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Riding school appeals for help

Chicca Campaign Continues be treated. Chicca is organising (and funding) this work. The rest of the shelter has been well established with the help of local donations of time and money. It has good, secure enclosures and a lot of shady trees. The dogs all seem happy with lots of waggy tails.

Riding for the Disabled Barlavento is looking for support for its work with a new group of autistic riders from a school in Algoz. The school approached RDB to establish whether or not they could cope with autistic children. Historically, RDB have run two sessions per week on a Thursday and Friday morning with clients from NECI and Santa Amaro. After several assessments and some training from the school staff, five of the children are attending RDB on a weekly basis. The staff from the school have already noticed a marked improvement in their riding and the mood that they are in on the way home. Unfortunately, the school cannot afford to send the children on the motorway from Algoz to Bensafrim. Therefore, in order to get the most out of their weekly visits, Riding For The Disabled has offered to pay the toll fees. This will enable the children to spend less time travelling and more time with the horses. If you would like to make a donation of any size towards the toll fees and the additional costs associated with Riding For The Disabled, please contact their Fund Raising Coordinator David Hibbert on 93 6445945 or e-mail him at: Also, if you would like to become a volunteer at RDB please contact either David Hibbert or visit the website which is The email is Previous experience with horses is not required as full training is given.

Fundraising for stray dogs in the western Algarve is still going full steam ahead by Chicca from Chicca’s Restaurant in Luz. Last month Chicca and Lars Rahmquist, the veterinarian at the Lagos Vet Clinic, found time to go to the Cadela Carlota shelter outside Lagos to meet and greet all the dogs, awaiting care and treatment. They met Karen Breen from the organisation which is an animal protection society based in Lagos. Lars was introduced to each dog at the shelter (by name...not bad for 80 plus dogs) and given details about each of their backgrounds. There were some cases which needed some medication, including a boxer bitch with puppies and a big old dog with leishmaniasis. Some were prescribed antibiotics and others had blood samples taken for analysis. The three parties then looked into transforming part of the one house on the property into a basic treatment centre where vets can go and examine and treat the dogs in the shelter that need veterinary attention.

Chicca continues to raise funds for the medication needed by selling gift sets with wines and prosecco, scented candles, soaps, olive oils and natural skin products. All donated by Chicca in her restaurant. So far the total raised is € 3400!! And counting… Gift sets are always available at Chicca´s restaurant in Luz. You can contact them on 282 761 334. And you can contact Cadela Carlota through their website: if you are thinking of taking home a new little mate.

This project would involve a deep clean, tiling walls, installing sinks, and hooking up running hot and cold water. This would create a clinical environment where the animals could

Dementia Friends By Marisse Mitchell It is very important for a person with dementia to have supportive family and friends, so they don’t feel isolated or regarded as ‘stupid’. My husband and I are very lucky to have such people in our lives, but many don’t. Last month, Alzheimer’s Society in UK started a campaign to raise awareness, called ‘Dementia Friends’ promoted by a TV advert featuring celebrities singing a version of the Beatles song ‘A Little Help From My Friends’ It is estimated that one in three people over 65 will develop dementia, so please be aware that someone you may come across in your life (maybe even a stranger) could do

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Lars has said that vets from the Lagos Vet Clinic will be able to take time out to provide regular visits to the shelter and help with the healthcare of the ill dogs there.

with a little help. For tips and info go to The ‘Memory Walk’ in the Algarve, Vila do Bispo region, will be on 21st September to raise funds for Alzheimer Portugal. There will be an ‘after walk’ lunch and drinks too. Please contact me for more information if you would like to take part or offer any donation or prizes for the raffle. The next meeting of the support group will be on June 25th at 11am at the Hugo Beaty Bar in Luz. Please contact Marisse by email at or by calling 961805909.

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