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Can  I  as  a  photographer  portray   fashion  in  an  innova2ve  way?    

IDEA  1    

For  my  first  idea  I  want  to  look  at  fashion   photography  in  an  unusual  yet  interes2ng  way.  I     will  take  photographs  of  a  fashionable  jacket  in  an   aDempt  to  make  the  jacket  stand  out    in  a  cao2c   environment.  

ARTIST  RESEARCH   Messy  Room  1   Vicky  Madden  

Garbage  Girls   Maya  Furh    

‘Filters  Between’     Hakon  Roisland    

Hakon  Roisland  is  a  young  photographer  that  specialises  in  taking   surreal  photos.  Her  edi2ng  skills  are  phenomenal  and  her  use  of   layers  gives  her  photograph  a  vintage  feel.  The  2tle  ‘Filters   Between’  represents  the  process  she  used  to  edit  the  photographs,   but  also  possibly  represents  a  barrier  being  held  up  for  protec2on.   The  model’s  standing  posi2on  looks  s2ff  and  she  looks  lifeless.  This   could  represent  the  hardship’s  of  life  taking  over  her  and  leaving   her  in  a  stagnant  posi2on.  She  appears  to  be  in  the  woods  as  there   appears  to  be  branches  in  the  background.  The  use  of  the  different   texutures  adds  dimensions  to  the  photograph  and  creates  a  unique   feel  to  the  photograph.  The  model’s  body  language  also  creates  a   horror/thriller  feel  to  the  photograph.  The  model  looks  rather   ghostly.  The  features  are  not  clear  in  the  photograph  though  it  is   evident  that  it  is  a  girl,  (her  hair).    There  is  a  low  satura2on  used  in   the  photograph,  this  sucks  the  colour  and  life  out  of  the  photograph   making  it  more  paranormal.  There  is  also  a  use  of  a  scratched   texture,  this  disguises  the  mode  further.  I  like  the  variety  of   different  tones  that  have  been  used  throughout  the  photograph.  It   gives  the  photograph  a  more  unique  and  mysterious  look.  I  will   incorporate  the  use  of  different  tones  and  layers  to  disguise  my   model  in  my  work,  as  Roisland’s  masterpiece  inspires  me.  I  believe   the  photograph  is  successful  however  I  believe  that  the  photograph   has  been  over-­‐edited  and  could  do  with  some  toning  down.    


This  is  one  of  the  ini2al  photographs  from  the  set  David   Creedon  took  in  a  deserted,  haunted  house.  This  specific   photograph  stood  out  to  me  as  striking  and  unique.  It  displays  a   broken  down  room,  possibly  a  kitchen  as  there  appears  to  be   some  kitchen  utensils.  There  is  also  a  hole  in  the  wall  that  could   possibly  mean  there  was  a  fireplace  before  the  house  was   destroyed.  The  room  appears  to  be  aged  and  Victorian  because   of  the  layout  of  the  room.  The  image  also  looks  like  there  has   been  a  fire  which  caused  the  ashes  that  are  on  the  ground,  and   also  caused  the  wall  to  peel.  The  room  is  dirty  and  could  make   the  viewer  uncomfortable  looking  at  it.  The  2tle  of  the   photograph  ‘’Ghosts  Of  The  Faithful  Departed’’,  introduces  the   idea  of  death,  and  the  roXng  house  belonging  to  a  family  that   passed  away.  There  appears  to  be  a  pain2ng  of  Mary  (Mother   of  Jesus).  This  could  possibly  mean  that  the  family  were   religious.  The  photograph  has  been  taken  using  natural  ligh2ng,   this  could  be  because  the  house  has  been  leZ  to  the  ravages  of   2me  so  there  is  no  access  to  ar2ficial  ligh2ng,  also  it  creates  a   more  realis2c  look  to  the  ancient  house.  I  believe  that  the   photograph  could  make  the  viewer  feel  uncomfortable  but   intrigued  as  to  the  story  and  mystery  behind  it.  I  believe  that   the  inten2on  of  the  photograph  was  to  inves2gate/look  in  to   what  happens  to  your  possessions/house  when  you  pass  away.   The  photograph  inspires  me  and  I  will  incorporate  it  into  my   work  with  the  ‘messy  look’  the  photograph  has.  I  believe  the   photograph  is  a  success  as  It  raises  many  ques2ons  to  the   viewers,  also  the  photograph  is  strong  and  dis2nc2ve.    



Epitaph   Cally  Whitham    



My  first  set  of  photographs  portray  fashion  photography  in  a   strange  way.    My  photographs  are  gloomy  and  dark  making  the  subject  of  the   photograph  stand  out  (the  jacket).  Photographer  Maya  Furh  was   my  main  inspira2on  for  my  first  ini2al  set  of  photographs.  Her   quirky  photographs  gave  me  a  basis  on  the  type  of  surroundings   my  photographs  were  going  to  have.    I  included  an  element  of   animals  to  my  developmental  photographs.  The  animals  add  a   quire,  interes2ng  twist  to  my  photographs.    

IDEA  2    

For  my  second  idea  I  want  to  look  at  fashion   photography  in  a  more  usual  way,  I  will  use  fur  as   my  main  fashion  piece/subject  for  my   photographs.  I  plan  to  mainly  take  some  studio   based  photographs  but  also  go  on-­‐scene  to  take   another  set  to  add  to  my  idea.  


Chris  Von  Wagan  -­‐  GLASS  

Emily  soto  

Eolo  Perfido   Robert  Allen  

ARTIST  RESEARCH   Acous2c  Movements   DEVIN  YALKIN  

Gustaf  Hagstrand    

Vanina  SorrenB   ‘’Fashion  Photography’’  

Vanina  Sorren2  was  brought  up  in  a  family  of  photographers   so  it’s  no  surprise  that  her  work  is  being  described  as,   ‘’Unique  yet  amazing’’.  This  photograph  displays  one  of  the   images  from  the  set  of  photographs  Sorren2  took  for  the  GQ   style  edit.  This  photograph  stood  out  to  me  from  the  rest  of   the  images.  She  named  the  set,  ‘’One  of  the  reasons  to  get   dressed  is  to  get  undressed.’’   The  black  and  white  photograph  appears  to  be  taken  in  a   white  studio.  This  is  to  ensure  the  subject  of  the  photograph   stands  out  and  is  not  distracted  by  the  surroundings.    The   photograph  displays  a  young  man,  wearing  a  big  fur  jacket   with  his  hand  in  his  jeans  pocket.  Some  may  say  that  this  is  a   typical  model  pose,  however  It  makes  the  photograph   complete,  and  keeps  the  aDen2on  on  the  fur  jacket  which  is   the  subject  of  the  photograph.  The  model’s  facial  expression   is  stern  and  uninvi2ng.  There  is  also  a  strong  contrast  used  in   the  photograph.  This  brings  aDen2on  to  the  lighter  areas  of   the  photograph  and  creates  a  darker  shadow.  I  believe  the   aim  of  the  image  was  to  adver2se  the  jacket.   The  photograph  inspires  me  as  the  use  of  fur  brings  the   photograph  alive.  I  will  incorporate  this  into  my  own  work.      




  My  second  set  of  photographs  portray  fashion  photography  with  the  use   of  fur.  There  is  a  clear  range  of  diversity  throughout  my  set  oh   photographs  as  each  photo  is  unique  and  different  from  the  others.  I   mainly  used  layers  in  my  development  photographs  in  comparison  with   some  of  my  photographs  from  my  other  ideas.  Vanina  Sorren2’s  work  was   my  main  inspira2on  for  my  set  of  photographs  as  the  use  of  fur  inspired   me  to  add  an  element  of  it  into  my  photographs.  I  believe  my  ini2al  set  of   photographs  are  stronger  than  my  development  as  they  are  diversed  and   strongly  demonstrate  the  use  of  fur  I  wanted  to  incorporate  into  my     photographs.  

IDEA  3    

For  my  third  idea  I  will  take  a  different  approach   to  my  photographs  and  experiment  to  see  if  it  is   possible  to  portray  fashion  photography  using   Portraiture.  My  photographs  are  going  to  be  taken   on  site  though  some  of  them  will  look  studio   based.  

ARTIST  RESEARCH   Seduc2on,  Joy  &  Jolt   PEETER  LINDBERG  

Under  the  skin   Anna  Den  Drijver    

Paul  Cadden     ‘’Hyperrealist’’    

Paul  Cadden  is  a  UK  based  ar2st  who  aims  to  create  realis2c/ real-­‐life  looking  pain2ngs.  Raised  in  Glasgow,  he  started   pain2ng  at  the  age  of  6  and  late  in  life  created  his   ‘’Hyperrealism’’  pain2ngs  that  he  is  mainly  known  for  now.  In   the  words  of  Cadden,  he  aims  to  ‘’A"empt  to  understand  the   personal  through  the  medium  of  drawing  and  pain5ngs.’’     Most  of  Cadden’s  masterpieces  are  created  using  only  a  pencil   although  he  oZen  also  uses  pastels,  water  colours,  acrylic  and   chalk.   This  piece  of  artwork  displayed  is  from  Paul’s  hyperrealist  set  of   drawings.  It  displays  a  portrait  image  of  an  elderly  woman   looking  directly  ahead.  The  image  appears  to  be  drawn  with   pencil  alone,  this  being  because  of  the  grey  scale  in  the  image   and  different  shades  of  grey.  The  image  looks  like  a  real-­‐life   photograph  which  was  what  Cadden  was  going  for  in  this   specific  set  of  drawings.  The  image  has  been  made  out  to  be  a   photograph  that’s  been  taken  at  eye  level.  The  subject  of  the   artwork  piece  itself  is  the  woman  in  the  picture  hence  why  she   is  the  center  of  it.  The  expression  on  the  woman’s  face  displays,   pain  and  sadness.  This  could  be  one  of  the  concepts  of  the   drawing  itself.  The  woman  appears  fed  up  of  something,    as  her   eyes  look  watery.  The  strength  of  the  photograph  is  the  realism   of  it  and  the  extent  it  resembles  a  real-­‐life  photograph  taken.   The  photograph  connects  to  my  work  as  I  will  aDempt  to  create   photographs  that  look  like  drawings  in  the  style  of  Cadden.    


ARTIST  RESEARCH   Weighing  the  Rain:  Portraits   Hans  Gindlesberger    

A  Modern  Hair  Study   TARA  BOGHART  



My  third  set  of  photographs  are  close-­‐up  photographs   and  display  portraiture.  I  experimented  to  see  if  it  was   possible  to  display  fashion  photography  with  these  type   of  photographs.  Paul  Cadden’s  Hyperealist  artwork   inspired  me  to  create  photographs  that  look  like  sketch   drawings.  Tara  Boghart’s  work  also  inspired  me  with  my   developmental  photographs  and  gave  e  a  basis  on  what   my  idea  was  going  to  portray.      

IDEA  4    

For  my  third  idea  I’ve  decided  to  look  at  fashion   photography  using  children.  I  want  to  use  an  idea   that  would  be  unique  and  different  from  the  rest   of  my  set  of  idea’s  in  the  project.  I  also  want  to   make  the  photographs  look  aged,  however  I  will   s2ll  add  the  element  of  fur  into  the  photographs.  


People  I  Don't  Know   Aline  Smithson  

Alice  Liddell   Lewis  Carroll  

Cyrus  Voss  Bark  




Exhibi2on  In  Berlin   JEFF  COWEN  

HOLY  BIBLE   Adam  Broomberg  

Las  Vegas  Birthday  Slideshow   ALEC  SLOTH  

This  Country  is  Yours   Surendra  Lawo2    


I  believe  my  fourth  set  of  photographs  are  the  strongest   out  of  all  my  ideas  as  they  have  the  strongest   developments.  There  are  several  ar2sts  that  inspired  me   with  my  work,  however,  Alice  Lidell’s  Victorian   photograph  gave  me  a  basis  on  what  my  photographs  are   going  to  portray.  I  used  Victorian  jewellery  and  olden  day   books  to  merge  with  my  photographs  for  my   development.    

IDEA  5    

For  my  fiZh  idea  I  want  to  look  at  the  more   cultural  side  of  fashion  photography.  I  am  going  to   use  an  African  theme    with  the  use  of  African-­‐ printed  clothing  and  props.  My  photographs  are   going  to  be  studio  based.  

IDEA  4  



TURKANA  TRIBE   Eric  Lafforgue  

Ralp  BenneD  Crignolla  



Wale  O’  Konga’   Patrick  Willocq    

Patrick  Willocq  is  a  unique  photographer  that  takes  a  strong  interest   in  Congo  DR.  His  fascina2ng  photo’s  display  the  hardship,  pain  and   suffering  of  young  mothers.  ‘Wale’  represents  a  primiparous   nursing  mother’.  The  model’s  eyes  are  closed  this  could  represent   her  dreaming  of  a  beDer  life.  This  represents  hope  for  a  brighter   future.  The  powder  also  represents  the  tribe  the  young  girl  comes   from  and  creates  the  African  feel  that  Willocq  was  trying  to  portray.   The  model  is  standing    in  front  of  a  straw  house,  this  shows  an   unsustainable  construc2on  which  also  represents  poverty.  Her  hand   is  placed  on  her  tummy,  this  shows  the  mother-­‐child  bond  that  is   created  when  a  mother  gives  birth.  The  use  of  black  and  white   imagery  makes  the  photograph  less  distrac2ng  and  makes  the   model  the  subject  of  the  photograph.  It  also  creates  a  subtlety  of   tones,  and  gives  the  photograph  a  sad  feel.  There  is  a  lot  of  contrast   used  in  the  photograph,  this  makes  the  model  stand  out  also.  I   personally  like  the  posi2on  the  model  is  standing  in,  it  represents   vulnerability.  I  believe  the  photograph  gives  the  viewer  a  mixed   reac2on  of  confusion  as  the  model  appears  to  be  smiling  in  the   photograph,  but  sadness  because  of  the  condi2on  the  model  is  in.-­‐-­‐   The  inten2on  of  the  photograph  could  be  to  represent  and  make   people  aware  of  different  parts  of  the  world,  including  Africa.  It   could  also  be  to  create  some  diversity  in  portraiture.  The  ar2st  links   to  my  work  as  I  will  incorporate  the  African  feel  into  my   photograph,  I  will  also  make  parts  of  my  ini2al  set  black  and  white   and  use  powder  on  the  models  face’s  and  body’s  to  create  the   African  feel  I  will  aDempt  to  convey.  I  believe  the  photograph  is   successful  as  it  is  a  strong,  powerful  image  that  raises  many   ques2ons.  The  quality  of  the  photograph  is  good  and  the   photograph  is  unique.      

Mario  Gerth   Mario  Gerth  is  a  photographer,  journalist  and  traveller.  He’s   travelled  to  over  65  countries  taking  photographs  of  the  things   and  people  that  fascinate  him.  He  has  witnessed,  war  and   poverty.  He  took  a  set  of  black  studio  based  photographs  in   Ethiopia  of  the  ‘’Surma  Tribe’  ’that  he  is  mainly  known  for  now.   This  image  is  one  of  the  photographs  from  the  set  that  stood   out  to  me.  The  image  displays  a  young  boy  roughly  between   8-­‐13  with  a  saddened  look  on  his  face.  The  image  is  portraiture   and  it  displays  the  hardship,  suffering  and  poverty  that  such   people  go  through  in  Ethiopia.  His  facial  expression  looks  like     cry  for  help.  There  is  a  good  contrast  of  black  to  white  in  the   photograph  and  the  use  of  the  black  studio  makes  the  white   powder  stand  out.  The  powder  used  on  his  face  represents  the   tribe  he  is  from.  It  is  a  way  to  dis2nguish  who  is  from  what   tribe  in  Ethiopia.  The  photograph  shows  and  represents  the   diversity  there  is  in  the  world  as  this  use  of  powder  on  the   model’s  face  is  seen  as  the,  ‘norm’  in  Ethiopia,  but  unusual   here.  From  the  photograph  could  possibly  give  the  viewers  a   sad  feeling  when  looking  at  the  image  as  you  can  see  the  pain   in  the  boy’s  eyes.  I  believe  that  the  photograph  is  successful  as   Mario  Gerth  wanted  to  display  the  poverty  and  hardship   people  in  other  countries  encounter  and  this  photograph  does.   I  will  convey  Gerth’s  photographs  into  my  work.    



Mariah  Robertson   Mariah  Robertson  is  a  talented  ar2st.  Her  work  stands  out   to  me  as  it  is  striking  and  unique.  The  pain2ng  is  part  of   her  shapes  and  colours  theme.  It  has  a  vibrant  burst  of   colour.  It  could  possibly  be  portraying  shaDered  glass  with   all  the  cut  and  different  shapes  she  has  used  in  the   pain2ng.  It  is  also  very  colourful.    The  picture  conveys   diversity  as  there  is  a  plethora  of  colours  that  would   usually  clash  however  the  way  they  have  been  used  in  the   pain2ng  makes  the  colours  unite  accordingly.  The  picture   gives  the  viewers  a  confused  point  of  view  as  they  possibly   may  not  know  exactly  where  to  look  as  there  is  so  much   going  on  in  the  photograph.  The  image  is  abstract  and   looks  like  it  is  trying  to  disguise/hide  something.   The  ar2st  links  to  my  work  because  of  the  ray  of  colours   used  throughout  the  picture.     The  photograph  has  an  element  of  aggression  as  there  are   several  cuts  and  scratches.  This  aspect  creates  confusion   to  the  viewer  as  it  has  a  selec2on  of  bright  colours  but   displays  depression.  Parts  of  the  image  resembles  thorns   I  believe  the  photograph  is  successful  as  it  goes  perfectly   with  her  Shapes  &  Colours  theme  she  was  ini2ally  going   for.  I  also  believe  It  is  a  beau2ful  pain2ng  and  has  a  great   outcome.     The  picture  inspires  me  and  I  will  convey  the  variety  and   mesh  of  colours  into  my  own  work.    

Evalua2on   My task was to choose a concept and idea from the many briefs provided then create an initial set of images and development. Before deciding what my initial idea was going to be a researched a variety of ideas , each giving me a basis on where to begin with my work, and the type of photographs I would be taking. At first I decided my main idea was going to be ‘’Landscape Photography’’. I was going to go to a beautiful spot in Central London and take photographs that I would eventually edit and develop I ended up taking photographs for that idea but later decided that It was best I changed my idea as I was not satisfied with the value of my work. The new idea I decided to portray instead was ‘Fashion photography in an innovative way.’’ I started off by researching deep into what innovative photography was as this gave me a basis on what my photo’s should be. For this idea I initially took many photographs which I ended up cutting down. The first set of photographs I took were in a park in Ilford, where many shots of my model were taken of her wearing fur. The majority of the photographs I used where in black and white. As the photographs where taken during the daytime I used that as an opportunity to use natural lighting. I wanted to ensure that every photograph I took was different and the images were not all similar. To make it possible I used 3 different models including a child (4 years) to model the fur look I was going for (inspired by Vanina Sorrenti) In my developed photographs I took some more close-up photographs of my model. For my second idea I looked at African fashion photography. I believed that it was rather innovative and unique. All the shots are close-up although the African print is still viewable in the images. The visual impact my photographs have on the viewers are quite surprised yet interested. Looking at some of my photographs they may think that they are quire. . I do believe that my photographs reach the level of symbolism needed, however, the photographs

could've  ensured  that  all  photograph  taken  related  to  my  brief  as  I  believe  that  some  of  my  photographs  went   slightly  off  point  from  my  ini2al  brief,  other  than  that  implica2on,  I  do  believe  that  they  reached  the  needed   level  of  symbolism  as  they  do  portray  fashion  photography  in  a  way  that  is  unusual  and  not  typical.   Furthermore,  I  am  very  pleased  with  the  quality  of  my  work,  I  believe  my  photographs  are  strong  yet  unique.  I   par2cularly  like  my  second  idea  in  comparison  with  the  first.  The  African  themed  photographs  are  the   strongest  and  most  unique  out  of  the  whole  set.    The  models  facial  expressions  and  tribal  look  create  the   successful  images  that  I  believe  them  to  be.  There  is  evidently  a  range  of  different  ideas  in  my  set  of   photographs  and  each  are  different  and  unique  to  the  others,  however,  as  successful  as  I  believe  my   photographs  to  have  turned  out  there  is  s2ll  room  for  improvement  and  I  do  believe  I  could’ve  tken  my   photographs  that  step  further  in  terms  of  my  development.  I  believe  that  I  pushed  my  crea2ve  boundaries   with  my  work  as  not  only  did  I  look  at  the  photographic  side  of  my  images  but  I  developed  them  in  an  ar2s2c   way.  I  experimented  with  my  photographs  and  tested  out  many  different  types  of  edi2ng  techniques  before   deciding  what  final  methods  I  was  going  to  use  for  them.     There  are  many  ar2sts  that  inspired  me  with  my  work  these  include  Mario  Gerth,  who’s  photographs  gave  me   a  basis  on  what  my  work  would  convey.  If  given  more  2me  on  my  project  I  would’ve  taken  my  photographs  in   more  loca2ons  and  created  another  set  of  photographs.  I  also  would’ve  done  much  more  research  which   would’ve  given  me  more  direc2on  and  inspira2on  with  my  work  but  as  a  whole  I  believe  my  project  is  a   success.  

Coursework 1