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Sharry Waldeck, the manager of Frank Otte, oversees their landscape architects and grounds crew.

Home Improvement Frank Otte Landscape & Design 13905 Aiken Road Louisville, KY 40245 502.245.1517


“Being locally owned and operated makes us feel like part of the community. We take great pride in the service we provide our customers.” — Todd Hester, sales manager, Bargain Supply


Jan 2018 /

• “WE OFFER TOTAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT FROM BEGINNING TO END AND TOTAL MAINTENANCE OF THE PROJECT,” says Sharry Waldeck, manager of Frank Otte Landscape & Design. Waldeck says the most popular projects among clients right now are outdoor rooms and fireplaces. • WHEN STAFF DESIGNERS VISIT A SITE, THEY LEARN ABOUT THE CUSTOMERS’ NEEDS AND DESIRES, AND MORE PRIVACY IS ONE OF THE MOST COMMON REQUESTS. A desire for privacy means the design would likely include taller plants and perhaps even pergolas or other vertical structures. • FRANK OTTE LANDSCAPE & DESIGN’S TOTAL MAINTENANCE OFFER includes trimming, pruning, and mulching (as needed) twice a year.


“Closets by Design helps people with storage and organizational needs for their home. As one client said, ‘We love our closet, everything is where it is supposed to be.’” — Jeff Speedy, general manager, Closets by Design

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Today's Woman Now January 2018