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November 2013



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November 2013




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s expected, situations are deteriorating as the elections near. As we write this, we are addressing the situation a week prior to the election and rumor has it the bandhs will be in effect soon. But things are going better than expected. The supposed 10 day bandh has thankfully been reduced to a couple of days of chakka jam. If the rest of the events follow suit, the elections should go without a hitch. However, past political history of our country gives us enough reason to doubt that things will end smoothly. Our political parties haven’t done our nation proud since… well ever. On the other, brighter, side of the coin, Prabal Gurung has the nation beaming with pride. Having placed Nepal on the global map, Prabal has always made it a point to make his Nepali roots evident. Going head to head with designer brands like Dior, Gucci and Chanel, and often coming out on top, Prabal has proved his skeptics wrong. What skeptics? You ask? Did you really think it came to him on a silver spoon? Nevertheless, we adore the man he is today, and it was no surprise that he was the talk of the town when he came to Nepal. And he received a welcome as ostentatious as he deserved. It was a pleasure to feature him as the TNM cover. So do read up on the man who has glorified the name of our nation, and that too in a turf which many of us never even imagined we could breach. Here’s hoping that the elections haven’t created too much of a turmoil and we finally do have a constituent assembly and a more stable situation. A man can hope can’t he?








November 2013



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Kathmandu Foodies is the brain child of Kushal Goyal. A foodie indeed, Kushal’s enhanced palate and culinary enthusiasm is evident from his contributions in TNM. He brings to you lip smacking food that you can prepare for yourself or anyone special to you.

Shraddha, Director at In Your Space Interior Design, is our interior design consultant and rightfully so. Her conceptualized outlook on how a home should look is something we can implement in our own homes. This issue, she brings to you more on garden décor and styling.

ENAYAT SHAH Enayat stands out in a crowd, not only because he towers over the rest with his tall frame but also due to his impeccable sense of style. He knows what looks good and how it should be worn. Be aware of the latest style trends by following him on our magazine and his blog:

SACHIT PRADHAN We bring to you the BIG GUNS!! He is one of the most profound figures in the bodybuilding scenes of Nepal, Sachit Pradhan has over 20 years of training experience. If you can’t get to him personally, this is the next best thing.



Listening to women is not the strongest weapon in our arsenal, but what they can seriously be of good use. Jasmine is a medical doctor by profession but she is also a free thinker who likes to put things in perspective. Her take on what men should know is something men should know about.

Shashank Pradhan is a passionate photographer working professionally for the past 7 years. His strength and passion lies in fashion and still life photography. Facebook page:

CHARI Chari is a Public Health consultant who has a special interest and work experience in the field of reproductive and sexual health. She also hosts a radio program on rvlradio called turn it on.


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November 2013


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Kathmandu Jazz Festival 2013


UM Renegade Commando, VW Polo GT-TSI


November 2013


Nepal Inked 2013


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Xperia Z, Note III, Nikon DF, iPad Air


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November 2013



BACK TO THEIR OLD WAYS lodged a case against truck driver Parsuram Thakur. Narayani Transport, the company Thakur worked for, used its connection with powerful transport cartel and the police to prove the driver’s innocence and won the case. The Yonzons received Rs 2,00,000 in compensation, but were left with a life-long distrust of Nepal’s justice system. “All we wanted was truth, but when money and politics get in the way of justice, we become helpless,” says daughter Patanjali Yonzon Shrestha. “We hoped our case would discourage rash driving and persuade thousands of victims to seek justice,” she explains, “but in the end we had to give up our fight.” Shrestha blames the half-hearted investigation by the police and misinterpretation of eye witness Bibek Sharma’s testimony as the main factors in losing out. Just when we were beginning to commend the government and legal system about their efforts to improve the system with the amazing implementation of Ma Pa Se, this news brutally dragged us back to reality. There’s still a long way to go. Via: Nepali Times After losing Pralad Yonzon in a road mishap in 2011, his family

In his illustrious career, Pralad worked to study the habitat of the endangered red panda in Langtang for his PhD and preferred a people-centred approach to conservation. To commemorate the late scientist’s birthday on 21 May, the Yonzon family organised the first annual symposium on Nepal’s red panda this year. They also plan to carry on his conservation legacy through the Resource Himalaya Foundation that Pralad set up.



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November 2013




Since its inception eleven years ago, Surya Nepal Jazzmandu has been bringing International and Nepali musicians together in the Nepali capital for the biggest jazz party in the Himalayas. Formally known as the Surya Nepal International Kathmandu Jazz Festival, it is now a respected event among music enthusiasts and musicians alike, and an additional attraction for visitors to Nepal. Organized by Upstairs Ideas Pvt. Ltd since 2002, the festival has consistently introduced excellent international jazz musicians to audiences in Kathmandu and has been highly instrumental in placing Nepal on the International jazz map. This year, the festival featured artists from as far as the USA, Cuba, Netherlands, Switzerland, India and France. Surya Nepal Jazzmandu 2013 brought in Mike del Ferro from the Netherlands, Claudia Quintet from USA with their unique contemporary style, Eliane Amherd and Mani Koch with their unique Swiss/ Brazilian influence, Yaite Ramos Quartet with their mix of jazz, Cuban and RnB music and 4th Element from India with their blend of funk, jazz, RnB and soul. Of course, we had our local talents as well putting up an equally amazing show with Joint Family Internationale, Cadenza and Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory Faculty thrilling the crowd. The 11th edition of Surya Nepal Jazzmandu kicked off on 24th October, 2013 with the exciting ‘Jazz For the Next Generation Music Competition’. The competition is a well established


November 2013 |

feature of the festival that provides an opportunity for aspiring local young bands to showcase their skills and talent and interact with renowned foreign artists. The final competition was between The Hot 5, Daju-Bhai and Contusion with Axata Singh. Contusion was declared as the winners and Ashesh Kulung Rai was elected as the Outstanding Young Musician. On the same day, Cadenza and friends kicked off the fest with a lively ‘Groovin’ jamming session at Jazz Upstairs in Lazimpat. On the second day, the festival brought the Jazz party to five different locations in the Kathmandu valley. Surya Nepal Jazzmandu headliner - the American Claudia Quintet began the festival with a bang bringing their powerful musical energy and dynamic sound to Jazz Upstairs in Lazimpat. Led by modern drummer/composer John Hollenbeck, the Claudia Quintet delighted the crowd with their unique contemporary musical offerings. Closer to the buzz of Thamel, the House of Music had the stage clear for Swiss-born singer, guitarist and songwriter, Eliane Amherd, and keyboardist, pianist and composer Manu Koch. The audience got a taste of what’s hot on the New York jazz circuit and enjoyed Eliane’s performance. While in the southern part of the city, Manny’s Eatery in Jawalakhel had a special treat of Jazz from Northeast India with the 4th Element. Their bending and blending of the four styles of funk, jazz, R’n’B and soul in their quest for creative expression, promised to be a unique musical experience. Those into a more exotic mood headed to Moksh in Jhamsikhel where the dynamic Yaite Ramos Quartet from France and Cuba charmed all and put out the real Jazz party mood with their colourful grooves. After the Surya Nepal Jazzmandu Valley Jams took the Jazz fervour to new heights in the valley, it lived up to the party mood on the third day with the not-tobe-missed Jazz Bazaar at the Gokarna Forest Resort featuring all Jazzmandu 2013 bands and musicians from as early as 2:30pm till late 10pm in the evening. |

The next day on the 27th of October was a night of Latin Jazz, featuring authentic Afro-Cuban sounds of the Caribbean with Yaite Ramos Quartet & Eliane Amherd Trio at the Summit Hotel in Kupondole. Every year the Surya Nepal Kathmandu Jazz Festival delights audiences not only with musical talent from Nepal and around the world but also with venues which provide a setting which enrich the experience of both the musicians and the audiences. So this year, Jazz at Patan changed venue to another heritage site at Yala Maya Kendra in Patan Dhoka, just minutes from the beautiful historical Patan Durbar Square. The Rana-era buildings, arranged around a central courtyard with an atmospheric garden, provided yet another stunning location for an evening of musical delights and inspiration on the evening of 29th October. A Jazzmandu Masterclass was also conducted on the same day at the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory in Jhamsikhel. The Jazzmandu Masterclass was an opportunity for music students & jazz enthusiasts to interact with visiting musicians, share their experience and stories and learn different instrumental tips and techniques. Wrapping up the week-long festival, Alliance Francaise in Tripureshwor served as the new venue for the closing finale event with different bands playing their sets together and creating a high-energy, improvised musical treat. Overall, it was a fantastic week with melodious vocals belting out to the sounds of pianos, saxophones, drums, guitars, tabla, flute, vibraphone, etc resounding all around Kathmandu. The festival brought in new musical notes, grooves and rhythms with an explosion of quality jazz performances. Jazzmandu 2013 presented a unique blend of cultures, musicians and improvisational music to create a magical and unforgettable musical experience in the heart of the Himalayas. Now to look forward to look forward to another highenergy jam next year, befitting of the standard we have come to expect from ‘Jazzmandu’.

November 2013



nepal inked 2013 LIFEST YLE AND TAT TOO CONVENTION Considering the fact that Kathmandu and Nepal boasts an intricate and artistic culture ranging from handicrafts, to stone carvings and beautiful Thankas. There’s no reason why the same brilliance shouldn’t reflect in another form of art: tattoos. Nepal Inked provides a deeper look into tattoo arts & lifestyle culture in Nepal. Apart from the Nepal Tattoo Convention, Nepal Inked is the second event that caters to the demand and popularity of tattoos and related lifestyle, the ever changing style, and the growing passion for the likewise. The main focus of the event was to promote tattoos as an art and a major business venture in Asia as well as, to promote Nepal as a destination for this form of art. Various tattoo conventions have been successfully organised in Singapore, Malaysia and China and the art of tattooing and body piercing has become a lucrative business activity. The event was organized by Kgarira, Eleven11 and Jads Tattoo. The threeday event, which started from October 18 took place at the Exhibition Hall at Bhrikuti Mandap where 40 Nepali and 30 international tattoo artists gathered together to exchange ideas and learn from each other. The event wasn’t all about tattoos; other attractions included body suspension shows by Emilio Gonzales and Bhuwan


November 2013

Thapa. However, due to personal reasons, Emilio was not able to attend the event. For the more serious tattoo enthusiasts, the event featured a tattoo seminar on machine tuning and building by Paulo Cruzes – the “machine master” along with stalls that sold all the equipments necessary for tattoo artists, ranging from tattoo machines, needles, ink etc. The vintage car show was another crowd puller, and the classic machines put in a classy touch to the entire event. During the course of the event, there were various other entertainment sources for the audience with live bands featuring the likes of Horny Monks, Jindabaad and Albatross. Bike and skateboard stunts were also performed and the daredevils successfully awed the onlookers with their skills. Also, live sculptures further accentuated the artistic caliber and potential of Nepal. Tattoo competitions were also held throughout the event with categories consisting of B/W tattoos on small and medium sizes, leg and arm pieces along with sleeves in B/W and colour and the full front and back pieces in B/W and color. Overall, the event was successful and managed to pull in a lot of enthusiasts as well as the general curious crowd. Despite having come a long way, tattoos and body modification is still considered less of an art form but more of a rebellion in our society. But the fact that it is being accepted more and more by society was evident with the event’s success. | |

November 2013




The former flagship, the Xperia Z was indeed a beautiful device grabbing headlines for its water resistance and the culmination of borrowed features trickling down from its matured Cyber-shot and Bravia technologies. However, the Z had its own set of flaws. So the more pressing issue is whether Sony can continue building on what worked and remedy what didn’t. First off, Sony has improved the Z1’s water resistance and no longer needs that annoying flappy covers to protect the headphone jack. Then, there is a one-piece aluminum frame inside the handset that forms its skeleton making it extra rigid and solid. The tradeoff, however, is that it is a little larger and heavier but you gain a 29 percent bigger battery and a new 20.7 MP Exmor RS sensor. Visually, though, there is very little difference between the two. Specs wise, Sony’s opted for 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 coupled with 2 gigs of RAM making it a more than capable phone. With Xperia Z1, you get an improved and more accurate 5-inch 1920x1080 Triluminos display but with relatively poor viewing angles, just as the Z was. The camera however is a different beast altogether. The 20.7MP 1/2.3 inch unit, among the biggest in the industry, is a testament to that. Sony however, oversamples the images to 8MP by default producing truly excellent images with impressive amount of details but is held back by Sony’s excessing post production, a minor issue that can be fixed in a software update. It’s a very capable hardware let down by mediocre camera app. Software wise, very little has changed since the Z. It’s reliably quick and lag-free. The Snapdragon 800 flies past everything at a satisfyingly snappy pace. The generous 3,000 mAh power lasts a day’s use with relative ease. The Xperia Z1 continues on a steady improvement to Sony’s flagship lineup offering one of the best cameras on any Android phone, a fast processor and a large battery to keep it all going.


November 2013 |



The original Galaxy Note essentially created a new market for in-between phone and tablet devices or, phablet that could ostensibly take the place of both devices. The 5.7 inch Note 3 is continuing the legacy by evolving a very successful idea into a faster, slimmer and nicer package. The Note 3 carries a majority of the design ethos of the Galaxy S4 including the faux-metal border and the single home button flanked by two capacitive buttons. Around the back, Samsung has removed its trademark slimy glossy back cover with a textured almost leathery finish complete with faux leather stitching near the edges. The 13MP camera around the back is a very capable shooter and can take great shots but not great enough to give Lumia 1020 a run for its money. One of the things it has over the competitors is the ability to take 4K videos but you’re probably better off sticking with 1080p for now. The light and impressive S Pen is what makes the Galaxy Note 3 stand out from other devices. New to the Galaxy Note 3 is an ‘Air Command’ menu that pops up when you extract the stylus from its housing or put the tip near the screen and press the on-stylus button. This brings up a menu of key services from opening a secondary app to taking a screenshot and letting you write on it to ‘Action Memo’ that lets you take short notes. Launched alongside is the much touted Galaxy Gear. While the new Note tries to emulate a classy Moleskine notebook, the Gear is intended as equal parts fashion accessory and companion device to produce devices with aesthetic and tactile allure of their own. It’s surprisingly well-built, sturdy and reliable but expect minor interrupting lags while operating. Paired with new Note, it can pick up notifications, control music, but Samsung takes it a few steps further by integrating a 1.9 MP camera, a speaker and two microphones, allowing you to shoot short 720p movies. Keeping along with Samsung’s trend to introduce new innovations the gear will definitely trigger a lot more evolved launches in the future from not just Samsung but also from other competing brands and that itself excites us. |

November 2013



A MIX OF OLD SCHOOL AND NEW SCHOOL NIKON DF - BEAUTIFUL CRAFTSMANSHIP, D4 SENSOR, NOTHING BUT ‘PURE PHOTOGRAPHY’ After six vague and painful tease videos over the span of 2 weeks, Nikon revealed a much leaked DF, acronym for ‘Digital Fusion’. Borrowing the beautiful aesthetics of Nikon’s F-series and combining it with the modern technology of a digital SLR – this is a dream-cometrue for veterans. Promoted with the phrase ‘Pure Photography’, Nikon DF is equipped with D4’s 16.2MP FX sensor, 39-point autofocus system from D610 and EXPEED 3 image processor to work in tandem to produce high IQ with notable detail, complete with physical dials for shutter speed, aperture, and exposure compensation. It’s a handsome and beautiful camera, no doubt. But, considering its outrageous price and ‘Pure Photography’ campaign, I really hoped for a real Spilt-D manual focus and at least some kind of locking mechanism for the dials, and while we are at it, I prefer a more svelte body. However, this does not mean it’s a passable camera. It’s beautifully crafted, weather sealed magnesium alloy body and is bound to have stellar image quality and lowlight


November 2013

performance, thanks to its borrowed D4 sensor. Equipped with an F-mount, you can attach virtually any lens Nikon has ever created in the past 50 years or so with actual metering – this is indeed the biggest up-point for veterans with piles of old lenses gathering dust. With this camera, Nikon has pretty much a crafted a new category in its lineup however niche it may be. So if you’re strictly into still photography and you’re looking for a cool looking full frame DSLR, and if you can spare your wallet to be 3000 dollars lighter, this is it. Or, you could get a D800 with its 36MP glory, video capability, better autofocus and an overall better camera for the same 3000 bucks, or you could save about 1000 bucks for some new glass and get a D610 albeit a weaker but more than capable sensor. Free advice: Don’t get the D600; it has some serious issues with oil droplets forming in the mirror; Nikon however, is yet to acknowledge the problem. |


After the launches of iPad Mini and Nexus 7, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that the 10-inch market was done for, with all interest shifting to smaller, but equally capable 7 or 8-tablets instead. Then, Apple introduces a significant reimagination of the original iPad, the iPad Air, breathing new life into the platform. The iPad Air shrinks in all dimensions compared to its predecessors, and in some cases does so quite substantially. Apple shaved off nearly an inch from the bezels, yet iPad Air features the same accurate 9.7-inch display as its predecessor. The visual tradeoff was the same as what we saw with the iPad mini: the iPad Air forgoes a uniform bezel for an uneven |

design – making the whole thing look like a bigger iPad mini, rather than a completely unrelated device. Apple does a brilliant job of rejecting your thumbs while they’re resting on the edges of the capacitive display so the thinner bezel doesn’t pose much of a problem. The weight of the iPad Air does its name justice. Without any covers attached the iPad Air weights an even pound (452g, compared to 650g for iPad 3 and 4). Color options remain at two: space grey and silver – the former being identical to iPhone 5s’s finish, although the texture is notably different. The iPad Air remains one of the best

consumer tablet experiences around. The OS and Apple’s first party applications are both extremely well suited to the tablet, and there’s a very healthy ecosystem of third party applications to fill the gaps. It’s zippy and fast, thanks to the best in class A7 chip which is a better ARM chip than any other in the market, including ARM itsevvlf. The iPad Air is the most significant upgrade to the 9.7-inch iPad in its history. It is lighter, more portable, more usable and faster than any previous iPad. It doesn’t fundamentally change what you can do with a tablet, but if you’re in the market for one, the iPad Air is the best yet.

November 2013



SPECIFICATIONS: Displacement: 223cc Maximum Power: 18 bhp @ 8000 rpm Maximum Torque: 15.5 nm @ 5500 rpm Transmission: 5 Speed PRICE: NRs. 3,25,000/CONTACT: Import USA Ph. No: 4004664


Fashion fades, season changes, life fluctuates, but there’s one thing that never vanishes - the fetish for cruiser motorcycles. So to add to the fleet of the limited cruisers available in our market, here’s a new badass in town – UM Renegade Commando. The Renegade Commando is a motorcycle inspired by vintage American cruisers. With its retro looks, the Renegade is a motorcycle that tugs at your heart in the first glance itself. It is a mean looking motorcycle, especially in the matt-black colour theme. The Renegade Commando is full of attitude with a low saddle height,


November 2013

wide handlebar, front set foot-pegs, removable pillion seats, dual-extended blunt cut mufflers, circular macho headlight with retro indicators and meaty looking tires. Powering the Renegade is a single cylinder, 223cc, counter-balanced, aircooled engine. The motor makes 18 bhp @ 8000 rpm and the torque is low at 15.5 nm @ 5500 rpm. The riding position is very comfortable and relaxing as you sit laid back with arms wide open on the handlebars. But it does lack the initial punch because the power surge kicks in only after you cruise past the mid-range rpm. Even the gear shifts are not exactly what you would call butter smooth and leaves a lot of room for refinement. Navigating the motorcycle through the

city is easy though, and the Renegade Commando’s handling on bumpy roads is surprisingly good with the hydraulic suspension. Stability while cornering is also decent with the beefy tyres. But braking could have been better with the addition of a disc brake at the rear as well. So, the Renegade Commando is one of the best looking entry-level cruiser that you can find in the market at the moment. It’s not really hard to sit back in the Renegade Commando and imagine yourself as Peter Fonda or Dennis Hopper from the iconic movie ‘Easy Rider’. But oddly, the impressions set by the macho attitude fails to equally appeal on the performance side. So, this is a motorcycle you might buy only if you are looking for more of the show and are willing to compromise with little of the go. |

In the automotive world, they say happiness is in finding that you have another gear left. So the new VW Polo GT TSI is a car that promises bucket loads of it, because it’s highly unlikely that you are ever going to feel short of one with its 7-speed gearbox offering. Not just that, the Polo GT TSI is also the fastest and one of the most advanced hatchbacks in the country. And fast it is, with a company claimed top speed of 190 kmph! However sadly, if the VW Polo GT TSI were to pass by, there is very little in the styling to differentiate it from your regular Polo. The Polo GT has that same sedate design with very few character lines and looks identical to the standard Polo with just a hint of slightly more aggressiveness. The only most noticeable addition is the ‘GT’ badge on the chrome front grille, C-pillars and the boot-lid. Inside though, the Polo GT TSI gets all the bells and whistles that VW can offer on this segment. There is a neat two-tone dashboard layout with just enough chrome accents to spruce things up and the quality of the materials used feels top notch. Space and comfort too is good, both at the front and back. At the heart of this Polo GT is VW's remarkable

1.2-litre TSI petrol motor that combines direct injection with turbocharging. The Polo GT TSI packs 103 Bhp of power and 175 Nm of max torque, and all this power is sent to the front wheels via a 7-speed DSG transmission which offers three driving modes to choose from – Drive, Sport and Manual. The gem in this gearbox is the Manual mode which allows the driver to control the gear changes. Slot the selector into Manual mode in places like the Arniko Highway it’s guaranteed to put a huge evil grin plastered across your face. As far as the handling dynamics go, push it hard through the corners and the Polo GT will stick with you most of the time. The steering is precise, there’s decent body control and good grip from the tyres. And with the enthusiastic engine, you get a car that is fun to drive down your favourite mountain road. Even the suspension has been well setup with a mix of comfort and sporty settings for our kind of roads. So the Polo GT TSI, with its mind-blowing performance, is one of the finest options if you are looking out for a fast, fun and sporty vehicle in Nepal. Of course it does cost quite a lot for a hatchback, but this is where the search ends if you looking for an entertaining hatchback.


Mr. Funnel is the perfect solution to the problem of bad fuel for your gasoline powered machines like generators, motorcycles and cars. It’s basically a simple funnel which makes sure that you filter out any dirt sediments and water when fuelling your vehicle. The funnel provides you a first line of defence with its vertical Teflon coated filter screen which has openings of five thousandths of an inch, so fine that it stops the water and crud while allowing free flow of Gasoline, Kerosene or Diesel. Mr. Funnel also does not require any maintenance or replacement parts. Nothing sticks to the permanent Teflon coated filter and you can just rinse it out with water after usage. It definitely makes much sense to get one, especially if you own an expensive vehicle, as it will keep your engines running smoother with lesser wear/tear on the motor. You could also get better fuel efficiency with frequent usage of the funnel’s filtration.

CONTACT: Pooja International Nepal Pvt. Ltd Ph. No: 4006605 | 4006606 SPECIFICATIONS Displacement: 1197cc Maximum Power: 103 Bhp @ 5000 rpm Maximum Torque: 175 Nm @ 1500 - 4100 rpm Transmission: 7-Speed DSG Automatic PRICE: NRs. 37,45,000/-


Mr. Funnel is manufactured in the USA and is imported in Nepal by Tuff Stuff Nepal Pvt. Ltd and is available for sale through Turbo Motors Trading Pvt. Ltd from the Ducati Showroom at Naxal. It is available in Nepal in two models which differ mainly on their flow rate. The F3C can filter approximately 8 litres per minute and is effective for fuelling motorcycles or generators. It costs Rs.3600 only. While the F8C which costs Rs.4850, can filter nearly 19 litres per minute and is best for fuelling four-wheelers as well. Get your Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter today, and keep your engine running smooth! For further info contact: sales@

November 2013



90’s fads that hopefully don’t make a comeback. are things in life that you look back on and regret, things that you should never have done. They make you cringe in embarrassment and you do your level best to hide all evidences of what you did and hope that things don’t pop up on facebook. The last thing you want is that photograph of you wearing an oversized jersey and popping gang signs. Sometimes television and other media make stupid things look cool, and you follow suit. Then you end up looking stupid. Here are a few fads that most of us are guilty of practicing at one time or the other and you have to admit, you felt like the Shitzel ma Gizzle! But let’s hope they don’t make a comeback.

Baggy Pants Remember when you sagged your pants low and tipped your caps likewise. The trend took over like a plague and if you weren’t saggin’, you weren’t swaggin, no matter how much the rest of the people didn’t want to see your Rupa underwear. Parents weren’t too shy about expressing their opinions about it, and now when you look back it did look like we were walking around with shit in our pants. Well, unless you still sport the style, in which case: Keep swaggin my ni**a. Spitting the N word without a second thought Most of us weren’t aware about the


November 2013

weight of the word and didn’t think twice about mimicking American rappers by swinging the N-word around. You wouldn’t do that now though, and if you do maybe it’s time to stop.

Chain Wallets Sure you didn’t have to worry about pickpockets snatching your wallets, but chances are, if you sported these “killer chains”, you wouldn’t be the prime target. Not because you struck the most awful threat and fear in them, but because they knew better than to waste time their time on cheap pickings.

Sweat Bands Sweat bands were the bomb back then, even when you weren’t doing anything particularly sporty; especially if you weren’t doing anything sporty. And it wasn’t just on your wrists; you had those babies on your noggin too. Well, it doesn’t seem as cool now though. |

Sometimes television and other media make stupid things look cool, and you follow suit. Then you end up looking stupid. Boy Bands

Hair Gel

We men try especially hard to deny this one, but we know you grooved to the Back Street Boys or other boy bands during the 90’s. “Quit playing games with my heart, na na nan na na na na…” I mean “And nothing else matters…”

We really pushed the limits when it came to applying hair gel. Things would get so sticky; your hair could double as fly paper.

Choos pants On one side, there were people sagging their pants obscurely low, and then there were the infamous skinny jeans (choos pants) that seemed a little too constricting to be worn by the male gender. Two extremes which maybe should not come back into fashion

This Hairstyle: Nick Carter (Back Street Boys) had it and so did Leonardo Dicaprio, both of them looked great; it’s bound to make you look cool too. Yea, about that…

Socks with Sandals You may not fancy the fashion police, but this one was a major blunder. This one keeps showing it’s ugly head from time to time, but thankfully it’s usually worn by a tourist walking around Basantapur with a fanny pack and camera.

Corny Catch Phrases We’re sorry, but it just seemed cool at the time; it shouldn’t have, but it did. Some were particularly annoying (Duh!!, WhatEVAR!!) while some of our local phrases were especially embarrassing (“Eh Rata makkai). |

November 2013


tnm Feature

words: ankit Shakya Breaking bad ranks amongst the darkest television shows to air on television, cooking up storylines on a crucial issue plaguing many parts of the western community: drug abuse, more specifically methamphetamine.


The story basically revolves around the life of a middle aged, unhappy

chemistry professor who had withdrawn from a multi-billion dollar company he helped build; unluckily he did it before the company hit gold. To make matters worse, he is diagnosed with stage IIIA lung cancer. Knowing the end is near, he resorts to manufacturing and selling methamphetamine of a quality that’s heads and shoulders above the existing

product in the market. What starts off as an effort to provide for his family spirals into something of epic proportions. With a 9.5 rating on IMDb, Breaking Bad is one of the best series to hit television and at the same time deals with some very dark issues. A must watch in our opinion.

1) A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do

2) Keep your vehicles in good running order

Things might not always go as planned, they rarely do. As a man, it’s your job to be able to step up to the plate and take care of your responsibilities. When you’re in dire straits, you may not have the option of doing the right thing. But you still have to do it. How it works for you: You might not be the brawling type, but when push comes to shove you always need to be ready to hold your ground and fend for the ones you love. You might be able to brush off a snide remark about your girlfriend at the bar, but if the bastard decides to pull at her arm…

You might not find yourself stranded in the middle of the desert with a meth lab in the back of your RV, but that does not mean you can skip on the maintenance of your daily vehicle. Considering the fact that our dependency on our vehicles is increasing every day, it’s a good idea to keep your vehicles in check. Don’t skip on the regular servicing. How it works for you: If you’re running late for an important interview, the last thing you need is your vehicle giving out in the middle of the road. And there’s nothing worse than a faulty engine to cut your road trip off mid way.

3) Maybe it’s time for a makeover

The way you look definitely plays a huge role in the way you feel. Walter White’s transcendence from the average family man to a drug world Kingpin was firmly cemented when he shaved off his hair, bringing in a considerably different side of his personality into play. How it works for you: If you’re looking to take the step towards a more toned down lifestyle, chopping off your locks and getting a simpler look might be your choice. However, if you’re tired of the monotony of everyday life you could switch things up. Put on your leather jacket and Dr. Martens… get a freaking Mohawk if you like. It’ll definitely change the way you feel, trust us.


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4) Shit happens

5) Learn to think on your feet

Life will throw you the occasional curve ball and you have to be able to deal with it. Walter could have easily lost all hope and succumbed to the cancer. But he took it in stride and decided on working out a way to provide for his family once he is gone. You can’t always expect everything to go your way, you are faced with obstacles in life and you should learn to deal with it. How it works for you: If you get laid off work, you can’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself. Get back up and get things done. You were built to survive and you will.

Walter has to face life threatening situations throughout the series, a hazard of the occupation. But every time he and usually Jessie find themselves in a predicament that seems like a lost cause, they manage to squirm out of it (but not unscathed). How it works for you: Whether it be while smooth talking your way out of a rut with the police or when you need a really good excuse for arriving home late and drunk as a skunk; being able to squirm your way out of a tough one is a skill that will come in handy.

6) All Bad things must come to an end

If there’s one thing you can take from this series is the fact that everything bad must come to an ultimate end. Despite all the meticulously planned out schemes, it all crumbles down for Walt and Jesse. All good things come to an end, but bad things tend to spiral out of control. How it works for you: Not pointing any fingers here, but if you are two timing it with your girlfriend, there is little chance that it’ll end well. Just a heads up. |

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7) Family comes first

8) Do what you love

The way Walter White went about things might not win him any prizes for determining the best career path and the choices he made led to a devastating end. However, it all started when Walter had to find a financial source to fund his cancer treatment and fend for his family once he was gone. Although whatever he did was for the betterment of his family, it does end up creating a divide between him, and his wife and son. How it works for you: We trust that family is already your first priority, but we also understand that it might be difficult sometimes. Just remember, when all is said and done, family is still family.

Although Walt always tried to justify his actions as a need for a better cause, he finally does realize that it was in fact an unintended façade to give grounds to his want of doing what he loved. Walter loved cooking meth; he loved the power and fear Heisenberg could instill in people. How it works for you: If you’re going to do something just so you can pay the bills, you might not be happy doing it. It may not always be possible, but try and get a job you love and you won’t feel like you’re working at all.

9) Intentions and self-justification

Your intentions might serve as a justification for what you are doing, but yourself justifications might not always actually make what you do acceptable. What’s interesting in the show is how Walt continually considers himself to be doing the right thing. Even when things go wrong, he has an uncanny ability to hit the ‘reset’ button and pretend he’s starting from scratch – as if his previous actions no longer matter. He always hatches a new plan as if to say, “If we just do this, we’ll be ok.” How it works for you: You may have the best of intentions, but that does not always excuse your actions. We don’t always get what we intend for, and that is why consequences matter.


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Prabal Gurung had his inspirations, but it was never his purpose in life to follow anyone’s footsteps. Everyone is born different, but many of us tend to focus on molding ourselves into someone we admire, or someone the society deems a “success”. He very well could have been as big as his inspirations, but that was not what he was aiming for. Prabal was different and he knew it better than anyone else. Regardless, he wasn’t meant to be the next big thing. He was destined to become someone much greater, he was destined to become Prabal Gurung. 34

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Considering the fact that his dream of becoming a fashion designer completely contradicted the norm that benchmarked doctors and engineers as the ultimate occupation, Prabal was headed for a lot of skepticism. He was bullied for being different, and his inclination towards arts and design was never taken well by the all-boys crowd at St. Xavier’s School. But on a positive note, this just might have prepared him well to power through all the adversities of life. No wonder, today he sits high in the global fashion industry as the darling of the sensational New York fashion scene, rubbing shoulders with the A-listers of Hollywood. It is safe to say that right now there aren’t many Nepalese people who can boast of such achievements. Born in Singapore, Prabal was brought up in Kathmandu but he began his professional design career in India where he spent eight years. He then moved to New York to continue his studies at Parsons The New School for Design. After graduating, Prabal spent two years with Cynthia Rowley’s design and production teams. Soon after, he was appointed design director at the iconic Bill Blass. For many pursuant in the fashion field, this would


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have been considered an apex point in their careers. No one would have thought any less of him if he had decided to ride it out till his retirement. Prabal however, had bigger plans. He resigned the post he held for five years and launched his own collection prabal gurung. After that there was no looking back and it’s been a continuous ride uphill. It is no small achievement when your brand is the choice of a variety of powerful women from the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Rachel Weisz, Anne Hathaway, Demi Moore, Jennifer Lawrence and Sarah Jessica Parker to Michelle Obama and The Duchess of Cambridge. Needless to say, Prabal Gurung’s career has already reached dizzying heights of success. Although he remains firmly rooted to his Nepali ancestry, there is no denying that India and more so New York has had a huge role in his accomplishments. “Being a global citizen, I have my roots in Nepal. However, I don’t want to take away the contributions that India has on me. I know the hidden nuances in our culture about that aspect. When I started designing in Nepal, everybody was laughing as they termed design as a “bored housewives’ hobby”. I grew up watching Hindi movies and listening to Hindi music as much as I listen to Nepali music. It has shaped my aesthetics and my love for music and it allowed me to dream. It was in India that I found out that there is a legitimate career to be made and when I launched my collection, India was the first to embrace me, so I don’t want to take away that from me. And finally you can say that I found myself in New York. America gave me an opportunity to be myself, live my dream and in complete honesty, a story like mine wouldn’t have been possible anywhere else in the world. I’ve lived in America for 14 years and |

accepting the citizenship has been emotional, natural progression in terms of business and profession.” Family plays an important role in every child’s development and it was no different in Prabal’s case. Prabal highly credits his mother to be his guiding source of inspiration. Considering the conservative mentality of the time period and society he grew up in, the ALTHOUGH HE REMAINS career path he chose wasn’t going to be FIRMLY ROOTED TO easy to follow. Almost everyone wanted HIS NEPALI ANCESTRY, him to conform to the basics and be THERE IS NO DENYING normal. But his mother encouraged THAT INDIA AND MORE him through every step, and rather SO NEW YORK HAS HAD embraced him by convincing him he A HUGE ROLE IN HIS was perfect just the way he was. With ACCOMPLISHMENTS. the support of his mother and the rest of his family, there wasn’t much the world could do to stop his ascent. Prabal did not have everything handed to him; he had to work harder than the rest. Had he quit sketching, concentrated more on improving his grades like his teachers encouraged him to, his initials would have probably never acknowledged a second glance. With over a decade of hard work in the profession, he is now in a position where he excels at what he does and is a prominent figure in the fashion industry. Now a major source of pride for the entire country, Prabal has been doing his part to give back to the country as well. Utilizing the platform he has achieved, he along with his sister, brother and like-minded friends founded the “Sikshya Foundation Nepal” to give back to the society and education. November 2013


“I realized that the platform I had and the attention that I was getting, it wasn’t fair to keep it to myself. I wanted to turn that to something I always was avid about. The satisfaction I get out of this is amazing. It’s been such a gratifying, fulfilling, positive and spiritual feeling. I’m very proud of the fact that we’ve been able to do this.” UTILIZING THE PLATFORM HE HAS ACHIEVED, HE ALONG WITH HIS SISTER, BROTHER AND LIKEMINDED FRIENDS FOUNDED THE “SIKSHYA FOUNDATION NEPAL” TO GIVE BACK TO THE SOCIETY AND EDUCATION.


There is no doubt that his resilience, passion and personality played a huge role in his success. There are only a handful of Nepalese people who we can look up to as having highly succeeded by following their passion and Prabal Gurung simply personifies the agenda. Not being the one to let herd mentality stir his thoughts, Prabal never let his humble origins restrain his boundless dreams.

November 2013

“I’ve never felt less than. We should remember that we have a rich culture and heritage and we are no less than the rest of the world. The fact that I am from Nepal gave me the identity and great advantage as the first designer in New York from Nepal. We have to change our mindset. Its not a question of bigger or lesser but its just people are different. We need to embrace our different qualities and that’s when we realize our strengths and that will take us places.” We love reveling whenever our fellow countrymen succeed in putting Nepal on the global map, and Prabal is currently the epitome of that success on a global scale. He has also opened doors to people who dare to think out of the box, and he now serves as a fine inspiration to succeed by following one’s passion. A firm believer of hard work and determination, this basically sums up his attitude towards success“I feel honored that I am able to inspire so many young passionate |


people. You need to believe that there’s enough room for everyone and you need to define your own success. Always aspire to become the next YOU, not someone else. I firmly believe that necessity is the mother of all inventions. It is time for us to figure out who we are and what we stand for. We need to get out of the typical Nepali mentality and stop pitying ourselves that we’re born in a country that has been on the receiving end for grants from other countries. We should strive to be able to compete with the rest of the world. I wish we could simply be supportive of each other and enjoy everyone’s success by following our dreams and encouraging and complementing each other. The minute you start thinking and be truly happy for someone’s success, success finds you!” |

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What is your favorite rude word?

Where have you travelled recently?

- I don’t know, I guess you have to ask other people.

- Being a beach person I travelled to Anguilla recently and I can safely say it has the perfect beach. London was incredible experience as well since I hadn’t been there in 12 years.

What’s the most illegal thing you’ve ever done?

- I was caught cheating in school. Are you a believer of luck? Do you have any phobias?

- I’m terrified of heights.

Best place to eat in Nepal?

- My mom’s kitchen Which is the first album you remember buying?

- Umm… I’m pretty sure it was ‘Like a Virgin’ by Madonna What do you drive?

- I don’t drive. Which is your favorite workout?

- I would say a cardio and weight circuit. Your favorite drink?

- Vodka, soda with lots of lemon and a dash of lime. What do you always tend to lose?

- Bad memories. Something you don’t leave home without.

Any celebrities that you’ve met and couldn’t believe that you were actually meeting them?

- Oprah Winfrey at the start of my career. She’s been a source of inspiration for me. I was asked to make something for her from my first collection for the cover of O magazine (Oprah Winfrey Magazine), which she was sharing with Ellen DeGeneres. She loved it and it was an incredible moment for me. And also the first lady, Michelle Obama- who’s been a great supporter of new American designers and has put American fashion on a global map. I’ve had the chance to thank her for wearing my design on behalf of the entire nation. When would you start designing clothes for men? Which men clothing line do you like the most?

- Menswear is definitely in the works. I like A.P.C, Junya Watanabe, Comme des Garçons, and Dior Homme.

- My phone. How would you define your personal style? Sweet or Savory?

- Savory.


November 2013

- Non-fussy, timeless, easy, effortless, comfortable.

- I’ve never been a believer of luck. To me luck is when ‘Preparation meets opportunity’. Things just don’t happen. You need to prepare for things, that’s when you’ll meet up with an opportunity. Have you ever felt that you wanted to pursue something else rather than being a fashion designer?

- I didn’t. This is all I’ve ever wanted to do. Life is a journey and I want to enjoy it and the process. Since I wasn’t good in studies, I was more inclined towards arts, music and creative side of things. What’s been your source of inspiration for the designs that you do every season?

- It comes from everywhere – music, art, books, artists, places I’ve visited but the one thing that remains constant is the girl that I’m designing for. Any fond memories of Kathmandu?

- I remember night-outs in Thamel with my brother and sister- whom I’ve always been very close, hanging out with cousins, eating ice-cream at Nirulas in Durbarmarg, listening to Madonna and going for long drives to Budhanilkantha. Kathmandu was, is and always will be an amazing place. |


“IN CONVERSATION WITH PRABAL GURUNG” One on one talk show that happened on 9th November, Army Officers Club Organised by: Shikshya Foundation Nepal, Event Moderator: Ashutosh Tiwari IN ASSOCIATION WITH |

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HOW IT HELPS OR HINDERS YOUR CAREER Many of you might not have realized the importance of looking earnest yet. Appearance is the first thing you communicate to others. Before you have a chance to speak, others notice how you dress and draw conclusions about you accordingly. In the workplace, this is more important than you might think. Looks is what reflects one's personality and attitude. It might not seem fair, but it is what makes the first and most lasting impression.

generally less conservative, so the rules are a bit more relaxed. Their dress code may lean more towards a business casuals.

Dressing appropriately is one of the most important factors in any line of work. Your attire creates an impression that can complement your credentials and give you an extra edge over a field of other qualified competent individuals.

Business Formal Wear

There are standards of dressing up in all career fields. Some industries are more traditional, such as banking, consulting and business firms. Whereas, attires in fields such as advertising, the arts, fashion, communications and entertainment is


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But above all, no dress code can cover all contingencies so you must exert a certain amount of judgment in your choice of clothing to wear to work. The lists tell you what is generally acceptable and not acceptable as business casual/formal attire. The Proper Shoes: Starting from the ground up, appropriate-fitting footwear is the first step to dressing sharp. Potential mates are neither impressed nor turned on by men in sandals, so suit up. A good pair of dress shoes will last you years and stay good-looking with nothing more than some light cleaning and the occasional shine. Look beyond Denim & Replace T-shirts with Polo’s and Sport Shirts:

Well cut and classically styled trousers will make you look a little sharper at social occasions than jeans. You can also get wool or cotton trousers much lighter than blue jeans, which is a blessing in any kind of warm weather. A good polo in a simple, dark color is always presentable and always flattering if it’s fitted well. You can also opt for buttoned short-sleeved shirts. Check the fabric: It’s quality over quantity, so buy clothes that are 100% fabrics (cotton, wool, etc.). They look nicer and are more sturdy. Your goal is to improve your wardrobe with comfortable, nice-looking clothes. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Have an array of dress shirts: A shirt can give a suit a whole new spin. Just make sure they fit perfectly.

Business Casual Wear

Semi-formal: A nice dress shirt with an optional tie, good quality chinos or trousers, and a sports coat is highly |

recommended. Casual doesn’t mean sloppy: You can't go wrong with khakis and a sport shirt or a nice sweater. The fine lines between casuals to sloppy: Your clothing should still be neat and clean and should not extend beyond a shirt without a tie or a polo shirt and khakis. Denim, shorts, T-shirts, and opentoe sandals are not acceptable. As details matter, gentlemen! Know how to roll your sleeves.

Grooming essentials

• Properly groom yourself from head to toe. Hair well trimed, and should not extend below your shirt collar. • Facial groomed.





• Make sure your fingernails are always trimmed and clean. • Apply some cologne that complements your personality — but don't overdo it, as it can be a real turn off. • Have fresh breath, but avoid having gum or candy in your mouth. Sprays and strips will do the job.

Accessorize the right way

• High-quality, useful accessories, like pens, briefcases, and portfolios. A leathercover notepad looks a lot cooler than a PDA. • Don't wear too much jewelry. If you want to wear jewelry, keep it down to a watch and one ring. • Pocket squares are meant to complement, not match. So sticking with all-white or going with some color is totally acceptable. It also diverts everyone’s eyes to your chest, not your stomach. • Use the sun to your advantage. Finding the right pair of sunglasses can be tricky, but they’re the perfect way to complement an outfit.

Few Faux-pas to stay away from: 1. Carrying a backpack or fannypack instead of a briefcase or portfolio.

2. Sunglasses on top of your head or headphones around your neck. Be sure to remove all your "transit gear" and tuck it in your briefcase before entering the lobby. |

3. It’s important to wear the right tie.: Ties should be made of silk, no less than three and a quarter inches wide with a conservative pattern.

12. If interviewing late in the day, try to change to a fresh suit beforehand.

4. Wearing overly bright or largepatterned clothing is tricky: With the possible exception of creative fields like advertising or computer programming, it's best to stick with navy, black or gray.

14. Mismatching belts and shoes is a common error.: Shoes and belts should be made of leather or leather-like materials and the best colors for men are black or cordovan.

5. Avoid wearing earrings: Men should avoid wearing any jewelry unless it is a wedding ring, class ring or metal watch.

15. Avoid telltale signs that you are wearing a new suit. Remove all tags, extra buttons and remember to cut off the zigzag thread that keeps pockets and slits closed!

6. Facial piercings, tongue jewelry or visible tattoos 7. Ill-fitting clothes. Few people can wear things straight off the rack. Spending a little extra to have your garments tailored is a worthwhile investment. 8. Unkempt nails look extremely messy: Nails should look clean and be trimmed to a length that doesn't leave an observer wondering how you keep from stabbing yourself. 9. Unnatural hair colors or styles. 10. Short-sleeved shirts, even worse when worn with a tie 11. Men whose socks don't match their shoes, or whose socks are too short and leave a gap of flesh when they are seated

13. Scuffed or inappropriate footwear.

16. Holey and unnaturally faded jeans are deal breakers. And throw your baggy or frayed jeans away, while you’re at it. When it comes to jeans, simple is better. 17. Stop buying “small, medium, and large” dress shirts: Treat yourself with a slim-fitted shirt, and tuck it in. Altogether, use your wardrobe to work towards being the man you want to be. Think of being well-dressed as an act of self-discipline. Caring about the way you look is not effeminate, but is a subtle display of strength – a very manly thing indeed. Stand out from the crowd. Make your style personal and rise above the rest. November 2013



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LIGHT IT UP! Let your light shine within you so that it can shine on someone else. True as they say: “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” This issue, we bring to you some wide range and varieties of Exquisite decorative Lights. Browsed, surveyed and custom designed. Enhance your aesthetics with some unique elegant table lamps. Display it on a nightstand, desk or entryway console as it also works as work of art and also gives a complete feel to any unbalanced or an empty space. Create an elegant setting with some of these intricate lines of chandeliers. These innovative styles and design excellence keeps the sophistication intact. Decorative Lighting Fixtures to enrich your empty walls: While maintaining their original commitment to quality, these varieties of warm delicate crystals are the safest as well as the richest way to give any space a touch of décor. Pair up one of these above


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your bedside tables, corridors or besides a piece or finely done art for it to serve its purpose If you are the trendsetting kind who likes to modernize and already have a variety of experimental décor done with your interiors, then you might want to try illuminating certain sections of your home decor with some of these exclusive collections. “It’s hard to be a bright light in a dim world.” – Light up your life people! |

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The HOLIDAY REDEMPTION Workout A little fat accumulation after the holidays are a given and you’ve had your fun. Now it’s time to SHED THAT FAT! If you fall amongst the majority of the people who want to lose the fat but don’t want to join the gym, this is for you. To help shed that stubborn fat, we have workouts that are great for cardio and amazing core workouts. And you can do this without joining the gym, and just utilizing your own body weight. TIPS: • Always warmup and stretch before starting the workouts. • Ease into it, don’t over train yourself • Perform these workouts2-3 times a week for moderate fat burn and 4 to 5 times if you have a lot of fat to get rid of. • Too much Cardio will decrease muscle growth.

WARM-UP AND STRETCH It would be terrible if you fall victim to an injury right when you started working out. A minor pulled muscle might just set back your workout routine by a couple of days at the least. And that’s if it’s a minor thing. Always remember to warm up and stretch before any extraneous workout.

One of the most profound figures in Nepal Body building. Sachit Pradhan, has over 20 years of training experience, has taken part in several competitions and has won several titles as well. Overall champion of Mr. Himalaya twice and 3 times winner of South Asian Bodybuilding competition, he has been coaching for the past 14 years and has carved a new dimension to working out smartly.


A powerful, yet economical fat metabolizing formula, the 500 mg of Citrimax helps to control your appetite and better utilizes the foods you eat. Mega Fat Burners also contains L-Carnitine, Choline and Inositol, which help support the breakdown, transportation and metabolizing of fat. AVAILABLE AT DIET NEPAL


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BURPEES A few minutes of Burpee conditioning will quickly convince you that your own natural bodyweight provides plenty of resistance for an ass-kicking workout that blasts your stamina and fat loss through the roof. • Begin in a squat position with hands on the floor in front of you. • Kick your feet back to a pushup position. • Immediately return your feet to the squat position. • Leap up as high as possible from the squat position.

SPRINTING Before sprinting, it’s a good idea to do some light jogging beforehand to get your muscles ready for intense sprinting. • Sprint 200 meters (or 15 seconds) • Walk 200 meters (or 20 seconds) • Alternate for 5 rounds and build up your stamina to finally increase it to 10 rounds.

SIDE PLANKS Lie on your right side with your legs straight. Prop yourself up with your right forearm so your body forms a diagonal line. Rest your left hand on your hip. Brace your abs and hold for 60 seconds. If you can’t make it to 60 seconds, hold for 5 to 10 seconds and rest for 5; continue for 1 minute. Be sure your hips and knees stay off the floor.

MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS • Begin in a pushup position, with your weight supported by your hands and toes. Flexing the knee and hip, bring one leg until the knee is approximately under the hip. This will be your starting position. • Explosively reverse the positions of your legs, extending the bent leg until the leg is straight and supported by the toe, and bringing the other foot up with the hip and knee flexed. Repeat in an alternating fashion for 20-30 seconds. |

November 2013


SUICIDES This exercise is not for the faint of heart. Suicide drills are a terrific exercise for building cardiovascular strength, speed and agility. They can be run on grass, sand or pavement and are a great way to get in a diverse workout in less than 15 minutes. • Place three objects about 15 paces apart. Put one down to mark a start/finish line. (You can add a fourth point as well to increase the burn). • Begin from the starting line and sprint to the first object, planting and without stopping turning and sprinting back to the starting spot. • Turn from the starting position(1) and sprint past the first object to the second object, again changing direction quickly and returning to the start position. • Catch your breath and repeat for three to four rounds(2).


15x2 PACES



FROG JUMPS • Stand with your hands behind your head, and squat down keeping your torso upright and your head up. This will be your starting position. • Jump forward several feet, avoiding jumping unnecessarily high. As your feet contact the ground, absorb the impact through your legs, and jump again. Repeat this action 5-10 times.

PLANKS The plank is a great way to build endurance in the abs and back, as well as the stabilizer muscles. • Lie face down on mat resting on the forearms, palms flat on the floor. • Push off the floor, raising up onto toes and resting on the elbows. • Keep your back flat, in a straight line from head to heels. • Tilt your pelvis and contract your abdominals to prevent your rear end from sticking up in the air or sagging in the middle. • Hold for 20 to 60 seconds, lower and repeat for 3-5 reps.


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JUMP SQUATS This high-intensity exercise isolates and strengthens your quad muscles. • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, arms resting on your hips. • Start by doing a regular squat, then engage your core and jump up explosively. • When you land, lower your body back into the squat position to complete one rep.

BOX JUMPS The box jump is a classic plyometric exercise that demands coordination, accuracy, agility and balance. The exercise will strengthen and tone the lower body, increase vertical jump height and develop your power output. When just starting out with box jumps it's important to start with lower heights and increase as you progress. Going too high, too soon results in very painful scraped shins! • Stand in front of the box with feet directly under the hips and hands by your side. • Lower yourself into the jumping position by bending at the knees and hips. Keep your head up and back straight. • Explosively jump from the crouched position whilst swinging the arms. • Land softly on the centre of the platform absorbing the impact with your legs. • Stand tall. • Return to starting position by either jumping backwards off the box, or by stepping down and repeat the movement.

JUMPING LUNGES The Jump Lunge (aka Jump Split) requires balance, coordination, elicits a serious leg burn and gets your heart rate up significantly. • Begin with normal lunge, with front leg at a 90 degree angle in the squat position and back leg behind you • Squat body up into a jump • Replace your feet in the air, moving back leg in front, and front leg in back • Go straight into lunge with opposite legs • Keep chest and torso upright and engaged throughout entire movement |

November 2013




WOES HOW TO SHED THE FESTIVAL FAT According to our calculations, the average hungry Nepali man consumes up to 2 whole chickens, 2 kgs of mutton and maybe even a dozen sel-rotis throughout the festive season of Dashain and Tihar. And that’s excluding the alcohol and side dishes that come along with it. Maybe the numbers aren’t all that accurate, but we do tend to stuff ourselves with all the wrong things. Needless to say, you may love the feast but your body is taking a positive ass-kicking. The extra fat may be one of the last things you need to worry about. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU BINGE EAT? In the first few minutes, your taste buds are going insane, sending pleasure signals to your brain to eat up! Go crazy – its binge eating time!!! Then, within 7 minutes, your stomach is working over-time to dissolve food and shuttle it into your small intestine. When it gets there, nutrients will then be moved into your blood stream. By the 20 minute mark of your binge eating, your stomach will alert your brain that it’s at its limit. But if you’ve been eating like a mad man, your brain won’t get the note until after you’ve loaded your plate with seconds, or thirds! Chances are the food was loaded with salt, and within 30 minutes, your blood vessels will become stiffer. That stiffening becomes a risk factor for heart disease. An hour after you binge eat, you’ll feel sleepy. That’s’ because your gut sent a sign to your brain to “rest and digest.” Now you can only think of one thing… resting and putting any energy you have left toward digestion. By this point your stomach it’s stretched out like a balloon. In fact, it’s stretched so big it’s pushing on your other organs. WHAT HAPPENS TO THE EXCESS FOOD THAT ISN’T CONVERTED INTO ENERGY? That’s right, it turns into FAT! And that isn’t the end of it.


November 2013

The accumulated calories and cholesterol wreak havoc in your bodily. A huge fatty meal can also raise your blood pressure so much that it forces the heart to work harder. That makes it more likely that plaque in your arteries will break free. That could result in a dangerous clot traveling to your heart. WHAT NOW? The good news is, there may not be a permanent after effect of binge-eating during the holidays if you get back on track soon after. When the holidays end, the numbers on the scales hit you like a proverbial ton of bricks and the extra wobble in your jiggle really put you down. It’s time to get roll up your sleeves and get to work. FOOD You’ve had your fun, now it’s time to get serious. To get back in shape, you need to cut down on all the good stuff. You need to get rid of all the goodies you got during bhaitika, and gobbling it down is not the way to do it. Then start eating right, cut down on the carbs and eat the veggies to obtain the required vitamins and minerals. Portion control is the key here. If you start eating right, you’ve won half the battle. EXERCISE If you’re looking to burn the fat you’ve accumulated during the festivals, cardio is probably the best bet. Of course, you can mix in the strength training as well for added benefits, but getting your heart pumping is the best way to get the ball rolling. You can try running, high intensity interval training or skipping. It’s never too late to get in shape, and the Dashain and Tihar food fiesta might just be the eye opener you needed to get things going with your fitness regime. Good luck with the fat loss, and hopefully you will have a brand new set of abs to ruin by the next festive season. |

diet nepal |

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Stick food is as easy going as any food can get. Maxing out on the comfort and easy to cook factor,we rustle up two classics for you. Get a bunch of these sticks done so you don’t have to cook while Walter White is cooking on TV.

CHICKEN SATAY Serves 1, Adjust to quantity Chicken Tenderloin - 200gm Chopped lemongrass – 2 teaspoon Chopped Lime leaves – 1 teaspoon Coconut Milk – 4 teaspoon Chopped Coriander roots – 4 teaspoon Red curry paste – 4 teaspoon Turmeric powder – t teaspoon Vegetable Oil – 2 tablespoon Salt to taste


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Method 1. Combine all the spices and form a marinade 2. Marinate the chicken tenderloins and put to rest for 2 hours 3. Skewer it on sticks 4. Pan sear it or grill it on a grill

Tilak Magar, Executive Chef at Embassy, Panipokhari has over 16 years’ of experience, having previously worked for Dubai Miramar Resort and Sheraton Maldives.


EMBASSY PANI POKHARI Phone: 01-4 424 04 0 or 98184 49018 |

SANGAM MUSHROOM Serves 1, Adjust to quantity Button Mushroom – 150 gms Cashew nut – 30 gms Spinach – 1 bunch Cumin Powder – 1 teaspoon Chopped green chili – 1 teaspoon Butter – 30 gms Egg -1 Breadcrumbs – 100 gms Besan (Chickpea Flour) 100 gms Cumin powder – 1 teaspoon Corainder powder – 1 teaspoon Chilli powder – 1 teaspoon Salt and pepper to taste |

Method 1.Saute spinach on lightly greased pan with Cumin powder, black pepper and salt 2. Pull out the Stalk/Stem of the mushroom leaving a small hollow and stuff the sautéed Spinach and add a cashew nut on top. Set aside 3. Mix cumin powder, coriander powder, chilli powder, salt and Chickpea flour. Add water to form a paste for batter consistency. Coat the stuffed mushroom 4. Deep fry until golden brown. 5. Skewer on stick and serve

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BRING BACK THE MARTENS chills are starting to set in as we bid adieu to the warmth of Kathmandu. On the brighter side, you now have a good enough reason to break out your boots or if you don’t have one, go buy one. Combat boots are making a comeback in the fashion industry and the first name that comes to mind when you’re talking about them are definitely Dr. Martens. True, Timberlands and maybe some other brands do have a loyal following, but nothing beats the 50

Dr Martens 1460 Crazy Horse Brown

Dr Martens 1461 Cherry Red


November 2013

year legacy that Dr. Martens has set for itself.

yourself to skinny denims, tattered jackets and a shaved head.

The boot was the perfect embodiment of the punk mentality — mixing an unruly appearance with a working-class soul. Today, these boots have become more of a fashion statement, but they do fulfill the practical purposes just as well. Not only do they look rugged and manly, they will probably outlast the rest of your wardrobe. It seems like the Martens lived its high life when the grunge era hit Nepal like a bat out of hell in the early 90’s, but they still have a prominent appeal today. That does not mean you have to constrain

Martens can be fashionably paired with a semi formal jacket and denims. If you are the daredevil, and your age permits you to, you can try and pull off the shorts and boots combo. But beware, it can back fire. You can never go wrong when going simple though. A more common color choice paired with denims and a jacket definitely screams masculinity. It may take some time to break in, but once they’re set, they feel like a buddy that won’t let you down.

Dr Martens 1460 Greasy Brown

Dr Martens 2976 Crazy Horse Brown

While Dr. Martens are known as a distinctly British boot, the original doctor was German. Dr. Klaus Maertens invented the shoe's signature air-cushioned sole with the hope of improving Germany's standard-issue WW II army boot. AIR CUSHION SOLE A design that traps air within small, closed compartments to provide cushioning to the midsole and/or heel, the Air Cushion Sole is what gives the famous, signature Dr. Martens "Bouncing Soles" their name.

Dr Martens 1460 Smooth Black

Dr Martens 2976 Smooth Black

Dr Martens Ben Boot Crazy Horse Brown |



ack in 1993, American government procurement officer Nick North called the Luminox company and explained that the Navy SEALs were in need of a self-sustaining illuminating watch for night missions. When business partners Barry Cohen and Richar Timbo came across a Swiss watch firm that had

created a then unknown illumination technology for watches, they negotiated an exclusive deal for the use of the new technology in North America and thus what now claims ro be the world’s most luminous watch was born. Today Luminox produces timepieces for the American coast guard, air force and bobsled team as


well as a variety of Special Forces teams worldwide. The Luminox atches are built to stand up to the most extreme conditions and is water resistant to up to 200 meters. Oh, and did we mention, it features the Luminox light technology, so the dial will be bright for the next 25 years.

LUMINOX ORIGINAL NAVY SEAL DIVE WATCH Prized for its durability and unique illumination system, the Luminox Original Navy SEAL Series 1 stainless steel men’s watch exudes confidence and power whenever it’s worn. Thanks to the vaunted Luminox self-powered illumination system, this watch’s hands and dial markers glow 100 times brighter than other luminous watches and will provide continuous illumination for more than 25 years. It’s also water resistant to 200 meters (20 ATM, 660 feet), which is suitable for recreational scuba diving.

This watch is built for the field, whether you are on land or under water. Its subdued face projects a serious image that says you are ready, willing and able to handle the toughest tasks. The Men’s Luminox Navy SEAL Colormark 3050 Series watch in black plastic and rubber, features Swiss Quartz movement, date function and highvisibility features.

LUMINOX RECON NAV SPC BLACK The dial incorporates an easy to read walking speed tachymeter, a unique feature of the RECON series and a novelty for watches, either in kilometer (8831) or miles (8832) per hour. As Special Forces soldiers often work in different time zones, this Luminox model employs a movement with a GMT function enabling the wearer to set a second time zone. The antireflective sapphire crystal is scratch resistant and the watch is powered by an always reliable and precise Ronda Swiss quartz movement.


LUMINOX SXC PERSPECTIVE Luminox announces their partnership with commercial space liner Space Expedition Corporation (SXC). Luminox watches have been requested and supplied to a long list of special forces that work in the SEA, AIR and LAND, and now adds a 4th dimension – SPACE. The watch will be worn by the Astronauts (and passengers) of the SXC Spaceships as a new series of special timepieces are being developed that can withstand the incredible G-Forces and weightlessness encountered in spaceflights. |

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SE V SevenFriday was officially founded in May 2012 by Daniel Niederer, though he had already been working on product and brand development for more than a year and a half prior to the official launch. The first collection of watches includes the P1, P2, and P3, all variations on the same basic design. The P3 features a black PVD treatment with red accents, the P2 has a dark grey PVD with rose gold colored accents, and the P1 has a nonPVD-treated stainless steel case with a tonal grey/silver color scheme. The steel case is large at 47 x 47.6mm, 13mm thick, and features integrated lugs. On the back there are a variety of specs engraved right into the case, including the case dimensions, strap width, water resistance (3 atm), movement information, and serial number which blends in to the intentional industrial feel of SevenFriday. The retro “TV” shaped case resemblant to TAG Silverstone which was a very well accepted model. The main draw is the dial as it is fantastically well constructed. The hands are large and legible to show the time, whilst there are two rotating discs showing the running seconds and 24 hour time. There is also a small skeletonized


November 2013

section on the dial which shows the balance wheel of the movement. The SevenFriday seems to present itself as a piece of industrial haute horology. Powering all of this is an automatic Miyota movement. Combined with the complex looking hands system and the variety of case finish, Sevenfriday watches end up looking very interesting watches that belies the simple functions. And that is where the SevenFriday really succeeds. The case is solid and well-built, and it’s clear a lot of attention has been paid to the finishing. There are various

colors of brushed finishes on the case, as well as the highly polished bezel, and the dial features a few colors, both brushed and polished surfaces, and grooving and beveling on a handful of components as well. The five-layer dial has lots of visual depth and light plays off the various surfaces nicely, catching the eye from almost any angle. The thing to notice is that the dial says “Zurich” between 3 and 4 o’clock, which some found misleading, as a Japanese Miyota movement powers it and all of the components are actually not made in Switzerland. Parts are sourced from |

a variety of suppliers around the world and the SevenFriday watches themselves are assembled in Hong Kong and China. While this is not an inherently bad thing, the branding does seem to imply the watches are of Swiss origin. If you’re someone interested in haute horology and want a solidly-built watch that offers many of the same visual cues and inspiration as these pieces, but might not feel like dropping a big budget on a watch, the SevenFriday P1 could be a great option for you as it retails on a price range of approximately $640 - $890. These time piece are shipped worldwide from Zurich. AVAILABLE MODELS: P1-1: Stainless Steel case Animation ring: eloxed aluminum pantone 428C, vertical brushed finishing Interface: Silver / rhodium and black; finished alternatively circular, brushed, mat, diamond cut with 11 applied parts P1-2: Stainless Steel case; 3ATM water resistant Animation ring: white rubber, Interface: Silver / white; possibly finished with 11 applied parts with golden highlights; P2-1: Stainless Steel case with medium grey PVD treatment Animation ring: Eloxed aluminum warm grey with sandblasted finishing Interface: 5N / dark grey and warm grey; finishing alternatively “opalin”, mat, diamond cut, satine, “bouchonné” with 11 applied parts P2-2: Stainless steel bezel in black PVD with yellow gold PVD decoration Stainless Steel case in sandblasted yellow gold PVD finishing Animation ring also in stainless steel with special mat black roughed PVD finishing Black with gold decoration and writing Highlights of golden color on applied index and hour hand P3-1: Stainless Steel case with black PVD treatment Animation ring: high-resistant silicone and motorcycle pattern Interface: Black, gun metal & a touch of red; finishing alternatively “opalin”, mat, diamond cut, satine with 11 applied parts P3-2: Stainless Steel case; 3ATM water resistant Animation ring: solid Canadian wood Interface: Silver / rhodium; possibly finished with 11 applied parts; red and blue highlights in respect of its nautical inspiration |

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uring the autumn or fall season perennial trees lose their leaves. Similarly as the name suggests, fall is when people with all types of hair suffer from hair loss. It is normal to lose 50-100 strands of hair a day this may be a little intensified during fall. Though if you are losing exponentially more stands of hair, then your hair requires a little bit more attention. Some people are more susceptible to hair loss and lose more hair than others. It is important to note that there are a million reasons why someone may suffer hair loss and it is impossible to cater to all reasons, nonetheless dandruff is amongst the prime contributors to hair loss. What is dandruff?

Dead skin on your scalp. What causes dandruff?

There are multiple causes. In the simplest conditions, it is due to dryness of the scalp. It could be due to a multitude of medical reasons. How can you prevent or combat dandruff?

First and foremost, it is important to keep your hair clean to avoid dandruff; however, excessive washing of hair during winter can also dry out your scalp and cause dandruff. As a result, it is extremely important to keep your scalp conditioned during fall and winter. The ways one


November 2013

can condition scalp include, deep conditioning treatments or oil massages. If you do not have time to go to the parlor regularly then gently applying oil across your scalp before washing your hair will help prevent dandruff. While preventing dandruff maybe easy, combating dandruff is a tougher task. Dandruff is either caused seasonally due to the dryness of the scalp or in some cases due to a medical condition. So if you notice large scabs on your scalp then it is best to consult a doctor. Otherwise a milder form of flakey dandruff can be combated with medicated shampoo. Remember if you are using medicated shampoo then be sure to follow instructions closely for preferred results. Lastly, some hair products may not suit some people and it may cause dandruff. So, when you select shampoos try to stick to the mildest version and it is best to avoid specialized shampoos (for example, for damaged hair, colored hair etcetera) as they are generally filled with more chemicals. Are you sick and tired of having to avoid darker colors of clothing during the winter to avoid dandruff flakes from being visible on your shoulder and back? Book an appointment at your nearest Easy Cuts for a hair conditioning treatment or an oil massage! Alternatively, try these simple tips and step out of the house with dandruff free hair!

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HOME REMEDIES FOR CONTROLLING YOUR DANDRUFF If you’re too busy to get help professionally, here are a few home remedies to combat the flakes with the option of ditching some rancid chemicals.

There is a myth that lemon juice can lead to hair graying. However this is not true. Leave this remedy on the scalp for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash with a shampoo.

This information is solely for informational purposes. it is not intended to provide medical advice. tnm does not take responsibility for any possible consequences from any treatment, procedure, exercise, dietary modification, action or application of medication which results from reading or following the information contained in this information.


YOGURT AND BLACK PEPPER AS AN ANTI DANDRUFF TREATMENT Yogurt reduces the intensity of scaling. Mix 2 teaspoons of black pepper powder in a cup of curd and blend it thoroughly. Then rub this mixture into dandruff affected scalp and wash it with a mild shampoo after an hour. LEMON JUICE AND COCONUT OIL Blend together 1 tbsp. of lemon juice with 5 tbsp. of coconut oil. Apply to the scalp to get rid of dandruff. Lemon juice is a natural home remedy for dandruff and will clear away flakes from your scalp. |

What easier way to get rid of dandruff than to wash it down the drain? Getting rid of excess oils (which may contribute to the overgrowth of malassezia in the first place) and flakes through daily shampooing may be the easiest way to tame your mane. MAKE THE SWITCH If your regular shampoo isn't doing the trick, even with daily washing, it's time to switch to an anti-dandruff shampoo. Check the ingredients in over-the-counter dandruff shampoos, and look for one that contains zinc pyrithione, which can reduce the fungus; selenium sulfide, which can limit cell turnover and possibly even decrease the amount of fungus; salicylic acid, which works as a sort of scrub to slough off dead skin; or ketoconazole, which works against a broad array of fungi. RESIST THE ITCH Try to resist the temptation to go after those itchy patches like a

dog chasing fleas. You may end up with wounds to your scalp caused by your fingernails. If you break the skin on your scalp, discontinue use of medicated shampoo for a while. Switch to a mild shampoo, such as a baby shampoo, and use it daily until the scratches are healed. If the itch persists massage 2 tablespoons lemon juice into your scalp and rinse with water. Then stir 1 teaspoon lemon juice into 1 cup water and rinse your hair with it. Repeat this daily until your dandruff disappears. No more itchy scalp, and your hair will smell lemon-fresh. MOUTHWASH To treat a bad case of dandruff, wash your hair with your regular shampoo; then rinse with an alcohol-based mouthwash. You can follow with your regular conditioner. NEEM LEAVES Neem has the antiseptic property, which helps in getting rid of dandruff. Apply neem leaves paste on your scalp to fight dandruff as it is a very effective home remedy. Neem leaves is successful in treating lice, treating dandruff and many other eruptions on the scalp.

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Words: Ankit Shakya The West comes up with some crazy fads which most of us are usually guilty of following at one time or the other. The shit-in-yourpants baggy pants, the compulsive need to address your acquaintances as “bro” and the ever embarrassing sweatbands at non sport-related functions are some of the few fads that swept our generation by storm. (Check out Pg. 26) However, this one actually is worth following. The month of November is gaining popularity as No shave November or Movember, where people go through the whole month without partaking in the use of a razor. Men are encouraged to embrace their bushel of awesomeness and grow out their beards throughout the month. It is also advised that they utilize the time they save from the early morning shaves to devise a plan to make it up to the disapproving wives and girlfriends. Although it may seem like just another mindless fad, No-shave November has a pretty decent motif. The term originated in Melbourne, Australia in 1999 and the Movember Foundation was finally established in 2004 as a way for men to grow out their moustaches throughout November and raise money for men’s health awareness at the same time, more specifically for


November 2013

prostate and testicular cancer. This may just be the excuse you’ve always wanted for not shaving. And for those of you who wanted to see how you’d look like with a moustache, here’s your chance. Getting started You can start off with a clean shave or a little scruff, doesn’t matter, but you cannot shave or trim your beard or moustache throughout the month. Hopefully this goes without saying: no shaving any other body parts either. Stow away all the razors, never to be seen throughout the month. Glad you don’t have to shave? Well, things might get a little rough when the itchiness sets in. Power through! Don’t take no for an answer. Sidestepping Criticism Your 5 o’clock shadow will look cool and you’ll probably get through Tihar without much of a hitch. However, when your beard finally starts kicking in your family members will definitely be on your case. Understand that this is for the greater good and there are some things moms, grand moms, wives and girlfriends just don’t understand. WARNING: No-shave November can easily be turned into a Nosex November by your significant other.

DO NOT GIVE IN! If you start getting grilled for the awesome additional features to your face, let them know why you’re doing it. In the end, it’s all about spreading the awareness.

Donation If you want to go that extra mile, you can help to the cause by donating to the Nepal Cancer Relief Society. We at TNM Magazine will be holding a month long donation drive and if you want to contribute, you can send us a message at our Facebook page ( TNM.Magazine). November 30th On the last day of November, take a photograph of the magnificent growth on your face and send it over to us and see yourself in the next issue of TNM. Come the 1st of December, not a second before, you can finally shave off your moustache and beard. Congratulations! You can also take photographs of yourself everyday and record your beard growth and compile it into a kick-ass time lapse at the end of the month. (An app you can use is PicToFlick) |


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Thupten Ghale Managing Director

Our Staff

Located at Swoyambhu, Kimdol, we have a very peaceful ambience with fresh and clean water for swimming. If you get exhausted after swimming, you can relax in our restaurant which provides quality food. We also provide memberships to our daily swimmers.

Swoyambhu, Kimdol Tel: 9841249859/ 4670764 |

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GREY HAIR: Embrace being a bonafide silver fox


en! Going grey isn’t the end of the world. But most people watch the first appearance of grey hairs with mixed feelings. Today, greying hair is no big deal but you may want to adapt your hair style to the new reality. It’s all about embracing the natural change.

You can color it or you can leave it be. If you choose to color your hair, use a permanent dye, preferably one designed for greying hair. Keep in mind that "permanent color" isn't forever. It will fade and there will be the inevitable roots to deal with. Coloring grey hair also takes more time, since the hair shaft takes longer to absorb the dye.

Demonstrate how attractive the salt and pepper hair styles can be and how it adds an appeal to style. Long hair and edgy hair fashion experiments rarely go well with greying hair. In contrast, short hair styles make you look more distinguished and elegant, whether natural or dyed, grey hair seems to be gaining cachet.

Grey doesn’t translate to old, lots of people find grey hair in the teens and twenties; however it doesn't mean that your body is aging faster than everyone else’s. Genetics is the key factor in premature greying.

To increase the appeal of greying hair you should not only adapt your haircut but also your hair care and styling habits. Greying hair contains less melanin, which protects from the damaging effects of UV rays on the hair’s keratin. Hair also gets thinner with increasing age. As a result it needs more UV protection and more care. Using a vitalizing shampoo and nutrientrich conditioner for hair and scalp restores the vibrant nature of your hair. Gel and pomade are rich in oil and are well suited for men’s salt and pepper hair styles because they condition the hair and provide appealing luster. For those who don’t feel the same about going grey, read on. Going grey, which for most people will be a gradual process, is a fact of life. It's going to happen. You do have a couple of options.


November 2013

GREY DOESN’T TRANSLATE TO OLD, LOTS OF PEOPLE FIND GREY HAIR IN THE TEENS AND TWENTIES. Rest assured all your college roommates will eventually start getting grey hair. Everybody does. Some people don't start graying until they are in their forties, fifties or even sixties. MYTHS AND FACTS ABOUT GREY HAIR • The most common myth we’ve heard about grey hair is that plucking one leads to many more greys. But it's just a common myth. One grey hair doesn't turn all the surrounding hair white. But you must not pluck your hair as this act can damage your hair follicles. • Fact- Since grey hairs have a coarse

“YOU ARE GOING TO GET GREY HAIR SOME TIME OR THE OTHER. IT’S NOT A BAD THING THOUGH” texture, they tend to be dull and so need conditioning treatments regularly. • People think graying of hair is a sign of ageing and turning old. But that's not completely true. Genetics is also responsible for greying hair. Your hair could also turn grey prematurely if you're a smoker. So apart from health issues, smoking affects your skin, teeth and hair too. • Noting that the process of graying is a multivariable equation. Stress hormones may impact the survival and / or activity of melanocytes, but no clear link has been found between stress and gray hair. • Fact- Grey hair can be harder to color as it is more resistant to hair color or hair dye due to a decreased amount of melanin. • Fact- Grey hair can also be the result of a medical condition. If you are deficient in B12 or suffer from a thyroid imbalance it can also cause your hair to go Grey. • Fact- When your hair is half white and half colored, it's called "salt and pepper" • Fact- Smokers are 4 times more likely to have gray hair than nonsmokers and smoking has been conclusively linked to accelerated hair loss. • Hair turns gray slowly over time. As you get older, the production of your color pigment slows down and gray hair begins to appear. In other words, if you are starting to grey, do it with style and with the knowledge that your self-confidence about your looks comes not from the grey but from how well you grey. | |

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If s k o lo d l u co l l i k h a h s i t i n



November 2013 |

god for all the beautiful girls in the world. And he deserves a pat on the back for the work he did on Niti Shah. She’s easy on the eyes and a pleasure to be around. Of course, her shy facade belies her fun feisty nature and we couldn’t be happier. Nevertheless, she is grounded and still believes in the basic values of life like honesty, responsibility and good manners. We got a chance to catch up with the face that has left the city lovestruck... and we clicked a few photographs for you too. Man we love our job! Which is the best pick up line you’ve ever heard?

- The best one I have ever heard is 'Hello. I think you're beautiful and though I may not be the best looking guy in here, but I’m the only one talking to you." It’s simple yet classy, funny and confident.

Would a pick up line work on you?

- Though I think pick up lines are somewhat flattering, personally, I think pick up lines work only as ice breakers. Pick-up lines 'alone' sound so fake, clichéd and staged. A good pick up line followed by an interesting conversation would be something that might work for me. Describe an exceptionally well dressed man.

- Clothes that fit perfectly with appropriate hues and well polished shoes to match. With a little confidence thrown into the mix, this should make the man look sharp. Overall, the attire should make a statement not put on a show. Tell us something that most people might not know about you.

- Most people take me for a shy girl. I’m not. I may seem reserved at first but once you get to know me… I’m actually quite the opposite.

Which one’s the worst?

- From the top of my head, the corniest of ‘em all: “Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?” And there was one that left me dumbfounded when he said “Action speaks louder than words”. I have no clue whether it was even a pick up line. |

You have a face of an angel and we’re head over heels for you, but we’re hoping there’s a more devilish side to you. Is there a different spirit behind that innocent face?

- To be honest, I think everyone has a different spirit and a November 2013


devilish side to them and I am no exception. That side of me however, I'll keep to myself for the moment. Would you say you’re a good cook, or do you have a Pizza Hut on speed dial?

- I'm definitely not a good cook YET. I love home cooked meals and am working on my culinary skills. What stupid things do men do?

- I won’t go as far as putting all men under the same umbrella, but not being able to handle their drinks (and consequently swearing like a sailor) and driving under the influence just top the list. I am a huge supporter of Ma.Pa.Se by the way. Where would you say is your dream holiday destination?

- It would definitely be Bora Bora in the Pacific Ocean. It would definitely be a place for a serine vacation with its tropical climate and crystal clear waters; a place with a romantic setting for those who need some time away. What are your major turn ons and turn offs?

- A friendly, positive and warm personality goes a long way. Being funny and having a sexy smile can’t hurt either. Also, honesty and class is a definite turn on. However, I can’t stand a rude fellow who can’t stop swearing and is full of himself. Body odor is another thing that needs to be kept in check. Where do you see yourself in the future?

- Hopefully, successful in a career that I opt to undertake. If you were to get a tattoo (if you don’t already have one), where would you get it and what would it be of?

- It would definitely be of 'Ganesh'. Not particularly due to religious reasons but because it holds a sentimental value to me and the concept I have in mind is beautiful. However, I am still contemplating on where I should get it. Which is worse? A guy that swears a lot or a guy that chews his food with his mouth open (in the really annoying way)?

- A guy who swears a lot. A dirty mouth could be a sign of bad manners and is something that is screams disrespect. Are you a Dog Person or a cat person?

- Definitely a dog person.


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, y l d n e i r Af e v i t i s o p m r a w d an y t i l a n o pers ong l a s e o g g n i e B . y wa d n a y n fun y x e s a g havin an’t smile c er. h t i e t r u h |

November 2013


Man of Steel

Releasing on: June, 2013 Insidious - Chapter 2 Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fic

Genre : Horror, Thriller Director : Zack Snyder Release Date : 15 Nov 2013 Cast : Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Russell Length : 1 Hrs 38 Min Crowe : James Wan Director Synopsis: child sent to Byrne, Earth from a Cast : PatrickAWilson, Rose Ty Simpkins

dying planet is adopted by a couple in rural Kansas. Posing as a journalist, he to uses his the mysterious childhood secret The haunted Lambert family seeks uncover extraordinary powers to protect his new that has left them dangerously connected to the spirit world. home from an insidious evil.

Monsters University


Releasing on: July 2013

Genre Adventure, : Comedy, Suspense, Genre : Animation, Comedy,Thriller Fantasy Release Date : 06 Dec 2013 Director : Dan Scanlon Length : 2 Hrs 5 Min Cast : Nathan Fillion, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi Director : Aditya Bikram Lamsal Synopsis : Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan are an Cast : Dayahang Rai, Aryan Sigdel, Sushil Raj inseparable pair, but that wasn’t always Pandey, Kamal Mani Nepalthe case. From the moment these two mismatched monsters met they couldn’t stand each other. “Monsters University” unlocks the door Loafer is a story of a Bhanta (Dayahang rai)to how Mike and who Sulley overcame differences andbut became wanted to jointheir armed police Force this the best of friends. crowded Kathmandu makes him other.he starts his new journey from where the film begins.

After Earth Releasing on: June, 2013 Genre : Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi Director : M. Night Shyamalan Cast : Jaden Smith, Will Smith, Sophie Okonedo Synopsis: One thousand years after cataclysmic events forced humanity’s escape from Earth, Nova Prime has become mankind’s new home. Legendary General Cypher Raige returns from an extended tour of: Drama, duty toRomance his estranged family, ready to be a father to his 13-yearGenre old son, Date Kitai. When an asteroid storm damages Cypher and Kitai’s Release : 15 Nov 2013 craft, they crash-land Length : 2 Hrs 38 Min on a now unfamiliar and dangerous Earth. As his Director : Sanjay father lies dying Leela in theBhansali cockpit, Kitai must trek across the hostile terrain Cast : Ranveer Abhimanyu to recover theirSingh, rescueDeepika beacon.Padukone, His wholePriyanka life, KitaiChopra, has wanted nothingShekhar Singh more than to be a soldier like his father. Today, he gets his chance.


Ram Leel is an upcoming 2013 Bollywood romance film directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The film stars Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone in lead roles, who star in their first film together. The film is a Hindi adaptation of William World War Z Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Releasing on: June, 2013

Genre : Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fic, Thriller Director : Marc Forster Cast: Brad Pitt, James Badge Dale, Mireille Enos Synopsis : United Nations employee Gerry Lane traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments, and threatening to decimate humanity itself.


November 2013 | |

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Ever the taboo topic, Sex, becomes even more so the elephant in the room, when it comes to talking about it to your children. But the truth is that, sex is an important part of being human. It will influence how your children will feel about themselves and ultimately the choices they make in their lives. Most parents don’t really have the ‘big sex talk’ because it might be awkward for them. Understandable, but the reality is that parents are the best people to have ‘the sex discussion’ with their children. And if you don’t they are probably already talking about it amongst themselves. Sex or the idea of it, should be brought up regularly, in daily conversations especially if you have a child who is curious enough to ask pointed questions. Adults often underestimate the capability of children to


November 2013

understand and grasp concepts. If your child is smart enough to ask questions, then they are also smart enough to understand. So, there does not need to be one big moment where you talk to your child about sex. When I was six, my parents bought me a body book that showed how a sperm & egg meet to become a fetus and then a baby. I asked my father how the sperm and egg meet? He told me simply, “When a man and woman marry they make love. When they make love the sperm from the man and the egg from the woman meet in the woman’s body. Then a child begins to grow in the woman’s stomach. That is how you were made in your mother’s stomach.” That was my first introduction to sex and love-making. I did not need to know more than that at that point. The finer details

Chari is a Public Health consultant who has a special interest and work experience in the field of reproductive and sexual health. She also hosts a radio program on rvlradio called turn it on. |

slowly found their way into my knowledge. But the important point was that there was always an open door for me whenever conversations may have strayed towards sex and sexuality. The more open you are with your children, the easier you make it for them to make the right and informed choices sexually when they will be ready. Of course, as a parent you have every right to tell them when you feel they should be or should not be sexually active. The reality is that, as long as they understand what it is, they are less likely to experiment at an earlier age. Furthermore, they will also not be lead astray by all the abounding sex myths. O f

you to talk to your child about sex. If you are at a loss about what you should be talking to your child about, you should start by focusing on the facts about sex. Explain the male and female anatomy and reproduction, talk about sexual intercourse and pregnancy, sexual behaviors, sexuality and sexual orientation, the physical and emotional aspects of sex, self-image and peer pressure (especially to teens and preteens), sexually transmitted diseases, and you should talk about consensual sex. If you want to raise a sexually healthy child you do need to create

deed that you should be focusing on. Talk to them about their sexuality, gender, sex as in the noun and the verb. Your child’s sexuality is going to be a major part of who they are going to be, so it is important that you take time and make them feel good in whatever space they are in. If your child springs questions on you and you are not comfortable talking about it at that time, let your child know that you will discuss it later, and make sure that you do! You don’t have to answer every question as soon as it is asked. But do know that it is crucial you answer the question. And you


course, you may be thinking, easier said than done! True story! Talking about sex to your children is definitely easier said than done. You openly discussing sex with your child will ensure that you are providing them with the most accurate information. First of all, as a parent, you should know your own (and your partner’s) comfort level when it comes to talking about sex. Don’t rush the conversations, know what your own sexual values are before you impose or talk to your child about it. Your sexual values are about your personal beliefs, priorities, and thoughts on sex, sexuality and gender. Our sexual values are in a state of flux and can change over time and with experience. Knowing how you feel about sex can make it easier for |

an environment where they are able to learn and ask questions. Having some age appropriate sex education books is always a good idea. There are book stores in Kathmandu that carry such books in English and in Nepali and there are also books published by Save the Children, UNICEF etc that make talking about sex easier and age appropriate. And as with everything else with sex, practice makes perfect! The only way you can get comfortable with sex is if you talk about it. The more you talk about it the better you get at it. Talking about sex is not a discussion you will have at one sitting or in an hour or two. When you talk about sex to your children, it is not just the

don’t have to have the answers to everything. Don’t pretend you know an answer because you could harm the trust your child has in you. Creating a distance between you can be harmful for your child and the sexual decisions they make. Also, knowing boundaries, and modeling them for your children is important. In your child’s development, it is important for them to know what is appropriate and what might be inappropriate to ask. You are your child’s parent and not their best friend, so you don’t have to ask every personal question your child asks you. You can be their model. Show them the boundaries about the things you will or won’t talk to about with strangers, family, friends and their romantic partners.

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10 WAYS TO DISCRETELY BUY quite ordinary to feel slightly sheepish about buying a condom, yes even in this day and age where sex is widely accepted as a human need. You still have to remember that most of us were brought up in a society and family where sex isn’t as openly discussed and accepted as it should be. So, despite the fact that it prevents STDs and unwanted pregnancies, going out and buying condoms might still be an issue for many people. But the fact is, buying a condom actually falls amongst the smartest things you’ll do in life. You will definitely thank yourself for it when you see your friend struggling with his bratty kid in the future. There is absolutely NOTHING to be ashamed about. So, before you think about skipping out on the whole matter of covering your monkey, give this a read. If you still can’t ready yourself to go buy a condom, well, maybe you aren’t ready for sex either. 1) PILE IT UP If you get your contraceptives from the local supermarket, get a bunch of other things along with the condom so that it doesn’t stand out. Refrain from getting stuff like rubber gloves, baby oil and leather whips along with it because that will totally foil your plan to be subtle. 2) GET SOMEONE ELSE TO GET IT FOR YOU If you just can’t summon the nerve to go buy it yourself, get a friend to buy it for you. Make sure he understands that his


November 2013

role ends right then and there. 3) FLEE YOUR TERRITORY Buying your condoms from your next door store won’t help in keeping the whole matter hush hush. Avoid purchasing condoms anywhere people are familiar with you, you don’t want to run into your uncle coming over to buy a paracetamol. 4) BE PREPARED Figure out what type of condom you want to get before going out to purchase it. Make a dummy run and see what the store has in store for you regarding the brands, types etc. Then you can avoid loitering around with 4 different condoms in your hand deciding on which one to get. 5) ON YOUR DOORSTEPS Get in contact with Sweet Secrets, the first and probably only erotic shop in Nepal. They’ll deliver your condoms to wherever you want and maintain your secrecy. You also get to choose what you want online. While you’re at it, you can get other adult goodies at the same time. 6) TIME IT WELL Visit the store when it's relatively quiet, and there are only a few other shoppers. The best time to go rubber shopping is probably during the evening or early morning. That’s when there are few people around, if some mishap does occur (think malfunctioning bags and spillage of contents). 7) NEXT STOP, OSCARS! Put on your acting shoes boys! You can pretend you are a social worker and get the condoms as a front to help spread

awareness regarding sexually transmitted diseases. Get it in bulk to make it more believable. Now, about that guilty feeling… 8) TO THE PHARMACY You may feel more convenient about buying condoms from the local pharmacy than the corner store or supermarket. First off, there probably won’t be as much of a crowd at pharmacies, especially if they aren’t around the city. Secondly, the pharmacists are the last people that will think negatively about you buying a condom. In fact, they will probably commend your efforts to prevent STDs and unplanned pregnancies. 9) KEEP THE LID ON It may look like you’re trying to rob the place, but if you’re pulling off a drop and shop; you can make quick work by parking your motorbike and buying the condom without taking off your helmet. It won’t work with a four-wheeler though. And it will look shady as hell too. 10) BULK BUYING Condoms have a pretty long expiry date, so it’s a good idea to buy a lot of condoms at once and save yourself frequent visits to the store. And even if you go through them really quick, it just means you’ve been getting lucky. Congratulations! BONUS TIP: Just man up and go buy a condom. Sex is natural and healthy, and you can take pride in the fact that you're being safe, responsible, and respectful of your partner by buying condoms. | |

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Art by: Sean McNaughton, National Geographic Staff; Samuel Velasco, 5W Infographics.

The first attempts to reach Mars (1960) and Venus (1961) failed, yet triumph followed quickly. Of nearly 200 solar, lunar, and interplanetary missions depicted on this map, most have been Earth’s closest neighbors. As rocketry, navigation, and imaging have become ever more capable and reliable, the planets and many of their moons have been examined in detail. The New Horizons mission to Pluto is under way, as is the MESSENGER mission to Mercury. Others not yet launched, perhaps not yet dreamed, await. Sources: NASA; Chris Gamble. Sun, asteroid, and comet images: NASA/JPL. |

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In the late 1960’s Pan Am World Airways was so confident that its passengers would pay for a trip to the moon that it started taking future bookings for holidays into space. It signed up 98,000 would-be space tourists, even issuing ‘First Moon Flights Club’ membership cards. The stunt proved so popular that one space hopeful sent in a cheque for a million dollars just to secure his spot. Not only did he not make it to the moon he didn’t even break into the sub-orbital space; and when Pan Am closed their doors many perceived it to be the end for space tourism. But it was only getting started. Fast-forward fifty three years and there are private rocket agencies like Virgin Galactic Airways, Space Expedition Corporation, Armadillio Aerospace and Space Adventures having space equipments and teams of scientists to rival the likes of NASA, fueling a new space race which aims to make space travel a viable and affordable holiday destination. While the technology of sending visitors to space and back may be relatively new, the concept

behind space tourism has been on the collective minds of would be travelers since the Cold War. When the battle between the former Soviet Union and United States extended into space, it galvanized people’s imaginations and spawned an entire generation of eager space tourists, who were assisted by scenes from science fiction stories and movies. Nevertheless, with our neighboring country India also weighing into the intergalactic dogfight, with its recent launch of a budget spacecraft to the Red Planet, it is probably certain that we will see space tourists blasting off for vacation with private rocket agencies within this decade. Although it may seem farfetched for us, the generation succeeding us might not find the idea of space travel too surprising. For the time being, we do have private astronomy agencies and clubs like Mech Deep Space Astronomy Program, Nepal Astronomy and Space Science Association, Nepal Astronomical Society and others who organize talk programs, conduct sky gazing, public outreach

programs on astronomical outreach and other programs on cosmology and space science for school children, enthusiasts and the general public. Though the astronomical society of our nation and the facilities they provide are limited in comparison to other nations, we hope to see Nepalese contributions in the field of astronomy. One thing is for certain, space tourism is no longer a story from science fiction. Now, the big question is, when the first commercial space tourists blast off ? What happens after Liftoff? Right after blast off, space tourist will feel the full force of 3Gs- which is a bit like being hurled against a brick wall. 12 seconds after liftoff the spacecraft will hit the sound barrier and 30 seconds later it will have passed Mach 2 towards its top speed of 4,800 km/ph. Approximately 80 seconds after ignition the pilot will cut off the engine and the rocket will enter zero gravity. While during the re-entry they will experience 4 to 5G-force.

SOON TO HAPPEN ASTRONOMICAL EVENT The Comet of the century ison could be one of the brightest comets to be observed from Earth in many decades, if not longer, or perhaps ever. It is anticipated to pass from Earth on the 26th December 2013. Enthusiasts can contact mech deep space astronomy for further details for sky gazing on this day and get a glimpse of the comet for yourself. For more information Mr. Arket Raj Maharjan 01-4240781, 9841058489



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1) Two FIFA recommended Synthetic Turf Futsal Courts 2) ‘Audience friendly facility’ with a capacity of 350400 Viewers for Tournament and Other Events. 3) Well Stocked café serving hygienic refreshments. 4) Shower and Changing room facilities. 5) Lockers and 24 hours guard security for safety. 6) Ample parking space.

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TNM Issue 8 - Nov 2013  

Prabal Gurung has the nation beaming with pride. Having placed Nepal on the global map, Prabal has always made it a point to make his Nepali...

TNM Issue 8 - Nov 2013  

Prabal Gurung has the nation beaming with pride. Having placed Nepal on the global map, Prabal has always made it a point to make his Nepali...