approach to single file endodontics: Neoniti rotary file

The 2Shape® system allows obtaining a good canal preparation with a sense of efficiency, security and flexibility. Also it perfectly preserves the root dentine. For these reasons the 2Shape® system seems to be helpful for the treatment of most of the root canals.

system International Journal Of Advances In Case Reports, 2015; 2(16):1030-1032. 5. Sattapan B, Nevro GJ, Palamara JE, Messer HH. Defects in rotary nickel-titanium files after clinical use. I Endod 2000 ; 26 :161-165.


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3. Rodrigues R. (2011). Influence of different manufacturing methods on the cyclic

Influence of rotational speed, torque and operator’s

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proficiencey on ProFile failure.

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Glass Ionomer Filling Cement • For fillings of classe I, III and IV • Excellent biocompatibility and low acidity • High compressive strength • No temperature rise during setting • Enamel-like translucency • Excellent radiopacity • Stable and abrasion resistant

16. Berutti E et al. Use of nickel-titanium rotary PathFile to create the glide path : comparison with manual preflaring in simulated root canals. J Endod 2009 ; 35 (3) : 408-412. 17. Coldero LG, McHugh S, McKenzie D, Saunders WP. Reduction in intracanal bacteria during root canal preparation with and without apical enlargement. Int Endod J 2002 ; 35 (5) : 437-446.

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December 2018





• Fibre-optic. • Quadruple spray.

• 1:1 direct ratio contra-angle.

• Anti-retraction valve.

• Ergonomic design.

• Quick stop function.

• Smart coat – scratch resistant and better grip.

• Smaller head. • New “smart coat” – scratch resistant and better grip.

• ISO slider. • Single spray.

• Available in standard & mini head.

• Fibre-optic glass rod.

• 2 year warranty.

• Made in Germany.

Available fittings for Ultimate turbines Bien Air® KaVo®

• Titanium body.



NSK® W&H® Sirona®



Made in Germany

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What can composite do? Because of the demands routinely placed on it, the classic material composite often has to withstand more than some materials used in space research. International opinion leaders have been asked what it is that modern high-performance composites can now achieve and what concrete tips experts have for easier handling of the material in the dental practice. The usual requirements profile for the all-rounder composite is an ambitious list: a reliable restoration material should be mechanically stable, as long-lived as possible, biocompatible and highly aesthetic. It should also be easy to manipulate while enabling the dentist to work cost effectively. The current trend in material research is for in-house development of high-performance composites that mimic the natural properties of the teeth such as the low modulus of elasticity or extra long-lasting gloss.


Dental News

Fig. 1

Figure 1: BRILLIANT EverGlow syringes

Within the framework of meetings with international key opinion leaders, the pioneers of aesthetic filling therapy have developed new ideas for dental practices and continually add to their range of diverse composite solutions. Aesthetically challenging restorations are, for example, prepared with the wide range of shades available in the MIRIS 2 system.

This biomimetic approach ensures that the restoration blends in harmoniously with the hard tooth structures of the particular patient.

The dimensionally stable, nano-hybrid composite Synergy D6, on the other hand, can be easily modelled. The latest gem from the company’s research laboratories in Altstätten is a range of premium composites known as ‘BRILLIANT’ and for good reason.

For decades, the Swiss dental specialist COLTENE has regularly surveyed aesthetic experts and restoration professionals around the world about their experiences with universal composite.

Renowned dentists from around the world can testify to the exceptional material properties of the system based on the experience they have gathered in their routine treatments. December 2018


What can composite do?

Fig. 2




Figure 2a – c: Thanks to the wide range of shades available, dark areas can be rapidly and effectively camouflaged with an opaque composite

Simple shade management and ideal shade integration As a renowned specialist for cosmetic dentistry, Dr Monik Vasant from London requires a restoration material that above all satisfies the most stringent aesthetic requirements. What is critical here is both good gloss retention and abrasion resistance but also the necessary translucence to create a natural look. He has used BRILLIANT EverGlow since its market launch in 2015: ‘Thanks to the predictable results, I use the material in all sorts of situations, every time I want to work using traditional VITA shades.’ In the Duo shade system, each composite mass covers two classic VITA shades from A1/B1 to A4/C4.

According to Vasant, minimally invasive restorations that are visually appealing can be reliably implemented in a single layer even without ceramic using BRILLIANT EverGlow. Filling margins can be easily veneered thanks to the opacity of the material and the affected tooth does not require additional preparation.

Each of the seven universal (body) shades integrates almost seamlessly into its surroundings. For the highest aesthetic requirements, one of two enamel shades can be used to create translucent incisal edges or a youthful appearance for anterior teeth. To mask highly discoloured teeth and any shade deviations, it is recommended to use one of three opaque shades.

It can also be polished to produce a high gloss that is maintained, a property intrinsic to the material.’ The restorative dentistry specialist closely follows current developments in the manufacture and research of new high-performance composites.

Fig. 3

Figure 3: Flow variants remain in place thanks to their thixotropic properties and can be modelled until polymerisation at the practitioner’s leisure


Dental News

The principle dentist of the Smile Design Clinic in Moscow, Dr Zhanna Lipkind, agrees with her British colleague: ‘The universally applicable composite is now an integral part of my routine work. Outstanding results can be achieved with just a single shade.

Fig. 4

Figure 4: The universal composite BRILLIANT EverGlow provides glossy results

December 2018

Application and layering strategy

Fig. 5

The American Dr Ross Nash, founder of the institute of dental learning of the same name in Huntersville, also values the rapid polishability of the composite using diamond burs or silicone polishers suitable for composite. The time savings that result from using naturally brilliant materials cannot be underestimated, particularly with the heavily booked schedules of some joint practices. In the same vein, his Portuguese colleague Dr João Carlos Tomas Ramos from the University of Coimbra praises the intuitive handling of the biomimetic material: ‘Both the shade selection and the actual restoration using natural layering are simple and effective.’

Figure 5: BRILLIANT EverGlow family

Fig. 6

Dr Vasant states that a filler material suitable for routine use can be comfortably modelled until it polymerises without slumping. Good wettability also ensures that dimensionally stable composite adheres to bonded tooth surfaces and not to the instrument. Jörg Schwela, a private dentist in Switzerland, recommends using a low-viscosity option as a liner on the base of the cavity or when filling difficult to access areas. Thanks to the application needle that is supplied, the composite is applied directly onto the bonded surface from the syringe in a controlled manner. High-performance composites have long maintained an important position in routine use in Germany as well, said practice owner Dr Sylvia Rahm. ‘For me, the future of restorative dentistry lies in minimally invasive adhesive technology,’ said the leader of many workshops and continuing education sessions on the topic of innovative anterior restoration. ‘BRILLIANT EverGlow is the filling and luting material for everyday use. The smooth consistency enables confident modelling by hand.’ Even in the CAD/CAM area, composite-based solutions are being used more and more often thanks to their dentine-like modulus of elasticity and their exceptional grinding precision. Luting is carried out with a custom bonding system, the universal composite of the same name or, depending on the clinical situation, a dual-curing cement from the same manufacturer. The name of the BRILLIANT product family is also clearly a part of the program according to Dr Rahm: ‘The material is impressive primarily because of its long-lasting gloss even with minimal polishing. The design of the fissures remains wonderfully preserved in the process.’ Clarence Tam, managing director and owner of the New Zealand Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (NZACD),

Figure 6: Demonstration model with CAD/CAM generated dental restoration based on composite

describes in similar terms the outstanding chameleon effect that she has observed in her previous cases: ‘The satin-like appearance always looks really good in the follow-up examination, provided you can tell by just looking exactly where the prepared restoration is hidden.’

Summary Modern high-performance composites offer the dentist a range of possible applications. While ‘self-flowing’ low-viscosity variants can make treating difficult to access sites considerably easier, CAD/CAM blocks based on composite enable cost-effective and efficient preparation of permanent restorations using digital technology. Unlike more brittle materials such as ceramic, composite has the additional advantage that any corrections that are needed can be quickly and easily processed and repaired at any time. International specialists recommend applying a submicron universal composite such as BRILLIANT EverGlow directly from the application tip onto the bonded surface and then polishing the restoration to a brilliant shine in just a few steps.

Advertorial Dr. Deborah Horch Düsseldorf, Germany

OXYSAFE® – The Effective Treatment of Periodontitis and Periimplantitis by Innovative Oxygen Technology The utmost goal of a successful periodontal or periimplantal therapy should not only be the removal of the inflammatory process, but the regeneration of the periodontal tissue as well. Usually, a onetime mechanical measure (débridement), such as scaling and root planing, is not sufficient and just the first step in periodontal therapy. OXYSAFE (Hager & Werken) does not only convince by its fast wound healing and reduction of tooth pocket depth by new oxygen technology, but it offers an individual treatment concept for a long-term periodontal prophylaxis as well. More than 11.5 mill. German citizens suffer from a bacterial inflammation of the periodontium. Non-treatment of this inflammation leads to an extensive infection fast accompanied by reduction of periodontal bone tissue, not rarely ending in tooth loss. Common risk factors promoting this development are poor mouth hygiene, smoking, diabetes, stress as well as a genetic predisposition. Meanwhile, more German citizens lose their teeth due to periodontitis than due to caries. Periodontitis has become the most common chronic disease in Germany. The etiopathology is often underestimated, as it is often free of pain and even frequent gum bleeding is not taken seriously by the patient. Only when tooth pockets filled with bacteria arise, the patient suffers from strong halitosis


Dental News

and talks about it with the dentist. In extreme cases, we only see the patient at the time when the receded gingiva has already completely exposed the neck of the tooth and/or even the jawbone has been affected. Similarities can be seen in the topic of periimplantitis. The fact that periimplantitis is a chronic disease that may affect up to 30 % of the implants within 5 years and that also causes inflammations is often ignored. Each year, more than 1 million tooth implants are inserted in Germany alone. The scar tissue surrounding the implant offers only reduced protection versus the natural gingiva, so bacteria can basically penetrate easier. And if even a periimplantal mucositis has developed, the inflammatory processes start their course. Without treatment these inflammations often end up in the loss of the implant. Former treatment concepts, like gingivectomy, are no longer applied nowadays because of the risk of hypersensitivities resp. of a poor esthetic result. So-called local device delivery systems offer an alternative. These are local applications of anti-inflammatory agents. There is a diversity of different systems varying in the active agents. The penetration of the biofilm is limited physically, when using antibiotics and chlorhexidine preparations. The molecules are too big to pass the biofilm with the December 2018

causative bacteria. Additionally, a systemic antibiotherapy should only be performed under strict indication due to the associated and undesirable side effects. Also the administration of chlorhexidine over a longer time period affects the natural oral flora, so the use should be temporarily limited in time. Searching for the optimal alternative, we discovered the OXYSAFE products for the first time during the IDS. These products are available in two versions: OXYSAFE Professional Perio Protection Gel for the dentist and OXYSAFE Professional Liquid Mouthwash for domestic after-care. The patented technology is based on active oxygen (hydrocarbon–oxygen complex) being activated by contact to the mucosa. By this, the active oxygen is directly released into the area to be treated thus significantly reducing anaerobic bacteria. Simplified: The proteins in the biofilm oxidate thus obtaining an enhanced penetrability of the biofilm deeply into the gingival pocket. The anaerobic bacteria are deprived of their nutrition base, they are dissolved in the cell walls thus being destroyed. So, OXYSAFE eliminates harmful anaerobic bacteria (mainly in the pockets), which are responsible for periodontitis and periimplantitis.

Picture 1: 50-year old male patient presents himself with a chronic, generalized periodontitis. Apparent hyperplastic gingiva.

Furthermore, the micro-environment enriched with oxygen has got a verifiably positive effect on the regeneration of the peridontially harmed gingiva and the gingival pockets. The OXYSAFE Perio Protection Gel is available for the dentist in a ready-for-use 1 ml syringe with a fine synthetic application cannula guaranteeing an economic and precise dosage. Although OXYSAFE acts antibacterially and fungicidally, it does not cause any cell death in erythrocytes or leukocytes. Mucosa cells and osteoblasts remain untroubled alike. A significant diminution of the pocket depth and even a remission of the gingiva can be determined from the first treatment phase. OXYSAFE had also been tested in diverse independent studies. A study of the Nijmwegen University proved the reduction of bacteria responsible for periodontitis as well as a reduction of the pocket depth of 56 %. A significant healing effect and partially even a re-osseointegration could be observed in 75 % of all periimplantitis patients (even in smokers). Also the treatment of chronic wounds with turned out to be especially effective. A improvement in many cases even a wound healing could be observed in 81 diabetes patients.

Picture 2: Condition after mechanical periodontitis therapy, followed by application of OXYSAFE in region 14 to 24. Patient senses a slight prickling and warmth due to active oxygen reaction.

OXYSAFE significant complete % of the

Picture 3: Clinical result 4 weeks after treatment. Patient uses OXYSAFE mouthwash collaterally to treatment. Apparent rosy gingiva free of inflammation.

New Book

Misch’s Avoiding Complications in Oral Implantology Avoiding Complications in Oral Implantology See how to effectively manage ALL dental implant complications throughout ALL phases of treatment! Avoiding Complications in Oral Implantology provides evidence-based management protocols for a wide range of implant problems such as placement complications, malpositioning, bleeding, infection, and nerve injuries. Hundreds of highquality, full-color photos and illustrations clearly demonstrate the complications and their resolution. Edited by Carl Misch, Randolph Resnik and Jon Suzuki — well-known names in dental implantology and prosthodontics — and with a team of expert contributors, this authoritative guide helps you handle the implant-related complications that can occur as more and more patients choose dental implants.

Shanghai, China meeting and book signing, by Prof. Jon Suzuki

Taiwan book signings, by Prof. Jon Suzuki


Dental News

December 2018

The mega trend 3D printing: Advertorial

Dentistry is heading the field and creating new opportunities 3D printing is still considered to be a possible “game changer”: New treatment methods, new forms of team work, new business models. Dentistry is one of the pioneers. The current opportunities for the practice and laboratory are within grasp - at the International Dental Show, 12 to 16 March 2019, in Cologne. According to a current analysis, the worldwide market for 3D printing products in the industry is estimated to grow by between 13% and 23% up to a volume of Euro 22.6 billion by 2030. Specifically in the medical technology sector it is estimated to increase from Euro 0.26 billion (status: 2015) up to Euro 5.59 billion (2030). According to the estimations of the experts, the development will occur in two phases: primarily the “reinvention” of existing products up until around 2020, then increasingly innovative materials and optimised printing methods. In the industry comparison, 3D printing is experiencing the strongest growth in the medical and dentistry sectors. Hence the dentists, dental technicians and the dental industry are taking on a natural pioneer role.


Dental News

of plastic for instance. Market researchers see the biggest opportunities for orthodontic appliances, prostheses, crowns, bridges, aligners and models. Wide sections of which have in the meantime become areas of application in the laboratory and practice. This manufacturing process continually attracts special attention with spectacular applications. For example, in the prophylaxis segment an individualised, 3D imprinted dental floss holder is one of the advanced developments. Vivid images prove effective for the communications. A digitally modelled smile agreed upon together with the patient serves here as the template for an imprinted 3D model, this is in turn used to produce a negative of the patient’s teeth in a silicone key and ultimately a thin “veneer simulation” of the actual restoration for an initial aesthetic check in the patient’s mouth.

The printing of bases using the laser-controlled method has long since established itself, whereas dental models are made out December 2018

5.–7. February 2019 Hall 7, Stand: 7D17

Occlusal splints and drilling templates IMPRIMO® LC Splint

A robot also managed to implant two 3D imprinted teeth into a patient’s mouth. And to reproduce the original form of the jaw after removing oral tumors, the defect can be scanned today and a template produced using the 3D printing method.

Dental working models IMPRIMO® LC Model

This serves to extract a precisely matching block of bone from another part of the body (i.e. calf) which is subsequently fitted into the mouth - for the patient this is approx. an eight hour “all-in-one OP”. Talking about 3D printing in the singular form seems to be an under exaggeration today - there are namely so many different methods meanwhile. These include the stereolithography with a precision degree in the lower two-digit micrometre area, which is suitable for instance for drilled templates and which can be used for a wide range of resins in the dentistry sector. Furthermore, the DLP method is also available: It excels because it is extremely fast because due to the one-time exposure (instead of a dancing laser beam) the respective next layer of the object hardens as quick as lightening. The polyjet method attains an extremely high degree of precision (16 micrometres). It functions most similarly to the familiar office printer and doesn’t require support constructions and material post-processing.

DLP 3D printerSolFlex 350/650

From plastic to metal imprints: Here one is familiar with selective laser melting, selective laser sintering (SLS), direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) or lasercusing: The crowns, bridges and denture bases (“digital model casting bases”) are made out of non-precious metal dental alloys or titanium.

Individual functional trays IMPRIMO® LC Impression

Dental cast objects IMPRIMO® LC Cast

The International Dental Show (IDS) from 12 to 16 Transfer masks March 2019 in Cologne presents the entire spectrum IMPRIMO LC IBT of methods and applications already implemented today, including the 3D printing of models of all kinds, from implant masks, drilling templates, casted designs masks (individual), impression trays, splints (incl. Gingival occlusal LC Gingiva IMPRIMO splints), from transfer keys, from aligner films and from long-term temporary restorations made of plastic as well as printing crown and bridge bases, from bars and denture bases made of alloys. The suppliers will explain the characteristics of imprintable materials, software solutions and services appropriate for the practice and laboratory at the exhibition stands. ®


Asiga MAXTM:

“A great deal has become possible in this section that we For the digital process chain in practices and laboratories . wouldn’t have begun to imagine to this extent a few years ago and one thing is compact clear today: printing willmarket change the most UV HD 3D3D printer on the dental the digital process chains long-term, said Mark Stephen 62 μm resolution Pace, Chairman of(smart the positioning VDDI (Association the German SPS system) for preciseofprinting results Dental Manufacturers e.V.). fill-quantity monitoring individual support for the complete service life

“There are also clinical, technical and economic opportunities for innovative business models. The chances that arise there for one’s own practice SCHEU-DENTAL GmbH Dubai Office and one’s own laboratory demonstrated at the phone +971 50 6255046 International Dental Show in Cologne in 2019 more than at any other place.” IDS (International Dental Show) takes place in Cologne every two years and is organised by the GFDI Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Dental-Industrie mbH, the commercial enterprise of the Association of German Dental Manufacturers (VDDI) and is staged by Koelnmesse GmbH, Cologne.

‫‪Beirut International‬‬ ‫‪Dental Meeting 2018‬‬ ‫‪View More Pictures On‬‬ ‫‪‬‬

‫‪October 4 - 6, 2018‬‬ ‫‪Forum de Beyrouth‬‬ ‫‪Beirut, Lebanon‬‬

‫‪Picture from the opening ceremony: L to R: M.P. Ammar Houri, Pr Carlos Khairallah,‬‬ ‫‪H.E. Mr. Ghassan Hasbani, M.P. Kassem Hachem‬‬

‫فخامة رئيس الجمهورية اللبنانية العامد ميشال عون ممثالً بدولة الرئيس غسان حاصباين‪،‬‬ ‫أيها الحفل الكريم‪،‬‬ ‫أهالً وسهالً بكم يف مدينة بريوت ملتقى الحضارات‪ .‬إننا نر ّحب بكم يف مؤمتر بريوت الدويل الثامن والعرشون‬ ‫الذي ميثل نقطة اإللتقاء بني جميع األطباء اللبنانيني‪ ،‬العرب واألجانب كمعلم مم ّيز عىل الخريطة الط ّبية‬ ‫أله ّم املؤمترات الدول ّية يف منطقة الرشق األوسط‪ .‬املؤمتر هذا العام هو األكرب لتاريخه إن من الناحية العلم ّية‬ ‫كل من ساهم يف‬ ‫أو من حيث املعرض‪ ،‬ويأيت بعد جهود بُذلت عىل م ّر السنوات املاضية‪ ،‬لذلك أو ّد أن أشكر ّ‬ ‫تحضري وإنجاح هذا اللقاء الدويل من لجنة تنظيم ّية ‪ ،‬علم ّية ‪ ،‬تعليم مستمر وموظفي النقابة‪ .‬كام نحيطكم‬ ‫علام ً أن نقابتنا لها حضور ف ّعال يف الجمعيّات واإلتحادات املناطقية والعاملية ‪ ،‬فهي عضو ف ّعال يف اتحاد‬ ‫أطباء األسنان العرب الذي نستضيف إجتامعاته عىل هامش مؤمترنا هذا‪ ،‬منظمة دول الجوار ومنظمة األسنان‬ ‫العاملية (‪ )FDI‬إن هذه الجهود الكبرية التي بُذلت إلنجاح هذا اللقاء مل تثنينا عن متابعة الشؤون النقابية‬ ‫اإلعتيادية ومن ضمنها العمل عىل إعادة هيكلة نظام املحاسبة املعتمد يف النقابة ليتناسب مع املتطلّبات‬ ‫الحاليّة لألطباء‪ ،‬لذلك اعتمدنا نُظُم محاسبيّة جديدة تراعي أعىل درجات الدقّة والشفافيّة يف آن‪ .‬أ ّما فيام‬ ‫خص تعاضد اإلستشفاء اعتمدنا نفس معايري الشفافيّة يف متابعة الحاالت املرضيّة وذلك ملزيد من العدالة بني‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫األطباء وللمحافظة عىل أدىن زيادة سنوية ممكنة لإلشرتاكات (بني ‪ 4‬و ‪ ، )%7‬يف حني بلغت أكرث من ‪ %30‬يف‬ ‫بعض النقابات‪ .‬ميكننا القول أنه متك ّنا خالل السنوات املاضية من املحافظة عىل دميومة هذا الصندوق بالرغم‬ ‫من الظروف الصعبة التي مي ّر بها القطاع الص ّحي والتي س ّببت خسائر فادحة يف نقابات أكرب من نقابتنا بكثري‪.‬‬ ‫خص صندوق التقاعد ‪ ،‬لقد أعدنا تجديد كامل ملفات األطباء املتقاعدين من أجل تحديث أوضاعهم تم‬ ‫فيام ّ‬ ‫عىل اثره وقف املعاش التقاعدي عن غري املستحقني‪.‬‬ ‫واآلن بختام كلمتي‪ ،‬أو ّد أن أعلن رسمياً إفتتاح هذا املؤمتر وأمتنى لكم أياماً علمية مثمرة مع نخبة من ‪80‬‬ ‫محارضا ً لبنانيا ً وأجنبيا ً للتداول فيام بينكم بأحدث املستج ّدات يف مهنتنا‪.‬‬

‫الربوفسور كارلوس خريالله‬ ‫نقيب اطباء االسنان يف لبنان‬ ‫‪December 2018‬‬

‫‪Prof Carlos Khairallah,‬‬ ‫‪President of the Lebanese‬‬ ‫‪Dental Association‬‬

‫‪H. E. Mr. Ghassan Hasbani‬‬ ‫‪Representing the‬‬ ‫‪President of the Republic‬‬ ‫‪Dental News‬‬


Dr Mario Besek lecturing on new techniques in composites

Pr Essam Khalil live transmission in the Root Canal session

Dr Ghabi Kaspo explaining TMD and Orofacial pain

BIDM 2018 Speakers

Dr Willy Pertot, lecturing about endodontic retreatment

L to R: Dr George Schaib, Dr Ghada Bassil, Dr Andreas Krokidis Dr Roberto Turrini & Dr Tommaso Grandi lecturing at the BIDM 2018

Dr Ali Yaghi explaining clinical tips in endodontics


Dental News

December 2018

Dr Elias Khoury lecturing on bone regeneration

Pierre Khoury, Ziad Salameh, Fadl Khaled, Antoine Berberi, President of the LU Fouad Ayoub, Maria Saadeh Haddad, Riyad Bacho, Wissam Charrouf, Houssam Jassar, Mohamad Ezzedine Moha

BIDM 2018 Exhibition Floor

Carlos Khairallah, Brian Goodacre, Nadim El Baba, President of the American College of Prosthodontists

Antoine Karam, Colette Boueiz, Samer AlRifai, Amine Zoghby, Ghabi Kaspo, Antoine Khoury

Arab Dental Federation Board members: Dr Mahmoud Bahgat, Dr Yasser AlGendy, Dr Mohamed Eid Khalil

Mrs Josiane Dib, Drs Rita Boustani, Willy Pertot, Rahil Doueihy

Dr Amro Adel, Mr Ramy Selim Drs Husain Ghadanfari, Sami Maneh, Eyad Mugait from the Kuwait Dental Association

Drs Kamal and Carla Bsat Pofs. Tarek Abbas, Moushira Salah and Magid Amine from the Egyptian Dental Association

Mr Ziad Asali, Dr Cherif Massoud, Pr. Paul Boulos, Dean Joseph Makhzoumi, Dr Tony Dib


Dental News

December 2018

Pr Tony Daher, Drs Elie Abdo, Tony Dib

Forum de Beyrouth October 4 - 6

Drs. George Gebran, Ibrahim Nasseh, Ibrahim Shindi, Nour Habib, Tony Daher

Dr Ahmad Rizg with the Sudanese Dental Association members

Dr Ghada Bassil, Mrs Josiane Dib


BIDM 2018



Dental News

December 2018

LEADING DENTAL BUSINESS SUMMIT 38th International Dental Show

Cologne, 12-16 March 2019 12 March: Trade Dealer Day

ITI Congress Middle East October 18 - 19, 2018 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Group Picture of the Participants Dear All, On behalf of Middle East section LT, I would like to welcome you to Dubai, the heart of the Middle East. Following the consecutive success of the three ITI ME congresses that took place in 2011 (Beirut), 2012 (Abu Dhabi) and 2015 (Dead Sea), we decided to hold the 4th version to continue in serving our profession in the Middle East region.

Dr. Georges Gebran, Chair ITI Middle East Section

Dr. Georges Gebran, Dr. Stephen Chen 68

Dental News

In a world that’s fast becoming more and more commercial and malicious, blindly guided by finance and stock markets, even in the medical and pharmaceutical fields; ITI, with the support of its partner Straumann, is proud and enjoy its reputation to be: • Resistant to commercial pressure • A Sense of security in a commercial environment • A safe haven for evidence-based education and scientific research • having a single motto: medical ethics in its safe and honest approaches and recommendations. Dr. Georges Gebran Chair Middle East Section, International Team for Implantology

L to R; Drs: Lara Bekaen, Joseph Bassil, Stephen Chen, Khaled Nasser, Salma Al Jahdhami December 2018

Dr. Arwa El Sayed, Pr. Elie Maalouf, Pr. Daniel Buser, Dr. German Gallucci, Dr. Zaid Beqain, Dr. Khalid Said

Pr. Ronald Younis Pr. Daniel Buser

Pr. Ibrahim Nasseh Dr. Zoubeida ElYahfoufi

Pr. Elie Maalouf

Dr. Zaid Beqain

Dr. Stephen Chen

Dr. Arwa AlSayed

Dr. German Gallucci

Dr. Khalid Said

The Mediterranean Orthodontic Congress 6th MOIP Meeting October 24 - 26, 2018 Alexandria, Egypt

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The Egyptian Orthodontic Society Hosts the 6th Mediterranean Orthodontic Congress On October 24-26, 2018, the Orthodontic Organizations as well as individuals from the Mediterranean Countries met in Alexandria Egypt under the auspices of the Egyptian Orthodontic Society and its President, Professor Abbas Zaher, who successfully organized the 6th Mediterranean Orthodontic Congress and MOIP meeting. More than 450 Participants from Egypt and other Countries took part in this event. An exhibition of orthodontic products was organized concomitant with the congress with the participation of 20 local and international companies. The European Federation of Orthodontics (FEO) joined the Mediterranean Congress and conducted a scientific session for the FEO award winners to present their studies. In addition, the FEO board held an official meeting as well as a general assembly meeting for the delegates. 39 Egyptian and internationally renowned speakers took the podium to share their clinical and research experiences with fellow participants. In addition, to seven speakers representing the award winning of the European Federation of Orthodontics (FEO) awards. The FEO speakers were Drs. Stacy Quach, UK, Amira Aboul Naga, Egypt, Vasilios Zymperdicas, Greece, Roberto Rongo, Italy, Serrano Gonzales, Spain, Kersten Webster, UK and Andreas Detterbeck, Germany. Furthermore, they were joined by Drs. Hanan Ismail, Wael Rifaii, Mona Salah, Amr El Beily, Ahmed Kalza, Hind Salah, Mohamed Gamal Hassan and Mohamed Abdel Ghafour from Egypt. Associated with the congress functions, the Mediterranean Orthodontic Integration Project (MOIP) counselors conducted their general assembly over a business lunch and decided that the next Mediterranean congress will be hosted in Athens, Greece in 2020. furthermore, the council voted to have the following Mediterranean congress in Italy in 2022.


Dental News

Professor Abbas Zaher, president of the Egyptian Orthodontic Society December 2018

Prof Hassan Sallam, presenting the plenary lecture about the history of medicine in Alexandria and the Mediterranean basin

Prof Eric Liou, Pres. Taiwan Association of orthodontists

Dr. Roy Sabri from Lebanon

MOIP 2018 Speakers

Prof Walid Kenany presents Dr Chris Chang with the congress certificate after his presentation

Dr. Mohamed el Harby, Vice President of the Saudi Orthodontic Society

Prof Ahmed abdel Salam Eid, former head of Dept in Cairo university. honored for his contribution to the science and education of orthodontics in

Dr. Ravi Nanda awarded a honorary life membership in the Egyptian Orthodontic Society


Dental News

December 2018


Prof Giuseppe Siciliani, the founder of the Mediterranean Orthodontic integration project in 2005, being awarded a honorary life membership in the Egyptian Orthodontic Society

Alexandria, Egypt October 24 - 26

Prof Abbadi el Kadi and Dr Wael Massoud present the congress plaque to ORMCO company

MOIP 2018 Trophy Distribution

Drs. Abbas Zaher, Eric Liou, Zakaria Bentahar, Khaled Aboulazm

MOIP 2018

Prof Eric Liou, Pres. Taiwan Association of orthodontists, being awarded a honorary life membership in the Egyptian Orthodontic Society

Prof Walid Kenany from Alexandria between Drs Mohamed al Harby and Khaled al Badr from KSA

General Photo of the Audience

Middle Eastern Carriere Symposium Henry Schein Orthodontics November 2 - 3, 2018 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Picture of the attendees from the Henry Schein Orthodontics Middle Eastern Carriere Symposium Middle Eastern Carriere Symposium took place in Dubai, UAE on November 2 - 3, 2018. 220 Orthodontists joined the thrilling 2018 Middle Eastern Carriere Symposium at the Habtoor Palace, Dubai, UAE. During the symposium, renowned industry leaders shared a broad range of innovative, cutting-edge technologies and treatments that enhance the practice of orthodontics. Between the lecturers were: Dr. Luis Carrière from Barcelona, Spain. Dr. Khaled Hazem Attia from the Cairo University, Egypt Dr. Francesco Garino from Turin, Italy Dr. Dave Paquette from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA Dr. John Graham from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Dr. Bruce McFarlane from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada In addition to the knowledge gained through the educational program, this symposium was an opportunity to build strong, lasting partnerships and friendships; as it is truly the people that make Orthodontics special.

Dr. Dave Paquette animating the debate 76

Dental News

Dr. Luis Carrière December 2018

Dental Products

From A Name You Can Trust. Henry Schein Brand products are designed to be cost-effective with exceptional value. We offer you solutions to meet your dental procedure needs and make your practice more efficient. From gloves to curing lights, you will find many product options that help you achieve greater patient satisfaction, enhance your productivity, and increase your revenue. Our products have met high standards to earn the Henry Schein Seal of Excellence— your 100% guarantee of satisfaction. Rely on us to provide a broad selection of cost-effective products and ultimately, to improve your bottom line.

RELY ON US FOR QUALITY, SELECTION, PERFORMANCE, AND VALUE! Dubai, Business Bay, Churchill towers – Office tower, office 3405, contacts: Tel: +971 6 5252842 • Fax: +971 6 5531291 • Mobile: +971 50 4813292

Dr. Luis Carrière


Dr. Khaled Hazem Attia Dr. Francesco Garino

Dr. Dave Paquette Dr. John Graham

Dr. Bruce McFarlane 78

Dental News

December 2018

Photo from the Exhibition Floor

Dubai, UAE November 2 - 3



Adapted to Nature Single-file system Shape memory alloy Adaptive Core Preserves dentine, easy and safe


Discover our products on Swiss Pavilion, Hall 8, Booth 8E17-8F10

DFCIC 2018 10th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference November 9 - 10, 2018 Intercontinental Hotel Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Picture from the Audience During Prof. Christian Makary Lecture

Celebrating 10 years of Dental Facial Aesthetics The 2018 Dental Facial Cosmetic Conference & Exhibition celebrated its 10th anniversary this year on 09-10 November 2018. Over 38 international speakers and key opinion leaders, 27 lectures, 21 hands-on dental training courses, 10 poster presentations and over 30 free CME sessions took place during Dubai Dental Week (07-12 November 2018). The term “cosmetic dentistry” was invented in the 1990’s, but it actually dates back to the ancient times. It is well known that wooden sticks were used to clean their teeth for beauty and not for health reasons, in early 3000 BC. The Middle-East’s largest dental conference related to aesthetic dentistry once again opened it’s doors on 09 November 2018 at the InterContinental Hotel Dubai Festival City. The two day event featured interactive lectures, hands-on trainings, seminars, trade show exhibition and additional CME related events. Ten years together – one decade, learning through experience and exchange, the dental communities come together to contribute in the evolution of cosmetic dentistry and development within the field. Thanks to modern technologies and the fast growing evolving of the materials and techniques; cosmetic treatment from teeth whitening, laser procedures, composite fillings, dental bonding to veneers and dental implants, cosmetic dentistry is defining a new epoch. It has been incredible to experience the growth of this conference over the past decade, to review progress and challenges in cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry.


Dental News

Photo from the Lecture Room

Photo from the Exhibition Hall December 2018

Dr. Munir Silwadi, Conference Chairman & Scientific Program Advisor

Dr. Christian Makary, Lebanon Advanced Piezosurgery Techniques

Dr. Sylvia Rahm, Germany - All About Esthetic Composite Restoration

DFCIC 2018 Speakers

Prof. Paul Tipton, UK - Influence of Vertical Dimension On Facial Aesthetics

Prof. Andrea Mombelli, Switzerland Periodontics in The Implant Era. Dr. Carlos Sabrosa, Brazil - Simple Procedures in Modern Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Timothy Eldridge, UK - Botox & Filler: A Dental Facial Aesthetic Lecture 82

Dental News

December 2018

Dr. Eduardo Mahn - The Face and Tooth Integration In Modern Dentistry

Dubai, UAE November 9 - 10

Dr. Aisha Sultan president of the Emirate Dental Society

Dr. Nabil Sabiha

DFCIC 2018

L to R: Dr. Mollova, Mr. Deyanov, Drs: Abdulrahman Alezri, Fahed Al Shehri, Mohamed Obeida, Meshari Otaibi, Samir Thumairy

DFCIC 2018 Trophy Distribution

Pr. Mohamed Said Hamed

Dr. Tony Dib Mr. Sanjiv Gimmini from VITA

Mr. Husam Ghali from Mectron

Mr. Dietmar Goldmann from Coltene

ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL® Light-Cured Dental Adhesive

BISCO’s ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL allows you to standardize clinical protocols for effective delivery of adhesion. ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL is a light-cured, single-component dental bonding agent that combines etching, priming, and bonding in a single bottle. It simplifies restorative procedures by adapting to self-, total-, and selective-etch techniques and due to the low film thickness, ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL is easily spread thin allowing for easy cementation to tight-fitting crowns. ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL is compatible with all light-, self-, and dual-cured resin composites and cements for all direct and indirect bonding procedures. Other single-bottle adhesives may need more than 1 bottle for indirect restorations, but with ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL, no additional activator is required providing you a significant cost savings and guaranteed clinical effectiveness! website:

VITA AKZENT® Plus CHROMA STAINS: Quick assistance for shade corrections Chroma changes made easy!

Universal and efficient

Determining and communicating the correct tooth shade has a significant impact on the esthetic result of a restoration, particularly in monolithic treatments, where characterization with stains and glaze is becoming increasingly important. The CTE independence of VITA AKZENT Plus CHROMA STAINS means they can be applied to almost all ceramic materials, allowing a more chromatic shade to be achieved quickly and easily within a VITA classical A1–D4 shade group.

VITA AKZENT Plus CHROMA STAINS are CTE independent stains that can provide a change of shade saturation across the full ceramic range. This applies to all ceramic veneering systems: VITA VM, VITA VMK Master as well as VITA TITANKERAMIK. Now, even monolithic or veneered treatments based on CAD/CAM, such as VITABLOCS, zirconia VITA YZ (T and HT) and VITA SUPRINITY PC zirconia-reinforced glass ceramics can be modified quickly and efficiently to guarantee harmonious shade integration of the final restoration.

If the shade of a restoration fails to harmonize with the existing teeth during fitting or insertion, VITA AKZENT Plus CHROMA STAINS can be used as a rapid remedy; there is no need to remake the restoration. It is sufficient to carry out a stain fixation firing or stain/glaze firing in order to give the restoration more chroma and achieve a perfect shade match.


In general, the greater the change in chroma, the thicker the powder and liquid mix must be to achieve a higher chroma. The mix is made correspondingly thinner for finer chroma nuances. A straightforward stain fixation firing or combination firing with VITA AKZENT Plus Glaze (or VITA AKZENT GLAZE LT) will fix the chromatic change on the restoration.


Dental News

December 2018

G-ænial® Universal Injectable from GC An incredible high-strength restorative composite for all cavity classes. Stop covering! • Exceptional strength & wear resistance thanks to the combination of ultra-fine Barium fillers & GC’s Full-coverage Silane Coating (FSC) technology • Suitable for any cavity class without size limitation • Strong enough without the need to cover with a conventional composite

Start injecting! • Unique thixotropic viscosity, optimal for free-hand build-up of cusps • Shorter finishing steps as the anatomy is already created

Enjoy the handling! • New syringe design featuring easy extrusion & no uncontrolled flow-out • Optimal viscosity to easily separate the material from the tip • New tips with a long bendable needle for unparalleled access to difficult posterior cavities website:

PlanMill dentists to get even more choice The range of materials for PlanMill has been extended to include Tetric CAD and IPS e.max ZirCAD. The Tetric CAD composite blocks and the IPS e.max ZirCAD zirconium oxide materials have now been released for use with the PlanMill milling units (Planmeca). This provides practitioners with even more opportunities to produce high-quality restorations at chairside. In addition, three new shades have been added to the range of Telio CAD cross-linked PMMA blocks. Tetric CAD is an esthetic composite block designed for the efficient production of single-unit restorations. Due to the pronounced chameleon effect of the material, restorations made of Tetric CAD optically blend into the existing tooth structure to generate a natural esthetic integration. The block is easy to use and efficient to process: restorations can be milled and polished quickly and then seated using an adhesive technique. The new composite blocks are available in an MT and HT level of translucency, in five and four shades respectively and in sizes I12 and C14.

Zirconium oxide for thin wall thicknesses IPS e.max ZirCAD LT (low translucency) is a monolithic zirconium oxide block designed for crowns and 3-unit bridges. The material allows posterior crowns to be designed in a reduced wall thickness of 0.6 mm and anterior crowns in a reduced thickness of 0.4 mm due to its high mechanical strength of 1,200 MPa(a) and high fracture toughness of 5.1 MPa1/2(b). The reduced thicknesses increase the translucency of the restorations and benefit the esthetic outcome.

Extended range of shades for Telio CAD Shades B3, C2 and D2 have been added to the range of Telio CAD blocks for PlanMill. As a result, the cross-linked PMMA blocks are now available in nine LT shades (BL3, A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, in addition to the three new shades) and in two different block sizes (B40L and B55). website:

Are you Arepracticing you practicing minimally minimally invasive invasive dentistry? dentistry? Are your Are handpieces your handpieces identifying identifying and removing and removing caries? caries?

Are your Are handpieces your handpieces identifying identifying the margins the margins between between toothtooth colorcolor restorations restorations and healthy and healthy tooth? tooth?

Imagine the possibilities with Fluoresce™ HD Imagine saving chair time Imagine minimized invasiveness Imagine caries completely identified and removed IMAGINE ONE INSTRUMENT THAT DOES IT ALL

Call +1 530.717.3145 or email

INTRODUCING THE WORLD’S FIRST HANDPIECE LINE… …WITH CARIES DETECTION Dental professionals that utilize Fluoresce HD for caries excavation achieve a better combination of excavation time and successful removal of infected dentin compared to conventional excavation methods. High-intensity 405 nm (UV) LED light is emitted from fiber optic handpieces instead of white light.

During caries removal, the 405 nm light causes porphyrins emitted by caries to fluoresce orange/red and healthy tooth light green

With a highspeed or lowspeed handpiece, the dentist will only remove the orange/red caries, minimizing the removal of healthy tooth structure (minimally invasive) •

Maximizing tooth strength

Reducing risk of breakage

When all orange/red decayed tissue is removed, the preparation is complete

No probing, caries indicator dye, DiagnoCam photos, etc., are necessary

Saving substantial chair time (single instrument preparation)


Efficiency of 4 Caries Excavation Methods Compared Excavation Time (median) 400 300





326 242

Seconds (median)


F.A.C.E. (Fluorescence Aided Caries Excavation) is more accurate at identifying remaining decay than alternative methods, minimizing the risk of reinfection

a or al D ech ect ion eH om Det ent em ries onv a C Ch C



Fluoresce HD will reduce your excavation time by 24% vs. conventional methods!

“Shedding light on caries detection and intervention during a restorative procedure is easy, efficient and predictable with this evolved high-resolution fluorescence imaging technology.” RAM M. VADERHOBLI, DDS, MS Associate Professor of Clinical PRDS Director, Advanced Education in General Dentistry Post Grad Residency UCSF School of Dentistry


…WITH RESTORATIVE DETECTION Fluoresce HD allows the dental professional to detect toothcolored restorations more accurately, efficiently, and allows for a non-invasive diagnostic procedure. Today, the contemporary restoration techniques of tooth-colored restorations can match the color of the natural tooth better than ever. Margin of restoration

Causing misdiagnosis or false positives of toothcolored restorations more prevalent leading to false diagnosis and false patient records

More time-consuming and complicated

Less reliable results

Excessive or unnecessary removal of tooth structure during restorative procedures

Leaving composite remnants in the preparation will lower the quality and the durability of further adhesive restorations

Fluorescent green is composite filling

Discoloration due to defective restoration

Detection Time(s) Mean 800


600 400 200

“When our UCSF dental students were utilizing conventional methods to diagnose presumed caries on a natural tooth, we quickly realized the misdiagnosis after evaluating with the Fluoresce HD which displayed the caries were actually discolored defective restorations. Fluoresce HD would reduce the time for removing the defective restoration by half while practicing minimally invasive dentristry.” – RAM M. VADERHOBLI, DDS, MS

Dr. Mounzer Srour General Manager Antaradus Medical Supplies Dubai-UAE Phone: +971 50 643 1707

Detection Time(s) mean


0 Fluoresce HD (FIT)

Conventional Methods







IDS Cologne March 12 - 16

Lebanese University Beirut May 2 - 4

Saudi Dental Society Riyadh January 12 - 14

BIDM - Beirut October 3 - 5


ITALY EXPODENTAL Rimini May 12 - 16 AIO Chia Laguna June 13 - 15

SUDAN Sudanese Dental Association Afro Arab Conference January 12 - 14

IDEX Istanbul April 11 - 14

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES AEEDC February 5 - 7 CAD/CAM April 12 - 13


Over the years I followed the path of many colleagues in their professional empowerment. Through trial and error, I’ve figured out a few key character traits that helped hone their professional skills. Education, experience, and pursuit of excellence are three essential traits of a good dental professional. It’s also important to remember the rules outlined below. Continuing education is a key factor as technologies and materials are evolving and making our lives easier while giving a better service to our patients. Following the fields that we like most and being updated about the state of the art of these topics solidifies our decision making in the diagnostic and in the treatment plan. Treating a large number of patients, in or outside the private practice enriches our clinical experience in a positive way. The more you practice the better you will become. The pursuit of excellence takes determination and perseverance. I find that people tend to feel that they don’t need to pursue excellence in the small stuff, which is a wrong attitude. Taking care of the basics is a way to learn to take care of the more complicated tasks. We should always bear in mind that our goal is to deliver an excellent work.

Wishing you a year of success while pursuing excellence. Dental News

Yearbook 2019

Company name: A-dec Country of origin: United States of America Website:

“A-dec began with a simple idea: make the best better.” -Ken Austin, Founder & Co-owner A-dec. A-dec is the world’s leading manufacturer of dental chairs, delivery systems, and dental lights including the award-winning A-dec LED light. Mission: Provide a quality environment where people work together for the betterment of dentistry worldwide.

Description: A-dec’s long list of milestones includes some of the industry’s most revolutionary dental equipment. It’s no wonder. A-dec co-founders Ken and Joan Austin never strayed from a single-focused purpose: make the best better. Whether it’s advancing ergonomics, elevating infection control or integrating delivery system technologies, the results have added comfort, efficiency, and reliability to the world of dental care since 1964.





GULF PHARMACY P.O. Box 2576, Building 390, Road 3009, Block 330, New Zinj, Manama 330 Phone: +973 17 239399

DENTMED (K) LTD 3rd Floor, Darshan Towers, Woodvale Grove, Westlands, P.O. Box 43873, Nairobi, 00100 Phone: +254.20.4445307

ABDULREHMAN ALGOSAIBI G.T.C. Head Office Algosaibi Building, King Abdulaziz Avenue, P.O. Box 215 Riyadh, 11411 Phone: +966 1 479 3000

KUWAIT EGYPT HIGH TECHNOLOGY COMPANY 17 Omer Bin El Khattab Street Sheraton, P.O. Box 106, Heliopolis Area, Rawda Sheraton, Cairo, 11799 Phone: +201222183362

IRAQ TAMER LEVANT Italian City, Villa 570, Nawroz Post P.O. Box 50, Erbil Phone: +964 7501 440 400

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY COMPANY P.O. Box 44558, Hawally, 32060 Phone: +965 571 1760 +22247444

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES GULF & WORLD TRADERS L.L.C. P.O. Box 5527, Deira, Dubai Phone: +971 4 282 1717

LEBANON DROGUERIE TAMER S.A.L. Tamer - Sim Building, Midan Street Dekwaneh, P.O. Box 11-41 Phone: +961 1 694 000

OMAN BAHWAN HEALTHCARE CENTRE LLC P.O. Box 169, PC 100, Ruwi Way 2716 Bldg 996, CBD Area, Muscat Phone: +968 246 59778

YEMEN MOHAMMED A. SHAMLAN & SONS GROUP Street No. 5, Haddaa Assakaniah Zone P.O. Box 1138 (Tahreer), Sana’a Phone: +967 1472 533


A-dec 300 LED

Accurate. Economical. Reliable. Designed specifically for dentists who want the clarity and accuracy of A-dec’s premium, award-winning lights in a simple, economical version, the A-dec 300 LED brings doctors an economically priced light, without sacrificing the optical fidelity or quality and durability. In the surgery, a clean, white light that replicates true-to-life tones with a balanced color spectrum is key to a dentist’s ability to properly diagnose. The A-dec LED consistently produces 5,000 Kelvins and a high CRI of 94 to flood the oral cavity with light. It also features “stadium lighting” that diminishes shadowing, and a soft, feathered edge that reduces eye fatigue.

Comfort is further enhanced with the quiet, passive cooling design that keeps the light, dental staff and patient cool. The A-dec 300 LED also consumes 80-90% less power and is more than 20% brighter than halogen lights, with a life expectancy of 40,000 hours.

A-dec 200 No-Compromise Performance and Real A dec Value A-dec, a global leader in dental equipment, introduces A dec 200™, with input from dental professionals around the world to accommodate the wide range of practice styles found in global markets. The space-saving chair-mounted delivery system includes a telescoping assistant’s arm and an oversized tray to hold everything the dental team needs. The new multi-axis light provides easy and precise positioning of illumination, and the cuspidor rotates conveniently to the patient when needed. The chair, light and cuspidor functions are easily controlled from A dec’s modern touchpad and small and large practices will enjoy the open platform that leaves room to add or change ancillary devices for peak performance now, and in the future.

Dental News

Yearbook 2019

Company name: Takara Belmont Corporation Country of origin: Japan Website: Takara Belmont has been contributing to people’s wish to stay healthy and beautiful through a century of our history. Founded in Japan in 1921, and we drew on our hydraulic technology and began manufacturing dental chairs in 1960s. Our products are designed and developed to support dentist, forging a bond of trust with their patients. Belmont is a pioneer of the base-mount-type doctor table that is designed to reduce the dentist’s work-related pain. Based on the spirit of Japanese manufacturing, each belmont chair is the result of more than 50 years of product research and development, meticulous engineering expertise and innovative production methods.

Through our worldwide network of offices and subsidiaries, Belmont continually monitors current industry and market needs as we strive to design and introduce high quality, creative products that help increase work efficiency and productivity.


EXPERT DENTAL INDUSTRY R. Ben Aissa Madani-Ain Azel-Setif Phone: +213 36 83 47 02


MEDICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL SERVICES CO. W.L.L. Building 1877 Office 4 Road 2124 Block 321 Phone: (Mobile) +97337771867


SAFWAN EGYPT 10 Lebanon St., Mohandessen, Giza Phone: +202 33022792,


ARDIN CO. App.#12,#64, Next to the Mehrshad Alley, Saiedi St. Africa Blvd., Tehran Phone: +98 21 22 65 59 53 TASVIR TEB HUMERS 199, Zafar St, Modares Highway, Tehran Phone: +98 21 2222 9155


NASEEM BAGHDAD COMPANY FOR MEDICAL & LABORATORY EQUIPMENT TRADING LTD. Al-Mansoor, Hay Dragh, Block No.603, Street No.17, Building No.11, Baghdad Phone: +964-1-548125


SALBASHIAN TRADING CO. Arar Mustafa Wahbi Al Tal St 128, Amman 11118 Ammam Phone: +962 6 464 5845


AL-SAYAFE MEDICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL SUPPLIES CO. W.L.L Behind Hajji Maarfie Clinic Block 2, Street No.73, Building No.98 Fourth Floor Bnaid Al Gar Phone: +965 2245 4924


FIMALCO DENTAL Mazraa-Mar Elias Street-Hariri Center 1st Floor, Beirut Phone: +961 1 30 24 32 DELTA ENTERPRISES P.O. Box 14-5335, Beirut Phone: +961-1-819667


SOGEDENT Mailbox 13500 Casa-Principal, Casablanca Phone: 00212522893014


MEDICAL& PHARMACEUTICAL SERVICES CO. L.L.C Qurum – A-Harty Complex Sultan Centre Bldg. 2nd Floor Mina’ Al-Fahal – Muscat Phone: + 96892616343


MEDICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL SERVICES BASHIR SHAKIB AL JABRI & CO. LTD Rehab District, Palestine Street, Jeddah Phone: +966-12-6700430,


RASD Medicines & Medical Equipment Import No.761, Block 22, Altaif, Khartoum Phone: +249 183 52 7921, RADMED MEDICAL COMPANY No.344 Block 1, Al sitteen street, al jureif west khartoum Phone: +249 123 169 909


MED PRO TUNISIA 19 Rue tarek ben moussa khaznadar. 2017 Tunis Phone: +216 21 65 16 32


CITY PHARMACY CO. P.O. Box 2098 Airport Rd., Abu Dhabi Phone: +971-2-6732954


YEMEN STORES FOR DRUGS & MEDICAL SUPPLIES P.O.Box 1465 Alzybairy Street, Y.R. Sana’a Amman St. Phone: +967 1 445479


“Eurus� is Shown in Aeedc Dubai 2019 Eurus embodies our belief of bringing highly reliable Japan-quality products to dentists in the world. The hydraulic mechanism of the chair ensures smooth and quiet movement of the joints and provides a comfortable feeling for patients. The touch screen interface has been designed to improve efficiency and reduce stress during treatment. When a handpiece is chosen and picked up, the screen displays only necessary information, helping the dentist concentrate on the treatment. Eurus is shown in Aeedc Dubai 2019, so we welcome your visit at our Belmont booth.

Dental News

Yearbook 2019

Company name: BEYOND® International Inc. Country of origin: United States of America Website: BEYOND International is a renowned manufacturer of professional whitening systems that specializes on comfort, great results and limited chair time for the dentist. BEYOND takes pride in the fact that more than 40,000 of their chairside professional teeth whitening systems are in place worldwide, making them a world leader in professional tooth whitening systems and related consumables. The Polus Advanced Whitening System holds the Dental Advisor’s Top Whitening System award for eight years running.

In late 2015 BEYOND moved its consumable manufacturing from China to our backyard here in Houston. Found out more about us through our website and distributor partners throughout the Middle East.



EURL ITALDENT 618, Freres Ferrad, Algiers Algeria Phone: 00213661308163

GLOBAL MED TECHNOLOGY Ahmad Al-Jabber Street, Sharq Hesham Al-Refai Building 5th Floor, Kuwait City Phone: 00965 22431647-22416722

BAHRAIN GULF PHARMACY & GENERAL STORE P.O Box 2576, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Bldg 2038, Road 4156, Block 341 Al Juffair, Manama Phone: +973 17 239 386

EGYPT UNITED MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY Gamal Al Dein Str. No. 2, Nasr City Phone: 011 20 100 999 5769

IRAQ MEDICINE FOR DENTAL SUPPLY Iraq/Baghdad/Bab almudham/Near MOH Phone: 009647706275313

JORDAN EXPODENT Al-Jebeha,Al-Baladia St. P.O.Box 655 Amman,11941 Phone: +962-6-5333-115

LEBANON DENTIREX S. A. L Arz Hospital Street, Librex Bldg, 3rd floor, Zalka Phone: +961 1 888586

LYBIA ALNABAA COMPANY DENTAL & MEDICAL SUPPLIES Salah Aldeen Rrd Bab Ben Gshear near Palaces Hospitality Street, P.O BOX 83141 Tripoli Libya Phone: 00218912183116

MOROCCO DENTAL WORLD Appt 6, Résidence Marwan 3, Allal el Fass Casablanca Phone: +212 066 012062

OMAN ALBITTAR INTERNATIONAL LLC Al Sabbari Sultanate of Oman PO Box: 516,PC: 117 Alwadi Kabir Oman Phone: +96897771238

SALA MEDICAL COMPLEX AL-Ali House Mezzanine Floor Suite 110 Behind Philips Shwrm.AL-Khuwair AL-ELM St PO Box780 PC 131 Al Hamriya, Muscat, Oman Phone: +(968) 24 485 159

QATAR INTEGRAL CARE Khaled Area - Area No. 56 Salwa Road, Street No. 5 Al-Khulaifi Bldg #361, Office #7 Doha, Qatar Phone: 00974 44868263 Ain

SAUDI ARABIA MEDICAL VISION EST St. Beside Saudi British Bank-SAAB Build.#59 PO Box 18023 Riyadh 11415 Phone: +966-4057275 & 4055583 x 112

TUNISIA NEW MED PLUS Route Manzel Chaker km 1, Rue Alfirdaous Reidence Ennasr Sfax Phone: +216 74 461 580

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES CRYOGENIC GENERAL TRADING Office # 3, 2nd floor, Nasser Thalop Bldg. Sanaiya, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi Phone: +971 3 755 2500


BEYOND® Polus® Advanced Ultra Whitening Accelerator Combines halogen light, LED and patent-pending ultrasonic technologies for a premium whitening experience. Each Polus features the LightBridge™, an innovation designed to optimize the full whitening capabilities of halogen power while eliminating the need to block out pink tissue. The LightBridge™ consists of 30 specially coated dual lens that block all UV and harmful heat, coupled with over 200,000 optical fibers that deliver the full halogen output following both arches of the patient. 12 LED lights merge with the halogen for both deep bleaching as well as soft surface whitening. Finally, ultrasonic technology helps in acelerated diffusion of hydrogen peroxide through dental enamel, further augmenting results for a shorter treatment time and higher ROI for the dental practice. • • • •

Curing light with single-tooth whitening option included Built-in photo instructions, showing specific clinical cases and suggested protocols for treatment Remote control with call button, time check for patient and audio introductory and post-treatment function Air ionizer for a cleaner and healthier environment

BEYOND® II Ultra Whitening Accelerator The compact, modern design of the BEYOND® II Ultra Whitening Accelerator works for any dental office. 10 high-intensity blue LEDs deliver a tailored beam of light newly augmented with ultrasound. This innovation assists in providing superior whitening results in a shorter treatment time. Our digital display board provides quick client prep time and simple system operation. The BEYOND® II has the option of secondary light unit capability for the treatment of two clients simultaneously. When used in combination with BEYOND® proprietary whitening formula, the end result is not only whiter but shinier teeth with reduced prep and chair time.

• The BEYOND® II is both lightweight and portable for both travel and ease of use for room to room • Quick and simple client preparation and system operation with digital display control board • Built-in air purifier reduces airborne pollutants that may exist within the treatment space, actively contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment Dental News

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Company name: BIEN-AIR DENTAL SA Country of origin: Switzerland Website: Bien-Air boasts 50 years of experience in dental medicine and provides comprehensive solutions and products that are renowned for their excellence all over the world. The products produced by Bien-Air are 100% Swiss Made and are manufactured in the heart of the famous Swiss “Watch Valley”, the birthplace of unique expertise in microtechnology. Offering the best instruments to simplify the work of practitioners and constantly improve patient comfort has been Bien-Air’s mission since it was founded in 1959.

Ergonomics, precision and reliability are at the core of the development of every new product. Bien-Air enjoys a reputation which spans implantology systems, handpieces, contra-angles and turbines. The company is the largest manufacturer of first-rate micromotors in the world. Bien-Air Dental always provides the perfect solution – whether for prophylaxis, restorative treatments, endodontics or implantology.




GULF MARKETS INTERNATIONAL Alfanar builduing, Esteglal Highway P.O. Box 5854, East Riffa Phone: +973 17 49 00 40

AL-BADER AL-OULA MEDICAL CO Ibn-Misbah street, Behind Amiri Hosp. 1st floor, Al-Athal Building, Sharq Phone: +965 22461116

AL-HAYAT PHARMACEUTICALS 312 Al Wahda Street, Office # 101 P.O. Box 4483, Sharjah Phone: +971 6 559 2481

GULF HOUSE MEDICAL #604, P.O. Box 15658 Road 3312, Block: 333 Manama Phone: +973 1741 1037



DENTALICA Sin El Fil, Lot 549, 6th floor, Beirut Phone: +961 1 490050

NIK NAM TEB AYANDEH N° 99, North Saba St. Enghelab Ave. Tehran Phone: +98 21 6646 7007

INTERBIO (Implantology only) Credit Commercial & Foncier Center 1st floor, Dekwaneh - Freeway area Phone: +961 1 491 891

IRAQ NASEEM BAGHDAD COMPANY Al-Mansoor District, Hay Dragh, Block no. 603, Street No. 17, Building No. 11, Baghdad Phone: +964 1 542 8125

JORDAN AL-GHAD MEDICAL SUPPLIES Fayad Al Assaf Complex, Wasfi Al Tal St. 169 P.O.Box: 954105 11193 Amman, Jordan Phone: +962 6 552 63 58

QATAR NAGASHI MEDICAL SUPPLIES 13 Airport Road, Al Hilal, Doha Phone: +974 4458 1735

TURKEY SELIS DENTAL ITHALAT IHRACAT SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. Millet Cad. No.41 Findikzade 34096 Istanbul, Turkey Phone: +90 212 588 89 73

SAUDI ARABIA CARE AND PLANNING FOR HOSPITALS CO. LTD Office #4, 2nd floor, 911 Bldg King Fahd Road, P.O. Box 55306 11534 Riyadh Phone: +966 11 4169558 ALRAZI MEDICAL SUPPLIES CO. Al Waleed Center, Khalid Bin Waleed Street, Al Sharfeyah District P.O Box # 6589, 21452 Jeddah Phone: +966-2-6519097

OMAN IBN SINA GROUP LLC 318/A, November 18, 116 Al Uthaiba, Muscat Phone: +968 2412 74 91

SYRIA DALIL CO Al-furqan, Aleppo Phone: +963 944 349 222


EVO.15 The world’s safest contra-angle, developed by Bien-Air Dental In response to public health authorities’ growing concern over patient burns caused by rotary dental instruments, Swiss medical technologies company Bien-Air Dental has developed the EVO.15, the safest contra-angle on the market today. In procedures involving contra-angles, the slightest contact between the instrument’s push-button and the inside of the patient’s cheek may cause the instrument to overheat, resulting in possible burn injuries. The most severe cases have caused third-degree burns requiring recostructive surgery, and potentially exposing the practitioner to lengthy legal action. Equipped with patented CoolTouch+™ heat-arresting technology, the EVO.15 is the only contra-angle proven never to exceed human body temperature. Additionally, the EVO.15 fetures a considerably smaller and lighter shockproof head and premieres technological innovations ranging from a new spray/lighting system to an improved bur-locking system. Committed to safety, the EVO.15 gives progressive dental practitioners peace of mind in all situations.

New Chiropro Bien-Air Dental unveils its new implant motor Designed to simplify the fitting of implants, the new Chiropro has been fully developed around a single philosophy: simplicity. A single control button allows you to control the entire system. Simply turn the button to navigate via the menus and adjust the settings, and press it to confirm the selected value. More over, the control button - the only point of contact between dentists and the unit during procedures - can be easily removed and sterilised to simplify maintenance. Thanks to its clear and concise interface, the new Chiropro plainly display all the information required for procedures to go smoothly: type of instrument, speed, torque, irrigation flow and direction of rotation. Preset operating sequences and the option to modify settings based on patients’ dental features, also make the new Chiropro easier to use.

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Company name: BISCO, INC. Country of origin: United States of America Website:

BISCO, a global leader in aesthetic dentistry continues to develop innovative products for contemporary dentistry. At BISCO “Adhesion is our passion” and we dedicate our lives to understanding and improving the bond. We understand the importance of the supporting layer of the restoration. Whether you are working with implants, zirconium, ceramics/lithium disilicate, or porcelain fused to metal we focus on dentistry from the bottom up so your patients can enjoy top down esthetics.

BISCO proudly manufactures its materials in the United States and markets its products through highly trained, focused distributors outside the United States. At BISCO, we understand that product quality, consistency and freshness are of great importance. BISCO Dental Products are available worldwide with award winning brand names such as ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL®, AELITE ™, DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL™, TheraCal LC ®, TheraCem and Z-PRIME ™ Plus.





ALEX DENT 31 El Rashidi St., Kasr EL Ainy Shaheen Medical Mall, Cairo Phone & Fax: +202-23634731

ALPHA MEDICAL Shareq, Ahmed Al Jaber St. Dasman Complex, Block 1 9th Floor, Office 22 Code: 35153, Dasmah Phone: 965-2-2478611

PASA DENTAL Millet Cad. Karagul Is Merkezi No.102 - Findikzade Istanbul 34270 Phone: 90-212-5312971

IRAN DONYAYE KALAYE SINA (DKS) CO. #1, No.9 Vernous St. Keshavarz Blvd. Tehran 1415953131 Phone: 98-21-88998248


LEBANON DENTAL MEDICAL SUPPLIES - DMS Lebanon - Sed el Bouchreih Imad el Hachem Center, 2nd Floor Beirut Phone: 961-1-253107

MZK-IRAQ Dr. Mohamed Kasim Office 1, Building 34 Street 15, Area 929, Arasat Baghdad Phone: +964 770 880 6806




BASAMAT MEDICAL SUPPLIES 125 Al-Razi Street Jabal Al-Hussein, Abdali Area Amman Phone: 962-6-5605395

ACCROS TRADING COMPANY Building No. 83, Zone 37, St. 232 Ahmed Bin Ali St., C-Ring Road Bin Omran, Doha Phone: 974-4-4816511

DENTAL EXPERT Rue Ibnou Katir Lot 7, Maarif Extension, Casablanca Phone: 212-522-987979

SAUDI ARABIA AL-TURKI MEDICAL GROUP (AMG) LTD. AMG Building, Al-Buhtari Street Al Zahra District Riyadh 11412 Phone: 966-1-4766828

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES BIO LINK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL TRADING Office 301& 302, 3rd Floor Jumeirah Terrace Building, 2nd December St., Jumeirah 1, Dubai Phone: 971-4-3596242


TheraCem® TheraCem is a dual-cured, calcium and fluoride-releasing, self-adhesive resin cement indicated for luting crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and all types of posts. Delivering a strong bond to Zirconia and most substrates, along with easy clean up and high radiopacity, TheraCem offers clinicians reliable and durable cementation of most indirect restorations.

Due to its innovative chemistry, TheraCem achieves a high degree of chemical conversion, which ensures high physical strength. Another unique feature is TheraCem’s initial acidic pH in the self-adhesive process, which switches to an alkaline pH with in minutes 1. TheraCem allows clinicians to simplify their cementation protocols, decrease chair time, and increase long term peace of mind, while providing patients with indirect restorations that have incredible retention and durability.

1. New Self-adhesive Resin Cement With Alkaline pH. Chen L, Gleave C, Suh B, J Dent Res96(A):#286, 2017.

REVEAL® HD Bulk REVEAL HD Bulk is BISCO’s new light-cured bulk fill restorative composite, optimized for simpler and faster posterior restorations. REVEAL HD Bulk combines appropriate handling, depth of cure, and polishability, allowing clinicians to provide patients with functional and esthetic composites while saving valuable chair time. Thanks to its HD Filler Technology, REVEAL HD Bulk allows for layering increments in 5-6 mm due to its predictable depth of cure. BISCO has perfected a filler-resin system refractive index for superior light transmission, which means light can be effectively refracted and distributed through the material, allowing for optimized depth of cure. The category-leading depth of cure allows for a strong restoration from the top-down so you can place the composite in a single-layer without the need for additional layers or placing a base/liner. Additionally, REVEAL HD Bulk offers low volumetric shrinkage, high flexural strength, and excellent radiopacity, resulting in long-lasting, durable restorations. While REVEAL HD Bulk is indicated for all direct and indirect restorations, clinicians will appreciate the significant time savings that bulk filling provides, especially in posterior teeth.

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Company name: Cavex Holland BV Country of origin: The Netherlands Website: For more than a century Cavex Holland BV has produced dental materials that meet the most demanding expectations when it comes to quality and reliability. Cavex is a highly competitive, manufacturing organization with a distinct assortment of high quality, branded and OEM products, available worldwide. The Cavex assortment comprises impression materials, composites, bonding systems, hygiene products, endodontic products, bleaching material, laboratory products and temporary materials. Cavex will continue to create and produce new products in close corporation with our customers. We value your input and your impression will always be our main concern.


PROMODENTA SARL. 21, Rue Boumenir Mouloud 26000 Medea Phone: +213 25 596277


AL NOOR EST. FOR MEDICAL MATERIALS PO Box 21538, Manama Phone: +973 17 592 291



BURGAN DRUGSTORES P.O. Box 773, 11118 Amman Phone: +962 6 533 7910


NOON MEDICAL COMPANY Al Derwaza Tower, Street 65, Block 3, Building 6, Floor 1, Flat 2 Bnied Al Qar - Kuweit City Phone : +965 224 23 600


ERZING DENTAL SUPPLY 13, 26th July Street, Cairo Phone: +20 2 24192946

DIÉTI-PHARM P.O. Box 16-6680, 1100 2140 Beirut Phone: +961.1.500.991 E-mail:



YEGANEH CO.DENTAL SUPPLIES Grand Floor, No. 11 - Shariff all. Shariati ave. After Mirdamad blv. 1913614151 - Tehran Phone: +98 21 2225 0606

SIPROMED S.A. 91, rue Abou Alaa Zhar (Ex Rue Vesale), Quartier des Hospitaux 20100 Casablanca Phone: +212 522 86 53 66


GÜLSA TIBBI CIHAZLAR VE MALZEME SAN TIC A.S. İzmir Pancar Organşze Sanayi Bölgesi 9. Cadde No. 10 35865 Torbalı/Izmir Phone: +90 232 4690 033


MSI EQUIPMENTS MEDICO-DENTAIRES R6, Rue Abdelkader Mhalla 5000 Monastir Phone: +216 73 449 401 INTER MEDICAL SERVICE 7, Bis Rue de Cologne 1002 Tunis Phone: +216 71 799 344


KAVEH PARSIAN TEB CO. No. 6, Kaveh Bazaar, Azadi Ave, postal code: 13136-54731 Tehran Phone: +98 21 6643 2562


NEW AL FARWANIYA P.O. Box 47837 Abu Dhabi Phone: +971 2 677 5447



PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL EQUIPMENTS PO Box 30351 Sharjah Phone: +971 6 748 0280

WAZIN DENTAL & MEDICAL LTD EDC Building Bakhiyarie Street 66, Erbil Phone: +964 751 721 1227

ACCROS TRADING COMPANY P.O. Box 23006, Doha Phone: +974 44 81 65 11 BATTERJEE NATIONAL PHARMACEUTICAL Stores and Pharmacies P.O. Box 2, 21411 Jeddah Phone: +966.12.660.29.23


MOHAMMED A. HAJAR TRADING CO. Dental Equipment Center PO Box 1749 + 12663 Sana’a Phone: +967 1 218 750

The Best Alginates in the World Proven by f ac t s , st ated by dentist s The precision is perfect!

Dr. Oleg Voytovych, Ukraine

For over 20 years, CAVEX alginate has been the best choice for me. Dr. Lai Yu-Hua, President of APACD Taiwan

The mix is smooth and of equal consistency

Dr. Faisel, Pakistan






Company name: Centrix, Inc. Country of origin: Shelton, CT (USA) Website: Centrix was founded by Dr. William Dragan, a restorative dentist passionate about finding a better way to make dentistry easier. He began by developing the first-ever composite syringe system that enabled direct-to-the-prep delivery of composite materials. Today the Centrix C-R Snap-Fit™ Composite Guns and AccuDose® Tubes and Plugs are industry standards.

package, which is now the standard application method for fluoride varnishes and other unit dose materials. FluoroDose® Fluoride Varnish has been recognized as the best Fluoride Varnish for the last five years. Centrix also offers the most complete line of Temporization Materials: Tempit® for filling, Access Crown® for temporary Crown & Bridge, and NoMIX® temporary cement.

Centrix continues to be a leading innovator of dental materials. We pioneered the first one-piece disposable dental applicator brushes: Benda® Brush and Benda Micro flocked applicators. We developed the LolliPack® single-use

And Centrix is forging new paths in Impressioning with NoCord™ VPS, the first one-step, self-retracting impression material and the Couture™ line of esthetic restorative products.

For all MENA inquiries:

For more information on all Centrix products and other Centrix innovations visit

Encore® D/C and Connexio® Create a bond that can’t be broken.

Encore® D/C dual-cure core buildup composite and Connexio® self-etch bond are a perfect product pairing!

PIRO DENTAL TRADING Attn: Caroline Piro Phone: +12096050927

“Encore D/C + Connexio are the best choices when you are using a dual-cure or a self-cure core build up material. No need for an etching step as with generation 4 and 5 and is chemical compatible, as opposed to most of the self-etching bonding, with dual cure or self-cure composite materials.” ~ Marian Fanica, DDS

Encore® D/C

Dual-Cure Core Buildup Composite Encore D/C is a dual-cure composite core buildup material that enables you to build up just the coronal core or to fabricate a composite post and core that bonds the post, tooth and core together into an integrated whole. The non-slumping formula eliminates the need to use a matrix/core-form and cuts like dentin for a natural feel. Made in the USA.


Dual Cure, Self-Etch Bond Connexio dual-cure 7th-generation adhesive is designed to complement Encore D/C core material, providing dual curing deep in canal, right to the bottom of the post space for a completely polymerized, integrated tooth/ core/post monobloc. The self-etching ability of Connexio provides strong dentin bonds without the need for a separate acid-etching step. Connexio is the optimal bonding agent for dual cure composite materials, like Encore D/C.


NoCord™ VPS One-Step, Self-Retracting Impressioning System

The first VPS with built-in hemostasis. Stops bleeding and fluid flow for clear margins, exceptional detail. MegaBody tray material creates sulcular expansion by driving the Wash into the sulcus, displacing soft tissue, exposing all margins. NoCord VPS is rigid and stable for great results in the most demanding cases. NoCord VPS compliments your technique, when using a double cord it adds safety and eliminates re-bleeders; when equi-/supragingival it often eliminates the need for any retraction step at all, and NoCord is ideal for patients with poor tissue conditions.

NoCord Wash and NoCord MegaBody Tray Materials are A-silicone (VPS) impression materials, offering excellent physical and dimensional properties as well as providing high accuracy and stability. It scans beautifully, for you or your lab, for complete digitization. “With NoCord VPS, we see really sharp margins, plus it scans better than any material we have experienced before.” - Paul Mancini, CDT owner of Alternative Dental Lab


Fluoride Varnish with Xylitol FluoroDose was rated the TOP Fluoride Varnish for five years (2015-2019) by THE DENTAL ADVISOR. Clinicians love that it is smooth, not stringy or clumpy, so it reduces the chance of clogging vacuum lines. Patients love that it stays clear so there is no tooth discoloration and tastes great. FluoroDose dries in seconds upon contact with saliva and remains on the tooth for 6 to 8 hours for optimum fluoride uptake.

• Unit-dose delivery allows for ease of use and cleanup • Swipe-on procedure is easier and safer to use than gels and rinses; you are done in less than a minute • Dries in seconds upon contact with saliva • Remains on tooth for 6 - 8 hrs for optimum fluoride uptake • Available in 5 great-tasting flavors: Caramel, Bubble Gum, Mint, Cherry and Melon • 5% sodium fluoride (NaF) or 22,600 ppm of fluoride

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Company name: CROSSTEX Country of origin: United States of America Website: From a simple beginning in 1953, as a disposable towel/bib manufacturer, Crosstex has steadily grown to become one of the world’s leading infection prevention and control (IP&C) entities. Through a combination of strategic acquisitions and partnerships, Crosstex has become more vertically integrated, manufacturing more than 85% of their products and 95% are proudly made in the USA.

For all MENA inquiries: PIRO DENTAL TRADING Attn: Caroline Piro Phone: +12096050927

Crosstex became a wholly owned subsidiary of Cantel Medical Corp. in August, 2005. This relationship has strengthened Crosstex’s position in terms of its ability to expand its manufacturing capabilities as well as add to its broad range of products. Crosstex is a recognized leader for its portfolio of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), Dental Unit Waterline Treatments, Chemistries, Sterilization, Preventives, Nitrous-Oxide Equipment, Amalgam Separator, and Single-Use Disposable products. Crosstex products are sold throughout the world in more than 100 countries. Combine this with 12 strategically located manufacturing & distribution facilities around the world and you begin to understand the broad reach and impact of Crosstex in the healthcare industry.

Dental Unit Waterline (DUWL) Treatment Providing safe and compliant dental water is critical to implementing and maintaining effective infection control protocols. Exposure to poor water quality can pose a health risk for patients and clinicians. Crosstex offers a safe and reliable option for Dental Unit Waterline (DUWL) treatment to protect your patients, staff and practice: The DentaPure™ Cartridge EPA approved DentaPure Cartridges are available for independent water bottles and dental units plumbed directly to city water. The cartridges contain iodinated resin beads. As water flows through during a typical treatment, it pulls 2–6 ppm of atomic isotopes of non-allergenic elemental iodine (I2) from the resin into the water stream. The elemental iodine interacts with the bacteria in the water, controlling it. The DentaPure Cartridge is effective for one-year, or 240L of water if usage records are kept. Your waterline treatment protocol becomes a simple annual routine. All claims made when used with potable water.

ConFirm® 10 In-Office Biological Monitoring System • In-office biological monitoring system provides final results in just 10 hours • Simply process test indicator vial in a normal steam sterilization cycle, remove, crush ampoule and place in incubator along with an unprocessed control vial for required 10-hour incubation • Media in test vial will turn yellow if any spores remain alive, thus signifying a failed test; test vial media should remain purple signifying a passed test • ConFirm™ 10 Biological Monitoring Incubator has a built-in ampoule crusher for easy BI activation


Premium™ Saliva Ejectors Everyday saliva ejectors are used most procedures with in a dental office. As result of proprietary manufacturing process, the Crosstex Premium™ Saliva Ejectors hold their shape when formed, making it easy to focus on the procedure, not the position of the salvia ejector for optimal suction. The soft, non-removable tips are bonded to the tube for maximum patient safety. The matte finish of the saliva ejector eliminates glare while working on the patient. The Crosstex Premium Saliva Ejectors also available in multiple color combinations.

Crosstex Barrier Film with Finger-Lift Edge Crosstex Barrier Film is an ideal way to protect clinical contact surfaces, particularly those that are difficult to reach, clean or disinfect (e.g., switches on dental chairs). Crosstex Barrier Film with the unique 3/16” non-adhesive Finger Lift Edge allows for quick, easy placement and removal of film from either side. Light tack adhesive easily attaches to surfaces without leaving residue.

Duo-Check™ Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches Secure Seal - Duo-Check™ Sterilization Pouches offer extra-wide chevron protection against instrument breaching Medical Grade Paper - Wet strength treated, virgin medical grade paper that meets or exceeds medical pouch standards. Blue Tinted Transparent Film - Easy instrument viewing and identification of punctures or tears in film. Wide Self-Seal Adhesive Strip - Easily and securely seals pouch, providing reliable seal until pouch is opened. Perforated Fold – Easy and accurate folding of adhesive strip to form airtight seal until pouch is opened. Complete Paper Film Separation - Consistently clean separation (peeling) of paper and film due to high grade materials and adhesives. Thumb Notch - Assures easy opening of pouch. Six Corner Tack Seals - Prevents corners from curling after sterilization. Tacks resist collection of dust and contaminants near seal. Process Indicators - Internal and external indicators change color when processed, are easily visible, and are compatible with steam (indicators turn light brown) and EtO (indicators turn dark brown) sterilization processes.

All product names are trademarks of Crosstex International Inc., a Cantel Medical Company, its affiliates or related companies, unless otherwise noted. *Matrx and Porter are sold by Parker-Hannifin Corp.

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Accutron Digital UltraTM Flowmeter The Digital Ultra™ Flowmeter is the right choice for clinicians who prefer to work in a digital environment but want critical parameters displayed both numerically and as electronic flow tubes. Includes automatic compensation to easily adjust total flow or gas ratio while the other stays constant, making it easier to use than traditional analog systems. The Digital UltraTM Flowmeter is available in a variety of configurations suited to both central and portable nitrous oxide/oxygen delivery, including an optional remote control. Other benefits include: • Ease of color-coded, fingertip controls • Dual readouts for each gas for ease of use • Sealed flush surface makes it easy to disinfect or barrier-protect • Available in multiple configurations including Flushmount and Portable

• Safety features such as: • N2O ratio control with 70% max percentage • Audible and visual low O2 alarms • Oxygen fail-safe; oxygen flush • Oxygen resuscitation connector • Directional check valve • Emergency air valve

Accutron AxessTM Low Profile Nasal Masks The new look of nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation. The low profile design of Axess™ Nasal Masks provides unencumbered oral access while its small, lightweight scavenging system is easy to work around, enabling clinicians to deliver efficient care to more patients. Benefits include: • Anxiety relief even during procedures that require access to the upper oral cavity • Comfortable yet snug design with no tape or cannula protruding into the nostril • Available in various sizes for the best fit • Multiple colors and soothing scents that suit patients of all ages • Lightweight scavenging system that fits behind the ears for increased comfort • No natural rubber/latex • Translucent to make it easier to monitor patient’s breathing • Individually wrapped for better infection control


Accutron ClearViewTM Nasal Masks The ClearView™ Nasal Masks have a double mask design with a clear outer mask and a brightly colored, lightly scented inner mask. The mask-in-mask design draws more excess gas into the vacuum system than a single mask, reducing ambient nitrous oxide in the operatory. With ClearView Nasal Masks, fogging appears in the clear outer mask when a patient breathes through their nose, offering visual assurance to the clinician. Other benefits include: • Soft inner mask creates improved facial seal • Low profile expands clinical field of view • Appealing colors and scents engage and relax patients of all ages • Single-use minimizes cross-contamination; saves staff time • No natural rubber/latex • Connect effortlessly to ClearView™ Scavenging Circuits I & II, any existing PIP+™ Scavenging Circuit and any Porter* Brown Scavenging Circuit without adapters. Also compatible with Matrx* Scavenging System (requires adaptor part number 35360).

All product names are trademarks of Crosstex International Inc., a Cantel Medical Company, its affiliates or related companies, unless otherwise noted. *Matrx and Porter are sold by Parker-Hannifin Corp.

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Company name: DenMat Country of origin: United States of America Website: Since 1974, DenMat has been a leader in high-quality dental products for dental professionals in more than 60 countries around the world. DenMat makes and assembles most of its products at its world headquarters on the Central Coast of California. DenMat offers three main product categories: Consumables, Small Equipment, and a full-service Dental Laboratory. DenMat’s consumables include the brands known and trusted: Geristore®, Core Paste®, Tenure®, Ultra-Bond®, Infinity®, Splash®, Precision®, Perfectemp®, and LumiBrite®. DenMat’s small equipment includes a broad suite of products, including NVpro3™,, and SOL™ soft-tissue diode lasers, Rotadent® PeriOptix™ magnification loupes and lights, Flashlite™ curing lights VizilitePRO for oral lesion screening, and a full line of high-quality hand instruments. DenMat is the home of the world’s #1 patient-requested thin veneer, Lumineers®. Now better than ever and backed by Thinnovation®: DenMat’s fresh multi-disciplinary approach to anterior esthetics using the

MENA DISTRIBUTORS For more information:

Finish strong. A cement you can trust. Infinity is specially formulated with a resin-filler ratio that allows for optimal compressive strength, tensile strength, film thickness, biocompatibility and expansion characteristics. It’s ideal for cementing PFM and monolithic zirconia restorations.

• Cleans up in seconds • Self-adhesive • Self-etch • Insoluable • Dual-cure

latest generation of Lumineers, all hand-finished by skilled lab artisans in California. DenMat also features Snap-On Smile®, the ultimate provisional appliance. Each of DenMat’s more than 400 employees is focused on assuring that you—our dental customers—love our products and love your customer experience. We’re building one of the world’s great dental companies—one happy dentist at a time!


Strength and Beauty of Porcelain The Duo:Pre-fabricated porcelain system features preformed porcelain shells with an underlay of composite, designed to mimic the luster, smoothness, translucency and shade characteristics of real enamel and dentin. Porcelain finishing provides better resistance to staining and chipping and does not need to be polished or maintained like composite, providing a beautiful, lasting solution at an affordable price.

• Pure porcelain is more natural and lustrous composite • Strong (195 MPa) and easy to customize with hand piece • Require less polishing over time • Pre-etched for efficient placement

Get the smile of your dreams at a price you can afford! For inquiries on “DUO” in MENA region please contact: Zabadne Sterling +971 4 4522207

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Company name: Dentsply Sirona E-mail: Website: Dentsply Sirona is the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies, with a history of innovation and service to the dental industry and patients worldwide. Dentsply Sirona develops, manufactures, and markets a comprehensive solutions offering including dental and oral health products as well as other consumable medical devices under a strong portfolio of world class brands. As The Dental Solutions Company™, Dentsply Sirona’s products provide innovative, high-quality and effective solutions to advance patient care and deliver better, safer and faster dentistry. With a sales presence in more than 120 countries, patients and practitioners virtually everywhere in the world rely on Dentsply Sirona.

MENA DISTRIBUTORS Preventive Endodontics Restorative Equipment Implants




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CEREC – Do It Your Way Start your CEREC journey by discovering the digital solution and workflow that best matches your practice needs. For more than 30 years, CEREC has been synonymous with the creation of restorations in a single visit. We have continuously developed and improved CEREC to meet your requirements and satisfy your patients’ demands. Today its capabilities extend far beyond single restorations.

The CEREC solution spectrum covers three key areas: restorative, implantology and orthodontics, both for chairside and clinic-to-laboratory workflows – giving you the ideal set-up for the future.

CEREC is just what you need it to be. From the initial scan to a full CAD/ CAM system providing single visit solutions – CEREC is your partner every step of the way.

Be free to start your digital workflow just the way you want.

Aquasil® Ultra+ Aquasil® Ultra+ Smart Wetting® Impression Material is a final VPS impression material indicated for use in all impression techniques. With market leading intraoral hydrophilicity and intraoral tear strength, Aquasil® Ultra+ material is optimised to perform when clinicians need it most in the challenging oral environment, enabling high detail reproduction and minimising the risk of voids and tears. Aquasil® Ultra+ material is available in multiple viscosities, work/set times, and delivery options, providing clinicians with a full range of choices to satisfy many impression situations. Benefits at a glance: • Highest intraoral and 24hrs tear strength. Higher accuracy due to reduced risk of tears with the possibility of multiple pours. • High intraoral and 24hrs hydrophilicity. Accurate impressions in the presence of moisture which helps ensure model accuracy/margin fit when poured at the lab. • A no compromise solution. Clinicians now do not have to choose between wettability, tear strength, speed and delivery option. Aquasil® Ultra+ performs in all areas. Dental News

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The Propex IQ® Increase your IQ

The Propex IQ® apex locator is the perfect complement to your dental practice. Reliable and easy to use, the Propex IQ® guarantees reliable monitoring of file progression, works with various irrigation* solutions if liquid is used, doesn’t require any calibration and is extremely lightweight at only 80g. Although the Propex IQ® can be used as a standalone item, its true advantages stand out when it is used in combination with the X-Smart IQ® via connection to the Endo IQ® App. When used with the X-Smart IQ® and the Endo IQ® App, the Propex IQ® allows you to efficiently and visually monitor file progression whilst shaping the canal at the same time. *The following solutions have been tested: NaCl, NaOCl, EDTA, Qmix.


ALGHANIM HEALTH CARE GEN. TRAD. CO. W.L.L Phone: +965 220 59000 - 2200 CENTRAL CIRCLE COMPANY Phone: +965 220 58898 MEDICALS INTERNATIONAL S.A.R.L Phone: +965 222 50228 YIACO MEDICAL CO. W.L.L Phone: +965 189 4226


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Gutta-Smart™ Fill canals conveniently and reliably with the Gutta-Smart™ cordless obturation device and Conform Fit™ gutta-percha master cones. Designed to work together, they feature the same low-temperature flow characteristics and radiopacity for a total warm vertical obturation solution. • The efficiency of a total solution. Paired with the enhanced fit of Conform Fit™ master cones, Gutta-Smart™ provides the efficiency you expect in a complete obturation solution.

• Patient safety. You can feel confident knowing the unique formula is not made with natural rubber latex. • Gutta-percha with low-temperature flow. In both Conform Fit™ master cones and Gutta-Smart™ cartridges, the gutta-percha formula flows at a lower temperature, requiring less heat from the handpieces. • The right fit you can feel. Conform Fit™ master cones provide a snug apical fit for accurate tug-back, while the cordless Gutta-Smart™


DENTSCO INTERNATIONAL Phone: +92 21 3413 4871 Phone: +92 33 3323 2720 MR DENTAL SUPPLY Phone: +92 3009410016 TOTAL TECHNOLOGIES LTD Phone: +92 42 3595 7281


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BASHIR SHAKIB ALJABRI & CO LTD Phone: +966 12 670 0430 CIGALAH TRADING EST. Phone: + 966 12 614 8281 HAWARES EST

handpieces provide precise control and excellent tactile feedback. • All-day power*. A single charge gives you the power to complete an entire day’s work. • Durable, cordless performance. Well-balanced, lightweight and comfortable to use, both handpieces are cordless for freedom of movement.

*The battery capacities of the Flow and Pack handpieces allow for them to be used for up to five procedures per day on a single charge.

IBRAHIM MOHAMED AL MANA CO. Phone: +966 11 279 1150

DISTRI-MED Phone: +216 71 334 812

MASAR MEDICAL CO KSA Phone: +966 11 279 1352


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Company name: DMG Country of origin: Germany Website: Whether it’s for accurate impressions or reliable temporary and permanent care: For more than five decades now DMG has been committed to making dentists’ daily work easier – with innovative dental materials made in Germany, including successful brand products such as Luxatemp, LuxaCore Z or Honigum. Today, dentists in more than 80 countries rely on the highly awarded DMG quality. With its innovation Icon, DMG has opened up ways for caries treatment without drilling. The infiltration therapy with Icon can also be employed for the esthetic treatment of white spots.





EURL EXPERT DENTAL INDUSTRY Rue Ben Aissa Madani Ain Azel, Setif 19000 Phone: +213 36 82 68 79

SHINE TECHNOLOGY COMPANY Flat no. 01, Second Floor, Oman Airline Building, Al Sadd Street, Doha, Qatar. P. O. Box: 202053, CR. No: 47783 Phone: +974 4442 4423

MCDOMAR GROUP 6, Rue Ibnou Hajjaj Bd 2 Mars Casablanca Phone: +212 52 285 2038

LEBANON DENTAL MEDICAL SUPPLIES Imad El Hashem Center, 2nd Floor, Bauchrieh Phone: +961 1 240 444

SAUDI ARABIA AL MADAR DENTAL SUPPLIES Al Aziziyah District, Tahlia St, Thlia Towers, Office 306, Jeddah 21462 Phone: +966 12 661 5563

KUWAIT NOON MEDICAL SUPPLY CO. Block 3, Building 6, 1st floor Flat 2, St. 65, Derwaza Tower Bneid Al Gar, Kuwait Phone: +965 2 242 3600

IRAQ UAE PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL EQUIPMENT PO Box 30351 – Ajman UAE Phone: +971 6 7480 2808

EXO DENTAL SUPPLIES COMPANY Apartment No. 2, Building No. 10/464 Duhok – Kurdistan Region +964 750 819 7277



HEALTH CITY PROJECTS P.O.Box 1785, PC 130 Azaiba, Maskat Phone: +968 2448 9319

ARMAN DARMAN PARSIAN Flat 42, Tower A, Kaveh Dental Center Azadi Ave. Tehran P.O. Box: 1313654977 Phone: +98 21 6658 1283

EGYPT EL-RADWAN CO. 5 El Saraya St. El manyal, Cairo Phone: +20 2 2365 4499

SYRIA SALAMEH TRADING COMPANY Tartous Phone: +963 994 324524



The easiest way to long-lasting crowns. From now on, restoring is child’s play: With the new LuxaCrown you can make long-lasting crowns easily, quickly and cost-efficiently – directly at chairside. The comfortable-to-make composite crown fits well, is highly esthetic and shows a remarkable longevity. A LuxaCrown restoration could last for up to 5 years. With this unique semi-permanent solution, you can offer your patients longevity with excellent results as a cost-efficient alternative to lab processed crowns. • • • • •

Impressively semi-permanent Quick and easy Long-lasting with excellent results Optimum mechanical properties Time- and cost-saving

Icon smooth surface

The cutting-edge resin infiltration How can white spots on smooth surfaces be treated with esthetically satisfying results but without complex invasive intervention? The answer: by caries infiltration with Icon. After prior treatment with an etching gel, the ‘infiltrant’, a highly fluid synthetic material, is applied onto the affected areas. It is absorbed deep into the porous enamel by capillary force and is then light-cured. Filled with the infiltrant, which optically resembles enamel, the white spots esthetically blend in to the healthy tooth surface. Even mild to moderate fluorosis can be effectively treated with Icon. • Gentle method for counteracting cariogenic white spots – with an esthetic side effect • No unnecessary loss of healthy hard tissue • User-friendly and patient-friendly application process in only one sitting

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Company name: FKG DENTAIRE SA Country of origin: Switzerland Website: FKG Dental S.A.®, is a Swiss private-owned company. We design, manufacture and distribute products for the dental market. We specialize in endodontic solutions, dedicated to the treatment of the inner tissues of teeth and, for the healing or restoration of their biological and functional qualities.

FKG Dental S.A. distributes its products in more than 100 countries in the world and guarantees a quality made in Switzerland.



MDI MAGHREB DENTAL INDUSTRY Lot 24 - Zone de Depot El Kerma, BP 354 Zerbani, Daira de Senia, DZ 31106, Oran Phone: +213 0 4158 1124

KHOURY DENTAL CO. UMM Mutawe AL-Aslamiyah St., Al Jandwawil Seer, JO-11118, Amman Phone: +962 6582 7015


ALENDENT 16-27 Mkhitar Hersatsi Street Index 0025 yervan,Armenia Phone: +374 1057 3066

SAFWAN TRADING & CONTRACTING COMPANY Ardiya Industrial, Block 1, Bldg No.284, Safat 13068, Kuwait Phone: +965 2227 6888



ARMADA 2/4 A.Rajabli street, AZ1075-Baku Phone: +994 1 2465 7343


ONE DENTAL SOLUTION 32 Dokki Street, 12311 Giza, Phone: +20 100 131 0202 GLOBE No 11 El Obour Buildings,Orouba AV. Holiopolis, Cairo Phone: +20 100 167 1067


DENTAL MARKET LTD D. Aghmashenebeli #124 0102 Tbilisi Phone: +995 3 2295 9617


MEHR-E TABAN MED. Apt. 54, No. 14, Taban Complex, IR-1968935311, Tehran Phone: +98 21 88790983


HIMAT CO. LTD. Al-Mansour,14th Ramadan Street Al-Jawhara Trading, n°45, IQ-10001, Baghdad Phone: +964 77 1447 1575


ALATA LTD Shota Rustaveli Street 44/42 KG-720044, Bishkek Phone: +996 7 7022 2631, +996 7 7771 2263


DROGUERIE TAMER S.A.L Tamer Building, Midan Street, Beirut Phone: +961 1 694000


ELRAJA PHARMACEUTICAL & MEDICAL EQUIPMENT TRADING CO. LTD Maarakat Sidy Ellafy St. / Elsselmany Elgharby, Benghazi Phone: +218 6 1338 9457, +218 6 1471 9261


DENTAL EXPRESS 23 Avenue Sidi Boukhari, Tanger Phone: T +212 5 3994 7795


SALA MEDICAL COMPLEX Al-Ali House Mezzanine Floor Suite 110, Behind Philips Showroom, Al-Khuwair, AL-ELM Street, OM-131, Al Hamriyah Phone: +96824458159


ADVANCE WESTERN GROUP 69-C, Jail Road 54800 - Lahore

Phone: +92 32 1456 7666


DOHA MEDICAL Office No. 4, 1st Floor, Area No. 52 Luqta-Al Rayyan Al Qaddem, Doha Phone: +97444711856


COMATE LTD COMMERCIAL & MAINTENANCE CO. FOR TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT Makkah Highway, Bldg #316, 2nd Floor, Olaya District, Riyadh Phone: +966 11 463 33 61


OUZOUN TRADING CENTER Omar Al Mokhtar St., Damascus Phone: +963 11 4430545


NEW MED EQUIPMENTS Immeuble petit palais RDC N, 34 Avenue Habib Bourguiba TN-2080, Aryanah (Tunis) Phone: +21671710328


LIDER DIS Fevzi Cakmak sokak No: 11/5 Kızılay, Ankara Phone: +90 31 2231 6485

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES DUBAI MEDICAL EQUIPMENT Dar-Al-Khaleej Building Block A, New Al-Khan St. Sharjah Phone: +971 6 5308055


ALAZIZI TRADING EST. Al Dari Algarbi St - 20 Circle 5260 Sana’a Phone: 00 967 1 472 100


The New Swiss Endo Academy Training Centre FKG Dentaire is proud to announce the opening of its new Training Centre in Dubai FKG Dentaire SA (La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland), leader in innovation and production of hightech rotary Ni-Ti systems, is highly committed in worldwide Continuing Education for dentists. After having set up its Training Centre in 2014 (Swiss Endo Academy), based at the company’s headquarters, FKG Dentaire is proud to announce a new Continuing Education Centre, located at its representative office, FKG Dentaire DMCC (Dubai, UAE). This Centre exhibits the latest generation of high-end equipment (operating microscopes, phantom heads,...) and offers a real simulation laboratory, allowing general dentists and specialists, to enhance their clinical experience while exposed to the latest endodontics Ni-Ti systems, more particularly to 3D Ni-Ti treatments range: the XP-Endo® sequence.

XP-endo® Shaper Plus sequence FKG Dentaire presents its new single file sequence

A new generation of Swiss-made instruments enables safer and more effective root canal treatments, thanks to unique 3D extension capabilities. The XP-endo® Shaper Plus sequence, launched by leading Swiss endodontic firm FKG Dentaire SA, solves a common problem for dentists: how to treat complex root canal systems without causing damage to the dentinal structure. FKG combined unique Adaptive Core™ technology with 3D design to

create instruments that can easily adapt to the canal anatomy to clean once impossible-to-reach areas. The result is enhanced debris removal and irrigation for a more gentle, conservative treatment compared to instrumentation using traditional NiTi files.

• The XP-endo® Shaper (XP-S) performs 3D debridement of the canal while respecting its natural shape. • The XP-endo® Finisher (XP-F) achieves 3D cleaning and biofilm removal, including in areas impossible to reach with traditional files. • The instruments are delivered in a sterile blister pack destined for single patient use, thus maximising safety.

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Company name: MANI, INC. Country of origin: Japan Website: MANI, INC. is a manufacturer of medical devices and dental instruments. Ever since we started manufacturing surgical needles in 1956, we have contributed to society as a medical device manufacturer supplying surgical and dental instruments. Our products, which are safe and high-quality medical devices that satisfy the needs of doctors and patients, have also passed the strict standards of countries overseas.

We employ more than 3,000 people worldwide and use our own channels of distribution to deliver products to more than 120 countries. MANI offers a wide range of dental instruments, including burs, sutures, root canal instruments, polishing instruments, posts and dental accessories.



DENTAL WORLD & MEDICAL SUPPLIES Manama Phone: +97317896322

GLOBALMED TECHNOLOGY Kuwait Phone: +96522431647


IRAN DOUSTKAM CO, INC. Tehran Phone: +982177534652

IRAQ ZUHAIR BUREAU Baghdad Phone : +96407903760781

JORDAN MATEST COMPANY Amman Phone: +96265690807

DIETI PHARM DENTAL PRODUCTS Beirut Phone: +9611500991


SHARQ MEDICAL SUPPLIES Doha Phone: +97444566100


AL RAZI MEDICAL SUPPLIES Jeddah Phone: +966126520132

LIBYA AL BYAN CENTER Tripoli Phone: +218213333021

MOROCCO BEST MADE Casablanca Phone: +212522834482

SYRIA SALLOUM DENTAL CO Damascus Phone: +963112248772



SAWHNEY TRADING LLC Dubai Phone: +97143597756

SALA MEDICAL COMPLEX Muscat Phone: +96824485159


PALESTINE AL MANARA Ramallah Phone: +97222953718

YEMEN STORES Sana’a Phone: +9671444622


MANI® SUPER COARSE DIA-BURS® MANI® DIA-BURS® are well known and recognized as high quality diamond burs in the world. Recently, MANI® SUPER COARSE DIA-BURS® designed for faster reduction and crown removal are newly released. With advanced technology which is accumulated from our history and strictly controlled manufacturing process, MANI® SUPER COARSE DIA-BURS® show higher cutting efficiency and durability. A wide range of shapes matches the almost all of the clinical cases. Beyond these functional requirements, MANI® SUPER COARSE DIA-BURS® have dimensional accuracy on operative part as well as shank, with this fundamental quality, bur saves the handpiece for a long time safety use.

MANI® Micro Files MANI® Micro Files attached with Endo holders are specially designed for Micro Endo treatment. Securing a wide operational field under the microscope, clinicians can use this file as a micro opener or slight adjustment of root canal shaping visibly. Smart grip design for easy manipulation like using a pen enhances clinical performance. Easy-to-use tips are available to switch the file from 3 kinds of blades, i.e. K-Files, H-Files or Flare Files. According to the requirement, clinicians can choose the favorite file. Micro Files and its holder can be autoclaved for multiple uses, it saves the cost compared with other disposable products.

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Company name: MICRO-MEGA® Country of origin: France Website: MICRO-MEGA, whose history dates back to 1905, has always been at the forefront of technology and holds internationally recognized knowhow in the design, manufacture and marketing of endodontic products, like 2Shape® sequence or One Curve single file. MICRO-MEGA’s mission is to innovate in the endodontic field, setting the standards for general dental practitioners throughout the world and offering the dental market a unique range of technical and scientific expertise.

...Innovation made in France producing simple, reliable, rapid and efficient endo solutions.


SARL ODONTOMEDICA Zone d’activité Ain Smara Tranche I, N°26-A 25140 Constantine Phone : + 213 31 60 15 86


CIGALAH GULF MEDICAL Building 670, Raod 919, Block 309, Salmaniya, Manama Phone: +973 172 32 170


NATIONAL TRADING COMPANY NTC 54 Ramses Street Roxy - Heliopolis, Cairo Phone: +202 24 51 31 91


DAVAN TAK TEB 2307 Valieasr Ave, Tehran 1516745131 Phone: +98 21 88 88 36 45


MEDI TRADING FZCO – FIA GROUP Kurdistan- Erbil Branch Phone: +964 75 04 28 45 03


DENTAMED Complex No 75, Al Buhtori St 75, Amman 11118 Phone : +962 64 64 22 15


GLOBAL MED TECHNOLOGY Sharq, Ahmad Al-Jabber Street Hesham Al-Refai Building 5th Floor Kuwait City Phone: + 965 985 21212


DENTALTECH SARL Brasilia street, Hikmeh building, first basement, Baabda Phone: +961 5950707 +961 5955854


MOBADALA DENTAL & MEDICAL SUPPLIER Ben Ashour Street P.O.Box 84296, Tripoli Phone: +218 21 36 20 765


AMED 47 Rue de Bruxelles Casablanca Phone: +212 22 82 31 34


AL MAZROUI MEDICAL & CHEMICAL SUPPLIES PO Box 1259, PC 112, Ruwi, Muscat Phone: +968 24 59 56 70


CEDARS DENTAL CENTER Bldg 65, Street 850, Wadi al Sail, PO Box 47684, Doha Phone: +974 44 86 40 88


JEDDAH DENTAL SUPPLY Alnazer Building, Palestine Road, Behind Haifa mall, Jeddah Phone: +966 2 66 92 462


CIGALAH TRADING EST. Sharafyia District, Ali Reda Tower, Madinah Road, P.O. Box 19435 Jeddah 21435 Phone: +966 12 6148 282


MOLAR FOR IMPORT & EXPORT Africa Road, Amarat Street No. 19, P.O.Box 15093 Postal code 12217 Khartoum Phone: +249 120 97 00 00


CHATTA DENTAL SUPPLIES Al Fardoss Str. Ibn Zeidoun Building, 1st Floor PO Box 4588 Damascus Phone: +963 11 224 17 17


Discover the latest generations of shaping file systems Made by MICRO-MEGA

One Curve, The Endo DNA A single file in continuous rotation with C.WIRE heat treatment • • • • •

100% more flexible* 2,4 X more resistant* to fracture (cyclic fatigue) Simple protocol Pre-bendable Treats all canal anatomies

* in comparison with conventional NiTi Data MICRO-MEGA R&D

2Shape®, two files to shape A sequence of 2 instruments with T.WIRE heat treatment


INTER MEDICAL SERVICE 7 bis Rue De Cologne, Tunis Phone: +216 71 800 488


GUNEY DIS Umraniye, Istanbul Phone: +90 216 466 83 83

• Simple protocol with 2 files going down to the working length • Flexible • Cleaning efficiency

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES CITY PHARMACY Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi Phone: +971 2 67 32 954


NOOR DENT FOR IMPORT MEDICAL EQUIPMENT Hadda St. next to Al- Ghrasi building, Sana`a Phone: +967 1 208827

Company name: NSK NAKANISHI INC. Country of origin: Japan Website: It is 88 years since Keiichi Nakanishi founded Nakanishi Manufacturing, the original name of NSK. Over the years, NSK has drawn on its high-speed rotary cutting technology to continuously innovate the growing range of dental equipment. NSK has built solid trust amongst customers in more than 135 countries supported by 13 worldwide offices, securing the No.1 share of the global market for rotational dental instruments.

NSK’s continued development offers innovative design and unrivalled quality as well as outstanding value and performance. This is supported by NSK’s unparalleled production engineering, cutting-edge technology, and customer-focused global sales & service network.



MAGHREB DENTAL INDUSTRY-MDI Es-Sénia-Oran Phone: +213 41 335890


SAFWAN EGYPT Giza Phone: +20 2 33022792 / 33042740 NILE DENTAL Giza Phone: +20 1273500085


DOUSTKAM CO. INC Tehran Phone: +98 21 77527140


TAMER LEVANT Erbil Phone: +964 750 1 440 400 HIMAT CO. LTD. Baghdad Phone: +964 790 1317209


SALBASHIAN TRADING CO. Amman Phone: +962 6 4645845






DROGUERIE TAMER S.A.L. Beirut Phone: +961 1 694000

SALLOUM DENTAL CO. Damascus Phone: +963 11 2248772 / 2210974

PROMOSCIENCES Tunis Phone: +216 71 772 500


AL MGD CO. Tripoli Phone: +218 21 3610154


ASSISTANCE MÉDICALE ET DENTAIRE Casablanca Phone: +212 (0) 522 822498


SHARQ MEDICAL SUPPLY Doha Phone: +974 44566100


BASHIR SHAKIB ALJABRI & CO. Jeddah / Phone: +966 12 6700430 / +966 50 203 0433 Riyadh / Phone: +966 11 4747750


LIDER DIS Ankara Phone: +90 312 2316485

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES CITY PHARMACY Abu Dhabi Phone: +971 2 6732954



Company name: Planmeca Country of origin: Finland Website: Planmeca Group is the largest privately-owned dental equipment manufacturer in the world. We are dedicated to better patient care through ground-breaking solutions that improve the daily workflow of dental professionals around the world. Our products are distributed in over 120 countries worldwide. We manufacture and supply high-technology dental care equipment, CAD/CAM solutions, 3D and 2D imaging devices and software, instruments, as well as dental supplies and services. Using the latest technology and the best materials, our products are hand-made and tailored to each customer’s specifications in our headquarters in Helsinki, Finland.

Our strong commitment to R&D and close collaboration with health care professionals and leading universities are behind the success of our innovations. In the era of digital dentistry, our advanced imaging software and digital solutions have been leading the way. Functionality, durability and ease-of-use are the most important guidelines of our product development.

MENA DISTRIBUTORS Visit our website to find your local distributors:

Planmeca Emerald™ The revolutionary Planmeca Emerald™ intraoral scanner is a small, lightweight and exceedingly fast scanner with superior accuracy. The scanner makes intraoral imaging easy for the dentist and highly comfortable for the patient. The small size and seamless design of the scanner guarantee a great patient experience. This revolutionary product with outstanding speed makes chairside workflow effortless. The accuracy of the impressions in full natural colours meets even the most demanding needs. It is an easy and simple plug-and-play solution which makes it easy to share between operatories. Infection control of the scanner is impeccable due to the autoclavable tip and seamless design. The scanner is compatible with Planmeca Romexis® and Planmeca PlanCAD® Easy software suites for constant access to real-time scanning data.

Taking digital impressions has never been as easy. Planmeca Emerald is the perfect tool for smooth and efficient chairside workflow.


Planmeca Promax® 3D Planmeca ProMax® 3D is a product family consisting of exceptional all-in-one imaging units that not only capture 3D images, but also 2D panoramic, extraoral bitewing and cephalometric images. Additionally, you can combine three different types of 3D data (a CBCT image, a 3D face photo and a 3D model scan) with one X-ray unit to create a three-dimensional virtual patient. The intelligent Planmeca Promax 3D imaging units meet all your maxillofacial imaging needs and are known across the world for incredible ease of use, effortless patient positioning and exceptional patient comfort. Our ready-designed i aging protocols ease your daily workflow. Our intelligent high-tech solutions and algorithms guarantee an ideal imaging geometry, perfect usability and crystal-clear images free from noise and artefacts. The Planmeca ProMax 3D units offer a unique Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ imaging protocol, enabling CBCT imaging with an even lower effective patient dose than standard 2D panoramic imaging.

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Company name: Ultradent Products Inc. Country of origin: Salt Lake City, UT (USA) Website: Ultradent Products Inc. was founded in 1978 in Salt Lake City by Dr. Fischer dentist, researcher and university professor (now CEO of Ultradent) with the aim of improving the techniques and products used by dentists in the entire world, in order to solve patient problems faster and without invasive methods. At the origin of the long series of innovations, there was the righteous combination of progressively refined work experience and relentless creativity. Needless to say, with such a fruitful basic duality, success could not be missed.

In fact, within a few years, from a laboratory set up in the kitchen, Ultradent has grown to take on the bulk of an industrial complex of over 50,000 square meters with more than 1,600 employees where more than 500 products for dentists and dental professionals are produced and marketed.

MENA DISTRIBUTORS ALGERIA MAGHREB DENTAL INDUSTRY EURL Lot no 24, Zone de depot El Kerma, Oran Phone: 00 213 40 23 71 45

AFGHANISTAN MUHAMMAD AHMAD SABAWOON LTD Khushal Kan, Mina Block 32, Muqabil Sello, Kabul, Afghanistan Phone: 0788-775555

BAHRAIN DENTAL WORLD & MEDICAL SUPPLIES Flat 15 bldg 285 block 706 P.O. Box 32013, Bahrein Phone: 00973 39609092

Phone: 00 962 786115030

JORDAN MALEK DENTAL & MEDICAL SUPPLY jo 75 Al Buhturi Street, 2nd Circle, Jabal Amman, P.O. Box 7067, Amman Phone: +962 (6) 4642215

KUWAIT ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES Hawali 32060, P.O.Box 44558 Kuwait City Phone: 00965-66388840

LEBANON MITTRI R. MATTAR & COMPANY B.P.166844, R.C. 14997, Beirut Phone: +961 3 730906



ELWAN DENTAL SUPPLIES 70 Merghani street 10th floor Managger, Cairo Phone: +2 01007782294


IRAN GOLNAR NIKAN DANDAN Unit 9, #64 Building, Opp Bahar St, Enghelab Ave P.O. Box: 1148836873, Tehran Phone: (00) 9891 21069466

IRAQ SMART TEETH COMPANY Almansoor street, beside zain communication bldg Bldg no. 3 Floor 2, Baghdad

MOROCCO A.M.E.D. 47, Rue de bruxelles, Casablanca Phone: (00)212.522823134

OMAN PIONEER TRADE & MEDICAL SUPPLY Khalid Al Said Investment Co. PO Box 77 PC 103, Muscat Phone: (00)68 9780 4272


QATAR CEDARS DENTAL CENTER P.O. Box 47684 Al Hilal, Doha Phone: (00)974.44864088

SAUDI ARABIA DENTAL ERA Al-Abdel Latif Plaza, King Fahd Rd, 3RD Floor, Office # 306 P.O. Box 126122, Jeddah Phone: +966 555 128 025

SYRIA BADRIG AYDENIAN Shouhada street, Damascus Phone: (00)963 (11) 444 6429

TUNISIA DISTRI MED Av. De Madrid, Tunis Phone: (+ 216)Â 98 354 569 distri-med@planet.tn24

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES ELWAN TECHNICAL SUPPLIES P.O. Box 43305, Abu Dhabi Phone: (00)97126393292


Opalescence Go Opalescence Go Whitening features ready-to-go convenience with the UltraFit™ tray for an even more adaptable and comfortable whitening experience. • New tray material offers a remarkably comfortable fit and easily conforms to any patient’s smile • Molar-to-molar coverage ensures the gel comes in contact with more posterior teeth • UltraFit tray’s superior adaptation ensures the maximum amount of gel stays in contact with the teeth during whitening • Available in 6% hydrogen peroxide (with wear times from 60–90 minutes), 10% hydrogen peroxide (with wear times from 30–60 minutes), and 15% hydrogen peroxide (with wear times from 15–20 minutes)

Additional features

of Opalescence Go Whitening • Opalescence whitening gel includes PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride), which helps improve the overall health of the teeth and increase patient comfort during the whitening procedure. • Delicious Mint and Melon flavors • Convenient prefilled trays can be worn right out of the package • Optimal gel quantity allows easy cleanup after whitening

Opalescence Boost 40% in-office whitening NO LIGHT NEEDED • High water content to prevent shade relapse and dehydration • Two to three 20-minute applications • Syringe-to-syringe mixing ensures maximum strength • Distinct red color aids in proper placement and ensures complete removal • 40% hydrogen peroxide • Contains PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride) • No refrigeration required for storage*

SMILES BRIGHTENED IN AN HOUR! Opalescence® Boost™ is the most powerful in-office whitening treatment available, which means you can reveal brilliant, award-winning smiles with just two 20-minute treatments. And because Opalescence Boost is chemically activated, you don’t need a light to make your patient’s smile shine!

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Company name: W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH Country of origin: Austria Website: W&H - People Have Priority The family company W&H Dentalwerk, based in Bürmoos near Salzburg, Austria, the only Austrian manufacturer of dental precision instruments and devices, is one of the leading providers of dental devices in the world. Innovative product and service solutions, a modern corporate structure, a strong focus on research and development, as well as social responsibility – this is what makes W&H Dentalwerk a successful local and global player.

With around 1,200 employees worldwide (700 of whom work in the Austrian headquarters in Bürmoos), W&H exports its products to more than 110 countries. The family company operates two production sites in Bürmoos (Austria), one in Brusaporto (Italy) and 19 subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and North America.


PROMODENTA S.A.R.L. 21, Rue Boumenir Mouloud 26000 Médéa Algier Phone: + 213 550542182 DENTAL QUEST 41, Rue Cheriet, Ali Cherif 31024 Oran Phone: +213 41332784


GULF COOPERATION FOR TECHNOLOGY Bldg No: 2038, Road: 4156, Block 341, Juffair, P.O. Box 2576, Manama Phone: +973 17239399


IMECO 4, Mohamed Moussa St., Azarita Alexandria Phone: +20 3 4871264 1, Mathaf El Manial St., El manial Cairo Phone: +20 2 25328679


APADANA TAK 45, Ghods Ave, Keshavarz Blvd. Tehran Phone: +98 2188965650


DHUA AL MUSHKAT COMANY Building 206/3/93-Khanzad, Kais Hachim Assaf, Erbil Phone: +964 7707437760





ARAB MEDICAL & SCIENTIFIC ALLIANCE (A.M.S.A.) Khalil Salem Street - P.O. Box 2509 Tela’ Al-Ali, 11953 Amman Phone: +962 65528009 ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY COMPANY Salem Al Mubarak Str., Salmiya, Cnr. Bahrain Str. - Block 62a, opp. Laila Tower, P.O. Box 44558, 32060 Hawally Phone: +965 22247240


MEDETECH S.A.R.L. Gecco Bldg., 6th Floor, Blvd. Jdeideh, Sin-El-Fil, P.O. Box 90-946, Jdeidet El Metn Phone: +961 1875401


ALBYAN ALMOTAGADED FOR IMPORTING OF EQUIPMENTS & MEDICAL SUPPLIES Equipments & Medical Supplies P.O. Box 8252, Mohamed Fkini Street Tripoli - Phone: +218 925088549


MEDICODENTAIRE S.A.R.L. 22, Rue Ahmed Almaqri Racine 20050 Casablanca Phone: +212 22393433 DENTAL TECHNIK MAROC 51, Boulevard Rehal El Meskini, Resid. Safae, 3éme étageN14 CP 20130 Casablanca Phone: +212/522302541


ACCROS TRADING COMPANY P.O.Box 23006 - Doha Phone: +974 44816511

BAHWAN HEALTHCARE CENTRE LLC Al Rawaq Building, Second Floor, Street No. 58, Office 207 Building no 7, Al Qurum, Muscat Phone: +968 24650767 AL-TURKI MEDICAL GROUP LTD. (A.M.G.) Al-Turki Bldg. 46, Al-Bohtory St. off Al-Ahsa St., Al-Zahra District, P.O. Box 4952 Riyadh 11412 Phone: +966 4766828150


OUZOUN TRADING CENTER Al-Telyani Av., Omar Al-Moukhtar, St. Alhabal Building, Damascus Phone: +963 114430548


DISTRI-MED 24 Av. de Madrid, 1000 Tunis Phone: +216 71334812 DISTRIMEDplus Impasse No. 2, Rue Fairouz, quoted El Faouzi, Ennasr II 2094 Ariana Phone: +216 70735360


PRIME MEDICAL SUPPLIES EST. P.O. Box 44633, Abu Dhabi Phone: +971 26666037


AL-ZOMALA’A DENTAL CO. Taiz St. Opposite to Nasser workshop P.O.Box 15210, Sana’a Phone: +967 1472787


Constant innovation that inspires Innovative, high-performance and visually appealing – that’s the Synea range. As an important standard feature in dental practices, the Synea products provide users with safety and efficiency in their everyday use. Packed with innovation, Synea has been facilitating constant improvements in dental treatment for 20 years.

The first Synea generation cast its spell over dentists with its elegance and monobloc design in 1998.

Products bearing the Synea brand name combined with a slim profile, an elegant monobloc design and reliable performance began securing a place for themselves in dental practices all over the world as far back as 1998. After this initial success, one technical highlight followed the other hard on the heels. W&H was the first manufacturer in the dental industry to integrate the LED into a turbine head. Finally, the light was where it was needed the most – close to the treatment site. But that wasn’t enough. With its 5x Ring LED+, integrated into the small head of the Synea Vision turbine, W&H underlined its position as the technology leader once again in 2014 and offered dentists a shadow-free view of the treatment site. With W&H’s LED innovations, dentists benefit not only from improved light conditions, but also from reliable functionality even after multiple hygienic reprocessing such as sterilization.

A must-have for every dentist With the sterilizable 5x Ring LED+, integrated in the small head of the Synea Vision turbine, W&H underlined its position as the technology leader in 2014. Dentists benefit from a shadow-free view of the treatment field.

Synea – a synonym for top quality “Made in Austria” meets the high standards placed on dental preparations. W&H has proven with innovative highlights that the company is a master of its craft and even capable of rendering the impossible possible. The focus is always on advancing the dentist’s work. Perfect combination of revolutionary technology and high quality service has allowed W&H as a reliable partner to set new standards in dental practices around the world for 20 years. Synea products are and always have been the must-have for every user.

The head of the red contra-angle handpiece grew smaller with each of the three Synea generations. Today, compact dimensions ensure improved flexibility within the limited confines of the oral cavity. Dental News

Yearbook 2019

Company name: WHITEsmile GmbH Country of origin: Germany Website: In 1994 WHITEsmile was one of the first companies in Europe to specialize in the production of tooth-whitening products. Our “Made in Germany” materials and whitening lamps are the result of constant consultation with dentists and users in over 60 countries. WHITEsmile materials are clinically tested, certified medical products and devices. WHITEsmile encompasses the entire spectrum of professional tooth whitening offerings. Your dental clinic has the flexibility to provide patients with optimal combinations of in-office and at-home whitening. In-office LIGHT Whitening and POWER Whitening are different but effective options. In addition, HOME Whitening is a self-directed, home-use option. Following LIGHT Whitening or POWER Whiten-

ing with HOME Whitening results in the most vivid results for your patients. fläsh is the innovative new development from WHITEsmile. Based on over 20 years of tooth-whitening experience, our cutting-edge, “Made in Germany” fläsh device light optimizes in-office whitening. Together with fläsh gel, fläsh provides the most effective results with maximum ease of handling. Our extensive experience makes WHITEsmile a partner you can trust for tooth whitening.

For all MENA inquiries: PIRO DENTAL TRADING Attn: Caroline Piro Phone: +12096050927





DMS (for fläsh Products) Bauchrieh, Imad Hashem Center 2nd Floor, Beirut Phone: +961-1-240 444


SARL THE ABOU SAMRA BROTHERS Cité Abdouni N° 24, Dar El Beida 16100 Alger Phone: +213-21-506 578

GET, GENERAL EGYPTIAN TRADING 446, El – Ahram St., 4th Bld., Floor 12, Giza 12111 Phone: +(202) 37765001/2/3


HADDAD DENTAL (for Whitesmile products) Achrafieh-Facing Voix du Liban First Floor, 1100-2140 Beirut Phone: +961 1 218244

BAYATI, ALRAHMA (for Whitesmile products) Laboratory
Alrabe Street Hay Aljamia (University District) Baghdad Phone: +964 7702200711


JORDAN BASAMAT MEDICAL SUPPLIES (PHARMADENT) P.O. Box: 141375, Amman 11814 Phone: + 962 79 50 45 700



NOON MEDICAL SUPPLY CO. Al Derwaza tower, st 65, block 3 building 6, floor 1, flat 2 Bnied al qar, Kuwait Phone: +965 22423 600

CLAIRE DENT Siège Social : 6, Rue Ghandi Appt. N°3, Rabat Phone: +212-37-72-62-64

MASAR MEDICAL COMPANY Al Ha`ir Road , Al Lolo`a Stores Store #56, Al-Riyadh Phone: +966-1-2930598


KASSAB DENTAL Damascus, Syria Phone: +96311-2313288

AL MAZROUI MEDICAL & CHEMICAL SUPPLIES P.O. Box 1259 PC 112 Muscat Phone: +968 24 595 670

SHARQ MEDICAL SUPPLY Doha, Qatar Phone: +974 445 66 100


SEM L’EXCELLENCE MEDICALE Avenue des Martyres immb Palmaruim 4 B71 3000 Sfax Phone: +216-31-538 072


NEW AL FARWANIYA SURGICALS P.O.Box 47837 Abu Dhabi Phone: +97126775447



1994 - 2019

1994 - 2019

New: fläsh Chairside Light Whitening System Latest high-performance LED technology with a high-intensity focused light spectrum with visible blue light. Life expectancy of the LEDs more than 10,000 applications. Special settings for sensitive teeth and single tooth whitening. Light output can be varied. Safe working temperature. Paired with fläsh Chairside Light Whitening 32 % hydrogen peroxide with active chlorophyll allows the light-assisted chairside medical tooth whitening with maximum results. Ask you dealer for a live demo in your clinic.

25 years whitening Made in Germany WHITEsmile is proud to celebrate the 25th company anniversary 2019. We thank all of our customers and partners for the trust shown in the past years and look forward to a even brighter furure.

WHITEsmile - Whitening you can trust Proven “Made in Germany” products for in-office and at-home whitening: WHITEsmile LIGHT Whitening, POWER Whitening, HOME Whitening. WHITEsmile provides all varieties of tooth whitening offerings for your dental clinic.

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Free sample print at

Sensor Monitored Production

FAST. PRECISE. COST-EFFICIENT. • DLP technology with a long-lasting 385 nm UV-LED light source

DLP 3D printerSolFlex 350 /650

• Maximized building speed of print objects due to SMP technology • Patented Flex-Vat – material-saving, since less and thinner support material is necessary • Large build area for parallel printing of up to 24 splints; allows overnight printing • Compatible with all conventional lab-CAD-programs (STL.-file) • Wide range of suitable materials for printing models, splints, surgical guides etc.

05.-07.02.2019 Stand: 7F06

Please visit us in Cologne 12.-16.03.2019 Stand R8/S9 + P10, Hall 10.2 Stand C40, Hall 5.2

VOCO GmbH · Anton-Flettner-Straße 1-3 · 27472 Cuxhaven · Germany · Tel. +49 4721 719-0 ·

The complete implant workflow – easiness with one software

Taking an implant plan to actual surgery is now easier than ever! From imaging to implant planning and guide design, all workflow steps can be controlled and completed in the Planmeca RomexisÂŽ software. Find more info and your local dealer!

Planmeca Oy Asentajankatu 6, 00880 Helsinki, Finland. Tel. +358 20 7795 500, fax +358 20 7795 555,

High-quality composites for esthetic anterior and posterior restorations

for all cavity classes One efficient solution

MORE THAN * Based on sales figures.


Tetric N-Line ÂŽ


Bendererstr. 2 | 9494 Schaan | Liechtenstein | Tel. +423 235 35 35 | Fax +423 235 33 60