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AGE 28 JOB Wellbeing specialist at University of Louisville Health Promotion and real estate agent at Custom Realty WORKOUT SPOT Louisville Athletic Club (Westport Road) and Louisville Turner’s Circus FITNESS ATTRACTION To support my body, my mind, and my baby. Exercise helps me manage anxiety and keep my health in check. I love a good challenge and exploring new ways to get my heart rate up. Plus, it’s fun as an aerialist. My workouts become a performance, and I love the spotlight! HER PASSION I grew up swimming and diving so I was always physically active. However, when one of my best friends Jordan introduced me to the circus, it took my fitness to the next level. Now AUGUST 2017 / TODAY’S WOMAN that I am 15 weeks pregnant, I have enjoyed finding new ways to stay active that feel good to my growing body.


Makeup: Denise Cardwell, Image Works Studio

Today's Woman August 2017  
Today's Woman August 2017