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AGE 49 JOB Owner of Phitnut, fitness and nutrition coach WORKOUT SPOT Home FITNESS ATTRACTION My dad died at age 52 of a heart attack while sleeping. BIG WIN Completing Core De Force program and eating plan with no cheats. HER PASSION I worked for GE Healthcare delivering software to different hospitals, and we were remote employees. For me it became very isolating, very sedentary and somewhat depressing. I have always had that fitness and nutrition passion and once I realized that there were a lot of people that wanted help, it became more evident that I needed to follow my passion. HER PHILOSOPHY For the clients I have, I will typically let them know that I am not perfect and don’t strive for perfection. I let them know it is a journey so I try not to say any food is off limits. But the choices they make have a consequence. Makeup: Denise Cardwell, Image Works Studio



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Today's Woman August 2017  

Today's Woman August 2017