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Welcome to the December edition

November has been a very difficult month. Lucy was home for a short while, succumbing to a variety of illnesses that she struggled to fight against putting her back under the diligent care of Faro hospital once again.

adverts@tomorrowalgarve.com All of the plans made, and appointments booked to meet advertisers and other members of the community had to be under the circumstances, cancelled. SEDE: MESSINES DE BAIXO, CAIXA POSTAL 301X, SÃO BARTOLOMEU DE MESSINES, 8375-046. PERIODICIDADE: MENSAL . TIRAGEN: 3,000 | TIPOGRAFIA: C/ AL MEDITERRÁNEO, 29, POLÍGONO DE SAN RAFAEL, 04230, HUÉRCAL DE ALMERÍA CIF: B04250056 Whilst we take every care to ensure details are correct the publisher will take no responsibility for errors or omissions. Where prices or dates are quoted they are correct at the time of publication and are subject to change. Links to third party websites are by no way an endorsement of the linked material and the publisher takes no responsibility for the content or security of any third party website. Unless specifically stated Tomorrow magazine does not endorse any product or service appearing in the directory, classified, editorial or display advertising featured on the website.

For your offers of support, love and understanding we really do thank you. Hopefully December will allow us the time to visit with some of you to show our appreciation. The new year will soon be upon us, the time to contemplate and consider our plans for 2020. We at Tomorrow are always keen to hear of new ideas, new businesses, interesting people and story ideas, we are also happy to hear

from those of you with a need to write stories. On a sombre note, this holiday season please remember that drinking and driving can kill. Many of us know of someone who has caused or been the victim of a drunk driver. The road death statistics in Portugal make for grim reading, take a taxi or make sure you have a designated driver, don't get in a vehicle when you know the driver has been drinking and remember, friends don't let friends drive. Stay safe. Everyone at Tomorrow magazine wish all of our advertisers, contributors, and you, our readers a very Merry Christmas. Best wishes for 2020, Simon, Sophie, Jeff and the team.




Miguel Caiado has played table tennis for 35 years, won the National Veterans Championships, been given an honorary award and has helped to set up a new club to make the sport available to the community. Tomorrow magazine interviewed him to find out more.

Table tennis is currently a booming sport in the region, namely from the creation of the new association 'Goliaz Table Tennis Club'.

Miguel is from São Brás de Alportel, when he was eight-years-old he and his mates discovered a table tennis table at the local Bombeiros. (firefighters) They would play every afternoon. He never made it to a professional level, as 35 years ago it would have been impossible to have funded becoming a pro; however, he played at amateur level and won many competitions and prizes. Always looking for a new challenge, he received an invitation to play at Os Bonjoaneses last season. He knew the coach Miguel Ventura, who has a great reputation, so he accepted the offer and went to play with this club. The 2019 National Veterans Team and Singles Championships took place in Figueira da Foz on June 22 and 23, with



the participation of 100 male and female athletes spread over 14 teams. With teammates Pedro Marques and Miguel Ventura, Miguel won the Team Championship. After having some differences of opinion with the managers and team-mates of Os Bonjoaneses, Miguel reconnected with a childhood friend, Eduardo Santos. Not liking ever to stand still Miguel is always looking for new teams and how he can get the best results from himself. “My new club Goliaz was a coincidence between being dissatisfied in the old team and the effort and taste of playing with a childhood friend of mine Eduardo Santos mixed with the desire to do better from my coach Miguel Ventura. We started looking for places to train, and by coincidence, the firefighter’s gym of São Brás de Alportel

COMMUNITY was available and I returned 30 years later to the place where I learned to play.” The club was launched by Miguel (Caiado), Miguel Ventura (coach) and Eduardo Santos with the support and funding of the Camera of São Brás de Alportel. They decided to open a brand new club where they could all share the same values and love for table tennis and that's how Goliaz TTC was born. “The club is eclectic where everyone can come to play laser or more seriously, at this moment we have around 25 members, we have training for advanced players and for beginners at this moment we have children with eight years and gentlemen with 70.” São Brás de Alportel municipal executive awarded a "Voto de Louvor" (Vote of Praise) on October 15th 2019 to their local athletic hero Miguel Caiado, in recognition for his teams win at the Veteran´s Championship as part of the Os. Bonjoanenses Football Club. The Municipal website announced: “Recognising the work and merit of the local athlete and his team, the municipal executive from São Brás de Alportel unanimously approved the award of a vote of praise to athlete Miguel Caiado who is dedicated in an exemplary manner, to promote and dignify this discipline.” “Table tennis is currently a booming sport in the region, namely from the creation of the new association "Goliaz Table Tennis Club", committed to the formation and opening of the sport to new audiences of all ages and the whole community.” Why does Miguel think that table tennis is such a growing sport in the area? “Table tennis is a fascinating game from both the individual and team standings, table tennis practice at any level is tremendously demanding and beneficial in terms of health, as being a reaction sport, it forces the brain to

send the message quickly, for the body to respond equally. According to recent studies, it is like moving chess pieces, developing both the brain, physical reactions and assisting in diseases such as Alzheimer’s and neurological diseases. It is a sport that can be practised all year long is very social and unique.” The Câmara is helping them but they keep looking for sponsors to help them get more tables, better conditions and equipment for the athletes. “My dream is a table tennis academy, São Brás de Alportel and the Algarve have all the conditions to have an infrastructure which everyone, professional and amateur, can access and practice in. An infrastructure with conditions for kids, parents, grandparents, disabled people, from the ages of 8 to 80 with all the facilities not only for table tennis but also other social projects that the community needs.” This sort of centre exists in Porto and is a proven success. His dream may not be far from being fulfilled because there are community funds to be able to realise the ambition and with the municipal authorities supporting him, watch this space.”Let's see what happens,” he reflects, “we all know dreams feed reality and nothing is impossible.” Miguel, like his club, is a local sporting Goliath and the community need more giants like this to promote and give people the passion for participating in sports. We wish him luck with his sporting legacy.

+INFO:  goliazttclub

ONE CENTURY OF MARITIME HISTORY The Maritime Police Corps celebrated their 100th anniversary during November with four days of celebration and remembrance in Quarteira. The maritime police are a familiar sight on the Algarve coast, whether patrolling the beaches, walking around the harbour or checking on fisherman, they have a very visual presence in their smart blue uniforms. The Corps was created in 1919, after the end of the Great War Portugal determined to take better control of her ports and provide navigational safety to the growing fleet of vessels plying their trades. At the end of the second world war, the Corps was integrated into the Naval Ministry. Today the force still operates under a Naval ranking Commander. Responsible for policing the area 50 metres inland from the water's edge to the sea, coast or rivers. While they do carry out criminal investigation, their days are mostly spent monitoring and being vigilant in ensuring the citizens' safety, which is their main priority. The Maritime Police has 28 Regional Commands stations throughout the country employing 530 officers. The Algarve has six Local Commands, and next year, they will celebrate the opening of Quarteira’s Salva-Vidas Station.

The city of Quarteira hosted the 100 year birthday celebrations with a programme of initiatives. For the benefit of the general public they aimed to promote the skills,work and area of ​​action of the Maritime Police. The commanding general of the Maritime Police, Vice Admiral Luís Sousa Pereira, stressed the “particularly close connection with the municipality of Loulé, hence the choice of Quarteira for these celebrations, the result of this cooperation.” The highlight of these celebrations took place with a religious ceremony in the Church of Our Lady of Conception, followed by the official service at Avenida Infante de Sagres and a demonstration of skills and nautical parade on Quarteira Beach. Vítor Aleixo, mayor of Loulé stressed that “these will certainly be memorable moments for the people of Quarteira,” speaking of the importance of the force “for the safety of the population, for the activity of fishermen and for the preservation of our beaches.”




THE GREENE PET COMPANY Fiona Greene is passionate about two things, animals and the environment. Four years ago she combined the two to create an ethical pet company.


After a long spell in London looking after her parents who passed away, she decided to begin a new chapter and moved to the Algarve with her daughter, after falling in love with the area while on holiday. A committed vegetarian, Fiona has worked in many different fields but admits she always comes back to animals and campaigning about climate and environmental issues wherever she lives. “My company began as an obsession with finding products that are good for us and the environment and not always accepting what is commercially offered. It is a company that prides itself on selling only 100% Natural, 100% Ethical, 100% Whole Food and 100% sustainable treats and products for dogs.” Some of the products she sells cannot be found in the rest of Algarve. They are nutritious with many health benefits and all her products are Grain-Free, Low Fat, and HypoAllergenic with human-grade ingredients and are suitable for dogs of all ages. Fiona also cooks her own dog food from locally sourced meat and adds extras like vegetable oats and potatoes, which she also sells in 500g tubs. “It has been a long journey and quite disheartening along the way to find truly ethical products. Many companies claim to be natural but that is a long way from being ethical. Her research uncovered some alarming facts about dog treats. “I found a brand that is made from leather and is bleached in very harmful chemicals and coated in glue, but because they can chew it for a long time and comes in pretty shapes people were sold on it and it is on sale everywhere,” alleges Fiona. Building a new unknown business in a foreign country as a single mum has been very challenging, but I hope that by continuing to follow my passion I can continue to live in the place I love. All her products have stories behind them from her thorough research. Her Long-Lasting Cheese Chews are made from a hard dried cheese that originates from the Himalayas, where the Sherpas used to carry them on their treks. They are now sold as dog treats, with all of the fat and lactose being removed during the drying process. She points out that hard chews are not suitable for all dogs and chewing time should be managed.



Fiona explains that it is important when looking at ingredients to understand what your buying. “My new biscuit bone contains meat sourced from free-ranging organic chickens in Switzerland. It has been taste-tested by my three rescue dogs and it is now on sale as a great treat to take on days out. Each stick contains 50% of the dog’s usual dinner portions.” Her sustainable products go beyond food. “One of my first products were dog collars made from Cork. I loved the fact that it is sustainable. By using cork we help the tree to develop, and the Cork collars are great for dogs with sensitive skin as they are hypoallergenic, odourfree, lightweight, dirt and mould resistant and also water and fire resistant and very strong. Even my packaging is now Biodegradable and recyclable.” She also makes her own Paw and Nose Balm from essential oils. One of her most unusual sustainable products are deer antlers! “Many people don´t realise that deer antlers naturally fall off every year after rutting season and make sustainable dog chews, they don´t smell or attract flies like bones. Don´t buy Buffalo horns which have most likely been hunted or cut off live animals.” The company also works closely and support many animal charities locally like the Cadela Carlota, Bamboo Association and network continuously about animal welfare here and worldwide. They offer free delivery along the Algarve on a regular basis. With delivery dates advertised on the Facebook page. In addition, they will have a stall at many Christmas Fairs and dog shows around the Algarve. So, if you are looking for a great Christmas present for your four-legged friend Fiona is stocking Cranberry and sweet potato treats. Fiona and The Greene Pet Company wish all her doggie customers a Very Waggy Christmas.

+INFO:  www.thegreenepetcompany.com  Thegreenepetcompany


The resurgence of forgotten foods BY MEL VE

Mel Ve reviews the Forgotten Food Festival. Mel is Artistic Director & Product Creator of Algarvian.Life Co-Founder & Creative Director of Conscious Consumer Network I often tire of doing the same old thing, and I really do crave originality and variety, which is why I was delighted to be invited to participate in a rather unusual event, Festival da Comida Esquecida, or Forgotten Food Festival.

The second course was written in the menu as a soup, presented as a mound of finely chopped carrots and onions, along with barley and seeds, surrounded by a circle of soup, theatrically poured into our bowls with watering cans.

There are so many amazing festivals that go on throughout the year, including a vast plethora of food festivals, but this was a festival with a valuable message.

The third course, a medallion serving of Wild Boar Sirloin with a crust of pine, hay and juniper, served on tuber vegetable puree with a garnishing of cured egg yolk. This ensemble was garnished with an edible decorative leaf and paired with a red wine.

I was lucky enough to go along to the opening night at Convent Bio in Lagoa at the invitation of one of the organisers, Alexandra Santos. The Lagoa iteration of Forgotten Foods Festival, which was held in the newly restored chapel. Once into the reception area we were immediately welcomed with a tasting sample of LOVE KOMBUCHA, which had been created with two locally sourced seasonal flavours, orange and pomegranate. After the welcome drink, around sixty guests were seated at two long tables in the hall, graphics were projected on to the front wall of the chapel featuring forest scenes and fires. On the plate in front of us as we sat, was forest themed decorative feature of branches, pine needles, pine cones, surrounding a white square-ceramic bowl filled with flammable spirits, which was lit and used to dramatically fire roast the two langoustine tails which were serves as the first of five courses, accompanied by white wine.



The dessert course comprised of a honey, almond and orange cake with a side of creme brûlée with orange, decorated candied fruits and crumble on the side… And for dramatic effect, custard was poured onto the plates at the table, from long spouted metallic watering cans. Of course, no Portuguese dinner would be complete without the ubiquitous Port, served in beautiful long-stemmed port glasses after dessert course. This was of course followed by a shot glass of Melosa, a honey liqueur from this region. It was a good thing I was not the one driving home from this event. Overall, the presentation was artfully rendered, with special assistance from Vila Vita Parc’s Food and Beverage team who provided the beautiful table arrangement and plating. The young chef team were part of the Culinary Institute of Innovation, and kudos to them. Using forgotten foods to create nouvelle

cuisine-esque dishes, is a brave undertaking, and one that was executed rather well. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO CELEBRATE FORGOTTEN FOODS? A hundred years ago, most of the food we ate was unprocessed and locally grown, over the years we have industrialized, pasteurized, sanitized and processed our food supply, stripping our food of its natural goodness. This change has had a dramatic effect on our bodies, especially our gastrointestinal tract, which is home to both “good" and “bad” bacteria, which are constantly at work. If you don’t supply your body with enough good bacteria, the bad bacteria may take over, and you may suffer from a broad range of issues. It is time to take care of ourselves, get healthier, not by treating our symptoms but by adding back the probiotics to our diets, which can be found in cultured or fermented food and drinks. For a thousand years, probiotic fermented foods have been used as a natural way to supplement the body with good bacteria, as opposed to packaged supplements that we have become used to in our modern industrialized era. The final Forgotten Food Festival of 2019 is on the 8th December in Loule.

+INFO:  bol.pt  Festival da Comida Esquecida

COMMUNITY “The primary basis of the Suzuki Method is that children learn music as a native language, starting young and learning by ear from the beginning. Mum had a child and a method, once the violin arrived, my fate was sealed.” When the family returned to the United States Becki began additional studies in piano, winning numerous awards and competitions as she went. She achieved her Bachelor of Music in violin performance from The Ohio State University, with minors in piano and cello. Her professional musical career developed with her teaching career. “Music is a gift for a lifetime, and bringing the joy of music to children is my passion. When I was twelveyears-old I was fortunate to study directly with Dr. Shinichi Suzuki in Japan. He was the founder of the Suzuki Method and my inspiration to use this method to teach others.” Becki pursued Suzuki teacher training through the Suzuki Association of the Americas, moving from the Midwest to the East Coast to direct the Bethwood Suzuki School in Connecticut. A short time later, she founded the Suzuki Music School of Westport. Ten years later, she founded the Talent Education Suzuki School (TESS) in Norwalk, Connecticut. Each school grew to about 350 students and twelve teachers offering lessons in violin, piano, cello, and guitar. Her students achieved high rankings in the Norwalk Youth Orchestra, and many were accepted to the Manhattan School of Music PreConservatory programme in New York. Within the region in Connecticut, the presence of Suzuki students grew from just a few to thousands, a success she hopes to replicate in Algarve.

A HEART FOR MUSICAL CHILDREN Rebecca Christopherson is an American business owner and professional violinist who played 1st Violin in the Norwalk Symphony Orchestra for ten years. Her life recently received a sudden shock when she was charmed by the Algarve. “I have been a performing musician and teacher in Connecticut for 24-years, managing a dozen employees and serving 300 plus students in music studies at my Talent Education Suzuki Schools (TESS). When I was awake, I would be on the go all of the time. The little sleep that I had, would be spent planning ahead. Arriving in Portugal, there is a different energy, everything moves at a slower pace.” Vacationing in Portugal in 2018, Becki fell in love with the country and the people. She visited three times that year finding it harder to return to North America each time. It was then that she decided to relocate to the Algarve. Becki began her violin studies before she was 3-years old, living in Ghana where her father was carrying out field research with tribes for his PhD in African music. When his professor came to visit he brought a tiny 1/16 size violin with him. Becki’s mother was a violinist and a teacher.



Becki explains why she is such an advocate for the Suzuki Method of teaching, “every child has a musical ability that can be developed, given proper instruction, and a nurturing environment, Starting as young as three years of age is ideal. This is very different from the traditional approach, which generally depends on the talent of the student for success. The children listen to reference recordings that model the sound of the instrument and the pieces as though their parents were musicians. The parent comes to the lessons, and practices with their child at home. The children have two classes a week, a private class which is the heart of the instruction, and a group class, which provides reinforcement and social context. Lastly, Suzuki kids love to perform! They perform both in solo recitals and group community performances regularly, building confidence and ease on stage. They do learn to read music as they get older and more advanced too. Being able to play an instrument and make music is something you can do forever and it is my privilege to share my love of music and learning with children and their families.” Becki gave her Portugal recital debut in October and has already a couple of students eager to learn. Now a member of the European Suzuki Association she is also busy looking for a suitable space to open the first of many schools in the Algarve.

+INFO:  Violin Guru Online  TESSalgarve  TessAlgarve@gmail.com  TessAlgarve.com  +351 915 847 703



Movie Shoots

The project to create a residence for Polish artists in the Loulé Old Town, in a building next to the Castle, was one of the themes discussed when the Polish Ambassador, Jacek Junosza Kisielewski visited the Mayor of Loulé. Vítor Aleixo said “from Loulé City Hall there is always a total openness to collaborate with embassies and consulates. To exchange experiences and projects that can enrich the municipality and its people.” Both parties agreed to develop an action in the area of ​​education, aimed at young people, in the context of student exchange under the Erasmus + programme.


The Loulé Film Office, whose mission is to promote the municipality as a destination for film, television, advertising and photography production registered the 23rd production in 2019. As a result of the work developed in recent years, Loulé has been a destination for several productions, praised by many figures from the world of Cinema and Audiovisual for its scenic multiplicity but also for its logistical capacity. Starring Nathalie Cox,Miss Willoughby is the name of the British production by Mick Davis, who were the latest to be attracted to the city. Despite the film's history unfolding in Cyprus, production chose the city of Loulé for filming and the Santo António Convent was one of the centre-pieces where the filming took place. Philippe Martinez, Alan Latham and Loni Farhi are the producers of the movie. The cast consists of names such as John Rhys-Davies, Matthew Sim, Ian Gerard Whyte, and Ouldad Elma. Portuguese technical and figurative teams also worked on the scenes.

Loulé Criativo is an initiative charged with the development and valorization of the region by promoting local culture.

There are artisanal boilermaker courses opportunities to learn various traditional recipes unique to the region along with many other interesting subjects.

Throughout the year, the organisation curates a programme of activities focusing on cultural heritage, traditional arts and crafts, and design. By showing and sharing the techniques and uses that are fast being lost to memory, one of their goals to pass on the knowledge through classes and workshops. Contact Loulé Criativo for a complete list of classes and schedule that includes gems like, Work the Palm, a long time a land of weavers, learn how to make baskets, carry cots or other objects from the women who are dedicated to weaving the native palm.

+INFO:  loulecriativo/?ref=bookmarks  loulecriativo@cm-loule.pt  www.loulecriativo.pt

LOCAL GIRL MAKES HISTORY Solange Coelho, a 12-year-old accordian playing sensation became the first Portuguese competitor to take two gold medals for her art, a feat she achieved at the 69th World Championships, the most prestigious event for accordionists. Solange, of Vale Silves, Boliqueime, Is a student of the Loulé Conservatory of Music - Francisco Rosado, among several



participants and in front of 43 members of the international jury representing 26 countries, Solange was distinguished by her interpretation of the works, and the feeling she puts in to making music. She won titles in two different categories, age up to 12-years, and, Corridinho up to 12, when the accordionist accompanies their music by singing.



Many residents complain at this time of year of damage caused by European Wild Boar (Sus scrofa), and it is useful to know something about them in order to minimize their destructive tendencies. They have increased in great numbers over the last few decades throughout Europe, their original home range, but now they are also present again in the UK as well as having been introduced into North America just over one hundred years ago, and a wild cross is present in Australia and New Zealand as well. Their recent success is down to several factors. First of all they have the largest litter size of any ungulate and their population can double in a single year should sufficient food be readily available. Secondly, they are opportunistic feeders, with over 80% of their diet being made up of a wide variety of plants, both cultivated and wild, but they also eat tubers, fruit, funghi, invertebrates, carrion, small mammals and grounddwelling birds. Thirdly, they can migrate large distances should their food sources dry up in a certain area, easily covering more than 100 kilometres should this be necessary. Lastly, with the absence of any top predator apart from Man and the general flight to the cities of the rural population, there is an increasing scarcity, (an odd concept!), of any check on their population growth. To make it worse, they are also increasingly unafraid of Man. To put it succinctly, they breed well, they have no predators to speak of, they have a varied and opportunistic diet and they can travel large distances in search of the right conditions. Apart from farmers, whose crops they attack on a regular basis, they prove themselves a nuisance in the majority of their interactions with humans at this time of year due to the advent of rain. This moistens the earth allowing them easier access to tubers and invertebrates which they gorge on, in general not minding where that gorging takes place. However, the Algarve has undergone a massive change over the last fifty years, with the introduction of huge open and watered meadows called “golf courses” and large swathes of previously dry and barren soil turned over to further patches of grassland called “lawns”. One can hardly blame such a successful species for taking full advantage of this offered bonanza, and their population hereabouts is growing at an ever-increasing rate.

Solid, boar-proof barriers can be difficult and costly to erect legally so this is also seldom an option. What’s more, they rarely pay any attention to even the largest dogs. Five years ago, ours were going ballistic one night so I rushed out to quieten them down before our guests were inconvenienced too much, only to find over thirty milling around in our car park. The dogs all welcomed me to the party, milling around my legs, suddenly much braver, but even our large Rafeiro Alentejano was keeping a wary distance. Dressinggown-clad and slipper-shod, the only thing I could do was to heave a few rocks in their general direction, which, after a few minutes, became enough of a nuisance that they moved off leisurely into the bordering undergrowth, but they were certainly unfussed about either myself or the four dogs. The next morning revealed the damage they’d left me as a calling card, a 50-metre stretch of dry-stone wall toppled over that cost north of €300 to rebuild. Enough was enough, so on came the thinking cap and I installed the only solution that I have found to be effective – it has kept them at arms-length for the last five years anyway. An electric fence of the type farmers use to keep cattle in, with a night timer set from 8pm until 8am. Total cost for a stretch of a little over a quarter of a mile was the same as one night’s damage, so I reckon I’m onto a winner.

However, rightly preferring their own company, they can be dangerous when approached, so what can be done? Shotguns are no use; it requires a solid shell to bring one down and solid shells in built up areas are, in general, not such a good idea.




What's on Christmas LOULÉ PREPARES This year the Loulé City Council is back with a diversified Christmas entertainment programme that aims to bring the spirit of this court to the localities, promoting traditional commerce and attracting visitors. Christmas lighting this year is one of the autarchy's bets in terms of artistic creativity, with all of the parishes of the county having a decorative bringing the Christmas spirit to the entire territory, from the coast to the mountains.


"Christmas Street" Rua Vasco da Gama, the heart of the commercial activity from the 14th until Christmas Eve, from 11 a.m until 6 p.m is intended to instill a greater dynamic in the quarterly commerce in this Christmas season. The 6th is another of the special dates of the programme as it will be the moment when the “Village of Dreams” at Palácio Gama Lobo, Loulé, which is already one of the main Christmas villages in southern Portugal, opens its doors. The inaugural day will feature “Parade of Dreams” with members of sports associations and clubs, and the parade of children from schools in the county who will have the opportunity to see first hand what

is new in this village. Cerca do Convento, Alcaidaria do Castelo, Largo D. Afonso III and Largo de S. Francisco will host the various areas of the “Village of Dreams” that will be open to the public until the 29th, with various activities planned. And because Christmas is, above all for children, as in previous years, the Câmara de Loulé will also present a Christmas show aimed at the youngest. This year, with the Panda Channel seal, “Once upon a time… Panda and the Caricas” will be at the Loulé Municipal Sports Pavilion, on the 7th with two shows, at 11 a.m and at 3 p.m. Tickets are now on sale at ticketline.


Christmas Square at Praça do Mar Quarteira is another place to visit during the festive season. Come and meet a myriad of characters that are part of children’s imagination, such as the elves who help Santa Claus constructing new toys. You will find a carousel, and inflatable fun with typical wooden houses with spaces like the Christmas workshop or stalls with treats and delicacies on "Christmas Square".

Santa Parade

On Saturday 7th December, at 10 a.m, the eighth charity Santa Parade will take place along the promenade of Armação de Pêra.

The event will be composed of several activities for all ages. Participants can choose to either walk or ride a bicycle which will be guided by BTT Algarve Maniacs. To start the event, Angelo of Urban Gym Health Club will provide some warm-up exercises. Participation is free, although in the spirit of Christmas giving, some food items are welcome as a donation. Preferred items are olive oil and packets of



milk, but any dried food items will be accepted. To attend, just go to the Holiday Inn Algarve on Saturday, 7th for 10 a.m with your Santa Claus suit !! Adults and children are all welcome to take part on the understanding that you do so at your own risk. For more information please contact the Holiday Inn Algarve. +INFO:  https://www.facebook.com/events/356141341636299/?active_tab=about  +351 282 320 260


CHRISTMAS WREATH CLASS Make your own natural Christmas wreath at the creative workshop on December 7th at Loulé Coreto Hostel. The proposal is to Crown Christmas with a circle of dry twigs intertwined with leaves and flowers and elements of nature. In pagan rituals performed at the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, the Christmas wreaths were placed on the doors to "Welcome" the gods. Nowadays, they represent peace, prosperity and new beginnings. +INFO:  loulecoreto.reservas@gmail.com  +351 966 660 943

Magical Guia Aiming to bring thousands of people to the small town of Guia several exhibitions will be exhibited and Christmas-themed activities will take place that will make Guia a magical place.

NATIVITY SCENE TOUR “Em Canto na Algarviana” (Enchanting Algarviana) aims at stimulating the soul and the body by combining choral music from different origins, with walks on the Via Algarviana, through many different Algarve boroughs. Combining concerts and walks the Nativity Scene tour Via Algarviana, Benafim to Alte, hike on December 8th, meets at 10 a.m at Benafim Sports Club. The concert will begin at 3 p.m at Igreja Matriz de Alte (Mother Church of Alte), Loulé.

This activity aims to promote different aspects of the musical, cultural and natural Algarve heritage. Valuing traditions and the richness of biodiversity in the Algarve, this experience will allow you to enjoy the gastronomy in local restaurants too. Tickets cost 5€ for the hike and concert and 15€ to include lunch. +INFO:  https://tinyurl.com/tbjl83r  ossonoba@coralossonoba.com  +351 919 764 900 / 919 143 287


The exhibition “Nativities of the World”, present in the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Guia, consists of 30 works provided by embassies, consulates and private citizens, thus forming a unique set that reveals how the birth of Jesus Christ is represented throughout the world. The exhibits include three cribs from the private collection of former first lady Maria Cavaco Silva.

Loulé Criativo are offering one hour of free, Christmas themed creative workshops to get you in the festive mood. All classes start at 4.30 p.m.

In addition to the exhibition there is also a Christmas Market and an impressive street nativity scene.

14th, Construction and painting Castanholas, and Algarve musical instrument with Manuel Amorim.

The event is free.

15th, Christmas stars with figs and almonds with Ana Figueiras.

On the 7th, create Christmas cards and homemade stamps. 8th, Christmas star with wooden spring at Loulé Coreto Hostel with Suzy Constantino.

21st, Learn how to mould Christmas pieces with natural clay at Loulé Coreto Hostel with Suzy Constantino. +INFO:  http://loulecriativo.pt




CHARITY SWIM On Christmas Day and New Year’s Day at 11.00 a.m, on the beach at Armação de Pêra for the annual fun-filled Charity Swim. Take a dip in the ocean and help to raise money for local children in need. Bring your swimwear, a towel, and go in for a swim, or just a paddle, as long as a part of you gets wet. Then recover in the Holiday Inn hotel bar to enjoy a hot bomba on Christmas Day, or a hot chocolate on New Year’s Day.

To join the swim is free, although a donation is requested to help raise money for two local charities: ‘Espaço Amigo’ Armação de Pêra and ‘A Gaivota’, Albufeira.

If you are attending on Christmas Day, why not wear a Santa-suit. New Year’s Day you are encouraged to wear your pajamas! Adults and children are all welcome to take part on the understanding that they do so at their own risk.

For more information please contact the Holiday Inn Algarve

+INFO:  +351 282 320 260  info@hialgarve.com

Vale do Lobo Christmas Market

NEW YEAR’S EVE FARO As with all of the other towns and cities on the Algarve, Faro always has its own New Year’s Eve celebration. Live music starts at 10 p.m, with a midnight firework display followed by dancing, music and revelry. Other free parties include, QUARTEIRA Live music from 10:30 p.m in Praça do Mar with fireworks at midnight.

The Vale do Lobo Christmas market returns for the 10th consecutive year promising to be the perfect event to get you into the spirit of the season. The market will take place on Saturday, 7th of December, between 10 a.m and 5.30 p.m within the Parque do Golfe complex and Auditorium. The Vale do Lobo Christmas Market combines a luxury lifestyle Christmas gift market with a food and wine fair and has a strong emphasis on bringing together regional and traditional products and handicrafts from the Algarve. The market will help raise money for the Wolf Valley Charity Fund (WVCF) with proceeds being donated to the fund which provides support and finance to numerous needy local causes. Entrance is free!



VILAMOURA Réveillon Party starts at 8:30 p.m at Purobeach, a glamorous evening of entertainment with midnight fireworks on the beach. FREGUESIA DE SANTA BÁRBARA NEXE One Vision, a Queen tribute band lead the nights live acts from 10 p.m AMEIXIAL A party hosted by the Ameixialense Sports Group. David Pedro is in charge of entertainment.


THE WINDSORS IN PORTUGAL Set in 1940, with a cast of nine actors, written and directed by Carolyn Kain, The Windsors will be staged in the English language at São Brás Museum. “A great deal of intrigue occurred when, at the beginning of World War Two, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor fled from their home in France to Portugal. The story is retold in a black comedy performance covering a truly fascinating period of Portuguese history”. Evening performance on Friday 13th at 7.30 p.m Matinees, Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th at 4 p.m Tickets are 10€ or 8€ for friends, all profits will be donated to the Bombeiros of São Brás.

+INFO:  +351 966 329 073  admin@amigos-museu-sbras-pt


On the 8th of December at 6:30 p.m. at the Loulé Municipal Sports Pavilion, the 2019 Sport Gala will recognise athletes and teams that were distinguished among others by their sporting results. The awards, for individuals and collectives, will be awarded to regional and national champions, and for leading Loulé's name across the country and beyond to european and / or world medal winners and champions.

+INFO:  www.louledesporto.com



Conversation Club Wednesdays at Loulé Coreto Hostel, come and learn about Portuguese habits, customs and information about the Portuguese reality with the Conversation Club.

These sessions, carried out in a relaxed atmosphere at the Loulé Coreto Hostel, and accompanied by a traditional snack, aim to help our foreign community to express themselves in Portuguese.

Conversation session in Portuguese for residents living in the Algarve are divided into 2 levels depending upon your proficiency and fluency in the language.

Registration is necessary.

Level 1 is at 4:00 p.m with level 2 at 5:00 p.m.

+INFO:  +351 966 929 240  atelierpalavrascertas@gmail.com  loulecriativo.pt

Circus comes to Town


Tickets are sure to be in demand for the Lavrar O Mar circus. Last year there were many disappointed, so do not leave booking too late! This year the organisation are bringing two circus' to the Big Top, located in the area of Monchique’s Heliport. 27th to 31st December and 1st to 5th of January, there are no shows on the 30th or 2nd as the actors will be resting. Tickets for either show cost 12€ for adults, while children up to 11-years-old are 5€. Minimum age allowed is 6-years-old.


COLLECTIF MALUNÉS FOREVER, HAPPILY... This show starts at 9:30 p.m with a running time of 70-minutes. Collectif Malunés is a Franco-Belge circus company founded in 2009. For the new season, the Malunés family grows and consists of sixteen nomadic souls.

The show begins at 6 p.m and will last 1 hour 20 minutes. Seasoned French acrobats who formed in 2004 bring their show, Dodos. “Dodos were a species of bird that became extinct because it was too clumsy to survive: it could not fly or swim and was too naive to face the hardship of life. This bird was physically the opposite of the acrobat, and yet they are both equally unconscious. They travel between fear and naivety, life and survival. A performance made up of five acrobatic musicians who present models of micro-societies expressed through games of sensitive relations of fragility, power and benevolence. The hostility of the world condemns them to inventing frenetically derisive survival mechanisms, such as the unlikely attempts to escape gravity through limitless imagination. A rhythmic show where the music of guitars, double bass and violin are its breath.”

“Fairy-tales will accompany us, cradle us, and haunt us. We will grind them up, transform them, caress them, dream into them, adapt them, revisit them and twist them throughout the creation, to extract a contemporary renovation. A performance that exhausts the superficiality of this “wonderful world” displaced from reality, bringing a modern vision, alive and current, but also ridiculous. The idea is to create a collective art and a shared experience.”

+INFO:  +351 913 943 034  Lavraromar.bol.pt  info@lavraromar.pt WWW.TOMORROWALGARVE.COM


Sparkle for the Festive Season


24 karat gold 12-week blow-dry!!! This Treatment is a premium hair treatment whose advanced, keratinbased process will give your hair a smooth, straight, and glossy look. The luxury hair treatment helps your hair revert back to its original healthy-looking state, without the need to be conditioned continuously. Liquid 24k gold reduces static electricity in your hair, and reduces your hair’s water absorption while, protecting it from humidity, saltwater, and rain. Lasting up to 12-weeks allowing you to just wash and go. The 24kt gold treatment does not change the texture of your hair, it just helps it look its best and the treatment can be done as often as you like, as it is deeply conditioning. The more often your hair

BY LUCIA O'DONOGHUE receives this treatment, the better condition it will be in. With all of the manipulation that is done to hair daily, it is important to strengthen hair follicles by deep conditioning hair. Deep conditioning helps prevent dryness and damage from heat and styling tools too, keeping hair at its healthiest, most luminous state. This will allow your hair to grow while looking and feeling its absolute best. Glam packages are available for Hair Styling, Spray Tanning and MAC Make-up applications for the festive season.

+INFO:  +351 914 118 899  LuciaandCoHairExpert

CHRISTMAS STRESS The festive season is here. The decorations are up, presents are being bought, families and friends are preparing to come together and celebrate. It is supposed to be a time of celebration, although as many of us know, children and families can be very demanding. Financially, Christmas is often hard on the wallet too, meaning it can be the most stressful time of the year.


Scientific studies have proven that Transcendental Meditation is more than a passing fad, and the proof is in the pudding. 22


One stress-busting technique that many are turning to is meditation, namely TM (Transcendental Meditation). With endorsements from celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, Harry Styles and Katy Perry, even the Portuguese President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, it seems everyone is talking about TM and extolling its benefits for stress reduction. Scientific studies have proven that TM is more than a passing fad, and the proof is in the pudding. The “stress hormone” cortisol decreases 10% or so after a good night’s sleep, but decreases 30-40% after just twenty minutes of meditation. Ray Dalio, founder of the world’s largest hedge fund, is no stranger to stressful

situations crediting TM as “the single most important reason for whatever success I have had.” He says it gifts him a clarity of mind that enables him to act “like a ninja” seeing patterns and solutions to difficult problems. Sometimes people are concerned that meditation will make them so peaceful they will lose their passion for life and that meditating will make them passive. However, because the TM technique reduces stress, increases energy and boosts creativity, people find more dynamism giving them a greater foundation for staying focused and being successful. Einstein once said “I think ninety-nine times and I find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence, and the truth comes to me.” TM offers this experience of swimming in silence. What’s more, as all its proponents assure, TM is completely effortless. So whether you want to change the world, or if you are looking to calm the nerves, lower your cortisol levels, or just feel more relaxed this Christmas, this could be the time to find out more about TM.



For most of us, getting quickly connected to the internet as soon as we move into our new home or even if we are just short term tourists, is really important. We want to be online as soon as possible, whilst it is true that most Euro-citizens are not subject to data roaming costs, this is not the same for anyone from other parts of the world.

Generally speaking, bandwidth is good, but just like anywhere else in the world, mobile internet is affected by weather conditions. You can expect consistent speeds from 1.5 Mbps to 60 and even 100 Mbps.

Portugal has invested heavily in the necessary infrastructure for good internet access. Gone are the days that having a landline for access to the internet is a must. Good service on the Algarve makes it one of the European destinations of choice for nomadic and remote workers, these are people who choose to work online anywhere in the world.

Sitting with a group of friends all you need to say, “Man, my internet connection has been slow this week” to open the flood gate of comments, but let us unpack this a bit.

In the Algarve, there are several Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offering fast fibre, ADSL (requires a landline) and mobile (cellular) internet connectivity.

2. WHAT EQUIPMENT ARE YOU USING FOR YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION? If you choose to use your own equipment, for example, replacing the router supplied for your fast fibre connection, with your own device with different functions, you may impact the service.​

The big providers are NOS, MEO, Vodafone, Net Sapo, Claranet and there are few more smaller companies in this sphere. You will need Portuguese residency to take out a contract. If you are not a resident you will need to settle with a pre-paid mobile internet deal and rely on finding public hotspots of which there are many, just about every coffee shop has a free hotspot these days. When selecting a service provider, the first consideration should be geographical coverage (head over to https:// www.nperf.com/en/ for a 3G / 4G / 5G coverage map), go onto the service providers websites for fast fibre and ADSL coverage. Cost is an important consideration and more important than performance/speed. It is not true to say the more you pay, the better the service will be. There certainly isn’t any need to look at the very expensive satellite services that seem to have lingered around since the advent of fat fibre and mobile internet. Make sure that whichever service you select is uncapped, there are horror stories of huge bills once the data cap is reached. You should expect charges to range from 25€ to 60€ per month, depending on which type of connectivity you choose.



1. WHAT TYPE OF INTERNET CONNECTION ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Fast Fibre, ADSL, 4G, 5G. They all have pros and cons.​

3. WHO IS YOUR SERVICE PROVIDER? It is unfortunate that not all service providers are good. Stick with the big-name brands where you know there is a good investment in support.​ 4. WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED? Coverage is not the same by any stretch of the imagination.​ 5. HOW MUCH RESEARCH DID YOU DO BEFORE YOU SELECTED YOUR SERVICE PROVIDER? Ask around, find out from people who live near you and what their experience is, or has been. Ask them which service provider they recommend, as many users will have started with one service provider and moved to another. In many cases, it is a combination or all of the above considerations that can lead to a less than delightful experience. Enquire with a few service providers before you make your decision, many will negotiate deals too. Iit can either make, or break your pocket.





      ­€‚ƒ€„„…   † ‡ˆ   ‰


EXPAT CENTRE PORTUGAL This new venture, “The Expat Centre Portugal” aims to help international people who live or work in the Algarve build connections and friendships through social meet-ups and events. Founder Ria van Doorn has lived and worked in the Algarve for ten years. Being a longterm ex-pat, working as a life coach with international clients has allowed her to an understanding of ex-pat needs. “We help internationals to find their new “local tribe” so that they can feel at home. Our main objective is to help both newcomers and long-term residents feel more "at home" in the Algarve with an increased sense of belonging.” The website will show a variety of events; cultural, social and artistic; that you might not be aware of, and hopes to motivate people to participate in these events, so that they can expand their network, meet new and interesting people, and become part of a heartfelt community.

Event Manager Liv Spens arrived from the UK this year, still discovering how it is to live in Portugal and is excited for this new chapter in her life. Her contribution to this initiative is to help new-comers go through the learning curves of moving countries with more ease. “Learning the language truly helps integration. In November we started a class for beginners who want to get in the bubble of the Portuguese speaking and understand what is going on. As this class was so popular, we will start another one in January.” Currently focussing on the Loulé area Ria lays out her plan for December, “we will be having Coffee and Conversation meet-ups Wednesdays at different cafes in Loulé and Almancil. We will also have walking tours of Faro and Loulé on Thursdays. Perfect for you to see these towns in a new light or a fun excursion for when you have guests. We take delight in meeting new individuals and help them adjust to their new situation or to connect with others, that is why we created this platform for ex-pats who long to feel at home.”

All events in December start at 10.30 a.m ending at 1 p.m Coffee and Conversation on Wednesday 4th and 11th Thursday 19th, a walking tour of Loulé +INFO:  Expat Centre Portugal  expatcentre.pt@gmail.com  www.expatcentreportugal.com

GOLF TOURISM AWARD The Algarve has made a triumphant comeback as the world’s premier golf destination.

winners. With only one ‘Golf Destination of the Year Award’, the expectation was palpable.”

At the 20th edition of the IGTM's annual golf tourism awards held in Marrakech, the Algarve secured the top prize as “Golf Destination of the Year” held in Marrakech (Morocco) from 14th to 17th October.

Formally receiving the award, Algarve Tourism president João Fernandes said, “I’m very proud to accept this award on behalf of everybody working within the golf tourism industry in the Algarve, and we would like to offer our thanks to IAGTO and the golf tour operators who voted for us.

IAGTO is the official association partner of IGTM, an influential body, which boasts 700 golf tour operators in 63 countries as members, and controls more than 87% of golf holiday packages sold globally. To add even more impetus to the honour, this year the awards included just one overall “Golf Destination of the Year”, instead of one in each of five geographical regions. IAGTO chief executive Peter Walton was in Morocco to present the awards, which took place in October, in his speech he said, “As the guardians of the most important and prestigious golf tourism awards, for two decades now we have presented only a handful of awards each year, which lends enormous gravitas to the event and significance to the



Fernandes went on, to sum up why he felt the Algarve had won; “We believe the Algarve has so many reasons for visiting us: the weather, the people, the beaches, the accommodation choice and, of course, the golf. But even if all the ingredients are present it still needs dedicated, passionate and highly-skilled people to serve it up correctly.” In further golf news, Quinta do Lago has made history in new golf rankings is also celebrating this month, as the only venue to have three golf courses included in Golf World magazine’s respected “Top 100 Golf Courses”, rankings. The award-winning luxury golf resort won start staus in the new edition of the highly-regarded

biennial list with all three of its 18-hole courses, the North, South and Laranjal – featuring for the first time in its history. Ranked at 29 was the South Course which has hosted the Portuguese Open eight times. Laranjal also entered the list for the first time since opening in 2008, with the North Course completing Quinta do Lago’s triumvirate of high ranked courses with 97th place. Sean Moriarty, chief executive at Quinta do Lago, said: “The South Course has long been acknowledged among Europe’s most prestigious golf venues and it’s a real pleasure to see it ranked inside the top 30. The North Course, which we revamped in 2014, continues to impress everyone that plays it while Laranjal’s move into the top 100 is well deserved and, we believe, long overdue.”


RIDESHARE Loulé Câmara became a pioneer in yet another measure in reducing CO2 emissions, parking and traffic problems by introducing an innovative, sustainable and environmentally oriented initiative. Two pressing areas of the executive are the environment and the welfare of its employees. Attempting to find a solution Loulé became the first municipality in the country to establish a partnership with Via Verde Boleias, the ride sharing app that links drivers with riders. The app will help colleagues who travel to the same destination share their ride with another, saving time, reducing fuel and maintenance costs, as well as strengthening the spirit of sharing and conviviality among municipal officials. Membership of the Via Verde Boleias platform is completely free to use. It is the modern day version of hitch-hiking without spending hours stood on the hard shoulder with your thumb out. Drivers and passengers receive discount vouchers for use at Via Verde Boleias partner establishments.

ELECTRIC CAR CHARGING Two new charging stations for electric vehicles have been installed at Quinta do Lago’s Buganvília Shopping Centre, and at Largo das Cortes Reais, Quarteira, bringing the current total to 12 stations in the county. The new stations are part of the nationwide Mobi.E network, semi-fast charging with 22kW “Mennekes” type outlets. These two sockets allow two vehicles to be charged simultaneously, from 0% to 80% of the battery in less than 30 minutes, depending on the characteristics of the vehicle to be charged. To use the equipment you will require an electric mobility card which must be requested on the official Mobi.E website.



The Mayor of Loulé, Vítor Aleixo, stressed the importance of these charging posts in promoting ecological and environmentally sustainable mobility, and improving the quality of life of the population.

The installation of these public electric charging stations are part

Biodegradable doggie-bags As part of their environmental policy, Loulé City Council has been implementing actions to reduce disposable plastic.

+INFO:  www.boleias.viaverde.pt

of the measures adopted by the Municipality making Loulé one of the main Portuguese municipalities that invests most in encouraging the use of environmentally friendly vehicles. During 2020, the network of charging stations will increase to 18, from the coast to the mountains, with at least one in each of the parishes of this municipality. The Municipality will also be reinforcing its fleet with electric vehicles.

They are replacing traditional plastic dog waste bags with new, biodegradable ones. The new bags are available in the various dispensers that are scattered across the county. The bags are made of a biodegradable and compostable material, in the composting process they are transformed into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

This is one of the steps that needs to be taken now to achieve a quantitative reduction of single use plastic products when a new community law, banning the sale of single-use plastic products, takes effect from 2021 onwards. “Make your dog's walk more hygienic and in harmony with the environment!” Is the Municipality's call to all dog owners, who are also responsible for keeping the roads and paths clean after their pets.


GREEN MOUNTA N As a way of counteracting the negative impact of the fires that have struck the heart of the Serra do Caldeirão over the years more than 775 volunteers, including students from Loulé schools, families and representatives of local associations, came together with Zoomarine’s “Operation Green Mountain” to plant more than 5500 trees in a forested area of ​​Salir parish. In an area adjacent a high risk fire zone the cypress planting creates a containment curtain because it is a low flammability serving as a barrier to the spread of fire. In the municipality's mountain range, the village of

Cortelha was the scene of this plantation. Covering an area of about six​-hectares the plantation also serves as a protection of the biodiversity of local flora and fauna, the soils against erosion, while stabilising and improving the microclimate for the resident. Since 2017 a total of 16,082 trees have been planted in the Municipality of Loulé as part of “Operation Green Mountain”. Across the Algarve during this campaign a total of 42,000 trees were planted. To mark the moment, Councilors of Loulé, Carlos Carmo and Ana Machado, with

the responsibilities of Environment, Civil Protection and Forests and Education, respectively, and Marco Gago of Zoomarine unveiled a plaque marking this important action. “This action is in line with the Municipality's environment and climate action policy, adopted in its Municipal Climate Change Adaptation Strategy (EMAAC), in this specific case, through the “Reinforce green spaces and promote environmental sustainability initiatives, Climate Action and Protecting Earth Life.”

Good Rubbish About 14-tonnes of recyclable waste, including 7-tonnes of glass, 5.7-tonnes of carton and 700kg of plastic was collected during the 420 class World Sailing Championship in Vilamoura this year. The good rubbish collected during the nine-day event, by ALGAR, after being weighed and measured, raised one thousand euro, which Vilamoura Sailing, the company organizing the competition in partnership. with Inframoura, made a point of handing over to the Quarteira Child Support Centre. This was the first time that a sailing championship has been awarded the 'Eco-Event' distinction awarded by Algar. 250 recycled fabric bags made from canvas functioned as eco-points placed on coaches' vessels. In these ecopoints, all of the competitors and teams deposited, daily, not only the recyclable packaging they were producing, but also any recyclable that they made a point of collecting from the sea. According to Nuno Reis, Vilamoura Sailing Director, “from the beginning, the aim was to strengthen the



ecological awareness of the sailors and this will be a challenge to continue. The 420 World Cup was a test event in this regard and its success was proven. The partnership with Algar will be repeated in all our events in the future.” The logistics coordination of the program during the 420 World Championship was performed by Inframoura and also involved the services of Marina de Vilamoura, where Algar collected containers with recyclable waste on a daily basis. In this event the usual plastic bottles were also replaced by aluminum bottles and the prizes awarded were all produced from cork oaks from the region. Inframoura will continue to encourage events taking place in Vilamoura to adhere to these actions, in order to stimulate and raise awareness of the problem of waste and, at the same time improve the quality of the services provided by the IPSS of the parish.

Edifício Sol, Rua Cristóvão Pires Norte Almancil 8135-117 Algarve, Portugal +351 289 393 378 info@ellis-avt.com www.ellis-avt.com


Profile for Tomorrow Algarve

Tomorrow Vilamoura to Faro - December 2019  

Community magazine to provide news and information across the Algarve. With two editions, one covering Aljezur to Lagos and the other Vilamo...

Tomorrow Vilamoura to Faro - December 2019  

Community magazine to provide news and information across the Algarve. With two editions, one covering Aljezur to Lagos and the other Vilamo...