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Young Talent Showing the Way

By Lena Strang school in the district of Vila do Bispo it deserves all the assistance it can get. What do you like about coaching? Establishing a relationship of friendship and trust and sharing my experiences as athlete and coach. I love to see the progress that each one makes daily. Where do you train yourself? In Lagos, the most beautiful city in the world! It is a privilege to train on Meia Praia, Ponta da Piedade, Porto de Mós and the national terrain of São João. But it is difficult at times to balance work, coaching and training – it all requires tremendous will power.

Pedro with young athletes from the Running Club

Pedro Braz Correia is a promising young athlete in the Algarve. He has already made his mark, becoming regional running champion. When not training, he is busily coaching youngsters in the area. Lena Strang met up with him to find out more. Do you live in Lagos? I was born in Faro but have lived in Lagos all my life, apart from studying in Lisbon for six years. Have you always been interested in sports? As a child my passion was football but I loved going out for runs with my father. When I was eleven I took part in my first Cross-country race and was asked to join the Olímpico Clube de Lagos. I represented the Algarve in many races. What support did you have to gain success? It was definitely my family who always encouraged me and accompanied me to all championships. National Indoors Championships, Pombal February 2014 (Pedro in orange shirt)

Where do you work at present? As part-time Physical Education Teacher at the International School at Vale Verde. I also work as coach at the Athletics School in Burgau. How did the Athletics School come about? It was always my dream to set up a running club for youngsters. In October 2011, with the help of Nita Barroca and ‘Project New Discoveries’ the school was founded. The Municipal Câmara of Vila do Bispo let us use the old Primary School at Burgau as our base. What are training sessions like? About 20 youngsters are divided into two different age groups. The young ones train twice and the older ones three times a week. We use our beautiful surroundings as training ground, running on the beach, along the cliffs and in the countryside! When possible, I take the older athletes to the Carlos Cabral running track in Lagos. Have any of the children had any particular success? They all achieve their own little victories each time they train. The road to success is hard and they know they have to be persistent. I must confess though that I’m proud that two of the youngsters achieved regional titles last season! And the future for the Athletics School? It depends on the assistance we receive in the coming year. Apart from PND who do everything possible for us to continue, we also have tireless support from parents of the youngsters. Being the only athletics

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What do you consider to be your greatest achievements? My greatest victory is the fact that despite difficulties, I have never given up my dreams. This season everything seems to be going well. Recently, I became 800m and 1500m champion of the Algarve and I was pleased to beat the record at 600m. I have also participated in national indoor events. And your future goals? I’d like to do a doctorate in athletics coaching, become member of the national team and take part in the Olympic Games! Sounds ambitious but I will keep working towards it! Facebook: Escola de Atletismo Projecto Novas Descobertas

Milha Carlos Cabral Championhsips, Lagos April 2014 (Pedro in orange shirt)

Training at the beach

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