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Billet Radiator Filler Neck

Aluminum A luminum Crossflow Radiators

Aluminum filler neck has a thick, weldable base and sturdy cap retention ring. Threaded for 1/8"NPT to accept an overflow hose barb.

Highly efficient tube to fin bond delivers maximum heat transfer and dissipation. All aluminum radiators are 100% TIG welded and have no epoxy.

Part No.

Part No.



Total Width

Core Width


Chevy Chevy Chevy w/-16 Inlet Chevy Ford Ford-No Filler Chevy-No Filler Chevy Ford Ford Chevy-No Filler Chevy Ford Chevy Ford

19" 19" 19" 19" 19" 19" 19" 16" 16" 19" 19" 19" 19" 19" 19"

23-3/4" 26" 26" 28" 28" 28" 28" 27-1/2" 27-1/2" 26" 26" 22" 22" 31" 31"

20" 22-1/2" 22-1/2" 24-1/2" 24-1/2" 24-1/2" 24-1/2" 24" 24" 22-1/2" 22-1/2" 18" 18" 27-1/2" 27-1/2"


HOW34301 ..... Billet Radiator Filler Neck HOW3434 ....... 1/8" NPT Filler Overflow Fitting

Radiator Surge Tank HOW3424 Aluminum, horizontal surge tank for crowded engine bays is 4-3/8" tall x 6" wide with two 1/4"NPT fittings.

90° Radiator Outlets Mandrel bent tube provides a smooth flow of coolant. May be trimmed to vary angle. Part No.


HOW3430 ....... 90° Bend, 1-1/2" Dia. HOW3433 ....... 90° Bend, 1-3/4" Dia.

Aluminum Dual Pass Radiators

Carburetor Tote Box HOW8610

Dual pass radiators force the water across the core two times before exiting. Part No.

Durable polypropylene tote protects expensive carbs from dirt and the elements, whether in the pits or on the shelf. Fits 2 and 4 barrel Holley Carbs.


HOW34328RNF ........19" x 28" With No Filler Neck. HOW34331RNF ........19" x 31" With No Filler Neck.

Aluminum Crossflow Radiator With Built-In Heat Exchanger

Howe Nose Panels

Heat exchanger warms cold oil and cools hot oil with less flow restriction. Installation is easy, with no water lines to run and no oil cooler to mount. Complete with 1/2"NPT bungs.

1981 Camaro Part No. Description

HOWB722 ....... ’81 Camaro Nose Panel (Upper), Black HOWB824 ....... ’81 Camaro Lower Spoiler, Black

“Two Tents” Nose Panels Part No.



Total Width

Core Width

HOW34127C HOW34129C HOW34132C HOW34127F HOW34129F HOW34132F

Chevy Chevy Chevy Ford Ford Ford

19" 19" 19" 19" 19" 19"

27" 29" 32" 27" 29" 32"

22-1/2" 24-1/2" 27-1/2" 22-1/2" 24-1/2" 27-1/2" 1992 Outlaw Camaro Part No. Description

Strut Type Radiator Mount Kit HOW34203

HOWC925B ..... ’92 Camaro Outlaw Nose Panel, Black HOWC925W .... ’92 Camaro Outlaw Nose Panel, White

Kit includes (2) HOW342024 lower mounts and (1) HOW342025 aluminum upper clamp.

273-288CTC09.indd 273




7/28/09 10:47:03 AM

Roll Control Blueprinted Super Speedway Shifter HUR491-0010 Shifter has Blanchard ground selector levers and a CNC-machined selector with solid bias pins for precise gear changes. The push down reverse lock-out prevents accidental engagement. Shifter includes extra shim plates, special carriage pivot bolt, and roll pins and spring washers for serviceability. Stick must be purchased separately. Requires custom fabricated linkages.

Often used for right front brake shut-off. System includes indicator light, in-line fuse holder, on/ off remote button switch, and instructions. Installation kit includes assorted brass fittings. Part No.



HUR174-5000 ..........Roll Control HUR567-1510 ..........Roll Control Installation Kit HUR567-1510

Pro Billet Super Speedway Shifter HUR491-0500 New, improved 4-speed shifter may be custom tailored to driver with a bolt-on aluminum or steel stick. Billet aluminum housing has CNC-machined billet steel selector pin and levers for maximum strength and reliability. Stainless steel fasteners are drilled for safety wire (safety wire not included). Stick must be purchased separately. Requires custom, fabricated linkages.

Shifter Knobs

Lightweight Aluminum Stick HUR538-0179 Excellent for competition use, sticks are more resilient than steel, and one-third lighter. The 2024 aluminum is heat treated to T-6 spec, resulting in a tensile strength of 68,000 psi. Stick has 7/16"20 threads.

Chrome-Plated Steel Sticks Hurst Chrome-Plated Steel Sticks are manufactured with famous Hurst quality. Embossed with the Hurst name, all steel sticks incorporate a 3/8"-16 thread for use with a variety of Hurst T-Handles and shifter knobs.

Durable, high impact plastic knobs have a classic appearance. Knobs fit Hurst Chrome Steel Sticks with 3/8"-16 or 3/8"-24 threads and Hurst Aluminum Sticks with 7/16"-20 threads. Description

White Part No.

Black Part No.

Classic 4-Speed, 3/8"-16 Classic 4-Speed, 3/8"-24 Std. 4-Speed, 3/8"-16 Quarter Stick, 7/16"-20

HUR163-0003 HUR163-0002 HUR163-7626 HUR163-1036

HUR163-0103 HUR163-0102 – – HUR538-0015



Shifter Boots Chrome trim plate and mounting hardware are included with boots. Part No.


HUR114-4580 ..........B-4 Boot and Plate, 3-1/2" x 4-1/2" HUR114-7494 ..........Super Boot and Plate, 7-3/4" x 8-3/4" HUR114-8429 ..........Indy Boot and Plate, 3-1/2" x 4-1/2" HUR538-6836






Andy McDermid


273-288CTC09.indd 274



8/3/09 10:29:38 AM

R3 Head And Neck Restraint

Hybrid Rage

Restraint moves with the driver during a crash, maintaining the relationship of the head, neck and torso. System meets NASCAR mandated SFI 38.1 specifications. Systems may be strapped to the driver, or left in the car and anchored to the restraint system. Choose systems for 10° or 20° layback racing seats.

The Hybrid Rage combines comfort, security and stability with an economical price. SFI-38.1 certified system utilizes a seat belt stabilizing system that requires seat belt hook-up, yet offers an easier exit. Effective in rollover and multiple impacts. Sold complete with quick releases, D-ring kit, molded seat pad and installation manual.


10° Layback Part No.

20° Layback Part No.

Strap-On Systems Medium, 36"-42" Chest HUTR3-MED-10 HUTR3-MED-20 Large, 42"-48" Chest – HUTR3-LRG-20 In-Seat Systems Medium, 36"-42" Chest HUTR3-MED-10-IS HUTR3-MED-20-IS Large, 42"-48" Chest HUTR3-LRG-10-IS HUTR3-MED-20-IS

Part No.

NOTE: Chest Strap Size Measurements Are With Driving Suit On.

Hybrid Head And Neck Restraint

Hutchens Device Stabilizes the driver’s head throughout the race, providing safety, comfort and easy access. The system “anchors” to the lap belt buckle and has a quick, one time adjustment (no seat adjustments). The helmet D-ring kit attaches to either side of the helmet for even more protection. Part No.


HUTHYR-MED-10 ......Medium, 40"-44" Chest HUTHYR-LRG-10 .......Large, 44"-48" Chest

A combination of the R3 and Hutchens II, it's a technically advanced head and neck restraint system with Poly-Tech webbing for unsurpassed angular impact protection and improved stability. The low back design eases entry and exit. There are no annoying tops to hook on the bars during exits.


HUT-SML ......... Small, 30-1/2"-38" Chest, 27"-38" Waist, 4'-5'6" Height HUT-MED ........ Medium, 38"-45" Chest, 35"-45" Waist, 4'9"-5'10" Height HUT-LRG ......... Large, 45"-52" Chest, 42"-52" Waist, 5'-6'6" Height HUT-DRK ......... Helmet D-Ring Kit

Part No.


HUTHYR-MED-20 ......Medium, 36"-42" Chest HUTHYR-LRG-20 .......Large, 42"-48" Chest HUTHYR-XLG-20 .......X-Large, 48"-54" Chest

D-Cel Harness Sprint car, go-cart or enduro racers will appreciate this unique harness. It can effect up to a 70% reduction in neck tension. System wraps around the driver, using the pelvis as an anchor. Harness assures easy access in and out of the car and has a quick, one time adjustment. Part No.


HUTDCL-MED ... Medium, 150-200 lbs., 5'-6'4" Height HUTDCL-LRG .... Large, 200-290 lbs., 5'8"-6'6" Height HUTDCL-XLG .... X-Large, 290 lbs.+, 5'8"-6'6" Height

Frank Marshall

273-288CTC09.indd 275

Photo: John Berglund

Danny Knowles


Photos: John Berglund



8/3/09 10:30:36 AM

Hyperco Coil Springs are recognized by top competitors worldwide as one of the best available. Hyperco starts with the highest quality wire. Inspections are performed before, during, and after manufacturing to meet stringent quality standards. All Hypercoils are dark blue powder coated (except black rear pigtail springs) and etched with the rate.

Conventional Coil Springs

Coil-Over Springs

Front Springs – Blue Powder Coated

Blue Powder Coated


5.0" O.D. 9.5" Tall J Prefix

5.5" O.D. 9.5" Tall K Prefix

5.5" O.D. 11" Tall QA Prefix

5.5" O.D. 12" Tall Q Prefix

500 550 600 650 700 750 800 850 900 950 1000 1050 1100 1150 1200 1250 1300 1320 1370 1400 1440 1490 1500

HYPJ500 HYPJ550 HYPJ600 HYPJ650 HYPJ700 HYPJ750 HYPJ800 HYPJ850 HYPJ900 HYPJ950 HYPJ1000 HYPJ1050 HYPJ1100 HYPJ1150 – HYPJ1250 – – HYPJ1370 – – HYPJ1490 –

HYPK500 HYPK550 HYPK600 HYPK650 HYPK700 HYPK750 HYPK800 HYPK850 HYPK900 HYPK950 HYPK1000 HYPK1050 HYPK1100 – HYPK1200 – – HYPK1320 – – HYPK1440 – –

– – – – – – HYPQA800 – HYPQA900 – HYPQA1000 – HYPQA1100 – HYPQA1200 – HYPQA1300 – – – – – –

– – – – – – HYPQ800 – HYPQ900 – HYPQ1000 – HYPQ1100 – HYPQ1200 – HYPQ1300 – – HYPQ1400 – – HYPQ1500

Rear Springs – Blue Powder Coated - Flat Both Ends Rate

5.0" O.D., 11" Tall M Prefix

5.0" O.D., 13" Tall L Prefix

5" O.D., 16" Tall SNU Prefix NEW!

100 125 150 165 175 185 200 225 250 275 300 325 350 375

– HYPM125 HYPM150 – HYPM175 – HYPM200 HYPM225 HYPM250 HYPM275 HYPM300 HYPM325 HYPM350 HYPM375


– HYPSNU-125 HYPSNU-150 HYPSNU-175 – HYPSNU-200 HYPSNU-225 HYPSNU-250 – – – – –

Rear Pigtail Springs – Black Painted


Single Pigtail 5.5" O.D., 11" Tall R Prefix

Single Pigtail 5.5" O.D., 12" Tall S Prefix

Double Pigtail 7" O.D., 14" Tall SDP Prefix

150 HYPR150 HYPS150 – 175 HYPR175 HYPS175 HYPSDP-175 200 HYPR200 HYPS200 HYPSDP-200 225 HYPR225 HYPS225 HYPSDP-225 250 HYPR250 HYPS250 HYPSDP-250 275 HYPR275 HYPS275 – 300 HYPR300 HYPS300 HYPSDP-300 NOTE: “R” and “S” springs have pigtail on one end and are flat on the other.

Conventional Coil Springs Reference • 5" front springs fit 1964-72 Chevelle, 1967-69 Camaro and 1968-74 Nova • 5-1/2" front springs fit ’73-up Chevelle, ’70-up Camaro, ’75-up Nova and most Fords • 1-7/8" and 2-1/4" are also available on a special order basis... Call for details.


273-288CTC09.indd 276


4" Tall

7" Tall

8" Tall

1-7/8" I.D Coil-Over Springs 100 – – – 112 – – – 125 – – – 137 – – – 150 – – – 162 – – – 175 – – – 185 – – – 200 – – – 225 – – – 250 – – – 275 – – – 300 – – – 325 – – – 350 – – – 375 – – – 400 – – – 425 – – – 450 – – – 475 – – – 500 – – – 2-1/4" I.D. Coil-Over Springs 200 – – HYP188A0200 250 – – HYP188A0250 275 – – HYP188A0275 HYP188A0300 300 – – 325 – – HYP188A0325 350 – – HYP188A0350 375 – – HYP188A0375 400 – – HYP188A0400 HYP188A0425 425 – – 450 – – HYP188A0450 475 – – HYP188A0500 500 – – HYP188A0550 2-1/2" I.D. Coil-Over Springs 110 – – – 125 – – – 150 – – – 160 – – – 175 – – – 185 – – – 200 – – HYPCO8-200 225 – – HYPCO8-225 250 – – HYPCO8-250 275 – – HYPCO8-275 300 – – HYPCO8-300 325 – – HYPCO8-325 350 HYPCO4-350 HYPCO7-350 HYPCO8-350 375 – – HYPCO8-375 400 HYPCO4-400 HYPCO7-400 HYPCO8-400 425 – – HYPCO8-425 450 – HYPCO7-450 HYPCO8-450 475 – – HYPCO8-475 500 HYPCO4-500 – HYPCO8-500 550 – – HYPCO8-550 600 HYPCO4-600 – HYPCO8-600 650 – – HYPCO8-650 700 – – HYPCO8-700 750 – – HYPCO8-750 800 – – HYPCO8-800 850 – – HYPCO8-850

10" Tall

12" Tall

14" Tall

HYP1810D0100 HYP1810D0112 HYP1810D0125 HYP1810D0137 HYP1810D0150 HYP1810D0162 HYP1810D0175 HYP1810D0185 HYP1810D0200 HYP1810D0225 HYP1810D0250 HYP1810D0275 HYP1810D0300 HYP1810D0325 HYP1810D0350 HYP1810D0375 HYP1810D0400 HYP1810D0425 HYP1810D0450 HYP1810D0475 HYP1810D0500

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – –

HYPCO10-110 HYPCO10-125 HYPCO10-150 – HYPCO10-175 – HYPCO10-200 HYPCO10-225 HYPCO10-250 HYPCO10-275 HYPCO10-300 HYPCO10-325 HYPCO10-350 HYPCO10-375 HYPCO10-400 HYPCO10-425 HYPCO10-450 HYPCO10-475 HYPCO10-500 HYPCO10-550 HYPCO10-600 HYPCO10-650 HYPCO10-700 – HYPCO10-800 –

HYPCO12-110 HYPCO12-125 HYPCO12-150 – HYPCO12-175 HYPCO12-185 HYPCO12-200 HYPCO12-225 HYPCO12-250 HYPCO12-275 HYPCO12-300 HYPCO12-325 HYPCO12-350 HYPCO12-375 HYPCO12-400 HYPCO12-425 HYPCO12-450 HYPCO12-475 HYPCO12-500 HYPCO12-550 HYPCO12-600 HYPCO12-650 HYPCO12-700 HYPCO12-750 HYPCO12-800 HYPCO12-850

HYPCO14-110 HYPCO14-125 HYPCO14-150 HYPCO14-160 HYPCO14-175 HYPCO14-185 HYPCO14-200 HYPCO14-225 HYPCO14-250 HYPCO14-275 HYPCO14-300 HYPCO14-325 HYPCO14-350 HYPCO14-375 HYPCO14-400 – HYPCO14-450 – HYPCO14-500 – – – – – – –

2-1/2" I.D. x 10" Tall Progressive Spring HYPCO10-175/500



7/28/09 10:48:22 AM

Hydraulic Load-Centering Spring Perch

Composite Leaf Springs

Perch corrects the uneven load characteristics of coil-over springs and centers spring forces on the shocks to reduce bending and internal friction. Perches fit on a 2-1/2" coil-over top and are used on dirt and pavement late models. Optional dirt cover extends perch life. Both are sold individually. Part No.


HYP12010.......Hydraulic Spring Perch, 2.5" HYP12000.......Dirt Cover For Spring Perch

Take-Up Springs

Part No.

Springs keep coil-overs properly indexed in plat- HYPCS100 forms. Should be used with stacked spring divider HYP18DS100. Part No.


HYPCS100 .......2-1/2" I.D. x 4" Free Length, 25 lb. Rate HYPCS600 .......2-1/2" I.D. x 6" Free Length HYP18DS100 ...Stacked Spring Divider, Couples 2-1/2" I.D. Take-Up Spring


Progressive Pull Bar Springs Springs are .75" I.D. x 1.5" O.D. x 7" tall. Part No.

Aerospace epoxy matrix composite is 70% lighter than steel with quicker response, higher yield strength and better retention. Springs are molded to the exact shape to resist relaxing. Initial costs are greater, but composite springs will last five times longer than steel. Rate


Front Bolt Dia.

Rear Bolt Dia.

.625" .625" .625" .625" .625" .625"

.500" .500" .500" .500" .500" .500"

.562" .562" .562" .562" .562"

.500" .500" .500" .500" .500"

Chrysler Composite Leaf Springs HYP10244 35 4.5" HYP10242 50 4.5" HYP10220 150 4.5" HYP10230 175 4.5" HYP10231 200 4.5" HYP10240 225 4.5" Chevy Camaro Composite Leaf Springs HYP11338 150 4.5" 175 4.5" HYP11340 HYP11342 200 4.5" HYP11344 225 4.5" HYP11348 250 4.5"


HYP400-1000 ... 400/1,000 HYP600-1200 ... 600/1,200 HYP900-1300 ... 900/1,300

Linear Conventional Pull Bar Spring HYP1225PB Spring is 5" O.D. x 6.625" free length.

Detroit Locker Spring HYPLOCKERSPRING Directly replaces the stock spring in Ford 9" rear ends Detroit with D with Det etro roit it Lockers. LLoc ocke kers rs.

Archie Myers

Tire Grooving Iron IHK125 The pistol grip is light and stays cool. The solid brass head keeps the heat “just ahead” of the cutting blade to quickly groove dirt track tires. Cut depth is controlled by the adjustable blade. Iron has a 250 watt capacity, and includes .215" wide brass #4 head, twelve #4 blades and 7-foot power cord.

Jim Fairbanks

273-288CTC09.indd 277

Photo: John Berglund

Replacement Round Blades Part No. Description

Replacement Heads Part No. Description

IHKBL02.......#2 Blades (12) IHKBL03.......#3 Blades (12) IHKBL04.......#4 Blades (12) IHKBL05.......#5 Blades (12) IHKBL06.......#6 Blades (12) IHKBL08.......#8 Blades (12) IHKBL10.......#10 Blades (12) IHKBL12.......#12 Blades (12)

IHKHD01 ......#1 Head .053" Wide IHKHD02 ......#2 Head .090" Wide IHKHD03 ......#3 Head .150" Wide IHKHD04 ......#4 Head .215" Wide IHKHD05 ......#5 Head .290" Wide IHKHD06 ......#6 Head .375" Wide IHKHD08 ......#8 Head .500" Wide IHKHD10 ......#10 Head .625" Wide IHKHD12 ......#12 Head .750" Wide

Dennis Martin


Photo: John Berglund



8/3/09 10:31:47 AM

Champ Air Vapor


Vapor And Air Vapor Aerodynamic, light composite helmet's "slippery" boundary layer keeps it stable at high speeds. Chin bar slots, adjustable forehead vents, crown and rear exhaust vents provide comfort. Air Vapor model includes a top mounted fresh air port. Helmets meet Snell SA2005 specifications and are offered in silver, white or black. Size

Vapor Medium Large X-Large Air Vapor Small Medium Large X-Large




– – –

IMP12000409 IMP12000509 IMP12000609

IMP12000410 IMP12000510 IMP12000610

IMP16000308 IMP16000408 IMP16000508 IMP16000608

IMP16000309 IMP16000409 IMP16000509 IMP16000609

IMP16000310 IMP16000410 IMP16000510 IMP16000610 Air Draft


Draft And Air Draft Ultra lightweight helmet has a "ripple effect" boundary layer and extended chin foil to aid aerodynamics. A variable density liner improves comfort. Air draft adds a top mounted fresh air port. Helmets meet Snell SA2005 specifications and are offered in silver only. Size


Air Draft

Medium Large X-Large

IMP19200408 IMP19200508 IMP19200608

IMP19300408 IMP19300508 IMP19300608


Super Sport Small Medium Large X-Large Super Sport Air Small Medium Large X-Large


273-288CTC09.indd 278

Super Sport




IMP13000308 IMP13000408 IMP13000508 IMP13000608

IMP13000309 IMP13000409 IMP13000509 IMP13000609

IMP13000310 IMP13000410 IMP13000510 IMP13000610

Charger And Super Charger

Super Sport Air



IMP17500308 IMP17500408 IMP17500508 IMP17500608

IMP17500309 IMP17500409 IMP17500509 IMP17500609

IMP17500310 IMP17500410 IMP17500510 IMP17500610

IMP17600308 IMP17600408 IMP17600508 IMP17600608

– – – –

IMP17600310 IMP17600410 IMP17600510 IMP17600610

Super Charger

A unique wrap-around eye port gives a wide angle view. The liner has , Gray Matter helmet liner, for maximum comfort and safety. An adjustable chin bar and forehead, crown and rear vents offer comfort. The Super Charger has Charger a top mounted fresh air port. Helmets meet Snell SA2005 specifications and are offered in silver, white or black. Size



Small Medium Large X-Large

Charger Small Medium Large X-Large Super Charger Small Medium Large X-Large

Super Sport And Super Sport Air With wide eyeports and perfect fit and feel, the Super Sport features lightweight, hand laminated shell, slotted forehead vents and slick, "narrow aero" design. Super Sport Air models have top mounted fresh air ports. Helmets meet Snell SA2005 specifications and are offered in silver, white or black.

The Champ’s radical chin bar covers the nose and mouth, acting as a breath deflector. Large eye port provides exceptional vision while, Gray Matter helmet liner, extended chin foil, adjustable forehead, crown and rear exhaust vents contribute to comfort. Meets Snell SA2005 specifications. Offered in silver, white or black.




IMP14000308 IMP14000408 IMP14000508 IMP14000608

IMP14000309 IMP14000409 IMP14000509 IMP14000609

IMP14000310 IMP14000410 IMP14000510 IMP14000610

IMP17000308 IMP17000408 IMP17000508 IMP17000608

IMP17000309 IMP17000409 IMP17000509 IMP17000609

IMP17000310 IMP17000410 IMP17000510 IMP17000610


The Spider's advanced, WEB air induction system offers superior cooling and anti-air contamination qualities. Snell SA2005 approved helmet has fortified speed channels to direct air flow across the shield, chinbar and nose/mouth area. Available in silver, white, black and flat black, helmet includes HANS anchor and .125" clear shield. Size




Flat Black

Small Medium Large X-Large

IMP19400308 IMP19400408 IMP19400508 IMP19400608

IMP19400309 IMP19400409 IMP19400509 IMP19400609

IMP19400310 IMP19400410 IMP19400510 IMP19400610

IMP19400312 IMP19400412 IMP19400512 IMP19400612



8/3/09 10:32:48 AM

Helmet And Gear Bags Black nylon bags bear the Impact Racing logo and are available in two sizes. Extra large Gear Bag is 27" long x 12" wide x 11" deep with adjustable shoulder straps.

Velocity The Velocity provides maximum visibility and protection with a comfortable, Gray Matter helmet liner, flow-through visor vents and a full shell goggle strap centering detent. Meets Snell SA2005 specifications. Silver, white or black.

Part No.





Medium Large X-Large

IMP15000408 IMP15000508 IMP15000608

IMP15000409 IMP15000509 IMP15000609

IMP15000410 IMP15000510 IMP15000610

Mini Vapor And Mini Champ

Mini Vapor

Designed for the continuously growing 5-10 year old racer. Lightweight, aerodynamic helmets have Quick Fit Inserts to provide room Mini Champ for growth all the way to an adult size. Gray Matter helmet liner eases fitting and re-fitting. Approved by QMA, WKA, and IKF. Offered in silver only. Part No.



IMP71000910 ..........Helmet Bag IMP72000910 ..........Gear Bag

Helmet Support IMP74500010 High density foam Support increases in resistance the more it is compressed. Available in black only, support has an adjustable hook and loop closure. Meets SFI specifications.

Helmet Dryer IMP10000009 Specialized dryer utilizes a single speed, low amp fan that removes moisture from helmet, improving comfort and eliminating odor.

IMP11300308 ..........Mini Vapor IMP11400308 ..........Mini Champ

Wizard Thrifty, full face helmet is designed specifically for the entry level racer. Manufactured in the USA from a lightweight composite, the Wizard includes an extra wide eyeport for exceptional vision. Meets Snell SA2005 specifications. White or flat black. Size


Flat Black

X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large

IMP14500209 IMP14500309 IMP14500409 IMP14500509 IMP14500609

IMP14500212 IMP14500312 IMP14500412 IMP14500512 IMP14500612

Breath Deflector IMP10000012 Fits in closed face helmets and helps prevent shield fogging.

Replacement Helmet Shields



Light Smoke

Dark Smoke

Hi-Def. Amber

Iridium Yellow

Iridium Blue

Vapor/Charger/Draft Champ/Nitro Air Draft/Super Sport/Spider Mini Vapor Mini Champ Lil' Champ

IMP12100901 IMP13100901 IMP19300901 IMP11300901 IMP11400901 IMP11100901

IMP12100902 IMP13100902 IMP19300902 IMP11300902 IMP11400902 IMP11100902

IMP12100903 IMP13100903 IMP19300903 IMP11300903 IMP11400903 IMP11100903

IMP12100904 IMP13100904 IMP19300904 – – –

IMP12100905 IMP13100905 IMP19300905 – – –

IMP12100906 IMP13100906 IMP19300906 – – –

Replacement Helmet Pivot Kit IMP10000000

273-288CTC09.indd 279




7/28/09 10:50:31 AM

G2/G3 Evolution Racing Gloves ess Standard gauntlet and cuff, comfortable suede gloves have an adjustable quick fit wris wrist istt closure and padded palm. G2 gloves add a pad paddded, wrap around palm template for added comed com mfort and abrasion resistance. Available in black/grayy o only. on nly ly

Team One

Team One Semi-gloss, twill Nomex double layer suits deliver superior fire protection. Their 360° floating sleeves provide unrestricted arm movement, and complement the internal elastic waistband, inset pockets, forward pant seams, wrap-around collar, dual cuffs with an in-boot liner and over the boot pantlegs. Offered in silver/black only, Team Impact suits have the Impact logo across the chest. Team One suits have no logo and are available in blue, red or black. Each suit meets SFI 3-2A/5 specifications. Color





IMP21000406 IMP21000407 IMP21000410

IMP21000506 IMP21000507 IMP21000510

IMP21000606 IMP21000607 IMP21000610

IMP21000706 IMP21000707 IMP21000710

The Racer


G3 Part No.

Small Medium Large X-Large

IMP32000310 IMP32000410 IMP32000510 IMP32000610

IMP33000310 IMP33000410 IMP33000510 IMP33000610

Affordable, U.S.- made harness systems include an integrated, pull-down adjustable 3" wide lap belt and shoulder straps and are available with single (5-point) or double (6-point) 1-3/4" wide submarine belt. Offered in gray only, all harnesses are SFI 16.1 certified. Part No. Description Individual Shoulder Sets

IMP59911111 ..........5-Point Pull Down Adjust Restraint System IMP59921111 ..........6-Point Pull Down Adjust Restraint System

Impact offers one of the best values in American-made racing suits. The Racer is moderately priced and has maximum features. Features include soft, breathable, matte finish twill Nomex III® shell, impactMAX® knit liner, expandable knit lower back panel, wide shoulders, and inset pant pocket. Available in one- or two-piece, black only. Meets SFI 3-2A/5 Specifications. Small

G2 Part No.

Wizard 5- And 6-Point Harness Systems

Blue Red Black

One-Piece IMP24200310 IMP24200410 Two-Piece, Jacket IMP22500310 IMP22500410 Two-Piece, Pant IMP23300310 IMP23300410


U-Type Shoulder Set

IMP59961111 ..........5-Point Pull Down Adjust Restraint System V-Type Shoulder Sets

IMP59981111 ..........5-Point Pull Down Adjust Restraint System IMP59982111 ..........6-Point Pull Down Adjust Restraint System

5- And 6- Point Latch And Link Systems


X Large

XX Large










M/T And H/T Racing Shoes Offered in M/T (Mid Top) and H/T (High Top) versions, Impact Racing Shoes deliver unsurpassed comfort and support with plush knit, fire resistant interior and a velour suede exterior. Aggressive sole design provides exceptional pedal feel and dual lacing system assures excellent fit. Available in black only. M/T Racing Shoes Part No. Size

Part No.

IMP47007010 ....7 IMP47008010 ....8 IMP47009010 ....9 IMP47009510 ....9-1/2

IMP47010010 .... 10 IMP47010510 .... 10-1/2 IMP47011010 .... 11 IMP47012010 .... 12

H/T Racing Shoes Part No. Size

Part No.

IMP48007010 ....7 IMP48008010 ....8 IMP48009010 ....9 IMP48009510 ....9-1/2 IMP48010010 ....10

IMP48010510 .....10-1/2 IMP48011010 .....11 IMP48011510 .....11-1/2 IMP48012010 .....12 IMP48013010 .....13



Each latch and link restraint system includes choice of V-type or individual shoulder harness, latch and link lap belts and single (5-point) or double (6-point) anti-sub belt. SFI 16.1 certified. Part No. Description Individual Shoulder Sets

IMP51111111 ............5- Point Pull Down Adjust Restraint System IMP51112116 ............5- Point Pull Down Adjust, NASCAR Approved IMP52111111 ............5- Point Pull Up Adjust Restraint System IMP53653711 ............5- Point Pull Up Adjust, NASCAR Approved IMP59111111 ............5- Point Pull Down Adjust Restraint System, Integrated Adjuster IMP51122116 ............6- Point Pull Down Adjust Restraint System, NASCAR Approved V-Type Shoulder Sets

IMP53811111 ............5- Point Pull Down Adjust Restraint System IMP54811111 ............5- Point Pull Up Adjust Restraint System IMP59811111 ............5- Point Pull Down Adjust, Integrated Adjuster

5-Point Rotary Cam Lock Systems Each 5-point rotary cam lock system has individual shoulder harnesses, rotary cam lock lap belts and single anti-sub belt. SFI 16.1 certified. Individual Shoulder Sets Part No. Description

IMP55341111 ............Pull Down Adjust Restraint System IMP56341111 ............Pull Up Adjust Restraint System

Anchor Hardware Part No.


IMP50000011 ............3-Bar Adjuster IMP50000021 ............Bolt-In Anchor


273-288CTC09.indd 280


Part No.


IMP50000031 ............Clip-In Anchor IMP50000041 ............Eye Bolt Anchor


7/28/09 10:51:27 AM

PProfessional rofessional W Wireless ireless Scale Scal System INT170127-W

Scale System Carrying Case INT100055-R 55--R

RFX wireless system is certified to 0.1% accuracy, offering a secure, wireless connection with USB and RS232 output. Large, 1/2" backlit display characters are easily read. System has a target tune feature and can store 100 chassis set-ups, recall baseline set-up, calculate center of gravity and display user selectable modes. Four wireless, RFX billet 15" x 15" x 2-1/2", 1,500 lb. pads, one touch wireless indicator with case, pad storage case, USB cable for PC, race car management software and AA alkaline batteries are included. Two-year warranty.

Heavy duty, ATA300 approved carrying rryin ng case is designed to store four 2-1/2" /2" tall, low profile scale pads, controll boxx and cables. Case, which is 21" x 17-1/2" 7-1/2"" x 21", features mil-spec latches and handles.

Quick Weigh Wireless Scale System INT170126-W Quick Weigh's integrated RFX wireless technology assures 0.1% accuracy and secure wireless communication. System has large, 1/2" backlit display characters, USB and RS232 output, and can store 100 chassis setups, recall baseline set-up, calculate center of gravity, display user selectable modes, and target tuning. Includes four wireless, RFX billet, 15" x 15" x 2-1/2", 1,500 lb. pads, one touch wireless indicator with case, AA alkaline batteries and a two-year warranty.

E-Z Weigh Cabled Scale System INT170125

Scale Cart INT100346 A high quality aluminum scale cart complete with wheels. Cart holds four pads, cables, controller and has space for accessories.

Scale Pad Leveler With Roll-Off Pad INT170133 Lightweight aluminum leveler is designed to fit any 15" x 2.5" scale pads. Allows the car to be rolled off the scale pad and back on with little effort. Sold in sets of four.

Turn Plates


Manufactured from lightweight, aerospace aluminum, Intercomp turn plates allow taking several measurements that can be used for alignment including caster/camber and Ackerman. Offered in traditional mechanical and advanced, digital versions. Digital version, which is up to ten times more accurate than conventional models, includes a large, electronic display in 0.1° graduations. Turn plates may be placed on top of scale pads and are 13" x 15" x 1.5" in size. Part No.


Intercomp's best selling scale system. Cabled E-Z Weigh Scale System uses large, easy-to-read display of weights and percentages, and is certified to 0.1% accuracy. Unit has a target tune feature and can display set-ups to one hundredth of a percent, store 100 chassis set-ups, recall baseline set-up, calculate center of gravity and display user selectable modes. Includes cabled indicator with case, four billet 15" x 15" x 2-1/2", 1,500 lb. capacity scales, 9-volt rechargeable battery and two-year warranty.

INT102007 ...... Mechanical Turn Plates, Reads -35° To +35° INT100340 ...... Digital Turn Plates, Reads -30° To +30° NEW!

SW787 Wireless Scale System INT170154

Caster/Camber Gauge Adapters

Intercomp's wireless SW787 scale system combines the ultra accurate (0.1% accuracy) billet scale pads with advanced RFX wireless technology. Custom displays for oval track, dirt track (with rear bite) and four corners. System includes handheld PDA and (4) billet 15" x 15" x 2-1/2", 1,500 lb. capacity scale pads with wireless modes to transmit data from the pads to the handheld PDA.

Part No.

273-288CTC09.indd 281

Digital Caster/Camber Gauge With Backlight One of the industry’s most up-to-date, digital caster/camber gauges indicates to 0.1° and has a +/-20° reading (up to 10 times the accuracy of conventional bubble gauges). Easyto-use controls include: on/off, caster/camber select and zero adjust. Up to 100 hours on a standard 9 volt battery. Part No.


INT100005 ...... Gauge With Magnetic Adapter and Carrying Case INT100008 ...... Gauge With Carrying Case, Adapter Not Included


INT100006 ...... Magnetic, 3" OD - 1.55" ID INT100000 ...... GM, .750"-20 INT100002 ...... Wide 5, 1.813"-16

Billet Bubble Caster/Camber Gauge INT102010 Highly accurate gauge has easyto-read bubble display and will measure -6 to +6° of camber and -8 to +8° of caster with 0.2° accuracy. Includes magnetic adapter and case.




8/3/09 10:34:33 AM

Digital Air Pressure Gauge INT360045

M Memory Tire/Brake Pyrometer INT102034 P

Rapid, highly accurate, backlit digital gauge hass 0.5" display, and reads in 0-100 00 PSI (0.1 increments). Keypad calibration, zero, peak ibration, push button zer ero, o, p eak ea ak hold function, thumb operated bleed off, and 20" whip hose with 45° swivel nozzle included.

Faster and more accurate, with a display clear enough so anyone can d make correct chassis adjustments. m Displays outside, middle and inside D temperatures of each tire as well as average temperatures. Four t brake temperatures may be entered to calculate front/rear bias. b Capable of storing information from up to ten test sessions for recall and comparison.

Deluxe Air Pressure Gauges

Infrared Pyrometers

Deluxe Air Gauges incorporate a patented internal mechanism which provides far more resilience to INT360058 extreme punishment. Available in standard, glow-in-the-dark or liquid-filled, every unit includes a high quality thumb-operated bleeder and swivel nozzle on a 17" Goodyear hose. High visibility with major/minor graduation marks. Part No.

Infrared Pyrometers provide quick temperature readings. Point, and squeeze trigger to check temperatures of rotors, tires, fluids, etc. Part No.


Lap Timer System INT360050


INT360058 ...... 4", Glow In Dark, 0-15 x 1/2 PSI NEW! INT360059 ...... 4", Glow In Dark, 0-30 x 1 PSI NEW! INT360060 ...... 4", Glow In Dark, 0-60 x 1 PSI NEW! INT360062 ...... 2", 0-15 x 1/2 PSI INT360063 ...... 2", 0-30 x 1 PSI INT360064 ...... 2", 0-60 x 1 PSI INT360065 ...... 2.5", Liquid-Filled, 0-15 x 1/2 PSI INT360066 ...... 2.5", Liquid-Filled, 0-30 x 1 PSI INT360067 ...... 2.5", Liquid-Filled, 0-60 x 1 PSI INT360068 ...... 2.5", Glow in Dark, 0-15 x 1/2 PSI INT360069 ...... 2.5", Glow in Dark, 0-30 x 1 PSI INT360070 ...... 2.5", Glow in Dark, 0-60 x 1 PSI


INT360018-E ... Infrared Temp Gun w/Case (-58° to 1,022°F) INT360084-E ... Mini Infrared Laser Temp Gun (-22° to 518°F)


Lightweight, compact and easy-to-use, lap timer features single button operation. Unit indicates lap number every lap, while 250-lap memory stores laps cumulatively up to one hour in length for later recall. Backlit display allows easy viewing in daylight, overcast or night time conditions. Serial output allows sending lap times to a printer, computer or data logger. Requires no hardwiring and installs easily with Velcro strips. Powered by a standard, 9-volt battery.

Shock Dynamometer INT102062-S

Type-A hardness tester allows quickly checking tire compound. Gauge reads 0-100.

Compare and evaluate shock absorbers easily. The dual display unit is adjustable for 1.0", 1.5", 2.00" or 2.25" strokes and shows compression, rebound, speed, time and temperature. Fixed speed motor unit is compatible with Windows 98, NT, 2000 and XP. Software is included.

Memory Tire Pressure Gauge INT102058

Test Equipment

Tire Durometer INT360092

Intercomp is the world leader in high performance test equipment with components to meet the needs of every racer.

Coil Spring Tester INT100059 Advanced tire pressure monitoring system features dual, digital backlit display of all pressures including OUT/COLD, IN/ HOT and calculates GAIN, while compensating for changes in barometric pressure. Memory allows storing up to ten complete sets of pressures. Unit includes a standard RS232 output and operates on a standard, 9-volt battery. May be interfaced with #INT102065-R Race Car Management Software.


273-288CTC09.indd 282

• Digital Height/Force Readout • 5,000 lb. Capacity • Portable

Valve Spring Tester INT100058 • Digital Height/Force Readout • 1,000 lb. Capacity



7/28/09 10:52:37 AM

Hydraulic Series Camshafts For SB Chevy Isky Hydraulic Series offers a wide selection of cam profiles to adhere to a variety of track rules. Part No.



RPM Range

Valve Lift

Advertised Duration

Duration @ .050"

Lobe Center

ISK201SL1 Stock Lift Classes, Slight Bank 1/4-3/8 Mile Tracks SL-1 2000-6500 .390"/.410" 268°/272° 228°/232° ISK201SL1/14 Stock Lift/Vacuum Rule (16” @ 1,000 RPM) SL-1 2400-6600 .390”/.410” 268°/272° 228°/232° ISK201SL2 Stock Lift Classes, Banked 3/8-1/2 Mile Tracks SL-2 2400-6800 .390"/.410" 276°/280° 236°/240° ISK201LR1 .420" Lift Rule Class, Slight Bank 1/4-3/8 Mile Tracks LR-1 2000-6200 .415" 264° 224° ISK201LR2 .420" Lift Rule Class, Banked 1/4-3/8 Mile Tracks LR-2 2400-6600 .415" 272° 232° ISK201LR3 .420" Lift Rule Class, Banked 3/8-1/2 Mile Tracks LR-3 2500-6800 .415" 280° 240° ISK201268 .450" Lift Rule Class, Slight Bank 1/4-3/8 Mile Tracks 268-Mega 2000-6400 .450" 268° 224° ISK201271 Hobby/Street Stock Classes, 1/4-3/8 Mile Tracks, 2BBL Carb 270-Mega 2000-6200 .465" 270° 221° ISK201274* 2BBL Hobby/Street Stock, Banked 1/4-3/8 Mile Track 274-Mega 2200-6500 .490" 274° 226° ISK201278 .450" Lift Rule Class, Banked 1/4-3/8 Mile Tracks 278-Mega 2500-6800 .450" 278° 234° ISK201281/6 Hobby/Street Stock, Banked 1/4-3/8 Mile Tracks 280-Mega 2500-6800 .485" 280° 232° ISK201284/292-6 Sportsman Classes, Banked 3/8-1/2 Mile Tracks, Any Carb 284/292 Mega 2700-7000 .510"/.505" 284°/292° 236°/244° ISK201288 Street Stock/IMCA, High Banked 3/8-1/2 Mile Tracks 288-Mega 2800-7000 .450" 288° 244° ISK201292/6 Sportsman Classes, Banked 3/8-1/2 Mile Tracks, Any Carb 292-Mega 2800-7000 .505" 292° 244° *Also available in kit form by ordering ISKCL201274. Kit includes ISK201274 camshaft, “Quiet Power” hydraulic lifters, Rev-Lube installation lubricant and instructions.

108° 114° 106° 107° 106° 106° 107° 108° 108° 106° 106° 106° 106° 106°

Flat Tappet Series Camshafts For SB Chevy Isky Flat Tappet Series Cams are designed for Sportsman, UMP, WISSOTA, and IMCA classes where reasonably priced cams producing good overall power and torque are necessary. Part No.



RPM Range

Valve Lift

Hot Lash

Advertised Duration

Duration @ .050"

Lobe Center

ISK201524 ISK201535 ISK201536 ISK201544 ISK201534 ISK201546 ISK201556 ISK201547 ISK201549 ISK201CC1 ISK201CC2 ISK201571 ISK201581

1/4-3/8 Mile Tracks, No Bank-2BBL Late Model Stock, 1/2-5/8 Mile Tracks, Restricted Intake Banked 1/4-3/8 Mile Tracks, 5.7-5.85" Rod Length Restricted Intake Classes, Late Model Stock Flat 1/4-3/8 Mile Tracks 3/8-1/2 Mile Tracks, 5.70"-5.85" Rod Length High Banked 1/2 Mile, 5.70"-5.85" Rod Lgth. Banked 1/4-3/8 Mile Tracks Banked 3/8-1/2 Mile Tracks, Broad Power Banked 1/4-3/8 Mile Tracks Banked 1/2 Mile Tracks High Banked 1/2 Mile, 5.7-5.85" Rod Length High Banked 1/2-3/8 Mile Tracks, 5.7-5.85" Rod Length

524 535/246 535-A 545 534-A 545-A 555-A 547-A 547-B CC-1 CC-2 570-A 580-A

2400-6600 2400-6600 2400-6800 2500-6700 2600-6800 2600-7000 2800-7200 3000-7000 3000-7000 3000-6800 3200-7000 3000-7600 3200-7800

.524"/.534" .535" .535"/.545" .545"/.545" .534"/.525" .545"/.555" .555"/.565" .547"/.548" .547"/.555" .525"/.520" .525"/.545" .570"/.580" .580"/.585"

.016"/.018" .014"/.016" .014"/.016" .014"/.016" .016"/.018" .014"/.016" .014"/.016" .016"/.018" .016"/.016" .016"/.018" .016"/.026" .014"/.016" .014"/.016"

278°/282° 274° 274°/278° 278° 282°/288° 278°/282° 282°/286° 288°/292° 288°/296° 290°/296° 290°/304° 286°/290° 290°/294°

244°/248° 246° 246°/250° 250° 248°/254° 250°/254° 254°/258° 254°/259° 258°/263° 254°/260° 254°/264° 258°/262° 262°/266°

106° 108° 106° 108° 106° 106° 106° 106° 106° 106° 106° 106° 106°

Roller Series Camshafts For SB Chevy Isky’s roller camshafts are engineered for late models and modifieds. Part No.



RPM Range

Valve Lift

Hot Lash

Advertised Duration

Duration @ .050"

Lobe Center

ISK201652 ISK201653 ISK201643

Dirt Late Models, 3/8-1/2 Mile Tracks Dirt Late Models, High Banked 1/2 Mile Dirt Late Models, Med. Bank 1/2 Mile Tracks

RR-652 RR-653 RR-640

3800-7400 4000-7600 4200-7400

.650"/.645" .650"/.645" .640"/.640"

.024"/.028" .024"/.028" .028"/.028"

286°/298° 290°/302° 294°/302°

256°/264° 260°/268° 260°/268°

106° 106° 106°

RECOMMENDED COMPONENTS For Use With Hydraulic Series Cams

Adjustable Guide Plates

Lifters ......................ISK202-H Springs ....................ISK6105, ISK235-D Retainers .................ISK507-ST, ISK707-STA Locks .......................ISKVL-11/32

Plates minimize modifications to high-performance cylinder heads when intake ports have been relocated. Easily adjusted inward or outward with grind centers for a closer setting. For more stability, plates can be welded once final adjustments have been made. Fits SB Chevy and 90° V-6. Packaged in sets of 8 pair.

For Use With Roller Series Cams

Part No.

Lifters ......................ISK202-HY Springs ....................ISK205-D, ISK6005 Retainers .................ISK707-ST, ISK507-ST Locks .......................ISKVL-11/32 For Use With Flat Tappet Series Cams

Lifters ......................ISK1241-LSH Springs ....................ISK9315 / ISK9365 Retainers .................ISK507-STA Locks .......................ISKVL-11/32

273-288CTC09.indd 283


ISK200-AGP .............5/16" Dia. Pushrods ISK300-AGP .............3/8" Dia. Pushrods




8/3/09 10:35:45 AM

Valve Springs Part No.


Color Code

Outer O.D./I.D.

Inner O.D./I.D.

Seat Pressure

Open Pressure

Rate Per In.

Coil Bind

Max. Net Lift

ISK205-D ISK235-D ISK6005 ISK6105 ISK6205 ISK8005-A ISK8005-SP ISK8305 ISK8205 ISK9205 ISK9265

Single w/Damper Single w/Damper Dual w/Damper Dual w/Damper Dual w/Damper Dual w/Damper Dual w/Damper Dual w/Damper Dual w/Damper Dual w/Damper Dual w/Damper

Yellow Blue Blue/Org/Yl Red/Org/Yl Org/Yellow Blue/Org/Yl Blue/Org/Yl Natural Org/Yl/Brwn Purple Nat./Yellow

1.260" 1.260" 1.005"/1.430" 1.000"/1.430" 1.005"/1.430" 1.005"/1.530" 1.005"/1.530" 1.005"/1.510" 1.005"/1.530" 1.040"/1.550" 1.005"/1.430"

.886" .886" .730"/1.070" .730"/1.070" .725"/1.070" .730"/1.110" .730"/1.110" .730"/1.110" .730"/1.110" .755"/1.130" .725"/1.115"

115 @ 1.700" 130 @ 1.750" 135 @ 1.750" 135 @ 1.812" 175 @ 1.812" 135 @ 1.875" 150 @ 1.875" 160 @ 1.875" 140 @ 1.900" 170 @ 1.950" 175 @ 1.875"

268 @ 1.210" 320 @ 1.200" 285 @ 1.200" 315 @ 1.260" 330 @ 1.325" 395 @ 1.225" 435 @ 1.225" 380 @ 1.275" 430 @ 1.250" 475 @ 1.250" 510 @ 1.200"

310 350 275 330 320 400 415 370 440 435 490

1.160" 1.150" 1.120" 1.120" 1.160" 1.160" 1.160" 1.175" 1.170" 1.175" 1.130"

.490" .550" .550" .550" .550" .650" .650" .600" .650" .675" .675"

Endurance 9000 Series Valve Springs High Endurance™ Valve Springs Test proven for 700 racing miles, Isky High Endurance Valve Springs are wound from “super clean” chrome silicone wire. Perfect for late models, modifieds and other race cars running up to 8000 RPM. Sold in sets of 16. Part No.


Color Code

Outer O.D./I.D.

Inner O.D./I.D.

Seat Pressure

Open Pressure

Rate Per In.

Coil Bind

Max Net Lift

ISK8205-SP ISK9315 ISK9365 ISK9365-SP ISK9385

Dual w/Damper Dual w/Damper Dual w/Damper Dual w/Damper Dual w/Damper

Natural Red Green Green Yellow

1.530"/1.110" 1.550"/1.025" 1.550"/1.135" 1.550"/1.135" 1.560"/1.040"

.730"/1.005" .740"/1.035" .740"/1.025" .740"/1.025" .740"/1.145"

150 @ 1.900" 210 @ 1.900" 220 @ 1.950" 225 @1.950" 240 @2.000"

440 @ 1.300" 520 @ 1.240" 550 @ 1.270" 550 @1.270" 600 @1.250"

480 480 460 460 500

1.150 1.130" 1.170" 1.170" 1.180"

.650" .660" .680" .680" .720"

Endurance Plus™ Valve Springs Test proven for 850 racing miles, Endurance Plus Springs feature a higher alloy outer spring “plus” special processing for increased durability. Excellent for use in sprint cars, super modifieds, super late models, road racing and other race cars running up to 8400 RPM. Sold in sets of 16. Part No.


Color Code

Outer O.D./I.D.

Inner O.D./I.D.

Seat Pressure

Open Pressure

Rate Per In.

Coil Bind

Max Net Lift


Dual w/Damper Dual w/Damper Dual w/Damper Dual w/Damper Dual w/Damper

– – Green/Silver Or. Nat./Silver/Or. Nat./Silver/Red

1.530"/1.110" 1.530"/1.110" 1.560"/1.040" 1.560"/1.040" 1.560"/1.040"

1.005"/.730" 1.005"/.730" 1.145"/.740" 1.145"/.740" 1.145"/.740"

140 @ 1.875" 150 @ 1.900" 235 @ 1.950" 230 @ 1.970" 245 @ 2.000"

400 @ 1.275" 420 @ 1.300" 560 @ 1.270" 560 @ 1.290" 600 @ 1.280"

420 440 470 480 500

1.160" 1.120" 1.170" 1.190" 1.180"

.650" .650" .680" .680" .720"

Precision Tool Room™ Valve Springs Test proven for 1000 racing miles, Isky Precision Tool Room Valve Springs feature the highest quality alloy wire and trade secret endurance processing. Great for super modifieds, ARCA, Busch GN, Craftsman Truck, Nextel Cup, and applications up to 8800 RPM. Sold in sets of 16. Part No.


Color Code

Outer O.D./I.D.

Inner O.D./I.D.

Seat Pressure

Open Pressure

Rate Per In.

Coil Bind

Max Net Lift

ISK295-D ISK9905 ISK9935 ISK9945 ISK9965 ISK9975 ISK9985 ISK9995

Single w/Damper Dual w/Damper Dual Damperless Dual w/Damper Dual w/Damper Dual w/Damper Dual w/Damper Dual w/Damper

– Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold

1.260"/.886" 1.534"/1.120" 1.560"/1.155" 1.625"/1.175" 1.560"/1.145" 1.560"/1.145" 1.560"/1.145" 1.570"/1.145"

– 1.010"/.740" 1.153"/.820" 1.065"/.770" 1.040"/.740" 1.040"/.740" 1.040"/.740" 1.035"/.740"

135 @ 1.775" 165 @ 1.900" 245 @ 1.950" 250 @ 2.020" 245 @ 1.950" 245 @ 1.970" 245 @ 2.000" 250 @ 2.030"

350 @ 1.175" 450 @ 1.300" 590 @ 1.250" 675 @ 1.270" 585 @ 1.270" 585 @ 1.290" 600 @ 1.300" 625 @ 1.300"

360 475 490 550 470 480 500 510

1.100" 1.160" 1.150" 1.180" 1.170" 1.190" 1.200" 1.200"

.600" .600" .700" .750" .680" .680" .700" .730"

RAD-9000 Precision Tool Room Valve Springs Isky Precision Tool Room Valve Spring taken one step further. Springs have undergone Radial-Densification (RAD), which further modifies the springs' physical properties. Designed for endurance oval track racing, RAD-9000 springs are sold in sets of 16. Part No.


Outer O.D./I.D.

Inner O.D./I.D.

Seat Pressure

Open Pressure

Rate Per In.

Coil Bind

Max. Net Lift


Dual w/Damper Dual w/Damper Dual w/Damper Dual w/Damper Dual w/Damper

1.625"/1.175" 1.625"/1.175" 1.650"/1.145" 1.570"/1.145" 1.600"/1.150"

1.065"/.770" 1.065"/.770" 1.040"/.740" 1.040"/.740" 1.040"/.745"

250 @ 2.020" 265 @ 2.120" 245 @ 2.000" 250 @ 2.030" 250 @ 2.050"

675 @ 1.270" 700 @ 1.320" 600 @ 1.300" 625 @ 1.300" 735 @ 1.250"

550 545 500 510 600

1.180" 1.240" 1.200" 1.200" 1.160"

.750" .800" .700" .730" .800"


273-288CTC09.indd 284



7/28/09 10:53:30 AM

Valve Locks Locks are machined from 4140 chrome moly bar stock and heat treated. Available in 7° and 10° styles. The “Super 7°” locks have a precisely ground outside diameter to provide a more consistent installed height and are engineered for endurance oval track applications. Sold in sets of 16 (32 pieces). Part No. 7° Valve Locks


ISKVL-11/32 .............For 11/32" Valve Stems, SB Chevy, SB Ford “Super 7°” Valve Locks

ISKVL-700 ................For 11/32" Valve Stems, SB Chevy, SB Ford ISKVL-750 ................For 11/32" Valve Stems, +.050" Higher Installed Height, SB Chevy, SB Ford 10° Valve Locks

ISKVL10-11/32 .........For 11/32" Valve Stems, SB Chevy, SB Ford

Steel Valve Spring Retainers 4130 chrome moly steel retainers are ideal for most oval track applications. Sold in sets of 16. Part No.

Spring Application

ISK275-ST ................9315, 9365, 9365-SP, 9365, 9385, 9965, 9975, 9985, 9995 ISK507-ST ................6005, 6105, 6205 ISK507-STA ..............6205, 8005-A ISK707-ST ................205-D ISK707-STA ..............235-D, 295-D

Titanium Valve Spring Retainers Retainers are 20-40% stronger and significantly lighter than common steel retainers. 100% aircraft quality titanium bar stock is used in the manufacture of the retainers. Sold in sets of 16. Part No.


ISK90-TI/10DEG........10° Retainers, Use With 10° Valve Locks and Springs 8005-A, 8205, 8305, 9205, 9315, 9365, 9365-SP, 9385, 9965, 9975, 9985 and 9995. ISK91-TI ...................7° Retainers, Use With Springs 8005-A, 8205, 8305, 9000, 9205, 9315, 9365, 9365-SP and 9385.

Chevy Anti-Pump-Up Hydraulic Superlifters ISK202-HY Isky Superlifters allow use of a more radical hydraulic camshaft without loss of compression and horsepower from valves being left off of their seats. Fits all Chevrolet V-8’s. Sold in sets of 16.

Solid Lifters Hardenable iron and special oiling solid lifters for Chevy and Ford. Special oiling lifters have a .024" oil hole EDMmachined through the cam face for extended cam life. Sold in sets of 16. Part No.


ISK202-H ................Chevrolet V-8, Hardenable Iron ISKSO202-H ............Chevrolet V-8, Special Oiling ISKSO382-H ............Ford V-8, Special Oiling ISKS462-A ...............Ford 2300cc 4cyl.

Endurance Plus Mechanical Roller Lifters Isky Endurance Plus Roller Lifters feature TruTrac needle roller bearings, a non-skid textured surface, premium 4340 steel pins, and “parabolic” profile, crowned outer bearing races for long, trouble-free life. Sold in sets of 16. Part No.


ISK1241-LO-150 ...... SB Chevrolet 262-400, .150" Offset, Steel Body w/Alum. Top ISK1241-LO-185 ...... SB Chevrolet 262-400, .185" Offset, Steel Body w/Alum. Top ISK1241-LSH ........... SB Chevrolet 262-400, Centerline, Steel Body w/Alum. Top

Rev-Lube ISKRL-100 Ideally used as an assembly lubricant during hydraulic or solid camshaft "break-in", original formula Rev-Lube uses Moly-Sulphide with organic and synthetic polymers to prevent "dry start-up". Sold in 1 lb. container.

Stage 1 Rochester 2BBL Carburetor JET37001

Circle Track Rochester Quadrajet 4BBL Carburetor JET35004

Designed for circle track classes requiring a Rochester 2BBL. Stage 1 carb flows 500 CFM and has a custom fuel curve for maximum performance. Carb has been modified to use Holley style jets, incorporates a large, .130" dia. needle and seat assembly, and a small float for increased bowl capacity. Carb has a 1-3/8" venturi, 1-11/16" bore size, and is designed to pass a gauge test.

Built exclusively for circle track racing, Rochester Quadrajet carburetor is designed for 355-406 cu. in. small blocks with 11.5:1 compression, 250° @ .050" minimum camshaft duration with .525" + valve lift, single plane manifold and headers. Unit has been thoroughly reworked by increasing main well size, installing a large, .149" needle and seat assembly, and custom tailoring the fuel curve.

273-288CTC09.indd 285




7/28/09 10:53:39 AM

Pro Max Fuel Cells

Circle Track Fuel Cells Circle track cells have 3" raised filler necks with a large bail handle on the cap and a fuel pickup hose located at the right rear of the cell. One -8AN pick-up and one -8AN vent or return line are located on top of the cells. Cells are filled with safety foam. Part No.



JAZ200-008-01 JAZ200-010-01 JAZ200-012-01 JAZ200-016-01 JAZ200-116-01 JAZ200-122-01 JAZ200-222-01

8 Gallon 10 Gallon 12 Gallon 16 Gallon 16 Gallon 22 Gallon 22 Gallon

20" x 15" x 7-1/2" 25" x 9" x 12" 17-1/2" x 16" x 10" 25" x 17" x 10" 18-1/2" x 18-1/2" x 12" 33" x 17-3/4" x 10" 25" x 17" x 14"

Aluminum filler plate is 6" x 10" with th spring-loaded flapper valve and twist lock ck cap ccap. ap. p Seamless polyethylene inner shell ell is housed in a red ed ((unless unlless un less specified) powder coated, 20 gauge steel container. Cells include a -10AN fuel pickup, -8AN return fitting and -8AN tipover valve vent. Part No.



JAZ285-226-05 JAZ285-226-06 JAZ285-332-06 JAZ285-332-NF

26 Gallon (White) 26 Gallon 32 Gallon 32 Gallon (No Foam)

25-1/4" x 16-7/8" x 17-1/4" 25-1/4" x 16-7/8" x 17-1/4" 26-5/8" x 18-5/8" x 18-5/8" 26-5/8" x 18-5/8" x 18-5/8"

Fuel Cell Tip Over Valve Prevents fuel spillage in the event of a roll over. Part No.


Pro Sport Fuel Cells With Flapper/Fill Valve

JAZ834-006-11 ........-6AN Tip Over Valve JAZ834-008-11 ........-8AN Tip Over Valve

Pro Sport cells include an IMCAaccepted cast aluminum fill valve with spring loaded flapper for rollover protection, and bail handled steel fill cap for quick, easy filling. Seamless polyethylene cells are housed in red powder coated steel containers and filled with aviation foam. Cells use -8AN fuel pick-up and -8AN tip over valve vent.

Fast Flow Fuel Cell Fittings

Part No.



JAZ275-008-06 JAZ275-012-06 JAZ275-016-06 JAZ275-116-06 JAZ275-132-06 JAZ275-222-06

8 Gallon 12 Gallon 16 Gallon 16 Gallon 32 Gallon 22 Gallon

20-5/8" x 15-1/2" x 8-3/8" 18" x 16-1/2" x 10-1/2" 26" x 18" x 10" 19" x 19" x 12-1/2" 26-5/8" x 18-5/8" x 18-5/8" 25-3/4" x 17-3/8" x 14-1/2"

Pro Sport Fuel Cells Seamless polyethylene cells are housed in red powder coated steel containers and filled with aviation foam (except part nos. ending with NF). Cells have D-ring bail handle cap assembly with check valve vent. Cells without foam baffling are for use with methanol. All cells listed include -8AN fuel pickup and -8AN tip over valve vent. Part No.



JAZ270-008-06 JAZ270-012-06 JAZ270-016-06 JAZ270-116-06 JAZ270-222-06 JAZ270-132-06* JAZ270-332-NF† JAZ270-532-NF**

8 Gallon 12 Gallon 16 Gallon 16 Gallon 22 Gallon 32 Gallon 32 Gallon (No Foam) 32 Gallon (No Foam)

20-5/8" x 15-1/2" x 8-3/8" 18" x 16-1/2" x 10-1/2" 26" x 18" x 10" 19" x 19" x 12-1/2" 25-3/4" x 17-3/8" x 14-1/2" 26-5/8" x 18-5/8" x 18-5/8" 26-5/8" x 18-5/8" x 18-5/8" 26-5/8" x 18-5/8" x 18-5/8"

Fully radiused, Fast Flow Fuel Cell Fittings include bulkhead nuts and poly washers. Poly washers are also available separately. Size

Fuel Cell Fitting Part No.

Poly Washer Part No.

-6AN -8AN -10AN -12AN -16AN

JAZ832-106-11 JAZ832-108-11 JAZ832-110-11 JAZ832-112-11 JAZ832-116-11

JAZ850-506-04 JAZ850-508-04 JAZ850-510-04 JAZ850-512-04 JAZ850-516-04

Flapper/Fill Valve IMCA accepted, cast aluminum fill valve features a spring-loaded flapper for roll-over protection so that it may be used to update existing fuel cells to meet current sanctioning body rules. Fill valve has popular JAZ 12-bolt pattern, and is offered with choice of steel bail handled or plastic cap. Part No.


JAZ390-004-01 ........Flapper/Fill Valve, Steel Cap JAZ390-004-06 ........Flapper/Fill Valve, Plastic Cap

5-Bolt Flapper JAZ315-105-03 Flapper mounts under 12-bolt bail handle fuel caps, sealing the cap in the event of a rollover and reducing the chance of fuel leakage from the cap. Sold complete with necessary hardware and instructions. JAZ305-051-03

Pro Sport White 32 Gallon Fuel Cells

Fuel Cell Components

Pro Sport 32 gallon cells include a white powder coated 20 gauge steel container, -10AN pickup, D-ring bail handle cap and check valve vent. Cells are for methanol use and have no foam.

JAZ305-051-03 ........... Aluminum Bat Wing Pick-Up, -8AN NEW! JAZ305-052-03 ........... Aluminum Bat Wing Pick-Up, -10AN NEW! JAZ315-030-03 ........... Split Nut Ring, Allows Installation of Fast Fill Valves JAZ345-25003 and JAZ345-225-03 JAZ340-200-06 ........... Replacement Flush Mount Cap Only JAZ340-300-09 ........... Bail Handle Cap Only JAZ345-225-03 ........... 45° Fast Fill Valve, 2-1/4" O.D., Requires JAZ315-030-03 JAZ350-201-06 ........... Replacement Flush Mount Cap Assembly, 6-Bolt JAZ350-250-03 ........... Fender Filler, Recessed With 2-1/2" Hose Nipple JAZ350-301-03 ........... Bail Handle Cap and Filler Neck JAZ850-300-01 ........... Bail Handle Cap Gasket

Part No.

Part No.



JAZ270-332-NF5† 32 Gallon (No Foam) 26-5/8" x 18-5/8"x 18-5/8" JAZ270-532-NF5** 32 Gallon (No Foam) 26-5/8" x 18-5/8" x 18-5/8" *Has a -8AN pickup and a -8AN vent on top. † Has a -8AN return and a -8AN vent on top, and a -10AN pickup at right rear corner. **Has a -10AN pickup, -8AN return and -8AN vent at the top.


273-288CTC09.indd 286




7/28/09 10:53:54 AM

SFI-Approved Roll Bar Padding

Fuel Funnels Standard Triangular JAZ550-014-06 14" triangular shape allows easy filling against a bulkhead. 3-step spout may be cut off for different rates of flow. 17" long. Accepts filter JAZ500-000-01.

Adhesive backed roll bar padding easily attaches to roll bar tubing and meets SFI 45.1 specifications Available in 3 ft. lengths and 1/2" or 5/8" thicknesses . Description 1/2" Thick Roll Bar Padding 5/8" Thick Roll Bar Padding

Large Triangular JAZ550-016-06 16" triangular funnel is similar to the standard funnel, but with a larger capacity and a tapered spout for different flow rates. 22" long. Accepts filter JAZ500-000-01.

Black Part No. JAZ690-003-01 JAZ690-007-01

Red Part No. JAZ690-003-06 –

Blue Part No. JAZ690-003-11 –

Protecto I And II The Protecto I (horizontal) and Protecto II (Vertical) Ford 9" third member storage boxes are a better method of carrying and storing rear end center sections. The Protecto cases will not leak and provides strong, durable protection. Stackable with easy to handle finger grips.

Go Deep JAZ560-014-06 Ideal for automatic transmissions, 7" x 14" funnel has a built-in handle, anti-splash ring and 30" long, tapered spout. Accepts filter JAZ500000-01.

Part No.


JAZ700-009-01 ........Protecto I, Horizontal JAZ700-010-01 ........Protecto II, Vertical

Filter Insert JAZ500-000-01 60-micron stainless steel screen is easily removed for cleaning. O-ring is set into a molded-in groove to provide a tight seal. Fits above funnels.

15 Gallon Utility Jug JAZ710-015-05 15 gallon jug is 30" tall x 13" wide with a large, 83mm outlet for fast pouring, and an O-ring seal cap.

Valve Train Trays Lightweight trays are perfect for keeping valvetrain components organized during engine tear down. Valve spring tray holds springs, valve locks and will accept the largest valves available. Rocker arm tray holds pushrods, lifters, poly locks, spark plugs and rocker arms. Part No.


JAZ735-001-06 ........Valve Spring Tray JAZ735-002-06 ........Rocker Arm Tray

Overflow Catch Cans Engine Stand Drip Tray JAZ720-000-01

Molded one-piece, one quart catch can has unique swivel elbow input and a lever handle petcock for draining. Easily mounted with two molded-in 1/4"-20 threaded inserts. Black Part No.

Clear Part No.

Red Part No.

Orange Part No.

Blue Part No.

JAZ600-025-01 JAZ600-025-05 JAZ600-025-06 JAZ600-025-07 JAZ600-025-11 NOTE: May be mounted using Allstar ALL14200 or ALL14201 Brackets

Crankcase Breather Tanks Offered in two sizes, with breather filter on top, petcock drain on the bottom, and 1/4"-20 threaded inserts for easy mounting. Part No.


JAZ605-025-01 ........1 Quart Breather, -6AN Inlet JAZ605-125-01 ........1 Quart Breather, -10AN Inlet JAZ605-225-01 ........1 Quart Breather, -12AN Inlet JAZ605-375-01 ........1 Pint Mini Breather, 3/8" Fittings

273-288CTC09.indd 287

Fits most three- and four-legged engine stands, sturdy drip tray has a deep sump to catch oil and debris. Promotes safety in the workshop and keeps the shop/garage floor much neater. Also handy for retrieving dropped fasteners and small parts.

Engine Block Off Kits Ideal for sealing up spare engines. Easier and cleaner than using tape. Plastic block-offs are included for exhaust ports, carburetor flange, water pump, fuel pump and water outlet. Part No.


JAZ730-001-01 ........SB Chevy Block Off Kit, 4150 Carb JAZ730-004-01 ........SB Chevy/Brodix Block Off Kit, 4150 Carb JAZ730-007-01 ........SB Ford Block Off Kit, 4150 Carb




8/3/09 10:36:24 AM

SB Chevy 350 23° Flat Top Tour Series GP

SB Chevy 350/400 23° Dome High compression pistons are compatible with most stock, aftermarket, and angle milled cylinder heads. Valve reliefs accommodate oversized valves and high lift cams. Requires 1/16" top, 1/16" second and 3/16" oil rings. Sold in sets of eight and include .927" x 2.750" (130 grams) wrist pins and double spiral locks. Part No.



Rod Length

Comp. Ratio

Dome Volume

350 Pistons JEP182005 4.030" 3.750" 6.000" 13.3:1 +9.5 cc JEP182012 4.030" 3.500" 6.000" 13.1:1 +13 cc JEP182014 4.040" 3.500" 6.000" 13.2:1 +13cc 400 Pistons JEP182024 4.125" 4.000" 6.000" 13.4:1 +3 cc JEP182027 4.155" 4.000" 6.000" 13.5:1 +3 cc JEP182028 4.165" 4.000" 6.000" 13.7:1 +3cc JEP182032 4.165" 4.000" 6.000" 14.6:1 +8cc JEP182036 4.155" 3.875" 6.000" 13.2:1 +3 cc JEP182037 4.165" 3.875" 6.000" 13.3:1 +3cc JEP182038 4.125" 3.875" 6.000" 14.1:1 +8 cc JEP182041 4.155" 3.875" 6.000" 14.1:1 +8 cc JEP182042 4.165" 3.875" 6.000" 14.2:1 +8 cc JEP182053 4.125" 3.750" 6.000" 12.7:1 +3 cc JEP182058 4.125" 3.750" 6.000" 13.6:1 +8cc JEP182061 4.155" 3.750" 6.000" 13.7:1 +8 cc JEP182067 4.125" 3.500" 6.000" 13.8:1 +13cc JEP182069 4.155" 3.500" 6.000" 13.8:1 +13cc JEP207513 4.185" 4.000" 6.000" 14.8:1 +8cc NOTES: Compression ratios are based on a 64cc combustion chamber. All of the 350 pistons fit both 3.480" and 3.500" strokes.

SB Chevy 350/400 23° Flat Top Low friction pistons with double-forced pin oilers and annular oil reservoirs will fit most 23° (OEM angle) cylinder heads. Requires 1/16" top, 1/16" second and 3/16" oil rings. The pistons include .927" x 2.500" (118 grams) heavy duty wrist pins. Sold in sets of eight, with double spiral locks. Part No.

350 Pistons JEP181916 JEP181924 400 Pistons JEP194339

Engineered for up to 650 horsepower, Tour Series flat top pistons include wrist pins and have .043", .043" and 3mm CNC-machined ring grooves with lateral gas porting for superior ring seal. Sets of eight. Part No.



Rod Length

Comp. Ratio

Dome Volume

JEP170692 JEP170693

4.030" 4.040"

3.500" 3.500"

6.000" 6.000"

10.3:1 10.3:1

-5cc -5cc

NOTES: Compression ratios are based on a 64cc combustion chamber. The 350 pistons listed above fit both 3.480" and 3.500" strokes.

Ford 2300cc Mini Stock Flat Top Flat top, low drag pistons accept 1/16" top, 1/16" second and 3/16" oil rings. Sold in sets of four, complete with .927" x 2.500" (108 grams) wrist pins and double spiral locks. Part No.



Rod Length

Comp. Ratio

Dome Volume







* Ring set J100F4-3820-5

Pro Seal Premium Race Series Piston Rings A full selection of premium Pro Seal piston rings are listed by bore size. Top compression rings are barrel faced ductile iron with a plasma moly coating. Second rings are taper face cast iron with a phosphate coating. Standard or low tension oil rings are chrome plated carbon steel. Part No.



Rod Length

Comp. Ratio

Dome Volume

4.030" 4.030"

3.500" 3.500"

6.000" 5.700"

10.3:1 10.3:1

-5 cc -5 cc






NOTES: Compression ratios are based on a 64cc combustion chamber. The 350 pistons

listed above fit both 3.480" and 3.500" strokes.

JEPJ100F8-4030-5 JEPJ10008-4030-5* JEPJ70008-4030-5* JEPJ100F8-4040-5 JEPJ70008-4040-5* JEPJ10008-4040-5* JEPJ100F8-4060-5 JEPJ10008-4060-5* JEPJ70008-4060-5* JEPJ100F8-4125-5 JEPJ10008-4125-5* JEPJ10008-4145-5* JEPJ100F8-4155-5 JEPJ10008-4155-5* *Low tension oil rings.

Bore Size


Top Ring

2nd Ring

Oil Ring

4.030" 4.030" 4.030" 4.040" 4.040" 4.040" 4.060" 4.060" 4.060" 4.125" 4.125" 4.145" 4.155" 4.155"

Plasma-Moly Plasma-Moly Plasma-Moly Plasma-Moly Plasma-Moly Plasma-Moly Plasma-Moly Plasma-Moly Plasma-Moly Plasma-Moly Plasma-Moly Plasma-Moly Plasma-Moly Plasma-Moly

1/16" 1/16" .043" 1/16" .043" 1/16" 1/16" 1/16" .043" 1/16" 1/16" 1/16" 1/16" 1/16"

1/16" 1/16" .043" 1/16" .043" 1/16" 1/16" 1/16" .043" 1/16" 1/16" 1/16" 1/16" 1/16"

3/16" 3/16" 3mm 3/16" 3mm 3/16" 3/16" 3/16" 3mm 3/16" 3/16" 3/16" 3/16" 3/16"

Billet Timing Chain Sets JP Performance Billet Timing Gear sets have induction hardened crank sprockets for increased life and durability. Most sets have reverse oiler grooves to lubricate the front cam journal face in engines without thrust plates. Timing sets are also available -.005" and -.010" for engines that have been align bored (require reduced center distances).


273-288CTC09.indd 288


Std. Part No.

-.005" Part No.

-.010" Part No.

SB Chevy 265-400, Reverse Oiler SB Chevy 265-400, Torrington Bearing SB Chevy 265-400, BB Chevy Crank Snout, Torrington Bearing SB Chevy “Rocket Block”, Torrington Bearing SB Ford 302-351W, Non-EFI, Reverse Oiler SB Mopar 273-392

JPP5981 JPP5981T JPP5630T JPP5616T JPP5982 JPP5985

JPP5981-LB5 JPP5981T-LB5 – – JPP5982-LB5 JPP5985-LB5

JPP5981-LB10 JPP5981T-LB10 – – – –



7/28/09 10:54:56 AM

XPO Synthetic Racing Oil Ultra-low viscosity racing oil is formulated for qualialiifying, where maximum performance is required. O Oilil has a viscosity typical of SAE 0W. Ideal for qualifying. ng. Description

1 Quart Bottle Part No.

5 Gallon Pail Part No.




XP7 Semi-Synthetic Racing Oil JGP01706 Combines the performance of XP3 with the economical price of XP5. Viscosity is typical of SAE AEE 15W-40 and is suited to Late Models, Modifieds, GM Crate Cra r te eengines ng gin inees and NASCAR spec. engines. Sold in 1 quart bottles.

BR Break-In Oil

XP1 Synthetic Racing Oil XP1 Synthetic Racing Oil has a viscosity typical of SAE 5W-20. Ideal for GM Crate Motors or other engines where bearing clearances are less than .0025". Description

1 Quart Bottle Part No.

(12) 1 Qt. Bottles Part No.

2.5 Gallon Pail Part No.





XP2 Synthetic Racing Oil Joe Gibbs Racing XP2 Racing Oil is engineered for high RPM racing engines with bearing clearances under .002", oil has a viscosity typical of SAE 0W-20. Description

1 Quart Bottle Part No.

(12) 1 Qt. Bottles Part No.

5 Gallon Pail Part No.





XP3 Synthetic Racing Oil Similar to XP1 with a higher viscosity, typical of SAE10W-30, for improved high temperature/high shear protection. Formulated for aluminum blocks and all engines with bearing clearances greater than .0025". Description

1 Quart Bottle Part No.

(12) 1 Qt. Bottles Part No.

2.5 Gallon Pail Part No.





XP4 Performance Racing Oil Petroleum-based lubricant is a low cost alternative to synthetic race oils. Viscosity is typical of SAE 15W-50 and is ideal for racers who change oil after every race. Works well in engines with clearances in excess of .0025".

Petroleum-based oi has superior break-in properties, particularly in flat tappet engines. Lubricant promotes ring seal and protects camshaft and lifters with the highest levels of zinc and phosphorus. Offered in BR50 (SAE15W-50) and BR30 (SAE 10W-30) formulas. Description BR30 BR50

1 Quart Bottle Part No. JGP01806 JGP00106

(12) 1 Qt. Bottles Part No. – JGP00107

5 Gallon Pail Part No. – JGP00117

Engine Assembly Grease Unparalleled engine protection during initial start-up when combined with BR oil. Description

1 Lb. Tub Part No.

1 Oz. Tube Part No.

Assembly Grease



Synthetic Gear Oil Formulated for differentials and manual transmissions, Synthetic Performance Gear Oil reduces operating temps by up to 15°F. Offered in 75W-100 and Super Speedway 80W. Description

Synthetic Gear Oil Super Speedway Gear Oil Qualifying Gear Oil

1 Quart Bottle Part No.

(12) 1 Qt. Bottles Part No.

5 Gallon Pail Part No.

JGP00630 JGP00830

JGP00631 JGP00831

JGP00617 JGP00817 JGP01117

Manual Transmission Fluid JGP01206 Full synthetic fluid meets the demands of modern rn manual racing transmissions.


1 Quart Bottle Part No.

(12) 1 Qt. Bottles Part No.


1 Quart Bottle Part No.

(12) 1 Qt. Bottless Part No.




Manual Transmission Fluid



XP5 Semi-Synthetic Racing Oil

Power Steering Fluid JGP01306

A semi-synthetic lubricant offers the added benefits of high temperature shear protection and oxidation stability without the high cost of a synthetic. Viscosity is typical of SAE 20W-50.

A full synthetic formula with exceptional high temmperature foam resistance.


1 Quart Bottle Part No.

(12) 1 Qt. Bottles Part No.




XP6 Synthetic Racing Oil A full synthetic, 15W-50 version of race proven XP1. Oil provides outstanding cold start protection and superior bearing oil film thickness. Designed for aluminum blocks or applications with looser clearances, oil has a viscosity typical of SAE 15W-50. Description

1 Quart Bottle Part No.

(12) 1 Qt. Bottles Part No.





1 Quart Bottle Part No.

(12) 1 Qt. Bottless Part No.

Power Steering Fluid



High Performance Differential Locker ckker SSpring pring JGP60001 Designed for Ford 9" rears, Joe Gibbs' 78 lb. locker springs last up to four times longer than conventional springs. Sold in pairs.

Automotive Degreaser JGP50010 Degreases parts and shop equipment. 18 oz. can.

Brake And Parts Cleaner JGP50020 Cleans quickly, dries quickly and leaves no residue. 18 oz. can.

289-304CTC09.indd 289




7/28/09 2:52:15 PM

Shock Workstation

CCaster a Camber Gauge JOE28200

Fixture secures body and shaft aft ft o off a sh shock hock ock absorber to allow easier servicing. May be used iin a vise i or mounted t d permanently tl to a work bench or pit cart with the optional base.

Precisely align front end. Caster Camber gauge P e iis CNC-machined from billet aluminum and engineered to be extremely accurate. Includes magnetic adapter.

Part No.


JOE19200........ Shock Workstation JOE19250........ Shock Workstation Base Only JOE19075........ ShockWrench, Allows Penske Shock Disassembly/Assembly JOE19300........ Drip Cup, Catches Shock Oil When Rebuilding NEW!

Chevy Dust Cap JOE28600 Aluminum cap requires drilling and tapping two 10-32 holes in hub. Sold individually.

Quick Release Canister Mount

Glow In The Dark Tire Pressure Gauges

Canister mount has a quick release nylon strap to secure any remote canister from 1-1/2" to 3" dia.

Perform tire pressure adjustments, even in dark pit areas. Gauges are 2-1/4" diameter, include 17" ultra-flexible hose with swivel chuck and air pressure release button.

Part No.


JOE19410........ Clamps to 1-1/4" Tubing JOE19412........ Clamps to 1-1/2" Tubing JOE19414........ Clamps to 1-3/4" Tubing

Part No.

Coil-Over Spanner Wrenches

Side View Mirror JOE11214

Billet aluminum wrenches prevent knuckle injuries when adjusting coil-overs. Part No.


JOE32305........ 0-15 PSI JOE32306........ 0-30 PSI JOE32307........ 0-60 PSI Keep an eye on the competition. Side view, 3" dia. mirror clamps to 1-3/4" roll cage tubing.


Lightweight Steering Wheels

JOE33000........ Long JOE33500........ Short

Aluminum, 2-1/2" dish steering wheels are drilled for lightness and shot peened to enhance grip.


Part No.

A-Arms have aluminum cross shafts. Available with 10° screw-in ball joint sleeves or bolt-in ball joints.



JOE13515-A .... 15" Steering Wheel JOE13517-A .... 17" Steering Wheel JOE13515-B .... 15" Steering Wheel Black

Lightweight Shift Knob JOE16022


Screw-In Ball Joint

Bolt-In Ball Joint


Screw-In Ball Joint

Bolt-In Ball Joint

Polished aluminum Shift Knob has 3/8"-16 threads.

7.0" 7.25" 7.5" 7.75" 8.0" 8.25" 8.5" 8.75" 9.0"

JOE15480 JOE15485 JOE15490 JOE15495 JOE15500 JOE15505 JOE15510 JOE15515 JOE15520

– – JOE15820 JOE15825 JOE15830 JOE15835 JOE15840 JOE15845 JOE15850

9.25" 9.5" 9.75" 10.0" 10.25" 10.5" 11" 11" 11.25"

JOE15525 JOE15530 JOE15535 JOE15540 JOE15545 JOE15550 JOE15560 JOE15560 JOE15565

JOE15855 JOE15860 JOE15865 JOE15870 JOE15875 JOE15880 JOE15890 JOE15890 JOE15895

ShiftBoot JOE16500-BK Fire retardant ShiftBoot may be quickly unsnapped for linkage access. Includes aluminum base.

Water Outlet Fittings Billet aluminum construction fittings include O-rings for sealing. Fits Chevy V-8's. Part No.

Tapered A-Arm Spacer Kit JOE14250 Use 6" slotted aluminum center spacers to easily change caster and camber without removing the A-arm. Four-piece kit includes spacers with 1/32", 1/16", 1/8" and 1/4" taper.


JOE36050........ -16 Water Outlet JOE36060........ -20 Water Outlet

ThermoSpacer JOE36025 Aluminum spacer allows plumbing additional lines for improved cooling. Uses an O-ring for sealing, and has three 1/2" NPT ports and one temperature sending unit port. Fits Chevy V-8’s.

Nut Plate JOE14900

Weld Fittings/Bungs

Nut Plate has 6" spacing and secures A-arms so that changing shims, slugs or A-arms needs only a single wrench.

Ideal for welding to valve covers, dry sump tanks, breather tanks, etc. Sold individually.

Ball Joint Sockets Eases ball joint installation. Machined steel, zinc plated sockets accept a 1/2" drive ratchet or breaker bar. Part No.


JOE40050........ Upper Ball Joint Socket JOE40075........ Lower Ball Joint Socket


289-304CTC09.indd 290

Aluminum Female NPT Weld Bungs Part No. Description

JOE37102........ 1/8"NPT JOE37104........ 1/4"NPT JOE37106........ 3/8"NPT JOE37108........ 1/2"NPT JOE37110........ 3/4"NPT JOE37112........ 1"NPT JOE37114........ 1-1/4"NPT


Aluminum Male AN Weld Fittings Part No. Description

JOE37006........ -6AN JOE37008........ -8AN JOE37010........ -10AN JOE37012........ -12AN JOE37016........ -16AN JOE37020........ -20AN


8/3/09 10:39:54 AM

SB Chevy/SWP Radius Tooth Tandem Fuel Pump Drive System

Serpentine Drive System, SB Chevy/SWP Crankshaft To Water Pump And Power Steering JRP1004-S-SB-NE Billet aluminum serpentine drive system for small block Chevy with short water pump includes crankshaft, water pump and power steering pulleys, power steering bracket, belt and hardware. Power steering pump not included. Kit components may also be purchased separately.

Serpentine Drive System, Crate Engine Crankshaft To Water Pump And Power Steering Drive systems are specifically designed for small block Chevy (short water pump) and small block Ford crate engines that run approximately 6500 RPM. Each kit includes durable, billet aluminum crankshaft, water pump and power steering pulleys; power steering pump, reservoir and bracket; aluminum water pump, belt and hardware. Kit components may also be purchased separately. Part No.


JRP1004-S-CE-6500 .... SB Chevy/SWP Serpentine Drive System JRP1005-S-CE-6500 .... SB Ford Serpentine Drive System

Serpentine Drive System, Crankshaft To Water Pump

Part No.


JRP2001-RA .............SB Chevy/SWP Tandem Fuel Pump Drive System JRPFP-8009-A ..........Belt Drive Fuel Pump

HTD Alternator Drive System, SB Chevy/SWP JRP2041-RA Kit for small Chevy with short water pump includes a lightweight, single wire alternator that produces 45 amps @ 3,000 RPM, a shut-off switch, aluminum radius tooth HTD pulleys, drive belt, billet aluminum mounting brackets and hardware. Belt, crankshaft pulley and water pump pulley not included.

V-Belt Alternator Drive System, SB Chevy/ SWP JRP2040 Conventional V-belt drive kit for small block Chevy with short water pump includes single wire, 45 amp alternator, durable billet aluminum pulleys, brackets and hardware. Belt, crankshaft pulley and water pump pulley not included.

Bellhousing Mount HTD Oil Pump Drive Kit, SB Chevy JRP2004-RA

Rigid and reliable, serpentine drive systems are offered for small block Chevys with short water pump, or small block Ford. Sold complete with billet aluminum crankshaft and water pump pulleys, belt and hardware. Part No.

Includes all of the components necessary to front mount and drive a tandem style fuel pump. Sold complete with rigid, billet aluminum drive and driven radius tooth HTD pulleys, fuel pump bracket, belt and hardware. Fuel pump must be purchased separately. Compatible with KSE or Jones Racing Products fuel pumps.

Radius tooth, HTD setup mounts to bellhousing and is driven off of the rear of the crankshaft. Includes billet aluminum pulleys, belt and hardware.


JRP1025-S ...... SB Chevy/SWP Serpentine Drive System JRP1026-S ...... SB Ford Serpentine Drive System

SB Chevy Cam Drive JRPCDA-8001-1-1/8 Cam drive is not only designed to run in oil, but fits under the stock timing cover as well. Kit includes 1-1/8" wide heavy duty radius tooth drive belt, billet aluminum camshaft and crankshaft pulleys, cam button, cam pulley bearing and hardware.

Lloyd Brooks

Photo: John Berglund

HTD vs. Conventional V-Belt Drives Radial tooth, HTD belt drives improve belt to pulley engagement and need only a tenth of the belt tension of conventional belt systems. Friction, drag and harmonics are reduced for increased horsepower.

289-304CTC09.indd 291




8/3/09 10:40:55 AM

Aluminum Power Steering Pumps ps

Synthetic Power Steering Fluid

Jones Racing Products offers two styles of power steering pump/reservoir combos. Brand an nd new pumps are offered with choice of integratraated plastic 16 oz. or fabricated aluminum 18 oz. reservoir with heavy duty billet mounting brackets rackets

Fully synthetic power steering fluid features a clear formula to ease viewing of impurities throughout the life of the fluid. Offered in 16 and 32 oz. bottles.

Part No.

Part No.


JRPPS-8009-16S ......Power Steering Fluid, 16 Ozs. JRPPS-8009-32S ......Power Steering Fluid, 32 Ozs.


JRPPS-9008-AL-AR ...Power Steering Pump With Fabricated Aluminum Tank JRPPS-9008-AL-R .....Power Pump With Plastic Tank JRPPS 9008 AL R ..... Power Steeringg Pu

2-Speed Transmission JER2SP Compact 2-speed transmission is strong, lightweight and nd versatile. It is one of the fastest transmissions available. More e durable and less expensive to run than modified-stock transmissions, the Jerico is engineered to excel on either dirt or asphalt. Jerico’s standard 2-speed is 21-1/2" long and weighs only 58 lbs. Jerico Transmissions use 26-spline e Chevy input shafts with a 1.40 low gear ratio. Replacement Components Part No. Description

JER34743-DS ...........Tailshaft Seal JER499-8777-2SP ....H-Pattern Shifter with Levers, No Handle or Knob JERBCH90 ................Billet Bearing Retainer JERLRB-A .................Tailshaft Bushing

Shifter Not Included

Part No No.

Descri Des Description cription on

JERN11123 ..............Input Seal JERN6130 ................Shift Finger Seal JERSA-2SP ...............Shift Levers

Forged I-Beam Connecting Rods Forged Billet H-Beam Connecting Rods Forged series 4340 steel connecting rods are core hardened to increase tensile strength and mag-particle inspected. Rods are fitted with ARP fasteners and finish honed. Center-to-center dimensions are held within +/-.001" and journals are honed to +/-.0001". All rods listed below are bushed for full floating wrist pins. Offered with choice of standard 3640 or premium ARP 2000 fasteners. Sold in sets of eight. Part No.



SB Chevy 5.700" SB Chevy 5.700" SB Chevy 5.850" SB Chevy 6.000" SB Chevy 6.000" SB Chevy 6.125" SB Chevy 6.125" SB Chevy 6.250" SB Ford 5.400"

Phil Ausra


289-304CTC09.indd 292

Housing Shaft Wrist Pin Bore Dia. Dia.

2.225" 2.225" 2.225" 2.225" 2.225" 2.225" 2.225" 2.225" 2.225"

2.100" 2.100" 2.100" 2.100" 2.100" 2.100" 2.100" 2.100" 2.100"

.927" .927" .927" .927" .927" .927" .927" .927" .927"

Fastener Size/Type

Gram Weight

7/16"/2000 7/16"/Std. 7/16"/Std. 7/16"/2000 7/16"/Std. 7/16"/2000 7/16"/Std. 7/16"/Std. 7/16"/Std.

640 640 647 649 649 658 658 658 650

Photo: John Berglund

K-1 Technologies Forged I-Beam Connecting Rods are manufactured from top quality 4340 steel. All rods are fitted with ARP fasteners and subject to stringent quality control standards. Rods listed below are offered in press fit or bushed versions. Sold in sets of eight. Part No.

Housing Shaft Wrist Pin Bolt Gram Bore Dia. Dia. Size Weight


K1TCF5700ALLB8S SB Chevy Bushed 5.700" 2.225" 2.100" .927" 3/8" 591 K1TCF5700ALLP8S SB Chevy Press Fit 5.700" 2.225" 2.100" .927" 3/8" 587 K1TCF6000ALLB8S SB Chevy Bushed 6.000" 2.225" 2.100" .927" 3/8" 618

Forged Steel Crankshafts Crankshafts are constructed from 4340 steel and undergo core hardening for added durability and mag-particle inspection for superior quality control. Part No.



Main Journal

Rod Journal



K1T350-3480BB6F K1T350-3500BB6F K1T350-3750BB6F K1T400-3750CB6F K1T400-3875CB6F K1T400-4000CB6F K1T302-3400GB6F K1T351-3750HB6F

SB Chevy 350 SB Chevy 350 SB Chevy 350 SB Chevy 400 SB Chevy 400 SB Chevy 400 SB Ford 302 SB Ford 351

3.480" 3.500" 3.750" 3.750" 3.875" 4.000" 3.400" 3.750"

350 350 350 400 400 400 302 351C

2.100" 2.100" 2.100" 2.100" 2.100" 2.100" 2.100" 2.100"

Chevy Chevy Chevy Chevy Chevy Chevy Ford Ford

53 lbs. 53 lbs. 55 lbs. 54 lbs. 57 lbs. 57 lbs. 47 lbs. 59 lbs.



7/28/09 2:54:14 PM

Hypereutectic Pistons

FHR Series Forged Pistons nss

Keith Black pistons have several important advantages over conventional alloy pistons. Hi High igh h silicon content yields superior thermal and wear chara characteristics, ract cter ter eris isti is tics ics cs, greater strength, scuff and seizure protection, and resistance to cracking. High silicon content also keeps heat in the combustion chambers, eliminating heat transfer and improving combustion. Pistons are machined for 5/64" top, 5/64" second and 3/16" oil ring unless noted. Sold in sets of eight with wrist pins (except Ford 2300cc, sold in sets of four).

Quality alloy aluminum Forged Head Relief (FHR) pistons accept 5/64" top, 5/64" second and 3/16" oi oilil nss rings. Sets of eight include wrist pins and Tru-Arc lock rings.

Part No.




Rod Length Comp Ratio Head Vol. W/64cc

Small Block Chevrolet 283-400 KBPKB100-30* Flat Top 4.030" 3.750" 5.700" 10.9:1 -7cc KBPKB106-30* Flat Top 4.030" 3.480" 5.700" 10.2:1 -7cc KBPKB111-30* Dome 4.030" 3.750" 5.700" 11.9:1 +.5cc KBPKB112-30* Flat Top 4.030" 3.480" 6.000" 10.2:1 -7cc KBPKB112-60* Flat Top 4.060" 3.480" 6.000" 10.2:1 -7cc KBPKB119-30 Dome 4.030" 3.480" 5.700" 11.2:1 +.5cc KBPKB119-40 Dome 4.040" 3.480" 5.700" 11.2:1 +.5cc KBPKB120-20 Flat Top 4.020" 3.480" 5.700" 10.2:1 -7cc KBPKB120-30 Flat Top 4.030" 3.480" 5.700" 10.2:1 -7cc KBPKB120-40 Flat Top 4.040" 3.480" 5.700" 10.2:1 -7cc KBPKB120-60 Flat Top 4.060" 3.480" 5.700" 10.2:1 -7cc KBPKB122-30* Flat Top 4.030" 3.750" 6.000" 10.9:1 -7cc KBPKB122-40* Flat Top 4.040" 3.750" 6.000" 10.9:1 -7cc KBPKB125-30 Flat Top 4.155" 3.750" 5.700" 11.4:1 -7cc KBPKB126-30 D-Cup 4.155" 3.750" 5.700" 9.1:1 -30cc KBPKB129-30 Dome 4.155" 3.750" 6.000" 12.9:1 +3.25cc KBPKB134-30 Flat Top 4.030" 3.750" 5.700" 10.9:1 -7cc KBPKB134-40 Flat Top 4.040" 3.750" 5.700" 10.9:1 -7cc KBPKB135-30 Dish 4.030" 3.750" 5.700" 9.7:1 -18cc KBPKB147-30 Dish 4.155" 3.750" 5.700" 10.2:1 -18cc KBPKB156-30 Flat Top 4.030" 3.250" 5.700" 9.6:1 -7cc KBPKB157-30 Dome 4.030" 3.250" 5.700" 10.5:1 +.5cc KBPKB157-40 Dome 4.040" 3.250" 5.700" 10.5:1 +.5cc KBPKB180-30* Dome 4.030" 3.480" 5.700" 11.9:1 +5.9cc KBPKB193-30 Dish 4.030" 3.480" 5.700" 9.6:1 -12cc KBPKB197-30 D-Cup 4.030" 3.750" 5.700" 10.3:1 -12cc KBPKB197-40 D-Cup 4.040" 3.750" 5.700" 10.3:1 -12cc KBPKB228-30 Flat Top 4.030" 3.480" 5.700" 10.2:1 -7cc KBPKB231-30* Flat Top/LW 4.030" 3.480" 5.700" 10.3:1 -6cc Small Block Ford 289-351W KBPKB115-30 Flat Top 4.030" 2.870" 5.090" 9.1:1 -6cc KBPKB115-40 Flat Top 4.040" 2.870" 5.090" 9.1:1 -6cc KBPKB116-30 Dome 4.030" 2.870" 5.090" 9.9:1 +2cc KBPKB116-60 Dome 4.060" 2.870" 5.090" 9.9:1 +2cc KBPKB246-30* Flat Top 4.030" 3.400" 5.400" 10.0:1 -6.5cc Ford 2300cc 4-Cyl. (Sold in sets of four) KBPKB217-30* Flat Top 3.810" 3.126" 5.205" 8.7:1 -4.5cc KBPKB217-40* Flat Top 3.820" 3.126" 5.205" 8.7:1 -4.5cc KBPKB218-30* Flat Top 3.810" 3.126" 5.700" 8.7:1 -4.5cc KBPKB218-40* Flat Top 3.820" 3.126" 5.700" 8.7:1 -4.5cc NOTES: * Signifies Piston Machined For 1/16" Top, 1/16" Second And 3/16" Oil Rings. Compression Ratios Are Based On A 64cc Combustion Chamber.

Part No.




Rod Length

Comp. Ratio Head Vol.

Small Block Chevrolet 283-400 KBP9913-30 Flat Top 4.030" 3.480" 5.700" 10.2:1 KBP9913-40 Flat Top 4.040" 3.480" 5.700" 10.2:1 KBP9913-60 Flat Top 4.060" 3.480" 5.700" 10.2:1 KBP9933-30 Dome 4.030" 3.480" 5.700" 12.0:1 KBP9941-30 Flat Top 4.155" 3.750" 5.700" 11.9:1 NOTE: Compression Ratios Are Based On A 64cc Combustion Chamber.

-6.4cc -6.4cc -6.4cc +6cc -3.7cc

Premium Forged Series Pistons Pistons are made of 2618 aluminum alloy and accept 1/16" top, 1/16" second and 3/16" oil rings unless otherwise noted. Sets of eight, include wrist pins and spiral locks. Part No.



Stroke Rod Length Comp. Ratio Head Vol.

Small Block Chevrolet 283-400 KBPKB726-30 Step Dish 4.030" 3.480" 5.700" 9.0:1 KBPKB727-30 Dome 4.030" 3.480" 5.700" 12.0:1 KBPKB752-30 Dome 4.155" 3.750" 5.700" 13.7:1 KBPKB754-30 Step Dish 4.155" 3.750" 5.700" 10.6:1 KBPKB759-30 Flat Top 4.155" 3.480" 5.700" 11.8:1 KBPKB792-30 Flat Top 4.030" 3.250" 5.700" 9.8:1 KBPKB792-40 Flat Top 4.040" 3.250" 5.700" 9.8:1 KBPKB793-30 Dome 4.030" 3.250" 5.700" 11.2:1 KBPKB793-40 Dome 4.040" 3.250" 5.700" 11.2:1 KBPKB803-30 Dome 4.030" 3.000" 5.700" 11.5:1 Small Block Ford 289-351W KBPKB736-30 Dome 4.030" 3.000" 5.090" 10.6:1 NOTE: Compression Ratios Are Based On A 64cc Combustion Chamber.

-18.6cc 6.3cc 6.3cc -15.2cc -4.8cc -4.9cc -4.9cc 6.3cc 6.3cc 12.7cc +6.8cc

Andy Bozell

Photo: John Berglund

Phil Bozell

Photo: John Berglund

Jeff Bozell

Photo: Jim DenHamer

Claimer Performance Piston Series Achieve maximum performance with high piston ring placement and low thermal conductivity. Top rings operate at higher temps and require slightly larger end gaps (4.000" bore x .0065" gap factor = .026" total end gap). It is recommended that ignition timing be retarded 2-4째. Pistons are machined for 5/64" second and 3/16" oil rings. Sold in sets of eight with wrist pins. Part No.




Rod Length Comp Ratio Head Vol.

Small Block Chevrolet 283-400 KBP9902HC-30 Flat Top 4.030" 3.480" 5.700" 10.4:1 KBP9903HC-30 Dome 4.030" 3.480" 5.700" 11.6:1 KBP9904HC-30 Dome 4.030" 3.480" 5.700" 11.6:1 KBP9908HC-30 Flat Top 4.030" 3.480" 6.000" 10.4:1 KBP9911HC-30 Flat Top 4.155" 3.750" 5.700" 11.7:1 NOTE: Compression Ratios Are Based On A 64cc Combustion Chamber.

289-304CTC09.indd 293

-5cc +14cc +4cc -5cc -5cc




7/28/09 2:54:38 PM

Racing Carburetors Engineered for dirt late models and modifieds, carburetors are competition prepared with billet baseplates and metering blocks. Main bodies are based on Holley HP units with adjustable, replaceable emulsion bleeds in the metering blocks. Available for gasooline or alcohol. Part No. Description Gasoline Carburetors

KBC20018 ....... 380-430 Cu. In. Super/Dirt Late Model, Dry/Slick Track, 650 CFM, 1.250" Venturi NEW! KBC20020 .......350-380 Cu. In. Dirt Late Model/Modified Carburetor, 1.400" Venturi KBC20030 .......380-420 Cu. In. Dirt Late Model Carburetor, 1.450" Venturi on KBC20040 .......420-up Cu. In. Big Motor/Big Track Carburetor, 1.590" Venturi, Annular Boosters, Chevy Calibration Alcohol Carburetors

KBC20019 .........350 To 383 Cu. In. Late Model/Modified Carburetor, 1.400" Venturi, Based On 750 HP Carb. KBC20022 .......400 To 430 Cu. In. Dirt Late Model/Modified Carburetor, 1.400" Venturi, Based On 950 HP Carb.

"602"/"604" Crate Engine Carburetor KBC20027 Competition prepared, 600 CFM 4bbl delivers more torque and throttle response for GM crate engines. Billet metering blocks are designed specifically for 350 cu. in./350 horsepower "602" (GMP88958602) or 350 cu. in./400 horsepower "604" (GMP88958604) crate engines. Finished in red powder coat. Gasoline only.

Valve Springs K-Motion valve springs are coiled from the very best silicon or H-11 tool steel available for superior dependability. Sold in sets of 16. To order a single spring, add -1 to the end of the part number. Part No.



Installed Height

Open Height

Coil Bind


KMOK-700 KMOK-750 KMOK-800 KMOK-850 KMOK-900 KMOK-950 KMOK-1000 KMOK-1000H KMOK-1100 KMOK-1200 KMOK-1500 KMOK-1600 KMOK-1800

Single Silicon Single H-11 Double Silicon Double Silicon Double H-11 w/o Damper Double H-11 w/Damper Double H-11 w/Damper Double H-11 w/Damper Double Silicon w/Damper Double H-11 Triple H-11 Double Silicon w/Damper Triple H-11

1.265" 1.265" 1.460" 1.550" 1.550" 1.550" 1.625" 1.625" 1.550" 1.625" 1.650" 1.550" 1.650"

120 lbs. @ 1.700" 130 lbs. @ 1.700" 165 lbs. @ 1.850" 135 lbs. @ 1.900" 240 lbs. @ 1.850" 245 lbs. @ 2.000" 240 lbs. @ 1.900" 265 lbs. @ 2.000" 230 lbs. @ 1.900" 260 lbs. @ 2.000" 265 lbs. @ 2.000" 200 lbs. @ 1.950" 340 lbs. @ 2.100"

375 lbs. @ 1.150" 395 lbs. @ 1.150" 495 lbs. @ 1.150" 430 lbs. @ 1.225" 645 lbs. @ 1.150" 690 lbs. @ 1.300" 740 lbs. @ 1.200" 825 lbs. @ 1.200" 555 lbs. @ 1.250" 880 lbs. @ 1.250" 950 lbs. @ 1.200" 528 lbs. @ 1.250" 921 lbs. @ 1.250"

1.050" 1.050" 1.085" 1.160" 1.090" 1.150" 1.090" 1.090" 1.150" 1.150" 1.090" 1.170" 1.150"

Up To .500" Lift Up To .610" Lift Up To .700" Lift Up To .630" Lift Up To .700" Lift Up To .750" Lift Up To .750" Lift Up To .850" Lift Up To .640" Lift Up To .790" Lift Up To .850" Lift Up To .720" Lift Up To .890" Lift

Valve Locks

Titanium Retainers

K-Motion Valve Locks are fully machined and heat treated. They feature the more desirable 10° angle that helps eliminate the “pull thru” problem common with standard 7° locks. Part No.

Valve Stem

KMOK-6110* KMOK-6120* KMOK-6130 KMOK-6140 KMOK-6160 *Recess for lash caps

11/32" 3/8" 11/32" 11/32" 3/8"


Standard Standard Standard +.050" +.050"

K-Motion Retainers are manufactured from high strength titanium and offer an additional .050" installed height over standard retainers. Used with 10° locks. Sold in sets of 16. Part No.

Valve Spring Application



K-800 K-850, K-900, K-950, K-1100, KMOK-7320 K-1600 KMOK-7330 K-1000, K-1000H KMOK-7370 K-1400, K-1500, K-1800


289-304CTC09.indd 294


Dimensions B C








1.500" 1.500"

1.180" 1.180"

.765" .635"

– –


7/28/09 2:55:02 PM

Chrome 14" Dia. Drop Base Air Cleaner Assemblies

X-Stream Air Cleaner Assemblies High flow air filter elements and steel bases are topped by the X-Stream Air Flow Top Plate to boost oostt horsepower and torque. Assemblies popular lies fit most mo ostt p pop op pul ular lar ca ccarburearbu arb ar bure re retors with 5-1/8" dia. neck.

Race ready, low profile air cleaners drop air filter 7/8" or 1-1/4" below carburetor flange and fit carburetors with 5-1/8" necks. High flow, 14" element, base and top lid are included. Part No.


Drop Base

KNE60-1280 KNE60-1290 KNE60-1300 KNE60-1310 KNE60-1430 KNE60-1440

14" Dia. Chrome Assembly 14" Dia. Chrome Assembly 14" Dia. Chrome Assembly 14" Dia. Chrome Assembly 14" Dia. Chrome Assembly 14" Dia. Chrome Assembly

1-1/4" 1-1/4" 1-1/4" 1-1/4" 7/8" 7/8"

Element Height

Total Height

3" 4" 5" 6" 3" 4"

2-3/4" 3-3/4" 4-3/4" 5-3/4" 3-1/8" 4-1/8"


Drop Base

Element Height

Total Height

KNE66-3040 KNE66-3070

14" Dia. X-Stream Assembly 14" Dia. X-Stream Assembly

1-1/4" 1-1/4"

3" 5"

2-3/4" 4-3/4"

X-Stream Air Flow Top Plate KNE66-1401 Filter/plate replaces standard 14" air cleaner top plate to increase airflow for horsepower and torque gains. The perfect companion to the K&N Air Filter Element.

Chrome 14" Dia. Raised Base Air Cleaner Assemblies Elevate the filter element 9/16" above carburetor flange for GM HEI clearance, or where hood clearance is not a concern. High flow, 14" dia. element, base and top are included.

Filter Elements K&N Filter Charger replacement elements improve air flow and are not affected by moisture or mist. When dirty, they can be cleaned with K&N Filter Cleaner and reused. Part No.

Part No.


Raise Base

Element Height

KNE60-1264 KNE60-1260 KNE60-1270

14" Dia. Chrome Assembly 14" Dia. Chrome Assembly 14" Dia. Chrome Assembly

9/16" 9/16" 9/16"

3" 4" 5"

Flow Control Air Cleaner Assemblies

Total Height

4-5/8" 5-5/8" 6-5/8"


KNEE1650 .........3" Tall x 14" Diameter KNEE3743* .......3" Tall x 14" Diameter KNEE3745* .......3-1/2" Tall x 14" Diameter KNEE3750* .......4" Tall x 14" Diameter KNEE3760* .......5" Tall x 14" Diameter KNEE3770* .......6" Tall x 14" Diameter KNEE3804 .........3-1/2" Tall x 16" Diameter KNEE3806 .........4" Tall x 16" Diameter * Has Inner Support Wire

Here’s the answer for all racers looking for bolt-on horsepower. Flow Control provides increased air flow and horsepower. Part No.

Part No.

Air Filter Oil and Cleaner


KNE61-2000......2BBL Holley, 14" x 4" With Choke Tower KNE61-2010......2BBL Holley, 14" x 4.5" With Choke Tower KNE61-2020......2BBL Holley, 14" x 4" Without Choke Tower KNE61-2040......2BBL Rochester, 14" x 4.5" KNE61-4000......4BBL Holley, 14" x 4" Without Choke Tower KNE61-4010......4BBL Holley, 14" x 4.5" Without Choke Tower KNE61-4020......4BBL Holley 390-800 CFM, 14" x 4" With Choke Tower KNE61-4500......4BBL Holley, 16" x 3.5" Without Choke Tower

ASA Spec. Air Filters The specified filters for the ASA Late Model Series have the required markings. Three sizes are available and all may be cleaned and reused. Part No.


KNEASALMSKN3 .......14" x 3" Air Filter KNEASALMSKN35 .....14" x 3-1/2" Air Filter KNEASALMSKN4 .......14" x 4" Air Filter

289-304CTC09.indd 295

Ground Shipment Only KNEASALMSKN3

K&N Air Filter Oil is formulated for superior air filtration when used with K&N filters. The Cleaner will clean K&N filter elements and is biodegradable. Part No.


KNE99-5000......Recharger Kit (6.5 oz. Oil and 12 oz. Cleaner) KNE99-5050......Recharger Kit (8 oz. Oil and 12 oz. Cleaner) KNE99-0504......6 oz. Air Filter Oil, Aerosol KNE99-0516......12 oz. Air Filter Oil, Aerosol KNE99-0533......8 oz. Air Filter Oil, Squeeze Bottle KNE99-0606......12 oz. Air Filter Cleaner, Squirt KNE99-0621......32 oz. Air Filter Cleaner, Squirt KNE99-0635......1 Gallon Air Filter Cleaner




7/28/09 2:55:18 PM

Airforce Pre-Cleaners

Rubber Base Vent Filters

Dirt racers: K&N has struck back with the ultimate dirt defense. The K&N Airforce Pre-Cleaners are large, open-cell foam wraps that fit around the air cleaner, trapping dirt and keeping racing engines clean.

Filters clamp to metal or plastic for use on engines, transmissions and rear ends. Vents have chrome tops and include clamp.

Part No.

Part No.


KNE25-3750......14" O.D. Air Cleaner Assemblies Up To 4" Height. KNE25-3760......14" O.D. Air Cleaner Assemblies 5" Height. KNE25-3770......14" O.D. Air Cleaner Assemblies 6" Height. KNE25-3900......Universal Cut To Fit, w/Velcro Strips (7" Wide x 48" Long)

Stubstacks Reduce turbulence and improve metering response on carburetors. Part No.


Flange I.D.

KNE62-1320 Trans./Rear End 3/8" KNE62-1330 Trans./Rear End 1/2" KNE62-1340 Trans./Rear End 5/8" KNE62-1360 Trans./Rear End 3/4" KNE62-1370 Trans./Rear End 1" KNE62-1390 Trans./Rear End 1-1/4" KNE62-1420 Trans./Rear End 1" KNE62-1440 Crankcase 1-3/8" KNE62-1460 Crankcase 1-1/2" KNE62-1490* Valve Cover 1-1/4" KNE62-1511 Valve Cover 1" KNE62-1512 Valve Cover 1-1/4" KNE62-1513 Valve Cover 1-3/8" KNE62-1514 Valve Cover 1-1/2" KNE62-1515 Valve Cover 1-3/4" KNE62-1516* Valve Cover 1-1/4" KNE62-2470 Trans./Rear End 5/16" KNE62-2480 Trans./Rear End 9/16" * Push-in rather than clamp-on breather.


KNE85-0200......4 BBL Holley 4150/4160 w/Choke Horn KNE85-0210......2 BBL Holley 2300 KNE85-0400......4 BBL Holley 4150/4160 w/o Choke Horn




2" 2" 2" 2" 2" 3" 3" 3" 3" 3" 3" 3" 3" 3" 3" 3" 1-3/8" 1-3/8"

1-1/2" 1-1/2" 1-1/2" 1-1/2" 1-1/2" 2-1/2" 2-1/4" 2-1/2" 2-1/2" 2-1/2" 2-1/2" 2-1/2" 2-1/2" 2-1/2" 2-1/2" 2-1/2" 1-1/8" 1-1/8"

No No No No No No No No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No

Wrench-Off Oil Filters Steel Base Vent Filters

Filters deliver high volume, positive oil flow with low restriction and provide the proper balance between engine protection and oil pump drag. An inner element traps contaminants as small as 10 microns. Flow rates are between 12-16 GPM (depending upon filter size) and filters have up to 550 PSI of hydrostatic burst strength. Part No.

Crankcase vent filters, with vent tubes swedged into base, press into vent hoses or grommets. Filters with mounting stud are ideal for remote mounting. Part No.


KNEHP-3001 .....Ford KNEHP-3002 .....Chevrolet KNEHP-5001 .....Remote Mount Replaces From HP-6

ASA Spec. Oil Filters The specified oil filters for the ASA Late Model Series. Each filter includes the required markings. Part No.


KNE62-1000 Fuel Cell/Rear End, -8AN KNE62-1010 Fuel Cell/Rear End, -10AN KNE62-1020 Fuel Cell/Rear End, 5/8" Hose KNE62-1030 Fuel Cell/Rear End, 3/4" Hose KNE62-1040 Fuel Cell/Rear End, 1" Hose KNE62-1090* Fuel Cell/Rear End KNE62-1100* Fuel Cell/Rear End KNE62-1110* Fuel Cell/Rear End KNE62-1160 Fuel Cell/Rear End KNE62-1170 Fuel Cell/Rear End KNE62-1519 Valve Cover, Push-In w/Shield KNE62-1520 Valve Cover, Push-In w/Shield * Filter Includes Mounting Stud.


Vent O.D.



3/8" 1/2" 5/8" 3/4" 1" 3/8" 1/2" 5/8" 3/4" 1" 3/4" 1"

2" 2" 2" 2" 2" 2" 2" 2" 3" 3" 3" 3"

1-1/2" 1-1/2" 1-1/2" 1-1/2" 1-1/2" 1-1/2" 1-1/2" 1-1/2" 2" 2" 2-1/2" 2-1/2"

KNEASALMSKNHP-3001 .........Ford KNEASALMSKNHP-3002 .........Chevrolet KNEASALMSKNHP-5001 Mount, KNEA KN EASA EA SALM SA LMSK LM SKNH SK NHPPNH P-50 5001 01..........Remote 01 .................RRe Remo Remo motte te M Mou ount nt, Re RReplaces Fram HP-6

4611-*&3 Professional Racing Series 12 & 16 Volt AGM Batteries Kinetik Racing batteries offer up to two times longer life than traditional units, even in a high heat. Fully sealed, valve regulated AGM batteries have durable ABS cases and are non-spillable. Unique, three-post, dual 16/12 volt battery needs no 12-volt step down converter, and offers more cranking amps and reserve time. Part No.







Dimensions (LxWxH)




12-Volt Battery 12-Volt Battery 12-Volt Battery 12/16-Volt Battery

300A 500A 800A 750A

620A 900A 1400A 1500A

25 35 60 62

50 mins. 74 mins. 120 mins. 124 mins.

13 lbs. 22 lbs. 37 lbs. 50 lbs.

7" x 3" x 6.5" 7.6" x 5" x 6" 9" x 5.3" x 8.1" 10" x 6.5" x 8.2"

6mm 3/8" 3/8" 3/8"

N/A N/A 22/51 24


289-304CTC09.indd 296



7/28/09 2:55:34 PM

Aluminum Power Steering Pumps

Cast Iron Power Steering Pumps


KRC pumps save horsepower and weigh just 2.7 lbs. Fluid flows smoothly through the system for better cooling and steering response. Pumps are completely new with die cast aluminum housings, splined shafts with retaining nuts and choice of V-belt or serpentine hard anodized aluminum pulleys. Pressure fitting is -6AN, inlet fitting is -10AN. Complete kits with pump, reservoir and bracket are available for block or cylinder head mount on small block Chevy. Part No. Description Power Steering Pumps

KRC20000000 ............Power Steering Pump, 6" V-Belt Pulley KRC20000100 ............Power Steering Pump, 6" V-Belt Pump w/Aluminum Tank KRC20002000 ............Power Steering Pump, 4.25" Serpentine Pulley KRC20002100 ............Power Steering Pump, 4.2" Serpentine Pump w/Tank KRC20005000 ............Power Steering Pump, w/o Pulley Power Steering Pump Kits (Includes Pump, Reservoir and Mounting Bracket)

KRC29010010 ............Power Steering Pump Kit, Head Mount, 6" V-Belt Pulley KRC29010015 ............Power Steering Pump Kit, Block Mount, 6" V-Belt Pulley KRC29020015 ............Power Steering Pump Kit, Block Mount, 4.25" Serpentine Pulley

Crate Engine Kit With Idler, Bellhousing Mount Power Steering Pump Serpentine drive kits with idler fit small block Chevy crate engines with power steering pump mounted to a Bert, Brinn or Tilton bellhousing. Kits include Pro Series single serpentine water pump and crank pulley drive kit with adjustable idlertensioner, bellhousing mounted pump bracket and HTD belt driven, 9.6cc aluminum pump. Part No.


KRC16322000 ............. Complete Idler Crate Engine Kit, Bellhousing Mount P/S Pump KRC16322600 ............. Complete Idler Crate Engine Kit, w/o Bellhousing Mount P/S Pump Related Components

Pumps can deliver 1.5-3.7 GPM depend dependndd ing upon which flow valve is used. ed. Directlyy replaces Saginaw pump and shares pulley ares the same ep pu ulllley leyy off offse sett an and and mounting pattern. Complete kits, which include pump, reservoir and V-belt or serpentine pulley, are also available for small block Chevy in cylinder head mount or block mount versions. Part No. Description Power Steering Pumps

KRC50010000 ............Power Steering Pump, 6" V-Belt Pulley KRC50010100 ............Power Steering Pump, 6" V-Belt Pulley And Bolt-On Tank Power Steering Pump Kits (Includes Pump, Reservoir and Mounting Bracket)

KRC59010010 ............Power Steering Pump Kit, Head Mount, 6" V-Belt Pulley KRC59010015 ............Power Steering Pump Kit, Block Mount, 6" V-Belt Pulley

Aluminum Power Steering Flow Control Valves Aluminum Flow Control Valves are offered in seven flow rates and make it possible to custom tailor steering "feel" on all KRC power steering pumps. Part No.


Flow (GPM)


KRC25306000 KRC25307000 KRC25308000 KRC25309000 KRC25310000 KRC25311000 KRC25312000

-6AN Male -6AN Male -6AN Male -6AN Male -6AN Male -6AN Male -6AN Male

1.58 1.84 2.11 2.37 2.64 2.90 3.17

6 7 None B C D E

Power Steering Pump Bracket Kits Aluminum brackets have longer adjustment slots and captive nut for simple installation. Dual bolt pattern mounts GM or KRC style pumps. Choose from complete kits or mounting bracket only. Description

Kit Part No.

Bracket Only Part No.

KRC19700000 ............. Bellhousing Mount Power Steering Pump And 40-Tooth HTD Pulley KRC19750000 ............. Bellhousing Mount Power Steering Pump Bracket KRC42317000 ............. Rock Guard With Screws For 40-Tooth HTD Pulley

Chevy Head Mount, Mounts Pump to Left Cyl. Head KRC31410000 KRC31411000 Chevy Block Mount, Mounts Pump Left of Timing Cover KRC31415000 KRC31416000 Ford Head Mount, Mounts Pump to Left Cyl. Head – KRC31611000* *Bracket is designed for use with #KRC31613000 Spacer Kit

Positive Drive Power Steering Pumps

Serpentine Drive Kits

Designed to be driven off of dry sump oil pumps or the camshaft, pump is available with 3/8" hex drive or 17-spline drive spuds. Also available with 3/8" rear drive for fuel pumps. Dry sump oil pump adapter must be purchased separately.

Small block Chevy power steering serpentine drives, in block or head mount, include two-piece 2.5" crank pulley, 3.5" water pump pulley, Goodyear 6-rib belt and hardware. Choose kits with 15% or 30% water pump speed reduction.

Part No.


KRC19502000 ............Positive Drive Pump, 3/8" Hex Drive KRC19512000 ............Positive Drive Pump, 17-Spline Drive KRC19602000 ............Positive Drive Pump, 3/8" Hex Drive and Fuel Pump Drive KRC19612000 ............Positive Drive, 17-Spline Drive and Fuel Pump Drive Accessory Components


KRC19551000 ............3/8" Hex Pump Adapter, Allows Bolting Positive Drive Pump To Peterson Bellhousing Mount Dry Sump Pump KRC19555300 * ..........17-Spline Pump Adapter, Mounts Positive Drive Pump To SCP Dry Sump Pump KRC19571000 ............3/8"-24 x 3/8" Hex Drive Spud, Barnes/Razor/SCP/Weaver Pumps KRC19575000 ............17-Spline Spud Removal Tool * SCP pump must have the main shaft drilled and tapped 3/8"-24. Specially drilled/ tapped main shaft is also available from SCP.

289-304CTC09.indd 297


30% W/P Reduction Part No.

15% W/P Reduction Part No.

SB Chevy with Head Mount P/S Pump SB Chevy with Block Mount P/S Pump

KRC38400000 KRC38401000

KRC38410000 KRC38411000

Goodyear Gatorback Belts Crosscut belts set the industry standard. Part No.


KRC4060325.............6-Rib, 32.5" Belt KRC4060360.............6-Rib, 36.0" Belt




7/28/09 2:56:01 PM

Water Restrictor KLU1027 Carburetor Covers Aluminum covers keep dirt out of engines during storage or transport and are available with or without speed nut and O-ring assembly which positively seals cover. Part No.


KLU1029 ......... Carburetor Cover Assembly, 5-1/8" Dia., 1/4"-20 Speed Nut KLU1030 ......... Carburetor Cover Assembly, 5-1/8" Dia., 5/16"-18 Speed Nut KLU1031 ......... Carburetor Cover Only, 5-1/8" Dia. KLU1032 ......... Carburetor Cover Only, Dominator Carbs

Throttle Linkages And Return Kits Quick disconnect throttle linkages include carb bushings for most carburetors. Heavy duty aluminum rods can withstand severe engine vibrations. Linkages can be removed from carb in 5 seconds. Part No.


KLU1040 ......... Quick Disconnect Throttle Linkage Kit KLU1042 ......... Throttle Ball Accessory Kit KLU1045 ......... Aluminum Carburetor Bushing KLU1046 ......... Carburetor Spring Return Kit (Small Block and 90° V-6 Chevy, 2 or 4 BBL.) KLU1047 ......... Carburetor Bracket Spring Return Kit (To Be Used With 1" Carb Spacer)

Throttle Pedal Stop KLU1039 Stop prevents stuck throttle and eliminates carburetor damage caused by over- extended linkage. Stop attaches to firewall with rivets, and linkage travel can be adjusted up to 2-1/4" with a screwdriver.

Fuel Directors Red anodized aluminum fuel logs incorporate a sliding nut for quick installation and removal. Single feed log has a -8AN inlet and dual feed log has 3/4"NPT inlets. Both have 1/8"NPT ports for fuel pressure gauge. Part No.


KLU4408* ....... Single Fuel Director, -8AN KLU4418 ......... Holley Dual Feed Fuel Director, -8AN KLU4419 ......... Holley Adapter Fittings Only (Set of Two) * Often used with 2BBL Carburetors

Oil Filter Cutter Quickly/easily open filter canister to check for engine killing contaminants. Heavy duty 6061 anodized aluminum body and razor sharp cutter wheel hardened to 60RC make this the slickest and least expensive tool of its kind. Part No.


KLU1201 ......... Oil Filter Inspection Tool KLU1204 ......... Replacement Cutter Wheel


289-304CTC09.indd 298

Aluminum restrictor reduces water temperatures up to 20°F. Funnel-shaped restrictor inserts into the lower radiator hose. Coolant stays in the radiator longer for improved cooling.

IMCA Lower Control Arms


IMCA-legal control arms, when used with round steel bushings, eliminate erratic handling and flexing of stock ’64-72 Chevelle GM A-body control arms. Control arms have a black painted finish and weigh just 10 lbs. Part No.


KLU8801 ......... Front Round Bushings Required KLU8802 ......... Rear Round Bushings Required KLU8803 ......... RH Lower Control Arm, ’68-72 Chevelle KLU8804 ......... LH Lower Control Arm, ’68-72 Chevelle KLU8800 ......... Steel Lower Control Arm Bushing, Oval Design

5" Coil-Over Kits Kits are offered for a variety of coil-over shock absorbers. Kits include anodized aluminum components (top, threaded bottom, sleeve, and diaper pin). Steel wrenches are designed for use with KRC coil-over kits. Part No.


KLU8820 ..... 5" Coil-Over Kit, Bilstein KLU8822 ..... 5" Coil-Over Kit, AFCO KLU8824 ..... 5" Coil-Over Kit, QA1 KLU8826 ..... 5" Coil-Over Kit, Pro

Part No.


KLU8830 .... 5" Coil-Over Kit, Penske KLU8840 .... Coil-Over Nut Wrench KLU8842 .... Coil-Over Body Wrench

Lug Nuts Kluhsman offers lug nuts in steel or 7075 aluminum and even offers them in yellow reflective for quicker, easier tire changes in dark pit areas. Aluminum lug nuts have a lifetime guarantee. Part No. Description Aluminum Lug Nuts

KLU8201 ............5/8"-11 Coarse Thread, Double Angle, Pkg. of 20 KLU8202 ......... 12mm x 1.25, Pkg. of 16 NEW! KLU8211 ............5/8"-11 Coarse Thread, Double Angle, Yellow Reflective, Pkg. of 20 Steel Lug Nuts (Heat Treated)

KLU8212 ............5/8"-11 Coarse Thread, Double Angle, Pkg. of 20 KLU8214 ............5/8"-11 Coarse Thread, Single Angle, Illuminated Yellow Coated, Pkg. of 20

Lightweight Shifters Kluhsman Bert/Brinn Shifters feature aluminum dual handles for use on rough tracks and irregular terrain. Levers can be locked in with simple detent so they can’t jump out of gear. Shifters include shifter rods, mounting clevis, pins and mounting brackets for complete installation.Heim ends are included. Part No.


KLU7200 ......... Powerglide Shifter Black KLU7300 KLU7300 ......... Lever Shifter KLU7301 ......... Steel Shifter Plate Arm (Fits GM 3 and 4 Speed Transmission) KLU7400 ......... Bert Shifter With Rods, Clevis Kit and Mounting Plate Black KLU7402 ......... Bert Clevis Kit (Pins/Fasteners/Yoke-No Rods/Mount Plate)



7/28/09 2:56:21 PM

Tandem Pump Mechanically efficient power steering/ positive displacement fuel pump is driven by a single shaft, reducing weight and simplifying plumbing. Gerotor pump has a high alloy, heat treated shaft, heavy duty front ball bearings, bi-metal central journal bearing and an aluminum body and separators. Has a 5/8" dia. shaft with a 1/8" keyway. Part No.


KSEKSC1061-002......Tandem Pump, Designed For Applications With Up To 700 HP (IMCA Cars), Alcohol and All Gas KSEKSC1061-004......Tandem Pump, Designed For Applications With Over 700 HP (Late Models), Alcohol Only KSEKSC1056 .............SB Chevy Mounting Kit KSEKSC1059 .............Brinn/Bert Bellhousing Mounting Kit

Tandem Pump Seal Kit Includes seals for all KSE Tandem Power Steering and Fuel Pumps. Part No.


KSEKSC1052 .............Seal Kit, Up To Serial No. 5266 (Most Popular) KSEKSC1076 .............Seal Kit, Serial No. 5267 And Up

Tandem Pump HTD Drive Kit For Modifieds KSEKSD1025 Install a KSE tandem pump on modifieds with V-belt driven water pumps. Front mount kit includes crank mandrel, crank mandrel bolt, double groove crank pulley, 20T crank pulley, guide, spacer, end cap, 40T pump drive pulley and 800mm x 8mm pitch x 20mm belt. Water pump pulley and bolts are not included. Replacement Component Part No. Description

Through Shaft Power Steering Pump KSEKSC1068-002 Aluminum power steering pump uses minimal horsepower but can generate 1,300 PSI. Counterclockwise rotation pump has 3/8" male hex drive input, 3/8" female hex drive output and accepts current fuel injection pumps. May be cam driven or driven off the back of dry sump pump. Replacement Components Part No. Description

KSEKSC1027 .............Hex Shaft KSEKSC1038 .............Seal Kit For KSEKSC1030-001/002 (Old Style) KSEKSC1069 .............Seal Kit For KSEKSC1068-002 (New Style) KSEKSM1039............Power Steering Bearing

Direct Drive Pump KSEKSC1062-004 Used with Bert or Brinn transmissions, pump bolts directly on dry sump pump with no extra mount required. Direct drive pump is for carbureted engines and has a 3/8" hex shaft for easy installation.

Elixer Racing Power Steering Fluid KSEKSM1086 KSE’s Elixer has a higher viscosity index, anti-foaming, anti-wear and anti-oxidation capabilities to minimize power fade, lower corner speed assist loss and decrease heat build-up. Quart container.

KSEKSD1019 ............HTD Pump Drive Pulley, 40 Tooth NOTE: A 4-3/4" long crankshaft mandrel bolt is also required.

Koolmat at Insulation ionn

Koolsox Double layer fiberglass socks protect spark plug boots up to 1200°F and provide an easy way to detect potential burn areas before they occur. The sock, rather than the plug boot, absorbs the burn and eliminates misfire. An adjustable ring allows the sock to be rotated, increasing its usable life. Fits straight or angled plug boots. Part No.


KOO7500 ........ Chevy (exc. 18° or LS1) / Ford, Universal Koolsox (1-1/2" x 5-1/2") KOO7518 ........ GM 18° Koolsox (1-1/4" x 5-1/2")

289-304CTC09.indd 299

Koolmat is a durable durrab abl ble le m mat at tth that hat el hat eli eliminates imiinates heat build-up in the driver compartment area by up to 75% 75%. Koolmat prevents burns, stops hot foot and helps improve driver performance. Installs t lls easily with pop rivets or weather stripping adhesive. Just measure, cut, and rivet or glue to the floor. Part No.


KOO1215 ...........12" x 15" KOO1230 ...........12" x 30" KOO2430 ...........24" x 30" KOO3060 ...........30" x 60" KOO30120 .........30" x 120"




7/28/09 2:57:00 PM

Alecular SI Bearings Alecular tri-metal (AluminumTin-Silicon) bearings offer long wear, excellent wall variance control and improved clearance tolerances. Tri-metal composition resists corrosion and debris embedment. Specify size (Standard, -.010", -.020" or -.030") when ordering. Engine

Rod Bearings


Main Bearings


SB Chevy 283-350 SB Chevy 400


Stock Stock


Stock Stock

Xtreme Performance Tri-Lecular Bearings Tri-metal, enhanced copper lead bearings have nickel barrier plating to withstand high loads and extreme RPM. Multi-layer adhesion process improves stability between top and intermediate layers. Large, chamfered oil holes, 3/4 grooving, and a narrow design make Xtreme main bearings compatible with large radii crankshafts. Rod bearings have 45° chamfers on the crank side for increased radial clearance. Specify size (Standard, -.010", -.020" or -.030") when ordering. Rod Bearings


SB Chevy 305-350, 1967-99 SB Chevy 400, 1970-80 Special Performance, Honda 1.8885" Rod Sizing Special Performance, Honda 1.8885" Rod Sizing

Alecular Pro Series Bearings Designed for use with aftermarket crankshafts, Alecular Pro Series Bearings use an alloy of aluminum, tin, and copper-plus bonded to a steel back to compensate for distortion and misalignment. Specify size (Standard, -.010", -.020" or -.030") when ordering. Engine

Rod Bearings

SB Chevy 305-350, 1967-99 SB Chevy 305-350, 1967-99 SB Chevy 400, 1970-80 SB Chevy 400, 1970-80



Main Bearings


KEBCR8025XP w/o Dowel Hole KEBMB5425XP 3/4 Grooved KEBCR8025XP w/o Dowel Hole – – KEBCR8028XP* w/o Dowel Hole

KEBCR8027XP* With Dowel Hole

*Special Performance, Honda Rod Sizing (1.8885") Bearings Are Engineered For Use With A 2.0150"-2.0155" Housing Bore.


Main Bearings


With Dowel Hole KEBMB5142HP Grooved Uppers w/o Dowel Hole KEBMB5160HP Fully Grooved With Dowel Hole KEBMB5143HP Grooved Uppers w/o Dowel Hole – – Scott Rugg

Photo: Jim DenHamer

Tire Relief Valve Components Kwik Change tire reliefs and related components maintain stagger from green to checkered flag. Part No.


Part No.

KCP713-001-H .........Hollow Plugs, 2-Pieces KCP713-001-S ..........Solid Plugs, 4-Pieces KCP713-002 .............Schrader Valves, 2-Pieces KCP713-004 .............Screens, 4-Pieces KCP713-005 .............Sealing Washers, 4-Pieces KCP713-006-O .........O-Rings, 4-Pieces KCP713-006-Q .........Quad Rings, 4-Pieces KCP713-007 .............Grommets, 4-Pieces KCP713-100 .............Relief Valves, 4-Pieces KCP713-123 .............Light Springs, 8-Pieces KCP713-124 .............Heavy Springs, 8-Pieces KCP713-127 .............Poppets, 2-Pieces

Matt Frazier


289-304CTC09.indd 300

KCP713-001-S, 002



Photo: Jim DenHamer


KCP713-158-1..........Plastic Quick Disconnect, 1-Piece KCP713-158-4..........Plastic Quick Disconnects, 4-Pieces KCP713-258-1..........Aluminum Quick Disconnect, 1-Piece KCP713-258-4..........Aluminum Quick Disconnects, 4-Pieces KCP713-300 .............Preset Pump, 30 PSI KCP713-300-G .........Gauge Head, 30 PSI Preset Pump KCP713-600 .............Preset Pump, 60 PSI KCP713-600-G .........Gauge Head, 60 PSI Preset Pump KCP714-1000 ...........Next Generation Relief, 1-Piece KCP714-1000-Q .......Next Generation Quad Rings, 4-Pieces KCP714-1123 ...........Next Generation Light Springs, 8-Pieces KCP714-1124 ...........Next Generation Heavy Springs, 8-Pieces KCP714-1127 ...........Next Generation Poppets, 2-Pieces


Adam Drobny

Photo: Jim DenHamer



7/28/09 2:57:19 PM

Full Containment 15° Layback Oval Track Seats

Lightweight Full Containment 10° Layback Oval Track Seats Complete seat is a two-piece, aluminum extrusion with padded rib supports and elongated bottom. Base has adjustable shoulder restraints and a helmet restraint. Four-piece covers are available separately in black only.

With the modular, three-piece design, select a custom extruded aluminum seat without a high price or long delivery time. Padded rib supports and elongated bottoms for total leg support add to comfort and safety. To order, select seat base, shoulder restraint and head restraint. Covers must be purchased separately. Description

Part No.

Regular Seat Bases 15" Seat Base KIR53300 16" Seat Base KIR53500 17" Seat Base KIR53700 18" Seat Base KIR53900 Shoulder Restraints 19" Restraint KIR53SD19 20" Restraint KIR53SD20 21" Restraint KIR53SD21 22" Restraint KIR53SD22 23" Restraint KIR53SD23 Head Restraints Regular KIR53H100 Short Left KIR53H200 Tubular Head Rest KIR53H400


Airknit Black Cover Part No.

Airknit Grey Cover Part No.

KIR53341 KIR53541 KIR53741 KIR53941

KIR53347 KIR53547 KIR53747 KIR53947

KIR53S19-41 KIR53S20-41 KIR53S21-41 KIR53S22-41 KIR53S23-41

KIR53S19-47 KIR53S20-47 KIR53S21-47 KIR53S22-47 KIR53S23-47

KIR53H141 KIR53H241 N/A

KIR53H147 KIR53H247 N/A

Part No.

14" 15" 15-1/2" 16" 17" 18"

KIR68100 KIR68300 KIR68400 KIR68500 KIR68700 KIR68900

KIR68111 KIR68311 KIR68411 KIR68511 KIR68711 KIR68911

Seats are fabricated from .081" aluminum and weigh just over 8 lbs. Contoured seat bottoms offer maximum head room. Available in 20° layback design for late models. Four-piece seat covers must be purchased separately. Seat Part No.

Black Cloth Cover

Intermediate Layback Oval Track Seats

Black Vinyl Cover Black Cloth Cover Red Cloth Cover Blue Cloth Cover Part No. Part No. Part No. Part No.

KIR68101 KIR68301 KIR68401 KIR68501 KIR68701 KIR68901

KIR66111 KIR66311 KIR66311 KIR66311 KIR66511 KIR66511

Double Rib Support 20° Layback 14" KIR58100LW KIR58111LW 14-1/2" KIR58200LW KIR58311LW 15" KIR58300LW KIR58311LW 15-1/2" KIR58400LW KIR58311LW 16" KIR58500LW KIR58511LW 16-1/2" KIR58600LW KIR58511LW 17" KIR58700LW KIR58511LW

Seats offer strength, safety and minimal weight. The seats are TIG welded, .100" thick 5052 aluminum with an offset extrusion that adds strength and keeps the seat smooth. Other features include reinforced padded shoulder restraints, adjustable head restraints, rib protectors, and contoured bottoms with extended leg supports and center leg separators. Seat covers must be purchased separately. Width

Black Cover Part No.

Lightweight 20° Layback Oval Track Seats


Containment 18° Layback Oval Track Seats

Part No.

Regular Seat Bases 14" Seat Base KIR66100 14.5" Seat Base KIR66200 15" Seat Base KIR66300 15.5" Seat Base KIR66400 16" Seat Base KIR66500 17" Seat Base KIR66700

KIR68112 KIR68312 KIR68412 KIR68512 KIR68712 KIR68912

KIR68117 KIR68319 KIR68419 KIR68519 KIR68719 KIR68919

Intermediate, double rib support layback seats are made of .125" aluminum and offered in 10° or 20° layback models. Features include contoured seat bottoms for maximum head room, reinforced head supports and raised fronts for superior thigh support. Seat covers must be purchased separately. Width

Seat Part No.

Black Vinyl Cover Part No.

Double Rib Support 20° Layback 14" KIR36100 KIR36101 15" KIR36300 KIR36301 16" KIR36500 KIR36501 17" KIR36700 KIR36701 18" KIR36900 KIR36901 20" KIR36800 KIR36801 Double Rib Support 10° Layback 15" KIR39300 KIR36301 16" KIR39500 KIR36501 17" KIR39700 KIR36701 18" KIR39900 KIR36901

Black Cloth Cover Part No.

Red Cloth Cover Part No.

Blue Cloth Cover Part No.

KIR36111 KIR36311 KIR36511 KIR36711 KIR36911 KIR36811

– KIR36312 KIR36512 KIR36712 – –

– KIR36319 KIR36519 KIR36719 – –

KIR36311 KIR36511 KIR36711 KIR36911

KIR36312 KIR36512 KIR36712 –

KIR36319 KIR36519 KIR36719 –

Lumbar Support KIR99020 High density padding gives added support to lower back area.


289-304CTC09.indd 301

Photo: Jim DenHamer

• Select a seat base width that will comfortably fit the driver's hips. • Shoulder restraints should be based upon the driver's shoulder width.




7/28/09 2:57:58 PM

Economy Layback Oval Track Seats

Head Andd Shoulderr Restraintt Kit

Seats are made of .125" thick aluminum and available in 10° layback double rib support, 20° layback single rib support or 20° layback double rib support models. Seat covers must be purchased separately. Width

Seat Part No.

Black Nylon Cover Red Nylon Cover

Double Rib Support 20° Layback 14-1/2" KIR09200 KIR09431 15-1/2" KIR09400 KIR09431 17-1/2" KIR09800 KIR09831 Double Rib Support 10° Layback 15-1/2" KIR19400 KIR09431 17-1/2" KIR19800 KIR09831 Single Rib Support 20° Layback 15-1/2" KIR20400 KIR20431 17-1/2" KIR20800 KIR20831 21" KIR20900 KIR20901

Blue Nylon Cover

KIR09432 KIR09432 KIR09832

KIR09433 KIR09433 KIR09833

KIR09432 KIR09832

KIR09433 KIR09833

– – –

– – –


Seat Part No.

Black Cloth Cover

14" 15" 15-1/2" 16" 17" 18"

KIR33100 KIR33300 KIR33400 KIR33500 KIR33700 KIR33900

KIR33111 KIR33311 KIR33411 KIR33511 KIR33711 KIR33911

Seat Side Supports Supports provide protection for legs and shoulders under high G-forces and during an accident. Covers must be purchased separately. Designed for use with all Kirkey seats except full containment models. Description

289-304CTC09.indd 302



Head Support Shoulder Support Leg Support


KIR00312 KIR00317 KIR00319

KIR00501 KIR00601

KIR00511 KIR00611

Right Left

KIR01341 KIR01441

Airknit Grey Cover Part No.

KIR01347 KIR01447



KIR99202.........Upper Bracket, Each KIR99204.........Lower Brackets, Pair




KIR01300 KIR01400

Part No.

KIR00112 KIR00117 KIR00119 KIR00212 KIR00217 KIR00219

Part No.

Airknit Black Cover Part No.

Special brackets ease seat installation.

KIR00111 KIR00211



Seat Mounting Brackets

KIR00101 KIR00201



May be added to any Kirkey seat to add improved leg protection. They are 20" long, significantly longer than standard supports. Covers must be purchased separately.

Red Cloth Grey Cloth Blue Cloth Cover Cover Part Cover No. Part No. Part No.


Deluxe Leg Restraints

Black Cloth Cover Part No.


15" 14.5"

Black Cover

Black Vinyl Cover Part No.


NOTE: Complete kit must be used to be effective and the head restraint cannot be used separately.

Center Steering Pad KIR00001 Black nylon covered, high density foamfilled pad is 6" dia. and 2" thick. Designed for use with three-spoke steering wheels.

KIR00412 KIR00417 KIR00419 –

KIR00512 KIR00517 KIR00519 KIR00612 KIR00617 KIR00619

* Special lightweight supports are for use with 56LW and 58LW Series seats only.


KIR98701..........Black Vinyl KIR98711..........Black Cloth KIR98712..........Red Cloth KIR98717..........Grey Cloth KIR98719..........Blue Cloth


KIR98701-S .......Black Vinyl KIR98711-S .......Black Cloth KIR98712-S .......Red Cloth KIR98717-S .......Grey Cloth KIR98719-S .......Blue Cloth

Deluxe seats have double rib supports and 20° layback designs. An aluminum extrusion around the perimeter of the seat adds strength. Seats are complete with shoulder harness cutouts, double panel rib and head supports, and raised seat fronts for thigh support. Seat covers must be purchased separately.

Part No.

Part No. Description Standard Head and Shoulder Restraint Kits

Short Head and Shoulder Restraint Kits

Speedway Deluxe 20° Layback Oval Track Seats

Head Supports KIR00100 Right KIR00200 Left Leg Supports KIR00300 Right Right KIR00300LW* (Lightweight) KIR00400 Left Left KIR00400LW* (Lightweight) Shoulder Supports KIR00500 Right KIR00600 Left

Update an exis existing isti t ng ti gK Ki Kirkey irke irk ir key se key seat at to acce accept cept ptt h hea head ead d and shou shoulder uld lder er restraint system. Retro-fit kits of .100" thick 5052 grade aluminum are padded with energy absorbing foam and available in standard or short versions (4" shorter left side head restraints for confined cockpits). Covers, brackets and hardware are included.

Vinyl Coil-Over Covers Covers protect coil-overs by keeping out mud and rocks. Velcro closures allow easy spring adjustments. Sold in pairs. Part No.


KIR00041........ Black Coil-Over Covers KIR00042........ Red Coil-Over Covers KIR00043........ Blue Coil-Over Covers



7/28/09 2:58:22 PM

Street Stock Oval Track Shock Absorbers

30 Series Steel Body Mono-Tube Shock Absorbers Single adjustable, mono-tube shocks have four distinct rebound adjustments to suit chassis set-up or track conditions. The 30 Series shocks feature induction hardened, chrome plated 9/16" piston rods, and each shock body has three grooves to accept a lightweight threaded coil-over sleeve (sold separately). Mount in any position and use as coil-over or, non-coil-over.

Compression Valving

Part No.

Koni’s GM and Ford Street Stock Shocks fit stock mounts and meet the rugged demands of oval track racing with heavy-duty racing valving and five way rebound adjustment. The rebound setting can control slight push and loose conditions and fine tune the chassis for existing track conditions.

Year/Model Rebound Valving Minimum Length Maximum Length

5" Steel Shock Absorbers KON30-5325 3 KON30-5436 4 6" Steel Shock Absorbers KON30-6325 3 KON30-6436 4 7" Steel Shock Absorbers KON30-7325 3 KON30-7436 4 KON30-7514 5 KON30-7647 6 8" Steel Shock Absorber KON30-8325 3 9" Steel Shock Absorbers KON30-9325 3 KON30-9436 4 KON30-9414 4

2-5 3-6

10.75" 10.75"

15.75" 15.75"

2-5 3-6

12.25" 12.25"

18.25" 18.25"

2-5 3-6 1-4 4-7

12.75" 12.75" 12.75" 12.75"

19.75" 19.75" 19.75" 19.75"




2-5 3-6 1-4

14.75" 14.75" 14.75"

23.75" 23.75" 23.75"

2" Coil-Over Kit KON30-0000 Coil over kit is used with large top eye 30 series dampers with 2" I.D. springs.

Replacement Bearing KON1425-50-00-13



KON8040-1087 KON8040-1087

KON8040-1088 KON8040-1088

KON8040-1087 KON8040-1087 KON8040-1087 KON8040-1087 KNO8040-1087

KON8040-1018 KON8040-1088 KON8040-1088 KON8040-1088 KON8040-1088



KON8040-1087 KON8040-1087

KON8040-1088 KON8040-1088

KON8040-1087 KON8040-1087 KON8040-1087 KON8040-1087 KON8040-1087

KON8040-1088 KON8040-1088 KON8040-1088 KON8040-1088 KON8040-1088

Buick ’74-79 Apollo/Skylark ’70-87 Regal/Grand National Chevrolet ’70-81 Camaro ’77-91 Caprice/Impala ’64-85 Chevelle/Malibu ’70-87 Monte Carlo ’75-79 Nova Ford ’79-93 Mustang (4 Cyl. Only) Oldsmobile ’64-87 Cutlass ’75-79 Omega Pontiac ’70-81 Firebird ’73-77 Grand Am ’69-87 Gran Prix ’78-81 LeMans ’75-79 Ventura II/Phoenix


Upper Mount

Lower Mount

Max. Length

Min. Length

KON8040-1018 KON8040-1026 KON8040-1087 KON8040-1088

Fork Pin Pin Fork

Pin Eye Cross Bar I-Stud

20-3/8" 20-5/16" 13-3/4" 21-1/8"

12-7/16" 12-3/8" 8-7/8" 13-1/16"

Bearing has a 1" O.D. and 1/2" I.D., and fits all Koni 30 Series shock absorbers.

Bump Rubber KON72-34-48-000-0 Cellular polyurethane bump rubber fits on the shock absorber and prevents the suspension from bottoming out. Similar to a progressive spring, bump rubber resistance increases as it is compressed providing controlled bottoming of the suspension. Prevents internal shock damage caused by metal-to-metal contact. Linear soft bump rubber is 25mm tall and fits shocks with a 14mm rod dia. NOTE: The non-tapered end of the bump rubber may be trimmed to increase shock

travel, if desired.



2 Through 5 Compression

Rebound Valve Range

Ken Kirby

289-304CTC09.indd 303


Photos: Jim DenHamer



7/28/09 2:58:44 PM

Lightweight Racing Batteries

16-Volt Racing Batteries riess

Light weight, maintenance-free Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid Battery (VRSLAB) was originally developed for military aircraft where weight, power and safety are priorities. This also makes it the perfect choice for today’s racer. May be mounted in any position and will not leak, even if the case is damaged. Battery mounts are also offered

Sealed, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are powerful nitions enough for modern racing ignitions atteries never need nee eed d water w te wa ter er an aand d and starting requirements. Batteries nventional batteries ailab ble in n charge more quickly than conventional batteries. Ava Available two- and three-post versions. Three-post battery can accommodate 12-volt gauges, lights, etc. with the 12-volt terminal and ignition and starting circuits with the 16-volt terminal.

Part No.

Reserve CCA Capacity Peak Dis. Amps


Battery Mount Weight

REAAP1228 550 28 Mins. 1400 @ 20 Sec. 5.25" L. x 4.50" W. x 7.0" H. – 18 lbs. REAAP1236 775 36 Mins. 1200 @ 15 Sec. 7.625" L. x 5.25" W. x 6.875" H. REA2010 24 lbs. REAAP1257 850 57 Mins. 1500 @ 10 Sec. 9.75" L. x 5.25" W. x 6.875" H. REA2020 31 lbs.

Part No.


Reserve Capacity CCA



REA1685-2 16-Volt Battery, 2 Post 85 mins. 1050 10.23" L. x 6.60" W. x 8.31" H. 42 lbs. REA1685-3 16-Volt Battery, 3-Post 85 mins. 1050 10.23" L. x 6.60" W. x 8.31" H. 42 lbs.

Heavy Duty Solenoid REA3020 Solenoid prevents starting problems. Include surge protectors to eliminate voltage spikes.Compatible with 6-36 volts.

Valve Seat Pressure Testers On-head, adjustable testers work with shaft style and stud mount rocker arms and include 0-600 PSI liquid-filled gauges. Slant handle is ideal for confined engine compartments. Use with LSMPV-001 to check piston-to-valve clearance. Part No.


LSMPC-100 ................. Valve Seat Pressure Tester, Standard Handle LSMPC-100SLC............. Valve Seat Pressure Tester, Slant/Straight Removable Handle LSMPC-100-EXT ........... 4" Handle Extension For LSMPC-100 or LSMPC-100SLC NEW! LSMPV-001 ................. Piston-To-Valve Check Tool Adapter, Inserts In Place Of The Load Cylinder On Any LSMPC-100 Configuration NEW!

"Spring Machine" Bench Top Valve Spring Tester The "Spring Machine" accurately and easily measures valve spring pressure. Compress the spring to the specified installed height, lock down the stop, and read the gauge. Horizontal design is exceptionally stable. Choose 600 or 1,000 lb. gauge. Part No.


Valve Lash Adjusting Torque Wrench LSMTQ-100-Set Set valve lash and properly torque adjusters. Cuts lash adjustment time in half. Eliminates rounded-off Allen wrenches and damaged adjusters. Set includes 3/16", 5/32" and 1/8" Allen Wrenches.

"One-Tool" Valve Lash Adjusting Tool Handy adjusting tool can be used with virtually any shaft or stud mount rocker setup. Snap on a 1/2" drive socket and insert the correct hex key. The knurled, anti-slip handle provides a secure grip, even with oily hands. Bushings to accept four different sized T-handles are included. T-handles are not included, but are available separately. Part No.


LSM1T-100 .................. "One Tool" Valve Adjusting Tool LSM1T-1/8 .................. 1/8" T-Handle LSM1T-3/16 ................ 3/16" T-Handle LSM1T-5/32 ................ 5/32" T-Handle LSM1T-7/32 ................ 7/32" T-Handle

LSMSM-600................. Valve Spring Tester, 600 lb. Gauge NEW! LSMSM-1000............... Valve Spring Tester, 1,000 lb. Gauge

Dual Feeler Gauge Holder

Valve Spring Removal Tools

Ideal when setting intake and exhaust valve clearance, Holder secures two sets of 1/2" wide feeler gauges on a single handle. Purchase feeler gauges separately.

LSM’s innovative tools are available for most cylinder heads and make changing valve springs an easy, one-man operation. Part No.


LSMSC-100 .................. SB Chevy With Jesel/T&D, Buick With Jesel LSMSC-150 .................. SB Pontiac/Windsor Ford, All With T&D LSMSC-200 .................. SB2 w/Jesel/T&D, SB Ford w/Jesel/T&D, BB Chevy w/Jesel/T&D, LSMSC-800 .................. Stud Mount Spring Changer, All 7/16" Stud Mount Rocker Systems


289-304CTC09.indd 304

Part No.


LSMFH-200R ............Red LSMFH-200BK ..........Black LSMFH-200BL...........Blue ALL96420 ................Standard Feeler Gauge Set ALL96421 ................Angled Feeler Gauge Set



7/28/09 2:59:00 PM

EZ-Adjustable Bellhousing Dowel Pins SFI-Approved Safety Bellhousings One-piece bellhousings are formed from 1/4" thick steel and meet or exceed stringent SFI standards. Complete with block plates. Part No.

New adjustable dowel pins fit into the engine block without pounding and may be turned with a screwdriver. Once the dowels are installed in the desired position, a set screw is tightened, which prevents it from turning.


LWI15000 ....... Chevy V-8 and 90° V-6, Block Mounted Starter LWI15200 ....... SB Ford 289-351W, 351C, All 6 Bolt Blocks LWI15205 ....... SB Ford 289-351W, 351C, Accepts GM Transmission LWI15705 ....... Replacement Chevy Block Plate

.007" Offset Part No.

.014" Offset Part No.

.021" Offset Part No.

GM, .621" Dia. Ford, .500" Dia.

LWI15907 LWI15967

LWI15914 LWI15964

LWI15921 LWI15961

Bellhousing Locating Kit

Non-SFI Bellhousings

Kit will correct a misaligned bellhousing register bore, preventing missed shifts or premature pilot bearing failure. Includes two centerless LWI15980 ground, extra long dowel pins and two chamfered washers. Eliminates setting up the bellhousing after each removal. Instructions are included.

One-piece black steel bellhousings are perfect for circle track classes not requiring an SFI-approved bellhousing. Block plate not included. Part No.



LWI77-150 ...... Chevy V-8 and 90° V-6, Block Mounted Starter LWI77-200 ...... SB Ford 289-351W, 351C, All 6 Bolt Blocks LWI77-205 ...... SB Ford 289-351W, 351C, Accepts GM Transmission

NOTE: Bellhousing dowel pin holes must be enlarged approximately 1/16" and welding

is required for installation. Part No. Description

Heavy Duty Clutch Forks

LWI15980 ....... Bellhousing Locating Kit, Ford/Chrysler, .500" Dia. LWI15981 ....... Bellhousing Locating Kit, GM, .625" Dia.

Heavy gauge steel Clutch Forks are engineered specifically for Lakewood safety bellhousings. Recommended when installing a high performance clutch.

Driveshaft Loops

Part No.

Prevents driveshaft from entering the driver’s compartment in the event of a driveshaft or U-joint failure. Constructed of 2" x 1/4" thick zinc-plated steel.


LWI15500 .......Heavy Duty Clutch Fork, Most GM Applications LWI15510 .......Fork Pivot Boot, All Chevy/Lakewood Bellhousing Apps.

GM Adjustable Clutch Fork Pivot Ball LWI15501

Part No.

BFL Racing Gear Lubes

Pilot Bearings/Bushings Worn pilot bearings cause hard shifting and increase transmission wear. When replacing clutch, install a new pilot bearing/bushing for best results. Description

LWI15977 ....... Roller Pilot Bearing-Reduces Parasitic Drag, Direct Replacement For All Chevy V-8’s LWI15976 ....... Bronze (Factory Style) Replacement, All Chevy V-8 Applications LWI15975 ....... Sealed Ball Bearing (.669" I.D.) and Adapter Ring Use When Adapting Ford or Lenco Trans To Chevy V-8’s

Offset Bellhousing Dowel Pins


LWI32950 ....... BFL Straight Hypoid Gear Lube (Red Label) LWI32970 ....... BFL Limited Slip Gear Lube (Yellow Label)


No Offset Part No.

.007" Offset Part No.

.014" Offset Part No.

.021" Offset Part No.

GM, .625" Dia. Ford/Chrysler, .500" Dia.

LWI15915 LWI15945

LWI15920 LWI15950

LWI15930 LWI15960

LWI15940 LWI15970

305-320CTC09.indd 305

BFL Racing Gear Lubes are the finest, extreme-pressure, high performance gear lubes available. They cut friction and reduce wear by over 50%. BFL Racing Gear Lube (Red Label LWI32950) is for any gear-type transmission or straight hypoid differential, including Detroit Lockers. It is not formulated for clutch-type units. BFL Limited Slip Lube (Yellow Label LWI32970) is used in clutch-type, limited-slip differentials. It contains special friction modifiers to eliminate chatter and excessive wear. Easy-to-use 32 oz. poly bottles. Part No.

Adjustable dowel pins correct improper alignment of bellhousing and engine block.


LWI18000 ....... Universal Driveshaft Loop LWI18017 ....... Custom Fit Driveshaft Loop For ’79-03 Mustang

Adjust fork height when clutch assemblies are changed. Highly recommended for use with Lakewood bellhousings.

Part No.





7/31/09 11:25:44 AM

Chrysler Mono-Leaf Springs Landrum Spring Service is the only manufacturer to guarantee every one of its springs to be within 3/16" arch tolerance of each other upon arrival. Landrum was the first to develop, manufacture, and distribute the new 20-244ML mono-leaf spring, which has been very successful on dry/slick dirt tracks. Part No.

LAN20-240ML LAN20-242ML LAN20-244ML LAN20-250ML

Front Bolt Rear Eye Approx. lbs./in.

5/8" 5/8" 5/8" 5/8"

1" 1" 1" 1"

True Arch


5" 5" 5" 5"

Rough Track Any Track Dry/Slick Track Dry/Slick Track

65 55 35 20


Chrysler Multi-Leaf Springs Part No.

Dirt LAN20-220SPD LAN20-230SPD LAN20-231SPD LAN20-235SPD LAN20-240SPD Asphalt LAN20-220SPA LAN20-230SPA LAN20-231SPA LAN20-240SPA

Front Bolt Rear Eye


True Arch


Recommended Chassis

5/8" 5/8" 5/8" 5/8" 5/8"

1" 1" 1" 1" 1"

6.5" 6.5" 6.5" 6.5" 6.5"

150 lb. 175 lb. 200 lb. 212 lb. 225 lb.

Extra Light (Up To 2,300 lb.) Light Weight (2,300-2,750 lb.) Medium Weight (2,750-2,850 lb.) Heavy Weight (2,850-3,000 lb.) Heavy Weight (3,000 lb. and Up)

5/8" 5/8" 5/8" 5/8"

1" 1" 1" 1"

5" 5" 5" 5"

150 lb. 175 lb. 200 lb. 225 lb.

Extra Light (Up To 2,300 lbs.) Light Weight (2,300-2,750 lb.) Medium Weight (2,750-2,850 lb.) Heavy Weight (3,000 lb. and Up)

Chevy Multi Leaf Springs Landrum Chevy springs are fitted with stock Chevy front bushings and four extra heavy durable clips (not band clips) to resist twisting and clip breakage. Part No.

Spring Type

Dirt LAN21-338SPD X-Light Rate LAN21-340SPD Light Rate LAN21-342SPD Medium Rate LAN21-344SPD Heavy Rate LAN21-348SPD* Heavy Rate Asphalt LAN21-338SPA X-Light Rate LAN21-340SPA Light Rate LAN21-342SPA Medium Rate LAN21-344SPA Heavy Rate LAN21-348SPA* Extra Heavy Rate *5-Leaf

Rate True Arch

54" 25"

Recommended Chassis

150 lb. 175 lb. 200 lb. 225 lb. 250 lb.

6.5" 6.5" 6.5" 6.5" 6.5"

Ex. Light Weight (Up To 2,300 lb.) Light Weight (Up To 2,750 lb.) Medium Weight (Up To 2,750-2850 lb.) Heavy Weight (Up To 3,000-3,500 lb.) Ex. Heavy Weight (Up To 3,600-3,800 lb.)

150 lb. 175 lb. 200 lb. 225 lb. 250 lb.

5" 5" 5" 5" 5"

Ex. Light Weight (Up To 2,300 lb.) Light Weight (Up To 2,750 lb.) Medium Weight (Up To 2,750-2850 lb.) Heavy Weight (Up To 3,000-3,500 lb.) Ex. Heavy Weight (Up To 3,600-3,800 lb.)

1/2" Aluminum Lowering Block LANLSS0.5LB

Chevy Mono-Leaf Springs

2-1/2" Adjustable Aluminum Lowering Block LANLSS701 Part No.


True Arch

Recommended Chassis

LAN21-140SP LAN21-142SP LAN21-144SP LAN21-146SP

150 lb. 175 lb. 200 lb. 225 lb.

6.5" 6.5" 6.5" 6.5"

2,500-2,750 2,750-3,100 3,100-3,350 3,350-3,600

2-1/2" tall aluminum lowering block includes an adjustable center bolt locator and indicator for accurate axle placement. Lowering block has 2" of travel.

Pinto Dirt Mini-Stock Springs

Part No.


LAN42-450SP ...........100 lb. LAN42-452SP ...........125 lb. LAN42-454SP ...........150 lb. Tom Disterheft


305-320CTC09.indd 306


Photo: John Berglund


7/31/09 11:26:01 AM

DX Computerscales LON72634 View all wheel weights and partial percentages simultaneously on large, separate screens. Intel microprocessor controlled scales have a 10-setup memory and can compute center of gravity. Set includes dead flat, low profile1,500 lb. pads, heavy duty yellow cables with billet AN connectors and gold plated contacts, battery, charger, and heavy duty carrying case.

DXI Pro Wireless Computerscales Scales have memory and display all wheels and partial weights. Compact control box has a wireless receiver, and transmitters are built into each pad, eliminating external antennas or modules. Choose single or dual load cell pad systems. Dual load cells offer a more rigid platform. Systems include dead flat, CNC-machined pads and a roll-around cart. Part No.


LON72700 ....... Basic Wireless With No Case LON72710 ....... DXI Pro Wireless Computerscales, Single Load Cell Pads LON72724 ....... DXI Pro Wireless Computerscales, Dual Load Cell Pads

DXI Vision Professional Model Computerscales System can display all wheel weights on individual screens, and partial weights and percentages simultaneously on a four-line display. Memory can be used to compare weights. Choose standard, single load cell pads, or dual load cell pads with a more rigid platform and reduced deflection. Systems include dead flat, CNC-machined scale pads, heavy duty yellow cables with billet AN connectors and gold plated contacts, and heavy duty carrying case. Part No.


LON72609 ....... DXI Vision Professional Model Computerscales, Single Load Cell Pads LON72652 ....... DXI Vision Professional Model Computerscales, Dual Load Cell Pads

DXI Vision Semi-Pro Model Computerscales LON72603 A step-up from economy units, Semi-Pro system will display all wheel weights, partial weights and percentages at the same time. Heavy duty red cables with AN connectors, dead flat, CNC-machined scale pads and black plastic carrying case are included.

305-320CTC09.indd 307

Accuset Basic System Computerscales LON72595 Accuset Basic System has a single button to display all wheel weights and another to show all partial percentages. Dead flat, 15" low profile CNC-machined scale pads, heavy duty red cables with AN connectors and black plastic carrying case are included.

Computerscales LON72581 Basic, system is ideal for IMCA, street stocks, Legends, Dwarf cars, etc. Unit offers large displays of weights and percentages, all accessed with a single push button. System includes heavy duty red cables with AN connectors, 12" x 12", 1,100 lb. pads and black plastic carrying case.

Scale Cart LON72305 New, improved portable cart offers convenient storage of computer scales in the garage or at the track and holds control box at the proper height for easy viewing. Lid closes, securing pads and contents.

Individual Scale Pad Levelers LON72900 Easily level a complete scale system in just minutes for an accurate set-up anywhere. Fits any Computerscale pad. Set of four.

Billet Aluminum Roll-Off Levelers LON72908 Roll-Off Levelers allows rolling race car off of the scale pads and then back on to eliminate the possibility of tire bind or side loads for more consistent scale readings. Billet construction levelers deliver increased rigidity when compared to traditional formed aluminum units. Designed for 2-1/2" scale pads, levelers include six swivel adjusters for accurate set-ups. Sold in sets of four.

Bump Steer Gauge LON79000 The quickest and most accurate way to measure critical bump steer. One precise dial indicator shows the exact amount of bump steer instantly. No need to subtract one reading from the other. Includes wheel plate with holes for most applications, frame/stand, and dial indicator. Height is now adjustable. Part No.


LON79000 ....... Bump Steer Gauge LON79120 ....... Wilwood Snap In Cap




7/31/09 11:26:16 AM

Toe Plates LON79500 Aluminum Turn Plates LON79800 Check Ackermann and other steering related settings with outstanding accuracy. Lightweight design reads to 1/2° and is free floating in two directions for no bind. Can be zeroed with the car in place. Pair. Use with LON79750 spacers.

Caster/Camber Gauge Assures accurate front end set-ups without having to use turn plates. Gauge measures camber to ±6° and caster to +12° to -4°. Gauge is accurate to within 1/4°. Includes foam-lined carrying case. Spindle adapters may be purchased separately. Part No.


LON78250 ....... Gauge and Case Only - No Adapter LON78260 ....... Gauge, Case and Magnetic Adapter Adapter For Caster/Camber Gauge

Rest plates against the tire on each side and use a tape measure. Two tape measures included.

Toe-In Gauge LON79620 When used with the LON79610 Tire Scribe (available separately) one person can accurately set toe-in.

Billet Aluminum Tire Scribe LON79610 Designed for use with LON79620 Toe-In Gauge, Tire Scribe makes a true running line on the face of the tire. Rigid, billet aluminum scribe is spring loaded for easy, one person use.

Tire Tape LON50870 Tape is 1/4" wide x 10' long.

LON78405 ....... Wide 5 Spindle, Howe 5 x 5, 1-13/16" LON78410 ....... Factory GM, 3/4"-20 LON78423 ....... Replacement Magnetic Adapter

Tire Pyrometers Memory Tire Pyrometers

Digital Caster/Camber Gauge LON78290

Longacre standard and deluxe pyrometers record and display 12 tire temperatures at the same time and store 10 complete sets of temperatures with recall. Deluxe version will compute average tire temperatures for each tire, and features a backlite display with automatic shut-off and a 4-car, 75 lap memory stopwatch. The deluxe pyrometer can start recording tire temperatures at any corner. The standard unit must start at the right front tire.

Accurate Digital Caster Camber Gauge reads up to 1/10°, yet is affordable for any serious race team. The incorporated AccuLevel may also be removed and used as a separate angle finder. Sold with Super Magnetic Adapter and a metal carrying case.

Billet Caster/Camber Gauge LON78270 Gauge displays camber to ±6° and caster from +12° to -4°. Accurate to within 1/4°. New Super Magnet provides a stronger pull and dead flat surface. Includes magnetic adapter and metal carrying case.

QuickSet Digital Caster/Camber Gauge LON78295

Part No.


LON50682 ....... Standard Pyrometer LON50690 ....... Deluxe Pyrometer

Infrared Laser Pyrometers Laser-sighted pyrometers deliver instant response and non-contact temperatures. Units hold readings longer than previous units. Part No.


LON50612 ....... To 600°F. LON50614 ....... To 1000°F.

Deluxe Digital Pyrometer LON50640

QuickSet, Dunlop style caster/camber gauge is the quickest way to check front end alignment. Simply hold it against the rim for easy, accurate readings. CNC-machined, billet aluminum gauge three-point design folds easily for storage. Includes carrying case.

Performs instant temperature readings from 0-2,000°F. and holds the highest temperature attained. Compare temperatures with the press of a button. Includes foam lined case.

Ride Height Gauges

Replace valve cores quickly. Deluxe aluminum tool stores valve cores in the handle (three cores included). Compact tool may be attached to a key chain.

Check chassis ride height quickly and accurately. Choose from two height ranges. Part No.


LON22580 ....... 3-5/8" Thru 6" LON22584 ....... 4" Thru 7-1/2"


305-320CTC09.indd 308

Valve Core Tools

Part No.


LON50270 ....... Deluxe Valve Core Tool LON50272 ....... Compact Valve Core Tool



7/31/09 11:26:55 AM

Standard Tire Gauges Easy-to-read, 2" dial-type gauges have 14" hoses, air release buttons, and rubber gauge bumpers to prevent damage. Choose white or glow-in-the-dark background.

Durometer And Tread Depth Gauge Durometer (LON50540) and tread depth gauge (LON50560) in one convenient carrying case. Also available separately, durometer precisely keeps track of tire hardness, while tread depth gauge is accurate up to 1/128". Part No.


LON50555 ....... Durometer And Tread Depth Gauge, Includes Carrying Case LON50540 ....... Durometer LON50560 ....... Tread Depth Gauge

Tireliefs Tireliefs relieve heat-caused pressure build-up during a race, preventing critical changes in stagger and weight distribution. Aluminum Tireliefs will not affect wheel balance. Sold in sets of 4. Part No.

Glow-In-The-Dark Part No.


LON50400 LON50420 LON50450

LON50401 LON50421 LON50451

0-60 PSI In 1 lb. Increments 0-30 PSI In 1/2 lb. Increments 0-15 PSI In 1/4 lb. Increments

Deluxe Tire Gauges Deluxe Tire Gauges with 2-1/2" glow-in-thedark dials are fitted with high flow button air releases to hold pressure until released, ultra-flexible hoses, swivel chucks, and rubber gauge bumpers. New gauge dampers give more accurate readings and extend gauge life. Part No.


LON50402 ....... 0-60 PSI In 1 lb. Increments LON50422 ....... 0-30 PSI In 1/2 lb. Increments LON50452 ....... 0-15 PSI In 1/4 lb. Increments LON50518 ....... Foam Lined Hard Case


LON50000 ....... Adjustable Tirelief 3-40 PSI LON50240 ....... Quick Change Adapter LON50290 ....... Tirelief Setting Tool

Magnum Tire Gauges 3-1/2" glow-in-the-dark gauges include hi-flow release buttons, swivel chucks, internal gauge dampers for more accurate readings, 17" ultra flexible hoses, and silver case.

Tirelief Kit LON50100 Pro-Team Tirelief Kit has 12 sealing adapters, 6 relief valves with covers, setting tool, inflation adapter and carrying case.

Part No.


LON50404 ....... 0-60 PSI In 1 lb. Increments LON50424 ....... 0-30 PSI In 1/2 lb. Increments LON50454 ....... 0-15 PSI In 1/4 lb. Increments

High Temp Valve Stem QC Grommets LON50301

Liquid-Filled Tire Gauges

Manufactured from silicon, valve stem grommets can withstand up to 400째 F. Sold in packs of four.

Gauges have pressure equalizer buttons to eliminate pressure differences, a 2-1/2" diameter, glow-in-the-dark face with protective bumper and a 17" hose with swivel chuck.

Quick Fill Tire Gauges

Part No.


LON50403 ....... 0-60 PSI In 1 lb. Increments LON50423 ....... 0-30 PSI In 1/2 lb. Increments LON50453 ....... 0-15 PSI In 1/4 lb. Increments

Connect an air line to the Quick Fill Gauge and press the lever to fill tires twice as fast. Gauges feature glow-in-the-dark faces and bleed buttons. Part No.

White Part No.

Digital Series Tire Gauges


LON50406 ....... 0-60 PSI LON50426 ....... 0-30 PSI

Accurate and easy to read. Gauges include back lights, air release buttons, external gauge bumpers and are available with angle or ball chuck. Case is included. Part No.


LON50348 ....... 0-100 PSI, Economy Model, Ball Chuck LON50351 ....... 0-25 PSI, Angle Chuck LON50355 ....... 0-60 PSI, Ball Chuck LON50356 ....... 0-60 PSI, Angle Chuck LON50358 ....... 0-125 PSI, Angle Chuck

Brent Jack

305-320CTC09.indd 309

Photo: Super Charged Photos




8/11/09 4:51:11 PM

Hot Lap (In-Car Timing System) LON21705

5" Dia. 10,000 RPM Recall Tachometer LON44385

An infrared transmitter mounted at track side automatically triggers the In-Car Timer with 100% accuracy each and every lap. Transmitter works as far away as 60 feet. Includes display, receiver, transmitter, harness and instructions.

Two-Car Stopwatch Clipboard Aluminum clipboard includes two dualmemory Robic stopwatches which display average MPH and lap count. Lap time and chassis sheets are also available. Part No.


LON22318 ....... Two-Car Stopwatch Clipboard LON22523 ....... Pre-Race Checklist, 2 Pads/50 Sheets Each LON22525 ....... Lap Timing/Race Scoring, 2 Pads/50 Sheets Each LON22528 ....... Chassis Set-Up/Tire Chart, 2 Pads/50 Sheets Each

Memory Stopwatch LON22162 Stopwatch offers crisp, one-button activation and a 10-lap memory. Auto shut-off prolongs battery life.

Air Density Gauge LON50888 Make accurate jet changes by monitoring air density percentage. Precision gauge includes case and jetting chart.

Race Car Covers Heat reflective silver covers are cut to fit race cars. Soft liner won't scratch paint. Zippered window offers access without cover removal. Part No.


LON11150 ....... Pavement Late Model LON11152 ....... Dirt Late Model LON11154 ....... Open Wheel Modified

Sportsman Gauges Economical, steel-cased gauges have CNC-machined brass gears, industry standard mechanisms and viscous pointers for accurate readings. Back lighting kit and fittings are included. Part No.


LON46505 ....... Fuel Pressure, 0-15 PSI LON46510 ....... Oil Pressure, 0-100 PSI LON46515 ....... Water Temperature, 100°-280°F. LON46520 ....... Oil Temperature, 100°-340°F.


305-320CTC09.indd 310

Large, 5" diameter quick response, quick recall tachometer has a lightweight aluminum case that matches AccuTech gauges. May be panel mounted using the U-clamp which is included.

Digital Memory Tachometer LON44391 Digital 0-10,000 RPM tachometer is extremely accurate and has a high RPM warning light and easy recall. Weighs only 1-1/2 ozs.

Gauge Panels Longacre panels are completely assembled, wired and ready for quick installation in any race car. AvailLON44436 able with Accutech Sportsman 2-5/8" dia. gauges, all aluminum gauges and lightweight panels are up to 40% lighter than standard gauge panels. Includes warning lights. Choose from standard or Weatherproof gauge panels, which include a special polyurethane coating to deliver protection from dirt, moisture and the elements. Description

Standard Part No.

Weatherproof Part No.

2-Gauge Panel, Oil Press./Water Temp. Tachometer and 2-Gauge Panel, Oil Press./Water Temp. 3-Gauge Panel, Oil Press./Water Temp./Oil Temp. 3-Gauge Panel, Oil Press./Water Temp./Fuel Press. 4-Gauge Panel, Oil Press./Water Temp./Oil Temp./Fuel Press.

LON44412 LON44413 LON44414 LON44416 LON44418

LON44432 – LON44434 LON44436 LON44438

Replacement Gauge Panel Warning Light Lenses Part No. Description Part No.

LON41801 ................Clear LON41802 ................Red LON41803 ................Amber


LON41804..............Green LON41805..............Blue

Gagelites Engine Warning Light Systems A bright indicator light warns of something wrong, and helps save expensive engine parts. Kits include sender, light, wire, terminals and fittings. Sender Part No.

Kit Part No.


Pipe Thread Size

LON43080 LON43000 – LON43250 LON43252 LON43300 LON43350 LON43020 LON43021

LON40000 LON40100 LON40141 LON40150 LON40152 – LON40350 LON40250 –

20 PSI Low Oil Press. 15-50 PSI Adj. Oil Press. Low Water Press. 230° High Water Temp. 230° High Water Temp. 250° High Water Temp. 270° High Oil Temp. 2-7 PSI Adj. Low Fuel Press. 4 PSI Low Fuel Press.

1/8"NPT 1/8"NPT 1/8", 1/4"NPT 1/2"NPT 3/8"NPT 1/2"NPT 1/2"NPT 1/8"NPT 1/8"NPT

Low Oil Pressure Ignition Shut-Off Switch LON43600 If oil pressure drops below 12 PSI, ignition shuts down and engine cannot start until pressure is back up. Prevents engine damage. Use with momentary toggle switch LON45462.



7/31/09 11:28:21 AM

Battery Disconnect ctt Switches and Accessories cessorries

LON45753 LON45700

A positive method to shut down a race car's electrical system. Choose from standard or polyurethane coated weatherproof switches, which are designed to withstand the rigors associated with dirt oval track applications including exposure to dirt, moisture and the elements. Mandated by NASCAR, SCCA and many other sanctioning bodies. Part No. LON44601



Switch Panels Longacre Switch Panels are assembled and wired using the same color code as the Longacre gauge panels for an easy to understand, professional installation. Longacre ignition switches are heavy LON44535 duty 12 volt, 40 amp capacity. Choose from lightweight aluminum or carbon fiber panels with aircraft-style safety switch, standard toggle with non-hardening silicone rubber weatherproof switch cover, or fully weatherproof toggle switch, which features a special polyurethane coating to isolate the unit from dirt, moisture and the elements. Part No. Description Aluminum Switch Panels With Aircraft-Style Safety Switch Covers

LON44601 ...... Ignition Switch and Starter Button LON44611 ...... Ignition Switch, Starter Button and Pilot Light LON44661 ...... Ignition Switch, Starter Button, Access. Switch and Pilot Lights LON44671 ...... Ignition Switch, Starter Button and Accessory Switch Aluminum Switch Panels With Silicone Rubber Weatherproof Switch Covers

LON44751 ...... Four Heavy Duty Switches w/Pilot Lights LON44801 ...... Ignition Switch and Starter Button LON44831 ...... Ignition Switch, Starter Button and Pilot Light LON44881 ...... Ignition Switch, Starter Button, 2 Access. Switches and Pilot Lights Aluminum Switch Panels With Weatherproofing

LON44672 ...... Ignition Switch, Starter Button and Accessory Switch LON44802 ...... Ignition Switch and Starter Button Carbon Fiber Switch Panels With Aircraft-Style Safety Switch Covers


LON45748 ....... Economy Battery Disconnect Switch LON45750 ....... Battery Disconnect Switch Only, Cars w/o Alternator LON45753 ....... Battery Disconnect Switch Only, Cars w/o Alternator, Weatherproof LON45761 ....... Battery Disconnect Switch and Panel, Cars w/o Alternator LON45780 ....... Battery Disconnect Switch Only, Cars w/Alternator LON45785 ....... Battery Disconnect Switch and Panel, Cars w/Alternator Related Accessories

LON45700 ....... Battery Thru Panel, Allows Running Battery Cable Thru Firewall LON45720 ....... Battery Jumper Post, Positive w/Red Cover LON45740 ....... Battery Jumper Post, Negative w/Black Cover

Heavy Duty 12 Ga. Wiring Harness LON44930 Wire a race car in less than 10 minutes! Plugs into any Longacre switch panel. Has all the basic color coded connections: power in, start, ignition, accessory (night lights, etc.). Ready to install. Wiring color code also matches Longacre dash panels for a professional looking job.

Aluminized Insulation Cloth LON64150 Well suited to firewall, floorboards, etc. Special 58" x 24" cloth is aluminized on one side to reflect heat, silicone coated on the other. Cuts easily with scissors.

LON44535 ...... Ignition Switch, Starter Button, 2 Access. Switches and Pilot Lights

Door Bar Padding Kit LON65130

Heavy Duty 40 Amp Switches

High density, fire resistant pad protects the driver’s left elbow, arm, hand and wrist. Quickly mounts with adjustable, molded-in straps.

Switches have silver plated contacts, solid brass mechanisms and tough phenolic bodies. Choose LON45470 from standard or weatherproof switches. Weatherproof switches are well suited to the rigors of dirt oval track applications. Description

Ignition Switch w/Weatherproof Switch Cover (or Mag Kill Switch) Ignition Switch, Three Terminals Starter Button w/Weatherproof Rubber Cover Starter Switch, Momentary Toggle w/Weatherproof Switch Cover Ignition Switch w/Aircraft Safety Switch Cover (or Mag Kill Switch) Ignition/Start Combination w/Aircraft Safety Switch Cover Aircraft Safety Switch Cover Only

305-320CTC09.indd 311

Standard Part No.

Weatherproof Part No.

LON45420 LON45430 LON45460

LON45423 – LON45466


LON45470 LON45490 LON45370

– – –

High Density Roll Bar Padding Padding provides maximum energy absorption and uses a pretape adhesive for installation. Fits 1-1/2" to 1-3/4" tubing, and is available in conventional or streamlined “mini” style (improves line of sight and reduces blind spots). Offered in black or red, 3' lengths. Part No.


LON65162 ....... Roll Bar Padding, Black, 3' LON65182 ....... “Mini” Roll Bar Padding, Black, 3' LON65184 ....... "Mini" Roll Bar Padding, Red, 3'




7/31/09 11:28:45 AM

3-3/4" Dia. Spot Mirror Smooth Grip Steering Wheels Longacre offers a variety of aluminum or steel spoked steering wheels with smooth black, blue or red grips. Part No. Description Aluminum Spoked Steering Wheels

Part No.


LON22548 ....... Spot Mirror, Mounts to 1-3/4" Dia. Tubing LON22549 ....... Spot Mirror, Mounts to 1-1/2" Dia. Tubing

LON56801 ....... 15" Black Steering Wheel LON56803 ....... 15" Blue Steering Wheel LON56805 ....... 15" Red Steering Wheel LON56811 ....... 17" Black Steering Wheel

Brake Pressure Gauges

Steel Spoked Steering Wheels

LON56841 ....... 15" Black Steering Wheel LON56851 ....... 17" Black Steering Wheel

Designed to mount on the driver's or passenger's side of the race car as a side view mirror. Fully adjustable, 3-3/4" dia. mirror bolts to roll cage tubing.


Braking balance has a major effect on handling. See what balance is with this panel. Includes two heavy-duty 1500 psi hydraulic gauges and adapter fittings with bleeders. Part No.


Bump Grip 15" Steering Wheel LON56820

LON44126 ....... Mini Gauge Panel 1-1/2" Gauges LON44136 ....... Standard Gauge Panel 2-1/2" Gauges

Bump grip design, 15" dia. black steering wheel includes lightweight, anodized aluminum spokes.

Brake Pressure Kit LON44145

Ultra Lightweight Uncoated Aluminum Steering Wheel LON56837

Check front-to-rear brake pressures and set brake bias for best performance. Kit includes two pressure gauges in a foam-lined silver case.

The 15" dished steering wheel has been drilled and is roughly 1/3 the weight of standard units. Shot peened rim and holes provide increased grip.

Complete Brake Line Kits

Steering Wheel Nose Pads Offered in traditional round, or new high density padded triangular design, nose pads are required by most sanctioning bodies and race tracks. Part No.


LON56890 ....... High Density Steering Wheel Nose Pad, Triangular LON56899 ....... Steering Wheel Nose Pad, Round

Spline Hub Steering Quick Disconnect LON56605 Spline hub design offers better steering control. Includes aluminum hub with pull ring release and double safety grooves. Welds to 3/4" dia. steering shaft.

Wide Angle Mirrors Mirrors provide driver with a wide field of vision and mount simply to roll cage tubing. Purchase mirrors separately, or in kit form, complete with lightweight aluminum mounting brackets. Part No.


LON22530 ....... 17" Mirror Kit, Mounts to 1-3/4" Dia. Tubing, Adjusts 1/2"-2-1/2" LON22534 ....... 14" Mirror Kit, Mounts to 1-3/4" Dia. Tubing, Adjusts 1/2"-2-1/2" LON22535 ....... 14" Mirror Kit, Mounts to 1-1/2" Dia. Tubing, Adjusts 1/2"-2-1/2" LON22538 ....... 1-3/4" Dia. Mounting Bracket, Adjusts 1/2"-2-1/2", Pair LON22539 ....... 1-1/2" Dia. Mounting Bracket, Adjusts 1/2"-2-1/2", Pair LON22540 ....... 1-3/4" Dia. Mounting Bracket, Adjusts 2"-5-1/2", Pair LON22544 ....... 14" Wide Mirror Only LON22547 ....... 17" Wide Mirror Only


305-320CTC09.indd 312

All of the lines and fittings required to install brake lines on virtually any race car including four stainless braided lines in -3AN or -4AN, 18 pre-flared 3/16" steel brake lines, four LON45290 chassis tabs, nine Adel clamps and a full assortment of brake fittings and tees. Part No. Description Brake Line Kits

LON45215 ....... -3AN Brake Line Kit LON45216 ....... -4AN Brake Line Kit Popular Caliper Fittings

LON45220 ....... Long Leg Caliper Fitting, 1/8"NPT To -4AN LON45230 ....... 90째 1/8"NPT To -4AN LON45233 ....... 90째 1/8"NPT To -3AN

Individual Bulkhead Fittings And Frame Tabs Part No.


LON45263 ........-3AN Bulkhead Fitting Only. Sold Individually LON45273 ........-4AN Bulkhead Fitting Only. Sold Individually LON45286 ........-3AN Bulkhead Fitting and Frame Tab. Sold Individually LON45288 ........-4AN Bulkhead Fitting and Frame Tab. Sold Individually

Digital Shock Inflator LON50473 Shock Inflator includes a digital 0-300 PSI gauge and an extra long hose to allow filling shocks on car. Inflator connects directly to nitrogen line, filling and bleeding shocks quickly, while special chuck prevents pressure loss or inaccurate settings.



7/31/09 11:29:12 AM

Spring Rubbers Carb Linkage Kit LON32700

Fine tune spring rate for the perfect set-up during pit stops or practice. Used by many Nextel Cup teams. Spring rubbers are offered for conventional 5"/5.5" coils, standard coil-overs and large spacing coil-overs for big bar/soft spring chassis set-ups. Part No. Description Coil-Over Spring Rubbers

Kit includes rod ends, anodized aircraft aluminum tube, Holley carb bushing, return springs, bolts and nuts. Bend to clear air cleaner, cut to length and thread one end (requires 1/4"-28 tap). Adapts to any car. 23-1/4"

Deluxe Carburetor Linkage Kit LON32720

LON61005 ....... Yellow 5-Soft LON61010 ....... Clear 10 LON61015 ....... Orange 15 LON61040 ....... Red 40 LON61050 ....... Blue 50 LON61070 ....... Black 70 Hard Big Bar/Soft Spring Coil-Over Spring Rubbers NEW!

LON61016 ....... Orange-Soft LON61041 ....... Red-Medium LON61051 ....... Blue-Hard 5"/5.5" Spring Rubbers

Short linkage kit is designed for use with low profile air cleaners. Kit includes linkage rod, carburetor bracket, adjustable throttle stop, rod ends, throttle return springs, and hardware to connect accelerator pedal to throttle.

Throttle Return Spring Bracket Kit LON32710 Kit, engineered for use with low profile air cleaners, includes lightweight aluminum bracket, springs, Holley carb bushing, and miscellaneous hardware.

Throttle Stop Brackets Lightweight aluminum bracket prevents broken or bent throttle linkage. Fully adjustable. Part No.


LON32730 ....... Holley 4BBL, Adjustable Primary Throttle Stop Bracket LON32732 ....... Holley 2BBL, Adjustable Primary Throttle Stop Bracket

Aluminum Air Cleaner Stud LON32750 Kit contains aluminum stud, thumb screw and air cleaner lid mount. Jam nut and mounting nut go under the air cleaner lid so thumb screw can be tightened without mashing the element.

LON61140 ....... Red-Soft LON61150 ....... Blue-Medium LON61170 ....... Black-Hard

Aluminum Spoiler Braces Neat, aluminum braces with Heim ends bolt on easily and ease spoiler angle adjustment. Part No.


LON23705 ....... 5" Aluminum Spoiler Brace LON23706 ....... 6" Aluminum Spoiler Brace LON23708 ....... 8" Aluminum Spoiler Brace LON23702 ....... Backing Disc For Spoiler Brace, 4 Pcs.

Fender Support Kit LON23720 Lightweight, flexible supports are breakresistant and include hardware. Sold in pairs.

24 Volt Pit Impact Gun No more air hoses to tote or trip over. True portable, battery-powered 24 volt impact gun has a high torque, 1/2" drive that spins lug nuts off or on easily. Long lasting battery provides extended usage. Part No.


LON68502 ....... Impact Gun With (1) Battery And Fast Charger LON68504 ....... Impact Gun With (2) Batteries And Fast Charger LON68510 ....... (2) Impact Guns With (3) Batteries And Fast Charger

Oil/Fuel Pressure Lines -4AN braided stainless steel with ends installed will connect oil or fuel pressure gauge to engine. Includes 1/8"NPT fitting to -4 adapter. Part No.


LON45020 ....... 24" Gauge Line LON45030 ....... 36" Gauge Line LON45040 ....... 48" Gauge Line

Hydraulic Clutch Line Kit LON28050 Stainless steel braided line kit joins clutch master cylinder to the slave cylinder. Includes required fittings for most popular applications.

305-320CTC09.indd 313

Oil Filter Cutter LON77750 Rigidly constructed billet aluminum, easy-to-use tool quickly cuts open oil filters for inspection to spot potential engine problems.

Engine Leakdown Tester LON73010 Verify piston ring, head gasket and valve condition. Easy-to-use tool includes fitting and hose assembly to test most engines.




8/3/09 10:44:34 AM

Transmission Fix LUC10009 Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer Stabilizer is formulated to eliminate dry starts, resist thermal breakdown and reduce smoke, leaks, knocks and blow-by. May also be used in transmissions, differentials and transfer cases to reduce heat and noise. Sold in one quart or one gallon containers. Part No.


LUC10001 ....... Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer, 1 Quart LUC10002 ....... Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer, 1 Gallon Container

Pure Synthetic Oil Stabilizer LUC10130 Originally designed for racing use with synthetic oil, stabilizer reduces frictional heat and wear in engines, transmissions and differentials for increased horsepower and fuel mileage. Sold in one quart bottles.

20/50, 50 And 70 Plus Racing Oils Super slick high performance lubricants, for racing or heavy duty engines, reduce friction and increase horsepower. Antifoam agents protect against wear and scuffing and a protective film assures a “wet” start every time. Especially resistant to breakdown caused by alcohol contamination. Part No.


LUC10044 ....... 50 Plus Racing Oil, 1 Quart LUC10094 ....... 50 Plus Racing Oil, 2-1/2 Gallon Container LUC10261 ....... 70 Plus Racing Oil, 1 Quart LUC10262 ....... 70 Plus Racing Oil, 1 Gallon Container LUC20500 ....... 20/50 Plus Racing Oil, 1 Quart LUC20502 ....... 20/50 Plus Racing Oil, 2-1/2 Gallon Container

Synthetic Oils

A blend of thermally-stable petroleum extracts forfo ormulated to seal leaks and prevent slippage, hesitation and rough shifts in automatic or manual transmissions. 24 oz. bottle.

Sure-Shift Semi-Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid LUC10052 Quality base stocks, blended with synthetics, detergents and anti-wear agents for longer life and less friction. Sold in one quart bottles.

80/90 And 85/140 Plus Gear Oils Formulated with anti-wear and anti-seize agents to lengthen component life and reduce power draw. 85/140 Plus Gear Oil is recommended for stopping leaks and reducing lash in worn gear sets. Part No.


LUC10042 ....... 85/140 Plus Gear Oil, 1 Quart Bottle LUC10043 ....... 80/90 Gear Oil, 1 Quart Bottle LUC10045 ....... 85/140 Plus Gear Oil, 1 Gallon Container LUC10046 ....... 80/90 Gear Oil, 1 Gallon Container

75/90 And 75/140 Synthetic Gear Oils Pure Synthetic, non-foaming Gear Oils with additives to resist “squeezing out” under extreme pressure. Formulated specifically for high performance or heavy duty use. Part No.


LUC10047 ....... 75/90 Synthetic Gear Oil, 1 Quart Bottle LUC10048 ....... 75/90 Synthetic Gear Oil, 1 Gallon Container LUC10121 ....... 75/140 Synthetic Gear Oil, 1 Quart Bottle LUC10122 ....... 75/140 Synthetic Gear Oil, 1 Gallon Container

X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease LUC10330

A formulation of top quality synthetic bases and exclusive, high performance additives delivers extra protection, reduced drag, better fuel mileage and more horsepower for racing use. Sold in one quart bottles.

Sheer, stable lubricant has exceptional extreme pressure and water resistance. Exceeds original equipment “Lube For Life” specifications. Sold in 1 lb. tubs.

Part No.

Red “N” Tacky Grease LUC10005


LUC10179 ....... Synthetic 0W-30 Oil LUC10082 ....... Synthetic 5W-20 Oil LUC10049 ....... Synthetic 5W-30 Oil LUC10050 ....... Synthetic 10W-30 Oil LUC10054 ....... Synthetic 20W-50 Oil

Engine Break-In Oil Additive LUC10063 Specially formulated with increased levels of zinc, oil additive protects camshafts, lifters and valve train components during critical break-in period. May also be used to prevent premature engine wear. Sold in16 oz. bottle.

Red, tacky lithium 12-OH Grease, with rust and oxidation inhibitors and extreme pressure additives, will withstand heavy loads for long periods of time. Sold in a 14.5 oz. cartridge.

Slick Mist LUC10160 Slick Mist is a polymer paint gloss intensifier, which can also be used on glass, chrome and vinyl decals. Just spray it on a wet or dry surface and wipe off to provide an excellent shine. Sold in 24 oz. bottle.

Metal Polish LUC10155 Cleans, polishes and protects aluminum and other metals. Built-in elements prolong and protect the treated surfaces from fading, oxidation or tarnishing. Maximum luster with minimum effort. Does not contain any acids or ammonia. Sold in 16 oz. bottle.


305-320CTC09.indd 314



7/31/09 11:30:16 AM

Oval Track Camshafts Lunati offers a large selection of hydraulic, solid and roller camshafts for oval track racing. From the street stock to an ARCA car, Lunati has the camshaft to keep any racer ahead of the pack. Part No.


RPM Range

Adv. Duration Int./Exh.

Dur. @ .050" Int./Exh.

Valve Lift Int./Exh.

Lobe Separation

2600-6000 2600-6300 3000-6500 2800-6300

310°/310° 282°/291° 290°/290° 285°/290°

236°/236° 232°/236° 240°/240° 235°/240°

.450"/.450" .390"/.410" .520"/.520" .507"/.520"

106° 106° 106° 106°

3000-6400 3000-6500 3600-7200 3500-7200 3600-7000 3800-7000 3800-6500 2800-7000 2800-6800

288°/290° 290°/296° 293°/303° 293°/298° 296°/298° 294°/306° 283°/288° 278°/282° 285°/295°

249°/249° 240°/249° 254°/264° 254°/259° 255°/259° 256°/259° 244°/249° 248°/252° 252°/261°

.543"/.507" .504"/.508" .552"/.570" .552"/.561" .525"/.534" .552"/.519" .530"/.543" .530"/.541" .525"/.525"

108° 106° 106° 106° 106° 106° 106° 106° 106°

3800-7600 3800-7600 3800-7800 3800-7600 4000-8000

289°/297° 289°/301° 308°/318° 301°/309° 297°/305°

256°/264° 256°/268° 258°/268° 262°/271° 264°/272°

.648"/.627" .648"/.627" .600"/.618" .626"/.626" .648"/.627"

106° 106° 106° 106° 106°

Hydraulic Camshaft LNT32901 Mid-Range Torque/HP 2500-6500 NOTE: Valve lift figures are based on a 1.5:1 rocker arm ratio.





SMALL BLOCK CHEVY 265-400 Hydraulic Camshafts LNT30135 Factory Stock, .450" Lift Rule LNT30132 Fair Idle, Good Lift Rule Cam LNT30121 Hobby Stock 2BBL LNT30123 2BBL Class, 355-377 Cu. In. Solid Camshafts LNT40153 Late Model Stock, 2BBL LNT40111 Hobby Stock Class LNT40137 Good Mid/Upper RPM Horsepower LNT40148 Restricted Engine Cam LNT40144 Lim. Asphalt, Hi-Comp 2BBL LNT40145 Limited Dirt 2BBL LNT40150 Low/Mild Compression LNT401A7 1/4-3/8 Mile 2BBL LNT401B5 Lift Rule, 1/4-1/2 Mile Roller Camshafts LNT50154 L.L. Model/350-370 Cu. In. LNT50151 L.L. Model/350-370 Cu. In. LNT50121 Med. Wt. Asphalt/Dirt Car LNT50124 Late Model, 377-406 Cu. In. LNT50165 Outlaw L.M., 380-415 Cu. In.

FORD 4 CYL. 2300

Racer Series Small Block Chevy Crankshafts

Lifters Hydraulic, solid and roller lifters are available for small block Chevrolets and Fords. Sold in sets of 16. Part No.


LNT70000 LNT70992 LNT71817 LNT71900 LNT72400 LNT72402

Available in 3.480", and 3.750" stroke. Built to the same specs as the Pro Series, but without the contour work on the counterweights. The #1 and #4 rod journals are drilled to lighten, and enable balancing.


Solid SB Ford Solid SB Chevy Hydraulic SB Chevy Hydraulic SB Ford Roller SB Chevy, Horizontal Bar, Centered Roller SB Chevy, Vertical Bar, Centered

Small Block Chevy 4340 Steel Connecting Rods LNTLAD1 Lighter and much stronger than traditional 4340 steel connecting rods, forged rods are CNC profiled and machined. Small block Chevy rods are 6.000" long with .927" pin sizing, and are for use with large, 2.100" journal crankshafts. Sold in weight matched sets of eight.

Non-twist 4340 forged steel crankshafts are 100% American made with edged and detailed pin arms and clearances for 5.7" rods. Machined to GM specs, cranks are nitrate heat treated, sonic cleaned, oil coated and are ideal for street and factory stocks. Cranks use two-piece rear main seal.

305-320CTC09.indd 315



Rod Length

Pin Size

3.480" 3.750"

350 350

6.000" 6.000"

2.100" 2.100"

Pro Series Small Block Chevy Crankshafts With Contoured Wing Design

Small Block Chevy Sledgehammer Crankshafts

Part No.



Rod Length

Pin Size


3.480" 3.750"

350 350

5.700" 5.700"

2.100" 2.100"

Part No.


Crankshafts are manufactured from 4340 steel. Rod journals are drilled with either 7/8" or 3/4" lightening holes to reduce rotating weight. The leading edges of the counterweights have Lunati’s contoured wings to direct air and oil to the main bearings rather than the connecting rods. Available with 3.480" to 4.000" strokes. All crankshafts require chamfered bearings. Part No.



Rod Length

Pin Size


3.480" 3.500" 3.800" 3.875" 3.875" 4.000"

350 350 400 350 400 400

6.000" 6.000" 6.000" 6.000" 6.000" 6.000"

2.100" 2.100" 2.100" 2.100" 2.100" 2.100"




7/31/09 11:31:12 AM

The MSD Multiple Spark Discharge Control unit has won more races and championships than any other race ignition system. The success of MSD Ignition lies in its ability to consistently ignite the air/fuel mixtures in all types of racing engines.

Digital-6 Plus Ignition Control MSD6520

The premier ignition for oval track racers, the MSD 6T incorporates extra internal bracing, Humi-Seal coating, rubber shock mounts, and a special 4-wire connector for an MSD Rev-Control (MSD8738). The 6T ignition promotes easier starting, more power, and less plug fouling during yellow flag periods.

The Digital-6 Plus Ignition Control’s revolutionary advanced digital ignition technology is unmatched for power and efficiency. A 15 megahertz microcontroller quickly analyzes critical ignition functions, outputs 135 millijoules and draws only .7 amps per 1000 RPM. The Digital-6 Plus has two built-in rev limiters, a single retard stage and a start retard, both of which adjust with rotary switches rather than chips. Should be used with MSD8252 HVC coil.

6AL Ignition Control MSD6420

6HVC and HVC-L Ignition Controls

6T Ignition Control MSD6400

The MSD 6AL has a built-in Soft Touch Rev Control to protect engine from over-revving. The Rev Control measures the engine RPM and at the limit, pre-selected with plug in modules, it randomly drops spark to some of the cylinders. On the next cycle those cylinders are fired to prevent loading up with fuel. Rev limiting is very smooth and precise without backfires or roughness. Supplied with 6000, 7000, and 8000 RPM modules. A full range of other modules are available.

6ALN Ignition Control NASCAR-approved 6ALN capacitive discharge ignition produces up to 115 mJ of spark energy with a peak of 480 primary volts. Six-pin MSD6430 connectors positively lock to meet NASCAR Rule 20-6.1. Unit's built-in rev control is adjustable via plug-in RPM modules. Ignition includes 3000, 6000, 7000 and 8000 RPM modules - others may be purchased separately. Part No.

Rich Robinson Jr.

305-320CTC09.indd 316

Part No.


MSD6631 ........ 6HVC-L Ignition Control, Built-In Fast Rev Limiter MSD6632 ........ 6HVC-L Ignition Control, Includes Direct Plug-In For Soft-Touch Rev Limiter


MSD6430 ........ 6ALN Ignition Control MSD64316 ...... D.I.R.T. Spec. Ignition Control (Does Not Include RPM Modules)


Engineered for high RPM, long duration racing, the 6HVC-L produces up to 150 mJ of spark energy with 550 primary volts all the way to 15,000 RPM. Locking, Deutsch connectors are NASCAR approved. For protection from harmful engine over revving, the HVC includes built-in Fast Rev Limiter and the HVC-L uses a Soft Touch Rev Limiter MSD8738. Internal components of both are encased in clear epoxy.

7AL-2 Plus Ignition Control MSD7222 Ideal for high RPM circle track engines with high compression, updated 7AL-2 Plus has improved internal components, a diagnostic LED and two-step rev control. Its hot, capacitive discharge multiple spark will ignite any fuel mixture at any compression ratio. RPM limit is adjustable with plug-in modules. Includes vibration mounts, wiring and instructions.

Photo: Matt's Photo Biz



7/31/09 11:31:24 AM

Blaster Ignition Coils

HEI Coil MSD8225

Blaster Ignition Coils are the best choice for improving an ignition system.

Stock GM HEI replacement, coil has low inductance, high temperature windings and epoxy-fi ngs an nd iss e epo poxxy po xy-fi -fil fillllled. led. led le MSD8202

Part No.


Ignition Applications

MSD8200 MSD8202 MSD8203 MSD8222 MSD8223

Blaster 2 Chrome Coil Blaster 2 Red Coil Blaster 2 Red Coil Blaster High Vibration Coil Blaster 3 Extra Tall Tower

MSD 6, 7 or Stock Points MSD 6 or 7 MSD 6, 7 or Stock Points MSD 6 or 7 MSD 6, 7 or Stock Points

Blaster SS Ignition Coil MSD8207 A compact high performance coil packed with power. The Blaster SS produces 300 milliamps with a 40,000 volt maximum output. Unique winding reduces the chances of voltage breakdown between the primary and secondary windings. Features include brass terminals and a sturdy Rynite housing. Compatible with stock or capacitive ignitions. Vibration mounts are included.

Automatic Coil Selector MSD8210 Two posts connect to the high voltage towers on the primary ignition coil and backup ignition coil and a third post that connects to the distributor cap. Switch from primary to backup ignition and the coil selector switches to the backup coil. There’s no need to stop the car. Requires two ignition controls, two coils and a single pole, double throw transfer switch (MSD8807). Accepts standard 90° or multi-angle spark plug style boots.

Coil Bracket MSD8213 The MSD Coil Bracket offers easy, universal mounting for standard size ignition coils including all MSD Blaster 2 Coils. For secure tightening, the MSD Coil Bracket uses a bolt and nut.

Coil Wire Retainer MSD8217 HVC Coil MSD8250 Exclusively for the MSD 6-HVC ignitions, the E-core coil produces more voltage and current while remaining up to 50% cooler than canister coils. A tall secondary tower and brass terminals provide durable connections. Vibration mounts are included.

Pro Power HVC Coil MSD8251 The Pro Power HVC coil is for oval track cars with an MSD 7, 8 or 10 series ignition control. Efficient E-core with extremely low resistance produces high voltage without losing current output. Vibration mounts are included.

Blaster HVC Coil MSD8252 The Blaster HVC provides maximum power for circle track cars with MSD 6 ignition units. Coil windings and construction provide maximum efficiency. Low primary resistance allows coil to step up the voltage for higher output. Vibration mounts are included.

Blaster HVC II Coil MSD8253 Specifically designed for use with MSD 6 Series Ignition Controls. U-core coil uses a segmented bobbin for improved current and voltage. The blue Rynite housing utilizes primary terminals that are spaced far apart. The secondary tower is well protected for increased spark isolation.

305-320CTC09.indd 317

Retainer holds the coil boot firmly on the coil tower of canister style coils.

Dual Ignition Tach Splitter MSD8911 Designed for dual ignitions, splitter fits between tach outputs and the tachometer and allows tach to operate with both ignitions.

Firewall Feed-Thru MSD8211 Rynite and nylon feed-thru prevents voltage leaks in the cockpit and has 1/2" of insulation to insure maximum spark. Mounts in a 1" diameter hole and is available in red/black only.

Coil Wire Coil wire attaches an MSD Blaster Series Coil to an MSD HEI Dust Cover or to an MSD distributor. Measures 18" long and is supplied with 90° boots, terminals and a Power Tower. Part No.


MSD8403 ........ Heli Core MSD84039 ...... Red Super Conductor

Wiring Diagrams And Tech Notes MSD9615 Comprehensive book covers installation of MSD components for a variety of engines and ignition systems. Packed full of specifications, technical information, coil applications, wiring tips and troubleshooting.




7/31/09 11:31:45 AM

Chevy Street Fire HEI Distributor MSD8362

Pro-Billet Distributors Distributors are machined from 6061-T6 solid billet aluminum with an upper sealed ball bearing to eliminate shaft wobble. A Dupont Rynite distributor cap, adjustable mechanical advance, hardened 10,000 RPM plus shaft, and high output magnetic pickup assure years of reliable service. Most distributors listed require an MSD Ignition Control unless specified. Part No.



Ignition Sys.

MSD8360* Chevrolet, Ready-To-Run Mechanical/Vacuum MSD8361 Chevrolet Mechanical/Vacuum MSD8365* Chevrolet HEI Mechanical/Vacuum MSD8570 Chevrolet, Small Dia. Cap Mechanical MSD85501 Chevrolet Locked-Out MSD85551 Chevrolet Mechanical MSD85561 Chevrolet, With Slip Collar Mechanical MSD8352* SB Ford 289-302, Ready-To-Run Mechanical/Vacuum MSD8354* SB Ford 351W, Ready-To-Run Mechanical/Vacuum MSD8578 SB Ford 351W, Small Dia. Cap Mechanical MSD8579 SB Ford 289-302, Small Dia. Cap Mechanical MSD8582 SB Ford 289-302 Mechanical MSD8584 SB Ford 351W Mechanical MSD85805 SB Ford 351W, Use w/Victor Jr. Intake Mechanical MSD8473 Ford 2.3 4-Cyl. Mechanical * Distributor does not require an MSD ignition control Replacement Components Part No. Description Distributor Caps


MSD8408 ........ Ford, Std. Large Dia., Red MSD84083 ...... Ford, Std. Large Dia., Black MSD8411 ........ Chevy, HEI, Red MSD8431 ........ Chevy/Ford, Small Dia., Red MSD84313 ...... Chevy/Ford, Small Dia., Black MSD8433 ........ MSD/Chevy, New Style, Red MSD84333 ...... MSD/Chevy, New Style, Black MSD8437 ........ Chevy, Socket Style, Red MSD8433

MSD8410 ........ Chevy HEI Rotor MSD8423 ........ Ford Rotor, Std. Cap MSD8467 ........ Chevy Racing Rotor MSD8467 ........ Ford Rotor, Small Cap MSD84101 ...... Chevy Extreme HEI Rotor MSD8467


MSD8225 ........ HEI Coil For MSD8365 MSD8401 ........ Dust Cover For MSD8365 w/Ext. Coil MSD8402 ........ Coil Cover For MSD8365 MSD8463 ........ Vacuum Advance, All Exc. MSD8365 MSD8464 ........ Advance Spring and Bushing Kit MSD8468 ........ Vacuume Advance Lockout MSDASY10039 ...Chevy V8 Replacement Distributor Shaft MSDPRD10071 ...Chevy V8 Replacement Reluctor MSD8539 ........ Slip Collar For MSD85561 MSD8531 ........ Chevy Iron Didtributor Gear, .500" I.D.

Adjustable Race Rotor MSD84211 Compatible with any MSD distributor that uses a #MSD8433 cap, rotor may be "phased in" for proper rotor tip to distributor cap terminal alignment.

305-320CTC09.indd 318

Pro-Billet Distributors With Dual Pickups Designed for oval track racing, Pro-Billet Distributors are fitted with two high output magnetic pickups, one triggers the primary ignition system and the second may be used to trigger a backup ignition system. Pickups are located exactly 180° apart so when the switch is made to the secondary ignition the timing remains constant. For use with MSD 6, 7, or 8 series ignition. Description

MSD8356 ........ Chevrolet MSD8384 ........ SB Ford 351W and 351SVO MSD8807 ........ Ignition Transfer Switch MSD8911 ........ Tach Splitter For Dual Ignition Systems

A large diameter cap adapts to MSD distributor, eliminating voltage leaks and other problems. HEI-style spark plug terminals provide tight connections that won't vibrate loose and are spaced further apart to prevent ionization and crossfiring. Cap-A-Dapts are also available with rotor assemblies that allow adjustment of cap-to-terminal alignment for perfect phasing. HEI terminals and boots must be used with Cap-A-Dapt. Fits most MSD Pro-Billet V-8 distributors Description

MSD8420 ........ Cap-A-Dapt, Adjustable Rotor MSD8441 ........ Cap-A-Dapt, Small Dia. Distributors MSD8445 ........ Cap-A-Dapt, Fixed Rotor

Miscellaneous Components

* Not For Use With MSD8365 Pro Billet HEI

Part No.

MSD84661 ...... All Billet/Pro-Billet Distributors


MSD8225 ........ In-Cap Coil MSD8411 ........ Distributor Cap MSD8410 ........ Rotor MSD8402 ........ Coil Cover MSD8428* ...... Advance Kit, Street Fire or GM HEI


Bronze Distributor Gears

Magnetic Pickup

Replacement Components Part No. Description

Part No.


MSD8471 ........ Chevy, .500" I.D. MSD8472 ........ Chevy, .006" Oversize O.D. MSD8583 ........ Ford 289-302, .466" I.D. MSD8585 ........ Ford 351W, .530" I.D.

Chevy Street Fire distributorr has coated coatted mechanical advance weightss and welded, rather than pressed-in, weight premium ht pins. A premiu um distributor cap and rotor, melonized lonized gear, four-pin module, in-cap coil and adjustable vacuum advance are included. d. Fits all Chevyy V-8’s, except 348 and 409.

Replacement Components MSD84661

MSD8408 ........ Distributor Cap MSD8421 ........ Adjustable Rotor MSD8423 ........ Fixed Rotor MSD8446 ........ Cap Spacer

Billet Distributor Clamps Clamps firmly hold distributor to keep timing locked in place. Compatible with MSD Billet or Pro Billet distributors and MSD Pro Mag magnetos. Part No.


MSD8010 ........ Ford MSD8110 ........ Chevrolet



8/3/09 10:45:34 AM

Ultimate GM HEI Kit MSD8501

Soft Touch Rev Control

Everything needed to make any early model GM HEI distributor a great performer with MSD reliability. Matching coil and module produce higher voltage and energy for exceptional high speed coil saturation and high RPM power. Kit includes high energy module, coil, cap, dust cover and rotor. A low resistance HEI bushing is recommended (but must be purchased separately) when an MSD series Ignition Module has been added. Components are also available separately.

To limit RPM, Soft Touch computer circuitry drops one cylinder at a time and then fires that cylinder on the next cycle to prevent plug fouling. Smooth limiting action holds RPM at the selected limit with no backfires, roughness or damage. Easily adjusted with plug-in modules MSD8728 for 6,000, 7,000 and 8,000 RPM (other module kits available). Adjustable for 4, 6 or 8-cylinder engines with points, stock electronic or MSD capacitive discharge ignitions.

Replacement Components Part No. Description

MSD8225 ........ High Output Coil MSD83645* .... Digital HEI Module MSD84022 ...... Factory Style Coil Dust Cover MSD84101 ...... Rotor MSD84111 ...... Distributor Cap MSD8412 ........ Low Resistance Bushing, Not Included In Kit * Module may only be used with non-computerized (4-pin module) HEI’s.

Super HEI Kit MSD8500 MSD Super HEI kit eliminates power loss and lack of response above 4,500 RPM. Includes the MSD 6AL module with Soft Touch Rev Control, Blaster 2 coil, coil wire, dust cover and bracket.

Extreme Output HEI Kit MSD8502 Kit features the Extreme HEI ignition module that produces up to 20 amps to drive the coil. Module has an adjustable rev limiter that can be set from 5,000 to 10,000 RPM and traction control detection to activate a low RPM if detected. Kit also includes a powerful, oversized coil, high dielectric strength distributor cap, rotor and dust cover. Components are also available separately. Replacement Components Part No. Description

MSD84101 ...... Extreme Output HEI Rotor MSD84111 ...... Extreme Output HEI Distributor Cap MSD84022 ...... Extreme Ouput Dust Cover

GM HEI Module Bypass Cable Assembly MSD8861 Use to plug an MSD 6 or 7 Series ignition or timing accessory directly into the magnetic trigger inside a GM HEI distributor.

305-320CTC09.indd 319

Part No.


MSD8728 ........ Soft Touch Rev Control, OEM or Points Ignition MSD8738 ........ Soft Touch Rev Control, MSD 6T, 6TN or 6HVC MSD87286 ...... Soft Touch Rev Control, DIRT Spec.

RPM Module Kits Each RPM Module Kit contains five modules within RPM ranges from 3,000 to 9,900. Compatible with all MSD accessories that require modules. Available in even and odd increments.



Even Increments Part No.

Odd Increments Part No.

3,000-3,900 RPM 4,000-4,900 RPM 5,000-5,900 RPM 6,000-6,900 RPM 7,000-7,900 RPM 8,000-8,900 RPM 9,000-9,900 RPM

MSD8743 MSD8744 MSD8745 MSD8746 MSD8747 MSD8748 MSD8749

MSD87431 MSD87441 MSD87451 MSD87461 MSD87471 MSD87481 MSD87491

Vibration Mounts MSD8823 Mounts prevent vibrations transmitting through the chassis to the MSD unit. Each package has four mounts and hardware to fit all 5, 6 and digital 7 series ignitions.

Replacement Magnetic Pick-up Cables The 6' long, 2-wire cable connects MSD magnetic pick-up distributor to MSD ignition box. Standard and shielded cables are available. Shielded cable protects the trigger signal from EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference). Part No.


MSD8860 ........ Magnetic Pick-up Cable, 6' Long MSD8862 ........ Shielded Magnetic Pick-up Cable, 6' Long

Universal Timing Tape Kit MSD8985 Timing tape adheres to harmonic balancer for easy, precise timing adjustments. Kit includes eight tapes to fit balancers from 5.25"-8" diameter.




7/31/09 11:32:30 AM

Ignition Wire Sets And Accessories Universal wire sets have the spark plug boot and terminal factory installed. The distributor end boots and terminals are supplied, but are not crimped on. Wires are extra long and include a Mini-Stripper Crimper to aid installation. Heli-Core 8mm Spark Plug Wire Sets are helically wound, stainless steel conductor offers lower resistance for maximum voltage carrying capabilities and will not affect other ignition controls or on-board electronics. Blue outer sleeve is constructed of a tough high temperature silicone. An excellent upgrade for OEM plug wires.

Super Conductor 8.5mm Spark Plug Wire Sets have extremely low resistance and high RFI (radio frequency interference) suppression; a combination which would seem to defy the laws of physics. The low resistance is the result of a helically wrapped, copper alloy conductor which is then wrapped around a ferro-magnetic impregnated center core. Available in red or black.

Race Tailored Spark Plug Wire Sets Custom fit sets designed for cars with headers and MSD distributor. Choose from Heli-Core and red or black Super Conductor spark plug wire sets. Wires run under the headers on all sets listed. Application

Blue Heli-Core Set

Red Super Conductor Set

Black Super Conductor Set

MSD3159 MSD31599 MSD3165 MSD31659 – MSD31279 MSD3135 MSD31359 MSD3124 MSD31249 MSD3176 MSD31769 MSD3559 MSD35599 – MSD30479

MSD31593 MSD31653 – MSD31353 MSD31243 MSD31763 MSD35593 –








Small Block Chevy MSD/Socket Cap, Wires Under Headers MSD/Socket Cap, Wires Over Valve Covers MSD/Socket Cap, Wires Under 180° Headers MSD/HEI Style Cap, Wires Over Valve Covers MSD/HEI Style Cap, Wires Under Headers MSD/HEI Style Cap, X-Long Wires Under Headers MSD/HEI Style Cap, Wires Under Headers Crab Cap w/HEI Terminals, Wires Under Headers Small Block Ford Late MSD/HEI Style Cap Ford 4 Cyl. 2300cc Late MSD/HEI Style Cap

Socket Socket Socket HEI 90° HEI HEI HEI

2 In 1 Universal Sets MSD3119 (Heli-Core), MSD31199 (Red Super Conductor), MSD31193 (Black Super Conductor)

Coil Wires

Includes terminals for 8-cyl. engines with early- (socket) and late-type (HEI spark plug top) distributor caps. Multi-angle boots and terminals are factory installed on one end.

Coil wires are 18" long and endure eight times the use of each plug wire and should be replaced often. Ideal when replacing coils.

2 In 1 Universal Sets MSD3123 (Heli-Core), MSD31239 (Red Super Conductor), MSD31233 (Black Super Conductor)

Part No.

Set includes terminals for 8-cylinder with early- (socket) and late-type (HEI spark plug top) distributor caps. 90° boots and terminals are factory installed on one end.

Universal Wire Set MSD3110 (Heli-Core) For engines with early-type (socket) distributor caps that need both 90° plug and distributor boots. Includes 90° distributor boots and terminals.

Universal Wire Sets MSD3118 (Heli-Core), MSD31189 (Red Super Conductor), MSD31183 (Black Super Conductor) For engines with HEI (spark plug type) distributor caps. Multi-angle boots and terminals are installed on one end. 90° distributor boots and terminals included.

Universal Wire Set MSD3108 (Heli-Core) For engines with early type (socket) distributor caps. Multi-angle plug boots and terminals are installed on one end with 90° distributor boots and terminals included.

Universal Wire Sets MSD3122 (Heli-Core), MSD31229 (Red Super Conductor), MSD31223 (Black Super Conductor) For engines with HEI (spark plug type) distributor caps (Ford Duraspark or MSD Cap-a-Dapt). 90° spark plug boots are installed and 90° distributor boots and terminals are included.


305-320CTC09.indd 320


MSD8403 ........ Heli-Core Coil Wire MSD84039 ...... 8.5mm Super Conductor Coil Wire, Red MSD8850

Replacement Spark Plug Boots And Terminals



Multi-Angle Boots And Terminals 90° MSD Boots And Terminals HEI Style 90° Boots And Terminals 90° Socket Boots And Terminals Straight Socket Boots And Terminals Pro Racing 90° Boots And Terminals Pro Racing 115° Boots And Terminals Pro Racing Straight Boots And Terminals Short 90° Boots And Terminals Blaster 2 Coil Boot And Terminal *(1) Boot And (1) Terminal.

2/Card Part No.

8/Card Part No.

MSD3301 MSD3311 MSD3320 MSD3321 MSD3322 MSD3325 MSD3326 MSD3327 – MSD3331*

– MSD8850 MSD8849 MSD8851 – MSD8852 MSD8853 MSD8854 MSD8848 –

Replacement And Bulk Spark Plug Wire Replacement spark plug wire is offered in pre-cut 48" lengths and in bulk spools. The 48" wire includes a multi-angle boot and terminal on one end, and a 90° HEI style boot and terminal on the other.



Blue Heli-Core Part No.

Red Super Conductor Part No.

Replacement, 48" Length Bulk, 6' Length Bulk, 25' Length Bulk, 100' Length

MSD3406 MSD3403 MSD3401 –

MSD34069 MSD34039 MSD34019 MSD34049



7/31/09 11:32:43 AM

Self Vulcanizing Silicone Tape MSD3410

Pro-Crimp Tool II MSD35051 A must for any tool box. Interchangeable jaws allow a variety of crimps with one heavy duty tool. Hardened steel frame features molded hand grips.

Silicone rubber tape provides maximum heat protection for electrical connections, hoses, spark plug boots, etc. Tape bonds itself together. Sold in a 12 foot roll.

Part No.

Pro-Heat Guard Wire Sleeve MSD3411 Provides extra protection to spark plug wires. Tough, glass-woven sleeving is covered with Silicone rubber and resists up to 1000°F. Sold in a 25 foot roll.

Pro-Boot Guard MSD3412 Guard protects spark plug boots from excessive heat. Slide-on sleeve has a fiberglass woven inner sleeve coated with silicone rubber to withstand extreme temperatures. Six foot roll.

Weathertight Sealed Connectors


MSD3413 ........ For 8mm Wire MSD3414 ........ For 8.5mm Wire

Shrink Sleeve With Numbers MSD3415 Quickly identify plug wires with numbered shrink sleeves. Sleeves easily slide over spark plug boot and shrink tightly around wire when heat is applied. Sold in sets of eight.

Connectors are unaffected by water, chemicals, vibration, temperature or dirt, and will not come apart accidentally. Connectors can withstand temperatures from -40 to +257°F. and are indexed to prevent misfiring. May be separated by hand or with a screwdriver when space is tight. Each terminal has its own tower, eliminating shorts between the wires. Each connector half has a secondary lock that snaps over the terminal. Part No.

Pro-Clamp Wire Separators MSD8843


MSD8170 ........ 6-Pin Male Tower/Female Shroud w/Pins and Seals MSD8171 ........ 4-Pin Male Tower/Female Shroud w/Pins and Seals MSD8172 ........ 3-Pin Male Tower/Female Shroud w/Pins and Seals MSD8173 ........ 2-Pin Male Tower/Female Shroud w/Pins and Seals MSD8174 ........ 1-Pin Male Tower/Female Shroud w/Pins and Seals

Snap together separators have grooves to hold wires firmly without damaging insulation. Kit includes two 4-wire two 3-wire and four 2-wire separators.

Timing Lights

Wire Separators MSD’s Wire Separators keep plug wires away from hot exhaust, and each other, to prevent inductive crossfire. Description

MSD8841 ...........Dual Plug Wire Separators, 8-8.5mm Wires MSD8842 ...........Dual Plug Wire Separators, Wires With Sleeve MSD8845 ...........Wire Separator Set MSD8846 ...........Wire Separator Kit

For 8mm Heli-Core or 8.5mm Super Conductor wire. Used with a vise and single-edge razor blade, the vise is tightened, and even pressure makes tight crimps.

Simplifies replacement of damaged pins, connectors, shortening cables or doing custom wiring. Metal pins have locking feature to prevent vibrating loose, and connectors have lock tabs for tight, vibration-proof connections. Includes two connectors and four pins.

Molded plastic markers ensure that plug wires are always in the right place.

Part No.

Mini-Stripper-Crimper MSD3503

Two Pin Connector MSD8824

Cylinder Markers

Part No.


MSD3509 ........ Weathertight Terminal Dies MSD3510 ........ Deutsch Terminal Dies


Accurate timing is extremely important to any race engine. MSD offers two lights. Both feature easy to see bright strobes and detachable leads for easy storage. The self-powered timing light uses six AAA batteries so there are no extra wires hanging over the engine compartment. Ideal for race cars without batteries. Part No.


MSD8990 ........ MSD Timing Light MSD8991 ........ Self-Powered Timing Light

321-336CTC09.indd 321




7/31/09 11:36:05 AM

G2X GPS Based Data Acquisition MSD11200 Simple, accurate and affordable, the G2X monitors and reviews a wide variety of on-track data for improved performance and reduced lap times. Monitor RPM, vehicle speed, acceleration, lateral Gforces, track mapping with lap and segment times, battery voltage, etc. with GPS (Global Positioning System). Monitor a few laps, remove the Compact Flash card and download to a PC. Racepak Datalink software will create a track map and review previously recorded data. System also features the G2X Display Dash, which provides the driver with live lap numbers and times, acceleration and lateral g-forces, and a sequential LED shift light. Includes RPM harness, PC communication cable, power adapter, GPS antenna, display dash, power/RPM cable and 128MB Compact Flash card. Replacement Components Part No. Description

MSD11150 ....... Power/RPM Wire Pigtail

Swaged Aluminum Radius Rods

Jam Nuts Specifically for use with M&W swaged aluminum radius rods. Part No.

Swaged aluminum radius rods have 5/8" thread with knurling on each end.


MWAAJN-10L .......... 5/8" I.D. x 3/4" O.D., Left Hand Threads MWAAJN-10R .......... 5/8" I.D. x 3/4" O.D., Right Hand Threads

Jim Abbott

Photo: Doug Swift

Joey Miller


1.00" O.D.

1.125" O.D.

1.250" O.D.

11" 12" 13" 14" 15" 16" 17" 18" 18.5" 19" 19.5" 20" 20.5" 21" 21.5" 22" 22.5" 23" 23.5" 24" 24.5" 25" 26.5" 27" 28" 29" 35" 36" 37" 38" 39" 40" 41" 42" 43" 44" 45" 46" 47" 48" 49" 50"

MWASR-11 MWASR-12 MWASR-13 MWASR-14 MWASR-15 MWASR-16 MWASR-17 MWASR-18 – MWASR-19 – MWASR-20 MWASR-20.5 MWASR-21 MWASR-21.5 MWASR-22 MWASR-22.5 MWASR-23 MWASR-23.5 MWASR-24 MWASR-24.5 MWASR-25 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – MWASR-18L MWASR-18.5L MWASR-19L MWASR-19.5L MWASR-20L MWASR-20.5L MWASR-21L MWASR-21.5L MWASR-22L MWASR-22.5L MWASR-23L MWASR-23.5L MWASR-24L – MWASR-25L MWASR-26.5L MWASR-27L MWASR-28L – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – MWASR125-28 MWASR125-29 MWASR125-35 MWASR125-36 MWASR125-37 MWASR125-38 MWASR125-39 MWASR125-40 MWASR125-41 MWASR125-42 MWASR125-43 MWASR125-44 MWASR125-45 MWASR125-46 MWASR125-47 MWASR125-48 MWASR125-49 MWASR125-50

Stainless Steel 5" x 8" Oval Race Series Muffler MAG14153 Straight-through, wide open muffler has a stainless steel body, end caps, perforated core and a stainless weld bead. It will significantly reduce decibel levels without any loss in performance. Dimensions are 5" tall x 8" wide with a 14" case length and a 20" overall length. Inlet and outlet are 4" diameter.


321-336CTC09.indd 322



7/31/09 11:36:25 AM

Power PaK Flat Top Piston Kits

Power Pak Domed Piston Kits

Forged, flat top pistons with radiused valve pockets use 1.5mm top,1.5mm second and 3.0mm oil rings. Sets of eight with wrist pins, locks and performance piston rings.

Forged, domed pistons with radiused valve pockets are machined for 1.5mm top, 1.5mm second and 3.0mm oil rings. Sets of eight include wrist pins, locks and performance piston rings.

Part No.

Part No.



Rod Length

Comp. Ht.

Dome Volume

Comp. Ratio

Small Block Chevy MAHSBC550030D11 MAHSBC250030D11 MAHSBC125030D11 MAHSBC425030D11 MAHSBC250060D11 MAHSBC125125D04 MAHSBC125155D04 MAHSBC125165D11

4.030" 4.030" 4.030" 4.030" 4.060" 4.125" 4.155" 4.165"

3.48"/3.50" 3.48"/3.50" 3.48"/3.50" 3.750" 3.48"/3.50" 3.750" 3.750" 3.750"

5.700" 6.000" 6.125" 5.700" 6.000" 6.000" 6.000" 6.000"

1.550" 1.250" 1.125" 1.425" 1.250" 1.125" 1.125" 1.125"

11cc 11cc 11cc 11cc 11cc 4cc 4cc 11cc

13.0:1 13.0:1 13.0:1 13.8:1 13.0:1 13.0:1 13.0:1 14.3:1

NOTES: In Addition To The Rod And Stroke Combinations Listed With Each Part Number, Other Rod/Stroke Combinations May Work. Compression Ratios Are Based On A 64cc Combustion Chamber.

Performance Piston Ring Sets Mahle performance piston rings, developed with innovative computer simulation and development tools, include barrel-faced, plasma moly/ ductile iron top rings, cast iron reverse twist second rings and conventional three-piece oil rings. Sets listed require file fitting. Part No.


Top Ring

2nd Ring

Oil Ring

Oil Ring Tension

MAH4030ML-043 MAH4035ML MAH4035MS MAH4035MS-15 MAH4035ML-043 MAH4040ML-043 MAH4045ML MAH4045MS-15 MAH4045ML-043 MAH4055ML-043 MAH4065ML-043 MAH4070ML-043 MAH4130MS-15 MAH4160MS-15 MAH4170MS-15

4.025" 4.030" 4.030" 4.030" 4.030" 4.035" 4.040" 4.040" 4.040" 4.050" 4.060" 4.065" 4.125" 4.155" 4.165"

.043" 1/16" 1/16" 1.5mm .043" .043" 1/16" 1.5mm .043" .043" .043" .043" 1.5mm 1.5mm 1.5mm

.043" 1/16" 1/16" 1.5mm .043" .043" 1/16" 1.5mm .043" .043" .043" .043" 1.5mm 1.5mm 1.5mm

3.0mm 3/16" 3/16" 3.0mm 3.0mm 3.0mm 3/16" 3.0mm 3.0mm 3.0mm 3.0mm 3.0mm 3.0mm 3.0mm 3.0mm

Low Low Standard Standard Low Low Low Standard Low Low Low Low Standard Standard Standard



Rod Length

Comp. Ht.

Dome Volume

Comp. Ratio

Small Block Chevy MAHSBC550030F05 4.030" 3.48"/3.50" 5.700" 1.550" -5cc 10.6:1 MAHSBC550030F4V* 4.030" 3.48"/3.50" 5.700" 1.550" -5cc 10.6:1 MAHSBC250030F05 4.030" 3.48"/3.50" 6.000" 1.250" -5cc 10.6:1 MAHSBC125030F05 4.030" 3.48"/3.50" 6.125" 1.125" -5cc 10.6:1 MAHSBC425030F05 4.030" 3.750" 5.700" 1.425" -5cc 11.1:1 MAHSBC550040F05 4.040" 3.48"/3.50" 5.700" 1.550" -5cc 10.6:1 MAHSBC250040F05 4.040" 3.48"/3.50" 6.000" 1.250" -5cc 10.6:1 MAHSBC425040F05 4.040" 3.750" 5.700" 1.425" -5cc 11.1:1 MAHSBC250060F05 4.060" 3.48"/3.50" 6.000" 1.250" -5cc 10.6:1 MAHSBC125125F05 4.125" 3.500" 6.125" 1.125" -5cc 11.0:1 MAHSBC250155F05 4.155" 3.500" 6.000" 1.250" -5cc 11.0:1 MAHSBC125155F05 4.155" 3.500" 6.125" 1.125" -5cc 11.0:1 Small Block Ford MAHSBF090000F06 4.000" 3.400" 5.400" 1.090" -6.6cc 10.0:1 MAHSBF600030F06 4.030" 3.000" 5.090" 1.600" -6.6cc 9.0:1 MAHSBF090030F06 4.030" 3.400" 5.400" 1.090" -6.6cc 10.0:1 MAHSBF090040F06 4.040" 3.400" 5.400" 1.090" -6.6cc 10.0:1 NOTES: * Signifies Pistons With 4-Valve Pocket Design. In Addition To The Rod And Stroke Combinations Listed With Each Part Number, Other Rod/Stroke Combinations May Work. Small Block Chevy and Small Block Ford Compression Ratios Are Based On A 64cc Combustion Chamber.

John Foote

Photo: Jim DenHamer

Todd Foote

Photo: Jim DenHamer

4611-*&3 I











COMP II 5" Memory Tachometer MAR3092 Large, 0-10,000 RPM tachometer with patented, high-speed stepper motor movement responds quickly and accurately. Features include advanced SMT circuitry, LED, through-theedial lighting with an illuminated pointer, and Peak RPM recall for viewing the highest RPM attained. Slim, pedestal mount case is easily installed.

321-336CTC09.indd 323




7/31/09 11:36:52 AM

Unilite Distributors

Hyfire 6-A Digital CD Ignition MAL6852M

Mallory’s Unilite Distributors are the result of over 20 years of engineering, development and race testing. Series 37 has set the industry standard for many years. Triggered by infrared L.E.D. system using Mallory’s time tested breakerless ignition circuit. Unilites can drive stock and performance coils. Series 47 Distributor was the first electronic ignition system in the industry to offer adjustable vacuum advance. 47 Series Vac. Advance



MAL3768701 MAL3755401 MAL3770401 MAL3755101 MAL4562101

MAL4768701 MAL4755401 MAL4770401 MAL4755101 –

Unilite Replacement Components Part No.


MAL209M ................Distributor Cap, V-8 Socket MAL322 ...................Rotor/Shutter, All 47 Series V-8 Distributors MAL335 ...................Rotor/Shutter, All 37, 38 Series V-8 Distributors MAL605 ...................Unilite Module, All 37, 38, 47 Series V-8 Distributors MAL700 ...................Ballast Resistor MAL2092M ..............Distributor Cap, Socket And Rotor/Shutter Kit, All Unilite Distributors MAL29349 ...............Wiring Harness, All

CT Distributors


MAL6648204 ...........Chevrolet COMP 9000 CT Distributor MAL6648214 ...........Chevrolet Standard Cap CT Distributor MAL6655404 ...........Ford 351W COMP 9000 CT Distributor

HEI Distributors Completely new, race-prepped distributor features a cast aluminum, CNC-machined housing, high performance mechanical advance, adjustable vacuum advance and red cap and rotor with brass inserts. Available for Chevrolet and small block Ford V8. Part No.



321-336CTC09.indd 324

CT Pro Professional Circle Track Ignition Proven in over 275,000 miles of ARCA competition without a MAL6864M single failure. The CT Pro combines unsurpassed performance, durability and fully adjustable digital rev limiting with two rotary switches. Adjustable in 100 RPM increments, to 9,900 RPM. Unit is fully encapsulated offers exclusive enhanced heat and vibration technology. Ignition uses a 6-pin weatherproof connector and is compatible with 4, 6 and 8-cylinder engines. Requires CT Pro Coil (#MAL30460). Description

MAL6864M ..............CT Pro Ignition MAL30460 ...............CT Pro Coil

Universal Wiring Kits Weatherproof wiring harnesses simplify ignition installation. Part No.


MAL29605 ...............6-Pin Weatherproof Harness, 10' Long, 18 Gauge MAL29606 ...............2-Pin Weatherproof Power Harness, 4' Long, 14 Gauge

Promaster Coil MAL29440 Promaster Coil has an effective range of 8000 RPM when used with Mallory Hyfire Electronic Ignition controls and will deliver up to 6500 RPM with Mallory’s Unilite® Ignition or Magnetic Breakerless Ignitions and the Electronic Advance Computer. Also an excellent choice for breaker points and original equipment breakerless electronic systems.

Ballast Resistor MAL700

MAL8548201C..........Chevrolet HEI Distributor And Coil MAL8548201 ...........Chevrolet HEI Distributor Only MAL8555101C..........Small Block Ford '62-95 260-302 HEI Distributor And Coil


Multi-spark ignition uses microprocessor controlled circuitry for increased performance. Low power draw capacitive ignition features a built-in adjustable digital rev limiter (4,500 to 12,000 without plug-in modules).

Part No.

Use with the CT Pro Ignition. New billet distributors have dual magnetic pickup assemblies and locked-out mechanical advances for superior timing stability. Ball bearings assure maximum shaft stability. Chevrolet distributor has an adjustable collar for precise alignment in non-raised deck blocks. Offered in standard or large diameter, COMP 9000 distributor cap configurations. Part No.

Hyfire 6-AL Digital CD Ignition MAL6853M

37 Series Electronic


Chevy 1955-96, 262-454, 502 Except 348, 409 & Tall Block Ford 1981-95, 351W/5.8L 1969-80, 351W 1981-95, 302 1962-80, 221-302 1974-82, 2300cc 4 Cyl., Exc. HSC

Capacitive discharge ignition delivers quicker acceleration and improved throttle response with a lower power draw. Lightweight, easy to install ignition is compatible with points, electronic, or magnetic crank trigger ignitions.

Heavy duty porcelain resistor is often required when installing an aftermarket ignition coil. Rated at 200 watts and .75-1.5 ohms.



7/31/09 11:37:19 AM

Budget Replacement Valves

Race Flo Valves

Better-than-stock valves fit the hobby racer’s budget. Original equipment-type under head design and finishes. Valves are sold in sets of eight.*

Race Flo valves have been necked down in the port area to enhance flow. Exhaust valves are XH-426 stainless steel while intake valves are NK-842 stainless steel. Valve stems are fully chromed with hardened tips. Valves are swirl polished, fully machined. Sold in sets of eight.*

Part No.



Small Block Chevrolet 262-400 MAN10077-8 Exhaust 1.500" MAN10649-8 Exhaust 1.600" MAN10476-8 Intake 1.940" MAN10650-8 Intake 2.020"


Installed Height

.3415" .3415" .3415" .3415"

Stock Stock Stock Stock

Part No.

Budget Performance Valves Fully machined, swirl polished valves include chrome stems and hard tips. A top-of-the-line valve for the value conscious engine builder. Stock and +.100" lengths available. Sold in sets of eight.* Part No.



Small Block Chevrolet 262-400 MAN10577-8 Exhaust 1.500" MAN10549-8 Exhaust 1.600" MAN10551-8 Exhaust 1.600" MAN10576-8 Intake 1.940" MAN10550-8 Intake 2.020" MAN10552-8 Intake 2.020" MAN10554-8 Intake 2.055" MAN10556-8 Intake 2.055"


Installed Height

.3415" .3415" .3415" .3415" .3415" .3415" .3415" .3415"

Stock Stock .100" Longer Stock Stock .100" Longer Stock .100" Longer


Small Block Chevrolet 262-400 MAN10777-8 Exhaust 1.500" MAN10749-8 Exhaust 1.600" MAN10776-8 Intake 1.940" MAN10750-8 Intake 2.020"


Installed Height

.3415" .3415" .3415" .3415"

Stock Stock Stock Stock

Part No.

Made with the same quality materials as the Street Master, but with “Pro-Flo” under head design. Sold in sets of eight.* Type


Installed Height





Installed Height

Small Block Chevrolet 262-400 MAN11861-8 Exhaust 1.500" .3415" Stock MAN11863-8 Exhaust 1.600" .3415" Stock MAN11877-8 Exhaust 1.600" .3415" .100" Longer MAN11860-8 Intake 1.940" .3415" Stock MAN11864-8 Intake 2.020" .3415" Stock MAN11318-8 Intake 2.020" .3415" .100" Longer MAN11806-8 Intake 2.055" .3415" Stock MAN11810-8 Intake 2.055" .3415" .100" Longer MAN11808-8 Intake 2.080" .3415" Stock MAN11812-8 Intake 2.080" .3415" .100" Longer Ford 2300cc 4-Cyl MAN11793-4* Exhaust 1.590" .3415" Stock MAN11792-4* Intake 1.890" .3415" Stock † Ford valves with .250" tips must use non-rail type stock rockers or roller rockers.

Street Flo Valves

Part No.


Manley’s Race Master valves have straight, fully chromed stems and hardened tips. Valves are thoroughly machined and swirl polished. Intake valves are made of NK-842 stainless steel and exhaust valves are XH-426 stainless steel. Sold in sets of eight (unless noted).*

Straight stemmed XH-424 stainless exhaust valves and NK-841 stainless intake valves have chrome stems, hard tips, swirl-polished under head areas, and fully machined combustion faces. Street Master valves are an excellent choice for mild performance engines. Sold in sets of eight.* Type


Race Master Valves

Street Master Valves

Part No.


Small Block Chevrolet 262-400 MAN11521-8 Exhaust 1.500" .3415" Stock MAN11501-8 Exhaust 1.560" .3415" Stock MAN11565-8 Exhaust 1.600" .3415" Stock MAN11545-8 Exhaust 1.600" .3415" .100" Longer MAN11522-8 Intake 1.940" .3415" Stock MAN11500-8 Intake 2.000" .3415" Stock MAN11566-8 Intake 2.020" .3415" Stock MAN11568-8 Intake 2.055" .3415" Stock MAN11546-8 Intake 2.055" .3415" .100" Longer MAN11560-8 Intake 2.080" .3415" .100" Longer Small Block Ford 289-351W MAN11523-8 Exhaust 1.465" .3415" Stock MAN11531-8† Exhaust 1.600" .3415" Stock MAN11889-8 Exhaust 1.600" .3415" Stock MAN11575-8 Exhaust 1.550" .3415" Stock MAN11578-8 Intake 1.850" .3420" Stock MAN11566-8† Intake 2.020" .3415" Stock † Ford valves with .250" tips must use non-rail type stock rockers or roller rockers.

Installed Height

Small Block Chevrolet 262-400 MAN10721-8 Exhaust 1.500" .3415" Stock MAN10765-8 Exhaust 1.600" .3415" Stock MAN10766-8 Intake 2.020" .3415" Stock Small Block Ford 289-351W MAN11523-8 Exhaust 1.465" .3415" Stock MAN10775-8 Exhaust 1.550" .3415" Stock MAN11531-8† Exhaust 1.600" .3415" Stock MAN11889-8 Exhaust 1.600" .3415" Stock MAN10778-8 Intake 1.850" .3420" Stock *To purchase individually substitute -1 for the -8 suffix in part number.

Severe Duty “Pro-Flo” Valves Severe Duty “Pro-Flo” valves have many features of the Race-Flo line, but are made of severe duty material. Exhaust valves are made from XH-428 stainless steel and intake valves are made from NK-844 stainless steel. Valve stems are fully chromed with hardened tips. “Pro-Flo” design offers an increase in flow up to 40% over other popular designs. Valves are swirl polished and fully machined. Sold in sets of eight.* Part No.




Installed Height

Small Block Chevrolet 262-400 MAN11823-8 Exhaust 1.600" .3415" .100" Longer MAN11824-8 Intake 2.055" .3415" .100" Longer *To purchase individually substitute -1 for the -8 suffix in part number. Corey Bevard

321-336CTC09.indd 325

Photo: John Berglund




7/31/09 11:37:42 AM

Severe Duty Valves

10° Titanium Retainers

Severe duty exhaust valves are made of XH-428 stainless steel which has double the tensile strength of imported valves at 1500°F. Intake valves, constructed of NK-844 stainless steel, have over 1000 times more fatigue strength than imported valves. Sold in sets of 8.

Manley’s 6AL 4V titanium 10° retainers have the durability needed for racing engines. Sold in sets of 16.

Part No.




Installed Height

Small Block Chevrolet 262-400 MAN11567-8* Exhaust 1.500" .3415" Stock MAN11543-8* Exhaust 1.600" .3415" Stock MAN11595-8† Exhaust 1.600" .3415" Stock MAN11539-8# Exhaust 1.600" .3415" .100" Longer MAN11869-8 Exhaust 1.600" .3415" .100" Longer MAN11749-8 Exhaust 1.600" .3415" .100" Longer MAN11865-8 Exhaust 1.600" .3415" .200" Longer MAN11751-8S Exhaust 1.600" .3415" .200" Longer MAN11755-8S Exhaust 1.600" .3415" .400" Longer MAN11513-8 Exhaust 1.600" .3415" .500" Longer MAN11763-8 Exhaust 1.625" .3415" .600" Longer MAN11592-8 Intake 1.937" .3415" Stock MAN11818-8 Intake 2.080" .3415" Stock MAN11886-8 Intake 1.940" .3415" .100" Longer MAN11826-8 Intake 2.020" .3415" .100" Longer MAN11846-8 Intake 2.055" .3415" .100" Longer MAN11818-8 Intake 2.080" .3415" Stock MAN11844-8 Intake 2.080" .3415" .100" Longer MAN11858-8 Intake 2.080" .3415" .200" Longer *7° dish face and 4.911" length # Valve has 10° Underhead Angle † Flat face and 4.936" length S Valve has 15° Underhead Angle


Late Model, MAN221432-16 Flat Tappet MAN221440P-16 Oval Track, Roller MAN221441P-16 Oval Track, Roller MAN221442-16 Oval Track, Roller MAN221443-16 BGN, WoO, LM BGN, WoO, LM MAN221444-16

Double Double Double Double Double Double Double Double

+.100" 1.625" Std. 1.550" +.100" 1.580"/1.610" +.100" 1.550" Std. 1.625" +.100" 1.625" Std. 1.550" +.100" 1.550"

Part No.

Spring O.D.


1.500" 1.500" 1.500" 1.500" 1.500" 1.500" 1.500" 1.500"

Dimensions B C

1.175" 1.140" 1.150" 1.140" 1.175" 1.175" 1.105" 1.120"


.850" .740" .825" .740" .765" .765" .710" .705"

– – – – – – – –

255@2.000” 280@2.030” 260@2.000” 235@1.950” 235@2.050”


Installed Height

Lock Style

5/16" Valve Locks 11/32" Valve Locks 11/32" Valve Locks 11/32" Valve Locks

Standard .050" Less Standard .050" More

Conventional Conventional Conventional Conventional

5/16" Valve Locks 5/16" Valve Locks 11/32" Valve Locks 11/32" Valve Locks 11/32" Valve Locks 11/32" Valve Locks

Standard .050" More Standard .050" More Standard .050" More

Bead Loc Bead Loc Bead Loc Bead Loc Conventional Conventional

Pushrods By Applications

Max. Valve Lift Seat Pressure Open Pressure

.700” .730” .750” .730” .750”

MAN23640-16 MAN23644-16 MAN23648-16 MAN23650-16 MAN23654-16 MAN23655-16 MAN23658-16 MAN23661-16

Super 7° MAN13080-16 MAN13081-16 MAN13083-16 MAN13084-16 10° MAN13151-8 MAN13152-8 MAN13161-8 MAN13162-8 MAN13194-16 MAN13198-16

We’ve listed common applications of 5/16" and 3/8" diameter chrome moly pushrods. All pushrods are 4130 steel, heat treated and black oxide finished for corrosion protection. Sets of 8 or 16. Coil Bind

1.530”/.750” .630” 162@1.900” 425@1.300” 1.200” 1.570”/.760” 1.570”/.750” 1.560”/.812” 1.580”/.832” 1.610”/.842”


Heat treated, black oxide coated steel Locks are available in extra thick, Super 7° or traditional 10° for conventional or bead lock valves. Sets of 8 (16 pieces) or 16 (32 pieces).

Put an end to spring degradation. NexTek springs are specially processed from chrome silicon that undergoes winding, thermal treating and finishing processes prior to shipment. Spring I.D.’s are fully chamfered for retainer clearance. Sold in sets of 16. Application

Spring Type

Valve Locks

NexTek Series Oval Track Valve Springs

Part No.

Part No.

629@1.300” 700@1.300” 660@1.250” 610@1.250” 645@1.300”

1.190” 1.215” 1.200” 1.170” 1.220”

Part No.




MAN25709-16 MAN25787-8 MAN25711-16 MAN25712-16 MAN25788-8 MAN25706-16 MAN25744-16

SB Chevrolet 262-400 Stock Length SB Chevrolet 262-400 Stock Length SB Chevrolet 262-400 +.050" SB Chevrolet 262-400 +.100" SB Chevrolet 262-400 +.100" SB Ford 351C Stock Length SB Ford 351W

7.800" 7.800" 7.850" 7.900" 7.900" 8.400" 8.150"

5/16" 3/8" 5/16" 5/16" 3/8" 5/16" 5/16"

Chrome Moly Pushrods Heat treated, 4130 chrome moly pushrods have swaged ends and are black oxide finished for corrosion protection. Available in 5/16" (.080"wall), 3/8" (.080" and .120"wall) and 7/16" (.125" wall) diameters. The 5/16" pushrods are available individually and in sets of 16; 3/8" pushrods are available individually and in sets of 8; and 7/16" pushrods are sold individually. For singles, replace the -16 or -8 with a -1. Length

5/16" Dia. .080" Wall Part No.

7.000" 7.050" 7.100" 7.150" 7.200" 7.250" 7.300" 7.350" 7.400" 7.450" 7.500" 7.550" 7.600" 7.650" 7.700" 7.750" 7.794"

MAN25700-16 MAN25727-16 MAN25729-16 MAN25741-16 MAN25733-16 MAN25734-16 MAN25730-16 MAN25751-16 MAN25735-16 MAN25736-16 MAN25754-16 MAN25755-16 MAN25767-16 MAN25768-16 MAN25772-16 MAN25707-16 MAN25785-16†


321-336CTC09.indd 326

3/8" Dia. .080" Wall Part No.

3/8" Dia. .120" Wall Part No.

– MAN25319-1 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – MAN25822-8 – MAN25836-8 – MAN25854-8 – MAN25818-8 – MAN25876-8 – – – MAN25828-8 – MAN25832-8 – – –


5/16" Dia. .080" Wall Part No.

3/8" Dia. .080" Wall Part No.

3/8" Dia. .120" Wall Part No.

7/16" Dia. .125" Wall Part No.

7.800" 7.850" 7.900" 7.950" 8.000" 8.050" 8.100" 8.150" 8.200" 8.250" 8.275" 8.280" 8.300" 8.325" 8.350" 8.375"

MAN25709-16 MAN25711-16 MAN25712-16 MAN25715-16 MAN25716-16 MAN25721-16 MAN25722-16 MAN25744-16 MAN25745-16 MAN25701-16 MAN25753-16 – MAN25702-16 – MAN25703-16 MAN25763-16

MAN25787-8 MAN25878-8 MAN25788-8 MAN25814-8 MAN25816-8 MAN25821-8 MAN25810-8 MAN25815-8 MAN25820-8 MAN25825-8 – MAN25795-8 MAN25830-8 MAN25826-8 MAN25835-8 –

– – – – MAN25339-1 MAN25340-1 MAN25341-1 MAN25342-1 MAN25343-1 MAN25344-1 – – MAN25345-1 – MAN25346-1 –

– – – – – – – – MAN25040-1 MAN25041-1 – MAN25042-1 MAN25043-1 – MAN25044-1 –


5/16" Dia. .080" Wall Part No.

8.380" – 8.400" MAN25706-16 8.425" MAN25764-16 8.450" MAN25708-16 8.500" MAN25774-16 8.550" MAN25710-16 8.600" MAN25718-16 8.650" MAN25724-16 8.680" – 8.700" MAN25799-16 8.750" MAN25738-16 8.800" MAN25742-16 8.850" MAN25746-16 8.900" MAN25758-16 8.950" MAN25757-16 9.000" – †1010 Material


3/8" Dia. .080" Wall Part No.

3/8" Dia. .120" Wall Part No.

7/16" Dia. .125" Wall Part No.

MAN25769-8 MAN25840-8 – MAN25845-8 MAN25850-8 MAN25855-8 MAN25860-8 MAN25865-8 MAN25797-8 MAN25870-8 MAN25875-8 MAN25880-8 MAN25885-8 MAN25890-8 MAN25890-8 MAN25900-8

– MAN25347-1 – MAN25348-1 MAN25349-1 MAN25350-1 MAN25351-1 MAN25352-1 – MAN25353-1 MAN25354-1 MAN25355-1 MAN25356-1 MAN25357-1 MAN25358-1 MAN25359-1

– MAN25045-1 – MAN25046-1 MAN25047-1 MAN25048-1 MAN25049-1 MAN25050-1 MAN25051-1 MAN25052-1 MAN25053-1 MAN25054-1 MAN25055-1 MAN25056-1 MAN25057-1 MAN25058-1


7/31/09 11:38:02 AM

SB Chevy Steel Guide Plates

Chevy Cam Lock Plate MAN42114

Stamped for accuracy and heat treated to reduce wear. Designed for use with 5/16" dia. pushrods. Choose from flat or raised versions. Set of 8.

Plate secures the camshaft bolts firmly in place. Fits small and big block Chevys.

Part No.


MAN42355-8 ...........Flat Steel, On-Center Stud MAN42151-8 ...........Raised Steel, On-Center Stud

SB Chevy Superior Head Bolts

NOTE: Heat Treated Pushrods Must Be Used With Guide Plates.

Valve Stem Seals Viton valve seals are profiled to clear small I.D. inners in triple valve springs. Sets of eight. Part No.


Guide O.D.

Seal O.D.

MAN24043-8 MAN24045-8

11/32" Valve Seals 11/32" Valve Seals

.500" .530"

.620" .674"

Wear Caps Reduce valve tip wear with 4140 alloy steel, heat treated wear caps. Available in standard (16 per set), and non-rotating (8 per set). Part No.


MAN42104-16 ...11/32" Wear Caps, Standard, 16 pcs. MAN42301-8 .....11/32" Wear Caps, Non-Rotating, 8 pcs.

Pushrod Length Checkers A must for all racers and engine builders. In just seconds, this tool can determine the exact length pushrod needed for a particular application. Complete with instructions. Part No.


MAN42137...... SB Chevy w/3/8" Studs MAN42132...... SB Chevy w/7/16" Studs

SB Chevrolet Race Roller Timing Kits Premium quality timing kits have cast camshaft sprockets, fully machined crankshaft sprockets with three keyways, and Nextel Cup style roller chains with .250" diameter rollers. Part No.


MAN73141...... ’55-78 SB Chevy Timing Kit, Includes Roller Thrust Button,Torrington Bearing and Cam Lock Plate MAN73181...... SB Chevy Timing Kit, Includes Torrington Bearing MAN76161...... SB Chevy Replacement Roller Chain

High quality, 180,000 PSI fasteners are longer than stock and have an under-head radius, to prevent premature stretch and failure. Longer than stock bolts are for use with MAN42102 head bolt washers. The 1/2" hex head allows greater wrenchability. Part No.


MAN42171.........SB Chevy Superior Head Bolts, 17 (Services 1 Cyl. Head) MAN42102 .........SB Chevy Head Bolt Washers, Set of 34 (Services 2 Cyl. Heads)

SB Chevy Sportmaster Connecting Rods Rods are CNC-machined from quality 4340 forgings. Held to exacting tolerances for bore size, taper and bend/twist, each rod is profiled around the entire beam to remove stress risers, resulting in a very light finished piece. After machining, the entire rod, including the bolt pad, is shot-peened for durability. ARP8740 3/8" dia. cap screws (190,000 PSI) are used exclusively, as are premium Ampco 18 bushings in the pin end. Shipped in weight matched (±1.5 grams) sets of 8 only. Perfect for Pro Stock, Late Model and Sportsman racers with engines up to 550 horsepower @ 8,000 RPM. Listed rods have a big end width of .940" and a pin end width of .980". Sold in sets of eight. Part No.



Big End Bore

Pin Bore

Gram Weight

MAN14101-8 MAN14103-8 MAN14105-8

Stock Length, Lg. Journal .300" Longer, Lg. Journal Stock Length, Sm. Journal

5.700" 6.000" 5.700""

2.225" 2.225" 2.125"

.9281" .9281" .9281"

555 578 571

Extreme Pressure Lube #3 MAN40177 Primarily used as a fastener lubricant, product is preferred by many top engine builders. 4 oz. tube.

Miracle And Magic Seal Epoxies Roller Thrust Button Placed between the camshaft nose and timing chain cover to prevent the camshaft from “walking” forward in the block. Part No.


MAN42111...... SBC w/early (up to ’78) Timing Covers; all BBC MAN42113...... SBC w/late (1979/up) Timing Cover

321-336CTC09.indd 327

Two-part epoxies bond to a wide variety of materials including iron and aluminum for repair of broken parts. Part No.


MAN40180...... Miracle Seal Epoxy, High Temperature, Exhaust Ports, Etc. MAN40187...... Magic Seal Epoxy, Low Temperature, Intake Ports, Intake Manifolds, Etc.




7/31/09 11:38:10 AM

Standard SFI Bellhousings

Ball Studs

Standard SFI bellhousings feature the closest tolerances in the industry for a trouble-free fit. Designed with the sportsman racer in mind, bellhousings fit a wide range of engine and transmission combinations. Housings include motor plate and bolt kit and meet stringent SFI 6.1 specifications.

Part No.

Part No.

GM Adjustable Throwout Bearing MCL16505


GM throwout bearing is adjustable to three different lengths; short (1.580"), medium (1.755"), and long (1.930"). Bearing has a 1.375" collar I.D. and 2.750" face.

MCL8630 ........ ’55-81 Chevy V8 (Except Chevy II/Nova), Accepts Saginaw/ Muncie/T-10 Transmission MCL8650 ........ ’62-92 Chevy V8 (Except Chevy II/Nova), ’67-80 Buick V8, ’64-92 Olds/Pontiac V8,, Accepts p Saginaw, g , Muncie/T-10/T-50/T-5(17°)/ Tremec Transmission Trem Tr emec em ec TCET2057 TTCE CET2 CE T205 T2 0577 Tr 05 Tran ansm an smis sm issi is s on si

Aluminum Billet High Volume Oil Pump MEL10050-700CT

SSelect elect PPerformance erformance O Oilil PPumps umppss

Exceptionally strong high volume pump for 7" deep pans has hard coated case and gears, chrome moly drive and intermediate shafts and stainless steel mesh pickup screen that is offset for circle track use. With multiple pressure settings and a supercharged inlet, high RPM performance is improved. +10# and -10# relief springs and studs are included

Select Performance pumps have harddened steel gears and cast, manganese e phosphate coated housings. Some race ce versions have machined grooves to reduce cavitation at high RPM (grooves slightly reduce pressure at idle). Small block Chevy pumps include intermediate shaft. Part No.

Volume Increase

Inlet Dia.

Small Block Chevy 265-400 MEL10550 25% 5/8" MEL10551 25% 3/4" MEL10552 10% 3/4" MEL10552C 10% 3/4" MEL10553 0% 5/8" MEL10554 0% 3/4" MEL10555 25% 3/4" MEL10555C 25% 3/4" Small Block Ford 289-302 MEL10687 0% Stock 25% Stock MEL10688 Small Block Ford 351W MEL10832 0% Stock 25% Stock MEL10833


MCL16908................Adjustable Ball Stud Assy., ’55-83 GM, Stock/Steel Bellhousing, Enlarged Head, 1/2"-13 Threads MCL16909................Adjustable Ball Stud Assy., Mustang With Cable Linkage

Shaft Support

Pick-up Screen

Anti-Cavitation Grooves (Race Only)

None None Yes Yes None None Yes Yes

Press-In Press-In Bolt-On Bolt-On Press-In Press-In Bolt-On Bolt-On

None None None Yes No No None Yes

Extended Extended

Bolt-On Bolt-On

No No

Extended Extended

Bolt-On Bolt-On

No No

High Performance Oil Pumps Every Melling oil pump is 100% pressure tested. Idle and bypass pressure are checked to guarantee workmanship before every oil pump leaves the factory. Application

Standard Volume

High Pressure

High Volume

SB Chevy SB Ford 351W SB Ford 289-302




Small Block Chevy Intermediate Shaft MELIS55E Stress proof steel shaft offers maximum strength and durability and includes a steel guide.

4611-*&3 MITMT-250


Digital Infrared Thermometers Check track surface temperatures, tire temperatures, brake rotors, headers and exhaust temperatures with MicroTemp. New technology, better quality control and new manufacturing methods yield an affordable price and an all around better product. Choose regular or pocket sized models. Covered by a 90-day manufacturer's warranty.


321-336CTC09.indd 328

Part No.



MITMT-100 ..... Pocket Size Infrared Pyrometer, -67°F to 230°F MITMT-250 ..... Pocket Size Infrared Pyrometer, -67°F to 482°F MITMT-EXP...... Digital Infrared Pyrometer, -58°F to 752°F MITMT-PRO ..... Professional Infrared Pyrometer, -76°F to 932°F



8/4/09 10:20:27 AM

M-Pact Gloves

The Original Gloves

For tire changing and jacking, the Mechanix Wear M-Pact Gloves have double-layers with padded palms, reinforced thumb and index finger panels and Neoprene-padded knuckle panels. Machine washable. Machine washable stretch knit gloves have padded Spandex tops, elastic cuffs, hook-and-loop closures, seamless, multi-panel fingertips and hidden seams to improve sensitivity and durability. Size

Black /Part No.

Red /Part No.

Blue /Part No.


AXOMG-05-008 AXOMG-05-009 AXOMG-05-010 AXOMG-05-011 AXOMG-05-012

AXOMG-02-008 AXOMG-02-009 AXOMG-02-010 AXOMG-02-011 AXOMG-02-012

AXOMG-03-008 AXOMG-03-009 AXOMG-03-010 AXOMG-03-011 AXOMG-03-012


Yellow /Part No.

Orange /Part No.

Green /Part No.


AXOMG-01-008 AXOMG-01-009 AXOMG-01-010 AXOMG-01-011 AXOMG-01-012

AXOMG-09-008 AXOMG-09-009 AXOMG-09-010 AXOMG-09-011 AXOMG-09-012

AXOMG-06-008 AXOMG-06-009 AXOMG-06-010 AXOMG-06-011 AXOMG-06-012


Stealth /Part No.

Camo /Part No.


AXOMG-55-008 AXOMG-55-009 AXOMG-55-010 AXOMG-55-011 AXOMG-55-012

– AXOMG-71-009 AXOMG-71-010 AXOMG-71-011 AXOMG-71-012

Black /Part No.

Red /Part No.

Blue /Part No.

Yellow /Part No.


AXOMMP05-008 AXOMMP05-009 AXOMMP05-010 AXOMMP05-011 AXOMMP05-012

AXOMMP02-008 AXOMMP02-009 AXOMMP02-010 AXOMMP02-011 AXOMMP02-012

AXOMMP03-008 AXOMMP03-009 AXOMMP03-010 AXOMMP03-011 AXOMMP03-012

AXOMMP01-008 AXOMMP01-009 AXOMMP01-010 AXOMMP01-011 AXOMMP01-012

M-Pact 2 Gloves The tough M-Pact glove improved with super tacky Clarino Zeus™ thumbs and fingertips. Double-layer Clarino palms with EVA padding dampen heavy impact and vibrations and padded Kevlar palm heels protect from abrasions. Variety of colors and sizes. Size

Black /Part No.

Red /Part No.

Blue /Part No.


AXOMP2-05-008 AXOMP2-05-009 AXOMP2-05-010 AXOMP2-05-011 AXOMP2-05-012

AXOMP2-02-008 AXOMP2-02-009 AXOMP2-02-010 AXOMP2-02-011 AXOMP2-02-012

AXOMP2-03-008 AXOMP2-03-009 AXOMP2-03-010 AXOMP2-03-011 AXOMP2-03-012

Fabricator Gloves Oversize, 100% leather gloves have cowhide panels on the heel, inside and outside edges of the palm and are ideal for metal fabrication, body work and welding.

The Original 0.5 Gloves Similar to The Original Glove, but with a thinner, 0.5mm dimpled Clarino Septon for improved feel and dexterity. Black Only Part No.


Part No.


AXOMFG-05-009 ......Medium AXOMFG-05-010 ......Large AXOMFG-05-011 ......X Large AXOMFG-05-012 ......XX Large


AXOHMG-05-009 .....Medium AXOHMG-05-010 ......Large AXOHMG-05-011 ......X-Large AXOHMG-05-012 ......XX-Large

Kevlar Heat Sleeves AXOMHS-05-500

FastFit Gloves

Extra long, snug sleeves are made of 100% woven Kevlar to protect arms from heat and hot lubricants. Use with gloves. Sold in pairs.

All-purpose gloves have angled elastic cuffs for quick, easy entry. Lycra insert panels between fingers and Clarino MWX-2 synthetic leather palm provide protection, comfort and exceptional grip.

Apron AXOMG-05-600


Yellow/Part No.

Red/Part No.

Blue/Part No.

Black/Part No.


AXOMFF-01-008 AXOMFF-01-009 AXOMFF-01-010 AXOMFF-01-011 AXOMFF-01-012

AXOMFF-02-008 AXOMFF-02-009 AXOMFF-02-010 AXOMFF-02-011 AXOMFF-02-012

AXOMFF-03-008 AXOMFF-03-009 AXOMFF-03-010 AXOMFF-03-011 AXOMFF-03-012

AXOMFF-05-008 AXOMFF-05-009 AXOMFF-05-010 AXOMFF-05-011 AXOMFF-05-012

The Mechanix Apron offers greater convenience and protection. One size fits all.

Team Issue Knee Pads AXOMKP-05-700 Pads are extremely durable, with extra-wide elastic straps for unique protection and comfort. Hook-andloop fasteners are adjustable.

Radio Belt AXOMG-05-801 High-strength nylon webbing with quick release adjustable buckles will secure most styles of radios. Jason Shively

321-336CTC09.indd 329

Photo: Jim DenHamer




7/31/09 11:39:17 AM

Titanium Bolts Reduce weight without sacrificing strength. Manufactured from aircraft grade titanium, lightweight fasteners exceed minimum ultimate tensile strength of 120,000 PSI. A wide variety of sizes. Sold individually. Length










1/2" MTTT4NC02500500 MTTT4NF02500500 – – – – – – – 5/8" MTTT4NC02500625 MTTT4NF02500625 – – – – – – – 3/4" – MTTT4NF02500750 MTTT4NC03120750 MTTT4NF03120750 – – – – – 7/8" – MTTT4NF02500875 – – MTTT4NF03750875 – – – – 1" – – – MTTT6NF03121000 MTTT4NF03751000 MTTT4NC03751000 – – – 1-1/4" – – – – MTTT4NF03751250 MTTT4NC03751250 MTTT4NF04371250 – MTTT4NF05001250 1-3/8" – – – – – – – – MTTT4NF05001375 1-1/2" – MTTT4NF02501500 MTTT4NC03121500 – MTTT4NF03751500 MTTT4NC3751500F* MTTT4NF04371500 MTTT4NC04371500 MTTT4NF05001500 1-3/4" – – – – MTTT4NF03751750 – MTTT4NF04371750 MTTT4NC04371750 MTTT4NF05001750 2" – – – MTTT4NF03122000 MTTT4NF03752000 – – MTTT4NC04372000 MTTT4NF05002000 2-1/2" – – – – MTTT4NF03752500 – – – MTTT4NF05002500 2-3/4" – – – MTTT4NF03122750 – – – – MTTT4NF05002750 * "F" suffix signifies flange head.

Titanium Engine Fasteners

Part No.

Lightweight, aircraft grade titanium fasteners help reduce weight without sacrifi strength. wei we ight w ig wit ith it houtt ssac ho acri rifi ifici cing ing g sst trengt tren gth.

MTTSTUD375X1125 .......... Header Stud, 3/8" Dia. x 1.125" L., Each MTTSTUD375X1500 .......... Distributor Stud, 3/8" Dia. x 1.500" L., Each


Stock Replacement Chassis Parts M2 technology delivers instant steering response and “turn-on-adime” handling. Ball joints have heat-treated, full-ball metal studs, exclusive double bearings and all metal “gusher” design. Double bearings even the load and provide smooth operation through the full range of motion and the “gusher” design allows grease to fully coat bearing surfaces for longer life. Tie Rod Assembly – Right (Passenger’s Side) Outer End Adj. Sleeve Inner End


’75-79 Chevy Camaro, Z-28 ’70-74 Chevy Camaro, Z-28 ’78-88 Chevy Malibu, Monte Carlo ’73-77 Chevy Chevelle, Malibu, Monte Carlo ’71-72 Chevy Chevelle, Malibu, Monte Carlo ’64-70 Chevy Chevelle, Malibu, Monte Carlo ’71-76 Chevy Caprice, Impala




Center Link

MOGDS829 MOGDS829 MOGDS909 – MOGDS749 MOGDS749(68-72) –

Tie Rod Assembly – Left (Driver’s Side) Inner End Adj. Sleeve Outer End




Ball Joints Part No. Lower



MOGK5103...... ’64-72 Chevelle, Malibu; ’70-72 Monte Carlo MOGK6117T .... ’71-95 Chevy/GMC Truck, Fits Impala Spindle, Raises Roll Center (Alternate - Allstar ALL56212) MOGK6141...... ’71-76 Impala, Caprice (Alternate - Allstar ALL56206) MOGK6145T .... ’70-81 Camaro; ’73-88 Chevelle, Malibu, Monte Carlo; ’77-94 Impala, Caprice (Alternate - Allstar ALL56218) MOGK727 ....... ’70-98 Dodge Truck, Lefthander Style Lower A-Frames, Screw-In (Alternate - Allstar ALL56216) MOGMP1005... Performance ’70-98 Dodge Truck, Lefthander Style Lower A-Frames, Screw-In (Alternate - Allstar ALL56216) Pair Upper

MOGK5108...... ’64-72 Chevelle, Malibu; ’70-72 Monte Carlo MOGK5208...... ’70-81 Camaro; ’73-88 Chevelle, Malibu, Monte Carlo; ’71-96 Impala, Caprice (Alternate - Allstar ALL56220) MOGK6024...... ’63-71 Chevy/GMC Truck, UB Machine Style Upper A-Frames, Bolt-In (Alternate - Allstar ALL56204) MOGK6136...... ’73-95 Chevy/GMC Truck, Fits Impala, Chevelle, Camaro, Raises Roll Center, Bolt-In (Alternate - Allstar ALL56208) MOGK772 ....... ’57-89 Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth, Lefthander Style Upper A-Frames, Screw-In (Alternate - Allstar ALL56214) MOGMP1004... Performance ’57-89 Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth, Lefthander Style Upper A-Frames, Screw-In (Alternate - Allstar ALL56214) Pair


321-336CTC09.indd 330

MOGK6153 MOGK6136

Idler Arms Part No.


MOGK5143...... ’68-72 Chevrolet Chevelle, Malibu, Monte Carlo MOGK6153...... ’74-76 Chevrolet Caprice/Impala MOGK6186...... ’73-81 Chevrolet Camaro MOGK6187T .... ’78-88 Chevrolet Malibu

Control Arm Bushings Application

Upper Part No.

Lower Part No.

’66-72 Chevelle, Round Rear Bushing MOGK5196 MOGK6076 ’70-72 Chevelle, Oval Rear Bushing MOGK5196 MOGK5149 ’74-77 Chevelle, Monte Carlo – MOGK6109 ’78-87 Monte Carlo, Malibu MOGK6176 MOGK6177 NOTE: Component part numbers ending with “T” feature enhanced designs.



7/31/09 11:40:19 AM

Small Block Chevy Oil Pans Claimer Oil Pans Specifically for IMCA and hobby stock cars, five quart (plus filter) oil pans appear stock but house full length windage trays for effective oil control. 7-1/2" sump depth. Part No.


MIL31503 ....... Pre-’80 SB Chevy Oil Pan, LH Dipstick MIL31502 ....... ’80-85 SB Chevy Oil Pan, RH Dipstick MIL31501 ....... ’86-up SB Chevy Oil Pan, RH Dipstick MIL18307 ....... Oil Pump Pick-up, When Using MIL18750 or Melling MELM55HV Oil Pump

Street Stock Oil Pans Oil pans are 7-1/2" deep with 6 quart (plus filter) capacities, right side kickouts and full length, quick fastener-mounted windage trays. Part No.


MIL31513 ....... Pre-’80 SB Chevy Oil Pan, LH Dipstick MIL18308 ....... Oil Pump Pick-up, When Using MIL18750 or Melling MELM55HV Oil Pump

Late Model Oil Pan Ideal for dirt/asphalt late models or modifieds with non-stock crossmember locations. Highly effective trap door system and quick release windage tray assembly offer continuous oil control. Seven quart pan is compatible with large diameter flywheels and has a 12" long, 7" deep sump. Part No.


MIL31504 ....... SB Chevy Late Model Oil Pan MIL18305 ....... Oil Pump Pick-up, When Using MIL18770 or Melling MELM99HVS Oil Pump MIL18306 ....... Oil Pump Pick-up, When Using MIL18750 or Melling MELM55HV Oil Pump

Windage Trays Windage trays provide maximum protection against oil splashback. Louvered and "Diamond Stripper" screen type windage trays are available. Each requires a windage tray installation kit. Part No.


MIL32100 ....... SB Chevy 350 Louvered Windage Tray, LH Dipstick MIL32101 ....... SB Chevy 400 Louvered Windage Tray, LH Dipstick MIL32250 ....... SB Chevy 350-400 "Diamond Stripper" Windage Tray, RH or LH Dipstick MIL81150 ....... SB Chevy Windage Tray Installation Kit

Crankshaft Scraper MIL32640 Scraper fits between the oil pan rail and block to remove excess oil from the crankshaft and connecting rods for increased horsepower. Fits all small block Chevys. Must be fitted to each installation.

321-336CTC09.indd 331

Oil Pan Baffle MIL32500 When installed between the oil pump and rear main, the baffle effectively prevents oil from “climbing" up the rear of the pan and into the crankshaft during hard acceleration. Fits small block Chevy.

Oil Pumps And Oil Pump Drive Shafts Milodon oil pumps provide a 20-30% increase in volume and pressure. Flow tested for quality and performance. Pump drive shafts are machined from 4130 chrome moly, centerless ground to avoid stress risers and then heat treated. For use with high volume/ high pressure oil pumps. Chevy pump drives use pinned steel collars instead of plastic. Application

Oil Pump

Pump Drive

SB Chevy 262-400 SB Ford 260-302 SB Ford 351W

MIL18750 – MIL18800

MIL23050 MIL22500 MIL22560

Oil Pump Stud MIL17050 Studs are centerless ground from 8740 steel with rolled and heat treated threads, ground washer, and nut. Fits small block Chevy.

SB Chevrolet Lifter Valley Screen Kit MIL23150 Stainless steel oil screens cover drain back holes in the lifter valley, preventing broken valve train debris from causing serious bottom end damage. Epoxy adhesive included.

Reinforced Steel Timing Cover MIL65555 Gold iridited small block Chevy steel timing cover has a reinforced cam thrust area to prevent cam “walk.”

Balancer Bolt MIL84530 Steel, 7/16"-20 x 2" bolt fits small block Chevy, and is thread rolled and heat treated. A 3/4" head eases engine rotation. Lock washer and 1/4" thick flat washer are included.

Intake Manifold Bolts MIL85400 Heat treated, gold iridite finished bolts for small block Chevy have compact, 3/8" hex heads for easy installation, even on large runner intake manifolds. Flat washers are included.




7/31/09 11:40:38 AM

Wet Sump Small Block Chevy Oil Pans “Claimer Series” Oil Pan MOR21804

"Power Kickout Series" Late Model Oil Pan MOR21314

Stock appearing pan is ideal for classes requiring a stock oil pan. Pan has two trap door baffles, built-in windage tray and crankshaft scraper. Four quart (plus filter) pan fits all pre-’80 blocks with driver’s side dipstick.

Steel pan is 6-1/2" deep with a passenger side kickout and a six quart capacity. It will fit tube chassis cars with lower engine mounting. Oil is controlled with five trap door baffles and a louvered windage tray. Use with most starter/ flywheel combinations and up to 3.800" stroke with steel rods.

Pickup Required: Part No. Description

Pickup Required:

MOR24212...... When Using Std. Volume, MOR22101 or MEL10553 Oil Pumps MOR24213...... When Using High Volume, MOR22111 or MEL10550 Oil Pumps

“Sportsman Series” Street Stock Oil Pan MOR21308 Street Stock oil pan fits GM Metric and many other chassis. Kicked-out, 8" deep pan has seven quart capacity (plus filter), is fully baffled with three trap doors, and a crankshaft scraper to provide effective oil control. Compatible with strokes up to 3.800" and most starter/flywheel combinations. Fits early, pre '80 or '80-'85 blocks with right or left hand dipstick.

MOR24314...... When Using MOR22101 or M55

“Sportsman Series” Street Stock/GM Metric Chassis Oil Pans 7-1/8" deep oil pans are for use with GM Metric “A” body chassis in street stock or late model classes. Seven quart (plus filter), kicked-out sump pans have removable, louvered windage trays and fully baffled sumps with five trap doors. Pans are compatible with strokes up to 3.800" and most starter/flywheel combinations. Part No.


Pickup Required: Part No. Description

MOR21318...... Steel Pan, Pre-’80 Blocks with Drivers Side Dipstick or ’80-85 Blocks with Passenger’s Side Dipstick MOR21319...... Steel Pan, ’86-up Blocks with 1-pc. Rear Main Seal

MOR24308...... When Using High Volume, MOR22111 or MEL10550 Oil Pumps

Pickup Required:

“Sportsman Series” Front-Steer Camaro Chassis Oil Pan MOR21805 Pan has kicked-out sump, seven quart capacity (plus filter) and is designed for front-steer Camaro chassis street stock or late model. Fully baffled pan uses five trap doors, crankshaft scraper and louvered windage tray to provided effective oil control. Fits all pre-’80 blocks with driver’s side dipstick. Pickup Required: Part No. Description

MOR24201...... When Using Std. Volume, MOR22101 or MEL10553 Oil Pumps MOR24205...... When Using High Volume, MOR22111 or MEL10550 Oil Pumps

“Power Kickout Series” Street Stock Oil Pans Kicked out sump, 7-1/8" deep, seven quart capacity (plus filter) pans are well suited for GM Metric “A” body chassis in street stock classes. Steel pans are fully baffled, include five trap doors and removable windage trays. Compatible with strokes up to 3.800" and most starter/flywheel combinations. Part No.


MOR21312...... Steel Pan, Fits pre-’80 Blocks with Driver’s Side Dipstick or ’80-85 Blocks with Passenger’s Side Dipstick MOR21313...... Steel Pan, Fits ’86-Up Blocks with 1-pc. Rear Main Seal Pickup Required:

MOR24101...... When Using Melling MELM10555 Oil Pumps MOR24103...... When Using Std. Volume, MOR22101 or MEL10553 Oil Pumps MOR24104...... When Using High Volume, MOR22111 or MEL10550 Oil Pumps

MOR24101...... When Using Melling MELM10555 Flange Type Oil Pumps MOR24103...... When Using Std. Volume, MOR22101 or MEL10553 Oil Pumps MOR24104...... When Using High Volume, MOR22111 or MEL10550 Oil Pumps MOR24318...... When Using MELM155HV Oil Pump

Dry Sump Small Block Chevy Oil Pans “Sportsman Series” Sportsman/ Modified 3-Stage Oil Pans Steel dry sump pans are for NASCAR Sportsman, Modifieds, Late Models and Sprint cars. Pans have full length, unidirectional windage trays, crank scrapers and two slotted -12AN pickup tubes. Will work with most starter/flywheel combinations. Pans are 4-1/2" deep. Part No.


MOR21511.... Passenger’s Side Pickups, Fits Pre-’80 Blocks with Driver’s Side Dipstick MOR21521.... Driver’s Side Pickups, Fits Pre-’80 Blocks with Driver’s Side Dipstick

"Professional Series" Aluminum 4-Stage Oil Pans Ideal for most dirt late model chassis with reverse mount starters, fabricated aluminum pan is 6-1/2" deep with expanded metal windage screens with multiple scrapers. Radial, full length kickouts, billet end caps, inspection plug and three -12AN female fittings on the right side are standard. Available to fit stock small block Chevy and Dart Iron Eagle blocks. Part No.


MOR21547.... Dart Iron Eagle Pan MOR21566.... Small Block Chevy Pan


321-336CTC09.indd 332



7/31/09 11:40:58 AM

Oiling System Components Oil Control Kit

Oil Pan Inspection Plug Kit MOR23970

Oil Control Kit for small block Chevrolet engines converts virtually any stock type oil pan to a competition pan. Includes Teflon-coated louvered windage tray, crankshaft scraper and rear main oil cap baffle. Some trimming may be required for installation. Components are also available separately.

Post-race inspections of the crankshaft and connecting rods, without removing the oil pan are easy with Moroso’s Oil Pan Inspection Kit. The easily installed kit includes a steel fitting to be welded to side of the oil pan, and a removable lightweight aluminum inspection plug that is 1"NPT thread.

Part No.

Oil Pump Block-Off Plate MOR23790 Bolt-on aluminum plate seals oil passage on rear main cap when dry sump is used. Requires no drilling or tapping for installation on small block Chevys.


MOR23035...... Complete Oil Control Kit MOR23000...... Rear Main Cap Baffle MOR23020...... Louvered Windage Tray MOR25800...... Crankshaft Wiper

Oil Restrictor Kits

Uni-Directional Windage Tray Screen MOR22912 Tray directs oil to sump area and increases horsepower by preventing oil from splashing back onto rotating assembly. 23" X 16" screen must be trimmed for each application.

SB Chevy HD Oil Pumps Available separately or complete with pickups that have been welded to the pump body for a bolt-on installation. Choose the pump/pickup that matches the depth of the oil pan. Description

Oil Pump Only Part No.

Standard Volume Oil Pump, 8-1/4" Deep Pan, 5/8" Inlet High Volume Oil Pump, 8-1/4" Deep Pan, 5/8" Inlet High Volume Oil Pump, 7-1/2" Deep Pan, 5/8" Inlet High Volume Oil Pump, 8-1/4" Deep Pan, 3/4" Inlet High Volume Oil Pump, 7-1/8" Deep Pan, 3/4" Inlet

MOR22124 MOR22134 MOR22144 MOR22146 MOR22147

MOR22101 MOR22111 MOR22111 – –

Oil Pump Driveshafts Designed to replace mild steel OEM shafts, high quality steel units include a pinned steel sleeve for proper oil pump and shaft alignment. Description

MOR22070...... SB Chevy, 5.75" Long MOR22077...... SB Chevy Dart, .391" Raised Cam, 6.24" Long MOR22090 ..... SB Chevy, When Using BB Chevy Pump, 5.625" Long

Oil Pump Stud Kit MOR38150 Oil Pump Stud (7/16" x 3-3/16") is made of 4130 steel and fits small or big block and 90° V-6 Chevy engines. Includes stud, self-locking nut and hardened, ground washer.

Universal Dipstick Kit MOR25970 Chrome plated dipstick installs with a 1/4" NPT fitting. Existing "full" marks may be used, or dipstick may be re-labeled. Overall length is 24". Includes 1/4" NPT weld fitting.

321-336CTC09.indd 333

Part No.


MOR22000...... SB and BB Chevys, .060" Orifice Dia., Oil Delivery Holes At Rear Cam Bearing Must Be Tapped To Install, 2 Per Package MOR22010...... SB and BB Chevys, .0625" Orifice Dia., Screws Into Lifter Gallery Cleaning Plug Holes At Back Of Block, 2 Per Package MOR22016...... New GM Blocks w/Oil Lifter Galley Bosses, Flush w/Bellhousing Face, 2 Per Package MOR22045...... SB Ford 302-351W, 7 Per Package

Oil Return Screen Kits MOR25000

Oil Pump/ Pickup Part No.

Part No.

Reduce flow to rocker arm assemblies, leaving more oil available for rod and main bearings. Power-robbing windage is reduced by lessening the volume of oil passing by the rotating assembly on its return to the pan. Not for use with hydraulic lifters.

Screen retains debris in the lifter valley area and includes eight plugs to plug the oil return holes in the lifter valley above the cam. This redirects the oil to the front and rear return galleries and then directly to the sump area, instead of dumping it on the crankshaft causing increased windage and lost horsepower. Fits SB Chevy.

Racing Oil Filters Rated at 27 microns and provide less pressure drop, more flow, less oil bypass, and maximum oil filtration. Part No.


MOR22459...... Chevy Short Style Oil Filter, 4-9/32" Tall MOR22460...... Chevy Tall Style Oil Filter, 5-1/4" Tall MOR22465...... Remote Mount, Replaces Fram HP6, 6-1/4" Tall MOR22470...... Ford/Chrysler Tall Style Oil Filter, 5-1/4" Tall

Engine Saver Pre-Filter Screen MOR23845 Locates on top of spin-on oil filters to trap debris before it enters the filter element, providing an early warning for engine problems. 304 stainless steel, filtration-grade screen traps contaminants down to the 280 micron range without affecting oil flow or pressure. Crimped rings on inside and outside diameters increase strength and durability. Fits small block, big block and 90° V-6 Chevys.




7/31/09 11:41:34 AM

Oil Bypass Eliminator MOR23775

In-Line Oil Filter

Machined, billet aluminum adapter eliminates the bypass found in OEM small block Chevy filter adapters, preventing unfiltered oil from entering the engine. Adapter features a single inlet and accepts spin-on, stock type oil filters.

Filters are a necessity in many scavenge line locations to prevent metal chips from entering dry sump pumps, rear end pumps, and other oiling system components. Lightweight anodized aluminum filters are easy to disassemble and clean. Part No.

Oil Filter Adapters Adapters lower filter 1-1/2" and accept accumulators, external or dry sump pumps, or remote oil coolers. Will fit small block Chevys without modification. Adapters use 1/2" NPT inlets and outlets. Includes instructions, mounting bolts and O-rings. Part No.

Filter Fitting MOR23961


MOR23690...... Adapter For Plumbing Accumulators and External or Dry Sump Pumps MOR23692...... Adapter For Plumbing Remote Oil Coolers

Remote Oil Filter Mounts

Part No.


-12AN fittings trap metal chips in the oil before they reach the pump, engine, or rear end. Fits dry sump tanks, oil pans, rear end filler/breathers, etc., and is easily removed for cleaning. Screen is 304 stainless steel, 16 mesh wire, .015" dia. Sold individually.



Remote oil filter mounts for dry sump oil systems or wherever installations require a remote mounted oil filter. Cast aluminum mounts are tapped for 1/2" NPT adapters and use spin-on type filters.


MOR23850...... 5/8,"-10 Fittings MOR23860...... 3/4,"-12 Fittings MOR23870...... 1/2,"-8 Fittings

In MOR23750

MOR23700...... Flow Direction: Inlet Right, Outlet Left Hand Side, Accepts V8 Ford or Chrysler Type Spin-On Filters MOR23710...... Flow Direction: Inlet Left, Outlet Right Hand Side, Accepts V8 Ford or Chrysler Type Spin-On Filters MOR23750...... Flow Direction: Inlet Right, Outlet Left Hand Side, Accepts V8 Chevrolet Type Spin-On Filters MOR23760...... Flow Direction: Inlet Left, Outlet Right Hand Side, Accepts V8 Chevrolet Type Spin-On Filters MOR23766...... Universal Mount For Large Diameter Filters; 12AN Inlet and 12AN Outlet Fittings, One Filter Adapter, Works With Fram HP6

Accumulator provides oil whenever the instant oil pressure drops below a safe level. It can also decrease the oil level in the pan to reduce windage and increase horsepower. Oil is stored under pressure for immediate release into the engine if oil pressure drops. The Accumulator is 20-1/8" long and 4-1/4" diameter, can be mounted in any position, holds 3 qts. of oil and is tapped for a 1/2" NPT fitting. Use with mount kit MOR23920, oil filter adapter MOR23690, and electric solenoid valve MOR23905. Part No.


MOR23900...... Accumulator, 3 qt. capacity MOR23905...... 12 Volt Solenoid Valve MOR23920...... Accumulator Mount Kit MOR23690...... Oil Filter Adapter

Oil Filter Bypass MOR23770 Oil Filter Bypass fits all small block Chevy V-8’s. For use with wet sump oil systems when remote oil filters or coolers are used. Bypasses are cast from aluminum with 1/2" NPT inlet and outlet. Includes gaskets and fasteners.

Billet Oil Filter Bypass Plate MOR23782 Plate is necessary when using a remote oil filter or returning oil from dry sump systems. Plate fits small block Chevy and accepts 1/2" NPT fittings. O-rings are captured in the plate for a tight seal against the block. Includes mounting hardware and O-rings.

Oil Filter Block-Off Plate MOR23840 Often used on dry sump oil system installations, Plate has a 1/2" NPT port for input pressure line and fits all small and big block Chevy (except Gen. V/VI or those with bolt hole at center of pad).


321-336CTC09.indd 334

Oil Preheaters Moroso Oil Preheaters actually heat the oil, without scorching or boiling. 212 watts of power raises temperature of 12 quarts of oil 60°F. in approximately 30 minutes. Element is 4-1/2" long and screws into place with 1" NPT fitting. 120 volt rated unit includes detachable 7' cord. Part No.


MOR23980...... Oil Preheater w/Aluminum Fitting MOR23990...... Oil Preheater w/Steel Fitting

External Heating Pads Pads adhere to oil tanks to preheat engine oil. Etched foil distributes heat evenly and silicone outer shell resists oil and dirt. Includes 18 AWG electrical cord with plug for 110 volt AC outlets. Part No.


MOR23995...... 6" x 12" 360 Watt Pad, Hook and Spring Attachment MOR23996...... 5" x 7" 400 Watt Self Adhesive Pad, Heats From 66 to 160°F In 25 Min. MOR23997...... 2" x 15" Self Adhesive Pad, Perfect For Narrow Areas



7/31/09 11:41:51 AM

Lifter Valley Oil Baffle MOR25050

Die Cast Aluminum Valve Covers

Baffle increases horsepower by shielding bottom of intake manifold from hot oil. Also keeps surplus oil out of valve covers by eliminating oil splash. Maintains oil pressure during pushrod or rocker arm failure by keeping lifters in their bores. Fits SB Chevy and may have to be trimmed .060-.100" before snapping into place. Not to be used with roller lifters.

Tall thin wall covers are about half the weight of standard cast versions. The casting process yields a blemish free surface with no porosity. Valve covers are hand polished and sold in pairs with studs and grommets.

Valvetrain Oil Deflector MOR67700 Deflectors redirect oil from pushrods to fulcrum balls, rockers and springs to provide maximum lubrication and cooling, extending the life of the stock valvetrain. Lightweight .100" thick, aluminum deflectors mount easily to stock rocker arm studs.

Chrome Plated Valve Covers An economical alternative to high priced valve covers. Chrome covers offer superb fit and sealing. Tall covers clear most roller rockers and shaft rocker systems. Sold in pairs, complete with grommets. Part No.


MOR68102...... Tall, Small Block Chevy 262-400 MOR68103...... Baffled, Tall, Small Block Chevy 262-400 MOR68201...... Baffled, Tall, Small Block Ford 289-351W MOR68202...... Tall, Small Block Ford 289-351W


Fabricated Aluminum Valve Covers

321-336CTC09.indd 335

MOR68365...... Small Block Chevy 262-400, Tall, 2 Breather Tubes at Front of LH Cover, w/Moroso logo, Breathers Included MOR68370...... Small Block Chevy 262-400, Tall, 2 Breather Tubes at Center of 1 Cover, w/Moroso logo, Breathers Included MOR68374...... Small Block Chevy 262-400, Smooth, Tall, 2 Breather Tubes at Center of 1 Cover, w/o logo, Breathers Included

Valve Cover Stud Kits Studs ease valve cover installation or removal and prevent loosening caused by vibrations. “Bullet Nose” studs make it easier to start threads on mounting nuts. Sold in sets of eight with 1/4"-20 studs, nylon insert lock nuts and washers. Description

Chrome plated steel tabs spread the fastener load over a larger area of the valve cover flange to eliminate distortion and leakage. Set of four 5" hold down tabs with 5/16" holes service one cover.

Perm-Align Valve Cover Gaskets MOR68026


MOR68026....... Small Block Chevy, Centerbolt Style Cyl. Heads, Billet Rail, 2 Breather Tubes at Center of LH Cover MOR68326....... Small Block Chevy 262-400, OEM and 18°, Billet Rail MOR68329....... Small Block Chevy 262-400, OEM and 18°, Billet Rail, w/Valve Spring Oilers MOR68335....... Small Block Chevy 262-400, OEM and 18°, Rigid Rail MOR68338....... Small Block Chevy 262-400, OEM and -12 Brodix, Billet Rail MOR68325....... Small Block Ford 221-351W, Billet Rail

With Welded Breather Tubes

Small Block Chevy Valve Cover Hold Down Tabs MOR68510

MOR68198...... Small Block Ford 221-351W MOR68372...... Small Block Chevy 262-400, Includes (2) Breathers And Fastener Kit

Part No.


MOR68820...... Valve Cover Stud Kit, 1/4"-20 x 1-3/4" MOR68830...... “Bullet Nose” Valve Cover Stud Kit, 1/4"-20 x 1-1/2"

Tall, zinc flashed valve covers provide clearance for roller rockers and stud girdles, and have breather tubes welded to one cover.

Tall covers are extremely light, about 3 lbs. each, and include fasteners.


MOR68385...... Small Block Chevy 262-400, Tall, w/Crossover Breather Tube Kit MOR68401...... Small Block Chevy 262-400, Tall w/Moroso logo MOR68405...... Small Block Chevy 262-400, Tall w/o logo MOR68450...... Small Block Ford 289-351W, Smooth, Extra Tall w/o logo

Part No.

Zinc Flashed Steel Valve Covers

Part No.

Part No.


Durable gaskets won’t leak, blow out or get sucked in. Gaskets are 3/16" thick and made of 40 durometer rubber, vulcanized to a rigid steel frame to provide years of dependable service. 2 per package. Part No.


MOR93020...... SB Chevy MOR93021...... SB Chevy with12°,13.5°/15°/16°/18° ,Two Brodix /Dart/Edelbrock/ All-Pro Heads MOR93060...... Ford 302/351W




7/31/09 11:42:14 AM

Crossover Breather Tube Kit MOR68762 Engineered for small block Chevy powered race cars, kit includes components to build an effective crankcase breather system. Mounting hardware and aluminum weld-in bungs included.

Low Profile Racing Air Cleaners High performance air cleaner assemblies have a 3" tall maximum flow element and fit a 5-1/8" neck carb. Air Cleaners with 3" element have a stacking height of only 2-1/2" above the carburetor lip for added hood clearance. 4" and 5" tall elements also available.

Weld-In Filtered Breather Kit Includes two internally baffled breather tubes which must be welded to valve covers. Part No.


MOR68760...... Steel Breather Tubes Only, Pair MOR68800...... Aluminum Weld-In Filtered Breather Kit

Filtered Valve Cover Breathers Hooded and non-hooded MOR68813 MOR68815 MOR68811 breathers are available in two styles, clamp-on or push-in. The steel housings on all breathers are chrome plated. Elements must be oiled before use and are easily cleaned with soap and water. Elements must be dry before re-oiling. Sold individually. Part No.


MOR68811...... Hooded Clamp-On Type, Fits 1-3/8" Tube MOR68812...... Hooded Clamp-On Type, Fits 1-1/2" Tube MOR68813...... Hooded Push-In Type, for Covers w/Punched Hole MOR68815...... Non-Hooded Clamp-On Type, Fits 1-3/8" Tube MOR68816...... Non-Hooded Clamp-On Type, Fits 1-1/2" Tube MOR68817...... Non-Hooded Push-In, for Covers w/Punched Hole

Part No.


MOR65902...... 14" x 3" Blue Anodized Aluminum. MOR65910...... 14" x 3" Chrome Plated Steel MOR97080...... 14" x 3" Replacement Element MOR97081...... 14" x 4" Replacement Element MOR97330...... 14" x 5" Replacement Element

Flat Bottom Racing Air Cleaner MOR65911 Chrome plated, 14" steel air cleaner with 3" element has a flat bottom and a taller installed height for sheet metal clearance. The 5-1/8" neck fits most 4BBL carburetors.

Reusable Filter Shield MOR65947 Shield fits 14" x 5" filters, is made of large cell foam and can be cleaned in the sink or washing machine. One per package.

NOTE: The hooded filtered breathers should be installed with the hood facing the fan so that no grit can be blown into the element.

Carburetor Cover MOR65802

Push-In Filtered Breather Kit MOR68810

Durable, plastic cover keeps dust and other material out of the carburetor during transportation and storage. Fits Holley, Edelbrock, Thermoquad, and Quadrajet carbs with 5-1/8" dia. necks. Includes 1/4"-20 thumbscrew fastener.

Allows installing breathers in valve covers without welding. Includes two each of filtered breathers, chrome adapters and valve cover grommets. For valve covers with 1.22" dia. openings.

Crankcase Evacuation System MOR25900 System maintains negative pressure throughout the entire RPM range. For increased piston ring seal, reduced intake charge contamination, and fewer oil leaks caused by high crankcase pressures.


321-336CTC09.indd 336

Chris Shannon

Photo: John Berglund

Cory Pressler

Photo: John Berglund



8/11/09 4:54:07 PM

Carburetor Spacers

Replacement Holley Carburetor Gaskets And Accessories Reusable Holley Metering Plate Gasket MOR65222

Moroso offers open plenum and four-hole carburetor spacers in plastic, phenolic, wood, cast aluminum and billet aluminum. Spacers increase plenum distance for improved fuel distribution and insulate the carburetor from the manifold. Stud installation kit and gaskets must be purchased separately. Spacers fit standard flange carburetors. Description

Plastic Part No.

Phenolic Part No.

Wood Part No.

Fits 4150/4160 carbs.

Reusable Holley Float Bowl Gaskets MOR65224 Cast Billet Aluminum Aluminum Part No. Part No.

4-Hole Spacer, 1/2" Tall, 1.75" Bores – MOR64943 – – – 4-Hole Spacer, 1" Tall, 1.75" Bores MOR64930 – – – MOR64996 4-Hole Spacer, 2" Tall, 1.75" Bores – – – MOR65010 MOR65011 Open Spacer, 1/2" Tall – – MOR65015 – MOR64985 Open Spacer, 1" Tall MOR64940 – – MOR64980 MOR64981 Open Spacer, 2" Tall – – – MOR64970 MOR64971


MOR37950...........5/16" x 1-3/8", Fits Carbs With 1/2" Flange Base MOR37960...........5/16" x 2-1/2", Fits Carbs With 1/2" Flange Base And 1/2" Or 1" Spacer MOR37961...........5/16" x 3-1/2", Fits Carbs With 1/2" Flange Base And 1-1/2" Or 2" Spacer

Throttle Stop For Holley Carbs MOR65042 Throttle stop for Holley 4150 style carbs provides a strong, positive stop, and also prevents excessive side loading on the throttle shaft which can cause shaft bores to wear out. Stop is adjustable and mounts to carb hold-down stud. Fits both 1:1 and progressive linkages. Made of 1/8" steel with clear zinc finish.



MOR64919...........Carburetor Mount Throttle Return Kit, Holley 4150/4160, Black MOR64925...........Manifold Mount Throttle Return Kit, SB Chevy, 1-13/16" Tall, Chrome MOR64927...........Carburetor Mount Throttle Return Kit, Holley 2300/4150/4160, Chrome MOR64929...........Throttle Return Springs (2) Only, Stainless

Carburetor Linkage Bushing Set MOR64920 Steel bushing set adapts 1/4" throttle stud to the 1/2" dia. hole found in the throttle linkage plate of most four barrel carbs. Split bushing permits easy installation and eliminates the loose fit of rubber bushings.

337-352CTC09.indd 337

Hex Head Fuel Bowl Screws MOR65414 Hex head screws are 2-1/2" long and are more easily removed from Holley carburetors. Packs of four.

Holley Oval Track Float Kit MOR65432 Nitrophyl float fits all Holley center-hung float/cathedral bowl carbs. Wedge shape compensates for the centrifugal force on the fuel, ensuring proper needle and seat operation under the most severe cornering conditions. Includes one front and one rear float.

Throttle Return Spring Kits

Part No.

For Holley carbs. Ten per package.

For Holley carbs. Two per package.

“Bullet Nose” Studs are rounded on one end to allow easy nut installation. Kits include four of each: studs, hardened flat washers and nuts.

Carburetor or manifold mount kits, in chrome or black E-coating, assure positive throttle return and satisfy requirements of most sanctioning bodies.

Nylon Float Bowl Washer Kit MOR65225 Clear Sight Plugs MOR65226

Carburetor Stud Kits

Part No.

Made of a high grade Buna-N compound with an anti-wicking nylon backing. Used with alcohol or gasoline. Fits 4150/4160 carbs. Two gaskets per kit.

Holley Jet Extensions Thread into the metering block and space the jets back into the fuel bowl, preventing fuel starvation. CNC-machined brass extensions must be used with MOR65228 float kit to clear extensions. Two per pack. Part No.


MOR65440........Jet Extensions, 1/4"-32, Std. Holley Jets MOR65441........Jet Extensions, 5/16"-32, HP Holley Jets

High Flow Squirter Screws MOR65442 Fully radiused Allen heads reduce turbulence, increasing air flow for improved throttle response. Screws are for gas fed Holley carbs, sold individually.

1:1 Slip Link MOR65444 Replace the progressive Holley 4150 carburetor linkage for 1:1 primary and secondary opening rates. Existing primary throttle arm hole must be drilled.




8/3/09 10:49:06 AM

In-line Fuel Pressure Gauge Fittings

Aluminum Water Pumpss

Easily plumb 1/8" NPT fuel pressure gauge lines with these black anodized aluminum fittings.

Pumps have reinforced housings gs for extra strength and are fitted with impellers which reduce drag g to save horsepower. Water pump p spacer kits convert short water pumps to long type, are sold sepapa-rately.

Part No.


MOR65310...... 3/8" NPT Female to 3/8" NPT Male MOR65315...... 3/8" NPT Male to -6AN Male MOR65360...... 3/8" Line With Hose Fittings

Part No.

Aluminum Fuel Line Moroso large diameter, lightweight thin-wall aluminum tubing replaces smaller diameter fuel lines to flow more gas and eliminate fuel starvation. Legal in all classes. Not recommended for highpressure fuel injection systems. Part No.

Universal Water Pump Pulley Shim Kit MOR64035 Shims install between the water pump pulley and the drive flange to properly align belt drive. The kit contains two 1/16" and one 1/8" spacers. Fits all GM and Ford water pumps with either 3/4" or 5/8" shaft.


MOR65330...... 25' Coil, 3/8" O.D. MOR65340...... 25' Coil, 1/2" O.D.

Fuel Hose Fittings

Water Outlet Restrictor Kit MOR63440

Hard to find brass fittings have many uses. Part No.


Fits all GM V8’s, V6’s and small block Fords. Anodized aluminum restrictor plates mount under the water outlet on the intake manifold. By reducing the outlet flow, water absorbs more heat for improved cooling. Kit consists of three plates with 5/8", 3/4", and 1" I.D. holes (2-1/8" O.D.).

MOR65140...... 90° Fitting, 3/8" NPT to 3/8" Hose, One Per Pkg. MOR65375...... Straight Fitting, 1/4" NPT to 3/8" Hose, One Per Pkg. MOR65380...... Straight Fitting, 3/8" NPT to 3/8" Hose, Two Per Pkg. MOR65390...... Straight Fitting, 3/8" NPT to 1/2" Hose, Two Per Pkg.

In-Line Fuel Filters Anodized aluminum fuel filters use cleanable, 40 micron stainless steel elements to remove dirt and debris from the fuel system. Part No.


MOR63500...... SB Chevy, ’55-68 “Short” Design, 5/8" Shaft MOR63505...... SB Chevy, ’71-82 Corvette Design, 3/4" Shaft MOR63510...... SB Chevy Water Pump Spacers, Converts MOR63500 Or MOR63505 To “Long” Design


MOR65230...... Fuel Filter, -8AN Fittings, 6-1/2" Long MOR65231...... Fuel Filter, Accepts 3/8" NPT Fittings, 5-1/8" Long MOR97062...... Replacement 40 Micron Filter Element

Deck Plug Kit MOR37800 Install 3/4" NPT plugs in block to greatly reduce upper cylinder wall distortion in small block and 90° V-6 Chevys. Holes must be tapped before the plugs are screwed in, and block machining is necessary after installation. Plugs also restrict water flow to the cylinder heads by reducing water passage holes. 6 per package.

Temperature Fitting MOR63645 Fuel Pump Block-Off Plates

Corrosion-resistant brass fitting fits 1/2" NPT holes and accepts sending units with 5/8"-18 threads.

Block the fuel pump boss when mechanical fuel pump is not used. Available in anodized aluminum, chrome plated steel and black anodized billet aluminum finishes.

Aluminum Crankshaft And Alternator Pulleys


Black Anodized Aluminum

Chrome Plated Steel

Black Anodized Billet Aluminum

Small Block Chevy Ford (Exc. 351C, 351M-400)

MOR65391 MOR65392

MOR65393 –

MOR65395 MOR65396

Lightweight Fuel Pump Push Rods Lightweight fuel pump pushrods with hardened ends reduce reciprocating mass, preventing pump arm float and fuel starvation. For use with flat tappet camshafts only. Part No.


MOR65750...... SB Chevy MOR65752...... "Rocket" Block, .200" Longer

V-belt pulleys are machined with extra-deep grooves for belt retention. Smaller crank pulley diameter slows fan, water pump and alternator for less horsepower draw. Large alternator pulleys reduce alternator speed. Use 36° x 17/32" belt.


Part No. Description Crankshaft Pulleys

MOR64050...... SB Chevy, Single Groove, pre-’69, Short Water Pump, 5.25" O.D., 30% Reduction MOR64060...... SB Chevy, Double Groove, pre-’69, Short Water Pump, 5.40" O.D., 25% Reduction MOR64110...... SB Chevy, Double Groove, ’69-Up, Long Water Pump, 4.04" O.D., 50% Reduction


Alternator Pulley

MOR64800...... GM/Ford, Single Groove, 5.00" O.D. MOR64110


337-352CTC09.indd 338



7/28/09 4:48:25 PM

Cooling System Expansion Tanks

Filler Necks Bolt-On w/-16AN Fitting

Developed for use where the top of the radiator is mounted below the manifold filler neck. Each tank is made of aluminum with one 1/4" pipe fitting near the top for overflow and one 1/2" pipe fitting on the bottom for a filler line to the cooling system. Part No.

Designed by Banjo Matthews to accommodate a -16AN steel braided upper radiator hose. Part No.


MOR63455...... Small Block Ford 221-351W MOR63460...... Small Block Chevy 262-400


MOR63650...... 1-1/2 Qt. Capacity, Stamped Neck, 3-5/8" Deep MOR63651...... 1-1/2 Qt. Capacity, Billet Neck, 3-5/8" Deep MOR63655...... 1 Qt. Capacity, Stamped Neck, 2-5/8" Deep MOR63656...... 1 Qt. Capacity, Billet Neck, 2-5/8" Deep

Bolt-On Billet Aluminum MOR63421 A billet aluminum version of MOR63420 without the filler neck or hardware. Adapter has a 1" NPT port, which accepts a hose adapter, two 1/4" NPT ports for return lines and a single 1/2" NPT port for a temperature sender fitting.

Radiator Overflow Tank Plastic, one quart overflow tank has a 3" diameter and is 10-1/2" high. A hose fitting and drain cock are included. Mounting bracket is available separately.

Bolt-On Cast Aluminum MOR63423

Racing Radiator Caps

Cast aluminum, manifold mounted housing is identical to the MOR63420 base with two 1/4" NPT ports for return lines and a single 1/2" NPT port for a temperature sender.

High pressure radiator caps are engineered for standard radiator necks and utilize stainless steel springs and solid brass spring retainers.

Bolt-On w/-16AN Fitting MOR63461

Part No.

Black anodized aluminum neck has two 3/8" NPT female ports to plumb water to cylinder heads for additional cooling. Use with -16AN steel braid-reinforced upper radiator hose.

Part No.


MOR63657...... Radiator Overow Tank MOR63401...... Universal Mounting Bracket, Fits 3"-3.25" Dia. Tanks


MOR63320...... 19-21 PSI MOR63324...... 23-25 PSI MOR63328...... 27-29 PSI

Radiator Hose Fillers 356-T6 cast aluminum fillers splice into the upper radiator hose for positive filling of the heads and block. Standard cap receptacle is welded to the cast flange. Part No.

Bolt-On Block-Off Plate MOR63471 Untreated aluminum block-off plate is 1/4" thick and is easily drilled or welded. Use to custom fabricate water outlets.


MOR63730...... 1-1/2" Hose to 1-1/2" Hose MOR63740...... 1-1/2" Hose to 1-1/4" Hose MOR63745...... 1-1/4" Hose to 1-1/4" Hose

Bolt-On Stamped Aluminum MOR63465 Fits Chevy manifold or Moroso MOR63420 filler neck kit. Black anodized aluminum neck uses standard radiator cap.

Manifold Filler Neck Kit MOR63420 Cast aluminum neck is 3-1/4" tall and fits small block, big block and 90° V-6 Chevy engines. Locates the filler neck at the highest point when radiator is lower than manifold outlet. Filler neck has a 1/2" NPT fitting for temperature gauge sending unit and two 1/4" NPT fittings to accommodate water lines. May be flipped to position outlet for right or left top hoses. Includes two gaskets, bolts, washers and standard radiator cap filler neck.

Water Neck Bleeder Kits Quickly remove air from the highest point in the small block Chevy cooling system. Kit includes (1) 1/2" NPT rear port temperature sender and (2)1/4"NPT for plumbing water lines. Part No.


MOR63430...... Cast Aluminum Bleeder Kit MOR63432...... Bleeder Plate Only

337-352CTC09.indd 339


Bolt-On Billet Aluminum MOR63466 Heavy duty neck fits small and big block Chevy intakes. Includes screw-in 1/8" NPT hose fitting for expansion tanks and accepts standard cap.

Weld-On Stamped Aluminum MOR63485 Use when a custom cooling system is being fabricated. Accepts standard cap.

Weld-On Billet Aluminum MOR63486 Use where a heavy duty, custom filler neck is needed. Includes screw-in 1/8" NPT hose fitting for expansion tanks and accepts standard cap.




7/28/09 4:48:48 PM

Small Block Chevy Balancer Bolt MOR38770

Extra Long Bellhousing Dowel Pins

Grade 8, gold iridite plated Balancer Bolt is 7/16"-20 x 2-1/4" long with an extra thick hex head for increased socket engagement and easier engine rotation.

Intake Manifold Bolts MOR38400 12-point, 3/8" diameter bolt kit simplifies small block Chevy intake manifold installation or removal. Grade 8 bolts are gold iridite finished and include washers.

Pins simplify the installation of the bellhousing on the engine block. Available in standard and offset configurations, pins help properly align the transmission input shaft to the pilot bearing. Packaged two per card. Part No.


MOR37932...... Std. GM V-8 MOR37934...... 0.007" Offset MOR37936...... 0.014" Offset MOR37938...... 0.021" Offset NOTE: Exercising care in concentric adjustment to within ±.005" will insure a clean clutch release, maximum pilot bearing and transmission life, and reduced shifting problems.

Offset Cylinder Head Dowels

Cadmium-plated, 1/4"-20 Grade 8 fasteners for small block Chevy have a serrated washer face for positive locking. Sold in packs of 10.

Offset dowels reposition the cylinder heads upward on the block (toward the lifter valley), moving the valves away from the cylinder walls for improved flow. Each package includes four steel dowels. Installation will require modifications to cylinder heads and/or intake manifold to maintain proper fit and port alignment.

Oil Pan Bolts MOR38550

MOR37920...... Small Block Chevy 262-400, .015" Offset MOR37930...... Small Block Chevy 262-400, .030" Offset

Self-locking, cadmium plated Grade 8 bolts for small block Chevy use an integral, serrated washer to prevent loosening. Sold in a set of 18.

Roller Pilot Bearing MOR41100

Timing Cover Bolts MOR38590

Part No.

High speed bearing is a direct replacement in all Chevy V8’s, 90° V6’s and ’76 and later V6 Buicks. Requires no modifications.

Flywheel/Flexplate Bolts High quality grade 8 bolts include washers and are heat treated and black oxide coated. Fits small block Chevy. Part No.


Leaf Spring Perches MOR85090


MOR38750...... Flywheel Bolts, 6-Point 7/16"-20 x 1", 6 Bolts and Washers MOR38755...... Flywheel Bolts, 12-Point 7/16"-20 x 1", 6 Bolts and Washers MOR38760...... Flexplate Bolts, 6-Point 7/16"-20 x 3/4", 6 Bolts and Washers

For 3" axle housings, perches ease installation of rear ends in leaf spring cars. Exact fit and the centerbolt holes are drilled for perfect registration. Sold in pairs.

Wheel Studs High-grade SAE 8740 steel wheel studs can withstand shear loads of 190,000 PSI (exceeds Grade 8 specs). Five MOR46150 per package.

Chevy Solid Steel Motor Mounts Replace stock rubber mounts. Prevent torque loss and binding linkages caused by engine movement. Mounts eliminate torque straps or chains. Mounts have a protective zinc finish. Sold individually. Part No.


MOR62500 MOR62510 MOR62515 MOR62530

Replaces OEM 3990914, .250" Thick Replaces OEM 3962748, .188" Thick Replaces OEM 332648, .188" Thick Replaces OEM 6258154, .188" Thick

Part No.

“A” (Dimensions) “B”

1-11/16" 2-1/8" 2-9/32" 1-3/4"

2-1/2" 2-3/8" 2-3/8" 2-5/8"

Chevy Solid Steel Motor Mount Pads MOR62630 Mounts replace soft, rubbercushion frame mounts on ’74-81 Camaro/Firebird, ’73-79 Nova, ’73-88 Malibu and Monte Carlo with small block Chevy engines. Use with MOR62515 motor mounts. Pads eliminate the need for torque straps and prevent movement/linkage binding. Sold in pairs.

MOR46160 MOR46180 MOR46200 MOR46220 MOR46240


MOR46150...... 7/16"-20 x 2-7/8" Press-In Stud w/.480" Dia. Knurl, Fits Most Late Model GM Drum Brake Applications, Std. Hole Size .472" to .479" MOR46160...... 7/16"-20 x 2-7/8" Press-In Stud w/.560" Dia. Knurl, Fits Most Late Model GM Disc Brake and Early Drum Brake Applications, Std. Hole Size .552" to .559". MOR46180...... 1/2"-20 x 3" Press-In Stud w/.615" Dia. Knurl, Fits Most Disc Brake Ford Front and Rear and Chrysler Front Applications, Std. Hole Size .606" to .613". MOR46185...... 1/2"-20 x 3" Press-In Stud w/.594" Knurl and Quick-Start Dog End, Fits ’79-03 Ford Mustang, Std. Hole Size .590" MOR46200...... 1/2"-20 x 3" Screw-In Stud, Fits Aftermarket Axles w/1/2"-20 Threads MOR46220...... 1/2"-20 x 3" Press-In Stud w/.563" Dia. Knurl and Quick-Start Dog End For Use In 1/2" Frankland Hubs, Std. Hole Size .554" to .561". MOR46240...... 5/8"-18 x 3" Press-In Stud For Oval Track Applications, Features .672" Dia. Knurl and Quick Start Dog End, Std. Hole Size .663" to .670". NOTE: Stud lengths are measured from the base of the knurl to the end of the stud. Do not use any of these studs with wheel spacers.


337-352CTC09.indd 340



7/28/09 4:49:09 PM

Ultra 40 Race Spark Plug Wire Sets

Blue Max Spiral Core Coil Wire Kit MOR73235

One of the most powerful, RFI/EMIproof spark plug wire sets available, with just 40 ohms of resistance per foot. Kevlar core is four times stronger than conventional Aramid fiber cores. Available in universal or custom sets. Custom fit wire sets include Ultra 40 insulated wire sleeve.

Coil wires should be replaced regularly. Kit includes 3' Blue Max spiral core 8mm suppression wire, wire stripping tool and 13-piece boot and terminal kit.

Insulated Wire Sleeve

Part No. Description Universal Wire Sets *

MOR73800...... 90° Universal Wire Set MOR73801...... Straight Universal Wire Set MOR73802...... 135° Universal Wire Set Custom Fit Wire Sets

MOR27001...... SBC Under Valve Covers Wire Set, 90° Plug, HEI, Front of Motor Routing MOR73600...... SBC Over Valve Covers Wire Set, 90° Plug, Non-HEI MOR73602...... SBC Over Valve Covers Wire Set, 90° Plug, HEI MOR73605...... SBC Under Headers Wire Set, 90° Plug, Non-HEI MOR73607...... SBC Under Headers Wire Set, 90° Plug, HEI MOR73626...... Ford 351W Wire Set, 135° Plug, HEI * Universal wire sets do not include wire sleeve.

Blue Max Spiral Core Spark Plug Wire Sets Independent testing confirmed that Blue Max spark plug wire sets have more spark energy, better EMI suppression and higher dielectric strength than any other wires. Spiral core wire sets are compatible with modern on-board electronics. Available in universal and custom fit sets with wire sleeving. Distributor end of universal sets must be cut to proper length and have the boots and terminals installed. Part No. Description Universal Wire Sets (HEI/Non HEI)

Part No. Universal Wire Set

Custom Fit Wire Set

Blue Max Solid Core Spark Plug Wire Set Stainless steel, solid core 8mm wires work with magnetos and other systems that do not require (EMI) suppression wires. Universal fit, with only spark plug end installed. Sets include distributor boots (HEI and Non-HEI) and 36" coil wire.

NOTE: Universal wire sets do not include wire sleeve.

337-352CTC09.indd 341


MOR72030...... Blue MOR72031...... Black

Numbered Shrink Sleeves MOR72020

MOR72402...... SB Chevy w/HEI, Over Valve Cover, 90° Plug Terminals MOR72405...... SB Chevy, Under Header, Non-HEI, 90° Plug Terminals MOR72407...... SB Chevy, Under Header, HEI, 90° Plug Terminals



MOR72000...... 7-8mm, Blue MOR72002...... 7-8mm, Red MOR72011...... Ultra 40, Blue

Completely seal spark plug and distributor boots and spark plug wire sleeve. Packaged 18 sleeves per set.

Custom Fit Wire Sets

MOR72800...... SB Chevy w/Straight Ends MOR72820...... SB Chevy w/90° Ends

Part No.

Shrink Sleeve

MOR73225...... Blue, 90° Spark Plug Boots/Terminals MOR73217...... Yellow, 90° Spark Plug Boots/Terminals MOR73219...... Red, 90° Spark Plug Boots/Terminals MOR73231...... Black, 90° Spark Plug Boots/Terminals MOR73226...... Blue, Straight Spark Plug Boots/Terminals MOR73218...... Red, Straight Spark Plug Boots/Terminals MOR73232...... Black, Straight Spark Plug Boots/Terminals MOR73220...... Blue, 135° Spark Plug Boots/Terminals MOR73233...... Black, 135° Spark Plug Boots/Terminals

Part No.

Extend spark plug wire life and insulate against exhaust header heat. For best results, the sleeve should cover the entire wire from plug boot to distributor boot and then be sealed with MOR72030 or MOR72031 Shrink Sleeve. Packaged in 25' lengths.

Sleeves simplify spark plug wire identification and installation. Numbered from 1 through 8, sets include two of each number to identify both ends of the spark plug wires.

High Temp Spark Plug Boot Sleeves Non-flammable sleeves provide protection up to 1,200°F. Sleeves are 1" I.D. x 5-3/4" long and sold in two-packs. Part No.


MOR71992...... Blue MOR71993...... Red MOR71994...... Black

Spark Plug Wire Separator Kits Separators accommodate 7 to 9mm wires, with or without sleeves. Plastic separators prevent crossfiring and can be used over valve covers or under headers. Easily snap into place to hold wires securely. Packaged six to a card (2 each of 2, 3, and 4-hole separators). Part No.


MOR72160...... Blue MOR72161...... Red MOR72162...... Yellow MOR72163...... Black




7/28/09 4:49:26 PM

Universal Spark Plug Wire Loom Kits

GM HEI Advance Curve Kit MOR72300

Looms support the spark plug wires and keep them from crossfiring or coming in contact with the headers. Chrome plated steel support bracket fastens to the valve cover stud or bolt. Can be used with 7, 8 or 9mm wires, with or without sleeves, on 4, 6, or 8 cylinder engines. Kit includes four 2-hole looms, two 3-hole looms and four brackets.

Recurves distributor for full spark advance at the optimum RPM. Contains 3 sets of advance springs to adjust the rate of spark advance from quick, to super quick, to ultra quick. Weights and center plates are precisely stamped with smooth edges to eliminate erratic timing. Center plate eliminates over centering of the centrifugal weights. Fits all GM HEI distributors.

Part No.


MOR72150...... Blue Wire Loom Kit, 7-9mm MOR72151...... Red Wire Loom Kit, 7-9mm MOR72152...... Yellow Wire Loom Kit, 7-9mm MOR72153...... Black Wire Loom Kit, 7-9mm

Distributor Housing Shim Kit MOR26150 Super Spark Plug Wire Loom Kits Super Loom kit route and secure spark plug wires preventing engine harming crossfire or coming in contact with headers. Includes two right-side and two left-side chrome plate bracket that fasten to the valve covers, two 4-hole looms, six 2-hole looms, two 4-hole wire separators, and two 2-hole separators. Part No.


MOR72171...... Blue Super Loom Kit, 7-9mm MOR72172...... Red Super Loom Kit, 7-9mm MOR72173...... Yellow Super Loom Kit, 7-9mm MOR72174...... Black Super Loom Kit, 7-9mm

Under Header Loom Kit MOR72195 Kit helps when routing wires under headers on old and new style small block Chevy engines. Includes four chrome plated brackets, two 4-hole looms, two 2-hole looms, two 4-hole separators, two 3-hole separators and two 2-hole separators. Separators are black and fit 7 to 9mm wires.

Durafire Distributor MOR72231 Durafire HEI distributor for Chevrolet V-8’s is a drop-in, ready-to-go unit. Distributor uses a high output module, high output coil and an adjustable mechanical advance. Includes quality cap and rotor. Directly replaces all ’74-up non-computerized Chevrolet HEI distributors. Unit is without vacuum advance.


337-352CTC09.indd 342

Prevent oil pump bind and distributor spark scatter in engines with resurfaced heads or decks. High impact nylon shims fit all Chevy V-8’s. Three-packs include one each of .030", .060" and .100" shims.

Distributor Gear Shim Kit MOR26140 For distributors with 1/2" diameter shaft. Kit includes two .010" shims, two .020" shims, and one .053" shim for precise distributor shaft end play adjustment. Improve timing accuracy and prevent gear wear.

Distributor Hold Down Clamp Heavy duty, secure clamp mounts on a stud to eliminate thread wear and is slotted for quick distributor removal. Part No.


MOR26200.........Small Block Chevy 262-400, Gold Iridite Finish MOR26210.........Small Block Chevy 262-400, Chrome Plated MOR26211.........Small Block Ford 221-351W, Chrome Plated

Spark Plug Indexing Washers For use on all 14mm spark plugs with 5/8" hex. Use with Indexer MOR62160. There are three thicknesses in each package, one of which will correct the electrode placement on any plug, simplifying the time-consuming task of spark plug indexing. Washers are stamped from copper for perfect sealing and heat transfer. Thirty to a card. Part No.


MOR71900...... Taper Seat, .010", .021", .032" MOR71910...... Flat Seat, .040", .050", .064"

Spark Plug Indexer MOR62160 Modern, high-compression racing engines require indexing of spark plugs to prevent contact between piston dome and the plug’s electrode and for optimum direction of spark travel within combustion chamber. Designed for both flat and taper-seat 14mm spark plugs. Black-anodized so that marks can be placed on the outer surface for checking subsequent sets of plugs.



7/28/09 4:49:37 PM

Battery Disconnect Switches A Battery Disconnect Switch is one of the most critical safety devices in a race car. Turning the non-slip handle cuts power to all electrical devices including ignition. Part No.


MOR74100...... For Cars w/o Alternator, 125 Amps MOR74101...... For Cars w/Alternator, 175 Amps

Super-Duty Battery Disconnect Switch MOR74102 Super-Duty switch includes two pairs of copper studs for shutting down the entire electrical system, useful when race car is fitted with an alternator. Rated at 2,000 amps intermittent and 300 amps continuous. Includes face plate and on/off decal.

Battery Cable Kit MOR74005 Rugged 2 gauge copper battery cable kit will withstand the high amperage loading necessary to start high performance racing engines, especially if the battery is relocated to the rear. 20' coil with 4 terminal ends.

Battery Cable Remote Fitting End Kit MOR74170 Quality, screwtogether battery cable ends for side post batteries are ideal for splicing in battery disconnects, remote jumper terminals or junction blocks. Two per package.

Thru Panel Battery Connector MOR74145 Used wherever a battery cable, or other large diameter, high amperage cable, passes through a firewall or similar panel. Fits through 1-1/4" hole and is held solidly by included spanner kit. Use MOR74170 Battery Cable Remote Fitting End Kit to complete installation.

Battery Quick-Connect Plugs


Useful for race cars, tow vehicles, winches, etc., the kit includes male and female plugs, and terminals to connect the vehicle to a battery charger. Available in large or mini- size. Part No.



MOR74200...... Large Battery Quick Disconnect Plug MOR74201...... Mini-Battery Quick Disconnect Plug, Up To 50 Amps Using #6 Wire

Quick-Disconnect Flush Mount Battery Cable Connectors MOR74155 Use with heavy duty battery cables and route through firewalls or body panels. Black and red color-coded connectors are quick-release style with half-turn locks. Pair.

Starter Heat Shields Excessive heat not only cuts short the life of a starter, but also reduces the starter’s cranking power. Starter Heat Shield provides protection from heat on race cars and tow vehicles. Consists of high temperature insulating material sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum. Part No.



MOR74299...... Fits SBC/BBC w/Tilton Starter MOR74300...... Fits SBC/BBC w/Delco Starter


Push Button Starter Switch MOR74120 Battery Post Terminal End Kit MOR74175

Waterproof and dust proof push button starter switch has neoprene cap for incar or underhood mounting. 35 amp rated at 12 Volts.

Same as MOR74170 except for top post batteries. Two per package.

Toggle Switches

Remote Battery Jumper Terminals MOR74140 Place the battery anywhere in the car and it will still be accessible between races for charging with remote jumper terminals. Terminals can be positioned in the most convenient spot, inside or outside of the car, and connected to the battery with a high amperage cable such as the Moroso MOR74005. Universal for 6-36 Volt systems. Two per package.

337-352CTC09.indd 343

High quality toggle switches, in traditional on/off, single throw or momentary designs, include on/off faceplates and are rated at 20 amps lamp load and 35 amps inductive load. Momentary switch is ideal for use as a starter switch. Part No.


MOR74124...... Momentary Toggle Switch, Long 1-1/2" Handle MOR74125...... On/Off Toggle Switch, Long 1-1/2" Handle MOR74126...... On/Off Toggle Switch, Short 11/16" Handle





7/28/09 4:49:46 PM

Quick Fasteners

Fastener Springs

Cadmium-plated Fasteners join body panels, doors, front ends, fiberglass-to-metal, metal-tometal, etc. Available in three lengths and two head styles. Use with MOR71400, 71410, 71420, 71425 or 71430 fastener spring. Ten per package.

Use with both the flat and oval head fasteners. Refer to chart for proper application. Packaged 10 to a card.

Part No.


MOR71290...... Flush Head Fastener .450" Short Body MOR71300...... Flush Head Fastener .500" Medium Body MOR71310...... Flush Head Fastener .550" Long Body MOR71350...... Oval Head Fastener .500" Medium Body MOR71360...... Oval Head Fastener .550" Long Body

Large Head Self-Ejecting Fasteners


In demand by racing’s finest chassis builders, fasteners are used on steel, aluminum, and fiberglass body and interior panels. Load force is more evenly distributed for less pull-through. Ten per package. Use Fastener Springs MOR71400, 71410, 71420, 71425 or 71430. Part No.

Part No.

.450" Body

.500" Body

.550" Body

.650" Body



MOR71490...... Quick Fastener Reinforced Plates MOR71495...... Large Dia. Quick Fastener Reinforced Plates


Quick Fastener Washers MOR71610

Spring-loaded buttons release quickly. Spring also holds the button captive, a practical necessity for quick pit work situations. Use MOR71430 as a replacement spring. Ten per card. Springs included.

Teflon washers fit all quick fasteners, prevent paint damage. 25 per pack.

Quick Fastener Wrenches


MOR71440......0.400" x 5/16" Body, .098" To .133" Grip Range MOR71450......0.450" x 5/16" Body, .148" To .183" Grip Range MOR71500......0.500" x 5/16" Body, .198" To .233" Grip Range MOR71530......0.650" x 5/16" Body, .348" To .383" Grip Range

Stainless steel wrench fits slot head, 1/4-turn fasteners far better than a screw driver, reducing the possibility of damaged fasteners and body panels. Non-slip, plastic hand grip. Part No.


MOR71600...... Wide Head MOR71606...... Heavy Duty Screwdriver Type

Butterfly Self-Ejecting Fasteners “Butterfly” grip on head sets these Fasteners apart from others and makes fastening and unfastening quick and easy. Use MOR71430 as a replacement spring. Packaged ten to a card. Springs included. Part No.

.400" Body

1" Springs – Total Material Thickness Range MOR71425 .250" .165"-.200" .215"-.250" .265"-.300" .315"-.350" .365"-.400" MOR71430 .325" .098"-.133" .148"-.183" .198"-.233" .248"-.283" .348"-.383" 1-3/8" Springs – Total Material Thickness Range MOR71420 .325" .105"-.148" .155"-.198" .205"-.248" .255"-.298" .355"-.398" MOR71410 .375" .055"-.098" .105"-.148" .155"-.198" .205"-.248" .305"-.348" MOR71400 .425" .005"-.048" .055"-.098" .105"-.148" .155"-.198" .255"-.298" NOTE: To select the proper fastener/spring, determine the total thickness of the panels being joined including the space in between, if any. Select the appropriate body length and spring height combination to provide the desired thickness range. See page 28 for more installation information.

Plates provide a secure metal backing to prevent fastener body rivets from pulling out of fiberglass body components and fastener spring brackets from cutting into body panels. Sold ten per package in standard and large sizes. MOR71490

Self-Ejecting Fasteners

Part No.

Spring Height

Quick Fastener Reinforcement Plates


MOR71370...... .500 x 7/16" Body MOR71375...... .500 x 7/16" Body MOR71380...... .500 x 7/16" Body 3/16" Hex Drive

Spring Part No.


Hood Pin Sets

Choice of lightweight aluminum or chrome plated steel hood pins. Each set includes two 3/8" diameter hood pins and installation hardware. Steel hood pin kits include a pair of vinyl-coated stainless steel lanyards, while special, quick release use a selfcontained design. Moroso recommends using six pins per hood.


MOR71510...... 0.500" x 5/16" Body, .198" To .233" Grip Range MOR71540...... 0.650" x 5/16" Body .348" To .383" Grip Range

Part No.


MOR39000...... Aluminum Hood Pin Set MOR39010...... Quick Release Hood Pin Set MOR39015...... Steel Hood Pin Set, 3" Long MOR39016...... Steel Hood Pin Set, 4" Long

Quick Fastener Mounting Brackets MOR71552

Quick-Release Pins MOR71551



Brackets can be fastened to any member of the car to provide a convenient mount for quick fastener springs. Part No.


MOR71550...... Use With MOR71425 Or MOR71430 Springs, 10-Pk. Steel MOR71551...... Flat, 10-Pk. Steel MOR71552 ..... 90° Angle, 10-Pk. Steel MOR71553 ..... Lightweight 45°, Accepts 1" Springs, 10-Pk. MOR71555 ..... Hood, Panel Or Accessory Mount, 2-Pk. Steel MOR71556 ..... Same As MOR71555 Except Aluminum, 2-Pk.


337-352CTC09.indd 344

The ultimate in quick-release fastening. T-handle equipped pins are available in popular sizes. Packaged two per card. Part No.


MOR90380...... 1/4" Dia. x 1" Long MOR90390...... 1/4" Dia. x 1-1/2" Long MOR90395...... 1/4" Dia. x 2" Long MOR90400...... 5/16" Dia. x 1" Long MOR90402...... 5/16" Dia. x 2" Long


Part No.


MOR90404....... 5/16" Dia. x 3" Long MOR90410....... 3/8" Dia. x 1" Long MOR90420....... 3/8" Dia. x 2" Long MOR90430....... 3/8" Dia. x 3" Long MOR90440....... 1/2" Dia. x 2-1/2" Long


7/28/09 4:50:04 PM

Degree Wheels

Valve Seat Pressure Testers


Heavy gauge degree wheels measure camshaft centerline, valve timing, TDC, and BDC. All functions are marked in easily read 1° increments. Adapters to fit most engines are included. Part No.


MOR62190...... 11" Diameter Degree Wheel, For In-Car or Engine Stand Usage MOR62191...... 18" Diameter Pro Degree Wheel, Engine Stand Usage

Harmonic Balancer Installation and Removal Tools


Specialized tools prevent damage to balancer and crank. Installation kits include pilot stud, drive nut, thrust bearing and protective washer. Installation and Removal Kit is packed in a foam-lined case and includes a 3-bolt puller. Part No.

The most accurate way to monitor valve seat pressure on an assembled engine. Compatible with most aftermarket aluminum, OEM steel rockers, and shaft mounted rocker arms. Includes interchangeable front claws to fit most aftermarket aluminum rocker arms. Part No.


MOR62388.......Valve Seat Pressure Tester, Interchangeable Front Claws To Fit Most Rockers, 160-400 PSI MOR62390.......Valve Seat Pressure Tester, 100-300 PSI MOR62391.......Valve Seat Pressure Tester, Low Profile Design, 160-400 PSI

Ceramic Engine Seal MOR35500 The best chemical sealer money can buy. Has saved the day for many an oval track racer. Can also be used in tow vehicles or street applications. If this won’t seal it, it will have to be welded. Not for use with anti-freeze.


MOR61740.......Installation Kit, SB Chevy and Engines With 7/16"-20 Hole In Crank MOR61741.......Installation Kit, Engines With 1/2"-20 Hole In Crank MOR61743...... Installation and Removal Kit, Universal With 7/16", 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" Adapters MOR61744.......Installation Kit, Universal With 7/16", 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" Adapters

Engine Cleaning Brushes MOR61820 Quality engine builders know how important it is to have a clean block, especially in the hardto-get-at areas of the oiling system. Each of these nylon brushes was designed for a specific purpose. There are two each of the oil gallery brushes, since they get the most wear. They can also be used on crankshaft oil holes, cylinder heads, etc. Nylon bristles clean as well as wire, but will not scratch. Set of 12.

A & B Epoxy MOR35560 Easy-to-use epoxy is typically used to install oil return screen kits or repair engine blocks, cylinder head intake ports and intake manifolds. Adheres to any clean surface and has a maximum use temperature of 250°F.

Jet Tool MOR62293 Short, sure-grip tool slides over jet, holding it firmly in place for removal or replacement. Fits all Holley round head carb jets.

Spring Loaded Pit Socket MOR62010 Six-point, 1/2" drive alloy steel socket has a large chamfer to insure fast, clean lug nut engagement. The integral spring provides easy ejection Fits 1" lug nuts.

Oil Pump Primers

Tire Pressure Gauges

The right way to build-up oil pressure in a new engine. Black oxide coated tool installs over oil pump driveshaft and fits 3/8" drill chuck to drive the oil pump prior to start-up.

Gauges have large 2-5/8" dial faces for easy reading. Chuck swivels a full 360° for quick, easy pressure checks. Hose is 15-1/2" in length.

Part No.


MOR62200...... Chevrolet Oil Pump Primer MOR62210...... Ford 289, 302 Oil Pump Primer MOR62220...... Ford 351W, 351C Oil Pump Primer

Stud Mount Valve Spring Compressors Valve spring changing is greatly simplified with the Moroso Stud Mount Tool which will fit both 3/8" and 7/16" rocker studs. The 12" handle is much stronger and provides ample leverage to overcome the resistance of extremely high pressure valve springs. Part No.


MOR62370...... Stud Mount Valve Spring Compressor MOR62372...... Contains All Parts Necessary To Convert MOR62370 To Use with Jesel Rocker Shaft Systems

337-352CTC09.indd 345

Part No.


MOR89550...... 0-15 PSI MOR89555...... 0-40 PSI MOR89560...... 0-60 PSI

Quick Fastener Sinking Tool MOR71605 Two-piece, zinc-plated steel tool sinks flush-mount quick fasteners in single or double panels.

Coil-Over Shock Adjusting Tool MOR62030 Use to adjust AFCO, Koni, Bilstein, QA1, Pro and most other coil-over shocks with up to 3-1/4" diameter adjusting nuts. Cast steel construction.




7/28/09 4:50:21 PM

C-Clip Axles Replacement axles for hobby, factory or street stocks are made of forged steel with non-tapered, hardened bearing seats and machined c-clip grooves for use with stock carriers. Sold in pairs, unless specified. Part No.



MEIA102601 MEIA102803 MEIA102812-1*

10-Bolt 7.5" GM 26-Spline Axles, 28-7/16" 10-Bolt 8.5" GM 28-Spline Axles, 30-1/16" 10-Bolt 8.5" GM 28-Spline Axle (Single), 30-5/16"

1978-81 Malibu/Cutlass/Grand Prix/Regal 1970-81 Camaro/Firebird; 1968-72 Chevelle/Skylark/Cutlass/LeMans 1973-77 Monte Carlo/Malibu/Regal/Cutlass/Grand Am

* Sold Individually

Power Bleeder Similar in design and function to professional mechanics' tools, but at a more affordable price, the power bleeder simplifies brake or hydraulic clutch bleeding. Attach to the fluid reservoir with the cap adapter, for a one-man bleeding operation. Power bleeders are available to fit a variety of master and hydraulic clutch cylinder reservoirs. Adapters may also be purchased separately. Description

Power Bleeder Part No.

Adapter Part No.

45mm Reservoir, Wilwood Comb. Remote/Tilton 74/75 Series Small Round Reservoir, WIL260-1304, 260-2636, 260-6579 Rect. Reservoir, Early GM/Ford/Chrysler/Tilton 73 Series/AFCO/Howe Power Bleeder Pro, Includes All Popular Adapters

MTP0100 MTP0101 MTP0105 MTP0250

MTP1100 MTP1101 MTP1105 MTP1100/1101/1105

Bleeder Bottles MTP1820 Bleeder bottles include stainless lanyards for attachment to suspension components and a return nipple to prevent spills. Sold in pairs.

Performance Ring And Pinion Sets Performance 8620 steel ring and pinion sets are heat treated and engineered for racing applications. Available "AX" gear sets for Ford 9" are approximately two pounds lighter. Standard Set Part No.

337-352CTC09.indd 346


Ford 8.8" 30-Spline 1.626" Dia. Pinion MOTF888390 – 3.90 MOTF888410 – 4.10 MOTF888456 – 4.56 Ford 9" 28-Spline 1.313" Dia. Pinion MOTF890350 – 3.50 MOTF890370 – 3.70 MOTF890325 – 3.25 MOTF890411 – 4.11 MOTF890430 MOTF890430AX 4.30 MOTF890457 – 4.57 MOTF890471 MOTF890471AX 4.71 – MOTF890478AX 4.78 MOTF890486 – 4.86 MOTF890500 MOTF890500AX 5.00 MOTF890514 MOTF890514AX 5.14 MOTF890529 MOTF890529AX 5.29 MOTF890543 MOTF890543AX 5.43 – MOTF890550AX 5.50 – MOTF890557AX 5.57 MOTF890567 MOTF890567AX 5.67 MOTF890583 MOTF890583AX 5.83 MOTF890600 MOTF890600AX 6.00 – MOTF890614AX 6.14 MOTF890620 MOTF890620AX 6.20 MOTF890633 MOTF890633AX 6.33 MOTF890650 MOTF890650AX 6.50

Lightweight "AX" Ring And Pinion Set


"AX" Set Part No.


43-11 41-10 41-9 35-10 37-10 39-12 37-9 43-10 32-7 33-7 43-9 34-7 35-7 36-7 37-7 38-7 44-8 39-7 34-4 35-6 36-6 43-7 31-5 38-6 39-6

Standard Set Part No.

"AX" Set Part No.



GM 10-Bolt 7.5"/7.625" 27-Spline 1.438" Dia. Pinion MOTG875390 – 3.90 43-11 MOTG875410 – 4.10 41-10 GM 10-Bolt 8.5" 30-Spline 1.626" Dia. Pinion MOTG885410 – 4.10 41-10 MOTG885456 – 4.56 41-9 GM 12-Bolt Chevy 8.875" 30-Spline 1.625" Dia. Pinion MOTG888411 – 4.10 41-10 MOTG888456 – 4.56 41-9

Les Duellman



7/28/09 4:50:37 PM

Ultra-Seal Head Gaskets

Valve Cover Gaskets

Ultra-Seal Head Gaskets’ flexible graphite core is elastomer coated for maximum sealing and performance. All gaskets are sold in pairs unless specified.

Mr. Gasket offers three types of valve cover gaskets: traditional, high density cork/rubber, steel core Ultra-Seal, and steel core molded rubber.


SB Chevy, 1957-96 283-350 SB Chevy, 1957-96 283-350 SB Chevy, 1970-80 400 *Does not fit 1992-96 LT-1.


Gasket Bore

Comp. Thickness

Part No.

Graphite Core Graphite Core Graphite Core

4.130" 4.130" 4.190"

.028" .038" .038"

MRG1134* MRG5800* MRG5801

Coated, steel shim head gaskets fit 4.100" bore and are only .020" thick to maximize compression. Sold in pairs.

Mr. Gasket offers three different types of Intake Manifold Gaskets: traditional cellulose/nitrile material, Ultra-Seal cellulose/nitrile material with silicone beading around each port, and new Super intake gaskets, which seal quickly during assembly, release easily during disassembly and require no gasket sealer. Port Dim.

Mr. Gasket


Molded Rubber

SB Chevy, 1958-86 265-400 SB Chevy, 1958-86 265-400 SB Chevy, 1958-86 265-400 SB Chevy, 1986-96 305-350 SB Ford, 1965-95 289-351W

3/16" 5/16" 1/4" 3/16" 3/16"

MRG175 MRG179 MRG5855 MRG168 MRG276

MRG5860 MRG5861 – MRG5867 MRG5870

MRG5853G – – – MRG5859G

Oil Pan Gaskets


Intake Manifold Gaskets



Mr. Gasket oil pan gaskets use a high density cork/ rubber blend for effective sealing. Ultra-Seal gaskets are made from a cellulose/nitrile compound with a black latex rubber coating for added durability.

SB Chevy Steel Shim Head Gaskets MRG1130

Chevy Small Block 262-400 1955-67 265-283 1.20" x 1.87" 1955-91 262-400 1.25" x 2.00" Vortec 1.31" x 2.37" Modified Stock Port 1.31" x 2.10" Modified Stock Port 1.31" x 2.10" Small Race Port 1.25" x 2.13" Medium Race Port 1.31" x 2.19" Medium Race Port 1.31" x 2.19" Large Race Port 1.31" x 2.31" Large Race Port 1.31" x 2.31" X-Large Race Port 1.38" x 2.38" Brodix Aluminum 1.38" x 2.25" Brodix Aluminum 1.38" x 2.25" 18° Roll Over 1.35" x 2.26" Ford Small Block 221-351W 1962-76 221-302, Exc. Boss 1.20" x 2.13" 1962-76 221-302, Exc. Boss 1.20" x 2.13" 1977-85 302 (5.0L) 1.25" x 2.13" 1986-95 302 (5.0L) EFI 1.25" x 2.11" 1969-74 351W 1.21" x 2.26" 1975-97 351W 1.10" x 1.88"



Mr. Gasket Ultra-Seal

1/16" 1/16" 1/8" 1/16" 1/8" 1/16" 1/16" 1/8" 1/16" 1/8" 1/16" 1/16" 1/8" 1/16"

MRG100 MRG101B MRG136G MRG101G MRG106 – MRG102G MRG116 MRG111 MRG113 – MRG125 MRG126 MRG143


– – MRG5820 MRG4665G – – – MRG4666G – – MRG5821 – MRG5822 MRG4667G MRG5812 – MRG5823 – MRG5813 – MRG5824 – – – – – – –

1/16" MRG203G MRG5831 1/8" MRG213 – 1/16" MRG223 MRG5834 1/16" MRG148 MRG5835 1/16" MRG210 MRG5832 1/16" MRG223 MRG5834

Timing Cover Seals And Gaskets Part No. Description Timing Cover Seals

MRG18............ Metal Clad, Chevy Small Block, 1955-96 262-400

– – – – – –

Mr. Gasket


SB Chevy, 1955-74 265-400 MRG196/MRG190* MRG5880/MRG5884† SB Chevy, 1975-79 262-400 MRG198/MRG189* MRG5881/MRG6560** SB Chevy, 1980-86 305-350 MRG185 MRG5882/MRG6560** SB Chevy, 1987-96 305-350 – MRG5885/MRG6561** SB Ford, 1962-85 221-302 MRG291 MRG5890/MRG6683** SB Ford, 1969-92 351W – MRG5891 *Cork/Rubber. **Molded rubber. †Includes early/thin and late/thick front oil pan seals.

Exhaust Manifold/Header Gaskets Ultra-Seal Copper Seal



Traditional Mr. Gasket exhaust gaskets are a high temperature acrylic blend – exceptional sealing and durability. Ultra-Seal exhaust gaskets are high temperature steel core/graphite faced material for added durability. Copper Seal gaskets are dead soft .043" thick embossed copper that will never blow-out and may be used over and over. New aluminum gaskets will not shrink, deteriorate or blow-out. Application Port Dim. Mr. Gasket Chevrolet Small Block 262-400 1955-91 Med. Square Port 1.45" x 1.55" MRG150A 1955-91 Sm. Square Port 1.45" x 1.48" MRG150C 1955-91 Stock Square Port 1.25" x 1.30" MRG6452 Round Port 1.50" Dia. MRG150B Round Port 1.63" Dia. MRG150 Brodix “D” Shaped Port 1.55" x 1.71" – Hooker/Stahl Adapter Plate 1.93" Dia. – Hooker Rev. Plate/Stock 1.61" x 1.85" – Brodix Spread Port 1.65" x 1.60" – Oval Port Header Flange 1.50" x 1.82" – Ford Small Block 221-351W 1962-86 260-351W 1.12" x 1.48" MRG253 1987-95 302-351W Oval 1.25" x 1.75" MRG264G Ford 4 Cyl. 2300cc 1974-93 Stock Port 1.58" Dia. MRG265G

Ultra Seal Copper Seal Aluminum MRG5901 MRG5900 MRG5916 MRG5907 MRG5902 MRG5903 MRG5904 MRG5908 MRG5906 MRG5917

MRG7153 – MRG7151 MRG7401G – – MRG7150 – MRG7152G MRG7402G – – – – – – – – – –

MRG5930 MRG7160 MRG5928 MRG7161 –

– –

Rear Main Seals Part No.


MRG1960........ Chevy Small Block, 1959-86, Silicone Dual Lip MRG1962........ Chevy Small Block, 1970-79 400, Align Honed Applications

Timing Cover Gaskets

MRG89............ Cork, Chevy Small Block, 1955-96 262-400 MRG90............ Cork/Rubber, Chevy Small Block, 1955-96 262-400 MRG92............ Syntheseal, Chevy Small Block, 1955-96 262-400 MRG93............ Composite, Chevy Small Block, 1955-96 262-400 MRG792G ....... Ford Small Block, 1962-95, 221-351W, Exc. 302 Boss

337-352CTC09.indd 347

Chevy Water Outlet Gaskets Part No.


MRG738G ....... Chevy Small Block, 1955-88, 262-400, Alum. Carrier/Silicone Bead MRG740.......... Chevy Small Block, 1955-88, 262-400, Std. Material




7/28/09 4:51:06 PM

Carburetor Base Gaskets

Carburetor Linkage Components

Made from durable, heat resistant nitrile rubber compound and die cut for a perfect fit. Offered in 1/16" and 1/4" thicknesses, bulk or skin packaged.

Assemble or customize carburetor linkage. Sold in pairs. Part No.



Bulk Pkg. 1/16" Thick

Skin Pkg. 1/4" Thick

MRG3811G...... Quick Disconnect Ball Joint, 1/4"-28 Thread MRG3812G...... Standard Female Rod End, 1/4"-28 Thread

Holley 2BBL 350/500 CFM Holley 4BBL, Open Center Holley 4BBL, 4-Hole, 1-11/16" Bore Rochester Q-Jet 4BBL, 4-Hole Rochester Q-Jet 4BBL, Open Center Rochester 2BBL, Lg. 2-Hole, 2" x 3-11/16"


– MRG757 MRG758 MRG759 – –

Holley Power Valve Block-Off Plug MRG1510

Phenolic Thermal Insulating Carburetor Spacer Kits Spacers insulate and reduce heat transfer to carburetor for a cooler, denser air charge. Made of advanced phenolic thermoset plastic to withstand extreme heat. Spacers are 1" thick and packaged with gaskets, studs, nuts and washers. Part No.


MRG3404........ 4-Hole Carb Spacer, Fits Std. Holley MRG3405........ Open Center Carb Spacer, Fits Std. Holley

Aluminum Carburetor Spacer Kits Install a carburetor spacer and increase rear wheel horsepower. Die cast aluminum spacers are packaged with gaskets, studs, nuts and washers. Spacers fit standard square flange bolt pattern. Part No.


MRG6005........ 1" Open Center Carb Spacer MRG6006........ 1" 4-Hole Carb Spacer MRG6007........ 2" Open Center Carb Spacer MRG6008........ 2" 4-Hole Carb Spacer

Carburetor Adapters Use adapters for adding a larger carburetor, or when rules require a 2BBL carburetor on a stock cast iron manifold. Part No.


MRG1929........ Adapts Holley 350/500 CFM 2BBL To Quadra-Jet 4BBL Manifold MRG1932........ Adapts Square Flange 4BBL To Quadra-Jet 4BBL Manifold MRG1933........ Adapts Any 4-Bolt, 4BBL To Any Small 4-Bolt, 2BBL Manifold or Any 4-Bolt, 2BBL To Any 4-Bolt, 4BBL Manifold, Exc. Spread Bore MRG1937........ Adapts Any Large Holley 2BBL To Any Rochester 4-Bolt, 2BBL Manifold or Any Rochester 4-Bolt, 2BBL To Large Holley 2BBL Manifold

Throttle Return Brackets And Springs Chrome plated bracket and spring positively return throttle return for added safety. Part No.


MRG13............ Throttle Return Bracket and 12" Spring MRG14............ Throttle Return Bracket and 2-3/4" Spring MRG19............ Universal Dual Throttle Return Spring Kit MRG3683........ Throttle Return Bracket, Large

Carburetor Bushing Kits Reduces 1/2" throttle shaft linkage holes to 1/4" or may be used to replace the stock rubber bushing. Part No.


MRG1512 ....... Carburetor Bushing/Pivot Kit, Reduces 1/2" Hole To Accept 1/4" Dia. Throttle Rod/Cable MRG6026........ Carburetor Bushing Kit, Reduces 1/2" Hole To 1/4"


337-352CTC09.indd 348


Plug fits Holley carbs and includes Teflon washer.

Holley Fuel Bowl And Metering Block Gaskets Engineered for all Holley 4150, 4160 and 2300 carburetors. Part No.


MRG1509........ Fuel Bowl And Metering Block Gasket Kit, (1) Each MRG6181........ Metering Block Gaskets (5) MRG6183........ Fuel Bowl Gaskets (5)

Low Loss Fuel Fittings Thin wall brass fuel fittings offer maximum flow for performance applications. One fitting and one clamp per part number. Part No.


MRG2965........ 3/8" NPT Straight For 3/8" I.D. Hose MRG2966........ 3/8" NPT 90° For 3/8" I.D. Hose MRG2967........ 3/8" NPT Straight For 1/2" I.D. Hose MRG2968........ 3/8" NPT 90° For 1/2" I.D. Hose

Fuel Pressure Gauge Adapter Ideal for installing a fuel pressure gauge in single fuel line applications. Gold anodized aluminum adapter has 3/8" hose ends and a 1/8"NPT female connection for fuel pressure gauge. Part No.


MRG2975........ Fuel Pressure Gauge Adapter MRG1561........ Fuel Pressure Gauge w/1/8" NPT Male Fitting

SB Chevy Fuel Pump Block-Off Plates Plates cover block opening when mechanical pump is not used and fit all small block 262400 Chevy. Includes gasket. Part No.


MRG1515........ Chrome Plated Steel Block-Off Plate MRG5421........ Chrome Plated Die Cast Block-Off Plate

SB Chevy Competition Fuel Pump MRG7721 Recommended for competition small block Chevys with up to 650 horsepower, pump delivers up to 130 GPH @ 9 PSI. Pump features large, 1/2" NPT inlet and outlet ports. Includes gasket and fasteners.

Chevy Lightweight Fuel Pump Pushrod MRG6056 Lightweight pushrod reduces reciprocating weight for improved fuel pump performance. Fits small and big block Chevy.



7/28/09 4:51:30 PM

Cam Bolt Lock Plate Kit MRG948G Lock plate keeps camshaft gear bolts from working loose, a potential cause of engine damage. Plate fits under bolts so that tabs may be bent against bolt heads after they have been tightened. Includes plate and three grade 5 bolts.

Cam Button Spacers Spacers prevent “walking” - a back and forth movement of cam which causes erratic timing. Part No.

Avoid the expense of degreeing the harmonic balancer. Mr. Gasket’s timing tape is accurately calibrated and perfect for timing engines or setting valve lash for increased performance. Part No. Chevrolet


MRG1588........ 6-3/4" Dia. 283-400 cu. in. MRG1591........ 8" Dia. 1970-73, 396-427-454 cu. in. 1965-68, 327 cu. in. Hi-Performance 1970-73, 350 cu. in. MRG1592........ 6" Dia. 1957-73 283-350 Cu. In. Ford

MRG1594........ 6-3/8" Dia. 289-302-351 cu. in.


MRG1180.......... 265-400 Chevy, Std. Sprocket w/Flat Face Timing Cover, Early Style MRG1183.......... 265-400 Chevy, Std. Sprocket w/Indented Center Timing Cover, Late Style

Advance And Retard Cam Bushings Kit includes four offset bushings for advance and retard, plus a 0° bushing so stock timing can be used again. Cam sprocket dowel pin hole must be drilled. Part No.

Precision Timing Tape


Chevy Aluminum/Bronze Distributor Gear MRG1044 Use an aluminum/bronze gear with steel alloy and billet cams. .491W I.D. gear has a roll pin and fits standard rotation Chevy V6, SB, and BB.

Competition Distributor Clamps

MRG85............ 283-454 Chevy, 0°, 2°, 4°, 6°, 8° MRG85B ......... 283-454 Chevy, 0°, 1°, 3°, 5°, 7° MRG85C .......... 289-302 Ford, 0°, 2°, 4°, 6°, 8° (Includes Case-Hardened Dowel Pin)

Kit includes chrome plated clamp, bolt and stud, flat and lock washers, nut and distributor gasket.

Crankshaft And Camshaft Keys

MRG2502........ Small Block Ford 260-351W MRG6197........ Chevy, All V-8

Offset Crankshaft and Camshaft Keys increase torque and horsepower within a particular operating range. Part No. Description Stock Replacement Crankshaft Keys, Chevy

MRG983G ....... SB 283-400 C.I., Long MRG984G ....... SB 283-400 C.I., Short Offset Crankshaft Keys, Chevy

MRG985G ....... SB 283-400 C.I., Long, Silver 2° MRG987G ....... SB and BB Short, Silver 2° MRG988G ....... SB and BB Short, Copper 4°

Part No.


HEI Advance Curve Kit MRG929G Kit fits all GM HEI distributors with E-clips from 1974-79 and includes two weights, special center plate, three sets of color-coded springs, and two pairs of nylon bushings. Includes a comprehensive instruction sheet with graphs showing typical advance rates using various spring/weight combinations. Skin packaged.

Chrome Plated Timing Tabs Chrome Plated Timing Tabs are available in standard and adjustable pointer designs. Adjustable timing tabs simplify locating true top center so that super accurate ignition timing adjustments can be made. Part No. Description Standard Chrome Plated Timing Tabs

MRG4592........ SB Chevy, 7" Balancer, Exc. Below MRG4600........ SB Chevy, 7" Balancer, ’77-Up MRG4593........ SB Chevy, 8" Balancer Adjustable Chrome Plated Timing Tabs

MRG4597........ SB Chevy, 7" Balancer MRG4598........ SB Chevy, 8" Balancer

Competition Wire Loom Kit MRG6015 Looms attach to valve covers, eliminating crossfire and extending plug wire life. Compatible with tall valve covers and 7mm and 8mm plug wires.

Competition Wire Separators Heat-resistant, plastic separators minimize cross firing and fit 7mm and 8mm plug wires. Includes two each: 2-wire clips, 3-wire clips and 4-wire clips. Part No.


MRG6017........ Black Wire Separators, With Mr. Gasket Logo MRG9728........ Black Wire Separators, Without Logo

337-352CTC09.indd 349




7/28/09 4:51:56 PM

High Performance Thermostats

Degree Wheels

At high RPM, coolant pressure and temperature fight for control of the thermostat, keeping it from opening at the designated temperature. Brass and copper, high performance thermostats resist this fluctuation in temperature.

Degree camshafts just like a professional. Affordable, 7" diameter universal degree wheel is ideal for degreeing cam in car, or while the engine is on a stand. Large, 11" diameter Pro Degree Wheel is color-coded for maximum readability and unsurpassed accuracy for degreeing on engine stand. Each wheel includes crankshaft bolt adapters.

Part No.


MRG4363........ GM/Ford/AMC, 160° MRG4364........ GM/Ford/AMC, 180°

Water Outlet Restrictor Plate Kit MRG6126 Adjust the flow of coolant to the radiator. Three restrictor plates in the kit are 2-3/16" O.D., each with different size hole to vary flow rate. Kit includes one each of 5/8", 3/4" and 1" I.D. plates.

Part No.


MRG1570........ Universal Degree Wheel, 7" Dia. MRG6120........ Pro Degree Wheel, 11" Dia.

Grommet Set MRG3706

Engine Oil Primer MRG3795G

Assortment of 30 Grommets are useful when running wires, cables or hoses through sheet metal. Includes six grommets each in 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8" and 1" sizes.

Primer will pressurize the oiling system and lubricate bearing surfaces before initial start-up. Use in an ordinary electric drill and insert in the distributor opening. Fits all V8 and 6 cylinder Chevys.

Hood And Deck Pinning Kits

Engine Cleaning Brush Kits

Kit installation allows quick removal of hoods, deck lids, etc. Each kit includes two each: chrome safety pins, scuff plates, 4" long 7/16"-20 hood pins, four lock nuts and eight scuff plate screws.

Kits include brushes in various sizes, lengths and diameters. Each brush is made from pure stiff bristle nylon that won’t soften or melt when used with most solvents.

Part No.


MRG1016........ Hood/Deck Pinning Kit, Includes Safety Pins MRG1017........ Hood/Deck Pinning Kit, Includes Torsion Clips MRG1016A Replacement Safety Pins, Pair MRG1017A...... Replacement Torsion Clips, Pair

Wheel Spacers Die cast aluminum spacers increase disc brake clearance and compensate for insufficient wheel backspacing. Part No.


MRG2370........ 7/32" Thick, Fits 5 x 4-1/2", 5 x 4-3/4" and 5 x 5" MRG2371........ 5/16" Thick, Fits 5 x 4-1/2", 5 x 4-3/4" and 5 x 5" MRG2372........ 7/16" Thick, Fits 5 x 4-1/2", 5 x 4-3/4" and 5 x 5" MRG2375........ 1/4" Thick, Fits 4 x 4", 4 x 4-1/4"

Part No.


MRG1211........ Short Brush Kit, 1 Ea. 5/16", 1/2", 5/8" O.D. x 9" L. MRG5189........ Deluxe Brush Kit, 1 Ea. 5/16", 1/2", 5/8" O.D. x 9" L. And 1 Ea. 1/2", 5/8" And 3/4" O.D. x 25" L. MRG5192........ Complete Kit, 9 Assorted From 1/4" To 5" .

Teflon Tape MRG2842G Tape is impervious to fuel and oil, increases the sealing capabilities of all threaded joints. Each roll is packed in a resealable plastic container for easy storage.

Fast Fill Funnel MRG3695 Funnel has a wide mouth, narrow filler tube and a built in brass screen filter. Six quart capacity.

White Tire Marker MRG9312 Coil Spring Spacers Used to raise coil-spring equipped cars 1" (fit above or below coil). Super Spacer has dual grooves for easier insertion and improved retention of spring. Part No.


MRG1285........ Coil Spring Spacer, “U” Cross Section, Installs Above or Below Spring MRG1287........ Super Coil Spring Spacer, “H” Cross Section, Installs Into The Coil

Differential Gaskets Part No.


MRG82............ Ford 9" Ring Gear 1957-81 MRG84B ......... GM 10-Bolt w/8-1/2" Ring Gear 1970-81

Ideal for tire sizing and keeping track of tire stagger. Weather and wash resistant.

Splined Clutch Alignment Tools Made from high impact plastic, tools speed clutch/transmission installation by aligning the clutch disc and flywheel prior to insertion of the transmission input shaft. Ideal for multiple disc clutch assemblies. Part No.


MRG6940.............GM 1-1/8" x 10-Spline MRG6941.............GM 1-1/8" x 26-Spline MRG6942.............Ford 1-1/16" x 10-Spline


337-352CTC09.indd 350



7/28/09 4:52:11 PM

Plated Carburetor Studs

Cylinder Head Bolt And Washer Kits

Zinc plated studs are threaded 5/16"18 at one end and 5/16"-24 at the other. Four studs, nuts and washers. Zinc plated.

Longer than stock 7/16" dia. Grade 8 cylinder head bolts require special head bolt washers (available separately) for improved clamping force and head gasket sealing.

Part No.


MRG59............ Standard, 1-3/8" Length MRG60............ Medium, 1-1/2" Length MRG61............ Long, 2" Length MRG62............ Extra Long, 2-1/2" Length

Part No.

Cylinder Head Dowel Pins MRG4375 Hard-to-find dowel pins are machined and case hardened for accurate alignment in engine assembly. Set of two. Fit SB Chevy.

Valve Cover Stud Kits Bullet tip, Grade 5 studs are black oxide finished and hex nuts are cadmium plated for corrosion resistance. Each kit includes eight studs and nuts. Part No.

Oil Pan And Timing Cover Bolts


MRG6324........ 1/4"-20/28 x 1-1/8" Stud Kit, Steel Valve Covers MRG6329........ 1/4"-20/28 x 1-1/2" Stud Kit, Cast Valve Covers MRG6330........ 1/4"-20/28 x 1-3/4" Stud Kit, Includes Nylon Insert Lock Nuts and Washers

Stock Rocker Arms MRG920G SBC (262-400), SB Ford (289-351W) Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms MRG923G SBC (262-400), SB Ford (289-351W)

MRG6090........SB 1/4"-20 x 1/2" (10 Pcs.)

Magnetic Oil Pan Drain Plug Part No. Shank OD






Intake Manifold Bolts Offered with Grade 5 hex and Grade 8 twelve-point head, high quality fasteners assure accurate torque readings and optimum clamping pressures. Washers are included. Part No. Hex Head

Part No. Description Oil Pan Bolt Kits

Timing Cover Bolt Kit

Heat treated, plated steel rocker arm nuts prevent loose rocker arms. Includes 16 rocker arm nuts with socket head set screws, and a hex key wrench. Application

Zinc plated, Grade 5 Bolts have smaller hex heads. Ideal for tight spaces. Underhead serrations prevent loosening and wide flange head provides uniform clamping pressure. MRG6085.......... SB, 1/4"-20 x 1/2" (14 Pcs.), 5/16"-18 x 3/4" (4 Pcs.) MRG6087.......... Ford 289-302-351 C/W5/16"-18 x 3/4" (6 Pcs.), 1/4"-20 x 1/2" (18 Pcs.)

Sure-Lock Rocker Arm Nuts

Part No.


MRG940G .......SB Chevy 265-400, 17 Bolts Only (1 Head) MRG87............7/16" ID Washers Only, 34 Pcs.


MRG955G ....... 3/8"-16 x 1", 12 Bolts And Washers, Fits SB Chevy MRG6080........ 3/8"-16 x 1-1/16", 12 Bolts And Washers, Fits SB Chevy MRG6082........ 5/16"-18 x 2", 12 Bolts And Washers, Fits SB Ford


MRG15............Magnetic Oil Pan Drain Plug, 1/2"-20 MRG16............Replacement 1/2" Nylon Washer

Harmonic Balancer Bolt Kits Heavy duty, grade 8 bolts have extra large, hex heads prevent bolt slippage when turning engine over. Each bolt includes an extra thick, parallel ground washer and lock washer. Part No.


MRG945G ....... Small Block Chevy 262-400, 7/16"-20 x 2-1/4", Gold Zinc MRG7845........ Small Block Chevy 262-400, 7/16"-20 x 2-1/4", Black Coated MRG7847........ Ford, All Exc. 351C, 5/8"-18 x 2", Black Coated

Torque Converter And Flexplate Bolts Heat treated, black oxide finished Grade 8 fasteners resist rust and corrosion. Lock washers are included where needed. Part No. Description Torque Converter to Flexplate Bolts


MRG6716...........GM TH350, Powerglide, 3/8"-24 x 5/8", 3 Bolts/Nuts

MRG6091........ 3/8"-16 x 1", 12 Bolts And Washers, Fits SB Chevy

Flexplate to Crankshaft Bolts

Hex Head Header Bolts Grade 5 Bolts have smaller 3/8" or 7/16" hex heads for easier header installation, especially in tight places. Washer-faced bolts have protective black finish. Part No.


MRG915..........3/8"-16 x 3/4", 7/16" Wrench (12 Pcs.) MRG917..........3/8"-16 x 1", 7/16" (12 Pcs.) MRG919G .......3/8"-16 x 3/4", 7/16" Wrench (16 Pcs.) MRG3409........3/8"-16 x 3/4", Mini 3/8" Hex Head, (12 Pcs.)

337-352CTC09.indd 351

MRG6710...........GM 7/16"-20 x 11/16", (6 pcs.) MRG6711...........Ford, 7/16"-20 x 13/16", (6 pcs.)

Flywheel And Pressure Plate Bolts Heat treated grade 8 fasteners are extremely durable for maximum reliability in standard transmission-equipped cars. Six black oxide plated bolts are complete with lock washers in each kit. Part No.


MRG910.......... 3/8"-16 x 1" L., GM Pressure Plate to Flywheel Bolts MRG911.......... 5/16"-18 x 1" L., Ford, Long-Style Pressure Plate to Flywheel Bolts MRG912.......... 7/16"-20 x 31/32" L., Chevy/Ford Flywheel To Crankshaft Bolts




8/11/09 4:59:18 PM

Shadow Series AN Fittings Black and silver aluminum fittings are offered in cutter and push-on versions. Cutter type fittings are for use with stainless steel braided hose and can withstand up to 1,000 PSI. Push-on type fittings withstand up to 250 PSI and are ideal for push-on rubber hose. Size Hose

Straight Swivel

Cutter Type Fittings -4 MRGS4 -6 MRGS6 -8 MRGS8 -10 MRGS10 -12 MRGS12 Push-On Type Fittings -6 MRGP6 -8 MRGP8 -10 – -12 MRGP12

45° Swivel

90° Swivel

150° Swivel

180° Swivel

MRGF454 MRGF456 MRGF458 MRGF4510 MRGF4512

MRGF904 – MRGF906 MRGF1506 MRGF908 MRGF1508 MRGF9010 MRGF15010 MRGF9012 –

MRGF1804 MRGF1806 MRGF1808 – –

MRGP456 MRGP906 MRGP1506 MRGP458 MRGP908 MRGP1508 MRGP4510 MRGP9010 – MRGP4512 MRGP9012 –

MRGP1806 – – MRGP18012

Hose Finishers Hose Size




-4 (1/4" I.D.) -6 (3/8" I.D.) -8 (1/2" I.D.) -10 (5/8" I.D.) -12 (3/4" I.D.)

– MRGE61 – MRGE101 –

– – MRGE82 MRGE102 –


AN To NPT Adapters 1/8" 1/8" 1/4" 1/4" 3/8" 3/8" 3/8" 1/2" 1/2" 1/2" 3/4"

-4 -6 -4 -6 -6 -8 -10 -8 -10 -12 -12


Swivel Coupling

Hose Finishers work with push-on fittings and resemble a swivel fitting. Choice of titanium, clear or black anodized finishes.

NPT Size AN Size





MRGA184 MRGA186 MRGA144 MRGA146 MRGA386 MRGA388 MRGA3810 MRGA128 MRGA1210 MRGA1212 MRGA3412

– MRGA186A MRGA144A MRGA146A MRGA386A MRGA388A – MRGA128A – – –


Individual Carburetor Adapters Application

Carb Thread Size

AN Size

Part No.

Dual Inlet - Short Dual Inlet - Standard Dual Inlet - Extended Single Inlet Holley Carter/Edelbrock

7/8"-20 7/8"-20 7/8"-20 9/16"-24 5/8"-20

-6 -8 -8 -6 -6

MRGA7861 MRGA7881 MRGA7882 MRGA9166 MRGA586

Male Tee Part No.



-6 -8

Part No.


“A” Size

“B” Size

-6 -8 -8

-6 -8 -6

-6 -8

-6 -8



“A” Size

“B” Size

-6 -6 -8 -8 -10

-4 -6 -6 -8 -10

-4 -6 -8

-4 -6 -8

337-352CTC09.indd 352








Union Part No.

Straight MRGA64 MRGA6 MRGA86 MRGA8 MRGA10 90° MRGA904 MRGA906 MRGA908

Flare Reducers Part No.

“A” Size

“B” Size


-8 -10 -12

-6 -8 -8

Flare Plugs Part No.



-4 -8 -12

Kelli Jo Hofacker



Photos: John Berglund



7/28/09 4:52:41 PM

Mudd Off MUD11022 A one quart container of Mudd-Off concentrate mixes with water to make 3 gallons of solution. Product iss odorless and colorless and is applied to the car before the race to allow easy clean-up after racing on dirt. An environmentally safe product compatible with all race track regulations.

NGK Spark Plugs NGK is the ultimate in Spark Plug technology. Choose from standard and V-Power racing plugs. Refer to spark plug reference chart on page 521 .

Instant Canopies Shade in an instant. Norstar Instant canopies are simple and quick to set-up and take down. Each canopy includes a fire retardant Denier polyester fabric top. Frame, cover, stakes and bungee cords are included.

Legend Series Norstar’s most economical canopy, the Legend Series canopies are 10' x 10' with powder coated steel frames and weigh just 46 lbs. Choose blue or white fabric. Part No.


NORLG10BL ..............Blue 10' x 10' Legend Series NORLG10WH ............White 10' x 10' Legend Series


Platinum Series Durable Platinum Series canopies are available in 10' x 15' (94 lbs.) and 10' x 20' (121 lbs.) set-up sizes with heavy duty, powder coated steel frames. Choice of black, blue or red covers.


Canopy Part No.


Replacement Frame

Replacement Cover


Black 10' x 15' Blue 10' x 15' Red 10' x 15' Black 10' x 20' Blue 10' x 20' Red 10' x 20'


NORTP15500 NORTP15503 NORTP15501 NORTP20500 NORTP20503 NORTP20501

Ryan Vanderveen

353-368CTC09.indd 353

Titanium Series Top-of-theline 10' x 20' Titanium Series canopies have durable, anodized aluminum frames for easy set-up. Canopies weigh just 99 NORTM20BK lbs. and are offered with black, blue or red covers. Canopy Part No.


Replacement Frame

Replacement Cover


Black 10' x 20' Blue 10' x 20' Red 10' x 20'


NORTP20500 NORTP20503 NORTP20501

Photo: John Berglund




7/28/09 5:08:08 PM

Competition Track 9 Housings Three housings are available: Standard housing, the exclusive choice of NASCAR racers, is made of .188" wall steel and weighs 25.8 lbs.; Competition-Lite housing, made of thinner 10 gauge steel, weighs 21.6 lbs.; and the Ultra-Lite housing with no internal gussets and a weight of 18.8 lbs. Part No.


NIN92900 ....... Competition Housing, 25.8 lbs. NIN92920 ....... Competition-Lite Housing, 21.6 lbs. NIN92930 ....... Competition Ultra-Lite Housing, 18.8 lbs.

Heavy Duty Track 9 Housing NIN92001 Heavy duty housing is made from high grade forming steel for wrinkle-free construction. Housings weighs 25.8 lbs. accepts 3-inch O.D. tubes, which may be inserted as far as 4". Slots have been machined in the housing to provide additional weld contact for added strength. Extra thick housing can be welded without distortion.

Axle Tubes NIN95021 3" O.D. x .188" wall, 1026 D.O.M. steel axle tubes are 21" long for rear axles up to 63" wide. Sold in pairs.

Alignment Bar Fixture NIN99050

For accurate installation of axle tubes into Ford 9" housings.

Pinion Supports 9-Plus standard or big bearing style pinion supports for Ford 9" rears are both significantly stronger than stock, gray iron support. The standard support can handle up to 350 horsepower. With a 50% larger bearing, the Big Bearing support offers unsurpassed durability. Both include races. Part No.

“Sportsman Case” NIN94026 High strength nodular iron case is machined to stock specifications with a reinforced pinion bearing bore and extended strengthening ribs. Accepts carriers with 3.062" O.D. bearings. Ideal for mild racing applications.

“Race Case” NIN94027 “Beefed up” case can handle as much as 850 horsepower. Nodular iron housing accepts carriers with 3.062" O.D. bearings and is over 100% stronger than original equipment units. Includes chrome-alloy carrier caps and billet spanner nuts.

Limited Slip Differentials Nodular iron Ford 9" clutch-type differentials have Raybestos clutches and allow torque to be applied through clutch function to limit wheel slippage. Requires 9-Plus Friction Modifier. Part No.


NIN94086 ....... 28-Spline Differential NIN94088 ....... 31-Spline Differential NIN99012 ....... Friction Modifier, 4 oz. Bottle

Ford 9" Housing Accessories Part No.


NIN95002 ....... Leaf Spring Pads, For 2" Springs, Pair NIN95005 ....... Shock Absorber Mounts, Universal, Pair NIN95031-10 ... Housing Studs, 3/8" x 1.75", 10-Pack, use with NIN95055 NIN95041 ........ Housing End T-Bolt, 3/8", Each NIN95050 ....... Housing Gasket, Heavy Duty Material NIN95055 ....... Nut and Washer Package, 10-Pack: Nuts and Sealing Washers

Large Bearing Housing Ends Housing ends are for 3" O.D./2.62" I.D. axle tubes. Sold per pair. Part No.


NIN95010 ....... Early/Big Ford Style NIN95011 ....... Late/Torino Style


NIN94031* ..... Big Bearing Pinion Support NIN94033 ....... Standard Pinion Support *Requires NIN94044 (1350 series), NIN94045 (1310 series) or NIN94046 (1330 series) pinion yoke for installation.


Replacement Yokes Heavy duty yokes replace the stock items and even maintain the stock look with stamped steel dust slingers. Fits any 9" rear with standard pinion supports. Part No.


NIN94042 ....... 1310 Series, Short Yoke (3.25" x 1.062") Cross Size NIN94043 ....... 1330 Series, Standard Yoke (3.625" x 1.125") Cross Size


353-368CTC09.indd 354



7/28/09 5:08:26 PM

4611-*&3 LMJ Series Double Adjustable Shock Absorbers

Fill Kit OHL01781-01 Includes everything to charge Ohlins shocks, except the nitrogen.

Designed for late models, dirt modifieds and other classes using shock absorbers with external reservoirs. Owner rebuildable LMJ shocks are easy to dial in and service. Shocks have aluminum bodies, large 46mm pistons for quick response, hose mounted reservoirs for improved cooling, and separate external rebound and compression damping adjusters. Requires fill kit, sold separately, to charge before use. Part No.

Compressed Length

Extended Length

7" 7" 9"

13.00 13.00 14.00

20.00 20.00 23.00







Application Stroke

OHLLMJ2072 Left Front OHLLMJ2073 Right Front OHLLMJ2392 Left Rear Left Rear, OHLLMJ2392-2 2" Extension OHLLMJ2393 Right Rear

Coil-Over Kits Each kit includes all components required to convert shock to a coil-over. Part No.

Shock Absorber Replacement Components

LMP Series Double Adjustable Shock Absorbers

Part No.

Application Stroke


Left Front Right Front Left Rear Right Rear

7" 7" 9" 9"

Compressed Extended Length Length

13.00 13.00 14.00 14.00


OHL00557-01...........Circlip For Mono Ball OHL00563-03...........Bump Rubber OHL00570-19...........Shock Cylinder Head OHL01054-26M........Shock Extension, 1" OHL01054-27M........Shock Extension, 2" OHL01255-18M........LMJ Series End Eye Assembly OHL05016-01...........Cone Top Coil-Over OHL05017-01...........Stop Washer OHL05112-01...........Hi-Frequency Piston, Aids Traction On Flat Tracks OHL05129-04...........Seal Head Assembly OHL05220-03...........Shock Body Tube, 7" Threaded OHL05220-04...........Shock Body Tube, 9" Threaded OHL05500-03...........LMJ Series Shaft, 7" Adjustable OHL05500-04...........LMJ Series Shaft, 9" Adjustable OHL05536-19...........LMJ Series Mono Ball

Quick-response LMP Series aluminum bodied shocks are owner rebuildable, easy to dial in and service. Shocks feature large 46mm pistons and separate adjustments for rebound and compression damping. Fill kit is required to charge before use. Part No.


OHL5017-099M................. Coil-Over Kit For STJ Series Shock Absorber OHL05018-LMJM .............. Coil-Over Kit For LMJ or LMP Series Shock Absorber

20.00 20.00 23.00 23.00

STJ Series Shock Absorbers Quick-response, threaded aluminum body shock absorbers are easy to dial in for improved handling. Owner rebuildable and serviceable, shocks have large reservoirs for better cooling and may be converted to coil-overs with optional kit, sold separately. Shocks are adjustable for rebound only. A fill kit, sold separately, is required to charge. Part No.



Compressed Length

Extended Length


Lift Bar Shock Dummy Shock For Left Rear








Ron Miller

353-368CTC09.indd 355

Photo: Steve Datama

Jamison Russell

Photo: John Berglund

Jeff Ganus

Photo: John Berglund




7/28/09 5:08:43 PM

Billet I-Beam Connecting Rods

Replacement Components Part No.

Exclusive “Parabolic Beam” design reduces beam stress and provides one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any connecting rod currently available. Sold in sets of eight in Standard or Ultra Light versions with Oliver/ARP 7/16" WSB fasteners included. Part No.


Small Block Chevy OLVC5700STUL8 Ultra Lt./Std. Journal OLVC5700STLT8 Std. Wt./Std. Journal OLVC5850STLT8 Std. Wt./Std. Journal OLVC6000STUL8 Ultra Lt./Std. Journal OLVC6000STLT8 Std. Wt./Std. Journal OLVC6000SMLT8 Std. Wt./Small Journal OLVC6125STUL8 Ultra Lt./Std. Journal OLVC6125STLT8 Std. Wt./Std. Journal OLVC6200STUL8 Ultra Lt./Std. Journal OLVC6200STLT8 Std. Wt./Std. Journal OLVC6250STLT8 Std. Wt./Std. Journal Small Block Ford OLVF5400FDUL8 Standard Journal

Rod Wrist Length Pin

Crank Pin

Journal Width

Gram Weights

5.700" 5.700" 5.850" 6.000" 6.000" 6.000" 6.125" 6.125" 6.200" 6.200" 6.250"

2.100" 2.100" 2.100" 2.100" 2.100" 2.000" 2.100" 2.100" 2.100" 2.100" 2.100"

.940" .940" .940" .940" .940" .940" .940" .940" .940" .940" .940"

159/422/581 181/467/648 183/476/659 164/431/595 185/476/661 181/464/645 166/432/598 185/478/663 169/433/602 186/481/667 187/480/667

5.400" .927" 2.124"



.927" .927" .927" .927" .927" .927" .927" .927" .927" .927" .927"


OLVBLT005 ...............7/16" Replacement Rod Bolt, Billet Rods, 1.400 U.H.L. OLVBLT006 ...............7/16" Replacement Rod Bolt, Billet Rods, ARP 3.5 Upgrade, 1.400" U.H.L. OLVBSH011 ..............Replacement Wrist Pin Bushing, SB Chevy Thin Wall OLVBSH027 ..............Replacement Wrist Pin Bushing, SB Chevy Thick Wall

Assembly Lube OLVLUBE Fastener assembly lubricant prevents galling. Sold in 1/2 oz. packages.

Courtney Weston

Photo: John Berglund

Optima Batteries Sealed, starved electrolyte/gas combination Optima batteries never need water, do not leak, and can be mounted in any position. Three versions are available: Red Top, combining optimal starting power in the first few seconds and extended life; Yellow Top, the only dual purpose battery with cranking power and deep cycling; and Blue Top, a genuine, deep cycle battery, ideal for race cars with no alternator. Part No.


Post/ Terminal

CCA @ 0° F.

CA @ 32° F.

OPT8002-002 Red Top 800S Top 800 1000 OPT8004-003 Red Top 800U Dual 800 1000 OPT8006-006 Blue Top 1000M Dual 800 1000 OPT8012-021+ Yellow Top Top 750 870 OPT8014-045+ Yellow Top D750U Dual 750 950 Blue Top D900M Dual 750 900 OPT8016-021+ OPT8022-091 Red Top Dual 720 910 OPT8040-218+ Yellow Top Top 650 810 OPT8042-218+ Yellow Top Dual 650 810 OPT8071-167+ Yellow Top Top 450 575 OPT8073-167*+ Yellow Top Top/Rev. 450 575 NOTES: *Signifies Battery With Reversed Positive/Negative Top Post Locations. + Signifies Deep Cycle

Dave Sensiba


353-368CTC09.indd 356

Photo: John Berglund

C/20 Cap.

Dimensions L. x W. x H.

Wt./ Lbs.

50 Ah 50 Ah 50 Ah 55 Ah 55 Ah 65 Ah 44 Ah 48 Ah 48 Ah 38 Ah 38 Ah

10" x 6-7/8" x 7-13/16" 10" x 6-7/8" x 7-13/16" 10" x 6-7/8" x 7-13/16" 10" x 6-7/8" x 7-13/16" 10" x 6-7/8" x 7-13/16" 10" x 6-7/8" x 7-13/16" 9-5/16" x 6-13/16" x 7-5/8" 9-5/16" x 6-3/4" x 7-3/4" 9-5/16" x 6-13/16" x 7-5/8" 9-5/16" x 5-1/16" x 8-15/16" 9-5/16" x 5-1/16" x 8-15/16"

37.9 38.8 38.4 42.9 43.8 43.5 33.1 36.5 37.8 26.0 26.0

Doug True


Photo: John Berglund


7/28/09 5:09:15 PM

Shockwears Shock Covers

Pre-Filter’s unique polyester material contains uniform, micron-sized openings to allow air in while filtering out the grime that will eventually clog an air filter.

Keep expensive shocks free of dirt and debris. Manufactured from durable, water resistant Denier nylon, "Shockwears" include a Velcro strip for easy installation without removing shock. Offered in black only.

14" Air Filter Pre-Filters

Part No.

Pre-Filters fit around the air filter elements on all 14" diameter air cleaners. Description




3" Tall Element 4" Tall Element 5" Tall Element 6" Tall Element

OUT10-1141-01 OUT10-1002-01 OUT10-1004-01 OUT10-1026-01

OUT10-1141-02 OUT10-1002-02 OUT10-1004-02 OUT10-1026-02

OUT10-1141-03 OUT10-1002-03 OUT10-1004-03 OUT10-1026-03





3" Tall Element 4" Tall Element 5" Tall Element 6" Tall Element

OUT10-1141-04 OUT10-1002-04 OUT10-1004-04 OUT10-1026-04

OUT10-1141-05 OUT10-1002-05 OUT10-1004-05 OUT10-1026-05

OUT10-1141-07 OUT10-1002-07 OUT10-1004-07 OUT10-1026-07

14" Air Filter Pre-Filters With Top The Outerwears Pre-Filter with a completely covered top keeps debris out of the air cleaner assembly. Description




3" Tall Element 4" Tall Element 5" Tall Element 6" Tall Element

OUT10-1246-01 OUT10-1014-01 OUT10-1020-01 OUT10-1160-01

OUT10-1246-02 OUT10-1014-02 OUT10-1020-02 OUT10-1160-02

OUT10-1246-03 OUT10-1014-03 OUT10-1020-03 OUT10-1160-03





3" Tall Element 4" Tall Element 5" Tall Element 6" Tall Element

OUT10-1246-04 OUT10-1014-04 OUT10-1020-04 OUT10-1160-04

OUT10-1246-05 OUT10-1014-05 OUT10-1020-05 OUT10-1160-05

– OUT10-1014-07 OUT10-1020-07 OUT10-1160-07


OUT30-1165-01 .......Standard 3-1/2" O.D. x 14" Long Spring OUT30-1245-01 .......Standard 3-1/2" O.D. x 10" Long Spring OUT30-1348-01 .......Standard 3-1/2" O.D. x 12" Long Spring

Speed Screens Designed for dirt track use, specialized cover attaches to front of radiator, preventing mud build-up. Kits include hardware for attachment to radiator. Replacement screens may be purchased separately. Description

Speed Screen Kit Part No.

Replacement Screen Part No.

IMCA/UMP Modified 19" x 25" 19" x 27" 19" x 29"

OUT11-2332-12 OUT11-2330-12 OUT11-2326-12 OUT11-2328-12

– OUT11-2331-12 OUT11-2327-12 OUT11-2329-12

Radiator Shaker Screen Covers Cover attaches directly to radiator shaker screen, preventing mud build-up in the radiator and the associated overheating. Part No.


OUT11-2321-12 .......Allstar Performance/ Mastersbilt, 17" x 25" OUT11-2322-12 .......Rocket, 20" x 24"

3" Crankcase Breather Pre-Filters

Pre-Filter For Fuel Funnels OUT20-1029-03

Pre-Filters fit the 3" diameter crankcase breathers mounted on the valve covers.

Pre-Filter fits 6 qt. fuel funnels (like Mr. Gasket MRG3695). Prevents condensation and dirt from entering the fuel cell. Will not separate water from alcohol. Red only.





Breather w/o Shield Breather w/Shield

OUT10-1013-01 OUT10-1018-01

OUT10-1013-02 OUT10-1018-02

OUT10-1013-03 OUT10-1018-03





Breather w/o Shield Breather w/Shield

OUT10-1013-04 OUT10-1018-04

OUT10-1013-05 OUT10-1018-05

OUT10-1013-07 OUT10-1018-07

Scrub Bags Strong water-repellent, dirt resistant covers for air cleaners, crankcase vents, magnetos, and engines during hauling, washing or storage. Secures with a draw string and quick clip. Description

14" Air Cleaner, 3-6" Tall` Crankcase Vent Fuel Injection, Covers 4 Filters Vertex Magneto, Std. Cap Vertex Magneto, Lg. Cap Spare Engine Bag



Jay Genovese Red

Photo: Doug Swift


OUT30-1161-01 OUT30-1161-02 OUT30-1161-03 OUT30-1161-07 OUT30-1018-01 OUT30-1018-02 OUT30-1018-03 OUT30-1018-07 OUT30-1162-01

OUT30-1143-01 OUT30-1143-02 OUT30-1143-03 – OUT30-1264-01 OUT30-1264-02 OUT30-1264-03 OUT30-1264-07 OUTEB-1000 – – – John Long

353-368CTC09.indd 357


Photo: John Berglund



8/11/09 4:35:31 PM

Racing Products, LLC

Suspension Tubes With Greasable Rod End System Reduce suspension component and rod end maintenance time. Grease is forced through an orifice in the rod end and around the spherical ball, greasing it from the inside out and flushing away dirt and contaminants. Tubes with greasable rod ends are available in a variety of lengths for 7/8" or 1" dia. aluminum round tubing, 7/8" or 1" dia. aluminum hex tubing, and 1", 1-1/8" or 1-1/4" dia. round steel tubing with choice of chrome moly or mild steel, 5/8" or 3/4" rod ends. Aluminum Round Tubes

Aluminum Hex Tubes

Steel Round Tubes


7/8" Dia. 5/8" Moly

1" Dia. 3/4" Moly

1" Dia. 3/4" Steel

7/8" Dia. 5/8" Moly

1" Dia. 3/4" Moly

1" Dia. 5/8" Steel

1-1/8" Dia. 3/4" Steel

1-1/4" Dia. 3/4" Steel

9" 10" 10-1/2" 11" 11-1/2" 12" 12-1/2" 13" 13-1/2" 14" 14-1/2" 15" 15-1/2" 16" 16-1/2" 17" 17-1/2" 18" 18-1/2"

– OPP1-100-M2 OPP1-105-M2 OPP1-110-M2 OPP1-115-M2 OPP1-120-M2 OPP1-125-M2 OPP1-130-M2 OPP1-135-M2 OPP1-140-M2 OPP1-145-M2 OPP1-150-M2 OPP1-155-M2 OPP1-160-M2 OPP1-165-M2 OPP1-170-M2 OPP1-175-M2 OPP1-180-M2 OPP1-185-M2

– OPP2-100-M4 – OPP2-110-M4 – OPP2-120-M4 – OPP2-130-M4 – OPP2-140-M4 – OPP2-150-M4 – OPP2-160-M4 – OPP2-170-M4 – – –

– OPP2-100-S4 – – – – – –

– OPP3-100-M2 – OPP3-110-M2 – OPP3-120-M2 – OPP3-130-M2 – OPP3-140-M2 – OPP3-150-M2 – OPP3-160-M2 – OPP3-170-M2 – OPP3-180-M2 –

– OPP4-100-M4 – OPP4-110-M4 – OPP4-120-M4 – OPP4-130-M4 – OPP4-140-M4 – OPP4-150-M4 – OPP4-160-M4 – – – – –

OPP5-090-S2 OPP5-100-S2 – OPP5-110-S2 – OPP5-120-S2 – OPP5-130-S2 – OPP5-140-S2 – OPP5-150-S2 – OPP5-160-S2 – OPP5-170-S2 – OPP5-180-S2 –

– OPP6-100-S4 – OPP6-110-S4 – OPP6-120-S4 – OPP6-130-S4 – OPP6-140-S4 – OPP6-150-S4 – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – OPP7-160-S4 – OPP7-170-S4 – OPP7-180-S4 –

– – – – – –

NOTE: Tube length measurements are tube only, less rod ends OPP50-120-S2

Bent Tubes With Greasable Rod End System Bent lower left rear tubes are 7/8" O.D. x .156" wall mild steel tubing, fitted with greasable 5/8" steel or chrome moly rod ends and jam nuts. Length 12" 15"

Steel Rod Ends Part No. OPP50-120-S2 OPP50-150-S2

Chrome Moly Rod Ends Part No. OPP50-120-M2 OPP50-150-M2

Tube Only/Less Rod Ends Part No. OPP50-120 –

One-Piece Lower Control Arms With Greasable Rod End System Standard, one-piece lower control arms are fitted with greasable chrome moly rod ends. Offered for popular dirt late model chassis. Application

Left Front Lower Part No.

Right Front Lower Part No.

Rocket (Black) Rayburn Mastersbilt

OPP41-002-1-LM OPP41-003-LM OPP41-005-LM

OPP41-002-1-RM OPP41-003-RM OPP41-005-RM


Greasable Rod Ends Use as replacements for suspension tubes with greasable rod end assemblies or for fabrication of chassis components. Choose chrome moly or mild steel rod ends. Jam nut included.



Left Hand Part No.

Right Hand Part No.

5/8" x 5/8" Chrome Moly Rod End 5/8" x 5/8" Mild Steel Rod End 3/4" x 3/4" Chrome Moly Rod End 3/4" x 3/4" Mild Steel Rod End



Durable steel arms in 14-1/2" and 15-1/2" center-to-center lengths are fitted with greasable, 3/4" alloy steel rod ends. Part No.

Quick Change Pinion Mount, Low OPP61-002


353-368CTC09.indd 358


Swing Arms And Lift Bar Description

OPP50-001 .... Swing Arm, 14-1/2" Center-to-Center OPP50-002 .... Swing Arm, 15-1/2" Center-to-Center OPP50-003 .... Swing Arm, 15"-15-1/2" Center-to-Center OPP54-001 .... Lift Bar, Includes (4) Quick Change Mounting Brackets



7/28/09 5:10:01 PM

GM G M CCast ast A Aluminum luminum CCalipers alip

3000 XD Billet Aluminum Calipers

Single piston caliper replaces stock GM caliper and reduces weight by nearly 10 lbs. per wheel. The low profile housing permits larger diameter rotors to further improve braking. Caliper has stainless steel piston and high temperature piston seals. Inlet thread is 1/8" NPT.

Engineered for the dirt track racer, calipers route the fluid directly through the bridges between the caliper halves, eliminating braking problems due to damaged external transfer tubes. Rigid, 14-bolt construction, hard coat anodized aluminum bridges, stainless steel pistons and high temperature, square section piston seals add exceptional durability. Mounting pattern is standard 3.50".

Part No.

Description Piston Dia.

ORB170-1865 LH Caliper ORB170-1866 RH Caliper

2.75" 2.75"

Rotor Hole No. Thk. Spacing Pad Type Pistons

1.25" 7.05" PFR0052 1.25" 7.05" PFR0052

1 1

Caliper Seal Kit, 4-Pc.

ORB225-2300 ORB225-2300

2800 Series Billet Aluminum Calipers Four-piston caliper with four-bolt, ribbed housing has an internal fluid passage, eliminating the crossover tube. The 3.50" mount spacing makes switching among 2800, 3000 and 4000 series calipers possible. Use on front or rear for dirt track and rear axle for late model asphalt cars. Part No.


Piston Dia.

ORB170-5690 ORB170-5695 ORB170-5700 ORB170-5705

LH Caliper RH Caliper LH Caliper RH Caliper

1.75"/1.62" 1.75"/1.62" 1.75"/1.62" 1.75"/1.62"

Rotor Hole Pad Type Thk. Spacing

.810" .810" 1.25" 1.25"

3.50" 3.50" 3.50" 3.50"

PFR7751 PFR7751 PFR7751 PFR7751

No. Pistons

Caliper Seal Kit, 4-Pc.

4 4 4 4

ORB225-2225 ORB225-2225 ORB225-2225 ORB225-2225

4000 Series Billet Aluminum Calipers

Rotor Hole No. Description Piston Dia. Thk. Spacing Pad Type Pistons

ORB170-4105* RH Caliper 1.75"/1.75" 1.25" 3.50" PFR7754 ORB170-4185 RH Caliper 1.38"/1.38" 1.25" 3.50" PFR7754 *Caliper piston is ORB230-2165.

4 4

Caliper Seal Kit, 4-Pc.

ORB225-2245 ORB225-2265

Part No.


Piston Dia.

Rotor Hole No. Thk. Spacing Pad Type Pistons

Caliper Seal Kit, 4-Pc.

ORB170-3680 ORB170-3685 ORB170-3700† ORB170-3705† ORB170-3720§ ORB170-3725§

LH Caliper RH Caliper LH Caliper RH Caliper LH Caliper RH Caliper

1.38"/1.38" 1.38"/1.38" 1.75"/1.62" 1.75"/1.62" 1.88"/1.75" 1.88"/1.75"

1.25" 1.25" 1.25" 1.25" 1.25" 1.25"

ORB225-2265 ORB225-2265 ORB225-2225 ORB225-2225 ORB225-2215 ORB225-2215

4 4 4 4 4 4


Piston Dia.

Rotor Hole No. Thk. Spacing Pad Type Pistons

ORB170-3780 LH Caliper 1.38"/1.38" 1.25" 3.50" PFR7751 4 4 ORB170-3785 RH Caliper 1.38"/1.38" 1.25" 3.50" PFR7751 ORB170-3800† LH Caliper 1.75"/1.62" 1.25" 3.50" PFR7751 4 ORB170-3805† RH Caliper 1.75"/1.62" 1.25" 3.50" PFR7751 4 ORB170-3820§ LH Caliper 1.88"/1.75" 1.25" 3.50" PFR7751 4 § ORB170-3825 RH Caliper 1.88"/1.75" 1.25" 3.50" PFR7751 4 † 1.75" dia. piston is ORB230-2165; 1.62" dia. piston is ORB230-2160. § 1.88" dia. piston is ORB230-2170; 1.75" dia. piston is ORB230-2165.

Four-piston caliper with eight bolt, ribbed housing for maximum rigidity is an open bridge design for enhanced cooling. The 3.50" mount spacing makes switching among 2800, 3000 and 4000 series calipers easy. Excellent choice for heavy braking, especially on touring late model asphalt cars. PFR7751 PFR7751 PFR7751 PFR7751 PFR7751 PFR7751

Outlaw has taken the 3000 series, four-piston caliper and added stainless steel shields to block radiant heat from rotor and pad backing plates. Ideal for late models or Northeast modifieds. Part No.

3000 Series Billet Aluminum Calipers

3.50" 3.50" 3.50" 3.50" 3.50" 3.50"

Part No.

Caliper Seal Kit, 4-Pc.

ORB225-2265 ORB225-2265 ORB225-2225 ORB225-2225 ORB225-2215 ORB225-2215

3000/4000 Series Replacement Crossover Tube ORB235-2320 Crossover tube fits 3000 and 4000 series brake calipers using 1.25" thick brake rotors. Sold individually.


1.88" dia. piston is ORB230-2170; 1.75" dia. piston is ORB230-2165.

Matt Corliss

353-368CTC09.indd 359

Photos: John Berglund




7/28/09 5:10:22 PM

Power Steering Reservoirs

Breather Tanks

Lightweight, 3" diameter spun aluminum tanks are TIG welded with integral mounting brackets and nonvented caps. Part No.


OVC1001 ......... Round Tank, Attaches To Roll Bar OVC1102 ......... Square Tank, Weld-on Firewall Mount, -6AN Fitting On RH side OVC1202 ......... Square Tank, Weld-on Firewall Mount, -6AN Fitting On LH side





Spun aluminum tanks are offered in several configurations. Part No.

Dry Sump Oil Tanks TIG welded, spun aluminum tanks are suitable for many applications and feature billet clean-out doors and built-in mounts. Part No.


OVC2001 ......... Dry Sump/Rear End Breather Tank, Roll Bar Mount, One 1/2" NPT and One 3/8" NPT Female Fittings Are 90째 From Each Other, One 3/8" NPT Female Fitting at Bottom of Tank Includes Petcock and Element OVC2004 ......... Breather Tank, Roll Bar Mount, 1/2" NPT Female on Side, Petcock at Bottom OVC2010 ......... Quick Change Filler with Combo Vent, -10AN to Fill Rear End, 3/8" NPT to Vent Rear End, and 3/8" NPT to Vent Fuel Cell OVC2340 ......... Breather Tank For Dirt Late Model, Mounts on Deck Metal, Breathes Out Bottom, 3/4" NPT Vent and Petcock


OVC4003 ......... Dry Sump Oil Tank, Dirt Late Model, 3/4" NPT Female Fittings at Inlet, Outlet and Vent OVC4030 ......... Dry Sump Oil Tank With Swirl Strainer, Attach to Breather Tank or Valve Cover OVC4031 ......... Dry Sump Oil Tank With Swirl Strainer, Features Integral Breather Tank

Fuel Overflow Valves Valves are TIG welded spun aluminum. Part No.


OVC5001 ......... 1" Flapper Valve OVC5002 ......... 1-1/4" Flapper Valve OVC5003 ......... 1-1/4" Flapper Valve with Spring OVC5153 ......... 1-1/2" Flapper Valve with Spring


4611-*&3 PJ1 Fog Blocker PJ125-4 Specially formulated to prevent fogging on face shields, glasses or goggles, even under extreme humidity. 4 oz. pump spray bottle.

Foam Air Filter Oil PJ15-20

Engine-Prep Assembly Lube PJ1SP701 Special blend of protective lubricants formulated to reduce internal friction. Eliminates damage at initial start-up in new and rebuilt engines. Also great for transmission overhauls and bearing replacements. 11 oz. net wt. can.

Engineered to enhance the effectiveness of foam air filters. Easy application. Sold in 13 oz. aerosol can.

Super Cleaner PJ13-20

Filter Cleaner PJ115-22

Degreaser uses powerful solvents to blast grease and grime away. Dries quickly and leaves no residue. Sold in 13 oz. aerosol can.

Easy-to-use cleaner is compatible with fabric or foam air filters. Simply spray on and wash off. Sold in 13 oz. aerosol can.


353-368CTC09.indd 360



7/28/09 5:10:50 PM

4611-*&3 Billet Aluminum Bird Cages

Panhard Mount Brackets

Bearing bird cages are manufactured from rigid billet aluminum and are fitted with heavy duty roller bearings. Bolt together design allows units to often be repaired rather than replaced. Offered for most popular racing chassis, bird cages may be fitted with brake floating option or rotating shock mount. Bird cages are not equipped with caliper brackets.

Rigid billet aluminum brackets utilize liize double radius slots for mounting on n tss. center or to the inside of 2x2 mounts. Slots allow movement up or down without adjusting J-bar length.

Part No.

PPM2500B-RKT.................Bearing Bird Cage Kit, Pair, Rocket Chassis PPM2500BGRT ..................Bearing Bird Cage Kit, Pair, GRT Chassis PPM2500MB .....................Bearing Bird Cage Kit, Pair, Mastersbilt

Spring loaded pull bar assembly is machined from durable, 6061 billet aluminum and is threaded on both ends. Assembly incorporates an oil impregnated bronze bushing to eliminate bind.

Replacement Components and Accessories

Part No.

PPM2500BR ......................Bearing Bird Cage, Right Rear Only, Rocket 4-Bar Chassis PPM2500BL ......................Bearing Bird Cage, Left Rear Only, Rocket 4-Bar Chassis PPM2500BGRT-BRAKE .......Brake Float Option, GRT Chassis, Right Rear PPM2500BMB-BRAKE .......Brake Float Option, Mastersbilt, Right Rear PPM2500BRKT-BRAKE .......Brake Float Option, For Right Rear Rocket Chassis PPM2042R ........................Rotating Shock Mount, 3-Position PPM2042RT ......................Rotating Shock Mount, 7/16" Bolt Holes PPM2044 ..........................Replacement Bird Cage Bearing

PPM0220 ........ 3" 400 lb. Spring, Fits PPM0270 PPM0226 ........ 3" 600 lb. Spring, Fits PPM0270 PPM0250-R .... 2-1/2" Sixth Coil Assembly, 1-1/2" Round, Without Spring PPM0270 ........ Left Rear Travel Limiter PPM0280 ........ Spring Loaded Pull Bar PPM0290R ...... Pull Bar Spring, Red PPM0290Y ...... Pull Bar Spring, Yellow

Welded Aluminum Swing Arm/ Combo Bird Cages

PPM Spindles are made from durable D.O.M. (Drawn Over Mandrel) steel. Applications available for most popular racing chassis.


TIG-welded swing arm and combo bird cage kits include heavy duty roller bearings. Part No.


PPM3000B ...... Swing Arm Bird Cage Kit, Pair PPM3010B ...... Swing Arm Bird Cage, Each PPM3100B ...... Swing Arm/Combo Bird Cage Kit, Pair PPM3110B ...... Swing Arm/Combo Bird Cage, Each

Steel Combo Bearing Bird Cage Powder coated for appearance and corrosion resistance, steel bearing bird cage includes double roller bearings. Part No.


PPM4035 ........ Steel Combo Bearing Bird Cage PPM4010C ...... Shock Mount For #PPM4035, Clevis Type

GM Metric Steel Brake Mounts/ Floaters Designed for use when GM metric brakes are employed. Description

Left Part No.

Right Part No.

GM Metric Brake Mount/Floater



Steel Adjustable J-Bars PPM J-bars combine the benefits of strength, clearance and performance. Constructed from durable D.O.M. (Drawn Over Mandrel) steel with tool steel adjusters, J-bars provide pull bar clearance. Part No.


PPM1725N...... 21-1/2" (Minimum) Steel Adjustable J-Bar PPM1730N...... 23" (Minimum) Steel Adjustable J-Bar

353-368CTC09.indd 361

Part No.


PPM0560-AR ...........2x2 Double Radius Slot Panhard Mount PPM0565-AR ...........2x2 Double Radius Slot Panhard Mount, Rocket Chassis

Sixth Coil Mount/Pull Bar


Steel Racing Spindles Application

Left Part No.

Right Part No.

Rayburn GRT Mastersbilt Rocket (Black) Rocket (Blue) Rocket (Grey)



Ballast Brackets Circular mounts have hex head bolts to mount ballast easily and effectively. Part No.


PPM1100-R .... 1-1/4" Dia. Round Mount PPM1105-R .... 1" Dia. Round Mount PPM1110-R .... 1-1/2" Dia. Round Mount PPM1120-R .... 1-3/4" Dia. Round Mount PPM1130-R .... 2" Dia. Round Mount PPM1140-S ..... 2" Square Mount PPM1145-S ..... 1-1/2" Square Mount

Bent 4-Bar Tubes Bent tubes increase traction and bird cage clearance. Heavy duty 5/8" rod ends are included. Length measurement is center to center of rod ends. Part No.


PPM5813B ...... 13" Bent Tube PPM5815B ...... 15" Bent Tube PPM5817B ...... 17" Bent Tube

Shock Canister Mounts Clamp style mount accepts most popular shock absorber canisters. Rubber lined mount helps prevent scratches or damaged. Part No.


PPM1190 ........ 1-1/2" Dia. Mount PPM1195 ........ 1-3/4" Dia. Mount




7/28/09 5:11:23 PM

Critical Link Carbon Fiber Driveshafts Much lighter and safer than aluminum or steel, Critical Link 3-1/4" diameter driveshafts are made with 7075 forged aluminum tube yokes that are bonded to carbon fiber tubing. Each driveshaft is electronically balanced for smooth operation and fitted with premium 1310 series U-joints. Slip yoke must be purchased separately. Part No.


PST302370 ..............37" PST302375 ..............37.5" PST302380 ..............38" PST302385 ..............38.5" PST302390 ..............39" PST302395 ..............39.5"

Aluminum Driveshafts Aluminum, 3" dia. driveshafts are made from 6061-T6 DOM (drawn over mandrel) tubing, mig welded and precision balanced. Each driveshaft is fitted with a premium 1310 U-joint. Offered in a variety of lengths. Part No.


PST100360 ..............36" PST100365 ..............36.5" PST100370 ..............37" PST100375 ..............37.5" PST100380 ..............38" PST100385 ..............38.5" PST100390 ..............39" PST100395 ..............39.5" PST100400 ..............40" PST100405 ..............40.5" PST100410 ..............41" PST100415 ..............41.5" PST100420 ..............42"

Part No.


PST100425 ..............42.5" PST100430 ..............43" PST100435 ..............43.5" PST100440 ..............44" PST100445 ..............44.5" PST100450 ..............45" PST100455 ..............45.5" PST100460 ..............46" PST100465 ..............46.5" PST100470 ..............47" PST100475 ..............47.5" PST100480 ..............48"

Mild Steel Driveshafts

Mild steel driveshafts are manufactured from seamless DOM (drawn over mandrel) tubing, a precisely balanced unit. Each driveshaft has a gloss white painted finish and includes popular 1310 U-joints. Slip yoke must be purchased separately. Part No. Length 2" Dia. Driveshafts

Part No. Length 3" Dia. Driveshafts

PST200290 ..............29" PST200295 ..............29.5" PST200300 ..............30" PST200305 ..............30.5" PST200310 ..............31" PST200315 ..............31.5" PST200320 ..............32" PST200325 ..............32.5" PST200330 ..............33" PST200335 ..............33.5" PST200340 ..............34" PST200345 ..............34.5" PST200350 ..............35" PST200355 ..............35.5" PST200360 ..............36" PST200370 ..............37" PST200375 ..............37.5" PST200380 ..............38" PST200385 ..............38.5" PST200390 ..............39" PST200395 ..............39.5"

PST300480 ..............48" PST300490 ..............49" PST300500 ..............50" PST300510 ..............51" PST300520 ..............52" PST300530 ..............53"



Accessories Part No.


PST100001 ..... Standard 1310 Slip Yoke, 5.5" Long, 27-spline Powerglide/TH-350 PST100003 ..... Extra Long 1310 Slip Yoke, 7.5" Long, 27-spline Powerglide/TH-350 PST100004 ..... Standard 1310 Slip Yoke 5.5" Long, 32-Spline TH-400, Jerico PST100010 ..... Replacement U-Joint, 1310 Series PST100011 ..... Ford 9" Pinion Yoke, Short, 1310 Series

Dry Sump Tanks Tanks ensure maximum flow with low foam. V-clamps and O-rings ngs make cleaning a simple task; cleaning can be performed over and d over without causing damage to the tank. Stainless steel bracketss are fitted with rubber straps for added protection. Tanks include fittings. ngss. Part No.


PATTP-3 .......... 3 Gallon Tank w/-12AN Fittings PATTP-4 .......... 4 Gallon Tank w/-16AN Fittings Replacement Parts for Patterson Dry Sump Tanks

PAT12 ............. -12AN O-Ring to -12AN Flare Fitting PAT16 ............. -16AN O-Ring to -16AN Flare Fitting PAT9-0 ............ Tank O-Ring PATTP-1 .......... Strap and Bracket, Pair PATFK-16 ........ -16AN Fitting Kit, Three -16AN Fittings and One -12AN Plug


353-368CTC09.indd 362


Tommy Sprague


7/28/09 5:12:14 PM

Push Button Switch PWI80503

Fan-Thom Electric Fan Relay Kits Kit will protect the electric fan and the electrical system and includes a 30 amp circuit breaker, heavy duty relay, wiring harness and terminals. The Fan-Thom Relay is also available with a choice of pre-set thermostatic switches to activate the electric fan automatically. Part No.

PWI30101....... Fan Relay Kit PWI30102....... Fan Relay Kit w/200° On/185° Off Thermostatic Activation PWI30103....... Fan Relay Kit w/185° On/170° Off Thermostatic Activation

Weatherproof Electric Fan Relay Kits


Connects alternator charge wire to battery side of remote disconnect to prevent alternator run-on when shutoff is engaged. Includes 25' of 8-gauge wire and connectors.

PWI70690 PWI70700 PWI70701 PWI70800 PWI70801 PWI70802 PWI70803 PWI70804 PWI70805 PWI70806

8 ga. 10 ga. 10 ga. 14 ga. 14 ga. 14 ga. 14 ga. 14 ga. 14 ga. 14 ga.

Red Red Black Red Black Orange Yellow Green Blue White

25 ft. 25 ft. 25 ft. 50 ft. 50 ft. 50 ft. 50 ft. 50 ft. 50 ft. 50 ft.

PWI70807 PWI70808 PWI70809 PWI70810 PWI70811 PWI70812 PWI70813 PWI70816 PWI70817

5/16" O.D. Part No.

1/2" O.D. Part No.

PWI80203 PWI80204 PWI80205 PWI80206

PWI80208 PWI80209 PWI80210 PWI80211

Quick Connect Terminal Kits


PWI40006....... 2-Wire Kit PWI40007....... 3-Wire Kit PWI40008....... 4-Wire Kit PWI40009....... 6-Wire Kit PWI40010....... 9-Wire Kit

Stranded, real copper wire includes crosslinked polyethylene insulation for exceptional resistance to abrasion. Sold in 25' or 50' rolls. Wire Size


Amber Red Green Blue

Part No.

Extreme Conditions Wire Stock

Part No.


Make quick connect plugs quickly and easily. Ideal for use with gauge panels, ignition boxes, etc. Each kit includes a male and female connector and the appropriate number of terminals. Accepts 14-20 gauge wire only.

Safety Charge Wire Kit PWI30711


Part No.

Light assemblies may be used as indicator or warning lights.

PWI30128....... Weatherproof Electric Fan Relay With 200° On/185° Off Thermostat PWI30129....... Weatherproof Electric Fan Relay With 185° On/170° Off Thermostat PWI30130....... Weatherproof Electric Fan Relay Only

Wire Size Color

Sealed 20 amp switches with rugged, direct mount terminals are built to military specifications. Optional aircraft switch cover prevents accidental activation.

Indicator/Warning Light Assemblies

Relay kits are designed for the harsh conditions common to racing. Kits use heavy duty waterproof relays, weatherproof circuit breaker covers and extreme condition weatherproof shrinkable crimp-on terminals.

Part No.

Heavy Duty Toggle Switches

PWI80502....... Off/On, Single Pole/Single Throw PWI80514....... On/Off/On, Double Pole/Double Throw PWI80520....... Waterproof Switch Boot Shaft Mounted Toggles With 15/32" Threads PWI80521....... Aircraft Switch Cover PWI80534....... On/Off/On, Double Pole/Double Throw, Waterproof


Part No.

Momentary start switch with rubber button cover.

Powerbraid Wire Wrap Color


14 ga. Gray 50 ft. 14 ga. Lt. Blue 50 ft. 14 ga. Lt. Green 50 ft. 14 ga. Pink 50 ft. 14 ga. Brown 50 ft. 14 ga. Purple 50 ft. 14 ga. Tan 50 ft. 14 ga. Black/White 50 ft. 14 ga. Blue/Yellow 50 ft.

Laterally split Powerbraid Wire Wrap encloses wires without tape or fasteners to clean up and protect wiring harnesses. Offered in black only. Part No.


PWI70901....... 1/4" Dia. x 20' PWI70902....... 1/2" Dia. x 10' PWI70903....... 3/4" Dia. x 6' PWI70904....... 2" Dia. x 4'

Bubble Goggles Ideal eye protection for all types of motorsports. Part No.


PAU100........... Clear PAU200........... Smoke

353-368CTC09.indd 363

Part No.


PAU300 ...........Amber PAU400 ...........Blue


Jacob Henderson



7/28/09 5:12:35 PM

4611-*&3 Adjust-A-Jet Metering Block Perform fuel metering changes without fuel bowl removal. Designed for circle track applications using Holley model 2300/3310/4150/4150 HP/4160 carburetors, Adjust-A-Jet installs between the metering block and the fuel bowl. Sold complete with necessary hardware and instructions. Fuel line must be extended for proper installation. Part No.


PYS15004 ....... Adjust-A-Jet, Primary, Gasoline Applications PYS15005 ....... Adjust-A-Jet, Secondary, Gasoline Applications PYS15006 ....... Adjust-A-Jet, Primary, Alcohol Applications PYS15007 ....... Adjust-A-Jet, Secondary, Alcohol Applications Related/Replacement Components

PYS15009 ....... Fuel Pick-up Extensions, Adjust-A-Jet, Pair PYS15010 ....... Reusable Gaskets, Adjust-A-Jet

Seal-4-Good And XX Carbon Exhaust Header Gaskets Percy's offers two types of exhaust header gaskets that include innovative materials designed to put an end to PYS66011 performance inhibiting exhaust leaks. Manufactured from proprietary 100% carbon material, XX Carbon gaskets have PYS68011 the ability to withstand prolonged exposure to over 2,000° F., while Seal-4-Good gaskets are constructed from dead soft aluminum and will not blow out or burn out. Description

Split-Lock Exhaust Header Fasteners Revolutionary Split-Lock fasteners tightly secure without safety wire, lock washers, split flanges or "E"clips. Fasteners have 3/8", 12-point heads and are offered in black oxide finished 8740 chrome moly, or polished stainless steel. Application



Black Oxide Part No.

Stainless Steel Part No.

SB Chevy 265-400 SB Ford 221-351W SB Chevyy 265-400 SB Ford 221-351W

3/8" Dia. x 3/4" Long 3/8" Dia. x 3/4" Long 3/8" Dia. x 1" Long Long 3/8"" DDi 3/8 Dia. ia. ia. a x 1" 1" Lon LLong onng

12 16 1 12 16 16

PYS20001 PYS20002 PYS20003 PYS20004

PYS21001 PYS21002 PYS21003 PYS21004

SB Chevy 265-400, Round 1.5" Port SB Chevy 265-400, Square 1.5" SB Chevy 265-400 Stock SB Chevy 350 Vortec SB Chevy, Brodix D-Port, 1.8" x 1.6" SB Chevy, Brodix Alum., 1.75" x 2" SB Chevy, Hooker Spread, Round 2.125" SB Ford 221-302, Rect. 1.625" x 1.25" SB Ford 221-302, Oval 1.5" x 1.125" Collector Gaskets 3-Bolt - 2-1/2" 3-Bolt - 3" 3-Bolt - 3.5"

Seal-4-Good Part No.

XX Carbon Part No.

PYS66011 PYS66012 – – – – – PYS66014 PYS66018

PYS68011 PYS68012 PYS68020 PYS68021 PYS68022 PYS68023 PYS68038 PYS68014 PYS68018

PYS66001 PYS66002 PYS66003

PYS68001 PYS68002 PYS68003

Plasma-Moly File Fit Piston Ring Sets Perfect Circle Rings reduce friction, increase power output, reduce oil consumption and last longer. File fit sets include eight ductile iron plasma-moly top rings, THG (tapered hook groove) second compression rings and CP-20 oil control rings. Ring sets include standard tension oil rings unless specified. Part No.

Bore Size

PER315-0034.005 4.000" PER315-0036.005 4.000" PER315-0005.005* 4.000" PER315-0033.005 4.000" PER315-0036.025 4.020" PER315-0005.025* 4.020" PER315-0034.035 4.030" PER315-0036.035 4.030" PER315-0005.035* 4.030" PER315-0033.035 4.030" PER315-0034.045 4.040" PER315-0036.045 4.040" PER315-0005.045* 4.040" PER315-0033.045 4.040" PER315-0034.065 4.060" PER315-0036.065 4.060" PER315-0005.065* 4.060" PER315-0033.065 4.060" PER315-0022.005 4.125" PER315-0032.005 4.125" PER315-0032.025 4.145" PER315-0022.035 4.155" PER315-0032.035 4.155" PER315-0032.045 4.165" PER315-0022.065 4.185" PER315-0032.065 4.185" *Reduced Radial Wall Tension.


353-368CTC09.indd 364

Top Ring

Second Ring

Oil Ring

5/64" 1/16" 1/16" 1/16" 1/16" 1/16" 5/64" 1/16" 1/16" 1/16" 5/64" 1/16" 1/16" 1/16" 5/64" 1/16" 1/16" 1/16" 5/64" 1/16" 1/16" 5/64" 1/16" 1/16" 5/64" 1/16"

5/64" 1/16" 1/16" 1/16" 1/16" 1/16" 5/64" 1/16" 1/16" 1/16" 5/64" 1/16" 1/16" 1/16" 5/64" 1/16" 1/16" 1/16" 5/64" 1/16" 1/16" 5/64" 1/16" 1/16" 5/64" 1/16"

3/16" 3/16" 3/16" (Low Tension) 1/8" 3/16" 3/16" (Low Tension) 3/16" 3/16" 3/16" (Low Tension) 1/8" 3/16" 3/16" 3/16" (Low Tension) 1/8" 3/16" 3/16" 3/16" (Low Tension) 1/8" 3/16" 3/16" 3/16" 3/16" 3/16" 3/16" 3/16" 3/16"

Plasma-Moly Standard Gap Piston Ring Sets Same quality as file-fit rings, but ready to install. Sets are only available with standard tension oil rings. Part No.

Bore Size

Top Ring

Second Ring

Oil Ring

PER315-0034 PER315-0036 PER315-0033 PER315-0034.030 PER315-0036.030 PER315-0033.030 PER315-0034.040 PER315-0036.040 PER315-0034.060 PER315-0036.060 PER315-0033.060

4.000" 4.000" 4.000" 4.030" 4.030" 4.030" 4.040" 4.040" 4.060" 4.060" 4.060"

5/64" 1/16" 1/16" 5/64" 1/16" 1/16" 5/64" 1/16" 5/64" 1/16" 1/16"

5/64" 1/16" 1/16" 5/64" 1/16" 1/16" 5/64" 1/16" 5/64" 1/16" 1/16"

3/16" 3/16" 1/8" 3/16" 3/16" 1/8" 3/16" 3/16" 3/16" 3/16" 1/8"



7/28/09 5:12:55 PM

Part No. Full Size GM

PFC Racing Compounds Performance Friction pads are used by most of the Nextel Cup, Busch Grand National, and Indy racers as well as many top short track racers. Select the PFC compound listed below that best suits requirements. All sets are completely race ready pads requiring no bedding. All pads are boxed per axle set, four pads per box. All PFC compounds are painted black. Compound Description

01 ....... One of the most advanced and popular compounds available from PFC. Slightly higher bite and torque for the first 2/3’s of the stop than the 83. The 01 has less torque scatter for improved modulation with excellent release and a flat torque curve with great control. Very easy on the rotors with very low wear. Requires finesse to prevent from overslowing the car or overwhelming the car’s set-up. Works great in all heat ranges. 03 ....... The latest in PFC pad technology. The 03 has higher bite and higher average torque than the 01 compound. There is a slight rise of torque with temperature to handle the most severe conditions. 03 has excellent release for improved modulation. Very easy on the rotors with wear on par with the 01 compound. Requires finesse to prevent from overslowing the car or overwhelming the car’s set-up. 05 ....... New compound offers the highest initial bite and highest average torque and no torque rise with temperature. The release and wear characteristics are excellent with a slight improvement over the 03 compound. Designed for high grip, high downforce and severe duty including NASCAR short track. Only available in GM 0052 Series. 81 ....... A race ready compound that replaces the 80 compound and provides smooth, stable high temperature torque and superior cold bite for dirt or asphalt. Quick release, low wear and excellent disc conditioning qualities make the pads ideal for low grip asphalt and dirt track including IMCA modifieds, dirt late models and street stocks. 97 ....... High cold bite with great modulation. Pads have a very flat torque curve with enhanced release characteristics. The 97 is very easy on the discs with very low wear. Works well in all heat ranges. A great rear pad when mixed with 01 in the front, also works well on the front and rear on milder braking asphalt or dirt tracks.

ZR34 Series Calipers The most technologically advanced caliper currently offered to the Late Model market. Manufactured using a Monobloc (one-piece) design, billet aluminum calipers offer increased pedal stiffness, improved response and less drag. ASA-legal four piston calipers use radial mounting for improved torque takeout. Wide 5 and 5 x 5 compatible, calipers are designed for use with 1.25" thick, 11.75-12.7 diameter discs. Requires #PFC180-028-158-01 caliper bracket. Part No.


Piston Size (mm)

Rotor Thickness

PFR34-323-255-290-01 PFR34-323-255-290-02 PFR34-323-410-440-11 PFR34-323-410-440-12

Left Rear/Leading Right/Leading Left/Trailing Right Front/Trailing

2.55/29.0-29.0/36.5 2.55/29.0-29.0/36.5 41.0/44.0 41.0/44.0

1.25" 1.25" 1.25" 1.25"


PFR0052-01-14-44 ........ 01 Compound, Race Ready Set PFR0052-05-14-44 ........ 05 Compound, Race Ready Set PFR0052-81-14-44 ........ 81 Compound, Race Ready Set PFR0052-97-14-44 ........ 97 Compound, Race Ready Set


Intermediate GM Metric

PFR0154-01-14-44 ........ 01 Compound, Race Ready Set PFR0154-81-14-44 ........ 81 Compound, Race Ready Set PFR0154-97-14-44 ........ 97 Compound, Race Ready Set PFR0154Z ...................... Z-Rated Compound, Std. Set


Wilwood Superlite, Outlaw 3000/4000, Sierra XL

PFR7751-01-20-44 ........ 01 Compound, Race Ready Set PFR7751-03-20-44 ........ 03 Compound, Race Ready Set PFR7751-81-20-44 ........ 81 Compound, Race Ready Set PFR7751-97-20-44 ........ 97 Compound, Race Ready Set


Wilwood Dynalite, Outlaw 2000, Sierra Mini GN

PFR7752-01-12-44 ........ 01 Compound, Race Ready Set PFR7752-81-12-44 ........ 81 Compound, Race Ready Set PFR7752-97-12-44 ........ 97 Compound, Race Ready Set


Wilwood GN, Outlaw GN, Sierra GN, AP SC360

PFR7753-01-21-44 ........ 01 Compound, Race Ready Set 7753

Wilwood Dynalite Bridgebolt, Outlaw 2800

PFR7754-01-16-44 ........ 01 Compound, Race Ready Set PFR7754-81-16-44 ........ 81 Compound, Race Ready Set PFR7754-97-16-44 ........ 97 Compound, Race Ready Set


Wilwood Dynalite Single, Outlaw 1000, Sierra Mini GN


PFR7757-01-12-44 ........ 01 Compound, Race Ready Set PFR7757-81-12-44 ........ 81 Compound, Race Ready Set PFR7757-97-12-44 ........ 97 Compound, Race Ready Set

Late Model/Modified/CASCAR Brake Rotors PFC’s late model/modified brake rotors are made from superior alloys to resist cracking and are offered in smooth or slotted designs. Directional vanes control air flow and increase brake performance and durability. Advanced pattern on slotted rotor enhances pad bite and reduces thermal distortion. All rotors listed are 8-bolt with a 7" bolt circle. Part No.


PFC Pad Shape

PFR299-20-0045-01* PFR299-20-0045-02* PFR299-32-0040-01 PFR299-32-0040-02 PFR299-32-0045-01 PFR299-32-0045-02 * Includes rotor bolt kit

LH, 11.75" Dia. x .810" Thick RH, 11.75" Dia. x .810" Thick LH, 11.75" Dia. x 1.250" Thick RH, 11.75" Dia. x 1.250" Thick LH, Late Model CASCAR, Includes Bolt Kit RH, Late Model CASCAR, Includes Bolt Kit

0052/7752/7754 0052/7752/7754 7736/7751 7736/7751 0052/7752/7754 0052/7752/7754

PFC PAD PART NUMBERING SYSTEM WWW-XX-YY-ZZ PFC Pad Shape Compound Overall Thickness (mm) 04= Std. Set, 4 Pads 44 = Race Ready, Full Set

353-368CTC09.indd 365




7/28/09 5:13:16 PM

Circle Track Analyzer PFTCTA35C

3-D Double A-Arm (Double Wishbone) Suspension Analyzer PFTSA20C

Version 3.5 computer program simulates, predicts and analyzes late model, modified, factory stock, mini stock, etc. oval track applications. Study shocks, springs and other factors that can affect race car handling and performance. Add rear suspension specs, corner weights, aerodynamics, gear ratios, etc., and drive the "virtual" race car to study and estimate lap times, roll center, camber change, spring motion, etc. as the car goes around the track. Built-in roll center calculator allows creating graphs and tables for various combinations. Requires an IBM or compatible computer with Windows 95/98/Me/XP/2000/NT and Vista.

Version 2.0 3-D suspension analyzer does a complete double Aarm suspension or McPhearson strut analysis, including spring/ shock/sway bar motion ratio, camber, caster, tire scrub, Ackermann, instant center height, roll center, spindle angle, anti dive % and more. Program requires an IBM or compatible computer with Windows 98/Me/XP//2000/NT and Vista.

Engine Analyzer PFTEA32C

Roll Center Calculator PFTRC20C

Software program simulates and analyzes double A-arm or McPherson strut style front suspensions for camber gain, roll center, wheel rate and more. Once car data is entered, the program has the ability to calculate instant centers, roll center, king pin angle, wheel rate, scrub radius, and camber gain. Data may then be analyzed and altered for further study and experimentation. Program requires an IBM or compatible computer with Windows 95/98/Me/XP/2000/NT and Vista.

Scott Baker


353-368CTC09.indd 366

Photo John Berglund

Version 3.2 can simulate, predict and analyze stock or race engine performance. Change specs for cam, manifold or headers and see the effects. Engine output is through torque, horsepower or value plots. Program requires an IBM or compatible computer with Windows 95/98/Me/XP/2000/NT and Vista.

Tony Weinrick


Photo: John Berglund


7/28/09 5:13:36 PM

Thin Line Transmission Cooler Kits

Turbo Flex Standard Electric Fans Straight blade, low profile fans are mounted within a shroud assembly and are perfect for limited space or auxiliary cooling use. Fans may be mounted on either side of the radiator and set-up in push or pull configuration.

PRM1010 PRM1015 PRM19120

Part No.




PRM19128 PRM19120 PRM19122 PRM19124 PRM19126

8" Dia. 10" Dia. 12" Dia. 14" Dia. 16" Dia.

800 CFM 900 CFM 1,200 CFM 1,650 CFM 2,100 CFM

8" x 10" x 2-1/4" 11" x 10" x 2-1/4" 13-3/4" x 12-1/2" x 2-3/4" 15-1/2" x 14" x 3-15/16" 17" x 16" x 3-1/4"

Turbo Flex High Performance Electric Fans Among the most powerful electric fans available, Turbo Flex high performance fans are capable of moving almost twice the volume of other fans. PRM19010 Fans feature lightweight nylon or aluminum blade assemblies and open steel fan housings. Fans are reversible and may be mounted on either side of radiator. Part No.




PRM19010+ PRM19008+ PRM19114* PRM19115* PRM19117*

10" Dia. 12" Dia. 14" Dia. 16" Dia. 18" Dia.

1,250 CFM 1,650 CFM 2,950 CFM 2,950 CFM 2,500 CFM

13" x 10-1/2" x 2-1/2" 12-1/2" x 12-1/2" x 3-3/4" 14" x 14" x 3-3/4" 16" x 16" x 3-3/4" 17-3/4" x 17-3/4" x 3-3/4"

+ Nylon Blade * Aluminum Blade

Turbo Flex Electric Fan Installation Accessories Part No. Description

PRM18905 ...... Adjustable Wiring Kit, 170-210째F Adjustable Thermal Switch, Probe (Installs Between Radiator Fins), Wiring And Connectors PRM18907 ...... Adjustable Wiring Kit, 170-210째F Adjustable Thermal Switch, Probe (Installs Into Manifold/Cyl. Head), Wiring And Connectors PRM19001 ...... Standard Wiring Kit, 170째F Automatic Thermal Switch, Wiring And Connectors PRM19007 ...... Standard Wiring Kit, 170째F Threaded Automatic Thermal Switch, Wiring And Connectors

Tony Roland

353-368CTC09.indd 367

Photo: John Berglund

Kits improve performance and extend transmission life. Lightweight, compact, 3/4" thick coolers are perfect for limited space. Cooler kits include installation hardware. Part No. Description Standard Transmission Coolers, 11/32" Multi-Barb Fittings

PRM1010 ........ 12,000-14,000 GVW Transmission Cooler Kit, 5" x 12-1/2" PRM1011 ........ 14,000-16,000 GVW Transmission Cooler Kit, 5" x 15-1/2" PRM1012 ........ 16,000-18,000 GVW Transmission Cooler Kit, 7-1/2" x 12-1/2" PRM1013 ........ 18,000-20,000 GVW Transmission Cooler Kit, 7-1/2" x 15-1/2" PRM1014 ........ 22,000-24,000 GVW Transmission Cooler Kit, 10" x 15-1/2" PRM1015 ........ 20,000-22,000 GVW Transmission Cooler Kit, 10" x 12-1/2" Competition Transmission Coolers, -6AN Male Fittings

PRM1021* ...... 14,000-16,000 GVW Transmission Cooler Kit, 5" x 15-1/2" PRM1024* ...... 22,000-24,000 GVW Transmission Cooler Kit, 10" x 15-1/2" Transmission Cooler Installation Accessories

PRM104 .......... Metal Mounting Kit, Includes Two Zinc-Plated Steel Mounting Brackets And Hardware PRM105 .......... Universal Mounting Kit, Includes Four Nylon Tie Mounts And Protective Foam Pads *Hose not included.

Chevy Oil Filter Adapter PRM1135 Directly replaces the OEM oil filter adapter, while eliminating the oil filter bypass circuit resulting in continuous filtration and cleaner oil.

Doug Ausra


Photo: John Berglund



7/28/09 5:13:57 PM

PermaPoxy PEX84101

Ground Shipment Only On All Permatex Products Listed.

Easy-to-use, 2-part epoxy bonds metal, fiberglass, rubber, plastic, etc. Sold in a .84 oz. carded ed syringe.

Gasket Makers Increased use of aluminum, bi-metal alloys, and high tech plastics has created the need for superior RTV silicone gasket makers. Permatex offers carded tubes or cartridges. Description


Carded Oz.

Ultra Black Ultra Blue No Leak Ultra Copper Hi-Temp Ultra Grey Blue Sensor Safe Clear Black Hi-Temp Sensor Safe Hi-Temp

PEX82180 PEX81724 PEX81878 PEX82194 PEX80022 PEX80050 PEX81158 PEX81160 PEX81422

3.35 3.35 3 3.5 3 3 3 3 3


Cartridge Oz.


PEX24105 – – – – PEX80855 – PEX81409 –

10.6 – – – – 11 – 11 –

-65° To 500° -65° To 500° -75° To 700° -65° To 500° -65° To 500° -75° To 400° -75° To 400° -65° To 650° -65° To 650°

The Right Stuff Gasket Maker Repair leaks quickly with The Right Stuff leakproof gasket maker. Modern rubber gasket technology is incorporated in this product which is used on production lines by GM, Ford and Chrysler. Temperature range is -75° to 450°F. Part No.

Thread Sealant With Teflon


PEX25223 ....... 4 Oz. Tube PEX25224 ....... 7 Oz. Tube PEX29208 ....... 5 Oz. Cartridge PEX33694 ....... 10 Oz. Tube

A general purpose fitting Sealant. Remains pliable at high or low temperatures. Effective from -65° to 300°F. Part No.


PEX80631 ....... 1 Oz. Tube PEX80632 ....... 4 Oz. Can

Threadlockers Developed to positively lock and seal threaded fasteners. Threadlockers fill the space between threads on metal parts and then harden for a tough, adhesive bond and seal. Part No.


PEX24200 ....... Medium Strength Blue, Carded 6ml Tube PEX24240 ....... Medium Strength Blue, Carded 36ml Bottle PEX24300 ....... Medium Strength Blue, Carded 10ml Bottle PEX27100 ....... Hi-Strength Red, Carded 6ml Tube PEX27140 ....... High Strength Red, Carded 36ml Bottle PEX27200 ....... Hi-Temp/Hi-Strength Red, Carded 10ml Bottle

Anti-Seize Lubricant

Copper Spray-A-Gasket PEX80697 Sealant helps dissipate heat, improves heat transfer and prevents gasket burnout. Seals minor surface imperfections instantly. Ideal for head, exhaust manifold and carburetor gaskets. Temperature range -50° to 500°F. Sold in a 12 oz. aerosol can.

High Performance Thread Sealant PEX56521 Formulated for tapered pipe fittings, sealant replaces Teflon tape or pipe dope. Works well on head bolts (that pass through water jackets), sending units, sensors, fuel fittings, oil and coolant lines, and rear axle fill plugs. 50ml tube.

Blend of aluminum, copper and graphite lubricants prevents galling, corrosion and seizing for easier disassembly. Works well anywhere, including lubrication of slip-on collectors, adjustable header tubes or any other exhaust tubing for easier disassembly. Effective from -60° to 1200°F. Part No.


PEX80078 ....... 8 Oz. Brush-Top Bottle PEX81343 ....... 1 Oz. Carded Tube

Ultra-Slick Engine Assembly Lube PEX81950 Ultra-Slick prevents galling and scuffing during critical initial engine start-up. Superior adhesion qualities meet or exceed stock performance specifications for engine assembly Lubricant. Use on bearings, camshafts, lifters, valves, guides, and rocker shaft assemblies. 4 oz. bottle.

High Temperature Thread Sealants

Fast Orange Hand Cleaners

Sealant is used to lock and seal threaded fittings or bolts. Often used on head bolts (that enter water jackets), oil sending units, fuel fittings, rear axle plugs, brake and power steering fittings, etc.

The #1 selling, biodegradable, waterless solventfree hand cleaner. Contains no harsh chemicals, mineral oils or ammonia that can irritate cuts and abrasions.

Part No.

Part No.


PEX59214 ....... 6ml Carded Tube PEX59235 ....... 50ml Carded Tube Ground Shipment Only


PEX25108 ....... Fine Pumice Cleaner, 7.5 Oz. Bottle PEX25116 ....... Fine Pumice Cleaner, 15 Oz. Bottle PEX25218 ....... Fine Pumice Cleaner, 1 Gal. Bottle With Pump PEX25025 ....... Hand Cleaner Wipes, 25 Count

On All Permatex Products Listed.


353-368CTC09.indd 368



8/3/09 10:52:35 AM

Flame-Thrower II Coils

Flame-Thrower Billet “Plug N Play” Distributors

The Flame-Thrower II coils put out an incredible e 45,000 volts. Compatible for use with Ignitor II orr capacitive discharge ignition systems.

Affordable performance, ideal replacement ent for points or stock electronic distributors. Features atures the patented Ignitor II module, a 6061-T6 polished shed billett aluminum housing and a tempered .500" dia. shaft. Compatible with multiple spark CD boxes.. Available e with or without vacuum advance and with h choice off male or female style distributor caps. Description

Vacuum Advance Distributors Chevy, Std. Deck Ht., Female Cap Chevy, Std. Deck Ht., Male Cap SB Ford 289-351W (Exc. 5.0L), Female Cap SB Ford 289-351W (Exc. 5.0L), Male Cap Non-Vacuum Advance Distributors Chevy, Std. Deck Ht., Female Cap Chevy, Std. Deck Ht., Male Cap SB Ford 289-351W (Exc. 5.0L), Female Cap SB Ford 289-351W (Exc. 5.0L), Male Cap

Part No.

Flame-Thrower HEI Tune-Up Kits

Black Cap

Red Cap

PRTD100700 PRTD100710 PRTD130700 –

PRTD100701 PRTD100711 PRTD130701 PRTD130711

PRTD100800 PRTD100810 – –

PRTD100801 PRTD100811 PRTD130801 PRTD130811

Flame-Thrower Race HEI Distributors 48% more peak current than street/strip distributors, with vacuum lockouts to prevent improper timing changes. High dielectric strength caps with brass terminals, balanced rotors, high output coils and modules are included. Black or red caps. Description

Black Cap

Red Cap

Chevy V8, All Exc. 348-409, Cast Housing



Highly efficient, E-core HV (high voltage) coils deliver a full 60,000 volts. Special heat sink and 6063T5 aluminum construction allow operation in a wide temperature range without degradation. Offered in three Ohm ranges. Description

PRT60104 ......... .45 Ohms, 4-, 6- Or 8-Cyl. Ignitor II Or Most CD Ignitions PRT60115 ......... 1.5 Ohms, 8 Cyl. Ignitor Or Points Ignition PRT60130 ......... 3.0 Ohms, 4- Or 6-Cyl. Ignitor Or Points Ignition

Flame-Thrower Coils The Flame-Thrower coils produce 40,000 volts and are available in black or chrome. For use with inductive or Ignitor ignition systems. Part No.


PRT40001 ....... Chrome, Oil Filled, 1.5 OHM PRT40011 ....... Black, Oil Filled, 1.5 OHM PRT40111 ....... Epoxy (Black), 1.5 OHM

Kits have everything needed to improve a stock GM HEI distributor. Kits include coil, module, high dielectric strength cap, rotor, coil cover, adjustable vacuum advance, high performance advance kit, wiring harness, capacitor and hardware. Cap and rotor kits are also offered. Description

Black Cap

Red Cap

Blue Cap

Chevy V8, 4-Pin Module Cap And Rotor Only Kit, All GM V8

PRTD8000 PRTD4000

PRTD8001 PRTD4001

PRTD8002 PRTD4002

GM HEI Distributor Accessories Pertronix offers a full selection of components to help "wake up" your stock GM HEI distributor. Part No.


PRTD2070 ....... Race Only HEI 4-Pin Module, 7.2 Amps PRTD3070 ....... Race Only HEI Ignition Coil, 0.35 Ohms PRTD9010 ....... Vacuum Advance Lockout, Clockwise Rotation Distributors

Flame-Thrower Digital Rev Limiter PRT600

Flame Thrower HV 60,000 Volt Coils

Part No.


PRT45001 ................Chrome Flame-Thrower II Coil, Oil Filled, 0.6 Oh Ohm hm PRT45011 ................Black Flame-Thrower II Coil, Oil Filled, 0.6 Ohm PRT45111 ................Epoxy (Black) Flame-Thrower II Coil, 0.6 Ohm

Digital rev limiter is compatible with any 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engine using points, original equipment electronic (GM HEI, Ford, Chrysler) or aftermarket inductive ignition systems including the Ignitor and Ignitor II. The unit’s small size (2.5" x 3" x 1.4") and four-wire hook-up make it easy to install. Setting is easy with external digital rotary switches (eliminate RPM “chips”).

Second Strike PRT500 The Ignition box delivers a powerful second spark throughout the entire RPM range. Micro controller unit supplements most inductive type (points, GM HEI, Ford TFI and Duraspark, Ignitor and Ignitor II) ignitions to provide increased burn time at high engine speeds for more horsepower and torque. A built-In digital rev limiter provides overrev protection and is easily adjusted with external rotary switches.

Small Block Chevy Dual Idler Gear Drive PTJ327-1C CNC-machined, billet steel gear drive fits under stock timing cover, assures accurate timing and an easy installation. Camshaft and crankshaft gears, dual idler gear assembly and necessary hardware included.

369-384CTC09.indd 369



369 3 69

7/29/09 10:41:09 AM

Pro Series Dry Sump Oil Pumps

Oil Pump Mount Plates

Peterson’s Pro Series dry sump oil pumps use a superior gerotor design for maximum efficiency. Each fully CNC-machined pump is fitted with tubular dowels and O-rings for accurate alignment and leak-free operation. Offered in 3, 4 and 5-stage versions, modular pumps have true, bolt-in scavenge manifolds for lower profile and easier installation, while the pressure “in” fitting at the rear of the pump eases plumbing on most applications.

Because gerotor gears minimize vibration, only one billet aluminum plate is needed to mount Peterson dry sump oil pumps.

NOTE: Stages refer to the total number of pumping bodies which include one pressure section. For example, four-stage pump includes one pressure section and three scavenging sections.

Part No.


PTR06-3001 .... SB Chevy Lt. Side Mount Plate, Fits PTR03-3001, PTR03-4001, PTR03-5001 Pumps PTR06-3325 .... SB Ford Rt. Side Mount Plate, Fits Twin Blade or Bearclaw Pumps

Pro Rotor Pump Fittings-Flange Style

Engine Mount Twin Blade Dry Sump Oil Pumps Twin blade, dual feed pressure design pumps allow for adjusting both idle and top end oil pressure. When combined with an available internal scavenge manifold and bolt-on fittings, modular pump is a low profile, compact package. Pumps may be fitted with a wide variety of options. Part No.



Part No. Description Scavenge In/Pressure Out Small 4-Bolt Flange

PTR15-1101 .... -10AN x Small Port Pro Rotor PTR15-1102 .... -12AN x Small Port Pro Rotor PTR15-1141 .... -10AN x 45° Small Port Pro Rotor PTR15-1142 .... -12AN x 45° Small Port Pro Rotor


PTR03-3201 3-Stage Pump PTR03-4201 4-Stage Pump

Left or Cam Left or Cam Right or PTR03-4211 4-Stage Pump Bellhousing PTR03-5201 5-Stage Pump Left or Cam

Rear Inlet Pressure In/Scavenge Out Large 4-Bolt Flange

Std. Std.

PTR15-1103 .... -12AN x Large Port Pro Rotor PTR15-1104 .... -16AN x Large Port Pro Rotor PTR15-1105 .... -12AN x 90° Large Port Pro Rotor PTR15-1106 .... -16AN x 90° Large Port Pro Rotor

Std. Std.

Side Inlet Pressure In, Oval Port

SB Chevy Pump Installation Accessories Description



Oil Pump Pulley Crankshaft Pulley For Oil Pump Drive Water Pump Pulley Crankshaft Pulley For Water Pump Drive Belt For Oil Pump Belt For Water Pump

PTR05-0328 (28T) PTR05-0216 (16T) PTR05-0432 (32T) PTR05-0221 (21T) PTR05-0908 (24") PTR05-0908 (24")

PTR05-1333 (33T) PTR05-1219 (19T) PTR05-1435 (35T) PTR05-1225 (25T) PTR05-1904 (632mm) PTR05-1903 (600mm)

Part No.





369-384CTC09.indd 370

Part No.


Peterson’s aluminum Direct Mount Scavenge Manifolds attach directly to the pump, reducing the number of hoses necessary to return scavenge oil from the pump to the tank. Part No.


Bert/Brinn Pump Installation Accessories Description

Large bore, anodized fittings are radiused to provide maximum oil flow.

Direct Mount Scavenge Manifolds


PTR03-4311 4-Stage Pump Right or Bellhousing Std. PTR03-4316 4-Stage Pump Right or Bellhousing Rear Drive/HV PTR03-4356* 4-Stage Pump Right or Bellhousing DFP Rear Drive/HV PTR03-5311 5-Stage Pump Right or Bellhousing Std. PTR03-5314 5-Stage Pump Right or Bellhousing Rear Drive/Std. PTR03-5356* 5-Stage Pump Right or Bellhousing DFP Rear Drive/HV *DFP Signifies Dual Feed Pressure, Which Reduces Cavitation And Increases Oil Pressure.

Oil Pump Pulley PTR05-0332 (32T) Belt For Oil Pump PTR05-0908 (24") Pulley Flanges PTR05-0632* *Sold Individually, Two Required

Dry Sump Pump Fittings - Male Thread PTR15-1005 .... -10AN x -10AN Port PTR15-1006 .... -12AN x -10AN Port PTR15-1007 .... -16AN x -10AN Port

Bert/Brinn Bellhousing Mount Dry Sump Oil Pumps Pro Series dry sump pumps bolt directly to a Bert or Brinn bellhousing. Pumps with rear drive accept KSE tandem pumps and Sweet power steering pumps.

PTR15-1109 .... -16AN x Oval Port Pro Rotor PTR15-1110 .... -12AN x Oval Port Pro Rotor


PTR05-1340 (40T) PTR05-1905 (640mm) PTR05-1640*


PTR10-0100 .... 3 Stage, -12, -12, -12 Peterson Pump PTR10-0103 .... 4 Stage, -12, -12, -12, -16 Peterson Pump PTR10-0300 .... 3 Stage, -12, -12, -12 Weaver, SCP Pump PTR10-0301 .... 3 Stage, -12, -12, -16 Weaver, SCP Pump PTR10-0303 .... 4 Stage, -12, -12, -12, -16 Weaver, SCP Pump

Remote Relief Valve Remote relief valve allows oil pressure to be adjusted where rules require that the oil pump be in the stock location. May also be used in dry sump applications to make the pressure regulator more accessible. Part No.


PTR09-0160 .... Remote Relief Valve, -10AN Fittings PTR09-0161 .... Remote Relief Valve, -12AN Oil Fittings, -10AN Relief Line Fitting



7/29/09 10:41:28 AM

Small Block Chevy Oil Pump Drive Kits Oval Track/ Road Race Kits Includes 3.250" long mandrel, 5-1/2" double groove V-belt pulley to drive water pump, crankshaft and oil pump pulleys, belt pulley guide washers and installation hardware. Designed for pre-1964 short water pump. Drives oil pump at 57% of crank speed. Water pump pulley is not included. Part No.


Includes 5.000" mandrel, crank and oil pump pulleys, two belts, pulley guide, installation hardware and water pump pulleys for Gilmer belt. Use with pre-1964 Chevy short water pumps. Systems drive oil pump at 57% of crank speed.

PTR05-0324 .......24-Tooth PTR05-0328 .......28-Tooth PTR05-0332 .......32-Tooth PTR05-0336 .......36-Tooth Water Pump Pulleys – 2" Wide, 5/8"-3/4" Bore


PTR05-0424 .......24-Tooth PTR05-0428 .......28-Tooth PTR05-0432 .......32-Tooth

Gilmer Belts

Small Block Chevy Water Pump Drive Kits

Gilmer style (cog) belts, are used to drive dry sump oil pumps and other engine accessories.

Part No. Description Gilmer Belt Drives 7% Reduction 240 L 100 Belt

Part No. Description 1/2" Wide, 3/8 Pitch

PTR05-0900 ........210-L-050, 21" Long PTR05-0903 ........225-L-050, 22.5" Long PTR05-0906 ........240-L-050, 24" Long PTR05-0909 ........255-L-050, 25.5" Long PTR05-0912 ........270-L-050, 27" Long PTR05-0915 ........285-L-050, 28.5" Long PTR05-0918 ........300-L-050, 30" Long PTR05-0924 ........322-L-050, 32.2" Long

PTR05-0428 .... Water Pump Pulley, 28T PTR05-0226 .... Crank Pulley, 26T 30% Reduction 240 L 100 Belt

PTR05-0432 .... Water Pump Pulley, 32T PTR05-0221 .... Crank Pulley, 21T 40% Reduction 225 L 100 Belt

PTR05-0428 .... Water Pump Pulley, 28T PTR05-0217 .... Crank Pulley, 17T

3/4" Wide, 3/8" Pitch

HTD Belt Drives 10% Reduction 640-8m-20 Belt

PTR05-0901 ........210-L-075 - 21" Long PTR05-0910 ........255-L-075 - 25.5" Long PTR05-0919 ........300-L-075 - 30" Long

PTR05-1437 .... Water Pump Pulley, 37T PTR05-1233 .... Crank Pulley, 33T

1" Wide, 3/8 Pitch

29% Reduction 600-8m-20 Belt

PTR05-0902 ........210-L-100, 21" Long PTR05-0905 ........225-L-100, 22.5" Long PTR05-0908 ........240-L-100, 24" Long PTR05-0911 ........255-L-100, 25.5" Long PTR05-0914 ........270-L-100, 27" Long PTR05-0917 ........285-L-100, 28.5" Long PTR05-0920 ........300-L-100, 30" Long PTR05-0926 ........322-L-100, 32.2" Long

PTR05-1435 .... Water Pump Pulley, 35T PTR05-1225 .... Crank Pulley, 25T

369-384CTC09.indd 371

PTR05-0214 .......14-Tooth PTR05-0216 .......16-Tooth PTR05-0217 .......17-Tooth PTR05-0218 .......18-Tooth PTR05-0219 .......19-Tooth PTR05-0221 .......21-Tooth PTR05-0224 .......24-Tooth PTR05-0226 .......26-Tooth Oil Pump Pulleys – 1.020" Wide, 5/8" Bore, 3/16" Keyway, Use with 1" Wide Belt

PTR05-0110 .... Gilmer Drive Kit, 40% Reduction On Water Pump Speed PTR05-0111 .... Gilmer Drive Kit, 30% Reduction On Water Pump Speed

Part No. Description Crank Driven Pulleys – .560" Wide, 1" Bore, 1/8" Keyway, Use with 1/2" Wide Belt

Crank Driven Pulleys – 1.020" Wide, 1" Bore, 1/8" Keyway, Use with 1" Wide Belt

Oval Track/Road Race Kits w/Gilmer Belt Water Pump Drives

Jacob Caines

Gilmer Pulleys are CNC-machined from billet aluminum and hardcoated for durability.

PTR05-0204 .......14-Tooth PTR05-0206 .......16-Tooth PTR05-0207 .......17-Tooth PTR05-0208 .......18-Tooth

PTR05-0103 .... Gilmer Drive Kit PTR05-1103 .... HTD Drive Kit

Part No.

Gilmer Pulleys

Photo: John Berglund




8/3/09 10:56:20 AM

HTD Pulleys HTD (High Torque Drive) CNC-machined aluminum Pulleys are hard-coat anodized for durability. Pulleys have 8mm pitch. Part No. Description Crank Driven Pulleys – 1.020" Wide, 1" Bore, 1/8" Keyway

PTR05-1218 ........18-Tooth PTR05-1219 ........19-Tooth PTR05-1220 ........20-Tooth PTR05-1221 ........21-Tooth PTR05-1222 ........22-Tooth PTR05-1223 ........23-Tooth PTR05-1225 ........25-Tooth PTR05-1233 ........33-Tooth Oil Pump Pulleys – 1.020" Wide, 5/8" Bore, 3/16" Keyway

PTR05-1332 ........32-Tooth PTR05-1333 ........33-Tooth PTR05-1334 ........34-Tooth PTR05-1335 ........35-Tooth PTR05-1336 ........36-Tooth PTR05-1337 ........37-Tooth PTR05-1338 ........38-Tooth PTR05-1340 ........40-Tooth PTR05-1340-WC* ..40-Tooth PTR05-1344 ........44 Tooth PTR05-1349 ........49-Tooth

Oil Pump Drive Mandrels And Bolts Stress-proof steel mandrels provide the precision and dependability that racers demand. Mandrel bolts are grade 8 and include L-9 washers. Part No. Description Steel Mandrels

Part No. Mandrel Bolts


PTR05-0701 ......SBC 1.250" Long PTR05-0702 ......SBC 2.400" Long PTR05-0703 ......SBC 3.250" Long PTR05-0704 ......SBC 5.000" Long

PTR05-0751 ....... 7/16"-20 X 3-1/2" PTR05-0752 ....... 7/16"-20 X 5" PTR05-0753 ....... 7/16"-20 X 6" PTR05-0754 ....... 7/16"-20 X 8"

Aluminum Mandrels


PTR05-0706 ...... SBC 2.400" Long PTR05-0707 ...... SBC 3.250" Long

PTR05-0296 ...... Key Stock 1/8" x .870" 2 pk. PTR05-0297 ...... Key Stock 1/8" x 1.870" 2 pk. PTR05-0299 ...... Key Stock 1/8" x 6" 2 pk. PTR05-0399 ...... Key For Pump Pulleys 3/16" x 1.500

Drive Pulley Guide And Step Washers

Water Pump Pulleys – 2" Wide, 5/8"-3/4" Bore

PTR05-1435 ........35-Tooth PTR05-1437 ........37-Tooth

Peterson Drive Pulley Guide and Step Washers are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and are a must for proper belt alignment. Part No.

*30mm (1.259" Wide) Pulley

HTD Belts HTD (High Torque Drive) have round teeth for deeper pulley engagement, making them capable of withstanding more load in severe applications.


PTR05-0730 ........ Step Washer, 2-1/2" O.D. With 7/16" Bolt Hole PTR05-0731 ........ Step Washer, 2 -1/2" O.D. With 1/2" Bolt Hole PTR05-0732 ........ Step Washer, 2 -1/2" O.D. With 5/8" Bolt Hole PTR05-0735 ........ Guide Washer, 2- 3/4" O.D. With 1" I.D. Hole, .125" Thick PTR05-0736 ........ Guide Washer, 3-1/4" O.D. With 1" I.D. Hole, .125" Thick PTR05-0737 ........ Guide Washer, 3-1/2" O.D. With 1" I.D. Hole, .125" Thick

Part No. Description 20mm Wide - 8mm Pitch

Mandrel Spacers

PTR05-1900 ........480mm PTR05-1901 ........536mm PTR05-1902 ........560mm PTR05-1903 ........600mm PTR05-1908 ........624mm PTR05-1904 ........632mm PTR05-1905 ........640mm PTR05-1909 ........656mm PTR05-1910 ........680mm PTR05-1906 ........720mm PTR05-1912 ........760mm PTR05-1907 ........800mm

Peterson Mandrel Spacers are available in thicknesses from .250" to 1.250" and properly space/align the mandrel pulley pack. Spacers are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and can be easily modified to accommodate non-standard sizes. Part No.

30mm Wide - 8mm Pitch

PTR05-1931 ........536mm PTR05-1933 ........600mm PTR05-1935 ........640mm PTR05-1939 ........656mm

Scavenge Filters

Pulley Flanges Anodized, aluminum billet flanges press into the pulley and act as belt guides. Flanges fit Peterson pulleys, but may not fit pulleys manufactured by other companies. Sold individually. Part No.


PTR05-0624 ........Fits 05-0324 Pulley PTR05-0628 ........Fits 05-0328, 05-1334, 05-1335 Pulleys PTR05-0632 ........Fits 05-0332 Pulley PTR05-0636 ........Fits 05-0336 Pulley PTR05-1632 ........Fits 05-1332 Pulley PTR05-1636 ........Fits 05-1336 Pulley PTR05-1637 ........Fits 05-1337 Pulley PTR05-1638 ........Fits 05-1338 Pulley PTR05-1640 ........Fits 05-1340 Pulley PTR05-1644 ........Fits 05-1344 Pulley


369-384CTC09.indd 372


PTR05-0740 ........0.250" Thick PTR05-0741 ........0.375" Thick PTR05-0742 ........0.500" Thick PTR05-0743 ........0.750" Thick PTR05-0744 ........1.000" Thick PTR05-0746 ........1.250" Thick

Peterson’s aluminum billet Inline Filters remove harmful debris from the oil before it reaches the pump. The free-flowing units have twice the filter area of dry sump pan screens. Part No. Description Inline Scavenge Filters

PTR09-0401 ........-8AN, Use On Lifter Valley Scavenge Or With Rear End Pumps PTR09-0402 ........-10AN, Use With Dry Sump Pan Or Lifter Valley Scavenge Lines PTR09-0403 ........-12AN, Use With Dry Sump Pan Lines PTR09-0405 ........-16AN Inline 90° Scavenge Filters

PTR09-0406 ........-8AN, Use On Lifter Valley Scavenge Or With Rear End Pumps PTR09-0407 ........-10AN, Use With Dry Sump Pan Or Lifter Valley Scavenge Lines PTR09-0408 ........-12AN, Use On Dry Sump Pan Replacement Screens

PTR09-0410 ........Fits PTR09-0402, PTR09-0403, PTR09-0407, PTR09-0408 PTR09-0411 ........Fits PTR09-0401, PTR09-0406



7/29/09 10:42:08 AM

Dry Sump Pan Filters

Oil Filter Block Off Plates

Aluminum billet filter bolts directly to the pan fittings and provides an accessible screen to protect valuable dry sump pump from ingesting internal engine debris. Screen can easily be inspected without removing pan. 2-1/4" long body. Offered in traditional or 90° versions.

Oil filter block off plates facilitate the installation of wet and dry sump oil pressure lines to the stock oil filter pad. Plates are made from aluminum billet and include mounting hardware.

Part No.


PTR09-0404 .... Filter w/-12AN fitting PTR09-0411 .... Replacement Screen

400 Series Inline Oil Filters Inline oil filters have 25% more filter area than similar units and are available in 60 and 75 micron configurations for engine oil. 2-1/2" filter bodies are hard anodized. Filter mounting brackets are sold separately. Part No. Description Inline Oil Filters

PTR09-0438 .... -12AN Filter, 75 Micron Element, w/o Bypass PTR09-0439 .... -16AN Filter, 75 Micron Element, w/o Bypass PTR09-0452 .... -12AN Filter, 60 Micron Element, w/Bypass PTR09-0457 .... -10AN Filter, 60 Micron Element, w/o Bypass PTR09-0458 .... -12AN Filter, 60 Micron Element, w/o Bypass Filter Mounting Brackets (Sold In Pairs)

PTR09-0492 .... Filter Mount Bracket, Fits 1-1/2" Dia. Tubing PTR09-0493 .... Filter Mount Bracket, Fits 1-3/4" Dia. Tubing PTR09-0494 .... Filter Mount Bracket, Firewall Mount

Part No.


PTR09-0002 .... Chevy V8 with -12AN fitting PTR09-0004 .... Chevy Bow Tie Block with -12AN fitting PTR09-0011 .... Ford V8 with -12AN fitting PTR09-0020 .... Replacement Square O-ring for 09-0001 thru 09-0004

Adjustable Vacuum Regulator PTR08-0455 Billet aluminum adjustable vacuum regulator allows regulating crankcase vacuum, which helps maximize ring seal and engine performance. Adjustable from 2-29.7 in/hg.

One Way Valve Pop Off PTR08-0450 Breather assembly is installed in valve cover on engine’s running crankcase in vacuum condition. Valve seals engine from air entering engine, but opens in the event of crankcase pressure, allowing crankcase to vent. Includes -12AN bung to weld to aluminum valve cover.

Replacement Element

PTR09-0440 .... 75 Micron Element, -8, -10, -12, -16AN Filters Gold/Blue Endcaps PTR09-0460 .... 60 Micron Element, -8, -10, -12, -16AN Filters Gold/Blue Endcaps

Y-Manifolds When multiple oil lines need to be combined in a single high flow line, the tubular or billet aluminum Y-manifolds gets the job done. Part No.

Large Diameter Remote Filter Mount Remote filter mount is CNC machined from aircraft aluminum for light weight and strength. Mount has two inlet and two outlet ports which are -12AN. Mounts include two AN adapter fittings and two solid plugs. Used with Fram HP6 filter. Part No. Description 1-1/2"-12 Filter Mounts

PTR09-0530 .... -10AN Fittings PTR09-0531 .... -12AN Fittings Accessory Components

PTR08-0501 .... -10AN x -12 Port Fitting PTR08-0502 .... -12AN x -12 Port Fitting PTR08-0505 .... -12AN Port Plug - Solid PTR15-1010 .... -12AN Port Plug x 5/8"-18 Temp. Port

369-384CTC09.indd 373

Internally baffled breather has -12AN male threads to fit bung on Peterson dry sump tanks. May also be used on valve covers.


PTR10-0006 .....Y-Manifold, Aluminum Tube, -12, -12, -12 PTR10-0007 .....Y-Manifold, Aluminum Tube, -16, -12, -12 PTR10-0033 .....Y-Manifold, Billet Aluminum, -10, -8, -8 PTR10-0041 .....4-Way Y-Manifold, Billet Aluminum, -8, -6, -6, -6

Screw-In Breather PTR08-0415

Oil Pressure Gauge Fittings Special fittings, designed by Karl Kinser, gets the oil pressure gauge line up where it is more accessible. Fitting is 1/8"NPT on engine end, while the gauge connection is -4AN. Part No.


PTR15-1040 .... Oil Pressure Gauge Fitting, 90° PTR15-1041 .... Oil Pressure Gauge Fitting, Straight

In-Line Temp Port Assembly In-line temperature sender fitting assembly has a standard 5/8"-18 threaded port for a temperature probe. Part No.


PTR09-1940 .... -10AN Nose x -10AN Nose PTR09-1960 .... -12AN Nose x -12AN Nose




8/11/09 4:40:45 PM

Dirt Late Model Oil Tanks

Oil Tank Heaters

Dry sump tanks include a built in oil filter which keeps the tanks clean of engine debris and lessens oil aeration. “Center breather” system allows air to escape out the bottom, leaving oil where it belongs. No more messy breathers. Also includes an oil heater bung for probe style heaters. Available in standard or lay down filter versions. Brackets sold seperately.

Pre-heating of dry or wet sump systems on a race engine ensures increased horsepower and good lubrication upon initial startup. Immersion-style heater does a great job of pre-heating and only requires welding a threaded bung into the tank. Wrap around styles can be glued to the outside of the tank or pan.

Part No.


PTR08-0911-DB .......DLM Tank w/Standard Filter PTR08-0911-CJR ......DLM Tank w/Lay Down Filter


Part No.

Dry Sump Oil Tanks “New Generation” oil tanks are built with state-ofthe-art components and internal baffling, which prevents oil aeration while helping to maintain a tall column of oil over the pick-up. Easily disassembled and tops can be rotated for easy placement of fittings. Brackets sold seperately. Part No.


PTR08-0005* .... 2 Gal. Single Scavenge Inlet, 19.5" Ht. x 6" Dia. PTR08-0007* .... 2.5 Gal. Single Scavenge Inlet, 24" Ht. x 6" Dia. PTR08-0008* .... 2.5 Gal. Dual Scavenge Inlet, 24" Ht. x 6" Dia. PTR08-0009* .... 3 Gal. Single Scavenge Inlet, 16" Ht. x 9" Dia. PTR08-0011† ..... 4 Gal. Single Scavenge Inlet, 19" Ht. x 9" Dia. PTR08-0027* .... Similar to PTR08-0007 w/-12AN Male Fittings PTR08-0028* .... Similar to PTR08-0008 w/-12AN Male Fittings PTR08-0110 ...... Replacement O-Ring For 6" Dia. Tanks PTR08-0112 ...... Replacement Viton O-Ring For 9" Dia. Tanks *Use Mount Bracket PTR08-0100. †Use Mount Bracket PTR08-0101

Dry Sump Oil Tank Mounting Brackets Mounting brackets are machined from billet aluminum and include EPDM rubber-lined stainless steel straps. Sold in pairs. Part No.


PTR08-0100 ...... For 6" Dia. Tanks PTR08-0101 ...... For 9" Dia. Tanks PTR08-0106 ......Dirt Late Model Style, Use On PTR08-0911, Clamps to 1-1/2" Dia. Tubing

Dry Sump Tank Fittings Anodized aluminum fittings complete the installation of any Peterson dry sump tank. Part No.


PTR08-0501 ...... -10AN Hose x -12AN Port PTR08-0502 ...... -12AN Hose x -12AN Port PTR08-0503 ...... -16AN Hose x -12AN Port PTR08-0504 ...... -6AN Port Plug (Tank Drain) PTR08-0505 ...... -12AN Port Plug (Tank Drain) PTR08-0506 ...... O-Ring Kit, -12AN (5 Per Pack)


PTR08-0300 .... 300 Watt Immersion Style 110 Volt w/Detachable Cord Set, Steel and Aluminum 1/2" NPT Weld Bungs PTR08-0301 .... 300 Watt Wrap Around Pad, 2" x 15". 110 Volt w/Detachable Cord Set, Attaches w/Hi-Temp RTV Silicone PTR08-0302 .... 400 Watt Wrap Around Pad, 4" x 10". 110 Volt w/Detachable Cord Set, Attaches w/Hi-Temp RTV Silicone

Lightweight Cap And Bung Assembly PTR08-0611 Billet aluminum 1-7/16" cap and bung assembly is ideal when fabricating custom tanks. Cap is red anodized.

Teflon Engine Seals Hard-to-find Teflon engine seals assure maximum vacuum levels for engines with dry sump oil systems. Seals are manufactured by TKO Competition Development. Part No.


PTRSM86410 ...Rear Main Seal, SB Chevy 400 PTRSM86586 ...Jesel Front Cover, Chevy Cam Seal PTRSM86587 ...Jesel Front Cover, SB Chevy Crank Seal PTRSM86625 ...Rear Main Seal, SB Chevy 350 PTRSM86990 ...Front Crank Seal, SB Chevy

SB Chevy Manifold End Rail Spacers Fill the gap between the manifold and the lifter valley end rails when using raised port cylinder heads on small block Chevy engines. Sold in pairs, Spacers include four 3/16" roll pins for retention. Drilling of the block is required for installation. Part No.


PTR09-1060 .....Spacer Set, .125" Thick PTR09-1061 .....Spacer Set, .187" Thick PTR09-1062 .....Spacer Set, .250" Thick PTR09-1063 .....Spacer Set, .375" Thick

Remote Breather Cans Aluminum cans have internal baffling to prevent foaming and overflow from the dry sump tank. Mounting clamp is included. Part No.


PTR08-0400 ...... Spun Aluminum Tank, (2) -12AN Female Ports and (1) Drain Plug PTR08-0410 ...... Spun Aluminum 3" Dia. Tank, Designed to Breathe Oil Tank and Rear End, (1) -12AN Male Fitting, (1) -8AN Male Fitting and Quick Drain Valve


369-384CTC09.indd 374

Mike Shewchuck / Phil Bozell


Photo: John Berglund


7/29/09 10:42:39 AM

Fuel Pressure Regulator Fittings

Water Neck Riser Block

Machined from aluminum, anodized fittings have large bores and are radiused on the inlet sides for optimum flow.

Peterson’s riser blocks are available with two AN ports to accommodate circulation of the water to the cylinder heads via -6AN or -8AN lines. A model with a water temperature sender port is also available. An O-ring seal is provided on the flange.

Part No.


PTR15-1002 .... Fuel Regulator -10AN x -8 Port PTR15-1003 .... Fuel Regulator -6AN x -6 Port PTR15-1004 .... Fuel Regulator -8AN x -8 Port

Swivel Water Necks

Part No.

Part No.


PTR10-2250 .... 1" Thick Plain Riser, Accepts Thermostat PTR10-2251 .... 1" Thick Riser, Two -6AN Ports PTR10-2252 .... 1" Thick Riser, Two -6AN Ports with Water Temp. Sender Port PTR10-2256 .... 1-1/4" Thick Riser, Two -8AN Ports

Necks swivel 360° for exact hose alignment. Viton Seals are used internally and an O-ring seal is provided on the flange. Description

PTR10-2216 .... -16AN Water Neck PTR10-2220 .... -20AN Water Neck

Aerosol Engine Enamels

Ground Shipment Only

Freeze Plug Kits Skin packaged cards contain all freeze and pipe plugs necessary for a short block. Available in traditional steel or brass. Application

Steel Part No.

Brass Part No.

Non Carded Steel

SB Chevy 262-350 SB Chevy 400 SB Ford 289-351W



PIOPE100R – –

Engine enamels dry quickly to a tough, durable finish resistant to blistering and peeling. Choose from a variety of colors.

Cylinder Head Dowel Pin Kits

Part No.

Each kit includes four dowel pins. Part No.


PIOS-1110 ...... SB Chevy 265-400 PIOS-1112 ...... SB Ford 221-351W

Mickey Cornwell

369-384CTC09.indd 375


PIOT-10-A ....... Chevy Orange PIOT-11-A ....... Ford Blue PIOT-17-A ....... Ford Dark Blue PIOT-19-A ....... Chevy Blue PIOT-26-A ....... Universal Black PIOT-27-A ....... Aluminum PIOT-37-A ....... Gloss Gray PIOT-50-A ....... Light Gray Primer PIOT-52-A ....... Red Oxide Primer PIOT-54-A ....... Flat Black

Photos John Berglund

Part No.

Randy Day



PIOT-55-A......... Gloss White PIOT-56-A......... High Heat Black PIOT-58-A......... Cast Iron Gray PIOT-59-A......... Clear PIOT-60-A......... Universal Gray PIOT-61-A......... Lo-Gloss Black PIOT-62-A......... High Heat Aluminum PIOT-63-A......... High Heat Cast Iron Gray PIOT-64-A......... Black Primer PIOT-65-A......... Stainless Steel

Photo: John Berglund



7/29/09 10:43:00 AM

TTrailer Fuel Jug Racks Heli-arc welded .090" aaluminum racks mount easily on trailer floor e or wall. Racks will hold o round or square fuel jugs ro o and securely inside trailer. ssafely a

Trailer Door Cabinets Cabinets are heli-arc welded d .090" aluminum for long term m strength and durability. Each h cabinet et includes a fold-down table for space, pap paper or added work space aper er ttowel owel ow holder, and enough shelving to hold aerosol cans, oil containers, cleaners, etc. Part No.


PIT320 ............ Door Cabinet, 30" H. x 25" W. x 5.5" D. PIT321 ............ Jr. Door Cabinet, 19.5" H. x 12" W. x 4.5" D.

25th Anniversary Edition Trailer Door Cabinet PIT320A Similar to Pit Pal's original trailer door cabinet with wider and deeper shelves to store up to 20 qts. of oil. Aluminum cabinet is 27" wide x 32" high x 6-3/4" deep with two paper towel holders and a top shelf that holds up to nine aerosol cans.

PPart a No.

Helmet Shelves Store helmet, neck brace, gloves, ear protectors and related items, and hang up to eight uniforms beneath shelf. Shelves are fabricated from .090" aluminum for maximum strength. Part No.

Store up to eight aerosol cans on the top shelf and as many as 29 quarts of oil or filters on the lower shelves. Dimensions: 24-1/2" H. x 36" W. x 5-1/2" D.


PIT330 ............ 1 Bay Helmet Shelf, 14-1/2" L. x 12" H. x 15" D. PIT331 ............ 2 Bay Helmet Shelf, 28-1/2" L. x 12" H. x 15" D.

Hanging Brackets Hanging brackets store all hoses and electrical cords neatly. Gives shop or trailer a professional look. Part No.

Oil Storage Cabinet PIT310


PPIT181 I ............ 2 Jug Rack, 23" L. x 12" D. x 13" H. PIT182 ............ 3 Jug Rack, 34-1/2" L. x 12" D. x 13" H. PI PIT183 ............ 4 Jug Rack, 46" L. x 12" D. x 13" H. PI


PIT220 ............ Electrical Cord Bracket PIT221 ............ Air Hose Bracket

Deluxe Air Bracket PIT223 Great for storing air hose, chuck, air gauge, small tools, etc.

Tie Down Hangers Junior Oil Cabinet PIT313 Smaller, heavy duty .090" aluminum cabinet unit neatly stores 12 quarts of oil and is a great way to help organize the home, garage or shop. Dimensions: 16" H. x 16" W. x 5-1/2" D.

All-Purpose Bottle Shelves Store miscellaneous spray bottles for easy access. Part No.


PIT110 ............ 4 Container, 10" x 5" Deep PIT111 ............ 6 Container, 14-1/2" x 5" Deep

Strong .090" aluminum shelves fit anywhere for convenience, with room for 8 or 12 aerosol cans. Description

PIT100 ............ 8 Can, 21-1/2" x 2-3/4" PIT101 ............ 12 Can, 32-1/2" x 2-3/4"


369-384CTC09.indd 376

Part No.


PIT217 ............ Single Small Bracket, 8" L. x 3-1/4" D. PIT218 ............ Single Large Bracket, 18" L. x 3-1/4" D. PIT222 ............ Two Small Brackets, 8" L. x 3-1/4" D.

Paper Towel Holder PIT226 Enjoy easy access to paper towels.

Aerosol Spray Can Shelves

Part No.

Store ratchet tie downs neatly on trailer wall and create more floor space at the same time. Small bracket stores two ratchet tie downs, large bracket can store several. Fabricated from .090" aluminum for durability.

Universal Hanger PIT170 Keep helmet, driving jacket and gear handy. Hanger is 3-1/2" wide x 4" high x 2-1/2" deep.



7/29/09 10:43:25 AM

Nitrogen Bottle Storage Cradle PIT257 Brackets firmly fasten to the studs in trailer walls to keep 9-1/4" dia. nitrogen bottles safe and secure. Holes are drilled on 16" centers to line up with the studs.


Gear Storage Racks Heavy duty aluminum rack will hold up to twelve quick change gear cases. Available in horizontal and vertical versions. Holds up to 12 gear sets. Part No.

Floor Jack Mounts PIT190 PIT143


PIT143 ............Horizontal Gear Storage Rack, 20-1/2" W. x 22" H. x 7" D. PIT144 ............Vertical Gear Storage Rack, 24" W. x 9-3/4" H. x 7" D.

Mounts keep jack secure for the long haul. Drop jack in between angles and position front wheels in semi-circular front shells. The jack will remain in place during sudden stops, starts and tight corners. Jack Not Included

8-Piece Shock Rack PIT136

Jack In A Pouch PIT194

Two-piece metal shock rack holds eight shocks, with or without springs. Completely powder coated, with pins.

Wall mounted pouch keeps pit jack contained during transport, and adds floor space. TIGwelded aluminum, .090" thick pouch is 17-1/2" wide x 24-1/4" high x 5-1/16" deep.

D Cell Flashlight Holder PIT216 Handy, .090" thick aluminum Holder secures any “D” cell flashlight to tool boxes, trailer walls, etc.

12-Piece Shock Rack PIT1037 Rack holds up to 12 shocks. Because the unit mounts closer to the wall, it will not hold shocks with coil over springs.

Engine Sling PIT201 Perform quick engine changes. Simply hook the engine sling to engine puller and attach the four straps to header studs or exhaust bolt holes. Corrosion resistant, plated 28" wide engine sling includes (4) royal blue 22" long polyester straps.

Torsion Bar Rack PIT134 The only way to store torsion bars while hauler is in transit. Drilled on 16" centers to line up with trailer wall studs, unique rack can hold up to 12 bars.

E-Track PITETH-1 An ideal horizontal attachment point on floors, walls or ceilings. Zinc plated steel E-Track is 5' long.

Adjustable Tire Rack PIT295 Track Strap PIT074118 Track strap, is 2" wide x 6" long with a 1,000 lb. rating. Typically used with Pit Pal’s E-Track or A-Track to adapt as a tie down hanger.

Dual Extension Ramps Unique heavy duty steel rack mounts on 16" centers and adjust from 18" to 26" for different tire diameters. Quickly unfolds from the wall and adjusts to full length. Removable lock pins allow easy storage.

Gauge Pouch PIT228 Secures tire gauges up to 4-1/8" dia. Gauge Not Included

369-384CTC09.indd 377

Helpful when loading or unloading low-slung race cars. Ramps are 14" wide, and fabricated from .125" thick aluminum with tig-welded reinforcing ribs, heavy hinges and rivets. Flips up for easy transportation. Sold in pairs. Part No.


PIT699 ............ 14" Wide x 36" Long x 4" High Extension Ramps PIT702 ............ 14" Wide x 72" Long x 4" High Extension Ramps




7/29/09 10:43:53 AM

Harmonic Balancers Powerbond offers three harmonic balancers: The non-SFI approved STREET/RACE is an affordable 7,500 RPM balancer with a nodular iron center and a 1045 steel inertia ring to prevent spinning. Timing marks are computer etched. The RACE balancer has a 1045 steel center and inertia ring and is SFI-approved and engineered for high-revving engines. SFI-approved EXTREME balancers for high RPM racing engines have forged steel crankshaft hubs, heavier inertia rings and temperature resistant elastomers for improved dampening, longevity and performance. Application

Small Block Chevy 283-350 283-307, Lightweight 283-350 283-350, BB Chevy Snout 283-350, BB Chevy Snout 400 400, Lightweight Small Block Ford 302-351W, 4-Bolt, 28 oz. 302 EFI, '82-95, 4-Bolt, 50 oz. 302-351W, 4-Bolt, Lightweight 302-351W, 3-Bolt, Lightweight 302-351W, 351C, 4-Bolt, 28 oz.




Street/Race Part No.

Race Part No.

Extreme Part No.

6.75" 6.1" 8" 6.75" 6.1" 8" 7"

8.1 lbs. 5.5 lbs. 11.2 lbs. 8.1 lbs. 8.5 lbs 10.6 lbs. 8.1 lbs.

Internal Internal Internal Internal Internal External External

PBBPB2221-ST PBBPB1012-ST PBBPB1046-ST – – PBBPB1050-ST –


PBBPB2221-SX – – PBBPB1161-SX* – – –

6.5" 6.4" 6.37" 5.9" 6.5"

11.4 lbs. 10.9 lbs. 8 lbs. 5.9 lbs. 10.9 lbs.

External External Internal Internal External



– – PBBPB1086-SX – –

* Signifies balancer with big block Chevy snout sizing.

Street / Race



OEM Style "Claimer" Harmonic Balancers Ideal for “claimer” racers and engine builders. Totally new balancers are manufactured from high grade SG iron castings, bonded together like original balancers. Each balancer exceeds manufacturer specifications. Recommended for engines up to 6,500 RPM. Part No.


PBBPB1050-N ..........SB Chevy 400, 8.00" Dia., External Balance PBBPB2221-N ..........SB Chevy 350, 7" Dia., Internal Balance PBBPB1214-N ..........SB Ford 351W, ’90-Up, External Balance, 28 oz., 4-Bolt PBBPB1084-N ..........SB Ford, ’82-95 EFI, External Balance, 50 oz., 4-Bolt

5/8" Spark Plug Socket POW301150 Pro Head CC Kits Kits include everything needed to CC combustion chambers, and intake and exhaust runners. Glass burets are compatible with alcohol, parts washer solvent, or any other suitable fluid and are marked off in .2cc increments for easy reading. Part No.


POW351140.............125cc X .2cc POW351150.............100cc X .2cc

Rimac Spring Tester POW360070 The Rimac Bench Top Spring Tester has been the industry standard for over 70 years and is the only sure way to check spring height versus spring pressure. Capably handles valve, transmission, clutch and other springs up to 2" dia. and 4-1/2" free length. Calibrated test spring enables testing and recalibrating in the field. Measures 0-1000 lb. x 5 lb.


369-384CTC09.indd 378

Special tool eases spark plug installation, even when header tube interference makes installation impossible with traditional sockets. CNC-machined, stainless steel tool will sneak into virtually any cylinder head/exhaust header combination.

Cartridge Rolls Resin-bonded sanding rolls will finish port and polish work. Rolls are 3/8" dia. by 1-1/2" long and fit 1/4" mandrels. 50 per package. Part No.


POW351476.............40 Grit POW351480.............60 Grit POW351485.............80 Grit POW351490.............100 Grit POW351495.............120 Grit

Porting Mandrels Porting mandrels are for use with the above 1/4" dia. cartridge rolls. Available in lengths from 4" to 8". Part No.


POW351504.............4" Long POW351506.............6" Long POW351508.............8" Long



7/29/09 10:44:22 AM

Racing Starters

Pro Series Alternator Mount Kits Engine Mount Kit PWM8-801

Powermaster offers three Racing Starters. All have 4.4:1 gear reduction ratios and many have the patent-pend-ing Infi-Clock feature to provide maxih an mum header and oil pan clearance with adapter block and clocking system. Mastertorque weighs 10.5 lbs. and has 180 ft./lbs of cranking power for engines with up to 12:1 compression ratios. XS Torque weighs 8.5 lbs. and has 200 ft./lbs. of cranking power for engines with up to 18:1 compression ratios. Ultra Torque weighs 10.5 lbs. with a 2.5KW, 3.4 horsepower motor delivering 250 ft./lbs of power.


Chevy, 153-/168-Tooth Flywheel Chevy, 153-Tooth Flywheel Chevy, 168-Tooth Flywheel, Staggered Mount Ford 289-351W, A/T or M/T 5-Speed, 3/4" Offset Ford 289-351W, M/T 3- or 4-Speed, 3/8" Offset

Attaches to either side of engine at water pump to engine block location and may also be installed backwards, driving off the water pump (requires different spacers and belt length). Includes alternator (PWM8162), mounting bracket (PWM801), alternator and water pump pulleys (PWM170), and serpentine belt. Components are also available separately.

Third Member Mount Kits Drive alternator off of a Quick Change or Ford 9" third member. Kits include alternator (PWM8162), alternator pulley (PWM181) and mounting bracket (PWM410 or PWM400). A pinion yoke pulley (Sweet SWE501-30046) is required. Comnents are also available separately.

180 Ft. Lbs. Mastertorque Part No.

200 Ft. Lbs. XS Torque Part No.

250 Ft. Lbs. Ultra Torque Part No.

PWM9600 –

PWM9500* PWM9502^

PWM9400 –




PWM9503† PWM9403†

PWM9504† PWM9404† PWM9514^ PWM9529‡ – Quartermaster Bellhousing – PWM9528 – NOTES: *Fits 168-tooth only. †Starter offset is the distance measured from the starter mounting surface to the engine side of the ring gear. ‡ Adjustable. ^Not adjustable. Bert/Brinn Transmission


Chevrolet Mini Starters Gear reduction Chevrolet Mini Starter has an adjustable mounting block so starter can be rotated, or even inverted with solenoid down, for best oil pan/header clearance. Compatible with kickout oil pans and 153 or 168 tooth flywheels. Choose standard model with 160 ft./lbs. of torque or heavy duty model with 180 ft./lbs. of torque. Part No.


Racing Alternators Light, compact racing alternators are a true, one wire hookup and offer high output-to-weight ratios. Denso 93mm and Delco CS121 models have low drag, high speed bearings, gold battery posts and proof of performance tags. Choose natural or black, high temperature dispersant finishes. Pulley not included (unless noted). Part No.



369-384CTC09.indd 379


PWM8-400 ..... Quick Change Mount Kit, Fits Winters or Richmond PWM8-410 ..... Ford 9" Quick Change Mount Kit

XS Power Performance AGM Batteries Batteries use a modern AGM design and are fully sealed, eliminating the chance of leakage. Cranking power is typically two to three times the power of a equal size flooded battery. Both 12- and 16-volt batteries are offered to suit a wide array of applications. Sold complete with SAE post terminals and protective case. Part No.


PWMD1000 PWMS1000 PWMS1200 PWMS680 PWMS925 PWMS975

16-Volt 16-Volt 12-Volt Starting 12-Volt Starting 12-Volt Starting 12-Volt Starting

Max Amps CA @ 80° F. @ 32° F.

2400 1650 2000 1000 2400 1600

675 500 725 300 550 500

Dimensions (L. x W. x H.)


10.24" x 6.4" x 7.2" 10.24" x 6.4" x 7.2" 7.97" x 6.73" x 6.79" 7.28" x 3.19" x 6.67" 6.65" x 7.08" x 5.07" 7.83" x 5.3" x 6.67"

46.50 lbs. 33.07 lbs. 36.23 lbs. 16.62 lbs. 26.83 lbs. 29.1 lbs.

XS Power AGM IntelliCharger

PWM9000 ....... Chevy Standard Duty Mini Starter PWM9004 ....... Chevy Heavy Duty Mini Starter

PWM8060 Delco CS121 Alternator 70 Amp PWM8062 Delco CS121 Alternator 100 Amp PWM8162 Denso 93mm Alternator 50 Amp PWM8166 Denso 93mm Alternator, 16 Volt 50 Amp PWM8172* Denso 93mm Alternator 50 Amp * Jumper wire style alternator includes steel pulley.

Part No.




Natural Black Black Black Natural

9.52 lbs. 8.72 lbs. 5.68 lbs. 5.68 lbs. 5.68 lbs.

AGM battery chargers utilize constant current/constant voltage (CC/ CV) charging, while a microprocessor monitors, adjusts and regulates output. Includes LED indicators and heavy duty 6' cables with clamps. Part No.


PWM1004 ....... 16V AGM IntelliCharger PWM1005 ....... 12V/16V AGM IntelliCharger

Voltage Reducer PWM993 Required for 16 volt battery installation into a 12-volt electrical system. Unit is rated at 50 amps and includes dual outputs for systems with or without alternators.




7/29/09 10:44:39 AM

No-Slip Traction System

Part No.

The Powertrax automatically directs power to provide full engine torque to both rear wheels, even if one has zero traction. Unwanted wheel slip is controlled, and transitions from equal torque distribution to differential action for making turns are quiet and smooth. Installation is easy with step-by-step instructions supplied with each unit, and there is usually no need for any adjustment to the ring and pinion setup.


PTX92-0690-2800 ......Ford 9" 28-Spline, ’57-87 PTX92-0690-3100 ......Ford 9" 31-Spline, ’57-87 PTX92-0775-2605 ......GM 10 Bolt 7.5" 26-Spline, ’77-02 PTX92-0776-2805 ......GM 10 Bolt 7.625" 28-Spline, ’77-02 PTX92-0785-2805 ......GM 10 Bolt 8.5" 28-Spline, ’70-96 PTX92-0785-3005 ......GM 10 Bolt 8.5" 30-Spline, ’70-96 NOTES: Powertrax units listed above are designed to install into “open” type differentials only. They are not designed to replace a locker or positraction unit.

Pocket Gauge PREDT105

Competition Gauge PREDT160-10

Slim, pocket sized gauge reads 0-100 PSI and is accurate within +/-1.0%.

Pressure, Inc.’s top-of-the-line tire gauge. Large display gauge reads 0-50 -50 PSI and is accurate within +/-0.5%. Includes hard case.

Professional Gauge PREDT150-34CV

Digital Electronic Compression Tester PREDC160-05CV

Gauge reads 0-100 PSI and includes an air bleed button. Accurate within +/-1.0%.

Large, digital display compression tester provides accurate readings in 1 lb. increments. Includes hold and reset features, 18" flex hose and is adaptable to 14mm, 14mm long and 18mm spark plug holes.

John Ferrier

Photo: John Berglund

Rick Sexton

Photo: John Berglund

Robbie Ferrier

Photo: John Berglund

Brandon Zachary

Photos: John Berglund


369-384CTC09.indd 380



7/29/09 10:45:02 AM

All Items On This Page – Ground Shipment Only!

40 Below PRB4032 Stops Overheating

Hot Lap II PRB6000TS Super Quick For 25 Laps

Works on asphalt or dirt. Tires run 18-22° cooler and last up to 50% longer. Hot Lap II is designed for races with 25 laps or less. Extends tire life and is undetectable. One gallon can.

Reduces water temperature up to 40°F. Keeps temperature under control while drafting, racing, sitting in the pits, in traffic, cruising, towing, climbing, or running with restricted air flow. 32 oz. container.

Fast Forward PRB1616 Hot Lap 3 PRB3030 Reduce lap times by as much as five tenths of a second by putting one ounce per inch of tread width of Hot Lap 3 inside the tire. Cold roll for the times specified for a particular type of track surface and let stand for 48 hours before a race. Product is "SnifferProof" and will definitely cause a drop in the durometer reading. One quart can.

Increases Horsepower

Produces a startling increase in mid-range torque and can be used with gas or alcohol. Use on circle track, drag racing, street, towing, bikes, watercraft and other high performance applications. 16 oz. can.

CTX-2 PRB1650 Undetectable Fuel Additive

Hot Lap Victory Lane PRB5000

Add up to 40 horsepower. Add 1 gallon of CTX-2 to 4 gallons of gas. One gallon can.

Super Quick Up To 50 Laps

Similar to Hot lap II but lasts longer and is detectable. Use on asphalt or dirt. One gallon can.

Alcohol Fuel Lube PRB8400 Lubricates Entire Fuel System

Hot Lap 101 PRB4000 Especially formulated to soften tires and create bite. Hot Lap 101 works on asphalt and dirt and can help natural and synthetic rubber tires resist blistering, run 10-15 degrees cooler, yet still stick to the track surface and is detectable. One gallon can.

Blends with alcohol or nitromethane to lubricate the entire fuel system. Add 16 oz. to 50 gallons. 16 oz. can.

Engine Racing Concentrate PRB1600 A Must For All Performance Engines

Cools oil up to 52° and eliminates oil starvation, bearing failure, piston scuffing, galling, blueing, metal transfer, valve train drag and foaming. Also helps control condensation in gasoline or alcohol engines. 16 oz. can.

Quik Lap PRB7032LMT Last Minute Treatment

Racing Oil Stabilizer PRB8062

Apply to tires the day of the race. Reduces lap time 1-3 tenths and maintains durometer for the first 25 laps. Use on asphalt or dirt. Undetectable. 30 oz. can.

Specialized oil additive eliminates dry starts, cools oil temperatures up to 38°, reduces friction and dramatically reduces internal wear. May also be used to cool manual transmissions and differentials. 28 oz. bottle.

Tire Cleaner PRB7050 Racing Tire Cleaner

Pro-Tuff Gear Lube PRB8398

Removes the glaze on sticker tires and opens the pores to ready tire for Hot Lap treatment. 30 oz. can.

Eliminates Ring And Pinion Failure

369-384CTC09.indd 381

Reduces gear lube temperature up to 60°. Triples gear life in transmissions, rear ends and transaxles and stops bluing and galling. Absorbs shock and loading. 16 oz. can.




7/29/09 10:45:33 AM

Wet Sump Oil Pans Pro/Cam’s unique small block Chevy pans increase horsepower and decrease oil temperature by keeping oil away from the crank. Pans have adjustable crank scrapers to customize each pan to a particular crankshaft/rod combination. Maintain oil pressure all the way around the track! Set-up instructions and templates for clearance are included. Available in 6.5" and 7" depths. A narrow version used on Port City Chassis is also available. All Pro/Cam Pans must be used with a Pro/Cam Pump/ Pickup combination. System part numbers include oil pan, customized high volume oil pump and custom pickup (assembled). Standard volume pump also available. Description

System Part No.

Pan Part No.

Pump/Pickup Part No.

6.5" Wet Sump Pan 7" Wet Sump Pan 6.5" Narrow Wet Sump Pan 7" Narrow Wet Sump Pan

PRC9137-6 PRC9137-7 PRC9137-6N PRC9137-7N

PRC9137-A6 PRC9137-A7 PRC9137-A6N PRC9137-A7N

PRC9137-B6 PRC9137-B7 PRC9137-B6N PRC9137-B7N

NASCAR Sportsman Oil Pans Designed for NASCAR Sportsman rules, small block Chevy 7 qt. wet sump pans are good for a gain of up to 15 horsepower. Sportsman pans provide maximum oil collection for lower oil temperatures and more consistent oil pressure. Additional features include an oil offset sump to keep oil contained in the pick-up, three adjustable scrapers and four trap doors. System part numbers include oil pan, customized high volume oil pump and custom pickup (assembled). Standard volume pump also available. Description

6.5" Sportsman Wet Sump Pan 7" Sportsman Wet Sump Pan

System Part No.

Pan Part No.

Pump/Pickup Part No.






Small Block Ford Windsor SVO351 Wet Sump Oil Pan PRC9150-7 Wet sump oil pan for Ford SVO351 Windsor meets NASCAR Sportsman requirements. Steel 7" deep pan, which is fitted with a built-in crank scraper and windage tray, has been thoroughly dyno and track tested. Also includes high volume oil pump, pickup assembly and hardware.


369-384CTC09.indd 382

Aluminum Wet Sump Oil Pans Small block Chevy pans with billet end caps and rails, and built in oil collection screens are specifically designed for circle track racing. Offered in two depths, pans include high volume oil pump and pickup. Part No.


PRC9138-6-SBC ........Aluminum 6.5" Wet Sump Pan PRC9138-7-SBC ........Aluminum 7" Wet Sump Pan

Economy Dry Sump Oil Pan PRC9132 Small block Chevy economy pan has many features common to more costly units. Steel pan is 5-1/2" deep and has a large directional screen for increased oil from collection. Crank scraper removes excess oil off the rotating assembly for increased horsepower. Pan includes three fittings on the right side.

Small Block Chevy Timing Cover PRC9501 100% American made, Pro/Cam’s small block Chevy Timing Cover has stiffening ribs to accommodate a roller cam and is E-coated for a durable, attractive finish.

Small Block Chevy Racing Fuel Pumps Pro-Cam’s 6 valve, 130 GPH pumps are widely used for alcohol because of their flow capabilities, but may also be used with gasoline. Pumps deliver enough fuel for gasoline applications up to 1,200 horsepower and sufficient fuel for alcohol applications up to 600 horsepower. Pumps, which are engineered for longevity, are offered in 7-1/2, 11, or 15 PSI models, each fitted with 1/2" NPT inlet/outlet. Description

Fuel Pump Part No.

15 PSI 6-Valve Pump 11 PSI 6-Valve Pump 7-1/2 PSI 6-Valve Pump

PRC9350 PRC9350-1 PRC9351

Roller Tip Fuel Pump Pushrod PRC9130 Pushrod is an exact replacement for the original small block Chevy fuel pump pushrod. High quality tool-steel roller, with needle bearings, reduces friction and wear for longer cam life and lower oil temperature. Pushrod protects expensive roller camshaft and permits a heavier fuel pump spring rate to eliminate fuel starvation without the risk of damaging cam.



7/29/09 10:45:59 AM

Sportsman Race Series (SRS) Pistons Sportsman Race Series (SRS) Pistons

Part No.


Small Block Chevy PEC12334-030 350 Flat Top PEC12335-030 350 Flat Top PEC12336-030 383 Flat Top PEC12337-030 383 Flat Top PEC13719-030 383 Dome Top PEC12338-030 400 Flat Top PEC12339-030 400 Flat Top Small Block Ford PEC10682-030 302 Flat Top 331 Flat Top PEC12347-030 PEC12348-030 347 Flat Top PEC12357-030 408W Flat Top

Light, forged 2618-T6 aluminum pistons have low drag skirts and are designed for tighter running clearances. Pistons accept 1/16", 1/16" and 3/16" rings. Sold in sets of eight with lightweight, forged wrist pins.




Comp. Height

Comp. Ratio

4.030" 4.030" 4.030" 4.030" 4.030" 4.155" 4.155"

3.480" 3.480" 3.750" 3.750" 3.750" 3.750" 3.750"

5.700" 6.000" 5.700" 6.000" 6.000" 5.700" 6.000"

1.560" 1.260" 1.425" 1.125" 1.125" 1.425" 1.125"

10.26 10.26 10.98 10.98 12.78 11.52 11.52

4.030" 4.030" 4.030" 4.030"

3.000" 3.250" 3.400" 4.000"

5.090" 5.400" 5.400" 6.200"

1.600" 1.175" 1.090" 1.280"

8.98 9.65 10.05 11.65

Factory Performance Series (FPS) Pistons

Factory Performance Series (FPS) Pistons

Part No.


Small Block Chevy PECL2256F-030* 350 Flat Top/LW. PECL2256F-040* 350 Flat Top/LW. PECP2256F-030 350 Flat Top PECP3831F-030 383 Flat Top PECP3831F-040 383 Flat Top PECP3832F-040 383 Dish Top Small Block Ford PECP2482F-030 302 Flat Top

Ideal for budget sportsman, high silicon aluminum pistons are significantly stronger than hypereutectic cast pistons. Pistons accept 5/64", 5/64" and 3/16" rings (unless specified otherwise), include wrist pins and are sold in sets of eight.




Comp. Height

Comp. Ratio

4.030" 4.040" 4.030" 4.030" 4.040" 4.040"

3.480" 3.480" 3.480" 3.750" 3.750" 3.750"

5.700" 5.700" 5.700" 5.700" 5.700" 5.700"

1.563" 1.563" 1.563" 1.425" 1.425" 1.425"

10.44 10.48 10.26 10.98 11.02 9.16






NOTES: Compression ratios are based on the following combustion chamber volumes: Small Block Chevy - 64cc, Small Bock Ford - 64cc. *Lightweight pistons have full floating wrist pins and accept 1/16", 1/16" and 3/16" piston rings.

SB Chevy Powerflow Piston Style Fuel Pump PRP10731 Crosswind Intake Manifolds Crosswind manifolds use the intake runner design of the Typhoon and have plus has an open area under the plenum to lower the air/fuel tempertature for increased horsepower. Natural finish, dual plane Manifolds accept Holley, Carter, AFB or Edelbrock square bore carbs. Part No.


RPM Range

PRP52026 PRP52028 PRP54026

SB Chevy 283-400, ’57-95 SB Chevy, Vortec Cyl. Heads SB Ford 260-302

1500-6500 1500-6500 1500-6500

Hurricane Intake Manifolds High flow, single plane 360° manifolds with four corner water ports improve horsepower and torque in the mid and upper RPM ranges. Ideal for short track racing and compatible with all popular carburetors. Natural finish. Part No.


RPM Range

PRP52031 PRP52033 PRP54031 PRP54033

SB Chevy, '57-95 SB Chevy, Vortec Cyl. Heads SB Ford 260-302 SB Ford 351W

3000-7500 3000-7500 3500-8000 3500-7500

369-384CTC09.indd 383

Pump's reciprocating piston, operates off the fuel pump rod to deliver a constant 4-50 PSI with an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator. Satinfinished pump only flows as much fuel as required. Sold complete with fittings, gasket and fasteners.

PowerForce and PowerForce+ Harmonic Dampers High performance harmonic dampers rely upon bonded elastomer for a long, dependable life. Available in non-SFI PowerForce and SFI-approved Powerforce+ models. Both have easily read timing marks and a semi-gloss, black painted finish. Application

SFI-Approved Non-SFI PowerForce PowerForce+

SB Chevy 350, Ltwt., 6" Dia., Int. Balance SB Chevy 350, 6-3/4" Dia., Int. Balance SB Chevy 350, 8" Dia., Int. Balance SB Chevy 400, Ltwt. 6-3/4" Dia., Ext. Balance SB Chevy 400, 8" Dia., Ext. or Int. Balance SB Ford (Early), 6.4" Dia., Ext. 28.4 oz. in. SB Ford (Late), 6.4" Dia., Ext. 50 oz in. SB Ford (Early), 6.4" Dia., Ltwt., Ext. 28.4 oz. in. NEW! SB Ford (Late), 6.4" Dia., Ltwt., Ext. 50 oz. in. NEW! *Requires PRP81007 spacer.



PRP80010 PRP80000 PRP80002 PRP80001 PRP80003 PRP80006 PRP80007* PRP80045 PRP80046*

PRP90010 PRP90000 PRP90002 PRP90001 PRP90003 PRP90006 PRP90007* PRP90045 PRP90046*


8/3/09 10:57:15 AM

Mechanical Secondary Race Series 4BBL Carburetors

Trackside Carb Spacer Kit PFM67160C

Affordable, high performance carburetors are hand assembled in the U.S. using Proform components. Each carb includes a high flow main body, lightweight aluminum fuel bowls and billet metering blocks and throttle base plates. Carbs have power valve blow-out protection, down-leg style boosters, adjustable screw-in air bleeds, timed and full vacuum ports and welded throttle shafts.

Modular 1" carb spacer kit optimizes flow rates. Manufactured from lightweight, heat resistant phenolic material, spacer kit includes 1 frame and 3 inserts. Inserts include one each: open; 4-hole and tapered 4-hole.

Part No.


PFM67200 ...... 750 CFM 4BBL PFM67201 ...... 850 CFM 4BBL PFM67202 ...... 950 CFM 4BBL PFM67215 ...... 750 CFM 4BBL, Circle Track Racing

Billet Throttle Base Plates Stronger and more durable than die cast baseplates, billet base plates include timed and full vacuum ports, adjustable secondary air flow cam brackets, button head torx throttle plate screws and power valve blow-out protection. Part No.


Chevrolet HEI Racing Distributors Engineered for racing, distributors include low saturation, high output modules, 50,000 volt coils, performance advance curves, caps with brass terminals, polished aluminum bodies and composite vacuum advance lock-outs. Distributors do not have vacuum advance and can supply 50,000 volts up to 7,500 RPM with true spark alignment and instant response. Part No.


PFM66941BKM...........HEI Racing Distributor, Black Cap PFM66941BM ............HEI Racing Distributor, Blue Cap PFM66941RM ............HEI Racing Distributor, Red Cap

GM HEI Coil and Cap Kits

PFM67155 ...... 650/700/750/800 CFM Replacement Base Plate PFM67156 ...... 850/950 CFM Replacement Base Plate

Kit includes a 50,000 volt coil, high dielectric strength distributor cap and premium rotor. HEI components are also available separately.

Direct Replacement Holley Main Bodies

Part No.

Add 25-50 horsepower in less than 30 minutes. Direct replacement, 100% new main bodies have adjustable, screw-in air bleeds and HP down leg boosters. Available to fit popular 650, 700, 750, 800, 850 and 950 CFM Holley carburetors. Part No.


PFM67100C .... For Holley 650 CFM (Model 4777), 700 CFM (Model 4778), 750 CFM (Model 4779) and 800 CFM (Model 4780), Double Pumper, Mechanical Secondaries PFM67107C .... For Holley 850 CFM, Double Pumper, Mechanical Secondaries PFM67108C .... For Holley 950 CFM, Double Pumper, Mechanical Secondaries PFM67216 ...... For Holley 750 CFM, Double Pumper, Mechanical Secondaries, Alcohol PFM67217 ...... For Holley 750 CFM, Double Pumper, Mechanical Secondaries, Gas

Billet Metering Block PFM67150C Block has changeable idle feed restrictions and other racing upgrades to enhance the performance of the Proform Main Body. Machined from solid aluminum to eliminate the possibility of porosity or warpage common to die cast units. Fits Holley 4777, 4779 and 3310 series carbs.

Aluminum Fuel Bowl Kit PFM67162 Lightweight aluminum, center hung float bowls have anodized inlets, and sight glass windows for easy float adjustments. Kit includes two float bowls and two gaskets for Proform, Quick Fuel and Holley double pumper carburetors.


369-384CTC09.indd 384


PFM66942RC ...HEI Coil and Cap Kit, Red Cap PFM66943C .....HEI In-Cap Coil, 50,000 Volt PFM66944C .....HEI Ignition Module PFM67022C .....HEI Vacuum Advance Lockout

Chevy High Torque Gear Reduction Mini Starters Starters are 100% new, not rebuilt, and offset for more clearance between the oil pan and the starter. May be rotated for additional chassis clearance. High-torque, high-output motor with 3.75:1 gear reduction delivers 40-50% more cranking power than stock starter. Full ball bearing construction. Includes shims to set pinion gear engagement (when necessary). Part No.


PFM66256 .......Fits SB, BB, & V-6 Chevy w/153 or 168 T. Flywheel-1.5 KW Motor PFM66258 .......Fits SB, BB, & V-6 Chevy w/153 or 168 T. Flywheel-2.0 KW Motor, Weighs 1-1/2 lb. More & Is 1" Longer Than PFM66256

Chevy High-Compression Racing Starters 4.4.1 ratio gear reduction starters are for engines with high displacement or compression ratios. Capable of cranking engines with up to 18:1 compression ratio. 100% new components. Part No.


PFM67050 .......Chevy, 168 Tooth Flywheel/Flexplate PFM67051 .......Chevy, 153 Tooth Flywheel/Flexplate PFM67052 .......Chevy, 168 Tooth Flywheel/Flexplate, Staggered Mt.



7/29/09 10:46:31 AM

Slim-Design Series 5" Tachometers Memory Tachometers are 35% thinner than other tachs for easier dash or windshield-pillar mounting. Tachs are compatible with 4-, 6- or 8-cylinder engines and use touch pad controls. Available with or without external shift light. Part No.



PFM67002C .... 11,000 RPM Tach, Memory PFM67003C .... 11,000 RPM Tach, Memory And External Shift Light

Dual Gauge Leakdown Tester PFM66839

Harmonic Balancer Installation Tool PFM66515 Makes balancer installation simple and effective. Works with most domestic V8’s.

Valve Spring Height Micrometer PFM66902 Measure valve spring height accurately on an assembled engine. Install the micrometer in place of valve spring and rotate the tool until the valve, retainer and locks are tight. Tool has a range of 1.600" to 2.100" and works with most V8’s.

Tester may be used to check piston ring, valve and head gasket seal. Includes flex hose and spark plug adapters.

Stud Mount Valve Spring Compressor PFM66784

Oil Pump Primer PFM66896

Adjustable Ring Compressor

Prime any Chevy V-8 or V-6 directly through the distributor hole with use of a 3/8" electric drill.

Tapered compressor eases piston installation and is compatible with a range of bore sizes. More economical than single bore size compressors.

Valve Lash Wrench Set T-handle Allen wrench and adjuster wrench. Simplify valve lash adjustment, and cut adjustment time in half. Part No.


Quickly remove valve springs from assembled engines with 3/8" or 7/16" rocker studs.

Part No.


PFM66766 ...... Adjustable Ring Compressor, 4.000"-4.090" Bore PFM66767 ...... Adjustable Ring Compressor, 4.125"-4.205" Bore PFM66768 ...... Adjustable Ring Compressor, 4.205"-4.310" Bore

PFM66778 ...... 1/2" Adjuster, 3/16" And 1/8" T-Handle Allen Wrenches PFM66779 ...... 7/16" Adjuster, 1/8" T-Handle Allen Wrench PFM66780 ...... 9/16" Adjuster, 3/16" And 7/32" T-Handle Allen Wrenches PFM66781 ...... 5/8" Adjuster, 3/16" And 7/32" T-Handle Allen Wrenches

Manual Piston Ring Filer

Universal Camshaft Degreeing Kit PFM66787

Electric Piston Ring Filer PFM66765

All-in-one kit includes the tools required to properly degree a camshaft with the cylinder heads installed. May also be used to check lobe lift, valve lift, etc. Kit is packaged in a foam-lined case and includes 9" degree wheel and pointer, dial indicator and stand, two valve checking springs, 14mm TDC locator, clamp kit and instructions. Select tools are also offered separately. Part No.


PFM66791 ...... 9" Camshaft Degree Wheel PFM66792 ...... TDC Locator PFM66797 ...... Magnetic Deck Bridge PFM66830 ...... Camshaft Checking Fixture

Engine Rotator PFM66782 Bolts directly to harmonic balancer for easy crankshaft rotation during engine assembly. Fits Chevy or Ford V8.

Crankshaft Turning Sockets For use with a 1/2" ratchet or breaker bar, an easy method of crankshaft rotation during engine assembly. Part No.


PFM66900 ...... SB Ford, 1.385" I.D., 3/16"/1/4" Keyways PFM66901 ...... SB Chevy, V6, I-6, GM 4-Cyl., 1.255" I.D., 3/16" Keyway

385-400CTC09.indd 385

File piston rings quickly and precisely. Part No.


PFM66785 ...... Manual Piston Ring Filer PFM66786 ...... Replacement Carbide Wheel

Powerful, rechargeable 12-volt battery powered tool accurately sets and files ring end gaps and includes two 120-grit grinding wheels and recharger.

Rod Bolt Stretch Gauge PFM66788 Tighten rod bolts properly and with precision. Position tool on the bolt to measure bolt stretch during tightening. Works with bolts up to 2.75" long.

Socket Assist PFM67575 Speeds up work with low clearance bolts, such as spark plugs, header or intake manifold bolts. Patented tool is used with a 12-point box wrench or socket. Three-piece set includes 1/4" x 1/4", 1/4" x 3/8" and 3/8" x 3/8".

"No-Mess" Funnel PFM68068 Patented, ball-n-hook design shuts off flow and retains excess fluid to prevent spillage or overfilling.




7/29/09 11:25:20 AM

Billet Steel Main Bearing Caps Billet main caps offer increased bottom end strength. Many of the billet caps listed are for converting a two-bolt main block to a more durable four-bolt main. Part No. Description Small Block Chevy 265-350

Part No. Description Small Block Chevy 400

PGESB350CFS4 .........350 Center Caps, OEM Replacement, 4-Bolt Caps/4-Bolt Blocks PGESB350CSA2 ........350 Splayed Center Caps, 4-Bolt Caps/2-Bolt Blocks PGESB350CSA4 ........350 Step Bottom Angle Caps For Sm. Journal 283-327 With Stock Register PGESB350CFA...........350 Flat Bottom Angle Caps For Blocks With 2-or 4-Bolt Register PGESB350C12F.........350 Flat Bottom Angle Caps For 2-Bolt Blocks When OE Dipstick/Oil Pan Is Required PGESB350F ..............327-350 (Large Journal) Front Main Bearing Cap, 2-Bolt PGESB350RWS .........350 Rear Main Bearing Cap, 2-Pc. Rear Main Seal, Wet Sump App. PGESB350RWSL .......350 Late Rear Main Bearing Cap, 1-Pc. Rear Main Seal, Wet Sump App. PGESB350C12 ..........350 Step Bottom Angle Caps For 2-Bolt Block When Stock Dipstick And Oil Pan Usage Is Required PGESB350RSDS ........283-350 (Large/Small Journal) Rear Main Cap Support Strap, Dry Sump App. PGESB350RSWS .......350 Rear Main Cap Support Strap, Wet Sump App. PGESBFS ..................283-350 Front Main Capp Support pp Strapp

PGESB400CFA...........400 Flat Bottom Angled Caps, 4-Bolt Caps/2-Bolt Blocks PGESB400CFS4 .........400 Stock Replacement 4-Bolt Center Caps PGESB400CSA ..........400 Splayed Center Caps, 4-Bolt Caps/2-Bolt Blocks PGESB400F ..............400 Front Main Bearing Cap, 2-Bolt PGESB400RSWS .......400 Rear Main Cap Support Strap, Wet Sump App. PGESBFS ..................400 Front Main Cap Support Strap

Part No.



Rod Length

Comp. Ht.

385-400CTC09.indd 386

PGEF302CFAL ...........Flat Bottom Splayed Center Main Caps For Late 302 With 1-Pc. Rear Main Seal

George Molter

Photo: John Berglund

Comp. Ratio

SB Chevy Flat Top (2-Valve Pockets) Piston Kits, Use With 23째 (OEM-Style) Cylinder Heads WPTPT003H3 4.030" 3.480" 5.700" 1.560" 9.8:1 WPTPT003H4 4.040" 3.480" 5.700" 1.560" 9.9:1 WPTPT003H6 4.060" 3.480" 5.700" 1.560" 9.9:1 WPTPT008H3 4.030" 3.480" 6.000" 1.260" 9.8:1 WPTPT008H4 4.040" 3.480" 6.000" 1.260" 9.9:1 WPTPT008H6 4.060" 3.480" 6.000" 1.260" 9.9:1 WPTPT016H3 4.155" 3.750" 5.700" 1.425" 11.0:1 WPTPT017H3 4.030" 3.750" 6.000" 1.125" 10.5:1 WPTPT017H4 4.040" 3.750" 6.000" 1.125" 10.5:1 WPTPT017H6 4.060" 3.750" 6.000" 1.125" 10.5:1 WPTPT020H3 4.155" 3.750" 6.000" 1.125" 11.0:1 WPTPT025H3 4.030" 3.750" 5.700" 1.425" 10.5:1 SB Chevy Domed Piston Kits, Use With 23째 (OEM-Style) Cylinder Heads WPTPT001H3 4.030" 3.480" 5.700" 1.560" 11.5:1 WPTPT006H3 4.030" 3.480" 6.000" 1.260" 11.5:1 WPTPT018H3 4.155" 3.750" 6.000" 1.125" 12.9:1 WPTPT018H4 4.165" 3.750" 6.000" 1.125" 13.0:1 WPTPT026H3 4.030" 3.750" 5.700" 1.425" 12.4:1 WPTPT027H3 4.030" 3.750" 6.000" 1.125" 12.4:1 WPTPT027H4 4.040" 3.750" 6.000" 1.125" 12.4:1 WPTPT027H6 4.060" 3.750" 6.000" 1.125" 12.5:1 WPTPT029H3 4.155" 3.480" 6.000" 1.260" 12.1:1 SB Ford 302 Flat Top Piston Kit WPTPT012H3 4.030" 3.000" 5.090" 1.600" 9.1:1 SB Ford 351W Flat Top Piston Kit WPTPT031H3 4.030" 3.500" 5.954" 1.769" 10.5:1 WPTPT031H4 4.040" 3.500" 5.954" 1.769" 10.5:1 NOTES: Compression ratios are based on the following combustion chamber volumes: SB Chevy: 67cc, SB Ford: 62cc.


Small Block Ford 289-302



Forged Piston Kits Manufactured by Wiseco, ProTru Forged Pistons are affordable with features usually found only in more expensive pistons. Pistons are machined for 1/16" top, 1/16" second and 3/16" oil rings. Kits include eight pistons, Hastings hi-tensile plasma moly piston rings, chrome moly wrist pins, and a set of spiral locks.

Randy Frank


Photo: John Berglund


7/29/09 11:25:38 AM

50/50 Valving Shocks Part No.

““AC” AC” SSeries eries A Aluminum luminum Threaded Body Shocks The “AC” Series shock is made from a high-tech alu-minum impact extrusion and machined to the high-est of standards. Available in strokes from 5" to 9", threaded-body shock eliminates the threaded tube from the coil-over kit. Shocks include bearing ends.

Rebound Adjustable Threaded Body Shocks User-friendly Shocks can be adjusted by turning the he e rebound adjuster from 3 to 8 or 5 to 11. Shocks have ve e the same acceleration ramps and blow-off curves ass standard Pro Shocks. Available in 7" and 9" strokes. 7" Stroke

9" Stroke



PROAC733-8B PROAC743-8B PROAC74.56-11B PROAC745-14B PROAC746-11B PROAC753-8B PROAC755-14B PROAC756-11B PROAC763-8B PROAC766-11B

PROAC933-8B PROAC943-8B – – – PROAC953-8B – – PROAC963-8B –

3 4 4-1/2 4 4 5 5 5 6 6

3-8 3-8 6-11 5-14 6-11 3-8 5-14 6-11 3-8 6-11

Double Adjustable Threaded Body Shock

Damping Compression/Rebound

5" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 10.50"/Extended 15.50" PROAC530B 3/3 PROAC540B 4/4 PROAC550B 5/5 PROAC560B 6/6 PROAC570B 7/7 7" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 12.50"/Extended 19.50" PROAC730B 3/3 PROAC740B 4/4 PROAC750B 5/5 PROAC760B 6/6 PROAC770B 7/7 9" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 14.50"/Extended 23.50" PROAC930B 3/3 PROAC940B 4/4 PROAC94.5B 4.5/4.5 PROAC950B 5/5 PROAC960B 6/6

Split Valving Shocks Part No.

Damping Compression/Rebound

5" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 10.50"/Extended 15.50" PROAC557B 5/7 7" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 12.50"/Extended 19.50" PROAC735B 3/5 PROAC746B 4/6 PROAC753B 5/3 PROAC754B 5/4 PROAC757B 5/7 PROAC763B 6/3 PROAC764B 6/4 PROAC791B 9/1 9" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 14.50"/Extended 23.50" PROAC935B 3/5 PROAC94-05B 4/0.5 PROAC945B 4/5 PROAC946B 4/6 PROAC947B 4/7 PROAC95-05B 5/0.5 PROAC953B 5/3 PROAC956B 5/6

Coil-Over Kit PROC320

Shocks use a patented rebound system and compression can be adjusted by turning a thumb wheel. Tighten compression by turning the thumb wheel clockwise or soften by turning counterclockwise. A physical stop limits rotation to 360°. 6" Stroke

7" Stroke

8" Stroke

9" Stroke

PROAC637-38B –

PROAC737-38B PROAC737-611B

PROAC837-38B –

PROAC937-38B –

Aluminum coil-over kit for 2" body “AC” shocks. Includes upper spring seat, threaded adjuster and pin.

Comp. Rebound

3-7 3-7

3-8 6-11

Suggested Part Numbers For Dirt Late Models Left






Under 2100 lbs. Front Rear

2100 lbs. And Over Front Rear

Part No.


PROAC730B..... Popular 5th Coil PROAC730B..... Popular 6th Coil PROAC791B..... 90/10 Axle Damper

385-400CTC09.indd 387

Rick Stout


Photo: John Berglund



7/29/09 11:25:56 AM

50/50 Valving Shocks 5 Part No.

“A” Series Aluminum Smooth Body Shocks High tech “A” Series aluminum smooth body shockss are available in strokes of 5" to 9". Includes bearing ends. Simply purchase PROC300 to convert these shocks to coil over units.

Rebound Adjustable Smooth Body Shocks Pick the compression damping shock number and turn the rebound adjuster (3-4-5-6-7-8 or 6-7-8-9-10-11) to the corresponding number. Shocks have the same acceleration ramps and blow-off curves as stanndard Pro Shocks. Available in 7" and 9" strokes. 7" Stroke

8" Stroke

9" Stroke



PROA733-8B – PROA743-8B – PROA753-8B PROA763-8B

PROA833-8B PROA836-11B PROA843-8B PROA846-11B PROA853-8B –

PROA933-8B PROA936-11B PROA943-8B PROA946-11B PROA953-8B –

3 3 4 4 5 6

3-8 6-11 3-8 6-11 3-8 3-8

Double Adjustable Smooth Body Shocks

Shocks incorporate Pro’s patented rebound system. Compression can be tightened by turning the thumb wheel clockwise or softened by turning it counterclockwise. A physical stop limits rotation to 360°. 6" Stroke

8" Stroke

9" Stroke



PROA737-38B –

PROA837-38B –

PROA937-38B PROA937-611B

3-7 3-7

3-8 6-11

Suggested Part Numbers For Asphalt Late Models Left

Up To 2800 lbs. Average Track Front PROAC760B Rear PROAC940B Up To 2800 lbs. High Bank/High Speed Track Front PROAC770B Rear PROAC950B 2800 lbs. And Over Front PROAC770B Rear PROAC950B



Damping Compression/Rebound

5" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 10.50"/Extended 15.50" 5 PROA550B 5/5 PROA570B 7/7 6" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 11.50"/Extended 17.50" PROA640B 4/4 PROA650B 5/5 7" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 12.50"/Extended 19.50" PROA730B 3/3 PROA740B 4/4 PROA750B 5/5 PROA760B 6/6 PROA770B 7/7 8" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 13.50"/Extended 21.50" 8 PROA850B 5/5 9" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 14.50"/Extended 23.50 0 PROA930B 3/3 PROA940B 4/4 PROA950B 5/5 PROA960B 6/6

Split Valving Shocks Part No.

Damping Compression/Rebound

6" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 11.50"/Extended 17.50" PROA641B 4/1 PROA646B 4/6 PROA691B 9/1 7" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 12.50"/Extended 19.50" PROA735B 3/5 PROA746B 4/6 PROA751B 5/1 PROA752B 5/2 PROA753B 5/3 PROA754B 5/4 PROA757B 5/7 PROA762B 6/2 PROA763B 6/3 PROA764B 6/4 PROA791B 9/1 8" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 13.50"/Extended 21.50" PROA838B 3/8 PROA839B 3/9 PROA847B 4/7 9" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 14.50"/Extended 23.50" PROA935B 3/5 PROA937B 3/7 PROA938B 3/8 PROA939B 3/9 PROA945B 4/5 PROA946B 4/6 PROA947B 4/7 PROA948B 4/8 PROA953B 5/3 PROA956B 5/6 PROA957B 5/7

Coil-Over Kit PROC300 Aluminum coil-over kit for regular size 2" body “A” series coil over shocks.


Dennis Brown


385-400CTC09.indd 388


Photo: John Lee/High Fly'N Photos


7/29/09 11:26:07 AM

Pro Gas Hi-Pressure Steel Mono Tube Shocks

Steel Shock Absorbers

Pro Gas shocks are the only gas shocks currently available that may be run with high gas pressure, any amount of low pressure, or even “zero” gas pressure. State-of-the-art shocks feature a hi-tech floating piston and an advanced seal system to prevent “dumping” and cavitation. Offered in standard 50/50 and split valvings.

Steel Shock Absorbers are available in two versions: WB Series has a bearing welded on both ends; Take Apart Series accepts threaded bearing ends which must be purchased separately. Take Apart Shocks – gold iridite plated and can be converted to coil-over units with kit PROC300. They are available in 7" and 9" strokes with several different valvings. WB Series Shocks – gold iridite plated and can be converted to coil-over units. Available in 7" and 9" strokes with several different valvings.

50/50 Valvings Part No.

NOTE: Both shocks may be mounted upside down.

50/50 Valving Shocks Take Apart


TA Series

Damping Comp./Rebound

7" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 12.50"/Extended 19.50" PROTA7300 – 3/3 PROTA7400 PROWB74 4/4 PROTA7500 PROWB75 5/5 PROTA7600 PROWB76 6/6 PROTA7700 PROWB77 7/7 PROTA7800 PROWB78 8/8 9" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 14.50"/Extended 23.50" PROTA9200 – 2/2 PROTA9300 PROWB93 3/3 PROTA9400 PROWB94 4/4 PROTA9500 PROWB95 5/5 PROTA9600 PROWB96 6/6 PROTA9700 PROWB97 7/7

Damping Compression/Rebound

7" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 13"/Extended 20" PROPG730B 3/3 PROPG740B 4/4 PROPG750B 5/5 PROPG760B 6/6 9" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 15"/Extended 24" PROPG930B 3/3 PROPG940B 4/4 PROPG950B 5/5

Split Valvings Part No.

Damping Compression/Rebound

7" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 13"/Extended 20" PROPG735B 3/5 PROPG746B 4/6 PROPG753B 5/3 9" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 15"/Extended 24" PROPG935B 3/5 PROPG946B 4/6 PROPG953B 5/3

Split Valving Shocks Take Apart


Damping Comp./Rebound

7" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 12.50"/Extended 19.50" PROTA7350 PROWB735 3/5 PROTA7360 – 3/6 PROTA7410 – 4/10 PROTA7412 – 4/12 PROTA7420 – 4/2 PROTA74.50 – 4-1/2, 4-1/2 PROTA7460 PROWB746 4/6 PROTA7480 – 4/8 PROTA7530 PROWB753 5/3 PROTA7570 – 5/7 PROTA7580 – 5/8 PROTA7510 – 5/10 PROTA7511 – 5/11 PROTA7512 – 5/12 PROTA7514 – 5/14 PROTA7590 – 5/9 PROTA7620 – 6/2 PROTA7630 PROWB763 6/3 PROTA7670 – 6/7 PROTA7910 PROWB791 9/1 9" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 14.50"/Extended 23.50" PROTA9160 – 1/6 PROTA9240 – 2/4 PROTA9260 – 2/6 PROTA9350 PROWB935 3/5 PROTA9360 – 3/6 PROTA9420 – 4/2 PROTA9430 – 4/3 PROTA9460 PROWB946 4/6 PROTA9530 PROWB953 5/3 PROTA9560 – 5/6 PROTA9620 – 6/2 PROTA9640 – 6/4 PROTA9720 – 7/2 PROTA9910 – 9/1 PROTA9920 – 9/2

Suggested Part Numbers for Limited Late Models, Sportsman And Modified Cars Left


Average Pavement Track Front PROWB76 PROWB76 Rear PROWB95 PROWB95 Fast Pavement Track Front PROWB77 PROWB77 Rear PROWB96 PROWB96 Average Dirt Track Front PROWB76 PROWB76 Rear PROWB95 PROWB95 Tacky Or Rough Dirt Track Front PROWB77 PROWB77 Rear PROWB96 PROWB96 Slick Or Slow Dirt Track Front PROWB75 PROWB763 Rear PROWB94 PROWB94 NOTE: Take Apart or Pro Gas series shocks may be substituted for above recommendations. WB Series

Pletz / Litaker Racing

385-400CTC09.indd 389


Photo: John Berglund



7/29/09 11:26:22 AM

Coil-Over Kit PROC375 Aluminum coil-over kit for small body 1.63" diameter coil-over shocks. Includes threaded tube, adjusting nut, upper spring seat, snap ring and diaper pin. Fits both steel and aluminum body shock absorbers.

Small Body Steel And Aluminum Shocks Small Steel Body (SB), Small, Smooth Body Aluminum (SBA) and Small, Threaded Body Aluminum (ASB) shocks have 1.63" diameters, lightweight gas cells and are offered in many different strokes and valvings. NOTE: “SB” Series require two B275 bearing ends to be ordered separately. “SBA” Series include bearing ends.

Coil-Over Kit PROC330

50/50 Valving Shocks

Aluminum coil-over kit for “ASB” series, 1.63" dia. coil-over shocks and 1-7/8" diameter springs. Includes adjusting nut, upper spring seat and diaper pin.



Damping Comp./Rebound

5" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 10.50"/Extended 15.50" PROSB51 – 1/1 PROSB52 – 2/2 PROSB53 – 3/3 6" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 11.50"/Extended 17.50" PROSB62 PROASB62B 2/2 PROSB63 PROASB63B 3/3 PROSB64 PROASB64B 4/4 7" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 12.50"/Extended 19.50" – PROASB73B 3/3 – PROASB74B 4/4 – PROASB75B 5/5


Aluminum bearing end with 1/2" I.D. hole for use on small body 1.63" diameter coilover shocks. Two required.

“SS” Series Street Stock Shock Absorbers “SS” Street Stock Shocks replace stock shocks and mount in the original locations. Choose from standard or adjustable versions. Adjustable shocks have three settings: #1 provides easy up for quick weight transfer, #2 is conventional 50/50 valving, and #3 provides tie down for slow weight transfer on paved or “tacky” tracks. All Street Stock Shocks have extra heavy damping.

Split Valving Shocks SB



Damping Comp./Rebound

5" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 10.50"/Extended 15.50" PROSB531 – – 3/1 6" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 11.50"/Extended 17.50" PROSB624 – PROASB624B 2/4 PROSB631 – PROASB631B 3/1 7" Stroke - Length: Collapsed 12.50"/Extended 19.50" – – PROASB731B 3/1 – – PROASB735B 3/5 – PROSBA753B – 5/3

“ASB” Rebound Adjustable Shocks


Small, user friendly “ASB” threaded body aluminum shocks may be adjusted by turning the rebound adjuster from 3 to 8 have the same sophisticated acceleration ramps and blow-off curves as standard Pro Shocks. Available in 7" strokes only. Part No.


PROASB730-5B ........3 Compression/0-5 Rebound PROASB733-7B ........3 Compression/3-7 Rebound PROASB743-7B ........4 Compression/3-7 Rebound



Std. Part No.

Adjustable Part No.

Full and Mid-Size GM Full and Mid-Size GM Camaro/Firebird, ’70-81 Camaro/Firebird, ’70-81 Full and Mid-Size Ford Full and Mid-Size Ford Ford Mustang II, ’74-78 Ford Mustang II, ’74-78 Mustang, ’79-Up Pinto, ’71-80 (Exc. Wagon) Pinto, ’71-80 (Exc. Wagon)

Front Rear Front Rear Front Rear Front Rear Rear Front Rear



“SS” Series Street Stock Shock Absorber Specifications

Popular Dwarf Car Shock Setups Front Rear

Bearing End PROB275





Part No.

Comp. Length

Ext. Length



8.5" 12.85" 12.75" 7.26" 12.85" 8.77" 9.81"

13.1" 21.69" 20.95" 10.72" 21.69" 14.17" 15.81"

4.6" 8.84" 8.2" 3.45" 8.84" 5.4" 6.0"


Austin Smith


385-400CTC09.indd 390


Photo: John Berglund


7/29/09 11:26:33 AM

Shock Absorber Hardware Rubber Shock Bumper PROA100 Fits under shock end for added security.

Shock Extensions Part No.


PROC510......... 1" Shock Extension PROC520......... 2" Shock Extension

Eye-Ring PROS500

Bearing End PROB200 Aluminum bearing end with 1/2" I.D. hole for use on regular size 2" body coil-over shocks.

Screw-on, rubber eye-ring with 1/2" sleeve.

Stud Mount PROS506 Threaded straight stem-type shock end.

Bearing End PROWB200 Steel bearing end with 1/2" I.D. hole for use on regular size 2" body coil-over type shocks. This is the bearing end required for modifieds.

Bearing End PROB275

Sleeve PROS501 Steel 1/2" I.D. Sleeve.

Shock End PROS512 Threaded GM front bar pin-type shock end.

Aluminum bearing end with 1/2" I.D. hole for use on small body 1.63" diameter coil-over shocks.

Shock End PROS514 Threaded GM rear bar pin-type shock end.

Coil-Over Snap Ring PROC305 For 2" dia. shock absorbers.

Large Diaper Pin PROC322

Universal Sway Bar Bushings Universal, black sway bar bushing sets deliver superior handling. Sold in pairs with matching heavy duty brackets. Part No. Description Bracket Style “A” Bracket Style “B”

PTN19-1132BL .... 7/8" Sway Bar Dia. PTN19-1133BL .... 15/16" Sway Bar Dia. PTN19-1134BL .... 1" Sway Bar Dia. PTN19-1136BL .... 1-1/8" Sway Bar Dia. PTN19-1137BL .... 1-1/4" Sway Bar Dia.


3-1/4" Long Kit PTN19-405BL – 3-1/2" Long Kit PTN19-406BL – 4-1/4" Long Kit PTN19-408BL PTN19-408 4-1/2" Long Kit PTN19-409BL – 4-3/4" Long Kit PTN19-412BL – NOTE: To determine the proper length end link kit required, make sure that the sway bar ends are parallel to the control arms prior to measuring. Then measure the distance from the sway bar to the control arm.

End Link Bushings Only PTN19-426BL Use 3/4" x 1-1/4" O.D. end link bushings where replacement of original hardware isn’t necessary. Bushings are available in black only. Pack of 4.

385-400CTC09.indd 391

Each kit includes (8) control arm bushings with shells. Bushings are offered in black only. Part No. Description Front Control Arm Bushings

PTN7-225BL .... ’65-88 Chevelle/Malibu/Monte Carlo/Cutlass/Regal/LeMans/Grand Prix PTN7-312BL .... ’78-96 Impala/Caprice

Bushing kits include (8) bushings and washers, (2) each of end link spacers, bolts and nuts. Black or red.

GM Control Arm Bushing Kits

Rear Control Arm Bushings

End Link Bushing Kits Black

Makes adjusting coil-over shocks much easier.

PTN7-214BL .... ’74-79 Impala/Caprice, ’74-77 Malibu/Cutlass/Regal/LeMans, ’75-79 Camaro/Firebird, 1.625" O.D. Ft. Lower PTN7-217BL .... ’67-72 Chevelle/Skylark/Cutlass, ’67-69 Camaro/Firebird, Round Lower PTN7-222BL .... ’67-72 Chevelle/Skylark/Cutlass/LeMans, Oval Lower PTN7-223BL .... ’78-88 Malibu/Monte Carlo/Regal/Cutlass/LeMans

PTN19-1124BL .... 25mm Sway Bar Dia.


Spanner Wrench PROZ902

Chevrolet Engine Mounts Durable, urethane engine mounts for early Chevy engines limit unwanted movement and control torque for a quicker and better handling race car. Prothane mounts are strong and tough without the vibration of solid steel mounts. Sold in pairs. Description



“Short and Wide” Engine Mount Small Clam Shell Engine Mount Insert

PTN7-504BL PTN7-506BL

PTN7-504 PTN7-506

GM Transmission Mount Mount controls undesirable drivetrain twist and fits most popular rear wheel drive, V-8 powered applications. Description



GM Transmission Mount






7/29/09 11:26:48 AM

Billet Aluminum Neck Mounts

Weld-In Cap And Bung Assemblies

Ideal for fire bottles, mounts are CNC-machined from billet aluminum and tapped with 1/4"-20 holes on 2-5/8" centers. Mount directly to roll cage tubing using bottle's mounts. Neck Mount Part No.


Use With Bottle Mount Part No.

PRWC72-168 PRWC72-174

1.300" Dia. 1.525" Dia.

PRWC72-110 PRWC72-113

Male Weld Bungs CNC-machined aluminum Bungs, have contoured inlets for maximum flow. May be welded into aluminum overflow, power steering or dry sump tanks. Part No.


PRWC73-631............-6AN Male Bung, 7/8" O.D. Flange PRWC73-632............-8AN Male Bung, 1" O.D. Flange PRWC73-633............-10AN Male Bung, 1-1/8" O.D. Flange PRWC73-634............-12AN Male Bung, 1-3/8" O.D. Flange PRWC73-635............-16AN Male Bung, 1-5/8" O.D. Flange

Non-vented anodized caps have finger grips, easily started coarse threads and are available with aluminum or steel weld-in Bungs. Description

1-5/8" Cap, Steel 1-1/4"-12 Threads 1-5/8" Cap, Alum. 1-1/4"-12 Threads 2" Cap, Steel 1-1/2"-12 Threads 2" Cap, Alum. 1-1/2"-12 Threads 2-3/4" Cap, Steel 2-1/4"-10 Threads 2-3/4" Cap, Alum. 2-1/4"-10 Threads

Black Cap

Red Cap



PRWC73-732 PRWC73-734

Blue Cap

Polished Cap



PRWC73-737 PRWC73-739













Aluminum Adjustable Shocks 64 Series Aluminum Threaded Body Shocks 67 Series Twin-tube shocks combine Carrera’s legendary curves with deflective disc technology for consistent, fade-free performance. Two-inch aluminum bodies house 15mm, centerless ground hard chrome rods, and aluminum pistons with dual bleed circuits. May be inverted to reduce unsprung weight, with no change in rate. Use with QA1CK6201 coil-over kit.

Part No.

Valving Comp./Rebound

7" Stroke Shock Absorbers QA16773 3 QA16773-6 3-6 QA16774 4 QA16774-5 4-5 QA16775 5 QA16775-4 5-4 QA16775-6 5-6 QA16776 6 QA16776-5 6-5 9" Stroke Shock Absorbers QA16793 3 QA16794 4 QA16794-6 4-6 QA16795 5

Comp. Length

Extended Length

13" 13" 13" 13" 13" 13" 13" 13" 13"

20" 20" 20" 20" 20" 20" 20" 20" 20"

15" 15" 15" 15"

24" 24" 24" 24"

Compression and rebound may be simultaneously adjusted from 2-14 with the 24 position adjuster. Hard chrome, centerless ground 15mm piston rods, three step sealing system and digressive valving assure stability at low or high shaft speed. May be inverted to reduce unsprung weight, with no change in rate. Use with QA1CK6401 coil-over kit.

Part No.


Comp. Length

Extended Length

QA16475 QA16495

7" 9"

12.60" 14.70"

19.50" 23.70"

Simmons Racing

Tim Dibble


385-400CTC09.indd 392


Photo: John Berglund

Photo: Doug Swift


7/29/09 11:27:13 AM

Aluminum Threaded Body Shocks 62 Series The 62 Series shock bodies are made of 6061 T-6 aluminum for strength and longevity. Use with QA1CK6201 coil-over kit.

Steel Replaceable Bearing Shocks 50 Series Shocks use deflective disc valving that provide increased sensitivity in valving response, control and consistency. May be run upside down. Part No.

Part No.

Valving Comp./Rebound

Comp. Length

Extended Length

13.00" 13.00" 13.00" 13.00" 13.00" 13.00"

20.00" 20.00" 20.00" 20.00" 20.00" 20.00"

15.00" 15.00" 15.00" 15.00" 15.00" 15.00"

24.00" 24.00" 24.00" 24.00" 24.00" 24.00"

7" Stroke Shock Absorbers QA16273 3 QA16273-5 3-5 QA16274 4 QA16275 5 QA16275-3 5-3 QA16276 6 9" Stroke Shock Absorbers QA16293 3 QA16293-5 3-5 QA16294 4 QA16295 5 QA16295-3 5-3 QA16296 6

Aluminum Smooth Body Shocks 60 Series Fully revalveable and rebuildable Shock Absorbers have no valving overlap for consistent, fade-free performance. Twin tube shocks are constructed using 15mm centerless ground, hard chrome plated piston rods, precision machined pistons, 2" O.D. aluminum bodies and replaceable 1/2" I.D. Teflon/Kevlar injection molded bearings. May be run upside down for reduced unsprung weight.

Part No.

Valving Comp./Rebound

Comp. Length

Extended Length



13.00" 13.00" 13.00" 13.00" 13.00"

20.00" 20.00" 20.00" 20.00" 20.00"

14.00" 14.00"

22.00" 22.00"

15.00" 15.00" 15.00"

24.00" 24.00" 24.00"

Aluminum Threaded Small Body Shocks 82 Series Aluminum body, 82 Series Shocks are up to 40% lighter than full size shocks. Deflective disc valving offers increased sensitivity in response, control and consistency. Shocks are fully rebuildable, revalvable and repairable.

Valving Comp./Rebound

Comp. Length

5" Stroke Shock Absorbers QA18253 3 6" Stroke Shock Absorbers QA18262 2 QA18262-4 2-4 QA18263 3 7" Stroke Shock Absorbers QA18273 3 QA18274 4 QA18275 5 NOTE: Shocks are also available in 8" and 9" strokes.

385-400CTC09.indd 393

Extended Length



11.38" 11.38" 11.38"

17.75" 17.75" 17.75"

12.38" 12.38" 12.38"

19.75" 19.75" 19.75"

Extended Length

13.00" 13.00" 13.00" 13.00" 13.00" 13.00" 13.00" 13.00" 13.00" 13.00"

20.00" 20.00" 20.00" 20.00" 20.00" 20.00" 20.00" 20.00" 20.00" 20.00"

15.00" 15.00" 15.00" 15.00" 15.00" 15.00" 15.00" 15.00" 15.00" 15.00"

24.00" 24.00" 24.00" 24.00" 24.00" 24.00" 24.00" 24.00" 24.00" 24.00"

Twin tube dampers have 2", chrome bodies, 9/16" hard chrome piston rod, 1-3/8" pistons and replaceable, 1/2" I.D. Teflon/Kevlar injection molded bearings. Valving Comp./Rebound

7" Stroke Shock Absorbers QA15573 3 QA15574 4 QA15575 5 QA15575-3 5-3 QA15576 6 QA15576-2 6-2 QA15576-4 6-4 QA15577 7 QA15579-1 9-1 9" Stroke Shock Absorbers QA15593 3 QA15593-5 3-5 QA15594 4 QA15595 5 QA15596 6

Comp. Length

Extended Length

12.53" 12.53" 12.53" 12.53" 12.53" 12.53" 12.53" 12.53" 12.53"

19.53" 19.53" 19.53" 19.53" 19.53" 19.53" 19.53" 19.53" 19.53"

14.53" 14.53" 14.53" 14.53" 14.53"

23.53" 23.53" 23.53" 23.53" 23.53"

Steel Large Body Economy Shocks 59 Series Twin-tube, 2" body shocks house a gas cell to reduce fade and include 1/2" I.D., welded spherical bearings. Mounting with shaft up is preferred, but shocks may be inverted to reduce unsprung weight. Will not work as coil-overs. Part No.

Part No.

Comp. Length

Steel Replaceable Bearing Shocks 55 Series

Part No.

6" Stroke Shock Absorbers QA16065 5 7" Stroke Shock Absorbers QA16074 4 QA16074-6 4-6 QA16075 5 QA16075-2 5-2 QA16076 6 8" Stroke Shock Absorbers QA16083-7 3-7 QA16085 5 9" Stroke Shock Absorbers QA16094 4 QA16095 5 QA16096 6

Valving Comp./Rebound

7" Stroke Shock Absorbers QA15073 3 QA15073-5 3-5 QA15074 4 QA15074-6 4-6 QA15075 5 QA15075-3 5-3 QA15076 6 QA15076-2 6-2 QA15077 7 QA15079-1 9-1 9" Stroke Shock Absorbers QA15093 3 QA15093-5 3-5 QA15094 4 QA15094.5 4.5 QA15095 5 QA15095-3 5-3 QA15096 6 QA15097 7 QA15097-2 7-2 QA15099-2 9-2

Valving Comp./Rebound

7" Stroke Shock Absorbers QA15974 4 QA15975 5 QA15975-3 5-3 QA15976 6 QA15976-3 6-3 QA15977 7 9" Stroke Shock Absorbers QA15994 4 QA15995 5 QA15996 6


Comp. Length

Extended Length

12.13" 12.13" 12.13" 12.13" 12.13" 12.13"

19.22" 19.22" 19.22" 19.22" 19.22" 19.22"

14.13" 14.13" 14.13"

23.22" 23.22" 23.22"



7/29/09 11:27:31 AM

Steel Small Body Shocks 70 Series Twin-tube, 1-5/8" O.D. shock bodies house aluminum pistons and base valves, 1/2" centerless ground, hard chrome piston rods and replaceable, 1/2" I.D. bearings. Shocks may be rebuilt and re-valved, and can be run upside down to reduce unsprung weight with no change in rate. Part No.

Valving Comp./Rebound

Comp. Length

7" Stroke Shock Absorbers QA17073 3 QA17074 4 QA17075 5 QA17075-3 5-3

Part No.


Valving Comp. Ext. Comp./Reb. Length Length


Front Shocks 12.39" 12.39" 12.39" 12.39"

19.77" 19.77" 19.77" 19.77"

QA1EC1956P QA1EC1958P QA1EC1957-3P Rear Shocks QA1EC1685P QA1EC1683-5P**

Valving Comp./Reb.

Comp. Length

Ext. Length

GM Full Size; Ford Mid/Full Size GM Full Size; Ford Mid/Full Size GM Full Size; Ford Mid/Full Size



13.67" Stud/T-Bar



13.67" Stud/T-Bar



13.67" Stud/T-Bar

GM Full/Mid-Size 5 12.53" 20.53" T-Bar/Eye GM Full/Mid-Size 3-5 12.53" 20.53" T-Bar/Eye Ford; ’67-69 and QA1EC1985P Most’82-04 5 12.00" 20.00" Stud/Eye Camaro ’70-81 Camaro/ QA1EC2585P 5 12.00" 20.00" T-Bar/Stud Firebird **Tie down for left rear to help loosen the car on corner entry and exit.

Re-valveable, rebuildable shocks are engineered for consistent, fade-free oval track performance, lap after lap. Application

White painted, stock replacement shock has heavy duty valving, foam cells to reduce fade and b