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What's inside... Meet Mr Golding

February Flowers

Date Nights

The man who refuses to die

Perfect for Valentine's Day

3 romantic restaurants

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Welcome to the February edition It is with great sadness that I share the news that my wife and Lewis’ mum, Lucy has passed away on Friday 10th January 2020 at 2.15pm at Faro Poly ICU, after 3-months of incredible bravery. May both Lewis and I take this opportunity of thanking everyone for the outpouring of love and support received over the last 3.5 months. We also want to make special notes of thanks to Guerreiro & Guerreiro funeral services, Sharon Lambert from Avalon, Natacha Luckman with her celebrant service and an incredible special thanks to Dean Coleman, who not only provided the Eulogy for Lucy’s service, but has been an immeasurable source of solace for both Lewis and I. The last 3.5 months have been so surreal and so incredibly difficult for my family and the sense of irony for my magazine to be celebrating its 12th edition and first anniversary is truly befitting for Lucy.

On the cover Could this be the most romantic spot in the Algarve? We love the Praia da Marinha shot by Olga Gavrilova

Whilst we take every care to ensure details are correct the publisher will take no responsibility for errors or omissions. Where prices or dates are quoted they are correct at the time of publication and are subject to change. Links to third party websites are by no way an endorsement of the linked material and the publisher takes no responsibility for the content or security of any third party website. Unless specifically stated Tomorrow magazine does not endorse any product or service appearing in the directory, classified, editorial or display advertising featured on the website.

It’s a bleak time of change and adjustment for us all, thankfully the magazine is going to go from strength to strength - with a new editor, renewed energy and plans to take it to another level. Simon Moulson, Managing Partner simon@tomorrowalgarve.com Despite the sad circumstances, I am ever so pleased to take over as Editor of Tomorrow magazine Vilamoura to Faro edition. I am certain that my input will help Simon achieve the right results for his passion project and give our wonderful expat community the magazine they want to read, and need!

In this issue we meet Boliqueime-based living legend James Golding who is living proof that adversity can bring out the best in people and that positivity can be born in the worse of times. A valuable lesson for all of us, and an inspiration in times of hardship. February is also a time to keep on the steady and narrow for those who have committed to a new fitness regime, as personal trainer and fitness guru Kelly Lindley reminds us. Keeping that and James' passion in mind, we check out the best bike rides to join if you fancy getting back in the saddle. On a lighter note, it's also a time for romance, from the almond blossoms, to the Valentine's day bouquet, it's always good to smell the roses... And, we review 3 great date night hideaways for an cosy night out for two - not an easy thing to do when most of the Algarve seems to have shut down for the low season! As usual we cover the community news, and bring our support to the initiatives doing good on our patch - specifically WOOFF, the new charity shop in Almancil and the Swap market in Loulé this month. We hope you'll find plenty of interesting stories and pieces of news in these pages, and are always happy to hear about any new projects, businesses and endeavours that could make Tomorrow magazine a better read! Rowena Carr-Allinson Editor rowena@tomorrowalgarve.com


WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH… Through sheer drive and determination James Golding went from having a 5% chance of survival to becoming a world renowned athlete, breaking a world cycling record and raising over £2.5million for charity.

An athlete, a record breaker, a cancer survivor and motivational speaker, a father, business owner, James Golding is many things. He is also now 'a local', part of our community. Diagnosed in late 2008 with a cancerous tumour, just three months later he'd developed septicemia, peritonitis and lost 50kg. Weighing just 38kg, and unable to walk, he was given little chance of pulling through emergency surgery. But, he did that. And, so much more. Recovering, James set his sights on riding across America (5632 km in 34 days) to raise money for the charities that had helped him beat cancer. So, in June 2010 he set out for Miami from California, but his story took another turn. On day 22, while riding in Louisiana, James was hit by a truck. His injuries, including broken ribs, put an end to this journey, but he vowed to complete the challenge and returned 6 months later to finish what he had started. In another twist of fate: a re-diagnosis in 2011 and subsequent remission hasn’t stopped him riding across countries, continents, and breaking a world record riding 2,842.2 kilometres in a week, a new Guinness World Record for the greatest distance cycled in seven days. He’s also completed races and events like the Hotchillee



London to Paris, the ITU London Triathlon, as well as Coast to Coast Mexico. In 2014 for the 2800km Haute Route Triple Crown, known as one of the toughest races to take part in, climbing 63,000 meters over 21 days through the Pyrenees, Alps and Dolomites. He was the fastest Brit to complete the Triple Crown. In 2019 he completed RAW, the Race Across the West in the USA, which qualified him to ride in this year’s RAAM - Race Across America. It’s hard not to be impressed by James’ sheer drive and determination. No wonder he has been described as ‘the man who refused to die’. Living proof that adversity brings out the best in you, James refuses to let life happen to him. He believes that he is firmly in control of his destiny, crediting both cancer and cycling for where he is today: in a very good place. This type of positivity is inspiring. We meet in Boliqueime, where he will soon be launching his latest adventure, a cycling retreat in the hills, but not until 2020’s mission is fulfilled. He will be riding across America in June, covering over 4828 km, across 12 states, climbing over 51,816 meters - all that within nine days, solo. Another feat of endurance, another aweinspiring challenge.


SO WHY DID YOU MOVE TO THE ALGARVE? “It’s beautiful, it’s one of the safest places to live, it’s very accessible from the UK, it’s warm, the people are lovely and the food is great! Most importantly, since coming here every time we arrive it feels like home. Over the years visiting, we’ve seen the changes and improvements in the area, and it’s clearly developing into an even nicer place to be - and we want to be part of that. Oh - and the hills are perfect for training!”

HOW IS THE FAMILY SETTLING IN? “They’ve settled really well now, Freddie, my son, is it a great local Portuguese school. Lilah, my daughter is in a nursery in Boliqueime. Louise is learning Portuguese and meeting new people and everyday is a good day.” TELL US ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS VENTURE? “We’ll launch Breakaway later on in 2020, a cycling retreat based here in Boliqueime. But, first I need to finish the events I’ve signed up for.”

HOW IS THE MOVE TREATING YOU SO FAR? “It’s been brilliant, we’re really happy and now feeling more and more settled. I still travel far too much for my liking, but the kids are settled and Louise is happy. We had one or two teething issues as you’d expect but nothing that some time and attention couldn’t sort out.”

TELL US MORE? ABOUT RAAM? “Yes, that’s big race this year. I’m doing RAAM Race Across America. From one side of America to the other, it’s a third longer than the Tour de France and needs to be completed in a third of the time!”

TEETHING ISSUES - OR CHALLENGES? “No, nothing major - the hardest things is remembering you’re not on a constant holiday. We found the administration side of things a little challenging, but. I think the biggest challenge has been finding builders we can work with!”

HOW ABOUT THE ALGARVE TOUR? “The Algarve Tour is a very different race, it’s team based, shorter days than RAAM but faster speeds. I ride endurance races, but RAR - Race Across Portugal is an amazing event, I’ve worked with the people who run it before and had friends from all over the world take part.”

WHAT’S THE BEST THING ABOUT LIVING HERE? "As a cyclist it’s the roads - but also the food, the coffee and the weather! The people I’ve met out riding are more than welcoming. The area is stunning, when you get out in the hills it really is the gift that keeps on giving. And, as a family, there’s so much to do once you start exploring: places to eat, places to visit. If you asked “What is the best bit about living in the Algarve?” I’d have to answer: the Algarve!"

Finally, because it’s Valentine’s day soon - any local recommendations for date night? “I definitely recommend Quinta Dos Santos near Lagoa!”

"The best bit about living in the Algarve?” I’d have to answer: the Algarve!

+INFO :  BreakawayAlgarve  jamesgoldingonestepatatime




ROMANCING THE SNOW BLOSSOMS It’s almond blossom time in the Algarve! The hills are abloom with the softest light, wrapped in a soothing white coat, as if covered with snow… Indeed, legend has it a young king by the name of Ibn-Almundim fell hopelessly in love with the beautiful Gilda, a blue-eyed, blonde Nordic princess. The royal couple settled in the palace in Silves, when Al-Gharb belonged to the Arabs, but the princess missed home and gradually her sadness cast a shadow over their happiness. Crying and pining for her homeland, and its winter blanket of snow her despair knew no bounds. The young Moorish king, at a loss to console his love, took the advice of an elder who suggested he cover the surrounding fields with almond trees. When they blossomed, the countryside was covered with a blanket of white petals, and the princess finally smiled again. Gloria and Mateus who run the Gato Preto de Silves B&B are keen hikers and know their almond tree trails well. Set in the green and peaceful countryside of Silves, off the Via Algarviana each of their B&Bs rooms come with extensive walking track guides, together with a pre-loaded GPS, to make sure you won’t get lost! Mateus says “We have devised the perfect almond tree ‘petal peeping’ route for our guests starting from the centre of Silves where the legend originates. We then set off along the road to São Bartolomeu de Messines. The almond trees in blossom can be seen alongside groves of deep



Young orchard of orange trees

green orange trees perfuming the air with their bewitching scent. Around the town, orchards and vegetable gardens stretch out before you, a reminder of childhood pleasures. Amidst the orange and fig trees, the delightful soft-shelled almonds, the buckets on the noras [a device to draw water from a well], the birds’ nests and even the sweet scent of the carob trees… Next, we take the EN270 road to Paderne, meaning we’re already in the county of Albufeira, with an obligatory stop at the water mill at the base of the hill on which Paderne Castle sits. The mill’s moat with its cool, burbling waters calms the turbulence of the Quarteira Stream in a peaceful, countryside setting. Wild orchids can be found here, a delicate and precious natural heritage that we must take every care to preserve. Use only the marked trails if you want to stroll along to the Roman bridge, which was rebuilt in 1771. This is a good place to stop for a snack; you could sample almond potatoes or walnut cakes, making this a starting point for an expedition of discovery through the traditional sweets of Algarvean cuisine. 

Almond trees

Castelo de Paderne Photo © www.visitportugal.com


Estói palace garden

Carob tree

In the surrounding fields, the cork oak soar skywards, providing shade for rock-rose and arbutus berry bushes. The region’s huge, decades-old carob trees deserve their reputation. The carob can be used in many ways, but the most popular is as a chocolate substitute. Besides carob, almond and fig trees are also to be found here.

The next stop is São Brás de Alportel, where you can try the traditional and singular tender almonds and pine almonds, made by artisans from the same family for over a century. In a place called Tesoureiro, there’s a small cake factory where the recipes have been handed down from generation to generation. A must do, is a stop at the little café in Tesoureiro! We complete our almond tree route with a visit to Estói and “the highly graceful landscaped aspect of the little Eden, with its bridge between clumps of trees, and the greenery of it hills… with all the splendour of the Algarvean sky’s colourful luminosity”, as Júlio Lourenço Pinto wrote in 1894. Located at the base of Monte Fico and looking out over the fields to Faro, the traditional dry orchard has long been the ward’s dominant plant life. Almond, carob, fig and olive trees have been cultivated here for centuries, the knowhow learned from traditions that date back to Roman and Arab times. Perhaps even from Ibn-Almundim’s people?”

+INFO  www.gatopretodesilves.com



WOOFF CHARITY SHOP OPENS A brand new charity shop has opened in Almancil in aid of ARA Animal Rescue Algarve. We talked to Louisa Holland who is always on the lookout for unworn clothes for the good cause! HOW DOES ONE GET INVOLVED WITH A CHARITY SHOP IN THE ALGARVE? “I moved to the Algarve 18 years ago and started working for Mr Sid Richardson for his restaurant and bar business in Vale do lobo. Mr Richardson has always had a love for animals and has had many rescue dogs. He decided that he wanted to leave his money to the animals and help them have a roof over their heads.

Something like this is also missing in the Algarve: somewhere where you can buy an affordable outfit for a special occasion. I always have to buy online or go to UK…

Existing animal shelters in Portugal have very poor conditions and are not supported by the government, so he decided that he wanted to build the best animal shelter he could. After 2 years of talks with Loulé council, he decided to build it alone with his own funds.

WOOFF? She smiles “WOOFF stands for “Worn only once Fashion & Furniture” and it relates with the animal theme so it was the perfect name!

Obviously, a shelter such as ARA is costly to run, even though it has many volunteers. Because Sid saw other charities with charity shops, he decided that he would try to find a premise and Almancil seemed the best central location.” TELL US MORE ABOUT THE STORE… “I personally have had a vision of opening a “only worn once” style clothes shop. There are so many women, like me, that have wardrobes full of things that they don’t wear anymore - some still with tags on!

So with this dream in mind, I told Sid that I would like to be involved in the charity shop! We decided to match the clothes with furniture and WOOFF was born!

We opened last Saturday and it was a great success. We are doing well and the feedback is amazing. What we need to continue forward is to continue raising awareness of the shop and we also need stock. We are looking for good quality, fresh clothes in great condition so if you need to have a Kondo style clear out, now is a good time to bring us your wardrobe overflow!

+INFO:  Open daily 10AM-3PM  Wooffcharity  info@wooffcharityshop.com  Rua Cristóvão Pires Norte A Almancil 8135-117




With Valentine's day around the corner, this is the season to be buying bouquets. And who better to give some advice on which blooms to pick than Almancil based Julie Pinto aka FlowerGirl? Julie moved to the Algarve from Miami, FL six years ago with her husband and 2 children. After falling in love with the Algarve's natural beauty, she wanted to do something that would compliment this beautiful place and so Flower Girl was created in 2018. Today her gorgeous bespoke bouquets can be seen in hotels, restaurants and homes. THE FLOWERGIRL’S PICK You can never go wrong with classic red roses. They are elegant and represent intense romantic love.

In season this month Tulips are in season. They are very popular, long lasting and come in a variety of colours, which means plenty of choice. Red tulips have a velvety black centre. It's said to resemble a lover's heart, darkened by the heat of passion. A mix of roses and tulips would make a lovely and textured bouquet for Valentine’s day.

Peonies are very sweet and highly sought after. They are considered to be a sign of good luck and a happy marriage so always a good choice! If you're not a couple yet but you really like her, purple roses symbolize love at first sight. And if you’ve fallen in lust, it’s good to know that orange roses signify desire. A mix of orange, peach and white roses would be a gorgeous combination for a Valentine’s gift. But, remember, you don't need a special occasion to give flowers. The flowers that mean the most are "Just Because" flowers. It's the best surprise! MY TOP TIPS FOR GIFTING FLOWERS Consider your relationship status, her personality and style… Is she traditional, suited to the red rose - or more adventurous and perhaps partial to bird’s of paradise or a yellow rose?



Is she romantic, in which case a pink rose always works, or free spirited and loving lilies and daisies? Or is she exotic? In which case, she may appreciate orchids and tropical arrangements! More important than what she likes is what she does NOT like. Find out what that is and toss that right out! If you want to make an unforgettable impression, I suggest the 'Wow bouquet' that is an extremely large bouquet of beautiful mixed flowers guaranteed to make all her friends envious. She will definitely feel special when that turns up at the door. Another fresh idea that’s’ becoming increasingly popular is: 'Flowers in a Box'. It's a new and unique way to send fresh flowers, and a great way to make sure they stay unscathed in transport. I always hear that the hardest part of offering flowers is actually remembering the right date… We have the answer: schedule weekly or monthly deliveries to take all the stress and hassle away! This way, there’s a beautiful reminder of how you feel on a regular basis - and, of course, you will definitely earn major points.

+INFO:  Flowergirlpt


Top quality hand crafted wines from Portugal Visit us: www.winesandco.co.uk FOLLOW US  WinesandCo


Brexit is Here


What a tumultuous and torrid time it has been. Uncertainty has abounded for over three years now, but since the UK election result, a number of things have become clear. With many UK nationals seeming to be confused and uncertain about what they may be, hopefully, I can bring some clarity. I have been ably assisted by the British in Europe organisation, to compile the main points. As their representative in Portugal, I can inform you what the latest Withdrawal Agreement will mean to UK nationals living here. Firstly, the Withdrawal Agreement for Brexit, which has been agreed by parliament and is now with the House of Lords, will occur on 31st January 2020. This initiates a transition period which subsequently ends on 31st December 2020. Following this ratification, even if the trade deal stalls and WTO (World Trading Organisation) rules are initiated, then all of the following WILL still take place regarding citizens rights. EU citizens rights will be retained until 31 December 2020, other than certain voting rights and being able to stand in elections. However, what is even more important to note is FOR ANY UK NATIONAL TO HAVE ANY EU RIGHTS CONTINUED THEY MUST BE LEGALLY REGISTERED AS A RESIDENT IN PORTUGAL BY 31ST DECEMBER 2020. It is unlikely, although possible, an extension to this date will be requested. SO WHAT WILL OUR CITIZEN’S RIGHTS BE AS IT STANDS AT THE MOMENT WITHIN THE WITHDRAWAL AGREEMENT? 1. If a UK national is legally registered as a resident in Portugal on 31st December 2020, then they are entitled to remain.



2. The current EU conditions remain in place for residency and have to be fulfilled for five years, when they become invalid and permanent residency (ten years) can be applied for. 3. Once permanent residency has been applied for (ten years) then you can leave Portugal for five years and return whilst still keeping those permanent residency rights in place. 4.For UK citizens who are residents, the Portuguese government have kindly agreed to continue free healthcare. By the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement, those visiting Portugal from the UK will require a S1 form to allow them to receive healthcare, the cost of which will be covered by the UK. 5. It has been agreed that social security contributions will still be aggregated if work has taken place in a number of EU countries. This aggregation will include before and after 31st December 2020. 6. For many, the UK state pension and the uprating of it has been of great concern. In this Withdrawal Agreement uprating will continue for life. 7. If you have had your professional qualifications recognised in Portugal then this recognition will only continue in Portugal, not throughout the EU. 8. On 31st December 2020, if you are

considered to be an EU frontier worker, within the EU definition, you can continue to work in both countries. 9. Certain, defined, family members, who are considered dependents, can come to Portugal to be with you so long as your rights are protected as per this Withdrawal Agreement. This protection is for life. 10. All of your rights within this Withdrawal Agreement are for the duration of your lifetime. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE THINGS THAT HAVEN’T BEEN INCLUDED AND ARE STILL TO BE NEGOTIATED? a) Freedom of movement to live, work and study (other than given above) in the EU. b) The ability to be self-employed providing cross border services. c) There are some professional qualifications that have not been recognised. d) For any spouse or partner to be with you if the relationship started after 31st December 2020. e) To be able to return to the UK with a nonUK spouse or partner. As always, the above information is simply my understanding and opinion of the current situation but please remember this: if you are not a legally registered resident by 31st December 2020 and living in Portugal, your EU rights to remain in Portugal will be removed. This is now very real.

+INFO:  British in Portugal  British in Europe  Gov.UK Living in Portugal page

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19/06/2019 12:17


Loulé gets in on the sharing economy We all know it makes sense to recycle and reuse but it’s not easy to know how or where. Green Vibe is bringing its sharing to Loulé on February 8th so it’s time to get rid of the old, and swap for something not quite new! Marta Chan is a social worker that started the Green Vibe movement. Her goal is to educate people about the plastic issue and how to live a low impact life generating less waste. She focuses on consumerism and the importance of being conscious of what, where and from whom we buy things.

store and swap for other comics I haven't read! In my teens I used to have penfriends from all over the world and we used to send letters to each other and always enclosing something nice like stickers, chocolate, tea bags, stationery or something from our country. That's swapping again!”

Marta says: “I love to help people and to share what I know. I believe that's my purpose in this life! Swaps have always been a part of my life. When I realized there was a need in the community, it made all sense to organize it.”

Growing up in Loulé, she has been a real part of the community there. She adds “It was actually after I participated in a Vegan Market at the 8100 Café last year, that I said to myself ‘Marta you'll organize a Swap Market here’. It's an outdoor place located in the park so the vibe was perfect for such event!

Having worn second hand clothes for over 15 years, Marta used to participate in Swap Markets in Lisbon. “You could bring clothes you don't wear anymore and swap for clothes you need. This way you get rid of stuff you don't want and bring stuff you want for free. So, when I moved back to the Algarve I said to myself I wanted to organize Swap Markets because there are none, or very few - and also during Winter there's nothing to do in the Algarve so I find it a nice, eco and fun event for a Saturday afternoon!” Even as a child, Marta understood the value of the sharing economy. She smiles: “I swapped all my life. I was 8 when I discovered you could swap comics in the books store so I spent all summer holidays reading comics and whenever I was done I'd go to the



Today she also sees swapping as a great tool to bring community together. “I'm working on a Ecology Educational Project and thought Swap Markets are a good fit to spread awareness in the community. This way we are not buying new which means no more production, we are not condoning the fast fashion industry and we are reusing. At this point, with all the trash our planet already has, is very important to reuse whatever we already have.”

+INFO:  www.greenvibe.pt   greenvibe.pt

How does it work? Bring a maximum of 10 pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories you no longer want. Each piece should be in good condition and clean! We will have a team of volunteers to check each item. After you submit your pieces at check in, you will be able to choose 10 new pieces! NOTHING will be thrown in the trash. Any surplus will be stored for an upcoming exchange market or delivered to local charities.

Algarve Video Booth The only Algarve Video and Photo Booth which is dual purpose. Unsure as to whether you want a Video or Photo booth, simply just have both at the same time! Contact us for more information: ďŒ algarvevideobooths î ” +351 963 807 162


COMMUNITY NEWS 9 million passengers through FAO in 2019 Faro Airport broke a record in 2019 with just over 9 million passengers coming through its gates says ANA- Aeroportos de Portugal. An impressive increase of 1 million passengers from 2017 to 2019, Faro airport is busier than ever. Although it can feel at times like all 9 million are visiting on the same day, ANA continues to invest to help passenger processing, refurbishing terminals, and aiming for better, smoother operations throughout. Keeping clear of school holiday weekends usually helps for a smooth experience!

A new roof for strays It’s been a long time coming but Faro Council have announced the construction of new kennels for strays. The “Official Collection Centre for Animals” (Centro de Recolha Oficial Animals) will be located in Medronhal in Estoi. A €1.2 million project, the facility will include two outdoor parks and a veterinarian clinic and a roof for 173 animals as well as an adoption center and a quarantine zone. Part of a concerted effort against animal abandonment and abuse, Mayor of Faro Rogério Bacalhau says: “In Faro, we have always treated animals with respect, even before the current legislation was approved” reminding us that the city banned circuses with live animals and is helping with stray’s sterilisation campaigns.

Best for retirement Portugal has been ranked no 1 retirement destinations worldwide by US publication InternationalLiving.com taking into account climate, healthcare system, cost of living etc.

Photo © www.aguasdoalgarve.pt ' Barragem de Odelouca'

And, although there is word the taxation exemption for pensioners will be changing soon, it’s good news for the Algarve. Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico also made the list.

Could a new desalination plant be the solution? Algarvean officials across municipalities have been discussing possible investment to better water usage in the region. The AMAL Intermunicipal Council and the General Assembly of Águas do Algarve are investigating the environmental impact of the construction of a dam. It’s thought the Foupana dam will help the region’s water supply, especially during a drought. Also on the current agenda, is building a desalination plant to promote reusing wastewater and running a campaign to raise awareness with consumers.



Happy Birthday Attent Holandes The Dutch Supemarket in Boliqueime is celebrating a year opening and running a great gift giveaway so pop into the store between 11AM and 2PM on 8th February for a chance to win your shopping, a TV, an airfryer or a spa weekend away!

B’Breaks - Algarve

Well-being, rest & relaxation

The Jessica Lawson Foundation

“Working with our partners in the Algarve to arrange tailored holiday’s for bereaved parents.”

 (+351) 964 388 077 | (+44) 7538531669

 jlfoundation17@gmail.com  @jesslawsonmemorial


What's on in February ALGARVE BIKE TOUR Now one of Portugal’s biggest events on the cycling circuit, the 46th Volta Algarve is still growing. Twelve teams will participate between 19th and 23rd including first division teams such as German Team Sunweb and US TrekSegafredo.

WHEN: 19 February to 23rd February WHERE: Loulé +INFO:  voltaaoalgarve.com/en

VILAMOURA ATLANTIC TOUR A must on the social calendar, Vilamoura Atlantic Tour has become an equestrian highight gather horse lovers and competitiors from the world over.

WHEN: 28 January to 8th March WHERE: Vilamoura Equestrian Centre +INFO:  www.vilamouraequestriancentre.com



LOULÉ CARNIVAL Before Rio, there was Loulé. Join in the fun as the parade takes place in the historical town of Loulé. Floats, dancers, performers and musicians all make this an event to remember!

WHEN: TBC WHERE: Loulé +INFO:  www.visitalgarve.pt

Clothes Swap Market GRAND CHEFS

A great opportunity to get rid of clothes, shoes and accessories that you no longer like, or need! Swap them with someone else who might have something you’d like. Responsible, ecological and fun – it’s a great way to find preloved

WHEN: February 8th at 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM WHERE: Casa da Cultura, Loulé +INFO:  www.facebook.com/ events/770276470159001/

Don’t miss the “Grand Chefs” fine-dining adventure welcoming renowned Michelin-starred guest chefs to the Grand Salon. In February meet Tiago Bonito of Largo do Paço at the Casa da Calçada hotel in Amarante, Porto.

WHEN: 7th February WHERE: Grand House Algarve, Avenida da República, 171, 8900-257 Vila Real de Santo António +INFO:  Grandhousealgarve


Sensory Art Why not try an entirely new sensory experience? Painting with your hands - eyes closed - to discover your genuine creativity!

WHEN: February 1 at 2:30 PM WHERE: Loulé Coreto Hostel +INFO:  www.facebook.com/ events/3728636230495692/

Algarvean King Cake Workshop


How to make a cake fit for a king? Find out with the king cake workshop, using the famous Algarve carob, raisins, figs, almonds, grapes and walnuts, as well as the local orange and fig brandy.

Artistic chocolate fruit decorations. Calling all chocolate lovers! Make your own chocolate bars and decorations for sweets, cakes and desserts. Including all materials, cookbook, certificate, and a little box to take home!

WHEN: February 2 at 3 PM WHERE: Loulé Coreto Hostel

WHEN: February 22, at 2:30 PM WHERE: Loulé Coreto Hostel

+INFO:  www.facebook.com/ events/2602598076485044/

+INFO:  www.facebook.com/ events/1228936757307503/

CHARITY VEGGIE DINNER Join Nina O'Keeffe, Louise Hayes and Jonathan Cloake to sample a vegetarian sharing menu inspired by the Middle East and Asia. All food proceeds from the night will be going to the orphans of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Albufeira.

WHEN: 14th February WHERE: Estrela Yoga retreat, Boliqueime PRICE: €35.00 per person +INFO:  TheFarmHouseProjectPT


20TH ALMUTAMID MUSIC FESTIVAL Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the festival and Wayam Ensemble presents music and dance from the Maghreb and the Middle East with musicians from Morocco and Syria, and oriental dance dancers.

WHEN: February 8 at 9:30 PM - 10:30 PM WHERE: Cine Teatro Louletano, Loulé PRICE: 12 € / 10 € for over 65 and under 30 +INFO:  www.facebook.com events/2394997804084602/

Jazz time

A cup of tea and a little jazz – time for the Algarve Jazz Quintet to get your on your feet in Vale do Lobo.

WHEN: Saturday, February 22, 2020 at 8 PM - 9:30 PM WHERE: Vale do Lobo +INFO:  www.facebook.com/events/615700042500549



HEALTH & BEAUTY How many of you made a New Year’s resolution to get fit or lose weight but by mid-January slogging away in the gym has gone by the way side? It’s a common phenomenon when you don’t take into account that exercise should be enjoyable if you are going to stick at it for the long haul and make a life change for the better.

FEBRUARY FITNESS: SOMETHING NEW Vale do Lobo based personal trainer and fitness guru Kelly Lindley gives her tips on how to stick to those good New Year’s resolutions!

Come February it’s time to spruce things up again and get back on track! Luckily, the Algarve has so many fun fitness options to help you on your way, it shouldn’t be too much like hard work! Group fitness classes will give you that boost, to try something new and exciting, meet new people and forget you’re just ‘trying to lose weight’. From Vilamoura to Faro we have so many options. Why not try João’s Bootcamp class in Champions gym Vilamoura? A tough fun class, where exercises change all the time, keeps you guessing while working hard burning fat. It’s great value too at 7.50€ per class.

In Loulé the Cycle class with Luis at either Artbody Gym or Workout Zone is popular. Indoor cycle is notorious for burning calories and keeping the waistline small yet it’s fun with good music and will leave you feeling pumped and proud. If you are looking for something really different, the The Campus in Quinta Do Lago is an amazing facility, offering a ‘ Cardio Tennis’ class. It’s ideal for people who don’t enjoy the gym: an hour of fun without feeling like you are exercising at all! Faro is also making its mark in fitness. If you are used to Les Mills classes in the UK, Pump – Fitness Spirit is based in Faro Shopping and offers an array of options. Besides Les Mills, they have dance classes like Zumba in a fully kitted studio with disco lighting! What more could you ask for? So, grab a friend, re-inspire your fitness journey and try something new this February!

+INFO:  Kbodsuk

Date night hair & make-up tips BY LUCIA O'DONOGHUE

ROMANTIC HAIR If your hair is long, try long loose curls with a 1-inch curling iron or even a sweet side braid. The focus is touchable, easy hair- so save the harsh updos for another time. If your hair is short or a bob, try a deep side part with sideswept bangs for a sophisticated, yet romantic look. Top Tip! Use a leave-in intense repair hair mask after you wash to prepare the hair to be soft, glossy and smelling great before your date. ROMANTIC MAKE-UP Make-up should give the look of dewy, fresh skin. Start with an illuminating primer and

follow with foundation. The illumination will shine through and give the illusion of glowing skin while the primer will create a perfect base. Follow with a pink-toned blush on the apples of your cheeks. Eyes can be extra smoky or pale and soft. For sultry, smoky eyes, try a neutral/brown palette. Start with the lightest shade as your base colour and gradually work through the shades going darker and blend as you go. Remember to use two coats of mascara for that extra sultry look! Top tip! Never do a strong eye and lip together – so, if you want a red lip, opt for a natural

+INFO:  LuciaandCoHairExpert



eye. If you go for a dark smouldering eye, then opt for a natural lip. KISSABLE LIPS Exfoliate your lips with baking soda and a cotton swab or Vaseline and an old toothbrush to create a soft, smooth canvas. Follow up by lining your lips to create more volume and use a hydrating gloss which will soften the look of coloured lips, while still achieving a little drama. Happy dating or just a girls’ night out!! Lucia O'Donoghue is the owner of LUCIA London Hair Expert.


HOP BACK IN THE SADDLE... With the 46th edition of the Algarve Tour taking place this month and our interview with James Golding, not to mention the February fitness focus we are getting inspired to get onto two wheels. Whether you want to get seriously fit solo or take a social ride, with friends or family, here are some of the best ways ways to ‘get on yer bike’ from Vilamoura to Faro.

Best for the high end rider: The Campus Head down to Quinta do Lago on Thursday, February 20 th from 7 AM until 6 PM and make the most of the Bike Shed Festival! A four day event it includes tackling the highest peak in the Algarve, hitting the trails, coastal rides and finishing with a 60km and 110km Algarve Granfondo! From €652 including bike fest participation, bike fittings, accommodation, fully guided rides, support vehicles, energy snacks and drinks.

+INFO:  +351 289 381 220  bikeshed@quintadolago.com  TheCampusQDL

Best for the competitive rider: Algarve Bike Challenge Join the 8th edition of the Algarve Bike Challenge on 7th, 8th and 9th of February 2020 in Tavira for a 160km ride at 4,000m. With 1,000 spaces available it’s a great way to give yourself a challenge and meet like minded bike fiends from all over the world. Categories include Open Men, Master Men, Grand Master Men for male teams, Open Women, Master Women for female teams and the Mixed for teams with both male and female riders. Starting off in style with a picturesque night time ride through Tavira old town, lit by torches! Transfer, accommodation in 4 star hotels, meals, race preparation, massages, activities and race participation are all included in the fee.

+INFO:  www.algarvebikechallenge.com



Best for the outdoorsy rider: Outdoors in Portugal Meet Nick Robinson, a South African who is passionate about the great outdoors and his home since 2001: the Algarve. His bike tours explore the beautiful hills of his adoptive homeland and are all about appreciating the local environment, living unique experiences and all with the best of humour. Nick offers both cycling and mountain biking trips, as well as an array of other sports.

+INFO:  www.outdoorsinportugal.com  outdoorsinportugal

Best for the social rider: Activity Algarve Bike Rides For a casual mountain bike ride, check online with Activity Algarve Bike Rides on Facebook. They run weekly scheduled rides usually on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from different locations. It’s a great way to see the Algarve from two wheels and socialise at the same time. Sign up by 6pm the evening before and leave your number in case of cancellation. €5 per rider, per ride. Note: riders must have their own mountain bike, helmet and be able to transport these to the start.

+INFO:  activityalgarvebikerides

Best for the foodie rider: EBike Tours Prefer to ride an e-bike? Join Matteus and Gloria for their e-bike rides Tuesdays and Thursdays from October until May around Silves. Take in the scenery, the white-washed villages and discover the beauty of the rural Algarve far from the coastline’s hustle and bustle. 50€ for children, 79€ for adults.

+INFO:  www.algarvefoodexperience.com

Floral Decorations for Weddings and Events in the Algarve We work closely with our clients' personal vision and style and also offer: Expertise regarding the choice of flowers and the creation of bespoke bouquets, pedestals, hanging gardens etc. Green footprint, i.e. we use locally sourced flowers and greenery where ever possible. Co-operation with photographers, caterers, wedding planners and venue co-ordinators.




www.florunikon.com Tel. 910 665 601 Email. paul@florunikon.com


3 DELICIOUS Date Night Hideaways

11 Da Villa

United Kitchens of India


A great place if you like a laid back, fun atmosphere, this tapas restaurant is set in the beautiful cobbled streets of Loulé’s old town. Whether you’re sitting on the terrace outdoors or under the vaulted ceilings inside, it’s cosy and intimate so ideal for a date night - though be warned that around 10pm the live music starts so it can get a little raucous!

A great choice for the more adventurous and vegetarians! Here’s a culinary voyage to India like no other. Forget the usual Kormas and Tikkas, here everything is made from scratch and a truly authentic experience.

Tucked away off the Avenue Duarte Pacheco, in central Almancil this is a little slice of Greece in the Algarve.

The food is Portuguese with an international twist, excellent if you like to try a bit of everything. Musts on the menu include the Tuna Sashimi with sesame seeds, the ceviche and the goat’s cheese “Queijo gratinado com mel” - not to mention the pica-pau black angus beef. Remember to book ahead as it’s a small and very popular spot.

+INFO:  Largo Dom Pedro I, 8100-606 Loulé  +351 915 744 972  11davilla

Don’t miss the ‘crackling greens’ - aka deep fried spinach - light, crispy and utterly delicious - and let the chef guide you onto which curry to choose, depending on your mood. Upstairs, the Dome bar is just the spot for a romantic cocktail before dinner, with some warm nibbles to start the meal. Sit out on the rooftop terrace upstairs or by the pool downstairs if temperature allows.

+INFO:  Aldeia do golf, Vilamoura  +351 963 856 334  unitedkitchensofindiavilamoura

The venue is tiny and very cosy, all about shabby chic Greek style and amazing food. Order a set menu with classics like tzatziki and humous, mackerel and cucumber, beetroot in yoghurt and orange as well as deep fried courgettes, traditional Greek salad and tasty roast lamb. A very warm welcome from owner Philippos makes the entire experience a real treat! And you can always smash a few plates too...

+INFO:  R. Primeiro de Dezembro 2, 8135-142 Almancil  +351 933 242 179  OGrego

INGREDIENTS: 250g sugar; 250g dried figs; 250g ground almonds; 125g chocolate powder (or carob flour); 250g sweet pumpkin; 10 egg yolks; lemon rind to taste 1kg of almonds, 800g of sugar 100g of glucose

HOW TO MAKE Morgado de Figo



METHOD: Start by making the “lining” of the morgado. Using 1kg of almonds, 800g of sugar and 100g of glucose. Mix all the ingredients together and blend until you get a smooth paste which you roll out on a table or worktop until thin.

You then sprinkle it with icing sugar and use it to line the cake tin. Next, heat the sugar until it forms threads and pour it over the egg yolks. Add the blended almonds, figs and the chocolate powder, then put it all back on the heat to thicken. When the mixture is quite thick, let it cool and then place in the cake tin in alternating layers with the sweet pumpkin. Lastly, cover the layers with the same paste you used to line the tin and heat it in the oven to dry. Decorate to taste and sample with delight. Courtesy of Mateus of Gatopreto de Silves

HenriqueLeis Restaurante


TEL: 289 393 438 | TLM: 913 254 322 ESTR. VALE FORMOSO, 8100-267 LOULÉ


3 REALLY ROMANTIC EURO-BREAKS Hop on a quick flight from Faro for these classic city hotspots.

1 Paris Chic Paris is still one of the most romantic cities in the world - made for moonlit strolls along the Seine, meandering Montmartre and nightcaps at Fouquet’s terrace on the Champs Elysées...

Visit the Louvre, Mona Lisa and the famous glass pyramid, the Musée Rodin with its beautiful gardens, home to ‘The Thinker’ or if you prefer to wander the streets and take in the atmosphere, head down to Boulevard St Germain for a spot of window shopping and a coffee at the Café de Flore. Don’t miss the charming Rue de Buci, tucked away between the boulevard and the rue de Seine. Cafés, traiteurs, patisseries and flower shops flaunt their gorgeous fresh products on the bustling pavements. To stay somewhere quintessentially French with oodles of style, check into the Lancaster on rue de Berri. The hotel, built in 1889, is all old world charm meets modern designer chic. With doormen in uniform, antiques aplenty, marble fireplaces in the rooms and an opulent décor with a modern twist, the hotel has a true Parisian ‘je ne sais quoi’.

+INFO:  www.hotel-lancaster.fr  www.parisinfo.com




2 Monte Carlo Flash

Mellow Madrid

The rock, where the fairytale palace sits, high above the coastline, is a quaint, peaceful labyrinth of pastel coloured houses and palm trees. The sparkling Mediterranean below creates a surreal, cosy cocoon. Visit the impressive Oceanographic Museum, or for a different kind of marine pleasure, the Thermes Spa use sea water rich in minerals, and Lancaster products made in Monaco!

Known for its museums such as the Museo del Prado where Goyas and El Grecos hang and for its shopping havens in Calle Serrano or in Puerta del Sol, you can indulge in retail therapy and culture. Sport fiends will want to make the pilgrimage to Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu Stadium where footie Gods Beckham, Zidane, Figo and Raoul all kicked the ball around.

Castleroc is the place to have a romantic lunch with a view onto the Royal Palace. Perfect to sample the best local delicacies like the sea bream in foie gras sauce, grilled gambas and a spectacular flaming Grand Marnier soufflĂŠ! At night, try the St Benoit restaurant for fantastic seafood overlooking the mega yachts: a real taste of Monaco.

But, the best thing about Madrid? Its compulsory laid back attitude - and siesta time is sacred...and the food! For a special date night, don’t miss the Ritz Hotel's terrace where white-gloved waiters serve up excellent seafood, or cosy up for tapas at La Trucha or Viva Madrid on the Calle de Manuel Fernandez Gonzales.

For seaviews and swish surroundings, the Columbus hotel is just the ticket. Leather, dark woods and cream linens give the interiors that “polished-designer-look�. Stripes, mirrors and sharp lines in the bedrooms all shout: Riviera chic.

Stay at the plush Westin Palace Hotel for a central location and VIP guest list - running from Dali, to Bowie via Stallone. Breakfasts are a veritable feast including delicious Churros - deep fried batter sticks best sampled dipped in hot chocolate!

+INFO: î € www.columbushotels.com î € www.visitmonaco.com

+INFO: î € www.palacemadrid.com î € www.tourspain.es

Monaco, the tiny principality near Nice, has become synonymous with glitz and glamour over the years and so it should. A rendez-vous for the rich and famous, the minute tax haven is a world apart.

Vibrant Madrid is filled with historic landmarks like the impressive Plaza Mayor, the Basilica de San Isidro and the Palacio Real built in 1734: ideal backdrops for a romantic escape.


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BUSINESS Hélouisa Van Wyk runs Dream It Events, a company that helps others invest in its employees by developing Team Building activities to better employees’ performance. “There are many long-term benefits and advantages in this investment. Our annual Team Building programs are personalised for each team. Whether we can use physical activities, fun games, social sessions, themed dinner parties or other kind of activities! It’s always a positive experience.”


5 BENEFITS OF TEAM BUILDING 1. COOPERATION Team Building is essential to establish a corporative culture where people enjoy going to work, trust one another and cooperate easily. 2. TEAM SPIRIT It contributes for the creation of team spirit and increases motivation and enhances communication between employees for an efficient professional performance. 3. BOOST IN ‘MORALE’ Companies that invest time to develop their

employees have long-term benefits, such as developing trust amongst the team members, better communication, and increase in morale. 4. PINPOINTING LEADERSHIP Highlighting leadership qualities and each person’s strengths and weaknesses isn’t that easy but can become apparent during our team building exercises. 5. PROBLEM SOLVING What may seem like an issue can be worked on and bettered with Team Building activities. Hélouisa adds “Team Building also brings advantages that help to develop certain tasks, fulfil responsibilities and complete special projects. Your team will be more efficient, develop better ideas, be more understanding with one another and create better relations. It also helps with the integration of the members to feel part of the team and accountability for their actions.“ Team Building is worth the time and effort!

+INFO:  +351 914 734 272  dreamit.eventos  info@dreamitevent.com

New Businesses Ooh La La, Boliqueime Meet the Algarve’s first Kevin Murphy hairdressers! Camilla Beard and her team will be using vegan and environmentally friendly products with recycled plastic from the sea to give the best results for all types of hair. She says “we are also going to be offering laminated brows – it’s a real trend and I haven’t found a salon that does this yet as well as LVL lashes” Camilla and co will be putting together packages so keep your eyes peeled! “We were thinking doing packages for mums to be and doing a monthly mums get together for a pamper!”

+INFO:  Oohlalaalgarve  R. Nova 53, 8100-070 Boliqueime  +351 919 197 860



Bens.PT Move over Craig’s List – a recent expat to the Algarve has just launched a new classifieds site to revolutionize the way we do business in Portugal. Vera Firman moved to Portugal from Dubai 8 months ago and soon noticed how difficult it is to find anything using Google search in English. She says “In this day and age, this is simply unacceptable; and I decided to do something about it! I noticed that most of the businesses (especially small ones) don't even have websites, not to mentioned that they are not listed in Google maps and don't even know what is SEO!” Vera who ran a digital marketing agency hopes her new listings website www.bens.pt will benefit expats who plan to move or just moved to Portugal and help small and medium sized businesses alike. “My main goal is to help business and English speaking expats find each other, at ZERO cost.”

+INFO:  +351 910 346 937  www.bens.pt





BUSINESS holiday last year and when we went home we thought there must be more to life than this! So we packed up our lives and drove down in convoy from our home in Yorkshire with our 2 woofers and we have never looked back!” Changing careers, Matt left behind a large construction company and had previously run a large restaurant chain across the north of England, while Claudia made the leap from the corporate world. She adds: “We just thought if we don't do it now we never will, so here we are!” SO WHAT DOES KWURK DO? “For us its all about creating that perfect event. We want people to come and enjoy the Tipi and the beautiful setting and atmosphere it creates. These have never been seen in the Algarve before and they create an incredible venue in their own right! We wanted to offer something that no one else was doing.

REALLY KWURKY PARTIES Looking for something different for your event? Have no fear, Kwurk is here! A new venture run by Matt and Claudia Hurst, freshly arrived from the UK, the team hire out beautiful tipis for parties. Claudia and Matt holidayed in the Algarve for years, got married here last August and made the move in October. She recalls “We got married here on the August bank

We specialise in weddings, private parties, corporate events and pop up bars. You might have seen us at the Luza festival or popped into our pop up bar at the Faro Christmas market - it was great fun!” ARE THE TIPIS AVAILABLE ALL YEAR AROUND? “For the colder days we have the sides down and it create a cosy atmosphere with fairy lights and firepits, and then in summer all of the sides go up and it is a fabulous structure to give shade – and, of course, it’s a picturesque backdrop for aenclosed atmosphere creates a very intimate atmosphere too.”

+INFO:  0044 7813891401  www.kwurkevents.com

Mindfulness for all 2020 is big on self care and mindfulness, and it’s never too early to start! The Campus are running 2 day long events on February 8th and 9th for kids (8+) and adults (18+) with insightful, motivational and inspiring workshops and activities. Here’s a chance to access topnotch international speakers focussing on psychology, emotional intelligence and mindfulness including Gerry and Miriam Hussey, the creators of Soul Space and founders of The Awakening and João Faria, a leading Child Psychologist from PIN Progresso Infantil. The first full day (11AM to 5PM) workshops will cover mindfulness, anxiety, emotional



intelligence and safe relationship with the internet, of paramount importance for youngsters today in a fun and interactive way.

On Soul Sunday (10AM 5PM) join in the immersive workshops to find the answer to questions about managing stress, space and productivity and the all important sleep. It’s a chance to talk, and explore everyday issues or problems, as well as discovering new concepts like ‘Lifestyle as Medicine’ and finding out more about nutrition, well being and mental health and fitness not to mention the benefits of breathing, meditation and visualisation.

+INFO: 10€ per person for kids 75€ per person for adults  info@healthymindsalgarve.org  www.healthymindsalgarve.org/events

Edifício Sol, Rua Cristóvão Pires Norte Almancil 8135-117 Algarve, Portugal +351 289 393 378 info@ellis-avt.com www.ellis-avt.com


Profile for Tomorrow Algarve

Tomorrow Vilamoura to Faro - February 2020  

Community magazine to provide news and information across the Algarve. With two editions, one covering Aljezur to Lagos and the other Vilamo...

Tomorrow Vilamoura to Faro - February 2020  

Community magazine to provide news and information across the Algarve. With two editions, one covering Aljezur to Lagos and the other Vilamo...