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december 2012

Community Newslet ter

‘Tis the Season Greater Geist Community Rallies in Support of Injured Fortville Police Officer Matt Fox

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Geist Teen Throws Pink Party for Mom by Pat Carlini

november 2012


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Community newslet ter

Feather Cove Falconer

by Janet C. Striebel

Point Design Trends 12 High by Donna Marino Carmel Swim Coach Dives In at Lawrence North 14 Former by Kara Reibel of the Guys: HSE’s New Wrestling Coach Kyle Poyer is 16 One Blending in Well by Mark Morrow

Pusher: Homegrown McNamara Florist 21 Pedal by Ann Craig-Cinnamon

‘Tis the Season Greater Geist Community Rallies in Support of Injured Fortville Police Officer Matt Fox

Duo Spearheads Pasta Bowl Win 26 Fishers by Pat Carlini the Season: Greater Geist Community Rallies in 29 ‘Tis Support of Injured Fortville Police Officer Matt Fox by J. Andy Murphy

34 Bogart”

Ocean Prime - “This Table is Reserved for Humphrey

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Photo by Brenda Staples Photography

Injured in the line of duty, Fortville police officer Matt Fox is anxious to return to his duties just after the holidays.

by Heather MacWilliams

Fire for Lawrence: Dino Batalis Sparks Fire 41 On Department’s Needy Family Program by Neal Moore Croissants, sandwiChes, Muffins, sCones, Cookies, pastries, CupCakes, Coffee, breads & Cakes

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Geist Teen throws

pink party for mom

HSE senior Arianna Charlier (center) threw a pink fundraiser at her home to honor her mom Kelly (left) with the help of her dad, Fito (right). By Pat Carlini Seventeen-year-old HSE high school senior Arianna Charlier has a heart of gold…or, should we say “pink.” The HSE high school senior threw a “Pink” fundraiser at her family’s Geist home in honor of her mom who’s battling breast cancer. “I wanted to do something for my mom to wrap up breast cancer awareness month,” says Arianna. “So I combined it with my community service needed for a sociology class and put on the open house!” Arianna organized the open house which offered family, friends, and neighbors pink cookies, pink cupcakes, and pink lemondade for donations. She set a goal of $2500 and pledged if she didn’t raise that amount, she would shave her head. That’s when her dad, Fito, stepped in.

her hair!” “The reponse was great,” says Fito. “Dnations are still coming in.” Arianna’s Mom, Kelly,was diagnosed in 2005, underwent treatment,and was in good health until the cancer returned in 2011. Today, she is on a new drug called “pergeta” which was approved this past summer. She now takes it every three weeks. “I just take it one day at a time,” says Kelly. “But, I’m proud of my daughter pulling this together for me!” Arianna did raise the $2500 and counting, and she didn’t have to shave her head! The proceeds will go to the I.W.I.N. Foundation which assists women and their families who are undergoing treatment for breast cancer by helping them with basic needs and emotional support. You can learn more at

“I didn’t want my daughter to shave her head!” says Fito. “So, I emailed employees at work (Sherpa Financial Group) and said whatever my daughter raises, let’s match it to save 4

geist comm u nit y


| d e c e m b e r 2 0 1 2

Pat Carlini is an experienced television/radio personality associated with NBC in Indianapolis and the syndicated Bob & Tom Show. She can be contacted at

december 2 0 1 2 |

geist comm u nit y



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St. Mary’s Child Center Serves Our Area’s Youngest Needy


2000 E 116th Street

june 2012

ers om/atFish facebook.c


ry 2013


West-coastMeets-Midwest pub

rs m/atFishe

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Photo by Brian Brosmer

2012 business edition


r Community newslet te

Photo by Brenda Staples Photography

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oCtober 2012

Center Grove businesses in the spotlight

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Geek in Pink a shining Local success story

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r Community newslet te


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feather cove


Roger Chastain, a Feather Cove 1 resident, has a passion for the full-time sport of falconry.

Story By Janet C. Striebel, Photos by Doug Striebel


geist comm u nit y



ccording to the Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, the word falconry refers to the art of training hawks to hunt in cooperation with a person or the sport of hunting with hawks. To Geist resident Roger Chastain, falconry means so much more. “Falconry is more of a lifestyle than a hobby,” says Chastain, officer (secretary) of Indiana Falconer’s Association who has been hunting with hawks for eight years. “Whereas bow and gun hunters put away their equipment at the end of their hunting season, we (falconers) care for our birds 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, or 365 days of the year. Besides hunting with them, we train them, feed them, house them, and care for their needs. We protect them from predators.”

| d e c e m b e r 2 0 1 2

Although Chastain normally traps his birds in the fall and then trains them for hunting, he received his current bird, Briar, a red-tailed hawk, from a rehabber in late August of this year. Briar had come into rehab a couple months earlier, starving as a result of the drought this past summer. After a couple months spent fattening up in rehab, time she would have spent learning to hunt on her own, she needed to be placed with a falconer in order to ensure she could successfully hunt on her own prior to her release back to the wild. Weighing in at 37 ounces, Briar typically hunts for squirrels, rabbits, and other ground quarry. Less than a year old, she is described as mellow, sweet, and yet aggressive on game. Last week, she managed to pull a raccoon out of a tree! Chastain reminds us that this hawk is not a pet, but a hunting partner. At any time, he may be subject to inspection by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR.) He asserts, “In excess of 70% of raptors die during their first year of life due to getting hit by a cars, electrocution, predators, starvation, or disease. For this reason, the DNR mandates that birds being captured for hunting purposes be less than one year old.” In a sense, falconers actually help preserve the life of these birds taken from the wild because most of them wouldn’t have survived anyway.

HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT OF BECOMING A FALCONER? Falconry is a sport regulated both by the DNR at the state level and the Fish and Wildlife Service at the federal level. Birds are very protected by the DNR. If you find an injured bird of prey, instead of taking it “under your wing” you should contact the DNR so they can direct you to a licensed rehabber to care for the animal. The only legal way to obtain a bird of prey is to become a licensed educator, licensed rehabber, and/or a licensed falconer. Here are the main steps to becoming a licensed falconer: 1. Observe a licensed falconer by accompanying him/ her on a hunting trip to get a feel of what it’s like. This step is not required but highly recommended. Most aspiring falconers inherently follow this course of action since one of the people you meet may become your future sponsor.) 2. Obtain a commitment from a general- or masterclass falconer to sponsor you during your two-year apprentice period. The sponsor guides you through the process, teaching you everything you need to know about maintaining and hunting your bird. 3. Build housing facilities/equipment. Complete a DNR inspection of your housing facilities/equipment.

4. Pass a written examination issued by DNR by scoring 80% or higher.

HOW DID CHASTAIN’S PASSION BEGIN? Chastain began volunteering at Eagle Creek Park in Northwest Indy. He would clean the cages of reptiles and answer questions from the public. Eventually, he moved up to doing these same chores for owls and hawks. One day when he was surfing the internet to find answers to anticipated questions from the public like, “How fast do they fly?” or “What do they eat?” he stumbled on the topic of falconry. He instantly gravitated to this whole idea. “I couldn’t believe that I could have a relationship with a hawk where we could hunt together as a team. Unlike hunting with manmade equipment like bow hunting or gun hunting, falconry is the purest form of hunting. It’s predator and prey.”

TRAP IT, TRAIN IT, HUNT IT— FALCONRY CYCLE As a falconer, Chastain will tell you, “We’re passionate about the sport and we like people to get excited about it, but the birds we employ in the sport are protected by the Migratory Bird Act. This sport is not whimsical; it takes a lot of time, money, and commitment. Everything we do must center on the best care of the birds.” On a typical hunting expedition, once the hawk catches its prey (a rabbit, for example) the falconer rewards it with some type of raw meat (such as day-old male chicks, mice, or something caught on an earlier trip). The falconer then decides whether to let the rabbit go free, providing there are no injuries, or to butcher it for future rations of food such as during the spring and summer during the molting period. Here in Indiana, hunting season is normally limited to fall and winter when the DNR establishes prey-species seasons for all types of animals (periods for hunting squirrels, rabbits, ducks, etc.). december 2 0 1 2 |

geist comm u nit y



Chastain received his red tailed hawk, Briar, from a rehabber who had rescued her from starvation due to the summer drought. Generally, once falconers improve the hunting prowess of their birds (after two to three years), they set them free and are ready to capture a new one. By this time, the raptors are sexually mature and are ready to pair up with a mate.

falcon or ferruginous hawk which would become his second hunting partner. (His wife, however, doesn’t know this yet!)

“By releasing them into the wild, they can hunt for their future offspring and live happily ever after,” says Chastain who has owned several birds. He plans to go on a hunting trip to Kansas November 9-16. In addition to shaping Briar’s hunting expertise, he also hopes to trap a prairie

Janet Striebel serves as a freelance writer. She and her husband Doug have three children, Ryan, Jessica, and Justin. After writing for for over six years now, she claims that the best part is meeting all of the interesting people in our community.

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Former Carmel Swim Coach

Dives in

By Kara Reibel

at Lawrence North

Lawrence North’s new swim coach, Tom Burchill, is ready to lead the Wildcats. Burchill is replacing beloved swim coach Mike Parratto. Parratto’s legacy is substantial nationally and internationally. “I have known Coach Parratto for many years, and he significantly placed his stamp of excellence upon this program. I plan to extend his vision for Lawrence North,” Tom Burchill said of his predecessor. Burchill is up to the challenge to continue Parratto’s reputation of excellence. Burchill, originally from Pittsburgh, swam competitively at the University of Maryland where he was captain. He holds an M.B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh. Burchill’s coaching resume is equally impressive: he led the Carmel Greyhounds to 4 state titles and 1 national title (Girls: 2004, 2005, 2006, Boys: 2004, 2004 national title) 14

geist comm u nit y


before taking a position in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and subsequently Pittsburgh, where he had similar success (1 Pennsylvania State title and 3 state runners-up – all girls). Now back in Indiana, he is ready for this next task. “I am always training them (the swimmers) for the championship season and for the future,” remarked Coach Burchill of his Wildcats. Practices began at the end of October with the girls swimming a couple weeks prior to the boys beginning due to the swim club schedule. The high school season opener meet is in mid November, and the season climaxes with the state meet in March. Burchill runs the Lawrence Swim Club in addition to the LNHS swim team. Swimming is more or less year round. Swim clubs provide an important developmental element for the serious swimmer. According to Burchill, “Almost exclusively, swimmers who excel in high school swimming swim year round. It provides the basis for the sport in technical and training purposes, as well as providing the neurological pathways of development that allow athletes to develop long-term success, nutritional development for superb athletic lifestyles, and the cognitive development to desire an ever-growing and changing environment.” Swim club is a phenomenal developmental experience.

| d e c e m b e r 2 0 1 2

Swimming is a fantastic sport for all ages, and to start at a young age and have competitive experience prior to high school is a wonderful foundation. “Club swimming is good at any age, but is significantly beneficial beginning from the Learn-to-Swim (Swim America) programs at the earlier ages to quickly remove fear and inject love of moving through the water.” Burchill is a father of three children: Veronica, 9th grade, Sammie, 8th grade, and Tanner, 4th grade. All are in swim club, and Veronica is swimming on her high school team.

Solutions for Life’s Transitions

Burchill is optimistic going into this year’s season. He inherits the following state qualifiers: Adam Noens, John Christie, Morgan Meixner (4th place, diving), Morgan Matsuoka, Laura Weiss, Laura Apple, Maya Lee, and Rachel Kindler. There are many more swimmers at LN ready for their chance to excel. “We have a strong core group of swimmers, and time will tell how well we perform. The potential is there for an excellent season.”

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For more on the Lawrence swim team, visit Kara Reibel, owner of Geist Pilates, has been a fitness professional for over 25 years. She is the mother of 3 kids and lives in the Geist area.



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december 2 0 1 2 |

geist comm u nit y



ONE OF THE GUYS HSE’s New Westling Coach Kyle Poyer is Blending in Well 16

geist comm u nit y


Story by Mark Morrow Even if you don’t really know him, you can’t help but like him — really like first-year Hamilton Southeastern High School wrestling coach Kyle Poyer. He’s easy going, extremely friendly and straightforward. And you have to appreciate his honest approach to wrestling. His wrestlers certainly do. You could tell that the way he intermingles with them in practice, the way he kids around and teases them at times while always providing an appreciative pat and smiling. He wears the same wrestling gear, including a blue HSE wrestling shirt and wrestling shoes as the athletes do. He even illustrates the way to do things and such in a somewhat playful manner.

| d e c e m b e r 2 0 1 2

Loud music blares in the practice wrestling room. All 65 of his wrestlers seem relaxed, yet full of energy and ready to give it their all.

“Yeah,” said a media friend (Rich Torres, VYPE Magazine) when asked about Poyer, a long-time acquaintance, “he’s really just a big teddy bear.”

The first thing he said to them at practice before beginning drills was that he was proud of them because of the way they all seem to be so nice and considerate of each other, and proud that they show integrity.

Poyer has a great sense of humor for such a low-key coach. He said he’s easy to pick out in a crowd because he’s built like a fire hydrant. He also looks like he could take just about anyone to the mat, if he had any takers, that is. And he’s not exactly a spring chicken he’s been around awhile.

Nice? Do wrestling coaches really talk that way? “He seems really genuine, and we really like him,” one of the wrestlers said, as others nodded in agreement, when asked about their coach.

He’s also quite humble. He’s quick to compliment former coach Greg Gastineau, who built the HSE program into a competitive winner…year-in and year-out, which includes winning the past three sectionals.

Coach Poyer is a true wrestler’s coach. He puts the kids first, and he’s is respectful when he talks about how special his kids are. He uses that word — special — a lot, too, when he talks about them.

w e a lt h

There’s also a quiet confidence about him; no fanfare. You get the feeling he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s pretty laid back, and he seldom raises his voice. When you yell, he says, “It should be because you feel a sense of urgency, and it should mean something.’’ He thinks wrestling deserves more coverage, and he says Indiana is probably the 10th best state in wrestling now, that it’s really come a long way the past few years. He also said a lot of Indiana kids in college are coming back to the state to coach wrestling. When asked why the sport doesn’t receive more and/or better coverage, he looked down, for a moment, then up, and said like he just swallowed a bitter pill, “because there are coaches who don’t work hard enough to promote the sport and their program. “I’ve never had that problem, never been accused of not promoting the kids,” he said with a grin. “I think it’s important that, as coaches, that we do all we can do to promote them. Poyer is a Jersey guy, and he might come across as being a tad gruff before you get to know him. Yet, he’s as easy going as a wrestling coach can be. Though he might look like he could plow you over like a tank, he’s really a gentle giant.

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Poyer knows a little something about success. He has coached 8 state qualifiers and 2 state champions, including Camden Eppert, the 2009 Indiana State Wrestler of the year. Poyer also won 2 Madison County Championships and 3 titles in the now defunct Olympic Conference. And he owns an 88-41 dual meet record. He also has an interesting philosophy. “It’s not just about winning,” he said, even though his Royals are expected to chalk up quite a few wins this season.’’ HSE returns nine seniors from last year’s outstanding season. Some of the top returnees (with records in parentheses) include: John Tatom (40-4), Chase Watson (364), Jack Chastain (36-4) and Mitchell Snyder (29-5), and Austin Neibarger. Tatom, who wrestles in the 152-pound weight class this season, is the top returnee from the state meet, where he placed sixth at 145 pounds. Tatom was ranked No. 4 by; Austin Neibarger was ranked No. 5 at 160; Chastain was No. 13 at 106; and Jackson Bennett was No. 19 at 152. Be watching for Jackson Bennett and John Tatom, two returning wrestlers from last year’s team. “I came into a very good situation here,’’ said Poyer, who was head coach at Anderson Highland for 5 seasons prior to the school closing in 2010. He also coached 5 years at Carson Newman College.

“Wrestling is also about integrity and character,” he added. “It takes tremendous discipline to be a wrestler.” That’s a big reason why the Armed Forces makes a point to try and recruit wrestlers.

“The foundation is solid and my job is to add to it and continue producing excellent student-athletes. Expectations are high this year. With the hard word and continued interest and energy I’ve been seeing, we have a chance to reach goals,’’ said Poyer, a Guidance Counselor at the HSE Freshman Campus. “The semistate will be especially difficult…but it always is. We feel we have a chance to be a top-10 team, possibly a top-5 team at state. But, of course, the draw can play a big part in how well you do and how many kids advance to the state meet.”

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geist comm u nit y


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“There’s nothing recreational about wrestling,” Poyer said. “It’s about self control, intestinal fortitude, and accountability. So when they recruit you, you know they really want you because they see the right qualities in each kid.’’ As a guidance counselor, he says it’s his job to point his kids in the right direction and help them with their education, as well as help provide academic, career and college assistance. A counselor can also help youth in personal/ social competencies. A lot of what Poyer does in school carries over to his coaching, and he says he tries to put kids in the right positions so they can compete, excel and have fun in wrestling. Poyer says he enjoys helping an average kid become an exceptional athlete…because, he says, you don’t have to be the best athlete to excel in our sport. “I’ve coached All-Americans who weren’t great athletes… but they worked hard and developed into exceptional wrestlers,” he’s said. “That’s gratifying when you know you were part of helping a young man excel or just helping him be the best he can be.”

the other teammates in 14 weight classes,’’ he said. “Unlike some sports where you might have a great athlete, one kid can’t win a meet for you. They’re all individuals, but you have to all come together as one to be successful.” That’s also what he says when he talks about wrestling being about family. “I don’t know any other sport that is about family the way wrestling is really,” Poyer said. “It’s more about how they act being around each other, how they work together to help each other and just the unity, togetherness, and fun they have and what they take away from being in the sport.” Poyer believes there’s something really special about his sport. He talks it - he acts it - he lives it - he loves it. And you can bet the way he goes about things, that his Royals will do the right things the right way. That would seem to pretty much be a given. After all, there’s no question that he believes he’s working with “special” kids. Mark Morrow owns and operates Hamilton County Sports Daily (, the only allsports website in Hamilton County.

He also says every kid is important to the success of a program. “Whether the kid is No. 1 or No. 5 on the weight chart, each kid has a responsibility since he has the back of

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pedal pusher Homegrown McNamara Florist

By Ann Craig-Cinnamon I defy you to walk into a McNamara florist shop and not come away feeling better. The combination of incredible smells, vibrant colors, and the presence of the miracle of living things is an instant mood enhancer. It is compounded by the fact that McNamara goes all out in its arrangements and decorations, especially during the holidays. The holiday decorating doesn’t just happen either; it takes months of preparation and literally days and weeks of work according to McNamara’s owner, Toomie Farris, who says they make 1600 arrangements for Christmas alone. He is so hands on that he does all the holiday ordering himself. Farris has done it all for McNamara ever since he went to work for its founder back in 1980. Bob McNamara started the business in 1954 and is still on the company’s board of directors. Farris bought the business in 2007 after going through a string of transitions. Since 1990, it has been owned by several companies including Marsh Supermarkets, which sold out to a private equity firm in 2006 taking McNamara Florist along.

(Opposite page) Long-time employee turned owner Toomie Farris has managed to survive and thrive in a competitive market, opening his ninth McNamara Florist retail store at Geist. (Above) McNamara employee Barbara Hines works on a flower arrangement.

It was at that point that Farris put a group of investors together and bought it. Unfortunately, the timing wasn’t the best as the economy took a major dive in 2007. He says the impact was pretty dramatic. “We expected to be growing in upper single digits to double digits like we had for the last 10 or 15 years. Instead, we started declining in double digits which was pretty typical of retail around that timeframe. So it was challenging, but we managed to keep our head above water.” He adds that the economy is still not great but they are proud of their continued growth and expansion despite the weak economy.

in Broadripple to Glendale last year and opening a store in Geist at Brooks School and Fall Creek and another store in Avon in November of this year. That brings McNamara’s store count up to 9, including a 6-acre greenhouse and garden center/flower shop complex in Fort Wayne, plus a 58,000-square-foot warehouse in Fishers. There is an industry trend toward importing flowers; and Farris says even though McNamara does import from six continents for seasonal varieties, they also grow a lot of their own flowers in Fort Wayne. “We’re pretty unique in the country in that we are vertically integrated – that we still are growing things ourselves. Most people just buy products from other growers. We really want to keep that homegrown local flavor as much as possible.”

The company’s growth includes moving the original store

Homegrown is what makes McNamara stand out. The december 2 0 1 2 |

geist comm u nit y



expanding its retail stores when others are closing them and the small florist is being squeezed out. But he says part of the McNamara brand is being able to come into the stores and see and embrace what’s there and come away with ideas. He says they are available online 24 hours a day, by phone, and they will even come out to your home or business and work with customers on site. But he thinks people are still looking for experiences in retail and that’s why he’s still going all in on brick and mortar stores. “When they walk into one of our stores we want them to feel good and feel welcome, get ideas and be able to look at all the pretty things and be inspired.”

McNamara Florist 10106 Brooks School Road 317-579-7900

Like many businesses today, everything isn’t all rosy in the floral industry. Farris says it’s a tough business because the product is so perishable and it’s also so labor intensive. It takes a ton of people to make it work because they need designers, people to process flowers, drivers waiting to take the order. In fact, he says the company’s cost for labor is more than its cost for product. McNamara employs 120 people and is the biggest locally-owned florist in the state. If you are trying to follow the trend to “buy local,” that would be good to keep in mind.

company focuses on local relationships, and they are proud that most of McNamara’s store managers have been with them for a long time and have developed their own relationships in their own communities. He points out that companies such as ProFlowers, 1-800-Flowers, and FTD are national businesses that charge customers a service fee and then place the order with a local florist at a deep discount. So, he asserts that everyone loses in that situation: The customer is basically paying for the privilege of doing business with them and is being overcharged, and the local florist is being underpaid for the product.

After almost 60 years in business, Farris is still bullish on the future for McNamara. “We’ve just kind of gone through the evolution of building the brand and being a part of the community over all that time, and it’s just my watch right now to watch over it and continue the brand and values. We are proud that the founder, Bob McNamara, is still on our board of directors. So, we value that heritage and those core values. There’s a lot of tradition. Even though we change and update and we stay on top of design trends and everything else, we still think that foundation is really important.”

Farris is very involved in a national movement called “Florists for Change,” which is made up of florists who want to create a different scenario. Farris says they don’t want to go the way of the local grocery store and disappear, and he thinks the kind of business that is personal and relationshipbased is not just about selling product. “People can go buy flowers anywhere, if they just want to drop them in a vase or something. But if they want something to give their wife for their anniversary or they want to send it to the funeral home, they want it to be special. It means something. What we do is express emotions. It isn’t buying a widget, so there is creativity involved and there’s customization. As a business, we custom design same day and deliver. There’s not much else you can do that can be custom designed to your wishes – that you can call in the morning and have it delivered that afternoon.”

You may wonder what a guy who lives and breathes flowers likes when he picks out flowers for himself. Farris says he gets excited about seasonal flowers such as tulips in the spring and orchids in the summer and he adds, “For the most part, I just enjoy the beauty of flowers. I will take whatever is seasonal and really pretty and just drop it in vases to have at home. And I try to keep flowers around all the time.” So, here’s my suggestion for a natural pick-me-up. Drop by your neighborhood McNamara Florist and fill your senses with the smells and colors of nature. If you want to take some home with you, that’s fine, too, since you will be helping the local economy.

Farris says his company is also unusual in that it is 22

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Ann Craig-Cinnamon is a 30-year radio and television broadcast veteran. Ann is a writer, travel speaker and author of an upcoming book about her time spent living in Iran.

Indiana’s hometown florist since 1954 is excite d to be your ne w ne ighbor j ust in time for the holiday s...

m namara florist c

NEW STORE now open in Geist! Located at the corner of Brooks School & Fall Creeks Roads 10106 Brooks School Road, Geist | 317.579.7900 Also located in Avon, Glendale, Carmel, Fishers, Ft Wayne, Greenwood & Willow Lake West w w Proud Sponsor and Floral Provider of the Indianapolis Colts

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Katie Lipke and Erin Lattimer rallied students at Fishers High School to bring pasta to the October 12 football game, netting 1,000 pounds of pasta and a first place trophy from Second Helpings.

Fishers Duo Spearheads Pasta Bowl Win By Pat Carlini Two Fishers high school students were honored by “Second Helpings” this month for spearheading a school campaign that beat out 7 other schools to raise the most pasta in the first ever Pasta Bowl! Katie Lipke and Erin Lattimer, both 17, rallied students through daily announcements and a homemade video at Fishers High School to bring pasta to the October 12 football game. They wound up with a whopping 1,000 pounds of pasta! “It was a lot of fun, and it just feels good to give back,” says Katie. Erin agreed. “The video was a lot of fun and once the students jumped on board, they did great!” Fishers High School beat out Brownsburg, Jay County, Guerin Catholic, Avon, Zionsville, Terre Haute North, and North Central to win the Pasta Bowl 2012. Katie and Erin were taken on a private tour and presented a trophy at a small ceremony at Second Helping’s downtown community kitchen. Also in attendance for the ceremony was Fishers co-athletic 26

geist comm u nit y


director Jon Miles, John DeLucia of PNC Bank who helped offset some of the campaign costs, and race car driver Graham Rahal whose foundation helped by distributing pasta donation boxes to each school and volunteering during the drive at the football games. “They pulled it together quickly, and what they raised is just impressive!” says Graham. Second Helpings is an Indianapolis-based nonprofit community kitchen specializing in food rescue from unused food in area restaurants and hotels to fight hunger. Communications Director Betsy Whitmore says they take in only safe and edible food that would otherwise be thrown out and then provide meals for organizations such as senior centers, homeless shelters, and many children’s groups. “Forty-nine percent of our recipients are children,” says Whitmore, who adds that pasta was a great idea because it is easy to make and it doesn’t spoil. She also says more drives such as Pasta Bowl are planned for the months ahead. Second Helpings also offers a unique culinary job-training program which not only helps fight hunger but helps people transform their lives by learning the skills they need to be successful culinary professionals. Some of the chefs were on hand to prepare lunch at the ceremony. So congratulations to Fishers High School for winning Pasta Bowl 2012. Look for more “bowl” games ahead!

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703-PiNK (7465)

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Fortville Police Officer Matt Fox is anxious to return to active duty after being shot 9 times in July at what started as a routine traffic stop near Geist Reservoir.

‘Tis the Season Greater Geist Community Rallies in Support of Injured Fortville Police Officer Matt Fox

Story by J. Andy Murphy, Photos by Brenda Staples Photography

Date: July 27, 2012 Time: 11:30 p.m. Fortville police officer Matt Fox and his canine partner, Lannie, were working overtime. When you’re a policeman, working overtime and second and third jobs are no strangers. Lannie the patrol dog was content, peering out the back window of the patrol car. For officer Fox, it was just another evening checking for signs of aggressive or impaired drivers on his evening patrol in Hancock County. The scorching heat of the day still lingered in the evening air as he drove through the normally quiet area. Little did Fox think that in a matter of minutes he would be involved with a convicted felon who had been released from prison just a little under a year ago. James “Skip” Lockhart, III, clearly was not intent on straightening out his life. If he had, the weed in his car and 12 guns would not have been in his possession.

“It all happened so fast. I had just reached to disconnect my seatbelt when Lockhart was at my side window. I saw the barrel of the gun aimed at me. The sound of the bullets hitting me was deafening. It’s a sound I will never forget,” Fox said. “I’ve been asked a dozen times if I passed out as a flurry of bullets were fired, nine of which hit me: One in my left forearm, one in the hand, and one in the forehead pretty much shattering my sinus cavity. The rest of the other bullets lodged in my bullet proof vest. The pain of those bullets hit first. I didn’t lose consciousness, but the blood from the forehead wound pretty much blurred my vision. I do remember communicating a description of the car and the driver. I knew Lannie was there and worried that he might have been hit as well (he wasn’t), but I couldn’t get to him in the condition I was in,” Fox added with a tone that clearly spoke to the memories of this horrible night. A short while later, an Indianapolis Police Officer

As Officer Fox settled in behind Lockhart’s white Volvo at 79th and Carroll Road, he noticed a taillight was missing. It was his duty to make sure the driver knew the light was out and to serve him with a ticket. One motion of turning on his red lights usually resulted with a driver pulling over. But that was not the case with Lockhart as he initially stopped but suddenly fled, leading the officer on a short pursuit into the Bradford Creek subdivision. The chase pursued ending at High Family friend Jennifer Wilson-Trattner (right of Matt Fox) organized a fundraiser with View Drive and Clearview Lane. her fellow hair stylists at Just Teasin Hair Salon on December 1. (Photo by Christy Toll) december 2 0 1 2 |

geist comm u nit y



traveling on Fox Road a couple miles from the incident spotted what he believed to be the shooter’s car which Fox had described. Lockhart pulled in The Grand Reserve at Geist apartment complex where his assault on society ended in a short gun battle that he initiated. Today, Officer Fox is back at work and anxious to get on with life and into a normal routine. When asked if he had thoughts of walking away from this dangerous job, he answered, “I wouldn’t do anything different. I don’t work this kind of job for the money. You want to help protect people, to keep them safe. That’s what I was doing on July 27. And that’s what I will continue to do.” There was no bitterness or fear in his voice. These words came from his heart and his love of being a police officer. The Hancock County community and fellow police officers have indeed pitched in to help Fox and his family (Alissa Miller and their 3-year-old daughter, Megan) with local fund raisers. These funds defray some of the financial setbacks that take a toll when a family experiences what Fox went through. The shooting aftermath hit Alissa hard. She was given time off without pay to help her regain her own footing while caring for her partner. But life goes on, as do the household bills.

Pancake House located at 21st and Shadeland is hosting a full day of remembering Officer Fox by donating 75% of their proceeds on December 19 to his cause. “I am so thankful for all the nice things that my community has done for me and my family. When something like this happens, the injuries are one thing, but the things you can’t prepare for – like loss of income – can knock the socks right off you. We will get back on our feet, and we will never forget the support it took to help us get there,” Fox said. And we, the citizens, should never forget what a few good men and women do to let us sleep peacefully at night while they are always in harm’s way! If you wish to make a contribution, donations can be sent to: Fortville Police, 714 East Broadway Street, Fortville, 46040 – Attention Office Matt Fox Fund. And, if you want to send a message directly to Matt, email him at msf7302@aolcom.

We do have a caring community, and the Lincoln Square


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| d e c e m b e r 2 0 1 2

J. Andy Murphy is a published author and works as a literary agent for regional writers. She serves as the Executive Director of the WriteStuff Writers Conferences and Events.

Geist Family Medicine & Pediatrics We are pleased to welcome...

Jennifer S. Hill-Birk, M.D. Patrick McGill, M.D. Danyelle M. Loveless, M.D. William J. Lynn, M.D. Jennifer S. Robinette, M.D. Alex Sleder, M.D. Michele R. Stookey, M.D. Shannon Tighe, M.D. Danica M. Vasilchek, M.D.

Patrick McGill, MD a Board Certified Family Medicine physician, caring for patients of all ages. Originally from Atlanta Georgia, Dr. McGill graduated from Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine and completed his residency at Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Indiana. Dr. McGill practiced at the Pendleton Health Center in Pendleton, Indiana since 2004. Dr. McGill has also provided coverage in Ball Memorial Hospital Emergency Room and at various Urgent Care facilities in Central Indiana.

Your family will appreciate the convenience of: • • • • • •

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Alex Sleder, MD a Board Certified Pediatrician to our group. Dr. Sleder is a graduate of The University of Notre Dame. He attended Medical School at the University of Minnesota and completed his Pediatric Residency training at Indiana University at the Riley Hospital for Children. He returns to Indiana after four years of working with a large Pediatric Group in Arizona. Dr. Sleder is accepting newborns through adolescents.

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O c c u pat I O n a l







tots Pediatric Therapy “I want to help my child and I don’t know where to turn.”

One On One therapy tO address: Speech problems handwriting concerns coordination Issues Sensory processing

Francina’s Fashions at Geist 9957 Allisonville Road, Fishers

C a ll to sc h e d u le a fr e e c o ns u lta ti o n! 3 1 7 -8 4 1 -7 0 0 5

Gently Ucall sed & n ew ClothinG 317-841-7005 11650 Olio Rd., Ste 100 • Fishers 317-288-5467

Mon-Sat 10am-7pm • Sun 11am-5pm

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I can help. Chris Garrison

Garrison Law Firm, LLC process

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Ocean Prime


geist comm u nit y


| d e c e m b e r 2 0 1 2

“This table is reserved for Humphrey Bogart.” Story and Photos by Heather MacWilliams


kitschy placard boasts what could easily pass for a real reservation inside Indianapolis’s latest restaurant embodying the 1950s decade du jour – Ocean Prime, located just east of The Fashion Mall in the Keystone Crossing Corridor. The upscale seafood and steak restaurant may have just opened in June, but it’s not hard to imagine the ascotwearing playboy seated inside one of the espresso-colored leather booths ordering another bourbon to wash down his Kansas City strip steak. Ocean Prime is the brain child of Cameron Mitchell – whose approachable take on seafood and steak has yet to disappoint at his eight other Ocean Prime locations nationwide. He believes his tried and true mix of sophisticated cool is just what the Circle City needs. Executive Chef Shawn O’Brien couldn’t agree more. “I don’t even call this work. It’s my life. I kind of feel like it’s my baby…because my name is on the front door,” says the towering 28-year-old who moved to Indianapolis in April. And while O’Brien may be new to Indianapolis, he’s been honing his culinary chops with Mitchell for more than seven years. He started at the original Mitchell’s Fish Market (now owned by Ruth’s Chris) in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, while enrolled at the Pennsylvania Culinary Institute where something felt “just right.” Since then, O’Brien has had his hand in many of the company’s pots, working everywhere from Mitchell’s Ocean Club in Columbus (the original concept for Ocean Prime), to Ocean Prime locations in Phoenix and Orlando. “I can’t picture myself working for another restaurant company,” says O’Brien, whose unwavering dedication to the restaurant is clearly reflected in his dishes. The menu does not read like a vision of trends or tricks, but of what is essential, long-lasting and true about food. Old classics like “Surf n Turf” are gaining new traction using sea scallops and slow-braised short ribs, while deviled eggs are dressed up with white truffles and caviar. Their French Onion soup may sound simple, but it takes nearly 40 hours to make. “It takes 4 hours to caramelize the onions, 24 hours to make the veal stock, and 8 hours

to make the chicken stock,” O’Brien continues. “Then we roast the bones for 3 hours and make a mirapoux (carrots, onion, and celery). There’s so much work and so much appreciation going into that one soup.” The same can be said for the tuna tartare. The chef manipulates the ahi tuna with the care of a sushi master — gently topping the fish with chunks of avocado before drizzling it with a ginger ponzu sauce. One of the most lauded dishes is the Chilean Sea Bass finished with a champagne truffle sauce. And the perfectlyseared sea scallops over creamy parmesan risotto, served with English peas and citrus vinaigrette, is not to be missed. “The secret is using the freshest and the best quality food,” O’Brien confides. True to form, Ocean Prime sources out its own “specially fed cows” for the restaurant from Michael’s Finer Meats & Seafood in Columbus. “I order my meat before 3 p.m. They cut it between 3 and 5 p.m., and then they pack it and send it the next day.” From there the meat is simply seasoned with salt, pepper, onion, and garlic powder, and cooked under a double broiler – using the “right technique,” of course. “When you’re paying $50 for a steak, that steak better be perfect, taste perfect, and look perfect – or else,” he warns. The same goes for their fish – “frozen” is not in their vocabulary. Instead, every single day fresh fish is ordered and filleted in house. And those fish aren’t ordered december 2 0 1 2 |

geist comm u nit y



exclusively from one company – O’Brien has at least four on speed dial. “If the Chicago place is closed on Wednesday, I can get it from Cleveland so I’m getting the freshest quality.” O’Brien not only maintains a great relationship with his food vendors, he’s personally toured their warehouses. “We’ll go as far as to cut open a head of lettuce and make sure it’s not brown inside. If it is, we’ll send the whole case back,” he exclaims. “No one else in this area is getting the same beef that we’re getting. No one is getting the same quality of fish. The quality that you’re getting is totally worth the price.” But if paying $23 for a chicken dish is not your thing, consider this: Ocean Prime’s chicken (from JC Miller Farms in Zionsville) is not only free range and organic, it’s brined for 6 hours before each half roast is cooked to order and served with fresh asparagus in a lemon pan jus. Even the linguini is made locally and delivered fresh twice a week – then tossed together with shrimp, spinach, tomato, garlic butter, and goat cheese – making up one of the chef’s more popular compositions. Their infamous 10-layer carrot cake is also made fresh at 6 a.m. every morning. Their seasonal sorbet is spun by none other than Steven and David Buckner who own Sundaes Homemade Ice Cream on East 79th Street.

isn’t hushed but rather pleasingly civilized. “Yes is the answer. That’s our philosophy. Yes is the answer. What’s the question,” O’Brien says of their omnipresent credo. Indeed. O’Brien recounts a situation at their Orlando location where a customer didn’t care for the restaurant’s brand of ginger ale. “For some reason, they wanted Seagram’s. So she (the server) grabbed $10, ran across the street to the gas station, then poured it tableside for the guest.” “Just because they didn’t like our ginger ale, she went above and beyond. They didn’t even ask her to. She just did it. That’s what everyone lives by in this company,” says O’Brien, who adds that the staff is encouraged to take holidays off. “We have every holiday off. We even have Super Bowl Sunday off. That’s not a holiday, but to him (Mitchell) it is. He figures everybody wants to watch the Super Bowl. They just treat us really well. It’s just a good vibe.” And it’s those good vibes that O’Brien hopes keep customers coming back. While it may be 2012, it’s time to dust off your father’s fedora because the old days are back and Ocean Prime has definite staying power. Here’s looking at you kid.

The people serving those dishes have been vetted just as solicitously as their vendors – and it shows. The service staff is never less than courteous, and the dining experience 36

geist comm u nit y


| d e c e m b e r 2 0 1 2

Heather MacWilliams is a reporter for Fox 59 News in Indianapolis. Prior to her career in journalism, she worked as a personal chef and caterer. For more information, visit her website at

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Publisher’s’ Notes Has New Publishers As many of you know, we started the website and the Carmel Community Newsletter three years ago and the endeavor, by all accounts, has been successful. As of January 1, 2013, we will turn the reigns over to two new publishers through an exclusive licensing agreement: Ann Craig-Cinnamon and John Cinnamon. If you have lived in the Indianapolis area for long, the names may be familiar

to you. Ann and John have been a staple of Indianapolis radio for more than thirty years. I will still be the driving force behind and continue to be involved in the Geist community, the Smiley Morning Show on WZPL 99.5 FM, and This move will allow me to focus more on and allow us to develop other licensees around the city. Has a New Office Having worked for the last 12 years out of my home, last month we finally bit the bullet and moved into an office in the Mitford Office Suites in the Geist Marina Village, just above Eddy’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill. I started hosting an informal networking/socializing “Happy Hour” after Thanksgiving on Friday afternoons at 4:00 pm, consider yourself invited to come by and say “hello” and enjoy some adult beverages compliments of Terrance Smith Distributing.

St. Simon Fundraiser Be watching the event calendar on for an announcement about a St. Simon fundraiser I’ll be hosting to coincide with Catholic Schools Week (January 28-February 1).

New iPad App Launched For those of you with iPads, you’re in luck! We launched our new Townies Super Local App on the iPad last month and it is available for download on the iTunes store. It features the feeds from our TownePost Network of Hyperlocal Websites, including: atGeist. com,,,,, Classifieds, and We have also partnered with, an Indianapolis event calendar, to highlight the five biggest Indianapolis area events. We will have an official launch of the iPad, Android, and iPhone apps in early 2013. Tom Britt, Publisher 38

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on fire for lawrece

Dino Batalis Sparks Fire Department’s Needy Family Program By Neal G. Moore Spend a few minutes with Dino Batalis, and you’ll quickly understand what makes the guy tick: It’s extending a helping hand to someone in need. Fueled by a commitment to public service that he learned as a kid, it should come as no surprise that Batalis, 54, is a firefighter and battalion chief, and serves as chairman of the Lawrence Fire Department Needy Family program. According to Batalis who grew up in South Bend, “I think it all has to do with the way I was raised: Help when you can.” In its 24th year, the Needy Family program helps Lawrence residents whose circumstances have them in need of clothing or groceries or a few bucks for a tank of gas. Typical examples of Needy Family’s touch are a family who has been burned out of their home, or an individual crippled by long-term unemployment. With donated clothes on their backs and food on the table, the gas money pays for transportation to job interviews or necessary errands to get back on their feet.

Four days before Christmas this month, Hardie and a small army of volunteers will join Batalis and other firefighters at Station 38 (4450 McCoy Street) to fill several hundred boxes with food staples for delivery to hungry households in Lawrence. It’s an impressive human assembly line that packs $15,000 worth of food in about half an hour or so. Fittingly, a version of the old “firemen’s brigade” is employed as different teams add pasta or canned goods or sugar and flour, while others pack in hot dogs, bread, fresh fruit, and so on. Then, the boxes are passed hand-to-hand for loading into a refrigerated trailer for storage until deliveries are made the morning of Dec. 22. “Over the years, I’ve tried to make sure that everyone has a part to play. We’ve got a guy who’s 84 years old helping sort boxes,” said Batalis, who is especially gratified by help from people previously assisted by the program. “They want to give something back.” Sadly, the challenging economic times of late have left a

During the Christmas season, Needy Family plays Santa’s helper by giving toys to local kids who might not otherwise have a gift under the tree. “My parents were always helping someone in need,” explained Batalis. “I know they often did without to make sure that we kids had what was needed.” In its early days, the program was limited to operating a few weeks at the end of each year. In 2006, Needy Family became a year-round function with an annual budget north of $25,000 – all of it from private donations. It was in 1988 that fellow firefighter Jim Hardie met Batalis, who had stopped by the station asking what he needed to do to join the fire department. “Shortly after Dino started, we realized right away he had this genuine commitment to helping people. From the beginning, Needy Family was his concept. Now, it’s grown into a huge production.”

Firefighters from Lawrence unload boxes of food and nonperishable items to be boxed for delivery to needy residents. (Photo courtesy of Robert Crouch) december 2 0 1 2 |

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mark on the community. “It’s a bittersweet thing,” lamented Batalis. “The need has grown much greater, and obviously the cost of toys and groceries has gone up.” However, Batalis said the community has stepped up. Donations have remained steady, even increasing a bit. “I’m blessed to say our program’s financial base • Monetary donations has not been affected, • New toy donations but there’s more need • Working appliances among Lawrence • Volunteering families.” Checks sent to: Batalis has always Lawrence Fire Needy Family bought food in bulk. 9001 East 59th St., Ste 205 The resulting discounts Indianapolis, IN 46216 really beef up the program’s buying power Make checks payable to the and help stretch dollars. “Lawrence Fire Needy Family.” That’s why the preferred Drop offs at the Lawrence form of assistance is Government Center. cash donations. “I’m especially proud that not one penny of donations goes into administrative fees,” Batalis emphasized.

How to Help

to connect with the community it serves, in a relaxed atmosphere. “It’s not a fire run or an emergency. It shows a different side of the fire department,” said DeLong, who added that firefighters have enjoyed Needy Family from day one. “It’s always been a source of great pride, and it’s very nice when people say ‘thank you’ and they really mean it.” Batalis is quick to acknowledge the program’s success is owed to the generous donations of citizens and local corporate partners. Another key is the blessing of city hall. “I’ve worked for four mayors and all have been totally supportive.” Ultimately, the value of Needy Family lies in the difference made in people’s lives. Hardie, 47, has never forgotten the expressive eyes of the boy he once gave a football. “It meant the world to him, and you leave thankful all the more for what you have.” Lawrence is the better for it thanks to Dino Batalis, a man who just likes to help people.

For Lawrence Fire Chief Mark DeLong, an added value of Needy Family is the opportunity for his department 42

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Neal Moore has over 30 years of media and communications experience, including TV news anchoring and reporting in Indianapolis. For more information, visit


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