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3.000 FREE COPIES January 2020 | Edition 11

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Welcome to the January edition  TomorrowAlgarve www.tomorrowalgarve.com

EDITOR Rowena Carr-Allinson rowena@tomorrowalgarve.com +351 910 200 272

Firstly, a very warm welcome and Happy New Year to you all! It gives me great pleasure in introducing my new editor, Rowena Carr-Allinson, who has already written several articles for my magazine and is now firmly at the helm to steer the ship. Her expertise in both writing and editing is second-to-none and I am delighted to be working alongside her with the continual growth of our magazine. Additionally, I am pleased to detail four new colleagues who are experienced in offering great customer service and sales / marketing skills. These are: JOANNA CLARE  joanna@tomorrowalgarve.com

SALES / MANAGING PARTNER Simon Moulson simon@tomorrowalgarve.com +351 963 807 162

HÉLOUISA VAN WYK  helouisa@tomorrowalgarve.com CECI SANTOS  ceci@tomorrowalgarve.com ANAÏS SCARPACI  anais@tomorrowalgarve.com


I think it’s fair to say that 2020 is going to be a great year for the Vilamoura to Faro magazine team and next month is our one year anniversary. It has been a very positive year for the magazine - we are continually improving and evolving. However, we value your opinion so please let us know how we can improve. We have several other town focuses, interviews with Mayors and our incredibly successful community videos to implement and we will resume these from March onwards.


The latter half of 2019, well from October 1st, has been incredibly challenging for my family, with Lucy falling ill and so I relish the prospect of the New Year and 2020. I want to take this opportunity in thanking Dr Beck (International Health Clinic, Albufeira), the Emergency Bombeiros paramedics and on-call doctor, along with the full complement of doctors and

DESIGN Creation Media


nurses at Faro state hospital for the incredible continued work in looking after my Wife / Lewis’ Mum. The last three months have been incredibly challenging as a family and on no fewer than three occasions we didn’t think that Lucy would still be with us - thankfully, she still is. As I write, Lucy is at her second home, Faro state hospital and whilst we have a long road ahead in her recovery, we remain steadfast and positive with tiny steps in the right direction. The urgent care she received from all the medical services, coupled with way beyond the call of duty service from both nurses and doctors is exemplary. Life is incredibly important and as we all know, we can on occasion take things for granted. You may read negative stories about Faro state hospital, however, they have and still are doing everything in their capacity with Lucy. The cardiology department may be dated and awaiting refurbishment, but the level of care and diligence is beautiful. For the last 3 months, Faro has been our second home. In this time we've been able to see what an amazing city it is. With people primarily just flying in and out of the city, I cannot stress the importance of immersing yourself in Faro. I must finish in thanking each and everybody who continually keep Lewis and I's spirits up through an incredibly difficult few months. The outpouring of love is beautiful and very touching in equal measure. Sometimes when we least expect it we have a “bolt out of the blue” moment and our lives are turned monumentally upside down. Here's to a positive, prosperous and productive 2020! Simon and the Tomorrow team.

Whilst we take every care to ensure details are correct the publisher will take no responsibility for errors or omissions. Where prices or dates are quoted they are correct at the time of publication and are subject to change. Links to third party websites are by no way an endorsement of the linked material and the publisher takes no responsibility for the content or security of any third party website. Unless specifically stated Tomorrow magazine does not endorse any product or service appearing in the directory, classified, editorial or display advertising featured on the website.

On the cover Praia da Ursa beach on Portugal's wild Atlantic coast


New kids on the block New year, new school! The Algarve International School will be welcoming students in Almancil, at the Algarve Tennis and Fitness Club’s site.

Sceptics might shrug their shoulders and wonder whether there is room for another school, but the team behind the brand new AIS are confident they are offering a necessary alternative in the heart of the Golden Triangle. Tomorrow Algarve met with the school’s 5 Directors: Walter Mendonca, Ian Bailey, Kathryn Germain, Sonia Rice and Heavenli Roberts to get the full story. SO, HOW DID THE IDEA OF THE AIS COME ABOUT? The team have worked together before. The former Director, Deputy Head, Head of Secondary and the longest-serving teacher at The Academy, all felt the need to start anew to create a micro-school offering personalised learning schemes with qualified teachers who care. Innovating, both with the way the school is run and with its ethos, the directors share a common vision – to guide the students, building confidence and wellbeing in the classroom and beyond. With over fifty years of teaching experience between them, the Directors all hold a degree, if not a PGCE, and make




all the decisions as a team. “Every important issue is discussed, debated and determined to take into account five points of view. We have achieved a lot in a very short space of time! I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but since we all have our niche expertise, we work very efficiently together. We complete each other!” says Creative Arts Coordinator Heavenli of their speedy inception. Kathryn Germain, Head of English confirms “With such a strong team, I believe this school will succeed. We have different talents and abilities, all united by our vision. With a flat structure at the top of the school, rather than a hierarchy, decisions are made together. It's working very well so far!” WHAT WILL DIFFERENTIATE AIS FROM OTHER LOCAL SCHOOLS? With Nobel and Eupheus opening in the area, AIS has steep competition. “We will be a school that puts the children’s needs first, listening and working with parents. We truly believe that we are offering a different environment. Our USP is that we really care about each child. It is our duty to stretch academic ability, but also to inspire a love of learning and recognise each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Our motivation is purely child-based, nothing else. We want to

COMMUNITY take extra special care of these lives. They are not commodities!” explains Heavenli. Ian Bailey, Head of Maths adds “To me, the key is knowing each student, their names, but also who they are, their likes and dislikes. We do this by keeping the classes small with a max of 82 children in the school, ie 12 per class. To keep quality we cannot oversubscribe. If there is demand, we can always open another campus later, but we’ll stick to our commitment.” Walter Mendonca chips in “Our aim is to develop confidence, self belief and self-esteem, to open children’s eyes to possibilities, to encourage them to question, to think, to possess a positive mindset and to understand the importance of effort - all this alongside the Edexcel curriculum.” WHAT WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR STUDENTS AT AIS? As well as a full team of qualified teachers, AIS is working with an experienced councillor, Avril Ellis, who worked at the Collegio International Vilamoura and will be helping students navigate the potholes of teenage life. As for qualifications, AIS will be offering iGCSEs and A-levels with Pearson’s Edexcel board, and is also planning to offer a BTEC in the Performing Arts taught by latest recruit: Amy Fussell, a registered teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance. “We already have both A-level and iGCSE students signed up. They have a lot to catch up on, considering the unfortunate sub-standard or lack of lessons at their previous schools.” says Heavenli. She adds “Of course, we still have a way to go with our facilities! On our wish list: a science lab, a music studio and a stage - but when there’s a will there’s a way!”

In addition to the academic side, the ATF facilities mean students will enjoy an array of sports and extracurricular activities, as well as after school clubs including tennis, music, dance, basketball, football, bowls, performing arts, chess, art, poetry and the school newspaper club. Not to mention coaching from some of the best tennis and padel pros in the Algarve. Thanks to Soren Hojberg, ATF Manager, students will also have access to hot lunches, a basketball court and playground. AN INSPIRATIONAL ARTS PROGRAM The Algarve International School Arts Enrichment Program this Spring will feature six professional Algarve based artists - some worldrenowned – holding workshops including mural painting, sculpture, abstract art, photography, meditation and ceramic design. “We believe arts and creativity are often forgotten by schools. Whether it’s yoga, sculpture or drawing - arts can create an umbrella that really helps balance education and improve academic results too. Arts foster social and emotional development including motor skills, language skills, social skills, decision making, risktaking and inventiveness.” adds Heavenli.

"With such a strong team, I believe this school will succeed. We have different talents and abilities, all united by our vision."

BUT, WHERE DOES THE SCHOOL STAND, LEGALLY? Director Sonia Rice, a Portuguese teacher and businesswoman has embarked on the mission to lay the school’s legal foundations liaising with the camara, the Ministry of Education, lawyers, architects and the president of the Almancil parish. She explains: “We want to be part of the community, we’re not just another expert school sitting up in a corner! It will all be done within the rules. 



COMMUNITY We eventually want to offer a Portuguese curriculum too with a few differences - because we want to be a free-thinking school: a school with a real emotional and academic balance”.

Addressing concerns from worried parents has also been a priority since inception. “Transparency is important for us. We aim to have an absolutely honest relationship with parents. Why wouldn't we? This is about their children!” exclaims Heavenli. Walter adds “So far we have held two Parents Evenings to explain exactly where we are in terms of licenses, teachers and exam boards. Our lawyers have been present answering questions about the legislation. Solid foundations mean we can build slowly and surely.” Ian Bailey also endorses parental input: “We will always listen to parents. In fact, we have already changed some of our policies after addressing concerns, but ultimately, all decisions lie with the five directors.” SO, WHERE DO YOU SEE AIS IN A YEAR’S TIME? There are ambitious plans for the future, with a view of opening a primary in September 2020 and possibly setting up a boarding facility. Kathryn adds: “Certainly more bilingualism! Maybe a Portuguese division, perhaps even the International Baccalaureate? For now, we want to focus on doing what we do best: building a strong foundation for the future”. Ian smiles adding: “But, we need to keep your eyes on the horizon and think big! It’s a good philosophy for life!”

All smiles for Friday 13th! The Centro de Congresso in Vilamoura was the venue for the Algarve Chefs Week’s 5th Gala Dinner, which raises funds for disadvantaged community groups in the Algarve. The CATRAIA – Temporary Reception for Children at Risk and APPC – Portuguese Association of Cerebral Palsy were some of the groups present. Earlier in the year, The Algarve Chefs Week presentation event took place at “Zona Ribeirinha” in Portimão, where the 14 chefs showcased their culinary knowhow with the theme, “A Raiz do Sabor”.

The specially prepared Christmas dinner used typical Algarvean ingredients and was created jointly by Chefs Luís Batalha, André Simões, Osvalde Silva, Vítor Moreira, Bruno Augusto, Vitor Monteiro, Miguel Lourenço, Adérito de Almeida, Bruno Viegas, Diogo Pereira, André Basto, João Vieira, David Domingues and finally, Chef José Leitão. The Chef’s restaurants are as follows: MON-CHIC CILANTRO LOURO

The team’s enthusiasm and positivity is infectious and their arguments make a lot of sense. A school that listens, cares and is part of the community sounds promising. We wish them well!

The evening started with the soothing sounds of Mr Carlos Sax along with welcome drinks, followed by the Christmas dinner consisting of:


Smoked Chicken with Algarvean and Oriental flavours. Cod fillet, Cod tongue, Traditional Corn Grits with Coriander and Baby Vegetables. Pork Pie with Pumpkin, Beetroot, Sweet Potatoes, Peanuts and Parsley. Spiced Milk Chocolate Mousse with Raspberries.

A TERRA (PRAIA VERDE) EMO GOURMET SENSES PEPPERS STEAKHOUSE THE ONE A TERRA (VILAMONTE) MOONLIGHT BAR & RESTAURANT The event was attended by over 600 people who helped raise an incredible amount of €10,000 throughout the course of the evening.



In addition to the spectacular food, the evening also had a great line-up consisting of musician Ernesto Leite and Ana Isabel Arroja – Rádio Comercial host, Magician, Francisco Mousinho (Finalist at 2016 “Got Talent Portugal”) with music courtesy of rock band União das Tribos and Dj Dhanny taking to the decks to firmly get the party started. Tomorrow Algarve will be detailing the next event in May 2020 from The Algarve Chefs Week.


TOP 30 DJ’S PORTUGAL Now in its 12th year, the annual Top 30 DJ awards of Portugal has recently announced their 2019 results. We are very pleased to detail the results for the Top 10 DJ's in Portugal, voted for by the general public via online voting.

1 2 3 4 5 8


Diego Miranda


There are two artists with which I have the pleasure of having as friends and have worked with; these are Pete Tha Zouk and Christian F. Many congratulations to all DJ’s who were voted for and in particular the Top 10, a great achievement!

6 7





Pete Tha Zouk



Citrus candles

Carlos Manaca

DJ Vibe

Miss Sheila

DJ Ride

So the orange and lemon season is upon us and if you're stuck with how to use those fallen fruits on the ground, here’s a handy tip. Not only is the smell of the candle beautiful, it’s not like those tealights which are simply burning petroleum. Just take an orange/lemon/grapefruit, cut in half, eat the middle portion, leave the centre core-like stem intact. Pour a kitchen oil (vegetable oil, olive oil, etc) into orange just below the top of the stem. Light stem. It will burn for hours and smell amazing.

THE SLEEP POD FUNDRAISER Since our founding in April 2018, we have built almost 800 Sleep Pods, which have been distributed to charities and organisations working with the homeless on the streets all across the UK. We have formed strong partnerships with organisations working to support refugees by distributing Sleep Pods for refugees in Paris, Calais and Dunkirk. With your help, we want to raise £10,000 so we can build 400 new Sleep Pods for rough sleepers in the UK and refugees in Europe. 1 Sleep Pod only costs £25 & can help save a life. Please help by donating, every contribution counts.

Christian F

Thank you - The Sleep Pod Team

+INFO:  https://tinyurl.com/ukw4qx6



Located in the picturesque village of Estoi just 10km from Faro, the Palácio de Estoi is an eyecatching local landmark. With its 200-year history and calming environment, it feels like a lifetime away from the hustle and bustle of the region’s capital. The Palácio de Estoi became a Pousada in 2008 following a €12million refurbishment and the addition of a modern, contemporary hotel. The Pousada offers both a natural retreat and historic experience with their Roman ruins to hotel guests and day visitors alike. On my visit, I was welcomed by the helpful receptionist, Philomena, and her colleagues. Philomena has worked at the Pousada for 10 years and explained, "We have welcomed guests from all of the world, including countries as far and wide as Taiwan, Canada, and New Zealand. We’ve even had Prime Minister Costa visit, and professional football teams such as Benfica and Porto." It’s not difficult to see why the Palácio de Estoi has such appeal. As Vanda Jacinto, the Events Manager explained, "A key focus of the 2008 restoration and of the investment that has taken place since has been to blend the comfort of a modern hotel with the history of the palace." It’s this painstaking work which allows guests the opportunity to sleep in the comfort of the hotel and then take a leisurely walk through the history and the splendour of the palace’s public rooms and gardens. The palace has a long and troubled history. Construction started in 1840 and was overseen by the Carvalhal family who were residing in Lisbon and intent on building a summer home as impressive as those they knew locally, such as the Palácio Nacional da Pena in Sintra. Indeed, it’s interesting to note the similarities in the colour scheme and the styling of the two palaces.



OUR PINK PALACE IN THE ALGARVE On the passing of the last descendant of the Carvalhal family, it was sold through auction with the proceeds being donated to the poor of the district. This was a generous act, but one that did not help preserve the building’s future and over the next two decades as it fell into disrepair before being purchased by José Francisco Silva. Silva’s ownership was the catalyst for the first major restoration which provided the template for the palace we see today. Despite the work that Silva invested, subsequent owners once again failed to maintain it and by the time Faro Municipal Council acquired the palace in 1987, it had once again fallen into disrepair. It took another two decades before work finally commenced on the €12 million investment programme which created the Pousada of today managed by the Pestana Hotel Group. The modern-day Palácio de Estoi offers three reception rooms, the Salão Verde, Salão Nobre and Salão Estoi, all of which retain a host of original features. The lovely ornate architecture and decorative beauty, especially present in the ceilings and classic statues, provide a relaxed environment in which one can easily imagine life as it was 150 years ago. Dinner is served in the restaurant next to the original kitchen, which still has the original cooker and cooking utensils on display. Likewise, the original chapel is still used to this day and with its highly decorated ceiling, brings to mind the Sistine Chapel in Rome. The glorious gardens are a prime attraction. They’re designed in the Versailles style and with a central fountain and numerous gazebos, along with wonderful views to the coast, provide ample opportunity to sit and relax and absorb the wonderful surroundings. As Diane, a recent visitor from the USA, commented "The grounds are quite beautiful with little nooks and fountains to explore. Make sure to walk the entire property to see all the hidden gems." The Palácio de Estoi is well worth a visit and day visitors are welcome to explore the palace and its gardens free of charge. However, visitors are advised to call ahead to ensure there are no major events taking place which might restrict access to certain parts of the Pousada.


Vintage Portugal


There are many reasons why I love living in Portugal and I’ve got to say one of my particular favourites has to be port. Portuguese vintage ports are all made at wineries in the Douro, each with its dedicated winemaking team in attendance 24 hrs per day during harvest. There are two major wineries, Bomfim and Sol, and five small specialist estate wineries, Vesuvio, Roriz, Graham’s Malvedos, Dow’s Senhora de Ribeira, and Warre’s Cavadinha. Tawny port is the oldest of the ports; this is because port was only further developed after the Second World War, where Port categories were defined into


+INFO:  www.craigrogers.photography/?product_cat=calendars



However, I was recently introduced to Madeiran wine, which is very similar to port. With its smooth, yet mature flavours, it is easily misconstrued as a traditional port to an untrained taste bud. Usually, I have only ever associated a port for after dinner, or maybe within a sauce. However, experiencing it accompanying a pate de foie gras starter was sublime and made for a lovely wine-paired starter. The wine in question is: Henriques & Henriques Full Rich Madeiran Wine.

SIMPLIFYING GPS COORDINATES what3words is simply a human-friendly coordinate system. It is a marker that sits on top of the latitude and longitude which allows everyone, everywhere, across all platforms, analogue and digital, to easily communicate their precise location. The app has an incredible amount of uses ranging from courier companies delivering parcels to emergencies. With the new integration of the Portuguese Emergency Services, the app allows GNR and other emergency servies to locate and reach the more remote properties in time, which would ordinarily be almost impossible in some cases.

If you’ve not already purchased your 2020 calendar, then the highly talented Craig Rogers has two excellent calendars available. Featuring “Birds of the Algarve” or “Algarve Sunsets”, priced at just €12 each, they can be ordered direct from Craig's web site.

Ruby, Tawny, Vintage etc. This is why all vintage ports are Tawny.

Their founder, Chris Sheldrick, used to work in the music industry, organising live events all around the world. He quickly discovered that within the music world, people struggled daily with poor directions when trying to get people and equipment to the desired location on time. Chris then tried using GPS instead. However, asking people to meet at coordinates was unreliable at times and not everyone knew how to find them.

Entering 16 numbers into a device, or even sharing them over a phone call can easily go wrong. After experiencing a few too many navigation nightmares, Chris sat with his mathematician school friend, Mohan Ganesalingam, to find a more efficient and reliable way to describe locations that would be as precise as GPS coordinates, but more concise and easier for people to use. Before long, Mohan created the first 3-word address algorithm on the back of an envelope. Chris and Mohan then connected with another school friend, Jack Waley-Cohen, with a background in translation – and what3words was born. It’s been five years since Chris, Mohan and Jack co-founded what3words with millions of people across the world now using 3-word addresses to find, share and describe places faster and more easily.

+INFO: Search for 'what3words'


Top quality hand crafted wines from Portugal Visit us: www.winesandco.co.uk FOLLOW US  WinesandCo



Travel and accommodation arrangements are made in association with the JLFoundation and the network of partners it has working together to offer this bespoke opportunity.

Whilst exhibiting at BLIP, I met with a truly wonderful lady, Brenda Lawson. I had heard about Brenda’s daughter, Jessica, who tragically lost her life at the tender age of 12 on a school trip. Brenda set up “Bereavement Breaks” which hopes to provide an opportunity to visit the Algarve for a respite break. They target this help to a specific vulnerable group from UK society: Bereaved Parents and their immediate families. All parents who have experienced the unexpected and traumatic loss of a child, whether they were 3 years old or 33 years old, are welcome to these breaks. Each Bereavement Break offers a ‘time-out’ to rest, relax and recharge. Breaks are arranged between November and March, during the low season when the Algarve is tranquil and less crowded. Yet the beaches and surrounding countryside are at their most beautiful. Each parent is a guest of The Jessica Lawson Foundation. The umbrella organisation (Guarda-Chuva) created in 2016 by Bereaved Parents themselves, Antony and Brenda Lawson. After their daughter Jessica passed away in July 2015, they quickly realised the gap in bereavement support services. Especially wellbeing assistance to improve long term physical emotional and mental health.



Partners including accommodation owners, hotels, restaurants, airport transfer companies and anyone offering an experience the guests may enjoy. From boat tours, a tuk-tuk ride in Tavira to wine tasting and a cork factory tour in Faro. All activities are welcomed! Many private accommodation owners generously ‘pledge’ their properties free of charge. They decide on date availability for the use of the guests. The JLFoundation work closely together with UK Charities, including The Compassionate Friends, Murdered Abroad, The Good Grief Trust and specific local bereaved parents support groups. The availability and details about each property are shared with these charities and then onto interested parents. At that point, the relationship with the parents and Brenda begins. Brenda guides and assists the parents, putting their minds at ease through the whole process. Something that is very rarely offered to bereaved parents. Parents feel they part of society again. Their self-esteem is improved and the main aim is to empower them to take back some control in this new life that no one ever wanted. The pain doesn’t go away. Yet, the Algarve does allow parents to see a different view of their very different world.

"Each Bereavement Break offers a ‘time-out’ to rest relax and recharge. "

Tomorrow 135x90 06-19.indd 2

19/06/2019 12:17


PHOENIX FROM THE FLAMES Back in August 2018, many Monchique residents lost everything; their livelihoods, animals, their homes and businesses with the devastating fires that swept across the area. Monchique Living Legacy focuses on the many trees that were either destroyed or burnt across the hundreds of hectares of land. Monchique Living Legacy works directly with Monchique residents with their fallen and burnt trees which have scarred the land. The trees, typically Oak, Carrob and Acacia have been scared from the ferocious fires, yet rather than ruin the wood, the wood has taken on a new character, a fire DNA if you

like impregnated by the ferocity of the fire and smoke. Rather than to tarnish and spoil the wood, it’s actually given a beautiful addition to these majestic trees. When you take a fallen tree, the inner beauty is there for all to behold. The blackened veins have become a "phoenix from the flames" moment and rather than mourn the tree, we can now rejoice the beauty that this devastating fire has had a lasting effect on these timeless trees.

producing beautiful organic wooden majestic pieces which are lovingly brought back to life. Every product produced is from Monchique trees that have suffered at the hands of the fires and we craft these beautiful majestic trees into useable everyday sculptures from chopping boards, tables, shelving, cheese boards to commissioned objects of art. Each and every time a product is sold, 15% of the proceeds go to the Monchique residents.

Each and every piece of wood has a purpose and at Monchique Living Legacy we use craftsmanship techniques in

+INFO:  Monchique-Living-Legacy

New Year brings new ideas!

It gives us great pleasure to confirm that the first 2020 Networking for Tomorrow is to be held at the stunning Wines & Co in Almancil on Friday 11th January 2020.

Our main speaker will be Mike Farrer, Head of Nobel International School and we sincerely look forward to listening to him and his B2B superlative skills.

The evening starts at 6:00 pm. We are expecting a great turn-out and so please ensure that you confirm your attendance as soon as possible.

So if the prospect of great company, coupled with business acumen communicative skills, great canapés and great wine excites you, then like us, we can't wait to see you!

The evening will be a great opportunity to mix the proverbial business with pleasure in great surroundings with fantastic wine, canapes and an evening of music. We have decided to elevate the Networking evening with an upbeat, contemporary vibe and the evening will be the perfect place to enjoy our first 2020 networks evening.



For further information please visit our facebook page.

+INFO:  networkingfortomorrow

Algarve Video Booth The only Algarve Video and Photo Booth which is dual purpose. Unsure as to whether you want a Video or Photo booth, simply just have both at the same time! Contact us for more information: ďŒ algarvevideobooths î ” +351 963 807 162


What's on in January THE MAGIC CIRCLE Last Tango in Faro

“Luis de Matos IMPOSSIBLE LIVE” premiered in December 2018 at the Tivoli BBVA Theatre, having been applauded by a record 24,000 spectators in just 16 days of performances.

Alongside Luis de Matos will also be Joana Almeida and the Momentum Crew. “Luis de Matos IMPOSSIBLE LIVE” is the most contemporary, surprising and memorable magic show of today.

Luis de Matos, Portugal’s most awarded magician, will present some of his latest illusions and bring with him a new and extraordinary set of guests from all over the world: Germany, Australia, South Korea and England.

After his European tour of 19 European cities, Luis de Matos returns to Portugal to present the best of his creations.

+INFO:  facebook.com/events/561785917728376/?ti=icl

Between the 23rd to 26th of January 2020, the city of Faro will once again enjoy the soul and beauty of the Argentine Tango.

The festival will consist of: - 8 Argentine Tango Workshops - 5 Milongas - 1 Movie to be shown by Cineclube - 1 Dance and Music Show at Teatro das Figuras Multilevel classes, opportunities for joint learning, dancing and socialising among people from all over the country and the world. A great show in honour of the Argentine Tango. A cultural sharing at a national and international level, which is the best way to promote, expand and renew Tango, a World Heritage Site.

+INFO:  https://form.jotformeu.com/92987092430363  facebook.com/events/2535879549859723/?ti=icl



JOCKS AWAY! Join the Saint Andrew's Society of the Algarve for their Burns Supper on the 26th January 2019 at Ponte Romana restaurant, Silves. Piper Malcolm MacGillivray will be greeting guests at 7:00 pm and the evening starts with a bubbly reception. Haggis, tatties and neeps as the main course, vegetarian haggis or grilled chicken is available (must be ordered in advance). “Immortal Memory” speech about the life and times of Robert Burns, followed by Scottish country dancing. The finale of

the evening is Auld Lang Syne. Contact Mardie Cunningham should you want to brush up on your Scottish dancing prior to the event. Tickets for the event are available from Treasurer Kathy Prentice, priced at €27.50 for society members and €30.00 for non-members (those wanted to order an alternative to Haggis, please detail this to Kathy).

+INFO:  Mardie - 282 356 029 / Kathy - 919 635 246

B’Breaks - Algarve

Well-being, rest & relaxation

The Jessica Lawson Foundation

“Working with our partners in the Algarve to arrange tailored holiday’s for bereaved parents.”

 (+351) 964 388 077 | (+44) 7538531669

 jlfoundation17@gmail.com  @jesslawsonmemorial


New businesses

Century 21 Loule Is the latest new real estate office which is owned by Antonio Paixão and Andre Brites. We recently had the pleasure of meeting them at their great new leading-edge office, which one would be mistaken for an art gallery. Exquisite artwork along with the sleek and contemporary design give their offices a very inviting and calming feel. The perfect place to discuss your new acquisition or to sell your property. Both residential and commercial properties are sold.

+INFO:  +351 289 154 523  www.century21.pt

Artisan There’s a beautifully stylish new fusion restaurant in town. Artisan is about creating memories through flavours, sharing moments and celebrating the pleasures of life in a warm and welcome atmosphere.

+INFO:  +351 926 177 722  www.artisanrestaurantalgarve.com

Algarve VideoBooth Is a new dual Video/Photo booth which is operated by professional videographers / photographers who are on-hand throughout the event. The booth is rented out for 4 hours and at the end of the event, a professional videographer produces your personalised video for you to watch there and then.

+INFO:  +351 963 807 162  algarvevideobooths



UP, UP, AND AWAY! A person staying in Lisbon can go to lunch in the Algarve, go to the beach, and in 20 or 30 minutes be back in Lisbon. That’s the potential prospect in a few years time with this new AirTaxi service. At the latest Web Summit, Volocopter and Lilium promise to revolutionise passenger transport. When Daniel Wiegand started Lilium there were no more than two or three companies trying to take the taxi to the skies. In four years, the German startup has given birth to a vertical take-off aircraft, which promises to revolutionise transport in cities and, like her, this industry has also gained wings. “We realised that there were two or three companies doing the same and they didn't even know each other. We want to be the best in this model. Now that we have been in this for four years, we know there are over 200 companies going the same way.” said the official yesterday at the Web Summit, the day the future of mobility was highlighted. “We created Lilium so anyone could fly anywhere, anytime. The reason we did this is that flying is a spectacular means of transportation - and it's not because we like to look out the window, it's because we don't have to invest in building any infrastructure on the ground. Building infrastructure on the ground makes connecting two points very expensive. If you have something that flies, the air is the only infrastructure you need.” The German Lilium has a five-seat prototype that first flew in May this year. Takeoff is vertical and then the electric motors rotate to allow horizontal movement of this vehicle. “The most important thing here is: it is an emission-

free and economical medium.” How economic?" A trip of 300 kilometres costs about €100 per person. With Lilium, it will cost about €6. It's cheaper, uses less energy, faster and reduces congestion. It's a green revolution!” says David Wallerstein, chief exploration officer of Tencent, a Chinese company that has invested in Lillium. Daniel Wiegand, a space engineering graduate, acknowledges that “The aircraft is yet to be tested for 6 to 12 months” but underlines that the focus is “on the industrialisation and commercialisation of this series technology”. In 2011, Volocopter performed the first-ever manned flight of a purely electric multicopter and has since showcased numerous public flights with its full-scale aircraft. The most notable has been the public test flights at Singapore’s Marina Bay in October 2019 and the world’s first autonomous eVTOL flight in Dubai 2017. Volcopter is also developing products for the logistics and precision agriculture space with their VoloDrone.

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WHERE DREAMS COME HOME Establishing 5 offices since 2016, Chestertons is expanding swiftly in Portugal. Led by MD Chris Garveigh of Ocean Country Real Estate, the franchise owner for Chestertons in Portugal is a 2nd generation ex-pat to Portugal who has been in the local property market for over 30 years since taking over on the family business in Praia da Luz.

Peter Statham

Jacqui Holt

With offices in Luz, Lagos, Aljezur, and more recently Quinta do Lago, Peter Statham, the International Marketing Director, says they are covering the Algarve, as well as Porto, and have plans in the future to expand to the capital, Lisbon. Still a family business, Chris’ wife, Jacqui, has been at his side in the business for 15 years and now runs the Luz office. SO WHY THE EXPANSION NOW IN TIMES WHERE THE REAL ESTATE MARKET IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE THE BREXIT-JITTERS? “For the last 5-6 years, the markets have picked up thanks to the NHR tax advantages. Both the French and Swedish markets have seen huge growth. What was an unusual market is now common thanks to the 10-year tax breaks available under the NHR programme. With these new customers fuelling the market, prices started increasing. These new markets will give more diversity in the years to come and add stability to the market, with less dependence on one or two geographic sources of clients.” Peter continued to state: “Another factor is that 5 years ago, without funding, developers were not building, which led to a shortage. Today, capital is available again and new developments are popping up all over – especially around Lagos. This is great news since there has been a real lack of good properties in the area.” As for Brexit, Chestertons are enjoying working with the emerging markets but also keeping their high-end UK buyers, which is the case in Quinta Do Lago, where 70-80% of the clients are British. Peter adds: “Those are least affected by Brexit. The 200-400k buyers are most impacted, but the Scandinavians and the French are helping to bolster the market. And QDL is doing well. The agency in Quinta Shopping is helping Chestertons expand their local reach and is making good sales. Quinta is a very secure place, with plenty of facilities on-site, a great family environment and a lot of wealth – it’s definitely different from the rest of Portugal! But our QDL office also sells across the Algarve, as far as Tavira.”



IS THE BRITISH MARKET BOUNCING BACK? Peter mentions that in the last year, despite holding less of a market share than in previous years, the British market has still been the largest market in the Algarve and thinks the volume of sales last year was due to the currency drop, more than to Brexit jitters. “When the currency dropped, a lot of properties came on for sale as it made sense for those already planning to sell to make their move at that moment. The Brits were motivated to sell, but there were indeed fewer British buyers and a nervous market due to the uncertainty and so many Brexit questions unanswered. The wealthier British buyers, however, aren’t really changing their habits – they can take the risk and think nothing will change much post-Brexit, so QDL, for example, has seen less impact. However, the knock-on effect is that there is still a possible 5 to 10% drop in budget levels due to lower exchange rates, which is a big deal whether you are spending 200,000 or 2 million!” WHAT’S NEXT? Having just won an International Property Award for Real Estate Agency Website category for Portugal, Peter is optimistic. “We have pushed investment into property exhibitions in the UK over the last year and British buyers demand levels are returning to the norms. It looks like most feel it will sort itself out and those who were stalling are now going through with it. Some want to buy before Brexit happens, to justify still being part of Europe, while some want to get away from the UK to take advantage of the tax benefits in Portugal, and some are simply fed up with waiting! There’s a host of reasons, but there’s a belief that the end of all this is within sight, which is good news!”

"We have pushed investment into property exhibitions in the UK over the last year and British buyers demand levels are returning to the norms"





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just divine and now with an accompanying crisp white, it’s fair to say we are being spoilt completely. You cannot help but look at the other tables as other courses are served and the faces that resonate in awe. Next course we have Organic Egg and Smoked Imperial Caviar. The egg cup holder is in itself mesmerising and the theatre takes centre stage. The egg is incredibly rich and decadent. The addition of the smoked caviar is intense and provides even more of a talking point than the previous course. Between each course, the mood allows you to relax and just take in the surroundings whilst being attentively served with charming aplomb.



At the end of September, we visited Restaurante Henrique Leis to celebrate a Birthday. I had driven past this restaurant many times in Almancil and always wanted to have dinner. The restaurant is reminiscent of a swiss chalet in design as it looks quite unassuming. It’s only when you walk up the stairs does the restaurant reveal it’s true identity. We are met by Henrique himself and we are shown to our table, which is positioned outside and affords excellent views over Almancil and beyond. The ambience is reserved, not too stuffy and yet still enchanting. There is an excitement which is palpable to us three. To start the meal with a cool, crisp champagne gets our attention immediately and couverts are served. The tables are dressed impeccably and the style from the waiting-on staff is precise, charming and accomplished. The first course is a medley of Vegetable Veloute, Codfish Gnocchi, Goose Rillette Praline, Beetroot Macarron and Salmon Cornet. In fact, they actually look like petit fours. The presentation and skill to create exacting beautiful masterpieces are incredible. The morsels are



Sea Scallop, Truffle Ravioli and Sea Urchin Emulsion are our next course. On looks alone, each and every course is akin to an artistic masterpiece. The attention to detail is exquisite as it is beguiling. This course was my absolute favourite and the flavours just charmed one another. The main event with which I simply cannot wait for has had me salivating ever since I saw the menu - Lobster from Sagres and Bisque Sauce. The tenderness, the freshness and complexity of the bisque was probably one of the best lobster dishes we have ever tasted. The main event is played out yet again, this time with Angus Beef Tenderloin and Grand Veneur Sauce. The decadent tenderloin with a truly heavenly sauce was phenomenal and we keep on having to remind ourselves that this restaurant is in the heart of Almancil. We retire for a little interlude to discuss what has truly been an epic meal on so many levels and will have us reminiscing about this evening for many years. We wanted a truly special evening to celebrate and by golly, our expectations which were high were completely trounced. There are now three dessert courses, PreDessert, Mix of Desserts and Petits Fours. Just when you thought that the pretty as a picture dishes couldn’t look any more beautiful, then the magic with the desserts is just incredible and the taste sensation is like no other. I think that it’s fair to say the meal made for a truly special evening and will live long in our memories!

Gastronomic Restaurants Par Excellence

Floral Decorations for Weddings and Events in the Algarve Based on the compilation of hundreds of guidebooks and millions of online reviews, La Liste offers the best global restaurant selection, handpicked by discerning food critics and expert guides. We are very pleased to share the following restaurants from Portugal in the 2020 La Liste. It’s excellent to see that three of these are in the Algarve, of which I have been to one of them already, Henrique Leis. (see the restaurant review in this magazine edition). ALMA, LISBON BELCANTO, LISBON FEITORIA, LISBON

We work closely with our clients' personal vision and style and also offer: Expertise regarding the choice of flowers and the creation of bespoke bouquets, pedestals, hanging gardens etc. Green footprint, i.e. we use locally sourced flowers and greenery where ever possible. Co-operation with photographers, caterers, wedding planners and venue co-ordinators.


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What’s for


It was in April this year that the first Uber Eats was launched in the Algarve to deliver restaurant meals in the cities of Olhão, Loulé and Quarteira. It’s fair to say that over the last 8-months there has been a meteoric rise in popularity for this service. Additional areas have been duly added from Portimão, Lagos and Albufeira. Additional towns of Olhos de Água, São Sebastio, Santa Maria e Luz, Ferragudo and Alvor are soon to follow. The key factor to their success is offering inexpensive delivery options within their designated 30-minute delivery time. The Algarve as we all know is a “hot spot” for tourists and whilst over the years the split on tourists has changed due to many parameters, the UK market still has the highest number of tourists; with that comes expectancy of their “home-from-home” creature comforts. Namely, take away deliveries, which a fair percentage have relied upon in their daily lives. So the goal some 8-months ago by Uber Eats is to plug a gap in the market with the takeaway delivery service, which was distinctly lacking in the Algarve.

For the last few months, we have spent a lot of time in and around Faro and the number of Uber Eats motorbikes and cyclists has increased significantly. A very busy delivery is that of Faro hospital, where doctors and nurses meet their food-chariots at the steps of the building and are whisked away by hungry and busy professionals. The fast-food delivery service has been around for many years, but never really caught on in the Algarve until this year. A change in lifestyles has definitely been a contributing factor, most people now have smartphones and so, therefore, the ease of convenience to order food and to have it delivered is a tasty option. The standout name from the list of local competitors is Glovo, as they not only deliver takeaway food but also groceries, alcohol and drinks, pharmacy drugs and would you believe it, furniture from IKEA. Whatever your opinion is on these delivery service providers, one thing for certain is that they are here to stay, in fact, within the next 6-months, there will be significantly more.

The band-wagon has gathered momentum and now in Portugal, many other similar styled delivery companies are available: GLOVO NOMENU COMER EM CASA





HenriqueLeis Restaurante


TEL: 289 393 438 | TLM: 913 254 322 ESTR. VALE FORMOSO, 8100-267 LOULÉ




A couple of years ago we decided that we wanted to explore a different way of life. We've worked as a teacher and counsellor for the last 20 years and raised 3 lovely children. We found ourselves at a stage in life when our kids were starting to fly the nest and we no longer wanted to pursue our careers. Over the last few years, we have become increasingly disillusioned with politics in the UK (not mentioning the B-word!) and the growing sense of unease in society. On a global scale, we have become more and more concerned about climate change, biodiversity and where the planet is headed. Political activism would have been one course of action, then we heard about permaculture. A plan evolved to buy a property and create an ecoretreat and teaching centre based on the principles of permaculture - Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share. We figured if we can do one small bit to make a difference, then it would be a travesty if we didn’t. We’re ‘ordinary people’, who don’t have all the answers, but we’re people prepared to make a huge life change - hopefully for the better! We’re ready to learn and embrace a simpler way of self-sustaining life. If we can share that with others, it can’t be a bad thing. We chose Portugal for many reasons – lovely people, beautiful and diverse scenery, a progressive government and a growing awareness of land regeneration. After 1000’s of hours of online research and 100’s of hours exploring Portugal, we settled on the Leiria district. It’s half an hour to the beautiful beaches of the Silver Coast, within an hour of some beautiful towns and cities – Tomar, Nazare, Obidos - to name a few and the climate is ideal for our land regeneration project. Leiria is a quirky city, rich in history, overlooked by a beautiful castle and has a lively and varied arts scene. It seems there’s a festival going on every week in Leiria! Eventually, we found Quinta da Chumbaria, a long way from our original plan to buy one property, and became the proud owners of a whole village, comprising of 13 buildings with 3 hectares of land. At this point, I think we



both thought we were completely mad, but we’ve since come to the conclusion it probably helps. Work has already begun on our project and will no doubt continue for several years. We are committed to regenerating the land following permaculture principles and establishing a market garden which is the first phase of our project. The second phase will be restoring the buildings using natural materials as much as possible. We are using local tradesmen for the restoration work and will be employing local people along with offering volunteer opportunities for students in the WWOOF community or Workaways next year. We have a lot of space and a lot of buildings to restore, so we’ve got our work cut out! When it’s finished, our eco-retreat will be multifunctional - providing a venue for holidays, workshops, classes, holistic therapies, permaculture teaching and a few more ideas we've still got. We are currently working on a way to have fee-paying guests in the summer months and using that revenue to accommodate guests in the winter months, who wouldn’t normally have access to this sort of experience. Sounds corny, but this project is not about making money, it’s about giving something back and hopefully teaching others that a different way of life does not have to be a loss but a very positive opportunity. If you would like to follow our progress (including ups and downs!), you can find us on Facebook.

+INFO:  Quinta da Chumbaria

"A plan evolved to buy a property and create an eco-retreat and teaching centre based on the principles of permaculture."






Beat those Winter Blues So winter is upon us and it’s time to focus your beauty routine to ensure that you’re staying in tip-top condition. It’s so easy to constantly suffer from lack of sunshine, constantly chapped lips and dry skin; here are some professional tips to help you combat these too often scenarios. CHAPPED LIPS The main focus is to keep your lips moist. The winter weather is both colder and drier leading to our lips drying out faster than the rest of our skin. So regularly apply lip balms which contain ingredients like lanolin, white petroleum (Vaseline) or beeswax, which are the most effective ways of protecting your lips. Don’t forget to hydrate your lips prior to bed-time, as this allows your lips to repair overnight. LACK OF SUNSHINE Thankfully, we don’t experience many days without sunshine. However, the beautiful light we take for granted becomes weaker in the winter. SAD (Seasonally Affected Disorders) can present themselves in times like these. SAD is a form of depression which can limit the ability for people to live their lives to their maximum

potential; which can impact both family and work-life. The solution? Lightboxes – Only 30-minutes a day in front of a lightbox can stimulate your body’s circadian rhythms, which in turn suppresses the natural release of melatonin, the hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle in your body. DRY SKIN The key to transforming dry skin is oil. Protective oils for your body are best when you have had a warm (not red hot) shower. So after showering, apply the moisturiser whilst you are still wet. For best results apply a botanical oil to your body lotion. This way your replenishing your skin and trapping the moisture at the same time. Or alternatively, straight after the shower apply your oil, leave for a minute or so and the follow-up with your body lotion, again with your favourite oil combined. Your skin’s appearance will be notably smoother and brighter.

I’M NEVER DRINKING AGAIN! So, the Christmas party’s are now behind us, but maybe you’ve over-indulged with an additional Crème de Menthe or Dry Sherry celebrating New Year's Eve. We have scoured the best-known remedies to combat a hangover. Without a shadow of a doubt, the best solution is to obviously not drink excessive amounts. However, ensuring you rehydrate before you go to bed. If you have decided to forego the previous pointers, decide it’s “New Year’s after all” and you’ve got the proverbial hangover from hell, then here we go: 10. SELF-PITY - You cannot beat a modicum of sympathy from friends and family, coupled with the proverbial “ I think it was something I ate!” or “Prawn vol-au-vents really don’t agree with me!” 9. GREASY FOOD - Many people are adamant that a good old fry-up soaks up the alcohol. 8. VITAMINS / HEADACHE PILLS - On the surface, it makes perfect sense to administer vitamins which your body is in urgent need of. 7. EXERCISE / GO FOR A RUN - Naturally, endorphins are released with the benefit of exercise, yet it’s not the easiest option. Bear in mind that your balance won’t be at the best and so you could end up doing more damage.



6. SECRET CURES - A bottle of Lucozade and a packet of Salt & Vinegar crisps. 5. MISO SOUP - Everybody knows soup (especially chicken) is such a feelgood pick-me-up, the extra benefit of Miso is that it contains water, sodium and nutrients. 4. SURPRISINGLY ONLY AT NUMBER 4 IS TO SLEEP! - This not only allows your body to rest implicitly, but increases the chance for REM sleep, which is typically what your body has missed out on. 3. TOAST - Carbs are key in the reverse-process of feeling moderately rough. Toast not only raises your blood sugar levels, which in turn assists your liver, which is busy producing more glucose to compensate for the stored carbs. There is also the added element of burnt toast, with all the same properties as toast but the added bonus of a filter in the form of carbon. 2. HAIR OF THE DOG - This is a myth, as it merely delays the inevitable with a monumental hangover, you have been warned! 1. THE NUMERO UNO IS WATER - Preferably before you retire to bed. Additionally, if you also add salt and sugar then even better.

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Tomorrow Vilamoura to Faro - January 2020  

Community magazine to provide news and information across the Algarve. With two editions, one covering Aljezur to Lagos and the other Vilamo...

Tomorrow Vilamoura to Faro - January 2020  

Community magazine to provide news and information across the Algarve. With two editions, one covering Aljezur to Lagos and the other Vilamo...