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Lagos Bombeiros Need You An urgent appeal has been launched to raise 5,000 euros for new regulation fire protection clothing by the end of this month for Lagos Bombeiros. All bombeiros are now required to have a special team to cope with forest fires and other major incidents but a lack of funds means that the town’s firefighters do not have the protective clothing they need. There is always an increased risk of forest fires in the western Algarve during the hot, dry summer months. In 2012, 16 people died from forest fires. At the time Antonio Gualdino, spokesman for the National Fire

By a staff writer

Coordination Centre said the main fire moved to within about five miles of Lagos before being brought under control. In total, Lagos has about 25 paid firefighters with another 80 volunteers. The new team of 20 will be made up entirely of volunteers who will work alongside the regulars to cover major incidents. They will be expected to be on call 24 hours a day, ready to react at a split seconds notice. The team has been doing intensive training for the last two years and should be up and running by May 15th. But a lack of funds means they do not have the required kit

including fireproof gloves, flash masks, helmets and jackets. Now the bombeiros are appealing to ‘Tomorrow’s readers to help raise the money they need within the next month. A spokeswoman for Lagos Bombeiros said: “For the last three years we have been financially struggling - it’s been hard to manage all the expenses with less public and private subsidies. Now we have to get this special fire equipment for the 20 new firefighter volunteers ready for the summer forest fire brigade.” Continued on Page 6 »


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Welcome to May’s Edition

Useful Numbers - Lagos

April gave us a fair degree of mixed weather and so May is very welcome so we can put that all behind us. Generally, we are all so lucky to have wonderful weather and the beauty that the sea and the coastline bring to us almost every day. SEDE: 86, Milborough Crescent, London, UK , SE12 ORW. UK . PERIODICIDADE: MENSAL . TIRAGEN: 3,000 | TIPOGRAFIA: Industrias Gráficas Solprint, S.L . Pol. Industrial La Vega, c/ Archidona B5. 29651 Mijas-Costa. Málaga. CIF : B29.593.357

Making the most of the natural resources is a very big part of being an expat and most of us do take advantage of these. However, we believe it is important to remember those people in the community who can’t enjoy all the benefits. Please, get in touch with us if we can help you in any way to make your life a bit easier. We can arrange to take you to the doctors, hospital or shopping – you may just fancy a coffee and a chat. If you do, please contact me on 919 918 733 and we will organize a volunteer to help you. Best wishes, Tom and the team

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Community was part of the 4x400m winning relay team. He needed to support himself financially and ‘Sporting’ arranged a job with the local authorities in Lisbon where he worked as a draftsman and continued in the same field later at Lagos Câmara. ‘I worked during the day without any special concessions and each evening went to training. When I started to become successful, I was able to get some time off,‘ Carlos explains.

National 800m Championships, in the 70s

Running for Success What does it take to become a sporting legend? If it means becoming a national athletics champion at a young age, gaining numerous European and World titles, inspiring a whole new generation and even having a local stadium bear your name then Carlos Cabral fits the description.

By Lena Strang not much financial help at that time. We had to provide all the training gear ourselves. But we enjoyed ourselves and worked hard,’ he remembers.

I am taken in by the open, unassuming demeanor of Carlos when I meet him. At sixty-two, he looks fit and healthy and a boyish grin lights up his face when he talks. Full of enthusiasm, he tells me about his remarkable career and his desire to pass on his experiences.

However, Carlos decided to concentrate on athletics, and while representing the junior section of ‘Esperança de Lagos’, started to make his mark. After he had become National Cross-Country Champion, the local newspaper of 1969 commented: ‘After 300 metres, Carlos Cabral (one of the strongest hopes for Portuguese athletics) took the lead…..We believe that this is the greatest moment for sport in the Algarve this year.’

During his childhood in Lagos, Carlos was always attracted to sport. He tried his hand at many; from football, handball, cycling and triathlon to running. His first success came as goalkeeper when the Juvenile Football Team became district champions of the Algarve in 1968. ‘We had few facilities and

And Carlos didn’t disappoint. In order to improve his performance, he joined ‘Sporting’ in Lisbon at the age of 17 but returned eleven years later to continue representing Lagos. Early on he became national champion at 800m and 1500m, beat the national record in long jump and

4 |

The successes came thick and fast. With several national honours under his belt, he also gained European titles at 800m and 1500m. His dedication and sheer hard work must have been extraordinary in order to balance both work and serious training. He remembers the famous words of an old coach, still going strong at 92 years: ‘At ten o’clock each morning - without fail - there is training; come rain, earthquake or lightening.’ Carlos agrees whole-heartedly, as without selfdiscipline he says, you simply cannot achieve. Full-time athletes are more common these days, with grants from their clubs, contracts with well-known brands and advertising revenues. Carlos thinks this is essential for intensive training but can also be problematic. His son-in-law who is Olympic bronze medalist at 1500m is able to pursue training on a full-time basis thanks to this support. However, Carlos acknowledges that the sporting career of a high level athlete is relatively short and considers it advisable to have something else to fall back on.

European 1500m Championships, Greece, in the 80s

Community Veterans’ events can prolong the competitive career of an athlete though.

just for his own sake, but for Lagos and the country, is obvious.

Carlos continued participating in European and international championships, ever stocking up his burgeoning trophy cabinets. His last Master’s competition was in 2004 in Puerto Rico. ‘I was rather pleased to become World Champion at 1500m at the age of 51,’ he smiles. ‘It was also great to see athletes well into their 80s taking part in their individual categories!’

When the Athletics Stadium was inaugurated on the 23rd April, 2005 and the running track was given the name of ‘Carlos Cabral’, there was also an agreement with the Câmara to open a museum for all the medals, trophies, photos, ‘Sporting’ journals and other memorabilia. What better way for the city to show its appreciation of its greatest athlete of all time, than to showcase his achievements publicly?

When asked about any regrets he may have, he admits there is one – the Olympic Games. He had qualified for the Moscow Olympics in 1980 but wasn’t able to go because of the boycott which Portugal adhered to. ‘I had a right to be there as I was considered an Olympic player but it wasn’t to be,’ he laments. With his vast array of experience Carlos wants to encourage the younger generation to enjoy sports that he thinks can provide personal satisfaction and a tremendous sense of achievement. He thinks there is much scope to work with local schools, run workshops and invite children to participate in activities at the stadium. Although there are financial restraints because of the present crisis, he believes that with the right will, this can be done. Local businesses could also be encouraged to be more involved. He would dearly love to see a Centre for Athletics, providing opportunities for youngsters and creating athletes for the future.

Carlos remains clear on what it is all about. ‘It is so important to have goals and to participate. Everyone can’t come first but taking part is in itself a form of winning,’ he says. ‘Every so often I meet a person who tells me I’ve done something to change their lives.’ He becomes quite emotional when he recalls one particular youngster with mobility problems who was helped to overcome many of his difficulties by taking up athletics. ‘Sport helped him gain confidence and that in itself, is worth any medal in the world,’ he adds. Carlos is indeed a remarkable man who, having gained so many personal achievements, is equally determined for others to do the same. With iron determination he seems to be able to turn the impossible into reality. Lagos can be justly proud of its sporting legend.

I have been itching to ask him how many medals he has amassed during his career. ‘Many, many’, he laughs, ‘there must be at least seven hundred, if not more, of all shapes and sizes. Some of the trophies are three tiered and remind me of the Eiffel tower! They’re stacked in a small room underneath my house; not an ideal place at all.’ His ,&(&5($0B)$&725<00SGI pride in gaining recognition, not

House in its present state

European Cross Country Championships Year 2000









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All set on the Avenida The controversial bars on top of the car park at the Avenida dos Descobrimentos are due to open at the start of the summer, a source at the Câmara told ‘Tomorrow’.

€100,000 and a monthly rent of €2,000 although they are exempt from payments for one year. This is significantly less than the original deal.

Lagos municipal company, ‘Futurlagos’, finally closed the deal in January on three of the four riverside bars.Last year there was a furore when it had been proposed that the bars on the Avenida could stay open until 6 am as opposed to the rest of the town’s nightspots, unless these invested in expensive sound limiting equipment. Because of wide scale opposition, the plans were dropped and no investors were prepared to pay the initial high rents for the bars.

Lagos Câmara agreed a 30 year deal with Cunning Planaqua, Actividades Naúticas Lda and New Paradigm – Investimenots Imobiliários Lda. The respective agreements were approved by the Mayor of Lagos , Joaquina Matos, and a symbolic ceremony was held at the Old Town Hall on Lagos Day on the 27th January. The Câmara told us that two of the units will be bars complete with services on the outside terraces while the third unit will function as gourmet shop.

However, a more streamlined deal was struck with foreign investors, who will pay

New Council Advice Bureaux in Lagos area Lagos Municipality has begun regular advice bureaux for any residents who have queries or issues they want to discuss. The councillors will be able to communicate in Monday


English. Appointments need to be made prior to the meeting. See the table below for details. Wednesday

2nd Monday Odiáxere (Junta de Freguesia) 15.00 -16.30

3rd Tuesday Bensafrim (Junta de Freguesia) 15.00 – 16.30

4th Wednesday Barão (Junta de Freguesia) 15.00 – 16.30

3rd Tuesday Bensafrim (Junta de Freguesia) After 15.30 Every Tuesday Lagos (S Sebastião & Sta Maria) (Junta de Freguesia) 9.00 – 13.00

6 |

4th Wednesday Barão (Junta de Freguesia) After 15.00

Continued from cover »

One of the suggestions the bombeiros have come up with, is for people to become an associate or member by signing up to pay a minimum donation of one euro a month. The member’s card entitles them to discounts at selected businesses. There are more details about this on the bombeiros’ website: Pat Allen, a member of the expat community in Lagos has also launched a fundraising campaign and is appealing for people to hold fundraising events like Coffee and Cake mornings, or Wine and Nibble evenings where the hosts would charge €5 for people to attend. By inviting just 10 friends, you could raise €50. She said: “Failing that, a straightforward donation would be fantastic - one less coffee a day for the month of May would mean that readers could put €30 towards the fund.”

Last Thursday Lagos (old Câmara) am (issues to do with historic centre)

Dra Joaquina Matos President of the Câmara

Vereador Paulo Jorge Reis


Every Thursday Lagos (new Câmara) 10.00 – 12.30

Executive Assembly (all members)

Vereadora Maria Fernanda Afonso


Lagos Bombeiros Need You

1st. Friday Luz (Junta de Freguesia) 9.00 – 13.00

Every Friday Luz (Junta de Freguesia) 9.00 – 13.00 Odiáxere (Junta de Freguesia) After 21.00

All donations, big or small, will be gratefully received and will specifically go towards these items of clothing. Pat will be collecting any amount that you are able to raise during the next five weeks. Readers can give it to her personally on Mondays and Wednesdays at the cafe at the Municipal Sports Centre from 1.30 till 2pm, at Boa Vista Golf Club on Thursday 15th May from 6pm to 6.45pm, or donate directly via ATM, computer banking or at any bank to: Patricia Allen fundo para BombeirosCredito Agricola (IBAN: PT50) 0045 7191 4018 8770 5586 1 NIB: 0045 7191 40188770558 61. Please contact Pat directly for cash/ cheque donations on 282-697-548 or email for more details.

Mediconforto Health Shop Natural food; Teas minerals; Vitamins; Homeopathic; Diet products & natural cosmetics; Diet consultations; Birkenstock shoes. Fidelity card: after 10 shopping's you get 10% off next shopping.

Home delivery without additional costs 9:30am - 1:00pm 3:00pm-7:00pm Rua Soeiro da Costa, 26-A 8600 LAGOS 282 76 73 27

CASA PADARIA PIZZERIA eat in take away



Homemade pizzas lasagnes COME & SAMPLE OUR EXCITING MENU pasta dishes bbq ribs GLUTEN FREE PIZZAS ALSO AVAILABLE coleslaw OPEN 17:30 - 22:00 salads CLOSED WEDNESDAYS desserts & more TEL:(00351) 969678519 CASAPADARIA.COM


wine Only



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Be a Pal

Big brother for birds Surveillance cameras have been installed to monitor the behavior of some of the birds at Lagos Zoo. It is part of a large scale project of observation of the reproduction of certain species. A spokesman for Lagos Zoo said it also had an important educational

You are invited to become a friend of Arte Algarve – widely thought to be one of Europe’s biggest and most fascinating art galleries. It is a way for the organisers to gather an exclusive circle of sponsors to help maintain the amazing historical building that houses the gallery. Arte Algarve was first held in the winery four years ago, which was the last remaining and working co-operative winery in the Algarve, using parts of the abandoned first floor. Since then scores of artists have exhibited in the Adega. If you become a friend of Arte Algarve you will be offered a wide number of advantages, including private viewings with wine, tapas and live music. Other perks include a special discount of 10 per cent for all purchases in the gallery, not only during the private viewings, but throughout the year. To find out about the other advantages and to get an idea of how much it costs to sign up as a sponsor please go to:

Surprise Singers The choir was recently asked to do a very special performance - at the end of April they sang a surprise song for a brand new bride and groom and their guests, as they left Igreja de Santa Maria in Lagos. Congratulations again to Sinead and Shane from all of us! You can now see the latest recordings of our songs and performances on our new Youtube site ‘The Western Algarve Choir’. Rehearsals are now focused on our summer programme - and we are planning some summer performances - watch this space...! We are an all-inclusive choir with a focus on singing for enjoyment. For further information on joining or bookings, please contact our choir leader Elizabeth Roberts by email at:

8 |

Going for Gold The Extra Virgin Olive Oil made by Viveiros Monterosa Lda in Moncarapacho, Algarve, was awarded four Gold Medals at the New York International Olive Oil Competition. In total, 702 olive oils from all over the world took part in the competition last month. The company had started to make olive oil about 14 years ago after it planted 20 hectares of olive trees. Detlev von Rosen, the partner of the company responsible for the olive project said: “The climate and soil across the Algarve, make it great for oil production.”

component because it would allow visitors to follow the behavior of certain birds in detail. For now the cameras are installed in the nests of two species: the Hornbills Rhinoceros Hornbills and Casco Black. For more details about Lagos Zoo please go to the website

Monterosa make four monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oils, each from a different variety of olive. Verdeal, Picual and Cobrançosa were all awarded Gold Medals while the variety Maçanilha won the distinction Best In Class in the category “Northern hemisphere, nonorganic, monovarietal, delicate”. It was the only Portuguese olive oil awarded this distinction in the competition. For more information you can contact Detlev von Rosen on 919 86 86 86 or by emailing and their web address is:

Tomorrow Trip to Faro By Layinka Howes With all heads accounted for, our little troop of 12 climbed aboard the clickety-clack coastal train to Faro, to enjoy the streets of the old town and soak up the atmosphere of the waterfront. Our first stop was at the Largo de Sé incorporating the Cathedral and its painted chinoiserie motifed organ, with notes that range from ‘echoing horn’ to a ‘nightingale’s song’, and the delightful view over Faro and the Ria Formosa from the bell tower. The walk around the town took us around the pedestrianized shopping streets and to our lunch break at Adega Nova where we all had

a delicious meal and a handy glass of wine to restore our systems to head for the next barrage of churches! We had a good look at Igreja São Pedro, with it’s 17th century altarpiece and Igreja Carmo, with its curious Chapel of Bones. The bones were taken from a Friars’ cemetery meant to highlight the and were meant to highlight the transience of life. We caught the afternoon train back to Lagos with no lost souls! It was a great group of people and we all had a lovely day out. Thank you everyone for coming and making it such an enjoyable journey.

Memory Walk By Marisse Mitchell This year’s ‘Memory Walk’ in aid of Alzheimer Portugal will be Sunday 21st September. Walk route and other details to be confirmed, and will be published here. In the meantime, please note the date if you are interested in taking part. I am also on the ‘lookout’ for any donations for the raffle afterwards, in the form of treatments, meals, drinks or any other items anyone can offer will be greatly appreciated.

social gathering at the home of one of our members in Espiche, taking place on Tuesday 20th May at 1pm. There will be food provided - just bring along something to drink. All existing or new members welcome, please contact me for details of the venue. For catering reasons, could you please let me know by lunchtime on Friday 16th May.

The next meeting of the Alzheimer’s self help and support group will be a

Contact: Or telephone: 961805909

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Ladies who lunch donation are taught how to look after money, shop, clean, do laundry, cook and many other skills that a lot of us take for granted.

Congratulations to the ladies lunch group ‘As Serranas’ who recently donated 700 euros to CASLAS – The Centro Assistência Social Lucinda Anino dos Santo. The money will go towards the repair of the roof at the children’s home in Lagos. Four of the group went to hand over the cheque and this is what they said: “At present up to 38 children and youths of two nationalities, between the ages of five and eighteen are housed at ‘Lar de Jovens’. This is a light and airy building where the children can look forward to a much brighter future than they would otherwise normally expect. The younger children attend school, and the older teenagers and young adults are taught life skills in preparation for their future. They

Market Update By Lena Strang

After the presentation we were shown around ‘Lar de Jovens’ and found the visit illuminating. The building has suffered somewhat during this winter and parts of the roof are not in good condition; but all the rooms and common areas were brightly painted and very welcoming. As it has a flat roof, it is in need of a lot of TLC (and money!) Work needs to be done to make the building watertight. This is costly and money is in short supply, hence our donation towards these costs. Please, if any reader can help with donations in kind, as well as money, volunteering or any other way, telephone 282 762 916 or email:” The photograph is of the presentation of this donation to the President of the Institution, Senhor Jose Antonio Carreirio and the Directa Tecnica, Senhora Sofia Albuquerque by four members of our group (Dorothy, Christine, Maggie and Marijke).

order to make way for industrial scale eucalyptus plantations. Natividade Correia, one of the campaign organisers said: “It is the first time that most of the market stallholders have ever done anything like this. This cause has united us and we are determined to fight on, for as long as it takes.”

Lagos market stallholders joined a national demonstration in Lisbon last month to protest about new rules being imposed by the Portuguese Government, requiring them to issue receipts for every purchase made and register for Finanças. A coach, loaned free of charge by Messines district, ferried the protesters to Lisbon to join a five thousand strong demonstration from all parts of Portugal. The message was loud and clear. Smallholders up and down the country want protection for family farming and exemption from regulations that will mean the death of local markets. Hundreds also protested about the government’s plans for selling off common land (baldíos), traditionally used for grazing cattle, in

10 |

Ready to be recruited? In a year important to Britain’s Military Heritage the Portuguese Branch of the Royal British Legion is seeking to expand its presence in the Algarve. 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War and the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings. Also, next year marks the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. Husband-and-wife team, Bob and Jacquie Collins from near Burgau, who have just been appointed secretary and chairman respectively of the Legion in Portugal, believe this is the perfect opportunity to raise its profile and perhaps increase its membership. Bob, a former Royal Military Police Warrant Officer declared: “We do have quite a strong presence in the Eastern Algarve but... if you’ll excuse the pun....we do feel the need for reinforcements on the ‘Western Front’. Along this stretch of the Algarve and the West Coast we number only a handful of people amongst the 318 members we do have in Portugal.” Jacquie, a financial lawyer, who hopes to organise a Gala Ball in June next year to celebrate the Battle of Waterloo anniversary, added: “We know large numbers of people these days have a real affinity and empathy for the armed forces and we would welcome them as valued members.” The Royal British Legion is entirely selfsufficient and self-funded and spends worldwide in excess of £1.4m per week on its health and welfare work for Service people, old and young, and their dependents.

The new regulations have already been adjourned four times but were due to come into force on the 30th April. At the time of going to press we have no further information about whether or when the government plans to introduce the regulations.

The Portuguese branch holds a monthly lunch in both the central and eastern Algarve and Bob and Jacquie now hope to begin a quarterly lunch in the West, if they can get the support of new members.

In order to see a film about the market and the demonstration in Lisbon, please go to Youtube and type in: ‘Levante market in Lagos”.

The Legion also holds social events in Lisbon, and recently the Madeira branch held a Gala Dinner.

You can also check the new Facebook page ‘Lagos Levante’.

Membership costs £20 or €24 per year and anybody wishing to “enlist” should contact Bob and Jacquie by e-mail on: or calling 282 698 614 The Membership Secretary Captain Tony Peters RN can be contacted directly by email at for full information.

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Madrugada News

12th International Sand Sculpture Festival - FIESA 2014

Our local charity, which supports people affected by life limiting illness from diagnosis to end of life, is planning a ‘One Stop Shop’ to meet all our personal nursing and healthcare needs at home – both short and long term. In addition, the shop will offer care equipment and health consumables. The shop will be based in Lagos under the trading name of Hibiscus. All profits from this service will be donated to the charity Madrugada. To get more information, please call the Luz office on 282 761 375 or email Also - Alison Blair, Executive President of Madrugada, wants to delegate some of her many responsibilities as the charity rapidly grows. She is looking for people competent in five key areas: business management/development, accounts/book keeping, organisation, administration and fundraising. Anyone wanting to make a real difference who is able to offer a few hours a week to assist this worthwhile project should contact Alison on 964 951 570 or Kathy 282 761 375.

Glorious Golf

FIESA is a mega sand sculpture exhibition, held annually in the Algarve, where 40,000 tons of sand are transformed into towering sculptures, carved according to a theme.

sculpture activities, games depicting the sculptures, outdoors video projections about the construction of FIESA editions and other spectacles.

This year FIESA dedicates itself for the second year to the theme of music, showing in the sand many of the timeless and universal musical idols, who are part of our collective universe.

The festival can be seen by day or by night when the sculptures are illuminated by colorful lights creating unexpected environments.

Carved by a group of artists from various parts of the world, the various pieces displayed reproduce, in a creative way, people, objects and scenes depicting the music. The exhibition is presented in an area of 15,000 m2, with some sculptures that reach twelve meters. The musical styles of various countries of the world, the origins of music and musical expression combined with other art forms such as dance, opera, circus, theater and film, are the themes that inspire the nearly seventy different scenes in sand.

FIESA also includes a playful dimension with a free space for sand sculpture activities, where adults, the youth and children can daily experience and show off their creative abilities. This festival is organized by ProSandArt, a company specialized in the production of ephemeral art, which aims to provide unforgettable moments and experiences in the enjoyments of new forms of artistic expressions. This is an event you can´t afford to miss… Amazing by day and by night!

Pantone 2748

Congratulations to the Boavista Interclub team (pictured) which has so far played five matches and won them all. The team is standing at the top of the table. The team is sponsored by Casas do Barlavento (CDB) and Intermarche Supermarket. The team shirts were provided by Paul Cotterell from CDB and presented to the captain Steve Collingwood.

12 |

Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Bono, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Freddie Mercury, Frank Zappa, Ray Charles, Pavarotti, Mozart and Amalia are some of the musicians to be found in sand, as well as various scenes dedicated to children. FIESA, besides being one of the largest sand sculpture exhibitions in the world, by the amount of sand it uses, is also a milestone in the career of the sculptors involved in its construction. This year FIESA explores new ways of interacting with the public through sand

FIESA 2014 exhibition is open to the public every day between May 25 and October 25: Between May 25 and June 27 from 10am until 22pm. Between June 28 and September 15 from 10am until Midnight. Between September 16 and October 25 from 10am until 8pm. The FIESA is an outdoor activity. Due to bad weather conditions, the organization will not be held responsible for any lack of technical conditions and/or any changes in the opening & closing times.

W W W . F U T U R E L I V I N G M A D E E A S Y. C O M

UK CHANNELS BACK ON YOUR TV 34 UK TV Channels, 17 UK Radio Stations & Free 14 day Catch-Up. Contact us to know more about our available UK TV Packages.

Call 282 770 080




N125 ß Lagos


Furniture World



Portimão à

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Crime in the Algarve lowest since 2001 By Safer Communities Algarve Welcome news for the Algarve is that preliminary crime statistics published by Direção-Geral da Política de Justica show that there were 23,060 recorded crimes in the Algarve in 2013, a decrease of 9.3% compared with 2012. This is the lowest since 2001 and is the 5th successive year that crime has decreased in the region. The national report indicates that in Portugal as a whole there were 376,336 crimes recorded, a decrease of 6.9% compared with 2012. Violent crime fell by a significant 9.5% to 20,147 cases. Despite the downturn in crime, once again theft from vehicles across the country was the highest reported crime at 29,654 cases and this together with theft of vehicles represents about 11.8% of all reported crime. Although most crime categories decreased, there were 27,318 cases of domestic violence where the victims were spouses, children or family members, an increase of 2.4% making it the second highest reported crime. The PSP and GNR recorded 31930 victims of domestic violence (81% were women) and 31,079 offenders (86% men). For the first time in four years however, robberies inside residences decreased; registering 848 cases compared to 995 in 2012. Household burglaries also decreased by 11.7% to 22197 cases. Bank, farmacia and gasoline station robberies were similar to 2012, but an increase of nearly 15% occurred on board public transport. Contrasting to this however, jewellery shop robberies decreased by 45.1%. Unsurprisingly, there was an increase in scams reported to police up by 759 to 12,287 cases and there were 1105 cases of bank fraud reported up by 267 cases. The number of homicides stood at 116 33 less than in 2012. Most of these involved family, friends or acquaintances. Continuing with their war on weapons, police seized a total of 5501 weapons during the year, 2012 more than in 2012. Crime in schools increased to 6353 cases up by 632, most of these involved aggression or theft. The Algarve Preliminary crime figures for the Algarve show that crime decreased in 11 oof the 16 municipalities, the exceptions being Vila do Bispo, Monchique, Lagos, Alcoutim and

14 |

Chicca charity update

Olhão where there were slight increases. The biggest decrease was in Vila Real de Santo António down 25%, followed by Silves down by 22%; Albufeira down 12.8% and Loulé where crime decreased by 11.8% to 3791 cases compared to 2012. The significant decreases in overall crime in some of the inner areas appears largely attributable to decreases in crimes against property, which includes burglaries, theft from vehicles and other thefts, where in Silves and Loulé combined showed a decrease of 20.2%. Crime against persons which includes assault, robbery and, domestic violence stood at 4327 cases compared with 4477 in 2012. In the Algarve crime against property constitutes 66% of overall reported crime compared with 53.7% for the country as a whole, but crime against persons is only 19% of total crime compared with 22.4% nationally. Geographically there tends to be more crime in the populated central areas of the Algarve. In the less populated eastern part of the region comprising Alcoutim, Tavira, Castro Marim and V.R.S António 2110 crimes were reported which is just 9.3% of the regions total. The reason why crime is decreasing is difficult to attribute to one single factor. During 2013 there have been a number of major successes in terms of police operations against criminal gangs and police commanders indicate that some overseas criminal elements have left the country. In terms of the Algarve, which is showing a more significant decrease in crime compared with the country as a whole, the likely reasons include: the increase in police personnel during the summer months; special programmes such as the GNR Safe Residence programme and the PSP Safe Destination programme together with greater awareness and preventative steps being taken by the community. More detailed information can be found on

After the success of the sale of her Easter hampers last month which raised an eggstraordinary €2600 for stray animals in the Lagos area, Chicca from Chicca’s Restaurant in Luz has decided to roll her fundraising campaign out throughout the year. From now on you’ll be able to buy one of her charity hampers whatever the season. Her next line is going to be summer gift sets which will include excellent artisan summer wines paired with summer holiday goodies ranging from natural skin products, handmade insect repellants, fun items for beach and much more! All of the money raised by Chicca will go directly to Western Algarve dog charities. The idea for Chicca’s campaign started when she adopted a black Labrador, Lottie, from the Lagos animal charity, Cadella Carlotta. Lottie came with Leishmaniasis, a debilitating, life-long infection. With the right medication and a good dose of TLC, life improved dramatically for Lottie and that made Chicca think about helping with preventative health measures at charity centres. Not only would the animals be healthier, but they are easier to re-home as healthy dogs, ready to become a member of a new family. The vet clinics in Lagos, Espiche and Odiáxere, as well as local domicilio vets already do work with the local animal charities and the municipal Canil. These local veterinarians are also working together to coordinate health programs for animal shelters, something that will help raise health levels of local animals. Chicca’s Restaurant is in Rua da Varzea in Luz. Call Chicca on 962 742 033. To make a donation or to buy a seasonal hamper please call Chicca on 962 742 033. We will keep you updated about how much Chicca raises.

Lagos - Espiche - Algarve w w w. t u r i s c a m p o . c o m Te l . 2 8 2 7 9 2 2 1 7


Buffet GPS N - 37º 06’ 04” W - 008º 43’ 56”




A 22

Buffet volante Grelhados

Especialidades Portuguesas cataplana, arroz de marisco, arroz de polvo.

A 22

a partir de 8,50€ N 125


N 537




N 537


Luz Porto De Mós

Facebook: TomorrowAlgarve | 15


New Centre Opens its Doors

The new residential centre of NECI is due to have its grand opening on the 2nd May at 4pm and will be attended by the Minster for Employment and Social Security and the Bishop of Algarve, D. Manuel Quintas. There will be a programme of entertainment by youngsters from NECI, Lagos Music Academy and Grupo Motard from Praia da Luz. According to the president of NECI, Eduarda Santos, the residential centre is a culmination of tremendous effort and determination, overcoming numerous hurdles on the way. Although it won’t be fully operational yet because of an agreement to be reached with Social Security, it is hoped it will be open for its clients later this year. The centre will cater for people with mental and/or physical disabilities whose families aren’t able to look after them temporarily or on a permanent basis. There is accommodation for 24 clients in two units of twelve, with a total of ten double and four single rooms. There is also a set of offices, medical room, living area and canteen amongst others. Facilities in the main centre next door will be utilized and individual programmes of support established. The work was financed by central government investment programme (PIDDAC) and the Municipal Câmaras of Aljezur, Lagos, Vila do Bispo and the local community. Eduarda Santos is unstinting in her praise for all efforts to help NECI: “I would like to thank readers of ‘Tomorrow’ and the foreign community generally for their continuous care and support. Right from the very beginning they have shown immense commitment for our cause and we wouldn’t be here today without it. I would like to invite you all to the opening or come for a visit and see our work for yourselves.”

16 |

Fala Português? By Lena Strang native languages in the Iberian Peninsula. When the country of Portugal was founded, it adopted its own particular Romance language, which became essentially Portuguese. The same Romance was also spoken in Galicia, northern Spain. It is interesting to note that even today people in Galicia and Portugal are able to communicate with each other without any problems. Did you know that Portuguese is the sixth most spoken language in the world with more than 250 million speakers on four continents? Apart from Portugal, it is an official language in several other independent countries: Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, East Timor, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique and São Tome and Príncipe. In 2010 Equatorial Guinea adopted it as their third official language and it has also official status in Macau, which is part of China. For a number of years The Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP) has dedicated a special day each year for celebrating the Portuguese Language across different continents. This year there will be a celebration with a historical twist: ‘Eight hundred Centuries of the Portuguese Language’, from the 5th May 2014 to 10th June 2015. It is believed that the first ever written document dates back to the ‘Testament of D. Afonso II’ written in 1214 - exactly 800 years ago. All the different countries of the CPLP are said to be gearing up for a veritable feast of language and culture during the coming year. Keep your eyes and ears peeled to what is happening here in Portugal! So, how did the Portuguese language come about and why does it occupy such an important place in the world? After the Roman invasion over 2000 years ago, Latin became established and finally replaced

In 1290 King Denis of Portugal created the first Portuguese University in Lisbon and decreed that Portuguese, then just called the ‘common language’ be known as Portuguese and should be used officially. As Portugal and Spain are situated on the periphery of Europe, the languages developed differently from the other Romance languages such as Italian and French. It is not difficult to work out how Portuguese became a world language. During the Age of Discoveries in the 15th and 16th centuries the language was taken to many regions of Africa, Asia and the Americas. Japanese still has many words of Portuguese origin, as there were close trade links. Portuguese was used in Sri Lanka for nearly 150 years and there are still clear vestiges of Portuguese heritage in Goa, as it was only ceded to India in 1961. Apart from being the official language in many countries, the estimated diaspora of about 10 million Portuguese around the world, makes it a language frequently encountered. Some members of the foreign community living in Portugal have a good working knowledge of the language. For others it may be more difficult to access, particularly as English is widely spoken in the Algarve. Despite difficulties, it is well worth persevering; from a few phrases, which are always well received, to an ability to participate more actively in local life. And of course, speaking Portuguese opens up whole new worlds - literally!

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LAZYJACKS Open from 8.00am Until Late Serving Food From 9am-9.30pm

FIND US ON THE GROUND FLOOR OF LAGOS MARINA Beautiful Views Of The Marina A Perfect Spot To Watch The World Go By

There´s something for everyone! Mouth Watering Food, Great Atmosphere and Fantastic Value


Free Beer, Free Food


Picanha (Rump) Steak

Freshly in aCooked Port WineFood Sauce


Fresh Fish— Papillote Style Great Service

Prime Location, GREAT FOOD, Free Wi-Fi All Live Sports shown on Large Screens, Pool Table, Large outside Terraces

Prime Location, All Live Sports shown on Large Screens, Free Wi-Fi, Exciting Salads Pool Table, Large outside Terraces For Lighter Lunches Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Menu,



Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Menu, Sunday Roasts, SPECIAL’s EVENINGS & Takeaway | 282 762 115 / 968 073 449

Chilli Langoustines And Lots More

Sunday Roasts, SPECIAL’s EVENINGS & Takeaway | 282 762 115 / 968 073 449

All Locally Sourced Fresh Vegetables & Meat From One Of The Best Butchers in Lagos

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WHAT’S ON Your PULL-OUT guide to events this month in the western Algarve

Western Algarve Secrets Red rock on the West

The town of Vila do Bispo is the gateway to a fabulous coast to its west. Castelejo and Cordorama are probably best known as the road leading north from the western end of the town takes you there. Instead, fork left as you leave the town, then second left and wind up to the plateau that leads to a cliff track and beaches well known to surfers but often overlooked by others. Plunge down to Ponta Ruiva (Lat:37° 4’3.77”N.

By Clive Goodacre

Long: 8°57’52.95”W) notable for its pyramid shaped red rock and sweeping bay. Drivable all the way to the beach with care, but a 4x4 is best - although a mountain bike is even better! Don’t forget that we would be delighted to read about your Western Algarve Secrets. Email us at:

Dance World Cup This year’s international dance competition is being held in Arade, in the Algarve from Sunday June 29th to Saturday July 5th 2014, and will welcome over 3,000 children and young people aged from four to 25, taking part in the event. Competitors from 20 different countries, including Australia, England, Germany, Japan, Malaysia and Portugal, will delight audiences with their dances, ranging from Ballet to Hip Hop and Jazz Dance, as well as Modern, Song & Dance and National dancing. The Dance World Cup is organised by a team of dance experts in Jersey, which is part of

the United Kingdom. It is thought to be the largest dance competition in the world, for students who attend private dance schools. The event is open to the public and there will be two Gala evening performances featuring the winners of the various classes. The Under 13’s Gala will be on Wednesday July 2nd and the finale will be on July 5th. Tickets can be bought in advance for both Galas and more information about the competition, and how to buy tickets, can be found at

Facebook: TomorrowAlgarve | 19

WHAT’S ON - Weekly calendar Weekly Any day-Horse Riding for Beginners | All ages - €15 Call Gail for times and more info: 917758404

Tuesdays (Continued...) 10.30am -12pm 4.15- 6.00pm

Computer Classes with Teresa | 917758404 | Lagos Mon, Wed, Thurs & Sat

Swimming Lessons with Yvonne Fisher | €40 x 4 sessions | Boavista Golf Resort | 917 953 914

Chanting Circle Mantras & Songs with Ariane 13 & 27 May: 6.30pm - 8pm, Burgau 12th May: 11am - 12.30pm, Bombeiros, Aljezur Call: 962 962 410

22-28th May

Hip Hop Dance | Move-Ment Dance School, Lagos Info & more classes: 913832335

6 - 7pm 6.30 - 7.30pm

Circuit Class: Lagos, Shinobi Academy | 916 033 004 Urban Freestyle Dance with Sander | 282764224 Kapa Dois Center, Lagos

Monthly 12, 13 & 27 May

Yoga Classes with Ann: 913 202 621 | €8 | Burgau


Circuit Classes with Ann: 913 202 621 | €8 | Burgau


Singing with Brendan | 1st class FREE | 969870371

8.30pm - late

Live music: Luis bar, Lagos | 282 769 147 (& Thur/ Fri)

From 9pm

Live music: The Pigs Head, Burgau | Call: 282 697 315

Retreat/ Workshop in SoulCollage with Linda Woolfson | Monte Rosa, Barao S. Joao


More info: 282 687 002 |

9 & 10.30am (1hr)

9 & 10.30am (1hr)

Pilates Classes with Lisa: Call 933 714 178

9.30 - 10.30am

Yoga Classes with João | €9 | Casa Sakra, Lagos

10am - 12pm

10 - 11am

Tai Ji Quan -Beginners | Barão S. João €8 | 919 718 955 Zumba Class with Linda: Call 918 461 840 €6 | Alma Verde |

5.30 - 7pm

6 - 7pm

Swimming Club for over 7’s with Yvonne | €20 p/m Boavista Golf Resort | 917 953 914

7.30 - 9pm 6.30 - 7.30pm

Capoeira: Kapa Dois Center, Lagos | 282764224 Teen Jazz: Move-Ment Dance School, Lagos 913832335 |


4.30 -5.30pm

Ballet | Move-Ment Dance School Lagos | 913832335


Tone Zone | €6 | Alma Verde Studio | 926 353 452

6 - 7pm

Swimming Club for Adults with Yvonne | €20 p/m Boavista Golf Resort | 917 953 914

Football Academy 10-15yrs: Burgau Sports Centre Tel: 282 697 350 | €4

Yoga Classes with Maria: €40 p/month | Lightroom,


Pub Quiz FREE: Kelly’s Irish Bar, Luz | 282 788 631


Live Music: Lazjacks Bar, Lagos Marina | 282 761 384 (Also Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday)

Yoga Classes with Ann | €8 | Burgau | 913 202 621

6 - 8.30pm

K9 Dog training with Luis: Call 964 083 602


Yoga with Simona | €9 | InLight, Lagos | 914 182 043


Quiz Night | McCabe’s Irish Bar, Lagos | 915 820 215

9.30pm- Late (& Sat)

8.30am - 1pm & Thurs

Equipment Classes with Lisa | Pilates Room, Lagos

9.30 - 12.30am

Art Group | €15 | Barao S. Joao | 912 266 835

9.30- 10.30am

Pilates with Monica | €5 | Spa Santo António, Budens

1 Hr | Drop-in | 926 514 613



Hatha Yoga with Claire | €7 drop in, €6 reg. Monte Rosa Barao S. Joao | 965292540

10.30am 12.30pm

Stain Glass Classes with Dianne | €10 | Espiche 919 117 108 | & Thursday 2-4pm

20 |

Late Karaoke | Luis Bar Lagos | 282 769 147

Thursdays 9.30- 10.30am

Bodypush with Monica: Parque da Floresta, Budens €5 | Call 915038184


Ladies Golf & Coffee Morning with PGA Professional Peter Lester | €25 | Espiche Golf | 282 688 250

Tuesdays 7.30-8.30am & Thurs Zazen Meditation | Nr Barão S. João | 919 718 955

Gymnastik | €7 | Hotel Bellavista | 965 211 996

6.30 - 8pm

Lagos | 964 526 979 7.30-9.15pm

Open Door: Open Door...for everyone to pop in International Community Church, Lagos | 282 086 804

Call: 91 541 0702/ 10am - 12pm

Zumba with Monica | €5 | Spa Santo António, Budens | 915038184

€9 | Pilates Room Lagos | 9 - 10.30am

Pilates Classes with Lisa: Call 933 714 178 €9 | Pilates Room Lagos |


10.30am -12pm

Yoga Classes with Ann: 913 202 621 | €8 | Burgau

11 - 12pm

NIA Dance & Fitness | €7 Alma Verde | 965768891

3-7pm & Wed 2pm

E-Drum Lessons with Wale | Lagos | 282764224 Yoga for Backs | Barao S. Joao | 965292540

4.30 -6.30pm

Mixed Dance | Dance School, Lagos | 913832335

5.30 - 7pm

Tai Ji Quan with Carl (Advanced) | Barão São João €8 | 919 718 955


Pilates with Lisa | Burgau Sports Centre | 282 697 350

6.15 - 7.15pm

Circuit Classes with Ann: 913 202 621 | €8 | Burgau


Touch Rugby | Burgau Sports Centre | Call: 933713867

WHAT’S ON Fridays 11am - 12pm

Dog Obedience/Agility with Margaret/Albertina €25 x 4 sess. | Odiaxere | Call 968 086 320

12.45 - 2pm 4.30 -6.30pm

Yoga classes with Sue | €7 | 915233504 Tap Dance: Move-Ment Dance School, Lagos 913832335 |

5:30 - 6:30pm 6 - 7 pm 6.45-7.45pm


Multi-award winning luxury estate agents in 275 locations worldwide

Modern Jazz Dance | Lagos | 282764224 Meditation Time | Casa Sakra, Lagos | 915410702 Salsa & Latin moves with Rosita | €5 (trial class) €50 x 8 cl. | Marina Club Hotel, Lagos | 916718513

6 - 7.30pm

Adult 5-A-Side Football | Burgau Sports Centre €3 | 282 697 350

7.30 - 9.15pm

Kirtan (Mantras) Circle | 914 523 636 | Figueira


Karaoke | Windies, Praia da Luz | 961736455


Pub Quiz FREE: Kelly’s Irish Bar, Luz | 282 788 631

From 9.30pm

Quiz Night | The Pigs Head, Burgau | 282 697 315


Live Music - ‘Mashups’ | The Lighthouse, Lagos Marina | 282 762 115 / 968 073 449

10pm - 1.30am

Karaoke | Bar Paris | Lagos | 918 660 457

Saturdays 10 - 11am

Dance Morning | Burgau Sports Centre 913832335 |

4 - 5pm

K9 Dog Training with Luis: €50 per month Twice a week | Lagos | 964 083 602

4 - 5pm

Dog Obedience/Agility with Margaret/Albertina €25 x 4 sess. | Odiaxere | 968 086 320

5 – 6pm

Oriental dance classes with Célia | Casa Sakra, Lagos | €9 | 91 541 0702/

9.30pm - Late

Karaoke (& Wed) | Luis Bar Lagos | 282 769 147

Sundays 8.30pm

Blues, Jazz Music | Luis Bar Lagos | 282 769 147

Selling your Property? Instruct us, and watch our award-winning marketing strategy in action Fine & Country is proud to offer its sellers an unbeatable promotional strategy which was recognised in 2013 by the International Property Awards for the 5th year running, having won the award for The Best Real Estate Agency Marketing. Here in the Algarve, as part of Fine & Country's international network of over 275 offices, we offer our vendors comprehensive marketing combining online, press advertising and PR, with an expanding network of offices and associates throughout the region. Our staff speak English, Portuguese, German and French.

Please advise: of items and events you may wish to have in our monthly calendar IT’S FREE OF CHARGE

West Algarve | Ocean & Country Lda. | AMI No 5653 Praia da Luz office: Rua Direita 44, 8600-160 Luz, Lagos | +351 282 771 007 Lagos office | Avenida dos Descobrimentos 43F, 8600-645 Lagos | +351 282 771 007 Central Algarve | Fino Propriedades Lda. | AMI No 9767 Carvoeiro office: Rua do Barranco, Bloco 11/111, Loja 70, Praia do Carvoeiro, 8400-569 Lagoa | +351 282 354 140 | | Facebook: TomorrowAlgarve | 21


Faro Blues

Concordis Quartet The Costume Museum in São Brás de Alportel is holding a concert by Guitar Quartet, Concordis, on Saturday, May 10th. The Concordis Quartet presents a composition called As Cores Do Som (The Colours of Sound).

Vivian Performs

Teatro Lethes will present the first Faro Blues – an International Festival of Blues in Faro from May 23 to 24 - putting the capital of the Algarve firmly on the map for these type of musical festivals. This event is carried out in partnership with AmbiFaro, RUA FM´s radio program “Bluesmente Falando”, Blind Note and the Câmara Municipal de Faro, and aims at promoting this musical style, known as the Father of Rock, and almost all contemporary music. The event costs 8 euros for one day and 12 euros for two days. Tickets are available at the ticket office 90 minutes before the beginning of the show, and at AmbiFaro (Mercado Municipal de Faro 1st floor) weekdays from 9am until 5pm. You can also reserve tickets by telephone on 289 897 250. For more information please visit

Animal Magic

On Saturday, May 3rd, the eve of the release of her 4th album “New Day”, Viviane invites you to join her for a very special performance at Figuras Theatre in Faro. During this concert Vivian will perform some of her previous hits as well as new material including her new single ‘From Chiado to the Pier’ Owner

Supper Club This month’s Supper Club will take place at Frescos in Lagos on May 8th. The menu will include summer vegetable soup, homemade salmon fishcakes or three cheese and chive

Rural Retreat This month there is the chance to sign up for a SoulCallage Retreat right here in the Algarve. SoulCollage® is a life-enhancing combination of enjoyable creative collagemaking and gentle self-discovery. Two instructors, Kat Kirby and Linda Woolfson, will lead the retreat which takes place between May 22nd and May 28th. To find

The Concordis Quartet offers a group of musical pieces with notes from Carmen by Bizet, Re M by Vivaldi, Blue Ocean Echo/ Country Gentleman by Chet Atkins, Dances by Praetorius, La Vida Breve by Manuel de Falla among others. The performance starts at 7pm. For more details please call 966 329 073.

of one of the most charismatic voices in Portugal, this special evening promises to be a beautiful encounter between music and poetry where Vivian surrenders herself heart and soul in a fabulous performance. The concert starts at 9.30pm and tickets are now on sale. Please call 289 888 100 for more details.

tart and there will be a chocolate and raspberry brownie with vanilla ice cream. The cost is 10 euros per person and it starts at 7.30pm. Please call Vanessa on 913733684 to book a place.

out more about SoulCollage please go to or www.facebook. com/soulcollage. If you want to get more information about the retreat please email or Linda Woolfson at with any questions. The retreat is taking place at the Monte Rosa

Time to get jigging?

The APAA (the Association for the Protection of Animals in the Algarve) is holding its Spring Fair on May 10th to raise money from 12.30pm to 4pm in Alan and Pat’s garden near Armação de Pêra. There will be various stalls including Jam, Marmalade & Chutney, Books, Handmade Cards, Bric-a-Brac,Plants, Cakes and a Tombola. Light lunches and drinks will be available. Entry is free, and all proceeds will go to the APAA. For directions to Alan and Pat’s house please contact Alan on 918 550 355 or email:

22 |

Irish dancing lessons are now available in Lagos, thanks to the FBC School of Irish Dance. The weekly classes are taking place at the Pilates Room in Lagos. The School of Irish Dance is also offering yoga classes at the same venue.

For more information please go to: or email and you can call 925561640

Dine & Dance



Luisâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s BAR

Situated close to the Tivoli Hotel Great Bar & Restaurant, Live music

Near Lighthouse, Praia Dona Ana

Tel: 282 769 147

Tel: 282 761 279

Tel: 282 761 731

New for 2013 with A+ Energy Rating Light your garden this spring

Brilliant lighting even in the smallest garden Choose from our wide range of garden lights create stunning and exquisite effects. Design service available we can work with your gardener or landscaping specialist

Tel Mob: 937 084 991

Facebook: TomorrowAlgarve | 23


Rotary Regatta This year Rotary Club Estoi Palace International is hosting a series of events in aid of a Breast Screening project on behalf of the Algarve Oncology Association (AOA). The first event is the The Blevins Franks Annual Rotary Regatta on May 31st followed by the Monte Rei Annual Golf Tournament on August 30th. The idea is to help improve breast screening facilities in the Algarve. The Blevins Franks

Abstract Art The abstract art of González Bravo is being exhibited at the Vale do Lobo Art Gallery in partnership with the prestigious São Mamede Gallery, from April 17th until July 2nd. A series of dramatic and intriguing paintings by this acclaimed Iberian artist have been brought to the gallery and offer visitors the chance to experience some of the latest examples from this well established

Model art Annual Rotary Regatta on May 31st will take place in Vilamoura and you take part by bringing a sail boat (no registration fee needed), provide advertisement of your business from just €50 (1/4 page on event´s leaflet) or by attending the BBQ (at CIMAV´s & Urban Beach facilities) that will follow the regatta.

Weekly drawing sessions with a life model are taking place at Kasia Wrona’s gallery at the Marina de Lagos. The classes take place every Monday between 11 and 1pm. Please call Kasia if you are interested in getting more detail or signing up on 916035308.

For more details about the event please contact Rotary Estoi Club at

Teens and under, tee off

and highly regarded artist first hand. The selection of paintings on display, showcase the unique talent that González has for balancing the abstract with elements of realism to create pieces that are not only striking in appearance but memorable in their effect on the viewer. The gallery is open Monday to Friday from 10am until 7pm and admission is free. For more information please email or call 289 353 327

Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre Found dead - one of the guests at the shooting party held by Lord and Lady Muck up at the Manor - was it an accident or is it murder? Police are poised to spring into action to discover the truth in Aperitivo Performance Group’s new Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre presentation: The Shooting Party. Certainly the dead man had a number of enemies amongst the population of the local village - Lord Muck couldn’t stand him, his wife appeared to be nervous of him even young Master Jeremy, who invited him to the event, seemed to thoroughly dislike him! And then there are the villagers - poor Mrs. Blenkinsop, wife of the Major, is strangely upset by seeing a ‘strange man’ in the street, and Miss Rebecca Resentful knows him as the lover who recently cast her aside like a worn out glove. Miss Prunes and Miss Prism at the local library observe - and gossip about - it all! As can you if you come along to one of Aperitivo’s performances. Set in the 1920s, audiences will enjoy 40 minutes’ of hilarious theatre and can then chew over the clues during dinner. After dinner comes the denouement, and the selection of one lucky, prize-winning

24 |

member of the audience whose keen intellect unmasked the guilty party. If you have an appetite for crime, reserve a seat at one of the following performances of Aperitivo’s The Shooting Party: Friday 23rd May at the Holiday Inn Algarve, Armação de Pêra; on Saturday 24th May at Moncarapacho Casa do Povo; on Friday 30th May at Clube de Tavira, Tavira and on Saturday 31st May at the Museum in São Brás. For more information please contact: or call 967 227 473

The Paul McGinley Golf Academy, located in Quinta do Lago, Almancil is hosting a series of holiday programs suitable for beginners and advanced players from 5 to 18 years of age. For beginners the programme will include fun activities for all ages to create a dynamic and entertaining environment to introduce youngsters to golf and increase coordination levels and skills. For the advanced players the program will consist of an intensive training program for juniors looking to improve their game. McGinley’s team of professionals will pass on tour experience and the knowledge that one needs to reach ambitious targets. Full swing, short game, fitness and mental game skills will be developed to build up a complete golfer. For full details of what is included in these holiday camps, dates and cost please email: or call 289 394 368

Musical Classics The Orchestra Clássica do Sul premieres the “American Music Cycle” at the Municipal Theatre of Faro, Figuras, on Sunday, May 11th. The orchestra, in partnership with the Jazz Orchestra of Algarve, under the direction of Hugo Alves, will play music by Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé, Robbie Williams and Natalie Cole. For a wonderful hour of wonderful music don’t forget May 11th at Figuras Theatre! Performance starts at 6pm. Tickets are on sale for €8. Please call: 289 888 100 for more details.

Holiday Property Owners â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Empty Weeks? Want to get more bookings & make money from your holiday home? Request your free book by holiday lettings expert Wendy Shand, packed with practical and proven tips and advice to increase your inquiries, bookings and letting season. For more details contact Helen Jones: +351 282 760 548 | |

CN COMO NOVO high quality second hand furniture

Check out our new Stock! Debbie (+351) 965 193 458 Ann (+351) 965 193 443

Showroom in Lagos - EN125 next door to Furniture World Facebook: TomorrowAlgarve | 25


Pets Mate

By Lars Rahmquist

May. Maybe yes, maybe no…if you’ll pardon a tenuous sedgeway to this month’s article on routine health checks. All readers will be familiar with these checks, either your own or family members. Finding a problem before it presents itself (sometimes catastrophically) is always in your interest, be it with your car or your dog. At the Lagos Vet Clinic, we have created a number of in-house health programs. Firstly, there is the Geriatric Pet Plan. This involves health screens via blood tests and ultrasound examination. These can find early signs of problems like cancer and kidney disease. On several occasions we have found splenic tumours on routine exams and been able to deal with them before they cause life-ending problems. Membership in the pet plan is free and packages consist of differing tests, worming and dietary products and free advice on geriatric diseases.

Other Pet Plan groups include the Obesity Club. Without being funny, obesity takes its toll on your pet’s body. Diseases laid more prone in obese animals include Diabetes, Pancreatitis, Skin infections and, of course any animal with arthritis or back problems will suffer more with every blobby step. Pet owners know (and on a personal note, love) how ‘young’ dogs and cats are, playing almost till the day they die. An obese cat or dog might be cosy on the sofa but perhaps there are things in his life he’s missing out on (yes, or hers too of course). Also there are Pet Plans for animals with life-long conditions. These come in for regular monitoring, so that if anything deteriorates, we can get on top of it early If you want to discuss health screens which might diagnose something early OR help you sleep easier, call in to the clinic. Finally: ticks, mosquitos and fleas are out…zzzz.

Arthritis? – Pilates to the Rescue! By Lisa Longhurst Pilates can help people with arthritis in many ways. It reduces joint pain and stiffness by increasing flexibility, muscle strength, cardiac fitness and endurance. It can also help with weight reduction and contribute to an improved sense of well-being. Pilates focuses on breathing during movement, which results in better circulation around the joints, which carries nourishment and moisture to the joint for better functioning and healing.

Arthritis means joint inflammation and affects about half of all people over the age of 65. When a joint is inflamed, it appears red, swollen, warm and tender to the touch and the joint also will lose function. Medications can reduce inflammation and pain but for the last 20 years, the Arthritis Foundation has recommended ‘movement as the best medicine’. Arthritis sufferers are often reluctant to engage in physical activity because of pain or fear of pain, fear of worsening symptoms or damaging joints. The problem is that rest and lack of exercise or activity may lead to muscular atrophy and a decrease in joint mobility, which is precisely why exercise is now recommended.

26 |

Pilates movements are not quick (i.e. tennis) or high impact (i.e. jumping or running). The movements are smooth and controlled with no impact and are therefore safe on the joints. The Pilates Room Lagos offer a range of classes on both mats and on equipment and classes attract both men and women. If your pain is too much to lie on a mat then a range of sitting exercises can be designed specifically for you in our specialized equipment studio. And you can always be assured of homework to keep you mobile during the rest of the week! For more details, please call: 926 514 613

What is Nutritional Therapy? Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutritional science in the promotion of health, peak performance and individual care. Practitioners use a wide range of tools to assess and identify potential nutritional imbalances and understand how these may contribute to an individual’s symptoms and health concerns. Nutritional Therapy is recognized as a complementary medicine and is relevant for individuals with chronic conditions, as well as those looking for support to enhance their health and wellbeing. Hannah Sharpe de Rosa of Algarve Nutrition aims to provide practical, realistic and achievable advice and is a firm believer that with knowledge and support anyone can take control of their health. Some examples of the myriad of conditions she sees in clinic are chronic fatigue, pre diabetes, type 2 diabetes, unexplained infertility, menopause, arthritis, osteoporosis, digestive issues and weight problems. Nutritional Therapy is not a replacement for standard medical advice and Hannah works alongside GPs and other healthcare practitioners. Hannah is a fully accredited Nutritional Therapist having completed 5 years of clinical training at the University of West London, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Therapy. She is a member of the British Association of Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and is committed to their high standards of continued professional development & professional conduct. Please go to or call 914 950 740 for more details

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Do you have a ‘drug problem’? PART 2 By Niki Medlock Your doctor should know ALL the medicines you take, or have taken, and your reaction to them. Drug interactions are becoming common and serious problems as more medicines are produced and more people take multiple medications. How can you help your doctor provide optimum care through prescribing medication? » List all medications taken - prescription, over-the-counter, vitamins and supplements. » Tell your doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, are on a special diet (low salt /sugar) , are allergic to any medications, food or other substances. » Take medication as prescribed, at the right time and for the length of the treatment, ensuring the body maintains the correct therapeutic levels. For example: antibiotics - many times patients improve after 3-4 days and stop them prematurely. However, small amounts of bacteria can survive and again multiply and spread. » If you are not happy with, or don’t understand the need to take medication, don’t stop or alter it - speak to your doctor. (Unless it’s an allergic reaction, in which case stop immediately and contact your doctor! » Oral medication usually reaches effective therapeutic levels within 1-2 days. Sometimes patients come to Luzdoc the day after starting antibiotics not feeling any better and want to know why the drugs aren’t working! Some medications are dangerous to stop abruptly, for example, steroid treatment effectively ‘switches off’ natural steroid production - vital for control of heart rate, blood pressure, salt and water balance. Stopping suddenly means the body is without its natural steroids for several days before they ‘switch on’ again. If in doubt, consult your doctor about medication as it‘s an important part of your health care and you are in control of correct administration to get maximum benefits.

Joy of Life through Chanting by Ariane Jaya During life many people develop a certain fear of singing, because family or school teachers planted in them not useful beliefs like “you cannot sing” or “rather be quiet”. These beliefs are in the system and we somehow cling to these stories. Others have had grief or suffered a trauma and therefore are affected by sadness or even depression. For me singing and chanting revealed to be life saving! Over five years ago, I had a burn accident. I received skin transplants and suffered many scars. Thank to regular treatments and exercises over a period of two years, I got quite good results on the physical level considering the seriousness of the injury, and I can now deal with the consequences. After the physical recovery, I still felt the impact of the trauma. I tried out many different methods to overcome the trauma, and for me it revealed to be mainly dedicated and devotional Mantra chanting that connected me with the “Great Unchanging Permanent” – or simply made me feel happy and “at home”. Chanting has got an enormous healing potential: Singing awakens the heart. Through singing we get access to our true self; we feel at home with ourselves. Through chanting all perceived barriers dissolve.

Everyone is welcome to sing together in the Chanting Circle where we use different guitars, an Indian harmonium and there are various percussion instruments to join in. There is no knowledge needed. It is not about perfection but to experience joy, wholeness and connection. Mantras & Songs The sanskrit words are not just any words – they have a holy meaning, express respect of the nature, or just joy of life. We also sing healing songs from many different cultures (native Indian, English, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Arab, African…) In Burgau: every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month at 6.30pm NEW: from May the Chanting Circle Burgau will be on 2nd and 4th Friday of the month! In Aljezur: every 2nd Monday of the month at 11am The next Chanting Circles will take place at the Burgau Yoga Place on May 9th and 23rd at 6.30pm and on the first floor at the Bombeiros in Aljezur on May 12th at 11am. For more details please call 962 962 410 or email: Ariane’s website is:

Miracle in a glass? By Meri Hanlin Coconut water is an all-natural, superhydrating, fat-free, cholesterol-free, nutrient packed, potassium stacked, megaelectrolyte drink. A few facts about this amazing beverage: » It keeps the body cool and at the right temperature (perfect for summer!) » It orally rehydrates your body. It is an all natural isotonic beverage which makes it a necessity for those who work outdoors in the summer or work out in the gym. » It carries nutrients and oxygen to cells. » It raises your metabolism thus promoting

» It cleanses your digestive tract. Besides helping to remove toxins from the body and aiding digestion, coconuts have amazing anti-viral, anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties. As to that hang-over I mentioned...NOTHING rehydrates like it and I have seen quite a few sore heads feel brand new in less than an hour...without having to take a pill. If you work in the heat; work out in the gym or if you simply want a refreshing ‘good for you’, delicious, metabolism boosting drink or have had that ‘one too many’ cocktails then coconut water is just what the doctor should have ordered!

healthy weight loss. Niki Medlock is head nurse at

28 |

» It boosts the immune system.

Pop in to see Meri at Harmony Earth in Praia da Luz.


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A unique experience I have to admit at the outset – I am already a fan of Guida Vieira. Last year I wrote about a massage I had with her. I recently went back to Guida to try out her Reconnective Healing. It was a totally unique experience for me. First of all I guess I need to try to explain what Reconnective Healing is – I will give it a go but if you are looking for an expert then please talk to Guida herself.

By Julie Battersby

You can ultimately get relief from pain and be in a profoundly relaxed state and while having the therapy, the body is repairing itself! This is how the experts describe it: “The purpose of Reconnective Healing is, in essence, the healing of a temporary health challenge, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or any other level. The result is often immediate relief and spontaneous remissions, i.e, to restore balance to the patient’s physical or emotional state. “

It affects you physically and emotionally, Reconnective Healing is a composition of frequencies and works on our DNA. It brings light, information and energy to your body and realignes the Axiotonal Lines (energy lines that trespass the whole Universe and beings, and that are someway related to acupuncture points and the Meridian lines).

I have to say that I started off feeling sceptical but now I have had my own unique experience myself.

Guida’s role is to act as a catalyst bringing the client and the healing frequencies together, giving you a sense of well being.

Call Guida on 914554674 or email

The therapy was calming, relaxing and later I felt re-energised, I also found that it seemed to clear my neck pain. I really did feel amazing afterwards. So, why not put your scepticism to one side and give it a try.

Fore! By Daniel Keane after your game. Start with a brisk walk - 10 to 15 minutes should do it. Then do some light stretching. Stay hydrated Drink plenty of fluids before, during and after your game. Remember that once you are thirsty, you are already starting to dehydrate.

One of the keys to success on the golf course can’t be found at the pro shop. It’s the physical condition of the golfer. Pain shouldn’t be par for the course. Stay healthy and in the game by protecting your spine. When you consider the spinal rotation that goes into a typical golf swing and the fact that the speed of the club can reach 160 km/hour, it’s easy to understand that golf puts significant stress on the body.

Push, don’t carry, your golf bag Pushing or pulling your bag and taking turns riding in a cart can help you prevent back injury. If you prefer to carry your clubs, use a double-strap bag that evenly distributes the weight. If your bag gets too heavy, put it down and take a break. Choose the right shoes Wearing a golf shoe with good support and the proper fit can help prevent knee, hip and lower back pain.

Follow these tips to improve your game and prevent injury.

Take lessons The right swing technique can do more than improve your game. It can also spare you unnecessary pain. Working with a professional is a great way to learn the basics. Focus more on form and less on power.

Warm up and warm down Take a few minutes to stretch before and

To make an appointment with Daniel please call Eugenia on 282 768 044.

30 |

Chiropody Corner By Owain Harris

Summers here, hooray! But what is this? What has happened to my feet during the winter months? Talk about out of sight, out of mind. Dry skin, discoloured nails, redness, itchiness and sore areas, no wonder we are not lovers of the feet. Well, panic not. I will now give you some insider tips on how to get your feet back in good order for the summer. I apologize to all chiropodists and podiatrists for any loss of business. 1. Nails first. Before reaching for the nail varnish, first some nail TLC. Trim your nails nice and short and apply neat Tea-Tree oil to the nails for two weeks to strengthen them and reduce damaging pathogens. Now you can choose your summer color, will it be harlot red or sultry purple? 2. Now the hard skin. Buy a sanding block and some 150 grade sandpaper from your local hardware store. When your feet are nice and dry, before showers or bath, sand away any hard skin. This does not have to be done in one session, little and often over two weeks is the key. 3. Now to combat any nasties that have used the hot, moist environment of your closed shoes to set up home. Buy some cotton wool balls and some neat alcohol from the chemist. Every morning for two weeks wipe your feet with alcohol soaked cotton balls, top, bottom and between toes. 4. Now for the finishing touch. Cream those babies! Then every day for two weeks cream your feet, avoiding between your toes. Well done! Your feet are ready. And most important of all, be kind to me when you see me begging for change because all my clients are looking after their own feet. For any other foot advice you can contact Owain at the Lagos Foot Clinic on Tel. 911 967 586

Confused by Google AdWords?

We can help Call us today on 308 80 25 25 for a free consultation (+351)

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Is long let the answer? By David Westmoreland During the darker days of the recession, the UK estate agency market underwent a huge change. Long term let became the only way the agents could either stay in business or at least make some money. The split in their businesses changed from around 95% property sales to 70% rentals and 30% sales over just a few months. This resulted in an explosion of rental agents all over the UK, whether you were in London or even some of the more provincial towns in the north. So how is the long let market developing in the Algarve? Remember, the market here is very different than in the UK. For starters we have a summer period where property owners can earn the same rental money for one week as they could earn in a month on a long let. This also means that the owner can use the property themselves and also cover a large proportion of their running costs. The buy to let market has stalled due to poor lending rates, investors looking for more secure options and the price falls experienced over the last few years. However, we are seeing the long let market grow month on month. OK, we do have a

superb location on the main Avenida but we receive at least 10 enquiries per week from clients simply walking into the office as well as several enquiries per week from the internet. Our problem is not finding rental clients, it is finding properties to rent long term. So is long term letting of your property right for you? If your property is not selling and you cannot move on the price, it may be worth looking at either a long let of 1-2 years or a winter let where you can at least see some rewards from your investment. If you are not using the property as much as you used to, it may be worth renting it out until the market improves and you can then sell it on. Long term lettings are now a fixture within our market place. More and more people want to try before they buy, clients who need to have a Portuguese address for tax reasons under the new NHR regime or people who simply cannot afford to buy here in the Algarve but still want to live here. In short, there are plenty of rental clients and not a lot of properties. If long term renting appeals to you please contact me on: to discuss how we can help you.

Simple to install - simple to operate UK TV Portugal’s system has no contract so you can switch your subscription on and off if you do not live here full time. We offer 1, 3, 6, or 12 month packages; something to suit all needs, these options make it ideal for residents, rental properties and holiday homes. We also offer a full installation service by our team of engineers.

LIVE UK TV – plug your internet cable straight into our box, you connect to your TV - switch the box on and watch TV live, also 7 day catch up. This does not require masking of your IP address or complicated set ups that have to be installed by engineers. We can show you how to do this yourself or we do offer an installation service. UKTV Portugal are pleased to offer over 40 UK TV channels including all your favourites - BBC, ITV, Channel 4 Channel 5 plus much more. Changing channels is as easy as you do with your Sky/Freesat controller – nice and simple.

32 |

My date with a dream boat By Julie Battersby

Built in 1961 the Motor Yacht Funchal was recently refurbished in record time – 67 days in fact and was back in commission last year. It now provides an intimate cruise to suit a wide range of interests. There are a variety of cruises to choose from during the year from ‘Body and Soul’ cruises to Morrocco to 10 or 11 night cruises to the Norwegian fjords as well as fabulous trips into the Mediterranean with many exciting places to visit. We enjoyed a balmy evening on board the M/Y Funchal while it was docked in Portimão with very attentive and friendly staff. The ship has a real charm, with many facilities on board that you would expect on a much larger vessel, including a swimming plunge pool and wonderful deck areas to rest and relax on. There is an internet area, a library, games room, children’s area, good equipment on the gym/wellness deck and a smoking room. The main lounge is roomy and has very good light. There are lovely dining areas, a piano bar and a theatre room for evening shows which has been very tastefully upholstered, making this a great place to sit comfortably and watch the floor show.

Our customers love the fact we have a physical presence and are always available. It’s important to us not to only offer a quality product, at an extremely competitive price, but also a full after sales service, this is essential when marketing any product.

Our evening’s entertainment depicted stages of history from Brazil starting from the Vaso De Gama travels onto Carman Miranda songs and Fado folklore with a touch of football. The performers were extremely talented with very enegetic dancers. The evening meal we had was full of the wonderful flavours of Portugal and the house wine a delight. The waiters were very professional and kept our table serviced well. We can say the whole dining experience onboard was a joy.

We have our engineers in Lagos covering the area from Lagoa to Sagres.

Wish I could have just sailed away there and then...

Call 916 42 55 22 or call in to the PC Centre Lagos for a demonstration.

Call PDM travel to make your plans: 282 782 078.

As an established IT company (SBA Computers) we have been serving the Algarve for over 4 years from our shop and showroom in Sao Bras de Alportel.

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Get networking

Honesty is always the best policy By Tom Henshaw

The next ‘Tomorrow’ network meeting will be on May 12th at 5.30pm at Quay Lagos on Lagos Marina.

For the last two years my car has been serviced and maintained by Russell Clark at the English garage in Chinicato.

This will be the last network meeting until September. In the meantime please let us know your ideas and suggestions for our future meetings.

The car broke down having recently been fitted, at the garage, with a new cam belt.

Now that’s what I call honesty and this is the sort of service we all spend most of our lives looking to find in any of our service providers!

Russell, true to form, towed it away within a few minutes and later pronounced that it was serious - the car needed at least a new gasket.

Well done, Russell. You have got my custom for life!

Thanks go to Joanna and Paul for allowing us to hold our last meeting at Atlantico in Luz. They laid on a veritable feast and both they and their staff were extremely professional, helpful and hospitable.


Well, I was flabbergasted when he said that all repairs were at his cost as one of his ex

Peddle Power

Ferragudo’s treasure trove of quirky art and fashionable design has reopened for the season. Art Shop ‘Déja-Vu´ is in the picturesque main shopping lane at number 31, Rua 25 de Abril, behind the main restaurant square on the riverside.

Holiday visitor or resident alike will have no inhibitions about wandering in, looking around and, hopefully, will find something affordable and interesting to display at home, to wear, or simply to remind them of their time in Portugal. If you haven’t yet been to Ferragudo – an old fishing village with a lovely beach, historic church, castle (privately owned) and a profusion of restaurants and bars - it’s well worth crossing the river from Portimâo for a visit. A stroll into Déja-Vu will enhance the experience. The shop’s opening hours are April and May 10am to 6pm and June to October 10am to 11pm. To contact the shop please call 96 5049722 or email:

34 |

Call Russell on 282 639 799 and get the same good service I have always got at Auto Rapo.

Marcus was busy racing through the fantastic roads in the region and doing family bike rides with his children and our guests. Marcus and family are delighted to be back! Find out why Martinhal is such a great bike and family destination. Check out our bike week videos and interviews: http:// & H3oUmFIe8U8

The owner, artist Jerome Gay, and his team, have created themselves (or gathered together) an arresting mixture of modern art works – oil paintings, photographic prints, sculptures in metal, wood and ceramics – with jewellery, tiles, plates, postcards, stationery, bags, wallets, souvenirs – even some fashion and footwear. The vast majority are produced in Portugal, many by Algarve-based artists and craftsmen. Jerome has deliberately made Déja-Vu an art ‘shop’ so that – while the standard of art and design on show is consistently high - there is no intimidating ‘art gallery’ atmosphere.

employees had not tightened the cam belt correctly.

After the success of the first bike week in April 2013, we have had several Bike Weeks throughout the year. Martinhal Beach Resort & Hotel’s 9th bike week will take place from May 4th to 11th of May to take advantage of the early summer in Sagres. During this week the German professional road bicycle racer, from UCI ProTeam BMC Racing Team, Marcus Burghardt, will be at Martinhal to ride with guests through authentic landscapes and authentic villages in the Western Algarve. Burghardt turned professional in 2005 and signed with BMC Racing Team for the 2010 season. His main achievements include winning the UCI ProTour race Gent– Wevelgem in 2007, ahead of teammate Roger Hammond and the Stage 18 of the 2008 Tour de France into Saint Etienne Burghardt. This is the second time Martinhal has had the pleasure to welcome Marcus Burghart and his family for a Bike week. Marcus had a great bike week “en famille” at “Europe’s finest luxury family resort” - while the family enjoyed our restaurants, kids clubs, spa, gym and activities like yoga, surfing, windsurfing,

The location, at the most south western point in Europe, its 300 sunny days per year, stunning landscape and beaches, as well as the possibility for flat and mountain rides, are some of the regions highlights. Furthermore, Martinhal’s onsite bike station - powered by Algarve Mountain Biking - offers high quality bikes all year around, for you to discover the surroundings or “Ecovia do Litoral” – the Algarve’s west to east cycle touring path, from Cape St Vincent (in Sagres) to the Spanish border at Vila Real St. Antonio. During this bike week there will be race and mountain bike tours, some accompanied by Marcus Burghardt. And we haven’t forgotten our children: children will have the usual fun riding bikes around the resort with special obstacle circuits, and perhaps even learning how to ride a bike. In addition to biking, we will have our normal calendar of activities which includes yoga, surf, pilates and walking. Special Early Summer Package - for a 7-night stay in the Hotel Martinhal, prices from 107€ per adult per night half-board (i.e. including breakfast and lunch/dinner) – based on 2 adults in a beach room. Please contact Martinhal Beach Resort & Hotel in Sagres by calling 282240228 or email or check out the hotel website

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Restaurant offers throughout May

Alana Green 5’1” and pure dynamite By Tom Henshaw will be the foundation stone for even greater success.

Monthly Her vision is a bigger, better Tomik. Something for everyone - sunshine, good food, good fun and entertainment; a real place for sharing good time throughout the year.

FREE cocktail with your meal just mention ‘Tomorrow’ | Restaurant Vila Velha, Sagres (nr. the Pousada) 917 128 402 Special of the day comes with a FREE beer/ wine | Marina Bar, Lagos Marina - 282 789 701

Mondays Fijian chicken curry & rice + a large beer/glass of house wine | €6 | The Star, Lagos 912770647

Tuesdays 5pm - Curry Night | €6.50 The Lighthouse, Lagos Marina 282 762 115 / 968 073 449

Thursdays Chilli con carne & rice + a large beer/glass of house wine | €6 | The Star, Lagos 912770647 5pm - Pizza Night | €5 | The Lighthouse, Lagos Marina | 282 762 115 / 968 073 449

Fridays 8am-late - Fish,chips & mushy peas €6.95 | ‘TOMIK, Burgau | 282 695 525 6pm - Home Made Fish & Chips (+ full menu) | Barroca Bar, Praia Da Luz 282 762 799 9pm - Karaoke & Fish, Chips & Peas €6 | Windies, Praia Da Luz | 961736455

Saturdays 5pm - Steak Night | €10 | The Lighthouse, Lagos Marina | 282 762 115 / 968 073 449

Sundays 8.30am onwards - Sunday Special Champ potato topped with fillets of smoked haddock, poached eggs & toast | €8 Lazjacks Bar, Lagos Marina | 282 761 384 Until 4pm - Sunday Roast | €8.95 Booking Essential | International Cafe, Lagos 966 499 554 10am – Golf Competition | Open to all Golfe Santo António, Budens | 282 690 054 1 - 7.30pm - Sunday Roast | Barroca Bar, Praia Da Luz | 282 762 799

36 |

It’s always amazing when you meet somebody like Alana because she seems so diminutive in every way and yet she sure has drive and determination to succeed. She is just coming up to her 29th birthday and only arrived in Portugal in September 2008, having spent the previous four years travelling Europe, Fiji, America and Canada. Alana loved her travels but found something special here in Portugal even though she immediately had to employ people to even get a visa! She opened TOMIK a café/restaurant in Burgau in 2011 and really it has been a great success almost from day one. In spite of the continuing recession Alana is moving to the much larger and spacious Burgau Club, by Domus Ibericus which is a brilliant spot. I do feel that the hard work, experience and drive she has shown in the last three years

She takes great pleasure in people’s enjoyment and this is what motivates her. To make sure she maintains that passion, she is right in the middle of creating a new menu with a healthy eating area and a more special dining area. The restaurant is open five nights a week from Monday to Friday with Saturday being ‘Fish and Chips’ night. There will also be a ‘Sunday session’ from 12 noon to 9pm which will be very different. It will be something really exciting and will get the whole family involved in a very relaxed atmosphere. Alana is very proud of what she has accomplished so far and whilst this is not a new business it’s a new and better location. Many people were very sceptical of what Alana started and she says this made her even more determined to succeed! See -I told you she was dynamite!! I am convinced everyone will wish her the very best. TOMIK opens at the Burgau Club on May 10th and will be open seven days a week. Call 925 167 463 or 282 695 525

Turiscampo readers offer ‘Tomorrow’ readers are invited to a buffet lunch on May 9th at 1pm at the Espiche camp site with full use of the facilities included. The three-course buffet lunch costs €8.5O and includes half a bottle of

wine, beer or a soft drink per person. To avoid disappointment please call: 282 792 217 to book. Please tell them that you saw the offer in ‘Tomorrow’ to get the deal.

Perfect Parties If you are looking for caterers for your special occasion then look no further. The Secret Garden evolved from Debby making desserts and cakes for local restaurants and friends into a fully fledged business. Debby has even make puddings for Denise Welsh’s celebrity wedding and has supplied desserts for the Fat Pig Hog Roast Company.

The Secret Garden offers a huge range including the quintessential afternoon tea, something unique for your party – bringing back memories of childhood teas, and delicious home baking. All their food is baked and prepared freshly on the day of your party. The Secret Garden caters for all occasions. Please contact Andrew and Debby Burton by emailing

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Algarve Walks March to May Join Rosie and Laurie’s weekly walks for a different view of the Western Algarve. The group is always glad to welcome new people. You don’t have to be an experienced walker but you do need to have a reasonable level of fitness. If you wish to attend please meet in the car park at Boavista Golf Resort (adjacent to the children’s play area) at 09.30am Anyone requiring further details or wishing to go direct to the start of the walk should contact Rosie and Laurie on 91 4573373 or 282 789358. Anyone wishing to go along is advised to wear sensible clothing and shoes, to take water and a stick if you have one. The cost is three euros per person and dogs are not allowed. Here is this month’s walking programme: Thursday 1st May Colinas Verdes, Bensafrim Thursday 8th May Silves, Fontes das Estombar Thursday 15th May Vinha Velha & Mata National & BBQ Thursday 22nd May Six River Crossings, Pedralva, Vilarinha Thursday 29th May Alvor Estuary and Rocha Bird Centre Thursday 5th June Meia Praia and Fish Farms For more information please call Rosie and Laurie on 91 4573373 or 282 789358.

Climbing into Summer Honeysuckle is often overlooked here because it is so common in the wild. But in the garden it makes very useful groundcover flowing over, up and around everything it encounters. Apart from the pink wild variety, Lonicera implexa, there is the common yellow and white flowering scented Japanese honeysuckle, Lonicera japonica, which is evergreen throughout the Mediterranean and thrives on minimum water. Honeysuckle is an excellent choice for hiding wire link fencing in wilder parts of the garden where it can easily make runs of 10m or more from a small planting hole or rock crevice. Beautiful scent comes as a bonus. But if it scent you are after then go for Stephanotis or Madagascar jasmine. Although sometimes tricky, it is definitely worth the effort for its heady perfume.

By Clive Goodacre

Ideally, it prefers neutral to mildly acidic conditions, regular water and no frost. Given the right spot on a south-facing wall, stephanotis will grow into a magnificent long-lived evergreen woody climber. Try not to prune or adjust its vines during the flowering season otherwise it can become stressed and drop buds. If you don’t have ideal conditions, plant one in a pot, give it regular feed and preferably bottled water. Although unscented, Hibbertia scandens (commonly known as golden guinea or snake vine) is a useful yellow climber with a long flowering season. Originating from Australia it has no airs and graces, naturally occurring along sandy beach areas making is useful for coastal areas, requiring little water or feeding. It makes good dense wide cover - although seldom growing more than two metres high - bearing large buttercup like flowers and blunt tipped fleshy leaves.


200 locations

| From only €30 per month

Book space for the Summer editions now! Call Tom Henshaw: 919 918 733 38 |


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