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July 2013



July 2013

July 2013



July 2013

July 2013




a perfect world, rain would wash away our sorrows and welcome a brighter day. But it’s not always the case. While we were wallowing about overflowing streets, away from the city many lives were lost. As of 20th June, 39 people were killed while 18 went missing in the Western areas of of Nepal. Our neighbors to the South faced even bigger losses with the death toll rising to over 800 in Uttarkhand India. We dedicate this issue to the memory of the people who lost their live due to the freak floods. The nation was taken up by another storm in the past months too… cricket. For the first time in the not so illustrious sports history, our National Cricket Team entered the second division… three cheers. Leading the squad was our skipper Paras Khadka, who is on the cover of our magazine issue serving up his story of cricket stardom. It seems like monsoon has a bone to pick with us this year, and we know just how to fight back. Get geared for the downpour and look good while you avoid getting soaked to your skin. We all love to stay trendy, no matter what the season really is, so we thought we would help you get that mojo on. Enayat is THE man to follow if you want a wardrobe overhaul… be sure to check out his look this issue, and we will keep them coming. It’s not nice dropping names, but we do have a few big guns in this issue. Well known for their popularity in the music industry, we got a chance to talk to Albatross, the band that started off as a heavy metal band and adapted into more radio friendly music. Also, we have the only cricketer to have played professionally in the minor leagues in England, Aamir Akhtar. But there is an entrepreneurial side to the man as well, and we learn more about him on our radar. To wrap up the issue, we have our regular sections of fitness, food, sports, décor and things men should know. And oh yes, some quirky facts about sex that will have you smirking as well as a little something something about the pleasurable solo adventures for the lonely man (*wink* wink*). Cheers!

The TNM Team


July 2013


Founder/Managing Editor Ajay Dhoj Thapa

Executive Director Shraddha Rajbhandari

Editorial & Photography Aditya Malla Ankit Shakya Ayush Dhaubanjar Niren Tuladhar Saurav Nepal Yonten Yonjan

Contributors: Kushal Goyal Jasmine Tenpa Sachit Pradhan Shraddha Singh Enayat Shah Sharif Shrestha Dr. Robin Shrestha Shashank Pradhan

Creative Head Ajay Dhoj Thapa



Niren Tuladhar

Business Development Ankit Shakya Ayusha Shrestha Aditya Malla Sagar Naral Yonten Yonjan

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July 2013



kushal goyal Kathmandu Foodies is the brain child of Kushal Goyal. A foodie indeed, Kushal’s enhanced palate and culinary enthusiasm is evident from his contributions in TNM. He brings to you lip smacking food that you can prepare for yourself or anyone special to you.

Shraddha Singh

enayat shah

Shraddha, Director at In Your Space Interior Design, is our interior design consultant and rightfully so. Her conceptualized outlook on how a home should look is something we can implement in our own homes. This issue, she brings to you more on garden décor and styling.

Enayat stands out in a crowd, not only because he towers over the rest with his tall frame but also due to his impeccable sense of style. He knows what looks good and how it should be worn. Be aware of the latest style trends by following him on our magazine and his blog:

Sachit Pradhan We bring to you the BIG GUNS!! He is one of the most profound figures in the bodybuilding scenes of Nepal, Sachit Pradhan has over 20 years of training experience. If you can’t get to him personally, this is the next best thing.

Dr. Jasmine Tenpa

Shashank Pradhan

Listening to women is not the strongest weapon in our arsenal, but what they can seriously be of good use. Jasmine is a medical doctor by profession but she is also a free thinker who likes to put things in perspective. Her take on what men should know is something men should know about.

Shashank Pradhan is a passionate photographer working professionally for the past 7 years. His strength and passion lies in fashion and still life photography. Facebook page: Like us on Facebook 8 July 2013

July 2013


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paras khadka: born to play

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WWDC 2013, Touchkon


Bhanu Bhakta Acharya


July 2013


Honda Amaze, Spyker C8


10 things to do on a Rainy day


Neptees, Sarangi Foundation


What Men Should Know: the Thin Red Line

50 54 64 66 70 72 grooming


Tips to help you look Groomed

Legs: Laying a Strong Foundation



Thou Shalt Love Thyself, Sex Facts



Summertime Decor- Part 2

RVL Radio


Breaking the Ice



A Jab at Boxing, Simplifying Cricket




Aamir Akhtar

Monsoon Fashion Tips

48 46


Fashion Blog with Enayat Shah


music Albatross



The World of Dips

July 2013



With major updates to both iOS and OSX abandoning nearly all signs of skeuomorphism, both of these operating systems are shockingly refreshing. Moving away from cat names, OS X 10.9, or ‘Mavericks’ has seen many changes as well. While we didn’t see big hardware

announcements, the spot light was on the new MacBook Airs featuring with Intel’s new Haswell processors with 12 hours battery life. There was also a long overdue redesign of Mac-Pro desktop. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the much rumored Apple TV and iWatch.

HARDWARE announcements

Airport Extreme base station and Time Capsule Apple has added next-generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi to both these units, said to offer 1.3 Gbps of throughput. The Airport Extreme is available now for $199 while 2TB and 3TB versions of the Time Capsule will be available for $299 and $399 respectively.

NEW MAC PRO A dramatic redesign over its predecessors, the new Mac Pro comes with dual AMD GPUS which deliver 7 teraflops of performance. It supports Thunderbolt 2 and 4K displays and comes in a surprisingly short package.

MACBOOK AIR MID-2103 With this new refresh, Apple promises dramatic battery improvements - 9 hours for 11-incher and 12 for 13 incher. Graphics will also get better; Apple says we could see a 40 percent bump. The new Airs starts at $999 for the 11-inch model and $1,099 for a 13-inch one.

iOS 7 Multitasking like WebOS Double tapping the home button, large thumbnails of your apps appear at the top of the screen with their identifying icons underneath, inspired from webOS and Windows Phone.

Quick tap toggles From any screen, you can drag up from the bottom to reveal a panel of quick toggles for a bunch of settings. You can also adjust brightness, manage music playback, and connect to AirPlay or AirDrop.


July 2013


Notification Center Notification Center has seen a desperately needed overhaul in iOS 7. Now, you can access your notifications from the lock screen and notifications sync between devices so you don’t need to dismiss the same update multiple times. It also gives you a heads-up on what’s coming up today. The pulldown menu is now transparent and features new fonts and swipe interactions.

App-Store auto-updates The App Store has undergone a couple of subtle but useful changes. It is now hooked to your GPS and offers suggestions for popular apps based on where you are. Also, app-updates now download in the background.

The newest iteration is more of an evolution and removal of skeuomorphism, rather than a major overhaul. Listed are some of the major changes in the operating system. 1 | Navigation is a big focus in Mavericks. For the first time, Finder windows won’t clutter the desktop: 10.9 supports tabs, like in browsers. Apple has also introduced tags, which can be added to any file to simplify searching and organization. 2 | Apple’s much-mocked leather interfaces have been stripped out in most of its basic apps. The new calendar is flatter and softer, with clean and silver design language that matches with the rest of the interface like in the phone. 3 | Apple’s hoping to fix the frustrating use of multiple displays in Mavericks, redesigning its Mission Control tool with extra displays in mind and adding more settings to show dock and menu bar on both screens.

A smarter Siri Siri’s signature robotic voice is getting an overhaul. You now have the option of a male or female voice, both more natural sounding than the original. Apple touted a partnership with Bing ditching Google as the default for web results.

Apple joins streaming business iTunes radio is a free service, though you’ll see ads unless you subscribe to iTunes Match. It offers radio stations similar to other streaming music services. It’s built into the music app and offers selected radio stations that can be shared with friends.

4 | Apple’s desktop Notifications received a much-needed update with the ability to quickly reply from a notification. You’ll also be able to receive push notification from your iOS device.

The World is going Retro!


ujifilm’s latest entry to the venerable line up of mirrorless enthusiast cameras, X-M1 crams a 16.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor into a tiny lustful, retro case. This is the same sensor found in its bigger brothers, the X-Pro1 and X-E1. The interchangeable lens camera can accept any of Fujifilm’s X-Mount lenses. The X-M1 also features a three-inch tiltable LCD screen , and its capable of transferring your images to your smartphone (iOS or Andriod) via Wi-Fi with a companion app. The camera comes with a XC 16-50mm (24-76mm) f/3.5-5.6 OIS lens for a cool 800 bucks. This is more reasonably priced than Fuji’s other compact systems and mirrorless systems, mostly aimed at a more professional and hardcore enthusiasts. Skipping the kit lens you get yourself the camera for $700. They will be available in both silver and black in July, and a textured brown leathery version in August.

July 2013


Touchkon now in Nepal!


The best all-rounder

Elegantly designed, amazingly slim and a stunning 5-inch IPS HD display, the M601 is a brilliantly built solid phone. An unheard of 8MP front facing camera and 12MP shooter in the back, the phone captures well-lit and detailed photos. It is powered by 1.2GHz Cortex A7 Quadcore processor, 1GB RAM, and 8GB of internal memory which can be expanded with micro SD card up to 64GB. The front glass is built using OGS technology which includes touch sensor and protective glass sandwiched into one pane. This not only reduces the weight but greatly enhances the clarity, and reduces the distance between the LCD and the finger.


Powerful tablet

T909-3G is powered by 1.5 GHz dual core Amologic 8726M cortex processor, 1 gigs of RAM and 16GB of storage, it is a perfect daily gadget for business and personal use. The 9.7 inch, 1024x768, display produces wonderful image rendition and accurate colors. The T909 is one of the slimmest and fastest tablet available in the market in the affordable range. Providing a back-up of up to 6 hours, you can enjoy the advantage of built in GPS/AGPS navigation, Bluetooth, 3G, micro-SD slot (up to 64GB), and a built in stereo speakers.


packed with power

The M505 is a powerful phone with a huge array of features in an ultralight 5-inch package. It comes preinstalled with skinless Android 4.2.1 Jellybean powered by a quad-core A7 Cortex processor with 1GB RAM and 8GB of internal memory which can be expanded up to 64GB. The 720p 5-inch display is fairly sharp and renders accurate colors. It has an 8MP(!) front facing shooter with 12MP in the back. It is crafty and elegantly designed with the look and feel of a premium phone competing in the market


July 2013

July 2013



blaze the road Words: Ayush Dhaubanjar


yakar Trading Company (STC), the authorized distributors for Honda cars in Nepal, has finally launched their much-anticipated and affordable family sedan - The Honda Amaze. The Amaze is all set to offer a perfect package for current customer preferences, embodying the best of Honda’s technologies to deliver great performance with unparalleled fuel efficiency coupled with a spacious, comfortable and attractive look. The model being rolled out in Nepal features a petrol engine with a capacity of 1,198 cc. The i-VTEC four-cylinder, SOHC engine which churns out a maximum power output of 86 bhp at 6,000 rpm, can deliver a peak torque of 109 nm at 4,500 rpm. Its engine has been mated with a five-speed manual transmission system along with a front-drive train. Riding comfort has been ensured with the use of McPherson Strut front suspension and Torsion Beam rear suspension, and the car has Collapsible Electric Power Steering. According to the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), the machine delivers a mileage of 18 kmpl. The exterior styling of Amaze is smooth and strong with distinctive character


July 2013

with honda amaze

lines from front to rear which ensures strong road presence even with compact dimensions. The company claims that the grand concept for the allnew Honda Amaze is smart micro Limousine, which reflects values of stylish design, compactness, manoeuvrability and class leading space. The Amaze’s entertainment system includes one din dash integrated music player with AM/FM radio which can play MP3 music. The vehicle uses USB and Auxiliary compatible music system with output from two speakers. The Amaze is also equipped with features like manual air conditioning, power steering and power windows. The Amaze features a host of Honda’s active and passive safety technologies including dual SRS

The Amaze is all set to offer a perfect package for current customer preferences, embodying the best of Honda’s technologies.

airbags, anti-lock brake system which prevents wheel locking, electronic brake distribution which enhances braking performance, pre-tensioner seat belts with load limiters and impact mitigating headrests. The front body structure is equipped with pedestrian injury mitigation technology designed to absorb impact energy. Safety features such as child safety lock, central locking and engine immobilizer are also available. The Honda Amaze is an affordable entry-level sedan from Honda and given the mass trust on Japanese reliability in our market, the Amaze should definitely blaze our Nepali roads. The Amaze is available in majestic blue, crystal black pearl, urban titanium metallic, car nelian red, alabaster silver and taffeta white colour options. Price: A maze emt: 25,50,000/A maze exmt: 26,50,000/A maze smt: 28,00,000/Contact Syakar Trading Company Pvt. Ltd. Dhobighat Showroom: 5549741 Thapathali Showroom: 4246235 E-mail:

July 2013



the new dream machine The Spyker C8 Aileron exhibits a timeless beauty reminiscent of a classic car, thanks to perfect proportions and the purity of surfaces.

EYE-CATCHING HEADLIGHTS The style of the Spyker C8 Aileron’s headlights is particularly eye-catching as they flow seamlessly from the body design.

FRONT GRILLE The trademark radiator grille has been enlarged to increase the cooling capabilities. The mesh is V-shaped as on the first generation of cars, a direct reference to Spykers of the previous century, but angled forward to give the car an aggressive stance.

WELCOME TO YOUR COCKPIT Spyker uses the finest Hulshof leather and aluminium, for authenticity and substance—the use of plastics is reduced to almost zero. Once seated, your surroundings are unusually open and airy for a sports car, the light and glass akin to an aeroplane cockpit.


July 2013

aircraft canopy Styling and functionality are harmonised in several characteristics of the car. The cockpit canopy, for example, is extended rearwards to optimise the aerodynamic performance of the car.

IGNITION SWITCH Flick the red cover on the ignition switch to evoke the spirit of starting an aeroplane. Activate the ignition switch and listen to the reassuring “clack” as the aluminium switch moves into place.

July 2013



w a


e v e r y b o t s t o b e w o r d s :

w e

g r e w

up watching movies where the protagonist fights off 20 burly men, saves a damsel in distress and sometimes even sings a damn song before wincing in pain from the bullet that was lodged in his throat the whole freaking time. Over the top heroics has been hardwired to our genes and men will go to the most flabbergasting extents to impress a girl. Considering this, you can’t be too surprised to see a guy slaloming through heavy traffic like a maniac to impress an unknown girl walking on the street. But it doesn’t end there. We will show off to anyone, regardless of their willingness to suffer through our antics. Woman, man, child, the elderly; no one is spared. Don’t deny it, you know it’s true, you’ve acted smug after fooling a kid into thinking you can detach your thumb from your hand. However, such situations tend to escalate into more serious matters at times. There have been many cases on the streets when minor fender benders have been blown out of proportion due to a few hot heads seeking glory. This is when sensible thinking takes the back seat and we’re up and at ‘em with fists a-blazing. It may just be the ape inside us acting out in sheer primal rage, but that is not always the case. Sometimes, we just can’t help and lunge out eagerly praying the girl in the scooter noticed your fist of fury (and hoping to hell someone breaks it up before the other guy swings back). If it weren’t for the crowd gathered to witness the street show, we’d probably settle it like adults instead of feeling compelled to Tyson it out. It would be one thing to put yourself in harm’s way from your brazen heroics, but at times it’s someone else’s neck on the line. Quite recently, I had to take a short ride as a pillion behind a certain somebody, let’s call him Ramesh for the time being. For some unknown reason, Ramesh found it utterly important to show off his riding skills (what I will refer to as skills as I am not allowed to use the words I want to on a public platform). Long story short, I had to put all my efforts to put on a brave face without squealing like a little girl as I held on to what could have


July 2013

a n k i t

d y a





s h a k y a

ended in a fiery ball of mangled body parts. I couldn’t comprehend Ramesh’s need to boast his lack of want to live on the face of the earth. I certainly was not going to get off and applaud the death ride. And the last time I checked, I was the incorrect gender if Ramesh was trying to impress me with other intentions in mind. On the flip side, I was also putting on a brave face when I could have asked him to slow the f**k down. A few more minutes on the bike and the wet patch on my pants might have given away my bravado. Like I said, none of us are spared from the need to show off our heroics. But we can’t ostracize heroism as vain flamboyance; in fact we owe a lot of what we have to heroes who shook things up for the better of the world. There were the brave Gurkhas who sacrificed their lives to unite Nepal as one, heroes no doubt. More recently, Anuradha Koirala played the protagonist to so many girls who owe her their lives. And there are those everyday unsung heroes who just go by unnoticed. Heroes come in so many forms: a soldier at war willing to give his life for the country or the father who works day and night to sustain his family. But the fact is these heroes would rather be doing anything else in the world. A soldier in battle would rather be at home with his family the hardworking mason wishes day and night for something to come along and change his life. Most just want a brief moment of glory, a sense of unsurpassed accomplishment that probably means nothing to anyone but themselves. Being a hero is not a choice, being a real hero may not be as glorious as one may perceive. When the time comes, a few will rise above the rest, not by choice but by compulsion, and they are the true heroes that come by ever so rarely.

“Over the top heroics has been hardwired to our genes and men will go to the most flabbergasting extents to impress a girl.”

July 2013



Words: Aditya Malla

With the fashion industry in Nepal booming right now, a new online t-shirt line will be commencing it’s business from 1st July 2013. Designed and manufactured in Nepal, looks to take advantage of the vast local art and culture available in our country. Designed by the local artists, the people at neptees pride themselves of coming up with unique designs. Usually printing about only 2030 t-shirts at a time and never to be reprinted again, you are sure to stand out among the crowd. Aiming to deliver the highest standard of customer service in Nepal, there are several reliable and easy services provided by the company. A buyer can pay through either e-sewa or any major banks or if you don’t believe in online payment, Neptees accepts cash on delivery as well. With free delivery services inside the Kathmandu valley and easy return facility as well, the t-shirts will be delivered within 24 hours. How do you own a Neptees t-shirt? All you need is just log on to With the invasion of July several features have been added to their extremely user friendly online store. You can pay online once you register yourself as a user. Having seen a tremendous response from customers, Neptees will be adding a new feature where customers can submit pictures wearing Neptees t-shirt and the picture that gets the highest likes will receive gift hampers from Neptees. Neptees will be one of the major attractions to look out for in July. Not only because they have one of the most amazing designs but they are also producing ecofriendly paper bags which goes in line with the new rule regarding the use of plastic bags. So get ready to be traditionally trendy this summer.


July 2013


Sarangi is a foundation that looks to promote, develop and conserve Nepali folk and music. With a passion and love for music, Avash Nirola and Nirvana Chaudhary established Sarangi Foundation. The foundation’s aim is to help Nepali traditional music to foster and more importantly develop a sense of pride amongst all. With a mission to promote, develop and conserve traditional Nepali folk music, the foundation has taken up its first project to revive the Music Museum of Nepal. The foundation, with its three pillars of promoting, developing and conserving, is on a mission to take traditional Nepali music to newer heights, both locally and globally. “We are taking it step by step, and currently working on conserving what we have then we will slowly work towards developing it and then finally promoting it” says Avash. “We knew we had to make a difference musically and socially”, says Nirvana. The foundation recently screened the premier show of Man of Steel on 21st June at OFX and is already in the talks with the Music Museum of Nepal on how to utilize the funds raised during the event. Sarangi Foundation is geared for more fundraising events in the future. Get in touch with Sarangi Foundation on their facebook page.

July 2013



Corporate Leaders Get Leadership Training from Webster Professors WORDS: Saurav Nepal


ebster University Thailand organized a corporate workshop on ‘‘Leadership and Change management ‘’ on 22nd of June at Hyatt Regency in Kathmandu targeted towards the senior level executives of Nepal’s top business houses. This workshop was attended by the C-suite executives across five industries. Similarly, some highly successful alumni of Webster were also a part of the learner group. The workshop was conducted by eminent academician and leadership consultant Professor Jonathan J. Blaine of the Webster University Thailand. Professor Blaine has been in leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies in three continents over the past two decades. Similarly, Professor Nisha Ray Chaudhari, Head of the School of Business and Chair or the Academic Directorate also joined the interactive panel session during the workshop. This workshop was endorsed by the Thai Embassy in Kathmandu and the

Ambassador of Thailand to Nepal, Her Excellency Ms. Kanthong Unakul. The US Ambassador to Nepal also sent his representative to attend the program and endorse the American ties of Webster University Thailand. While explaining the significance of this seminar, the Director of Marketing and Enrollment Management Mr. Samrat Ray Chaudhuri said “Webster has established itself as a reputed provider of higher education in Nepal in the past decade. This seminar is the significant step towards building a series of corporate development programs for this region.” Mr. Chaudhuri added that Thai and American high level delegates who endorsed the seminar was one of a kind and it gave a tremendous boost to this initiative. Webster University Thailand (WUT) is an American accredited university and part of a global network of international campuses of Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. The worldwide institution is committed to delivering high-quality

learning experiences that transforms students for global citizenship and individual excellence. It is consistently rated as a top tiered college in ranking of universities in USA News & World Report and Forbes Magazine. Since opening its first campus overseas in Geneva in 1978, Webster has become a recognized leader and innovator in global education, with an international presence that now includes campuses in London, United Kingdom; Vienna, Austria; Amsterdam and Leiden, the Netherlands; Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu, China; and Bangkok and Cha-Am, Thailand. Currently around 40 Nepalese students are attending the undergraduate and graduate programs at Webster University Thailand. Each year about 25-30 students start with Webster University in Thailand and a lot of them transfer to the US campus after spending a year in the Thai campus. Business, Management, International Relations and Media Communications are the most popular programs.

nirvana wellness center intiates health awareness campaign


ith the recent boom in restaurants, fast food café and an increasing unstable lifestyle and pollution, it is apparent that 5 years down the line Nepalese people will be facing a lot of health problems. Sleep Apnea, Obesity, increased chances of heart attack and other several life threatening diseases will be a common sight. So looking to create a brighter and a healthier Nepal in the future, 29th June’ 2013 saw a Healthy Living Seminar on


July 2013

Sleep Apnea/Snoring and a Healthy Heart. Initiated by Nirvana Wellness Centre the seminar was designed to create awareness on the risks of sleep apnea and snoring. The main focus was how staying active and exercising regularly helped prevent such risks and maintain a healthy heart along with disclosing the real reasons for snoring and it’s lasting effects. Dr. Parakram Parajuli and Dr. Sujeeb Rajbhandari were the guest speakers for the seminar. Even though the

seats were limited, Nirvana Wellness Centre saw an overwhelming response. Besides discussing the main themes for the seminar, everyone attending their clinic had their ECG and Blood Pressure checked. The seminar concluded with a lunch provided by Nirvana Wellness Centre.


not your average

environment day

WORDS: Sharif Shrestha | Photos: Aarju Sanjel


very year on June 5th, world environment day, one would usually find himself on the sidelines witnessing a several hour long school rally, if not in an auditorium attending an awareness campaign as an audience to a long list of dignified environmental speakers. However, in this year’s Environment Day, Basantapur was filled with a group of young daring activists attempting to change rallies and speeches as the only definition for environmental activism in Nepal in an event called the “Eco-Party: Awareness like Never Before” The event began with a normal cleaning campaign where a group of activists scavenged the streets of Basantapur for wrappers and wastes in general. Just when a passerby would begin to think there was a normal campaign going on, a catchy song started to play from the background and a group of savvy and preppy activists, pretending to mock the cleaners, start dancing. Clearing the brewing confusion amongst the audience the once insipid-looking activists who were cleaning the streets reply to the mockery with their dance routine on Michael Jackson’s “They don’t really care about us”. The dancers kept on adding in number and thus, a ten minute long flashmob of 50 dancers culminated with the former cleaning activists convincing the latter nonchalant team to join their side of the

environmental battle, and ended with their dance rendition of the much loved Nepali song “Taal ko Paani”.

An unconventional awareness program, the Eco-Party certainly proved that being a part of the change.

As the flashmob ended, the attention was soon garnered by yet another group of activists who stunned the crowds with their self-written slam poetry. Some poems reflected a personal experience with the ongoing environmental change and some came as a stunning message to the audience. Following the slam poetry, Saunak Bhatta, an environmental activist, shared his views about the importance of carbon emission reduction and how bringing a change does not require millions of investment but a simple act of environmental consciousness. The whole event finally ended with an environmental documentary screening, which was backed-up by a solar powered battery. This event was sponsored by Danphe Energy, managed by the Rotaract Club of Patan South, and facilitated by wellknown organizations, namely BCFA, NCEF Nepal, Human Life Protection Firm and Service for Peace. An unconventional awareness program, the Eco-Party certainly proved that being a part of the change and enjoying the whole process is far better and productive than counting the number of yawns in a speech or watching the hours of rallying.

July 2013



the first poet Words: Ankit Shakya | Illustration: Niren Tuladhar

The title of Adikabi, the first poet, was first inked to paper by Motiram Bhatta while writing the biography of one of the most iconic faces of our nation: Adikabi Bhanu Bhakta. However, there were other poets before him, as Motiram himself recognized, but Adikabi Bhanu Bhakta Acharya was the first poet who wrote with an understanding of the “marma”(inner essence) of poetry. Something that is evident through his works.

grass-cutter whose thoughts left a lasting impact on the 22 year old Bhanu Bhakta Acharya. The modest grass-cutter wanted to give something to society so that he could be remembered after death too, and this opened his eyes to a whole new dimension. In fact, this is considered to be the point that sparked the literary creativity in Bhanu Bhakta Acharya. The following is the poem he wrote about the grass cutter: Ghasu Kuwa.

Son to Dhananjaya Acharya, a government official to General Amar Singh Thapa, Adikabi Bhanu Bhakta Acharya was born into a Brahmin family in Chundi Ramgha, Tanahu. His excellent education and lenience into religion was credited to his grandfather Shri Krishna Acharya. Belonging to a wealthy family, financial woes were the last of his concerns and his life was not initially routed onto the path of becoming the revered poet that he is known as today. That was until he met a

“He gives his life to cutting grass and earns little money, he hopes to make a well for his people so he will be remembered after death, this high thinking grass-cutter lives in poverty, I have achieved nothing though I have much wealth. I have neither made rest houses nor a well, all my riches are inside my house. This grass-cutter has opened my eyes today; my life is worthless if the memory of my existence fades away.”


July 2013

The modest grass-cutter wanted to give something to society so that he could be remembered after death too, and this opened his eyes to a whole new dimension.

Brahmins were the teachers, scholars, and priests of the society by virtue of their caste. Their education was Sanskrit oriented since most religious texts of the Hindu religion were in that language. After the fall of the Khas Empire in the 15th century, its language which evolved into present day Nepali was considered bastardized and limited to speech. Yet, Adikabi Bhanu Bhakta Acharya was glorified for writing in the colloquial Nepali Language. Because his works contained very little Sanskrit, Hindi, or Nepali, he was very well received by the Nepali commoners as well as scholars. The interesting thing was, he did not study Western literature, and all he knew was from what he learned about in his native land. This lent such a strong Nepali aroma and flavour to his writing that few poets have been able to equal his simple creations in terms of content: a sense of religion, simplicity, and the warmth of his native land, all of which are the strongest features of his poetry.

“When completed, his translation of the Ramayan was so lyrical that it was more like a song than a poem. However, his creation was not published and he was to die without receiving credit for his contribution.”

Adikabi Bhanu Bhakta Acharya is most famous for his translation of the Ramayana from Sanskrit to the Nepali language. This made it accessible and readable to a wider group of Nepali readers. When completed, his translation of the Ramayan was so lyrical that it was more like a song than a poem. However, his creation was not published and he was to die without receiving credit for his contribution. It was later in 1887 that Motiram Bhatta found his manuscript and printed it in Benares, India. The translation was named “Bhanubhaktey Ramayana”.

Excrepts from petition to PM:

But it wasn’t all a bed of roses for the Adikabi. Bhanu Bhakta resided in Kathmandu during his younger days, trying to pursue a career in writing. However, he needed to make some sort of steady flow of cash as he had no job that could fetch him regular income in Kathmandu. His friends managed a job for him in the accounts department of Shri3 Commander-in-Chief General Krishna Bahadur Junga Rana in 1835. His new job fetched him a handsome salary that kept him afloat. Then, Bhanubhakta dedicated himself to writing poetry. Everything was all right and all of a sudden, something went terribly wrong. He was shoved off into to a Kathmandu prison on charges of misappropriation of state funds; but the offence was not his, and that of his grandfather, who had been long dead and gone. For a long period his case was not heard. So he decided to write a poem to the minister pleading for his freedom. Not only did the poem win him his freedom, he was also awarded with a bag of money.

......My body is weak, it is made of grain and water. How shall I say what has befallen me here? I have suffered much sorrow, my body grows heavy, and I have been ill for many days.... I have no wish to spend the rest of my life in this quarrel. I have no wish to become a millionaire and fill my house with treasures. Days pass by uselessly and I cannot comfort myself if you would decide my case it would be a great help. I have talked with the warden and he does not speak. Even if he does, his: ‘tomorrow, tomorrow,’ sounds like a joke. What are these tomorrows? It would be better to know I won’t be freed. Many tomorrows passed. Please fill this empty bag of mine, I beg.

Everyday I see kind authorities and they get rid of my worries. I am at peace and at night I watch dances for free. I do what my friends – mosquitoes, fleas, and bedbugs – say: The mosquitoes sing and the ticks dance, I watch their play. I was jobless, wealth-less, my hard-earned food came from the spade, I served those people so everyone would notice me and give me respect. Without wavering I served and they were pleased and they gave overflowing attention that is never, ever, taken away......

July 2013




July 2013


born to play Captain of the Nepali Cricket Team Words: Ankit Shakya | Photos: Shashank Pradhan

My dad remembers Jagat Gauchan as the man who went to Japan and broke the shin of a Kyokushin master with a swift sweeping kick. Shihan Jagat Gauchan (as he has now become a master instructor) excelled at his sport, his passion and he is still doing what he loves. Ganesh Thapa was a legend in the Nepali football scene and is now the President of ANFA (All Nepal Football Association). 30 years from now Paras Khadka will also be recognized and acknowledged as one of the legends of the Cricket world in Nepal. A few minutes with Paras Khadka and you’ll feel like you are talking to a professional cricketer. At 6 feet and 2 inches, Paras Khadka’s imposing frame compliments the somber and clear-cut attitude he projects at first impression. Once you get to know him more, you’ll see the more charming side of him. The side which helped me eat the cheese meant for the photo shoot. You’ll probably know him as the captain who led our upcoming National Cricket Team into the ICC Division 2 league. Those of you, who aren’t really into cricket, should have seen him around billboards in the city. He was previously in one for Ncell in the overhead bridge in Pulchowk and more recently for Pepsi with a wad of cash spread out in his hands. If you still don’t remember, he can be seen on dailies for being nominated as The Pulsar Popular

Once you get to know him more, you’ll see the more charming side of him. The side which helped me eat the cheese meant for the photo shoot.

July 2013


Player of the Year 2069 and for receiving a new Demak. If you still can’t get a handle on who he is, you need to come out of the rock you’ve been hiding under for the last year. But, for a person who has gained a considerable celebrity status in the Nepalese crowd, he is amazingly down to earth. Not once did I feel like he wanted to be treated as anything of a celebrity, and maintaining that humility after a certain amount of press stardom is commendable. His modest upbringing might be to thank. As an average kid who grew up in Baneshwor, Paras Khadka was brought up to respect his elders, believe in god and always be honest. Thankfully, these traits have stuck with him and partly accountable for who he is today. At South Point Boarding High School, sports came naturally to Paras, and not at the expense of lagging academic performance. So, his parents never forbade him from indulging in whatever extracurricular activity he was into. Liberalized to play any sport he was interested in, Paras started participating in every sport he could get his hands on. Basketball became his hobby and if he wanted to he could probably have made a career out of it as well. However, cricket became his life. Paras Khadka showed traces of brilliance in the sport from his stint in interschool cricket tournaments. In the 10th grade, not only was he selected for the Under 15 Inter-School Cricket Tournament, he was


July 2013

awarded the best player for the tournament. His achievement caught the right eyes and he was selected for the regional cricket team of Kathmandu. In 2002-2003, he acted as the vice captain for Nepal’s Under 14 team, then came Under 17 and Under 19. Without much of a plan, everything came at him at full speed but he kept knocking them into place. However, the skipper of the National Team of Nepal did not always see himself going too far in the sport. Having already played at the Under 19 Cricket World Cup in Bangladesh and seeing no one he could possibly replace from the senior members of the national squad; Paras thought he was done with cricket. Add to that his choice of Science as his core subject in +2 and cricket seemed like a little too much on the plate. In order to focus on his studies, he declined a chance to go to the training camp… at first. His parents on the other hand encouraged him to give it a try, having come so far and doing so well. Deciding that it was worth giving a shot, Paras trained hard at the camp, like he always does. One thing led to another and before he himself knew it, he was in the national team. And that is how everything has been in his life, and I assume it is the way he likes it. I wouldn’t go as far as labeling him a daredevil, but he believes living life as it comes. It is a thin line to walk on, but it can’t be all bad considering where he is today. Nevertheless, it does not mean you can lay back and wait for the world to spoon

feed you to successes. Paras may not plan out each and every step in his life but the fact that he works honestly at what he does is what sets him apart. “It’s a delicate balance of luck and determination. God has been good to me and I will do what I am doing for as long as I possibly can. I know I was born to play cricket.” He says it with such conviction that you can’t doubt it, he probably was born to play cricket. It is his passion. But there is something else that reassures me about his passion for the sport… he does not earn a rupee from the sport itself, and neither do any of his team mates. Of course there are perks of being the captain: fame, the face of Pepsi, enough motorcycles presented to him to open up his own little shop and many more; however that does not make up for the fact that he, nor any of the other players, are making any money. In a time when the sport of cricket is gaining grounds in terms of popularity as well as success, players barely have any initiative to continue playing for their nation. Luckily for us, they are passionate enough to struggle through solely on their passion for the sport and the hope that things will get better. The potential for success of the sport is tremendous! With India, probably the undisputed heavy weights in cricket, a stone’s throw away from Nepal there is so much potential for the sport prospering in our country if we could have some sort of

“It’s a delicate balance of luck and determination. God has been good to me and I will do what I am doing for as long as I possibly can. I know I was born to play cricket.”

July 2013


Paras will also be the first to admit, that cricket is a team sport and the captain is only as good as the team.


July 2013

association with them. What’s more, it’s not like cricket is lacking popularity right now either, as proved by the 20000 spectators flocking to Kirtipur to see the ACC Twenty20 Elite Cup.

the team is in its growing phase.

The squad isn’t lacking in talent either. Paras Khadka went to Canada Ontario Academy and Club last year to play which was a first for our nation. This year too, two of our players, Gyanendra Malla and Basanta Regmi went to Canada to play there too. Needless to say, the talent is there, but you can’t force players to play the game without proper incentive, especially when

Paras will also be the first to admit, that cricket is a team sport and the captain is only as good as the team. Winning is what a team always aims for, but it is important to be able to take losses in stride and learn from every opportunity.

“That’s why cricket in Nepal needs a proper domestic structure. We need to have more games conducted at all age groups.”

It is just a matter of determination and perseverance. In the case of Paras, luck,

religion and honesty play a huge role in success, at least for him. But I feel there is a lot more to him that he probably won’t admit himself. All the same, I must admit, he is cut out for the sport right from his love for it to his tall frame which is not too common for the Nepali masses. And it’s a good thing he realized he was born to play cricket. When I asked him if he had a backup plan if cricket hadn’t worked out, he said he would’ve definitely been an architect. Luckily, cricket worked out, It would have been terribly difficult to talk a determined man like him out of that one.

July 2013


Exclusively Available At: CIVIL MALL, 2ND FLOOR, SHOP NO. 216, SUNDHARA, KATHMANDU 34

July 2013







10 things to do on a rainy day Words: Ankit Shakya

A rainy day can easily dampen our spirits with the gloomy and wet weather. Of course, if you are the kind who’d rather love to walk in the rain just because nobody can see you crying then, you will beg to differ. But for those of us who think otherwise, here are a few things that you could actually do to make sure that the rain does not ruin your parade.

1) Call in sick to work If you’ve been grinding yourself to the bone every day at work, call in sick or cook up an excuse. Your boss may not buy it, but there really cannot be a better day to sit back and take off than on a rainy one. To be honest, most of us aren’t really at the top of our game on rainy days, constantly bothered by the gloomy mood and irresistible thought of snuggling into our warm beds back home. And, getting to work in dry conditions is another issue is if your mode of transportation is a humble two-wheeler.

2) Momo If it were up to us, we’d declare momo to be our national food (also suggested by Paras Khadka). Juicy and savoury minced meat steamed enclosed in beautifully moist white dough with spicy achar on the sides. There’s probably nothing better than that on a rainy day and to make it even more special, you can do it all at home with your family and friends. One of the things you could do on your ‘day off’ from the office.

3) Be a couch potato (Recommend Movies)

If being a couch potato was a paying job, most of us would be awarded employee of the month on a regular basis. But sadly, that is a privilege we don’t have. However, you can afford to spoil yourself once in a while and a rainy day is


July 2013

reason enough to be cooped up in your house in front of the television set.

4) Get wet in the rain Sometimes, it’s the little joys in life that brighten things up. So don’t let the rain keep you down. Get out there and soak up the rain, walk with your partner, laugh and play in the downpour, smile and be happy. Be sure to leave your gadget inside though. And once you have had your share of joy, you can go inside, shower and get warm and cosy again.

5) Groove to the tunes. Listening to music can be relaxing anytime, anywhere. Have some alone time and listen to music that you enjoy. We recommend tuning in to for some good music. We have also listed a few of our favourites for you below.

6) Read a book people We understand that most of us have always been encouraged since our childhood to read. But the joys of reading can only be experienced once you’ve actually genuinely picked up a book and started reading it. Getting started is the tough part. But once you start flipping through, it does not take long to bury yourself into the book. “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.” - George R.R. Martin, A Dance With Dragons

7) Take a boat to Jamal and pretend it’s Venice

Don’t do it… that was just a joke. In fact, when it’s pouring like hell, stay as far away from Jamal as you possibly can. Well, unless you do have a boat around, in which case BON VOYAGE!!

8) Find shelter under a bridge If you don’t have a raincoat or umbrella, chill under a bridge, tree or any place that will shield you from the rain. Wait it out. If the gods are gracious, you may find yourself next to a beautiful lady doing the same (maybe even in a body hugging tank top that is drenched).

9) Buy a rain coat/umbrella Running for shelter under trees, bridges and shops gets old really fast. So if you still haven’t got yourself an umbrella or a raincoat, get one and spare yourself from the fury of Mother Nature. But, don’t look like a sissy with your pink umbrella and yellow gum boots. Check our choices for this monsoon in one of our pages here.

10) Make your home rain proof. Forget bulletproof or bombproof, concentrate on making your home rainproof. It’s one thing to enjoy in the rain pouring outside, but you really don’t want it draining into your holy abode. First thing you need to do is unclog your drainage systems. Water tends to build up when it can’t go through the drains and it will then pour into your house. Also, if the rain is falling at an angle, make sure you close your windows. The smell of wet carpet is not very welcoming.Water tends to build up when it can’t go through the drains and it will pour into your house through the doors. Also, if the rain is falling at an angle, close your windows. The smell of wet carpet is not very welcoming.

RECOMMENDATIONS Movies: Andaaz Apna Apna, Bad Boyz II Music: Happy-Pharell, Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head-BJ Thomas Books: 1Q84-Haruki Murakami, The Fault in our Stars-John Green

July 2013







close male friend of mine asked me to write about knowing when it is time to leave or let go of a girl. I did find it an interesting topic; to recognize when the games have ended, you’ve lost and it’s time to pack up and go home. However, I am a girl who believes that one should try and understand a relationship before deciding to toss it away. So, while I do plan to write about saying goodbye, I’d first like to talk you about what would make a girl stay. Consider this column a disclaimer to another one coming up in the near future.

Dr. Jasmine Tenpa is a medical doctor by profession and writes as a freelancer. The article portrays her personal thoughts and observations. 38

July 2013

A majority of men I talk to, mostly end up confessing they let go of a girl “because she was stubborn” and sometimes they’d add “a spoilt brat!”

Reality check! Most women do like to believe that they are spoilt brats. The fact she can get away with much more than her friends can is something she does feel proud about. Here, I am talking less about the sneaking behind your back and getting away, but more about doing something out of the box and still being accepted part. No matter how cultured, caring and understanding a girl looks, if she has been brought up with love, then she will always be daddy’s little girl or the apple of her mama’s eyes. Just like the adults excused you for creating havoc in your house for being a boy, we girls grew up with our own privileges of getting away with a lot of things, for well eerrm, just being too darn cute! We know that and we’ll find ways to apply that somewhere again in our lives.

However, there is a difference between acting like a spoilt brat and being one. Acting for instance would have a girl kid around with you for a certain time and then she’ll calm down or she would probably apologize when things feel out of hand. If she relishes your miseries and keeps adding salt to your wounds then she probably is a brat and you would do better to read my next column instead. Now comes the stubborn and work on the relation part. How would you work on a relationship with someone who seems like a stubborn person without hurting your ego? Phew! Just writing that sentence felt so heavy. Men have their egos. Nepali men with our male dominated society and all the one liners you hear while growing up, from “ men don’t cry to men don’t bow down to real men control their women” coerces them to pamper their egos even more. On the other hand, you have the women being brought up with the words, “ Men are dogs. Never trust them. They’ll play with you. They’ll break you hearts.” Is it a surprise that most women are skeptical to trust a man? I mean you guys don’t even deny it. Call a woman a female dog ( see, I’m not even sure I can write that word here) and she’ll scream at you asking for an explanation. Call a man a dog and he’ll just snigger. So why should a girl trust or love you readily when she has been brought up in a society that tells her not to trust men and where men validate that opinion by never denying it? Most times, a woman in love will be stubborn, perhaps for the same reasons a man is too, to keep her identity intact. While in the beginning two people might be more accommodating to attract each other, a time will come when they will be more rigid and staunch in their personal opinions. The reason, I believe is because while you would be nicer to attract a person, once that initial dating ritual is done, a person would think about self-preservation. “Will he try to change me? Will he uphold my values, my way of thinking, my lifestyle?” Nepali women are brought up with the thinking that you have to comply to your man, do as he says and make his happiness your top priority. Modern society on the other hand promotes a girl to be independent and take care of her first and be responsible for her own happiness. The conflict in ideologies here can create a lot of confusion into a mind of woman trying to find her identity. So, this is why I like to believe half the time

Most times,

a woman in love will be stubborn,

perhaps for the same reasons a man is too, to keep her

i d e n t i t y i n t a c t. a women argues with you, she is either fighting to protect her identity or she is just fighting with her own confusion. It is not about your argument being invalid; it is about understanding her say being equally valid too. At such times, I think it is best you let the storm pass, keep shut and understand the situation. While you might think a certain topic is trivial, it might feel like an identity threat to her. Instead of just looking at it from your side, try and understand why she is being stubborn. Like egotistical behavior, I’d like to think stubbornness too finds it’s roots somewhere along insecurity and a need for self-assurance. I have seen a lot of girls including myself be afraid to accept or work along with a man we like, because we often confuse co-operation with being submissive. This is where you need to help your girl, where you need to let her know, you are there to partner her journey and not direct her ways. We are frightened of not being able to distinguish where compromises end and sacrifices begin. So,

here a girl needs a man who can tell her what works for him, what he thinks works for her and lastly, what would work best for the two. As Nepali women, in a way, maybe through family or media or history, we are slightly conditioned to be selfless and sacrificing right from the start, so don’t give her a howshe-should-be list when she is just getting to know you. Try and understand and help her face her fears. If you are a new age man, don’t just say it, live it. If you aren’t then there is nothing wrong with that, but find a girl better suited for you, don’t pursue somebody you like to judge and then try to change her into something you want. Practise meeting her halfway, apologizing when it is due, and saying “I love you” a little more than necessary and she will melt. Her fears of the thin red line will subside and quickly, a foundation of trust will be built, right on that line, well actually beside it, a little more towards the compromise part, because love isn’t just about the guy or the girl, it is about what the two of you make together.

July 2013



summertime part 2


decor types of s gard or i e en access

INTERIOR DESIGN CONSULTANT Shraddha Singh, Director, In Your Space Interior Design

THROW PILLOWS Brighten up your outdoor space with some pop of color by adding water-repellent pillows in bold colors or fun prints. Don’t hesitate to place random sizes of cushions. Orange, yellow, bright green and blue are the best choice for a bright summery look as it adds some sunny accents to your decor.

common garden is more than boring, right? Here are a few ideas with which you can accessories your garden and make it a place where you can spend your weekends and evenings.

Fade-resistant umbrella Sometimes you just have to have that shade. It’s important to have some places outdoors where your family and guests can cool off. The backyard umbrella industry has grown and changed in so many ways, that it not only serves its purpose but adds that extra style to your exteriors.

OUTDOOR LANTERNS Lanterns that hold pillar candles are perfect for lighting decks, patios and other outdoor entertaining spaces. Preferred: Handpainted antiqued-burnished-gold finish: these are cost effective and also look very classy. Just blends in perfectly with the amount of load shedding we have in the country too. Sigh!

STRINGS OF LIGHTS Outdoor Garden Crockeries Men: Dress up your outdoor table with dishes, table linens and other decor in vibrant appetizing shades. It’s summer after all.


July 2013

Illuminate your yard or patio by adding strings of lights. These vintage light strings are best suited for any occasion as it gives a rustic-modern charm to the ambience.

WIND CHIMES Add a relaxing wind chime to your porch or patio. Try them out in the store before you buy so that you can choose one that has a sound that is pleasing to you. This is definitely one of those things that women will love. Good Energy Men! Good Energy! ;)

POTTED FLOWERS AND POTS Depending on the size of the area you want to decorate, you can purchase flower pots and planting containers in various sizes and colors. This adds a decorative touch to your yard and patio area.

Wall art No space to wow your guests with garden sculptures or decorative urns? No problem. You can display some wall art or wall lights to enhance your blank walls. Using wall decor, such as pictures, mirrors or metal wall art, accentuates the garden. Use vintagelooking prints to obtain visual flow. The goal is to fill two-thirds of the space so that it becomes for welcoming rather than just blank. Wrought iron garden decorations are very popular. They weather well; they’re airy and can be functional. A small stretch of iron fencing can be used as a trellis for a quick-growing vine, to shade a summer patio, an air-conditioning unit or as a privacy screen.

A drop in the bucket Buckets are versatile pieces that can enhance your decor. You can use them for everything from ice at parties to containers for plants. You can mix varieties of buckets to make it exciting. Vintage metal, copper & wood buckets look classy and stylish.

Backyard corner treatment Utilize the corners by creating something exciting like a fire place, seating or even a small area covering quite gaming zone.

July 2013



monsoon fashion tips Cut the monsoon mood swings and get a load of this: Scratching your head thinking what to wear and how to wear! Here are a few pointers to start with: 1 | As the main intention is to keep your dress dry: opt for linen and cotton clothing. 2 | While keeping in mind a style statement and for those who are addicted to denims: Be wise to pick the perfect Jeans best suited for the climate. Stretch Denims have a minor percentage of Spandex in them, making it stick less to your body and dries faster if at all it gets wet in the rain. Bull denims are also preferred in monsoon as they are soft and have a high percentage of cotton which makes it easier to dry faster. 3 | Shirts & T-shirts – This Monsoon, the trend is a lot of light colorful fabrics and exotic prints. Check our second issue for a full range of trending color patterns for 2013. 4 | Footwear: This can range from slippers to waterproof shoes. Try avoiding leather: opt for shoes that have rubber soles with a firm grip.

Trim-fitting V-neck T-shirt will give you a refined silhouette even on relaxed getaways

Sea-green shirt. Cut from breezy linen in a neat yet flowing fit, it is ideal for balmy days - team it with streamlined white shorts

Rough time reaching places without getting drenched or soggy! Here are a few wardrobe essentials worth investing in this season: GEAR UP Fella’s!!! 1 | A well-cut weatherproof jacket looks great in the rain, and keeps your clothes dry at the same time. 2 | Carry your laptops and other essentials in a sleek waterproof back pack. 3 | Rain suits, pants, jackets and gaiters are the best way to go about if you ride a bike. 4 | Invest in a proper Men’s Umbrella.

Here a simple T-shirt gets the abstract treatment in printed patchwork cotton, while a crew neck keeps the silhouette easy. Team it with cropped tailoring and leather sneakers for an effortless way to add impact

5 | Keep track of time with a stylish, water-resistant watch. Steel and leather belt watches are a no-no in monsoon.


July 2013

Cut from crisp, breathable linen, Ami’s straight-leg shorts are ideal for summer. This louche style epitomises the Parisian label’s understated appeal. Team yours with a classic navy tee and suede jacket for a sophisticated finish

These straight-leg Maverick shorts are cut from green cotton-twill that has been pre-washed for an incomparably soft feel. Wear them with a polo shirt and boat shoes on your next Côte d’Azur holiday

A refined and rugged update to your weekend look, Slowear’s cotton and linen-blend cargo trousers are a fresh alternative to trusty denim. This utilitarian multi-pocket pair will work well with a sweatshirt and sneakers

Based on a vintage 1940s style from the Timex archives that was created for the US army, this watch from J.Crew has authentic, timeless style. Backed up by a hard-wearing quartz crystal movement and classic olive green strap, this piece will stay the course as part of a casual look.

With a zipped expandable base, this versatile Dolce & Gabbana messenger can hold your basics for a for day around town, or be opened up to accommodate your gym kit or overnight essentials when needed. The sturdy canvas and leather construction ensures you’ll be carrying this piece for years to come


July 2013



bags for men It’s time to pry yourself away from the same old backpacks, briefcases and satchels men! Here are some trendsetting accessories we bring to you. As its time for you to take a leap from the monotonous blunt look that you’ve been tagging along since, god knows when! Go bold with these sophisticated varieties and ranges of Men’s Bags. They definitely will accentuate your style statement as these new designs are here to stay and probably even improvise with the days to come. So it’s time to bring a change and carry something trendy to keep up with your personality and that serves your purpose. Here’s a little help to get the ball rolling:

CONVERTIBLE LEATHER MESSENGER BAG Cleverly convertible from a messenger to a backpack this sort of leather bag is the ultimate practical accessory. With useful inner pockets and secure buckled straps, this streamlined design has you covered from business meetings to weekend jaunts. Workwear messengers bag A black messenger bag is an investment in timeless design and definitely a stylish workwear choice.

vintage rugged holdall bag Part of the Vintage hunting gear, the robust bag also makes a sound option for more modern endeavors. These bags are mostly constructed with resilient waxed cotton-canvas with hardwearing leather trims. It will ensure your essentials are stowed away in style. Pack it with everything you need for weekends in the great outdoors.


July 2013

Clipper holdall bag Clipper holdall is more cityready bags with masculine presence. The detachable shoulder strap makes it a great option for quick urban breaks.

Tote bag Tote bags are minimalist piece which doesn’t compromise on style or substance. Spacious enough for all your hand luggage essentials, it’s a practical city break choice that will guarantee a slick impression when you alight.

trendy raincoats let it rain!

It’s time to step out in the rain. Chuck those old boring ‘not so fashionable’ raincoats and replace them with some trendy rain suits. Many brands these days have presented a multitude of locks and colors ranging from bold shades of red, purple, green, blue and yellow washed to basic black and grey palettes, not to forget the practical aspects like wind and water repellent and appropriate size to fit over your actual attire

To be bluntly honest, many of us men do not even know that there are umbrellas made especially for men. The rest of us find it too odd and girly: but that’s because you have been introduced only to the women’s market of tini-tiny fancy lacy ones… (I meant umbrella’s ofcourse!) So this section goes out to all the men out there who use umbrellas, but do not know that there are certain designs that better suit your style. To give you a basic idea: you get men’s umbrellas ranging from extreme wind protection to something you can use every season: be it monsoon or summer. Rain showers, wind, heat, you name it. Men’s umbrellas are available from sturdy bold colors to blunt ones. Plus the sizes vary a lot from as well. Browse Men! You need a sturdy brella.. Know your requirements while selecting the best suited umbrella for you and stick to your sex style. It will definitely make you look and feel bolder. Also helps keeping your style statement intact even in the wet-ee messy season.

The navy anorak is rubber coated but lightweight, making it ideal for urban living.

This jacket is showerproof and has a clean, modern line.

The belted trench is the tried and tested classic choice for traditional rain wear.

Admittedly this is more of a showerproof jacket than anything else but the cut is of a classic workwear style, so it’s well worth a look.

July 2013



fashion blog By profession, Enayat Shah is a businessman but his passion lies on lifestyle and fashion. Enayat will be posting regular columns in every issue with his style of the month and personalized fashion picks. Enayat is also an active fashion and lifestyle blogger


Dear “Dedicated Followers of Fashion”, The look we bring to you this month evokes a fusion between the classic classy and casual look. It’s a simple button down shirt paired with the latest straight cut ankle length jeans. Add to this: the finest leather accessories like leather or suede Skinny Belts, Trendy Silk Neck Ties and Soft-Rope Strap Watches or a high-end selection of Sport and Waterproof Leather Strap Watches to complete the look. Pull off a neat pair of penny loafer shoes either suede or leather, as both complements the entire look perfectly, NO SOCKS! If you are willing to go that extra mile, put on an interesting pair of stylish yet vintage reading or eye protection glasses.

style breakdown

Button Down Light Blue Shirt

Slim Navy Fit Jeans

Classic Framed Rectangle Glasses Vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Watch

Platinum Ring

Calvin Klein Clamp Leather

Suede Penny Loafers


July 2013

enayat’s style pick of the month You can follow his blog at:

Hair-style: The latest cut.

Some colorful slip-ons, perfect for any trend this summer. Bringing back the vintage in eye wear. Try any of these classic frame styles to create a classy and vintage look.

Matching leather penny loafers for him and her.

White classic brogue, a perfect gentleman’s choice. Bandana love, trendy t-shirt prints and in thing for 2013.

Camo shoes, the trendiest edition for a all-round casual look.

Vintage sunglasses for any trend stack.

Class dress Brogue, perfect with formal/casual look with fitting cut style.

Vintage strap time-piece from Rolex. Choose similar style from other brands and look trendy this summer.

July 2013



Being polite is not a difficult task. It is simple to say “please”, “thank you”, “you are welcome”, and “excuse me” as these phrases show that a person is considerate of others.

Be careful while you lean your body towards the other person while listening. Don’t get too close, you will be considered ‘pushy’ if you invade someone’s personal space.

Chuck your ego and learn to take control of your anger if at all you are the short tempered type. Try to settle matters politely even if someone is rude, it is better to be polite to them rather than sinking to their level.

Do Not Groom Yourself In Public. If you have something that needs picking, scratching, combing, or any other form of grooming, take your personal needs to the restroom or wait until you get home.

Cultivate a happy temper; send away the blues; a cheerful positive spirit instigates happiness and hope.

Good hygiene is a must. Make sure to bathe and groom yourself regularly. Clean clothing, clean skin, clean hands, including the nails, and clean white teeth, are a requisite passport for good society. Always keep clean as otherwise; even the finest of attires will add nothing to the appearance of an untidy person.

Savages we call them because their manners differ from ours. ~Benjamin Franklin Being a ‘Gentleman’ is not rocket science but it isn’t child’s play either. It’s only a matter of injecting politeness to your words and actions towards everyone under any and all given circumstances. Moreover it’s a day to day habit that you cultivate along the years.

Gestures are for emphasis in public speaking; do not point elsewhere, as a rule.

Look the person to whom you speak in the eye. Never under any circumstances wink at another or communicate with furtive looks.

To pick the nose, finger about the ears, or scratch the head or any other part of the person, in public space, is decidedly vulgar. Bad breath should be carefully remedied, whether it proceeds from the stomach or bad teeth. Never neglect to clean your shoes thoroughly as well as grooming your feet. Adapt the correct posture for walking: Head erect - not too rigid - chin in, shoulders back. Permit no unnecessary motion about the thighs. If the hands are allowed to swing in walking, the arc should be limited. Do not lean over to one side in walking, it is not only ungraceful, but it is deforming and therefore unhealthy. Not a pleasant sight either.


July 2013

Never sit with your back to another, without asking to be excused.

Never thrum with your fingers, rub your hands, yawn or sigh in public.

Altogether, good manners are a sign that you have consideration for others and extending these common courtesies shows that you have class and good breeding.

Loud laughter, loud talking, or other boisterous manifestations should be checked especially on the street and in public places.

A gentleman should always precede a lady upstairs, and follow her downstairs.

Don’t say “female” for “woman”.

Most men today do not seem to be aware of the fact that it is considered rude to wear a hat (mostly ball caps) indoors. Gentlemen, when you enter a building please remove hats and caps.

And while it might seem an outdated notion, men should still hold the door for ladies and allow them to enter or exit first, also for their elders or someone who might have their hands full.

A gentleman walking with a lady should offer to carry her parcels, and never allow a lady to be burdened with anything or whatever.

Never carry on a private conversation in company or a public place. Maintain dignity, secrecy and respect.

Being a Gentleman is something you do. So let’s start revitalizing the “G” in us, shall we! Make sure to correct your sitting posture. It is inappropriate for a gentleman to sit with their legs crossed.

Keep silent if you don’t like something. Do not pass abrasive comments.

In the matter of making calls it is always polite to call within a week of any event to which one has been invited at for any prior information.

There is nothing worse than to be kept waiting, it is just rude. If you tend to always run late set your clocks 10 or 15 minutes ahead so that you will arrive on time.

When entering any public establishment always set your cell phone to vibrate.

Never bring up topics related to money, religion, or politics or try not being engaged in such conversations whether be it at work or any social gatherings. These subjects are a powder keg waiting to explode.

At any heated situation if any, please refrain from speaking loudly, yelling, or using profanity.


July 2013



Tips that help you to Look Groomed and Stay Healthy this Monsoon


good look is as equally important as possessing a good health these days no matter the amount of ordeals different season brings along with itself. And when it comes to us men! Believe it or not, but our looks matter a lot – whether while making an impression on dates, or wanting to have an influential personality at our workplace. A bit of proper grooming always comes to the aid of all men regardless of any season.

First, a small flashback: Biology 101 Remember how mosquitoes breed ??.. Well abundance of stagnant water is perfect territory for these monsoon menaces to lay hundreds of eggs. Similar with other germs that thrive in the rainy season due to humidity and favorable temperature. Hence… • Use a good quality mosquito repellent. You can also create a mix of castor oil, eucalyptus oil, neem oil, clove oil and rosemary oil to apply on skin. • Eat healthy and drink properly purified water so that you do not catch diarrhoea, loose motion, jaundice, hepatitis, fever, cough or other flu like symptoms. Follow these little steps to keep diseases away. Remember, prevention is better than cure. If you practice healthy habits you will look healthy too.

Second: Monsoon is the time where your skin behaves a little strange. Your skin will require regular cleansing and moisturizing in order to keep it looking fresh and healthy. Follow these home remedies.

• Skin Care:

-Cleansing: Dry Skin: You can use almond paste or honey cleanser. Take ten crushed almonds and make a paste and add two tsp of honey. Massage it on face for 5 to 7 minutes, rinse face and pat dry. Oily Skin: You need a very mild cleanser to get the dead cells and grime off your skin. Use pure oatmeal scrub to cleanse oily skin or use ripe papaya pulp as a mild exfoliant. -MOISTURISING: -Moisturising in monsoon is as important as it is in summer. The skin gets wet often and with the constant wetting and drying, a lot of dehydration (yes, in the rain!) takes place. That explains the itchy feeling one gets during monsoons. Dry Skin: Take I tsp honey, I tsp fresh curd and I tsp


July 2013

jojoba oil. Mix all of these together and apply on your face and neck. Leave it on for 10 mins and then wash off with plenty of water. Oily and Combination Skin:In 2 tsp rose water add 2 drops of strawberry oil and fresh orange oil. Mix and apply on face and neck for 10 mins and then wash off. • Try to avoid keeping your skin wet for a long time and if you have been in the rain, take a bath in lukewarm water. This avoids fungal infections which is most likely to happen in the areas were moistures accumulates in the body. Use anti-fungal soap and apply anti-fungal powder after the bath. • Using a good quality anti-bacterial toner before you go to bed will go a long way to prevent skin infections and breakouts. It is a good idea to get antibacterial face wash too. • If you have the time: try making some skin freshener at home - Rose water mixed with witch hazel makes an ideal skin tonic for humid weather. You can use equal amounts of rose water and hazel witch for oily skin, but mix one part of hazel witch with three parts of

rose water if you have dry skin. Make sure to keep this mixture in the refrigerator and dab your face with cotton wool pads dipped in them.

- If you decide to go for professional pedicures, ensure that the instruments used are sterilized/ cleansed with disinfectants

• Foot Care:

• Hair Care:

Effective cleansing of feet is very important as they would be exposed to lots of germs. - Do not forget to completely dry your feet so as to prevent fungal infections - Avoid wearing boots as these would hold water for a longer duration, creating a soggy environment for your feet. - A home pedicure should be done once a week. This would consist of soaking feet in warm water to which you can add 3-4 drops of Savlon, for 15-20 minutes, followed by cleansing your nails and scrubbing your feet with a foot scraper. Complete the pedicure procedure by applying a light moisturizer.

- Keep the scalp dry to avoid scalp conditions like fungal and bacterial infections, which are more prevalent during the monsoon. - Go easy on styling during this season. Excessive use of hair gels and sprays will only cause further damage. - Oiling once a week would help but make sure you wash your hair well as residue oil can attract dust and germs, which along with sweat, can cause dandruff and even scalp infections. - Shampooing your hair twice or thrice a week is highly recommended as hair tends to go limp in this season. - Conditioning your hair becomes twice as important in this season. - Keep your hair trimmed and short during the season. - Food for hair – milk and milk products, nuts, soya products.

Third: Beware of water borne infections: • With rains come puddles of dirty water and eye infections soar throats. Close your eyes when you decide to get soaked in the rain as it screens off atmospheric pollutants. • Emphasize on hygienic practices. Wash hands thoroughly before handling food and drinking water. • Avoid outside food when you are not sure of the quality. • Thoroughly wash all food items to be consumed raw

under running water. • Get prompt treatment from a physician if symptoms worsen or if there are signs of dehydration. Different infections require different treatments so do not attempt to self-medicate. • Keep your surroundings clean. Avoid living in dirty, overcrowded areas. • Fungal and bacterial infections are common during rainy season. Moist and damp skin leads to these infections. One can get rashes and ringworm and also discoloration of skin.

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July 2013

le e versati ey are th fillings, h T ; r a h ey or A c and w ich Dip, Chu tn d. Use them as s a ne w rl Call them o y to give tl w c d e o rf fo e p e th in ple te f m d o o n ac tors , they ble e o therw ise inc ing a arinades v th m a h r o to h c s a ip d x ture it h e r and te e eas y recipes w a dip! charac te ake p F iv T u . e d tl rl s o w ru e food. We around th avor from dis tinc t fl

1.Sesame and Garlic Chili sauce Flavor: Chinese/Tibetan Enjoy with: Momos, Broths and any Fried snack - Take 3 tbsp. of vegetable oil and put on medium heat. Throw in 5 large peeled garlic pods and 15 dried red chilies and let them fry until well roasted, turn off the flame and let it sit until cold. Put the roasted garlic, chilies along with the oil into a blender. Add 2 tsp. of sesame oil and blend to a mildly coarse texture. Add salt to taste and sweat your taste buds.

chopped garlic, 2 tsp. lemon juice, 2 tbsp. chopped onions, parsley and 1 tbsp. chopped green olives. Mix all together and season with ground black pepper and salt to taste. Savor the classic.

3. Green chili and parsley chutney Flavor: Indian Enjoy with: Kebabs, Tikkas and Tikka marinades -Take 1 ½ cup fresh parsley, 4 green chilies, 1 tbsp. unsweetened curd, 1 tsp. finely chopped ginger and blend to a fine consistency in a blender. Add salt to taste. Eat like a nawab.

2. Tartar Sauce Flavor: Continental Enjoy with : Fish Cutlets, Patties or as Spreads for burgers and sandwiches - Take 6 tbsp. of mayonnaise, 2 tsp. finely

-Take 3 large tomatoes, 1 large onion, 2 green chilies, 3 tbsp. parsley, 1 tbsp. lemon juice – Finely chop them (see image for texture). Add ½ tsp oregano and cumin powder. Salt and pepper to taste. Toss them together well. Ola!

4. Fresh Tomato salsa Flavor: Mexican Enjoy with: Corn chips, wafers and as fillings in rolls, burritos and tacos

5. Lemon Garlic Hummus Flavor: Mediterranean Enjoy with: Vegetable sticks like carrot, celery stalks, pita bread or sandwich spread - Take 1 cup chick peas ( pre-soaked), 3 tbsp. lemon juice, 3 pods of garlic , 3 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil, 1 tsp. cumin powder and salt to taste. Combine and blend all the ingredients in a blender to a smooth consistency. Merhaba!

July 2013



legs Laying a Strong Foundation One of the most profound figures in Nepal Body building. Sachit Pradhan, has over 20 years of training experience, has taken part in several competitions and has won several titles as well. Overall champion of Mr. Himalaya twice and 3 times winner of South Asian Bodybuilding competition, he has been coaching for the past 14 years and has carved a new dimension to working out smartly.

Most people at the gym focus on their upper body (especially the arms and chest) while giving little attention to their legs. The ones who do focus on their trunks are either using too much weight or doing something wrong. This time around we will be talking about squats, which are a great workout for your legs, but it doesn’t end there. Squats are not just a leg work out; it puts your entire body under stress, working the lower back shoulders and majority of the core. This fitness guru believes in laying a strong foundation. So what better way to start than with your legs. Legs are huge muscles so Sachit Pradhan believes in working the body part twice a week. But for beginners, working out your leg muscles just once a week is an achievement. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced weight lifter, always remember to workout your legs regularly. So here is a list of must do’s if you want a strong and powerful foundation and a proportionate body:


one Use an athletic stance for the squat so that your knees are slightly bent, feet are firmly planted on the ground, and toes pointed outwards slightly, which helps with stabilization.

two By keeping your shoulder back and your chest out and maintaining your lower back in its natural curve slowly go down. Make sure that your knees don’t shoot beyond your toes.

three When squatting, try to shoot for your hamstrings about parallel with the floor. This deeply engages your thighs, hips, and glutes. Slowly come up to the starting position and repeat.


one With your torso straight, shoulder width stance and knees slightly bent grasp a bar with an overhand grip.


July 2013



Keeping the knees still, lower the barbell to the over the top of your feet by bending at the hips while keeping your back straight. Keep moving forward as if you are going to pick something from the floor until you feel a stretch on the hamstrings.

Slowly come back to your starting position. Repeat again.




Stand straight with your feet about shoulder width apart.

Keep your back leg straight and bend your front leg to lunge. Make sure that your knees do not go beyond your toes.

three Get back to the starting position. Repeat with another leg.

seated leg extension

one Sit on the machine with a straight back. Place front of lower legs under padded lever.

two Position knee articulation at same axis as lever fulcrum. Grasp handles to sides for support.

three Move lever forward and upward by extending knees until leg are straight. Return lever to original position by bending knees. Repeat.

Lying Leg Curl

one Facing the bench, stand between bench and lever pads.

two Lie prone on bench with knees just beyond edge of bench and lower legs under lever pads. Grasp handles.

three Raise lever pad to back of thighs by flexing knees. Lower lever pads until knees are straight. Repeat.

Leg Press

one Sit on machine with back on padded support.



Place feet on platform. The knees should be in line with the feet and neither bowed inward nor outward. Grasp handles to sides.

Push platform away by extending knees and hips. Return and repeat.

July 2013



Food Supplements Promotional Buzzword or a Dire Need

Dr. Robin Shrestha, CEO Diet Nepal Pvt. Ltd.


nce upon a time, people enjoyed a well balanced diet comprising of natural foods, fruits, vegetables, rice, wheat, barley etc. Today many individuals fuel themselves from a shopping cart filled with engineered powders, bars, energy drinks and supplements. They savor on carbohydrate, protein, vitamin and minerals pills, with little mention of enjoyable meals with natural foods shared with friends and families. Are food supplements recognized to be a dire need or has it just become commercial products with advertisements that make us believe that engineered nutrition is a better way to optimize health and performance? Eating foods as close to its naturals forms is the best way to improve health, prevent diseases, optimize healing, and enhance performance. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, lean meats, dairy foods, etc are all rich in combination of important vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, fat, carbohydrates, antioxidants that individuals need on a daily basis to stay healthy. Having said that, food supplements and engineered nutrition should only be used with proper knowledge and need. In today’s world, in areas where we come from, food adulteration has been a prime reason for deterioration of individual health, rise of chronic diseases like cancers with a negative impact in health and promotion of ill-health. This is where a good and properly engineered nutrition supplements has made itself look indispensible in our daily life.

Eating foods as close to its naturals forms is the best way to improve health, prevent diseases, optimize healing, and enhance performance.

Food supplements are preparations intended to supplement the diet and provide nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibers, fatty acids, that may be missing or not being able to be consumed in sufficient amounts in individual’s diet. It should be kept in mind that food supplements are foods and not drugs!! Food supplements can be a good bet if we use it knowledgably and in correct portion along with the natural foods that we take in our diet. It can help those


July 2013

with special preference for foods and not nutrients, fulfilling the daily requirement of macro- (carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins) and micro-(vitamins, minerals, trace elements) nutrients. Naturally, for a sportsperson, the staple diet of our regions will be insufficient as their exercising and active body demand high nutrition, AND, for individuals with chronic diseases, Tuberculosis, Cancer patients and patients on chemotherapy, malnourished individuals with low food intake require a good nutritious diet. High nutrition demand and low intake of food is where nutritional or food supplements have its role. For instance, there are individuals who suffer from a condition called lactose intolerance where they are unable to digest milk and dairy products with high fat. To fulfill their nutritional requirement from dairy products, they will either have to shift to low fat dairy products or go for supplements. Besides, pregnant ladies who naturally have a high nutrition demand either have to add high and

nutrient dense foods, or they simply go for supplements of vitamins such as Folic acid and Iron supplements. These are few of the examples that explain the necessity of food supplements where the food supplements become a dire need than just another commercials, well marketed and advertised product.

Choosing the right supplements can always be tricky.

On the other hand, supplements are readily available and easy to take. Easy accessibility and easier intake makes it a preferred choice for individuals who have very little time for their food and do not want to crash into fast foods with high fats and calories. Supplements are a growing recognition for individuals who are obese and on weight loss regime or on diet that fulfills their nutrient needs on daily basis.

manufacturer’s practice (GMP) and the quality assurance has been certified by an international governing body from the country of manufacture or its governing body. Various supplement products that claim to enhance performance are adulterated with steroids and performance enhancing products that have a negative effect to health. Don’t believe in those promotional buzzwords and be more knowledgeable before you opt for a supplement.

Choosing the right supplements can always be tricky. With all the advertisements and marketing of these supplements, getting a good supplement can always be a headache. While choosing a supplement, always keep in mind that the manufacturer has followed a good

Finally, food supplements should only be used if you think you need them, not because you just want to take them. An excess of nutrients in your body can have a negative effect to your health and can act the opposite. Use food supplements wisely to extract much benefit.

July 2013



Aamir akhtar NOT

only did Aamir Akhtar represent Nepal in its very first 1999 Youth World Cup but he also played professionally in the minor leagues of England. He was a left arm opening pace bowler and a useful middle order left hand batsman as well. He also captained the University of Luton cricket team (England) for two years and played British Universities Sports Association (BUSA) leagues regularly. Apart from his cricketing career, Aamir is also an entrepreneur. When he returned to Nepal, he and his friend brought up a noble idea of starting a ‘good’ and professional cricket academy. We got a chance to talk with him about his ventures as well as his passion for the sport of Cricket.


July 2013

Tell us about the ventures you are currently involved in? Currently I am involved fulltime at my company Zohra International which I started few years ago, which by the way is named after my Grand ma. You are probably one of the first people to vision the future of cricket in Nepal by opening a world class cricket academy? Tell us more about it? What led to it? Passion? Ambition ? I wish it could be a world class academy as we had envisioned it to be. Unfortunately it has currently shut down due to some internal reasons, but we will come back soon…Inshallah. It started out as an idea with my friends who were also my team colleagues when we were playing for Nepal. We just felt the need of a formal structure for the younger kids as we ourselves never had such facility. Just the idea of the “need” clicked and we opened Shangri-La Cricket Academy. It was pretty simple actually, we were into cricket and opening a cricket academy sort of justhappened. Where do you really see the cricket scene, or rather sport sector in Nepal after few years time ? Well Cricket in Nepal is growing like anything. Currently we are ranked 21st in the world which is amazing. I see a great prospect of the Nepal Cricket Team playing the world Cup soon Inshallah. What are the pros and cons of this nation for its sports development? We Nepalese are generally sports loving people but somewhere we lack the professionalism in sports. Unfortunately the society and the overall mentality of the people cannot conceive the sports as a career which is sad. I hope this thought process can be transformed.

schooling in Hamdard Public School - New Delhi. I had a great schooling and for which I am thankful to my parents. Later I studied in Hindu College for one year but then I transfered to University of Bedfordshire in the UK for my under grads. I am very lucky to have had the best of education in India and England. Why did you entrepreneur?





I always wanted to work for myself. I never enjoyed working for someone else. During my University days, I worked for this budget airline called Easyjet in England but I always did it half heartedly only to cover my expenses. Like I said when you want to do something in life with proper ambition then it’s not that difficult. One thing led to another and I worked hard to become an entrepreneur. Why not settle in the UK ? (Tell us a little about how you got there and for how long and why) Nepal has always been my first love. I played cricket for the national team and so the sense of patriotism was deep routed in me. I loved my stay in the UK but I knew I would be there only for my education. I had the best time and a fruitful experience studying overseas and playing cricket for English clubs. I also captained my University for two years. I stayed almost four and half years in the UK. What do you think is the strength of today’s youth? How and what path should they chose to take the nation forward ?

I always wanted to work for myself. I never enjoyed working for someone else. Besides business and cricket, what keeps you busy? What is your idea of leisure or alone time? I enjoy my free time - I love driving around the mountains. I have a small family and I love spending my time with them. What are your favorite teams and players? My favorite team has always been and will be Nepal. I don’t have any favorite player as such but if I had to choose, I would say I am a huge admirer of Imran Khan - The living legend of Pakistan. He is a true ambassador for the game in many ways. Your take on the government’s support towards our sports and sportsmen? The government needs to make things more conducive for sports to become a profession.. I strongly believe that School / college/ University should open the opportunity for sports scholarships in order to encourage those passionate in sports to make a career out of it while having a good education as well. Because of the lack of proper financial benefits, parents hesitate to encourage their children to become a sports professional in Nepal, what are your views on this? It’s true - and you can’t blame the parents. This would be a gradual process of change. It will take time and it will hopefully happen.

How do you manage time between ventures and cricket?

I think the greatest inspiration comes from within. I never believe in idealism. Life gives you so much of opportunities and threats, and you are the best person who can tackle what life throws at you. We must think of new ideas/ ventures by utilizing our strength rather than doing the same old things. Innovation is very important from the youths in Nepal these days.

When you have a strong enough passion, anything is manageable. Cricket is in my blood and I will always manage it.

What is your view on the recent achievements of the Nepalese cricket team?

And what is your message to the young aspiring entrepreneurs?

Tell us a bit about your background and education?

It’s fantastic. The team is doing extremely well with meager support. The whole team is bonded well with a dashing captain and a thoughtful coach.

Go for it, sometime you have to judge when it is worth taking the risk. Remember to take every aspect into account before putting all your eggs in one basket.

I was born in Biratnagar and did my

What is your message to the youngsters who want to get into sports professionally? Sports can change one’s life. So opt for it only if you think you have the passion and talent.

July 2013



ma ra 60

July 2013


“Timi Bhane” has been a staple anthem for most of us, and for good reasons too. It’s a great tune to sing along to, easy to remember the lyrics and I’m pretty sure a lot of people have memories attached to the song. With popular thrash metal songs like Freedom Looks Good on Paper and Idiot Nation, Albatross was not the radio friendly band when they started out way back in 1998. Evolved from a three-man school band to a band of four, Albatross has a huge influence amongst the current generation. One of the heaviest metal bands back in the days, we finally managed to squeeze in some free time in between their work for their new album recording to sit with us and discuss more about the band we love and are addicted to: Albatross. 1. What does Albatross mean to you and how did it start out? Albatross is like a family to us. We are lucky to have had experiences –musical and nonmusical with a lot of talented and beautiful people. For us, it is our identity, our pride. Albatross was born in the year 1998 and has made a landmark in the current Nepali music scene. It all began when a couple of guys came together with their rusted guitars and other old instruments to transcend the sound of Nepali Alternative music, each of which has significantly influenced the music which the band creates. Sustainability is key everywhere especially when it comes to making music. We have had many talented musicians taking on other options to sustain themselves, as a


July 2013


result spending less time in creating the art. As a band, we are back in the Kathmandu Live Music scene. We are determined to beat the odds and hope to stand out as an inspiration to other bands to keep on doing what they’re doing. We believe that Nepali musicians have a lot to offer not just to the music industry of Nepal but on a more global scale as well. 2. I believe the Albatross lineup has changed recently. What caused this change and how is the new Albatross? Yes, recently we have been playing with Kismat Shrestha as our previous drummer Niraj had to take time off to concentrate more on his work. Kismat is a very versatile, talented drummer and brings a lot of charm into our rhythm section. 3. Does Albatross have plans to come out with a new album in the near future? What can your fans expect from the album? We are currently working on our new album “Ma Ra Malai” due to be released at the end of the year. However, for our eager followers, we shall be releasing a music video in the next few months. The music video will be followed by an exclusive campaign emphasizing on the importance of supporting local artists. As for the music, we have constantly explored who we are and the environment around us is a big influence in us achieving that. In that sense this album is definitely different than the rest of our bodies of work. Most importantly it is a reflection of who and where we are as humans and a band being no less than honest and true to ourselves. 4. Right now, Albatross is one of the most popular and maybe even the best band around. Do you feel any pressure and if so, how do you deal with it? We are just happy that we still get to rock the stage and make music that we like. There is no pressure in doing the things you love. Pressures only exist in sustaining by doing what you like. Until now it has been excellent and we thank our fans and well wishers for that. 5. If I am not mistaken, we have seen two forms of Albatross; one as the daring heavy


July 2013

metal acts and now more into somber rock. Describe how the journey has been? What can we expect in the future? During the formative years of Albatross, we not only had to deal with lineup changes but also changes in the types of music we played. We developed as musicians playing funk and rock, enjoyed the metal scene and matured into who we are. We choose not to be bound to a specific genre, but opt to rather explore and experiment to reveal who we really are in different stages of our lives. 6. What’s different about the previous metal influenced Albatross and the current Albatross? Did the previous band break up? What is the story behind it? First of all the members have changed, we had Dipesh on drums, Anurag Pokhrel on vocals and Diwas Gurung on guitars along with Sunny and Avaya. After Anurag and Diwas left, the band moved on making music with other musicians. The songs that we had recorded in our demo album “Hi:fly” were more heavy, hence a different genre. We didn’t break up; let’s just say we evolved. 7. Albatross has been around for a really long time, when you started out in the underground scene did you imagine you would end up as famous as you are today? Fame is always good. However, if we had set our priorities as fame, we probably wouldn’t have “made it”. As mentioned before, we consider being true to ourselves the most important factor in our recognition. As a result we now have fame on our side and we’re doing exactly what we like to, how we like to do it circa when we started.

8. I remember Albatross touring Australia, how was the tour? Compare the scene in Australia and Nepal? Any upcoming tours of the band? The “Lyf Cha” tour as it was called was our first international gig. It was new, enthralling and a highly memorable experience for us including the organizers. It was organized by 3d Events, who since our tour have continued to organize and showcase Nepali films in Australia and continued to invite other Nepali artists. We did 5 shows (Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane

& Melbourne) in the “Lyf Cha” tour and all of them were very successful. The main difference between Nepal and Australia is that for the people there, who don’t get to see us play often, it was a treat – thus, the support was overwhelming. Right now, we are working on a gig in UK, which has been postponed. 9. Where and how can fans get your cds and music? Most cd stores in Kathmandu have our CDs for sale; outside Kathmandu it’s a bit limited (we still don’t have a proper idea). For international fans, our songs are available for download at 10. If you wouldn’t be playing the particular instrument you’re playing, what would you play? Avaya – Drums, Shirish – Piano, Drums. Kismat – bass, Sunny - drums 11. How do you plan out your practices and rehearsals? The main thing is managing individual schedule along with the load shedding schedule. :P 12. Can music be a good source of livelihood in Nepal? Yes, it can be. But it also depends on how you market yourself, the kind of music you make, live performances and most significant of all – staying together as a band. 13. Tips to improve the Nepali music scene. Nepali music scene has fragmented audiences. Musicians along with various other stakeholders – record labels, event organizers, FM and TV stations should work towards making the industry more organized. Nepalese audiences should support the artists by defying piracy and buying original contents provided by the artists. 14. Finally, what do you think is a must have quality for The Nepali Man? Civic sense, emotional intelligence and a “cando” attitude is what we require in our citizens be it female or male. But above all a sense of critical reasoning and communication is what is absent in most of us.

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July 2013


July 2013



T hou Shalt Love T hyself HOW TO M AS T URB AT E.

We all love the “occasional” five-knuckle-shuffle. In fact, love might be too underrated a word to describe our obsession with our solitary sexcapades. Ironically, when it comes to talking about it, we’d rather have our right hand cut off… maybe not. It is such a taboo topic that we’ve rarely ever talked to about it as a child… we just sort of “come” across it with our own handiwork. And despite the societal frowns, we are pretty sure most of us had no problem avoiding the discouragement and masturbating well into adulthood. Everyone does it; at one time or the other, some even habitually. That is why it is necessary to address the topic despite the social taboo.

We think you have a pretty good handle on the topic already, right? Everybody masturbates and we are confident enough to put some money on it. Anyone who says otherwise is probably lying. Keep it under a limit and you can enjoy one of the greatest pleasures known to man without worrying about side effects and actually reaping a few rewards.

IS IT SAFE? WHY SHOULD YOU MASTURBATE? It’s fun and it feels good! That could be a good enough reason in itself, but obviously there is more. Every man gets horny at one time or the other, and that’s putting it lightly. This is a very normal process: your sex organs produce and accumulate semen, and your body responds accordingly by making you want to release the ejaculate in order to make room for more. Sexual tension builds up naturally over time, unattended it could lead to unnecessary stress. There are some stresses you just can’t do anything about, while some could be well handled.


Masturbation also helps you in the bedroom by giving you more control. It’s not always about getting to the finish line when it comes to matters


between the sheets. Masturbation let’s you know your limits and with practice (which we all love to do), you can control your climax and give more attention to your partner’s home coming. Spending some quality time strengthening your PC (pubococcygeus) muscle will help you control your climax and have more forceful ejaculations, not overnight though. You can do this by squeezing the same muscles you use to stop peeing mid-stream. Hold the squeeze for 10 seconds and relax. The best thing is, you can do this exercise anytime you want and anywhere you want without anybody noticing, unless you make weird faces doing it, then people might get suspicious.

You can always have too much of a good thing, and the same goes for masturbation. Like any other habit, excessive and compulsive masturbation can lead to psychological as well as physiological imbalances. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about the guy that does is a few times a week, you are in the clear. But if you go to town on yourself several times a day, every day, you may have reasons to worry. July 2013

If masturbation is getting in the way of your other daily activities, you need to cut down on shining of your trophy. Too much of masturbation can result in an over-production of sex hormones and neurotransmitters like acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin, causing a considerable change in body chemistry. Over masturbation can lead to sexual exhaustions even in the horniest youngster, causing appearance of

Looking at other references, just because society frowns upon something does not necessarily mean it is harmful. Not only is masturbation safe, it is actually good for you and your sex life. Masturbation relieves sexual tension, alleviates some migraines and you learn to control your climax. Masturbation is healthy, and is one of the few pleasures in life that is actually good for you. Recent studies show that frequent masturbation- seven times a week or more- can decrease your chances of prostate cancer. If that’s not a good enough reason to masturbate, nothing is. impotence or erectile dysfunction in males way before the average age of onset. Another problem that could arise is that your penis gets used to your hand and you might face difficulties reaching orgasm with your partner. Hours and hours of intercourse might sound like a good thing at first, but it can lead to a lot of frustration when you can’t climax without some self service.

July 2013




1. Sex is the safest antidepressant in the world. It is 10 times more effective than valium. So I suggest before you get your partner to get treated for any anxiety disorder, alcohol withdrawal symptoms or muscle spasms, please try a home remedy. This way you’ll save a lot of money and enjoy your therapy sessions. 2. At any given time, about 5000 people are having sex around the world. So next time if you suspect the mouse making squeaking sounds or any sort of sounds that you can’t explain, remember to check in with your neighbor before concluding it to extra-terrestrial or supernatural forces (Knock first). 3. An average man has 10 erections during his sleep. No, don’t get me wrong this doesn’t really mean that he is living his fantasy in his dreams. Rather, it is because the blood flows to the man’s penis when he’s asleep hence, causing an erection. I’m sorry ladies; you weren’t the reason this time around. 4. The majority of women experience a peak in libido just before their period. Well I can’t really say much


July 2013

more on this. You just shut up and get to work.

and you and your partner’s thoughts might just coincide.

5. Kissing can aid in reducing tooth decay. While it’s been widely said that kissing can lead to transmission of bacteria, a healthy kissing relation with your partner can really help you with your smile. So next time, before you change your tooth paste or tooth brush I advise you to take into consideration the power of kissing.

9. Women’s breast can swell up to 25% when she’s aroused, making them super sensitive. Really? It’s been said over and over again that size doesn’t matter. It’s not just men who can bulge up when aroused. Please don’t really get down with a measuring tape, just enjoy the moment.

6. The average frequency of sex is two times per week. If you’re getting action any more than that touché my friend.

10. The average speed of a guy’s ejaculation is 45km/hr. I see! That’s why men like fast cars. I guess speed it’s just “in” them.

7. Heavier men last longer in bed. Forget all the weights; get me some momos and pizzas. A yearlong research in Turkey suggested that heavier men lasted an average of 7.3 minute whereas the slender men last only an average of 108 seconds (approximately 2 minutes). Where do we eat tonight?

11. Sex during a women’s period can ease menstrual cramps. Now we know how to help our partner when she is having cramps and mood swings. We just do what we love doing and help her out as well. Of course, this time around it’s not just for you, but it’s for her sake and cramps because you don’t want her to go through it. ;)

8. Men think about sex around 19 times a day and women amazingly 10 times. So it’s not really as bad as women make it sound like. So enjoy your thoughts

12. Smoking can reduce the size of your junk by up to 1cm, time to kick the butt. If you don’t care about your lungs, at least do it for the little guy.

July 2013



how to survive the first day at office! c ongr at ul at ions! You are hired. That’s awesome! It’s your first day at a new job. You are happy, excited but nervous and grey. Starting a new job can be very much nerve wracking, thanks to sleepless nights and confusing expectations. With new faces in a completely new setting, you may have already suffered a nervous break-down before you’ve even started any work. Should I ask anyone before I turn on my workstation? It’s already 1.30pm, should I go to the canteen? It’s already 5.00pm, can I go home? These first-day situations create confusion and add further nervousness and anxiety irrespective of your age or experience. You are stuck in the middle paralyzed between your thoughts. You don’t know what to do, how to react or whom to ask. Well, adieu ‘good-bye’ to these. To be remembered for all the right reasons, here’s what you can do for a successful first day on a new job. You can survive the D-Day and make it go more smoothly by successfully implementing these 10 behaviors:

Words: Saurav Nepal | Illustrations: Niren Tuladhar


2 . Be C onfiden t: You might feel nervous but that shouldn’t make you feel lowly confident. That nervousness won’t give you a second chance to make the right impression. Since you are stepping out of your comfort-zone into a totally different setting, adjust your confidence level in between. Don’t destroy anything out of your over-confidence. You should be happy because they liked you so; you are here at the job. First days are tough but your confidence should slip in and make you feel comfortable. Keep calm and stay confident!

3 . Be p unc t u a l : Don’t be late. You don’t want to be remembered as an employee who arrived late in his/her first day of job and make a false impression. Arrive on time. Have an idea of the office’s location. Leave your house an hour earlier because blaming the public transport is a lousy excuse. Unpunctuality is not tolerated at any cost. Remember, whether you drive, bike, bus or walk to your new job, it’s smart to test drive the route before that first important day [source: Huhman].

4. S ta rt slo w : hello my name is lasti ng fir st impres sion

1. M a k e a p osi t i v e imp re s sion: You might be an amateur but don’t make a negative impression because it’s your first day at job. Today is the day you’ll be laying a strong foundation for your worklife. Everyone will be looking upon you, so these first few weeks are very important. Remember to keep it simple and easy instead of over-doing it. A bad first impression would cost you months or even years to undo it. Whether you want to portray yourself as a friendly and hardworking colleague or an unreliable and a laid-back guy, it all depends on you. You want to be remembered for all the right reasons.


July 2013

No company expects perfection from you since day one. It takes time to adjust, learn the company, and learn the responsibilities of the new job you have. If you try to sprint at the very first stage then you’ll be more likely to make mistakes. Just take it slowly at a reasonable level allowing you to grow when you start. Pace yourselves slowly because fatigue kills your performance and productivity.

Just take it slowly at a reasonable level allowing you to grow when you start. Pace yourselves slowly because fatigue kills your performance and productivity.

5 . W e a r t he righ t c lo t he s : Just like people judge book by their covers, your boss and colleagues will judge you by your first-day attire so, dress appropriately for the big day. Don’t want to over-do yourself with some funky and trendy clothing. For example, you don’t want to walk into a banking industry with casual clothing. Your clothing and dressing appearance will attract attention so, you should dress to impress. Your dressing style should ooze out professionalism. Dress to flatter, not flirt.

No one expects you to know everything on the very first day. If you don’t know how to do things, just ask your colleagues or your supervisor.

6 . A sk q ue s t ion s : You’re new. No one expects you to know everything on the very first day. If you don’t know how to do things, just ask your colleagues or your supervisor. You may be ignorant about the office attire, working hours, salary, leave-policy and the general rules. For this, you should find a person to help you. You should go with an open mind, listen, and ask questions rather than being obnoxious.

8 . Don ’ t c omp l a in: You are a new face around the office. Your new-workers won’t be familiar with you so, doesn’t be an open-book on the very first day. You don’t want to create false negativity by complaining on the very first day. Remember your co-workers may get annoyed. Complaining is one of the worst thing and it won’t take you any far. Its fine to make suggestions but don’t be toxic.


Thank you! 9 . E x p re s s gr at i t ude : Be kind and appreciative to everyone. This will help you to amalgamate into the new culture. Greet your colleagues with a humble smile. A polite and firm handshake will do well. Your greetings should be pleasing. Keep your introduction short and simple. Make yourself easily approachable. You don’t want to scare people right away from the very first beginning. Show respect and seek feedback. People will be more open and willing to accept you if you express gratitude. Remember, never forget to say ‘Thank-You’!

People will be more open and willing to accept you if you express gratitude.

10 . Do some b a c k ground re se a rc h: Take a note of your company beforehand. Read your company’s Web-site, its clients’ Web-sites and any recent news articles. You can search the internet about most of the things. You’re new, after all. This will also help you to understand the company’s expectations and management style. With these tips in mind, you can now walk in there with a smile on your face and confident in yourself. Make a great impression and show them you definitely mean business.

July 2013



A Jab at Boxing: A Brief Insight


Words: Yonten Yonjan

Most of us relate boxing to brutal knockouts, bloody noses and seeing stars. A trend that was made popular by the likes of Tyson, Ali and Pac Man through their bouts. This may be the reason why boxing is not as popular a sport in practice as it is spectator sport. Hence, we see few lads at the boxing gym. Well whatever the reason be, boxing has been a sport only few people have dared to embrace professionally or for recreational purposes. In case one does decide to give it a go, it is a good idea to know what you are getting

yourself into. Surviving the intense workout and training session in itself is enough reason for most people to back out. Then there are the unavoidable injuries you have to face once you enter the squared circle. (Yes! UFC/MMA is on a whole different level when it comes to brutality but let’s not forget boxing can be punishing too). Much like the cave one most fears to enter has the greatest treasure and beauty, boxing offers you more than just brawling men set out to knock each other

Showdown at Dang

out. It may not be immediately apparent, but it is a methodical sport which tests your patience, strategizing ability and ability to maintain composure under pressure. It increases your self-esteem as you learn to plot and make right decisions in the gravest of hours (like when a loaded glove is aiming to knock your head clean off your shoulders). As you discover yourself in the ring you get addicted to the sounds of your gloves thumping while you box. But until you give it a shot yourself, it may not sound very convincing.

Well, the young boxers survived their intense training sessions, the exhausting journey to Dang and the scorching heat of Terai. There was no stopping the exuberant contestants, especially with the crowd cheering them on in every match. The tournament started on May 29th with waves of people showing their support. (Honestly though, the crowd may have been there to see someone taste the canvas; but it is boxing, not a tea party). The event had a total of six weight categories (starting from 49, 52, 59. 65, 69, 75 kgs respectively). All the bouts consisted of a total of three rounds of two minutes each with one-minute rest intervals between each round. The boxers fueled by the chanting and cheering put up a great fight in all the categories. The combination of weaving, parrying, feinting, jabbing and footwork of some youths were impressive; they presented themselves like artists in the ring.

For a free face lift, contact the guy in red. 72

July 2013

The 2013 National Amateur Youth Boxing Championship was held at Tulsipur, Dang. Dang welcomed all male and female boxers for the Championship. Dang Boxing Association expected about 200 boxers from over 27 districts and boxing clubs but the numbers reduced to about 150 participants, due to REGIONAL BANDHA’S.

Every game has its winners and losers. But I believe there is no such thing as losing because it’s a learning process. You lose to win because the lesson from loss will motivates you to be a better person. Rocky says it best: “Life is not about how hard you can hit it’s about how hard you get hit and keep moving”. The boxing tournament ended with the prize distribution and appreciation for participation on June 2nd.

things to know

amateur boxing Dress Code In all competitions: Confederation Competitions and National Competitions, boxers must use gloves and head guard manufactured by one of the AIBA Official Boxing Equipment Licensees. Boxers must wear red or blue vest and shorts, as per their respective corners. Boxers must also use mouth guard and groin cup (sports bra for females).

POINT COUNT The Scoring System will be based on a “Ten Point Must-System”. At the end of each round, each judge will determine the winning Boxer of that round by awarding scores with a maximum of ten (10) points to each boxer. 10 vs. 9 – Close round 10 vs. 8 – Clear winner with dominance 10 vs. 7 – Total dominance 10 vs. 6 – Overmatched. Points are awarded for a scoring hit with the marked part of the gloves on the opponent’s head (side or front) or body (above the belt). If two boxers end up with the same number of points, the judges decide on winner by assessing factors like which of the two took the lead and showed better style. If it is still a deadlock, the judges assess the defensive performance of each boxer. When two boxers trade blows in a flurry of infighting, where no full-force punches can land, the judges wait until the end of the exchange and award a point to the boxer who got the better of it.

When two boxers trade blows in a flurry of infighting, where no fullforce punches can land, the judges wait until the end.

For free nose jobs, contact the guy in the blue corner.

disqualifications A Boxer who does not obey the instructions of the referee, breaks the rules, boxes in any unsportsmanlike manner, or commits fouls, will (at the discretion of the Referee), be cautioned, warned or disqualified. If a referee intends to warn a boxer, the referee must say “stop” and demonstrate the infringement. The referee must then point to the boxer, followed by the supervisor and each of the judges. If a boxer receives a referee’s warning, the supervisor will record the warning in the Scoring System and each warning will reduce the total score of the offending boxer by one (1) point.

The third warning in a bout will automatically disqualify the boxer. Some of the more common fouls include hitting below the belt, holding, pressing an arm or elbow into the opponent’s face, forcing the opponent’s head over the ropes, hitting with an open glove, hitting with the inside of the glove and hitting the opponent on the back of the head, neck or body. Others include passive defense, not stepping back when ordered to break, speaking offensively to the referee and trying to hit the opponent immediately after the order to break.

knockdown rules A boxer will be considered to have been knocked down if • the boxer touches the floor with any part of the body other than the boxer’s feet • hangs helplessly on the ropes • is outside or partly outside the ropes • is in a semiconscious state as the result of a blow or series of blows. If a Boxer retires voluntarily due to injury or if the coach throws the towel into the ring or appears

on the apron (however not while the Referee is counting), the opponent will be declared the winner of the Bout by TKO. (Technical knockout) Counts following a Knockdown In the case of a knockdown, the referee must say “stop” and then begin to count from one (1) to eight (8) if the boxer is fit to continue. If the Boxer is unfit to continue and the count goes on till (10) the bout ends and must be decided as KO.

July 2013



simplifying cricket


nybody who has played or watched cricket, knows that it is one of the most complicated games to understand. Well for an avid follower like me, this doesn’t really hold true, but compare it with several other sports and things just tilt in favor of other sports. This is one of the reasons I believe cricket still has a long way to go while competing with sports like football (soccer) which still takes the center stage in countries around the world. There are hundreds of rules and laws in the game, from the length of the pitch to the action of the bowler to the various methods a batsman can be declared out, and then there’s still those “unwritten laws”. With the recent inclusion of the 20 over games, things have become shorter and simpler by a great extent. Also, as the rules and laws of cricket have become modified, this leaves the sport to be more commercialized and hopefully a little less complicated. So for this month, we are focusing on the recent rule changes in the game we all love:

1. Calling a wide ball has been changed from height to just sides. This means, if the ball is high but still under the batsman’s head (above the shoulders) the umpire gives ONE FOR THE OVER which makes it a legal delivery. The bowler is allowed to bowl 2 bouncers in an over. If the bowler bowls a similar delivery again in the same over, the umpire calls it a No Ball which would be an illegal delivery. 2. The front foot No Ball has also been changed. If a bowler oversteps the popping crease, the ball is not only a No Ball but the next ball is a Free Hit where a batsman can only be dismissed by being Run Out.


July 2013

Words: Aditya Malla

3. The Power Plays are one of the more famous rules that get the viewers on their toes. The Power Play overs allow only a certain number of fielders outside of the 30 yard circle. The Power Plays can be divided into 3 parts of 10: 5 and 5 overs. The 10 over Power Play must be used in the start of the innings. The two blocks of 5 over Power Plays must be taken by the batting team under 16 – 40 overs. During these 5 over Power Plays, only 2 players are allowed to be placed outside the 30 yard circle. The Power Play rule replaces the 15 over restriction which was implemented before. 4. Field Restrictions changes in the nonpower play overs have been modified to make the game more interesting. Earlier the fielding team could place 5 players outside the 30 yard circle but recently, the number of fielders have been brought down to 4. Experts feel that with the introduction of this rule, the Non Power Play Cricket will be more exciting than what it was, because batsmen will take extra risk of playing big shots, and this will give a window of opportunity for bowlers to take wickets. 5. One of the most critical rules to be modified is the Umpire Decision Review System. Each team is allowed to make two unsuccessful review requests per innings during a Test Match and one unsuccessful review request per innings during a One Day International. A fielding team may use the system to dispute a “not out” call and a batting team may do so to dispute an “out” call. On-field umpires will ask the Third Umpire to review the case and he makes a report to the on-field umpire whether his analysis supports the original call or not. The on-field umpire then makes the final decision. Each team can go for referrals until they use their share of unsuccessful reviews. Under the DRS rule only clearly incorrect decisions are reversed.

There are hundreds of rules and laws in the game, from the length of the pitch to the action of the bowler to the various methods a batsman can be given out, and then there’s still those “unwritten laws”.


BATTLEFIELD Counting each bullet as we fired at our opponents, we had to keep in mind not to get ourselves shot at the same time. Words: Aditya Malla


or those who thought getting headshots were as easy as in video games, think again! A game of paintball might exceed your expectations. The members of TNM found it out the hard way. With body bruised but our ego and spirits high, we survived an hour of a much needed dose adrenaline rush to kick us out of the monotonous work routine. 12’ o clock may be lunch time for many, but once you are in the battle field it has a whole new meaning to it. Armors check, Ammo check, Gears check, Guns check, Teammates check. After having stuck together as a team for over a year, our unified Softrock Media team split into two teams; one red and the other blue. From the artillery, you could choose any one of the guns available; alpha black, alpha BT, customs 98. Once we adorned our gear and put on our arms, we were ready for battle. The rules were simple, you either capture your opponent team’s flag or the last team standing wins. The teams chose their bunkers and the sounding of the Marshall’s whistle declared war. With hearts racing and sweat dripping without even firing a shot, we were taking cover and all the tactics planned out before the game went down the drain. The first shot was crucial as it would determine the level of confidence in each of us.

There was no turning back now. Counting each bullet as we fired at our opponents, we had to keep in mind not to get ourselves shot at the same time. The rules stated that shooting our opponents at a distance of under 10 meters was forbidden, for safety reasons (although it was extremely tempting). However, ammo did run low at times, but we could pass bullets to our team mates them bullets but we were allowed to do that during the game and not during the break. With so many things to keep in mind while ducking and weaving behind obstacles to avoid the paint balls, we couldn’t help but wish for a cheat code to increase ammo or the ability to deflect bullets. Once shot we had to leave the arena and on top of that we had a limited number of bullets with us; unless we were willing to spend more on ammunitions. An hour of taking cover and firing at our opponents while trying to stay “alive” at the same time was grueling and by the end of it all our clothes were drenched in sweat but we could feel a sense of achievement within us. We had just conquered an hour that affected us both physically and mentally, which is always a good thing when you want to break out of the day to day routine. If you ever feel lazy or are looking for an adrenaline dose to kick things up, I would definitely suggest going for a game of paintball with your friends.

July 2013



Dexter’s Tips on Positioning in Paintball Words: Aditya Malla

In a game of paintball, players work together on the field protecting not just themselves but also their partners. Right from the start, players take positions that suit their personality style and physical capabilities and also according to their strategy. Some might be in the front line while others remain at the back to protect the back end of the field. All the positions on the field are important and teams whose players know their roles are bound to be on top.

The more experienced a sniper, the quicker he can survey the field and pick out good ambush point.

So what are the crucial positions in a game of Paintball, read below to find out more:

3. the rover

1. point man The person in front is known as the scout, or point man. Being the point man sounds like a glamorous position at first but when you think about it, you are the one leading your men into battle. In reality, the point man is usually the player that gets eliminated first. Unless you are a paintball veteran, it is advised that you take a backup position. If you do decide to be the point man, make sure you are well protected by your teammates, or find an area with a good cover.

2. sniper This is probably one of the most favored and feared position among all. A sniper selects a good ambush spot, and then settles in, waiting for an opponent to come within range. A good sniper can quickly survey the field and then find a spot where he can make himself invisible but still fire off a great shot. The more experienced a sniper, the quicker he can survey the field and pick out good ambush point.

This is like the halfback position in soccer. The rover plays all ends of the field, as needed. The rover has his eyes on all ends of the paintball field and will move to areas of greatest need. If the team is poised to make a heavy push for the enemy flag, then the rover will move into a support formation. The rover will move in to shore up the section of the field in greatest need at that particular moment.

4. the sniper This position is the last line of defense whose main responsibility is defending the flag. The safety is the last person the enemy must go through before capturing the flag. The safety might stand back to defend their flag and be designated to stand close to the flag at all times. The safety might also be a rover or rotate, depending on player’s formations and team strategy. Keeping the positions in mind, I hope the next time you play you survive a little longer or survive the entire game. While these are just some of the key positions, the biggest strategy I believe is the ability to improvise. So stay focused and get ready for battle.

Paras Khadka on his time at Dexter Paintball: “Paintball was a great experience, it’s an active way to unwind with your friends. Can’t wait to do it again”


July 2013

July 2013



adding life to music


hat does Music mean to you? Different people have different opinion on what music means to them but for me, music is more than mere songs and sounds. Music, I believe is larger than life, a passion, a desire and unspoken words and feelings. Helping people give life to music is what Tone Music store is all about. Authorised dealers of Laney and Stagg, you can find a variety of musical instruments from electric guitars to drums, violins, keyboards among several others. Tone Music Store is located at Tangal and was opened on June 11th 2011.

3. RB1 Laney The Laney RB1 – the ‘baby’ of the new Richter line up probably stands out more than the rest simply due to its ability to kick out an enormous amount of sound from such a portable cabinet. This thing is solid. Rs. 11,500

1. LG12 Laney The LG12 offers a great range of guitar tones in a very compact package - ideal for rocking out in the bedroom. Rs 7,509

2. Stagg Drums The Stagg name is ubiquitous, with its broad range of value-orientated products in every conceivable musical instrument product line. However, in drum terms, Stagg is probably best known for its entry-level kits. Designed at their headquarters in Belgium and manufactured in China, Stagg drums offer a fair amount of bang for your money. Rs. 35,000


July 2013

This low end Epiphone guitar is great bargain for its price. The body resembles Les Paul, only a bit slimmer, and therefore significantly lighter. The Les Paul 100 is cut to the same specs as Les’ 1952 original and has everything new and professional guitarists look for in a quality instrument. Rs. 36,500

5. LTD ST-203 FR With the likes of Ronnie Wood and Richie Sambora also listed on the roster, the LTD ST203 FR makes perfect sense, with a pre-aged look that’s perfect for classic rockers and has enough hardware onboard to remind players of the brand’s heavy heritage. Rs. 50,000


1 4 5 3 6

4. Eppiphone Les Paul 100

A dreadnaught having 20 frets and a flat neck this acoustic guitar has a solid basswood top. Available colors are black, blue among several others. Rs. 15,000


Man of Steel ManReleasing of Steelon: June, 2013


Releasing on: June, 2013 Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fic Genre: Romance Genre : Action,: Zack Adventure, Director SnyderFantasy, Sci-Fic Director Snyder Cast: :Zack Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Russell Director: Vikramditya Motwana Cast Crowe : Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Russell Crowe Synopsis: ACast child:sent to Earth from a Ranveer Singh, Sonakshi Sinha Synopsis: childissent to Earth a in rural dying A planet adopted by afrom couple dyingKansas. planet isPosing adopted a couple in rural as abyjournalist, hefrom uses his Synopsis:Inspired O. Henry's "The Kansas. Posing asLast a powers journalist, he usesishis his Leaf",toLootera thenew uplifting story of two extraordinary protect lovers, of heartbreak, extraordinary powers to protect home from an insidious evil.his new betrayal and ultimate redemption. home from an insidious evil.

Monsters University Monsters University Releasing on: July 2013

Releasing university on: July 2013 Monster

Genre : Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

Genre : Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy Director : Dan Scanlon Genre :Adventure, Animation, Comedy

Director Scanlon Cast: :Dan Nathan Fillion, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi

Cast Synopsis : Nathan Fillion, Goodman, SteveP.Buscemi Director: Dan Scanlon : Mike John Wazowski and James Sullivan are an

Synopsis : Mikepair, Wazowski and Jamesalways P. Sullivan are From an the inseparable but that wasn’t the case.

Cast : moment Billy Crystal, Goodman, Steve inseparable pair, butJohn thatmismatched wasn’t always the case. these two monsters metFrom they the couldn’t Buscemi moment these two mismatched monsters met they couldn’t stand each other. “Monsters University” unlocks the door to

standhow eachMike other.and “Monsters University” the door Sulley overcame theirunlocks differences and to became

Synopsis: look at the overcame relationshiptheir between how Mike and differences and became the A best ofSulley friends. Mike Sulley during their days at the the and best of friends. University of Fear,when they weren’t necessarily the best of friends

After Earth After Earth on: June, 2013 Releasing

Releasing on: June, 2013 Genre : Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi Genre : Action:|M. Adventure | Sci-Fi Director Night Shyamalan Director Night Shyamalan Genre: Action, Adventure Cast: :M. Jaden Smith, Will Smith, Sophie Okonedo Cast Synopsis: : Jaden Smith, Smith,years Sophie OneWill thousand afterOkonedo cataclysmic events forced Director: Gore Verbinski Synopsis: One thousand years after cataclysmic events forcedmankind’s new humanity’s escape from Earth, Nova Prime has become humanity’s fromGeneral Earth, Nova Prime hasreturns becomefrom mankind’s new home. escape Legendary Cypher Raige an extended Cast : Johnny Depp, Arnie Hammer, Tom home.tour Legendary General Cypherfamily, Raige ready returns from an extended of duty to his estranged to be a father to his 13-yearHelena Bonham tour of his Wilkison, estranged family, ready toCarter be a father to his 13-yearoldduty son,toKitai. When an asteroid storm damages Cypher and Kitai’s old son, Kitai. an asteroid storm damagesand Cypher and Kitai’s craft, theyWhen crash-land on a now unfamiliar dangerous Earth. As his Synopsis : Native American spirit warrior craft,father they crash-land onthe a now unfamiliar and dangerous As his lies dying in cockpit, Kitai must trek acrossEarth. the hostile terrain recounts the untold tales that fathertolies dyingtheir inTonto therescue cockpit, KitaiHis must trek life, across the has hostile terrain recover beacon. whole Kitai wanted nothing transformed John Reid, a man of the law, into to recover His his whole life,Today, Kitai has moretheir than rescue to be abeacon. soldier like father. he wanted gets his nothing chance. a legend of justice. more than to be a soldier like his father. Today, he gets his chance.

the lone ranger

world war z

World War Z World War Zon: June, 2013 Releasing

Releasing on: June, 2013 Genre: Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fic, Thriller Genre : Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fic, Thriller Genre : Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fic, Thriller Director : Marc Forster Director: Marc Forster Director : Marc Forster Cast: Brad Pitt, James Badge Dale, Mireille Enos Cast: Brad Pitt,Pitt, Badge Dale, Mireille Enos Synopsis :James United Nations employee Gerry Lane traverses the Cast : Brad James Badge Dale, Mireille Enos Synopsis United Gerry Lane traverses the that is world:in a raceNations against employee time to stop the Zombie pandemic world in a racearmies againstand time toemployee stop the Zombie pandemic is toppling governments, and threatening tothat decimate Synopsis: United Nations Gerry Lane traverses toppling armies and against governments, threatening to decimate the worl in a itself. race time to and stop the Zombie pandemic humanity that is toppling humanity itself. armies and governments, and threatening to decimate humanity itself.

July 2013



We wish for the speedy recovery of Mr Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s former revolutionary president and a Noble peace prize winner.

India wins the ICC 2013 Champions trophy by beating England in the finals.

The full Moon of June 23, 2013 or the “Super Moon” was the largest Moon of the year.

Chinese invents hairy leg stockings to prevent perverts. This looks disgusting.


July 2013

Our thoughts and prayers goes out to all the families affected by the Uttarakhand (India) and Western Nepal floods.

July 2013



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July 2013

July 2013



July 2013

TNM Issue 4 - July 2013  
TNM Issue 4 - July 2013  

The nation was taken up by another storm in the past months too... cricket. For the first time in the not so illustrious sports history,our...