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“Rules are necessary. Kids that don’t have them don’t turn out as well as adults.” — Shanon, 15

House rules,

Kids’ version

“Don’t run in the kitchen when chasing the dogs. The dishes might get broken.” — Lydia, age 8 “I can’t say shut-up or call people names. No shooting Airsoft or Nerf guns in friend’s faces.” — Toby, age 9

Don’t annoy the dog!

“Don’t talk back to parents.” — Caleb, age 11

Sophia Bowen (right), 8, and Mercedes Carter, 5, refuse to let Sophie’s dog Nacho take a nap.

“If I tell my sister she is stupid, I get grounded for a month.” — Chase, age 11 ­

“Can’t play video games too long and only appropriate ones. No sexual content.” — Ty, age 12 “No being home alone with my boyfriend. I can’t ride in the car with anyone my mom doesn’t know.” — Shanon, age 15


today’s FAMILY

“I have to call when I get places.” — Spencer, age 18