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New ClassiďŹ cation for the Management of Enamel Hypomineralization

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Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017


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Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017


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Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017




New classification for the management of enamel hypomineralization


September 13 - 15, 2017 Intercontinental City Stars - Cairo, EGYPT

Drs. Fadwa Chtioui, Omar Marouane, Nabiha Douki


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Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

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Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017



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12 Oral Pathology

White Spot Lesions (Part I): A New Topographic Classification (WSTC) Dr. Fadwa Chtioui DDS and Postgraduate Student Department of restorative Dentistry and Endodontics University Hospital of Sahloul Sousse, Tunisia

Abstract Enamel demineralization is frequently encountered in dental practice. Histologically, hypomineralization is the common feature and several etiologies stand behind their clinical appearance.

Dr. Omar Marouane Assistant Doctor Department of restorative Dentistry and Endodontics University Hospital of Sahloul Sousse, Tunisia

Dr. Nabiha Douki Head of the department of Odontology, Professor in Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics University Hospital of Sahloul Sousse, Tunisia

Recently, resin infiltration technique was introduced to mask these enamel lesions. Over time, the indication evolved and was extended to all etiologies responsible for enamel white lesions. However, from a topographic point of view, the location of hypomineralized lesion differs based on the corresponding etiology and the appropriate choice of a specific treatment for each location is necessary. To date, the etiology of the lesion is solely considered when identifying their topographic location within the enamel. Conversely, the correlation between etiology and topography remains theoretical and is, however, regarded to be quite weak especially in cases where only a partial improvement of the esthetic appearance was seen. Therefore, the results remain unpredictable in most cases of such lesions regardless of their plausible etiologies. As this idea kept grabbing our attention during our study, it was compelling to figure out the missing link between etiology and the topography of hypomineralized enamel areas. Likewise, a clinical evaluation of the enamel white lesion’s depth must be adopted as, technically, the latter seems to exclusively influence the treatment outcome. This work proposes a new topographic classification along with a new set or classification criteria of enamel white lesions for a more proper management of hypomineralized teeth

Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

comprising a major breakthrough in their treatment. The means of Visual examination and transillumination have served as references to develop this new topographic classification. Key words: Cosmetic dentistry, Demineralization, Esthetic dentistry, Minimally invasive dentistry, Restorative dentistry, Enamel

Introduction Hypomineralization is the presence of that visible white area on the tooth surface is due solely to a defect in the enamel. These opacities are developmental defects of enamel (DDE) resulting from enamel organ dysfunction due to a variety of agents and defined as a qualitative defect resulting histologically in hypomineralization [Mastroberardino et al., 2012; Pini et al., 2015; Senestraro et al., 2013]. Recently, resin infiltration technique has been introduced to optically mask these enamel hypomineralized lesions and improve their mechanical properties [Kielbassa et al., 2010; Paris et al., 2013]. In order to successfully infiltrate these lesions, having the necessary knowledge of their topographic location seems crucial. Right up to the present day, this topographic knowledge has been based on the etiology of these lesions despite the fact that new studies have emerged to provide data on the little-known subsections of white-spot lesions [Denis et al., 2013]. And while there is a good correlation between such lesions, their etiologies seem to present an unpredictable location of hypomineralized enamel surfaces. And it should be mentioned that several studies have shown only partial improvement of esthetic appearance of enamel white lesions while the

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14 Oral Pathology results remain unpredictable in most cases of such lesions regardless of their plausible etiologies [Attal et al., 2014; Tirlet et al., 2013]. Indeed, in order to obtain successful infiltration of the lesion’s body, the surface layer has to be removed by the application of an etching procedure repeatedly [Meyer-Lueckel and Paris, 2008b, a]. Thus, when hypomineralized lesions are confined at the inner part of enamel, the classic protocol of infiltration technique seems to be inappropriate [Attal et al., 2014]. Therefore, the missing link between etiology and topographic position of the hypomineralized enamel surfaces has impelled our main attention to set forth a new approach in locating enamel white lesions. Consequently, a clinical evaluation of their deepness and thickness must be considered with a view to identifying a specific treatment for each topographic location. The aim of this work is to propose a new topographic classification of enamel white lesions, seeking to introduce a new paradigm concerning their treatment regardless of their causes, a codified procedure and a more conservative treatment for a better aesthetic result. A second article will be devoted more specifically to the treatment of these spots with regard to this new classification.

Visual examination To date, there are no clinical methods describing the topography of enamel white lesions. However, visual examination can be useful to determine their topographic location. The perception of white lesions on enamel surfaces is a complex phenomenon, yet, based on the available data, a meticulous visual examination can allow us to read a “topographic mapping” of the lesion. Optically and contrary to sound enamel, hypomineralized enamel is a relatively heterogeneous tissue made up of organic and mineral materials, with different refractive indices. In situ, the multiplicity of these indices lead to a diffuse reflection of light, and therefore the lesion appears white [Denis et al., 2013]. On the other hand, from a clinical point of view, Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

Torlakovic showed a good correlation between white intensity and the volume of hypomineralized white lesions [Torlakovic et al., 2012]. In fact, the depth of enamel hypomineralization can significantly explain the range of shades of white lesions clinically observed. So genuinely, some white lesions are only slightly whiter than sound enamel, and air drying is required to detect them, whereas others are intensely white, easily seen even on a wet tooth surface [Torlakovic et al., 2012]. Moreover, enamel white lesions, may present a white-yellowish or creamy appearance [Contaldo et al., 2014]. The latter is due to the lesion depth as well as tothe optical properties of sound enamel. In fact, in regard to the small size of hydroxiapatite crystals (0.15 à 0.05 μm), the enamel, most likely scatters short wavelengths leading to an increased backscatter of blue light from its surface which in return reflects a bluish appearance. During significant light emission however, it filters and shifts blue to red and shorter orange wavelengths [Lasserre, 2007]. Indeed, Zijp reported that sound enamel, observed in daylight, appears to be pale yellow under transmitted light [Zijp et al., 1995]. Therefore, when the hypomineralization is confined at the inner third of the enamel, the reflected light coming out of this lesion is rather yellowish, and clinically, the lesion shows a creamy discoloration.

Using transillumination From an optical point view, sound enamel is translucent. It permits not only the passage of light, but also disperses it. However, enamel hypomineralized lesions are opaque and prevent the passage of light [Powers and Sakaguchi, 2006]. Based on this criterion, fiber optic transillumination (FOTI) has been used in vivo in caries detection for many years. It offers an alternative method of diagnosis of decayed tissue to supplement the clinical examination. It is a simple, non-invasive, painless method and can be used repeatedly with no risk to the patient. FOTI works due to differences in light transmission between normal and carious lesions. Indeed, the disruption of crystal structure, which occurs in hypomineralization has the ability to absorb light

16 Oral Pathology photons producing a gray shade in this kind of lesions. The procedure has been proven histologically and has levels of sensitivity and specificity that exceed those of radiography [Davies et al., 2001; Pitts and Stamm, 2004; Strassler, 2014; Zandonรก and Zero, 2006]. Based on the same optical law, the supplemental use of FOTI with other etiologies responsible for enamel hypomineralization can be helpful in order to evaluate depth and thickness of these lesions. Indeed, when hypomineralized lesion is covered by enamel, the transmitted light dispersed from this translucent layer reveals poorly-defined and fuzzy enamel opacity underneath sound enamel [Chawla et al., 2008]. Presumably, we may assume that just like underwater optical imaging where illumination techniques illustrate the depths being portrayed; this new technique may provide an idea about the 3-D depth information for optically shallow areas. Accordingly, the subsurface lesion appears well demarcated by the scattered light under transillumination as the thin layer of enamel -if it ever exists- will not distort light and rather appear transparent. The case here may be simulated to a hand moving away from a frosted piece of glass, special resolution degrades precipitously the more the hand moves away from the exit surface (Picture 1)

The use of transillumination and visual examination in the elaboration of a topographic classification of enamel white lesions. As suggested by Denis, a white lesion may present different locations. It may be deep, superficial, or both combined in one lesion. Based on the optic law that defines enamel hypomineralization and sound enamel, we have set forth the new White Spot topographic classification (WSTC) based on visual examination and transillumination.

Superficial lesions Regarding the optical properties of the enamel, the incident light transmitted towards the lesion is directly reflected to the eye and when it is superficial since reflected light is not dispersed nor distorted; thus, the lesion appears white. Nevertheless, depending on the thickness of the lesion, the appearance may differ. Thin superficial lesions are slightly whiter than sound enamel making the lesion hardly distinguishable from it and can only be detectable only after a prolonged air drying. On the other hand, when the superficial lesion is quite thick, the considerable difference in refractive indices between sound and porous enamel yields to intensely white lesions easily visible even on a wet surface.

Figure 1 The Hand behind Frosted Glass_ The More it Moves away From the Glass, The more Blurry it Appears Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

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In transillumination the lesion absorbs light, transmitting the light beam entirely when it is thin and thus yielding a slightly opaque appearance with less-pronounced edges. This process is yet reversed in cases of thick lesions which appear quite darker as they prevent the passage of light. The poor light dispersion through these superficial lesions gives appearance of a roughened white spot within well-demarcated margins [Fleming et al., 2004].

Deep lesions Due to their topography, deep lesions differ from superficial ones. In fact, a hypomineralized lesion is covered by enamel. Optically, the incident light beam passes through the translucent sound enamel, reflects at the lesion site, re-crosses through the translucent sound enamel coating, scatters then it re-emits from the surface back to the eye. Light-penetration and light-scattering through sound enamel gives forth a creamy and yellowish appearance, a criterion of deep lesions. In transillumination, a more complex optical phenomenon takes place. When the hypominerelazied lesion is covered with translucent sound enamel, the latter disperses the transilluminated light away from the enamel opacity, which, as a result, appears poorly defined and fuzzy [Jälevik and Norén, 2000]. Besides, the deeper is the hypomineralized enamel, the more important is the scattering and the fuzzier the lesion would be [Fleming et al., 2004; Kersten et al., 2006].

Mixed lesion Topographically, part of the lesion is deep and another part is superficial, which makes both characteristics present clinically and under transillumination.



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Clinically the lesion takes on both a white and creamy appearance showing a heterogeneous aspect in transillumination. Depending on the topography of the lesion, poorly defined edges tend to occur with the clearly demarcated ones at parts of the same lesion.

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20 Oral Pathology

Figure 1: Schematic Description of Enamel Lesions According to the WSTC: A: In Hypominerilized Lesions, the changes of refractive index, the light is thus deviated at each interface and reflected, becoming imprisoned in an “opticalmaze” that is over-luminous and therefore perceived or seen as white and opaque by the eye on account of the excess brightness which depends of the thickness of the lesion in cases of Superficial Lesions. B: In cases of deep lesions, the hypomineralized lesion is covered by enamel. The incident beam light passes through the translucent sound enamel, it is reflected at the lesion, then re-passes through the translucent sound enamel and re-emerges from the surface to the eye with a creamy to yellowish appearance.

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C: Mixed Lesion show a part of the lesion is deep and another which is superficial. Then both characteristics of deep and Superficial Lesions are present on visual examination and under transillumination.

These observations can be easily concluded when a tooth shows a mixture of deep and superficial aspect or when we remove the superficial layer of enamel to transform deep lesions into superficial ones. Moreover, the degree of opaqueness reflects the degree of hypomineralization, i.e. the degree of porosity, implicating that the more opaque the enamel appears in incident light, the more porous it is since porous enamel scatters light more than does sound enamel [Villarroel et al., 2011].

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22 Oral Pathology

Classification Based on all the already-cited information, in wet conditions, meticulous visual examination, the white intensity as well as limit-and-opacity features under transillumination of white lesions have served as reference to develop this topographic classification.

Three types of enamel white lesions were proposed. As a consequence, all the etiologies responsible of the enamel hypomineralisation are unified. After analyzing and studying more than a hundred forms of white lesions in our dental department, we found out that they may fall under one of the categories regrouped in table 1.

Conclusion The choice of the basic range of appropriate treatments existing today, erosion/infiltration and/or micro/mega-abrasion will then be much easier as the dentist who is now capable of estimating the 3-d image of the lesion. And based on the optical properties of sound and hypominerilzed enamel, we have managed to set forth a new topographic classification for enamel lesions which allows us to choose the best non-invasive treatment with a fairly predictable result. Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

The classification comes exclusively with a purely therapeutic goal as it clinically guides us towards the appropriate treatment option for each lesion based merely on its topography.

Acknowledgement Research laboratory of oral health and oro facial rehabilitation LR12 ES11, Faculty of dental medicine, Monastir university, Tunisia.

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24 Oral Pathology

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26 Prosthodontics

Many ways with one material Dr Dan Krammer, Fuchstal/Germany

Recently, nineteen dental technicians from all over the world and one dentist from the Czech Republic convened at the International Center of Dental Education (ICDE) in Vienna. They were invited by Ivoclar Vivadent to take part in a very special educational session, where they were given the opportunity to compare their expertise with other seasoned dental professionals. The title of the challenge was “One aim, three solutions”; the material they would be using was IPS e.max.

At this unusual event, twenty participants were asked to treat a real patient by using three different treatment approaches. At the end of the session, the patient had to decide which type of restoration she preferred: the IPS e.max® CAD restoration made with a chairside method and completed by the dentist; a conventional CAD/ CAM-fabricated restoration; or a restoration made of IPS e.max Press. The attending dentist and representative of the chairside approach, Dr Petr Hajný looked like he was going to break out into a sweat once he fully understood the implications of this challenge. The contenders were not to be underestimated. His preliminary work and the needs of his patient would set the standard for his fellow contestants (Figs 2 to 3g). In actual fact, the task turned out to be more complex than was initially anticipated. A wide array of fabrication options was available. The participants were able to choose between IPS e.max CAD (lithium disilicate); highly translucent IPS e.max ZirCAD (zirconium oxide) either in monolithic or anatomically reduced form, ground or milled; or IPS e.max Press full-contour or anatom-ically reduced pressed and subsequently stained/veneered restorations; or a combination of all these Fig 1

Figure 1: Before the case is presented, Hannes Meischl, Technical Trainer of the ICDE in Vienna, describes the dental laboratory procedure and the available materials and equipment. Figure 2: Diagnosis according to photos in a design software Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

versions. The choice was extremely wide because of the exceptional versatility of the all-ceramic product portfolio of Ivoclar Vivadent (Fig. 4). For those of you who find your head spinning at the thought of all these possibilities, you will be relieved to know that the solution actually turned out to be quite simple. This contest offered a number of possibilities for comparing different methods, such as the CAD/CAM and the conventional fabrication techniques, and analyzing them according to a number of critical aspects. Nevertheless, the patient would be the deciding factor in this challenge. She would be the one who would make the final decision, irrespective of whether the restoration was fabricated chairside, stained, veneered or fabricated with the conventional or CAD/CAM technique. Which group would get the job done first? The conventional or the CAD/CAM representatives? The dental technicians or the dentist? And at what esthetic price? All these issues would be addressed and the debates over many different matters resolved. Fig 2

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28 Prosthodontics Could the simplest restoration perhaps be the most attractive one? How important is the number of powders and colours that are used? What is the significance of the shape and surface structure of the restoration for the overall esthetics? How important are listening skills to find out what the patient really wants?

In any case, the event offered the participants a wonderful opportunity to find out all the answers to these questions and more from the most important person in this case: that is, the patient. Now, let’s join the contestants at the ICDE in Vienna (Fig. 5) and accompany them on this exciting journey … (Figs 6 to 41).

Fig 3








Figure 3: Dr Hajný shows photos of the preoperative situation. He highlights the esthetic failings of the old restorations on the central incisors. In order to enhance the esthetic appearance of the new restoration, the patient agrees to have tooth 12 and 13 and tooth 22 and 23 included in the restorative treatment strategy. The three groups – conventional laboratory, CAD/ CAM laboratory and CAD/CAM chairside – are allocated a specific time in which to fabricate the all-ceramic restorations for teeth 13 to 23. The old crowns are removed from tooth 11 and 21. Tooth 11 is shown to have been restored with a metal root post in the past. Dr Hajný masks the post with opaquer to adjust the shade. Fig 4

Fig 5

Figure 4: The materials portfolio from Ivoclar Vivadent is immense. Therefore, the selection and combination possibilities are extensive. While this stage is easier for the conventional group, since they are using IPS e.max Press and the associated ingots, the CAD/ CAM team should also be thinking about using monolithic and individually characterized IPS e.max ZirCAD zirconium oxide restorations. Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

Figure 5: Ready, steady, go: At ten o’clock sharp the participants are allowed to see the models of the case. These include a study model of the provisionally restored upper jaw and a silicone matrix, a saw-cut model of the prepared upper jaw as well as model of the lower jaw.

30 Prosthodontics Fig 6

Figure 6: The CAD/CAM laboratory group has selected the digitalized situation and generated the case in the system. In other words, the teeth to be restored and the restorations have been defined in the software. The picture shows Davor Markovic studying the case. Fig 8

Fig 7

Figure 7: The dental technicians provide the photographer with a lot of very interesting material. The dies are prepared for the creation of the restorations and the silicone matrices have been adjusted accordingly.

Fig 9

Figure 8: The patient is prepared for the digital capturing of the intraoral data in the practice facilities of the ICDE in Vienna. Dr Petr Hajný, the dentist, and Vjekoslav Budimir, the dental technician, prefer to pursue a digital approach. As a result, scans are conducted with two different systems.

Figure 9: Dr Petr Hajný and his assistant scan the patient’s jaw with the CEREC Omnicam (Dentsply Sirona), an intraoral dental scanner which, like the Trios machines (3Shape), does not use powder. He takes advantage of chairside workflows to design the crowns and mill them from IPS e.max CAD MT A1.

Fig 10

Fig 11

Figure 10: CAM software of the Wieland Zenotec select CAD/CAM system with the IPS e.max block in the block holder

Figure 11: Completed, milled crown made of IPS e.max CAD MT blocks in the CAD/CAM milling machine

Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

32 Prosthodontics Fig 12

Fig 13

Figure 12: Busy and highly concentrated contestants in the training laboratory of the ICDE in Vienna: The CAD/CAM group in the front and the conventionally working group at the back. Fig 14

Fig 16

Fig 15

Figure 13: There’s also time to have some fun. The contestants from the different teams and countries get on very well with each other. Fig 18

Figure 18: “Look, I’m a human milling machine!” Velimir Žuji´c (right) jokes around with Vinko Iljadica and Alen Ali´c (left).

Fig 17

Figure 14-17: The modelled crowns, reduced crowns and frame-works are conventionally invested, placed in the preheating furnace, pressed, divested and then completed. The participants are well-versed in this technique and achieve the desired results in no time at all.

Fig 19

Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

Fig 20

Figure 19-20: Manual finishing techniques: Velimir Žuji´c sprinkles dentin powder on an IPS e.max Press framework that has been coated with IPS Ivocolor® Mixing Liquid allround. In the wash firing cycle, the bond is reinforced and produces a sound base for the subsequent ceramic layers.

Fig 21

Figure 21: Irrespective of whether a conventionally or CAD/ CAM-fabricated framework is used, these types of restorations, in contrast to monolithic ones, have to be manually layered and fired multiple times.

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34 Prosthodontics Fig 22

Fig 23 22



Figure 22 A,B: From the computer to the hand: Some of the technicians of the CAD/CAM group decided to choose the monolithic route. Nevertheless, they are doubtful about being able to outcompete the manual group. They would have to wait until the end to find out if their doubts were justified. Fig 24

Figure 23: Dr Petr Hajný adds fine surface details to his milled lithium disilicate crowns before he finalizes them in a modified crystallization and glaze firing cycle. His chosen workflow makes him the fastest contestant and leaves him with enough time to take care of other business. Fig 25


B Figure 24 A,B: The press technique is also highly efficient when the restorations are pressed to full-contour and then minimal layers are applied to add fine details. Since only a minimum amount of layering ceramic is applied, there is hardly any shrinkage and the results are highly predictable.

Figure 25: The contestants in the conventional group brought out the best in the IPS e.max materials. Here, one of the participants builds up the incisors to full contour on IPS e.max Press MO frameworks.

Fig 26

Fig 27

Figure 26: Technical talk: Three members of the CAD/CAM group visit a colleague from the conventional group for a chat.

Figure 27: Checking the length and alignment of the allceramic crowns in the articulator. The marks on the wax-up serve as a guide. It’s difficult to believe that all these steps can be accomplished by a machine.

Fig 28

Fig 29

Figure 28: Analog version of the try-in. A good first impression was obtained by just fooling around.

Figure 29, 30: Ondˇrej Adam hard at work. In order to faithfully recreate the translucent edge of the lower front teeth in the upper jaw, he completely veneers the upper incisors. The result after the first firing cycle is shown in the picture.

Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

Fig 30

Essentia & G-Premio BOND from GC No compromises, aesthetic restorations taken to the next level

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36 Prosthodontics

Fig 31

Fig 32

Fig 33

Fig 34

Fig 35

Fig 36

Figure 31-36: Not to worry, the members of the CAD/CAM group aren’t spending all their time staring at their computer monitors. They’re also having fun and taking care of some steps manually. In the end, it’s not the method that counts, but the result, which has to look as natural as possible.

Fig 37

Fig 38

Figure 37: Mission accomplished: Helmut Berger has incorporated his virtual creation into the picture of the patient in order to check the length and alignment of the teeth.

Figure 38: The day has come to an end and the excitement is palpable. Due to the large number of entries, the panel of experts including Christian Smaha (centre), a recognized Viennese dental technician, is consulted to help with the shortlisting process.

Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

38 Prosthodontics

Fig 39

Fig 40

Fig 41

Figure 39-41: And the winner is ‌ the Slovakian dental technician Martin Ebringer from the conventional fabrication group. The patient immediately fell in love with his crowns. They are sparingly layered. Martin Ebringer focused on imitating the surface characteristics and the tooth shape. When he was asked about how he had managed to produce such a fantastic result, he simply said that he had talked with the patient and tried to create what she wanted: in other words, very bright, monochromatic teeth. Consequently, he tried to impart the teeth with a natural appearance by incorporating morphological details.

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Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

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40 Orthodontics

Updating the CA Clear Aligner Therapy Pablo Echarri, D.D.S. Director of the Master in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics of Athenea Dental Institute, San Jorge University, Spain President of the Iberoamerican Association of Orthodontists Chairman of the congress of the World Society of Lingual Orthodontics

Abstract In this article the author explain the particular characteristics that makes the CA Clear Aligner system different that the others as well as the special tools that allow the clinicians to reduce the treatment time and increase the effectiveness of the therapy. Keywords: CA Clear Aligner, Screws, Pliers, Power grip

Introduction Javier Echarri, D.D.S. Student of the Master in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics of Athenea Dental Institute, San Jotge University, Spain

Actually CA Clear Aligner through CA Digital offer a complete solution for the doctors that want to digitalize their offices. In fact from one scan (directly from the patient with an intraoral scanner or scanning the plaster models), the CA Digital software can offer: Fig 1

• • • • • • •

digital or printed study models digital storage of the models diagnosis including study and radiographic analysis set-up models and correction of the set-up models Aligners therapy (CA Clear Aligner) Indirect labial or lingual bonding (Individua) CAD-CAM Retainers (Memotain)

In this article the author will focus only in the CA Clear Aligner Therapy characteristics due to the extension of this paper.

Characteristics of the CA Clear Aligner Therapy 1- CA Clear Aligner prepare 1 to 3 steps from one digital or traditional impression As we don’t manufactures all the aligners from the first impression, we can: Fig 4

Fig 2

Fig 5

Fig 3

Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017



Two files to shape

Safety Proprietary Heat Treatment process

Quality of cleaning Usability

Increases flexibility Minimizes the risk of instrument fracture

Clinical case

Shaping using 2Shape: TS1 & TS2. Dr. Jean-Philippe Mallet, France



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6.– 8. February 2018 Stand: 7G16

• Make the control of the treatment periodically and not only at the end of the treatment. This characteristic allow us to reduce the treatment time and avoid the final refinements of the cases. The system is a continuous control of the evolution of the case called PTMA (Plan - Treat - Monitor - Active) that means that we active the treatment according to the evolution of the case. Also we can adapt the treatment to the possible relapse due to the fault of use of the aligners, adapt to the changes in the mouth during the mixed dentition and to the stripping changes. 2- We use three different thickness of aligners One step includes 3 aligners adapted to the same set-up but with different thickness (soft, medium and hard) that activates the treatment every week. As we change the aligners every 5 to 7 seven days according to the individual evolution, we maintain a good range of dental movement. 3- CA Clear Aligners cover 2mm of the gingival tissues. In 2013, in the University of Nevada, they published that the aligners with no attachment and scallop margins has significant less retention. Less retention means less anchorage and less effectiveness in the dental movements. Covering 2mm of the gingival tissues we increase the aligners’ retention

CA® CLEAR ALIGNER – 3 aligner per step for accelerated treatment results.

Fig 6

precision made in Germany clinically proven 3-splint-system for effective treatment

Fig 7

treatment corrections are possible at any time more than 150.000 patients successfully treated

Fig 8

CA® CLEAR ALIGNER Seminar with Dr. Pablo Echarri, 10.02.2018, Dubai

For more information please see:




Your Smile. Our Vision.

44 Orthodontics without the use of attachments. On the other side, the Clinical Center of Munich demonstrated that the extension of the aligners get less inclination in the dental movements because the force application is near of the dental center of rotation. In this way we get a better effectiveness of the movement but as the changes in the soft tissues are not so predictable we can not prepare all the aligners from the first impression. 4- We use a lot of tools or aids in the CA Clear Aligner Therapy to reduce the treatment time and increase the efficiency of the appliances. a- CA Vector Screws for transversal expansion (anterior (CA Vector 40), posterior (CA Vector 50) or lateral-oblique (CA Vector 30)), Screws for distalization (CA Distalizer Kit), to Fig 9

close spaces (CA Tractive Screw) and for individual movements (Piston Screws). b- CA Tip Pliers. We have 4 cold pliers to activate the aligners (1- to increase the retention, 2for activation points, 3- for inclination activation, 4- for torque activation). c- CA Power Grip. We have 9 different shapes to increase the effectiveness of the treatment (1- for forced extrusion and forced ; 2 and 3 for mesio-distal angulation; 4 and 5 for torque control; 6 and 7 for posterior build-ups and 8 and 9 for anterior build-ups), d- plastic buttons as anchorage for elastics To complete de system we have another tools like stripping kits, etc. Fig 12

Fig 10

Fig 13

Fig 11

Case Report In the pictures 1 to 5 we can observe a case with good occlusion of the posterior teeth but with crowding and rotation of the anterior teeth. The case was treated in 6 steps/months of treatment with stripping. In the pictures 6 to 8 we can observe the CA Clear Aligner covering 2mm of the soft tissues and in the pictures 9-13 the stripping performed with the Progressive Stripping Technique. Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

In the following pictures we can observe the evolution of the case step by step: • pictures 14 to 18, Progress 1 • pictures 19 to 23, Progress 2 • pictures 24 to 28, Progress 3 • pictures 29 to 33, Progress 4 • pictures 34 to 38, Progress 5 The final pictures can be observed in the pictures 39 to 43 and the fixed retention in the pictures 44 to 48.

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Geristore’s features make it ideal for over 15 applications: • Self-adhesive. No etch, bond or mix • Bonds, even in a moist field • Contains fluoride • Dual-cure ensures complete polymerization

Tissue reattaches to Geristore as it would to natural tooth structure: • Proven compatibility with connective tissue cell growth and no adverse effects on alveolar bone1 • Favorable pulpal response 2

SEM view of fibroblast growing on Geristore in tissue cultures. Gingival fibroblasts physically adhere to Geristore3 – no post-operative inflammation or sensitivity of soft tissue.

Order your Geristore today! E-Mail us: 1. Al-Sabek, Fuwad et al. “Invitro Assessment of Gingival Fibroblasts with Resin Modified Glass Ionomer.” 2002 Annual Meeting, American Academy of Periodontology. 2. McCann, Charks M., “Histological Evaluation of the Periodontal Response to Geristore Resin Placed Subgingivally in Human Patients.” University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of Dentistry (2003). 3. Ferrari, Marco “Biocompatibility of Geristore Restorative Material in the Absence of Bacterial Infection in Humans.” Study available upon request (June 1998). ©2016 Den-Mat Holdings, LLC. All rights reserved. 805020121I 09/16AS


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46 Orthodontics Fig 14

Fig 17

Fig 15

Fig 18

Fig 16

Figures 14 to 18: Progress 1

Fig 19

Fig 22

Fig 20

Fig 23

Fig 21

Figures 19 to 23: Progress 2

Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

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48 Orthodontics Fig 24

Fig 27

Fig 25

Fig 28

Fig 26

Figures 24 to 28: Progress 3

Fig 29

Fig 32

Fig 30

Fig 33

Fig 31

Figures 29 to 33: Progress 4

Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

á«`≤«≤`M IQƒ`K     



















Admira Fusion

É«fÉŸGC /É«fƒdƒc ‘ ÉæJQÉjõH Gƒ∏°†ØJ 2017/3/25 -21 ÚH C G  ádÉ°üdG ‘  +   áëæL’

Iô°TÉÑŸG äGƒ°ûë∏d ⁄É©dG ‘ ∫hC’G ±õÿG √óMh ±õÿG ¤EG óæà°ùJ ⁄É©dG ‘ º«eôJ IOÉe ∫hCG • @ ¢ü∏≤àdG ó¡÷ ¢†Øîæe iƒà°ùeh (ºé◊G øe %1^25) ¢†Øîæe Iôª∏H ¢ü∏≤J • á«fƒ∏dG äGÒ¨à∏d kGóL ΩhÉ≤eh ‹ÉY …ƒ«M πÑ≤J hP ƒ¡a Gòd ,kÉjhɪ«c πeÉN • á«Ø∏ÿGh á«eÉeC’G ≥WÉæŸG ‘ äÉÑ∏£àŸG ≈∏YCG »Ñ∏j • èFÉàf É¡∏c øª°†J í£°ù∏d á«dÉY IhÉ°ùbh π¡°S ™«ª∏J ,RÉà‡ Ò°†– ܃∏°SCG • ióŸG á∏jƒW IRÉà‡ ájó«∏≤àdG ≥°ü∏dG OGƒe πc ™e ∫ɪ©à°SCÓd ídÉ°U • ójóL âjRƒÑeƒμdG øe ájó«∏≤àdG ƒ°û◊G OGƒe ™e áfQÉ≤ŸÉH @

VOCO GmbH · Anton-Flettner-Straße 1-3 · 27472 Cuxhaven · Germany · Tel. +49 4721 719-0 ·

50 Orthodontics Fig 34

Fig 37

Fig 35

Fig 38

Fig 36

Figures 34 to 38, Progress 5

3D agility_ The One to Shape your Success

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52 Orthodontics Fig 39

Fig 42

Fig 40

Fig 43

Fig 41

Figures 39 to 43: Final pictures

Fig 44

Fig 47

Fig 45

Fig 48

Fig 46

Figures 44 to 48: Fixed Retention

Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017










Manufacturer: Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co., LLC | 3232 N. Rockwell Street, Chicago, IL 60618 | USA Customer Care Department: Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co., LLC. Free Call +800 HUFRIEDY (00800 48 37 43 39) Free Fax 00800 48 37 43 40 E-Mail: | Website: ©2017 Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co., LLC. All rights reserved.




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→ one device, two indications – easy switch from supra to subgingival air-polishing with a PROPHY to PERIO turn → optimal access thanks to 3 available nozzles – 90°, 120°and PERIO

Conclusions The CA Clear Aligner is a complete system that includes individual characteristics that makes the difference with other systems. The system also includes special tools, like screws, pliers, plastic buttons and power grip that helps in the reduction of the treatment time and the effectiveness of the therapy.

References 1. Echarri P. Clear Aligner. 1ª Edición. Madrid (España): Ripano Médica; 2012 (espa-

ñol, inglés, alemán, chino)

2. Echarri P. Tratamiento con Clear Aligner. 10 años de experiencia. En: Libro poOrtho 2009, Madrid (España): Ripano Médica; 2009. pp. 29-40.



3. Echarri P. CA Clear Aligner. Puesta al día. En: Padrós Serrat E. Manual de ortodoncia plástica. Madrid (España): Ripano Médica 2013. pp. 93-106. 4. Echarri P. Clear Aligner Advanced. Ladent S.L. Barcelona España 2016 (español, inglés, aleman, chino, coreano). 5. Kim TW, Echarri P. Posibilidades terapéuticas thod 2004;10:54-65. (publicado en coreano)


Clear Aligner. Korean J Clin Or-

6. Kim TW, Echarri P. Tratamiento de la mordida profunda anterior con Clear Aligner. Ortod Clin 2005; 8(1): 34-43. 7. Kim TW, Echarri P. Clear Aligner como parte de otros tratamientos de ortodoncia. Gerencia Dental 2007;14:46-50. 8. Kim TW, Echarri P. Clear Aligner: An efficient, esthetic, and comfortable option for an adult patient. World J Orthod 2007;8:13-18. 9. Echarri P, Pedernera M. Clear Aligner, Cúspide 2012;15(25):30-2. 10. Echarri P. Posibilidades 2013;8(3):3-9

tratamiento de la recidiva en ortodoncia.

terapéutica del

11. Echarri P, Pedernera M. El protocolo Dental Tribune 2013;8(3):10-1

CA Clear Aligner. Dental Tribune


CA Clear Aligner

y por qué es así.

12. Wysokinska-Miszczuk J, Kwiatkowska M, Michalak I, Michalak M, Kwiatkowski M, Paulo M, Echarri P. Clear Aligner – estetyczne rozwiązanie problemów ortodontycznzch u dorosłych. Magazyin Stomatologiczny 2013;23(10):74-9. 13. Echarri P. CA Clear Aligner 2014;21(2):48-58. 14. Echarri P. Indicações 2015;2(15):28-32.

therapeutic possibilities.

terapéuticas do

Dental News Magazine

CA Clear Aligner. O J Dentistry,


15. Echarri P, Pedernera M. CA Clear Aligner clinical protocol and why it is as it is. Dental News Magazine, September 2015;26-36.





56 Restorative Dentistry

Restorations at 35 Minute Intervals Interview with Dr. N. Rohde and M. Bildhäuser

Dr. Nicolas Rohde 2002 Business graduate 2005 – 2003 International Business Development at Hopf, Ringleb & Co (HORICO) 2010 – 2005 Work at the Institute for Management at the Free University Berlin, degree Dr. rer.pol. 2012 – 2011 Management HORICO North America LP 2015 – 2012 Vice President Digital Dentistry Systems at the Biodenta Group Since 2016 Division Manager - Head of Digital & International Division at DT&SHOP GmbH

Manfred Bildhäuser 1981 – 1976 Training as dental technician 2005 – 1982 Active in all fields of dental technology, in commercial laboratories as well as practice laboratories 2013 – 2005 Own dental laboratory in Fulda Since 2014 Technician in the DT&SHOP milling centre

Whereas production times with zirconium of up to 14 hours are no exception, aesthetically appealing composite crowns can today be created within 35 minutes and only require minimal post-polishing. The CAD/CAM experts of the renowned laboratory partner DT&Shop know all about the benefits of fast, high quality production and how to keepdental laboratories competitive in the long run. In this interview, Dr. Nicolas Rohde, Head of Digital & International Division, and dental technician Manfred Bild-häuser explain what is possible in the field of CAD/ CAM with state-of-the-art materials research. Dr. Nicolas Rohde is well acquainted with the notion of speedy deliveries. The fast implementation of demanding customer orders is the daily agenda of the leading mail order company for dental laboratory equipment. Eight dental technicians produce highly aesthetic prosthetics for the company‘s numerous customers in the in-house milling centre. No wonder the enthusiasm for the novel CAD/CAM composite blocs, for example the BRILLIANT Crios submicron hybrid composite from Swiss dental specialist COLTENE, knew no bounds. The flexible all-rounders make life considerably easier for CAD/CAM production and are notable for their rapid polishability, among other things.

Question: “Dr. Rohde, it is difficult for dentists to bypass composites in classical filling therapy. Now this versatile material is also entering the arena of CAD/CAM technology. Is composite the new ceramic?”

Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

Dr. Rohde: This depends entirely on the indication! Indeed, the CAD/CAM composite blocs currently available on the market bring with them a number of excellent ma-terial properties. In many cases it is possible to create visually attractive results from this flexible material in virtually no time. Long sintering or crystallising of other dental ma-terials can be eliminated completely. After oughly 35 minutes, the milling machine produces virtually finished crowns, partial crowns, inlays, onlays or veneers. Due to the high intrinsic gloss of high performance composites such as BRILLIANT Crios, brief polishing is all that is required. This allows fabrication of a top quality restoration within one hour.

Q: “How did you find out about the reinforced composite blocs?” Dr. Rohde: Based on our long-standing experience in milling, COLTENE asked us to grind a number of restorations from the material for their acrylic models. Amazingly, of the 700 units which we produced in record time, there was not a single restora-tion which did not leave the CNC machine in perfect condition. After this convincing result we immediately included BRILLIANT Crios in our portfolio and are already han-dling first enquiries for the novel material.

Q: “What can composite do which traditional CAD/CAM materials can’t?” M. Bildhäuser: Above all, the marginal stability of BRILLIANT Crios is extremely high. Compared with glass ceramics, the high performance composite is ideally suited for inlays or onlays requiring extremely thin walls. We also use the flexible material in all cases where preparation was not so good.


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58 Restorative Dentistry Dr. Rohde: From my days in implant dentistry, I know that removing part of the dental fibres for dentures with implants often leads to a lack of the natural damping effect of the ligament in the jaw. This makes it extremely pleasant for patients, if the crown itself has a slight damping effect. Many users have reported on the high wear comfort of composite based restorations. The dentine-like modulus of elasticity provides for a natural chewing feeling and is gentle on the opposite tooth at the same time.

Q: “Where exactly is the specific advantage in processing, Mr Bildhäuser?” M. Bildhäuser: I was amazed at how easy the novel material could be smoothed and polished. There are no interfering inclusions of the polishing paste and post-processing takes next to no time, be it for monolithic crowns, onlays or veneers, whereby we use a compact wet grinding machine also used by many of our customers. This is not difficult to reproduce even for smaller laboratories: for example, the Finocam W is an inexpensive wet grinding machine which often delivers better results than far more expensive chairside CNC machines.

Q: “What needs to be observed in general terms when processing CAD/CAM composite blocs?” M. Bildhäuser: Of course every technician has his own style. A somewhat slower speed is generally recommended for composite. It is important to apply only little pressure on the

material. And as the processing time is short anyway, one can take a more relaxed approach. Of course, with a new material one always needs to first try out the pressure effects of the grinding tools. After one to two units, processing is possible with comparatively little effort. The final finishing and polishing is separated from the carrier with a thin disc. I then smooth the surfaces with a soft rubber polisher. For further processing I use the DIATECH ShapeGuard from COLTENE, this adapts perfectly to the respective surfaces. This is followed by meticulous post-polishing with the margin polishing paste and finished!

Q: “Which material is currently in particularly high demand in laboratories?” Dr. Rohde: Zirconium remains the gold standard in the industry, last not least because of its favourable price structure. At approximately 25 units per blank, the circular blank is certainly in a different price category than the conventional blocs for chairside grinding systems. At the same time, zirconium has a convincing flexural strength of over 1,000 megapascals. At approximately 600 megapascals the value is of course somewhat lower for highly translucent pieces. On the downside, zirconium needs to be sintered for a very long period to achieve an aesthetic solution. 14 hours for production is quite common. When using CAD/CAM composite blocs we can process orders from laboratory customers quicker as the firing process is eliminated. If we have the data by 3 p.m., our milling centre can generally deliver on the same day.

Figure 1: Preoperative radiograph (a). Access cavity showing the location of the orifices of the canals in C‑shaped (b). Working length radiograph “Notice file in mesiobuccal canal looks perforating the furcation area” (c) Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

26 Restorative Dentistry

Q: “Who benefits most from rapid processing?” Dr. Rohde: If the dentist has a CAD/CAM device in the practice, a crown can be produced within an hour and be fitted during the same session. The patient saves the need for a second session and is pleased by the immediate treatment. Also in the laboratory, production only takes one hour, in other words: the patient can have his dentures a few days later which is still considerably faster than in the past.

Q: “...does this mean there are no limits to patients‘ demands?”


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M. Bildhäuser: Today, patients obtain extensive information via the Internet on various indications and the treatment methods available. This increases the wish for highly aesthetic restorations and patients do take a closer look. In view of the marked quality awareness of many customers, one is of course delighted to deliver work to laboratories distinguished by a fantastic gloss.

Q: “Dr. Rohde, how has the competition from the Far East changed the domestic laboratory market in your opinion?” Dr. Rohde: As leading mail order company we export to over 100 markets and monitor the development in Europe with mixed feelings. The pressure on margins is no doubt increasing if d entists outsource their laboratory work more and more to India or China. Investment into CAD/CAM technology is therefore a good approach for the individual dental laboratory: machine fab-rication largely eliminates the intermediate labour-intensive steps, making production costs competitive again. Usually the unit labour costs are the deciding factor in the calculation. M. Bildhäuser: Add to this that the starter models for CAD/ CAM have meanwhile become affordable, together with a manageable learning curve. In the past you more or less had to be an engineer to operate the devices, these days dental technicians attend one of our training courses at the beginning, the rest follows automatically.

Q: “And finally: what properties would you want the dental material of the future to have?” Dr. Rohde: (laughs) The all-in-one solution for every purpose would be a material with the flexural strength of zirconium, the aesthetics of e.max and the processing characteristics of composite, but we place our trust in the inventiveness of the manufacturers. The amazing development of modern high performance composites over the past years would suggest that it is not only processing time in the laboratory which will undergo rapid progress. And we would be pleased to actively support easing the work burden for dental technicians.

Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017


DMG officially opens their Dental Training Center Training under real conditions, with all the required space and equipment: This is what the new Dental Training Center is intended to provide. Accordingly, the DMG site in Hamburg has premises with equipment for almost any purpose: three seminar rooms for almost 100 people, 10 digitally equipped simulation workstations with equipment for dentist and dental technician, a professional treatment unit, OmniCam, Cerec-InLab, a high-performance 3D printer, innovative media technology and more… Official opening with distinguished guests On September 11, the new Dental Training Center was officially opened: An event put on by the Study Group “StyleItaliano” made for the perfect setting for the premiere. The international network of respected esthetic experts was paying DMG a visit in Hamburg for an exclusive two-day workshop. The ambitious, English-language agenda had lots in store: Veneer specialist Prof. Stefen Koubi from Marseille University demonstrated how using the right technology allows function and esthetics to be combined perfectly. The potential of micro-invasive infiltration therapy and modern dental photography was elucidated by Prof. Louis Hardan from St. Joseph University.

Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

The intention was now

to be “free from all limitations” when it comes to teaching knowledge and skills.

The future of dentistry is now Every opening deserves an official ceremony. And so on the day of the premiere, the golden ribbon was symbolically cut, accompanied by words from DMG Directors Dr. Wolfgang Mühlbauer and Susanne Stegen. Dr. Mühlbauer emphasized the importance of first-hand personal training sessions for successful practical application. And Susanne Stegen summed up the motivation behind the investment: The intention was now to be “free from all limitations” when it comes to teaching knowledge and skills. The Dental Training Center provides the perfect conditions for this. The eventful day, representing a strong commitment to future-oriented training, eventually came to an end with all participants meeting for dinner at the Hamburg Business Club.

External institutions will also be able to make use of the DMG Dental Training Center for events in the future. For related inquiries, please contact:

Elbgaustraße 248 22547 Hamburg Germany

Website: Email: Phone: +49 (0) 40 84 006-0


‫‪The Egyptian Dental Syndicate‬‬ ‫‪International Congress‬‬

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‫‪Dr. Alaa Tahawy, Dr. Ehab Heikal,‬‬ ‫‪Prof. Mohamed Kenawy‬‬

‫‪September 13 - 15, 2017‬‬ ‫‪Intercontinental City Stars‬‬ ‫‪Cairo, Egypt‬‬

‫‪Dr. Ehab Heikal, Secretary of the‬‬ ‫‪Egyptian Dental Syndicate‬‬

‫‪Lt. General Mohab Mamish,‬‬ ‫‪President of Suez Canal Authority‬‬

‫الــوزراء بالنقبــاء‪ ،‬وبنــاء عليــه فقــد اصــدر الســيد وزيــر الصحــة توجيهاتــه‬ ‫بتشــكيل لجنــة ملناقشــة كل نقابــة طبيــة عــى حــدة‪ .‬واجتمعنــا‬ ‫االجتــاع االول بحضــور لفيــف مــن مستشــاري الوزيــر وطلبــوا منــا‬ ‫تقديــم طلبــات تشــمل جميــع النقــاط التــي ناقشــناها يف االجتــاع ســواء‬ ‫كانــت خاصــة بــوزارة الصحــة او غريهــا عــى ان نناقــش تفاصيلهــا يف‬ ‫االجتــاع التــايل‪ .‬وبالفعــل أرســلنا طلبــات تخــص بــدل العــدوي‪ ،‬اعــداد‬ ‫املقبولــن‪ ،‬النيابــات ألطبــاء األســنان ‪ ،‬مدرســة مســاعدات األســنان وغريهــا‬ ‫وغريهــا‪ ،‬ونأمــل ان تكــون هــذه هــي البدايــة لعــاج أمــراض املهنــة‪.‬‬ ‫أتــوق ليــوم تنظــر فيــه الدولــة للنقابــات املهنيــة كرشيــك يف التنميــة‬ ‫واإلصــاح وكبيــوت للخــرة ميكــن االســتفادة منهــا‪ ،‬ومنــد أيدينــا ألي بنــاء‬ ‫أو إصــاح يفيــد مرصنــا الحبيبــة‪.‬‬

‫وف‬ ‫نقابتنــا هــي البيــت الكبــر الــذي يجمــع شــمل كل اطبــاء األســنان‪ِ ،‬‬ ‫الســابق‪ ،‬كانــت النقابــات الفرعيــة جــزر منفصلــة‪ ،‬اتصالهــا الوحيــد‬ ‫هــو بالنقابــة العامــة فقــط‪ ،‬وبفضــل املجلــس الحــايل‪ ،‬تــم مــد جســور‬ ‫التواصــل وأصبحــت النقابــات الفرعيــة تتواصــل وتتعــاون فيــا بينهــا‪،‬‬ ‫ومــن رحــم هــذا التواصــل‪ ،‬ولــد هــذا الشــعار‪ ،‬كيــان واحــد‪ ،‬هــدف واحــد‪.‬‬ ‫بنظــرة رسيعــة ملؤمترنــا هــذا العــام والــذي تــم اعــداده يف شــهرين‬ ‫فقــط‪ ،‬لدينــا ‪ ١٠٤‬محــارض و‪ ١٧‬ورشــة عمــل‪ ،‬بــدأت هــذا اليــوم‪ .‬اكــر‬ ‫مــن ‪ ١٣٠‬جنــاح ل ‪ ٧٥‬رشكــة عارضــة‪ ،‬تــم االتفــاق معهــم عــى خصومــات‬ ‫وعــروض حقيقيــة‪ ،‬باالضافــة اىل جوائــز وســحوبات‪ .‬حــر مؤمتــر العــام‬ ‫املــايض قرابــة ‪ ٣٥٠٠‬طبيــب مســجل باالضافــة اىل زوار املعــرض‪ ،‬حيــث‬ ‫كانــت بوابــات الفنــدق تســجل يوميــا ‪ ٧٠٠٠‬زائــر للمؤمتــر مــا جعلــه‬ ‫األكــر افريقيــا والثــاين رشق اوســطيا‪ .‬والهــدف الــذي نســعى إليــه دامئــا‬ ‫يف مؤمتـرات النقابــة هــو جعلــه يف متنــاول الطبيــب العــادي مــن الناحيــة‬ ‫املاديــة مــع تنــوع املحتــوي العلمي ليناســب الطبيــب العــادي واملتخصص‪ .‬الدكتور إيهاب هيكل‬ ‫ولكــن هنــاك بارقــة أمــل‪ ،‬فقــد صــدرت توجيهــات رئاســية للحكومــة وكيل النقابة العامة ألطباء األسنان‬ ‫بفتــح ملفــات النقابــات ومناقشــة مشــكالتها‪ ،‬واجتمــع الســيد رئيــس سكرتري عام املؤمتر الدويل لطب األسنان‬

‫‪Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017‬‬

Left to Right: Mr. Kitamura, Dr. Tsukiboshi, Dr. Ehab Heikal, Dr. Hassan Selim,

Dr. Ahmed Haleem Ayoub

Dr. Ceyhun Canpolat from Turkey

Dr. Amr Askar

Prof. Mohammed Fata

Photo from the Congress


Prof. Sherine Attar

66 September 16 - 18, 2017 ITC Gardenia - Bengaluru, INDIA

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Ormco is part of Danaher Dental Platform and specializes in the field of orthodontics. After the success of the first symposium in 2016, Ormco organized its 2nd symposium in Bengaluru on Sep 17th and 18th on the theme of “Simplified Orthodontics”.

There were 2 international and 4 national speakers in this program. Dr Jean Rene Van Becelaere presented his lecture on “Important Basics to Master the Damon System and Prepare the Best & Easiest Finishing”. Dr Dimitrios Mavreas lectured on “Torque Selection for Excellence in Finishing”. Among national speakers were Dr C S Ramachandra, principal & HoD Maruthi Dental College Bengaluru; Dr Gurkeerat Singh, Prof & HoD S R Dental College Faridabad; Dr Abhisek Ghosh from Kolkata and Dr Aravind M, Reader at KLE Institute of Dental Sciences Bengaluru – all presenting various simplifying techniques for modern day orthodontic practitioner.

This event saw

an attendance of 270+ from across the country.

Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

This event saw an attendance of 270+ from across the country. The symposium was preceded by Damon Bonding Workshop, held at RV Dental College & MSR College, conducted by international speakers and saw a participation of more than 100 participants. This event also had an e-poster campaign where post-graduates from various colleges participated and presented posters related to the theme of the event. Top 3 winners got a citation from Ormco. The delegates’ feedback on the quality and content of the program was excellent.

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‫‪October 5 - 7, 2017‬‬ ‫‪BIEL - Beirut , LEBANON‬‬


‫فخامــة رئيــس الجمهوريــة اللبنانيــة العــاد ميشــال عــون ممثــاً بدولــة نائــب رئيــس مجلــس الــوزراء‬ ‫وزير الصحة األستاذ غسان حاصباين‪،‬‬ ‫الســابعة‬ ‫رشفنــي أن أقــف أمامكــم للمــرة الثانيــة كرئيــس ملؤمتــر بــروت الــدويل يف نســخته ّ‬ ‫رين وي ّ‬ ‫يــ ّ‬ ‫الســنة برعايــة فخامــة رئيــس الجمهوريّــة اللبنانيــة‪.‬‬ ‫هــذه‬ ‫ــز‬ ‫ي‬ ‫يتم‬ ‫الــذي‬ ‫املؤمتــر‬ ‫هــذا‬ ‫والعــرون‪،‬‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫ـي باملواضيــع العلم ّيــة وهــو يغطّــي كافــة االختصاصــات‪،‬‬ ‫ـ‬ ‫غن‬ ‫ـابقة‬ ‫ـ‬ ‫الس‬ ‫ـنة‬ ‫ان الربنامــج العلمــي هــو كــا يف السـ‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫توصلت اليــه االبحــاث العلم ّية‬ ‫ـا‬ ‫ـ‬ ‫م‬ ‫ـر‬ ‫ـ‬ ‫آخ‬ ‫ـاركني‬ ‫ـ‬ ‫للمش‬ ‫ـوا‬ ‫ـ‬ ‫لينقل‬ ‫ـن‬ ‫ـ‬ ‫واللبناني‬ ‫ـب‬ ‫يُقـ ّدم مــن خــرة املحارضيــن االجانـ‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫عــر محــارضات‪ ،‬ورش عمــل ونقــل مبــارش لعمل ّيــات وتقن ّيــات حديثــة تسـ ّهل عــى املشــارك االســتفادة منهــا‪.‬‬ ‫امــا مــن ناحيــة املعــرض فهــو يش ـكّل زيــادة تفــوق ‪ %50‬عــن الســنة الفائتــة مــن ناحيــة املســاحة وتن ـ ّوع‬ ‫خصيصــاً اىل املعــرض أهــ ّم‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫الــركات العارضــة‪ ،‬التــي تســ ّوق ألحــدث املعــدات الطب ّيــة والتــي احــرت ّ‬ ‫رف األطبــاء ملزيــد مــن التشــاور والتعــاون فيــا بينهــم‪.‬‬ ‫ـ‬ ‫بت‬ ‫ـم‬ ‫ـ‬ ‫ووضعته‬ ‫ـا‪،‬‬ ‫ـ‬ ‫وباحثيه‬ ‫ـا‬ ‫ـ‬ ‫يه‬ ‫ي‬ ‫اختصاص‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫كل ذلــك يجعــل مــن مؤمتــر بــروت رائــدا ً‪ ،‬إن مــن ناحيــة الربنامــج العلمــي أو مــن ناحيــة أه ّميــة املعــرض‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫يف منطقتنــا العرب ّيــة والــرق اوســطية‪.‬‬ ‫وهنــا ال ب ـ ّد أن أضيــف أنــه بالرغــم مــن اهتاممنــا بفعاليــات هــذا املؤمتــر‪ ،‬فإننــا مل نألــو جهــدا ً لالهتــام‬ ‫باالمــور النقابيــة التــي تهمنــا كلنــا فانجزنــا بعضهــا ونتابــع دراســة بعضهــا اآلخــر ملــا فيــه خــر املجموعــة‪،‬‬ ‫كل األطبــاء‪ ،‬مــن دون أي متييــز مــن أي نــوع كان‪.‬‬ ‫واضعــن نصــب اعيننــا‪ ،‬مصلحــة األطبــاء‪ّ ،‬‬ ‫ـكل املشــاركني مؤمت ـرا ً ناجح ـاً‬ ‫أريــد أن اختــم كلمتــي بالرتحيــب بالضّ يــوف العــرب واالجانــب مــع التم ّنــي لـ ّ‬ ‫ ـة أمــل وحريــة داخــل منطقتنــا املضطربــة‪.‬‬ ‫علميـاً واجتامعيـاً‪ ،‬وإنّنــي عــى يقــن أ ّن لبنــان كان وســيبقى واحـ‬

‫الربوفيسور كارلوس خريالله ‪ -‬نقيب أطباء األسنان يف لبنان‬

‫‪Kathryn Kell,‬‬ ‫‪president of the FDI‬‬

‫‪Deputy Prime Minister‬‬ ‫‪Ghassan Hasbani‬‬

‫‪Pr. Carlos Khairallah‬‬ ‫‪President of the LDA‬‬

‫‪News, Volume‬‬ ‫‪XXIV,‬‬ ‫‪Number IV, 2017‬‬ ‫‪DrDental‬‬ ‫‪Mousta‬‬ ‫‪Batal‬‬ ‫‪, chairman‬‬

‫‪organizing committee‬‬

President Michel Aoun meets with Professor Carlos Khairallah, Dr. Kathryn Kell, President of the FDI - World Dental Federation, with a Delegation of Arab and International Dental Societies

Joseph Makhzoumi, Roula Basbous, Carina Zgheib, Kathryn Kell, The president Michel Aoun, Carlos Khairallah, Hitaf Nasseh, Tony Dib

Kathryn Kell, President Michel Aoun, Mounir Doumit

Pierre Khoury, Mohamed BouKanaan, Moustafa Batal, Kathryn Kell, The president Michel Aoun, Carlos Khairallah, Hasan Alloul, Housam Jassar, Mahmoud Mais, Elias Yazbek, Mounir Doumit

Gannage Booth

Zimmer Biomet Booth

Colgate Booth

BIDM 2017

GSK Booth

Exhibition Floor

Dental Share Booth



Dental News, Volumeamer XXIV, Number IV, 2017 ooth

Mectron Booth

Dr. Murielle Abboud, Mr. Miguel Dovalo, At the 3Shape Booth


Prodent Booth

Camlog Booth

Coltene Booth

Trophy presentation to the President of the Republic represented by Minister Ghassan Hasbani

Trophy presentation to Kathryn Kell president of the FDI

Dr. Rami Chayah talking on the Progressive smile makeover

BIDM 2017

Dr. Philippe Sleiman lecture about re-establishing the biologic order


Dr. Paul Boulos commenting on Jean-Louis Zadikian Live Transmission of an immediate loading implant surgery

Dr. Moustafa Abou Chelib

Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

Dr. Adnane El Merini lecturing about Dental Veneers

Dr. Joyce Tannous, Dr. Wahid Terro

Ribbon Cutting during the Opening Ceremony

Exhibition Floor Inauguration

Folkloric Dance from the Opening Ceremony


Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017


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‫‪October 26 - 29, 2017‬‬ ‫‪Marrakech, MOROCCO‬‬

‫سيدايت و ساديت‪،‬‬ ‫إنــه ملــن دواعــي رسورنــا أن نرحــب بكــم يف هــذه الجلســة االفتتاحيــة للمؤمتــر‬ ‫املغــريب لطــب األســنان ‪ 2017‬يف نســخته الثانيــة التــي تعقــد تحــت الرعايــة‬ ‫الســامية لصاحــب الجاللــة امللــك محمــد الســادس‪ ،‬نــره اللــه‪.‬‬ ‫ونــود بصفــة خاصــة أن نعــرب عــن ترحيبنــا الحــار يف بلدنــا لجميــع زميالتنــا‬ ‫و زمالئنــا الذيــن عــروا مســافات طويلــة للمشــاركة يف فعاليــات املؤمتــر‬ ‫التــي ســتجري هنــا يف مراكــش الحمــراء باململكــة املغربيــة‪ ،‬والتــي تشــكل‬ ‫فرصــة أخــرى للتعــاون العلمــي والتقنــي والتكنولوجــي بــن الباحثــن‬ ‫واملهنيــن الوطنيــن واألجانــب يف قطــاع طــب األســنان‪ .‬ونــود أن ننقــل لكــم‬ ‫بصفتنــا رئيســا للمؤمتــر‪ ،‬غبطــة و فــرح أعضــاء اللجنــة املنظمــة وكذلــك‬ ‫أعضــاء اللجنــة العلميــة لحضوركــم الــوازن يف هــذا العــرس الطبــي لألســنان‪.‬‬ ‫ونشــكركم عــى تخصيــص حيــز مــن وقتكــم الثمــن لتكونــوا معنــا هنــا يف‬ ‫مراكــش‪ .‬املؤمتــر املغــريب لطــب األســنان هــو إثبــات ملمــوس ملهنة طب األســنان‬ ‫التــي تجــدد نفســها و تدفــع بنفســها نحــو املســتقبل‪ .‬و موضــوع نســخة ‪2017‬‬ ‫يعكــس هــذه الرغبــة‪« :‬طــب األســنان يف أفــق ‪ :2025‬بــن التكنولوجيــات‬ ‫الجديــدة واحتياجــات الســكان»‪.‬‬ ‫باختيــار هــذا املوضــوع‪ ،‬يــود هــذا املؤمتــر أن يســلط الضــوء عــى أهميــة‬ ‫طــب األســنان ومســاهمته يف تحســن صحــة الفــم و األســنان لــدى الســكان‬ ‫التــي لهــا عالقــة وطيــدة بالصحــة العامــة لإلنســان‪ .‬جميــع الــدول تبحــث عــن‬ ‫أفضــل املامرســات و اإلبتــكارات للتصــدي للتحديــات التــي يطرحهــا انتشــار‬ ‫أمـراض الفــم و األســنان وتطــور نهــج العــاج والتطــور الرسيــع للتكنولوجيــات‪.‬‬ ‫ويعقــد أيضــا معــرض خــال املؤمتــر مــا سيســمح للمشــاركني باكتشــاف أحــدث‬ ‫التقنيــات فيــا يتعلــق باملنتجــات والخدمــات يف مجــال طــب األســنان‪.‬‬ ‫وتتميــز هــذه النســخة ‪ 2017‬عــن النســخة الســابقة مبشــاركة إفريقيــة متميــزة‬ ‫مــع ضيــف الــرف الســنغال‪ ،‬زيــادة عــى مشــاركة الــدول املغاربيــة والعربيــة‬ ‫الشــقيقة و دول أجنبيــة أخــرى‪ .‬كــا أن عقــد مائــدة مســتديرة عــى رشف‬ ‫إفريقيــا ســيكون فرصــة لجمــع املتدخلــن قصــد إيجــاد إجابــات لجميــع األســئلة‬ ‫يف هــذا املوضــوع‪ .‬شــكرا لكــم‪.‬‬

‫عن هيئة أطباء األسنان الوطنية‬ ‫الدكتور محمد جرار ‪ -‬رئيس املؤمتر املغريب لطب األسنان‬

‫‪Dr. Mohamed Jerrar, President Moroccan‬‬ ‫‪National Dental Association‬‬

‫‪Dr. Mohamed Himmiche‬‬ ‫‪chairman scientific‬‬ ‫‪committee‬‬

‫‪M. Abdelfattah Lebjioui‬‬ ‫‪Wali of Marrakech‬‬

‫‪Photo from the Opening Ceremony with Wali of Marrakech and President Jerrar‬‬

‫‪Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017‬‬

Respects your needs. Today and tomorrow.

Implantmed with wireless foot control for ease of operation. More space, more control, more safety: The new wireless foot control offers absolute freedom of movement and control of Implantmed and Piezomed. Upgrade at any time – for today and tomorrow!

Now available from your dental supplier or via

Left to Right: Drs. Tony Dib, Dr. Hala Abboud, Dr. Jamila Hijji, Mrs. Josiane Dib, Dr. Rahil Douaihy, Dr. Mouna Mamou

MDM 2017

Pr. Said Dhaimy lecturing about endodontic retreatment


Dr. Aouni Issa from North Lebanon Association Receiving the Trophy from Dr. Jerrar

Pr. Sana Rida, Pr. Jean-Jacques Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number 2017 Lasfargues lecturing onIV,evolution of the restorative materials

Pr. Mustapha ElAlloussi Pr. Michele Muller Bolla in the conscious sedation workshop

Photo at the Oral-B Booth

Photo at the AEEDC Booth

L-R: Dr. Mohamed Yacoub, Dr. Kamal BenMansour

MDM 2017

Moroccan Tea Serving

Exhibition Floor

Drs. Tony Dib, Cheikh Mouhamadou Mbake Lo, Dr. Rachid Moulay Ali, Prof. Siham Taisse

Photo at the Amann Girrbach Booth

Dr. Tony Dib, Dr. Alamin Nimr, Dr. Ahmed Rizk, Dr. Nour Al Bachir

Photo at the DentsplySirona Booth


A-Dec Booth

Dentsply Sirona Booth

NSK Booth

MDM 2017

Drs: Tony Dib, Joe Bassil, Rachid Moulay Ali, Adnane ElMerini

Exhibition Floor

D .T D ,D .R Chouaib, Dr. Abdelrahman Andoh

r ony XXIV, ib Number r IV,ifki Dental News, Volume 2017

Oral-B Booth



us h bra n d









Dental Professional wo




November 3 - 4, 2017 Intercontinental Hotel - Dubai, UAE

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Dr. Mounir Silwadi During the Opening Ceremony

The 9th edition of the Dental Facial Cosmetic Conference/Exhibition (#DFCIC) organised by CAPP covers all the current trends in aesthetic dentistry and gives dental professionals more insights into the latest technologies. The dental conference programme is designed by dentists for dentists, sharing the dental knowledge and insights that dental professionals need. The result of research with dentists and input from across the dental profession, the conference programme provides the latest thinking in dentistry, delivered by some of the best speakers in the business. The main purpose of this dental event is to examine the concept of the dental dentistry, its advantages and limitations, and make statements and observations on specific areas of aesthetic dentistry based on research, direct personal experience, and communication with dental manufacturers and clinicians worldwide. It is intended to provide a practical view of aesthetic dentistry, a stimulus for greater adoption of the areas that are proven, and faster integration of new technologies from which the dental profession can benefit. Additionally, this conference is a path breaking opportunity for professionals to exhibit their paramount research through Poster Presentations and discuss it with the exalted scientists. The event took place from 03-04 November 2017 at the Intercontinental Hotel Festival City in Dubai. During the event, CAPP Dental Education Academy features pre and post hands-on courses from 01 – 05 November in various disciplines. 9th Dental Facial Cosmetic Conference/Exhibition Features: • Educational sessions with industry experts • Dental Hygienist Seminar (DHS) • Poster Presentations • Pre and post hands-on courses with industry experts • Face-to-face appointments with suppliers of your choice • Networking opportunities with industry peers and supplier representatives Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017


Dr. Mario J. Besek talking about new possibilities in composites

Dr. Faysal Succaria lecturing about veneer cementation

Dr. Hamdan Al Seridi, Dr. Tony Dib, Dr. Aicha Sultan, Dr. Majd Suliman, Dr. Maimouna Abdulrahim

NSK hands-on for the Perio-mate

Dr. Emile Chrabieh, Prof. Ziad Salameh, Dr. Fadi Daou

DFCIC 2017

NSK hands-on for the Perio-mate


Dental News,P Volume XXIV, Number IV, ndodontic 2017 Prof . James richard FKG E Hands-On


Dr. Gary Severance Giving Live Presentation for Planmeca

Dentsply Sirona Booth

Ivoclar Vivadent Booth

Planmeca Booth

3Shape Booth

A-Dec Booth

DFCIC 2017

Carestream Booth


Vita Booth

Ivoclar Digital Booth

Poster Presentation Rewards with Prof. James Prichard from UK

Left to Right: Dr. Eleftherios Kaklamanos, Pr. Khaled Balto, Dr. Elias Berdouses, Bain, Prof. Hien Chi Ngo, Dr. Ajay Juneja, Dr. Muntaser Qotob, Dr. Samira Oseylan, Dr. Nada Naaman, Dr. Arwa Alsayed, Dr. Naif AlMosa

Prof Crawford Dental News, Volume XXIV, .Number IV, 2017

Highly esthetic hybrid ceramics: VITA ENAMICÂŽ multiColor All material advantages unchanged!

VITA ENAMIC has been an established solution for functional restorations since 2013. The successful material attracted attention at the IDS 2017 focusing on highly esthetic solutions. The unique structural design and all the associated advantages are retained without any modification: a porous pre-sintered fine structure feldspar ceramic block (86% wt%) is infiltrated with a polymer (14 wt%). This produces a robust and user-friendly CAD/ CAM material that is quick and easy to process. Prepare and polish – done! No firing in the oven is required and individualization with composite is possible at any time. These are great features for labs and dental surgeries from an economic perspective. Integration takes place adhesively with hydrofluoric acid etching and silanation, analogous to feldspar ceramics.

Fig. 1: VITA ENAMIC multiColor: All practical and clinical advantages of VITA ENAMIC are now also available with an integrated natural color gradient in six finely nuanced layers, from neck to incisal.

restorations for front and side teeth. Esthetic rehabilitations can be conducted faster and easier in the digital workflow, making them more interesting for a larger patient group.

Clinical advantages for patients The dominating ceramic component in the dual network structure ensures stability and esthetics, while the interacting polymer network facilitates a dentin-like flexibility for absorption of chewing forces as well as stopping crack development at the ceramic interfaces. Chipping and fractures are prevented. In minimally invasive or non-invasive restorations, the material can be ground thinner than pure full-ceramic CAD/CAD materials. Patients and clinicians report high wearing comfort due to the damping action. Patients with functional problems requiring total reconstructions can in particular profit from thin material layer thicknesses and the absorption of chewing forces. The shock-absorbing effect is also advantageous for implantology purposes since no elastic fiber apparatus is involved. The ability of VITA ENAMIC to absorb forces helps to compensate the rigid ankylotic anchorage of the implant. This relieves the bone, spares the antagonist and supports long-term success.

High esthetics without individualization! Highly esthetic versions of all the familiar advantages of VITA ENAMIC have been developed: a new integrated natural color gradient in six finely nuanced layers, from neck to incisal, is now available. The result is VITA ENAMIC multiColor! Even without individualization, this material with dual network structure ensures highly esthetic monolithic single-tooth

Fig. 2: VITA ENAMIC multiColor ensures highly esthetic monolithic single-tooth restorations for front and side teeth, even without individualization.

SDEC 2017 Saudi Dental Education Conference


November 16 - 18, 2017 Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University Conference Center, Saudi Arabia

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Left to Right: Deans, Mansour Assery, Thakeb Shalan, Abdullah Shammery, Fahad Al Qahtani, Saleh Shamrany, Fahad Al Harbi We are celebrating today the achievements of two young establishments that have worked hand-in-hand and put tremendous efforts to see this day. The two young establishments are: The

“Excellence in Dentistry Education�. This conference aims to be the first cornerstone in advancing dental education through recruiting international and local experts as well as channeling

Saudi Dental Education Society, established recently, and the College of Dentistry at Princess Noura University, which has just graduated its first batch of 30 female dentists this last summer. We started with a dream; a dream to design a unique academic program that best serves the medical field by graduating distinguished professionals who could compete locally and internationally. The journey to realize our dream has gone through many phases, as mentioned in the presentation this morning. But the results, thanks to Allah, have exceeded our expectations. That took years of team-effort, hard work and exemplary dedication. The change in dental education we have aimed to impact has not been easy to implement. The question has always emerged: Why Change?! But incredible efforts were exerted to support our faculty in recognizing and accepting the rationale behind the sought change, and participating in developing and tweaking modern theories of medical education to suit dentistry education.Through that challenging process, the need to establish this society has become exceedingly apparent. We have come to realize how educators and trainers in the field of dentistry whether in college or other institutions are eager for new approaches to teach dentistry. This was further confirmed in the workshop and seminars organized by the founding committee of the society. So we are very honored today to welcome you in our First Conference of the Saudi Dental Education Society entitled

networking among interested parties in the kingdom. The Vision of society is to be the regional reference for outstanding Dental education its Mission is to support and develop academic dental education for institutes and members, ensuring the promotion and development of oral and dental health service for individuals and society. In view of our mission, we would like to take this opportunity to announce the launching of a dental education award to honor those who have greatly contributed to its advancement. Moreover, the association is in the process of launching several short and long programs which will be open for admission soon. To realize the society’s vision, this conference is held in collaboration with a young college of dentistry that has a uniquely developed curriculum, namely the college of Dentistry at PNU. Next year, we are proud to announce, our second conference will be organized through collaboration with a senior college that has excelled in dental education. The purpose is to enrich our experience by including different perspectives through different sets of practices.

Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

Once again, I am very pleased to welcome you all on behalf of the Saudi Dental Education Society and the College of Dentistry at PNU and wish you an enriching and illuminating experience.

Dr. Ebtissam Al-Madi Dean College of Dentistry, Princess Nourah University

h ot Bo


AEEDC February 6 - 8, 2017



Left to Right: Dean Ebtissam Al-Madi, Princess Nourah University, Dr. Huda Abdullateef, Dr. Karen West, Dr. Judith Skelton, Dr. Nadeem Karimbux

Prof. Abdulghani Mira, KAU Dr. Ebtissam Al-Madi, President SDES, PNU

SDEC 2017 Speakers

Prof. Abdullah Shammery, Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry & Pharmacy

Dr. Tobias Rodrigez, Academy for Academic Leadership (AAL), Atlanta, Georgia, USA

HDental assaNews, theVolume Robot a DIV,ental XXIV, as Number 2017 Mannequin

Dr. Zikra A. Al-Khayal, King Faisal Specialist Hospital, Riyadh KSA

A healthier mouth with the new Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart Royal Philips announces the launch of the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart toothbrush, offering patients complete care for a healthier mouth.

To address all patients oral care needs for a healthier mouth, the Diamond-Clean Smart features three brush heads that promise a more precise and tailored clean.

With personalized coaching and feedback, an intuitive brushing experience, to new high performance brush heads, the DiamondClean Smart helps eliminate any guess-work and guide them to improve their overall technique; giving patients more confidence they will achieve a complete clean every time. In fact, 95% of those surveyed agreed it’s the most effective product they’ve used for building healthy brushing habits. “Connected technology is key to motivating patients to learn more about their oral health and how they can achieve better results. The new Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart is our best and most complete brushing solution ever, using industry leading smart sensor technology combined with the heritage of the DiamondClean range. For the first time it allows dental practitioners to help their patients’ achieve multiple oral health goals while monitoring their progress; ultimately to achieve better longer-term care.” (Rachael England-President of Emirates Dental Hygienists Club) The new DiamondClean Smart connects to the Philips Sonicare App, giving patients personalized feed-back and coaching which they can choose to share with their dental professional. A suite of smart sensors built into the handle track Location, Scrubbing and Pressure and syncs using Bluetooth® technology. This allows patients to track brushing habits to identify trouble spots to help them achieve 100% coverage for a truly tailored clean. With the Touch Up and Focus Areas features to guide patients to a better oral care routine; 87% of users surveyed claimed to be a better brusher after just one week of use. Easier to use with a new intuitive brushing experience, the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart does all the hard work, using Smart Brush Head Technology and a microchip in the brush head to prompt the handle to the right mode and intensity setting, and it even reminds patients when to change their brush heads.

The new brush heads include: • Premium Plaque Control: gently contours to your teeth resulting in four times better surface contact (as compared to DiamondClean brush head) and removes up to ten times more plaque (as compared to a manual toothbrush) in hard-to-reach areas • Premium Gum Care: a small brush head that reaches the very back of your mouth to your molars and achieves up to seven times healthier gums (as compared to a manual toothbrush) in just two weeks • Premium White: densely-packed stain removal bristles that whiten and polish teeth resulting in a five times whiter smile in three days Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart is available in UAE at the recommended retail price of 1249 AED. And available in Kuwait at the recommended retail price of 105 KWD. The Philips Sonicare app is free to download and available on iOS and Android devices. UAE - Castle General Trading Kuwait - Ultramed Tel: +971 4 3328795 Tel: +965 222 169 50 Website:

Dr. Susan Schofield, University of Dundee, UK, Dr. Hani Fadel, Taibah University, KSA

to Dr. Nadeem Karimbux, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

to Dr. Judith Skelton University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA

to Dr. Marwan Abou-Rass University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, USA

to Dr. Wael Att Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg, Breisgau, Germany

SDEC 2017 Trophy Distribution

to Dr. Karl Haden Dental News, Volume XXIV, for Number IV, 2017 President Academy Academic Leadership (AAL), Atlanta, Georgia, USA

to Dr. Heba Faden King Abdulaziz university, KSA

to Dr. Karen West Dean, School of Dental Medicine, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA

Dentsply Sirona Booth

Oral-B Booth

GC Booth

SDEC 2017

ExamSoft Booth

Exhibition Floor

3Shape Booth

Henry Schein Booth

English reprint by: Dr. Wild & Co. AG, 4132 Muttenz. First publication by: Prophylaxe Journal 1/2017, S. 16-17, OEMUS MEDIA AG

Thanks to their low RDA values, toothpastes containing fine-grained diamond powder provide a better and safer means of dental cleaning than conventional toothpastes containing conventional abrasives such as ground silica, calcium phosphate and precipitated silica.

DIAMOND TOOTHPASTES – A NEW DEVELOPMENT IN DENTAL HYGIENE Dr. Hans Gaiser, Engineer Kurt Spring, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Peter Saxer Diamond is the hardest known natural material. In light of its hardness, it is used for various industrial applications (milling, cutting, polishing, etc.). In smaller grain sizes, it is also used for polishing jewelry and the precision processing of optical and electronic components. The abrasive proper-

Fig 1

ties of diamond approach zero as its grain sizes decreases. The capacity of a substance to have an abrasive effect on enamel is measured in REA. The same effect on dentin is measured in RDA. The RDA values of conventional toothpastes range from a mild 30 to a highly abrasive 200 (too abrasive for

Fig 2

daily use) depending on their indication (e.g. for removing tobacco stains or plaque from sensitive teeth). The grain size of conventional abrasives typically ranges from 1 to 100 μm, with some exceptional cases as large as 150 μm.

Fig 3

Figures 1 and 2: Equal-magnification comparison of conventional abrasives and diamond powder at a grain size 3 μm Figure 3: Fine-grained diamond (red) as it is used in dental shaping (equal magnification)














































Fig 4









90 100


Fig 5

Figure 4: Dentin and enamel loss caused by diamond at grain sizes 1.5 μm, 2.5 μm and 4 μm compared to the loss caused by the abrasives in the biggest selling toothpastes on the market, as measured via profilometry (Attin T., University of Zurich 2014) Figure 5: Dentin and enamel loss (in micrometers) over the course of 100 years Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

Given that many conventional abrasives tend to be softer than enamel, but harder than dentin, they have a cleaning and only mildly abrasive effect on enamel surfaces and an overly abrasive and destructive effect on dentin and cementum, especially on account of their larger grain size. They are ultimately responsible for the common wedge-shaped loss of tooth substance in the neck of the teeth and various sensitivity disorders. The concentration (percent by weight) of abrasives in conventional toothpastes is usually between 10% and 30%. One particular advantage of bio-inert diamond powder is that its grain size and concentration can be easily adjusted in the context of toothpaste production. Although diamond is

harder than enamel, it does not have an overly abrasive effect at a grain size of 2 to 3 μm. On the contrary, it enables thorough cleaning without destroying enamel and dentin. The diamond concentration in diamond powder toothpaste is also minimal when compared to the concentration of abrasives in conventional toothpastes. At around 20 μm for every 70 years of use, the abrasive effect of diamond powder toothpaste on enamel is negligible. Moreover, its abrasive effect on dentin is 70% to 90% less than that of conventional toothpastes whose impact can measure as high as 700 μm for every 70 years of use. The advantages of diamond powder toothpaste include the preservation of a smooth enamel

surface, reduced hypersensitivity and the prevention of dental defects, even in the face of vigorous brushing. The polishing effects also prevent tartar and plaque formation and help to brighten the teeth. Diamond powder is bio-inert, meaning that it will not react with other substances in toothpaste. The advantages have been demonstrated in clinical studies carried out at universities in the United States and Europe, and the new toothpaste has been patented around the world. Finally, given that diamond powder does not need to be added to toothpaste at concentrations as high as the abrasives in conventional toothpastes, its use as an abrasive is altogether consumer friendly in terms of its price.


The first daily whitening treatment with diamond particles! The new exclusive EMOFORM®-F DIAMOND formula with very fine diamond particles gently and deeply cleans the surface of the teeth without irritating sensitive areas. EMOFORM®-F DIAMOND: Helps eliminate spots and avoids the formation of dental plaque. Gently restores the natural whiteness of the enamel and makes teeth smooth and shiny. Particularly suitable for sensitive teeth. Helps protect and strengthen tooth enamel thanks to its fluoride-enriched formula which prevents cavities.



AN EXCLUSIVE FORMULA WITH DIAMOND PARTICLES suitable for sensitive teeth Contains diamond particles at least 100 times finer than the abrasive components used in most bleaching solutions.


Gently and deeply cleans the surface of the teeth down to the finest grooves in the enamel without irritating sensitive areas (RDA 30). Also works on composite and ceramic surfaces. Prevents the formation of tartar by smoothing the irregularities in the enamel and removing the biofilm. This makes it more difficult for tooth discoloration to settle on the enamel.


Diamond particles Diamond particles contained in in contained EMOFORM®-F DIAMOND EMOFORM®-F DIAMOND


Traditional polishing particles

Brush 3 times per day


For a naturally white smile without chemical or enzyme bleaching agents.


Contains sodium fluoride (active fluorinated ion content 1400 ppm F-) DO NOT USE IN CHILDREN under age 12 75ml tube. Dr. Wild & Co. AG | Hofackerstrasse 8 | 4132 Muttenz


EDA 2017 Egyptian Dental Association

18th International Dental Congress November 22 - 24, 2017 CityStars Intercontinental Hotel, Cairo - Egypt

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Left to Right: Professors; Nour Habib, Ahmed Farid Shehab, Naguib Amin, Minister Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Tarek Elsharkawy, Tarek Abbas, Moushira Salah El Din Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the council of the Egyptian dental Association. To welcome you all, with special thanks to the Non-Egyptians for taking the burden of coming over to join us in our celebration by the 80th year of starting the activity of this Association in serving the dental profession. This is also the beginning of our 18th international dental congress. Hope you all enjoy your stay both academically and socially. Thank you all and may God bless you all.

Professor Maguid Amin - President, Egyptian Dental Association

Prof. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar Minister of higher education

‫ء‬‭ ‫االع ـزا‬‭ ‬‫ضيوفن ـا‬‭ ‬،‫العلمــي‬‭ ‬‫والدولــة ‬للبح ـث‬‭ ‬‫العــايل‬‭ ‬‫التعلي ـم‬‭ ‬‫وزي ـر‬‭ ‬‫الغفــار‬‭ ‬‫عب ـد‬‭ ‬‫خال ـد‬‭ ‬‫معــايل الدكتــور‬ ‭‫األســنان‬‭ ‬‫لجراحــي‬‭ ‬‫املرصيــة‬‭ ‬‫للجمعيــة‬‭ ‬‫عــر‬‭ ‬‫الثامــن‬‭ ‬‫الــدويل‬‭ ‬‫املؤمتــر‬‭ ‬‫ ‬نبتــدئ‬،‫البلــدان‬‭ ‬‫مختلــف‬‭ ‬‫‬مــن‬ ‭‫م ـع‬‭ ‬‫يتواك ـب‬‭ ‬‫أن ـه‬‭ ‬‫االول‬‭ .‬‫مهم ـن‬‭ ‬‫‬بحدث ـن‬‭‬‫املــرة‬‭ ‬‫هــذه‬‭ ‬‫اجتــاع‬‭ ‬‫ويتمي ـز‬‭ ‬‫عام ـن‬‭ ‬‫كل‬‭ ‬‫مــرة‬‭ ‬‫يعق ـد‬‭ ‬‫‬والــذي‬ ً‭‫مهني ـا‬‭ ‬‫االســنان‬‭ ‬‫ط ـب‬‭ ‬‫مهن ـة‬‭ ‬‫تخــدم‬‭ ‬‫فيه ـا‬‭ ‬‫ظل ـت‬‭ ‬‫والت ـي‬‭ ‬‫الجمعي ـة‬‭ ‬‫تل ـك‬‭ ‬‫إنشــاء‬‭ ‬‫ع ـى‬‭ ً‬‫عام ـا‬‭ ‬‫مثان ـن‬‭ ‬‫‬م ـي‬ ‭‫ويف‬‭ ‬ ‫مختلــف محافظــات مــر‬‭ ‬‫م ـن‬‭ ‬‫الدوري ـه‬‭ ‬‫االجتامعــات‬‭ ‬‫الدوليــة ‬او‬‭ ‬‫املؤمت ـرات‬‭ ‬‫يف‬‭ ‬‫ســواء‬‭ ً‬‫‬وأكادميي ـا‬ ‭‫شــخصيا‬‭ ‬‫اعتــره‬‭ ‬‫والــذي‬‭ ‬‫الثــاين‬‭ ‬‫الحــدث‬‭ ‬‫ ‬امـا‬.‬‫اشــهر‬‭ ‬‫ثالثـه‬‭ ‬‫كل‬‭ ‬‫عنهـا‬‭ ‬‫تصــدر‬‭ ‬‫التـي‬‭ ‬‫العلميـه‬‭ ‬‫الدوليـه‬‭ ‬‫‬املجلـه‬ ‭‫أال ‬وه ـو‬‭ ‬‫االع ـزاء‬‭ ‬‫املهن ـه‬‭ ‬‫ابنــاء‬‭ ‬‫اح ـد‬‭ ‬‫برعاي ـه‬‭ ‬‫اع ـزايئ‬‭ ‬‫جميع ـا‬‭ ‬‫تعلمــون‬‭ ‬‫ك ـا‬‭ ‬‫املؤمت ـر‬‭ ‬‫هــذا‬‭ ‬‫ان‬‭ ‬‫فه ـو‬‭ ‬‫‬االه ـم‬ ‭‫رفـع‬‭ ‬‫للوزيــر ‬الــذي‬‭ ‬‫وشــكرا‬‭ ‬‫العلمـي‬‭ ‬‫للبحـث‬‭ ‬‫والدولـه‬‭ ‬‫العــايل‬‭ ‬‫التعليـم‬‭ ‬‫وزيـر‬‭ ‬‫الغفــار‬‭ ‬‫عبـد‬‭ ‬‫خالـد‬‭ ‬‫‬الدكتــور‬ ‭‫متمن ـن‬‭ ‬‫العلم ـي‬‭ ‬‫والبح ـث‬‭ ‬‫العــايل‬‭ ‬‫التعلي ـم‬‭ ‬‫يف‬‭ ‬‫وسياســاته‬‭ ‬‫نشــاطاته‬‭ ‬‫متابع ـه‬‭ ‬‫جميع ـا‬‭ ‬‫ومع ـه‬‭ ‬‫مهنتن ـا‬‭ ‬‫‬رأس‬ ‭‫هــذا‬‭ ‬‫مؤمترنـا‬‭ ‬‫يف‬‭ ‬‫بالجميـع‬‭ ‬‫الجميـل‬‭ ‬‫بالرتحيـب‬‭ ‬‫هــذه‬‭ ‬‫كلمتـي‬‭ ‬‫اختتـم‬‭ ‬‫ان‬‭ ‬‫‬اود‬‭. ‬‫والســداد‬‭ ‬‫التوفيـق‬‭ ‬‫كل‬‭ ‬‫‬لـه‬ ‭‫الخـرات‬‭ ‬‫لتبــادل‬‭ ‬‫الفرصـه‬‭ ‬‫تتــاح‬‭ ‬‫حيـث‬‭ ‬‫اجتامعيـا‬‭ ‬‫وكذلـك‬‭ ً‬‫علميـا‬‭ ً ‬‫ممتعـاً ‬ومفيــدا‬‭ ً‬‫وقتـا‬‭ ‬‫تقضــوا‬‭ ‬‫ان‬‭ ‬‫‬راجـن‬ .ً‫وأكادميي ـاً ‬واجتامعي ـا‬‭ ً‬‫علمي ـا‬‭ ‬‫‬واالفــكار‬

‫ رئيس املؤمتر املرصي لجراحي األسنان‬- ‫الربفسور مجيد أمني‬

T D S M , President, Arab Dental Federation

rophy r ami Dental News, Volumeto XXIV, Number IV, 2017aneh

Trophy to Dr Yasser Al Gundi, President, Egyptian Dental Syndicate

EDA 2017 Exhibition Floor

Left to Right: Drs. Cynthia & Pierre Khoury, Dr. Tony Dib, Dean Joseph Makhzoumi, Dean Toni Zeinoun

Professor Maguid Amin at the SDI Booth

To Prof. Carlos Khairallah, President Lebanese Dental Association

To Dr. Mohamed Jerrar, President Moroccan Dental Association

To Dr. Rola Khalaf, President Lebanese Dental Association - Tripoli

To Dr. Tony Dib, Dental News

To Dr. Meshari AlOteibi, Saudi Dental Society

EDA 2017

To Dr. Abdallah Sqalli, from Morocco

Trophy Distribution

To Dr. Fadia Dib, President Syrian Dental Association

Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

To Dr. Mohamed El Moustafa Brahim, President Mauritania Dental Association

Members of the Egyptian Dental Association with minister Khaled Abdel Ghaffar

To Dr. Samira Oseilan, Saudi Dental Society

To Dr. Ahmed Rizk, president Sudanese Dental Association

To Dr. Hassan Natour, President Palestinian Dental Association

EDA 2017

To Dr. Zein Zein, Algerian Dental Association

Trophy Distribution

To Dr. Abdelrahman al Azry, president Oman Dental Society

To Dr. Sheikh Bay Mkheitirat, from Mauritania

Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017






FDI Annual World Dental Congress September 5 - 8

Maghreb Dental Meeting October 26 - 27



African Congress for Dentistry January 24 - 27

Saudi Dental Society Int’l Dental Conference January 9 - 11

Alexandria Dental Meeting November 6 - 9



Tunisian Dental Association Meeting January 27 - 28

EXPODENTAL 2018 Dental Congress May 17 - 19



Africa Dental Summit March 6 - 7

Kuwait Dental Association Meeting November 25 - 27


LEBANON Beirut International Dental Meeting September 21 - 24 St. Joseph University Dental Meeting April 18 - 21

Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

AEEDC February 6 - 8 CAD/CAM May 4 - 5 Int’l Association for Disability & Oral Health Congress May 4 - 5

EDITORIAL Ethics vs Social Norms With the advent in our societ y of the “Hollywood Smile” concept, as a social norm, the dental practitioner is left in front of a problematic in which he has to determine what is right and what is wrong for the wellbeing of his patient.

The patient comes with a desire. But what if the ethics of the doctor finds it unreasonable? Sometimes it is a tedious job to try to convince the patient not to undertake a treatment plan that brings profit to the office but may not be the ideal treatment in the eyes of the dentist. And what if this is the desire of the patient and the dentist is left under such pressure. Should he give up and act according to the aspirations of his patient even though the treatment may bare a potential harm to the oral tissues? The consequences of an act should determine its rightness and not the act by itself. The Dentist should explain to the patient the possible risks that may arise from such treatments even though the upfront result is an enhancement in the esthetics. Will the dentist go as far as to lose his patient for another office that offers “Holly wood Smile” indiscriminately. This is an Ethical question that arises in face of the healthcare professional and he has to always bear in mind that the consequences of his acts will determine the well being of his patient in the future as well as the dentists reputation.

Dr. Tony Dib

Should the dentist sacrifice his ethics under the social norm pressure? This question is left to everyone of us to try to give it the right answer.

Dental News Yearbook 2018

Company name: ACCUTRON INC. Country of origin: United States of America Website: Cantel Medical Corporation acquired Accutron Inc., in August 2016. The acquisition of Accutron will expand the dental portfolio of Crosstex International, Cantel’s Healthcare Disposables segment, to include an additional high quality branded single-use disposable product line. Accutron Inc., is a leading manufacturer of innovative analgesia conscious sedation equipment and accessories. For over forty-five years the company’s single focus has been to design and manufacture high quality sedation products that assist dental practitioners in relaxing their patients and making their dental visit a comfortable experience.

MENA DISTRIBUTORS PIRO TRADING INTERNATIONAL 700 E. Main Street Turlock, CA 95380 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Phone: 1+ 209-667-7204 Fax: +209 667 8506

Digital Newport™ Flowmeter System (Ref # 51000) The Digital Newport™ Flowmeter System has all of the operating features of the Digital Ultra™ Flushmount Flowmeter, plus its enclosed 4-cylinder design makes it a user-friendly portable that can easily be moved from operatory to operatory. The ease of color-coded fingertip controls is an additional feature of the flowmeter. Its sealed flush surface makes it easy to disinfect or barrier-protect. The unit’s height allows it to be stored under counter space that is open below; if not stored its flat surface can function as additional counter space.

Accutron is a privately held company founded in the 1970’s by two brothers who had a desire to produce nitrous oxide sedation systems that met their quality standards. Today, the company manufactures nitrous oxide equipment and accessory products at its 35,000 square foot building in Phoenix, AZ. As an ISO and FDA compliant company, Accutron operates according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Products are sold through authorized dental distributors in the USA and internationally.


Accutron™ 4 Cylinder Portable Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Sedation System with Digital Flowmeter (Ref # 56100) Mobile N2O/O2 dispensing system designed to carry two cylinders of Oxygen and two cylinders of Nitrous Oxide along with a Digital Ultra ® flowmeter. Cylinders connect directly to a high pressure gas manifold with pressure indicator gauges and regulators for each gas which reduce the high cylinder pressures to the low pressures needed for the procedure. Includes a scavenger circuit with vacuum controller, reservoir bag, mixed gas tube, and 9 ClearView™ nasal masks.

Axess® Low Profile Nasal Mask The New Look of Nitrous Oxide /Oxygen Sedation

Axess to Hard-to-Reach Areas

Axess to Excellent Care

• Low profile design provides unencumbered access to the oral cavity • Small, lightweight scavenging system is easy to work around • Enables clinicians to deliver excellent, efficient care

• Translucent design allows visual monitoring of patient’s breathing • Individually wrapped for greater infection protection • Significantly lower cost than competing single-use disposable nasal masks • Single-use minimizes cross-contamination; saves staff time

Axess to Greater Patient Comfort • Fits snugly without tape or uncomfortable tubes protruding into the patient’s nostril • Lightweight, autoclavable scavenging circuit minimizes drag and pull, enhancing patient comfort • Available in scented and unscented • Minimizes clinical team’s exposure to ambient nitrous oxide gas

Dental News Yearbook 2018

Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017


Dental News Yearbook 2018

Company name: BEYOND® International Inc. Country of origin: United States of America Website: Since founding in 2003, BEYOND® has grown rapidly into a global leader in professional tooth whitening systems and related consumables with more than 35,000 chair-side professional teeth whitening systems in place worldwide. Dentists and hygienists in more than 90 countries are giving beautiful, white smiles to their patients while building profits for their practices. BEYOND® products are developed and marketed worldwide by BEYOND® International Inc., a U.S. corporation based in Houston, Texas.




EURL ITAL DENT 618 Freras Ferrad Ain El Bey-Constantine Phone: +86-139-1636-4725

EXPODENT P.O.Box 655 Al-Jebeha, Al-Baladia Street 11941 Amman Phone: +962-6-5333-115

ALBITTAR INTERNATIONAL LLC Sultanate of Oman P.O.Box: 516,PC: 117 Alwadi kabir Phone: +96897771238




GULF PHARMACY & GENERAL STORE Road 4156, Bldg No. 2038, Block 341 Juffair Phone: + 973 17239399

SAFWAN TRADING & CONTRACTING COMPANY (K.S.C.C) P.O.Box: 20704 Ardiya Industrial Block 1, Bldg No.284 Safat 13068 Phone: (965) 22276888/852

INTEGRAL CARE Ain Khaled Area - Area No. 56 Salwa Road, Street No. 5 Al-Khulaifi Bldg #361, Office #7 Doha Phone: 00974 44868263




UNITED MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY Gamal Al Dein Str. No. 2, Nasr city Phone: + 20 100 999 5769

ALNABAA COMPANY DENTAL & MEDICAL SUPPLIES P.O. BOX 83141 SALAH ALDEEN Rrd Bab Ben Gshear near palaces hospitality Street, Tripoli Phone: 00218912183116

NEW MED PLUS Route Manzel chaker km 1, Rue Alfirdaous, Residence Ennasr, Sfax Phone: +216 74 461 580

IRAN DONYA KALAYE SINA No. 9, Vernuse Ave, Keshavarz Blv Tehran Phone: +98 21 88998250





DENTAL WORLD Abderrahman Debbagh Appt 6, résidence marwan 3, Allal el fass, Casablanca Phone: +212 066 012062

Rami Auday Yousif Palestine Street, Bab Almuadam Near the MOH 10057 Baghdad Phone: 009647708888138

Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

FPM S.A.R.L / PEARLSMILE S.A.R.L Delta Center, 4th Floor Horch Tabet, Beirut P.O.Box: 90-538 Jdeidet Matn Phone: 00961 3 284712

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Contact us at for UAE-specific personnel

EUROPE BEYOND DENTAL & HEALTH EUROPE SP. UL. Obwodowa 1 66-008 Swidnica/Zielona, Gora Poland



Polus Advanced The Polus Advanced Whitening Accelerator is a next-generation upgrade to the award winning Polus series of whitening accelerators. The hallmark feature remains a powerful new combination LightBridge® halogen/LED light source with over 200,000 fiber optics set in place, to clean and carry the full power of the light source to the front of the unit head for maximum acceleration. A new ultrasound feature complements the light acceleration by helping to better focus on tooth stains in the enamel for optimal targeting with the gel. The high-end features continue with passive air ionizer, intuitive color TUI panel and audible call button that can give periodic updates on the remaining time for treatment. Each Polus Advanced unit comes with a comprehensive marketing package, including standing poster, two wall posters, 100 patient brochures and product showcase. The Polus Advanced is the recipient of the Dental Advisor “Top Whitening System” for eight years running.

BEYOND® II The Beyond II Whitening Accelerator is a reimagining of our successful line of Beyond accelerators. In response to customer feedback, we created a system that was highly mobile and sleek, that required less space to operate with. The Beyond II utilizes high-powered LED and a dedicated system-specific cheek retractor to allow for optimal targeting of the light to the gel that will follow the patient’s movement. Key features are twopatient simultaneous whitening function capability, passive air ionizer and intuitive touch user interface. The Beyond II can be used for full standalone chairside treatment or for single touch up situations where gingival protection may not be required. Secondary light, cheek retractors and trays sold separately. Comes in white, silver and blue colors.

Dental News Yearbook 2018

Company name: BIEN-AIR DENTAL SA Country of origin: Switzerland Website: Founded in 1959 in Bienne, Switzerland Bien-Air evolved from a family-run company to a global organization employing over 350 people. Thanks to its heritage in research, high precision and practical ingenuity, the company develops, designs, and manufactures all of its products locally. They are then distributed via a network of 8 subsidiaries across Europe, North America and Asia, together with competent representatives worldwide. More than 120 technicians provide fast and efficient after sales service.

Bien-Air Dental SA Headquarters, Bienne - Switzerland




GULF MARKETS INTERNATIONAL Alfanar Building, Estiqlal Highway P.O. Box 5854 East Riffa Phone: +973 1 749 0040

AL-BADER AL-OULA MEDICAL CO 14th Floor Al-Jawhra Bldg., Ali Al-Salam Rd. Kuwait City P.O. BOX 24119 Safat 13102 Phone: +965 22461116

GULF HOUSE MEDICAL #604, P.O. Box 15658 Road 3312, Block: 333 Manama Phone: +973 1741 1037

IRAN NIK NAM TEB AYANDEH N° 99, North Saba St. Enghelab Ave. Tehran Phone: +98 21 6646 7007

IRAQ NASEEM BAGHDAD COMPANY Al-Mansoor District, Hay Dragh, Block no. 603, Street No. 17, Building No. 11 Baghdad Phone: +964 1 542 8125 Phone: +964 770 946 5369

LEBANON DENTALICA Sin El Fil, Lot 549, 6th floor Beirut Phone: +961 1 490050 INTERBIO (Implantology only) Credit Commercial & Foncier Center 1st fl. Dekwaneh - Freeway area Beirut Phone: +961 1 491 891

OMAN IBN SINA GROUP LLC 318/A, November 18 116 Al Uthaiba Muscat Phone: +968 2412 74 91



AL-GHAD MEDICAL SUPPLIES EST. Fayad Al Assaf Complex, Wasfi Al Tal St. 169 P.O.Box : 954105 11193 Amman Phone: +962 6 552 63 58

TECHNIQUE DENT IMPLANTS (T.D.I) YMCY 529 Beit Sahour 94422 Jerusalem Phone: +970 2274 87 88

QATAR NAGASHI MEDICAL SUPPLIES 13 Airport Road, Al Hilal, Doha Phone: +974 4458 1735

SAUDI ARABIA CARE AND PLANNING FOR HOSPITALS CO. LTD Office #4, 2nd floor, 911 Bldg King Fahd Road, P.O. Box 55306 11534 Riyadh Phone : +966 11 4169558 ALRAZI MEDICAL SUPPLIES CO. Al Waleed Center, Khalid Bin Waleed Street, Al Sharfeyah District, P.O. Box 6589 21452 Jeddah Tel: Phone: +966 2 6519097

SYRIA DALIL CO Al-furqan, Aleppo Phone: +963 944 349 222

TURKEY SELIS DENTAL ITHALAT IHRACAT SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. Millet Cad. No.41 Findikzade 34096 Istanbul Phone: +90 212 588 89 73

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES AL-HAYAT PHARMACEUTICALS 312 Al Wahda Street, Office # 101 P.O. Box 4483, Sharjah Phone: +971 6 559 2481



Quietly Powerful Thanks to a series of proprietary technologies, the Tornado delivers an outstanding power output of 30 watts, the best in the industry today. It helps alleviate the number 1 dentist concern, lack of time. Operating at an unparalleled 55-decibel sound level, the Tornado skillfully combines performance with user and patient comfort. In this respect, it is no coincidence that Bien-Air chose the Tornado to premiere such features as a spray/illumination system and an improved bur-locking mechanism. To guarantee superior durability, the Tornado is fitted with custom-designed ceramic ball bearings capable of handling the highest speed and heaviest loads.


Designed for today’s challenges The contra-angle EVO.15 is one a kind, simultaneously raising performance standards and revolutionizing patient safety. This promising handpiece combines Swiss precision with an unparalleled level of durability and ergonomics. The most advanced engineering techniques, skilled company know-how, and up to 3 years of warranty put in your hands the quality and reliability our competitors have been trying to match for almost 60 years.

Dental News Yearbook 2018

Company name: BISCO, INC. Country of origin: United States of America Website:


Dental News Yearbook 2018


Dental News Yearbook 2018

Company name: CROSSTEX Country of origin: United States of America Website: Crosstex International Inc. (A division of Cantel Medical Corporation) From a simple beginning in 1953, as a disposable towel/bib manufacturer, Crosstex has steadily grown to become one of the world’s leading infection prevention and control entities. Through a combination of strategic acquisitions and partnerships, Crosstex has become more vertically integrated, manufacturing more than 95% of their products here in the USA. Crosstex is a recognized leader for its portfolio of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), Dental Unit Waterline Treatments,

MENA DISTRIBUTORS PIRO TRADING INTERNATIONAL 700 E. Main Street Turlock, CA 95380 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Phone: 1+ 209-667-7204 Fax: +209 667 8506

Dental Unit Waterline (DUWL) Treatment Crosstex leads the waterline category with a family of products that make DUWL treatment simple, effective, reliable and safe. Multi-award-winning DentaPure ® cartridges have revolutionized DUWL treatment by providing safe, compliant dental unit water for 365 days (or 240L of water if usage records are kept), to either bottle-based or municipal waterline systems. For a powerful and versatile liquid treatment for bottle-based systems, Liquid Ultra ® solution kills biofilm bacteria, removes existing biofilm bacteria and prevents/suppresses formation of biofilm in DUWLs.

Chemistries, Sterilization, Preventives, Nitrous-Oxide Equipment, and Single-Use Disposable products. Crosstex products are sold throughout the world in more than 100 countries. Combine this with 12 strategically located manufacturing & distribution facilities around the world and you begin to understand the broad reach and impact of Crosstex in the healthcare industry. Crosstex became a wholly owned subsidiary of Cantel Medical Corp. in August, 2005. This relationship has strengthened Crosstex’s position in terms of its ability to expand its manufacturing capabilities as well as add to its broad range of products. Crosstex is ready to write the next chapter in its history, continuing the tradition started by the founding fathers and nurtured by their sons. Along with our loyal customers, our employees and our suppliers, Crosstex will continue to fulfill its role as a global leader of infection prevention products.

ConFirm ® 10 In-Office Biological Monitoring System • In-office biological monitioring system provides final results in just 10 hours • Simply process test indicator vial in a normal steam sterilization cycle, remove, crush ampoule and place in incubator along with an unprocessed control vial for required 10 hour incubation • Media in test vial will turn yellow if any spores remain alive, thus signifying a failed test; control vial media should remain purple


SANI Glut ® Glutaraldehyde 3% • Multi-Purpose Formula – Biodegradable and formaldehyde-free reusable manual liquid chemical sterilant and high-level disinfectant for use with immersable and heat-sensitive instruments and/or devices • Activation – Requires addition of activator • Economical – Provides up to a 28 day reuse. • Color/Scent – Colorless/ Lemon Scent • 25 Min - High level Disinfection • 10 Hour - Sterilization (at 25°C) • 28 Day - Reuse Period

Rapicide ® OPA/28 High Level Disinfectant • Innovative/Safe Formulation – Ready-to-use high-level disinfectant used for reprocessing heat-sensitive semi-crictical instruments with an active ingredient of 0.575% ortho-phthaladehyde (OPA) • Fast & Economical – High-level disinfection in just 10 minutes at room temperature - 68°F/20°C - with a reuse period of up to 28 days. Use only Rapicide Test Strips to verify MRC (minimum required concentration) prior to each use • Effective – Inactivates TB, HIV2, MRSA, VRE & Hepatitis. Maximum reuse period of 28 days. • Easy-to-use – No mixing or activation required. Comes ready to use. 2 year unopened shelf life and 75 days once opened. Excellent materials compatability, non-corrosive to metal • Color/Scent: Colorless/ Mild but distinctive scent

SANI ProZyme ® Enzymatic Detergent • Powerful Formulation – Designed to remove organic and inorganic soils such as blood, tissue and protein-rich fluids from flexible and delicate instruments • Reliable – Enzyme breaks down (actually digests) the organic soils and the detergent removes them, holding them in suspension and avoiding redepositing on the cleaned surfaces • Cost Effective and Safe – Highly concentrated, low foaming, biodegradable, phosphate-free, rust-inhibiting properties with a neutral pH • Color/Scent – Green/Fresh Scent • ½ -2oz - Per Gallon of water • 2-3 min - Manual Soak • 15-20 min - For Heavy Debris Dental News Yearbook 2018

Company name: DenMat Country of origin: United States of America Website: Since 1974, DenMat has been a leader in high-quality dental products for dental professionals in more than 60 countries around the world. DenMat makes and assembles most of its products at its world headquarters on the Central Coast of California. DenMat offers three main product categories: Consumables, Small Equipment, and a full-service Dental Laboratory. DenMat’s consumables include the brands known and trusted: Geristore®, Core Paste®, Tenure®, Ultra-Bond®, Infinity®, Splash®, Precision®, Perfectemp®, and LumiBrite®. DenMat’s small equipment includes a broad suite of products, including NVpro3™, and SOL™ soft-tissue diode lasers, Rotadent® PeriOptix™ magnification loupes and lights, Flashlite™ curing lights, VizilitePRO for oral lesion screening, and a full line of high-quality hand instruments. DenMat is the home of the world’s #1 patient-requested thin veneer, Lumineers®.

Now better than ever and backed by Thinnovation®: DenMat’s fresh multi-disciplinary approach to anterior esthetics using the latest generation of Lumineers, all hand-finished by skilled lab artisans in California. DenMat also features Snap-On Smile®, the ultimate provisional appliance. Each of DenMat’s more than 400 employees is focused on assuring that you—our dental customers—love our products and love your customer experience. We’re building one of the world’s great dental companies—one happy dentist at a time!

MENA DISTRIBUTORS Visit our website Link to find local distributors

Or E-Mail us:

Light Years Ahead DenMat’s latest innovations in light-based technology literally outshine the competition.

Soft-Tissue Microlaser The latest evolution in cordless soft-tissue lasers is now optimized for periodontal, restorative and orthodontic procedures. Deliver the benefits of laser dentistry to a broader range of patient types, with ease.

Oral Lesion Screening System This lightweight and ergonomic device uses powerful shortwave LED’s to generate biofluorescence and enhance visualization. Screen over 100 patients on a single charge and improve your procedural efficiency. Early detection may save a life.


The NEW FireFly™ Cordless Headlight System! Are you ready to lose the cord on your loupes and headlights? Introducing the newest PeriOptixŽ product, the FireFly cordless headlight system. The Firefly is the first cordless headlight system designed to fit any pair of loupes, including the ones you have now! The FireFly offers a lightweight alternative to other bulky, built in headlight designs without compromising brightness or style. Only the FireFly headlight system completely eliminates cumbersome cords to give you ultimate mobility, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your patients.

Dental News Yearbook 2018

Company name: Dentsply Sirona Email: Website: Dentsply Sirona is the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies, with a history of innovation and service to the dental industry and patients worldwide. Dentsply Sirona develops, manufactures, and markets a comprehensive solutions offering including dental and oral health products as well as other consumable medical devices under a strong portfolio of world class brands. As The Dental Solutions Company™, Dentsply Sirona’s products provide innovative, high-quality and effective solutions to advance patient care and deliver better, safer and faster dentistry. With a sales presence in more than 120 countries, patients and practitioners virtually everywhere in the world rely on Dentsply Sirona.

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ALGERIA MDI DENTAIRE Phone: +213 41 61 70 42 GROUPE DENTAIRE ALGERIEN Phone: +213 23 85 01 78 NEGOSANTE Phone: +213 21 24 66 24

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Single Visit Dentistry with CEREC Single visit dentistry is an emerging expectation amongst patients today. Everything from a single source for safer, better and faster dentistry, and this is made possible by CEREC. Dentists can now deliver full contour crowns and small bridges made of the fullstrength high-quality zirconium oxide chairside while the patient waits. Spare your patients the discomfort of a conventional impression tray. Take digital impressions, with CEREC Omnicam, our small powder-free colour camera. CEREC Software 4.5 then generates outstanding restoration proposals, based on the unique “Biojaw” function which is optimally synchronised with the CEREC grinding and milling unit to produce extremely precise restorations. Full contour zirconia restorations are sintered and glazed for a high-gloss finish at the dentist’s chair in the compact CEREC SpeedFire furnace.

Celtra® Zirconia-Reinforced Lithium Silicate (ZLS) The new generation of high strength glass-ceramic, (ZLS), is available in the form of CAD/CAM blocks for CEREC and inLab, Celtra® Duo, or as pellets via the traditional pressing procedure, Celtra® Press. This unique material provides top aesthetics thanks to its chameleon effect, enabling them to blend in with surrounding teeth for a natural vitality and lifelike appearance. Celtra® Duo provides you with an unsurpassed level of freedom, control, and workflow flexibility. It can be processed with two alternative methods; Mill and Polish, offering a restoration of around 210 MPa in just 15 minutes, and Mill and Fire, stain/glaze firing the material to achieve the strength of lithium disilicate (370 MPa). Celtra® Press offers high strength (>500 MPa), creating natural opalescence and translucency alongside stable margins. It is also simple and fast to process thanks to a minimal reaction layer, easy polishing, and a simplified shade system.

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Class II Solution™ The filling concept designed for efficient and reliable results

® V3 1 Palodent Sectional Matrix System

Prime&Bond universal™ 2 Universal Adhesive

® Plus 3 SDR Bulk Fill Flowable


Dentists face a variety of challenges in every step of a Class II procedure and as Class II restorations account for nearly half of all direct restorations, getting them right the first time is key to happy patients and profitability. Dentsply Sirona’s Class II Solution™ offers a portfolio of products designed to work together to deliver success at the most vulnerable interface – the floor of the proximal box – and achieve aesthetic results. Palodent® V3 Sectional Matrix System, Prime&Bond universal™ Universal Adhesive, SDR® Plus Bulk Fill Flowable and ceram.x® SphereTEC™ one Universal Nano-Ceramic Composite provide the only complete solution with unmatched adaptation at each critical step of a Class II restoration.

ceram.x® SphereTEC™ one Universal Nano-Ceramic Restorative

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Astra Tech Implant System® EV Simplicity without compromise Astra Tech Implant System® EV has been developed to make the daily work of our customers easier. The foundation of this evolutionary step remains the unique Astra Tech Implant System BioManagement Complex®, well-documented for its long-term marginal bone maintenance and aesthetic results.

drilling protocols to allow for the preferred primary stability. All of this is supported by flexible surgical protocol and a simple prosthetic workflow for increased confidence and satisfaction for all members of the treatment team.

The design philosophy of the Astra Tech Implant System® EV is based on the natural dentition and utilises the site-specific, crown-down approach. To support this approach, the system uses a unique interface with one-position-only placement for Atlantis® patient-specific abutments, self-guiding impression components, versatile implant designs and flexible

TOTAL TECHNOLOGIES LTD Phone: +92 42 3595 7281

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YEMEN AL ASBAHI TRADING Phone: +967 121 3214

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DMG contact for whole MENA

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Dental News Yearbook 2018

Company name: DÜRR DENTAL AG Country of origin: Germany Website: DÜRR DENTAL represents progress and innovation in dental medicine. The headquarters of the independent family business are in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany. The business group with a turnover of more than 200 Mio. Euro, employs more than 1,000 people worldwide. Many standards in dental medicine originated from Dürr Dental developments such as oil-free dental compressed air or hygienic spray-mist suction. Dürr Dental compressed air and suction systems have made the company one of the global market leaders in dental medicine.

In the areas of compressed air, suction, imaging, dental care and hygiene, this innovative leader provides many system solutions. Dürr Dental sets the benchmark with its developments and has the right choice of products for all requirements. To achieve the best possible quality our manufacturing is done almost exclusively in Germany. Our greatest advances have been in digital diagnostics: high quality intraoral images with VistaCam as well as high quality digital radiographs with VistaScan imaging plate system.

MENA DISTRIBUTORS DÜRR DENTAL MIDDLE EAST PO Box 87355. Al Ain UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Phone: +971 50 550 8412 Fax: +971 3 7675615

Dürr Dental expands its expertise with the new brand Lunos® for professional prophylaxis Dürr is a global dental specialist and renowned for its top product lines, including Dürr Dental compressors and suction units, Dürr System Hygiene, as well imaging systems and the Vector ultrasonic system. Their high standards and expectations are still the source of motivation for employees now as they were back then, particularly in the latest, new area of Prevention and Therapy. With the motto ‘the best by design’ the Company aspires to create entirely new opportunities. Above all else, the focus here is on the partnerships between the company and dental surgeries and on providing a range of carefully coordinated products. It goes without saying that, right from the start, during development, the highest demands were set in terms of medical quality, user-friendliness and patient satisfaction. The portfolio ranges from dental rinse solutions and powder jet handpieces with a unique exchangeable chamber principle to a wide range of different powders and pastes – an evolution for dental practices and for Dürr Dental!


VistaVox S: CBCT and panoramic images with exceptional image quality The jaw-shaped field of view of the VistaVox S maps the diagnostically relevant range of a 130-mm volume. Thanks to this changed volume shape, VistaVox S also completely covers the region of the rear molars – an essential requirement for diagnostics, e.g. for an impacted wisdom tooth. VistaVox S additionally offers ten further Ø 50 x 50 mm volumes: five each for the upper jaw and for the lower jaws. These are used if the indication only requires imaging of a certain region of the jaw, e.g. for endodontical or implantological treatments. Depending on the required level of detail in the image, the volumes can be used with a resolution of either 80 or 120 μm. Supplemented by the 17 panoramic programmes in the tried-and-tested S-pan technology, this provides dental practices with excellent imaging diagnostics in both the 2D and 3D areas.

A new formulation for Orotol® plus and MD 555 cleaner gives even better results The suction unit disinfectant Orotol ® plus and MD 555 cleaner have long been viewed as the gold standard. The improved formulation of the MD 555 cleaner from Dürr Dental represents the best-possible system solution for the removal of persistent deposits on dental units. Both concentrates complement each other perfectly; whilst Orotol ® plus deals stringently with bacteria, fungi and viruses, MD 555 cleaner reliably removes deposits of insoluble salts, limescale, prophylaxis powders, or calcium carbonate-based Pearl products from all components in the suction unit – including the lines. When performed regularly this considerably reduces the risk of a loss of performance or complete outage of the unit. Use of the unbeatable duo also increases the service life of your suction unit. Independent experts concur with Dürr Dental’s estimation of the benefits afforded by regular use in improving the general care of suction units - every second unit in a German practice is thought to be suffering from poor performance due to inadequate cleaning. Disinfection does not always mean proper cleaning! Dürr Dental hopes to play its part in improving this situation. Dental News Yearbook 2018

Company name: FKG DENTAIRE SA Country of origin: Switzerland Website: Founded in Switzerland in 1931, FKG Dentaire SA gained a new momentum in 1994, the year Jean-Claude Rouiller took over the reins practitioners, endodontists and laboratories. The FKG strategy is centered of the company. He propelled FKG to the forefront in the development, on innovative high-precision products and the creation of machines manufacturing and distribution of dental products destined for general designed specifically for the dental field. Its aim is to offer solutions that meet the most demanding needs of end users.




MDI MAGHREB DENTAL INDUSTRY Lot 24 - Zone de Depot El Kerma, BP 354 Zerbani, Daira De Senia, DZ 31106 Oran Phone: +213 0 4158 1124

ALATA LTD Shota Rustaveli Street 44/42 Bishkek KG-720044 Phone: +996 7 7022 2631 Phone: +996 7 7771 2263

DOHA MEDICAL Office No. 4, 1st Floor, Area No. 52 Luqta-Al Rayyan Al Qaddem, Doha Phone : +97444711856



DROGUERIE TAMER S.A.L. Tamer Building, Midan Street P.O. Box 11-49, Beirut Phone : +961 1 694000

COMMERCIAL & MAINTENANCE CO. FOR TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT Mecca Highway, Bldg# 316, 2nd Floor, Olaya District, P. O Box 88552, Riyadh Phone: +966 11 463 33 61

SPA GDA GROUPEMENT DENTAIRE ALEGERIEN Haouch Sbaat Nord Lot N°141 Section 07 Lot N°47 Zone B Rouiba, DZ-16000 Rouiba / Algiers Phone: +213 658 095 668

BAHRAIN GULF HOUSE MEDICAL SYSTEM W L L Villa: 604, Road: 3312, Block: 333 Mahooz, BH-973 Phone: +973 1741 1037

EGYPT EIO EGYPTIAN IMPORT OFFICE 12 Eleskander Elakbar St., Elazarita, Alexandria Phone: +20 3486 8733 ONE DENTAL SOLUTION 32 Dokki Street, 12311 Giza Phone: +20 100 131 0202

LIBYA ELRAJA PHARMACEUTICAL AND MEDICAL EQUIPMENT TRADING CO. LTD. Maarakat Sidy Ellafy St. Elsselmany Eigharby, Benghazi Phone: +218 91 376 4896 Phone: +218 6 1338 9457


SYRIA OUZOUN TRADING CENTER Al Habbal Bldg. Al Telyani Ave., Omar Al Mokhtar St, Damascus Phone: +963 11 4430545


DENTAL EXPRESS 23 Avenue Sidi Boukhari, Tanger Phone: +212 5 3994 7795

NEW MED EQUIPMENTS Immeuble petit palais RDC N, 34 Avenue Habib Bourguiba ARYANAH (Tunis) TN-2080 Phone: +216 7171 0328




MEHR-E TABAN MED. Apt. 54, No. 14, Taban Complex, Tehran Phone: +98 21 8879 0983

SALA MEDICAL COMPLEX Al-Ali House Mezzanine Floor Suite 110, Behind Philips Showroom, Al-Khuwair, AL-ELM Street, PO Box 780 P.C. Al Hamriyah, OM-131 Phone: +968 2445 8159

LIDER DIS Fevzi Cakmak sokak No: 11/5 Kızılay, Ankara Phone: +90 31 2231 6485

IRAQ HIMAT CO. LTD. Al-Mansour,14th Ramadan Street Al-Jawhara Trading, n°45, Baghdad P.O. Box NIL, IQ-10001 Phone: +964 77 1447 1575

JORDAN KHOURY DENTAL CO. UMM Mutawe AL-Aslamiyah St., AL Jandwawil Seer, P.O. Box 306 Amman, JO-11118 Phone: +962 6582 7015

PAKISTAN ADVANCE WESTERN GROUP 69-C, Jail Road, 54800 - Lahore Phone : +92 32 1456 7666

PALESTINE RIAM DENT Um Al Sharayet Main Street, Ramallah Phone: +22 9590 51/2/4

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES DUBAI MEDICAL EQUIPMENT Dar-Al-Khaleej Building Block A, New Al-Khan St. Sharjah Phone: +971 6 5308055

YEMEN ALAZIZI TRADING ESTABLISHMENT Al Dari Algarbi St - 20 Circle 5260 Sana’a Phone : 00 967 1 472 100

XP-endo® Shaper Plus sequence


FKG Dentaire presents its new single file sequence

A new generation of Swiss-made instruments enables safer and more effective root canal treatments, thanks to unique 3D extension capabilities. The XP-endo® Shaper Plus sequence, launched by leading Swiss endodontic firm FKG Dentaire SA, solves a common problem for dentists: how to treat complex root canal systems without causing damage to the dentinal structure. FKG combined unique Adaptive Core™ technology with 3D design to create instruments that can easily adapt to the canal anatomy to clean once impossible-to-reach areas. The result is enhanced debris removal and irrigation for a more gentle, conservative treatment compared to instrumentation using traditional NiTi files.

“The main problem with conventional files is their lack of flexibility, which means that dentists can’t remove all the debris, but sometimes end up taking off too much healthy dentin,” says Thierry Rouiller, CEO of FKG Dentaire. “But that all changes with this XP-endo® generation of instruments.” The patented MaxWire® alloy reacts to the body’s temperature, making the tools highly flexible compared to instruments of the same final size. A small, free-floating adaptive core designed in 3D allows the instruments to expand and progress with agility along the canal while resisting to cyclic fatigue. • The XP-endo® Shaper (XP-S) performs 3D debridement of the canal while respecting its natural shape. • The XP-endo® Finisher (XP-F) achieves 3D cleaning and biofilm removal, including in areas impossible to reach with traditional files. • The instruments are delivered in a sterile blister pack destined for single patient use, thus maximising safety. With the XP-endo® Shaper Plus sequence, dentists have the most advanced Swiss precision tools at their fingertips to perform a complete, minimally invasive root canal instrumentation.

Rooter™ S FKG Dentaire presents its new cordless endodontic motor The outstanding feature of this new instrument is its ability to be used both on its own and in combination with the new apex locator from FKG, the S-Apex™.

Convincing functions in practice

The Rooter S and S-Apex combination

With its modular capabilities, the new endodontic motor from FKG provides users with maximum possible flexibility during treatment. The elegant endodontic motor only weighs 103 grams and guarantees application without any signs of fatigue. In addition, the angle piece can be turned through 290° to ensure optimum visibility in all quadrants. This is assisted above all in the molar sector by the extremely small head, which has an integrated electrode file.

The Rooter S can also be connected to the FKG S-Apex by data transfer cable in order to provide additional functions such as “Auto Start and Stop” or automatic stop as soon as the file has reached the reference point (“Auto Apical Stop”).

With speeds from 50 to 1,000 rpm, users have the choice of eleven different speed settings to suit their individual needs. The user can adjust all functions by push-button and store the settings at six storage locations. The easy-to-read colour display shows all the relevant information and settings and can be turned through 180° for left-handed users. Acoustic signals further assist root canal preparation as the user does not have to keep looking at the instrument’s display. Dental News Yearbook 2018

Company name: MICRO-MEGA® Country of origin: France Website: MICRO-MEGA®, a hundred-year-old French company, possesses know-how that is recognized worldwide in the fields of the design, manufacture and sale of dental surgical instruments (root canal instruments, obturation, hand instruments and instrument hygiene). MICRO-MEGA®’s expertise in the design and construction of its own production machinery has helped to achieve a predominant position in the dental instrument world.

Over the years, MICRO-MEGA® has become a leader and undisputed specialist in endodontics. Its mission is to innovate in this field, setting the standards for general dental practitioners throughout the world and offering the dental market a unique range of technical and scientific expertise.







Cite 05 juillet 62 bt15 n141 25000 Constantine ALGER ALGERIA Phone: +213 31 66 70 21

Building 670, Raod 919, Block 309, Salmaniya Manama BAHRAIN Phone: +973 172 32 170

NATIONAL TRADING COMPANY NTC 54 Ramses Street - Roxy - Heliopolis Cairo EGYPT Phone: +202 24 51 31 91


2307 Valieasr Ave, Tehran1516745131 Tehran IRAN Phone: +98 21 88 88 36 45

MEDI TRADING FZCO – FIA GROUP Kurdistan- Erbil Branch IRAQ Phone: +964 75 04 28 45 03


Complex No 75, Al Buhtori St 75, Amman 11118, Jordanie JORDAN Phone : +962 64 64 22 15


Ali Abdul Wahab Building, Old Shuwaikh, Street 6, Block 152 P.O.Box: 20704 Safat 13068 KUWAIT Phone : +22276888 Ext:223

Brasilia street, Hikmeh building, first basement, Baabda LEBANON Phone: +961 5950707 +961 5955854

Ben Ashour Street P.O.Box 84296 Tripoli LIBYA Phone: +218 21 36 20 765

Sharafyia District, Ali Reda Tower, Madinah Road P.O. Box 19435 Jeddah 21435 Jeddah SAUDI ARABIA Phone: +966 12 6148 282 Africa Road, Amarat Street No. 19, P.O.Box 15093 Postal code 12217 Khartoum SUDAN Phone: +249 120 97 00 00





47 Rue de Bruxelles Casablanca MOROCCO Phone: +212 22 82 31 34

PO Box 1259, PC 112, Ruwi Muscat OMAN Phone: +968 24 59 56 70

CEDARS DENTAL CENTER Bldg 65, Street 850, Wadi al Sail, PO Box 47684 Doha QATAR Phone: +974 44 86 40 88

JEDDAH DENTAL SUPPLY Alnazer Building, Palestine Road, Behind Haifa mall Jeddah SAUDI ARABIA Phone: +966 2 66 92 462

Al Fardoss Str. Ibn Zeidoun Building, 1st FloorPO Box 4588 Damascus SYRIA Phone: +963 11 224 17 17 7 bis Rue De Cologne, Tunis TUNISIA Phone: +216 71 800 488


Umraniye, Istanbul TURKEY Phone: +90 216 466 83 83


Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Phone: +971 2 67 32 954


Hadda St. next to Al- Ghrasi building Sana`a YEMEN Phone: +967 1 208827


Discover the new MICRO-MEGA endo sequence 2Shape! 2Shape, two files to shape. • Ultra-simple: 2 instruments directly to the working length, in a minimum time with a maximum comfort • Ultra-flexible: T.Wire heat-treatment for more flexibility and a better fracture resistance • Ultra-economical: reusable instruments in sterile blisters 2Shape Paper Points and Gutta Percha points available.

To complete your endo treatment, MICRO-MEGA proposes EndoUltra TM, the first cordless ultrasonic handpiece which has been specifically designed for intracanal activation of the irrigant during the final rinse.

• Ultra-sonic: efficient cavitation and acoustic streaming • Ultra-fast: optimized disinfection in several sequences of 30 seconds each • Ultra-performing: penetration and action of the irrigant in all the zones which are inaccessible for the instruments

Dental News Yearbook 2018

Company name: NSK NAKANISHI INC. Country of origin: Japan Website:

“Providing durable and elegant, yet competitively priced product” has been NSK’s philosophy since it was established in 1930. Specialized in super high-speed rotary cutting technology, NSK delivers a variety of high quality and extremely cost efficient products to the dentistry. NSK focuses on satisfying diverse customers’ requirements through timely product development backed up with unparalleled production engineering and innovative technology.

NSK is a top brand committed to serving the needs of dental practitioners, technicians and hygienists. NSK’s continued development offers innovative design and unrivalled quality as well as outstanding value and performance all of which is supported by NSK’s global sales network and first-class after-sales service.


Es-Sénia-Oran ALGERIA Phone: +213 41 335890


Sharq KUWAIT Phone: +965 22 454924


Giza EGYPT Phone: +20 2 33022792 / 33042740


Erbil IRAQ Phone: +964 750 1 440 400


Baghdad IRAQ Phone: +964 790 1317209

SALBASHIAN TRADING CO. Amman JORDAN Phone: +962 6 4645845

Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

Jeddah / Phone: +966 12 6700430 / +966 50 203 0433 Riyadh / Phone: +966 11 4747750 SAUDI ARABIA


DOUSTKAM CO. INC Tehran IRAN Phone: +98 21 77527140



Tripoli LIBYA Phone: +218 21 3610154

ASSISTANCE MÉDICALE ET DENTAIRE Casablanca MOROCCO Phone: +212 (0) 522 822498


Damascus SYRIA Phone: +963 11 2248772 / 2210974


Tunis TUNISIA Phone: +216 71 772 500


Ankara TURKEY Phone: +90 312 2316485


Abu Dhabi UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Phone: +971 2 6732954



Extensive Range of Applications from Supragingival to Subgingival Use Perio-Mate removes plaque biofilm and moderate stains around the supragingival, gingival margin and in the pocket up to approximately 3mm, without use of the nozzle tip. Perio-Mate is ideal for efficient cleaning around dental implants and prosthetic restorations, as well as orthodontic appliances. Perio-Mate’s slim and flexible nozzle tip enables it to reach into the periodontal pocket for 3~6mm below the gingival margin. The optimized flow of powder based on NSK’s industry-leading fluid analysis technology ensures an optimal result of treatment inside the pocket.

Dental News Yearbook 2018

Company name: Ormco Country of origin: California, USA Website:

Ormco builds trusted relationships with the orthodontists we serve, providing a breadth of innovative products and solutions to enhance their professional lives. Ormco is committed to helping orthodontists achieve their clinical and practice management objectives.

Mission Statement Ormco builds trusted relationships with the orthodontists we serve, providing a breadth of innovative products and solutions to enhance their professional lives. Ormco is committed to helping orthodontists achieve their clinical and practice management objectives.”

Ormco has a distinguished 50+ year history of providing the orthodontic profession with high quality, innovative products backed by attentive customer service and educational support. Our pledge to you, our valued customers, is to continue to provide you with the products and services that you need and want – products that make the orthodontic experience a great one for you, your staff and your patients.





CIGALAH GULF MEDICAL Dr. Hany Al Sayed Phone: 97339660180

DMS DENTAL MEDICAL SUPPLIES Jeff Wheibe Phone: 9611240444

QOMEL COMPANY LTD Dr. Mohamed Abo El Saad Phone: 966569889677




EGYPT ORTHO Adel Gallal Phone: 201006695885


Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

AL FARSI MEDICAL SUPPLIES Dr Siva Kumar Phone: 96898934590

MEDIKODENTAL Zeynep Ates Phone: 90(212) 219 97 55



BARZAN ORTHODONTICS Dr. Moataz Al Iraqi Phone: 97433993050

NMC Mr. Vijay Kumar Phone: 971569200213


• 100% CLEAR BRACKET BODY AND SLIDE for the supreme aesthetics patients demand • SELF-LIGATING BRACKET DESIGN eliminates the need for elastomerics which stain and collect bacteria • FOUR SOLID WALLS with improved precision slot for 2x the rotational control* for meticulous finishing and efficient treatment • INNOVATIVE SPINTEK™ SLIDE for easy and comfortable wire changes • PATENTED LASER-ETCHED PAD for optimal bond strength and reliability • VARIABLE TORQUE OPTIONS for patient-specific mechanics

The award–winning Insignia Advanced Smile Design allows you to combine your treatment strategy with the precision of computer-aided smile design to give every patient an optimal occlusion and smile arc specifically proportioned to their unique facial features. Insignia can make difficult cases more manageable and routine cases exceptional. Visualize, Plan, and Achieve Your Ideal Finish Insignia Approver software can be used to apply a higher level of design into your patient’s treatment and display the virtual end-result.

Grow Your Practice With Digital Technology Differentiate your practice with a high tech treatment solution for patients. 37% Reduced Treatment Time With 7 Fewer Patient Visits* Independent data concludes torque-specific Insignia customized brackets and wires reduce treatment time on average by 37% with 7 fewer office visits compared to conventional appliance treatment. Clear Precision Placement Guides (JIGS) Have the ability to view exact bracket placement before light curing. A Culmination Of Decades Of Research And Innovation Insignia uses advanced algorithms in combination with PVS impressions to create a 3-D virtual model of the patient’s anatomy. With Insignia, you have complete control of each case. Although an initial suggested course of treatment is provided through the Approver software, you are able to view each tooth in great detail. Multiple views and rotations allow you to perfect each case and make cosmetic adjustments to create a truly unique smile.

Dental News Yearbook 2018

Company name: Ultradent Products Inc. Country of origin: Salt Lake City, UT (USA) Website: Ultradent Products Inc. was founded in 1978 in Salt Lake City by Dr. Fischer dentist, researcher and university professor (now CEO of Ultradent) with the aim of improving the techniques and products used by dentists in the entire world, in order to solve patient problems faster and without invasive methods. At the origin of the long series of innovations, there was the righteous combination of progressively refined work experience and relentless creativity. Needless to say, with such a fruitful basic duality, success

could not be missed. In fact, within a few years, from a laboratory set up in the kitchen, Ultradent has grown to take on the bulk of an industrial complex of over 50,000 square meters with more than 1,600 employees where more than 500 products for dentists and dental professionals are produced and marketed.




MAGHREB DENTAL INDUSTRY EURL Lot no 24, Zone de depot El Kerma, Oran Phone: 00 213 40 23 71 45

MALEK DENTAL & MEDICAL SUPPLY jo 75 Al Buhturi Street, 2nd Circle, Jabal Amman, P.O. Box 7067, Amman Phone: +962 (6) 4642215 Phone: (00)7810775922


BAHRAIN DENTAL WORLD & MEDICAL SUPPLIES Flat 15 bldg 285 block 706 P.O. Box 32013, Bahrein Phone: 00973 39609092 Phone: (00)973 (178) 96322

KUWAIT ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES Hawali 32060, P.O.Box 44558 Kuwait City Phone: 00965-66388840 Phone: (00)962795533513



ELWAN DENTAL SUPPLIES 70 Merghani street 10th floor Managger, Cairo Phone: +2 01007782294 Phone: (00) 202 3387 3883

MITTRI R. MATTAR & COMPANY B.P.166844, R.C. 14997, Beirut Phone: +961 3 730906 Phone: (00) 961 (1) 320402


GOLNAR DENTAL SUPPLY Unit 9, #64 Building, Opp Bahar St, Enghelab Ave P.O. Box: 1148836873, Tehran Phone: (00) 9891 21069466 Phone: (00) 9821 77533716

IRAQ SMART TEETH COMPANY Almansoor street, beside zain communication bldg Bldg no. 3 Floor 2, Baghdad Phone: 00 962 786115030 Phone: (00)7810775922



QATAR CEDARS DENTAL CENTER P.O. Box 47684 Al Hilal, Doha Phone: (00)974.44864088

SAUDI ARABIA DENTAL ERA Al-Abdel Latif Plaza, King Fahd Road 3RD Floor, Office # 306 P.O. Box 126122, Jeddah Phone: +966 555 128 025 Phone: +966 12 2752 382


ALBYAN ALMOTAGADED FOR IMPORTING OF EQUIP & MEDICAL BADRIG AYDENIAN SUPPLIES CO LTD Shouhada street, Damascus Mohd Fkini St., Bldg No. 20, Tripoli Phone: (00)963 (11) 444 6429 Phone: (21) 333-3021 Phone: (218) 213-3330 TUNISIA MOROCCO DISTRI MED A.M.E.D. Av. De Madrid, Tunis 47, Rue de bruxelles, Casablanca Phone: (+ 216)Â 98 354 569 Phone: (00)212.522823134 Phone: (+216) 71 334 812 24



PIONEER TRADE & MEDICAL SUPPLY Khalid Al Said Investment Co. PO Box 77 PC 103, Muscat Phone: (00)68 9780 4272

ELWAN TECHNICAL SUPPLIES P.O. Box 43305, Abu Dhabi Phone: (00)97126393292


Opalescence whitening system Opalescence, the whitening system of Ultradent Products Inc., since its inception in 1990, has always been considered the whitening treatments’ gold standard, thanks to the unique features that the gel, even after several years, continues to have, respect to its main competitors. The gel has an optimum viscosity that guarantees the best whitening effect as it stays where it is positioned, while ensuring safety and comfort for the patient.

The wide range of Opalescence whitening system, both take- home and in-office, has been formulated to meet every need for both the clinician and the patient. It is available in different concentrations of Carbamide Peroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide and tastes. All Opalescence products do not contain gluten, sugar and carcinogenic sweeteners, have Kosher certification, have neutral pH and a high concentration of water that helps prevent dehydration.

UVENEER Uveneer direct composite template system is a unique, minimally invasive template system that creates perfect direct composite veneers with predictable shape and symmetry. It mimics natural dentition and is designed to create high-quality, natural-looking anterior restorations in one visit. It can also be used for cosmetic mock-ups and shade selection as well as temporaries during porcelain veneer creation.

The direct composite template system: • Prevents the oxygen inhibition layer during curing, resulting in a hard, glossy surface • Allows light to pass through the template to the composite for effective curing • Works with any preferred composite • Releases easily from cured composite resin • Requires minimal adjusting or polishing, saving time • Facilitates application on individual or multiple teeth • Is autoclavable and reusable, making it a cost-effective choice

Dental News Yearbook 2018

Company name: W&H Dentalwerk BĂźrmoos GmbH Country of origin: Austria Website:


Dental News Yearbook 2018

Company name: WHITEsmile GmbH Country of origin: Germany Website: In 1994 WHITEsmile was one of the first companies in Europe to specialize in the production of tooth-whitening products. Our “Made in Germany” materials and whitening lamps are the result of constant consultation with dentists and users in over 60 countries. WHITEsmile materials are clinically tested, certified medical products and devices.

fläsh is the innovative new development from WHITEsmile. Based on over 20 years of tooth-whitening experience, our cutting-edge, “Made in Germany” fläsh device light optimizes in-office whitening. Together with fläsh gel, fläsh provides the most effective results with maximum ease of handling. Our extensive experience makes WHITEsmile a partner you can trust for tooth whitening.

WHITEsmile encompasses the entire spectrum of professional tooth whitening offerings. Your dental clinic has the flexibility to provide patients with optimal combinations of in-office and at-home whitening. In-office LIGHT Whitening and POWER Whitening are different but effective options. In addition, HOME Whitening is a self-directed, home-use option. Following LIGHT Whitening or POWER Whitening with HOME Whitening results in the most vivid results for your patients.

MENA REPRESENTATIVES PIRO TRADING INTERNATIONAL 700 E. Main Street Turlock, CA 95380 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Phone: 1+ 209-667-7204 Fax: +209 667 8506




SARL THE ABOU SAMRA BROTHERS Cité Abdouni N° 24, Dar El Beida 16100 Alger Phone: +213-21-506 578

NOON MEDICAL SUPPLY CO. Al Derwaza tower, st 65, block 3 building 6, floor 1, flat 2 Bnied al qar, Kuwait Phone: +965 22423 600

KASSAB DENTAL Damascus, Syria Phone: +96311-2313288


AL MAZROUI MEDICAL & CHEMICAL SUPPLIES P.O. Box 1259 PC 112 Muscat Phone: +968 24 595 670


EGYPT GET, GENERAL EGYPTIAN TRADING 446, El – Ahram St., 4th Bld., Floor 12, Giza 12111 Phone: +(202) 37765001/2/3

Alrabe Street Hay Aljamia (University District) Baghdad Phone: +964 7702200711


BASAMAT MEDICAL SUPPLIES (PHARMADENT) P.O. Box: 141375, Amman 11814 Phone: + 962 79 50 45 700 Dental News, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 2017

HADDAD DENTAL (for Whitesmile products) Achrafieh-Facing Voix du Liban First Floor, 1100-2140 Beirut Phone: +961 1 218244



DMS (for fläsh Products) Bauchrieh, Imad Hashem Center 2nd Floor, Beirut Phone: +961-1-240 444

SHARQ MEDICAL SUPPLY Doha, Qatar Phone: +974 445 66 100

MOROCCO CLAIRE DENT Siège Social : 6, Rue Ghandi Appt. N°3, Rabat Phone: +212-37-72-62-64

SEM L’EXCELLENCE MEDICALE Avenue des Martyres immb Palmaruim 4 B71 3000 Sfax Phone: +216-31-538 072



MASAR MEDICAL COMPANY Al Ha`ir Road , Al Lolo`a Stores Store #56, Al-Riyadh Phone: +966-1-2930598

NEW AL FARWANIYA SURGICALS P.O.Box 47837 Abu Dhabi Phone: +97126775447



New: fläsh Chairside Light Whitening System fläsh is our latest high-performance LED technology leveraging high-intensity focused light spectrum with visible blue light. The light output can be varied, with special settings for sensitive teeth and single tooth whitening, and is a safe working temperature. The life expectancy of the LEDs is more than 10,000 applications. fläsh Chairside Light Whitening gel (32% hydrogen peroxide with active chlorophyll) provides maximum results from light-assisted chairside medical tooth whitening. Effective whitening can be achieved in a single session of three 15-minute applications. The treatment can be intensified by your patients’ use of fläsh Take Home Whitening.

WHITEsmile - Whitening you can trust Proven “Made in Germany” products for in-office and at-home whitening: WHITEsmile LIGHT Whitening, POWER Whitening, HOME Whitening. WHITEsmile provides all varieties of tooth whitening offerings for your dental clinic.

Dental News Yearbook 2018

I AM EXCLUSIVE The first personal imaging plate scanner

Compact design and easy to access: the smallest imaging plate scanner on the market for your personal convenience. Streamline workflow with images in seconds: drop your imaging plate in the PSPIX2 and let it do the rest. Improved patient experience with various sizes of thin and flexible imaging plates. Striking contrast for a more reliable diagnosis.

SOPRO l a company of ACTEON Group ZAC AthĂŠlia IV l Av. des GenĂŠvriers l 13705 LA CIOTAT Cedex l FRANCE Tel. +33 (0) 442 980 101 l Fax. +33 (0) 442 717 690 E-mail: l

The winning combination

CAD/CAM and 3D in one software Planmeca Romexis is the only dental software platform ÂŽ

in the world to combine CAD/CAM work and all imaging data. Take advantage the software’s advanced specialist tools and create a new standard of care for patients.


Find more info and your local dealer

Planmeca Oy Asentajankatu 6, 00880 Helsinki, Finland Tel. +358 20 7795 500, fax +358 20 7795 555,







*Based on sales

amic all cer need u o y all

More and more dentists and dental lab technicians rely on IPS e.max, the clinically proven all-ceramic system that offers high esthetics and dependable strength. 100 million restorations placed attest to this. From crowns, inlays, onlays, thin veneers and abutments to bridges – make the choice more dental professionals make... MAKE IT e.max! Ivoclar Vivadent AG

Bendererstr. | 9494 Schaan |IV, Liechtenstein | Tel.: +423 235 35 35 | Fax: +423 235 33 60 Dental News, Volume 2XXIV, Number 2017

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Dental News December 2017 + Yearbook 2018  

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