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Lagos Kiosks Spark Angry Campaign

By a staff writer

Lagos Câmara speedily put out an official communiqué explaining the rationale behind the constructions. It is seen as a response to the long-standing problem of unauthorised selling of goods on the streets of the historic centre. “It is a difficult issue to resolve ... It is necessary to reconcile all interests involved; those of vendors, local businesses and the general population,” Joaquina Matos, President of the Câmara said.

Moves by Lagos Câmara to build 20 kiosks on the pavement of the Avenida have been met with furious opposition from residents. Within hours of work beginning on the town’s main avenue, a Facebook campaign had been set up with an online petition which had attracted almost 1500 names when ‘Tomorrow’ was going to print. Residents first noticed a row of white tents on steel poles at the end of May which prompted concern across Lagos. The organisers of the petition are appealing for as many signatures as possible to spark a discussion with the Câmara which they hope will see the decision to build the kiosks reversed. The Facebook page that was set up states ‘No to the stalls on the Avenida’ and calls for the Câmara to take action.

The petition organisers said: “It is worth us all demonstrating our democratic right. We now invite even more people, to authorize a discussion of this subject at the Municipal Assembly. In the name of all who are making their voice heard, and there are already many, the Municipal Executive must stop an outrage such as this….. This is a question of an adulteration of the most emblematic space in Lagos. To halt a decision like this is to defend the well being of all.” One person said on Facebook that it was not just an issue of aesthetics, it was also about the fact it would limit space on the pavement for pedestrians. There was also a concern that the kiosks could be used as toilets or rooms for homeless people after dark.

The decision was taken two years ago by the former executive, together with vendors, for twenty five kiosks to be constructed on the Avenida to accommodate ambulant trade during the holiday season. The initiative will be evaluated at the end of October by vendors, the DOCAPESCA organisation overseeing the space, Lagos Trade Associations and other interested parties. While many protesters acknowledge the necessity for creating space for traders, they are also concerned about the disfiguring of an iconic area of Lagos, popular with tourists and locals alike. You can read more comments and find out the latest from the Facebook page ‘Não aos Barracões na Avenida de Lagos’. Please, let us know your views about this. You can email us at:





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As I write this, our June introduction, I suddenly get the feeling that life is rushing us all forward at an ever faster pace. Here we are in the blink of an eye at the beginning of the summer season and it is great to noticeably see an increase in the number of visitors to this wonderful and ever more popular area of the Algarve. We like to hope that everyone benefits from the surge in tourism expected again this year and it’s with that in mind that I am so happy to see many new businesses opening up here, mostly small start-up ones and traders painting, repairing and preparing for the visitors. This shows that confidence is returning and the Algarve is back on the up. It’s not just the Algarve that is on the up - you may notice that this is our biggest newsletter ever at 44 pages. Thanks to our readers, sponsors and contributors for your ongoing support. Here’s to a happy June. Best wishes, Tom and the rest of the team. Call me on 919 918 733

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Community him selecting a bottle from his cellar to enjoy with a meal.” After his father’s death he inherited the farm, which was originally bought by his maternal grandfather, but who never cultivated it himself as he was involved in the fish canning industry. Having chosen viticulture, Guillaume went on to study winemaking at a college in Montpellier, Paris, followed by postgraduate studies in Oporto. “Producing wine in the Algarve was always uppermost in my mind but I worried about the climate and the lack of a quality winemaking tradition in the region,” he points out.

Wine with a Difference Most people are familiar with the excellent wines of the Douro and the Alentejo but Guillaume Leroux, a local wine maker, is making sure that the Algarve is firmly on the map too. Monte da Casteleja, near Lagos, with its traditional Algarvian ‘quinta’, is a seven hectare farm just past the aerodrome on the road to Sargaçal. I learn that on the ‘monte’ or hillocks overlooking green undulating countryside, there is evidence of an earlier Roman castle; hence the name ‘casteleja’. I am not wholly surprised to find out that wine is likely to have been produced on this spot many centuries ago. For over ten years Guillaume has been growing vines here. He firmly believes that the Algarve can produce good quality wines provided local conditions are taken into account. And he has gone one step further

4 |

By Lena Strang

by being the first in the region to produce and market organic wine. As a wine lover I was looking forward to meeting Guillaume and finding out about his endeavours. I wanted to know what’s special about the wines he produces and how he can possibly compete with established wines in other regions. He greets me at the entrance of the farmhouse, which is painted in a fresh white and blue colour. I am taken by his bouncy enthusiasm and his eagerness to show me what he has accomplished. As we walk around the grounds, Guillaume tells me more about himself. Born in Paris of a French father and Algarvian mother, he spent his childhood in Portugal. “My father was a great lover of Portuguese wines and this passion was passed on to me early, ”he explains. “I always remember

His month-long stint working at vineyards in Australia was a turning point. “Yes! I thought. Australia has the same arid conditions as the Algarve so it would be possible to do it successfully here too,” he enthuses. With his subsequent experience of working at vineyards in central Portugal and the Douro region, he set about realising his ambitions. After much research into climactic conditions, analysis of soil and choice of grape varieties, he planted his first vines in 2000 with some financial assistance from the government. The selection of grapes for arid conditions was crucial. The red variety, ‘Bastardinho of Sagres’ which he had come across in the

Community Douro was nearly extinct in the Algarve. It was right for the region with its full-bodied and complex characteristics and blended well with ‘Alfocheiro’, his second variety. For white wine he opted for the popular ‘Arinto’ and the lesser known “Perrum’ which combined well to give good structure, acidity and complexity. “We had to wait three years before harvesting the crops and only the following year did our first wines go on sale. But it was a milestone for us,” he smiles. Three and a half hectares of the farm are devoted to vines, in addition to small almond, fig and olive plantations. “We can’t compete with the big wine producers. Instead we need to concentrate on high quality wines, using indigenous varieties where possible,” he maintains. He is particularly concerned about the scarcity of water and doesn’t want to be reliant on irrigation. In order to help plants survive, he uses a method which seems bizarre at first but makes perfect sense as he explains: “We have more plants per hectare than normal - 5000 as opposed to 3500 – and the space between rows is only 2 metres. Plants compete for space, developing longer roots, making them more likely to survive when it is dry. The height of the vines is also reduced so less water is needed.”

have to be in touch with the environment to observe and learn how plants and soil interact.” The soil is mulched and covered by hay to avoid exposure to the sun. He plants ‘green manure’ in the rows, including leguminous plants, to provide oxygen and nitrogen and is always experimenting with plants that keep pests at bay. He is keen to combine traditional methods with new technologies. August harvest time - the peak of the wine growing season - is when locals and visitors turn up for the traditional treading of the grapes. It is a real community affair with food and wine laid on for workers in a shaded corner of the courtyard. Besides full time members of staff, there is always a need for additional help. During the year, volunteers on the WWOOF scheme (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) work on the farm in exchange for food and lodging. Guillaume thinks it is an excellent mutual arrangement, as people from different parts of the world also benefit from the exchange of experiences. Continued on Page 6 »

On the southern part of the farm where red vines are planted in the clay rich soil, I notice weeds growing prolifically with hardly any bare soil visible. It becomes clear that this is a topic close to his heart as he launches into an animated exchange. Six years ago he started the process of organic cultivation, without using any artificial pesticides or chemicals. “It is a huge learning curve,” he maintains, “you ,&(&5($0B)$&725<00SGI

House in its present state









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Wine with a Difference Continued from P 4 & 5

Wine Routes of the Algarve Last month the long awaited Wine Routes of the Algarve were launched by the Algarve Tourism Board, in conjunction with the CVA (Comissão Vitivinícola do Algarve). “Seven adegas, one passport, four routes and many wines to taste” is how the routes are presented. The excellent quality of the wine produced in the region will be promoted along with links to history, culture and food. This is a form of eco tourism that will also benefit rural areas.

Guillaume’s enormous persistence in dealing with the bureaucratic process paid off and he is very proud to have achieved the right to use the label ‘organic wine’ on his bottles – the first one to do so in the region. Because of new regulations for processing wine, the vineyard is currently expanding. A new vinery, cellar, reception area and shop will be completed this year. It’s a huge investment, but Guillaume believes it’s well worth it. In the current reception area, samples of his red, white and rose ‘Monte da Casteleja’ wines are displayed in attractive packages. There is also the exclusive red ‘Maria’ selection and ‘Meia Praia’, specifically produced for restaurants. I have had the opportunity to try most and I must say I am impressed! I notice a display cabinet in one corner of the room with a number of Roman and prehistoric artefacts. “When I dig in the vineyard, I quite often come across old remains. I have become quite expert at identifying them by now!” Guillaume laughs, “It is believed that the very first settlers in Lagos – the old ‘Lacobriga’ – lived here with the sea coming much closer to the property. Lots of pieces of amphorae show that wine was stored.” ‘Monte da Casteleja’ has the capacity to produce 15,000 bottles a year, mainly for the Algarve and Lisbon, where there is an increasing demand for organic wines. The wine is mostly sold to small supermarkets, wine bars, restaurants and hotels and at various fairs across the

6 |

country. “It takes time to build a reputation but I think we are getting there,” he says. Guillaume has certainly achieved a considerable amount in a few years. He is producing wine of the highest quality for a niche market. He is also sensitive to the local environment and has embarked on his journey to produce organic wine. He is keen to promote eco tourism and his farm is the first one to be part of the western leg of the newly established ‘Wine Routes of the Algarve’. Guillaume welcomes visitors to guided wine tasting tours at the farm throughout the year, always eager to talk about the art of winemaking. Here one can sample the wine and other local produce in a pleasant setting. ‘Monte da Casteleja’ with its unique and rich past is on its way to making a mark in the region. Cheers to that! I think the Romans would join me in raising a toast! and Facebook: Monte da Casteleja

At Faro Airport a stand is available for visitors who can find out about the routes, have a taste of the wines, pick up information and a special passport. Information is also available at tourist offices for anyone interested in the experience. The initial stage of the project involves seven adegas who have facilities to receive visitors but others will follow suit. The starting point for the ‘Gil Eanes Route’ is Lagos with ‘Monte da Casteleja’ as the participating adega. There is also the Arade Route from Portimão, the Moorish Route from Lagoa and the Cliffs Route from Albufeira. It is expected that Loulé and Tavira will have their own routes at the end of the year. SUGGESTED ITINERARY, GIL EANES ROUTE: » Walk around Lagos old centre with visit to Igreja de Santo António church. Built in 1707, its interior boasts a giltwood decoration that is considered one of the loveliest in the country. » Castelo dos Governadores (Governors Castle) whose military architecture dates back to the 14th and 17th centuries. » Forte da Ponta da Bandeira; built between 1680 and 1690 and key element of the maritime defences of Lagos’s old Praça de Guerra. » Monte da Casteleja wine estate with tour and wine tasting » Lunch at the recommend official restaurant of the route. » Praia do Camilo listed by ‘TripAdvisor’ as one of the world’s 10 “wonderfully unique” beaches. » End your tour at Ponta da Piedade lighthouse.

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wine Only



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Riding school appeals for help

Chicca Campaign Continues be treated. Chicca is organising (and funding) this work. The rest of the shelter has been well established with the help of local donations of time and money. It has good, secure enclosures and a lot of shady trees. The dogs all seem happy with lots of waggy tails.

Riding for the Disabled Barlavento is looking for support for its work with a new group of autistic riders from a school in Algoz. The school approached RDB to establish whether or not they could cope with autistic children. Historically, RDB have run two sessions per week on a Thursday and Friday morning with clients from NECI and Santa Amaro. After several assessments and some training from the school staff, five of the children are attending RDB on a weekly basis. The staff from the school have already noticed a marked improvement in their riding and the mood that they are in on the way home. Unfortunately, the school cannot afford to send the children on the motorway from Algoz to Bensafrim. Therefore, in order to get the most out of their weekly visits, Riding For The Disabled has offered to pay the toll fees. This will enable the children to spend less time travelling and more time with the horses. If you would like to make a donation of any size towards the toll fees and the additional costs associated with Riding For The Disabled, please contact their Fund Raising Coordinator David Hibbert on 93 6445945 or e-mail him at: Also, if you would like to become a volunteer at RDB please contact either David Hibbert or visit the website which is The email is Previous experience with horses is not required as full training is given.

Fundraising for stray dogs in the western Algarve is still going full steam ahead by Chicca from Chicca’s Restaurant in Luz. Last month Chicca and Lars Rahmquist, the veterinarian at the Lagos Vet Clinic, found time to go to the Cadela Carlota shelter outside Lagos to meet and greet all the dogs, awaiting care and treatment. They met Karen Breen from the organisation which is an animal protection society based in Lagos. Lars was introduced to each dog at the shelter (by name...not bad for 80 plus dogs) and given details about each of their backgrounds. There were some cases which needed some medication, including a boxer bitch with puppies and a big old dog with leishmaniasis. Some were prescribed antibiotics and others had blood samples taken for analysis. The three parties then looked into transforming part of the one house on the property into a basic treatment centre where vets can go and examine and treat the dogs in the shelter that need veterinary attention.

Chicca continues to raise funds for the medication needed by selling gift sets with wines and prosecco, scented candles, soaps, olive oils and natural skin products. All donated by Chicca in her restaurant. So far the total raised is € 3400!! And counting… Gift sets are always available at Chicca´s restaurant in Luz. You can contact them on 282 761 334. And you can contact Cadela Carlota through their website: if you are thinking of taking home a new little mate.

This project would involve a deep clean, tiling walls, installing sinks, and hooking up running hot and cold water. This would create a clinical environment where the animals could

Dementia Friends By Marisse Mitchell It is very important for a person with dementia to have supportive family and friends, so they don’t feel isolated or regarded as ‘stupid’. My husband and I are very lucky to have such people in our lives, but many don’t. Last month, Alzheimer’s Society in UK started a campaign to raise awareness, called ‘Dementia Friends’ promoted by a TV advert featuring celebrities singing a version of the Beatles song ‘A Little Help From My Friends’ It is estimated that one in three people over 65 will develop dementia, so please be aware that someone you may come across in your life (maybe even a stranger) could do

8 |

Lars has said that vets from the Lagos Vet Clinic will be able to take time out to provide regular visits to the shelter and help with the healthcare of the ill dogs there.

with a little help. For tips and info go to The ‘Memory Walk’ in the Algarve, Vila do Bispo region, will be on 21st September to raise funds for Alzheimer Portugal. There will be an ‘after walk’ lunch and drinks too. Please contact me for more information if you would like to take part or offer any donation or prizes for the raffle. The next meeting of the support group will be on June 25th at 11am at the Hugo Beaty Bar in Luz. Please contact Marisse by email at or by calling 961805909.

Restaurant & Bar

Pool & Garden Live Music Open every day from

10am - 02am

Everything to make your day, every day! Your best option for any occasion, with service provided by our best professionals. A place decorated to perfection, where you will find great music, karaoke and much more.

A fantastinc tastefully elaborated menu A great place to spend the perfect evening with friends. Elegant and tasteful suggestions for ceremonies & wedding parties. Address: Rua Fern達o Vilarinho, lote 18, Meia Praia - 8600 Lagos / 282 043 974

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Happy birthday PND! By Lena Strang

always been plain sailing, but for me the most important thing is the response of the youngsters. I have seen so many children benefit from Summer Camps in terms of their confidence and personal growth. That for me makes it all worthwhile.” Having met Nita and Walter and after visiting the farm, I am struck by their unswerving commitment and dedication. Their dream of creating a caring community with shared values and purposes is becoming more of a reality every day.

‘Project New Discoveries’ is celebrating its 20th anniversary this summer and it promises to be a grand affair. The project is the brainchild of Nita Barroca who, having trained in Canada as community worker, wanted to bring her experiences to Portugal. She was particularly impressed by the ‘Home Away From Home’ idea where underprivileged children spend time in summer camps. “I grew up in Lisbon where, at the time, there were few resources available for children. I still remember wishing there had been more activities for us to do,” she says. Nita was instrumental in creating ‘Project New Discoveries’ a non-profit making association, aimed at opening up new possibilities for children in Portugal. Residential Summer Camps began in Monchique, with the help of friends and volunteers, and welcomed about 30 youngsters from different parts of the country. The idea was to provide children with a variety of experiences in a stimulating environment, where they could learn, work together and discover new ideas. The seed was planted and it proved to be a formula for success.

From small beginnings, PND kept on growing. While summer camps remained a core function, a community centre in Burgau was created to meet demand for activities throughout the year. After-school homework clubs, sports and craft classes, computer clubs, theatre, music, climbing, kayaking … the list goes on. Recently PND moved its activities, apart from an Athletics Club, to Vale da Lama, a 43 hectare farm near Odiáxere, bought by Nita and Walter, her American born husband, some years ago. This is where one of the first permaculture centres in Portugal was established and where all PND summer camps now take place.

‘Project New Discoveries’ opens its doors to the community on the 21st June. Readers of ‘Tomorrow’ are invited to come to the Open Day at Vale da Lama, from 10.00am to 6.00 pm to see for themselves the activities on offer. Programme for the summer: PND Summer Camp 19th to 27th July – ages 8 to 16 PND Summer Camp 16th to 24th August - ages 8 to 16

“It is great to be able to focus everything on the farm. The ‘Home Away from Home’ concept works all year round as we can bring groups there for day visits or for residential stays,” Nita maintains. “It is important for youngsters to learn about sustainability and where exactly our food comes from.”

Counsellor training 6th to 11th July - from age 16

PND has a designated area on the farm with indoor facilities and recreational space. Apart from Summer Camps, there are activities for school groups, outdoor pursuits, Kids’ Parties, Open Days for the community and daily activities during summer. According to Nita, visits by seniors from a nearby home are a particularly rewarding experience.

With a strong focus on education, PND runs both Youth Leadership programmes and training for the permaculture centre. When asked about her thoughts twenty years on, Nita doesn’t hesitate. “It hasn’t

10 |

In excess of 1300 young people have attended summer camps over the years, both from Portugal and abroad. On the 21st June many of them will return for the 20th anniversary, but this time to celebrate what has been achieved and what ‘Home Away from Home’ has meant to them. Nita is unstinting in her praise: “I would like to thank all volunteers and staff who during the last 20 years have dedicated so many hours with such love and passion to serving other.”

Autumn Permaculture Design Course 6 to 18th of June (with Lesley Martin, Patricia Pereira and André Carvalho)

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Re-Food comes to the Algarve By Len Port

A dynamic programme to help end food waste and hunger could be introduced to Lagos and other urban centres in the western Algarve if there is sufficient local interest among volunteers. So says Hunter Halder, founder and coordinator of the so-called Re-Food project, which is making such a positive impact in Lisbon. Halder, 62, an American who has been living in Portugal for 23 years, wants large numbers of volunteers to replicate his programme wherever the need exists.

Portuguese federation of food banks and private charities running soup kitchens.

of the previously wasted food, every day, rain or shine.

From its inception in 2011, Re-Food now involves some 750 volunteers collecting and repackaging food from more than 300 outlets and distributing it to 845 beneficiaries. Almost all of Lisbon’s 24 parishes have a Re-Food team; either already in action or now being formed, says Halder.

“We deliver that food to people who are not being served by existing institutions, be they homeless, jobless or in any other condition that leaves them without the means to secure the food they need.

He recently ‘seeded’ the programme in the Algarve. Public meetings in Almancil and Algoz attracted many potential volunteers. Moves are going ahead to introduce Re-Food in the municipalities of Loulé and Albufeira. Similar meetings are expected to be held fairly soon in Faro and Portimão. “Anyone interested in getting the project started in the Lagos area should attend the Portimão meeting,” Halder, told ‘Tomorrow’. Large numbers of volunteers are needed to handle food collection and distribution at the freguesia level.

“We go door to door to find and serve those who are ashamed of their need and who, therefore, are practically invisible.” The project is non-profit-making and no one connected with it is paid anything. Having recently introduced it in other Portuguese cities, including Oporto, and with it now coming to the Algarve, Halder foresees no limit to the Re-Food model. He believes it can go national or even global. To get more details about how to get involved please go to the website or to the Refood Portugal Facebook page.

The basic concept is simple: Volunteers, each working just two hours a week, collect unsold food from local sources and deliver it to people who would otherwise go hungry.

“We target every single scrap of excess prepared food within our neighbourhoods by going to every café, restaurant and grocery store every day they are open,” said Halder.

Although run in a somewhat different way, Re-Food complements the work of the

“Local volunteers - walking, riding bikes and using cars when necessary - harvest 100%

A hostel that helps

good way to give the young people they work with skills as well as confidence.

internal and external including the bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms.

The new hostel in Meia Praia is called Brisa Do Tempo or Breeze Time. Young people linked to other CASLAS projects will also be able to get involved with the hostel project.

They also need paint and some volunteers who can give their time to help in a whole raft of ways from painting to building.

An appeal has been launched to get a very special kind of hostel up and running in Meia Praia. It is a project that is being set up by CASLAS (the Centro de Assistência Social Lucinda Anino dos Santos) which helps disadvantaged or excluded young people ranging from the age of six to 18. The idea is to turn a former elementary school into affordable accommodation that would be staffed by disabled, disadvantaged or unemployed young people who live in the area. Ana Luz, who is the hostel’s technical coordinator, said they believe the hostel is a

12 |

It’s hoped that the hostel will provide cheap accommodation to everyone but will particularly focus on holiday camps, school exchanges and meetings between institutions. They want to promote tourism that is accessible to everyone. Organisers also plan to work with partners from across the local community so they can provide workshops as well as sea and wind sports like surfing, windsurfing and sailing together with other outdoor activities. The project is being funded by Programa Escolhas but the organisers are also appealing for help from the community to get the hostel ready to open. They need building materials for all areas of the hostel –

The beds at the hostel will be made out of wooden pallets following a design that has been created by a company called Elidesing so if you have any pallets to spare they would be more than welcome. If you would like to get involved in some way then please get in touch by emailing or phone 917894359 or 282 799 067. The Centre for Social Assistance Lucinda Anino dos Santos, CASLAS, is an organization that was founded 75 years by Lady Lucinda Anino dos Santos. It works with the local authorities to helps children, young people and others that are socially disadvantaged.

W W W . F U T U R E L I V I N G M A D E E A S Y. C O M

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Call 282 770 080




N125 ß Lagos


Furniture World



Portimão à

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Latest Lagos Bombeiros Update The on-going campaign to Dress the Bombeiros is hopefully achieving its aim with wonderful donations from various sources. The events that have raised money include an ‘Elvis’ night at Fools and Horses in Lagos. There have already been coffee mornings and a wine-tasting dinner which between them raised over €750. Following the article in the May edition of ‘Tomorrow’, the members of Boavista Golf Club made collections during the month, in particular from players in the Monday CRAFT society competition, as well as the players who lunched after the Captain’s matchplay competition. They also held a Charity Bingo Night with all the proceeds being presented to Pat Allen who started the ‘Dress the Bombeiros’ initiative. Other events are still to come – firstly a ‘Sounds of the 60’s’ disco will take place in Almadena Social Centre on Saturday 14th June from 7pm. Tickets are €5 and are available from Pat ( Tel: 282-697-548.) or Phil Fisk 933-422-138. There are plans for a table top sale on Saturday June 21st from 11am until 4pm again in the Almadena Social Centre. If you are interested in booking a table, please contact Pat or Maureen on 937-801-247. The cost of the table is €5 and any money you make from the stall is yours but the table cost will go to the bombeiros fund. “If anyone has any suitable raffle prizes that they could donate for these or if you could

bake a cake for the cake stall then please contact one of the organisers,” said Pat. “The amount raised to date is €3150 and every centimo given is going towards the protective clothing of our brave volunteers. Although we are well on the way, we have not reached the target yet so if you can hold an event to raise a little, then please do so – it all adds up,” she added. Pat said her ambition was to have a ‘rolling’ fund so that when the bombeiros ask for a helping hand then the money is there without having to start a big campaign. “The way this would work is that people arrange an annual transfer via their bank to the account which has been set up to accept this. The fund is held at Crédito Agrícola in the name of Patricia Allen, Fundo para Bombeiros, IBAN: (PT50) 0045 7191 4018 8770 5586 1. Please emphasise at your bank that this is to be done every year, not a one-off payment, thus creating a rolling effect as it is replenished,” Pat said. The fund would be used to buy essential items, only after consultation with the commander and the members of the Lagos Bombeiros Voluntarios to find out what is needed. “If enough people felt that they could contribute even a small amount annually then the task of helping one of our essential services would be much easier. Please help if you can – because they are worth it,” Pat told Tomorrow. Tel: 282-697-548.

Cake and coffee help the bombeiros This is just one of the events that people have organized to raise money for the Lagos bombeiros appeal which was launched last month.

Heather Cox with the fire engine cake

Heather Cox opened her home for a coffee morning on May 13th and raised a fantastic €320 for the bombeiros appeal. The fabulous fire engine cake was made by Vicky and Vanessa in Burgau and was won by Yvonne Fisher who donated it to the Lagos Children’s Home – share the love. The bombeiros appeal is trying to raise 5,000 euros for new regulation fire protection clothing to be worn by a special team in Lagos who will cope with forest fires and other major incidents. The money will buy the required kit including fireproof gloves, flash masks, helmets and jackets.

14 |

Fighting the Fight By Lena Strang

Stallholders at the Levante market in Lagos are still united in their opposition to legislation to be imposed by the government requiring receipts to be issued for every single purchase made. After months of campaigning, gaining widespread local support, including unanimous backing by the Municipal Câmara of Lagos, organisers also took part in a recent nationwide demonstration in Lisbon. Now the campaign has been taken a notch further by Miguel Freitas, Speaker for the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and the Sea, presenting a 12-page Final Report for the National Assembly, fully supporting the arguments put forward by campaign organisers in their petition. In the report Freitas says: “A simplified financial arrangement should be in place exempting small scale farmers with incomes of less than €1000 per year from the obligation of issuing receipts and making official declarations. Instead the provision of goods directly from the producer to local markets should be promoted.” As the CNA (Confederação Nacional da Agricultura) have also submitted a similar petition, it is very likely that a debate about the issues will take place at the National Assembly in the near future. The new rules, which have been adjourned four times, were scheduled to be implemented on the 30th April. Natividade Correira, Lagos campaign organiser said: ‘We are still working in the same way in the market as new regulations haven’t been enforced to date. We are in discussion with parties who can represent our claims in legal terms. The fight is far from over.”

Lagos - Espiche - Algarve w w w. t u r i s c a m p o . c o m Te l . 2 8 2 7 9 2 2 1 7


Buffet GPS N - 37º 06’ 04” W - 008º 43’ 56”




A 22

Buffet volante Grelhados

Especialidades Portuguesas cataplana, arroz de marisco, arroz de polvo.

A 22

a partir de 8,50€ N 125


N 537




N 537


Luz Porto De Mós

Facebook: TomorrowAlgarve | 15


Young Talent Showing the Way

By Lena Strang school in the district of Vila do Bispo it deserves all the assistance it can get. What do you like about coaching? Establishing a relationship of friendship and trust and sharing my experiences as athlete and coach. I love to see the progress that each one makes daily. Where do you train yourself? In Lagos, the most beautiful city in the world! It is a privilege to train on Meia Praia, Ponta da Piedade, Porto de Mós and the national terrain of São João. But it is difficult at times to balance work, coaching and training – it all requires tremendous will power.

Pedro with young athletes from the Running Club

Pedro Braz Correia is a promising young athlete in the Algarve. He has already made his mark, becoming regional running champion. When not training, he is busily coaching youngsters in the area. Lena Strang met up with him to find out more. Do you live in Lagos? I was born in Faro but have lived in Lagos all my life, apart from studying in Lisbon for six years. Have you always been interested in sports? As a child my passion was football but I loved going out for runs with my father. When I was eleven I took part in my first Cross-country race and was asked to join the Olímpico Clube de Lagos. I represented the Algarve in many races. What support did you have to gain success? It was definitely my family who always encouraged me and accompanied me to all championships. National Indoors Championships, Pombal February 2014 (Pedro in orange shirt)

Where do you work at present? As part-time Physical Education Teacher at the International School at Vale Verde. I also work as coach at the Athletics School in Burgau. How did the Athletics School come about? It was always my dream to set up a running club for youngsters. In October 2011, with the help of Nita Barroca and ‘Project New Discoveries’ the school was founded. The Municipal Câmara of Vila do Bispo let us use the old Primary School at Burgau as our base. What are training sessions like? About 20 youngsters are divided into two different age groups. The young ones train twice and the older ones three times a week. We use our beautiful surroundings as training ground, running on the beach, along the cliffs and in the countryside! When possible, I take the older athletes to the Carlos Cabral running track in Lagos. Have any of the children had any particular success? They all achieve their own little victories each time they train. The road to success is hard and they know they have to be persistent. I must confess though that I’m proud that two of the youngsters achieved regional titles last season! And the future for the Athletics School? It depends on the assistance we receive in the coming year. Apart from PND who do everything possible for us to continue, we also have tireless support from parents of the youngsters. Being the only athletics

16 |

What do you consider to be your greatest achievements? My greatest victory is the fact that despite difficulties, I have never given up my dreams. This season everything seems to be going well. Recently, I became 800m and 1500m champion of the Algarve and I was pleased to beat the record at 600m. I have also participated in national indoor events. And your future goals? I’d like to do a doctorate in athletics coaching, become member of the national team and take part in the Olympic Games! Sounds ambitious but I will keep working towards it! Facebook: Escola de Atletismo Projecto Novas Descobertas

Milha Carlos Cabral Championhsips, Lagos April 2014 (Pedro in orange shirt)

Training at the beach

AMI -9894

Real Estate Agency

Thinking of buying or selling a property! Talk to us. Specialized in French market

Rua JosĂŠ Ventura Neto Cabrita Lote 1 R/C Loja B 8600-774 Lagos, Algarve, Portugal Tel.:+351 282 043 679 Email: Facebook: TomorrowAlgarve | 17


Bridge Project Gets Go Ahead By the Algarve Daily News

Readers’ Letters... We are always really pleased to get letters from our readers. If you would like to send us your views on anything that’s going on in the western Algarve or if you have any suggestions to make about the newsletter please email:

Dear Editor,

The Dona Maria II bridge rebuilding project and the opening of the tendering period for the contract have at last been approved at a special meeting of Lagos council. It is anticipated that the work will be completed before the summer of 2015. The twelve arches will be strengthened and the pedestrian and bicycle lanes will be given more space. At the meeting, Lagos council approved the opening of the tendering process for the contract and set a price of €950,000 with an execution time of 240 days. The bridge at the eastern approach to Lagos will be repaired after a two year closure and in April Joaquina Matos, the Lagos mayor, said that an application for EU funding has been successful and the work could start this summer. The road and pedestrian bridge was closed two years ago due to a risk of collapse as confirmed by Portugal’s National Laboratory of Civil Engineering. Local taxpayers will have to chip in 35% of the final bill for what the mayor described as a “priority project.” The bridge has Roman traces, there is no precise date for its original construction, and suffered major damage during the 1755 earthquake and was rebuilt in 1783. The last major repair work was around 1960.

18 |

You could begin the argument by stating that fossil fuels are just that fossils, the life blood of the industrial revolution, of the financial revolution, but never the less an ancestor left wanting in this age of more potentially effective and less damaging power sources both to the environment, to our wallet, and to us. With so many alternatives to black gold being researched we have to assume and secretly hope that the current trend towards clean and safe energy will in time render, the well documented cost of using petrochemicals as the life blood of our economic and social development, obsolete. It could be argued that as science delves deeper and with more success into the prospect of non impact energy we should perhaps be more vigilant in questioning new projects that propose searching for oil and natural gas in areas of natural beauty, like the Algarve for example. True there is money in oil and if the coastline of the Algarve sees the steel dots of ´progress´ on its horizon cash will follow for some in the area for a time. People will see a rise in human traffic along the Algarve it may be good for the economy, well, at least until the first spill, God forbid. Of course the Portuguese Government will cash in and a couple of multi nationals too. So that’s good. Interestingly it is thought even if they found the largest deposit of oil since Saudi, the cost of petrol, diesel and natural gas to you and me would be the same, oh and there is the chance however small, according to those in the know, that we wake up one morn to a dying black gunk ridden coast. Still isn’t it worth it? As a planet we, without a doubt, need to evolve a system of energy production that does not pollute, and decimate vast swathes of this rock we call home. It’s coming, it has to, it just remains to be seen what will be left after its arrival. Maybe that’s where the discussion should begin A petition sponsored by ASMAA (the Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association) is aiming to do just that, stimulate discussion, they need 100000 signatures to take it to the next step. To date there has been no environmental impact studies conducted and yet sonar tests by Reposol and its partners are being approved in Lisbon

now, tests that in the past have disrupted coastline industries like fishing for months at a time. Whether you are for or against this project we all need more information - cash or coast or both? Have a say. You can find the ASMAA petition by going to then into the campaigns section. Yours sincerely, Tom Wilson

Dear Editor, I finally went to Faro IMT to sort out the ‘overdue’ car tax and fines on a couple of cars. It was explained to me that before 2008 there was no such thing as a legal breakers yard and these only came into being in 2008. Both vehicles were taken to breakers yards in 2006 as they were completely unroadworthy. I was informed in the conservatoria that I didn’t need to deregister them as after a few years without IPO they would automatically be taken off the road and according to the lady in the IMT this was true but not now. In 2011 I received demands for tax and I checked again with the same girl in the conservatoria who said the same thing. The bills kept coming so I phoned the IMT who told me to write a letter and say which breakers yard the cars went to and when. This I did by registered post to the ‘finances’ and the ‘IMT’ in 2012 but received no acknowledgement, only more demands and fines. On the internet I found information that says ‘if a certificate from the breakers yard is produced the overdue tax and fine will be wavered.’ words to that effect. So I finally got the certificate, (not easy, as the email and phone number on the internet directory were incorrect) and had to go there twice, the second time with a lawyer. At the IMT it was ‘explained’ to me that because the breakers yards weren’t legal in 2006 the certificate counted for nothing, even though the owner signed on his honour that he remembers this one car in particular. Many of the people at the IMT had similar stories. Yours sincerely, Steph Hayman

Facebook: TomorrowAlgarve | 19

LAZYJACKS Open from 8.00am Until Late Serving Food From 9am-9.30pm

FIND US ON THE GROUND FLOOR OF LAGOS MARINA Beautiful Views Of The Marina A Perfect Spot To Watch The World Go By

There´s something for everyone! Mouth Watering Food, Great Atmosphere and Fantastic Value


Live Music, Free Wi-Fi, Pool Table Large outside Terrace & Lounge Area Breakfast, Lunch & EVENING Menu, 282 762 115 / 968 073 449


Picanha (Rump) Steak in a Port Wine Sauce Fresh Fish—Papillote Style

Chilli Langoustines Exciting Salads For Lighter Lunches

And Lots More All Locally Sourced Fresh Vegetables & Meat From One Of The Best Butchers in Lagos

20 |

WHAT’S ON Your PULL-OUT guide to events this month in the western Algarve

Silves Summer Ball

Dust off your dancing shoes in preparation for Silves Rotary Club’s Summer Ball which is being held on Saturday June 28th. This very special annual event will be held at Quinta dos Vales, situated between Lagoa and Portimão. As well as offering you the opportunity to drink, dance and be merry, you will be supporting two Algarve charities: UNIR which takes care of those who have learning disabilities and Castelo do Sonhos, an association caring for the underprivileged in the Silves conçelho. Quinta dos Vales is a wonderful venue, and the club is grateful for their support with this event. The wine and art centre has peaceful views across the vineyards and unusual sculptures throughout the grounds to amuse you.

Naturally, the wines being paired with the food come from the Quinta dos Vales stable and the food is full of mouth-watering promise being provided by At de Bruin from BonBon Catering. Guests will be able to dance until late to the sounds of DJ João Paulo Cunha. Dress code is formal, giving ladies an opportunity to dress up. Gentlemen will need a jacket and tie or black tie, if they wish. During the evening guests will have the opportunity to bid for items in the silent auction. Tickets at €45 per person are limited. To purchase your tickets please contact sheena.rotarysilves@gmail or telephone 919240882.

Tea and Stories You are invited to an aromatic afternoon at the Sweet Spot Café in Odiaxere on June 7th from 3 pm until teatime!

Words in prose and rhymes between silence and laughter, stories from tea countries, from their own aromatic herbs, from days gone by and days yet to come….

There will be an afternoon with songs and tales for those who want to take part.

Facebook: TomorrowAlgarve | 21

WHAT’S ON - Weekly calendar Please email with details of events you want included in our monthly calendar - IT’s FREE OF CHARGE Weekly Any day-Horse Riding for Beginners | All ages - €15

Tuesdays (Continued...) 10am

Call Gail for times and more info: 917758404

Computer Classes with Teresa | 917758404 | Lagos Mon, Wed, Thurs & Sat

Swimming Lessons with Yvonne Fisher | €40 x 4 sessions | Boavista Golf Resort | 917 953 914

Life drawing classes with Kasia | Beginners &

10.30am 12.30pm 10.30am -12pm 4.15- 6.00pm

professional artists | €10 p/session | 916 035 308

Monthly 9, 10 & 24 June

9th May: 11am - 12.30pm, Bombeiros, Aljezur

Supper Club | 7.30pm | €12 per person Bring a friend or come alone | MUST book: 913 733 684

27th June

6.30 - 7.30pm

Chanting Circle Mantras & Songs | 962 962 410 10th & 24th June: 6.30pm - 8pm, Burgau

10th June

6 - 7pm

9 & 10.30am (1hr)

Pilates Classes with Lisa: Call 933 714 178

Yoga Classes with João | €9 | Casa Sakra, Lagos Call: 91 541 0702/

10am - 12pm

Tai Ji Quan -Beginners | Barão S. João €8 | 919 718 955


Baby Massage Course | 6 Weeks - €58 | Alma Verde 282761745 / 963614499 or

10 - 11am 5.30 - 7pm

6 - 7pm

6.30 - 7.30pm

Live music: Luis bar, Lagos | 282 769 147 (& Thur/ Fri)

From 9pm

Live music: The Pigs Head, Burgau | Call: 282 697 315

Wednesdays 9 & 10.30am (1hr) 9.30 - 10.30am

Pilates Classes with Lisa: Call 933 714 178 €9 | Pilates Room Lagos | Zumba with Monica | €5 | Spa Santo António, Budens | 915038184

10am - 12pm

Open Door: Open Door...for everyone to pop in International Community Church, Lagos | 282 086 804

4.30 -5.30pm

Ballet | Move-Ment Dance School Lagos | 913832335


Tone Zone | €6 | Alma Verde Studio | 926 353 452

6 - 7pm

Swimming Club for Adults with Yvonne | €20 p/m Boavista Golf Resort | 917 953 914


Gymnastik | €7 | Hotel Bellavista | 965 211 996

Zumba Class with Linda: Call 918 461 840

6.30 - 8pm

Yoga Classes with Ann | €8 | Burgau | 913 202 621

€6 | Alma Verde |

6 - 8.30pm

K9 Dog training with Luis: Call 964 083 602

Football Academy 10-15yrs: Burgau Sports Centre


Yoga with Simona | €9 | InLight, Lagos | 914 182 043

Tel: 282 697 350 | €4


Quiz Night | McCabe’s Irish Bar, Lagos | 915 820 215

Swimming Club for over 7’s with Yvonne | €20 p/m

9.30pm- Late (& Sat)

Teen Jazz: Move-Ment Dance School, Lagos

Yoga Classes with Maria: €40 p/month | Lightroom, Lagos | 964 526 979


Pub Quiz FREE: Kelly’s Irish Bar, Luz | 282 788 631


Live Music: Lazjacks Bar, Lagos Marina | 282 761 384 (Also Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday)

Late Karaoke | Luis Bar Lagos | 282 769 147


Capoeira: Kapa Dois Center, Lagos | 282764224

9.30- 10.30am

913832335 |


Urban Freestyle Dance with Sander | 282764224 Kapa Dois Center, Lagos

8.30pm - late

Boavista Golf Resort | 917 953 914

7.30 - 9pm

Circuit Class: Lagos, Shinobi Academy | 916 033 004

Singing with Brendan | 1st class FREE | 969870371

€9 | Pilates Room Lagos |

9 - 10.30am

Hip Hop Dance | Move-Ment Dance School, Lagos Info & more classes: 913832335


Lostplotfarm, Vale das Amoreiras, Aljezure, 969 890 624


Yoga Classes with Ann: 913 202 621 | €8 | Burgau

Circuit Classes with Ann: 913 202 621 | €8 | Burgau

Indian Banquet @ Pashmina | €17.50 Natural Building Course or Juice Fasting Retreat

Stain Glass Classes with Dianne | €10 | Espiche 919 117 108 | & Thursday 2-4pm


Live music with Wendy & Adam Booking: 960 453 376

28th/29th June

Hatha Yoga with Claire | €7 drop in, €6 reg. Monte Rosa Barao S. Joao | 965292540

Bodypush with Monica: Parque da Floresta, Budens €5 | Call 915038184


Ladies Golf & Coffee Morning with PGA Professional Peter Lester | €25 | Espiche Golf | 282 688 250

10.30am -12pm

Yoga Classes with Ann: 913 202 621 | €8 | Burgau

11 - 12pm

NIA Dance & Fitness | €7 Alma Verde | 965768891

3-7pm & Wed 2pm


4.30 -6.30pm

7.30-8.30am & Thurs Zazen Meditation | Nr Barão S. João | 919 718 955

5.30 - 7pm

E-Drum Lessons with Wale | Lagos | 282764224 Yoga for Backs | Barao S. Joao | 965292540 Mixed Dance | Dance School, Lagos | 913832335 Tai Ji Quan | Barão São João €8 | 919 718 955


Pilates with Lisa | Burgau Sports Centre | 282 697 350

6.15 - 7.15pm

Circuit Classes with Ann: 913 202 621 | €8 | Burgau

Art Group | €15 | Barao S. Joao | 912 266 835

7 - 8pm

Pilates with Monica | €5 | Spa Santo António, Budens 915038184

Pilates classes with Indah | €5 | Escola E.B. 2, 3 Vila do Bispo | 920178024/911754890 | & Tues


Touch Rugby | Burgau Sports Centre | Call: 933713867

8.30am - 1pm & Thurs

Equipment Classes with Lisa | Pilates Room, Lagos 1 Hr | Drop-in | 926 514 613

9.30 - 12.30am 9.30- 10.30am

22 |


F&C-Tomorrow 12-05-2014_F&C Tomorrow 12/05/14 09:35 Page 1

Fridays 11am - 12pm

Dog Obedience/Agility with Margaret/Albertina €25 x 4 sess. | Odiaxere | Call 968 086 320

12.45 - 2pm 4.30 -6.30pm

Yoga classes with Sue | €7 | 915233504 Tap Dance: Move-Ment Dance School, Lagos 913832335 |

5:30 - 6:30pm 6 - 7 pm 6.45-7.45pm


Multi-award winning luxury estate agents in 275 locations worldwide

Modern Jazz Dance | Lagos | 282764224 Meditation Time | Casa Sakra, Lagos | 915410702 Salsa & Latin moves with Rosita | €5 (trial class) €50 x 8 cl. | Marina Club Hotel, Lagos | 916718513

6 - 7.30pm

Adult 5-A-Side Football | Burgau Sports Centre €3 | 282 697 350

7.30 - 9.15pm

Kirtan (Mantras) Circle | 914 523 636 | Figueira


Karaoke | Windies, Praia da Luz | 961736455


Pub Quiz FREE: Kelly’s Irish Bar, Luz | 282 788 631

From 9.30pm

Quiz Night | The Pigs Head, Burgau | 282 697 315


Live Music - ‘Mashups’ | The Lighthouse, Lagos Marina | 282 762 115 / 968 073 449

10pm - 1.30am

Karaoke | Bar Paris | Lagos | 918 660 457

Saturdays 10 - 11am

Dance Morning | Burgau Sports Centre 913832335 |

4 - 5pm

K9 Dog Training with Luis: €50 per month Twice a week | Lagos | 964 083 602

4 - 5pm

Dog Obedience/Agility with Margaret/Albertina €25 x 4 sess. | Odiaxere | 968 086 320

5 – 6pm

Oriental dance classes with Célia | Casa Sakra, Lagos | €9 | 91 541 0702/

9.30pm - Late

Karaoke (& Wed) | Luis Bar Lagos | 282 769 147

Sundays 8.30pm 12.30

Blues, Jazz Music | Luis Bar Lagos | 282 769 147 Jazz Lunch | Fortaleza Da Luz

Selling your Property? Instruct us, and watch our award-winning marketing strategy in action

Fine & Country is proud to offer its sellers an unbeatable promotional strategy which was recognised in 2013 by the International Property Awards for the 5th year running, having won the award for The Best Real Estate Agency Marketing. Here in the Algarve, as part of Fine & Country's international network of over 275 offices, we offer our vendors comprehensive marketing combining online, press advertising and PR, with an expanding network of offices and associates throughout the region. Our staff speak English, Portuguese, German and French.

West Algarve | Ocean & Country Lda. | AMI No 5653 Praia da Luz office: Rua Direita 44, 8600-160 Luz, Lagos | +351 282 771 007 Lagos office | Avenida dos Descobrimentos 43F, 8600-645 Lagos | +351 282 761614/15 | Central Algarve | Fino Propriedades Lda. | AMI No 9767 Carvoeiro office: Rua do Barranco, Bloco 11/111, Loja 70, Praia do Carvoeiro, 8400-569 Lagoa | +351 282 354 140 | | Facebook: TomorrowAlgarve | 23


Lagos Art

Stunning sand scupltures

Moldopoli in Lagos is hosting a private exhibition of Kasia Wrona’s work. The Lagos-based artist will be displaying her work from June 12th until August 1st. Moldopoli, which started in 1999, is a company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of frames since 1990 but they also present exhibitions in their gallery space.

This year FIESA explores new ways of interacting with the public through sand sculpture activities, games depicting the sculptures, outdoors video projections about the construction of FIESA editions and other spectacles. The festival can be seen by day or by night when the sculptures are illuminated by colorful lights creating unexpected environments.

For more details

Summer Supper You are invited to the ‘Tomorrow’ Supper Club Summer Party which is being held at the International Café in Lagos on June 10th at 7.30pm. This time there will be an all you can eat hot and cold buffet. The cost will be €12 per person. This will be the last Supper Club evening until September. We do hope you will come along and give it a try. Why not bring a friend – we will make you really welcome. Phone 913 733 684 to reserve your place and get directions. Please book early Don’t forget you can use your Supper Club Members Card and receive 10 per cent discount at Pizza Real in Praia da Luz. You can pick one up in Fresco in Lagos.

The Algarve through art The Algarve Artists Network (AAN) is hosting its latest exhibition ‘Da Terra e Do Mar’ at the Museum of Portimão until the end of July.

The annual FIESA mega sand sculpture exhibition is already taking place in the Algarve. This year 40,000 tons of sand is transformed into towering sculptures, carved according to the theme of music. You will be able to see many of the timeless and universal musical idols, who are part of our collective universe. Carved by a group of artists from various parts of the world, the various pieces displayed reproduce, in a creative way, people, objects and scenes depicting the music. The exhibition is presented in an area of 15,000 m2, with some sculptures that reach twelve metres. The musical styles of various countries of the world, the origins of music and musical expression combined with other art forms such as dance, opera, circus, theater and film, are the themes that inspire the nearly seventy different scenes in sand. Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Bono, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Freddie Mercury, Frank Zappa, Ray Charles, Pavarotti, Mozart and Amalia are some of the musicians to be found in sand, as well as various scenes dedicated to children.

This festival is organized by ProSandArt, a company specialized in the production of ephemeral art, which aims to provide unforgettable moments and experiences in the enjoyments of new forms of artistic expressions. FIESA 2014 exhibition is open to the public in Pêra every day between May 25 and October 25: between May 25th and June 27th from 10am until 22pm. Between June 28 and September 15 from 10am until midnight. Between September 16th and October 25th it will be open from 10am until 8pm. The FIESA is an outdoor activity. Due to bad weather conditions, the organization will not be held responsible for any lack of technical conditions and/or any changes in the opening & closing times.

Walkers Group

It ties in with the museum’s sixth anniversary this year and to celebrate, AAN has been invited to exhibit their art work, comprising installations and paintings that are all somehow inspired by life in the Algarve, hence the title ‘From Land and Sea’. These art works mirror the passion and affection that the 19 international artists, coming from the UK, Portugal, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland and even Japan feel for the country they chose to live in. These feelings have been expressed in a very pictorial ‘language’.

The last walk with Rosie and Laurie’s group until October will be taking place on June 5th. It will be at the Meia Praia and fish farms. Please meet in the car park at Boavista Golf Resort (adjacent to the children’s play area) at 09.30am. Anyone requiring further details or wishing to go direct to the start of the walk should contact Rosie and Laurie on 91 4573373 or 282 789358.

For more details please contact Portimão Museum on 282405230/265

The Thursday walkers are currently raising money for the Bombeiros Fire Equipment

24 |

FIESA also includes a playful dimension with a free space for sand sculpture activities, where adults, the youth and children can daily experience and show off their creative abilities.

Please wear sensible clothing and shoes, take water and a stick if you have one. The cost is three euros per person and dogs are not allowed.

appeal which was on the front page of May’s ‘Tomorrow’ Newsletter. Rosie and Laurie would like to thank the generosity of the walkers and their friends and say they have already raised 182 euros and plan to keep on fundraising.

Dine & Dance



Luisâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s BAR

Situated close to the Tivoli Hotel Great Bar & Restaurant, Live music

Near Lighthouse, Praia Dona Ana

Tel: 282 769 147

Tel: 282 761 279

Tel: 282 761 731

new in lagos

Healing beyond skin deep

full body massage

Shiatsu with Karuna certified practitioner

(351) 91 312 7421

New for 2013 with A+ Energy Rating Light your garden this spring

Brilliant lighting even in the smallest garden Choose from our wide range of garden lights create stunning and exquisite effects. Design service available we can work with your gardener or landscaping specialist

Tel Mob: 937 084 991

Facebook: TomorrowAlgarve | 25


First Paddle Festival

Dance Lagos

By ASMAA (the Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association).

A Paz no Coração is the title of the latest show from the prize winning Escola de Dança de Lagos. The show will be on the nights of June 19th, 20th and 21st at 1930 in the Cultural Centre and will be composed of a selection of both group dances and solos from a wide variety of ages and styles.

Take the most beautiful beaches in the world, gather some of the best athletes on the planet, mix in a little Aloha, and you have the perfect recipe for the First Algarve SUP Festival. Racing events, paddle fests, downwinder events, freestyle competitions, kids’ events, fishing derbies, yoga events, expedition events, expos, clinics, swaps and hundreds of demos make up the exciting range of events that we will be offering during the festival taking place in May and June 2015. The Algarve SUP Festival starts in Sagres and finishes in Vila Real de Santo Antonio. It will be seven weekends full of fun, with each weekend’s event being in a different location and each weekend offering a different mix of activities. As it is well known, events are great for social networking, making it easy to connect with others who share your passion, and this festival will provide you with such opportunities as well. It is an opportunity to meet like minded people, share experiences and to have lots of fun in the process. Another great benefit is that the Algarve

26 |

SUP Festival is also a great place for you to decide if this is a sport for you and for your friends and loved ones, but be warned that the energy and excitement can be contagious. In some of the daily events you will have an opportunity to attend workshops and other learning platforms – it is not just competitive races and demos that the festival brings to you. You may ask if stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is something you can do as you have never even heard about the sport, never mind being a seasoned paddler. It is quite common that we are asked this question. In fact, SUP is a sport that most people can learn ... and more than 90% fall in love with it! It is relatively easy to learn ... most people pick up the basics with one single day of learning and in their first lesson. But I let you in on a secret ... all ages and skills levels can participate in this festival if they wish to do so. So, get out there and give it a try. For more information about the Algarve SUP Festival visit our event site:

It is chance to see the dances that will be representing Portugal in the forthcoming Dance World Cup in the Congress Centre of Arade in Lagoa June 29th to July 5th and also to see the medal winning choreographies of the recent Leiria Dance Competition. Ten representative dancers from the school went to compete with 20 dances and between them all they won 12 medals. The tickets, sold from the school office in the evenings of the preceeding week are priced at a reasonable 10€ which leaves a few euros in your purse to buy some delicious cakes in the interval. For more information phone 915 812 055 or 912 376 595 or visit the Facebook page.

Facebook: TomorrowAlgarve | 27


Elvis comes to Lagos! By Tom Henshaw

Classical quartet The Lacerda Quartet will be performing a concert at Herdade da Corte Tavira on Saturday June 14th.

dedicates much of its attention to great and unjustly neglected masterpieces from the Portuguese repertoire.

Drinks will be available from 6.30pm and the concert will start at 7pm. Drinks and tapas will be on sale during the interval and after the concert.

Concert tickets cost €20 and are available from lynnebooker or by calling 281 971 567. They are also available by emailing herdadedacorte@herdadedacorte. com or by calling 913503305/ 919817550.

The quartet is made up of Alexander Stewart (first violin), Regina Aires (second violin), Paul Wakabayashi (viola) and Luís André Ferreira (cello).

If you want a great fun night out, with or without dinner you should certainly make your way to the Fools and Horses Pub in Lagos town centre. Good old fashioned everything and loads of fun activities every day. And they are hosting a new star on Wednesday, June 11th- Rikki Ryan who performs as the King himself. I went along the other evening and I can vouch for the voice quality and his sense of FUN which will appeal to all ages. Be sure to give it a try and go along and just enjoy a great atmosphere. Call Eddie at the Fools and Horses for more information on 282 762 970

Sing for the bombeiros appeal The Western Algarve Choir will next be performing at the Almadena Hall on Saturday 14th June as part of a 60’s and 70’s themed event in aid of the local bombeiros. With summer very nearly here, they are also working towards their summer performances on the front in Luz where everyone is invited to join in. Watch this space for more details. The choir is an all-inclusive group and everyone and anyone is welcome to join – the focus is on fun. For more information on joining and bookings please contact choir leader Elizabeth Roberts on:

28 |

The Lacerda String Quartet was founded in 1990 and is one of the leading string quartets of Portugal. Besides the standard repertoire, with a special emphasis on Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven, the Lacerda

Charity Golf The APAA (the Association for the Protection of Animals in the Algarve) Charity Golf Day will be held on June 15th 2014 at the Pestana Gramacho Course in Carvoeiro. All monies raised on the golf day will be used by APAA towards spaying, neutering and veterinary treatment.The day will begin with a hot drink on arrival, shortly followed by a Shotgun Start at 9am. Registration will start from 8am in the Gramacho Clubhouse. Somewhere on the course a bunker will be designated as the APAA charity bunker for the day. Any player whose ball enters this

Algarve Beer Fest The first Algarve Beer Festival takes place this month from June 26th to 29th in Albufeira. It will take place at Fishermen’s Square with around 40 brands of craft beer from seven different countries including Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Greece and England. Craft beers are totally different from industrial produced beer – they use local produce and local labour. There are huge variations in flavour and strength and even seasonal variations in the craft beers. The philosophy with craft beer is to produce (and drink) less but to make it better. Each day the event will start at 5pm and will be open to 2am.

GPS - 37º 09’37,52” N - 07º 44’38,30” W. From Tavira follow N270 towards Santa Catarina and turn right at the Umbria/ Morenos sign. Take the first tarmac road on the left (it is well signed). From Sta Catarina take the N270 for 5.3 km towards Tavira. Turn left and follow signs as above.

bunker is invited to make a contribution of €1 in the collecting box by the bunker! Lunch will be from 13:30 – 14:00 approximately in the Gramacho Clubhouse, followed by first and second place prize presentation for Ladies and Gents. The price is €55 per golfer which includes a hot welcome drink, 1 buggy per 2 players, 18 holes of golf, lunch and prizes. Non-golfers are welcome to join us for lunch only at €20 per person. To register, and for more information please contact Alan at: 918 550 355 Email:


Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk OPEN 7 DAYS Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk08:00 Tmk ‒TmkLATE Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk TmkCAFÉ Tmk /TmkBARTmk/ RESTAURANT Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk TmkFRITmk&TmkSAT Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk TmkFISH, TmkCHIPS Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk & MUSHY PEASTmk 6.95€ (SPECIAL FROM 4PM) Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk SUNDAY SESSION Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk LIVE MUSIC FROM 15:30 Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Same service, food & faces! In bigger, brighter & better places! M: 925 167 463 Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk Tmk

Holiday Property Owners – Empty Weeks? Want to get more bookings & make money from your holiday home? Request your free book by holiday lettings expert Wendy Shand, packed with practical and proven tips and advice to increase your inquiries, bookings and letting season. For more details contact Helen Jones: +351 282 760 548 | |

CN COMO NOVO high quality second hand furniture

Check out our new gently used stock!

Showroom in Lagos - EN125 next door to Furniture World Facebook: TomorrowAlgarve | 29


Pets Mate

By Lars Rahmquist

So summer is now not around the corner, but there, on that corner up ahead. As we get ready for making the most of summer, let’s help our furry mates get the best out of their summer too. With the rising temperatures many dogs succumb to skin problems. Problems can arise from long-haired breeds which aren’t really adapted to the hotter weather. When there is a break in the integrity of the skin, if the local environment is right, bacteria declare PARTY TIME. Within just a couple of days, dogs can develop a ‘hot spot’. Hot Spot could be the name of a night club for Staphylococci, for they are partying down in that patch of skin, where it is warm and humid and perfect for proliferating cocci. Hot Spots need veterinary attention and part of the treatment protocol is to clip away the fur from that area, making it less inviting for the partying cocci. You can help to stop these infections by keeping your dog’s skin healthy. The Lagos Vet Clinic has a new professional groomer.

Get into full swing

Jenny can give you advice about the most appropriate way to maintain your dogs coat through these hot summer months. Summer styles, full grooms and bathing with anti-allergy shampoos are all done in the new parlour. Fleas are the other main skin problem in the summer. With hotter temperatures the flea life cycle speeds up and flea numbers explode. Topical flea control products are effective and mostly water resistant - but are not resistant to shampooing. If your dog has a coat that needs regular washing, this poses a problem. BUT NOW we have a tablet called BRAVECTO at the vet clinic. This has a THREE MONTH activity against FLEAS and TICKS - meaning effective flea control and regular washing. Sorry about all the capitals, but this is a very exciting thing for many of our patients with coat and skin problems. Read more on our website or come in and speak with our staff to garner more info on helping your furry mate have a happy summer.

30 |

Recent research showed that a third of people in the UK believe healthy eating is too expensive. However, eating nature’s healthiest foods can be accessible to the tightest of budgets if we shop wisely. Thankfully we are finally seeing many “superfood” myths being debunked and we are returning to the wisdom of eating locally grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Seasonal produce at our farmers markets is usually at its cheapest, as well as its most nutritious and flavoursome.

By Ann de Jongh

Doing this before a game of golf will help to wake up the glutes and make sure they are working. It will also add some strength and mobilisation for the back.

Did you know that one of the most important muscles in the golf swing is the gluteus maximus, in other words your bottom! The lower body is key in providing power to the swing.

By Hannah Sharpe da Rosa

By increasing the flexibility and strength of these muscles, you will enhance your golf performance, adding distance to your shots and providing more stability in your swing, A basic exercise for activating the glutes and mobilising the spine is the bridge.

As the weather warms up, golf season gets into full swing. Whilst golfers may think about buying a new driver to hit the ball further, or changing the ball to create more feel; there is a more reliable way of improving your golf game and at the same time, improving your own health.

Farmers market health foods

Start by lying on the ground with the knees bent, feet hip width apart and close to the bottom. Slowly lift the spine off the floor one vertebrae at a time, hold it for a couple of breaths at the top, squeezing the gluteal muscles, and then lowering the spine slowly back down. Do 10 repetitions and repeat 2 or 3 times. For golf specific training plans which can be made in conjunction with a Golf Professional to incorporate swing specific training, contact Ann. Ann de Jongh is a personal trainer, sports massage therapist and yoga teacher. Please call her on 913202621 or go to her website

Swiss chard (acelgas in Portuguese) is a leafy green vegetable that is often over-looked, however it is a powerhouse of nutrients. One cup of lightly cooked chard contains almost seven times the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamin K1. Along with its high calcium and magnesium content this makes it an excellent food to promote bone health. It is beneficial for our eyes too as this same amount of chard provides 60% of the RDA for Vitamin A, as well as 20mg of each of the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin which have been found to delay or prevent macular degeneration. Chard is rich in the flavonoid syringic acid, which inhibits the activity of the enzyme alpha – glucosidase, making it an excellent food to regulate blood sugar levels. Lightly boil, steam or sauté chard to reduce the high levels of oxalic acid it contains. It is delicious tossed with a good quality olive oil, some lemon juice, garlic and parmesan.

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Parkinson’s Disease By Niki Medlock James Parkinson was the first person to systematically describe six individuals with symptoms of the disease that bears his name in a document called “An Essay on the Shaking Palsy” published in 1817. Almost 200 years later, even with many new discoveries about the biology of the disease, diagnosis still depends on the core features described by James Parkinson – tremor, slowness, stiffness and problems with balance and walking. Certain nerve cells in the brain produce Dopamine - a chemical neurotransmitter allowing communication between the parts of the brain controlling smooth, balanced muscle movement. Progressive impairment or deterioration of these cells, with resultant decreasing of Dopamine levels, causes abnormal nerve function with loss of controlled body movements. Research shows that genetics sometimes play a role in this cellular breakdown, but so far there is not enough proof to show that it is inherited. In rare instances, the cause can be viral or through exposure to environmental toxins (pesticides/carbon dioxide) but, in the large majority of cases, the cause of Parkinson’s is unknown. There are no lab or blood tests to diagnose Parkinson’s and your doctor needs to take a careful medical history and do a full physical examination to come to any diagnosis, as although parkinsonism (a general term used to refer to a set of symptoms) is commonly associated with Parkinson’s disease it can also stem from other causes such as stroke, brain tumour, adverse reaction to prescription or illegal drugs and these need to be ruled out before a final diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease can be made. NEXT MONTH: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment. Niki Medlock is head nurse at

32 |

Reflexology for Pain Relief By Kathy McLauchlan All of us experience pain at times and appreciate the feeling of relief when it passes. Transitory pain, whilst unpleasant, can make us grateful for our generally pain free life. People who suffer from chronic pain (that lasts over months) have a difficult path. Chronic pain can impair many aspects of life including attention control, problem solving, mental agility and memory. It can also be associated with emotional imbalance including anxiety, anger and even depression. Living with pain, makes it more difficult to enjoy and take pleasure. At Madrugada we investigate different ways to ease and manage pain, and to support patients through their conventional healthcare. We have found that Reflexology has an amazing ability to induce a state of deep relaxation. It is claimed that reflexology helps to restore balance and maintain homeostasis. Once a state of deep relaxation is achieved, the body’s own healing abilities start to take over. Clients frequently report improved sleep and experience beneficial effects from the treatment. Although, it is not known as yet from a scientific perspective, how reflexology works, its benefits are becoming increasingly recognized by the NHS and the use of Reflexology is becoming further integrated into clinical practice in the UK. Nurses are also opting for training in reflexology to use as part of their toolkit. Reflexology is

increasingly available in hospices and day centres across the UK where patients are referred by the clinical team. At Madrugada we understand that Reflexology is also an art where sensitivity, care and a gentle approach to mind, body and spirit are fundamental. When you come for a reflexology session at our centre in Praia da Luz - whether you are a patient or carer - we ask you to provide details regarding your health. Then you will be asked to lie down, fully clothed but with bare feet. After cleaning your feet, the reflexologist lightly massages your feet before working on one foot at a time. The treatment lasts approximately an hour. There is no charge for this treatment for patients or their carers, but for those who have the ability, we suggest a small donation to cover basic costs. Call Kathy at the Madrugada Centre on: 282 761 375 or e-mail: Madrugada is a charity that helps people (and their families) who are living and coping with serious illness in the Algarve.

Ulcers, gastric problems and the ‘super’ vegetable By Meri Hanlin Ulcers are caused by a bacterium, Helicobacter Pylori, which is present in two thirds of the world population. H.Pylori is the only known bacteria able to survive in the highly acidic environment of the stomach. “Brassicare” is an extract naturally found in fresh broccoli. The effect of “Brassicare” has been proven to be an effective anti-bacterial agent for H.Pylori and can help prevent and cure stomach ulcers and other gut problems caused by this tough bacterium. The current path used by most doctors to “treat” this bacterium is by using antibiotics but it has been pretty well proven that this H.Pylori is resistant to any antibiotic on the market. So that route will not destroy the H.Pylori but also upset the already delicate balance

of friendly flora in the gut...making the situation worse! “Brassicare” also has proven anti-oxidant properties which act as a booster of the Pantone 2748 detoxifying system (particularly the liver!). This helps the body counter the negative effects of modern life: increased stress, unbalanced diet, alcohol consumption, etc. There is only one capsule taken daily and one mont’s supply is, in the vast majority of cases, enough to wipe out this nasty bacterium, which can make so many people feel miserable. And to think it comes from something as basic as broccoli!! Simple... always best! If you want to have a chat with Meri, please pop in to Harmony Earth in Luz.

Rua Infante Sagres 95-97 Loja B Lagos 8600-743 Tel. 919 919 111

Gii Home makes it easy to find affordable decor to suit your lifestyle. In- house soft furnishings and upholstery service





65 Rua Hospital S. Jo達o de Deus, Lagos




282 768 129

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A Business in the Sun Have you ever thought about moving to Portugal and living here permanently? However, does retirement seem a long way off? Well there could be another way... Owning and running a business in the Algarve is easier than you think. The Algarve offers many options for families to relocate and continue their careers, albeit a different one. Imagine bringing up your kids where they go to the beach every day and enjoy the outdoors more than their PlayStations... the Algarve offers all this, and what’s more, owning a business out here could be the key for you to start enjoying a life here. At B&P we have for sale a number of businesses; hotels, Quintas with holiday accommodation, bars and even a swimming pool complex on Meia Praia beach. One example is Quinta Misquita in Sargaçal. A 9 bedroom Quinta separated into a 3 bedroom villa and then 6 individual bedroom annex, the property can be rented out as a whole or just part. This business has a regular client base and also trades throughout the year. There are few properties of this size on the market and while the summer months

Heavenly Bodies If you are feeling full of aches and pains – perhaps after a hard day’s work or a round of golf then maybe you need a massage. Kayleigh from Heavenly Bodies will come to your home or even your hotel. She offers a wide range of beauty treatments too

By David Westmoreland

are full of holiday makers, the winter months fill up with all sort so bookings for outdoors pursuit’s enthusiasts, training courses and out of season training for various sports organisations. Priced at 865,000€ this business offers a healthy return on the investment and a super lifestyle for its owners. Another example is a small business of 4 individual cottages and a separate main residence situated in the small village of Figueira near Salema, all for rent throughout the summer season; and priced at only €395,000, this business could be an easy way to escape the rat race. Finally, how about owning one of the most popular and iconic bars in Lagos? Rosko’s bar located right in the town centre has style written all over it. Recently refurbished, this establishment gives a great return and priced at only €350,000! If any of these opportunities sound like they could be your escape, give me a call on (00351) 918473280 or email me on for more information.

including facials, manicures/pedicures, waxing, make-up and tinting. Kayleigh will take appointments with a 20 miles radius and has special introductory prices. For more information please call Kayleigh on 961745470 or email:

Arts and Crafts in Lagos goods. The items on offer are locally made to the highest standard and include soaps, watercolours, 3d Wood puzzles, spirals and turned wood, bamboo work, carved marble, hand painted tiles, leather work, hand painted boxes and crochet work. You will also find glass items, stone and metal figures, papier mache figures, textile cards, wall hangings and ceramics.

If you are interested in locally produced, handcrafted items then you may be interested in the Expo Craft Shop in Lagos.

The shop is open every day between 10am and 7pm. From June onwards it is open between 10am and midnight. Each of the craftspeople take turns to sit in the shop so there is someone different there each day.

Thirteen crafts people are involved in the shop – each one has their own space where they can sell their own handcrafted

The shop is situated at no 8 ,Rua Marques do Pombal in the centre of town opposite the Britaica Cafe.

34 |

A real treasure trove - Gii Homes By Tom Henshaw It’s great to find a real gift shop that proves to be far more than simply that! With gift ideas ranging from a few centimos up to luxury items around €600 with much more exclusive choices than you find in most shopping centres, a real treasure trove. Paulo started this lovely store in May 2013 and it is going from strength to strength, selling candles at one end of the spectrum to luxury goods at the other end of it proving that it is really possible to find what you want or need for any special occasion in Lagos. Having marked the first year, Paulo has added a new business that fits in perfectly with the store. He has added a soft furnishing business making anything from curtains and interior furnishings to upholstery covers with an experienced team of professionals. Another very good service, especially for someone like me, is the handyman service. They can adjust sliding doors, fix rails, in fact any job around the house that you just never get around to or are incapable of doing! The shop is close to Inova or call Paulo for directions on: 936 114 838 or email:

Flower power When Michelle Xeli graduated as an award winning fashion designer in South Africa I am sure she never imagined she would turn into an equally successful florist in Lagos! Her lovely spacious and airy shop is opposite the windmill in Lagos and oozes style and quality at very reasonable prices. She offers a wide selection and personal service for everyday events and important occasions. Weddings are a speciality and delivery to the local area is free. In her first year here as a florist she was in the top three in a national competition on the RTI television station. She now complements her range of flowers with an equally impressive range of natural healthcare products and perfumes. A real find! Call Xeli on 282 768 129

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Fortaleza Restaurant in Luz

By Tom Henshaw

To top the evening we had the crème brûléé and strawberry flambé which was stylishly flambéed at our table so that we could enjoy the ‘spectacle’. The puddings were delicious and the flambé came with the Fortaleza’s famous homemade ice cream.

I have to say I love the Fortaleza Restaurant in Luz and the food is second to none. What views! We started our evening outside the impressive fortress, enjoying a sun downer sitting in the fantastic well cared for exotic gardens of the Fortaleza. It was a fortress built in 1670 which is in a prominent position on the coast in Luz and opposite the church. The restaurant has a conservatory which juts out over the sea which is fabulous. The main building inside is really like going back in time, with stone high wall, two dining levels and an elevated open log fire adding to the atmosphere. It is a romantic setting from another century. It is well laid out too so that the tables are well spaced making it a comfortable area to dine in. We had starters of tasty grilled goat’s cheese and prawns. To follow, a wonderful succulent steak and baked fish fillets in a wonderful creamy sauce and vegetables, together with a bottle of their excellent house red wine.

A special thank you to Susie, David and their team who provided great food for us all to taste while chatting and catching up with new and old business friends, all with interests in helping to develop their business in the Algarve. As we move forward with the networking events we are very keen for you to have your say about what would improve them. We think networking gives a personal introductionto other developing businesses or old established ones, we can all help each other and as we all know “it’s not what you know, but who you know” especially with someone with practical, sensible common sense ideas for the environment we are living in here.

36 |

By Carol Spires

The Fortaleza has its own ice cream parlour which serves the usual flavours that we all love but they also like to experiment – peanut butter ice cream is the latest which is apparently delicious. The whole ambience of the evening changed at dusk with the low lighting and the enormous stone fire glowing beautifully. It is absolutely the perfect setting for an evening to remember and there is no background noise making, it calm and quiet – ideal for intimate conversations! We received very good service by polite, professional staff and this only added to the evening’s overall satisfaction. I think the Fortaleza provides the perfect place for a lovely evening with friends, family or couples. It is also a great place for a special occasion including of course, weddings. On Sundays the gardens play host to the Fortaleza’s famous Sunday jazz lunches. Call to book on 00 351 912 511 196 email

New networking? Last month guests gathered at the wonderfully positioned restaurant of Quay Lagos which overlooks the yachts on the Marina in Lagos.

Let us help you

But should we carry on with the event monthly, quarterly or half yearly and what about having speakers? Please tell us if you have any suggestions for speakers or topics. It could be the chance for you to brief the rest of the community about your business or a business or development you are making. Or maybe you think we should stick to the very relaxed format we have adopted so far where people get together for drinks and for a chance to chat and share ideas in an informal atmosphere. We need your help to decide. Please email with your ideas. The next networking event will be held in September and we will send the details by email nearer the time.

Owning a holiday property for your personal use or to get the best return on your investment in another country can have some challenges. Not only can the language difference cause problems but there can be a minefield of legislation. Would you leave your home for weeks or even months on end without someone caring for it? There are professionals who can help and make sure that owning a property in the Algarve is as hassle-free as possible. Algarve winters are notoriously damp, however other things can happen throughout the year that you will not know about or be able to resolve until your next visit. A management company with proven experience can ensure that when you put your key in the door of your house or apartment that you will be having a relaxing time, not having to pay for the reconnection of electricity because the payment failed and you didn’t know, or the drains flooded and the mess awaits you! Prevention is less expensive than cure! It is important that you choose a company that specialises in managing properties, and we have seen many people ‘trying their hand’ over the ten years that we have been providing this service to our owners. Be clear on the charges, as a low monthly fee may mean lots of added extras which you may assume are included. We have always found that owners like an inclusive charge so that they do not get any surprises. For further information of Property Management Services please contact Carol or Sean at Destination Algarve Lda

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Stand up and Paddle By Sebastian Wolff

Stand up paddle boarding or SUP as it is known is sweeping the world by storm. What is it? Is it surfing? Is it kayaking? Maybe even rowing? Nope – it’s a relatively new sport all on its own and has probably developed faster than any other sport in history. In a nutshell, SUP is a water sport whereby one has a huge board (like a surf board but longer and wider for more stability) and a single paddle upon whereby you standand project yourself forward, sideways etc using the paddle with a combination of ancient rowing techniques handed down to us by the Polynesians and Native Americans and a bit of modern tweaking to give the sport its full myriad of moves and modus operandi. The great thing about SUP is its accessibility (the world is made up of 75% water) and that it appeals to anyone from 10 - 100 years old. Being able to swim is a prerequisite but you don’t need to be Michael Phelps as you are attached by a leash to the board and can also use a life preserver. In its most simple form (there are a few variants of SUP i.e. SUP surfing, racing, touring and now even SUP yoga) SUP is a low impact sport, keeps you fit, makes you feel great, is SUPper fun and what’s better than being on the ocean? In the Algarve and specifically in Lagos we are so lucky to be surrounded by two coastlines (Meia Praia and Port Mos beaches) with the amazing grottos and caves to paddle through and around not only making your SUP experience fun but amazingly scenic too. If you want to try your hand at SUP come check out who provide tuition on correct technique, safety and tours. So if you fancy getting out on the ocean this summer and learning to paddle like a Hawaiian or just out to have some plain old fun with the entire family, go SUP!

38 |

The Espiche Clubhouse Philosophy The operation here at the Espiche Clubhouse Restaurant has been developed along the same principles that guided the construction of our beautiful golf course and stunning building: respect and responsibility for the environment, a deep commitment to the local community, and a strong emphasis on quality and service while providing an authentic experience of the Western Algarve. In our restaurant, this translates to serving simple, delicious meals with a farm-totable approach. We look for the best locally grown, artisanal and organic foods, sourcing seasonal ingredients from nearby family farms, village markets and local fishermen, and stocking our wine list from the region’s top vineyards.

we are a destination with an ethos that you can share. It is a place to enjoy a well-earned beer and tapas platter after a satisfying round while watching a spectacular sunset from one of the many outdoor terraces. Or to try a rotation of local dishes and sample a variety of Algarvian wines in the warm, elegant and spacious dining room. It is a place where you will be greeted like an old friend and served with care and attention. We think it is a place unlike anywhere else in the region but why not come along and find out for yourself?

In doing so, we ensure our guests receive the freshest, healthiest food available, all while supporting the local economy and limiting our carbon footprint. At the Espiche Clubhouse we offer far more than the usual golf restaurant experience –

Top Animal Physical Therapist to Teach the Beijing Olympics equestrian events. in Algarve Her most recent successes include being trainer, coach and therapist for the Gold medal winner of last year’s Asian Eventing Championships. She is also physical therapist to a number of Group One winners in Hong Kong. Suzanne has just been appointed to the Hong Kong equestrian team for the upcoming Asian Equestrian Championships.

The Algarve based Australian natural therapies school, the International School of Bowen Therapy (ISBT), has expanded its local involvement to include animal health professionals and pet owners, by presenting ISBT-Bowen Therapy courses for large and small animals. And one of the most experienced international animal physical therapists in the world, Suzanne Baker, Bsc., D.C. Dip Acc., is heading the ISBT introduction of equine and canine courses. Ms Baker, who is based at Hong Kong’s famous Sha Tin racecourse, has accompanied veterinary teams as physical therapist for the Asia Games, South East Asia Games and

She will be presenting Level One of ISBT’s Canine Course on July 22nd and 23rd and Level One of the Equine Course on 26/27 July in Odiáxere. A prerequisite for the animal courses is Module One of the human course. This, according to, Suzanne Baker, ensures that students have an understanding of the work before approaching animals. ISBT has been conducting Bowen Therapy human courses internationally for 15 years, with courses throughout Portugal. For information about ISBT’s animal and human courses: Ph: 910 379 087, email, international website, Portuguese site

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FOOD & Beverage

Restaurant offers throughout June

Superb Saffron

Please email with restaurant promotions you want included in our monthly list - IT’S FREE OF CHARGE

By Tom Henshaw



FREE cocktail with your meal just mention

8am-late - Fish,chips & mushy peas

‘Tomorrow’ | Restaurant Vila Velha, Sagres

€6.95 | ‘TOMIK, Burgau | 282 695 525

(nr. the Pousada) 917 128 402 Special of the day comes with a FREE beer/ wine | Marina Bar, Lagos Marina - 282 789 701 50% off 1st bottle of Wine mention The promo code “Rockefeller’s” + Summer Specials 10€ inc. a free glass of

Julie and I had a really memorable meal at the Saffron Restaurant in Luz recently.

6pm - Home Made Fish & Chips (+ full menu) | Barroca Bar, Praia Da Luz 282 762 799 9pm - Karaoke & Fish, Chips & Peas €6 | Windies, Praia Da Luz | 961736455

House Wine | Rockefeller’s Bar & Grill, Lagos


Much of the food is home grown and always tastes fresh and fabulous. We found the service, the food and the atmosphere really enjoyable. I would recommend a visit. Please call 282 768 825 or 919 138 208.

Give the Galley a Go!

12pm - 3pm - Chicken or Vegetarian dish inc. Naan or Rice | €7 | Algarve Spices

5pm - Steak Night | €10 | The Lighthouse,

282 049 675

Lagos Marina | 282 762 115 / 968 073 449



Fijian chicken curry & rice + a large beer/glass

8.30am onwards - Sunday Special

of house wine | €6 | The Star, Lagos

Champ potato topped with fillets of smoked


haddock, poached eggs & toast €8 | Lazjacks Bar, Lagos Marina

Tuesdays 5pm - Curry Night | €6.50 The Lighthouse, Lagos Marina 282 762 115 / 968 073 449

Thursdays Chilli con carne & rice + a large beer/glass of house wine | €6 | The Star, Lagos 912770647 5pm - Pizza Night | €5 | The Lighthouse, Lagos Marina | 282 762 115 / 968 073 449

282 761 384 Until 4pm - Sunday Roast | €8.95 Booking Essential | International Cafe, Lagos 966 499 554 10am – Golf Competition | Open to all Golfe Santo António, Budens | 282 690 054 1 - 7.30pm - Sunday Roast | Barroca Bar, Praia Da Luz | 282 762 799

The full banquet will include poppadoms and a pickle tray, mixed starters and main courses to include lamb, chicken and vegetarian dishes. There will also be a wide range of puddings. Live music will be provided by Wendy and Adam. The buffet costs €17.50 per person

40 |

The day begins in style with a range of breakfasts, including the famous Champagne Breakfast, perfect for those special occasions. The set menus at lunchtime are exceptional value for money and often take advantage of the delicious, fresh fish on offer.

Sunday Roast | Pigs Head, Burgau 934 295 774

Dine like a Maharajah Pasmina’s in Lagos is hosting an Indian banquet on June 27th following the success of their last event which was very well.

The Galley Restaurant has possibly one of the finest views Luz has to offer, as well as a menu that will delight your taste buds!

and booking is essential. Please call Pashmina on: 960 453 376.

Dinner is a relaxed affair. With ambient lighting on the terrace and live music nights, this is a great place to watch the sunset over Luz beach. And for those times when the day becomes just a little too hot, the shade of the summer grapevines makes The Galley Courtyard a unique place to rest and recharge. The range of snacks, drinks and homemade cakes and desserts on offer, will no doubt tempt your palate as you relax and watch the world pass by. A perfect place to simply unwind. Please call 282 789189.

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OUTDOOR If you have space then try Gaura which flowers from late spring onwards. The common white variety puts out spoon shaped flowers on long wiry stems radiating out to form clumps up to 1m high. For something different try mixing it with Gaura lindheimeri ‘Siskiyou Pink’, Its intensely pink butterfly shaped flowers and ability to grow in full sun and poor soil with little water make it a favourite amongst xeriscapers.

Be water-wise

By Clive Goodacre

Xeriscaping, water-wise gardening or environmentally friendly planting all add up to the same thing – planting to conserve water and make best use of resources, notably soil and location. But that does not mean having a garden full of grasses and succulents or huge expanses of stone and bark. It is all a question of balance, patience and experimentation. Many gardens here are populated with plants from temperate, tropical and Mediterranean climes contributing to a busy and water intensive summer season. If yours fits this category then it might be a good idea to make some changes - think about grouping plants by their needs. Mulch wherever possible – membrane, stones tree bark and homemade shredding are all good. Plot the pattern of sun, shade and prevailing wind during the day. See where windbreaks could reduce evaporation, keep new planting to a minimum in summer and remove anything that does not earn its keep. Lawns are the antithesis of xeriscaping so consider how much is actually needed

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for recreational purposes. If you are planning a new lawn or an extension then consider using Kikuyu grass (Pennisetum clandestinum) which spreads by means of thick coarse runners above and below ground. Originating from central Africa, it may not be a thing of beauty, but it tolerates very low water and will nearly always recover from drought. Many lawns receive little or no traffic and in these cases a good solution to the low maintenance/low water problem is to use succulent groundcover such as Stonecrop (Sedum spectabilis) or Cotyledon orbiculata. Flowers for xeriscaping If you want summer annual and perennial flowers such as Petunias then be prepared to apply water and regular attention. For minimum care choose Asterica, Phlomis, Lavander, Sage, Rosemary and Santolina which can be planted awa from irrigation and hand watered occasionally during summer. Gazanias are also good and surprisingly waterwise.

One plant that will flower repeatedly on a water/no-water regime is Euphorbia millii which develops over several years into a striking shrub provided it does not become waterlogged or subjected to temperatures much below 8ºC. Thanks to hybridisation, shades of yellow and pink are available as well as its original intense scarlet. Euphorbia millii lives up to its common name crown of thorns - bearing vicious spines completely covering its multi-sided stems, so handle with care. Survival tactics produce some bizarre yet outstanding plant forms deserving a special place in the driest section of any Algarvean garden. The list includes of course agaves and yuccas, plus the outstanding Dracaena draco (Dragon tree) and the Dasylirion family from Mexico. Buy a large specimen if you can get it because Dasylirions are slow growing - but well worth the investment. Also known as the desert spoon or Sotol, they typically comprise rosettes of several hundred narrow toothed leaves, one metre in length or more, forming a lethal yet beautifully architectural sphere.


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