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AGE 34 JOB Strength and Conditioning Coach at Spalding University WORKOUT SPOT At work. FITNESS ATTRACTION I workout to be a strong woman inside and out. HER PASSION I’ve always been involved in sports but became very passionate about lifting after graduating from Purdue in exercise science. BIG WIN I deadlifted 210 pounds, while I was 26 weeks pregnant with my daughter who is now 8 months old and squatted 155 pounds. MOTIVATION I have to stay fit for my athletes. I have to set the good example and push myself the way I ask them to push themselves. BEST WORKOUT Do whatever you enjoy and make it hard/challenging. If it’s not hard, you won’t see progress; if it’s not fun, you won’t do it. Makeup: Denise Cardwell, Image Works Studio

PATRICIA’S ADVICE 4 Turn on YouTube workouts Why? No need to put on a proper gym outfit, nor drive anywhere, plus it’s free and effective! (Favorites: Winsor Pilates Buns & Thighs and 20 Min Abs, also Tracy Anderson Iron Man workout and Arms). 4 Sit up straight in chairs and flex your abs anytime you think of it (especially while driving). Think about your stomach muscles even when you’re walking (also while running, in workout class, etc). Our bodies conform to how we most use and pose them daily. It’s silly to think anyone can expect their stomach muscles to pull in simply because they take an abs class once in awhile.


AGE 31 JOB Integrated Marketing Consultant WORKOUT SPOT In her neighborhood and occasionally at the YMCA HER PASSION Recently I realized that running has been my one constant anywhere I’ve lived. Years ago I’d run a 10-mile route around Philadelphia when I lived there in college. When my daughter was an infant we moved to Washington [state] for my husband’s job, there I’d run by the river while pushing the stroller and do arm workouts with her. POWER FOOD Here’s what I tell people when I’m in a grocery store and someone kindly says ‘you look so great, what do you eat?,’ I say, ‘fiber.’ Make sure as much as possible that what you’re eating [naturally] has fiber in it. TIME SOLUTION Twenty minutes of anything. Makeup: Amber Schnobrich, Strandz Salon and Threadz Boutique

Today's Woman August 2017  
Today's Woman August 2017