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Can I as a photographer convey love and pain In the same photograph?



Luis Monteiro's Balloon editorial

Luis Monteiro is a Portuguese based editorial photographer. He specialises in high end and beauty and commercial photo shoots. This photograph is from his ‘’Tatler Balloons’’ shoot. The photograph displays a model surrounded by many large balloons. It is colourful and unique. The model appears to be caught off guard, however it creates the interesting view the photograph has. The setting of the image alongside with the other set the photograph came from, is in front of a building that appears to be in London. There is a use of natural lighting which gives the photograph the bright look it is portraying. The subject of the photograph is the model itself, she stands put of the photograph and is not overpowered by all the balloons she is surrounded in. Her bright pink lipstick also stands out in the photograph and attracts the viewers attention. The use of the balloon in the photograph inspires me as it brighten ups the image and gives it colour and life. I will incorporate the use of the balloons into my work to give it the effect that it gave Monteiro’s.


Paulo Roversi ‘A white story’

Paulo Roversi is an italian-born, who specialises in fashion photography. Roversi’s interest in photography began during a family vacation in his teens, since then his photography has blossomed, and created the historical fashion photographer he is to date. This photograph is from Roversi’s ‘’a white story’’ set. There are many different photographs in the set but this photograph stood out from the others. The model appears to be dressed in all white. Her skin and background of the photograph is all white also. This represents the title of the image, ‘’A White Story’’. White is an innocent/angelic photograph. It usually represents purity, however this image contradicts that expectation of white. The model looks rather quir and strange yet frightening. As a viewer it brings up several questions including, ‘’What is the models facial expression trying to say?’’ The model’s lips also stand out in the image as they are the only thing in the photograph that isn't white. The us of white in the photograph inspires me and I will incorporate that into my photographs.

Development photographs

Final Outcomes

EVALUATION My task was to choose a concept and idea and develop it creating a question, initial set of images and development. Before deciding what my initial idea was going to be a researched a variety of ideas , each giving me a basis on where to begin with my work, and the type of photographs I would be taking. At first I decided my main idea was going to be ‘’Child photography.’’ My plan was to take fashionable shots of children and edit them to look aged. My question for this idea was going to be ‘’Can I as a photographer take modern day photographs of children and make them look like they were taken from another era?’’ I ended up taking photographs for that idea but later decided that It was best I changed my idea as I was not satisfied with the value of my work. The new idea I decided to portray instead was ‘Can I as a photographer portray love and pain in the same photograph?’ For this idea I initially took over 100 photographs which I ended up cutting down. The first set of photographs I took were in the white studio. The majority of the photographs I used where in black and white. I used flash to create the lighting for these photographs. I took a different approach to my idea with my first set of photographs, I ensured my model was completely white from head to toe. This created a simplistic yet unique approach to my photographs and also created a contrast between the coloured props my model used, making them stand still. In one of my photographs for the set, my model is holding some roses, yet has a straight/saddened look on her face. Her facial expression and the prop used answers the question my project is asking, (displaying love and pain). In my developed photographs I used layers on Photoshop to create a colourful mask. The visual impact my photographs have on the viewers are quite sad on most, yet confused on others, sad on the images that my model appears to have previously crying an confused on the photographs where the viewer is possibly questioning what is going on in the photograph. I do believe that my photographs reach the level of symbolism needed, however, the photographs

could’ve answered the question stronger than they did and portrayed love and pain in the photograph more obviously, other than that implication, I do believe that they reached the needed level of symbolism. Furthermore, I am very pleased with the quality of my work, I believe my photographs are strong yet unique, and answers my set question. I particularly like my developed photographs as they portray a more artistic outlook on my photographs, and adds a burst of colour to my black and white originated photographs. I believe my use of props through out the photographs make them come alive. There is evidently a range of different ideas in my set of photographs and each are different and unique to the others, however, as successful as I believe my photographs to have turned out there is still room for improvement and I do believe I could’ve portrayed love and pain into my photographs more evidently. I believe that I pushed my creative boundaries with my work as not only did I look at the photographic side of my images but I developed them in an artistic way. I experimented with my photographs and tested out many different types of editing techniques before deciding what final methods I was going to use for them. There are many artists that inspired me with my work. These include Louis Monteiro. His balloon editorial is very colourful and creative. The bright colours and unique use of balloons inspired me to incorporate that into my own set of photographs. If given more time on my project I would’ve taken my photographs in more locations and created another set of photographs. I also would’ve done much more research which would’ve given me more direction and inspiration with my work but as a whole I believe my project is a success.

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